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Collected by Djian
update june 18 - 2011

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Taught to Obey

Kelly Morgan wore a thin silk tank top over her tight faded jeans. Her long, golden blonde hair hung down around her bare shoulders and swept them as she moved her head. Her lovely face was composed in thought as she gazed down at the exam before her, and she seemed utterly unconscious of her effect on any male who might be looking her way.

But she wasn’t. Phil Stoneman knew she wasn’t, the slut. Every time she moved, even a little, the hard little buds that were her nipples slid across shimmering line of her tank top. His cock bulged as he thought of what he’d like to do with her, her and her hard nipples.

The slut.

He shifted his gaze slightly, slumping just a bit in his seat as he tried to look further up Natalie McNeilly’s skirt. She wore a tight black dress that did nothing to hide her perfect, hourglass figure. The hem of the dress was barely below her crotch as she sat, and he cursed his position. If he were just a bit more to the right he was sure he’d be able to see right up to her crotch. He wondered what color, what kind of panties she wore. String bikinis, probably. Or maybe a G-string. Maybe she didn’t wear underwear.

The slut.

Penny Palombo finished her test and brought it up to the front.

"Finished already, Penny?"

"It was easy, Mr. Stoneman" she smiled. "We’ll see," he smiled back.

Boy I’d love to fuck you, he thought to himself. Penny turned and walked to the door. He carefully glanced at her ass, being very cautious so nobody would notice. He couldn’t afford to have people see him checking out the girls, especially not the ones in his class. The Board of Education frowned on teachers who thought too much about fucking their students

But how was he to help himself. He was surrounded day after day, by luscious female flesh, all of it ripe and soft and firm, ready for a stiff one. Hell, most of them were fucking like bunnies anyway. What harm could his cock do?

Get you fired, a voice said inside his head. Get you arrested, another voice said. Get you divorced, a third said.

So much wonderful looking pussy, so much beautiful, full rounded tit meat, such pretty, delicate little lips and mouths, and he couldn’t touch any of it. Life simply wasn’t fair.

Joe Mullins was getting angry, which he did a lot lately, especially since his bitch wife had left him and taken his kids with her.

"I don’t care what you think of the value of psychology, Jordan. The Board of Education says you learn it or you don’t graduate."

"What a crock," the blond sniffed in her bored monotone voice.

"Just read the chapter."

"But it’s so booooring," she whined.

I’ll bore you, you stupid blonde cunt, he thought.

"It’s important for interpersonal relations. It’s far from boring."

"But it is. I hate this stuff,,’ she sulked. Her lower lip stuck out petulantly as she stood there, slouching.

He imagined pulling her across his lap, taking off his belt and whapping her ass until it turned red. Sulky little bitch.

"I can’t help that. Read it and learn it. You can’t afford another D this term."

She rolled her eyes, which made her open the lids more than half way for once. Normally she put on such a constant bored look that she kept her eyes barely wide enough to see through.

‘Alll riiiight," she stated, slumping away.

Fucking brat, he thought. Thinks she’s so fucking cool. Jesus, what a dumb little cunt.

Marsha Ayers stepped up next, face smiling. He carefully did not look at her chest, though that was hard since there was so much of it. He’d dreamed about fucking Marsha Ayers for most of the term, especially fucking those gorgeous melons of hers. "Hi, Marsha," he said. "Hi, Mr. Stoneman." "Finished the assignment." "Uh huh. Took me hours." "Well, not much in life is easy."

Bet you are though, with tits like those. "Will it pull my mark up, you know?" "Hard to tell, you’re already a high B." "I want an A."

"Well, I’ll have to read it."

He imagined her on all fours, those big melons hanging down below her like udders, her ass in the air, legs apart, puffy cunt mound all ready.., all ready for him.

She had a pretty, though not beautiful face, with thick, wavy brown hair. She was smart, nice, and polite, which made her unusual enough.

But that body...

She smiled and turned away.

"I know you copied off Mark Prentice."

"Like fuck I did!"

"Watch your mouth, Nicki."

"I didn’t copy, okay?"

"Your answers are the same as Mark. Even the mistakes are the same."


"So you copied."

"Fuck you, man. Prove it."

She stood there in front of his desk glaring at him, her mouth drawn into a sulky sneer. She wore all black, jeans, shoes, T-shirt and jacket. Her hair was black, dyed that way, and messy.

Nice body, though.

"I don’t have to prove anything, Nicki. I’m giving you an F.. again."

"You can’t do that! You prick! I got most of them right?

"Mark did."

"Maybe he copied off me, huh. You ever think of that?"

"He’s a straight A student." And you’re a brainless little slut.

"Oh, so, like that means I’m guilty, right!" "Right."

"That’s not fair?

"Seems fair to me. If you want to get good marks, study some instead of spending all your time partying."

"I’ll spend my time however I want to. Fuck you if you don’t like it!"

"You can go and see Mr. Turner about your language too."

"Kiss my ass! Fuckin’ asshole!" She turned and stuck her ass out, slapping it, then gave him the finger as she walked away.

He held down his fury. Stinking slut, he thought. He imagined grabbing her by her hair, shoving her against the desk and taking a yardstick to her ass, maybe yanking her pants down in front of the whole class, and whapping her bare ass.

Then he imagined her on her knees in front of him, naked, hands tied behind her back, sucking his cock as he held her hair clenched in his hand. That would teach the little whore who was boss. Stinking bitch!

He turned back to his desk, trying to calm down. He’d get the last laugh, anyway. What was a whore like Nicki going to get out of life? Nothing. She was very unlikely to graduate, and even if she did he doubted she’d make much out of life.

She’d probably marry some construction worker who sat around the house in his underwear with his beer belly hanging out. She’d have four kids before she was twenty and gain fifty pounds. Cheap white trash, he thought.

The bell rang and the rest of the class left. He gratefully gathered up his things and headed out with them. He walked down the hall to the teacher’s lounge and joined Phil Stoneman and Joe Mullins at a corner table.

"Hi, guys," he sighed. "How’s it going?" "Usual." "Yeah."

He took out his sandwiches and set them down in front of him and the three ate slowly and silently for a while.

"You see Marsha Ayers today, Mike? "Joe asked quietly, grinning.

"I saw her. God, she’s got a pair." "Can’t wait for tomorrow." "Why?"

"It’s supposed to be ninety six out."

"Shit. Gonna be hot as a sweatshop in here." "Yeah, but how will the girls dress?" "You’re a pervert Phil."

"Yeah, that’s true. Don’t tell me you don’t exercise your eyes on some of these tight assed girls."

"I’ve been exercising my imagination on em," Joe snorted. "Especially since Joan left me. I’d like to pin a few down across my desk and shove it up their cunts till they scream."

"Yeah, but when they scream you’ll get arrested," Phil said.

"I tell you, I’d like to give it to that little bitch Nicki."

"Who’s that?"

"The bitch who wears all black. Black hair, jacket, pants, boots or shoes..."

"Oh yeah. Smart mouthed little bitch."

"Yeah. You shoulda heard what she said to me in class. Told me to fuck myself and kiss her ass. Then she gave me the finger."

"Oh for the days of corporal punishment," Joe sighed.

"Yeah. I’d love to take a ruler to her ass."

"I’d love to take a cock to it," Joe said. "Just bend her over and RRRRR!" he made a motion. "That’d straighten her out."

"I don’t think lack of sex is her problem," Phil snorted.

"Unlike Joe," Mike grinned.

"Fuck you guys."

"Tell you who I’d like to do," Phil said. "That sulky little Jordan Foster. She never even opens her eyes except to roll them upwards."

"Yeah, walks around like she’s bored with the whole world," Joe nodded.

"I’d like to bend her over and shove my dick right up her asshole. Bet that’d pop her eyes open," Phil growled.

"Ever think about seriously doing it?" Joe asked quietly.

"Seriously? Come on. I value my job and my freedom too much for that."

"Yeah, can you imagine how a girl like Nicki would blackmail you if you pumped her pussy?" Mike nodded.

"What if she didn’t know it was you?"

"How wouldn’t she know?"

"Well," he said, casually. "Like if you had a mask or something."

"You mean like.., rape her, jump out of a fuckin’ bush or something? You’re crazy, man."

"I’m not talking about jumping out of a bush! Use your head!"

"Well, then...’

"It’d be pretty easy to grab her, take her off somewhere, like, say.., my bomb shelter, or your cottage, and then just do her over and over and over."

"She’d know it was you."

"Not if you kept a ski mask on, and you didn’t talk. She wouldn’t know then."

"You’d go to jail for five years," Phil said. "Mike. You’re the mathematician. Everyone knows that only one tenth of rapes are reported, right?" Mike nodded.

"And of those reported, only about an eight or a tenth or something like that, are caught. And of those caught less than half are charged and convicted. What are your odds then, of getting away with it?"

"Pretty high, unless she recognizes you." "But if you were careful, you’d get away with it."

"So what? Are you that desperate for pussy? Go find a whore, man."

"Why should I pay for it when it’s walking around here all over the God damned place?"

"You guys read about that guy in California?" Phil grinned. "Kidnapped a girl and kept her as a sex slave for six years?"

"Wouldn’t that be nice," Mike grinned. "Hot pussy ready to eat any time you wanted it."

"No headaches, no I’m too tired, no, I have to get up early tomorrow," Joe snorted.

"You know," Phil said thoughtfully. "Teenage girls are exceptionally malleable."

"That’s for sure," Joe sniggered.

"I meant their minds," Phil glared. "They have little self- confidence and are very easily influenced. I bet if you got one alone you could brainwash her in no time, turn her into a fawning little whore."

"Come on, guys," Mike said. "This kind of talk is dangerous."

"Who’d miss someone like Nicki Hunter? That little slut is trouble to everyone who knows her. All she’s destined for is welfare like her mother." "Her mother’s an alky."

"So? She’ll probably take after her. That kind of thing runs in the family."

"She’s got some kind of body, you know."

"This is dumb," Mike laughed.

"But think about it, her naked, in my bomb shelter, totally at our mercy, a slave..."

They went back to class. In class Joe thought about it all day, getting more and more excited. That evening he went down to his bomb shelter. It was a relic of the cold war, and used now for storage, though it was mostly empty.

It was about twelve by twelve, with a side room that held a shower and sink. There was a few cots there, and some food and water. It wouldn’t take much to make it over, he thought. Put in a big double bed, a brass bed, something with corners he could tie a girls’ arms to.

His cock gave a little bounce at the thought of that. He could put in a rug, maybe hang some chains from the ceiling, chains to hang a girl from her wrists, maybe whip her when she was bad. He could buy some bondage gear easy enough.

He examined the door. It was thick and steel. In order to keep panicky people from opening it and running out it required a key to open from inside, as well as outside. It led up a narrow flight of stairs to his basement. There, the entrance to the stairs was covered by a false wall.

He could keep anything down here and nobody would know. Nobody would guess. Jesus, he thought. Am I really, seriously contemplating this?

It had been months since he’d had any pussy. The thought of hot, tight young pussy, available every day and night, made his cock stiffen. He could do anything he wanted too. If he wanted to fuck her in the ass, he’d do it. If he wanted a blow job, he’d get it. He’d choose the position. He’d choose everything.

And what girl would he pick, a stranger? It’d be easier to get someone he knew, but who? Nicki Hunter. What about her? That slut! She was a foul-mouthed whore. Mike wasn’t the only teacher she’d given the finger too. She was cheap trash. Nobody would miss her except her alky mother, and if he remembered right, she’d gone off on her own before. Everyone would just think she’d taken off again.


Nick turned and raised her cigarette to her lips, then took a puff as she saw Mr. Mullins pull up in his car.

"What?" she demanded.

"You didn’t turn in your paper today."

"So?" she sniffed, taking another puff. He sighed.

"Get in for a moment, Nicki. I’d like to talk."

"I ain’t got time."

"It will only take a minute."

"Why should I? I ain’t in school, man."

"It will only take a minute," he glared.

She glared back, then, with a long suffering look, jerked the door open and threw herself in. She sat down hard, arms folded across her chest as she looked out the front windshield.

He had been watching her discretely for the past week or so. Nicki Hunter was really a pretty girl. If she’d put any effort into it she could be a beauty. Instead she walked around in that dumb leather jacket and oversized sweaters and sweatshirts, acting

like a rebel without a cause. "Where are you going?" "Home, I guess."

"On Baker street? I’ll drive you. See, you’ll actually save time by talking to me."

"Yeah, yeah," she sighed, slamming the door closed.
Just wait, cunt, he thought.

"You don’t put much effort into school, do you?" he said, driving around the corner and headed towards her street.

"Why should I? It’s all bullshit anyway? You get a fucking diploma and then you go on fucking unemployment. Big fucking deal."

She puffed the last of her cigarette and stubbed it out, then pulled a pack from her pants and took out a fresh one.

"There’s something I’d like to show you," he said, pulling over to the side next to an empty lot.

"I bet," she smirked, putting the cigarette in her mouth and taking out her lighter.

He pulled the stun gun from under the seat and pushed it into the side of her neck, then pulled the trigger. She let out a sharp cry and jerked away, falling against the door, stunned. The unlit cigarette and lighter fell to the floor.

She moaned weakly, her jaw quivering. He pushed the gun into her side and fired again. She cried out again, a soft gurgling sound. She quivered and twitched helplessly.

He quickly gripped her arm, twisting her around towards the door. He pulled both arms behind her and took out his handcuffs, then cuffed them together. Then he took out a ball gag and shoved the thick leather ball into her gasping mouth, pulling the strap around her head and fastening it.

All that took less than twenty seconds. He started up the car again, driving normally. He reached out with one hand and gripped her hair, pulling her forward, bending her forward and shoving her off the seat and onto the floor.

She didn’t put up any resistance at first. But as she recovered from the shocks she started to make louder noises and tried to get back on the seat. He shoved her back with his foot.

"Stay there, you cunt, or I’ll zap you again," he snapped.

She looked up at him in fear, small sounds coming through the thick gag. She struggled to pull her hands out of the cuffs, twisting and rolling on the floor.

His place was twenty minutes away. He had to zap her once more, but she stayed biddable after that. He used the automatic garage door opener, drove in, then closed it behind him.

"You do exactly what you’re told, you smart assed bitch, or I’ll stick this up your cunt and pull the trigger," he glared, showing her the stun gun.

He got out of the car, went around to the other side, and opened the door, then pulled her out. She made inarticulate noises through the gag, probably threats, but he ignored her, holding her firmly by one arm as he led her into his house, then down to the basement.

He led her to the false wall, opened it and pulled her to the small stairway. Now she resisted, pulling desperately back, trying to run away. He shoved the zapper right into her crotch and pulled the trigger.

She screamed, the sound not very loud through the gag, and fell back against the wall, then tumbled to the floor. He reached over and pulled her up by the arm, then lifted her over his shoulder and carried her down to the bomb shelter.

The room had changed in the last week. The center was now occupied by a king sized bed with tall corner posts. He heaved her on it then went back and closed the door, locking it.

"You can scream all you want now, baby. Nobody will hear you," he said, grinning. She looked up in terror, then looked around.

"What do you think of your new home?" he grinned, waving an arm around.

In one corner there was a TV on a wheeled stand, with a VCR below it. A stereo sat next to that, also on a wheeled cart. Electrical equipment sat on another cart, next to the first two.

At one end of the room was a square frame, standing upright. Chains were screwed to all four corners. Not far from it was a T shaped device about four feet tall, made of four by four wooden beams, set on a wide stand. The horizontal, or upper bar, had a pair of chains on the opposite ends. There were straps near the bottom of the vertical beam too. Chains hung from the ceiling in several locations, and there was a modified saw horse in a far corner.

There were several built in cupboards, all with locked doors. He went to one and opened it, then took out a riding crop. He showed it to the wide-eyed teenager, then slashed it down onto the bed beside her.

"That’s for you if you don’t do what you’re told, slut," he growled.

He put it on a table next to the bed, then approached her. She moaned and shuffled back on the bed. He laughed, reached down, and grabbed her by an ankle, dragging her over to the side of the bed. She tried to kick him with her other foot and he backhanded her hard.

"I told you, you do what you’re told, slut, or you’ll be very, very sorry," he glared. He pulled her to the side of the bed and took off her black boots, then reached for her pants. She whimpered and twisted away. He grabbed her by the hair, dragging her out of the bed. She screamed in pain but the sound was little more than a muffled moan through the thick ball-gag.

He pulled her up against her, standing to one side, jerking her head back by the hair as she writhed in pain and fear.

"Not so smart now, are you, slut?" he grinned, jerking harder on her hair. He pulled her jacket over her shoulders, letting it fall back onto her arms.

"Nice tits. Hardly notice them in the getup you wear, but they’re pretty good sized, aren’t they?" he grinned.

He cupped her right breast, squeezing it through her sweatshirt. She rolled her eyes in terror.

He slid his hand down to her crotch and cupped it tight, squeezing her pussy.

"I’m gonna fuck you, and fuck you, and fuck you," he grinned. "I’m gonna fuck you till it comes out your ears, you slut."

He stroked her pussy, then undid her pants and shoved his hand down the front.

"No underwear. What a slut," he sneered, ramming his hand down into the mass of pussy hair and feeling the heat of her crotch.

She trembled but did nothing, other than moan.

He jerked her pants down over her hips, then shoved her forward across a table.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm," he said appreciatively. "That’s a nice ass there, Nicki." He slapped his hand down onto her rounded ass, digging his fingers in. He laughed as she jerked violently, then slid his hand in between her thighs and cupped her bare pussy, squeezing it hard, then harder.

She squirmed desperately, moaning and groaning through the gag.

"Don’t worry, slut. You’re gonna get a good hard one soon."

He undid her cuffs, ready for trouble, but as soon as she started struggling he shoved her head down, his hand still gripping her hair, took the stun gun out of his pocket, and rammed it right up against her warm pussy mound, then zapped her.

She howled in agony, her thighs smashing into the edge of the table, her body bucking and jerking maniacally. He sniggered, put the stun gun back in his pocket, and pulled her jacket off over her arms. He gripped her sweatshirt and pulled it up, yanking it up ‘over her shoulders and off. Then opened her bra and slid it over her shoulders.
She twitched and moaned and grunted, still dazed by the stun gun. He pulled her wrists back together and cuffed them, then reached down and jerked her pants off over her ankles.

Now she was completely naked, and he had to stand back to admire the view. He licked his lips in hunger as his eyes scanned the perfect, round ass flesh, the little pussy mound sticking out below her buttocks, and the soft, white ivory flesh that covered her nubile, shapely body.

He gripped her hair, forcing her upright, then twisted her halfway around so he could admire her front view. He gave a low whistle and cupped her right breast.

"Nice melons," he said appreciatively. "Real nice body you got Nicki girl."

He turned her back and shoved her face down across the table again.

"Kid, you are gonna get fucked, and fucked hard," he grinned.


Nicki bit down hard on the gag, whimpering in terror and humiliation. Though she’d put on a big show at school, the truth was she was still a virgin. She’d never quite gone all the way, despite the urges she often felt.

Now her body quivered uncontrollably, both with fear, and the remnants of the electric shock he’d zapped her with. Adrenaline tore through her system, making her heart pound like a trip hammer. Her pussy hurt, hurt like it was burned.

She gasped as she felt his hand on her ass cheeks. It stroked them slowly, admiringly, coasting along her rounded skin with a soft touch. She heard him murmuring in pleasure and whimpered in embarrassment and fear.

He cupped her ass then, his fingers squeezing the soft skin, then he slid his hand under and cupped her pussy mound, squeezing that. Nausea filled her and she retched into the gag, almost missing the finger which pierced her tight pussy lips.

He slid it into her to the first joint, then the second, then all the way to the knuckle, pressing the tip against her cherry. He hooted in delight as he touched it and she cringed inwardly.

‘Fucking cherry! I never would have believed it. You snooty little bitch. I guess you’re too much of a bitch to let anyone into your pants, huh?"

He slapped her ass then, pumping his finger up and down inside the front of her cunt tube.

"Don’t look so hot now, do you, bitch?" he chortled. He slapped her ass again and she jerked in pain.

"Remember giving me the finger, Nicki? You give that out a lot, don’t you. Real tough girl, aren’t you? Well, I got something for you, something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time."

He reached above her and she turned her head just in time to see him take what looked like a ping pong paddle off the end of the table. The rubber molding had been pulled off, leaving it bare. She jerked and twisted, trying to escape, but he had a fist in her hair and held her tightly pressed against the table.

"Now, smart ass, you’re gonna get just what you deserve. After I’m done with you, you won’t be mouthing off to anyone ever again."

There was no sound and no notice, but suddenly the paddle cracked against her ass. It produced a loud CRACK of noise and a sharp, agonizing blast of pain in her behind. She screamed into the gag, the pain like an explosion in her skull.

He laughed then the paddle cracked down again, then again, then again, then again, each time producing a fresh explosive blast of pain. She screamed again and again, hardly able to believe that a paddle could hurt so much.

Her ass burned like it was on fire and she could do nothing to protect it as the laughing teacher brought the paddle down again and again.

She burst into tears, grinding her teeth on the gag as her ass boiled and burned. Each new crack of noise sent the agony lancing through her system. Her brain was surrounded by pain, threatening to burst through her skull.

He laughed as he spanked her with the paddle, laughed and laughed, but the humiliation meant nothing to her, not compared to the awful pain that was burning her up. She begged, pleaded for him to stop. If only the gag were out she would have promised him anything to get him to stop.

Finally he did. She continued to sob miserably, her ass burning and red, tears trickling down her face. He pulled her upright by the hair again, bending her back. His face was a mask of delight and happiness as he gazed at her.

"Well, well, well. So the tough girl is crying, is she? What a shame? Did her little bum get hurt?"

He put down the paddle and pulled her backwards by the hair, shoving her against the bed. Her knees hit the side and she was forced onto it, then he shoved down on her head, pushing her face into the mattress as he stood behind her.

Her knees were on the edge of the mattress, her ass sticking up in the air as he held her face down and cupped her pussy mound.

"Ready to get fucked, Nicki? Ready for my cock? You’re gonna love it. Whether you’ve fucked or not you’re a slut at heart, a real, cheap whore."

He let go of her hair and she heard his zipper going down. She was still sobbing in misery, her body shaking as she sucked in great gasps of air through her nose.

She felt something touch her slit, something that wasn’t his finger. It was soft and rubbed up and down the length of her cunt crack. Then it drew away and she felt his finger again, sliding into her, pumping quickly. It moved very fast, and she felt something wet and oily back there.

"Get you all ready," he murmured.

His finger came out and then she felt his cockhead again, what she knew was his cockhead even without seeing it.

It rubbed up and down her suddenly slippery cunt crack, then pushed in, forcing her pussy lips in and back, sliding into her inch by inch.

It hit her cherry, drew back a little, then, gripping her hips tightly, he thrust forward hard. His cock tore through her cherry and on into her belly as she cried out in sorrow and pain.

"Pop goes the cheeeeery," he sang, jerking his hips back a little, then thrusting forward again.

He slapped her ass several times, laughing in amusement as he worked his prick deeper into her body. His thighs ground into her buttocks as he twisted his cock around inside her. She felt the long, thick thing going amazingly deep inside her, to where she’d never before felt anything.

She whimpered a little in some pain as his cock forced her unused fuck tunnel open. It still didn’t hurt as much as her ass did, but it was getting there.

His cock moved easily in that part of her that he’d forced open, and she knew he must have put something in her, some kind of oil or other. Then he slid both arms around her belly and hugged her tightly as-he rammed his belly forward.

His cock spiked up into her belly to the hilt and she groaned anew around the gag.

"There you are, kid," he grunted. "You got it all now. Your first cock." He drew back a little, then rammed forward once again.

With his boner firmly embedded inside her he twisted around again, grinding into her, then he held her hips and began a steady pumping motion. The strokes were slow at first, slow and shallow, but the lengthened and speeded up rapidly, until he was ramming his cock into her with brutal strength, using the full length of his fuck tool to tear open her fuck channel.

"Tight little pussy you got here, Nicki. Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! I could fuck you all day," he panted, his thighs slapping against her ass cheeks.

She remembered seeing a porno movie once, where a woman was getting fucked from behind. She remembered thinking how degrading it seemed, sticking her ass up to get poked by a guy. She knew she looked just like that and felt filthy and cheap and revolted.

But fear and shock overrode all other feelings. She was afraid of what else he planned to do to her. Would he kill her so she couldn’t tell anyone? Not that she would. This was too humiliating. If he let her go she knew she wouldn’t tell a soul.

His cock was pumping steadily inside her lower belly. It was an amazing sensation, one she’d never imagined before. She’d never thought what it would feel like to have this, this thing moving inside her, touching deep parts of her body, sliding up and down in her gut.

She’d always imagined it would feel good, but she hadn’t known it would happen like this, and hadn’t imagined the sensation as it moved within her, inside her. It didn’t hurt much any more. At least that was something to be grateful for. Her ass didn’t hurt quite as much either, though it still burned.

It sawed back and forth between her pussy lips, and she could feel each indentation in his cock, could feel the veins and hairs as they moved through her cunt entrance and into her body. His cock was very long, she thought.

It seemed to take an endless time to get from the tip of her cunt shaft to the bottom.

I’m being fucked, she thought dazedly. I’m getting fucked. Fucked!

Well, there was no denying that, not with his cock pumping in her belly and his hands digging into her hips. It wasn’t so bad, she thought. Even getting raped wasn’t nearly as bad as that awful paddle. She’d rather get fucked ten times than have her ass beaten by that paddle again.

He fucked harder now, his hips slamming into her buttocks, throwing her forward on her shoulders and face as he pounded his cock into her with growing violence. She grunted repeatedly into the gag as his body smashed against hers, trying not to be thrown over.

Then he grunted and buried his tool inside her as he threw a series of short, high speed cock strokes into her.

"Ahhhhl Ahhhhh! Yeahhhh! Oohhhh! You bitch! Fuckin’ bitch! Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! Take that, slut! Take it up your cunt?

He slowed down, panting for breath.

"Now you got a belly full of sperm, Nicki baby. Hope you like it. It’s the first of many."

He slowed and stopped, leaning against her ass for balance as he let his cock soften. It didn’t soften all that much because he was so excited, and he knew he’d be ready again in a minute or two. He pulled his tool out, watching with interest as her fuck hole slowly close behind it.

He shoved her so she fell over on her side, then pulled her leg and flipped her onto her back. She looked up at him in fear and he smiled in satisfaction.

"How’d you like that, tough girl?"

He reached down and undid her gag, slipping the strap off and pulling the soft, chewy ball out of her mouth. She swallowed several times and licked her lips as he grinned insolently.

"Ain’t no virgin now, are you?" he taunted. "Will you let me go now? Please?"

"Not by a long shot, baby. You’re here for the long haul."

"For how long?" she gulped.

"Long as I want, and that could be a long, long, long time."

She stared up at him in disbelief.

"But... but you have to let me go."


"My mother..."

"Is a drunken sot. Besides, you’ve left before without telling anyone, sometimes for days. Nobody will be too concerned when you don’t show up at school either, I can assure you of that."

"But how long are you going to keep me here?" she whined.

"I don’t know, weeks, months, years maybe."

"You can’t!"

"Why not?"

"Please, Mr. Mullins! Please! I promise not to tell anyone!"

"You won’t tell anyone from here, honey." "But..."

"Enough whining! I don’t want to hear another word from you about letting you go. Clear?" "But, Mr. Mullins..."

"I asked you if that was clear!" he snapped. "Or do you want me to show you what the riding crop will feel like on that pretty little ass of yours. You thought the paddle was bad..."

He picked up the paddle and ran it through his fingers and she shut up immediately, trying to blink the tears away from her eyes. "Get on the floor, slut." "I’m not a slut," she wailed.
He slashed his hand down, cracking the back of it against her face and knocking her back into the bed.

"Don’t argue with me, you two bit whore!" he shouted.

He dragged her to the edge, then grabbed her hair again and pulled her out of bed and onto her knees beside it. He took off the rest of his clothes, then stood straight in front of her, legs apart, arms folded across his chest.
He smiled smugly.

"Come on, slut. Suck my cock, I’m sure you’ve done that before."

She had, but didn’t like it. She gazed up at him. He seemed impossibly tall from her position. She shifted her gaze down to his cock, glistening and shiny, covered with veins and hair and already half hard.

"Suck it, slut, or I’ll take the crop to you." She eased forward on her knees, her back straight as she came level with it. She had to tilt her head back somewhat to get her lips around it, and when she felt the head slip between them she had to fight not to gag or barf.

She sucked it into her mouth and tasted his sperm on the end, along with some oily substance she supposed had been what he’d put inside her. His cock throbbed and began to harden almost at once as she slid her lips down its length.

"Don’t know why you’d want to go anywhere, anyway," he said. "What the fuck do you do all day except smoke cigarettes, loaf around, cause trouble for people and be a smart ass. You’re much better off here. All you have to do is fuck, and you were made for that."

She bobbed her lips up and down his now rock-hard prick, sliding her tongue against the underside of his head as it slipped back and forth. He stood above her unmoving, his arms still folded as he looked down at her proudly.

She felt like biting his cock, but she knew he’d beat the shit out of her if she did.

"That’s enough for now, slut," he said. "Stand up."

She stood and he unlocked her handcuffs, tossing them on the table.

"I don’t need these now, do I? You know what’ll happen if you don’t do what you’re told."

She nodded her head and he pulled her onto the bed.

He lay her down and lay on his side next to her, his eyes moving up and down her body. He put a hand on her belly, stroking idly, then slid it up to her breasts, squeezing and fondling them as he looked at them in pleasure.

"Nice tits. I love tits."

He bent and began to slide his tongue over her left breast, circling her nipple. Then he lapped right over it a few times, before closing his lips and sucking. He sucked it into his mouth and gnawed lightly with his teeth, making wet, slurping noises.

She looked past him to the door. It was big and solid, and looked steel. But it looked so close. If she could just get there and fling it open, if she could just get a foot ahead of him she knew he’d never catch her, not in a million years.

She knew one thing, nobody would miss her much or make any fuss if she went missing for a few days. She didn’t seriously contemplate the idea that he might keep her hear for weeks or months or years like he said.

His hand stroked her body, now cupping and squeezing her tit, now sliding up and down over her pussy. He pushed two fingers into her mouth and made her suck them as he pumped them in and out, then slid them down into her cunt, then back into her mouth again.

"Hot little slut," he said, grinning.

He rolled over on top of her and pressed his mouth against hers. She tried to turn her head away but he gripped her hair and jerked it hard, twisting her head up and back. She gasped in pain and his mouth covered hers, his tongue pushing through her lips.

He kissed her savagely hard as his boner pushed against her pussy. He reached down and gripped it, then let it go. His mouth came free of hers and he knelt between her legs, grinning still.

"Take my cock and put it in your twat," he said. She swallowed, then reached down and took it gingerly, then fitted the head against her slit. He pushed forward in one, smooth, hard, steady thrust until it was buried in her quim and his weight was pushing down on her groin and belly and chest.

His mouth covered hers again and his tongue pushed into her. He rolled lightly from side to side, twisting his cock inside her furry box, then began to rut slowly, using the springs to throw himself up and down on top of her.

He reached down and gripped her legs behind the knees, lifting them up and shoving them back against her. He put his weight on them, raising her buttocks as he jammed them down against her chest, then rose and began a hard, steady pumping, his cock slicing in and out of her cunt slit.

She could do nothing as he crushed her in two and used her pussy for his pleasure. He was so smug and self-satisfied as he looked down at her that she dearly, dearly wanted to kill him. But all she did was lay there as he fucked down into her pussy hole.

His cock didn’t hurt much this time, though it was, to her, still a very unique sensation, the movement inside her difficult to get used to. In the position he had forced her onto his prick was stabbing right down into her belly, and his heavy hips slammed her ass down again and again, only to have the springs throw it back up again.
He slid his hands further down her legs, onto her calfs, then her ankles, shoving them way back against the side of her head. Her thighs and back ached fiercely as he stretched the tendons and muscles, but he didn’t seem to care a damn about that.

He pushed her feet back next to her head, opening her up in a humiliating position. Her cunt and asshole must gape now, she thought as the grinning man rammed his hips down into her again and again.

"Oh baby! Oh yeah! Unhg! Ungh! Ungh! Gonna teach you! Yeah! Gonna teach you good! Ungh! UNgh! Ungh!

He bounced wildly atop her slender body, using the springs to launch himself upwards, his cock ripping up her cunt pipe, then slamming back down into her with terrible force. She gasped in pain, grunting helplessly as his weight crashed into her repeatedly, as his stiff boner, stabbed deep into her belly.

Long minutes past as he bounced on her and she thought she would go mad with the terrible, battering he was giving her. Her body felt torn and stretched and crushed to its ultimate limit and she groaned with the strain of her unnatural position.

Finally he let out a gasp and drove his prong into the deepest pit of her crotch slit, then pumped a hot, creamy load of sperm into her body.

He lay atop her for a minute, panting, then rolled off, allowing her to unfold her aching, strained body. She moaned as her legs came down and her spine was allowed to straighten. Her arms felt crushed and torn beneath her and could hardly move.

He lay on her other side, sighing languorously, a smile on his face. Nicki was weak, but she thought she saw a chance, just a small one, to get up now and run to the door. True, her hands were cuffed, but surely she could twist around and turn the doorknob, then race up the stairs.

No, she couldn’t do it, not with her hands behind her. But his terrible crushing and squashing of her body had at least limbered it up. She thought that she could, without much difficulty, slide her cuffed hands down beneath her soft buttocks and thus have them in front of her.

She looked at him. He wasn’t looking back. She turned, grunting slightly, and pulled her hands down, bending forward as she did. Her hands slid down below her ass cheeks, and she quickly drew her legs back through her arms and brought her hands up in front of her.

He turned and blinked in surprise, then scowled. She rolled away and staggered to her feet, stumbling towards the door.

"Get back here, you slut!" he snapped, rolling off the bed and grabbing at her.

Nicki hit the door, her hands franticly jerking on the knob. It wouldn’t move at all. Too late, she saw the keyhole just above. Her mind turned to terror and she turned quickly as he stalked up to her. She lashed out with her hands, clawing at him.

He snarled in fury, knocking her hands away and swinging a roundhouse right that struck her shoulder and threw her back at the door. She reached her hands up to his face, fingers like claws and he grabbed one wrist, and twisted them upwards, slamming them and her back against the door.

Then he swung his fist into her belly, feeling it sink deep in the soft flesh, crushing half-way through to her spine. She grunted in shock, the air blasted out of her lungs by his big fist. She started to sag, her eyes rolling, but he still held her up by the wrist.

Again his fist slammed into her belly, then a third time, doubling her over, turning her legs to rubbery. She collapsed in a moaning heap as he let her wrists go.

Joe rubbed his cheek and saw blood where she’d scratched him. He cursed angrily, indignant at the attack, at her resistance. Stinking whore, he thought. Doesn’t she know who’s in charge?

He felt a deep satisfaction at the punches he’d landed in her belly. So many years of putting up with smart assed bitches and punks. Now he didn’t have to. Now he could show them who was in control, who was the boss. This little slut wasn’t going to get away with a Goddamn thing.

He reached down and gripped her hair, taking pleasure in her cry of pain as he forced her upwards. She grabbed at his wrist but didn’t try to scratch as he forced her to her feet and shoved her towards the table in the corner.

There was a box there, filled with some things he’d bought at sex boutiques, things he thought might come in very handy for little sluts like Nicki.

First he bent her across the table, lifting her arms above her head. He undid the handcuffs and pulled her hands behind her back, then he took what a casual observer might have thought was a leather band and fitted it around her right wrist.

In fact, it was strong, hard leather set with several small leather rings and a strong metal lock. He snapped it around her wrist, then lifted a similar device and fitted it around her left wrist. He took out two more such leather cuffs and fitted them around both the still gasping, gurgling girl’s ankles.

He stood up and gripped her by the hair again, dragging her across towards the square frame set near the far wall.

She still hadn’t regained her breath and offered no resistance, gasping and retching, her face red as he pulled her along.

He pushed her in front of the frame then raised her right hand, snapping the chain in the upper corner of the framework into one of the rings set into her leather cuff. Nicki didn’t even look up, all her attention still fixed on trying to breath properly.

He lifted her other wrist and chained that to the other top corner, then twisted a small lever, raising the chain higher, pulling her hand up. He moved around her to the other side of the framework where he twisted another lever, pulling that chain up too.

He raised both chains so the teenager was forced onto her toes there before them, her arms high and parted, tightly locked into the top corners of the framework.

Not finished yet he pulled her right leg out to the side. Nicki could hardly stay upright now, one slim foot holding her aloft as he fitted a chain in the lower corner to her ankle cuff and twisted the lever. Then he moved over and pulled her one remaining foot over to the side.

Immediately all her weight fell on her wrists and she grunted in complaint. He pulled her leg wide and fitted the chain from the other lower corner into one of the rings, then twisted the lever several times. He went back to the other corner and twisted that too.

He worked on all four corners, twisting the lever until the chains had her stretched out as taut as a bowstring. Her arms and legs were split wide and pulled with tremendous strength towards the corners, threatening to tear free from her torso as she hung there.

His heart skipped a beat from the excitement of seeing her this way. The scene was, to his eyes, the height of eroticism. The nubile, soft fleshed young teen was split wide and totally vulnerable to him, her ass open, butt cheeks parted.

He slid a hand up and down her body, sliding his fingers along her spine, then down, down, down, following her backbone, down between her soft buttocks, down under her to squeeze her pussy mound.

"Now you’re going to learn what happens to bad girls around here, Nicki," he whispered in her ear. "You don’t get away with hitting your teacher in this school, baby."

He went back to the back and slid out a long, smooth black leather riding crop, feeling it with his hand, imagining how it would feel against her flesh. His breathing picked up and he turned towards the helpless girl, his loins starting to twitch in anticipation.


Nicki moaned her body aching, her stomach sick, churning, threatening to heave. She was finally getting the air back in her lungs now, but it wasn’t a lot of consolation. The rest of her ached fiercely.

She’d never felt her body pulled so tightly, and from all directions, she was afraid her arms were going to tear right off as they held all her weight. In fact, the pressure on them was more than that because of the chains pulling down on her ankles.

Her wrists ached, her arms ached, there was a tight, stabbing pain under her arms, along the sides of her chest, and her spine felt strained and tight. Down behind her she felt her asshole slightly open, puckering as she clenched and unclenched her muscles.

Then something hit her in the middle of the back. For an instant it was just a heavy blow that threw her forward, but a split-second later shocking pain tore into her back and blasted into her skull like an explosion.

She was stunned, but screamed in agony without conscious thought; her body reacting to the agony inflicted upon it. She trembled violently as the pain slowly dulled into a glowing line of heat and pain running across the center of her back.

"Oh God! Oh God!" she gasped.

Joe trembled slightly too. The feel of the crop slashing into her soft flesh was like nothing he’d imagined. The sight of her body writhing in pain, the sound of her howl of agony, would have been enough to make him cream in his jeans if he hadn’t already pumped two loads of cum into the teenager.

An ugly, painful looking welt ran across the middle of the girl’s back where the crop had struck. Joe raised it again and slashed it down against her back again, higher this time.

Again he felt the impact as it struck her soft, helpless body, heard her shriek of pain and knew the satisfaction of releasing his innermost savagery.

Again he slashed the crop down against her back, then again, then again.

His cock was standing up again, purple and boiling with lust. The crop made a loud hissing sound as it cut through the air. Again it slammed into her back, drawing another intense scream of maddened pain and shock. Another welt sprang up on her soft, ivory skin.

He saw the muscles of her legs and arms staining as she thrashed madly in her bonds, driven to desperate strength by the pain tearing through her body. The crop whistled through the air and slashed across her shoulders, then again, then again.

He was breathing hard, his pulse racing as he saw the criss-crossing welts on the howling, sobbing girl’s flesh. His eyes were drawn down to her full ass cheeks, and the way her thighs were split and straining. He raised the crop again and slashed it across that white ass.

New screams rent the air as the pain tore into her. He laughed in delight and shock at his own daring, his own perverted lust. For as much as he was punishing her, he knew that he was lashing her body because he loved it, because the sight and feel and sound of her lovely flesh as he whipped it was a pleasure he had dreamed of for untold years.

Again the crop slashed across her buttocks, then again, then again, then again. Her body continued to strain desperately, madly, but there was no way she could free herself, despite the strength leant her by the pain.

The crop continued to lash her body, and her screams weakened, as did her struggles, the strength going out of her.

She sobbed in between blows, crying out her pain each time the crop landed, then resuming her miserable tormented tears.

"Are you going to be a good girl now, Nicki?" he panted in her ear.

She continued to sob.

"I asked you a question, slut girl!" he snarled, ripping her head back by the hair. She cried out anew but was too blasted and numbed to understand the question.

"I asked you if you were going to be a good girl, slut!"

"Ye... ye... yeeesssss," she sobbed.

"We’ll see, slut," he said grimly.

His cock prodded her ass and he looked down at her spread cheeks and smiled. He slid his hand down her body and cupped her wounded buttocks, then pressed a finger against her crinkled little anal opening. He pushed it in, forcing the tip through her sphincter and screwing it in to the first joint, then the second, then all the way to the knuckle.

"Nice, tight little asshole," he whispered, his cock bouncing with excitement.

He pumped his finger up and down inside her rectum, marveling at the tightness and heat inside her body. He’d always wanted to fuck one of these bitches in the asshole, and now he could. Now he could do anything he wanted.

He pulled his finger free and shoved his cock into her hole, his cockhead slowly forcing her hole open as he put more and more pressure against it. His cockhead pushed inside and felt her tight anal tunnel Squeeze down around it.

He sighed in delight, pushing deeper, slowly forcing his cock higher and higher inside her. He held the base of his cock in his hand as he slowly pumped it in and out, working her whole open, jamming his cock deeper with each new stroke.

Sometimes her asshole fought him; sometimes it sucked on his cock, trying to drag it deeper. He pushed half his cock into her and felt her asshole clamp down around it, squeezing fiercely.

"Oh yeahhhh," he groaned.

He let her asshole work on his cock for a few seconds, then slowly pulled back, and then pushed forward. Her asshole clamped down on his cock again, then eased off and his cock slid in several more inches. It was high in her belly now, driven almost straight up from her round hole.

He let go of the base, his hands sliding up her sides, then going around her slender body to grope and fondle her perfect round breasts. He drew his ass back a bit, then thrust up into her with a powerful movement.

She grunted, but made no other sound other than the continuous whimpering and groaning she’d given out since he’d stopped the whipping. He gripped her body tight and slowly forced his cock knob the last inch inside her, feeling his balls press against her buttocks as he squeezed her against him.

"Feel that, slut?" he panted. "You got an ass full of cock! Ever been butt-fucked, whore? Huh? Ever been butt fucked?"

He drew his tool backwards a few inches, then thrust up violently. His cockhead slammed up into her body with terrible force, spiking into her guts as she trembled helplessly in her bonds. He tore his cock back and forth inside her, working it in and out until her numbed sphincter gave up the fight.

He drew the whole thing out of her, stepping back slightly to watch his cockhead emerge from her body. Her asshole gaped round. Then he pressed his cockhead to it and slammed it up into her anus with one smooth stroke, impaling her.

"Ohhhh yeaahhhh!" he groaned.

He ground his hips into her buttocks, sighing in pleasure at the feel of her against him. His hands cupped and squeezed her breasts as his tongue slid along the nape of her neck.

"Hot little slut," he sighed. ‘All mine."

He held her tightly by the tits as his hips moved back and forth at a steady rate, his cock sliding up and down inside her anal tube as he licked and kissed and sucked on her throat.

He fucked harder, his cock slamming up into her butt hole, his hips smashing into her aching buttocks, throwing her up against the chains pulling on her ankles. He spiked his cock into her with vengeful power, stabbing her again and again with the full length of his hard fuck-pole.

Nicki had never been ass-fucked, but didn’t care. The very thought would have nauseated and horrified her not long ago. Now all she cared about was the pain engulfing her body, the pain from the numerous welts criss-crossing her soft flesh.

She was, in fact, almost grateful that he was butt-fucking her. It had hurt when he’d first forced his cock into her tail, but that pain had been nothing compared to the crop, and now even that small pain had disappeared.

She felt the steady churning of his cock in her asshole, and his strong, ungentle fingers kneading and squeezing her breasts. Most of her attention, though, was on the terrible pain from the welts he’d inflicted on her. And even though that pain too was far less than the pain of the original blows, still it hurt.

Her mind was still traumatized, shattered by the agony of the whipping. It was shaking and dazed and confused. So even though she knew she was being fucked up the ass, she didn’t really understand why, or much care.

Joe came, his cock shooting a boiling load of semen up into her asshole. He groaned in pleasure and clung to her, panting for breath.

His cock slowly softened and he backed away, pulling it from her hole. He staggered away, going to his clothes and picking them up. He got the key from his pocket, went to the door and unlocked it, then went out, closing it behind him.

Nicki hung there for hours, moaning weakly, sometimes crying, sometimes just hanging there limp, a dazed, half-conscious mass of tortured flesh. After a while Joe came back and unchained her, then tossed her on the bed and left.

Hours passed, spent half-in and half-out of consciousness. Then she slept.

The next morning Joe went back down to the bomb shelter and found her asleep, laying on her belly, legs spread. He smiled as he came up to her and knelt on the bed. He was naked, wanting a morning fuck before his shower.

Since she was on her belly and already, he saw no reason why he shouldn’t rape her asshole again. She stirred as he knelt between her legs and caressed her ass cheeks. Then when he pressed his hardened cock knob against her hole she moaned and wriggled feebly.

He pressed his cock deeper, then placed his hands on her ass and drove his cock down into her, sheathing his entire tool in her hot warm belly. Nicki groaned but said nothing. He pressed down hard on her ass, leaning forward, his weight on her as he worked his cock back and forth in her tail.

He sighed in pleasure, then eased his body down atop hers, crushing her into the bed. She gasped in pain as his warm flesh came down on her welt covered back and buttocks making them sting with new pain.

He slid his fingers into her hair, twisting it back, forcing her head around. Her eyes and mouth were half-open as she was forced awake. He mashed his lips down on hers as his ass rose and fell atop her.

She seemed only partly conscious but he didn’t care, not needing any active participation from her. His cock pumped steadily in her rectum, churning up her guts as he grunted in pleasure. He fought the sucking, straining and squeezing of her anus as he pounded his tool into her with more and more violent strokes.

But before he could work up to a real hard fucking stroke his balls blew and he dropped a thick load of jism down into her. His pumping slowed and then stopped. He lay atop her, sighing in satisfaction as his cock softened inside her.

"Like that, little slut?" he grinned, licking a long trail along the side of her face.

"You belong to me, whore. I can do anything I want to you. So you’d better learn to be a good little girl. Next time I’m going to whip these nice round titties of yours." He slid a hand up along the side of her chest and fingered her tit flesh.

"I finally found something you’re good for, Nicki. You’re good for fucking. So that’s what you’ll be doing from now on, fucking me and anyone else I bring here in any way we want it. You’re gonna be my whore and you’re gonna love it."

He felt a stirring, a tightness in his groin. It was familiar, and had nothing to do with sex. His bladder needed emptying. He sighed and started to move, to pull off her, but then his mind was stunned by a terrible idea, a wonderful idea.

"Oh shit!" he whispered. Then he laughed.

"I can do anything I want to you, little slut," he said in an excited voice. "Know what I’m gonna do now ?"
He tugged on her hair and she moaned.

"Wake up slut. You don’t want to miss this! Guess what I’m gonna do. Guess!"

"UhhhhhHhh! I don’t, don’t knooooow!" she groaned.

"I’m gonna take a leak."

She didn’t know at first what he meant. She was too buzzed, too dazed. If he wanted to take a leak so what? Let the fucker get off her and go piss.

Then she felt something new in her asshole, a hot, jetting wetness flowing down into her guts. She was surprised and for a few seconds wondered what it was.

"I’m pissing in your asshole!" he crowed gleefully. And he was. She was stunned. She could feel the hot liquid spraying her asshole, could feel it going down into her, filling her up like an enema.

She was stunned. Instinctively she tried to pull free, but she was far too weak and his heavy weight lay upon her.

He snickered in happiness, his bladder unloading long morning piss. It all poured down into her as she whimpered in fright and shock.

He finished up with a grunt and pulled his flaccid prick from her asshole.

"Now you got a good load of cum and piss in your asshole, girl. Hope you’re happy."

He chuckled as he moved to the door, unlocked it and left, slamming it behind him.

Nicki could feel the piss laying inside her, and she groaned and sobbed as she slowly rolled onto her side, then crawled out of bed. She looked around for a bathroom but the only other door in the room, besides the one in, was locked. Then she spotted a chemical toilet.

It wasn’t much, but she sat on it and let the piss and cum trickle out of her asshole as she wept in misery.

"Hey Phil, how’s it going?"

"Pretty good, Joe."

"Want to come over to my place after school? I got something to show you."


"It’s a surprise."

"Come on."

"Really. You’ll love it."

"Can’t come over tonight, man. Going out with the wife."

‘Shit, this is a lot better than a fucking movie." "It’s a party. Can’t get out of it. Wish I could." "Well, maybe Mike can come over."

Mike couldn’t. He had to go home and drive his kid to little league.

Grumbling, slightly, Joe went home himself, thinking how sorry those two dumb bastards would be when they found out what they’d missed.

But then he had another thought. Better to wait until the little slut was well trained before bringing them down. He didn’t want some pleading little slut to give them guilty consciences and maybe convince them to turn him in.

So when he changed out of his suit and headed down to the basement, he had more than just sex on his mind. He wanted to train the slut, for that was how he thought of Nicki, he wanted to train her to be an obedient little.., little.., slave. Slave.

She would be his slave, his sex slave! The idea made his cock throb. His very own sex slave! A hot, nubile, firm bodied young slut that would do his every bidding. He waited before going down to the bomb shelter, running his knowledge of adolescent psychology through his mind.

He was, after all, the psychology teacher. He could play with the little slut’s mind until she thought she wanted to be here. He’d make her love him, love her raping, hell, maybe even love getting beaten. There were girls who liked that shit.

But first he had to break her. Once she was broken he could begin to put the pieces back together in whatever way he wanted.

He smiled grimly, then went downstairs, unlocked the door and stepped through.

Nicki was on the bed on her belly. She turned her head as he came in.

"Well, little slut. Did you have a good night?" She didn’t answer, just looked at him dully.

‘Answer me when I ask you a question, whore!" he screamed.

She yelped, jerking up to her knees, her eyes going wide with fright.

"No," she gulped.

"No? Would you rather be strung up by your wrists for the whole night?"


"Then you had a good night, didn’t you? I was kind enough to untie you for the night. Thank me."

"Th... thank you," she gulped nervously.

"Thank you what?" he hissed.

"Uh, tha.., thank you, sir?"

"Wrong! He swung his hand and slapped her face, throwing her back against the headboard. She yelped and cried out in pain.

"You will answer me as Master from now on. You will say master to everything I ask or tell you. Is that understood, slut?"

"Uh, yes, uh, Master?" she whimpered. "Say it again, louder? he yelled. "Yes, Master? "Again?

"Yes, Master!"

‘Get your ass out of bed and stand up here in front of me!"

She scrambled out of bed and then moved as close to him as she dared, cringing there in front of him.

"Stand up straight? he screamed into her face. Terrified, she straightened her arms at her side. "That’s better, slut.

Now then, you need to be trained, just like any dog. I will give you orders, and you will obey. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Master."

He moved to the corner and picked up the riding crop. Nicki gasped and swallowed nervously, her back aching already with anticipation.

"Eyes front!" he screamed.

She jerked her head forward and he stomped up beside her. He ran the tip of the riding crop along her shoulders, then as he walked in front of her, let the tip trail down the front of her chest. He poked at her right breast with it, pressing the leather into the soft flesh.

"Nice round titties," he sneered. "I’m sure I’ll be whipping them before long."

She trembled in fear.

"Now, slut, slave. You will drop to your knees." She eased down onto her knees and he gripped her hair and jerked it up and back. She cried out in pain and fear as she stared up into his angry eyes.

"You answer when I give you an order!" he screamed.

"Ye... yes, Master? she cried.

He let her hair go then stepped back a pace.

"Back straight, slut. Sit on your heels, back straight, arms behind your back.

"Yes, Master," she gulped, doing as he ordered. "Good, slut."

"When I give you a compliment, you thank me, slut."

"Yes, Master. Thank you, Master," she gulped. "Now, get on all fours," he said.

"Yes, Master," she said, falling forward onto her hands. She knelt there as he moved around her, trailing the tip of the crop along her body. "Keep that ass high, slut." "Yes, Master."

"Legs apart more. That’s it. You’re a slut dog in heat, a dirty little bitch that wants her cunt pumped. This is the natural position for you, slut." "Yes, Master."

He slid the crop in between her thighs and rubbed it up and down against her pussy mound.

"Crawl slut. Crawl around the room."

"Yes, Master," she said, crawling along on all fours.

He went over to the box on the table and removed a leather collar that was much like the bands around her wrists and ankles. He went over to her and halted her with his foot.

"Sit up, slut, sit on your heels."

"Yes, Master."

He fastened the collar around her throat and locked it in place, then produced a leash and snapped it to the collar.

"On all fours again slut dog."

"Yes, Master."

He walked her in circles around the room, slapping her ass lightly with the crop when she slowed.

"You are a slave. Remember that, slut."

"Yes, Master."

"What is a slave, slut?"

"Uh, uh..."

‘A slave is a belonging, slut. It is a person that belongs to someone else. You belong to me, slut, just like a dog would, just like my TV does, or my shoes, or anything else. Understand?"

"Yes, Master."

"I can do anything I want with you, anything." He halted her by tugging on the leash, then pulled her up until he could grab her hair. He pulled her face into his crotch and rubbed it against his groin as he chuckled in amusement.

"Hot slut," he said. "I’m gonna fuck you now. You’ll like that, won’t you."

"Yes, Master," she whimpered.

"Because you’re a dirty little slut, right?" "Yes, Master." "What are you?"

A... a dirty little slut, Master."

"What else?"

"Uh, a... a slave, Master."

"That’s right, slut. You’re a stupid, cheap, worthless little two-bit whore. Nobody wants you. Nobody cares a damn about you."

He flung her back and she half fell, looking up at him through teary eyes.

"Get on your belly, slut," he ordered.

She lay down on her belly as he moved to the other side of the room.

"Now crawl to me, slut. Crawl on your belly." A day earlier Nicki had been filled with pride. No more. She didn’t care how degrading it was to crawl along on her belly. All she cared about was not being whipped again. She crawled towards him, her legs moving on the floor, her tits dragging along against the rough carpeting.

She crawled up right next to him and he lifted his foot and put it down on the back of her neck, pushing down painfully. She whimpered in fear and pain but he eased off.

"Lick my shoe, slut," he ordered.

"Yes, Master," she whispered.

She reached out and took his foot, then began to lick it, her tongue sliding along the sides and top. When he raised his foot she obediently slid her tongue down onto the bottom, sliding it along against the heel.

"Dirty, cheap, piece of shit," he sneered.

She continued to lick his shoe, grunting and panting with the effort.

"Cunt meat. That’s all you are, slut, cunt meat. You’re nothing but a whore built for fucking, a dumb, brainless little snatch, a walking fuck pad."

She continued to lick his shoe, switching to the other one as he ordered. All the while he rained horrible insults on her.

He made her untie his shoes, then he lifted his feet one at a time while she removed his shoes, then his socks. She undid his belt and unzipped his pants, taking them and his underwear down. Then she stood, briefly, and undid the buttons of his shirt and removed it.

He continued to tell her how cheap and useless he was, what a dirty, filthy, nasty, stupid, ignorant little cunt she was, then made her lick his feet just as she had his shoes.

"That’s it cunt, slide that pretty pink tongue in between my toes," he sneered. "Lick my toes clean, whore. Fucking dumb little cunt faced bitch?


With both his feet wet he reached down and slid his fingers into her collar, then jerked her head up and swung her around so her ass was before him.

"Raise that little ass, whore!" he shouted, "Spread those slutty legs?

Gulping and panting, Nicki raised her ass high and let her knees come apart.

"Reach back, slut," he said as he dropped to his knees behind her. "Reach back and stick your fingers in your cunt, pull it wide open for me. Pull your dirty slit open so I can ram my cock up into your guts!"

Nicki tried to reach back around her hips but couldn’t do it and still keep her ass high.

"Between your legs, whore!" he screamed, slapping her ass hard. She cried out in pain as the sound of skin hitting skin rent the air. He grabbed the back of her head and shoved it down against the floor, his other hand going beneath her belly to raise it high.

"Keep your ass up and reach between your legs!" he yelled, slapping her ass again.

She grunted in pain, twisting under to slide fingers into her pussy. She pushed in two fingers from her right hand, and then two fingers from her left, and slowly pried her tight, nearly virgin pussy lips open.

"Wider, slut! Rip them open! Wider! Wider!" he yelled.

She groaned in pain as she tried to pull her pussy lips even wider apart. She was panting and sweating, her heart pounding with fear. Every time he screamed her terror mounted until she thought, hoped she would have a heart attack and die.

She felt his cock against her fingers as it slit into her pussy opening.

"Too bad you can’t see yourself from here, slut," he said in a nasty tone. "Your fucking pussy is pulled wide open.

I can look right down into your dirty, filthy little pink fuck box."

His cock pushed deeper, going past her fingers. ‘All right, slut, take those fingers out."

She sighed in relief and pulled her fingers out, rising to all fours again as his prick slid into her to the balls.

"Ready for a hard fuck, slave?" "Yes, Master," she gulped. "You want it, don’t you, slut."

"Yes, Master." She might be dazed, but she hadn’t completely lost her mind.

"You cheap, fucking whore? His hand slapped down across her ass cheeks, making a loud CRACK! of noise and drawing a cry of pain from the trembling girl.

But then right away he began to fuck. His hands gripped her hips and he started to tear his fuck pole back and forth inside her with total abandon, ramming it in with all his strength, ripping it free, then punching it deep into her guts again.

His thighs and hips smashed into her buttocks repeatedly, and only his hard, tight grip on her hips kept her from being knocked off her knees. All the while he fucked her he cursed her and told her how stupid and cheap and ugly and worthless she was.

Her head bounced up and down, her vision shaking and jerking wildly so she couldn’t see clearly. He rode her like a madman, stabbing her with violent, savage strokes, rutting like a wild bull as she mewled in helpless, frightened confusion and pain.

His hands shifted, gripping her upper shoulders. Then one slid under her, tearing at her tit, squeezing and mashing it with brutal ease. The other hand gripped a fistful of hair, pulling it up and back, laughing as she cried in pain.
His heavy body beat her down as he used her cunt slit for his own pleasure. She whimpered in misery and pain, but made no effort to pull free as his cock scoured her pussy with violent searing motions.

Then he came, spraying thick white wads of sperm into her guts as his movements slowed. Nicki groaned in relief.

"Thank me for fucking you, whore."

"Thank you for fucking me, Master," she said wearily.

"Thirsty, slut?"

"Yes, Master!" she gasped. She’d had nothing to eat or drink since he’d brought her here more than twenty-four hours before.


"Yes, Master. The thirst was more important, but she was hungry.

"Well then, I’ve got something for you to eat and something for you to drink. Turn around."

She turned and found herself looking at his cock.

"Eat this, slut, and when you’re done I’ll piss in your mouth and you can drink it." She blinked in shock. "Come on, whore."

"Please... please, master," she gulped, staring at his dirty cock, the cock that had just come out of her asshole.

"Suck it, you cunt faced, whore! You ugly, stinking piece of shitty fuck meat! I’ll tear the skin off your bones, whore! Twat! Cunt?’

He grabbed her hair and then slapped her face hard, knocking her off her knees. He jerked her forward by the hair and slapped her face again, then did it again, then again.

"Eat me, bitch! Fucking cunt whore bitch? She slid her lips around his flaccid cock, mind numbed by the brutality and the pain. She ran her lips up and down his cock as he cursed her and slapped her head and back and shoulders and face.

His cock hardened and still she sucked. He began to fuck her face then, holding her hair in both hands as he pumped into her. His cockhead punched against the back wall of her mouth several times, then finally rammed right through and into her throat.

She tried to twist away, to dislodge the terrible thing in her throat. The thing that was making her choke and retch, but he had too good a hold of her hair and all she could do was thrash and wriggle helplessly as he fucked his meat up and down her throat.

He pulled out, allowing her to gasp for breath as he rubbed his greasy, saliva coated prick against her face. Then he pushed it back into her mouth again and thrust it down her throat.

"Swallow that cock, bitch! Dirty cunt face!" He yelled at her continuously, knowing well the effect it would have on her spirit. When he came he pulled his cock out of her throat and let his juices spray into her face, coating her with sticky white seed. He laughed as he rubbed his cock over her face, then, as his soft cock began to leak piss, he held her steady and pissed into her mouth, cursing her savagely and warning her what he would do to her if she didn’t keep her mouth open and swallow.

She did, too petrified to do anything else, too numbed to really appreciate what she was doing anyway. He held her by the hair as his hot piss poured into her mouth and down her throat. She swallowed repeatedly, then he shoved her back and let his piss splatter over her face, then over her chest, and finally pissed on her pussy, wiping the last drops in her hair.

"Dirty whore," he sneered, before leaving her like that.

Another day passed without her drinking. She was desperate for water, and clawed at the door leading to the shower and bathroom, whimpering as best she could with her throat so dry. Each time he came down to fuck or sodomize her she begged for water, only to be kicked or slapped or punched, or, if she were lucky, pissed on.

Then, later in the third day he opened the door and dragged her into the room. She gasped pathetically when she saw the tub and faucet, but before she could do anything he shoved the ball-gag into her mouth and tied it in place.
"I didn’t bring you in here to drink, you ugly, stinking bitch. I took you in here because you smell like piss."
He filled up the tub and then, gripping her by the hair, half lifted, half dragged her into it. He shoved her completely under the water, then pulled her up by the hair and grabbed a scrub brush. He began scrubbing her with the harsh bristles, ignoring her muffled cries of pain as he scraped over her welts and bruises.
He soaped up her hair and rammed a rounded bar of soap up her cunt and then used a shower massage to shoot water up after it. He bent her over the toilet and shoved a rubber hose up her ass and shot soapy water into her bowels, then made her expel it into the toilet.
He shoved her back under the water of the tub and again soaped her up and scrubbed her off, then dragged her out and hung her from her wrists from a hook in the ceiling.
He went into the other room and pulled all the sheets off the bed, then put on new ones. He cleaned the floor, humming to himself, quite pleased, then sprayed disinfectant around. Finally he returned to the girl.
For Nicki, the desperate need for water had become more important than anything, even pain. She had barely gotten the slightest bit of a trickle through the ball-gag, so when he removed it and pulled her from the room she whined in dismay, begging and whining in a hoarse and rough voice.
He bound her hands behind her and set her on the floor on her knees, then sat in front of her. He had a bowl of water in his lap but wouldn’t let her touch it. Instead he dipped his hand in, cupped just a little, then held it out dripping in front of her.

She pushed her mouth into his cupped palm, sucking and licking at the little bit of water as it dribbled through his lingers. She lapped desperately at his fingers as he smiled smugly.

He dipped his hand into the bowl again and again, letting her lick and suck at the little bit of water that he could hold out to her. Then, feeling generous, he linked his fingers and put both hands into the bowl, cupping them tightly and pulling out some water.

She sucked it out of his hands in seconds, gasping for more. He obliged, letting her suck out more water from his hands. Finally, laughing, he set the bowl on the floor and let her drink the last of it as he patted her head.
He unlocked her wrists, then pulled her to her feet, being gentle for once. He led her to the bed and lay her down on her side, then slid in behind her. He held his arms around her, pressing his naked flesh against hers, but did nothing much but hug her.

Her head rested against his chest as stroked her hair and kissed her forehead lightly. His hand stroked her body, feather soft, coasting along her warm flesh. Eventually it trailed down between her legs and cupped her pussy, holding it gently.

It was late in the night and he fell asleep like that. Eventually, she did as well. He woke after a time, his hand still cupping her pussy. He nuzzled into her body, grunting comfortably, then eased his hand back a little from her cunt mound.

He eased a single finger down and pressed it against her cunt cleft, letting it sink slowly into the crack. Very gently he stroked her, his finger sawing up and down against her slit, rubbing delicately over her clitty.
After a few minutes she began to sigh softly in her sleep. After a couple more, she began to grind her hips slowly against him, rub her ass against his groin. She whined in her sleep, twitching and murmuring. He continued to stroke her clitty.

She woke with a gasp, trying to rise. He pulled her down and held her against him, cupping her pussy but not moving. She blinked her eyes, wondering at the feelings inside her body, the heat in her loins. Mullins was behind her, his flesh pressed into her back, but that meant nothing.

He held her softly, his hand shifting on her groin. A single finger stroked up and down along her cunt cleft, easing into the soft little crack. It rubbed easily and she realized she was wet down there. She should be bothered by that, she knew, but after all the pain and misery she’d endured over the past several days she could not find it in her heart to be upset at any pleasure.

So she lay still as he continued to stroke her clitty. It did feel good, she sighed, and the pleasure was growing greater with each passing moment. She caught herself rubbing her ass cheeks into his groin several times, stopping for fear he would be angry.

She would do anything to keep him from being angry. She was terrified of him, him and his pain, and his screaming and his horrible words. He was all-powerful, and she desperately wanted him to stop being mean to her.

Yet now, for some reason she didn’t understand, he wasn’t being mean at all. He held her close but didn’t hit or pinch or slap her. His finger was stroking her slit, causing pleasure, and he was softly kissing the side of her neck and face.

He eased back, pulling her with him, turning her onto her back. She blinked up at him. He smiled.

He kissed her softly, his lips sliding against hers. He kissed her cheeks, then slid his tongue under her ear and nibbled her there. His finger continued to stroke her clitty.

He slid his tongue down onto her breast, sliding it in slow circles around her nipple several times, then sliding it in and kissing it. The little pink nubbin was erect, she saw, and felt hot and supersensitive. When he closed his lips around it and sucked powerfully she gasped in pleasure, humping her groin up against his finger.

He turned over more onto his knees, his other hand stroking and squeezing her right breast as he suckled on the left. He tongued the nipple, then sucked it into his mouth, gnawing gently.

He licked a trail down her quivering belly until he was between her legs. His hands gripped her ankles, lifting them and pulling them wide before setting them back down on the bed. His elbows slit in between her thighs and he licked once along the side of her cunt cleft.
He peeled her cunt open and lapped at her pink flesh as she whimpered and groaned in pleasure. Her hands did not dare touch him, but clenched in fists beside her as his tongue slid up into her pussy hole. He lapped up over her clit, then fixed his lips around it and sucked.

Nicki gasped in delight, arching her back as a hot blast of pleasure rippled along her body. "OOOooooooohhhhhhh!" she moaned. He eased his finger into her tunnel, then added a second. He pumped them steadily as his tongue slurped on her clitty and his lips rubbed and sucked on it. She humped up and down, gasping and panting, her face red with heat as she panted for breath.
She felt a growing blaze there between her thighs. The heat expanded suddenly, flooding her groin, her belly, her body, then burst in her skull with a clamorous explosion of multi-colored lights. She cried out in release, her back arching, her head pulling back sharply beneath her and rolling from side to side.
He sucked furiously on her clitty as he finger-fucked her with his rigid digits. Her ass bounced on the bed and she whined in passionate release.

Then she fell limp, panting for breath. His hands continued to stroke her body, his tongue lapping gently at her slit. Soon he began to work on her pussy with active measures once more, his fingers rubbing, stroking, and squeezing, his tongue probing, darting, and caressing.
Nicki began to breathe harder again, sighing in pleasure as her loins crackled with sexual electricity.
When Joe pulled up and pressed his cock into her she whimpered in anticipation, then groaned with pleasure as he slid into her to the hilt. He fell forward over her, his mouth meeting hers, their tongues swirling together as he began a slow, steady fuck.

She slid her legs around him, then her arms, kissing him back, first with some hesitation, some fear, then with passion and heat. She humped up against him, her feet around him, clinging to his back as she pulled her cunt up against his pumping cock.

The cock felt good inside her, natural, wonderful, delicious, and natural. She gasped in pleasure as the heat rose within her body. Her mind reeled with the delight, the hot, sexual bliss. Her eyes fluttered, then closed as she shuddered.

His cock pounded into her with greater and greater speed, slicing across her buzzing clitty with astonishing pleasure. She grunted and moaned, humping back desperately, hotly. Her body throbbed with fire, her cunt a volcano about to blow.

And then it did, blasting heat through her body, her mind, and her soul. She trembled and shook, gasping and grunting as she bounced and jerked her ass up against him.
When he ripped her legs free and jammed them back against her chest she groaned in wild excitement. His cock now pounded into her, his body hammering down on her buttocks. The pleasure and carnal excitement numbed her mind and she accepted his pistoning prong gladly.

It wasn’t until two days later that Mike made it over to visit. He didn’t know what tile hell Joe wanted since he’d been pretty secretive about it. As soon as they sat down he could see Joe was acting smug and superior about something.

"Come on, Joe, what the fuck is it you wanted to show me?" Mike sighed.
"Remember that conversation we had last week, you, me, and Phil, about grabbing one of those sluts from school and keeping her as a sex slave?"
"Remember? We were in the lounge at lunch and we were talking about..."
"Yeah, yeah, yeah. So?"
"Remember how you told us about Nicki Hunter? How she’d told you to kiss her ass and given you the finger?"
Joe gave him a smug look and took a swig from his bottle.
"I repeated, so?"
"So? See Hunter lately?"
"She’s missed the last few days," Mike said slowly. "But there’s nothing unusual about that. What the fuck are you saying, Joe?"
"Come on. I’ll show you."
He got up and walked to the kitchen. Mike followed. When he opened the door to the basement and started down, Mike hesitated.
"You’re full of shit, man," he said.
"Come and see."
A little nervous, but determined not to be the butt of whatever dumb joke Joe had cooked up, Mike followed.
They went over to the corner where the false wall was and Joe slid it back, revealing the stairs leading to the bomb shelter.
"You’re full of it. You wouldn’t dare grab her. You wouldn’t be that crazy."
"Crazy? What’s crazy? Nobody misses her and she’s finally doing what she’s best at. She loves it to."

Mike followed him to the steel door and watched as he unlocked it, then pulled it open. Joe stood aside and motioned him in with a smile. Mike swallowed nervously, then walked through.
He stopped dead just inside as he saw Nicki Hunter on the bed, naked. She turned around and her eyes widened. She seemed to hesitate for a moment, but then, as Joe came in behind him and locked the door, she crawled out of bed, literally crawled, and crawled over in front of them on all fours.
She sat back on her heels and gazed up at them. "Hello, Master," she said to Joe. "Holy shit? Mike breathed.
"Turn around and show us your ass, slut," Joe ordered in a genial tone.
"Yes, Master," she said, turning, raising her ass, and spreading her legs.
Mike gazed at the rounded buttocks and the small pussy mound below, at the fading remnants of bruises and welts on her ass flesh, then turned to Joe in stunned amazement.
"She’ll do anything, anything at all you tell her, and then thank you for it afterwards."
"You’re out of your mind," Mike whispered.
"Slut. Roll over onto your back and jerk off for us," Joe ordered.
"Yes, Master," Nicki said.

She turned over and spread her legs, then began writhing and undulating on the floor, running her hands up and down her slender young body as she moaned and sighed in pleasure. She cupped and squeezed her rounded breasts, then slid a hand down into her groin and began to stroke her slit.

She eased a finger into her box, then a second, and began pumping them in and out as she humped up against them.

"Remember how she told you to kiss her ass?" Joe grinned. "Well, you can do it now." He laughed uproariously.
"You’re out of your mind," Mike said, shaking his head and trying to pull his eyes away from the writhing girl.
"Think so? Well, if I’m nuts everybody should be." "What’d you do to her?"
"Just employed a little discipline."

Mike noticed the leather cuffs on her ankles and wrists, the leather collar on her throat.

"Turn over and show us your ass, bitch, but keep finger fucking your twat," Joe called.
To Mike’s amazement she did just that, getting to her knees, bending forward and putting her hands back through her legs to pump her fingers in her snatch. He noted that her ass wasn’t the only part of her with fading bruises and welts.
"Nobody knows she’s here," Joe said. "And nobody will. Just us. Us...and her."
Mike continued to stare at the girl, hardly noticing at first when Joe backed away to the door, opened it and went out. When he did notice he was alone with the girl he pulled back as if she were on fire. He tried to open the door but found it locked, and turned back reluctantly.
"Stop that," he said.
"Yes, Master," Nicki replied. "Do you want to fuck me, Master?" She peeled her cunt lips open, revealing her pink insides.
"Jesus Christ," he gulped.
"Please fuck me, Master," Nicki moaned. "I’m so hoooot. My pussy needs to be fucked so baaaaad." "Fuck!"
"Yeeesssssss! Fuck meeeee! Fuck meeeee, Maas-teeeer!"
She turned and crawled to the wide-eyed man, then rose and rubbed her face against his crotch. She reached up, smiling, and undid his pants, then pulled them down. He stared but did nothing, fighting himself.
She jerked his underwear down and his cock sprang out hard and red and eager. Before he could do a thing her lips encircled the head and she sucked it and several inches of cock into her mouth.
She bobbed her lips up and down it, moaning and sighing as she sucked. Her tongue worked against his shaft and the underside of his head as his hands automatically came down and gripped her head.
"Oh shiiiiiit! You hot little sluuuuuut!" he groaned. Her eyes were wide as she gazed up at him. She bobbed her lips and moaned hungrily. He felt his cock burning, the pressure growing. His heart was pounding with excitement, and he knew he was going to cum, cum in Nicki Hunter’s mouth.
He started fucking her, humping wildly into her mouth as he held her hair in his tight hands. He grunted and gasped as he fucked his cock through her lips. His head pulled back and he cursed desperately as he tried to hold back.
But he couldn’t. Having the haughty, smart-assed Nicki Hunter on her knees before him, naked, with her lips wrapped around his cock, was just too much for him to bear. He blew like a geyser, thick creamy wads of jism blasting into her mouth and down her throat.
She swallowed instantly, still sucking, still licking, still moaning.
Mike slowed his movements, groaning in relief. He looked down at her and his eyes narrowed. He was, he knew, committed now to Joe’s scheme. Regardless of whether the girl was doing this willingly, he had just face-fucked one of his students, and that could ruin him.
He pulled his cock free and his hand, still in her hair, pulled her to her feet. He stood there for a minute, admiring her firm, youthful body, then he cupped both her round breasts with his hands and began to knead and squeeze them.
Nicki did nothing, just stood there motionless, blinking.
"Wonder what other tricks Joe taught you," Mike said.
"I don’t know, Master," Nicki replied.
"You fucking slut," he laughed.

"Yes, Master. I’m a cheap whore, a useless fucking slut," she said, her eyes downcast.

"You’re good for one thing, baby," he grunted, fingering her nipples.

"Yes, Master. I’m good for fucking and sucking and butt- fucking."

"Butt-fucking! You mean Joe’s fucked your ass?"

"Yes, Master. Many times." "Jesus Christ!"

"Would you like to butt-fuck me, Master? I love being butt- fucked."

"I bet you do," he laughed.

He turned her around and bent her forward, then slid a hand over her ass.

"Joe whipped this little ass a few times, didn’t he, baby."

"Yes, Master."

"I see it taught you how to be respectful to your teachers."

"Yes, Master."

His hand moved between her thighs and he cupped her pussy mound. She groaned and humped back at him. He turned her back around and kissed her, his arms going around her, cupping her ass. She kissed back, sighing in pleasure as he hugged her tightly.

He bent and slid his tongue over her left breast, then sucked on her nipple.

The door opening made him jerk back and gave his heart a lurch, afraid he had been discovered in forbidden lust.
"Just me," Joe chuckled. "Hot little slut, ain’t she?"
"Uh, yeah," he gulped, reaching down and grabbing his pants.
"Don’t pull them up. She’s got a lot to show you," Joe grinned. He jerked his own pants down, then pulled off his sweatshirt. Mike did the same, watching his friend approach the girl.
"I’m about to demonstrate the difference between a sex slave and any other woman you’ve had," Joe grinned
Joe smiled down at the girl, and then his face became stem.
"Get down on all fours, whore," he snapped. Instantly, Nicki dropped to hands and knees. "Lick my toes, you slut."
"Yes, Master," she said, easing in and licking his feet.
"Holy Shit!" Mike gasped.
"You ain’t seen nothing yet," Joe grinned. "This is a slave, remember? She’ll do anything you tell her."
The two men watched the nubile young woman licking at Joe’s toes, both of them getting excited at the sight.
"Suck my cock, whore," Joe said.
"Yes, Master," Nicki said, rising. She slipped her lips over his prick and began bobbing them up and down. His cock hardened rapidly and he began face-fucking her.
He gripped her hair tightly, pulling her head back. She gasped in pain as he forced her back to arch, forced her head way back. He lifted her to her feet, twisted her around and shoved her against the bed, pushing her onto her knees on the edge.
He slapped his hand down on her ass with a loud crack of noise, then cupped her pussy and squeezed hard.
"Ready to be fucked, bitch?"
"Yes, Master," she whined.
"I think I’ll fuck you in the ass instead."
"Thank you, Master."
"Reach back and pull your ass cheeks apart, you dumb little slut."
She did and he pushed his finger against her asshole, then screwed it into her. He pumped it in and out as Mike watched, open- mouthed. Then he pulled it free and pushed his cock into her. He wasn’t very gentle, pushing hard, ignoring Nicki’s groans and whimpers as he buried his tool in her ass.
He slapped her ass several times, leaving red palm prints behind, then began a hard, ruthless pumping reaming out her asshole as he slammed his hips into her.
"Fuck! She’s better trained than a dog!" Mike sighed.
"She is a dog, a bitch-dog in heat," Joe growled ramming his cock up her asshole. Aren’t you, slut?" "Yes, Master," Nicki gasped.
"Get around in front. We’ll double-team her." Mike got into the bed and knelt in front of the girl. She took his cock into her mouth without hesitation and began to suck and lick it as Joe humped into her from behind. Mike groaned in pleasure, then reached down and cupped one of he breasts, working his fingers into the soft flesh.
His cock hardened quickly and he began to face fuck her, trying to time things with Joe’s ass fucking He fucked harder and harder, matching Joe’ movements, throwing her back right after Joe threw her forward.
It was a unique experience for him. For the firs time he found himself not needing to worry or can about his partner, not needing to concern himself with her wants or wishes or desires. She was possession, a belonging, a creature of no will, no power.
He could fuck as hard as he wanted, in whatever way he wanted, without complaint.
As he fucked, as he realized this, he consciously twisted her hair, watching her face as she winced in pain. He pistoned his cock into her with growing speed, slapping her hands away from his shaft, using her face like Joe was using her anus.
His cockhead kept ramming into the back of her mouth, and then, as he thrust in particularly deep, he felt it punch through into her into the teenager’s throat. She gurgled in shock and fear, but did not try to pull away, or at least, made no serious effort.
"OHhhhhh, yeaaaaahhhhh," he groaned. "I’m right down her fucking throat!"
"Yeah? I been meaning to do that. How’s it feel?" "Fucking fabulous. Jesus! Suck that cock, slut!" Her throat was tight, soooo tight. He clamped his hands around her face and squeezed hard as he drove his lower body forward, then jerked it back, fucking his big cock back and forth inside her throat. Joe helped, his hard, battering thrusts slamming into her from behind and throwing her forward onto Mike’s cock.
She couldn’t breath, of course, but that wasn’t their concern.
He and Joe continued to rut into her, reaming out her tail pipe and sawing up and down her throat tube, grunting and sighing in pleasure as their cocks burned with lust and heat.
Joe gave a final series of furious, pistoning thrusts, then rammed his boner up her ass and blasted out a white hot load of sparkling jism, pouring it down into her rectum as he collapsed backwards with a laugh of pure delight.
Nicki was thrown forward, lost her balance and tumbled onto her side, taking Mike with her. He twisted around to land atop her face, his cock still buried in her throat. His hands slipped beneath her head and he pulled her face up into his crotch as he felt his own balls getting ready to rupture.
He grunted into the mattress, his body, bouncing atop her face, slamming her nose up into his groin as he pumped his spurting tool in her throat. Steamy wads of cum juice gurgled down her throat in a seemingly never ending stream until finally his ass rose one final time, then fell, his cock punching down through her throat and spitting a last wad of cum.
He rolled off her, his cock pulling free of her throat with a pop. She coughed and retched and choked as she drew in great lung fulls of air, saved on the verge of losing consciousness.
The three lay there for a few minutes recovering, then Joe, who was proud of his accomplishments and wanted to show them off, got to his feet and dragged Nicki out of bed by the hair.
He snapped the leash onto Nicki’s collar and began leading her around the room, booting her ass whenever she was too slow. He picked up the paddle and began slapping her ass with it as she crawled along, turning it a bright red.
He made her lay back, gave her a pair of dildos and told her to fuck herself. Then he and Mike sat back on the bed and watched as she pumped the twin rubber cocks in her pussy and asshole, grunting and moaning like the bitch in heat she was.
Finally he lifted her, linked her wrist cuffs together in front of her, then raised them high and over a hook hanging from a chain. She hung there, twisting slowly as the two men discussed how Joe had grabbed her, and what he’d done to break her.
Mike found himself becoming envious, jealous, and horny at the thought of how Joe had whipped the little bitch’s ass and made her scream. He’d wanted to teach the teenage bitches a lesson for years and years himself and the thought of the snotty Nicki getting her ass and back whipped was almost enough to make him cum.
He didn’t of course, not with her hanging there so ready and vulnerable. He got out of bed, moved over behind her, and stuffed his cock up her asshole, fucking for long minutes before his cum jetted up into her bowels. Then he returned to the bed to talk to Joe some more.
Mike was alone with her again. Joe had had her for several days now, and might have started getting used to it, but to Mike the very sight of the willowy girl hanging naked from her wrists, swaying slightly, was enough to hold his attention and keep a steady fire burning between his legs.
He’d never had a teenage girl before, not even when he was a teenager. That had been endlessly frustrating, not just back then, but over the years as he’d become a teacher and watched the steady parade of poontang through his classes.
It had angered him too. There was a hard core of sadism within Mike, more so than in most men. He’d never really gotten the chance to exercise it before, but now, as Nicki swayed silently in front of him, his mind filled with visions of what he could do to her, with her, and his cock throbbed.
Yet what could he do? What excuse did he have for harming her? From what Joe had said she was totally broken now, willing to do anything and everything she was told, even licking his toes and drinking his piss.
He wished he’d been the one training her. He would have broken her worse than Joe had, completely crushed her. Nicki didn’t look scared to him, just sort of, docile and meek. He wanted her to look scared, scared of him.
He stood just in front of her, his eyes taking in her soft young body, her breasts high and round, her ribs visible, her concave belly, her soft pussy mound. There were a lot of things he could have done to her, but he didn’t want to have to explain why to Joe.
He drew his fist back, then hesitated briefly, before slamming it into her belly. She grunted and coughed, and he felt a deep pleasure. He punched her again, and again she coughed and choked and groaned in pain.
Joe would wonder.
On the other hand, if he got his own slut, if he took her down here to train her, then Joe wouldn’t think he was crazy or something. He’d have to train her, and if that left some marks, well, that was too be expected, wasn’t it.
Who would he grab?
There were so many to choose from. Unlike this slut though, another would likely be missed.
So what?
Nobody was going to come busting into this place. Nobody would guess he and Joe held little sluts down here and taught them their places. Marsha Ayers.
All that thick curly brown hair. That tight, round ass. The narrow waist. And those wonderful, gorgeous thirty-eight DD melons. He fingered the riding crop that Joe had left and imagined it slicing into those big tits of hers, imagined her screaming, begging for mercy.
"Yeah!" he said.
"Yes, Mr. Connors?"
Marsha smiled brightly. She had a nice smile.
"I finally got the board to agree to give us those new upgrade kits for the computers.
"Great. How soon can we install them? It is going to be a class project?"
"Most of the class wouldn’t know how to install them properly. I thought you and a couple of the other better students, Jeffrey Green and James Summer might put them in."
"Sure thing. I can’t wait to try Rexxtra on turbo."
"You’re a funny girl, Marsha," he smiled.
"Why, just because I like computers? I know it’s mostly boys who do, but I think I just have a knack."
"Going to be become a computer scientist?"
"I don’t know? It pays pretty good. I think my mother just wants me to get married and have babies."
"You are going to college, aren’t you?"
"Sure, if I can get a scholarship."
"You will. Want to come to the parking lot and help me grab the kits? We can start working on them next class."
They trotted down a side corridor and out the back into the parking lot where Mike kept his van. Marsha chatted about how great the performance of the new Pentiums would be with the new boards. Mike nodded and smile and thought about sucking on her big tits.
He’d purposely parked in an out of the way part of the lot, out behind the boiler room, up against the wall, with no windows looking out at the van. Marsha never imagined anything could be wrong. Trusting and happy, she stood right there besides him as he unlocked the van, and leaned in as he pulled it open.
He pulled out the stun gun and pushed into her side, then pressed the trigger. Electricity ripped through her, throwing her against the side of the van. Her eyes went wide, then rolled back in her head as she started to collapse. He caught her and threw her into the van, then climbed in after her and slid the door shut.
He dragged her into the center of the floor then pulled her hands behind her back and cuffed them together before rolling her onto her back. Her mouth was moving weakly and her eyes fluttered. She was still twitching and dazed by the shock.
"Poor thing," he smiled, "Let me just loosen your clothing."
She wore a sweater, shirt and long skirt. He spread her legs and pulled her skirt up above her hips, then he squeezed her pussy through the thin green panties she wore. His fingers slid into them and he pulled them off, then gazed at her brown bush and the narrow slit beneath it.
"Hot little cunt meat, " he grunted, rubbing her crotch. He dug his fingers into her crack and found her cherry, then smiled in satisfaction.
"M…m…mr….Co…Conner?’ Marsha moaned weakly.
He’d tear her cherry out later. Right now there was just enough time before the next class to get rid of his boner. He pulled her sweater up above her big breasts, then tore her shirt open. Her breasts were encased in a heavy white bra.
"Mr... Co... Coonneer?" she gasped, trembling weakly as she blinked her eyes up at him.
He tore her bra open and gazed down at her rounded tit mounds, then raised both hands and drove them down into the thick, soft, white meat. His fingers burrowed into the malleable flesh,
digging deep furrows in the jelly like flesh. "YEahhhhhhh! What tits!" he grunted.
"Noooo! Stop? Marsha whined in a small voice. "What... what are you doing?"
"Shut up, bitch," he growled.
He jerked his pants down and brought out his boner, wagging it at her as she stared in stunned shock and fear.
"This is for you, baby," he taunted.
He straddled her belly, his knees squeezing into her sides as he brought his prick down against her flesh. He pushed it into her cleavage, then cupped her thick, fat tits on either side and mashed them together around his cock.
He groaned in delight as he began to rock back and forth, sliding his cock along her chest, mashing her thick tit balls down around it as he bared his teeth at her shocked face.
His fingers dug into her melons as he ground them together around his tool. He humped steadily, his cock throbbing with lust as he stroked back and forth.
Marsha wasn’t gagged, but didn’t try to scream. She stared up at him in amazement, shocked and horrified her face red with mortification as he twisted and squeezed her heavy breasts around his cock. She whimpered a little, but didn’t move as he fucked her tits.
Then he came, his juice spraying into her cleavage, then onto her tits, some wads splatting up onto her face as his balls blew. He grunted in satisfaction as she mewled in fear and disgust. He sniggered, then got off her and did up his pants.
He reached for the ball gag and moved over her again.
"Open your mouth, slut," he said. "Why are you doing this?" she sobbed.
"Because you’re such a hot, big titted slut," he grinned.
"I’m not a slut!" she wailed.
"Open your mouth, whore!"
She opened her trembling jaws and he stuffed the leather ball into it and strapped it in place. He tied her ankles together, then tied them to a bolt in the side of the van before throwing a tarp over her.
He went back into the school and taught two more classes, then calmly went back to the van and drove to Joe’s place.
Joe was still at school. He had two late classes.
He had given Mike an extra key and invited him to make use of his slut and his bomb shelter whenever he wanted. Mike intended to. He hadn’t told Joe about the new slut he was planning to recruit, but he didn’t think his friend would be too upset when he found Marsha Ayers hanging from her wrists.
He drove her into the garage then untied her legs and pulled her out of the van. She was still gagged and cuffed, and offered no resistance as he led the wide-eyed, trembling girl down into the basement, then down the last set of stairs to the bomb shelter.
Nicki looked up when he came through, then her eyes widened in surprise as she saw Marsha.
"Brought a friend for you, slut," Mike grinned, tossing her forward. Marsha stumbled and fell, whimpering in terror as she looked at Nicki.
Mike locked the door, then reached down and gripped Marsha by the hair, pulling her to her feet. He
hurled her into the bed beside Nicki. "Get her clothes off," he ordered. "Yes, Ma... Master," she gulped.
She undid Marsha’s skirt and pulled it down and off, then untied her shoes and took them off too, along with her socks. Marsha didn’t resist, staring at the girl in shock and fear.
She did try to pull away when Nicki gripped her panties and started pulling them down, but Nicki jerked them down and off quickly, leaving the brunette naked below the waist, and mostly naked above too.
"I don’t know how to get the rest off," Nicki confessed fearfully.
He rolled Marsha onto her belly and unlocked the handcuffs, and then he and Nicki rolled her sweater over her head and took off her shirt and bra. Marsha tried to reach behind her head to undo the gag but Mike slapped her hands away and unfastened it himself.
He moved back then and both naked girls turned to look at him. Nicki was calm enough, but Marsha was trembling with fear and embarrassment, and trying to cover her nudity with her hands and arms.
"What are you doing? Where am I?" Marsha cried, staring at him and then Nicki.
"You’re in a bomb shelter and you’re here to get your tight little virgin pussy fucked good and hard," he grinned:
"But you can’t! You’re... You’re a teacher?’
"So? I’ve been watching tight assed little sluts like you for years, dreaming about bending them over and shoving my cock up their pussies. Now I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna fuck you till you’re bow-legged!"
Marsha’s eyes widened even further and she started to shake even more.
"Don’t worry. I’m sure you’ll learn to like it. Nicki has, haven’t you, slut?"
"Yes, Master," Nicki replied.
Marsha stared at her in horror.
"Now then. Let’s get a few rules straight, slut," Mike said. "I tell you what to do and you do it. You don’t have any choice and if you cause me trouble I’ll take a whip to you. Now, lay on your belly and
spread your legs."
"I said get on your belly, whore!" he screamed. She jumped back in shock, then, after a final look at Nicki, lay back on her belly and spread her legs, a little.
"More. Pull those legs apart, slut."
She spread them more and he sat on the edge of the bed and gazed down at the beautiful sight. He slid his hand onto her ass and squeezed it, drawing a gasp of complaint from the brunette. He rubbed her pussy as she shook and whimpered, then sat back and looked at Nicki.
"Okay, slut, get to work on that asshole. I want you to shove your tongue so far up her ass it comes out her mouth."
"Yes, Master," she gulped nervously.
She bent over and put her hands on Marsha’s ass cheeks as she brought her face down closer. Her tongue probed the shaking girl’s asshole and Marsha gasped in stunned shock. Then she began to cry, mortified beyond all endurance.
Nicki’s tongue pushed into her asshole, dipping back and forth as she pressed her lips against the puckered opening. She kissed and sucked and blew on the little hole as her tongue moved in and out.
Marsha buried her face in her hands and wept in shame and fear.
"Finger-fuck her pussy while you’re down there," Mike called.
"Yes, Master."
Marsha’s hands eased downward and she slid a finger along Marsha’s cunt crack, then began to wriggle it inside. Her tongue continued to pump in and out of her asshole as Marsha choked and bit her lip in nausea.
But then Marsha gave a scream and jerked away, bouncing to her feet and jumping off the bed. She raced to the door, tugging desperately, screaming for help. Nicki sat up and watched her with a sense of foreboding. Mike grinned happily. He’d wanted to beat her, to hurt her, but something inside him needed an excuse. Just as he hadn’t felt right about beating Nicki when she was obedient he couldn’t quite bring himself to torment the big titted brunette had she been a pliant, willing whore.
He gripped her thick, curly hair and dragged her back from the door, pulling her across the room to the small T shaped stand Joe had constructed in one corner. It was made up of a four-foot high rounded post nailed to a support base with a horizontal crossbeam about four feet high.
He dragged Marsha to it and pushed her against it. There were straps on either end of the crossbeam and he pulled the sobbing girl’s arms up along it and strapped them in place. She didn’t resist, though she cried even louder as the straps closed on her wrists.
There was another strap on the main beam, down near the floor and he bent and pulled it around her ankles, locking them tightly together against the round beam. He picked up another, much larger strap and put it around her forehead, but there were a couple of feet remaining.
He moved behind her then, behind the stand, and pulled the strap down, forcing the sobbing girl’s head up and back, then back further, then back even more, until it was almost upside down, bent far back. He tied it around a bolt and went back around front.
Marsha’s tits were magnificent at any time. Now, with her back arched so savagely they were utterly gorgeous, firm and thick and round, with big brown nipples in the centers. He licked his lips in anticipation, then bent forward and began sucking on her left nipple as his hands kneaded both big melons.
He sucked hard, his teeth gnawing on a thick wad of tit meat as he licked his tongue over her nipple. Then he stood back, eyes bright.
He swung his right hand and slapped her right tit.., hard.
Marsha cried out in pain and shock, the cry briefly interrupting her tears. He slapped her other tit, then slapped the first one again, making both fat mounds jiggle and wobble. He picked up the riding crop then and slashed it down on her right breast.
It sank deep into the soft, thick, meaty ball of flesh, cutting it in two, forcing the two sides apart as it thumped against her ribs. Then it sprang back as Marsha shrieked in horrified pain, leaving an ugly red welt in the center of the wobbling, bouncing tit.
He raised the crop and slashed it down against her other fat, tit-ball, cracking it against her ribs as well, raising another cruel, burning wound on her chest. Again she screamed, the sound enough to pop his eardrums and make Nicki cringe and cover her ears.
The crop hissed through the air and cut into the first breast again, then lashed down against the second, then ripped into the first once more. Marsha screamed at the top of her lungs, a high pitched, wailing shriek of purest pain as her tits were mauled and beaten.
Again the crop hissed down, cutting across her right nipple, then her left, then her right, then her left. Marsha screamed and screamed and screamed until she had no more breath in her, until she could only issue deep, gut wrenching sobs, inter-spaced with cries of outraged pain each time the crop cut across one of her treasured breasts.
He stopped, his cock hard and pulsing with heat.
"You! Slut!" Get down there and suck that pussy for me."
Nicki slid onto her knees and crawled down in front of Marsha, then rose and tried to push her tongue into the other girl’s snatch.
"Undo her feet, you dumb, fucking cunt!" "Yes, Master," she whined.
She unstrapped Marsha’s ankles and pulled them apart. Marsha was too maddened by pain to even realize she was there. She continued to sob and moan in pain as the other girl pushed her head in between her thighs and began to lick at her cunt crack.
Mike watched excitedly. Witnessing his slutty girl students sucking each other was another fantasy of his, and though Marsha didn’t seem to be enjoying the tongue bath her cunt was getting, Mike certainly was. He let Nicki tongue fuck the quivering, crying girl for a couple of minutes, then pulled her back and moved into place himself.
"Get behind her," he ordered.
"Yes, Master," Nicki said.
Marsha’s head was still pulled far back, but he wasn’t interested in her head just then. His hands moved down and cupped her buttocks, squeezing them as he ground his loins into her groin. He lifted her legs up then, pulling them straight up and pushing them back against the top crossbeam to either side of her body.
"Put your arms around her legs and hold them up there," he ordered Nicki.
She put her arms around Marsha, though she had to lean forward to do it since the other girl’s head was pulled so far back. Once she had them he moved away and picked up a pair of long leather straps.
He tied one to each of her legs around the knee, then bound each one to the crossbeam next to her arms. Her cunt was now wide open and totally vulnerable to his cock. Not only that but because of the way her head was pulled back her ass was pulled up as well.
He had to decide where to put his cock. It took a few seconds. He’d decided not to fuck her cunt for a while. He wanted to leave her with the faint hope that she might not get it pumped, then rip her cherry out as a last, terrible blow.
He was still tempted though, as he squeezed her cunt pad and fingered her hot little slit.
"Get back here, whore," he ordered Nicki. Nicki scurried around in front and he put her to work licking and sucking Marsha’s asshole again. She pushed her tongue deep into the other girl’s snatch and wriggled it around as she held her hands beneath the soft buttocks.
Marsha didn’t stop crying, though it changed tone, mixing in revulsion and disgust.
"Enough," he said, pulling her away.
He moved up next to her and unzipped, pulling his prick out, then pushed it against Marsha’s round little butt hole.
"Marsha! Marsha! Answer me!" he snapped. "Wha... wha.., whaaaat?" she sobbed. "Do you hear me?"
"It huu.., huuu...huuurrtttssss," she moaned. "Good. You deserve it. I told you to do what I ordered. Now, I want you to get ready. I’m going to fuck you in the asshole. You hear me? I’m gonna stick my cock right into your asshole and ram it all the way up into your guts."
She gave a gasp of shock and stunned dismay, then her tears came forth anew. He chuckled at the sound, then began to apply pressure with his cockhead. He slowly forced it down into her trembling body, then drove inch after inch of cock shaft in after it.
Marsha continued to moan and sob as he buried his cock in her rectum to the balls.
"Ahhh, now you got it, slut. I’ve got my whole cock down in your asshole. Does it feel good?"
"Nooooooooo!" she wailed.
"Sure it does. You love having your asshole full of cock."
"Take... take it oooooouuuuut!" she sobbed.
"Not until I ream out your little asshole and pump a hot loud of juice into you."
He began to pull his cock back, then push forward. His hips moved in slow, grinding circles as he worked his cock around inside her anus. She sobbed and moaned and whined in pain and dismay, while he laughed.
He began to pump with a steady movement, his cock sliding back and forth in the girl’s rectum as he stroked and squeezed her upturned ass and let his hands glide over her body. Every time he touched her swollen, pain filled tit mounds she cried out.
"Dirty little girl," he sneered. "What would your Mom and Dad say now if they knew you were getting fucked in the ass and loving it so much?"
"I do... do... doooonnnn’t!!" she wailed, her voice stuttering as his hips thumped into her butt.
"Sure you do. You love it! You love getting butt-fucked?
"NOooo...nooo...noooo!" she whined. "Whore! Slut! Cheap fucking bitch tramp?
He fucked harder and faster, his long cock plunging back and forth in her asshole. He dug his hands into her thick, aching tit meat, mashing and twisting it as she cried out in pain, ramming his cock into her with savage glee, using her body as his plaything.
His prick skewered her buttery little asshole, pistoning violently back and forth and churning her guts to jelly. He growled and bit down on her throat...hard, tasting her blood as he sucked.
His hands slid beneath her ass, jerking it up against him as he pumped inside her. His teeth bit her throat again and again, then shifted to her shoulder, then the side of her face. He was a wild animal, filled with wild, unrestrained animal lust.
His hips smashed into her ass again and again, throwing it down, bending her spine even more. He sniggered and drooled, his eyes wild as he reached beneath and around her and grabbed her thick hair, tearing it downwards to make her scream.
Her asshole clamped down around his prick as he ripped it in and out and his balls exploded, his cock fire hosing inside her quivering, shaking anal tube, spewing out a thick flood of jism that poured down into her trembling young body.
He groaned in delirious pleasure, rodding his cock up and down her ass tube, slowing, sighing in relief as the tension eased in his loins. He felt his cock softening inside her and wished he could piss up her asshole like Joe had done. Well, he thought, I will later.
He pulled his cock free of her anus and shook his head to clear it. Marsha was still sobbing and whimpering, her body bent back, her tail in the air. He looked down at her splayed thighs and her open, vulnerable cunt and asshole, and his eyes lit up once again.
He picked up the crop and sniggered, then raised it thigh and slashed it down on her cunt pad.
Marsha howled in maniacal agony, her bound body thrashing desperately as the pain tore through her crotch. The crop lashed down again, this time directly along her cunt crack. The pain tore through her mind with stunning power.
Again it slashed down, then again and again and again, cracking against her soft cunt pad as he aimed for her slit, for the top part of her slit in particular. The blast waves of agony when it crushed her clitty were astounding. She never would have imagined there could be so much pain in the world.
For good measure he lashed her ass cheeks too, paying special attention to her little round butt hole, raining blows against it, and against her thighs as well. He returned for a final flurry to her puffy pussy mound, the crop cracking down into the hairy
little pad again and again.
‘Now you see what happens when you disobey me, slut," he panted, grinning malevolently.
Marsha was a moaning mass of tortured flesh, her pale white skin criss-crossed with red welts. He unbound her legs and they fell limp to the floor. He slid his tongue over her wounded breasts, sucking and slurping at her aching nipples, then unbound her head and arms.
She fell to the floor, dazed, barely conscious. He reached down gripped her by the hair, lifting her head off the floor, then her entire upper body. She moaned weakly, a pathetic whimpering cry of pain, yet she didn’t fight him, didn’t raise her arms, and didn’t try to rise up to ease the pain in her scalp.
He cursed and let her fall back to the floor, then kicked her once in the side.


"You what?"

"We can have more fun with two pussies. But Marsha Ayers. She’s a straight-A student, popular, a good family…."

"She’s a piece a cunt meat."

"Yeah, but she’ll be missed."

"Let em. They’ll never guess she’s with us." "So what was she like, tight?"

"Haven’t touched her pussy yet."

"What? Joe stared in surprise.

"I want to save it for last. Let her think she might keep her little cherry. Let her worry every time we show up that we’re gonna pop her. Psychological torture, man. You’re the shrink. You should know that."

"Yeah, but having a hot little cunt like her around and not touching it..."

"It won’t be for long. Anyway, you can fuck her tits and ass, and that pretty mouth of hers. We can have a lot of fun before we tear out that cherry."

"I don’t know. I think these girls, once you tear their cunts open, they become a lot more obedient. They don’t care as much about what you want from them. After all, you’ve already fucked em’, so why put up a fight after that?"

"I want to make the slut beg to be fucked." "She’ll do that now."

"Yeah, but I want her to mean it. I want her to want me to fuck her cunt."

"Instead of her asshole, you mean. Have you throat-fucked her yet?"

"Nope. I will though."

"Let’s go take a look at her."

"Sure. Hey, you thought of telling Phil?"

"Yeah, I will. I was gonna today, but now I figure we’ll wait till Ayers is broken."

"Yeah, then we can pick up a third girl."

"Don’t get too fucking greedy man. One of these times we’ll get caught."

"Naaah, it was easy. Anyway, nobody knows about your bomb shelter. You didn’t even know it when you bought the fucking place. Even the guy you bought it from didn’t know. If you hadn’t redone the basement you never would a found it."

"True. But you can never tell. No good taking chances."

"Yeah. Hey, how’s this for an idea? We grab some bitches from other schools, ones that don’t know us, bring em down here for a few hours or so, then let em go. They probably won’t even report it to anybody."

"You got two tight pussies there now man, why don’t you just reign it in for a bit. There’s a lot of fucking in those two hot little sluts."

"I wanna fuck em’ all, man, every teenage cunt in the city."

"Yeah, who doesn’t?"

He unlocked the door to the shelter and he and Mike went inside.

The two girls were on the bed. Nicki was sitting back against the headboard. Marsha was laying on her back, her legs spread. They both turned to watch as the two men came in and locked the door behind them.

"Hello, girls. Miss us?" Mike taunted.

"Yes, Master," Nicki said.

"What about you, slut? Didn’t you miss us?" He asked Marsha.

"Ye... yes, master," she whispered.

"Shit. You sure whipped her tits good," Joe said, "’And her cunt too."

"Her ass ain’t no better," Mike grinned. "Taught you to do what you’re told, didn’t it, slut?"

"Yes, Master," Marsha sniffled.

"Does your cunt hurt, Marsha?" Joe asked.

"Yes, Master," Marsha whined.

"Well, that’s a shame. You should’ve had Nicki do something about that. Kiss it and make it better." "Yeah," Mike grinned. "Suck her cunt, slut." "Yes, Master," Nicki sighed. She crawled around between Marsha’s spread thighs and bent her head down. Her fingers carefully slid into the other girl’s snatch and peeled her cunt lips open. Marsha whimpered and gasped in pain at every touch.
Then Nicki’s tongue began to lap at her pink flesh, pushing down into her cunt tube, then sliding up against her clit and caressing it with a gentle touch.
"We’re gonna have to get a real hot lezzie scene going, then video tape it and send it to their parents,,’ Mike laughed. "We can have them write a letter saying they’re in love and have gone off together."
"Better wait till the welts are gone.’
"Yeah. I’m not an idiot."

Nicki was on her knees and elbows as she sucked on Marsha’s pussy. Mike moved in behind her and slid a hand between her thighs, cupping her own pussy and squeezing it repeatedly. He rubbed his hand along her cunt pad, then pushed a finger into her

"Hot little slut, aren’t you?"

"Yes, Master," Nicki said, then returned to her licking."I’m getting a boner watching this ass waving at me," Mike said.

"So stick your dick up it."

"Yeah. Think I will."

He dropped his pants and knelt on the bed behind Nicki, then shoved his cock into her snatch. Hewasn’t gentle or patient, forcing it into her up to the hilt in seconds, then gripping her hips andfucking with a harsh rhythm.

Nicki continued to suck and lick Marsha’s pussy as ordered, ignoring the man fucking her own cunt.

Joe sat down on the bed and watched, then put a hand on Marsha’s wounded tit mounds and strokedthem gently."Nice fucking melons you got, Marsha. I’ve wanted to suck and fuck these for months. Not that that should surprise you. Every boy in school wants to fuck you and get his hands on these tits. Most of the teachers, too.

What a waste of talent having you walk around a cherry. You should’ve bee getting fucked ten times a day.""She will be now," Mike chortled.‘Yeah. A body like yours, Marsha; was built to be fucked. Not letting guys fuck you is a crime against nature. Jesus, took at these tits." He squeezed them and Marsha moaned in pain as his fingers crushed the bruised flesh.

"You’re a natural piece of cunt meat," he sighed. ‘A walking fuck-hole that’s just waiting for a hard boner."

"Her asshole ain’t too bad either," Mike said, humping faster against Nicki’s buttocks, his cock pounding back and forth in her tight little cunt slit.

"Yeah, I’ll have to spread your legs and fuck your ass too before long," Joe told the wide-eyed girl. "I want to fuck these tits too, and of course..." He slid his fingers up and onto her mouth, then pushed to fingers through her lips.

"That’s right, honey. You’re gonna suck my cock all the way down to the balls," he told her, pumping his fingers in and out of her mouth.

"Suck these. Go on. Suck em."

She sucked on his fingers as he slid them in and out of her lips. She had no other choice after all. No matter what pain still blazed in her pussy, titties and ass, she knew it would be far worse if she were to disobey again.

The beating with the crop had done something to her mind. She had never even been spanked when she was a child. The savage whipping, the agonizing pain, had shattered all her confidence. The humiliating sexual assaults had torn away her pride, her dignity, and her self-respect.

There was little enough left now but fear.

"You’ll do better with my cock, Marsha," he grinned. "Get up. I want you on your knees on the floor."
She pulled away from Nicki, wincing and gasping in pain with every movement, then dragged her aching body out of bed and onto the floor. She knelt in front of Joe, then, at a barked command, fell forward onto her hands.
"Now that is a sight," Joe said.
"Look at those fucking tits hanging down there," Mike sighed. "They’re like cows udders."
"They’re a sight, alright." Joe moved around her, examining the trembling girl from all angles. "That ass sure is striped."

"She got what she deserved," Mike said.

"Yeah. But, you know, I got something that’ll hurt a lot worse and not leave marks like that." "Yeah, what?"

"The electric generator there. Hook her up to that and she can scream forever without getting a bruise."

"We’ll have to try it."

"We will. Stand up, slut."

Marsha got to her feet, still shaking. Mike gave a final flurry of savage thrusts into Nicki’s buttocks, then rammed his cock in to the hilt and threw her forward onto her face, landing atop her with a grunt of relief.

"I got something new. They were for Nicki but I think you can have them. He paused. "Thank me, slut."

"Thank you, Master," she whimpered.

He opened a brown paper bag he had brought and poured what looked like a bunch of chains onto the table. There were chains, but also thick metal shackles and a collar, also made of thick metal.

He placed the shackles on her wrists and ankles, carefully locking each closed. Then he took a chain and pulled it around her narrow waist like a belt. It locked together in back. He took out another chain, narrower, and locked it to the shackle on her right wrist, then slid it through a ring in her belt and locked it to her other wrist.

He took out a final chain and locked her ankle shackles together, leaving only a foot or so of space.

"Kneel, slut." She eased down onto her knees, blinking her big brown eyes repeatedly.

He took out the big collar and handed it to her. She took it awkwardly. It was open, with a latch that would lock automatically when the collar was snapped together.

Mike sat on the edge of the bed watching, Nicki kneeling between his legs and licking his cock and balls.

"I want you to repeat everything I say." "Yes, Master," Marsha said weakly. "I am a slave."

"I... I am a slave," she whispered.

"You are my master."

"You are my master," she gulped. "My only purpose in life is to obey." "My only purpose in life is to obey."
"I have no will. I have no body. I have no life.
These all belong to you."
"I am a slut. I am worthless. I am a low, craven, sluttish whore. My only reason to live is so men can use me for their own pleasure. I exist only to let men fill my body with their sperm"
"I will obey every order you give me. I am yours for the rest of my life, and know that you are the only reason why I am kept alive.’
Marsha repeated it all in a small, frightened voice, hesitating at the last sentence, before completing it.
"Now take the collar, the slave collar, and put it around your own neck, then lock it in place."
Marsha pulled the collar around her throat, tears trickling down her cheeks now as she began to cry. She had a little difficulty with the latch, but then pushed the thing together. A loud click was heard and she lowered her head miserably.
"You belong to us, slut. We do whatever we want with you, and if you disobey in any way, if you fail to please us, we will punish you badly."
"Yes, Master," she sniffled.
He took off his clothes and stood naked in front of her.
"Suck my cock now, slut."
"Yes, Master," she said.
She tilted her head back and took his cock into her mouth, sucking carefully on his boner. Her lips slid up and down the shaft as he stood above her, smiling slightly, his arms folded across his hairy chest. She could just barely get her hands up near her chin, but the chain kept her from getting both around his cock.
She let one hand slide back down near her belly. That allowed her to pull her other hand up and grip his cock shaft as she slid her lips up and down it.
"I don’t think you need that hand, Marsha," Joe said. "I’m gonna teach you to throat fuck. That’s not gonna leave any room for your fingers.
He pulled his cock out of her mouth, then wiped it several times along her face, sliding it slowly, tauntingly, rubbing it across her nose and cheeks and forehead before moving around behind her.
He knelt briefly, then unsnapped the chain from her right manacle and drew it out of the ring on her chain belt.
He pulled her hands behind her back and shackled them together, then rose again, standing just above and behind her.
"Tilt your head back, little whore," he said. She raised her chin, pulling her head back. Joe gripped her and jerked it back hard, making her cry out in pain as her hair was pulled. He forced her head way back, so she was looking straight up at the ceiling. It was uncomfortable, but not as much as when Mike had forced her head back even more before beating her tits.
"Now slut. I’m sure you’ve seen sword-swallowers. You’ve seen how they tilt their heads way back and take the sword right down their gullets. That’s what you’re gonna do. You’re gonna take my sword right down your gullet."

He put his cock into her open mouth and she closed her lips around it, sucking hard.

"I’m gonna shove it right down your throat, girl. Your job is to do nothing. I don’t want you struggling to get away. I don’t want you throwing up either. Pretend it’s a big piece of meat and swallow it.

It’s all a case of mind over matter. You have to ignore the feeling in your throat that wants to throw up. You’re supposed to be such a smart girl, so this should be easy. Even a dumb cunt like Nicki
managed to do it. Didn’t you, slut?"

"Yes, Master," Nicki said.

Joe spread his legs and shuffled a bit forward, so he was straddling the kneeling girl. He began to slide his cock back and forth in her mouth, pushing deeper each time. Odd, wet, slurping sounds came from the virgin girl’s mouth, yet no protests.

He placed his hands alongside her head, holding it firmly, then thrust down hard. His cock punched through into her throat and he grunted in pleasure. Marsha struggled briefly, instinctively, trying to cough and retch with the big cockhead in her throat.

He slowly pushed it down her throat until his balls were pressed against her nose and her eyes were right up against his ass.

"That’s it, baby," he sighed. He held his cock in her throat still, taking a hand off her head to caress her throat briefly, then he held her tightly again and drew his cock back up.

Again she struggled, for if swallowing a big slab of meat was unnatural, having it moving back up
was even more so, and her throat did not like ii at all. Her throat felt raw and sore and bruised. It felt like she was being choked, like someone was applying heavy pressure to her slender neck.

But the pressure was coming from the inside, and she had never imagined a sensation like it. Her throat hurt, and felt bloated, and bruised, and also scratchy and ticklish.

His cockhead slid back up to the entrance of her throat, then pushed back down again, until she could feel it at the very bottom of her throat, right where her chest began.

He slid it back up again, then pulled it out of her throat with a soft popping noise. She coughed and gagged and gasped for breath as he smiled indulgently. He let her get her breath, then pushed in again. She whimpered in denial, but was too frightened to fight him.

His cock pushed into her throat and her lips slid up to the base and pressed against his groin. He didn’t leave it there this time but immediately pulled it back up, starting a slow, careful fucking motion, groaning in pleasure as her tonsils caressed his fuck-stick.

"That’s it, slut. Suck that cock, slut," he sighed, his ass rising and falling as he pumped his cock in her throat. He fucked steadily, sighing in pleasure, gazing down at her out thrust titties with lust and appreciation.

He reached down and squeezed a fat tit as he fucked her throat, ignoring the slight sound of complaint from her as he mashed the wounded melon with his fingers.

He felt the heat rising in his loins, felt his balls getting ready to burst. He pumped harder and faster, grunting with effort as he fucked straight down into her face. Then his cum gushed down into her belly and he clenched his teeth as the ecstasy washed over him.

He pulled his cock free of her mouth and wiped it against her face, then let go of her head and staggered back.

Marsha coughed and panted, her face red from lack of air. She almost fell on her face but managed to catch herself.

She sank down onto her heels, shoulders sagging, head bowed as she coughed and breathed deeply. Her ass hurt with her sitting on it but she didn’t care much just then.

"That’s what your mouth is for, baby," Joe said. "Not for chattering away on the fucking phone all the time."


"So how does this generator thing work?" I’ll show you," Joe grinned.

He pulled Marsha to her feet and brought her over to the square frame. He and Mike lifted her arms and locked her manacles into the corner chains, then turned the levers until she was forced to her toes. They pulled her legs apart then, dropping all her weight on her wrists as they locked her ankle manacles to the lower corners.

Unlike Nicki, Marsha’s manacles were of hard metal, not soft leather, and her wrists ached fiercely as she hung from them. She moaned pathetically, tears starting to trickle down her cheeks as the men tightened the lower chains and put more and more weight on her wrists.

"Pleeeassee," she whimpered.

"You’ll be begging worse than that in a minute," Joe said.

He gave her a kiss on the forehead then moved over to the cart that held the electrical equipment. He rolled it over beside her, humming happily. She gazed at it with anxious fear, panting for breath as her heart pounded louder.

Joe took a wire from the machine and pulled it across to her right breast. There was a small steel alligator clip on the end and he pulled it open then put it around her nipple. He squeezed her tit hard to make the nipple stand out more, then let it snap closed.

She screamed in pain, the teeth biting cruelly into her soft nipple. Her head thrashed as she screamed and her body shook the frame as it tried desperately to pull free. Her nipple burned with agony, a sharp, lancing bolt of unbearable pain stabbing her behind the eyes.

‘And that’s just the clip," Joe laughed.

He waited for her to calm down a little, for her screams to change to sobs, then squeezed her other breast to make that nipple stand out.

"Pleeeassseee," she sobbed.

He let the clip snap tight and she howled again, the framework squeaking as she threw her weight against the chains holding her.

Joe took a long, narrow tube from the cart. It was about eight inches long, mostly of plastic, but the last two inches or so was of shining metal. He pulled her pussy lips apart but Mike made a noise and he remembered she was still a virgin. He tisked unhappily, then went behind her instead and slid the thing up into her asshole.
A small leather strap was attached to the base of the tube, and he tied the strap to the back of her belt to hold the thing in place. Then he ran a wire from the electrical generator to the end of the tube, screwed it in place, and shoved on the end with his finger until the whole tube disappeared up her asshole and the hole closed around the wire.

He went back in front and picked up another wire, this one with an alligator clip attached, and pulled her pussy lips apart. He knelt and then licked at her clit a bit, holding her pussy wide as he eased the clip into place. He closed the jaws around her little clitty, then let them close tightly.

Again she howled in agony, thrashing and screaming and wailing in pain, begging them to remove the biting jaws from her super- sensitive little clit.

The machine gave a loud snap and the lights flickered briefly as it was turned on. Marsha hung there in pain-filled misery as Joe showed me the controls and dials, explaining which knob controlled the power to the different wires, and also what level of charge would cause just a buzz, and what level would cause pain, and what level would cause excruciating agony.

Marsha felt a buzzing, a vibration in her right tit, a fluttery kind of tickling that made her twitch uncomfortably.

She felt the same thing in her right tit then. She blinked her eyes fearfully.
Next she felt the buzzing in her groin, in her cunt, and then up in her belly, where the nose of the tube lay. She whimpered anxiously, though she felt no real pain other than from the clips, and of course, her wrists, arms and shoulders.

Then something exploded deep inside her guts, a hot, terrible blast of agony, like a monster was eating her from the inside out. She screamed at the top of her lungs, shaking and thrashing and howling in agony as the burning went on and on, terrible claws digging at her guts, tearing them apart.

Then it stopped and she gave a strangled sob, her sweat coated body going limp in its bonds as she gasped for breath and moaned weakly.

Her tits caught fire, more terrible jaws chewing and tearing at her flesh. She screamed in horror, in agony, then the sound rose in pitch as her clit blasted fresh agony through her tormented body. Her muscles snapped and jerked, her nervous system flaring and burning all along her body.

The pain in her gut tore through her again, rising and falling, then rising. The pain grew in her titties and in her clit, and she screamed again and again.

Her screams were different than they had been when she’d been whipped. They were oscillating up and down in pitch as the electricity set her body to trembling and shaking uncontrollably.

The men stood back and watched as she howled and writhed in mad, demented abandon, smiles on their faces.

Nicki moaned and put her hands over her ears; terrified they would hook her up to the thing next. She tried to remain small and unseen as Marsha went on screaming in that odd, warbling way.

Joe turned the power down low on all four wires and her thrashing eased, then stopped. She continued to twitch and jerk as her muscles and nerves made spastic clenching motions.

"Now at this power all she feels is a buzzing," Joe said. "Leave it on long enough and she’ll probably cum."

"Let’s watch that."

"It might take a while. Her whole nervous system is in shreds right now."

He gripped her hair and pulled her twitching head back. Her eyes looked out sightlessly and her mouth quivered, drool sliding out of her lips. He let her head fall forward again and stepped back. "Want dinner?" "Why not?"
They left, locking the door behind them.

Marsha hung there in a daze, chin on her chest, moaning weakly as the low volume power ran through her body.

She was dazed and almost insensible with just the memory of the pain that had racked her lush, nubile body. No thoughts went through her mind and she neither heard nor saw Nicki as she moved around the room.

Her body still seemed to throb from the shocking power that had torn through it. Sharp stinging pain was still centered on her nipples and clitty. Less sharp pain made her breasts and ass and groin burn. Her skin seemed to glisten from the layer of sweat coating her. Her hair was a tangled mass; some matted against the side of her face and her forehead.

The electricity made her pussy and breasts humm and buzz, but she didn’t think about that. She didn’t think about anything. Her aching breasts grew warmer, swelling a little. Her cunt tunnel began to clench repeatedly, and moisture seeped through the walls.

The orgasm came out of nowhere, but did not surprise her since her mind had been driven far, far away. It was her body that responded to the buzzing power pumping into it. She moaned louder and her head drew up and back as she trembled.

The orgasm burned through her, then fled, and her chin dropped back onto her chest.

Nicki looked up from where she was reading a comic book. Then looked back to her book.

Her next orgasm was more powerful, and Nicki frowned as she looked up at the groans and watched her arching her back, her body shaking her head nodding backwards. Then she went limp again.

Minutes later it happened again. Nicki simply thought she had gone out of her mind and tried to ignore her. She didn’t even imagine that a series of gut wrenching orgasms was tearing through the helpless girl.

The pleasure rippled up and down Marsha’s spine, buzzing away at the base of her skull, drawing her upwards from the deep, dark hole the pain and torment had thrown her into. She moaned weakly, her eyes fluttering as she started regain some flickering awareness.

Her body was still bound securely, spread-eagled in the middle of the square frame. Her legs and arms were pulled tightly in four different directions. Her wrists ached, her arms were numb, her shoulders worse. Pain throbbed all over her body.

But between her legs was a terrible, itching, a buzzing, a vibrating, humming.., something, that was making her loins bum.., not with pain, but with desire, desire for what she did not know. She felt her breasts, hot, swollen, crackling with... with.., with pleasure.

Her skin felt mw, tender, sensitive, and she almost longed for a caress, for a hand to reach out and grab her, to squeeze her aching breasts, her humming pussy mound. Awareness flooded her suddenly, memory of her terrible beating, her shocking anal rape, then.., then.., the.., whatever it was, the electricity that had tom her apart it seemed, torn her to shreds from the inside out.

And now her body was so confused, or maybe the signals from it were so confused...

Then another orgasm washed over her, stunning her. She threw back her head, clenching her teeth as wave after wave of wondrous pleasure crashed down around her mind. She cried out in ecstasy, astonished at herself, at her body, at the pleasure flooding her mind.

She choked, then coughed and breathed in fresh air, moaning as she tried to bring her mind and body back together. What had caused the orgasm she didn’t know. She wasn’t even absolutely sure it was a real orgasm.

Maybe her body was so blasted, so decimated by the terrible electrical torture that her entire nervous system had collapsed and her body could no longer control itself.

She raised her weary head and looked around. She was still in the stone room, down under the earth, the bomb shelter. Nicki was there, sitting on the bed, reading something. She glanced up, met Marsha’s bleary eyes, then looked down at her book again.

Marsha knew her of course, but had never associated with her. The two would never even have traded greetings if they had met anywhere else. Nicki was, as far as Marsha could remember, a dumb sluttish punk, a bully and a loudmouth.

"Ni... Nicki?" she gasped.

Nicki looked up at her without expression. "Nicki?" "What?" "Un... tie me."

"No. "

"But... but I..."

"If they wanted you to be untied they would have untied you. I’m not gonna do anything that might make them mad. They might put me up there instead."

She was probably right, Marsha thought. She continued to hang there, unable to move much more than her head.

The buzzing continued down between her legs, and her titties seemed to bounce and jerk all on their own. Then she felt another orgasm approaching.

She didn’t want it, not really, for it was yet another humiliation, but, on the other hand, she had felt so much pain lately, and this was soooo good.

She gave up struggling, abandoned herself to the climax as it burned through her brain. She gasped, bright lights blinding her as her mind reeled under the force of the howling orgasmic storm that tore through her body.

Her head shot back, straining her neck, trying to swing all the way back and hit her own back. Her burning breasts jutted out hard and swollen, electricity crackling around and through them. Her ass humped back and forth as she drove herself towards the source of the pleasure hammering her body.

Then again she went limp, gasping for air. Her head fell forward again and she tried to regain some control of her body, of her senses. She didn’t really know what was happening to her, what was wrong with her. Her body ached in so many places so why was this.., this pleasure coursing through her veins?

Hours later the men returned, but she wasn’t aware of them. She was murmuring and groaning, panting and whimpering, her body aching and exhausted from the pain and pleasure that had so shocked it that day.

They ignored her anyway, going over to Nicki. She looked frightened a first, thinking they might be about to hurt her as they had Marsha. But when they stripped and Joe got into bed with her she smiled tentatively, glad that it seemed they were only going to fuck her.

"Ready for a good, Royal fucking, slut?" Joe taunted.

"Yes, Master," she said with relief.

And she was, really. Anything that didn’t hurt her was a good thing, as far as she was concerned. And it wasn’t like her pride or dignity was bothered any more at being fucked without permission. She had no pride or dignity left.

Joe lay on his back and held his cock up. She turned onto her belly, rose to her knees and crawled up to it, sliding her lips over the head and sucking it into her mouth like a thick strand of spaghetti. Mike got into bed behind her, slid his hand in between her legs and onto her belly, then lifted her knees up and pulled her around so her ass was pointed to the foot of the bed.

He let her down and cupped her pussy pad, squeezing it a few times, then he slid his cock into her and began a slow, casual fucking.

Joe slid his hands through her hair as she bobbed her lips on his cock.

"You’re a good girl, aren’t you, Nicki?"

"Yes, Master," she said, taking her lips off his cock to reply.
"That’s good. You don’t want us to whip you and shock you like that slut there, do you?"
"No, Master."
"Have her sit on your dick," Mike said. "I’m gonna butt fuck her."
"Right. Okay, slut. Crawl up here and slide your pussy down on this."
"Yes, Master," she said eagerly. She wanted to show enthusiasm, so they’d know what a good girl she was.
She straddled Joe’s hips and lifted his cock, positioning it against her snatch. Then she slid her lips over it and slowly sank down to the hilt, groaning slightly as it filled up her fuck box.
Mike stood up behind her then and pulled her head by the hair, forcing it back. Then he dropped his cockhead into her lips. She sucked automatically and he fucked slowly up and down as Joe slid his hands up her belly and cupped her breasts.
Mike punched his cock down hard and it slipped through into her gullet. She was prepared since she’d been expecting it, and managed not to choke too much as his tool slid down her throat. He pumped it back and forth for long seconds, almost a full minute, then pulled it free. She gasped in relief.
He let go of her hair then and gave her back a shove. Joe pulled her down so her breasts pillowed against his chest, and then Mike knelt behind her and pressed his spit-wet cockhead against her asshole.
Nicki clutched her fists tightly as he worked his cock into her ass tunnel, but it didn’t hurt that much. Partly because she had figured out by now how to keep her ass muscles from clamping down, and partly because his cock was all wet and slippery.

It did feel very strange to have two cocks inside her at the same time. Strange, but not really bad. In fact, to a girl who had lost her dignity and pride, and no longer had any outrage left, and to a girl who had absolutely nothing

to do all day long, sex was not all that bad a thing, whether it was her choice or not.

Hadn’t she already cum while Mike had eaten, then fucked her? Sex, she had realized, could be pleasurable. And with nothing else around to give her pleasure she was not at all bothered by having a lot of it.

She didn’t really like being fucked up the ass. That didn’t bring her pleasure. On the other hand, her belly was becoming so full, with two big cocks in her, that she was starting to get turned on. Her clitty was grinding against Joe’s cock as he kneaded and squeezed her breasts, and then, as he began to hump against her, she responded willingly.

She began to bounce up and down a little, as much as she could with Mike working his cock into her shitter. The sensation was very strange, for she could feel Mike’s cock against her cunt, but from the other side. It was like the two cocks bloated out her narrow cunt and ass tubes so much that they were touching inside her somewhere.
And when Mike finally buried the last inch of cock in her rectum and she felt his balls pressed against her, she knew a distinct satisfaction at having her belly packed so full of cock.
"Wait till we get Phil here," Mike sighed. "Then we’ll have a cock for her mouth too."
"Yeah, I think I’ll tell him tomorrow," Joe said.
"Better wait a day, till we have that slut over there all ready."
"Okay by me."

Nicki’s belly was warming up at a rapid speed, and as both men began to pump their dicks inside her, and their hands roved over her sensitive skin, she started to pant with heat. Then Marsha started grunting and gasping weakly, whimpering and muttering as she came again.

The whole thing seemed so surreal to her that she could think of nothing but simply enjoying the pleasure coursing through her system. She paid little attention to Marsha, or to the sniggering comments of the men fucking her, concentrating instead on the feel of their cocks as they moved inside her.

They started to use more force, Mike pounding his thighs into her buttocks, Joe bouncing his ass up and down below her. She used her knees to pull her ass up and down in time to Joe’s fucking, and Mike moved in time to both of them.

Her mind began to drift as a sexual high enveloped her body. She moaned in pleasure, then gasped as Mike threw a particularly hard thrust into her anus. She felt her clitty burning and sparkling with sexual pleasure, felt her lower belly throbbing and spinning.

Sex-heat took over her brain and began to squeeze down around it.

Then she came, grunting and whining and cursing softly as the climax sent searing ecstasy ripping through her guts. She shook her head from side to side, humping faster on Joe’s prick as she expelled all her breath in a long, quavering sigh of delight.

They didn’t leave Marsha up all night as they’d planned. It wasn’t due to kindness, but selfishness. They didn’t want to have her unconscious all day tomorrow. Before they turned off the juice and cut her down, though, they woke her up by turning up the juice.

She screamed shrilly as they zapped her breasts, then cunt, then asshole, then tits, then alternated from one to another, sometimes zapping her from all at the same time.

When she no longer screamed they cut her down and threw her on the bed next to Nicki. Then, to her surprise and pleasure, they brought down a TV and VCR.

But once again, it was not a kindness. The TV had no antennae, and the VCR had only a couple of tapes, both hard core pornos.

"I want you to watch these, slut," Joe said. "These are lezzie tapes. You and that other whore there are going to put on a lezzie show for me and Mike tomorrow. It better be good or else you’re both going back up on that frame there. Understand?"

"Yes, Master," she gulped.

"Better study then, slut," Mike sniggered.

He and Joe left and Nicki watched the TV. Even if she hadn’t been ordered to, she would have, since there was absolutely nothing else to do and she was bored stiff. Certainly Nicki wasn’t going to be good for anything that night.

She watched the girls on the TV suck each other’s pussies, finger each other’s snatches, suck each other’s tits and nipples, and gave each other long, loving wet kisses. They also did things like grinding their pussies together, both like men did, and in a kind of leg scissors thing. None of it looked very difficult.

Some of them used dildos and vibrators on each other. One of the dildos looked huge, and both girls fucked it at the same time, from opposite ends. Another girl had a dildo strapped onto herself and fucked a second girl in the ass with it.

She recognized both of these since they were in Joe’s box of toys. She’d been waiting fearfully for days for him to use the giant dildo on her, and was happy now to learn that only half of it was supposed to go up her snatch.
Of course, doing all that with Marsha wasn’t exactly attractive. She didn’t like Marsha. In school she’d always considered her a dweeby little egghead, a goody-goody dork. Now she was going to have to fuck her, and pretend to enjoy it. Strangely, the part she was dreading most was not sucking her cunt or nipples, or fucking her with a dildo, but kissing her on the lips.
Well, she’d manage.
She had to shake Marsha for a long time before she would wake up. Even then the girl didn’t seem to
have any intelligence left. She looked at Nicki out of big, sad brown eyes and showed little emotion when Nicki told her about the dyke show they were supposed to put on.
"Can I have some water?" she asked in a small, meek voice.
"There isn’t any. It’s all in there." She pointed at the bathroom. ‘And the door is locked." "I’m thirsty," Marsha whined.
"You’ll have to act good for the Masters when they come down. Beg for it and they might give you some. They gave me some when I stopped being bad and begged."
"I wasn’t bad," Marsha said mournfully.
"You tried to run away, stupid, and you didn’t want to let him fuck you in the ass."
"He hurt me," Marsha said sadly, blinking her eyes rapidly.
"He whipped your tits but good," Nicki nodded, ‘And your pussy too. You better be good today or he’ll whip you again, or maybe stick you back up there." She pointed at the square frame and Marsha shuddered.
"You better watch the movie so you know how we’re supposed to act," Nicki said.

So they watched the movie. Marsha didn’t look shocked by anything. Though she didn’t exactly laugh either. Nicki made faces at several points but didn’t otherwise comment.

"Wanna practice?" she said finally.

"If you say so," Marsha said.
They lay back and pressed their bodies together, then Nicki kissed Marsha on the lips, moving her lips slowly over the other girl’s mouth, her tongue probing, dipping into Marsha’s oral cavity. Marsha didn’t respond at all until Nicki snapped at her, then she kissed back.
They practiced licking and fingering each other’s pussies like the women on the tape did, pausing to review the thing a few times. They sucked each other’s breasts, and practiced groaning and moaning and grinding their hips and asses around.
Nicki wanted to fuck Marsha with a strap-on dildo, but found, to her amazement, that the brunette was still a virgin. So instead she fucked her in the ass, explaining while she did, how best to loosen up her anal muscles and ease the pain.
Then Marsha fucked Nicki in the cunt and the ass, and then they ground their crotches together in a simulation of the sex-play they’d watched on the TV.

All of it was supposed to be just practice, but when Nicki began licking Marsha’s cunt mouth the brunette started groaning for real, and her hands came down on Nicki’s head with more strength than an act would require. To

Nicki’s surprise the big-titted girl climaxed within less than two minutes.

"It hurts down there," Marsha said in a puzzled tone, "But my clitty is so sensitive it feels raw and tender and any touch makes me jump."

"Maybe it’s all that electricity they pumped into it," Nicki said with a shrug.

She then proceeded to lick her again, making her cum again, then again, then again. She was kind of amused by it and didn’t envy the other girl the pleasure, though she kind of wished she wouldn’t clamp her thighs around her head and shove her face into her cunt when she came.

Then Marsha licked out Nicki’s fuck box. Nicki was by then getting into things, and though her clit hadn’t been shocked like Marsha’s, before the other girl had finished her tongue bath she had cum too.

After that their kisses grew more passionate and when they started fucking each other with dildos they were actually having a good deal of fun, not to mention being turned on. Both came several more times before Mike came downstairs.

He gave them a smirk then pulled up a chair next to the bed and sat down.
‘Are you two whores ready to show what lezzies you are?" he asked.
"Yes, Master," Nicki said.
"Yes, Master," Marsha said, her tone more subdued.
"You don’t sound very excited, slut," Joe said.
"Would you rather be electrocuted again?"
"No, Master!" she gasped.
"Let’s see some hot, lezzie loving then," he grinned.
Nicki hesitated, then she turned to Marsha and they pressed their bodies together. They began kissing, their mouths moving hungrily against each other, their hands stroking each other’s bodies as they made soft, sighing sounds of pleasure.
Before long Nicki shifted her lips down and began to lick and suck at Marsha’s nipples, which were both as sensitive as her clit now. Both ached like they’d been burned, but were exquisitely sensitive to the other girl’s soft tongue and lips and mouth.
Her eyes fluttered and she sighed in pleasure as Nicki sucked first one nipple, then the other. Then the black haired girl slid downwards between the other’s legs and began to lick and tongue her slit and clitty.
Now Marsha began humping up at her, grinding her ass into the bed as she moaned in happy pleasure. Her hands stroked Nicki’s head and her legs jerked and twitched on the bed as she rolled her head from side to side.
"Yessssssl OohhhhhhI Ohhhhhhh!" she groaned.
She came, crying out in pleasure as she jammed Nicki’s face into her snatch.
Then they were in each other’s arms again, their tongues sliding together, their legs sliding between each other as they started to grind their hot snatches against one another.
His cock started to throb with life before long, and Joe saw no reason to be frustrating it with two slutty teenage girls available. He jerked his pants down and went to the bed. Marsha was atop the other girl then, her ass sticking up slightly. He slid a hand in between her thighs and gave her snatch a squeeze. She groaned and humped back at him.
"Dirty slut," he grinned, squeezing repeatedly, rubbing his hand along her hole.
"I’d love to fuck your cunt," he sighed. "But I guess it’s up to Joe to unplug you. Still, you’ve got a fine little ass there. Want me to fuck your asshole?" "Yes, Master," Marsha gulped.
"You. Slut. Come around behind me and lick my asshole while I fuck this bitch," Joe said to Nicki. "Yes, Master," she said.
She moved out from under Marsha and crawled around behind Joe as Marsha lay quietly on her belly. Joe half-turned and pulled Nicki’s face down to his cock by the hair, and she sucked quickly, wetting it down. Then he shoved her away, turned, and placed his cock-head against the little round hole.
Nicki moved right behind him and gripped his hips as she lowered her mouth to his asshole. Joe pushed his cock forward and down, jamming his prick into Marsha’s butt-hole, then driving it deeper. Marsha winced a little, but fought to keep her ass muscles from clamping down, like Nicki had showed her.
It mostly worked, and it didn’t hurt much as Joe buried his tool in her ass. It helped that he kept his movements slow because he was enjoying Nicki’s tongue. It felt strange to her, laying there on her belly, legs and arms apart, quietly getting sodomized, yet since with little pain she didn’t mind.
Like Nicki, she didn’t mind anything now so long as it didn’t hurt. All pride and dignity had been shocked and beaten out of her.
Joe’s cock sawed back and forth inside her asshole as she lay there, and then she felt moisture back there as he spit out his juice. It didn’t take very long at all, partly due to Nicki’s tongue, and she was amazed that she’d gone through so much torment the other day to avoid it. She couldn’t imagine what she’d been thinking.
Joe then got leashes and led the two girls around the room in circles, making them heel and sit, and kneel and roll over, talking to them like they were dogs, petting their heads and slapping their asses. They even barked when he ordered it.

He had Marsha put on a strap-on dildo, then ordered her to mount Nicki there on the floor, watching as they fucked like dogs.

Neither girl minded any of it. In fact, Nicki almost came while being fucked, and would have if Joe hadn’t ordered Nicki to halt, then taken her into the other room to wash her.

Like Nicki earlier, Marsha was gagged with the ball gag so she couldn’t drink anything. But afterwards she was still not allowed any water. She whimpered at this but didn’t complain, knowing better.

Nicki was fed and watered, then he locked the bathroom and left them there for the day, telling them to practice their lesbian sex.

As soon as he was gone Nicki had Marsha put on the dildo and fuck her again until she climaxed. Marsha was bemused by her grunting and moaning, and wanted to get fucked herself, but neither dared take her cherry, knowing the masters wanted it intact.

Joe and Mike came down some hours later. Marsha, coached by Nicki, crawled over in front of them and licked at Mike’s shoes, then begged for water. Mike grinned at Joe who grinned back. "You want water, slut?"

"Oh yes, Master," she panted. "Are you a good girl?" "Yes, Master."

"We’ll see what a good girl you are, slut."

Both of them took off their clothes. Joe went over to Nicki, put her on her back, shoved her legs back against her chest, and buried his tool in her belly without further ceremony. Mike rubbed his cock against Marsha’s face as she kneeled in front of him, then had her suck him.

Her mouth was dry, which didn’t please him, so he pushed her away.

"Want some water, slut?"

"Yes, Master! Please, Master!"

He got out the bowl and watered her by hand just as Joe had told him too. She moaned in relief, slurping and sucking the drops from his palms and fingers as he stroked her hair.

"Know what I want to do, slut?"

"No, Master."

"I want to fuck your cunt so hard my dick comes out your mouth."

"Yes, Master. Please fuck me, Master," Marsha said, eyes bright.

"You want me to fuck your cunt, bitch?" "Yes, Master." "Beg for it then."

"Please fuck me in the cunt, Master," she said. "You slut." "Yes, Master."

"You’re a dirty little whore, aren’t you?"

"Yes, Master. I’m a dirty whore and a slut. Please fuck my cunt."

"Get on all fours like the bitch dog in heat you are."

She turned and knelt there, her ass to him. He knelt behind her, running his hands up and down her flanks, reaching under her and mashing her tender tit mounds. She groaned in response.

He rubbed his cock up and down her slit, surprised to find she was a little wet down there.

"I’m gonna rip out your cherry, you dirty whore." "Yes, Master," she sighed.

He pressed his cockhead against her crack, then slid it inside until he felt her hymen. He fucked the front of her cunt tunnel for a minute, going faster and faster, then he thrust hard and deep. Marsha yelped as his tool rammed into her cherry and tore it apart, sliding down deep into her virgin belly.

He held her hips tightly as she shuddered and moaned. He drove his cock all the way in’ to the hilt, then ground his balls into her as his hands pulled her against him.

"OOooohhhhhhh," she gasped.

"Slut!" he cursed. "Dirty whore!"

He drew back, then rammed forward. ‘Ahhhhhhh!"

"Cunt! Fuck hungry little twat!"

He drew his cock slowly down the length of her fuck tube until only the head remained, then buried it into her with a single hard thrust. Again she cried out. Again he ground himself against her soft young buttocks.

He bounced his thighs off her ass, then began a rat-a-tat-tat humping, a high-speed, short-stroked pistoning of his cock inside her fuck hole. His cockhead scoured the inside of her cunt tube as he rode her. The muscles of his arms bulged as he jerked her back to meet each rapid-fire thrust.

He drilled her for a long minute, then, gasping, he halted, ‘then began a long, slow fuck, using the full length of his cock, running the tip of his prong from the deepest recesses of her fuck box to just inside her cunt lips.

He sighed, leaning forward on her, his hands going up onto her shoulders and clutching there.

He fucked her slowly but firmly for a minute. His hands slid off her shoulders and down around her, cupping her breasts. She moaned in real pleasure, instinctively pushing her cunt back onto his cock-pole.

He mashed and twisted her fat meat with his fingers before shifting his grip back onto her shoulders and beginning a high speed pumping again, this time continuing to use the full length of his cock-rod and the full length of her slit tunnel.

His thighs slammed into her buttocks with jarring force now as he skewered the whining, big-fitted slut. Each hard thrust threw her forward against his hands and drew a grunt of surprise and pleasure from the girl.
He panted for breath, heat growing inside him. He pulled his head back, glorying in his total possession of her, in the tightness, the warmth, the heat of her fuck-tunnel around his cock. He heard her squeal and felt her puss clasping and clenching down on his tool, and knew she was cumming.
He felt surprised, then pleased, for this was another power, another way to possess her, but he also cursed, excited beyond belief as her cunt sucked and chewed on his boner.
He gripped her long, thick brown hair in both hands, pulling back savagely as he rammed his loins into her ass. She yelped and cried out, but her cunt continued to suck and spasm around his plunging fuck-pole. He parted her hair into two thick bunches, his face sneering as he used them like the reins of a horse, jerking back with each forward thrust.
Her eyes bulged. Her mouth gaped. She gurgled and yelped and whined and moaned and cried out as her scalp ached and her cunt blasted heat into her body. Then he gave a final curse, his cum gushing out, filling her with his seed. He gave a final flurry of thrusts, then let her hair go and stopped.
She fell forward, almost hitting her face on the floor before her elbows blocked the blow. She moaned, sinking down onto her shoulders, her chest heaving. He squeezed and stroked her upturned buttocks as he let his prick soften inside her.
After he and Joe had recovered a little, both girls were put through their paces again, sucking and licking each other, fucking each other with dildos and fingers, kissing wetly, and grinding their lush flesh together.

They both crawled around on orders, then both knelt, opened their mouths and let their masters piss down their throats.

Joe left them with Mike for a while, then, when he returned, Phil Stoneman was with him, his eyes wide as he saw the two hot little sluts kneeling naked before him.

They crawled over to him and began licking his feet as he stared in stunned amazement, then Nicki drew out his cock and began sucking, while Marsha helped strip off his clothes. He kept jerking his head around, staring at one girl, then the other, then at his buddies who were watching with smirks on their faces.

Both girls knelt then on all fours, raising their asses high, and begged him to fuck them in the cunts or assholes.

No man, of course, could have resisted, and he didn’t. He threw himself on Nicki first, slamming his cock into her cunt crack and humping wildly.

He came inside her, but his prick stayed hard. He shifted over and buried it in Marsha’s snatch, fucking her in frenzy.

Then he sat down with the other guys and watched the two perform a hot lesbian show, while they told him how the two sluttish girls had been broken and trained to slavery.

Before long he had another bulging cock. He fucked Nicki’s mouth, sliding his tool down her throat, then pulled out and slammed his boner into Marsha’s asshole, spilling his juice back there.

He and the guys then posed the girls for the video camera Joe brought down. The two did everything two girls could, groaning and whining in hot sexual lust, smiling for the camera, and climaxing repeatedly.

"The problem though, guys," Phil said. "Is we’re short one slut. We need one more."

"Not really," Joe said. "I mean, you can fuck Marsha’s asshole while I fuck her cunt and Mike fucks her throat all at the same time. We got six holes here and only three cocks."

"If you count Marsha’s big melons that’s a seventh hole too," Mike sniggered, lifting a bottle of beer to his lips.

"Maybe so, but I want a slave too."

"Okay, so who?" Joe shrugged.

"Let me think. How about Kelly Morgan. We could use a blonde."

"Yeah, that’s a good idea," Mike nodded.

"Hey, how about Jordan Foster instead?" Joe grinned.

"Miss stuck up?" Mike laughed

"Miss nothing-impresses me?" Phil snorted.

"I bet we could impress her. I bet she’s a lot less snotty when she’s naked and on all fours."

"I bet her eyes open wide with a cock down her throat and another up her asshole."

"One other thing, guys," Joe said.


"Well, we got a black haired slut here, and a brown haired slut, and we’re gonna get a blonde
haired slut. We just gotta get a redheaded slut too." "Greedy bastard, ain’t you?"

"That’s four. That’s too man. They need a lot of fucking."

"I got plenty of cock to go around," Joe said. "I dunno," Mike said.

"Hey, we can get em’ to fuck each other with dildos. Doesn’t that count?"

"I bet Nicki here would love to ram a dildo up Jordan’s butt. Wouldn’t you, slut?"

"Yes, Master," Nicki said.

Although Nicki’s disappearance hadn’t made much of a fuss at first, Marsha’s sure had. People began thinking about Nicki then too. So the herd of sluts at school were wary that week, or so they thought of it. They still could have grabbed Jordan, who acted far too bored and unimpressed to worry about anything like that.

Once the tape arrived at Marsha’s house, complete with a handwritten note signed by both saying they were in love and going to L.A., the police called off the search and things settled down again. Then it was easy to entice Jordan world-weary blonde out to Mike’s van.

The stung gun sure opened her eyes wide, for a few seconds. Then she was cuffed and on her way back to Joe’s house.

They decided to play the game differently this time, to add spice to things. The babbling blonde was tossed onto the bed between Marsha and Nicki while the guys sat down next to the bed to watch.

Nicki was shocked beyond measure to find herself in bed with the two naked girls, and even more stunned when the two began to kiss and fondle her body, and strip off her clothes. She fought desperately, screaming and cursing and sobbing as they pressed their naked breasts against her and mashed their lips down on hers.

They tore her clothes off and the mortified girl was pushed back on her back as Nicki began licking at her slit.

Marsha then sat on her face and slapped her until she began to lick her cunt. She humped back and forth, riding her cunt pad up and down against Jordan’s face as the three men sniggered and squeezed their bulging boners.

Jordan sucked Marsha to a cum, then Marsha and Nicki changed places and she sucked Nicki to a cum while Marsha finger-fucked her and tongued her clitty.

Joe removed her handcuffs then and Marsha and Nicki put shackles on her wrists and ankles. The stunned girl was collared, then led around on all fours by Marsha as Nicki slashed her ass with the paddle.

Nicki and Marsha then knelt in front of her, pulling her face into their breasts, mashing them all around her head as Phil got down on his knees behind her and buried his cock in her spit-wet cunt crack.

Nicki wasn’t a virgin, but she had never been ridden like Phil rode her. Her body bounced wildly under the high-impact fucking, and soon her cunt was full of sperm.

Phil moved away from the whimpering girl and Joe got in behind her. He buried his cock up her snatch and fucked for a few minutes, then pulled it out and, despite her cries and pleas, forced it up to the hilt in her tiny butt-hole.

Then he rode her as hard as Phil had, dumping his juice in her asshole.

Mike then pulled her back on her heels, and, with Marsha and Nicki squeezing and kneading her cunt and ass, and sucking on her taut tit melons, he pulled her head back and forced every last inch of his cock down her throat.

She almost suffocated on cock meat, but he was careful to keep her conscious. After he’d dropped his juice in her belly it was Phil’s turn again. He ass fucked her for long minutes before Joe put her on her back, crushed her knees back against her chest, and rode her cunt for all it was worth.

The guys then turned her over to Marsha and Nicki, who both had strap-on dildos. They pulled her onto the bed, giggling and laughing, then put her on her side and fucked her fore and aft, kissing and licking her, and fondling her soft Ivory flesh.

She was forced to lick Marsha’s cunt again, then Nicki’s, then she pushed her tongue into Marsha’s asshole. Mike fucked her cunt, then her ass, then they hung her from chains while all five took turns lashing her back and ass and tits with the riding crop.

Marsha and Nicki then held her legs up and back while the three guys whipped her cunt and belly.

After that she was put in the square beam and electricity poured through her cunt, asshole, and tits until she finally stopped screaming and passed out. The juice was left on a low-level buzz and the guys left her like that until the next day.

A month passed before they grabbed a redhead, a small, sweet natured girl with a tight ass and nice round tits.

After breaking her Joe had the bright idea of putting all four girls on the street.

They waited a few months until they were absolutely sure that all four girls were totally dedicated to them, then quit work and moved across the country. Soon they were raking in money hand over fist, while their four whores sucked men in parking lots and were ass fucked in cheap motels.

Of course, none of them wanted to fuck girls who were street- whores, so they grabbed a few more and broke them as well. They lived in luxury and ease, naked girls draped across them all day long, licking them, begging to be fucked, and waiting on them hand and feet.

All of them were glad they’d decided to teach a different subject to the slutty girls who had taunted their dreams, and none had a moment of regret at what they’d done. Nor, for that matter, did the girls.


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