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Everybody Loves Raymond's Wife
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Reworked (chap. 1- 4) - april 21 - 2007 (M+/F, Blackmail, Coer)


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(Note to readers after doing some research on-line I have narrowed
down that in the Second season the Debra character is supposed to be
somewhere between 33-35 years of age so I am basing this story in that
time frame FYI.)

Everybody Loves Raymond's Wife

By Not my story

Chapter One

Debra Barone drove her car into the uncertain fate that awaited her.
Her ordeal had all began some three months ago. First she had found
the photos in a large blue envelope left in the car seat while she was
dropping the twins off at school. She had immediately recognized the
photos. She had allowed her old boyfriend Nick to take them of her
back in college before she had ever met Ray. At the time she had
convinced herself it was art with Nick being an amateur photographer
and majoring in art while attending school on an athletic scholarship
but now looking back in retrospect it was nothing more than smutty
porn. She couldn't believe she had ever allowed him to take photos
like this of her in the first place. But in her defense she had been
young, adventourous and stupid. She was an adventurous college student
at the time experimenting with her own sexuality and Nick hadn't been
the first to take a raunchy photo of her, she had been photographed
raising her shirt at Mardi Gras and to her dismay found the picture on
the front page of the local section of the local paper the next day
black bars covering the nipples on her exposed chest.

When the couple had finally broke up Nick swore he had given her all
the prints and negatives. She took them, and after reviewing them
disgusted at herself for allowing him to take so many photo's of her
in so many disturbing poses from those of her with her legs spread
while she fingered her sex to those of her with his cock resting on
her chin or down her throat, convinced she had them all she then burnt
them and put it behind her. She met Ray a couple of years later and
never looked back. Then some 7 years later she had seen Nick's
obituary in the paper and attended his funeral just over a year ago.
His carefree life had been the cause of his early demise, and as Debra
looked back at the life she had before Ray and her children she knew
she had made the right choice. She had a loving husband and 3
wonderful children. Sure Ray was an idiot sometimes but he was her
idiot and she loved him.

The first note left with the photo's had warned her not to tell anyone
or else. It threatened everyone starting with her Mother-in-law Marie
would get a set of the photos of her if she didn't do exactly as she
was instructed. The note instructed her to go to a local motel after
dropping her kids off at school the next day to make the payment
arrangements necessary to keep the photos from those she loved. She
was told to put on the included blindfold and knock on the door of
room 315. With the warning of what would happen if she refused, she
knew she had no choice but to obey.

Debra knew there was no way she could ever let Marie or anyone else
for that matter see the photos of her. Marie already hated her or so
it felt and Frank and Robert would be unbearable to be around after
being seeing photos of her like that. Deep down she thought Marie
actually loved and accepted her as her daughter-in-law, but she knew
the photos would change that and ruin her life. No way would the saint
Marie ever accept the fact that her little angel Ray had married a
tramp who would have had photos like that taken of her. She would
never let Debra live it down. That would be bad enough if she only saw
them a few times a year on holiday's and had to suffer the indignity,
but to live next door to her in-laws and have to face Marie day after
day, no way could she live with that. There was no way she could allow
that to happen. She decided to do as the note instructed to keep those
photos from her family. She feared what might happen but believed she
could handle it. She wouldn't do anything else to jeopardize her
marriage, but she had to get those photos back without anyone else
seeing them.

She arrived at the motel that day and followed the instructions on the
note to the letter. Standing in front of the door she looked around
worried before placing the blindfold over her eyes and timidly
knocking on the door and waiting. After what seemed like an eternity
standing at the door blindfolded she heard it open. She flinched as a
gentle hand took hold of her arm and led her into the room. Debra
Barone's heart stopped as a quiet and gentle male voice told her to
have a seat; her purse was taken from her hand as she sat slowly in
the chair. She had worn one of Ray's sweatshirts and a pair of her
sweatpants under the thick winter coat she wore. She had tried to ugly
herself up the best she could. She wore no make-up and left her hair a
mess from restless night's sleep. The triple layer of clothes she wore
made it impossible to see her figure and made her look much fatter
than she was. Debra had stopped by the bank gotten all the cash she
could then she had gone to an ATM machine taking out as large a cash
advance on all their credit cards as she could, she only hoped it
would be enough. She had no idea how much money it would take to buy
back the photos but she knew she had to get them. She waited in
silence listening to the motion around her. She thought there must be
two or more people in the room from the sounds of movement she heard.

Deciding five minutes of silence must have passed Debra finally spoke
up. "Hello?" she said the fear echoing in her voice.

"Yes Mrs. Barone what can I do for you?" the soft voice responded to

"I... I don't. well I just wondered what was happening?" she said

"What do you think is happening?" the voice asked

"Um well I don't know." She paused "I guess I just don't understand
why I'm here." She asked sounding confused and worried

"Well you drove yourself here Mrs. Barone I would hope you know why
you're here." The voice said smugly. "So why don't you tell me why
you're here?"

"Aaugh well I guess... no I mean I came here to get the pictures of
me.... You said to be here to make payment arrangements... I uh don't
really have a lot of money but I brought what I could so... well I
mean what do you want for the pictures?" Debra asked more concerned
now than when she had first got there.

"I would like to know what it is you think I want for those pictures
Mrs. Barone?" the voice asked again.

"I don't know I don't think there really any good they uh well I mean
they can't really be worth much who uh I mean who other than me uhm
would even uh want them." She said stumbling for an answer.

"Really you don't think anyone else might want to see them. Hmmm I bet
your crazy old Mother-in-law or Ray's brother Robbie would love to see
them so I guess the question is what do you think I want for them Mrs.
Barone?" the voice asked.

"I thought you would want money. I mean my husband he's a writer for
Newsday and so I thought you know that you thought we had money and
you could blackmail me for some quick cash." She said skeptically

"No you didn't Mrs. Barone. We both know what you thought I would want
from you." The voice said menacingly "but for now I just want to ask
some questions Mrs. Barone."

A tear streaked down her face as she realized she wouldn't be able to
buy the photo's back nor could she do what she felt he was implying to
get them back.

"Well I guess I should be going." she said as she reached for the

"STOP!" shouted the voice "you take off that blindfold and these
pictures will make it home before you do Deb" the voice said.

And so it began.

For three hours Debra was interrogated by the voice. She was never
touched and no one made a move on her as she sat terrified of what was
to come. The hours passed slowly under the grueling questioning and by
the end he had begun to ask her more and more personal questions.
Questions about her sex life with Ray and her sex life before she had
met Ray. She was asked about the photos and when they were taken and
by whom and why she would have allowed it. She was forced to tell
every detail of her life, her friends family and schedule, but most
importantly of her sex life. She was forced to say how many partners
she had been with and every detail about them. She got more concerned
as the questioning continued it seemed as if he already knew the
answers to so many of the questions. The fact is every time she would
try to lie to the voice he called her on it telling her he knew she
had lied and demanded she tell him truth. It had been an
excruciatingly long and grueling three hours when the voice told her
she would be free to go she just had to wait two minutes before she
could remove the blindfold and leave.

It had been bad but the worst part was she had never had a chance to
ask about getting the photo's back, after every answer she gave
immediately came another question until finally the voice told her it
was over, at that point she was just so thankful to end the
questioning she had totally forgot to ask about the pictures. Another
four weeks past before she heard from her blackmailer again. She had
received another envelope containing even more photo's of her from her
college days. This envelope included several shots that shocked and
appalled her to the point of anger, she couldn't remember Nick having
taken the shots of her or anything else about when the must have been
taken. The photos showed her with men other than Nick strange men some
she knew from school some complete strangers all with her blindfolded
many with her tied to a bed. She was shocked and infuriated as she put
what had happened together in her mind. Nick had a thing for
blindfolds himself he used to love to encourage her to get drunk and
stoned and tie her to the bed then blindfold her before making love to
her. Only now did she know it hadn't always been Nick but many times
his friends who would have their way with her as she lay helplessly on
the bed.

Again the envelope had contained a note and a blindfold. She was
instructed to do the same as she had the first time. She had decided
on the drive home from her first encounter to not to go to another
rendezvous with her blackmailer scared to death what might happen if
she did instead choosing to take her chances trying to explain to Ray
and his family her relationship with Nick but now with over a dozen
photos of her with different men she decided she had no choice but to
meet him one last time. Nothing had happened on her first encounter
with her blackmailer and she would rather face a strangers questions
than those of the entire Barone family. She was at least relieved by
the timing of the latest demand. Ray, Robert and his parents where
picking up the kids from school that day and taking them camping for
the weekend. She had planned on driving out of town to see her mother
after dropping the kids off at preschool that morning. Now she would
just have to leave from the motel. At least she would have a few days
away from Ray and the kids to deal with whatever was to come.

Again she timidly knocked on the door after placing the blindfold over
her eyes and again she had been led into the room and sat in silence
for what seemed like an eternity. The first thing the voice had said
to her was

"Open your mouth."

Reluctantly she opened her mouth thinking of how to respond to such a
strange request. As soon as her lips parted to speak a small rubber
ball was forced inside her mouth spreading her jaw apart painfully.
Instantly two sets of hands had grabbed each of her arms and held her
in the chair. At the same time the ball gag had been latched in place
behind the back of her head. She panicked knowing at least four men
had her gagged and pinned as she tried to break free squirming as best
she could in the grip of the powerful hands holding her in place.
Fear shot up her spine as she felt the sleeve of her coat and
sweatshirt pulled up her arm exposing her bare skin to the cool air of
the room. Her fear and panic had spiked as a cold cotton swab was
rubbed on her forearm she had struggled with all her might before the
needle pushed effortlessly thru her skin. The struggle to break free
from her captors was the last clear memory she had when she woke up
late Sunday afternoon naked and sticky in her own disheveled bed at

Debra Barone awoke both tired and sore, a painful ache in her crotch,
ass, breast and mouth. In truth every inch of her body ached from her
ordeal. She knew she had sex, lots of sex. In fact she had been
screwed more times than she could count from the time she arrived at
that hotel room. Her limited memory of the events that weekend was
foggy almost dream like. As she struggled to recall what had happened
to her she thought back to her struggle in the motel room and slowly
brief recollections of had happened began popping back into her head.
There had been at least half a dozen men in the room that morning. She
remembered the blindfold being taken off her, allowing her to see the
room full of men. She didn't think she had recognized any of them but
the memories were so foggy she couldn't be sure.

The men had taunted her for several minutes after the blindfold had
been removed, giving the drug time to work. Then they released her
arms and removed the gag. They allowed her to rest in the chair for
only minutes before her nightmare began. Then she remembered being
asked to strip. Oh god the cameras, she had stripped for the group of
men in front of at least two cameras. As she lay there trying to
recall the events of that weekend she found herself unable to believe
what had happened and what she had done. She had begun to follow the
men's directions and had danced and even flirted with the men as they
helped her remove the many layers of clothes she wore.

Oh God no she screamed to herself she had been filmed having sex with
multiple men and not just having sex. She had enjoyed it. She had done
it willingly she had...

She cried herself into the shower after pulling the soiled sheets from
the bed, as she tried to wash away the memory of what had happened and
what she had done. The fact was that other than having had her already
neatly trimmed bush now shaved clean and a few small bruised on her
thighs, breast and arms she could find no other signs of her
infidelity on her body. Debra stayed in the shower for over an hour
and a half, crying as she recalled more painful memories from that
weekend. At least Frank installing that new water heater had paid off
she had thought, before wondering what sick things the crude old man
would say if he knew how she had spent her weekend.

She remembered being led from the motel room after satisfying all the
men there, but before they left she had been helped to shower and
cleaned including shaving clean her bush by several of the eager
fellows who had just ravished her. Her short red dress, Ray's favorite
in fact had been handed to her to put on. She was given her makeup bag
and instructed to doll herself up nice. She left the hotel looking
like a million bucks despite just being used like a cheap tramp by a
group of strange men. Three of the men took her to a fine restaurant
downtown in the lobby of a hotel. After the group had finished dinner
Debra was taken to the dance floor where she was swapped from one
partner to another as the men she came with returned to their table
and began speaking to different men who had joined them at the table.
Debra danced for over half an hour while her blackmailers talked at
the table. Finally one of them approached her. He instructed her to
accompany Mr. Smith for the time being.

Mr. Smith if that was his name was at least sixty years old and
obviously lonely. She accompanied him to a hotel room above the
restaurant. In retrospect she couldn't understand why she had done it
but the fact is she had. When the couple entered the room the old man
had climbed all over her after pushing her down on the bed. She
remembered being there and succumbing to his aggressive sexual
advances but she still couldn't figure out why she allowed it to
happen. In less than an half an hour he had finished with her and
kissing her gently on her head he dressed and after placing several
bill's on the dresser he left her lying nude on the bed his senior
citizen sperm swimming inside her once proud body.

Debra lay on the bed looking up as her older lover went to leave. When
he opened the door he was greeted by two of Debra's blackmailers. She
remembered seeing the money from Mr. Smith sitting on the dresser
picked up by one of the two men. As he left they entered they were
quick to help her get dressed, cleaned up and retouch her make-up
before they took her back down to the hotels bar. No sooner had they
arrived than Debra was given a tall fruity drink and introduced to a
Mr. Jones. She was hurried to finish the drink before she was told to
show Mr. Jones the highlights of local entertainment. As soon as she
sat her finished drink down on the bar Mr. Jones escorted her back to
the same hotel room. She had noted the bed had been remade and a
bottle of champagne had been opened and left on ice.

If Mr. Smith had been Sixty Mr. Jones was his older brother. He poured
them each a glass of champagne and sat and watched as she sipped hers
while sitting on the edge of the bed. When she had finished he began
to instruct her on what he wanted her to do. Again she had obeyed his
every wish standing and slowly dropping her dress to the floor. She
climbed on the bed as he asked and began to tease her nipples just as
he directed, she then rubbed the ice from the champagne across her
breast and then her crotch to the old mans glee. Soon she was diving
her fingers erotically into her now well used cunt in front of the
leering old man. She couldn't remember when he had dropped his pants
and joined her only that he had. He had used her as so many others
that day had.

Again as he left, her blackmailers returned, took the money he left
and helped her dress and clean up and then returned her to the bar. No
sooner would she get there than she would be sent back to the room
with someone else. By eleven at night this had been repeated over and
over again she was unsure how many times.

Saturday had been a day of more of the same she had awoken to a shot
of drugs in her arm and dick in her ass. After the three men in the
hotel room had used her she was given the morning after pill, some
other pill she hadn't heard what and some breakfast. The group stayed
in the hotel room till some time after lunch. Debra had been well
cleaned in every way possible to start her second day on the job nice
and clean.

They took the young mother to a local shop where they bought her a
couple of dresses that barely covered her thirty something body having
her wear on out of the shop. After having her eat a light dinner and
down several mixed drinks Debra was taken back to the hotel room. At
the direction of her blackmailers she put on her new black dress and
plenty of make-up. She had been given a pair of six inch heels to wear
but after falling down twice before getting out of the room they let
her wear a four inch pair out of pure necessity.

The men took her to an exclusive nightclub were they danced and had
her flirt for several hours. By 9 p.m. the club had opened its
exclusive VIP area. Unlike some clubs that had only a small room the
VIP room here was a club of its own. As Debra was escorted back to the
room by some type of security person she saw one of her blackmailers
taking a large wad of cash from some sort of club management. As she
watched this one of the other blackmailers whispered in her ear.

"Just do everything you're told Mrs. Barone. You do anything anyone
wants like a good girl you understand me?"

She remembered shaking her head in acceptance of his orders as the two
separated and she was lead into the posh exclusive VIP room.

Inside the room a group of the cities young elite indulged in all
their carnal desires. Drugs like Ecstasy where everywhere throughout
the room and it took only seconds before she was ushered onto the
dance floor by a hunky young man. The music was load and thumping she
had never heard anything like it before. The dancing was also foreign
to her as her partner on the dance floor ground his body into hers in
a most elicit display. He was soon replaced by another and then
another as man after man jumped in to grind the body into her on the
crowded dance floor.

She was eventually pulled from the dance floor where she was given a
drink. She wasn't sure what it was perhaps a screwdriver she thought.
As she sipped on her drink one of her former dance partners brought a
pill to her lips and after slipping it in her mouth he brought her
glass back to her lips forcing her to wash it down. Once she finished
her drink he took her back onto the dance floor. This time the
constant grinding really started to effect her as her arousal grew the
longer the stimulation went on.

Unsure when or how she remembered being led from the dance floor and
laid on one of the large couches lined up around the walls of the
room. She found her dress was bunched up at her waist as her dance
partner began sucking heavily on her breast with his fingers exploring
her cunt having pushed her tiny g-string aside. Her eyes explored the
room as her partner explored her body and she noted she must be one of
the older women in the room, perhaps the oldest. As time passed her
dance partner had moved from sucking and fingering her to screwing her
savagely he ravished her and left her lying there exposed for the next
lucky fellow. It took no time at all before he was replaced by a tall
strapping black man. She remembered looking down at her crotch as the
dark shaft was pumped inside her body over and over again,
disappearing deep inside her. She remembered his gushing climax as he
sprayed his seed across her face having pulled himself from her cunt
and moving to her head jabbing his spewing cock at her mouth urging
her to swallow.

He was quickly replaced by another and then another. She had found
herself sandwiched between two men one thrusting his rigid cock into
her tightly clenched ass from below while another rammed her cunt from
the top. As she screamed in discomfort someone else shoved a cock into
her open mouth. She remembered looking around the room at the time and
seeing other women in similar situations lying on couches around the
room. The VIP room had become an all out orgy with more people
entering all the time. Her memory of the rest of the evening faded
into the orgy she found herself a part of.

By the time Ray and the kids had made it home she had stopped her
crying but only because she didn't think she was physically capable of
shedding even one more tear. She tried to act normally as she greeted
her husband and the children, and of course it wasn't an hour before
Ray's parents and his brother had come over.

She suffered thru the evening and the next several days. She had been
able to put Ray off for several days but eventually she had to agree
to his request for sex. She had shaved herself clean before so Ray
only mentioned it in passing. He told her it seemed somehow better
than he remembered. This frightened her did he know? No of course he
didn't she wasn't on ESPN he had to be clueless she reassured herself
as she rolled over to fall asleep.

Chapter 2

Three months had past since Debra had entered the nightmare that was now her
life she hadn't heard a thing from her blackmailers since finding herself at
home that Sunday afternoon. She had spent those months in a state of fear
always looking over her shoulder afraid someone would be there always afraid
someone from that weekend would come up to her while she was out with the
family. The worst part was her memory of that weekend was so scrambled and
foggy she couldn't even be sure what her blackmailers looked like. For the
first few weeks every strange man she saw at a stop light in their car, on
the street or in the store she thought she recognized as one of her
assailants. She would constantly break down in tears and anguish sick to her
stomach at what she had done, fearing for the worst, that the other shoe
would drop and her life as she knew it would come crashing down around her.
But as more weeks past things had almost got back to normal, she would still
find herself waking up at night dripping with sweat from her nightmares.
Dreaming of being raped and ravaged it was as if she could feel the many
strange cocks forcing their way into her womanhood or the vile hands of
strangers mauling at her body. She would awaken in her own bed Ray sleeping
like a rock next to her and lay there for hours awake and strangely aroused
by the evil dreams. She would find her hands moving over her chest or crotch
as she tried to get back to sleep but had to consciously stop herself from
pleasuring herself as she thought back over her abuse.

She knew that first Sunday night when she woke up at home it was only a
matter of time before that other shoe would drop and she knew she couldn't
allow herself to be so easily tricked and used as she had the last time. She
spent every day telling herself she would never again give into her
blackmailer's demands no matter what. She tried to assure herself that she
would be strong if she was ever confronted by them again, she had to put a
stop to things now and hope she could keep some part of the life she loved
so much after the bastards had finished destroying it. She had to stand up
to them for herself and for her family.

Debra cursed at herself under her breath as she drove once again to the same
motel room as she had months ago. What had happened to her resolve her
nerves her strength she keep telling herself just to turn around and go home
even as she made the last turn onto the street where the motel was. She
couldn't bring herself to turn around but did pull over to the side of the
road just a block from the hotel as she tried to steady herself and find the
strength to continue. She took a moment and several deep breaths assuring
herself she would make it through this, she just had to tell them it was
over, try to gain the upper hand or in the worst case scenario just make
sure she left without being abducted as before. She had hoped to recognize
one of her blackmailers and turn the tables on the men, maybe she could get
back all the photos and videos if she played her cards right if not maybe
just scare the SOB's off she had her cell phone and 911 on the speed dial
she would call the police if she had to but wouldn't be forced into doing
anything against her will again. She kept telling herself she was strong she
would make it through this as she finally started back to the motel in just
seconds she was pulling into the parking lot the fear in her stomach

Six weeks ago Debra had received a letter informing her she had won a one
week spa getaway to an exclusive resort in upstate New York. According to
the letter her husband Ray had entered her name into the drawing by
purchasing a raffle ticket for a local charity. She was excited but
skeptical it sounded too good to be true. When Ray came home she asked him
about it and sure enough he had the raffle ticket stub still in his wallet.
Debra knew there had to be a catch and after calling the number on the
letter her suspicions had been confirmed. Yes she was entitled to a five day
all expense paid stay at the exclusive resort but the offer was only good
Monday thru Friday and the offer was only good when there was an available
opening in the next ninety days. After further discussion with the young
lady on the phone Debra found out there was only one week with an opening
six weeks later.

Although she wanted to go very badly she couldn't convince Ray to watch the
kids while she was gone. She even tried to seduce him into doing it but had
no luck. She tried to tell him how she would come back and be all made up
for him after a week at a spa, but he still wouldn't bite. A few days later
when she checked the mail she found Ray had received an invitation to play
golf at one of Florida's finest courses for free and she saw her chance. As
soon as he got home Debra again tried to talk him into letting her go on her
little vacation but again he whined and cried about having to be alone with
the kids, how he had to work. That's when she let him see his invitation to
the golf course dropping it in his lap. Immediately she saw his mouth water
at the thought of playing on the exclusive greens.

"To bad I can't spare you either, I mean I need your help around here with
the kids and everything." She said smugly as his eyes shot open at her

"No, No this is different Debra this is, well its work. It's my job to take
this trip." He began

"Sorry Ray you're just to valuable around her to go off on some golfing trip
the kids need their father here." She told him rewording all the excuses he
had used on her just days ago.

"No, No the kids will be fine I mean the hardly see me now..." He started to
say before realizing his mistake

"You Idiot!" She shot back at him and gave him her most hateful glare

"I... I mean..." He began to babble

"What? What do you mean Ray? If you can't see the irony I'm sorry but what's
good for the goose is good for the gander Ray!" She yelled

"Look I didn't mean you couldn't go I meant, you know the kids would miss
their mother. Yea that's it." He said as he tried to salvage his situation.

"NO! No that's not what you meant YOU MEANT YOU COULDN'T LET YOUR SLAVE GO!
That's what you meant Ray. I mean if I had a week of relaxation and
pampering at that beauty spa where I could enjoy myself and take a break
then you might have to get off your butt and do some work around her. You
might have to cook your children a dinner or who knows check their homework!
OH my god you're an..." she trailed off angrily as her husband cowered under
her verbal onslaught.

"No, no I never meant you couldn't go, I mean I want you to go it might be
fun to have the kids here alone with me." He said almost reluctantly

"So you're saying you'd watch the kids while I was gone Ray?" she asked in a
less hostile voice.

"Yes, yea I'm looking forward to it." He said aloud then "I might live a
little longer" he added under his breath.

Glaring at him she said "Well I guess we could spare you for a few days
while you play a little golf."

It was settled Ray was set to go golfing the week after she got back from
the resort. Then she got the call the Thursday before her trip, it was a
voice she recognized and almost hung-up on. It was her blackmailer telling
her to be at the same motel as before Sunday at 7:00 pm. She tried to
explain to him she couldn't but he told her to be there. Mustering her
courage she said "No I can't" and hung up the phone.

An hour later there was a loud knock on the front door, when Debra answered
it she discovered no one there but did find a package on the steps. Entering
the house she examined the package the only label on it said "Open
Immediately" locking the front door and placing the chain over it she went
to the kitchen and did the same to that door. She then took the package
upstairs to the bedroom and opened it.

Inside the package was a video tape and a letter. She opened the letter and
read. The letter read simply "Watch the tape NOW be sure to catch the end."
She loaded the tape in the bedrooms VCR her hands shaking and pressed play.

The image on the screen looked old and it took her several minutes to
recognize the place on the tape. It was one of the Frat houses from her
college. She remembered going to a party there years ago with her old
boyfriend Nick. God had she got dunk at that party she had drank several
Martini's and smoked a joint with Nick. He'd had to take her back to her
apartment after she had passed out that night. The video showed a person
walking through a crowd at that same Fraternity party as she recognized
several of the decoration asking several of the guys if they wanted in on
the train. Debra recognized several of the students on the tape and several
that the person on the tape invited for this train.

She tried to remember the night at that party as the tape played on but only
drew a blank she had been really wasted. Finally the person entered a door
and walking down a flight of steps as the camera followed him. Entering a
large room in the basement the camera showed the scene of a mattress in the
center of the room surrounded by a group of students. That's when the person
being filmed spoke up again.

"Hey quiet down everybody quiet down. Okay for this month's entertainment we
have Nick here to thank." he said pointing as the camera followed his finger
to Debra's Nick. "He's brought us a young junior from our school who we've
all seen around the halls and now we are going to see a lot more of her." He
stated as the camera panned over to a door just as it opened a large
football player carried a much younger and unconscious Debra to the bed.
"Debra here is a hoping to be a therapist someday and I suggest we all get a
little treatment from her now." He said to the cheers of his fellow students
as someone pulled the blouse off Debra's unconscious body.

She sat in disbelief as she watched the video continue within a minute she
had been stripped completely naked it started with Nick climbing on top of
her naked body and ramming into her precious mound. The camera work was
shaky to say the least but she watched unable to look away from the screen
or move as the video continued. Nick was followed by the guy who had done
all the talking but he was not the last. Debra watched in shocked horror as
one after another her fellow students raped her on the bed. She saw several
of her old classmates from the video on the tape. People with whom she had
been in study groups and classes with even after that night. How could they
she wondered, and how could she not have known. Mercifully the group
finished with her but not before 17 different men had used her body for
their gratification. The scene finally faded to black as someone called out
"Let's get this slut cleaned up."

Thinking it was over Debra stood to remove the awful tape from the machine.
As she stepped up to the VCR another scene appeared on the screen. It was a
video of her having a drink at a bar with a man at least twice her age. She
was wearing her red dress the one that drove Ray nuts. This was clearly a
tape of her activities from over three months ago. The scene then cut to one
of her in a hotel room with the same old man. She heard him ask if 200 was
enough to which she replied "Oh yes" the couple then began to kiss as the
old man groped her body. Debra watched in shock as she proceeded to undress
and then pleasure the old man to his disgusting grunts of joy. She watched
the scene thru her tears. It had just been a horrible nightmare until she
saw the images on the screen the foggy memory now confirmed to be factual.
The senior citizen finished his time with her and leaving two one hundred
dollar bills on the nightstand he left the nude Mrs. Barone still gasping on
the bed.

As the picture again faded to black the phone rang.

Hitting the eject button on the VCR Debra walked to the side of the bed and
picked up the phone but said nothing.

After several seconds of silence Marie Barone spoke "Hello. Hello is anybody
there?" she asked

"Yes Marie I'm sorry I'm here uh is there something I can, I mean what can I
do for you?" Debra said

"Oh Hello Dear, did I wake you? Frank and I just got worried about you. We
were bringing over some of my things for next week for when I am watching
the children and all the doors were locked but your car was still there."
Marie said

Normally Debra would be furious that Ray was going to use his mother to do
something he had told her he would but after just watching the video she
could care less. That's when the call waiting beeped in.

"uh Yeah Marie I was just taking a nap sorry I missed you look the other
line just beeped can I let you go." Debra said

"Sure Dear we were just worried about you but we should have known you were
just sle..." Debra clicked the phone over in the middle of another of
Marie's cheap shots.

"Hello" she said into the phone grateful to be off the phone with Marie.

"Have you watched the tape yet?" Her blackmailer asked on the other end.

"Uh no not yet." She lied

"Liar." The voice said "interesting content I have one here for your
mother-in-law and another special one here for your brother-in-law the cop.
I wonder if he would really arrest his brother's wife for prostitution or
not?" the voice said.

"No! No please don't!" she cried into the receiver

"Look you leave me no choice you don't want to work with me so" he left the
thought out there

"You can't." She said "I was unconscious they should all be charged with
rape anyway." She said desperate for a way out.

"Maybe so but the statute of limitations was up years ago. The only crime
anyone can be charged for on that tape is you for prostitution and I got
tape of you with plenty of other geezers to go with it each one of them
paying your whoring ass for a roll in the sack." The voice informed her. She
wasn't sure if he was telling the truth about the statute of limitations or
not but why would he send her a tape if it could incriminate anyone else of
a crime.

"So what do you want from me?" She pleaded

"I told you. Be at the motel Sunday at 7:00 or else perhaps you'd like the
number for a good criminal and divorce lawyer Mrs. Barone." He told her

"I would but I've already made plans to be out of town I can't make it
then." She cried "Please can't you make it some other time? Please?" she

"No I am afraid not Mrs. Barone so can I expect you or shall I make other
plans?" he asked cruelly

"Fine I'll be there. Okay, don't do anything with those pictures okay." She

"Good I am glad you're being reasonable Mrs. Barone I look forward to your
visit Sunday." The blackmailer told her calmly

"Look you have to give me those pictures back" she started to say as she
heard a click on the line. "I have to get those picture back okay this is
the last time alright?" she cried as the phone clicked over to a dial tone

Now here she was standing outside the hotel room it was about 2 minutes till
7:00 and she didn't know if she could go through with this or not. She
closed her eyes as almost mechanically she reached out for the door. She
opened her eyes reminding herself not to enter the room no matter what. She
kept telling herself that in her mind over and over again. Her shaking hand
touching the door she knocked three times timidly. She was sweating both
from nervousness and also from the fact she was wearing 3 shirts two
sweaters and a coat, jeans and two pair of sweatpants. Ray had even
commented on her layered look before she left the house an hour ago. Kissing
her goodbye for the week he had asked if the heater in the car was broke.
She laughed at him telling him she thought she was coming down with
something. Thinking nothing more of it he and the children said their
goodbyes and wished her a goodtime.

"Good I am glad to see you could make it Mrs. Barone." A voice said from
behind her "Are your bags in the car Mrs. Barone?"

"My bag's?" she asked confused turning to see her blackmailer for the first
real time.

"Yes for your trip out of town this week. You're still taking the trip." Her
blackmailer said to her. Unsure if it was a question or not she decided she
had no choice but to answer.

"Yes." She said as calmly as possible

"Good well get them out of your car on our way out. Come on." He said
ushering her back in the direction of the steps.

Her purse still dangling over her shoulder the cell phone opened in her
sweaty hand her finger still on the speed dial ready to call the police at
any moment she followed the man down the stairs very confused to the
parking lot. She was shocked to see someone behind the wheel of her car with
the engine running while another man had just closed the trunk after
removing her suitcases from it. She was escorted over to a large SUV and
ushered to set in the back she watched in shock as her car was pulled into a
boxed trailer. Now seated in the SUV she watched as the back door of the
trailer was closed and any sign of her car at the hotel disappeared.

"Hey wait! What the hell is going on? What the hell is he doing with my
car?" she said just then realizing she hadn't gone into the motel room but
was now just as trapped in the back of the SUV as she tried futiley to open
the rear door.

"Don't worry we just didn't want anyone to see it while you're gone after
all your supposed to be spending the week upstate we can't have you car
parked at this motel where someone you know might see it can we?' her
blackmailer said smugly looking back at her from the front passenger seat.

"What?" Debra said caught off guard by all sudden changes none of what was
happening was going as she had played it out in her mind. She looked around
for an escape when she remembered the cell phone in her hand.

"Let me out right now or I call the cops I just came to settle this thing I'm
not your slave or whatever the hell you planning let me go and leave me the
hell alone." She said with all the strength she could muster.

"Really." Her blackmailer said obviously ready for any attempt she made to
back out. "Call the fucking cops it's been three months and you're the one
doing all the whoring on these tapes." he said holding up three video
cassettes. "You sure don't look drugged on them and you know it. They could
check your blood or hair but it to late they won't find any signs of drugs.
But you call the fucking cops tell 'em to met us at your place well deliver
these tapes and all these pictures to your hubby and his family together."
He said dropping the tapes and pulling up a good sized box overflowing with
obscene photo's from Debra's college days. He waited a few seconds and his
two co-conspirators opened the back end of the SUV to load Debra's

"Well go ahead and call them and well head to your place or GIVE ME THAT
DAMN PHONE RIGHT NOW!" he shouted angrily at her. His angry outburst almost
scared her into hitting the send button and calling the police but her fear
got the better of her and she found herself handing him the phone almost as
if she had no choice and was acting against her conscious will.

The two other men climbed in the SUV and the group drove away.

In an hour they had arrived at the Newark airport where they hopped a plane
to Reno. The rules had been explained to Debra clearly in the SUV. She was
to do everything she was told without question or hesitations or else
everyone including her children would be watching Mommies new videos. Debra
found herself in Reno at 9:00 local time. The group was picked up by a
fourth man who drove them to a local club. Debra still wearing all her
clothes and coat was sweating like a politician on Election Day. As she was
escorted directly through the club and into the hotel connected with it, she
saw several young girls in the club there performing dances on the stage and
in cages dangling from the ceiling wearing almost nothing and in some cases
only paint to the cheering crowds of men.

Once in her room she was left alone for the better part of an hour. A quick
check on the phone confirmed it was not working and the door had been locked
from the outside locking her in. she had stripped down to only a single
shirt and her jeans as soon as she finished inspecting the room and
determined there was no escape. She had taken mental note of the mirrors
above the bed and lining the adjacent wall. She lay on the bed crying
hysterically until the door to her room opened.

One of her blackmailers opened the door and walked in unannounced no one had
said anything to her since they had boarded the plane back in Newark. He
took a quick look around her room not even paying attention to her lying on
the bed. He picked up the clothes she had taken off and sat on a chair and
tossed them into the hall through the still open door. He then turned his
attention to her.

"Take off the rest." He told her casually as he stood at the foot of the

She stared up at him like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming
car. An angry look from him was sufficient to snap her out of her glaze
however and she slowly stood up. She looked around the room as another of
her blackmailers entered the room carrying her suitcases she looked at him
then the first man seeing no other choice in the matter she slowly lifted
her shirt from her body. She held onto the shirt as she slowly undid the
buttons on her jeans. Looking back at the two men she saw no mercy and
slowly wriggled the jeans from her hips. Now holding the jeans and the shirt
in one hand she reached around with her other hand and unclasped her bra.
After sliding the bra reluctantly down her arms she brought it and her other
now removed clothing to her chest covering her heaving breast.

She looked at the two men as if hoping this would be enough but from the
looks on their faces she knew it would not. With one hand holding her
clothes to her chest she used the other to slide her panties down her legs.
Once she had stepped out of both legs of the panties she quickly brought
that hand back up to cover her crotch.

Now that she was totally naked the man standing at the foot of the bed
extended his hand obviously wanting her clothes. Slowly, reluctantly she
reached out and gave up her clothes to the man. He again tossed them into
the hall as he had her others.

Debra Barone stood in front of the two men holding one arm over her chest
the other hand covering her crotch as the men looked on calmly. The third
blackmailer entered the room and took a seat next to the second. That's when
the first one spoke "Give me a blow job Mrs. Barone." He ordered. Looking
fearfully at the other two men she bent down and began to unzip his pants.
"On your knees Mrs. Barone don't you know how to give a guy a blow job?" He

Biting her lip Debra Barone dropped to her knees next she reached out and
undid the man's zipper. Reaching in she pulled his cock free and not wanting
to see it quickly slipped it into her mouth. She was disgusted by what she
was being forced to do but just tried to think of her children and Ray as
she bobbed up and down on the male organ in her mouth. After a while her jaw
began to ache as she moved up and down over his member. It seemed like an
eternity before he told her to get on the bed on her hands and knees. She
slowly stood and climbed on the bed. As she positioned herself on the bed as
ordered a fourth man entered the room it was the man who had picked them up
at the airport. He walked immediately to her face and dropping his pants he
presented his semi-erect cock to her. She looked up at him as if to ask for
forgiveness but then knowing what was required of her she took his cock into
her mouth and began to suck. After establishing a rhythm she felt the bed
sink as someone climbed on from behind her. Turning her head while still
sucking the cock she tried to see who it was. But unable to move her head
far enough around she felt the tip of a cock press against her cunt's lips
without seeing it's owners face. It took several painful jabs before the
cock found its mark but she could do nothing to help as she felt her hair
grabbed and balled into a fist the man in her mouth began to force her
deeper down his cock's shaft.

Soon she was rocking back and forth between the two cocks as the men
pleasured themselves with her tiny body. Next she found herself the center
of a sandwich as she was pulled over on top of one cock and another was
pressed into her ass. She cried out in pain as the duo found there rhythm
but it did nothing to stop there violent thrust into her. Finally one of the
men who had been seated walked up and presented his cock to her for a
blowjob. She found it torturous but slowly began to suck his cock as now all
three of her bodies holes where filled with cock. After a few moments the
man in her ass pulled free and moved to her face as the man she had been
sucking moved out of the way. She now found a cock fresh from her ass
presented to her mouth to suck. Disgusted she turned her head away from the
slimy tool but a pinch of her nipple and a slap on her ass was all it took
to get her attention. Closing her eyes and frowning she held her mouth open
as the cock was slipped inside. She tried to avoid letting the cock touch
her mouth or tongue. Another pinch of the nipple and orders to suck it
quickly put an end to her efforts of avoidance and she lowered her lips to
the cock and began to suck the foul cock as directed. Again she felt a
presence at her ass as she rode the cock in her cunt and again she found all
three holes stuffed without mercy.

She couldn't begin to describe the taste of the cock in her mouth and when
it shot its spunk deep into her bowels she thought she would vomit. But even
as she struggled to hold in her bile she found herself flipped while a whole
cock was still buried in her ass. Flipped over and now looking up at the
mirrored ceiling she lay with one dick buried in her ass as the man who had
been fucking her cunt climbed to her face, took a handful of hair and forced
his member into her mouth. It took only seconds before he emptied his semen
into her mouth and moved off the bed. The forth man then climbed between her
legs and promptly stuck his dry cock into her well stretched cunt. Now again
being pounded in both her nether holes Debra began to huff and whimper. The
man on top then began sucking her nipples violently as he rammed into her.

Both men finally erupted the man in her ass first, once finished he kept
stroking in and out until the man in her cunt was finished with her. The men
then left without saying another word, she laid and cried for the next
several hours finally falling asleep.

Monday morning found Debra Barone lying naked with cum dried on her thighs
and cheeks from the night before. It had been bad enough to have these
things done to her while she was drugged or unconscious but to have to
suffer through such indignities while still conscious and aware was far
worse. She pulled herself from the bed unsure of the time and showered for
an hour. Wearing a towel she examined her suitcases hoping to find something
to wear but instead she found them empty. She then waited for the men to
come and get her.

It didn't take long, they came to get her and get her they did. Again she
was used by the quartet of men before she was allowed to eat a full
breakfast and then clean up and finally given some clothes. The outfit was
rather bland and not unlike something she would normally wear. After making
the expectations of her behavior clear and reminding her of what
noncompliance meant the men then took her to a salon nearby where she was
given a manicure, pedicure had her hair was done up most beautifully, then
much to her discomfort her entire body was waxed. The technicians waxed her
legs, Underarms, upper lip and chin as well as waxing clean what little hair
was left on her crotch. The make-up applied to her face was put on thick and
left little doubt as to the men's plans for her. She was taken back to her
room where she was stripped and one of the men glued pasties over her
nipples. The swathe of cloth she was given as a skirt barely covered her

She was then led to a giant steel cage, the cage looked like a giant bird
cage and was about three foot in diameter as she was locked inside one of
the men told her. "Be sure you dance well out there babe you're not exactly
the youngest they've seen but you still need to do some business."

Within minutes Debra found her cage descending thru the ceiling of the club
below. Seeing other girls in similar cages gyrating to the music she took
their lead and began to move to the music. She danced for an hour to the
cheers of the men around her and breathed a giant sigh of relief as finally
her cage was raised back through the ceiling and she was finally able to
stop dancing.

She was released from the cage by a total stranger who looked like her
worked for the hotel and lead to room with soft lights and loud music. The
hotel worker left never saying a word to her when a voice came over the
speakers in the room. Someone told her "Be sure and work your client well
and make sure he wears a rubber." before the speaker crackled and the room
was again flooded with music.

Her solitude was broken when a man she recognized from the dance floor
entered the room a strip of three condoms pinched between his fingers. Debra
Barone bit her lip as the tall smiling jerk of a man rubbed the palms of his
hands together as if he was about to dig in to thanksgiving dinner while a
smile showed his yellow teeth to her for the first time.

Chapter 3

Debra looked up disgusted at the vile man approaching her, his intentions
written all over his face, his pupils locked on Debra's pasty covered breast
as his chest heaved. He looked as though he might hyperventilate as he took
in the view of Debra now close enough to touch any way he might want. Debra
began to wonder just how to proceed was she to charge him? Had he already
paid? After all they told her that he was her customer. She looked down away
from him as her mind raced trying to decide just how to treat her client
when another thought suddenly broke her chain of thought. The image that
caused this new thought to enter her mind that of her own two hands and
there on her finger her wedding band and engagement ring. At that moment the
realization of just what she was doing flooded back to her. She had been so
shocked into obedience the night before that the last twelve hours or so she
hadn't given much thought to her actions, but now she was confronted with
the prospect of consciously whoring herself out like an ordinary prostitute.

Still gazing down at her own hands Debra noticed they had begun to shake as
the fear of what she was about to do grew inside her as well as her anger at
her blackmailers for abusing her as they had. But as angry as she was with
her blackmailers she was angrier with herself not even a day ago she had
promised herself she wouldn't cheat on her marriage but not even a day had
passed and she had been unfaithful with multiple men and even worse two or
three at a time at that. She grew even angrier with herself the more she
thought back to how the 4 men had so easily made her their little fuck toy
in less than a day. In the few moments she had sat pondering her situation
the man she was expected to please had moved closer and began to talk to
her. His name was Dan and he had purchased the triple pack at the desk and
was very happy to hear that he was her first customer ever at the ranch.
Debra listened in disgust, how had she allowed this to happen she was
supposed to be at a health and beauty spa right now not 2500 miles away from
home in some Nevada bordello selling herself to some disgusting pervert.

"Look I was told I got to use each of your uh.. well that you would you know
take me orally uh yea vaginally and uhm anally is what the gal at the desk
said assuming I was up for it as she put it but uh if you don't mind I'd
like to try getting off on your uh tits uh you know like between 'em. A
titty fuck that's it that's the word I was looking for if you don't mind. I
mean I'd give up my shot at your ass if you don't mind I think I'll make it
all three rounds thanks to the little blue pill if you know what I'm talking
about." The moron rambled on but Debra was no longer listening. My god she
thought so the bastard just picks and choices what features he wants just
like at a car dealership. She wondered do they sell insurance on their plans
like when you buy a car. Her stomach turned as her anger boiled over she was
infuriated with herself and the predicament she now found herself in and she
had already had about as much of this as she could take. She would never
allow herself to be used as some slab of meat she had too much respect for
herself than to be defiled in such a way at least willingly she thought.

She was startled as she felt the squeeze of her pert breast and heard the
last of his comment just as she slapped Dan's filthy hand away from her

"What you say we get started you pretty little thing ohhh I'm going like
this." Dan had just finished saying before having his hand slapped away.

"Fuck you pal!" Debra shouted her temper now out of control after being
groped by this low life trying to pass himself off as some sort of a man.
Debra looked him over again thinking to herself no wonder he would have to
pay for sex looking as he did.

"I have been forced her against my will you sick bastard!" She screamed "I've
been kidnapped and raped you stupid pig! Get the police! Help me don't just
sit there go get help." Debra said screaming at him angry that he just stood
there his pants around his ankles looking confused. When had he dropped his
pants she wondered as she began pleading with him for his help.

"Oh GOD please help! Please help me help me get the police please." She
begged now thinking it hadn't been very smart to yell at him and call him
names if she had wanted his help.

Dan's look of confusion faded from his face as he reached out and roughly
grabbed her breast a second time. As Debra moved to slap his hand away Dan
blocked her with his free hand by grabbing her wrist as she moved to stop
him. He tightened his grip on her wrist painfully then violently pulling on
her arm he flipped her around and forced her face first onto the bed.

"Well I guess you were wrong cause she sure ain't cooperating." He said out
load as Debra begged him to let her go.

He grabbed her other arm and pulled it behind her back to join the arm he
already had, he shifted his grip on her already captured wrist so he could
hold both her wrist in one hand while his now free hand snaked around in
front of her again to resume groping her chest. He kicked his pants off his
ankles as he roughly mauled her chest, Debra went from begging to screaming
and then to crying for him to let her go but it did no good.

Debra began screaming for him to stop but he didn't even slow down. After
several minutes of groping her tits while holding her wrist behind her back
he pulled her by the arms further up the bed then flipping himself around he
climbed on the bed and sat on her back her arms pinned behind her under his
legs. Next he leaned over and opened a drawer on the night stand and
retrieved a pair of leather cuffs that had been conveniently placed there.
He quickly slipped the cuffs on and after securing each locked them in place
using tiny padlocks attached to each cuff. Next he clipped them together
securing Debra's arms and hands behind her in the small of her back.

Debra was reduced to sobbing by this point but Dan didn't seem to notice he
rolled her over to lie on her bound arms he then climbed on top of her once
again sitting on her stomach his legs straddling her helpless body.

"How bout that titty fuck now darlin?" he said chuckling at her as he rubbed
his hand over his cock dangling above her chest.

"Go to hell!" Debra shouted back before spitting at him. Her aim was
terrible and her saliva landed somewhere out of her sight but she was
rewarded for her efforts with a backhand to her face.

In fact the force of the blow was hardly enough to move her head but the
shock of it had the desired effect.

"Just calm down darlin or your going get hurt something bad you understand
me?" he asked her in a horrifyingly menacing voice.

Shocked and scared Debra shook her head affirmatively as more tears streaked
from her eyes. After watching him move up further on her chest and lowering
his now semi-erect cock between the valley of her breast she closed her eyes
and tried to put what was happening out of her mind. She was disgusted when
she heard him spit between her chest and felt his saliva run down her breast
to provide lubrication for his cock. She shuddered as he pushed her breast
together around his cock and began rubbing back and forth between the warm
folds of her cleavage. He went on sawing his manhood between her chest until
her breast became sore and painful he had spit on her several more times to
re-lubricate his cock. She had re-opened her eyes several times but was
disgusted by the sight each time seeing the man above her abusing her so
carelessly. Finally he had reached his point of no return and ordered her to
open her mouth. When she didn't he lightly slapped her face to ensure she
knew he was serious and she had just opened up as the first spray of semen
shot from his cock and over her face some landing in her open mouth. He
squirted stream after stream of jism on her face and chest before he
collapsed from on top of her and lay next to her on the bed.

He rested for all of ten minutes, lying next to her as he took his hand
closest to her and began toying with her sore breast, pinching her tiny
pink nipple. Both pasties had fallen off her chest during the long ordeal
she had endured and now he enjoyed pinching her delicate nipple cruelly.
After recuperating for some time he climbed off the bed and gingerly pulled
her off the bed and pushed her over the arm of a nearby couch. Without
saying a word to her he slipped his cock in her cunt from behind and began
sawing into her as if he owned her. Debra hadn't said anything since he
began raping her and now lay drooped over the arm of the couch her eyes open
staring into the fabric of the couch trying to catch her breath as he
ravaged her from behind.

Dan had planted his seed deep inside her cunt then after forcing her to her
knees on the floor he had her blow him back to full erection he then pulled
her to her feet and forced her back on the bed again painfully lying on her
bound arms. He lifted her legs up in the air by her thin ankles until he had
her sphincter lined up with his rigid cock then drove into her. Luckily for
Debra her ass was still somewhat stretched from the multiple rapes of her
blackmailers and Dan's cock met only minor resistance as he screwed into her
sore bowels. He was unable to last long in the heat of Debra's lovely ass
and quickly flooded her rectum with his sticky goo. When he finally pulled
out of her ass he forced her head up from the bed and had her clean his now
very limp and spent cock before putting his clothes on and leaving his
victim humiliated on the bed.

Dan left and Debra lay bound on the bed alone in the room at last but to
tired and sore to attempt to get up or escape. After only a few minutes of
her solitude Debra was joined by two of her blackmailers one wheeling in a
cart. The man who had given her most of her orders and seemed to be the
leader walked over to the bed and gripping a nipple forced Debra to get up
off the bed and stand before him as he looked at her smugly.

"Well Mrs. Barone I was afraid you would be difficult and I see I was right.
I had hoped that you being an intelligent woman you would have figured out
that we will make you do what we want one way or the other. Obviously we
would have liked to have you do it without having to get violent or use the
drugs but one way or the other you'll do as we want. Maybe you'll have
figured that out by the time this wears off tomorrow if not we have plenty
of this to last as long as we need." The bastard said as motioned to the
blackmailer standing behind her with the cart.

The third blackmailer had entered the room and grabbed Debra holding her
tightly as she pleaded for release or pity. Her pleas fell on deaf ears as
the man who had pushed in the cart took a alcohol swab and cleaned a spot on
her bound arm. She continued pleading her case now promising to do anything
they wanted in exchange for not being drugged but that didn't stop the
needle from delivering it contents to her blood stream as it slipped below
the skin of her dainty arm.

"Shut her up!" said the one at the cart as he moved away from her and out of
the room. Debra continued pleading for her release right up till the ball
gag was shoved into her defiant mouth the last thing she uttered being "NO!"
only to be followed by her incoherent muffled cries and sobs. The two other
blackmailers then pushed her down into a medal chair equipped with cuffs for
both the arms and legs that had just been wheeled in by the third.

Debra quickly found herself bound to a chair and still completely helpless
before her blackmailers as she began thinking she felt the drug she had been
given taking hold of her.

The one with the cart then wheeled it in front of Debra allowing her to see
the many full syringes lying on top of it. Debra's eyes shut wide open in
fear and terror as he began removing the protective tip from one of the

The leader of the group then moved back in front of Debra again looking
smugly at her as he leaned in close to her face and smiled.

"Well Deb I got a few presents for you and let me tell you this stuff was
pretty tough to get a hold of. You see this stuff her it's the most powerful
aphrodisiac and sexual stimulant available anywhere." He said as his partner
pushed up on the plunger forcing some of the liquid to spurt out the top of
the needle. "With a shot of that stuff you'll be so hot to trot I won't be
able to feed the cock to you fast enough." He continued saying as his
partner began swabbing away with an alcohol swab at a swath of skin only an
inch above her slit. Debra squirmed around futilely trying to escape as he
then pierced her skin with the needle and injected her with the evil liquid.

"Ahh But here comes the fiesta resistance." The bastard said as his partner
prepared the next needle. "This is an inflammatory drug that causes
permanent tissue inflammation it has been tested in some European countries
for the past several years as a breast enhancement therapy. It still hasn't
been cleared by any governments yet but the good news is they haven't
reported any serious side effects yet either, but the dosages are a little
tricky so where just going to wing it." He said to the horrified young
mother while his two partners cleaned each of her nipples with alcohol swabs
carefully making sure all the adhesive from the pasties had been removed.

"Now where do you have to inject this one buddy." The leader said almost

"Well from what I've read to ensure firmness and shape you inject it
directly through the tip of nipple and into the mammary tissue behind it."
The man now aiming the needle at her nipple said as he gripped her breast
firmly lining up his shot.

"But don't worry Deb it's all natural and they say they look great it's the
best treatment available on the planet. How large did you think her tits
would get with the size of the injections you're giving her?" the leader

"Now be very still don't move." Said number two quietly to Debra as he
slipped the needle into the center of Debra's nipple and pushed in about two
inches into her breast tissue before injecting the drug. "Well with this
size injection she should see a cup size increase of four maybe even five
sizes. With her having a large B or small C cup now she should see an
increase to what a double D or E size easy. That's assuming that translation
from Latvian was accurate if not it's anybody's guess." Number two said
looking up after pulling the needle free of her skin to see Debra's
reaction. He quickly proceeded to inject her in the other nipple and sat
back waiting for the question he knew would come.

"So if this is such a great deal why isn't it something you hear about I
mean surely it would be in use all over the world unless." Said the leader
his lips only inches from Debra's ear.

"Well you see it hasn't been widely accepted because for up to the first 24
hours after the injection the pain is said to be excruciating you see the
skin is stretched so tight so quickly it is said to be almost unbearable."
Number two said. He knew Debra wouldn't really feel any real pain at most
perhaps a burning in her chest as the tissue swelled she was lucky in that
she was the mother of three and had breast feed her children. Her breast had
already expanded before from her nursing and therefore the skin needed to
accommodate the inflamed tissue was already present In fact Debra would have
better looking breast now than before when she was nursing, her newly
enlarged breast wouldn't be weighted down by the milk of a nursing mother
and would look quite firm and perky.

Debra looked almost pale white she was frightened to a state of total panic
by the latest exchange between her blackmailers but her panic didn't last
long as within a few minutes the first drug began kicking in and her mind
drifted off out of its conscious state. Debra Barone was reduced to a numb
mindless being all her inhibitions and free will gone as she was left
susceptible to all suggestions in a dreamlike state.

She awoke late Tuesday night with a start her senses finally returning to
her. Someone was lying on top of her ramming his cock into her raw vagina as
hard as humanly possible. The hazy memories of the previous day clouding her
mind just as before reminding her of her previous experience with the drug.
Debra was weak and tired as she squirmed under the assault of the young man
no plowing into her like a piston as she tried to make herself more
comfortable. He was young maybe 18, white, and clean cut, and to Debra he
was sporting a cock that felt as large as a baseball bat. His penis felt
huge inside her abused womanhood. The most she was able to mutter mere moans
of pain as he worked his tool into her over and over again. Her head fell
from one side of the mattress to the other on the stinky sheets of the bed
heavy and clouded as the drugs released their hold on her. She fought to
remember what had happened since she was drugged unsure just how long she
had been out of it.

Here memories of the ordeal began with her blackmailers finally freeing her
after taking a series of as they put it before pictures and helping her
clean up and get dressed. She was given a tiny red baby doll nightie with
matching g-string and a pair of four inch stiletto heels. After a quick
touch up of her make up her third blackmailer placed a black chocker around
her neck telling her they want to catch every word she had to say. Then
helping her to her feet he ran his hand up and down her crotch a dozen times
pressing lightly on her slit and squeezing the lips of her cunt together
before asking her."You ready for some cock? You feel like fucking the brains
out of some fella's Honey?"

"Oh God yes!" she had murmured in a low husky voice a mad desire to bury the
bastard cock in her and screw him to death in search of relief.

She was next led to a new room this one exactly like the one she had just
left only but with clean sheets and a cooler full of alcohol. As the music
in the room kicked in the far door opened and the room quickly filled with 8
black men all eager for the hooker they had just paid for. The last of her
blackmailers to leave the room had yelled in her ear over the music. "See
what happens when you're a bad girl." before he left.

After several dances with different men in the room with Debra grinding her
pelvis into the men's crotch's and even asking one of them to take her right
there and then the music was turned down and the group began toasting the
groom. Debra was no sooner introduced to the groom by the group than she
found herself sucking his cock. She was upset to have to blow the grooms
cock wanting to feel it grind the rut out of her cunt. She was trying to
keep from gagging on it when he pulled out of her slobbery mouth and gave a
round of high fives to the group of his friends.

He then kissed and bit her pained breasts before pulling her down on the
couch and spreading her legs wide apart as he jabbed his cock into her. The
intrusion was painful at first but soon her body began to lubricate her
swollen sex as the cock was pushed back and forth across its lips. Debra
threw her head from side to side her mind racing. She had to stop this she
had to, but it felt so good! Deep inside her she knew just how wrong it was
for her to feel so good while being so bad. She looked down between her
splayed legs lifting her head up from the cushion to see over her bouncing
breast so she could see the dark shaft repeatedly dive deep into her
disappearing in her milky white skin. As he continued stroking into her
driving her wild and causing her to throw her head back onto the couch
cushion her eyes rolling to the back of her head the sensations flooding her
nervous system. It wasn't meant to be like this she didn't do these kinds of
things, she had a family she... She felt the man pull out and opened her
eyes just as he peeled the condom of his dick and then after two strong
twitches a jet of white goo shot out over Debra's stomach.

She dropped her head to the couch saddened it was over when she saw the
naked black leg move across her chest. She looked up as he slapped her chin
with his cock her jaw dropped open to let out the "ouch" from the slap just
in time to allow him to slide it in her mouth. She heard the group talking
about the action in front of them and swapping stories from one another's
past when she heard someone say they didn't need a BJ. Moments after that
comment she felt another cock at the lips of her cunt. The swollen sides of
her cunt pulsed under the pressure of the member as it was slipped inside
her. She wriggled around under her lover as she tried to push the cock in
her mouth in an attempt to catch her breath but the man between her legs
took it as an attempt to please him and drove in deeper. She rolled her eyes
again under the onslaught of the two hoping the intense sensations would
never end. Again she got lost in her thoughts and almost missed the swap of
the men. By the time she had come to her senses a new cock had been forced
into her mouth and another was pulling her legs up to penetrate her sex yet

She had managed a few pleas for release still unfulfilled by the men's
attentions between the many cocks stuffed in her mouth but they had been so
faint and the action so fast no one seemed to notice. She hated it she
couldn't get enough and it was hell. She felt the tears run down her cheeks
and prayed to the Lord for mercy but none came. She serviced all eight men
in the group then posed for pictures with several of them.

After the men finally left she was met by one of her blackmailers. He looked
down at her and laughed,

"Should have done what you were told." he said before helping her up and
leading her back to her room. She was allowed to clean then dress well
almost. The bra and panties she wore could easily be seen through and the
garter belt and stockings could hardly be called clothing. She was then
taken back to her cage where she took another stint at dancing before being
returned to the same "Guest Room" she had just been forced to work in.

By the time she had finished dancing she was hornier than she had ever been
in her life she would have jumped on the next man she saw but she hadn't
gotten the chance she couldn't understand what was happening to her but she
needed release deep animalistic sexual release.

It wasn't long before a couple of twenty something fellows entered the room
and quickly started to work Debra over. The two seemed to make some sort of
competition out of her suffering trying to see who could make her moan the
loudest or pound into her the hardest. The two had just walked out one door
when they were immediately replaced in the room by someone else, a single
guy entering in the door on the other side. He was large probably three
hundred pounds and over six feet tall he sported a large beer belly. He said
nothing to her simply entered the room dropped his slacks and climbed on top
of her.

She thought she would suffocate under the giant man lying on top of her as
he drove his average sized penis into her. She was troubled by his weak
attempt at love making and frustrated that his large size made it impossible
for her to lift her hips to his cock in an effort to help it penetrate her
deeper as she struggled to find release. Her throat was dry and soar and
her cry's for sexual release could hardly be heard under the man's grunting
and the thumping beat of the music. She felt his rhythm slow and then
spasmed at the twitch of his prick inside her as he climaxed into his
condom. He then collapsed on top of Debra panting from his exertions; she
thought for sure she would pass out before he finally rolled off her pulling
his softening cock free of her body. He stood above her and smiled, rolling
the condom off his cock he turned it upside down over her face spilling its
contents across her face as she moved to catch what she could in her hungry
mouth. He left the room never having said a word to her.

He was followed by another man, then another before she was finally forced
to clean up, still not finding the release she sought. She danced again
frustrated she didn't have a cock deep inside her but found great joy when
she was whored out again to a group of five more men after her time dancing
before she passed out from exhaustion and could remember nothing else about
her ordeal..

Chapter 4

Lou Chalmers glanced through the one way mirror seeing Debra Barone finally
moving about under the muscled body of the 16 year old forward from a local
basketball team. The coach of the team had promised them a hell of a party
if they won their division and through Lou's local contact he had set it up
to see to it the coach delivered on his promise. Out of the 14 man team 11
had come to take the coach up on the offer to make them men. Each of the
inductees to manhood pleased to lose their virgin status to the older woman
whom they had just ravaged. When the Team entered through the back door of
the club seven of the eleven youngsters had never been with a woman before,
four of the boys although never having made love to a woman had already
enjoyed the pleasures of their young girlfriends.

The woman although older than the boys expected was still incredibly sexy
and seemed very eager to please the youngsters. She danced around for the
boys gyrating her ass and crotch in their faces as they sat in amazement.
Her breast popping out of the sheer black silk and lace bra, her legs
alluring in the thigh high stocking held in place by the garter belt around
her waist just above the tiny G-string. After Dancing the boys into the
frenzy she climbed on the coach's lap allowing him to suck on her glorious
breast before leading him to the bed and helping him lie down on it. With
his back on the bed Debra moved to smother his face in her crotch throwing
her legs over his head while she dug his cock from his trousers and gave him
the best blow job of his life. Finally with his cock fully erect and her
desires boiling over she rolled a condom over his shaft and then flipped
around on the bed and climbed on his throbbing member pulling her flimsy
G-string to one side and impaling herself on his engorged member. She
bounced up and down on his cock for several minutes before climbing off him
and taking position on her hands and knees encouraging him to take her from
behind doggie style. He did just that ejaculating into his condom and
slapping her round ass. Before leaving the bed he grabbed hold of her
G-string now ripped from their animalistic mating and tore it from her body
taking a memento of his time with the whore.

Debra then took the star center, again starting with a BJ before helping him
to the bed rolling a condom of his young erect member and allowing him to
use her for his pleasure she repeated the performance for all 11 members of
the team before several of the boys joined the last boy on the bed after
watching him reach orgasm riding Debra in the missionary position. With each
young man having taken her separately the boys followed their coaches advise
and began using the sloppy whore two at a time as she lay exhausted on the
bed now missing her bra, both hose and one of her shoes only a garter belt
left on her body its straps dangling down her thighs.

Debra had passed out exhausted before the team had finished having their
second and third goes at the passed out slut that had brought them so much
joy. During a break to catch their own breath each had gotten several photo's
of themselves and then multiple team shots of the boys lying next to the
passed out woman who had been the first for so many of the team. By the end
the others had all left exhausted only the one boy staying to take another
crack at her not wanting to leave until he couldn't get his dick up for it.

Lou watched from the desk admiring the youngster's libido, this being his
fifth time with the once respectable Mrs. Barone. He went back to editing
the video he had been working on for the past several hours while waiting
for a status report from his friend Eddie back in New York. Eddie had stayed
behind not able to get the week off from his work, but allowing him to
continue monitoring the Barone's' house. Two of the small listening devices
he and Greg installed had quite working since they were first placed during
Debra's initial trip to meet with Lou at the motel, but the other two bugs,
phone taps and cameras still worked allowing them to gather data on Debra
and her family.

Finally Eddie called him back with the good news her husband Ray had
swallowed the newest lie the men had concocted hook line and sinker. They
had asked Bill's girlfriend to call him and invite him to come to Florida
two days earlier than Ray had initially planned offering him a chance to
interview Don Shula. The story they had come up with was Mr. Shula had heard
about Ray's planned trip from a mutual acquaintance at the paper and wanted
to interview Ray because he was shopping for a co-author to help him write a
book on his coaching career and having loved Ray's recent column about Cal
Ripken Jr. To sweeten the pot Bill had her tell Ray he would grant him an
interview while treating him to a round of golf at his private club. Bill
had his girl pretend to be Mr. Shula's secretary and telling her he was a
friend of Ray's and was just playing a joke on him he even had her give Ray
a bunch of bogus information like the time and address of a restaurant to
meet Mr. Shula at after she had got him to accept.

Slicing yet another clip of video into his compilation Lou thought back on
why he hated Debra so much.

He had seen Debra around campus back in their college days and knew she was
way out of his league. She'd never given him a second glance as she hung out
with her little click of hotty totty sorority girlfriends. He was attending
college to be a cinematographer. He had dreams of someday working for
Scorsese, Spielberg or Howard working the camera on an epic movie for
Hollywood's great directors. It had been his one and only aspiration in life
ever since his parents bought him his first camera when he was just six
years old. He grew up filming everything, his entire life, and to that end,
happily filmed things for anyone who asked. He had been filming that night
at the frat party when Debra had gotten drunk. He filmed as his fellow
students climbed on and off the bed each one using her just like the slut he
learned she was.

He had met her boyfriend Nick three months before that night and the two had
become fast friends. Nick was a wild young man at college on an athletic
scholarship and the star of the schools hockey team who was being scouted by
the NHL. He had met Lou in an art class, Nick claimed to be majoring in art
but in truth he concentrated more on hockey and partying. Nick was a great
guy unlike a lot of the athletes around campus Nick was easy going and
friends with everyone he met. The two had been partnered in their class and
soon started hanging out together more having gone to grab a brew after
class or catch a game. As he got to know Nick better he learned Nick was
dating Debra and was shocked that Nick knew so little about his girlfriend
that he didn't even know what her major was even after the couple had been
together for months. He had been around Nick and the guys many times when
the free spirited Nick would tell his friends or anyone else he talked to
that he was dating a Sociology major that was studying to be a therapist
when even Lou knew Debra was really there studying for her degree in Public

He hadn't been friends with Nick a month when he was introduced to the
couple's bizarre sex life. Nick asked Lou for a favor telling him that he
and Debra wanted him to do something for them. Knowing Lou's affinity for
photography he asked Lou to film him and Debra making love. Lou was
reluctant at first and declined at first but finally agreeing to feeling
more comfortable when Nick told him Debra liked being blindfolded claiming
it enhanced the experience for her if she was bound and blindfolded. Lou
found filming Nick and Debra very erotic and was turned on seeing the sexy
Debra Whalen grunting and groaning around Nicks cock in her mouth or her
body writhing around under Nick as he took her roughly. After filming Nick
and Debra together three times in just a week he was introduced to the
couple's bizarre kink.

He had come to Nick's room just like the three previous times he had filmed
the couple to find all the lights on with a couple of desk lamps aimed at
the bed, music blasting and Debra lying nude on the bed her wrists tied
together a rope tied to the center of the headboard a blindfold covering her
eyes. But with another guy their Lou hadn't met before. Nick had Lou set up
and start filming just as before but then the stranger not Nick got
undressed and climbed on the bed. Lou was shocked when this stranger pressed
his cock to Debra's lips and she began greedily sucking on his cock just as
she did Nicks on the previous occasions. The stranger then went on to make
love to Debra first flipping her over with her arms still bound having her
get on her elbows and knees as he took her doggie style before finally
flipping her back over to lie on her back spreading her legs as far apart as
they would go and finishing himself off in her unprotected womb. Nick took
her next using her anally for the first time in front of Lou. The next day
on the way to class Nick told him Debra liked to be used like that never
knowing who she'd been with. Lou filmed her with at least 20 different guys
and even got his chance to be with her on one occasion. Nick and Debra's
only rule about the sessions had been everyone must remain silent and the
music was left turned on and load. Nick had also told Lou Debra never wanted
to know who else had made love to her saying it would ruin it for her.

He and Nick had stayed friends even after Debra had graduated and dumped
Nick, telling him she needed to grow up and become a responsible adult. She
had gone on to work in the Public relations office of the New York Rangers.
Lou had always thought it was a shitty thing Debra had done to Nick dumping
as she had, especially after using his connections to get her job.

But Lou would meet Debra again, after college he had gotten his first real
job as a cameraman at a respected local studio. Debra was working on an ad
for the Ranger's one of his studios biggest clients. It wasn't his first big
assignment but it would be his last. The shoot was to be filmed outside in
the arena's parking lot with several of the players. Debra had insisted they
get it done before noon over the protest of Lou, the director, and almost
everyone else. They told her the light was wrong but she had insisted
adamant they stick to her schedule. Apparently she had booked the players at
another event that afternoon and couldn't miss it.

Everyone had been right the shot was worthless. The film to grainy to be
used and the cost to shoot it again would be considerable. Someone had to
pay Debra had demanded, his studio responded to her demands. He was fired
the next day.

He applied with every other studio in town, but after being fired for
ruining a shot that cost so much no one was interested. He finally moved out
to the west coast to try his luck in the film capitol of the world but the
dark mark on his resume followed him and still no respectable studio would
even give him an interview.

His funds exhausted he returned home to New York to live with his mother.
Working as a used car salesmen for a year before he finally got a job as a
cameraman. A friend of his knew someone who shot amateur porn. It was by no
means a glamorous job but it was steady work that paid the bills. His eye to
detail and quality work was soon noticed by others in the industry and he
soon moved up in the business and eventually worked on some of the biggest
films in the adult industry earning himself a healthy living, but was never
able to break into mainstream film productions.

The news of Nick's death did not surprise him, Nick had signed with an NHL
team just a few weeks after Debra dumped him. He had only played in the
league a year and been a mediocre player at best never making it to be a
starter before being injured and getting dropped. Nick took the failure hard
and got hooked on the pain killers he had been given for his injury. His
drug addiction to the pain killers led him to illegal drugs. Lou had tried
to help his friend but Nick was to depressed and wouldn't take his friends
advice and seek help for his addictions. Lou had sat and listened to Nick
recount all the things that had gone wrong in his life many times before he
finally died of an OD. One of those regrets he that had always stroke Lou
was when Nick would go on and on about how sorry he was for his and Debra's
relationship. Nicked blamed himself for the couple breaking up but never
told Lou any more than that he had done her wrong and she had been the best
thing in his life and he was sorry he had ruined it. Lou never understood
Nicks guilt always having felt Debra had wronged his friend and then wronged
Lou as well.

He had been shocked to see that bitch Debra at Nick's funeral over a year
ago. It was clear she still didn't know or remember him. He had never been a
friend of hers only Nick's but she didn't even recognize him from school or
the commercial job at the funeral. He had over heard her talking to someone
else at the funeral. Apparently little Miss Debra had quit the Rangers after
just a couple of years and was now a happily married women with three kids
and a loving husband.

Lou was furious; she had cost him his life's dreams for a job she hadn't
even worked at for three years. She now had this perfect little life and Lou
had nothing and now Nick was dead. The worst part was she had ruined his
life and still didn't even know who he was.

Lou went home that night and dug out the old videos of Debra and Nick he
had. He also found the stack of pictures Nick had given him many years ago
after Debra dumped him for safe keeping. He watched the tapes of Nick and
Debra the night of the funeral and decided then and there he would get his
revenge on Debra. He planned his vengeance well, taking over a year to
meticulously put his plan into action.

He had gotten close to those who were close to Debra getting to know her
brother-in-law and her husband, but making it a point to never met Debra. He
learned about the dysfunctional family to which she belonged.

The first blackmail letter was the toughest and most important if she didn't
take the bait what then. It was the riskiest thing he had ever done in his
life. He had rented the two connecting hotel rooms a week ahead of time from
his friend Eddie the manager of the motel and set up all his camera gear.
All looked well in the days leading up to the first encounter Eddie had
reported that no cops had come by asking about who rented the room and had
put them under a bogus name just in case. Lou was relieved beyond words when
he heard Debra's soft knocks at the door that first day at the motel after
getting the call from Bill confirming she hadn't been followed and then the
call from Eddie saying she had headed up to the room alone. She had come and
she had submitted to all of his demands. He knew that would be the toughest
part after having talked to Ray and Robert about her.

That first day they had taken her purse and Eddie had gotten copies of all
her keys made. Eddie and Bill then went back to Debra's house using the
copied keys to get in and placed several microphones around the house,
tapping the couple's phone line and even placing small cameras in the vents
in their bedroom and bathroom. Bill then connected the wireless devices to
send their signals through Ray's DSL connection back to Lou's computer and
left before anyone was the wiser. The biggest score of the day had been when
Eddie had discovered a box of Debra's old diaries in the attic while wiring
the camera's into the houses electricity and brought them back for Lou
knowing he already had one from her college days.

Lou found Debra's lies about her sex life amusing as he compared her answers
with the entries from the diary she had left at Nick's place so many years
ago. He would ask her questions just to see what she would say then upon
hearing her lie would call her on it. The frustration in her voice each time
he called her a liar and demanded the truth from her made him smile as he
tormented her with his ever more graphic questions.

Lou had planned the second encounter after learning of her plans to go out
of town alone. Seizing the opportunity he had used his friends and
connections in the porn business to get and drug her and use her in front of
the camera. He would ruin her life the way she had ruined his. He had lined
up the clients for her that Friday night from the members of her
father-in-law's Frank's lodge. Fortunately none of the men had ever met or
seen Frank's daughter-in-law before so they had no idea who the young hooker
he had set them up with was.

Lou had bought his friends help that weekend by giving them first cracks at
the young mother. They had kept her drugged and willing the entire weekend.
It was refreshing to see her so cooperative under the drugs they had given
her after having spent weeks hearing her bully her poor husband around. Lou
would return her to Raymond after having broken the women and her will.

The next night at the club Lou could have been paid well for the use of his
hoe but he instead worked out a deal to film the encounter. In all his years
filming porn he'd never seen anything as erotic as what he had filmed that
night. The entire room had turned into an orgy of truly epic proportions.
The men and women in that room swapped partners freely throughout the night.
Debra had been used by men of all persuasions that evening and even a women
wearing a strap-on dildo.

Early Sunday morning Lou had collected his whore who was covered in booze
and semen. Her cunt gapping open from the abuse it had received. She kept
mumbling her husband's name as he lifted her of the couch and carried her to
the waiting car.

He took her home and after taking several dozen photos of her laid out on
her bed covered in semen and sweat he setup a camera and tripod and filmed
as he plowed vigorously into her ass on the bed she shared with her husband.

After the second encounter with Debra he had learned from reading the many
dairies retrieved by Eddie that she had no knowledge of the events that
night at the sorority house finding an entry from that date in one of her
books stating she had gotten so wasted that she and Nick had to leave the
party early and Nick had been a dear and taken her home and put her to bed.
He also discovered from reading her entries she had never been aware of the
change in partners Nick had pulled on her after blindfolding her for sex. He
even found a list of partners Debra had made the week that she accepted Ray's
marriage proposal listing all the men she thought she had ever slept with
and stating Ray Barone would be the last name added to the list. Lou was
shocked by just how small the list was it was shorter than what she had
taken in just the one night at the party containing only 13 names. Lou found
it amazing she had never figured it out or that no one had ever spilled the
beans after all these years.

At that point he considered sending her husband the tapes of what he had
already done to her but decided that would be letting her off to easy for
destroying his life, and so he waited for his next opportunity. When it
looked like none would come he made his own. He sold Ray the raffle tickets
claiming they wore for his niece's school. Next he sent Debra the letter
stating she had won. Only after it became clear Ray wouldn't let her go was
he forced to send Ray his invitation for the golf trip. Boy would Ray be
surprised and disappointed when he found out Mr. Shula had no clue about the
interview or Ray.

He had watched her response from the hidden camera to the tape he had left
her the day she refused to meet him for this encounter and knew he had her
even before she picked up the phone. In fact everything but her blow up this
Monday had worked out perfectly. He had wanted to force her to obey his
wishes without the drugs but either way he would have his revenge.

He was making this tape to refresh her memory on what she had done over the
last few hours in hopes that the threat of more of the same would make her
obey him. The truth was she would get more of the same no matter what she
did. But she didn't need to know that at least not yet.

He sliced in a scene of her haggling over price with the Basketball coach
just before a scene of her asking a young teenager his age before taking his
cock into her mouth. He was the first of the underage boys she had sex with
that evening but not the last.

He added the footage of Debra and the boys to the tape already showing her
with numerous other men. Each scene on the video clearly showing her taking
some John's money before willingly servicing him. He had also thrown in some
footage of her and the bachelor party.

He looked up as the last of the youngsters left her room having finished
with her. Lou allowed her to cry herself to sleep as he continued to work on
the tape. An hour had passed before he finished and he got up to stretch. He
sent one of his friends in to get her cleaned up as he took a much needed

He woke two hours later to find that Debra had been cleaned and dressed and
was now trying to get a little bit to eat before she was forced to endure
anymore suffering. He entered her hotel room carrying a plate of his own
food and sat down across from her.

"So Mrs. Barone you have seen what will happen if you refuse to cooperate
with us." He told her smugly enjoying the power he felt over her.

"Look I can't do what you want I'm a married" she began to cry.

"Oh but you see Debra you will do what I want on your own or" he said
pointing to the television as it flickered to life. Debra watched the screen
as again she was forced to watch herself whore her body out to man after
man. The video just helping to clarify the blurry memories she had.

"Please, I have children and a husband. I can't do what you're asking me!"
She pleaded "I'll forget this whole thing okay. Just let me go home and I
won't call the cops okay I won't tell anyone okay?" she begged.

"No, afraid not Mrs. Barone just because you don't want anyone to know what
a whore you are doesn't mean I don't." Lou said waiving his hand in the air.
"Maybe you'll see it my way by tomorrow."

One of the men moved up behind her and held her in the chair as again she
was injected in her arm with the drug. She had begun to scream for bloody
murder when Lou had her given another dose of the drug. As soon as it was
finished the man behind her moved his hands from her arms to her chest and
mouth forcing her mouth closed.

Lou watched her heave under Jimmy's grip. She was far to small to escape his
powerful arms. Lou sat and ate as he watched her struggle. The inflammatory
drug had caused her breast to swell inflating her 34B breast to a 34D or DD
cup size. As the swelling finally went down she would be left with only
about 75% of the growth she now showed.

Jimmy held his hand over her mouth for about five minutes until she stopped
trying to scream. Seeing she had calmed down under the drug he sat down at
the table with Lou and Debra for a bite to eat himself. Debra began to
giggle to herself now fully under the drugs influence. Lou took pleasure as
he watched her enlarged breast bounce in the tub top she wore as she giggled
over and over again. He took note that her skin was still as white and
creamy as it had been all those years ago. She had an incredible body for a
woman who had given birth to twins just a few years ago. He had enjoyed
filming her back in college and found he was enjoying himself even more now
over a decade later.

He finished his food before standing up from the table he left the room and
returned a few minutes later his camera bag in hand.

"You ready to get out on the streets there Mrs. Barone?" he asked with a
smile. Debra simply looked up at him as her head fell from one side to the
other as he helped her from the chair.

Part Five

As Debra was walked out of the hotel she saw the reflection of herself
in the mirror and could do nothing but giggle. Her chest looked
obscene, bouncing up and down in the thin strip of cloth she was
wearing as a tube top. The cheeks of her ass stretching the thin
material of her skirt around her round bottom leaving nothing to the
imagination, her legs exposed from the bottom of her ass where the
skirt ended to just below her knees where the dark black stockings she
wore started her feet decked out in three inch heals on the bottom of
her black shoes.
This time the injection she had been given affecting her differently.
Her conscious mind still with her in her thoughts leaving her aware of
what she was doing, but it was just there, in the distance unable to
affect her actions or behavior only able to observe her situation in
utter disgust. Her muscles felt weak, legs like rubber. She even had
trouble keeping her head up and straight. She wanted to, willed
herself to run, or stop, to scream her bloody head off and plead for
help from her current predicament but instead she wobbled along behind
her lead blackmailer unable to stop herself as he pulled her along
holding her hand and leading her across the dance floor and out of the
Lou glanced at the time as they walked out of the hotel and made it to
the street it was well after eleven Monday night and he hadn't sleep 6
hours in the last 48. He was getting his revenge, getting even. Debra
Whalen had ruined his and his best friend's lives and now he was
making her pay it was all he had thought about for the last fifteen
months of his life. He had invested what money he had managed to save
over the years into this endeavor and he thought he had to see it
through for his sake and Nick's. But in the last few hours he was
beginning to doubt himself, was this really the right thing to do. No
he knew his actions were morally wrong but more than that did Debra
really deserve what he was doing to her or what Nick had done. He had
just in the last week begun reading Debra's old diaries that Eddie had
found on that first day and began to have doubts. In them he began to
get a better understanding of what type of person Debra really was.
She was sweat and sincere she volunteered for so many wonderful causes
and spoke of how she enjoyed helping others in her diaries. He had
started reading the most recent of the 6 books Eddie had retrieved it
was written the year before her daughter's birth to when her daughter
was two and Debra had just gotten pregnant with her twin boys. She
had severely cut back on her entries after Alley's birth and had only
started to make more frequent entries before she got pregnant with the
In the entries she had made after her daughter's birth she spoke of
how all she wanted to do in life was be a good mother and wife and how
afraid she was that she would fail at both. She wrote of how much she
loved her daughter and her husband even with his neurotic tendencies.
She seemed so genuine so kind, just like the type of woman Lou had
dreamed of marrying before he fell into the seedy underworld of the
porn industry he now made his living in.
His life now consisted of filming both the most beautiful and erotic
of woman but filming them performing the most despicable acts
preformed by men and woman. He had made friends with some of the
kindest people he had ever met in his whole life in the industry but
also some of the worst of the worst. His so called friend Eddie he had
met back while filming amateur porn in motel rooms up and down the
East coast. Eddie managed the motel they used while in New York and
they had spent a lot of time in New York the big city full of
beautiful women seeking fame and fortune but down on their luck and
needing money. The promise of a few grand in a few hours to tempting
for many of them to pass up after being down on their luck in the big
city a little while.
Eddie was scum pure and simple his motel the favorite of the film crew
because Eddie was happy to help them in any way he could even
directing the occasional down on their luck young woman to them for
easy picking. All Eddie wanted was his cut of the money and to watch
the proceedings up close and personal even on occasion getting to
sample some of the talent himself. Eddie knew people from all walks of
life serving all sorts of people looking for a discrete place to carry
out their business rather it is of a criminal or carnal nature.
Bill on the other hand was just the sort of criminal Eddie was happy
to help. Lou had met Bill through Eddie some six months ago when he
had begun putting his plans for revenge into motion shortly after
befriending Ray and Robert and forming his evil plan, Bill had
approached Eddie about using a motel room. But Eddie had begun asking
questions when Lou asked him if he could get the connecting rooms they
used to use to film their porn in and put them under a different name
just in case the cops or anyone showed up asking question about them.
Eddie ever keen to get in on a cut of the action saw an opportunity to
deal himself in and soon had Lou outlining his intentions. At that
point his plans had been tame compared to what they had now ballooned
into after all the others added their two cents.
Lou had just planned on blackmailing Debra with the photo's to meet
him at the motel room and have sex with him while he filmed it from
the other room. He would then turn over the copies of the old photo's
and video's to Debra and make sure Ray and Robert got a copy of both
the old stuff and the new video he took of her and while in the
process destroying her life. He was no dummy he planned on wearing a
mask to ensure neither Debra, Ray nor Robert could identify him. His
plan seemed simple enough and he was sure it would have the desired
effect of destroying her perfect life but after going over his plan
with Eddie both men agreed it just wasn't enough after all she had
done to him and Nick. With Eddie's encouragement the two men went on
to conceive a much more elaborate plan. In truth must of the idea's
had been Lou's he had thought of them in the past and put them out of
his mind deciding they were two elaborate and risky, but now with
someone else encouraging him to take it to the next level his plans
for her debauchery grew to what she was now enduring. As the evil plan
grew both men decided they couldn't do it alone and would need
additional help, Eddie suggested inviting someone he knew Bill in on
the action knowing Bills reputation with the local mafia and other
criminal's as a professional. He had heard rumors of Bill taking jobs
from kidnappings and rape of rival's families, to elaborate thefts and
outright murder.
Reluctantly Lou had agreed to let Eddie ask Bill if this was the type
of job he would be interested in working with the men on. Eddie had
found it surprisingly easy to recruit Bill's help on it after
mentioning how Ray's Brother Robert was a cop. Bill would have
preferred to screw over a cop's wife but the sister-in-law of an NYPD
sergeant was good enough. He simply wanted in on half the cut of the
proceeds' from whoring her out and a shot at nailing her sweat ass.
He had insisted on many changes to the men's plans bringing a certain
professionalism to the job they other two men couldn't and pointing
out flaws in the men's insisting plan. One even with Lou befriending
Ray and Robert they still didn't have enough information on their
target and had to learn more about her daily routine. Secondly the men
had to have a plan with how to deal with things if she went to the
police or Robert again monitoring her to ensure she didn't. Most
importantly that the men had to have a plan to deal with her if she
refused to obey them insisting there would be no turning back once
they set their plan into action.
It was that most important point that led Bill to invite his
acquaintance Jimmy to assist them. Jimmy a former med student was a
local drug dealer but not just any drug dealer a dealer of high dollar
designer drugs importing his merchandise from all over the world and
making his own when need be. He had been a resident doctor having
spent eight years of his life to become a doctor and do his parents
proud when he made his fatal mistake. He had at the insistence of a so
called friend wrote a prescription for his friend believing him when
he claimed it was for a family member who was in town visiting and ran
out of their prescription. Bill knew that taken improperly the drug
had the potential for abuse but he had been completely fooled by his
friend who after filling the script sold it to someone else who
overdosed and died from it. After the police investigation the bottle
led the authorities back to Jimmy who was promptly charged and fired
losing any chance of being a doctor.
Bill was angry and after serving a brief sentence found life on the
outside quite difficult, his parents disowning him after having wasted
their life's savings on first his medical school and then his defense
when he at first claimed his innocence only to later admit his guilt.
On the outside and down on his luck he was approached by certain
criminal elements interested in his knowledge of drugs, medicines and
the human body and soon found the life of being a chemist for a drug
cartel very profitable, all the while his hatred for others growing as
he realized his life was ruined trying to help another. He went from
wanting to help others to finding joy in the pain and suffering of
He was more than willing to help Bill and the others out, more than
happy to have the chance to experiment with some of his new
concoctions on their helpless victim. He had used mixtures of many
mind altering drugs, aphrodisiac's and hallucinogens in the drugs he
had been injecting into Debra the latest without the GHB he had put in
his previous shots. Since they no longer cared if she remembered what
happened to her but in fact wanted her to remember everything so she
would know she had no choice but to obey their orders. He would give
her another shot the same as this one in another twelve hours if she
still refused to follow their orders.
Lou had been allowed to act as the leader in front of Debra but now
behind the scenes began questioning just who was calling the shots
after Bill had changed many of their plans without even consulting
him. Lou and Eddie had agreed completely when Bill pointed out they
needed to get away from New York for their planned week long abuse of
Debra not wanting to risk anyone who knew her seeing her before they
had finished. But now several of both Bill and Jimmy's comment lead
Lou to wonder if they would ever be finished with Debra. Now Lou like
Debra was 2500 miles from home in the Nevada desert a local contact of
Bill's having arranged to have Debra work the week at the brothel and
taking care of all the arrangements.
Lou had insisted from the beginning he didn't want to put Debra in any
porn movies wanting to keep this plan of revenge of his away from his
business life feeling the risks where to great. But Bill was very
persuasive and Lou felt he had no choice but to call one of his
contacts who happened to be in the area and make the arrangements for
them to use Debra in their film calling in a favor at Bill's
Lou got in the back of the SUV with Debra a bad feeling in his gut as
they headed for the porn shoot. Debra was totally agreeable and seemed
to be having trouble concentrating her attention on any single item
confused and disoriented. He just hoped she acted normal enough not to
raise suspicions at the shoot if anyone there thought she was being
forced as she was they would almost certainly call the police on the
men. He looked at her almost feeling guilty as he admired her now
enormous rack. Her DD breast looking unnatural on her tiny frame but
he remembered Jimmy had told them that the swelling in her chest would
go down some. Jimmy had told Debra the tissue would remain swollen the
rest of her life and but the initial swelling had already begun to go
down when it had finished she would probably be left with a lovely set
of D size breast.
It took an hour to get to the set location and Lou was now very
exhausted. Debra had fallen asleep in the seat next to him, resting
her head on his shoulder. He gently woke her with a hand to her thigh
and she followed him into the palatial home on his arm. Nervously Lou
introduced Debra to his producer friend who had agreed to give Debra a
working audition and possibly use her scene in one of his movies if it
was any good.
Bill and Jimmy helped Debra fill out the necessary paper work and
releases while Lou made petty conversation with the producer who would
also be the director and co-star of this shoot and the two cameramen
there two film it. The producer offered to let Lou man a camera or
take a turn with Debra on camera if she was welling but Lou quickly
turned him down, wanting to keep his own name as far away from this
film as possible. Then the producer Adam after taking a closer look at
Debra asked if he could speak to Debra alone. Lou knew what would
happen and prayed Debra didn't say the wrong thing and get them all in
a world of trouble. He knew how things happened at these shoots Adam
would be going over things with Debra trying to get to know her ask
her a little about her personal life and if he thought she was up for
it what to expect as they filmed the segment.
Lou was scared to death when Adam came out of the other bedroom in
only a few minutes and went immediately to one of his cameramen and
began quietly giving directions. Lou was sure they had been busted
Debra must have told him everything and he was now having his people
call the police. Lou walked over to him hoping he would be able to
talk his way out of the situation. Just as he began to speak Adam
turned and explained to Lou what was happening. He told Lou they would
do the standard interview first time on film fuck thing with Debra and
she had agreed to try it all oral, anal and vaginal. Lou was a little
shocked and mentioned Adam hadn't spent much time talking to her. Adam
told him it was late and they were all tired and besides Lou had
already talked to her and explained how things went right.
Lou sat and watched amazed at how the events unfolded. It was just
like so many other shoots he had filmed for Adam himself. Adam started
by introducing Debra and asking her a series of questions designed to
let the viewer get to know about her. It then moved on to Adam asking
her if she would be willing to show him her body and then having her
undress before the camera.
The action didn't stop there Debra then moved on to helping Adam out
of his shorts and shirt and providing him a blow job while he ate her
pussy out to the load moans of pleasure escaping her mouth around his
cock. Adam then proceeded to screw her causing her to yelp, moan and
groan in ecstasy. After an hour of the couple going at it in every
conceivable position including a few while standing Adam directed her
to get on the bed on her hands and knees and then penetrated her
rectum as she screamed in pleasure. They finished with her taking his
sperm on her face and breast swallowing several shots of the jism that
shot into her mouth.
Lou felt bad for her after Adam informed him he thought she had done a
great job and he would include her scene in his next video in the
series. He also invited Debra to appear in a scene he was shooting for
one of his web sites the next morning. Bill had accepted on Debra's
behalf not getting Lou's or Debra's input before agreeing to be at the
pickup location at ten the next morning. Bill and Adam had walked off
together discussing the details for the shoot as Lou and Jimmy helped
Debra clean up and dress. The filming completed and arrangements made
for the next day Lou and his conspirators loaded their whore into the
SUV and returned to the hotel.
Lou helped Debra back to her room where he laid down next to her on
the bed he wanted to ask her a few questions but never got a word out
before she started stripping her clothes from her body and then helped
Lou out of his pants. Debra blew him to erection before climbing on
his cock and riding him to climax as she bounced around on top of him.
The couple collapsed together on the bed Lou wrapping his arms around
her before falling asleep neither of them having slept much in the
last few days.
The couple woke the next morning at seven thirty when Bill, Jimmy, Dan
and Todd came in to work off their morning erections on the young
mother taking her two and three at a time until they had all satisfied
their lust with her body. Lou had climbed off the bed and sat in a
chair watching as the savages used her as the whore they had made her
into. Once the group had finished with her Lou helped her clean up
taking her into the bathroom and showing with her.
He could tell the drugs had begun to wear off about half way through
the shower as Debra looked at him in disgust, she tried to cover her
nudity when he started washing himself. Sensing she was now regaining
her senses he decided it was time to ask her the questions that had
been bothering him for the past day.
"Debra are you felling more like yourself now." He said quietly in a
kind tone of voice.
"Yes." She said softly her voice cracking as she stood cowering in
front of him her left arm smashing he enlarged chest against her body
her right covering her abused sex while the water ran across her tiny
"Good I know you don't remember me but you remember your old boyfriend
Nick don't you?" he asked still in as kind a voice as he had.
"Yes" She answered obviously still very scared of him.
"I want to ask you a question about you and Nick why did you leave
him? Why did you break up with him as soon as he got you your job?
What did he ever do to you that you would leave him when he needed you
the most?" He asked wondering if the cowering woman was as evil as he
had always thought she was in his mind all these years.
"What? Why? I mean ah Nick he died over a year ago I... oh I remember
you... you where there at the funeral at the cemetery. Do I know you?"
Debra asked her mind trying to place him felling she knew him from
somewhere else.
"That doesn't matter Deb just answer me why did you dump him?" he said
moving closer to her.
"Ah.. Well lot's of things.. ah reasons why we broke up." She started
to say.
"No you two didn't breakup you broke up with him you left him and he
blamed himself what was it? Why did you leave him?" Lou interrupted
"Well he wanted I mean from the beginning he kept.." Debra said then
stopped looked to the ceiling then began again. "Nick was a playboy
you know I mean he ah he couldn't help himself I caught him flirting
and well you know with other girls you know just to many times. He
wanted me to.. it just wasn't working out between us." She said
"He wanted you to what Deb tell me?" Lou said afraid his fears about
Nick and Debra just might be true.
"He wanted me to have sex with other guys you know his friends and
stuff. He said it turned him on. He wanted to swap, you know so I
would screw his friends and he would screw their girlfriends." She
said crying "He kept insisting an said if we were going to stay
together I had to. Then there was his drinking his pot smoking he just
wouldn't grow up. I begged him to just grow up to let us be happy but
he wouldn't listen he gave me an ultimatum he tied me up and then he
had his friend Benny come in. I had had it I told him it was over and
had told him I didn't want to do it but he just wouldn't drop it so I
had to leave him he didn't give me any other choice." She said sobbing
over the memory.
"I see will tell me when you worked for the Rangers and filmed the
commercial for puck night..." Lou had begun to ask now fearing he had
put her through all this and she didn't deserve any of it.
"What the fuck Lou! What's taking so fucking long she should already
be dressed and working on her makeup and shit by now. HURRY THE FUCK
UP WE'RE LATE!" Bill yelled angrily after pulling the shower curtain
"Sorry." Was all Lou managed to say timidly as he moved his hands to
cover his nakedness just like Debra.
Bill and Jimmy turned to leave the two of them in the shower Bill
telling Jimmy.
"Go get the next shot ready for her you said the shit should be
wearing off any time now."
Debra looked up panicked having stared at her feet since Bill and
Jimmy had entered.
Waiting for the other two to leave she began pleading with Lou not to
give her the next shot promising she would be good and do anything
they wanted and not cause any problems for the men. Lou feeling sorry
for her now assured her if she did as she was told then she wouldn't
get the next shot. He hurried her to finish in the shower then helped
her dry off and get dressed in the clothes brought in by Bill. Once
dressed in the matching black bra and panties, denim mini-skirt and
red halter top showing off her cleavage nicely he helped her brush her
hair out and put it in a cute little pony tail. Next he hurried her
along to apply her makeup a bright red lipstick, and dark blue eye
liner with a little blush and mascara. Finally he slipped her feet
into the four inch stiletto heels of the opened toe shoes they had
picked out for her.
Lou had just finished getting dressed himself as Debra stood starting
at herself in the mirror looking at her engorged breast moving back
and forth to look at them from a full frontal view and turning to see
them from the side her mouth hanging open in total disgust when Bill
and Jimmy burst back into the room. Jimmy moved to Debra with a needle
as Bill moved around behind her preparing to hold her for the
"Hey we need to talk." Lou said as authoratively as he could. "We'll
talk in the car we got to get moving or we'll be late." Replied Bill
grabbing Debra's arms and pulling her to the bed. "You did a great job
the bitch looks good it'll be a great video." Bill commented.
Debra looked at Lou and said. "You promised if I did what you
She started to say before Lou held up his hand to silence her.
"Look I talked to her she'll do what we want without the drugs she
promised not to give us any trouble and I told her we wouldn't drug
her again." Lou said as a matter of factly.
"Well ain't that special maybe next time afraid we can't risk it this
time." He said motioning for Jimmy to give her the shot holding her
arm out for him.
"No I promised her we wouldn't drug her anymore." Lou said upset and
no longer feeling like he had any say in what was going on.
"Well that's to fucking bad maybe next time but for now she's getting
the stuff." Bill said anger flowing through his voice he didn't like
repeating himself. Jimmy went on to inject the drug in her arm as
Debra begged them not to promising to do anything they wanted. "Give
her enough to get her started" Bill ordered.
Her pleas fell on deaf ears and soon the injection had been
administered she was then pulled to her feet and led out of the room.
Lou start to follow but Bill turned and pushed him down onto the floor
angry Jimmy slammed the door closed as the two left him picking
himself up off the floor. The two had left by the time Lou had made it
out to the lobby of the hotel having to dig his key to Debra's room
out of his pants in order to get out of the locked room.
Lou had no idea where they were going a call to Adam went unanswered,
having no clue how to find them he grabbed another of Debra's dairies
and began to read it waiting for them to return.
Dan drove them to the pickup spot with Bill in the back seat with
Debra while Jimmy rode up front in the passenger's seat. Bill used the
time to explain to Debra what was expected of her and how he expected
her to act. They arrived at the designated store right on time and
Bill took Debra's arm and walked her into the store before having her
take a seat on a bed in the massive showroom.
Debra was now alone and scared as she tried to remember the mean mans
instructions not wanting to anger him. She had walked into the store
on the arm of one of her blackmailer's but somehow she had gotten
separated from him inside the massive furniture store. The drugs now
clouding her mind she found herself lost and feeling helpless in this
strange place. She was sitting on the edge of a mattress when three
men approached her.
"Hello how you doing?" the white man holding the camera said looking
at her crudely.
"uggh, Fine." She said hesitantly
"I'd like you to meet my main man Rufus here." He said pointing to the
muscular black man next to him.
"Sure hello Rufus." She replied as she looked around hoping to see her
blackmailer somewhere. He had mentioned something about a guy with a
camera hadn't he.
"Hello." Rufus returned her greeting, nodding his head approvingly.
"Rufus and I we're researches and we interview people you know. We ask
you questions and just kind've see how people answer 'em and react. Do
you have time for us to interview you oh what was your name I guess I
never bothered to ask." The white fellow asked never bothering to
identify himself to her.
"Uh no not really I,, , well I was here with someone but I don't see
him do you know where" she started to say but stopped as her drugged
brain lost track of her thought.
"I'm sorry we still didn't get your name?" the white guy said again.
"Oh ugh I'm Debra, Debra Barone." She said brushing a strand of hair
that had fallen in front of her eyes.
"I see you've got a wedding ring on are you here with your husband?"
the white man asked turning to look at the camera and cringing acting
as if the deal might be up as the black man stepped away from her.
"No he's in New York." She said then added "He doesn't know I'm here
don't tell him okay."
"No, no we won't tell him." The white man said looking at the camera
again and nodding his head ooh yea. "So if you're not here with your
husband who are you here with?" the man asked sounding intrigued
"Some guy." She said
"Some guy. What do you work with him is he your brother or cousin or
something?" he began to ask "Or is he like your, you know lover." He
asked her snickering
"NO. No nothing like that he's well he's just I don't know just some
guy." Debra answered frustrated by the question.
"Some guy." He said shaking his head "Well so he's not working with
you or family huh, have you, you know fucked this guy?" He asked her
with a coy smile on his face.
"Well yeah." Debra said without thinking. Both men looking at each
other and then smiling at the camera after hearing her answer, Rufus
sat down next to her on the mattress.
"Okay I see well would you like to make some money Debra? By the way
my name is Will." He asked her.
"I don't know. I'm supposed to do something" She answered trying to
remember just what it was she was doing here.
"Come on it will only take like thirty minutes come on Debra. I tell
you what you let us interview you and well pay you like what a hundred
bucks. What do you say?" Will asked her
"I uh, the guy I don't know..." She tried to tell him no, but just
couldn't get the words out of her mouth.
"Okay two hundred for thirty minutes okay?" he asked again
"Well I have you know he was here and um I can't go so um." She
"Okay look three hundred. It'll take like half an hour you just go
back to the studio with us and answer some questions and well bring
you right back her with the money and you can meet back up with your
guy okay? Well like tell the dude at the door if anyone comes looking
for you that you'll be back in less than an hour okay what do you say
Debra?" Will asked her again while Rufus whispered compliments in her
ear telling her how pretty she was and asking her if her husband did
it for her.
Thinking she was responding to Rufus having not been able to focus on
what Will had said with someone talking in her ear Debra responded
with a "Yes"
"Great let's go!" Will said motioning to Rufus "Give her the money
dude" he said
Rufus stood and pulled out a wad of cash from his pants. He peeled off
three crisp one hundred dollar bills and handed them to Debra.
"Okay this way to our ride." He said waving Debra to get up. Rufus
placed his hand on her arm grabbing her upper arm and helped her up.
Debra was shocked by what was going on. Where were they taking her?
She hadn't agreed to this. She looked at the money in her hand. She
had their money what was she supposed to do with that. She continued
to struggle with the situation in her mind. Will had stopped to speak
to the greeter as Rufus and the third man led her out of the store and
to a waiting BMW.
Debra was seated in the backseat with Rufus as the third guy got
behind the wheel they pulled up to the front of the store as Will
walked out and got in.
Once in the front seat of the car Will turned to face her again
pointing the camera at her face.
"So Debra you got any kid's?" Will asked her
"Uh yea three. A girl and two boys." She replied to the question like
it was second nature
"Okay we have us a M.I.L.F. guys. That's great we haven't had one of
those in a while." Will said exchanging a high five with Rufus. Debra
had no idea what they were going on about as she sat eyes fixed on the
red blinking light of the camera.
"I think we all really like your outfit what's your husband think
about you walking around looking like that?" He asked her.
"Well he wouldn't think much of it. I mean he doesn't know you know
I'm wearing it. I don't usually dress like this..." she began to
babble on
After letting her gab on for another five minutes in which she said
almost nothing that made since Will finally butted in and said simply.
"Well he's a lucky guy whatever you're saying." He said trying to shut
her up as they pulled into the garage of a house.
"Okay we're here Debra, the studio is just right inside." Will said
opening her door.
Inside the house Debra was asked to set on a couch that had a sheet
spread over it. The couch was in front of three large cameras and a
set of lights. Rufus had left but returned a few minutes later. He sat
next to her with a drink for her in his hand.
Debra sat and talked with the men for about ten minutes as she sipped
the glass of alcohol she had been given. They had talked about her
family or Ray's family anyway being Italian and made several
references to sausage asking if she liked it, and then if she wanted
The questions got braver as the interview drug on and that's when Will
asked her again if she was hungry? She said yes for no particular
reason except maybe to get him to stop asking her. He then asked if
she wanted some sausage, she again said yes.
That's when she noticed that Rufus had stood and dropped his pants. He
wore no underwear and sported a large dark cock. Even semi-erect it
had to be 7 inches or more.
She looked at the phallus as Rufus waved it in front of her face.
"What? That's not sausage." She said having thought she was going eat
some real sausage.
"Sure it is baby just taste it." Will told her.
She moved her head back and forth no moving from side to side lips
closed as Rufus stepped up and brought his massive cock to her mouth.
"Come on taste it!" Will pleaded with her offering her another hundred
just to touch it with her tongue
She had no idea why she had but after his offer of a hundred she had
stuck out her tongue and licked the black tool.
"There you go you like it don't you babe?" he said as she shuck her
head "NO"
"Go ahead stuff that thing in her mouth Rufus! Fucking stuff that pole
down her throat man." He directed his friend.
Doing as Will instructed he pushed his cock into Debra's mouth. She
tried weakly to refuse but the drugs in her system took the fight out
of her. For ten minutes she sucked the cock in her mouth. Her mind
concentrating on breathing and bothered by the taste of the penis
sawing back and forth into her mouth unable to concentrate on anything
else. She could hear Will continue to ask her questions but could only
look up at him as Rufus's growing cock continued to move in and out of
her mouth.
While he forced his rapidly growing dick in her mouth he had pushed
her thin halter top down under her heaving breast as he kneaded her
breast through her bra. After a few minutes of this his hand found its
way under her short skirt and his fingers had been rubbing her still
engorged clit pushing her panties to the side.
All his attentions had no affect on Debra she still wanted him to stop
she wanted to get back to the mean blackmailer not wanting to upset
him, but simply couldn't get her mind clear enough to make a coherent
statement demanding that he stop.
When he finally did stop his cock had grown to almost a full ten
inches with a width of almost two inches. He had now bunched up her
halter top having untied the knot holding it around her neck and
pulled her skirt up to her waist as well as he helped her lie back on
the couch. He had reached around behind her and unclasped her bra
before pulling it off her arms and then sliding her panties of her
Debra Barone shed a tear as the large black cock pushed into her drug
engorged clit the pain of the massive male organ puncturing her sex
causing her to whimper under his muscled frame. His first ten thrust
had been slow and methodical he watched the expressions of fear and
pain run across her pale face. She said No, please stop two or three
times but almost so quietly he wasn't sure Will heard her.
He picked up his pace as he slapped her breast from side to side
watching the tears beginning to roll down her cheeks. When her cries
got to load he placed his hand on her chin and pushed her head up.
Debra lay under the brute crying in pain and despair as he ground into
her body, to her amazement this Will just kept talking to her asking
her "do you like it?" "Does it hurt uh baby? Oh does it?" he kept
asking her but never listening for her response.
Her sub-conscious was vaguely aware he had called someone else telling
them they had some hot married chick her right now and to hurry over.
She had no idea how long Rufus had been stuffing his cock in her
already sore cunt when she was a least partially brought out of her
haze by a light slap on the face.
There was another large black man standing to her side Rufus now had
her leaned over the back of the couch screwing her doggy style.
"Debra this is Johnny he came over to see you." Will told her.
"Why? Why is he here?" she asked in between huffs as she rocked back
in forth in-time to Rufus's thrusts into her.
"Why do you think he's here babe?" Will asked as he got closer to her
face with a camera.
"I, I don't know to give me a ride..." she grunted from an especially
hard thrust from Rufus. "to give me a ride back." She finally got out
between grunts.
"Oh yea he's gonna give you a ride baby?" Will joked "He's gonna give
you a nice long ride." Will told her
Debra looked up to see Johnny pull his large black cock free of his
"What's that?" she asked foolishly
"It's a big black cock Debra now suck it." Will told her as did Rufus
from behind. Johnny then began to stroke it in front of her face and
he too told her to suck it.
She looked desperately up at the cameras hers eyes pleading for her
release when Will ordered Johnny to stuff that fucking thing in there.
Again Debra found a dick forced in her mouth.
She was beginning to feel more control over her thoughts and she
remembered her blackmailer's instructions as she rocked back and forth
between the cocks at both ends of her body. This is what he had
planned for her, this is what she was supposed to be doing, making a
video. That's when she felt the cold slick finger rubbing around her
Rufus began to lube her ass up even as he continued to pummel her cunt
with his cock. When he felt his fingers had made adequate head way he
pulled his condom covered cock from her cunt and aimed it at the
puckered bud of her ass.
He pushed in slowly not wanting to hurt the lady or break his rubber
after his third thrust he coated what was exposed of his cock with
more KY before working it back in.
Debra couldn't believe how big this dick was as it poked past her anus
again and again. The pressure had been almost unbearable. She was not
an anal virgin before this all began. Although she had never allowed
Ray to screw her there because she had felt it was degrading and after
having warned him once he never bothered her about it again.
Now she had thought she had grown accustom to it after the last few
days but that was before this log was forced into her ass. From all
the pain she felt from this massive pole shoved into her she had lost
all sense of what was going on around her.
Her mind continued to feel more like her own as her ordeal continued.
In time a rhythm was found again between Johnny and Rufus as they went
at her from both sides. She sucked the cock in her mouth now knowing
she should milk him to an orgasm before he too tried to shove his cock
up her ass.
Although the plan had seemed like a good one at the time before it
happened Rufus pulled out of her ass and told Johnny to switch places
with him.
"My god" she thought "this has gotten worse" as Rufus forced his still
condom coated cock into her mouth. Johnny had taken about thirty
seconds to fuck her cunt before he pulled from her cunt and aiming at
her still slightly gapping asshole shoved his way in. She felt she
would vomit as she tasted her own ass on the cock in her mouth. The
tears no flowed freely down her face as she tried to smile for the
camera's wondering how she must look in this video.
She had been so preoccupied in thought she hadn't noticed when Rufus
had moved out of the way and a third black male stuffed his cock into
her mouth. In fact she had not been aware of the switch until Rufus
announced he was ready.
At that point Johnny and the third guy pulled both her halter top and
skirt completely off her body then guided her to impale her cunt on
Rufus's massive cock as he lay on the floor. As soon as he was
comfortable with the feel he pulled her down onto his chest. That's
when the third man kneeled and guided his large rod into her asshole.
His thrust into her had been the most painful of the evening as he
poked at her pushing the walls of her sex against Rufus's thick tool.
Once both of the two had found there tempo a fourth unannounced man
stood in front of her and demanded she "suck it." She slowly guided
her lips over his long snake like member before he grabbed the back of
her head and began to bob it forcefully over his manhood pulling her
back and forth with her pony tail.
Debra couldn't believe she had been made the center of a gangbang by
three complete strangers she had met at the store. This had been the
worst week of her life. She flipped this way and that for the next
hour as each of the four men took their turn in each position making

Debra fell more like a toy to some children than a human being.
Just when she felt completely in control of her thoughts was she told
to "open your mouth and keep it open." She did as she was told right
up until the first thick gob of cum shot into the back of her mouth
the warm liquid causing her to gag. She began to cough and spit it up
even as the man continued to shot stream after stream on her face,
causing her to close her eyes as her face was covered by his seed.
She heard him step away as someone grabbed a handful of her hair and
forcing her head back sprayed more of the goo on her face. The next
man had insisted she open her mouth he even warned her not to spit it
out but after the second jet of the liquid hit the back of her throat
she couldn't help but gag again.

Rufus went last pushing her to the ground he placed his cock between
her breasts and began to jerk himself off between her sore chest. He
ordered her to smile just before he shot his first stream of liquid
onto her neck and face. He then rubbed the head of his oozing cock
over each of her nipples coating them in sperm.
She had little time to wipe any of the sperm from her eyes before
Johnny helped her up. The last man that had joined the gangbang handed
her the clothes she had worn in and offered to take her someplace to
let her cleanup.

She was shocked at how quickly she was hurried through the house and
to a door. She then found herself shoved into the garage and her
clothes thrown to the front of the open bay.
She pounded on the door demanding to be allowed in for several minutes
before she gave up and retrieved her clothes she put them on and
walked out of the garage where she saw the mean blackmailer standing
beside the black SUV parked across the street. She looked around
hoping for some other way to escape before she approached him.

Part Six

Debra Barone approached the monster in front of her angry as hell and ready to
strike. She had been pushed to brink by these men and the deplorable acts she had
been forced to perform. Now being filmed on two separate occasions for the use in
porn films . She felt the dried semen crack on her face as her brow wrinkled staring
at the man.

Bill watched as Debra stomped toward him, the drugs Jimmy had given her earlier had
obviously worn off and he hoped to force her to perform for him from this point on
willingly needing her to be able to think for herself and in so doing adding to her
humiliation. She looked like hell her make-up smeared by her tears, sweat and the
men's cum, her hair a mess, the skimpy halter top and denim skirt she wore both
disheveled and thrown on obviously in a hurry. He could see the many signs of her
ordeal in the mostly dried fluids on her face and top of her chest. His eyes had
locked there gaze on her erect nipples poking through the thin top.

Her first blow took him totally by surprise as Debra knocked him in the side of the
jaw with her clenched fist hard enough she hurt her hand in the process. He
recovered quickly and was able to block the knee to the groan that followed up her
first strike. She was able to land several punches on his torso before he managed to
grab her arms and then with the help of his two accomplices who had jumped from the
SUV they violently pushed her into the back seat of the SUV..

Debra found herself pushed into the backseat of the Ford Expedition by her
blackmailers but not before she had begun to scream for help. She had only managed a
few screams for help before the door was closed and a hand was clamped around her
mouth roughly. One of the blackmailers had climbed in the backseat behind her the
other had gone around to the other side and also got in the backseat. The driver
climbed in started the vehicle and drove away from the scene not seeing any signs of

Debra found herself lying across two of her blackmailers her head and chest in one
man's lap her legs across the others. The man whose lap her head and chest sat in
tying her hands together behind her back while the other one his arms draped over
her legs holding them in place, used his hands to hold her hands together allowing
the other to tie the knots around her wrist. She had started screaming again once
the hand had been removed from her mouth but they man whose lap her head was in took
care of that as soon as he finished tying her hands together by stuffing something
in her mouth then taking a strip of duct tape the other man handed him and taping it
in her mouth. Debra found herself tied up in the backseat of the speeding SUV in
mere minutes. Furious at how she was being treated and how easily she had again been
silenced and rendered helpless, she continued to struggle in her bonds laid across
the men's laps, when she heard the men begin to speak to one another.

"Well what are we going to do with her now she's still fighting us?" one said.

"We stick to the plan. Just go to the parlor she'll make the call or else." another
said coolly.

Debra's mind raced what where they talking about? What parlor? Make what call? She
started to try to unravel their conversation and stopped struggling in her bonds.
She would not be forced to do another thing no matter what. She would fight, and she
would die if that's what it took. She would stop this before anything else happened
she promised herself. She lay on the two men's laps steadying her resolve when she
felt a hand move under the tiny skirt. Where the man exploring her crotch discovered
she hadn't gotten her panties returned to her.

"So how long will her clit stay like this?" said the man exploring her sex,
squeezing the engorged lips of her clit together as some of her fluids squeshed

"Well I don't know to tell you the truth one dose last about 24 hours I gave her a
triple dose and the last time I checked she was still stiff as a board down there if
you know what I mean." The other man answered with a smirk.

She felt a hand on the back of her neck as the knot holding her halter top up was
undid and then her top was pushed down as the man whose lap her legs where in leaned
over and grabbed a handful of her ample breast and squeezed roughly.

"What about these honkers how big you think they are?" The man groping her chest asked.

"We'll let's just say those 34B bra's she had won't her any good anymore I don't
think. We bought a 36DD for tonight but once the swelling goes down we figured
they'll just be 36D's. 'Course I'm thinking of giving the bitch a another dose twice
as big as the last if she gives us anymore trouble. Make her fun bags explode from
the swelling know what I mean?" Jimmy said to Bill's laughs.

Debra sat horrified by what she heard, how could anyone be so cruel. She had been
changed physically for life. The emotional scares would never heal nor would she be
able to enjoy sex the way she had before this ordeal ever again. She felt like she
had been killed and was now just an empty shell of her former self.

The man returned to fingering her cunt and probed in and out of her womanhood asking
yet another horrifying question of the other men.

"So how many guys did we figure she'd been with so far this week." he asked sinking
a second finger into her.

"Well the four of us will five if you count Dan multiple times then the bachelor
party what thirteen guys the Monday. Then what was it seven more johns before that
basketball team of what eleven plus the coach." He said before being interrupted.

"Hey that thirteen year old blew his load early he never got in." the man driving
chimed in.

"So the kid suffered a little premature ejaculation but he did make it in on his
second go round with her. Okay and then the old dude last night and the four guys
from the website she just did. So what is that like 41 guys fucking her god only
knows how many times. I mean that's not counting the 47 guys she did that first
weekend we put her to work. So we've got her taped with over like eighty guys I'm
sure her family would like to see that little show." Bill said with a laugh.

Debra cried tears mixing with the cum on her face as the men talked about her as
though she wasn't even there. Then she felt the man whose lap her legs were on unzip
his pants.

"Help me get her up all this talk is making me horny." Bill said trying to pull her
up onto his cock.

"You're fucking depraved!" Jimmy replied helping push her up onto Bill's cock.

Debra couldn't believe she was again being raped by these monsters. The pain of this
intrusion was lessened because her groan had no feeling left to it. The dull
sensation was now almost second nature to her. The bastard grabbed her enlarged
breast and tried to use them to bounce her up and down on his cock. He complimented
her on still having a nice tight cunt after all the perverts who had plowed through

She closed her eyes and tried to forget what was happening to her as he pleasured
himself inside her. Finally she felt him release his seed inside her sore vagina as
he grunted his labored compliments to her for the fine lay.

She sat on the bastards lap his softening cock still impaled inside her for the rest
of the ride. It took another ten minutes before they stopped in the alley one of the
other two men opening the car door and then she was pulled from the man's lap and
tossed over the drivers shoulder. She was carried into the backdoor of a building
sperm running down the back of her leg.

She was dropped in a dentist like chair as the men began to disperse into the
building. The seeming leader of the little group stayed behind and after producing a
knife cut the rope free of her wrist. He told her to clean up as he pointed to a
small room off to the side of the main room. The first thing she did after entering
the tiny bathroom gently pulling the duct tape from her face and spitting out the
cloth stuffed in her mouth and holding her head under the sink gulping down as much
water as she could. She found upon further inspection the tiny room contained a
shower, sink and toilet but no way to escape. She took the time she was given to
clean herself first sitting over the toilet for many long minutes before getting up
taking off what was left of her clothes and jumping in the shower. She enjoyed the
shower greatly feeling as though she was finally able to clean some of the dirt off
herself washing away some of the dirty things she had done. She found after exiting
the shower that her clothes were missing. Knowing if she didn't exit on her own they
would come in after her she started to step out of the tiny bathroom wearing only a

As soon as she stepped into the main room she was grabbed from behind by two of her
blackmailers and tossed like a sack of potatoes back into the dentist like chair.
She was quickly bound to the chair by her arms, legs, and neck each secured to the
cold vinyl of the chair as her towel was ripped from her body. Her first sound of
protest landed a slap to her face causing her to sit silently as her bounds were
secured to the chair.

The apparent leader of the little group then wheeled up next to her face and sternly
looked her in the eyes as he began to speak.

"Look Debra this is what you're going to do. I'm going to put you on the phone and
you're going to tell your fucking husband that they botched your hair or any other
bullshit you feel like making up and that they are giving you three more days to
make up for the mistake but you have to stay three extra days on this trip okay?"
Bill said snarling at her angrily daring her to refuse.

"NO!" she said pausing to catch her breath but vowing to stay true to herself and
stand up to these bastards no matter what it meant for her. "Fuck you I'm not doing
another thing for you I'll see you in hell before I do anything" she told him
defiantly as he pulled a tray up to the chair.

"Hey Ripper I think we're ready for you now." He said as he pulled the paper towel
from the tray exposing the needles underneath it.

Debra felt her legs still tied to the chair pulled apart as a burly looking tattooed
freak entered the room. He rolled up on a stool of his own smiling down at the sight
between her now spread legs.

"Where do you want me to start?" he asked as he rubbed his hands together. Debra
thought she saw him drooling at the sight of her exposed sex.

"We'll start by piercing her belly button then both her breast. Then I think we'll
have you do her cunt you know the top of her clit a couple of rings in both of her
lips. Then if she's still acting spunky well do her nose and both nostrils saving
the tongue for last. Then I'll let you do her lip or eyebrow you know whatever else
you want. Then you can take your payment from between her legs." Bill said speaking

"By the way has your hepatitis gotten any better." Dan asked snickering.

"Fuck you all, you fucking bastards!" Debra yelled before she was again slapped this
time even harder than the last.

"Maybe I should have had you start with her tongue." Bill said as Ripper rubbed an
alcohol pad over her belly button.

She stared defiantly as Ripper held a large gauge needle in the air over her stomach.

"You can stop this anytime Debra by making the phone call. So what will it be?" Bill
asked her holding up his hand his voice almost sounding as though her wanted her to

She glared hatefully at him not bothering to answer him. Lou smiled and lowered his
hand motioning for Ripper to continue. Ripper then lowered the needle and proceeded,
he laid the needle on her flat stomach as he began to pinch at her belly button. He
then took a metal device of some type and used it to pinch and clamp the skin around
her navel together. She grunted in pain as he clamped down on her navel.

The room was completely silent of all background noise. All Debra could hear as she
watched Ripper work was her own labored breathing and the rampant beating of her
heart. She watched in a state of distanced shock as he placed the needle in to some
type of device gun like device. Holding the handle of the device he brought it to
her navel steadying his aim. The pain of the needle piercing her skin was instant
and severe. She opened her eyes moment after the piercing to see a gold hoop he slid
in her belly button, it was a half inch in diameter and she continued to whimper in
pain as tears ran down her cheek.

"Well Debbie you ready to make that call now Hon? Lou asked.

Debra stared up at him blankly she was in a state of shock how could this be
happening to her she was a member of the PTA a regular church goer. She had never
been unfaithful to her husband before that first weekend, not that she never thought
about it, she had but not seriously anyway. She had never done anything like this
before not willingly or knowingly anyway. To find out what had been done to her all
those years ago and to now have to suffer what she had been through. She didn't
deserve this she had never done anything to anyone to deserve what she was
suffering, why would any human being be willing to do this to another she wondered
to herself still trying to deal with the pain.

"Fine go for her cunt next Ripper I want a ring right on the hood." Bill said almost
happy not to get a response from Debra.

Ripper motioned for her legs to be spread farther apart as he moved his chair and
cart in further between her now wide spread legs.

Debra grunted and wheezed as her legs where pulled further apart and locked in
place. She felt like a wishbone and thought she too would snap in half as she
watched in terror as Ripper took a closer look between her legs. His fingers began
to pry into her sex causing her even more discomfort than she was already in. Only
having his clamp like device locked in place over the hood of her clit brought her
out of her trance like state.

"Oh my GOD stop! Please stop! Please I'll do anything! Please just stop it okay
stop!" she cried in unbearable pain as she wriggled her hip trying to alleviate the
pain cursing through her crotch.

"Okay Deb I'll have him stop if you make that call like a good girl okay babe?" Lou
asked leaning over her face looking at her as she continued her heaving breath
trying to deal with the pain.

"Yes whatever please just make it stop oh God it hurts so bad please get it off!
I'll do anything just please stop it!" she yelled in pain as Ripper tightened the

Motioning for him to remove it Bill began to explain to Debra what she had to do as
Ripper pulled the clamp from her. She listened to his demands and knew she couldn't
take another three days at the hands of these brutes. At her first utterance of
protest however Bill had Ripper immediately reapply the clamp and told him to insert
the loop. Again she begged for release and agreed to Bill's terms before he again
had Ripper remove the clamps. Soon she had calmed her voice enough that Bill had a
speaker phone brought over to the side of chair next to Debra's face and dialed
after a threat from Bill about what screwing up would mean to her.

The call went smoothly right till the end when Ray told her how much he loved her
and she began to lose it. The man next to the phone had hung up the phone just
before she had muttered the first syllable in her call for help.

True to his word Bill punished her having Ripper pierce the hood of her clit with a
gold loop and matching studs stuck into each of her cunts lips. It didn't end there
however he had Ripper pierce nose with another gold hoop along with sticking a stud
through her tongue. He stopped any further piercings after she swore her cooperation
to him after seeing herself in a mirror.

Finally she was released from the chair promising to do whatever she was told,
promising not to cause her blackmailers any more grief. She was then handed a red
leather mini skirt and lacey black top that pushed her chest up and apart. She put
them on with a pair of red six inch stilettos to match her suit. She then applied
the bright red lipstick and dark mascara heavily just as directed before she pulled
her hair back into two ponytails on either side of her head. She followed the men
out thankful she had not been forced to have sex with this Ripper character.

In the alley the group was startled by a bum in the alley after he knocked over a
trash can looking for god knows what. Debra was disgusted by the man's unkempt
appearance and smell. He obviously hadn't bathed in days perhaps weeks. She was
repulsed he was so disgusting she cringed as she looked at him some strange growth
on his neck.

He begged Lou for a dollar and she began to fell petty for him. That's when she
heard Bill say "How but I give you something even better." Then asking the bum when
the last time he'd gotten laid was. The bum responded saying it had been so long he
couldn't remember the last time he had been with a girl. That's when Bill did the
unthinkable and offered Debra to him for five minutes to do with as he pleased.

Part Seven

Lou had been waiting for his co-conspirators for over five hours and
had just finished reading the last of Debra's six diaries that Bill
and Eddie had collected on the first weekend he had questioned Debra.
He had learned so much from reading the diaries and was mad as hell
with himself. Why hadn't he bothered to read them in the months since
he had gotten them, why had he instead spent his spare time editing
the many tapes he had of Debra and her debauchery. He had learned from
her diaries just what she had told him earlier, she had no knowledge
of the many men Nick had shared her with nor did she want to
experiment with anyone else as Nick did. She had wrote about how much
she liked Nick in the entries when the two had started dating, and as
time passed she went from talking about him as a boyfriend to "the
one" she had planned on marrying him. She had then begun making
entries about how he was pressuring her to experiment sexually but she
wanted no one but him finally reluctantly she agreed to let him tie
her up and blindfold her. He told her to pretend it was someone else
making love to her but she claimed in her diary she never did and only
told Nick that she did wanting to make him happy.
It could have been worse Debra thought as she stood waiting for the
vagrant having insisted on getting something for her to rest her
knee's on not wanting her to hurt herself on the hot cement. She
looked up seeing the sun between the buildings surrounding the alley
taking the opportunity to say a silent prayer to God praying he would
watch over her and let her get through this as painlessly and without
any further harm being done to her or her marriage.
Thankfully the pills the blackmailer she had now learned was named
Jimmy had given her had quickly helped alleviate much of the pain from
the piercings. She was however getting more worried however the more
she learned about her blackmailers. The first day of this trip when
she hadn't been drugged they had made it a point to share no
information about themselves with her. She had noticed they never
called one another by name and kept the conversation amongst
themselves to a minimum in her presence. Her concerns about their
continued plans for her got even more serious if that was possible,
when they began to fight amongst themselves in front of her earlier
after the one she had slept with overnight had almost showed a little
kindness to her and had begun asking her questions. Her concerns grew
even more serious while she was tied to the chair, she had learned the
name of the blackmailer she had slept with this morning was Lou but
later with her tied in the chair the three casually called each other
by name as they joked about the way she looked and how she howled in
pain as she was tortured to their delight. She also learned Jimmy was
a former med student as he began to explain the medical ramifications
of her piercings to the one called Bill, the third apparently really
was named Dan and found the whole thing quite hilarious. She just
couldn't help thinking they had no plans to release her as they didn't
seem to care if she knew their names nor did they care what changes
they had made to her physical appearance.
She had given up fighting them earlier realizing her efforts to resist
them were ultimately futile even if she never made the phone call they
would keep her as long as they wanted. At least by making the phone
call she could keep Ray from worrying about her for another three days
she reasoned. She knew that she could refuse to follow their orders
but they had proven to her beyond any doubt that they could force her
compliance with their drugs. She was torn on this decision however
wondering if it wouldn't be better to be drugged. At least then she
wouldn't be doing the things consciously, but the last dose of the
drug had left her conscious of her actions but still unable to keep
herself from doing as she was told. She reasoned it was better to just
cooperate hoping maybe they would go easier on her if she did.
As a fresh tear streaked down her face Debra Barone dropped to her
knees on the scrap of cardboard the filthy bum had been kind enough to
find for her. She already felt worn out and defeated as she cautiously
reached out to take this vile strangers cock into her mouth. At least
it was only for five minutes she kept telling herself as she swallowed
hard trying to keep from vomiting in disgust. The stench of his
unwashed crotch flooded her nose with its pungent, stomach turning
odor allowing her mind to drift from her worries to the new task at
hand. She slowly reluctantly opened her mouth wondering if it wouldn't
be less painful to just go in and let them pierce anything else they
wanted, as she brought her lips to his member. She slowly moved her
mouth across his putrid cock deciding the only thing worse than the
smell was the horrible taste of his member.
As she moved her mouth up and down on his cock slowly, she closed her
eyes hoping to distance herself from what she was doing. That became
impossible to do when filthy street person then placed his soiled
hands in her hair and began gently helping her move her head up and
down on his cock. As her humiliation grew Debra's attention turned to
her tongue it felt so strange as she ran it back and forth along the
wretched cock of the vagrant. The thick stud in the center of her
tongue pushed around in her mouth painfully by the cock rubbing
against it as she bobbed up and down on it. She continued her efforts
for finding it difficult to bring the old man to erection. She was
certain the five minutes must have already passed as her jaw got sore
from the disgusting task. She opened her eyes and tried to look around
at her blackmailers for a sign, hoping they would put an end to the
terrible humiliation she was being forced to suffer. Instead she saw
two of the men standing around her with camcorders filming the
pathetic act, as the third handed the bum a condom and pointed him to
a makeshift table. She had at first just been thankful no one could
see her from the street, but what did that matter now as the bastards
were taping it probably for the world to see she thought.
The bum now finally sporting an erection had a look of joy plastered
across his face as he helped Debra up from her knees and to her feet
leading her by her hand over to the table. Following his instructions
and with the bums help she was barely able to jump up onto the
unstable structure of the table. She looked forward in shock as the
hoodlum pulled her legs wide apart then stepped between them. She felt
the piercings in her crotch tug on her skin as he held her legs apart.
He then handed the condom to her and lowered his gaze to his
glistening cock now positioned between her legs. His whole attitude
had changed it was as if he was a different man than the fumbling
idiot who had just been begging for money just a little while ago. He
now had power, power over the slut that was Debra Barone.
Debra rolled her eyes as she realized what this disgusting bum
expected of her knowing she obviously had no choice but to do as he
wanted. She wanted to tell this vagrant what to do with himself, and
the condom, but she knew what a failure to do what was expected of her
would mean, and she couldn't allow that. She had all but forgotten the
pain of the piercings she had suffered earlier as she suffered through
giving this bum a blow job, but now lying on top of the table, her
legs spread obscenely wide the rings in her navel and cunt along with
the studs they had begun to pulse with a mild throbbing pain. The stud
through her tongue made her mouth feel full even without it being
stuffed with cock.
Gritting her teeth to deal with the humiliation and pain she reached
down between her legs and slowly tore open the packaging and unraveled
the condom sliding it over the bums cock. His cock now sheathed in the
condom he took hold of his weapon and slapped it against the shiny
ring at the top of her cunt and then the two studs in the lips of her
stiff sex.
Debra dropped her head back as the intense sensations of the slaps
shot through her body. Finally the filthy bum tired of playing the
drums on her womanhood and slid his cock into her tortured sex. As he
thrust in time and time again his filthy hands pulled her full breast
free of the leather top that incased them in his palms. Debra wanted
to scream out as her body was rocked with the sensations of his
attentions but instead she bit down hard on her lip, drawing blood
under the intense pressure. She suffered under his thrust as his
strokes brutally rubbed against the fresh piercings in her cunt.
She heard the bum directed to make sure he shot his load in her face
and not waste it in the rubber and then his quick response that he
would as his tempo increased. He rammed his tool deep into Debra like
a man possessed. He had completely tugged her breasts free of the top
and began drooling on them in his euphoric state.
Debra was beside herself as she looked down between her widespread
legs at the homeless bum pummeling his cock into her body. She was
better than this; she had grown up in a sheltered life. She had been
fortunate enough to go to the finest schools. She'd been a
cheerleader, student council president, Queen of the winter dance. How
could all this be happening to her? She had been through so much
already and didn't know how much more she could take.
She was brought out of her thoughts of despair when she felt the
stranger pull his cock from her body. She was quickly shuffled from
the wobbly table and forced back to her knees. Then she felt the first
stream of his disgusting sperm sprayed across her face clenching her
lips tightly not wanting his fluids in her mouth. It was quickly
followed by a second and then third. He let loose several more shots
as he slapped her face with his wretched cock.
She heard the bum repeatedly thanking the men for the use of their
girl, the hot sun backing the sticky cum on her face as someone helped
her to her feet. She tried to wipe the jism from her eyes using her
fingers as she was led back to the SUV. Once safely back in the SUV
she was seated in the backseat between two of her blackmailers Bill
and Jimmy. She whimpered as her legs were spread wide apart and hands
moved across her exposed sex.

After several minutes of teasing Debra with their fingers one of the
men slipped a cold steel ball inside her cunt and then another pushing
them deep inside her cunt. The chill of the intrusion sent a shiver
down her spine causing a low moan to escape her lips. Next another
small device shaped like a tiny egg was slipped inside her sex, and
then with the flip of a switch the egg shaped device began to buzz to
life inside her. It rattled inside her body and pulsated against the
other two metal objects buried inside her. The sensations she now felt
rushing through her body were unlike any others she had ever felt.
Her eyes closed, her breath grew ragged and she was totally unaware as
the thick black anal plug was being lubricated in front of her. Only
when she was lifted from the seat and the cold greased plug pressed
against her anal bud did she become aware of it presence. She licked
her lips and then bit down sharply on her already gnawed lower lip as
it was pressed into her sphincter. The thick plug was pushed in to its
base the further into her it got it she could feel it rub against the
Ben-Wa balls in her cunt thru the thin membrane separating them. Her
body jerked in response to the strange sensations cursing through her
crotch. The experience entirely unlike any she had ever felt before.
Although she was disgusted and repulsed by her bodies' reaction she
was none the less being pushed to new sexual peaks by the multiple

Debra felt the men pinching her nipples but didn't bother to open her
eyes as they just continued adding to her condition before the first
thin metal clamp was snapped in place over her erect nipple. The
second clamp attached to the thin gold chain dangling from the first
clamp was then snapped into place over her other nipple. The chain had
another small chain attached to it in the middle this chain was then
pulled through the leather top she had been forced to wear and guided
through the ring in her navel before being pulled into her skirt.
Finally it was clasped in place on the ring piercing through the lip
of her cunt. A small round disk was also clasped onto the chain next
to the ring in her cunt. Next the two men worked together to pull a
pair of tight latex panties over her shoes and up her legs as she was
again lifted and the panties were pulled into place. Her top was
pulled up to cover her breast and she now felt the roughness of the
leather on her erect nipples. She opened her eyes as one of the men
took a moist towelet and wiped her face clean handing her another to
wipe her hands with.

The SUV eventually pulled up to the front door of a shopping mall.
Debra almost panicked as she was helped out of the vehicle and Bill
whispered in her ear.

"We're going to go in here to get something to eat. Anger me scream
call for help whatever and we'll go back to see good ole Ripper back
at the parlor. If you do get away we got a friend back in the big
apple old Lou will give him a call an it will be sweet little Ally
seeing old Ripper. So do you understand what is expected of you slut."
He asked.

Debra shook her head in total agreement not wanting him to follow
through on his threat yet still biting on her lip as she tried to come
to grips with the feelings of the devices now attached to and inserted
in her body and her complete humiliation.

She was then taken by her arm and escorted into the mall by Bill. She
noticed immediately the cruel stares of the people around her at her
whorish appearance. She felt so awkward the devices buzzing about
inside her the studs in her cunt rubbing each other as she walked. She
felt the butt plug straining against the tight latex panties trying to
escape as she clenched her legs together as she walked across the
mall. The buzzing device and the balls moving around in her cunt had
brought her to the brink of a sexual climax but she fought hard not to
give into her carnal feelings.

Bill watched Debra closely as they walked down the mall together he
had to slow down as Debra struggled to keep up with his pace as he
looked across the mall at his friends filming her from a distance not
wanting to miss a minute of her humiliation. He took note of her lip
biting and shallow breath, he knew she must be on the verge of a
massive climax. She was doing an admirable job of holding back the
flood of her passions as she walked down the mall looking down at her
feet unwilling to look anyone in the eye.

Bill reached in his pocket and pressed the button on the tiny remote
causing the small device clamped on her chain to begin pulsing in wild
vibrations. The tightly stretched chain sent the vibrations through
her clit, navel and nipples simultaneously. The new sensations hit her
like a tidal wave. Her climax was intense and overwhelming; she let
out a load moan as she stopped in her tracks racked by an earth
shattering climax.

Bill had no idea her reaction would be so boisterous, the attention of
everyone in the mall had suddenly turned to the couple as Debra
continued to throw her head back and pant in the throes of passion.
Her face had turned a bright shade of red as her intense orgasm swept
across her body.

He reached into his pocket again and turned off the device then pulled
sharply on her arm bringing her out of her daze. She looked up first
at Bill then at the crowd of people who had gathered staring at her in
shock. She was even more humiliated than before and her face already a
bright red from her orgasm turned even redder from the humiliation.
She began to cry silently as Bill led her to the food court and forced
her to order her food. Her body was still racked by the feelings of
the devices inside her but she was no longer in any danger of
orgasming. She sat and ate wiping away the tears still streaking down
her face, she smiled and tried to act pleasant not wanting to anger
Bill. He had reached into his pocket and started the other device
several times during their dining but had never got the same reaction
from her, she was now to humiliated to climax again.

Bill had pointed out the many men and even the group of young teenage
boys who had followed them staring at Debra. She sat through dinner
humiliated beyond belief. The walk back to the car was equally awkward
to her as she wished for death to take her away from the agonizing

Next Debra was driven to a Sorority house at a local college Bill
explained to her he had sold her to the sisters for several hours and
she was to do whatever the girls wanted. He handed her a bag and told
her to get her ass in the house.

As Debra nervously walked to the door of the house she looked inside
the bag to see a strap-on dildo and a rubber ball gag along with a
ring gag and cuffs. She knocked on the door not sure what to expect.
She was lead into the house and then into the large main hall by three
young girls the oldest perhaps a meager 21 or 22 years old. In the
hall three other girls sat waiting for them. Debra sat and listened in
shock as she was told what the girls expected of her. She was to strip
to her panties and lick each girl to orgasm starting with the houses
only black sister.

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