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Collected by Djian

Poker Wife
Poker Wife
by Lisa Laten &"notmystory"

As Brian pulled his wife to her feet he pulled the hood off her face and removed the gag. Brian stood behind her and began to untie her hands as he noticed the D having been burnt deep into Lisa's ass by the sizzling branding iron. As Brian began to question his wife about what had happened to her. Lisa stood silently her eyes trying to adjust to the light while she tried to get her mouth to talk having been gagged for over twelve hours. Seeing his wife's enlarged puffy lips now cracked and bleeding. Having gotten dry and brittle he rushed to the kitchen returning with a glass of water. Parched Lisa slowly sipped the water not able to take too much at a time.

Finally able to speak Lisa told Brian of what she had seen and heard after the poker game this morning. Ron's cheating, their plan to ensnare and blackmail Terri as they had Lisa. Determined to make sure neither sister could live a normal life

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