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Collected by Djian

Cheerleader's Torment

"Okay, let's load up." Caroline nodded and started back to the drivers door. She turned to Kate and casually said, "Kate, you ride with the boys for the rest of the way."
Surprised. Kate stopped in her tracks, looked about nervously. She was about to ask why when Caroline came around and pulled her to one side.
"Its time for you to begin the test now Kate," Caroline said suddenly seriously. "From here on out, you have to do exactly as you're told." Kate looked into the older girl's eyes for a sign of what this might mean, what she might have to do, but couldn't find one.
"What will I have to do?" Kate asked, feeling a rush of adrenaline in her stomach. "Nothing that we ALL haven't had to do." Caroline replied. "It's not so
bad." She looked Kate in the eye.

The Reluctant Filmstar 106kb
(M+/f, nc, humil)
This is a particularly nasty little tale about the exploittation of a young, beautiful but unsophisticated girl's desire to escape poverty
and make it in the movies. She answers the wrong ad, and falls into the hands of the wrong men. She has to go through audition and a very unpleasant medical examination... As with all my stories, humiliation
and coercion are central themes. Read at your own risk...

Janet's Hard Lesson 73kb
M+/f, nc, coercion

Playing with Grace 26kb
M+/f, nc, humil

Stacey's Japanese Ordeal 43kb
M+/f, nc, humil, japaness and cameraes :-)

Blackmailed Housewife 43kb
M+/f, nc, humil, blackmail, teen
Indeed a cruel little tale about the naive housewife, with the jealous husband.... and the wrong tape in the wrong hands.

Maria's weekend 21kb
M+/f, reluc, D/s, humil

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