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Collected by Djian

Blackmailed by Boyfriend's Father
Author unknown

This story might explain that my girlfriend wasn't as drunk as I
thought when she was sexually used by two strangers on holiday with me
in Spain. If you haven't read that story, post a message and I will
repost it for you.  If you would like copies of some of the pictures
referred to in this story, post a reply using a safe email address to
which I can send them.

Blackmailed by Boyfriend's Father

A little while ago my wife, Maureen, and I were at a party and I
noticed that during the evening she went upstairs with a man who
looked about 60 years old (my wife is 32).  They were gone some time
and when Maureen returned, it was obvious that she had been well and
truly fucked.  When we got home, I asked her why she had gone with
such an older man when there had been plenty of much younger men
there.  Maureen hesitated and then started to explain.

I had first met my wife when she was 15, a good catholic girl and only
child.  It had taken more than 6 months to get her to agree to any
kind of sex and even longer before she had let me fuck her; but after
that she just couldn't seem to get enough. I had got a camera on my
birthday and had taken up photography as a hobby; joining a local
camera club and learning to develop and print, as well as all about
composition etc.  Just after Maureen's 16th birthday, I'd taken some
photographs of her showing her big firm tits and neat little cunt.
Some pictures showed me fingering her, holding her cunt open while she
sucked my cock etc. and in one she was sat on my knee with her legs
wide open and my cock up her. I kept the photographs hidden at the
back of our garage since I shared a bedroom with my older brother.

Maureen explained that my dad had found these photographs and came to
see her one day during the school holidays.  My dad told her he was
worried about what her parents would say and that, since it was clear
that I wasn't wearing a condom, that she could easily get pregnant.
My then girlfriend told my dad that she was on the pill and so
couldn't get pregnant, but that she didn't want her parents to know
about or see the photographs.  My dad had then told Maureen how
attractive she was, that she looked great in the pictures, and that if
she did what he wanted, no one would ever know about it.  Maureen told
me how she had hesitated, but had also realized that there was no real
option but to let my dad do what he wanted, and so she had silently
nodded her agreement.  My dad told her to show him to her bedroom, he
had then sat at her dressing table and told her that he wanted to see
the 'real thing' rather than just the pictures of her body.  He told
her to strip naked.

The thought of my dad, making my then 16-year-old girlfriend strip for
him was too much for my throbbing cock.  I was really turned on and so
told her I needed to fuck her.  We undressed and she continued to
explain what my dad had made her do.  My dad had sat and watched my
girlfriend strip off her clothes without comment.  He then got her to
'pose' for him, getting her to push her tits out and play with her
nipples until they had become erect. Then she had to sit on the edge
of her bed with her legs wide-open and pull her cunt lips apart so
that my dad could see her properly.  After this, he had told her to
stand and turn round so that he could admire her bottom, and after
bending over to show him her cunt again, he told her to come over to
where he was sitting.  My dad had then drawn Maureen close to him,
forcing her to open her legs since he had kept his knees closed.  My
dad had then sucked and licked her firm young tits, as he slipped his
finger into her cunt and used his thumb to work on her clit.  Unknown
to my girlfriend, dad had also released his cock and as he pulled her
down towards his knee, Maureen had been startled to feel his cock at
the entrance to her cunt.  She had automatically raised herself a
little and then looked between her legs to see my dad's hard cock. My
wife told me that dad's cock was not much bigger than mine, but that
the end of his cock was huge, at least twice as big as mine, very red
and angry looking.  My dad had started to ease her back down towards
his cock, and after a little hesitation, Maureen had allowed herself
to be guided onto his big knob-end.  My dad's cock had then pushed her
cunt lips apart to stretch and fill my 16-year-old girlfriend.  My
wife told me how she had felt that big knob-end inside her, but more
than that, she had been turned on by the fact that my father was
making her fuck with him.  She told me how she had then ridden my
dad's cock and had cum several times before he had filled her with his

The rest of the school holidays had been spent with my dad visiting my
girlfriend, 3 or 4 times a week, during the day, when her parents were
out at work.  Sometimes dad would get her to dress up in her school
uniform and get her to kneel in front of him to lick, kiss and suck
his cock, before bending her over the sofa and fucking her hard.  One
day she was waiting for him, dressed in her school uniform, when
another man turned up with my dad.  The man was much older than my dad
and quite fat.  Maureen wasn't sure what to do, doing it with my dad
was ok, she enjoyed that, but with two men at the same time and one a
complete stranger was something else. However, any decision on her
part was taken out of her hands, my dad had simply held arms firmly
behind her back while the stranger opened her school blouse and pulled
her bra up to expose her big firm tits; the stranger had then roughly
squeezed her breasts and pinched her stiffening nipples. My dad then
took over working on Maureen's tits as the stranger lifted her navy
skirt and tucked it in the waistband. He had then pulled down her
knickers and started to roughly finger her cunt.  My dad, throughout
this had told her how young girls needed plenty of cock and that he
understood how she loved and needed to be fucked.  As my dad and his
friend worked on Maureen's young body, they had continually told her
how she was never going to forget this new sexual experience.

The stranger had then stood back and unzipped his trousers; my
girlfriend then saw that this man's cock was about 12-inchs long and
as fat as her wrist.  My dad had then pushed my girlfriend to her
knees, and firmly gripped her long blonde hair, as the fat old man fed
his huge cock into her young mouth; my wife told me that at this point
she had gagged on his cock, which had fully stretched her mouth and
been pushed to the back of her throat; but being forced to suck on
this stranger's cock had also turned her on and given her a tingling
sensation in her cunt.  The stranger had then worked his cock in and
out of her mouth, as they both told her how lucky she was to now have
two older, and much more experienced, men to teach her about her body
and its need for sex. Dad had started working on her cunt and clit,
but she had already began leaking her juices and so it wasn't very
long before my dad had told his friend that she was wet enough.  The
old man withdrew his cock from her mouth and then they had both pinned
her to the floor. The stranger roughly pulled Maureen's legs apart and
quickly pushed the head of his big fat cock into her.  As the huge
cock entered Maureen's cunt and plunged deeper into her belly, dad had
pushed his cock into her mouth and the stranger forced more of his
cock into her; stretching her young cunt.  My wife told me how she had
nearly passed out as his huge cock continued to invade her tight young
pussy; she had tried to scream as she had finally felt the head of the
fat old man's big cock enter her womb and flood her with his hot

My dad had seemed satisfied, at having watched his son's 16-year-old
girlfriend being fucked by the big cock of a man more that 4 times her
age. He took his cock out of her mouth to let her get her breath.  The
stranger had then pulled most his huge cock out of her stretched cunt,
when my girlfriend had seen a flash, opening her eyes to find my dad
pointing a camera at her; capturing her as she lay with the head of
this stranger's cum covered cock still in her abused cunt.  The
stranger had laughed at my girlfriend's expression and took advantage
of her confusion to withdraw his cock completely, only to stick it in
her mouth. The second flash of the camera caught her with the head of
this old man's big cock in her mouth and with her cunt gaping open as
his spunk leaked out.

My dad had then got her to suck him and straddle his cock while the
stranger took more pictures; the final picture was of her open legged,
showing her still gaping young cunt, and with the heads of both their
cocks at her open mouth, as fresh spunk ran down her chin.  On the
next visit, my dad had shown her copies of the new photographs and
explained that he knew she enjoyed being dominated and used.  Taking
the pictures had been intended to heighten the experience for her,
emphasizing the fact that her sexual needs had led her to be
completely under their control; the fact that the pictures also
guaranteed her continued compliance was a bonus.  My dad had gone on
to explain that from this point on, she would have no choice but to do
everything he told her, since he could now show them to me to reveal
what a slut she was, and that she would now have to fuck with anyone
and everyone he chose.  My wife told me that she had secretly been
pleased, because she had loved the experience and wanted to fuck and
be fucked a whole lot more.  She had become addicted to the idea of
older men, who would use and abuse her young hot body.  She wanted men
to strip her naked and roughly use her for sex, without a care for any
feelings that she may have.

My girlfriend wanted to go to university and so had returned to school
to study for her A 'Levels, but she hated sport and would get her
mother to write notes for school, giving numerous reasons why she
could not attend each sports lesson.  My dad had used these 'free'
afternoons to continue to sexually dominate her.  A friend of my dad
had a house near to the well-known, all-girl catholic school, which my
girlfriend attended and she would go there instead of doing sport.  My
dad would sometimes be there alone, but often he had arranged for a
number of men to be present; my girlfriend never knew what to expect
other than she would be sexually used.  

I fucked my wife throughout the night, as she told me what these men
had done to her. My only regret is not knowing about it at the time,
as I would have given anything to have watched and encouraged those
old men to use her beautiful young body. I would have taken lots of
photographs and even joined in.  

I have copies of the original pictures my dad had found and used to
blackmail, my then girlfriend.  Post a reply if you would like me to
email the pictures to you.  If sufficient interest is shown, I will
describe Maureen's experiences at the hands of my dad and his mates,
and subsequently as my wife.

The boyfriend/husband

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