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Collected by Djian
update feb 20 2007

Young Girl's Plaything
by Sarah (

Warning: The narrative deals with underage persons; if
you find this offensive, then please don't read it. The
following story is a purely fictional account.


Part One: The Licking-Pony Game

Jenny sat with her feet, in their pretty lace-topped
white ankle-socks, between the grown woman's boobies.
She had taken off her panties and sat her little eight-
year-old ass right down on the sobbing woman's face.

Now she was busy wriggling her butt so her helpless
slave's nose and mouth went deeper into her butt-crack.
Jenny wanted her actual butt-hole kissed and that's all
there was too it. When the girls wanted something from
their grown-up toy, they always got it.

'Kiss my butt-hole toy,' Jenny giggled, 'an that is
sooo gross but I'm gonna make you do much worse stuff

Then the eight-year-old went back to lashing her
captive's breasts with her riding-crop. Emily
Devallier, at thirty-four, was enduring a sudden and
unexpected career change. From respected piano teacher,
to a real-live toy, used solely for amusement by a gang
of spoilt prepubescent girls. She was naked, and bound
so skillfully that movement, let alone escape, was
impossible. She could barely breathe now, then she felt
her lips touch the horrid girl's anus – and she kissed
it. Then the next instruction came.

Jenny squealed with delight as she felt her plaything's
tongue wriggle and squirm its way deep into her ass.
Even though Jenny was only eight, she had masturbated
about making Miss Devallier do this to her since her
first lesson. She even talked to some of her friends
about it. Stephanie, who was ten, said it was sick and
disgusting, but only: IF YOU WERE THE ONE THAT HAD TO
DO THE LICKING!! And then they all laughed.

But Jenny now owned the useless thirty-four-year-old
bitch, and she was helpless and couldn't say no - in
fact, she couldn't say no to anything Jenny wanted
anymore. Which was just sooo cool. So the poor wretch
squirmed under the little girl's ass cheeks,
desperately trying to jam her tongue deeper into her
pre-teen owner's butt-hole all the while trying to
avoid the evil sting of the crop as it sliced at her
breasts. The toy's pitiful screams and begging moans
were muffled by Jenny's little ass as the sadistic
young girl bounced happily on her new slave's face.

Jenny was a very naughty girl, and she knew it. But she
had always gotten away with everything – so why should
now be any different? Life's very simple when you're
eight, mostly divided into what you can do and what you
can't do, what you'll be allowed to do, and what you
wont – and – what stuff you'll get into trouble for.

It seemed to Jenny that piano teachers were boring and
useless, so that was okay, and Miss Devallier had no
family or anything, so she was just being wasted
really. Well Jenny had solved all that. Now Miss
Devallier was being very useful, giving all the girls
so much fun – much better than her stupid piano
lessons. And, although Jenny couldn't be sure, maybe
mom didn't mind. After all, when that man came asking
about Miss Devallier mom had told him that she never
arrived for the lesson. That was odd. Anyway, this was
the best game Jenny ever thought up, and that's all
that mattered.

Teasing was always fun, so every now and again Jenny
would lift her little sweaty butt off Miss Devallier's
silly mouth just long enough to listen to her begging
and crying. Jenny loved to hear her do that, she never
answered though, she just giggled and sat back down
again. Now her butt was all slippery and squelchy from
Miss Devallier's licking and from sweat – it was hot
work riding the licking-pony (that was Lisa's cool name
for this game).

Jenny reached for a Diet-Pepsi on the table by her bed.
As she rolled sideways there was a slurping sound as
the licking-pony's face pulled out from her butt-cheeks
– Jenny laughed, nearly choking on her Pepsi, and some
even came out of her nose. And Miss Devallier gasping
for air was funny too, but it didn't last long as Jenny
wriggled her hips and settled down to play licking-pony
some more. It was a totally cool game and she would
play it for hours.

Emily tried to concentrate. She was struggling to hold
on to her sanity, she knew instinctively that she had
to reduce her new world to manageable chunks if she was
to survive. 'The small picture,' she repeated over and
over in her mind. Emily focused on pushing her tongue
out further, (ignoring the aching pain in her jaw).

She also concentrated on twirling her tongue as it went
deeper into... well... just deeper. Where her tongue
was buried, and what was pressing down onto her face
making her struggle for breath, well, that was the big
picture – if she thought about that she would go mad.
So she concentrated on the task at hand, and stopping
that whip. It was all about stopping that whip.

Three lessons was all she had given the children. They
had seemed nice; attentive; polite even, just as you
would expect of girls from wealthy families. The eight
year-olds had asked her questions – was she married?
Did she have any children? Any little girls like them?

Emily patiently explained that she lived alone, and had
no family, but that she wasn't lonely or sad, because
she loved her work. And no (in answer to Jennifer's
unrelenting questioning), she didn't have many friends.
She was just too busy, that was all.

Everything had seemed normal. Twenty minutes into the
third lesson the girls had said they were thirsty. They
ran through the large house to the kitchen and came
back with a glass of soda each, and one for Emily. It
was hot so she readily accepted, sipping at it while
she explained the importance of Middle-C, and then ran
though the basic scales again.

After a while the keys blurred and Emily felt a little
light-headed. It was a hot day, but the house was well
air-conditioned – perhaps it was something she ate?
Emily remembered asking one of the girls to fetch
Jennifer's mother, but they seem to just stare at her,
smiling. Then she just sort of slid gently sideways
from the piano stool and lay on the floor.

The girls helped her to her feet and said they were
taking her to see Jennifer's mom, so she went, leaning
on the little girls and struggling to take each stair
at a time. Why were they going upstairs? Why didn't
Jennifer's mother come down? Perhaps she didn't
understand how sick Emily was. The last thing Emily
remembered was being lowered onto a bed; then she
passed out.

Emily floated in and out of consciousness. She was
dimly aware of being handled, someone was loosening her
clothes – that was a good idea when someone faints...
wasn't it? There were sounds of giggling – young girl's
giggling – which was strange.

Emily came round slowly, at first confused, and then
frightened. She thought she was paralyzed, she couldn't
move her arms or legs, there was something in her
mouth. Then she was fully awake and her conscious mind
pulled all the pieces together that her sub-conscious
had treated as a hazy dream. She was tied.

Emily could feel the thin cord on her wrists, which
were behind her back. She could also feel it around her
ankles, and she was gagged; cloth of some sort. As she
jerked her head forward she could see she was naked.
Then panic set in and she began to thrash, tugging at
the rope, but that just made it tighter. Then Emily saw
the girls, looking down at her with smug, pleased

'Hi Miss Devallier,' said a grinning Jennifer, 'guess
wot? You aren't a boring piano teacher anymore, you are
gonna be our new best toy'. With that they all laughed.

The idea that this was a sick joke wore off after a few
days. Emily was kept naked and tied in Jennifer's
closet, amid a jumble of shoes, clothes and toys. The
girls used extra rope to bind her to the lower rail of
the clothes-rack so she could barely move – and the gag
(which they had told her with much amusement was dirty,
white school sock) was very effective.

The only person (apart from the girls) who ever came
into Jennifer's bedroom was the maid, she never went in
the closet, and if she ever noticed the muffled sounds
she ignored them. Still, Emily felt this couldn't go on
long, by now she had left any ideas of punishing the
girls behind and would just settle for an end to this
humiliating prank, but things took a turn for the
worse, not better.

They started beating her. At first it was on impulse –
Jennifer, Lisa and another girl Emily didn't recognize
had dragged her out of the closet and were staring down
at her grinning, which had been the routine for several
days. Then they dragged her to the base of Jennifer's
bed, tying one ankle to the bed. Jennifer hesitated, as
if she was just making this up as she went along, then
she quickly untied Emily's ankles.

Emily tried to make her move but her legs were numb
from not moving, and besides, her right ankle was still
tied to the bed. The girls moved quickly, pulling their
captive's left leg wide, then tying it to the other
side of the bed. Emily felt different almost
immediately, acutely aware that things had taken a
decidedly different turn, with her legs spread and her
naked vagina completely exposed to the stares of the
little girls the sexual overtones were hard to miss.

Jennifer stepped between the helpless woman's spread
legs, and just stood there as if unsure what to do
next. She was wearing white running shoes with pink
stripes, and white ankle socks – then she just lifted
one foot, and kicked Emily in the groin. The toe-punt
caught Emily just below her vagina and she groaned in
agony, lifting her shoulders off the carpet. The girls
just laughed, which was worse then the pain and
humiliation – they were enjoying it. Jennifer's second
blow was a stamping action, as if Emily's genitals were
a bug she was squishing.

Jenny had thought about hurting her new toy a lot, she
had even sat with Lisa and Hannah drawing pictures of
how to hurt a grownup. But now she was actually doing
it... well... it was even more fun than she thought it
would be. Watching Miss Devallier's eyes roll back, and
that stupid moaning noise was just too funny, and she
burst out laughing. The prepubescent terror stomped her
helpless victim's cunny bits several times, then ground
them with the serrated sole of her running shoe.

'Cool,' said Lisa, her eyes all wide and excited, 'we
should get a whip or something'.

'Yeah,' agreed Hannah. 'Maybe we could train her to do
stuff, like a pet or something.

Jenny laughed, and stomped menacingly to her closet,
where she opened a drawer and took out her riding crop.

'This will do nicely for toy training I think,' she
said, swishing the crop through the air. The girl's new
pet shut her eyes tight. 'No!' shouted Jenny, lashing
the woman's legs, 'never shut your eyes less we tell
you to, you got to look at us when we play wiv you –
understand?' The toy nodded and opened its eyes. Jenny
gave the stupid woman her best angry stare, right in
the eyes, with her cheeks puffed out and everything.
'Good,' the eight year-old said. 'Now... what shall we
teach her to do?'

'Something gross,' said Hannah.

'Yeah, really gross,' added Lisa. 'Like... kissing our

The girls took off their shoes and socks and stood over
their toy, who had started trembling and crying as she
looked up at the three evilly grinning little faces.
This just excited Jenny even more, it was cool knowing
the toy was scared. Scaring her was nearly as much fun
as hurting her – but not quite.

'If you make a noise we will kill you an bury you in
the woods,' said Jenny in her most menacing voice. She
wouldn't really kill the toy, that was wrong, but it
shut her up. Jenny bent down and untied the long sports
sock from around the toy's head, and pulled the little
white one out of its mouth – it was wet and horrid so
she threw it in the laundry basket. Then Lisa placed
her foot over the toy's mouth, Miss Devallier was
whimpering a bit, but she wasn't shouting or anything,
just like she'd been told.

'Kiss my foot toy,' said Lisa, and the woman did.
'Again!' said Lisa, giggling.

'Yuk that's gross,' said Hannah, 'I would hate to be a

'Let me have a go,' said Jenny excitedly. She placed
her naked little foot over Miss Devallier's mouth and
made her kiss the sole. Jenny wriggled her toes looking
at the glitter-pink nail polish. It had taken her ages
to put on, and she'd done it very carefully, it hardly
went over the edges at all. Without warning Jenny
shoved her toes in the toy's mouth. 'Suck them,' she
giggled, 'suck my pretty toes toy'.

Miss Devallier started making noises like when she had
her gag in, but she just lay there with Jenny's foot in
her mouth. Jenny just grinned and whacked one of the
toy's boobies with the crop. 'Suck!' she commanded.
'Suck your owner's toes you loser'. The woman did as
she was told and the other girls clapped and laughed.

'What's it like,' asked Hannah excitedly.

'Really cool,' said Jenny, 'it's all warm an squishy,
an you can wriggle your toes while they're in there'.

'Can I have a go,' Hannah asked, placing her naked foot
on Miss Devallier's cheek.

'Sure,' said Jenny casually, 'we can do it as much as
we like – I'm gonna do it every day so my feet are
always nice an clean'. She pulled out her wet little
foot and dried her toes on the toy's hair. Hannah stuck
hers in so quick the toy hardly had time to let out a
little moan.

Miss Devallier's mouth was full of little toes again
and she looked really miserable about it, which made
sense to Jenny because sucking little girl's feet
(especially when they haven't washed them) was totally
gross. But she liked it that her toy wasn't having fun,
that was how it was supposed to be. Toys weren't
allowed to have any fun at all, they were for having
fun with.

Part Two: Degrading Miss Devallier

Emily had thought that being naked with your legs
spread wide and at the mercy of three giggling little
girls was as humiliating a thing as you could possibly
imagine - but things quickly took a turn for the worse
when the brats had started to whip and kick her. Now
they stood over her shoving their horrid sweaty feet
into her mouth, laughing, as she was made to suck them
clean. Perhaps they would kill her, like they'd
threatened – and perhaps that would be better than
this, abused and degraded for the amusement of a bunch
of spoiled brats.

The feet-sucking game went on for about an hour before
Emily's tormentors tired of it. Jennifer pulled the
socks she had taken off earlier out of her running
shoes and shoved them in Emily's mouth.

'Just so you can remember wot my feet taste like,' the
terrible child giggled. 'But don't worry,' she added as
she grabbed a clean pair of ankle socks from the
dresser, 'you'll get to taste them again real soon'.

With that the three of them left her, naked on the
floor, legs spread, sucking on a pair of Jennifer's

They returned a couple of hours later and sat around
Emily as if she were an inanimate object, discussing
how they could better mover her from place to place and
other logistical problems of having a grown woman as a
slave when you were only eight years-old. Lisa said her
sister, who was at High School, had showed her some
bondage stuff her boyfriend had got hold of.

She explained to the others how you just clipped the
chains on to the different bits and how it was much
quicker and easier than rope. So they agreed they would
ask Lisa's sister to get them some bondage stuff – she
was cool, so it would be no problem the girls decided.
With that they got up and re-tied Emily's ankles
together. As they dragged and shoved Emily toward the
closet Jennifer kicked the helpless woman in the
stomach. Emily doubled up in pain.

'Hear that toy?' Jennifer grinned, 'we're gonna get
some stuff so we can play with you better. Cool huh?'

Lisa's sister got the stuff the girls asked for a day
later, and they paid her from their generous allowance
money. Jenny sat on the bed opening packages, with Lisa
and Hannah cross-legged on the floor – their toy lay
silently beside them, wide eyes gazing in horror at the
collection of black leather objects with their metal
rings, chains and studs. Jenny laughed.

'Ooh! Look wot we got for you toy. Stuff so you'll be
tied good an never, ever get away,' Jenny held up a set
of ankle cuffs. 'An a thing to keep your legs open so
we can play wiv your cunny... like it?' The young girl
held up a leg-spreader bar as the bound woman nodded
weakly. 'And...' Jenny announced proudly, 'a thing so
you can't close your mouth... uh-oh! Wonder wot we're
gonna do then?'

The girls laughed hysterically, but all their captive
could do was stare like a frightened animal at her
young owner – just as she had been instructed to. Jenny
then placed a plain, brown, cardboard box on her lap.
It was different from the other packages, with their
glossy presentation and silhouettes of people in
bondage on the sides. The bound woman's eyes widened as
the eight year-old tipped out the contents.

'We got this stuff from the hardware store,' announced
Jenny to her trembling captive. 'It's just tools an
stuff for games. We're gonna play lots of torture games
with you – bet you're pleased huh?' Jenny winked at her

'Torturing stupid losers is cool fun,' said Lisa with a
sideways glance at the intended victim.

'Totally!' said Jenny excitedly. 'We was up really late
past our bedtimes thinking up torture games for you.
You better be grateful toy'. The bound woman nodded.
'Cool. An we thought up loads of really gross stuff for
you to do too. An Lisa thought up the worse stuff of
all coz she's pretty sick, but we're gonna do it to you
anyway'. Jenny got down on all fours placing her face
close to the terrified woman's.

'Must be like, totally bad that you can't stop us or
anything... imagine having to do whatever a bunch of
little girls make you? Yuck! I mean, you must feel
terrible, y'know, having to do whatever we want.
Anyway, I'm glad I'm not a loser toy like you, all
you're good for is so we can hurt you, and make you do
stuff, an laugh at you'. Jenny stood up, straightening
her cute, little pink crop-top. 'I'm bored,' she
declared in a sulky voice. 'Lets do some stuff to the

The girls seemed to pounce on Emily all at once,
giggling excitedly. Emily felt the leather cuffs being
placed on her ankles and wrists, then Jennifer clicked
the bar to the loop on her captive's left ankle-cuff.
Lisa sat on the toy's thigh so she couldn't kick-out,
then they untied her legs and pulled Emily's right foot
to the other end of the bar, locking it in place. Then
they removed the rest of the rope. Emily warily tested
the new restraints, but they were very secure. Jennifer
saw her do it.

'Don't worry toy,' the little girl said, grinning down
at Emily, 'loser playthings don't need to use their
arms an legs – as long as you can still move your
tongue'. The brat leaned forward and pulled a face, her
blonde ponytails and purple ribbons swinging as she did
an exaggerated licking mime.

The other girls fell about laughing as they shared in
the private joke. Emily was overcome by a sudden wave
of panic, tugging at the new bonds – but as she
thrashed around on the carpet like a freshly caught
fish the young girls just giggled. In the end Emily
fell limp, finally accepting that she was in the
complete and total control of her prepubescent captors.

Jennifer straddled the sobbing woman's chest and undid
her sock-gag. Then the girl lifted up the new leather
gag. Emily raised her head compliantly as the girl tied
on the straps, then a rubber tube, which formed part of
the gag, was pushed into the older woman's mouth. The
entrance to the tube (and therefore Emily's mouth) had
a cap which could be clipped shut, but once open then
anything could be put in it, and she would be helpless
to stop it. Emily assumed the girls meant to feed her
through it and struggled to stop her imagination
thinking what else they might use it for.

Once the gag was on the girls dragged Emily to the open
floor space at the end of Jennifer's bed. Lisa bent
down and twisted the spreader-bar; it had a large
thread, which made it extend in length, forcing Emily's
legs obscenely apart.

Then, as if were the most natural game in the world for
eight year-old girls to be playing, they began kicking
her and stamping on her vagina, all laughing and
bumping into each other. Then Jennifer stood on Emily's
belly and lifted a foot so the woman could see those
white running shoes with the shiny pink stripes. Then,
with a giggle, the girl began to stamp on the captive
woman's breasts. Emily doubled up in agony, which made
Jennifer lose her balance so she had to step off. The
girl stared down at Emily, hands on hips and looking
very angry.

'Stupid loser!' Jennifer declared, 'I was enjoying

The next thing Emily knew some more packages had been
opened and Lisa was placing a thick, leather collar
around the woman's neck. Hannah slid a long, Y-shaped,
flat bar under the captive woman, it followed Emily's
spine to the small of her back, then branched off down
each leg, curving suspiciously around her buttocks. The
top was attached to the collar and the leg sections to
her ankle cuffs. It held Emily totally rigid.

A wave of something like claustrophobia washed over her
as she realized how totally immobile she now was. Just
knowing her pre-teen tormentors could even limit her
involuntary actions made her feel even more wretched
and helpless - now she really was no better off than a
plastic doll, with more chance of escape or say in what
happened to her than any other toy the girls owned.
They had been as good as their word; she really was
just their plaything.

Jenny climbed back on her toy, muttering angrily to

'Stupid loser... don't you ever stop one of my games
again. Understand?' Then she quickly got back to having
fun. Miss Devallier's titties were smaller than Jenny's
moms, but they were still big enough to play with. So
she stomped them. This time the toy didn't move –
probably because she couldn't – but she made lots of
moaning sounds into the new gag they put on her.

Both Lisa and Hannah went to the same riding school as
Jenny, and they had brought their crops with them like
Jenny told them to. The girls set about whipping the
quivering loser. They didn't think about it too much,
like some of the other games they had planned, they
just stood round Miss Devallier's naked, helpless form
lashing at whatever took their fancy - which was mostly
her cunny and titties, but they did everything else
too, and when they couldn't find any new bits to hit,
because their toy was very pink and purple everywhere
now, they turned her over and did the other side.

Jenny (who was always the smartest of the girls) got
some duct-tape from the garage, and taped Miss
Devallier's buttocks apart with it. Then she straddled
the woman's back and began to whip her butt-hole. The
toy didn't like that at all – each time the little
girls crop landed on her exposed anus she jerked rigid
in a rattle of little chains and clips, but she still
barely moved at all.

Jenny laughed as she did it, then she let the other two
have a go – well, there wasn't much fun stuff on this
side and she could see Lisa and Hannah were getting
bored with whipping the toy's back and legs. It was
Lisa that first noticed that their toy had fainted –
which made Jenny very, very cross.

Emily came round to find her whole body was a mass of
stinging pain. As her vision cleared she saw the three
girls sitting to one side, the riding crops still in
their tiny hands. They all had pretty nail polish on
their fingers, and cute bangles on their skinny wrists.
Emily would never have thought it possible that such
pretty hands could inflict such pain. Then Jennifer
noticed that their captive had come round and the tiny
terror came stomping over, kneeling beside her dazed

'I bet you think that's clever don't you? Fainting an
spoiling my fun. Well it's not clever toy, I'm gonna
get you real good for that. Anyway, we just talked to
Lisa's sister an she has a way to stop your stupid
tricks, so you wont be able to spoil any more games. So
there!' Jennifer threw her crop behind her and
whispered in Emily's ear.

'Now you better listen coz I'm very cross wiv you. I am
a princess and you are a toy. Toys are stupid an ugly
and princesses are clever an pretty. So they are
opposite – got it?' Emily nodded weakly.

'Good. Now, you had a whip on your butt-hole so what's
the opposite of that?' Jennifer giggled as Emily let
out a muffled sob. 'The opposite, loser, is a nice
kiss. So you are going to kiss our butt-holes to say
sorry for fainting and... and just because we said to!

With that the little girl kicked off her running shoes
and took off her jeans. She stood in her crop-top, pink
panties and white ankle socks looking down at the bound
woman, then she grabbed a large white towel from the
rail and put it round her waist.

'I don't want anyone to see my thingy,' Jennifer said,
'I'm a princess, not a toy like you – everyone's gonna
see your thingy'. Then the child wriggled under the
towel and a moment later her pink panties dropped to
her ankles, she kicked them off. The other two girls
were crouching around the bound woman's legs, giggling
excitedly at what their ringleader was about to do.

Emily looked up to see Jennifer step over her head, the
towel dangled around her face and she peered up at the
girl's formless pink slit and small ass. Jennifer bent
forward and, after fumbling with the woman's gag for a
few moments, she pulled it free. Emily's mouth was not
free for long however, as soon as the gag came off the
eight year-old squatted down, wriggling her hips till
she felt her anus settle over her captive's mouth.
'Kiss it!' the child commanded. 'Kiss my butt-hole and
say thank you for playing wiv me Miss Jenny'.

Emily couldn't see anything, but she could smell the
child's ass. It was a horrid smell, like sweat and poop
combined, and Emily's mind nearly gave way knowing she
was this close to someone's anus – a little girl's
anus. The threat of more torture worked however, and
Emily pursed her lips and gave the child's asshole a

Jennifer lifted up for a moment and Emily thought her
latest ordeal was over, but the child was merely
retrieving the crop she had cast aside earlier. The
petite buttocks engulfed Emily's nose and mouth once
more, then the bound woman yelped as a stinging blow
struck her already raw pussy.

'No stupid,' she heard Jennifer say, 'not that sort of
kiss. That's for mom's an stuff. Kiss my butt-hole like
it's your best ever boyfriend. Yes...' said Jennifer as
the idea occurred to her, 'my butt-hole is buttboy, and
it's your boyfriend, so do a yucky tongue kiss an make
out wiv it – or else!'

Emily was made to smooch the eight year-olds anus for
ten, long minutes while the child ground herself on her
victims face. In fear of the child Emily forced herself
not to vomit and put her tongue into the anus pressed
against her lips, French kissing it and murmuring 'mmm,
buttboy, I love you, kiss me forever, you are the best
boy I have ever kissed, please marry me buttboy,' just
as she had been instructed by a giggling Jennifer.

As Emily slobbered, kissed, tongued and licked the
little girls ass the horrid child rounded off the total
humiliation of her victim by farting in the woman's

'Yuck! Your boyfriend's got totally bad breath loser –
good job you love him huh?' Jennifer laughed. 'Okay,'
she said, standing up and pulling on her panties under
the towel, 'well, it's a shame for buttboy but you
gotta kiss some other boys now. Honestly...' she
grinned, playacting with her hands on her hips, 'you
really are a bad toy, but I wont tell on you, because
you are like, totally gonna be making out with buttboy
again tonight, so that's okay I guess'.

Jennifer laughed and Emily watched in horror as she
handed Lisa the towel.

Part Three: Miss Devallier's New Name

Jenny was having a pretty-pink day; she sat on her pink
bed, dressed in her pink nightshirt, pink panties and
little pink ankle socks. The eight year-old hummed to
herself as she looked through the funny sex catalogue
Lisa's sister had lent her. Lots of the things made her
giggle, but some would just perfect for her new toy.

Miss Devallier lay on the floor her face only inches
from her young owner's feet, Jenny and her friends had
trained the toy well and now she didn't have to have
her gag in all the time as she knew what would happen
to her if she tried to shout out. Jenny stopped
humming, looked thoughtfully down at her plaything,
then slipped off one of her socks and wriggled her foot
between Miss Devallier's lips – the bound woman
immediately started sucking on the little girl's toes.
Jenny started humming again and went back to reading
the catalogue.

On page thirty-four Jenny saw the coolest thing, it was
just what she needed. The eight year-old picked up the
phone and called her friend.

'Hey Lisa, go get one of those magazine thingys your
sister gave us. Go on hurry!' Jenny said excitedly.

'Okay,' said Lisa a few moments later, 'I got it.
What's up?'

'Nothing, I just seen the coolest thing is all. Look on
page thirty-four'.

'Wow!' Lisa giggled, 'that's awesome, bet Miss
Devallier would just die if you got that'.

'Well I'm gonna get it,' declared Jenny, 'an I'm gonna
use it on her EVERY night'.

'No way!' Lisa squeeled, 'that is like, sooo funny Jen,
she is gonna cry so much when she sees it'.

'Yeah, cool huh?' Jenny knew her toy was listening so
she winked at the wretched woman busy sucking on her
little foot. 'Just ask your sister to get me one okay'.

'Okay,' said Lisa, excitedly, 'do I get a go?'

'Yeah sure, but me first okay'.

'Sure Jen, she's your toy'.

'I know, but we share right? An we need some more girls
to play wiv her, she would really hate that'. Jenny

'Wot, like a club?'

'Yeah, the Grossing-Out-Miss-Devallier club'.

'Cool name,' Lisa giggled.

'Just make a list of girls okay?'

'Okay Jen, seeya tomorrow'.

Jennifer had Emily kneel before her as she sat on the
bed with the package in her lap. Emily tried not to
shake in fear as she waited to what new degradation her
cruel owner had planned, but she couldn't. Jennifer
laughed, then locked her feet behind Emily's head,
pulling the woman's head between her young thighs. The
eight year-old wasn't wearing any panties and she
pulled the older woman's face right into her little
pussy, then she pulled her skirt over Emily's head.

'Lick my cunny slave,' laughed the brat little girl,
'this is way too exciting, I'm getting sticky down
there just thinking about wot you're gonna be doing

Emily stuck her tongue into the girls little slit and
began to lick. Jennifer had begun to use her like this
a few days ago, it had just sort of happened. The
little girl was on the phone chatting to her friends
(which she did for hours every day) and she was sitting
across Emily's belly playing with the older woman's
breasts while she did it – just pulling on her nipples
and squeezing them absent mindedly while she talked.

Then the girl got uncomfortable and moved up Emily's
body till she was sitting on the woman's breasts,
Jennifer bounced up and down on them like they were
inflatable toys while the horrid brat flicked Emily
with a ruler for fun. The would bend it back and then
flick it on Emily's cheeks.

Then, when one of her plaything's breasts popped out
between her legs as she sat on them, the cruel girl
flicked the ruler at one of the woman's nipples – the
sudden shock made Emily buck which threw Jennifer
forward. The eight year-old landed on Emily's mouth and
after wriggling a bit she looked down at her plaything
with amusement.

'mmm, that's nice toy,' Jennifer said, holding her
little hand over the phone's mouthpiece. 'Kiss my
cunny,' she suddenly ordered. Emily kissed the crotch
of the girl's panties. 'Again,' the little girl said,
Emily did as she was told. 'Hey Daisy, call you back
later okay'. Jennifer put the phone down, then stood up
and slipped off her panties, then the little brat sat
back down on her captive's face, her bare pussy
pressing against Emily's lips.

Emily had kissed the girls ass and even had her tongue
in it, so this was just one more humiliation to add to
the list. Jennifer ordered Emily to put her tongue
inside, and her toy duly obeyed. The little girl then
began to ride the bound woman's face like a pony,
grinding herself onto Emily's mouth.

It took Emily a while to realize the child was
masturbating. Jennifer was actually using her captive's
face to masturbate on, the child's movements got more
frantic as she became stimulated until she was rubbing
herself all over Emily's face and making little moaning
noises that made Emily feel quite sick, then it seemed
as if the eight year-old had an orgasm, but Emily
wasn't even sure that was possible.

Whatever had happened the child's vagina had definitely
leaked something, and the brat made Emily lick her
clean. Since then pussy-licking a small girl had become
part of Emily's degrading daily routine.

Jenny watched Miss Devallier's head bobbing up and down
under her denim skirt as the woman slurped on her
cunny. It always felt so nice and tingly when she did
that, and Jenny made her do it a lot. She made her toy
do all the things she liked every day, so Miss
Devallier was always licking something when Jenny was
home, her feet, her cunny, her ass. Jenny ripped open
the packet and pulled out her new special treat for
stupid Miss Devallier.

Jenny had bought a pair of tight rubber panties, only
they had an extra, and very special, hole. Jenny pulled
her toy from under her skirt and made her kneel quietly
again. It was bedtime anyway so Jenny thought they
might as well get started on their new game. Jenny
worked the panties over her slave's head, which was
hard work as they were really tight. The rubber snapped
tight around Miss Devallier's neck.

Jenny giggled, this was going to be sooo cool. Just in
front of the toy's nose were two little tubes, the girl
studied the diagram on the packet then inserted them
into her toy's nostrils. Miss Devallier looked really
frightened now and she was breathing heavily through
the tubes which went round the back of her head and
through to the outside of the panties.

'Oh cool,' said Jenny as she studied the diagram, 'you
are sooo gonna be making out with buttboy tonight
loser. How romantic!' she giggled. Now the slave was
wearing the rubber panties all Jenny had to do was put
them on, just like regular ones – only now Miss
Devallier's stupid face would be trapped in her eight
year-old owners ass. Jenny stood in front of the
kneeling woman facing away from her, then the girl put
her legs through the holes in the rubber panties.

Jenny pulled them up to her small waist – they were
REALLY tight and Miss Devallier's face was wedged hard
into Jenny's butt-crack. Jenny climbed into her bed
with Miss Devallier following like a dog sniffing
another dog's butt, the little girl lay on her side
forcing her slave to adopt the same position, then the
child pulled the covers over herself and her toy.

Emily could barely breathe, the tiny tubes allowed her
the minimum of air. Emily's whole world was now her
prepubescent owner's ass - the petrified older woman
would begin to worm her tongue deep inside the girl's
tight anal passage which was pressed hard against her
lips, she could hear Jennifer's voice muffled through
the rubber that covered her ears.

'Now I want you to make out wiv your boyfriend buttboy,
just like I taught you,' the cruel child said. 'And if
I wake up, even for one second, and find you're not
licking and sucking my pretty butt-hole I'll cut your
horrid titties off like I did to my Barbie doll, an
then you'll be sorry. Got it loser?'

Emily couldn't even nod, her head was held so tight,
her faced jammed between the horrid child's buttocks.
As Emily began probing her prepubescent owner's rectum
she could feel the little girl relax and begin to drift
off to sleep. Every few minutes Emily would feel the
girl's anus contract around her tongue, and then her
eight year-old owner would fart in her mouth. Emily
mumbled her lines as best she could, talking to the
child's anus, confessing her love for it, saying how
she wanted to kiss it forever, while probing deep in
the child's ass with her tongue.

'mmm!' she heard Jennifer say, 'it feels like wriggly
little worm is trying to get up my butt. This is sooo
cool – wait till Lisa has a go'.

Emily began to cry, but she was careful not to stop
tonguing Jennifer's ass. She could never have imagined
such TOTAL humiliation, spending a whole night licking
a sleeping child's ass just because it pleased her to
have you do it. Kissing and licking the girl's filthy
asshole, losing her humanity just because Jennifer
thought it was cool to have her anus tongued by a grown

The child had stolen her life and turned her into human
sex-toy who existed just for the pleasure of a few rich
kids. But Emily knew this was her life now, Jennifer
would never release her, and the girls made sure escape
was impossible. Emily's tears made the child's buttocks
wet as she gobbled away at the brats asshole.

Jenny woke up and let go a huge fart. It felt very
yucky and wet down by her butt and Miss Devallier was
still licking away, but then there wasn't much else for
her to do with her face in Jenny's butt the girl
figured. The young girl wriggled her hips, squelching
her sweaty, saliva soaked buttocks into Miss
Devallier's face – then Jenny reached back and pinched
the two little sir tubes sticking out the back of the
rubber panties.

Suddenly the toy realized she couldn't breathe and
began to panic, thrashing under the covers and
frantically trying to bury her face deeper in her
owner's ass. Jenny was caught by surprise too as her
slave practically tried to climb up her little butt-
hole – the eight year-old lay there for a few moments
moaning in pleasure as her captive's tongue tunneled
deeper into her young body.

'Wow!,' gasped Jenny, 'I want to wake up like that
every morning, that was yummy'. Then she released the
tubes and listened to Miss Devallier frantically
sucking down air.

Emily was in a state of near mental collapse. Apart
from the incredible weariness from lack of sleep, and
the constant ache in her tongue and jaw, she had just
endured an unimaginable nigtmare – she had spent the
entire night with her face in a child's ass-cheeks, and
this was only the first of many such nights. She was
sure of that. Could anyone survive such an existence?
Letting go of everything they were, concentrating only
on pleasuring the next little girl in the line?

Emily felt wonderful cool air on her face as Jennifer
pulled down the panties. The child roughly pulled out
the nose plugs from her victim and grinned down at her.

'Yuck Miss Devallier, you look a mess. What have you
been doing to get like that?' she giggled. The eight
year-old pulled the rubber panties down around Emily's
neck and left them there. 'Have to go pee now, don't go
anywhere okay?' Jennifer laughed at the tightly bound,
immobile, woman laying on her bed. Then the little girl
stopped. 'Hey Miss Devallier, bet you're thirsty huh?
Specially after licking my butt all night'.

'N... no... please,' Emily croaked, 'p... pl... please
Miss Jennifer, don't'.

'Oh, but I think I will loser. It'll be fun'.

The child straddled Emily's face, pressing her bald
cunny against her grown-up slave's mouth, then Jennifer
squeezed Emily's nose tightly shut forcing the woman to
open her mouth. The little girl grinned maliciously
down at her humiliated victim, then pissed in the
woman's mouth. Jennifer let go little squirts of hot
morning pee into Emily's mouth, laughing the whole

'Don't you dare spit any out loser,' the child
commanded, 'you've gotta swallow it all. mmm! Yummy!
Little kids pee-pee – bet you always wondered what it
taste like didn't you Miss Devallier. Well, now you
know, so that's cool'.

Emily squirmed as the child grabbed her nose. She
couldn't suffer this! She just couldn't! Her lungs were
about to burst so she opened her mouth, gasping for
air, the child's vagina pressed against her teeth, then
a jet of piss squirted into her mouth hitting the back
of her throat – it was salty and disgusting. Emily
started to gag but knew what would happed if she
vomited, so she swallowed.

Emily swallowed the brat child's stinking morning piss
as the giggling eight year-old sat casually on her
mouth, looking happy and cheerful as she stripped away
the last shred of her helpless victim's humanity. More
piss streamed into Emily's mouth as she swallowed
frantically trying to keep up, the girls giggling and
taunting drove her mad with shame.

The girl had raped Emily's mouth with her disgusting
piss, but it wasn't a silent rape, carried out darkly
in secret – no, the child was reveling in her
degredation of the woman under her, laughing and
enjoying every minute of it. Emily hadn't felt human
for some time, but now she wasn't even an animal – she
was a little girl's toilet.

'Okay,' said Jenny casually, 'I'm done. Guess your
tongue's gonna have to be the toilet paper loser'.
Jenny folded her arms looking into Miss Devallier's
defeated eyes, which were just visible peering out
above the little girl's pussy. Jenny tutted. 'Well?
What are you waiting for toy? Lick my cunny clean'.
Emily did as she was told, licking the last dribble of
pee from the girl's pussy.

'Hey!' said Jenny excitedly, 'I just thought of a new
name for you. From now on we're gonna call you Potty-
Toy, cool huh?' The child laughed as Emily started

Part Four: The Potty-Toy

It didn't take long for poor Emily's young mistress to
explore the full meaning of potty-toy – after all,
Emily already spent hours with her face between the
eight year-olds buttocks, licking her little asshole.
Jennifer started by playing face-farting, she would
wriggle around on Emily's face until the helpless
woman's nose was inside her anus, then she would fart.

If Jennifer didn't hear her slave sniffing then there
was hell to pay. But Emily had been the child's captive
for two months now, she had learned the hard way that
there was no chance of rescue, and she knew what the
little girl would do to her if she ever disobeyed. So
Emily sniffed.

'Oh Mistress Jenny your farts are so lovely, just like
perfume,' Emily said, just as she had been taught
during her sessions with the horrid child's crop.

'Yeah,' Jennifer giggled, 'well I'm a princess so my
farts are yummy, just like my pee an poop... hey?'

Emily froze, her nose buried in her brat owners anus.
She had done nothing but pleasure the cruel little girl
and her friends for so long that she could almost read
their depraved minds. And now she could read

'I never dun a poop in your mouth slave! You must be
really upset, never having a princess's poop in your
mouth huh?'

'Y... yes M... Mistress Jenny,' Emily murmured.

'Tell me you want to eat my poop, potty-toy'.

'Please Mistress Jenny... I... I would like to eat your

'Okay! Cool!'

Jenny was very excited by the idea of using Miss
Devallier's mouth as a real toilet, not just for pee,
and the little girl already knew the best way to do it
– it was her favorite way to sit on her potty-toy.
Squatting with Miss Devallier's face in her butt-
cheeks, Jenny pulled her knees up to her chest, placing
her feet between the woman's breasts.

Miss Devallier's ankles were locked to Jenny's bed
frame as usual, but right at the top so the woman's
legs were in the air, that meant the eight year-old
could sit on her slave's face and reach her titties and
her cunny with the crop without getting up, which was
really fun.

Jenny ground her ass down onto Miss Devallier's face,
expertly locating her anus directly over the potty-
toy's mouth. The child's wretched slave found it hard
to believe the little girl hadn't done this many times
before. Jenny felt Miss Devallier's tongue begin to
probe her anus, deliciously wriggling its way into her
rectum - the slave slurped and Jenny began to shit!

Emily's mouth began to fill with the child's waste
until her cheeks were bulging, Jennifer, perched on her
throne sat laughing and whipping her helpless victim's
vagina and breasts during the whole degrading
experience. The eight year-old delighted in taunting
Emily, telling the gagging woman how much time she
would spend doing 'gross stuff' to little girls,
telling the bound woman that she would be some girl's
toilet every single day.

Emily knew there would be no let up from this horrible
child and her friends, no hope of rescue, no rest from
this disgusting degradation. Her life would be spent
worshiping her young mistress's bodies and obeying
their every whim.

Emily summoned all her strength and began to swallow
the filth in her mouth, the child laughed as she gulped
it down.

'Fuck!' said Jennifer, 'I BET THAT WAS SO GROSS! You
just had my poop in your mouth, wot a loser! Now you
can lick my butt clean slave – an you better do a
REALLY good job too coz I don't want any marks in my
panties... got it?'

It was all Emily could do to nod her head a little.
Jennifer became impatient and began ferociously
whipping Emily's exposed vagina until she felt her
potty-toy's tongue probing deep into her filthy little
ass once more.

'Yummy, that's really nice, I'm gonna do it every day,'
said the little girl squatting on Emily's face.
Jennifer didn't care at all about the suffering of the
woman who was frantically worshipping her child-owner's
dirty ass and trying to escape the stinging crop – she
didn't think Emily was a real person, not like her and
her mom and her friends. Emily was just a toy, and you
could do anything you wanted with your toys.

Jenny could hear Miss Devallier sobbing, and grinned
with pleasure, the little girl was delighted that she
thought of pooping in the slave's mouth before anyone
else - Jenny loved to be the first one to do things.
The little girl laughed and told Miss Devallier that
from now on she would just be a toilet, (except when
she was being tortured for fun of course) and that
everything she ever ate or drank again would have been
through one of her little mistress's bodies first. The
slave would now drink little girl's pee and eat their
poop every day.

So this was to be Emily's life, all her hopes and
dreams had been stolen by this brat of an eight year-
old girl - now all she could look forward to was having
Jennifer (and who knew how many other little girls),
shit and piss into her mouth. Emily could also look
forward to being tied to Jenny's bed while the eight
year-old and a group of her friends leisurely tortured
their pathetic plaything for 'kicks,' as the child had
so appropriately put it, delighting in hearing Emily
scream and beg for mercy - which would never come of


Jenny, Lisa and Hannah crept through the quiet school
grounds. It was quite exciting and the girls felt like
dangerous criminals, even though nothing would probably
happen even if they did get caught – Jenny's mom
practically owned the exclusive all-girls school, her
donations had built the place. Lisa pointed to a
storage shed on the grounds.

'That's where the workmen keep their stuff,' she

'Cool,' said Jenny, 'I even have a spare key, mom had
one, can you believe that? She was telling me this
morning about the work she was paying for to have a new
bathroom-block built at the school, and that's when I
got my idea'.

The girls unlocked the storage shed and crept inside,
three flashlights piercing the gloom. In the corner was
a stack of cubicle partitions, they were just thin
aluminum and so it was easy for the girls to carry two
sides and a door. On top of that they piled a toilet
seat and a sign Hannah found laying behind some pipes,
then they carried their booty the two blocks back to
Jenny's place.

Jenny's house was large and it had three separate
basement areas. Jenny's mom had given her daughter one
as a play area, though Jenny never used it – her
bedroom was huge and she had three walk-in closets,
bathroom en-suite and an adjoining tv room. But the
basement would be perfect for their new game. Jenny
unlocked the side basement door and they went in.

The girls easily assembled the partitions and door,
hand-tightening the light bolts, now they had a real
girl's school toilet cubicle. They laid a mattress on
the floor and put a curtain over the open end. The
mattress was only a third into the cubicle, which was
perfect for what they had in mind.

The children made Emily shuffle out of Jennifer's
bedroom and down the stairs, with the short chain
linking her ankles she could just about take each step
without falling and breaking her neck. Emily had the
feeling that the girls wouldn't have been to bothered
if she had – they would just have found something (or
someone) else to play with. Jennifer unlocked the
inside basement door and Emily was forced to negotiate
an even steeper set of steps.

The basement wasn't damp and moldy, in fact it was
better kept that most people's homes, the walls were
painted a pleasant light yellow and there was expensive
carpet on the floor. Emily was led toward a toilet
cubicle, sitting right in the middle of the room. A
sign above the door read: 'Hamilton Vale Girls School
Toilet'. Emily started sobbing and the giggling girls
had to drag their captive the last few yards.

The girls threw Miss Devallier onto the mattress, they
left her hands locked to the thick belt at her waist,
but they re-attached the spreader bar and set it on
max, then they attached a length of cord to the middle
and hauled it up through an eye-bolt in the ceiling.

The curtain fell just under the slave's breasts so her
head was nicely in the center of the cubicle, outside
the curtain her body was available to anyone who wanted
to play with it. Jenny opened the cubicle door and
stood laughing at a sobbing Miss Devallier, then the
eight year-old ceremoniously slipped the toilet seat
over the potty-toy's head and closed the lid. It was
only resting on the woman, but it looked really funny
anyway – the girls all laughed hysterically at the
sight, then they scurried, still giggling, back to
Jenny's bedroom.

Emily lay sobbing in the darkness, her life in
Jennifer's shoe closet seemed like paradise compared to
this. Now she was to live out her life in the basement
as a human toilet. There was a small click and the
cubicle door opened, a moment later someone lifted the
toilet seat lid, Emily looked up expecting to see
Jennifer, but there stood her mother, Debbie. For a
brief moment Emily thought the end of her torment had
come, that her rescuer had arrived, then she saw the
wry smile on the woman's face.

'Well, if it isn't Emily Devallier. I wondered where
they had been keeping you,' Debbie grinned, looking
down at her daughter's slave. 'I was going to have you
suck me off, but I know what Jenny's been doing in that
mouth of yours. I guess it doesn't matter though, I
always did prefer an anal orgasm if the offer was

With that Jenny's mother sat on Emily's face and
ordered the woman to tongue out her anus. Debbie moaned
and writhed on Emily's face as the slave licked at her
abusers asshole.

'Wow! Jenny taught you really well bitch... mmm!
yessss! uh! uh! uuugn!' Debbie wriggled ecstatically,
fingering herself to a climax as the former piano
teacher licked her ass. The woman sat on Emily's face
for an hour, she never spoke once to the slave under
her buttocks during the whole ordeal, but Emily could
hear the woman having orgasm after orgasm, and she
could feel her body juddering each time. Exhausted from
a near pleasure overload, Debbie went limp.

'I didn't say you could stop bitch!' Jennifer's mother
said. Emily stuck her tongue back in the woman's
asshole. 'That's better. Now I'm sure you know I had to
sneak down here... I mean, parent's aren't allowed to
use the children's bathroom are they,' the woman

'But I guess it's okay in an emergency, right? I mean,
when you've got to go, you've got to go'. With that
Debbie slid back a little and let go a hot jet of piss
into Emily's mouth, after the gagging, gulping slave
had downed every last drop, Debbie moved back even
further, so Emily's face was clearly visible between
her thighs.

Jennifer's mother looked around the cubicle. 'My... you
really ARE a schoolgirl's toilet aren't you. I had no
idea things would go this far. Of course I hoped they
would, but I don't think I ever expected this,' then
she suddenly laughed, 'but never mind my surprise, YOU
couldn't have imagined this in your wildest dreams,
could you dear.

'It must all seem so unfair... I mean Jennifer is only
eight, and she's going to be more beautiful than you
ever were, she'll have vastly more opportunities in
life than you ever had, she's already rich beyond your
imagining, and now? Well, now she gets to own you, to
torture and humiliate you, even use you as her fucking
toilet! Honestly, it doesn't get much more unfair than
that, does it?' Debbie folded her arms and looked
directly into Emily's eyes.

'Dear oh dear, you poor thing... and to think, I
actually helped them do this to you, well... they ARE
only eight years old after all. Not that I did much,
just gave them the opportunity really. Okay, so I might
have had some talks with Jennifer where I said that it
was okay to kidnap a grownup who was all alone with no
family to miss them. Yep, I might have mentioned that a
few times,' Debbie giggled.

'Might even have told her that YOU didn't have anyone
to miss you... sort of planted the seed you might say.
And I suppose I did have a little talk with Lisa's
older sister, nice young woman, and I suppose I gave
her money and asked her to discretely help out, but
that's all sweetie. Oh, I guess that's not fair either
is it really? I mean, I have all those advantages over
you Jennifer has, so why would I want to ruin your
life, to take everything away from you, to reduce you
to a child's plaything? Because it fucking pleases me
to do it to you Emily, that's why.

'You see I AM rich and powerful, so I can do whatever I
like as long as no one cares, and that's why women like
you were put on this earth Emily, women with no family,
or friends – to amuse people like me and my daughter,
that's all. It's your own confusion that no doubt makes
you think this shouldn't have happened, but it was
MEANT to happen. You were only ever put here for our

Debbie stood up and pulled her panties from around her
ankles. 'Mind you, this is a very interesting new twist
don't you think? I have a feeling you are going to be
amusing a lot more spoilt rich kids than just Jennifer
and a couple of her friends. She is such a wonderful
girl, isn't she?'

Jennifer's mother adjusted her clothing, then opened
the cubicle door to leave. 'Oh, just one thing I would
love to know Emily. In fact, I absolutely INSIST you
tell me... what on earth is it like to have an eight
year-old girl shitting in your mouth? I couldn't
possibly imagine how awful that must be!'

Part Five: The Girl's School Toilet

Jenny's friends just knew how totally cool she was, the
eight year-old was pretty and really clever too, and
she was always coming up with fun new ideas. It was
Jenny's idea to put a laptop in their new toilet
cubicle so girls could email their friends while they
did their business. In the end Jenny made a special
scrapbook with lots of the emails in it.

Jenny's scrapbook SO KEEP OUT


hi, remember miss devallier, well jenny stripped her
naked, an tied her up an kidnapped her an lisa an
hannah dun it too an they whipped her boobies an cunny
wot must have hurt a lot :) an jenny, who is like
totally cool, let me whip miss devallier's cunny too!
ha! ha! but she is only a loser so who cares, but then
lisa peed right in miss devallier's mouth an the other
cool girls made her drink it by kicking her in the
cunny :) an then they all peed in the losers mouth, an
she drank it all, cool huh? an then jenny pooped in
miss devallier's mouth and made her eat it, and so did
the other girls, an then they made miss devallier lick
their butt-holes clean after... yuk! :) an now miss
devallier is a naked butt-licker an poop-eater an jenny
says do you an your sister want a go? coz all the girls
are gonna do it to the loser an theyre gonna keep her
in jenny basement forever as their special toilet -
cool or what? :) an i am pooping in miss devallier's
mowf while i write this an it is cool so hurry up an
have a go :) xxx (tina age 10)


wow, its true wot they said about miss devallier an
it's the coolest thing to see her chewing lumps of poop
an then swallowing them an she cries all the time :) an
now lots of really little girls have turned up an there
are loads of them an they are only like 6 an 7 an they
are going poops in her mouth too, later jenny says we
are all gonna torture her cunny loads an loads with
cool stuff like needles an matches an we are gonna do
it all night, so say you are going to a slumber party,
ok? :) (shelly age 9)


wow shelly, that was the coolest slumber party ever! :)
i never seen someone eat poop before, an i never
thought i would actually poop in some grown-up's mowf,
it was the coolest thing, she was beggin me not to do
it an libby an drew were holdin her mowf open, an then
a fart cum out of my butt an so we made her sniff it
up! yuk! ha! ha! an then i squeezed and squeezed until
a big poop cum outa my butt an we had a little mirror
so i could see my big stinky poop goin in miss
devallier's mowf, an she was still beggin but she had
to shut up cos her mowf was like, totally full of poop,
an then we made her eat it all up, yummy, yummy...
poops for yor dinner miss devallier! :) (chloe age 8)


hi, the slumber party woz awesome! at nite we all made
a circle wiv our sleeping bags an put miss devallier in
the middle all nude an tied up so her legs woz open, an
then we dun torture on her, like loads an loads an even
the little kidz was doin it, an my lil sis molly was
burnin miss devallier's clitty thingy wiv a match, an
she was screamin all night but you couldn't hear much
coz we took it in turns to sit our naked butt-holes on
her mowf, an there woz a lot more fartin an peein an
poopin goin on in that yukky mowf of miss devallier's,
wow! (drew age 10)


just as well miss devallier is jenny's slave now coz no
one iz EVER gonna kiss her, i'm telling you, everyfing
gross has gone in her potty mowf, we made her eat
boogers, an loogies, an she had to lick the stuff
between our toes, gross!! :) miss devallier's mowf is
more gross than a school toilet now! like totally
serious! in fact, i guess she is a school toilet coz
most of the girls have done a shit in her xx (libby age


hi its cassy, jenny an lisa an hannah have got miss
devallier in jenny's basement an no moms or anyfing
know so they can keep her, cool huh? :) an jenny stole
a toilet seat from school an put it over miss
devallier's head so she is a real school toilet now, an
all the girls sed they would save up their poops an pee
an stuff an do it in our SPECIAL LITTLE SCHOOL TOILET
WOT IS CALLED MISS DEVALLIER :) an last night i saw
POOP IN HER MOWF, AWESOME OR WOT??? (cassy age 10)


hi tina, now there is like 100 girls in jenny's
basement, all waitin for the toilet, an there is a big
line an the door is open an a girl is shittin in her
mowf an they is all trying to plop their butts on her
mowf an round the back like loads of girls is torturin
her :) awesome! wonder wot its like to have a 100 girls
shittin in your mowf an torturin you? must be like
really bad, miss devallier is screamin a lot but you
cant hear much coz her face is always in a smelly butt,
ha! ha! :) (molly age 8)


hey girlz, jenny is so clever right, she has a great
new idea wot she finked up an lisa's sister got someone
to make it for her an now there are ten funnels all
going into one tube wot goes into miss-toilet-
devallier's mowf, an we has an enima fing wot tickles
wen it goes up yor butt an now we can squirt runny
poops in her mowf too... she is guzzling down chocolate
milk shakes all day... yuk! just too gross to imagine
right girlz! :) but totally funny if it's not you
(amelia age 9)


Emily spent her time in a strange daze, her mind had
been unable to cope with what had been done to her, so
it seemed it had given up – leaving her in a confused,
rambling state. Emily's mind had also detached itself
from her body, that now belonged to the hordes of
laughing, shouting little girls that used her every day
and night. Emily had been struggling with what Jenny
and the other two had done to her, but when the
terrible, terrible en-mass abuse had started her mind
had simply snapped. She had been ravaged by a hundred
or more girls at a time, hurting her, grabbing her,
pulling her, putting things inside her, squatting over
her mouth and... well... doing things that Emily no
longer thought about.

Now it had gone quiet again and someone – Jennifer, yes
it was Jennifer – was leading her by her leash to a
corner of the plush basement where a leather couch and
chairs were arranged around a flat-screen tv. Emily was
made to kneel in front of the television.

Jenny looked at the bedraggled woman with her unfocused
eyes and she laughed.

'Wow! We like, totally fucked your head up huh Miss
Devallier? Bet you don't even know who that is do you?'
Jenny giggled, prodding the naked woman with her tennis

'She's a toast-brain,' laughed Lisa.

'Yeah,' Jenny said as she stuck her shoe in the woman's
mouth, the slave obligingly started to suck on it.
'Guess she really is a toilet now, like for real,

'No way,' giggled Hannah, 'a toilet's got more brains
than she has, look at her, wot a loser'.

'We got to get her to talk again,' announced Jenny.

'Yeah,' said Lisa trying to cram her shoe in next to
Jenny's, 'guess it was cool when she used to say stuff
like, yummy your poop is so tasty, and she used to beg
us not to do stuff too, that was fun'.

Hannah kicked the woman between the legs, and the slave
just gurgled and went on sucking on the shoes in her
mouth. 'ooh Jen, you are such a naughty little bitch,'
Hannah giggled, 'you broke her! You broke Miss

'Yeah, guess I did didn't I,' said Jenny as she pushed
the toe of her shoe further into the naked woman's
mouth. 'But we got to mend her now'.

'Why?' said Hannah.

'So we can break her again dummy!'

'Cool,' said Lisa.

End (for now)

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