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Ambition (36kb)
F+/f, D/s, humil, nc, traning

Blair Becomes Owned (72kb)
MF+/f, D/s, humil, nc, slut, cuck, tattoe

Casino (108kb)
FF+/f, D/s, humil, nc, bondage, pony, training

Dangerous Wagers (48kb)
F+/f, D/s, humil, nc, slut, modif,

Fairs Fair (48kb)
MF+/f, D/s, humil, mc, slut, drug

Inside (16kb)
F/f, D/s, humil, nc,

Losing Authority (44kb)
FFFMM+/f, D/s, humil, nc, exhib

Pledging Omega (28kb)
FF+/ff, D/s, humil, costume

Renaissance Fair (36kb)
MF+/f, D/s, humil, witch

Revenge or The Price of Arrogance (96kb)
FM/f, D/s, humil, nc, s

The High Price of Curiosity (52kb)
FM/f, BDsm, humil, nc,
exhib, spank, slavery, bimbo

The Roommate (24kb)
FM/f, D/s, humil, nc, s
lavery, exhib, bnd, piercing

Consequences of Surrendering sarah (64kb)
MF+/f, D/s, humil, bimbo, shave

Blair Brek
update september 06. 2007

This is the stories of Blair Brek
fantasy, mostly about F/f and humiliation...

I said strip. If you cannot follow such a simple instruction then this meeting is over. Take your contracts and leave. I'll call Lockmoor and tell them don't do the deal." Erin turned and walked down the hall to her office. Stunned Blair didn't know what to do...