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Collected by Djian
updated dec 20 - 2008

The Wedding
"Something Old...."
by Terri Madison


Laurie adjusted her veil nervously for the tenth time as the door opened.

"Well, do I l-" The young bride glanced in the mirror and
froze with terror.

"T-Terri...hello..." Terri was Steve's ex-girlfriend. Usually referred to
as "the psycho bitch" during their private conversations....and with good
reason. Terri had made Laurie and Steve's lives a living hell ever since
they'd gotten together. What's she doing HERE? Laurie wondered.

"Hi there, Lauren." Inwardly, Laurie cringed. She hated being called by
the formal version of her name...which in all likelihood was exactly why
Terri insisted on calling her by it.

The bride looked the other woman over. Terri was clad in a black leather
miniskirt, with a matching halter top, hose and leather boots--the ultimate
counterpoint to Laurie's white gown, veil, hose and pumps.
"Terri...wh-what are you d-d-doing here?" The young woman tried to keep
her fear in check--the crazy bitch could smell fear, Laurie knew--but
nevertheless she was frightened badly, just by being in the same room alone
with Terri.

But the blonde psychopath seemed rational enough. "I just came here to
watch you marry my man."

Laurie sighed inwardly, not sure how to respond to this. Since Terri
seemed to actually be in a rational, non-homicidal mood, Laurie tried that
tack. "Terri... please...Steve isn't your man anymore...Please understand
that. Y-you broke up....."

The monster suddenly, and without warning, came to the surface. "No,"
Terri's eyes blazed angrily as she took a step toward Laurie, who cringed.
Don't show fear! she chided herself, mentally forcing herself to stand her
ground as Terri continued. "*WE* didn't break up. HE broke up with me. He
left me for you." Then she was calm. "But that's not why I came here. I
actually came here to wish you well...and to help you get ready for your

Laurie didn't believe the woman for a second, but civility required that
she acknowledge. "Thank you...but I don't need any help."

Terri pouted. "You don't? But don't you want me to share in such a joyous

"No...I'm sorry, Terri. There's just been too much water under the
bridge." The understatement of the year, Laurie thought, as she reflected
on the events of the past several months:

Laurie coming home after a date with Steve, a date during which they'd
bumped into Terri at the theater. The sheets of Laurie's bed sliced up
with a razor blade, and the word "MINE" written in red lipstick on the

The rainy night driving home from work, and the car which had followed no
more than five feet behind Laurie's the entire drive...

The numerous late night phone calls..."I wonder how well that man's gonna
be able to protect you against a dozen men with baseball bats?"...or
"Steve's had a little accident...tsk...tsk...tsk...driving too fast for
conditions" or numerous other threats or attempts to terrify Laurie...

The tires on Laurie's Miata slashed, and the word "DIE" scrawled in
lipstick on the windshield, just three weeks ago...

Though they couldn't prove any of it, there was little, if any, doubt about
the perpetrator's identity. And now, the crazy bitch was here...

Laurie collected herself. "I think it would be best for all of us if you'd

"You think so?"

The girl looked genuinely much so, that Laurie actually felt a
pang of sorrow for her. "Yes...I think that would be best."

The monster showed itself again. "Is that how it works? You just go and
shove those," Terri violently waved her arm at Laurie's chest, "in my
boyfriend's face, and then he's no longer mine?"

Laurie's breasts were only slightly larger than Terri's....and besides, it
had been a pair of kitchen knives thrown in Steve's direction which had
prompted his decision--not a pair of boobs. The redhead thought about
pointing this out, but thought better of it.

"Terri...please leave..."

The blonde laughed. "Please? Oh...please! Are you *begging*? Is that
what this is, Lauren?" She lowered her voice. "If you're going to beg,
the right way to do it would be to get on your knees."

"N-no...I'm not begging..." Laurie protested.

"Good," Terri smirked, "because I'm not leaving..."

The redhead sighed. "Terri...plea--" She stopped herself, then began
again. "Don't make me have you thrown out."

"Thrown out? THROWN OUT?" Terri giggled. Just then, her portable phone
went off. "Yes?" she spoke into the phone, a wide smile lighting her
face. "Hold that thought," she whispered to Laurie as she listened.

"Terrific. Put her on, please." A brief pause. "Hello, Stephanie. I'm
here with your sister. Say hello to her." She offered the phone to
Laurie, grinning wickedly and triumphantly. "There's someone who'd like to
talk to you, Lauren!"

Uncomprehending, Laurie took the phone from Terri. "Hello?"

From the other end of the phone, Laurie heard the unmistakable whimper of
her 17-year old sister. "Laurie...they...they tricked me...they won't let
me go....PLEASE HELP ME..."

Terri snatched the phone away and terminated the connection.

"What--" Laurie was in shock. Steph had been right here, not ten minutes
ago! "What have you done? Terri, what have you done????"

"I've kidnapped your sister, you dumb cunt," Terri replied shortly.
"Well... actually several friends of mine did."

"OH GOD NO--" Laurie screamed. Terri responded by punching her soundly in
the stomach. "Oooooooooof!"

"Keep your voice down, bitch," snarled Terri.

Laurie began sobbing. "Please leave Steph out of this, Terri...oh god

This made Terri smile even more. "Why, Lauren. Are you....BEGGING?"

The redhead bride didn't hesitate. "Yes...I'm begging you, Terri...don't
hurt my little sister...she has nothing to do with this...please..."

She was interrupted by a loud knock at the door. "Laurie? Is everything
all right in there?" Laurie recognized the voice of Samantha, one of her

"Answer her," Terri hissed as she dug her nails into Laurie's arm. Laurie
hesitated. "Answer her...or so help me, you'll be getting pieces of your
sister in the mail for the next three months..."

Laurie knew that the crazy woman meant every word of it. "Y-yes...
Samantha... everything's fine...." the terrified bride choked.

"We heard someone scream," Samantha offered through the door.

Terri's gaze burned into Laurie.

"It...everything's f-f-fine..." Laurie assured her friend. "I...I thought
I s-saw a mouse."

"Oh..." Samantha sounded relieved. "Well...the cameraman is here."

"Um...I'm...not quite r-ready..." Laurie stammered, her eyes on Terri, who
gestured toward the door. "Um...OK...Sam...s-send him in..."

When the man entered the brideroom, Laurie immediately saw that it was NOT
the man whom she and Steve had hired to videotape the wedding. This man
was much younger, and much scruffier other words, the typical
sort of person whom Terri hung out with. The bride's fears were confirmed
when Terri walked up to the newcomer and kissed him full on the mouth.

"Hi, Mark! Thanks so much for coming! Just set up and get started

"What's going on?" Laurie wanted to know.

"You didn't start without me, did you?" Mark asked, ignoring the bride.

"Nahhhhh," Terri smiled. "Our lovely bride and I were just getting better
acquainted..." The blonde ran her hand across Laurie's cheek through the
translucent material of her veil. "Isn't that right, hon?"

"Terri...what's going on? sister..."

"Oh...yes. We were discussing your sister, weren't we?" She snarled.
"The little bitch is with several of my close friends. That's all you need
to know."

"What...what do you want with her? Terri?" Tears were freely flowing down
the young bride's cheeks now.

"Truthfully, I have no interest in her," Terri lied. "I have her as
insurance, to make sure you do everything you're told today."

"You want me to stop the wedding," Laurie realized.

"No, not at all," Terri explained, "I know I can't stand in the way of TRUE
LOVE" --she spat the words out-- "but I CAN show Steve what a filthy slut
he's chosen."

"Please...Terri, don't do this..."

"I am doing it, honey." Mark now had the camera set up. "Ready to go?
Great. Now, Lauren...why don't we get back to that 'begging'. Over here.
On your knees."

"Terri...please...let her go..."

"Get down on the floor, Lauren."

"W-will you let Steph go if I do?"

"Hmmmm...maybe, if you're convincing enough, I'll allow her to remain in
one piece...get down there."

Laurie reluctantly got down on her trembling knees. "Terri--"

"Lower," the blonde interrupted. "I want you to beg at my feet. Come on!
Or do I need to call them back?" The redhead obediently lowered her head;
she was now on level with Terri's boots. Half the floor of the small
brideroom was covered with white, flowing wedding gown. Laurie looked up
at the cruel blonde standing over her. How had her wedding day come to

"P-please...let Steph go...I...I'll stop this can have
Steve back, Terri!"

"I told you, I don't want him back. Not after he's been with a whore like
you, Lauren." She considered the helpless bride. "Beg some more."

"Terri, please...I'll do anything...please don't hurt my sister...please,
I'm begging you..."

"And why shouldn't I hurt her, Lauren? Isn't she a whore, just like you?"

Laurie shook her head "No..." she whimpered.

"I'll bet she is," Terri mused. "I'll bet she helped you take Steve away
from me..."


"She did it, didn't she, Lauren? You and her teamed shoved your
big tits in his face...and little sis got on her knees, didn't she?" A
small smile played at the corners of Terri's mouth. She was loving this.

"Noooo...." Laurie wailed. "She didn't do anything...I did it...I TOOK HIM
bride's voice broke.

Terri smiled triumphantly as the truth came out. She also breathed a very
slight sigh of relief. For some time now, there had been a shadow of a
doubt in her mind--had Steve left her because of the way she
was...unthinkable as that might seem? But now she'd found that her initial
theory was correct...Steve had been stolen from her. The blame was not rested squarely on the shoulders of the young bride-to-be lying
in supplication before her.

"Beg some more."


"No...not like that. Kiss my feet, Lauren."

Humbly, Laurie began kissing Terri's boots.

"That's it. C'mon, lift up that veil so we can see you. Mark, get that
camera in closer. My, what a beautiful bride," Terri mocked. "Say
something for the camera, Lauren..."

The redhead looked up, her tear-soaked green eyes pleading into the
camera. "Please..."

Terri kicked her lightly on the cheek. "Say something *I* would want you
to say."

"I...I st-stole Steve from y-you..." Laurie choked. "I'm s-such a s-slut
and...and...n-now....I'm b-b-begging for forgiveness...oh please don't do
anything to my sister, Terri..."

"How did you steal him from me?" Terri wanted to know.

"Pleeeeeease..." Laurie wailed desperately.

"Answer me, you stupid bitch," Terri ordered curtly, "or I swear I'll dial
this phone and have your sister pulling a train..." Laurie mouthed the
word NO, but no sound came out. "How did you steal my man from me?"

"I....I used m-my big tits..." Laurie cried.

"Show us. Play with them."

Laurie obediently began fondling her breasts through the material of her
wedding gown. All the while her face was mashed against Terri's boot,
kissing it.

"Oh...yes. I can see why any man would want those." Terri leaned over and
gave each of Laurie's breasts a rough squeeze. "So nice and firm.
Hmmmm...I'm so jealous, Lauren! And you know how upset I am when I'm

" yours are j-just as good..."

"Oh, really! So you do like my tits. Are you bi, Lauren?"

"No," Laurie shook her head emphatically.

"I'll bet you are. I'll bet you're hoping I'm going to fuck you."

Laurie sputtered to a stop as Terri's boot pressed down on her windpipe.

"Keep it down, I said. No, I'm not going to leave you alone. EVER.
Second, Steve's not 'your husband'. Steve is 'the man you stole from
Terri'. Don't let me ever hear you refer to him as your 'husband'
again...before or after the wedding." After the wedding...that meant that
the crazy woman meant to continue this torment new horror
dawned in Laurie's eyes, Terri continued her cruelty. "Oh, yes. You
*will* be getting married today, as planned. Although I wouldn't bet on it
being a 'white wedding'." Laurie bristled with fear. "I didn't say stop.
Keep worshipping my feet. Clean my boot, bitch. Use your tongue."

Though she was utterly repulsed, Laurie complied for Steph's sake.
Besides, she thought, there are worse things she could ask me to lick...and
probably will, very soon. Mark thoroughly documented with the camera as
the bride exhaustively licked Terri's knee-high leather boots.

When she'd finished her nasty task, Laurie looked up hopefully. Please end
this, she implored with her eyes.

"You're not finished yet," Terri said matter-of-factly as she settled into
a chair. Laurie looked at her tormentor in confusion until Terri
explained, "The soles..."

"Terri...please...this has gone far en--" Lauren froze at the sound of the
blonde psychopath's portable phone being dialed.

"Hmmmm...I wonder which hole they'll use first?"

Laurie quickly began licking the bottom of Terri's boot. The taste was
awful, and it seemed that the cruel bitch must have deliberately stepped in
any mud and filth she could possibly find on the way to the church. But
Terri had put the phone back down...and that was what counted! Steph was
what counted, Laurie reminded herself.

"What a good little bride-bitch you are, Lauren! I wonder how good you use
that tongue for other things?"

In horror, Laurie kept right on licking Terri's boot. From her perspective
at Terri's feet, it was plainly apparent that the blonde had no underwear
on...and there could be no mistaking what Terri had meant by her remark.

"'s time to move on..." Terri pulled her feet away.

"Please...will you let my sister go now?" Laurie sniffled hopefully.

Terri ignored her plea. "Time to put you to real use. Get that lovely
tongue between my legs, Lauren."

Laurie shook her head. "Please...I can't..."

Terri picked up her phone again and started dialing.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Laurie screamed and reached for the phone. Terri
responded by planting her foot squarely in the bride's midsection and
kicking her several feet backward. As Laurie gasped for air, her captor
dialed the phone.

"Hello? Yeah, it's me. This bitch isn't go ahead and do

"No...." Laurie wailed as she crawled over to Terri.

"Yes...just one of you, though. Everytime this bitch fucks up, another one
of you will get the OK. That's fine. Hold on a sec," the psycho said as
she put the phone aside. "Uh-uh..." she shook her head. "No crawling on
your hands and knees. Trash like you belongs closer to the floor, no
higher than my boots. Get back over there and try it again." She picked
up the phone again. "OK...sorry. Just teaching the bitch how to beg

Terri continued talking as Laurie got down on the floor in her white
wedding gown and belly-crawled to the cruel blonde's feet. Desperately,
she begged for her sister. Terri stepped on the side of Laurie's face,
painfully pushing the bride's head against the cold, hard floor. "Don't
you touch my boot...unless you want to clean it again," she was warned as
she instinctively tried to pull Terri's foot off of her face.

"Yes...go ahead," Terri said to the unseen person on the other end of the
phone. "But make sure she knows it's because her sister wouldn't

"NO!!!!!!!" Laurie renewed her efforts to free her head from beneath
Terri's boot. Terri responded by putting more of her weight on her right
foot, which ground Laurie's head even harder into the floor. In
desperation, Laurie clawed at Terri's boots.

"You *really* must learn to obey, Lauren! Now your dear sister will pay
for your mistake!"


Terri pounced on the tormented bride, keeping her firmly pinned to the
floor. "Here...listen..." she taunted as she placed the phone next to
Laurie's ear...

First she heard a loud shriek...then a few guys giving each other
directions. "Hold her leg...keep her still...KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN
BITCH..." Then the sounds of ripping clothing. That would be the maid of
honor dress, which Laurie and Steph had picked out together, before going
out for ice cream.

"Please no...LAURIE HELP ME..." Steph's voice...then the tormented sounds
of Steph bawling and pleading...then just bawling as her innocence was
brutally ripped away from her on the other end of the line.

"I'm so sorry, Steph," Laurie whispered soundlessly as she was forced to
listen to her sister being taken.

Finally, mercifully, Terri took the phone away. "Thanks...yes, she heard
it all...was she nice and tight? Yes...well, she was a virgin...of course
your cock is going to be messy! (giggle) No...wait on that. I'm going to
see if the Bimbo Bride is ready to follow instructions. If not, the rest
of you may have a turn! Hold on..." She put the phone down and ran her
fingers through Laurie's hair. "So...did you enjoy hearing your sister
getting fucked?" Laurie shook her head. "Don't worry...I'm sure she's a
natural born slut, just like her older sister...I'll bet she can't wait to
get it again. Should I have them give it to her again?"


"They took her cherry, Lauren. They took her virgin cunt...didn't you LOVE
hearing that?" Laurie shook her head. "Yes, you did. It made you feel
good, didn't it?"


"Yes, it did. You listened to your sister get her cherry popped, and you
were just thankful that it wasn't you."

last shreds of her bravery began to melt away, Laurie focused on her rage.
"Of course...I wouldn't expect someone like you to understand, who's
never...never been loved by anyone for a day in her life!"

Terri regarded her with distaste. "You're right. I don't know what it's
like. You're going to enlighted me, though. You say you'll do anything
for your sister, hmmmm?"

Fearful but defiant, Laurie nodded.

"Good. This is going to be fun. Listen carefully. I'm going to have my
friends take turns putting their cocks in Stephanie's ass--"


"Shut up and listen, " Terri admonished. "I'm going to have my friends
take turns putting their cocks in Stephanie's ass--UNLESS you do exactly as
you're told."


"I want you to tell your sister something..." Grinning from ear to ear,
Terri explained to her captive what was expected of her. Then she got back
on the phone. "Yeah. Put the little cunt on. Her sister has *something*
to tell her."

After Laurie's crying died down, the phone was put next to her ear. Terri
leaned close and whispered in the bride's other ear, "Do it, or the next
voice on that phone will be mine, authorizing those men to gang bang
Stephanie's sweet little ass."

Laurie took a deep breath. "S-Steph..."

"Laurie? Laurie OH GOD..."

"Steph....I...I heard you g-got your cherry popped...." She shut her
eyes. "I...I know you loved it...I...I..." Terri pinched her and reached
menacingly for the phone. "Sis...I know you l-loved it...I always knew
you'd grow up to be a slut..." The words tore her heart out to say them.

"WHAT?" Steph sounded incredulous, as well as utterly betrayed. "Laurie
what's HAPPENING? Did you make this happen to me? WHY???" Laurie cringed
at the hurt, hopeless tone of her sister's voice. THEY MADE ME SAY THAT!
THEY'RE MAKING ME SAY THIS, TO SAVE YOU, SIS... she wanted to scream. Oh,
if only this could be over, so she could hug Steph and tell her the

Terri prodded Laurie some more. " need to do something
now. That...that m-man who fucked you...clean...clean him off with your the whore you are." The redhead said that last part extremely
fast before twisting her head away from the phone and breaking into fresh

Terri severed the connection. "Not bad," she complimented, much
impressed. "You totally humiliated yourself to spare your sister an
assfucking...FOR NOW," she emphasized. "Of course, she probably thinks you
arranged this whole thing, and probably hates your guts now. I love it,"
Terri concluded.

"She doesn't hate me," Laurie sobbed. "She'll understand..."

The blonde laughed haughtily. "She'll *understand* a lot of things in the
weeks to come. She'll *understand* that her life is going to be ruined
because of her sister's misdeeds!"

"Wh-why Steph? WHY?"

Terri sighed tiredly. "We've already been over this, silly. I'm just
paying you back for stealing my man!"

"Please god, Terri...I'LL DO ANYTHING..." the bride sobbed.

The blonde took a seat again. She'd come to a realization. There was no
sight in the world as lovely as that of the woman who had stolen your man
from you, on her wedding day, on her knees in tears, desperately promising
that she'll do "ANYTHING".

"Prove it," she instructed as she hiked her skirt up and spread her legs.

"...something new..."

Hesitantly, the repulsed Laurie got between Terri's legs and began licking
her thighs. Tears flowed down her cheeks as she was forced closer and
closer to Terri's womanhood.

"Enough teasing," the blonde ordered as she grabbed Lauren's head. Lauren
shut her eyes, stiffening, as her face was rubbed against Terri's cunt.
"You know what to do..."

"N-no....I've n-n-never...."

Terri's whisper was deadly and as cold as ice. "Do we need to make another
phone call?"


"Then kiss my pussy..." Laurie leaned in and gingerly kissed Terri's pussy
lips. Like Laurie, the blonde was shaved bare. "Yeah. C'mon, use your
tongue!" The unwilling bride gave a few hesitant licks, then looked up at

"What are you looking at? Eat my cunt, you bitch!" Terri grabbed a
handful of Laurie's lovely, permed red hair, and shoved the girl's face
into her crotch. "Get your tongue in there. Lap at it like you're a bitch
dog. Yes. UNHHHH... Feel how soaking wet I am, Lauren? That's from
listening to you's like music to my ears. That, and the sound of
your sister being RAPED..." Terri sighed. "Keep going...."

Mark was thoroughly documenting Laurie's entire ordeal with the video
camera. He now zoomed in for an extreme close-up of the bride, licking
away at her groom's ex's cunt. "Lesbian Brides...Part One!" he narrated in
a booming voice.

Terri giggled as she gripped the back of Laurie's head. "Part one of

Laurie just kept licking, wallowing in her humiliation, kneeling in her
wedding dress in front of this deranged woman. This was supposed to be the
best day of her life...and now it had become her worst. Her tears flowed
freely as she carried out her forced lesbian act. It was all she could do
to keep from throwing up from the thought of what she was doing. Terri
didn't actually taste bad at all--compared to licking the soles of her
boots, Terri's juices were like champagne! ...but Laurie thought the very
idea was disgusting.

Terri, of course, couldn't care less what Laurie thought. "That's right.
You're going to be doing a LOT of this from now on!"

The cameraman went over to the door and opened it. Laurie was aware of
several people entering the room. She tried to look up. "No...keep
going...don't worry about what's going to happen, because you have no say
in the matter..." she was ordered. Then she felt hands groping at her
breasts, and another reaching under her wedding dress, feeling at her
crotch. She stiffened but kept licking Terri's bald cunt.

"She's got panties on, Terri..." a male voice said from behind Laurie.

"Well, that's no good!" Terri pouted. "Lauren, a slut like you has no need
for panties. I want you to walk down that aisle bare-assed under that
lovely wedding dress! Personally, I can't conceive of a better way to
thoroughly humiliate you. And I've thought about it long and hard, believe
me!" She jerked Laurie by the hair, so that the two of them were face to
face. "I warned you to stay away from my man, didn't I? DIDN'T I?"

Fearfully, Laurie nodded.

", you're going to pay. I'm going to make you the poster-girl
for 'don't fuck with Terri'. Lauren...I want you to meet our guests." She
let go of Laurie's hair. The hapless bride turned around to find five
young men standing in a semicircle around her. As she eyed them fearfully,
Terri continued: "We're going to have a little fun here. Lauren...all of
these men have nice, hard cocks which they would love to share with you.
You *do* love nice, hard cocks, don't you?"

"No..." Laurie cried.

"Oh, bullshit. You couldn't wait to get hold of Steve's cock. It didn't
bother you that he was mine. Well, these guys are mine too. YOU MUST BE

"No!" Laurie desperately insisted. Other than oral escapades, she and
Steve had remained pure.

Terri looked up at the men. "What do you say, guys? Want to give our
lovely young bride her last fuck as a single woman?" The men all eagerly
indicated their agreement. "Of'll all still get plenty of
chances to fuck her after she's married..."

"Please, don't do this!" Laurie implored, cowering away from the men who
now surrounded her. "Please, Terri, stop it, please..." She broke into
fresh sobs. "Please don't...I'm a v-v-v-vir..." Her voice hitched on the

"A virgin?" Terri mused. "Well, so was your sister until about ten minutes
ago. We all lose it sometime, sweetie."

"Please, oh god, please Terri," she was now barely understandable, "I'll
cancel...cancel the w-wedding...I'll talk to Steve...tell him...tell him to
go back to you...just please stop this...."

The small smile again pursed Terri's lips. "You would do that for me?"

"Yes!" Laurie sobbed desperately. "I will! Please just leave my sister and
me alone...I...I'm g-giving Steve back to you! Please, I can't take this
every day for the rest of my life..."

"Wow...." Terri taunted amusedly. "So...this is 'true love'..." She
looked into the camera, which was still recording everything for
posterity. "Ain't it great?" Then she leaned in close to Laurie.
"Listen, cunt. *I* will determine what you can and can't take. And if I'm
wrong, then we'll throw you in a ditch somewhere and go amuse ourselves
with Stephanie. And...thanks for your little 'offer'...but no thanks. You
*will* be getting married today. You see...I've put months of planning
into your new life with Steve, and what it's going to be like. And I'll be
damned if I'm going to let you back out now...."

" life with Steve?" Laurie wondered aloud what the bitch was talking

Then the redhead was being pulled in again, forced down onto Terri's cunt.
"Lick me some more, Lauren. Let's put on a nice show for our guests." She
complied, deftly working Terri's clit with her tongue, as the psychotic
woman explained things to her. "After the wedding, your baby sister and
your hubby are going to have a rather steamy, scandalous affair. Everyone
will be talking about it, and believe me, EVERYONE is going to know about
it. I didn't tell you to stop, bitch. That's it...lick it RIGHT'll stay with him, and you won't do anything to stop the
affair. It'll continue until he gets her pregnant." Terri was suddenly
overcome with giddy joy, and had to pause for a moment before she could go
on. "He'll lose his job over it, of course...the firm can't have a partner
who goes around screwing his wife's little sister, now, can they? Oh,
he'll try to find another job...but anywhere he applies will be getting an
anonymous tip about his character."

"'ll never get away with it...Steph and I w-w-won't d-"

Terri raised her hand. "Whenever you or your sister disobeys me, you'll
both be rounded up and you'll get to watch each other get gang raped by
several of my friends. Several rather unpredictable friends. Who aren't I am. Then, you'll be thrown into a room and made to beat
the shit out of each other--if anyone asks about the bruises, you'll say
Steve beat you--and if you still refuse to cooperate, I'll roast
Stephanie's tits with a blowtorch. Followed by yours. Stick that tongue
deep in my cunt," she added.

Laurie wept as she slid her tongue into Terri's pussy, probing it like a
tiny cock. "MMMMMMMMM," Terri sighed. "That's it. You're a fast
learner! Dear Stephanie will move in with you and Steve. Most likely,
she'll be disowned by your parents and the rest of your family and will
have nowhere else to go, anyway...who's going to want a skank who's
pregnant with her brother-in-law's child? By that time, you'll all be on
the street...maybe living in some run-down apartment in the city. Welfare
moochers...Steve, his lovey-dovey wife, and his little concubine. Ream my
slit with that tongue, bitch, don't be shy. And you'll stay with'll put up with his adultering, his'll just
bear it and smile. What a loser everyone will think you are! And Steve
thought when he dumped me that I wouldn't be able to fuck him anymore...oh,
I'm just going to fuck him in so many ways, which he never dreamed were

"Y-you can' won't be able to..."

"Oh...yes, I will!" Terri explained. "You're going to help me make all of
this happen, Lauren! It's going to be our little secret! Lick me,
Lauren. Mmmmmm, you're a NATURAL!"

Laurie's head slumped. She had never felt so totally beaten.
"Please...let Steph go, then...please leave her out of can
do whatever you want to me..."

"No. Stephanie is my property now as well, Lauren. In fact, as of this
moment, she's *MY* little sister, not yours. You don't deserve to be
called a big sister, after all the pain you've caused for her--and are
GOING to cause for her. Eat me, you bitch. Get your tongue in there.
That's right. I'm going to 'adopt' Stephanie. We'll go to the mall
together, buy her slutty outfits, lacy lingerie, loads of makeup. Move
your tongue in circles there...FUCK yeah... I'll teach her everything she
needs to know about seducing Steve. Then I'll take her home and fuck her.
Just like you're doing to me with that tongue OH YEAH.... After the
wedding, you and Steve will have NO sexual relations. You'll refuse
him...and we'll ALWAYS be watching! He'll have the biggest case of blue
balls a newlywed has ever had. Then...enter Stephanie with her low-cut
blouses, miniskirts, platform shoes and painted lips. He'll be unable to
help himself! Oh yeah lick it LICK IT....OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH!!!!"

The brideroom filled with the rapturous sounds of Terri's climax, the
perfect counterpoint to Laurie's desolate sobs of hopelessness and despair.

"...something borrowed..."

"We're going to make this interesting, Lauren. These guys here," Terri
patted a few asses, "are going to borrow your lovely body for the next,"
she looked at her watch, "forty minutes!" Terri retrieved a piece of paper
and held it up. "Here is a list of things which I want done to you,
Lauren. As you can see, you probably won't be able to finish all of it
within that amount of time. So...whatever doesn't get checked off of this
list, your sister will finish for you later on. So...your precious sister
who you keep whimpering about...her fate is entirely up to you!"

"Terri...please...I'll do whatever you want...just please leave Steph out
of it!"

"Are you quite through?" Terri demanded impatiently. "Because you're now
down to 39 minutes."

"No...." But even as she protested, Laurie was resignedly slipping her
body out of her lovely wedding dress. Terri eyed the redhead's curvaceous
body with jealousy.

"Hmmmm...lovely!" the psychotic woman complimented, indicating the bride's
white lace bra and matching panties. "But not befitting a slut like you.
Take them off."

Slowly, Laurie began removing her undergarments. She was being made to
strip for the pleasure of a room full of men, and she was getting married

"38 minutes. Don't worry about taking your time, Lauren. Stephanie will
be happy to cover for you, I'm sure!"

That got Laurie going. She unsnapped her bra and tossed it aside. Her
34-DD melons sprang free, eliciting a gasp from everyone present, Terri

"So...these are the infamous tits which you use to steal people's
boyfriends! Well, I must say I'm impressed! Guys, aren't you impressed?"

"I'll be impressed when my dick's between 'em!" one of the guys piped up,
to peals of laughter and nods of agreement.

Terri groped Laurie's boobs. "These *are* lovely, Lauren. I'll bet your
little sis -- oops, MY little sister, Stephanie -- is quite envious of
these! She needn't worry, however...I'm certain hers will swell up nicely,
when she's pregnant with your husband's baby! Well, what are you waiting
for? Get the panties off too!"

Laurie, humiliated, cast her eyes downward as she removed her panties. The
gathering in the brideroom again gasped in surprise as the redhead's
completely shaved pussy was revealed.

"Well..." Terri enumerated, "I suppose any of us who were wondering if you
were a natural redhead are shit outta luck! Of course," she added, "I'm
sure you'd tell us if we really wanted you to."

Laurie made a futile effort to conceal herself with her hands, at the same
time looking expectantly at Terri.

"What are you looking at? The clock is running, Lauren. I'd suggest you
get started on that list..."

Laurie picked up the small piece of notebook paper and read the first
item. "G-give blowjobs everyone..." she recited, turning around
and facing her tormentors.

Terri clapped her hands mockingly. "Excellent. Not only can she flaunt
her big tits, she can read, too!" She scowled at Laurie. "Do you want me
to do this for you? Is that it? Well...fine by me..." The blonde turned
to the nearest man and dropped to her knees. She hastily fumbled with his
zipper and pulled the man's prick free. Terri wasted no time getting the
engorged tool into her mouth.

"Mmmmm LOOK at me suck this hard cock, Lauren!" she panted between
slurps. Then she looked up at him, "I want you to cum in my mouth,
baby..." Then back down on him, all the way to the base of his nine inch
prick. Then back out to remind Laurie, "Just think of all the work you'll
have to do to get this one hard again...after I make him cum..."

Horrified understanding dawned on Laurie. As it was, it would be extremely
difficult, if not impossible, to complete all of her "tasks" in the
allotted time. Even more so, if her tormentors' cocks weren't hard...

Laurie reflected briefly on the "list". Among the items listed, all of the
men present were to make use of all of her holes--or Stephanie's, she
reminded herself. Without wasting any more time, the pretty redhead
dropped to her knees before the man closest to her. She fumbled with his
zipper, and after only a brief hesitation, took him into her mouth. All
the while, she tried not to think about where this cock--and everyone
else's--were inevitably going. Assuming that there was even enough time...

Terri had stopped sucking her man off, and was now watching Laurie
interestedly. She looked again at her watch. "Attagirl...looks like
you're on schedule to suck everyone's cock in the next...oh, thirty-four
minutes..." She smiled with understanding. "Steph must need the
experience, I take it?"

"No..." Laurie pleaded as she dutifully licked the shaft of the tormentor
standing before her. "Please, Terri...I can't possibly do all
that...there's not enough time..."

"That's because," Terri explained, "you're not thinking like the whore that
you are. A whore has to improvise." She bubbled with mirth. "A whore has
to know how to manage her time, and make efficient use of all her assets."

With horror, the redhead realized what Terri wanted her to do. She also
realized that it was the only way she could meet the quota specified in
Terri's "list".

So she turned around and picked out the man who seemed the least abusive of
the group. "Please sir..." She struggled to say the words. "M-make love
to m-"

Terri cut her off. "Bitch...that is NOT how a whore talks. I *know* that
a sleazy tramp like you has a much more diverse vocabulary..." She turned
to the others. "In fact, I forbid any of you to touch this slut unless she
first begs you, in a manner befitting her."

The crazy bitch was bound and determined to find every possible way to
humiliate Laurie, to strip her of every last shred of her dignity. And it
was working like a charm.

"P-please!" Laurie sobbed. "Terri...please..." How could someone torture
another human being like this?

Terri only looked at her watch, then back at the naked bride.

Laurie began again. "Please...p-put it in...f-fuck...m-my pussy..." She
took a breath. "Fuck my pussy, please..."

Terri gave a nod to the man, who stepped behind Laurie. She gritted her
teath and shut her eyes against the tears as he pressed against her, then
she gasped as he slowly sank into the depths of her womanhood, enjoying the
fruits which no other man had ever shared up until now. Her innocence,
which she'd planned to give up to Steve tonight, was now lost forever. The
man whom she'd been fellating, meanwhile, was pressing his cockhead
insistently against her lips. In shame, she opened her mouth and let him
in. The bride-to-be was now getting it from both ends, but of course this
wasn't enough for Terri.

"Mmmmm GREAT, Lauren. Leaving the ass-fucking duties for Stephanie, I
see." She frowned. "That's....PROBABLY....a good idea. After all, we
wouldn't want you to be too sore to walk down that aisle in thirty-one

"MMMMMMPFH!" Laurie protested.

Terri was gently stroking one of the other men--who, Laurie was horrified
to note, was hung like a bear. "Lauren...have you met my friend here?
This is...well, we just call him 'Big Cock'. Fitting, don't you think?"

Laurie wasn't sure the cock in question would "fit" anywhere without
ripping her apart. Her eyes registered the fear as her mouth and cunt
busily swallowed up the two pricks which were already banging away at her.

"'Big Cock' is eager to try anal sex....but he's never been able to find a
willing partner for it, for obvious reasons! He's wondering if you'll be
willing, Lauren..."

The tormented bride came up for air. "Terri...please," she gasped.
"I've...I've never had...had anything...back there...I--"

"That's OK," Terri lamented, stroking "Big Cock's" name-sake comfortingly.
"I know where we can find some even tighter ass for you. Hmmmmm?
Stephanie was pretty cute, wasn't she?"

"NOOOOOO!" Laurie now wailed. "Terri...please listen...I can't...can't
possibly take anything back there...I'd n-need time to prepare...please..."

"Time?" Terri giggled. "You have exactly thirty minutes!" She leaned down
and nibbled on Laurie's ear. "You'd better start loosening yourself up,
dear. You know...slide a few of your fingers up there..."

Laurie realized that the blonde was right. She shut her eyes in revulsion
as she reached back, gingerly easing a finger into her tight virgin ass.
It barely fit. Then she felt a gentle prodding at her lips and remembered
her cocksucking duties as well. The redhead opened her mouth and accepted
the waiting prick...and nearly gagged on it. Opening her eyes, she noted
that "Big Cock" had now taken his place in front of her, and was
insistently waving his tool before her. Laurie nearly fainted as she saw
it up was at least ten inches long, and thick like a club! How
could I be expected to...she cut herself off before she could finish the
dreadful thought.

"Take it in, Lauren. I wanna see that monster disappear into your mouth,"
Terri urged, still nibbling on the captive bride's earlobe. Laurie moaned
softly at the sensation of having her ears bitten, her pussy fucked and her
own fingers probing her ass (she'd now forced a second finger inside
herself.) She took a deep breath, not knowing for certain when she'd have
the opportunity to get air again...then she began taking the huge cock into
her mouth.

Laurie considered herself to be pretty good at blowjobs. She'd never had
any complaints...although she'd never mastered the art of deep throating,
she could usually get a good portion of the goods in her mouth, and her
lovers had always gone away satisfied. This was different, however... the
cock in question was so thick that she could only get two inches of it into
her mouth without gagging!

Terri, of course, didn't care. "C'mon...give her more than that. She
wants all of it in her mouth!" She grabbed a handful of Laurie's red hair
and pulled her, forcing the cock deeper into her mouth. The bride began
gagging and choking as inch after inch was forced down her throat, in this
obscene oral rape.

Laurie was already out of breath from the rather thorough fucking she'd
been getting from the man kneeling behind her. Now, she was totally
deprived of air. "Big Cock" and Terri easily slapped Laurie's flailing
hands away as the young bride's face turned first red, then blue.

"Something blue!!!!" Terri screamed triumphantly. Then she was leaning
down whispering again to Laurie, who was ready to pass out. "That's it,
whore. Pass out on us. Take the easy way out. Leave all the hard work to
your little sister. I knew you didn't care about her or what happens to

"MMMMMMMMM!!!!" Laurie moaned desperately. With a conscious effort, she
fought to bring the involuntary gag reflex under control. She was also
successful in breathing in a tiny bit of precious air through her nose.

"How are you ever going to fit that thing in your asshole, Lauren? You're
so tight back there!" She looked at the time again. "You know,'re running out of time. You might not get everything on that
list done in time. But I'll promise you one thing. This--" she indicated
the obscenely huge prick "--will be going in your ass before you leave this
room. And you are going to feel like you're being ripped apart..." Terri
was literally drooling. "You're going to be in so much fucking pain that
you're going to beg us to fuck your sister instead."

"Mmmmm mmmmmm," Laurie protested weakly. Her eyes were like tortured
windows to her soul. She knew that she'd be ripped apart by this
monster...and Terri didn't care.

"Know what I'm hoping for? I'm hoping you get almost everything done on
the list...then you run out of time and we get to do it all over again with
Stephanie. Generally speaking, all of us are really eager to rape your
sister, Lauren...."

The man who was fucking Laurie's cunt pulled out. Involuntarily, she
continued thrusting her ass back and forth for a few seconds. Then,
another of the men took his place in her no longer virgin pussy. The guy
who'd just fucked her, meanwhile, was waiting his turn for the redhead's
oral delights.

"Hmmmmmm...let's let someone else have a turn, big guy," Terri cooed to
"Big Cock". "You've got other holes to fill..." As the giant cock was
finally pulled out of her mouth, Laurie gratefully gasped for air.

All too soon, another cock was presented to her, this one covered with her
pussy juices. Laurie looked around for something to clean it up with...but
her blonde tormentor stopped her.

"You take that in your mouth as is, girl. Don't be squeamish about sucking
some pussy juice off of a cock...just a few minutes ago you had your tongue
buried in my cunt. And don't you dare try to tell me you didn't like it."
Obediently, Laurie lowered her mouth onto the offered prick, tasting her
own tangy juices. Terri was didn't taste all that much
different from the pussy she'd been forced to eat earlier. All in all, the
young bride was just grateful to have that monster cock out of her mouth.

The man behind Laurie, meanwhile, had begun playing with her ass while he
fucked her cunt. Already he'd worked two fingers into her tight asshole
and was roughly prodding and probing her. His fingers were much bigger
than Laurie's, and she already felt like her ass was being stretched to the
limit. And of course, the thought hung over her head like a cloak, that
this was nothing compared for the agony which was in store for her. And
for Steph, if Laurie couldn't complete her daunting task.

"Damn, she's tight," grunted the man playing with Laurie's ass, as he tried
to slip a third finger inside the girl.

"Not for much longer," giggled Terri, who was busy having her tits and cunt
played with by "Big Cock" while they watched the show.

"Not at all" the guy agreed as he pulled his stiff rod out of Laurie's
cunt, and pressed the head against the bride's pink rosebud.

Terri sprang to life. "NO! WAIT...." The would-be assfucker looked up.
"Make her beg you for it. For the camera." She indicated the camera which
was still recording everything. "I want complete footage of what a whore
she is. Beg, Lauren."

Laurie looked over her shoulder at the man who was poised and ready to rape
her virgin ass. "P-please...put...put it in me..."

"You can do better than that, Lauren. Show us what a whore you are."

"P-pl-please...p-put...put your cock in m-my ass..."

The man was rubbing his cockhead against the bride's anal opening,
obviously eager to get underway. Terri shook her head, however.
"'re *still* not behaving like the whore we know you are. If I
have to tell you one more time, we're going to do this with your sister

"Noooooo," the redhead pleaded emphatically. "Please fuck my ass...please
shove your cock up in my virgin bride asshole and ream this whore..."

"Lovely," Terri drooled. "Steve is going to LOVE watching this video, of
his bride begging to have her ass fucked just minutes before her wedding!"
She nodded to the man, who eagerly began stuffing his cock into Laurie's
ass. First he managed to work the tip into her...then, inch by inch, he
slid into her extremely tight, previously unexplored depths. The man in
front of her had resumed fucking her mouth, which was just as well, as
Laurie's screams would have otherwise permeated the entire building and
brought the entire wedding party running.

The young redhead had never been in such agony. "OhmygodITHURTS," she
thought delirously, "getitoutPLEASEgetitoutohgodSTEPHSTEPHSTEPH....
doingitforSTEPHOHGODPLEASEDON'THURTMYSISTER..." as her virginal ass was
mercilessly taken.

The three of them shifted around slightly...the two men and their unwilling
sex slave. Another of the men had lain down, face up, and Laurie was now
being lowered onto him, even as the other two cocks remained buried to the
hilt in her mouth and ass. As the third man entered her pussy, Laurie
hardly noticed for all the pain in her stretched asshole. Meanwhile,
pre-wedding music had begun in the church, and was piping into the speakers
in the brideroom...and Laurie's three assailants were fucking each of her
openings in time to the music, in a crude, obscene symphony.

And the camera was catching all of it. Terri poked her head into view of
the camera: "This is our *lovely* bride. Just...22 minutes before the big
moment, when she says those vows!" Laurie was in too much pain to care
about Terri's taunting at this point. She desperately tried to focus her
mind on something--anything--besides the wall of pain which was crashing
down upon her.

"Lauren, you just tell us if you want us to do your sister instead...and
we'll stop, sweetie!" Terri's voice, from somewhere on the other side of
that wall of excruciating agony. "We'll leave you can get
dressed, and go have your wedding..."

"I love you, Steph," Laurie thought. "I won't give up...but oh god it

Then, everything stopped. The cock which was invading her ass suddenly did the one raping her mouth. The man underneath Laurie
pumped her a few more times, then extricated himself from beneath her.
Laurie sobbed as she caught her breath.

"A-anything...Terri..." The bride looked up at her tormentor, who was
towering over her. "I... I'll do anything...g-give you...anything...just
please m-make this stop..." Then she saw why all of the men had stopped
screwing her. "Big Cock" was getting himself into position behind her.
"Terri pleeeeeeeease!!!! I can't TAKE that inside me..." She fearfully
scooted away from her soon-to-be sodomizer, and found herself again begging
at Terri's feet. "Please...I can't take this..."

"Nonsense," explained the blonde. "Since the beginning of time, ever since
there's been fucking, there have been women getting raped. Some, like you,
even deserved it." She licked her lips. "Granted...these circumstances
are rather, my dear, may be setting a record for taking the
most cocks in the most holes less than a half hour before your church

"PLEEEEEASE..." Laurie knew it was no use.

Terri decided to torment the girl a bit. "Laurie...are you sorry you stole
my man from me?"

"Yes," the redhead whispered eagerly. "Yes I am so very sorry, Terri!!!"
Maybe there was a chance...

The psychopath's voice was now very thoughtful. "Lauren...tell me...if I
let you go, what will you do for me?"

"I'll...I'll give up Steve...let you have him back..." Terri had already
heard this, of course...but Laurie knew she had to talk fast while this
deranged bitch was actually considering letting her go.

"He won't want me. He dumped me for you, remember? You'd just steal him
from me again, Lauren..." She nodded to "Big Cock".

Laurie curled her ass up against her legs frightfully, still pleading.
"No...I won't steal him...please listen...I'll...I'll leave town..."

That seemed to get Terri's attention. Laurie seized the opportunity.

"Yes...that's what I'll do! I'll get dressed...I'll go out the back
entrance right now...I'll just get in my car and leave... You won't have
to worry about me ever again, Terri..." More inspiration struck her.
"Steve will be left waiting at the altar...he'll be so can pick
up the pieces, Terri! He'll be all yours!!! And I'll be out of your won't have to worry about me stealing your man with my big

"And you'll never come back?" Terri mused.

"Never," Laurie promised, "you have my word, Terri..."

"Well..." the blonde pondered. "OK, that sounds reasonable..."

Tears of relief began to pour down Laurie's cheeks.

"...on one condition."


Terri sneered. "Your little sister will remain with us for the rest of her
life. She will become our own personal sex slave, and she will service our
cocks and cunts every day. Her tiny 17 year old body, including her mouth,
cunt and asshole will become our property. The choice is yours, Lauren..."

Of course this wasn't an option, as Terri was well aware. She grinned
evilly as Laurie, beaten and defeated, arranged herself on all fours and
shut her eyes, as "Big Cock" took his place behind her. The redhead
whimpered as she felt the huge cockhead being rubbed against the pucker of
her sore ass. Then came the pressure, and the pain. As the giant forced
his enormous tool, inch by inch, into Laurie's tiny asshole, one of the
other men--the one who had just finished with the bride's tight ass--forced
his prick into her mouth. It was just as well that he did...otherwise
Laurie's screams of agony would have deafened every one of the guests who
were now filing into the church for her wedding....

For a while, Laurie was literally fucked senseless. As "Big Cock" reamed
her tight backdoor, the pretty redhead became delirious and drifted in and
out of consciousness. Desperately she clenched her ass muscles, trying
vainly to force the invader out, knowing that she *had* to get that
monstrous cock out of her before it ripped her insides apart and caused her
to bleed to death. Her screams and cries were muffled by the cock she was
fellating...or, more accurately, the cock which was raping her mouth. As
"Big Cock" pulled all the way out, Laurie squeezed her torn, abused
sphincter tightly, in vain hope that she could keep him out. But it was no
use, and as he buried himself to the hilt in her bowels again, Laurie knew
that she'd gladly offer her own sister if this pain would only stop.
Silently she pleaded with her mouth-fucker not to pull his prick out of her
mouth, for the young bride knew she'd be unable to stop herself from
begging for Steph to be abused in her place.

But the blonde read Laurie's mind.

"Honey," she patted the shoulder of the bride's oral rapist, "hold up a
sec. I think our dear Lauren has something she wants to say."

NO...OH GOD NO... With a loud POP! he pulled his dick out of Laurie's


"Why, Lauren. Do you want him to put it in Stephanie's asshole instead?"
Terri oozed like melted butter.

Laurie couldn't help it. "YES...YES...DO IT TO STEPH INSTEAD JUST
PLEEEEEEASE TAKE IT OUT OH GAWWWD!!!!" It was the lowest moment of
Laurie's young life, and for a fraction of a second the pain of her guilt
outweighed that of her ravaged ass.

But only for a fraction of a second. Then, Laurie's anal assailant began
screwing her ass like a jackhammer. The man in front of her moved forward
again and resumed fucking her mouth, and this time even a mouthful of dick
couldn't effectively muffle her cries of pain and of shame.

Terri continued needling the bride. "I knew we'd break you. But we're
going to let all these guys fuck your ass anyway. I will show this tape to
Stephanie though, so she can see what kind of a selfish bitch you are."
She grinned. "So far, you've betrayed your sister and offered to give up
your man just to avoid a little humiliation. Some woman you are..."

Laurie, nearly numb with guilt and blinded by the immense pain, barely

When "Big Cock" finished raping her ass, Laurie was down to 12 minutes.
Desperately she struggled to recall which of the men had already fucked
her, and in which holes. It was difficult, as she now felt completely
numb. Quickly she gathered three of the men, positioning them at the
openings which they hadn't yet violated. The redhead winced as her sore
ass was again reamed. She'd expected that anal wouldn't hurt so bad, after
having had that monster cock up there...but she found that she was wrong.
Laurie was even more sore there now, and every thrust brought new, blinding
pain. Not to mention that "Big Cock" was now ramming away at her tight

After a few more position changes, Laurie had had all five men in all three
holes...with the exception of one of the younger guys, who was squeamish
about fucking the bride in the ass. Laurie looked to Terri hopefully.

"Please....he...he doesn't want to!"

"That's fine, doll, but you know the rules...maybe Stephanie will be more
persuasive when it's *her* turn!"

"No....please...." Laurie turned to the young man and appealed to him.
"Please...please this slut bride wants y-your her a-ass...OH

As the young man was finally convinced to take the bride's ass, Terri and
the cameraman shared a smile, realizing the "wedding highlight" they'd just
gotten on film....


As Laurie slipped her wedding dress back on--sans bra or panties--Terri

"Well...we're all out of time here, Lauren. Are you ready? Let me fix
your veil. Don't worry...all that cum dripping down your face will look
just like tears of happiness, until Steve lifts your veil. I'll be
watching the whole thing...don't you dare clean yourself off in any way!"
she warned. "As for these guys...well, they have a date with your

Laurie's eyes grew wide. "B-but...I did what...what you said on the list!"

"Really?" Terri asked softly. "Lauren...what about Mark?" The blonde
indicated the cameraman.

The bride's heart froze in her chest. " didn't say..."

The blonde laughed. "Honey...the list said for those things to be done
with *all* the men present. Seems like you ignored poor Mark..."

"Please...I DID WHAT YOU ASKED!!! OH, please...." Laurie whimpered.

"Poor Mark," Terri repeated. "He had to watch your slutty
performance...servicing all five of those cocks over and over...and he
never got so much as a 'thank you' blowjob from you..." She rubbed Mark's
head sympathetically. "Poor baby...I think to make up for it, Mark here
will get first crack at Stephanie's tight virgin ass..."

"No...I'll do it..." She dropped to her knees in front of the cameraman.
"I'll do it all..." the bride desperately clawed at Mark's belt even as
Terri and a few of the others began pulling her away.

"No, your time is up, Lauren...time to walk down that aisle to be with your

As they dragged the bride away, kicking and screaming in her full wedding
attire (sans panties and bra), Laurie desperately pleaded. "Please...let
me fuck him...PLEASE!!!" She then appealed to Mark directly: "Please...I
want your cock...I need it in my ass...PLEASE OH
PLEASE FUCK THIS LITTLE SLUT!!!!!!" The video camera caught it all

Then they were outside the brideroom, and Terri was guiding her down the
hallway, toward the entranceway, beyond which were gathered all of Laurie's
friends and family (with the obvious exception of Steph...)

"Please....I can't, Terri..." Laurie whispered, knowing it wouldn't matter.

It didn't. "You will walk down that aisle...and you won't say a word about
any of this. You know what the consequences will be..." Then Terri gave
her a shove to the center of the entranceway.

The organ music started up.

The congregation observed the lovely bride walking slowly down the aisle.
They could make out the tears of happiness streaming slowly down her face.

They couldn't see her wincing as each and every step brought pain to her
freshly fucked ass.

They couldn't see the multiple loads of jism dripping from the bride's
pussy and ass, running down her leg--the dress was too long for that.

They couldn't see the cum which had adhered the wedding dress to Laurie's thick in some places, that it had actually soaked through the

They couldn't see the loads of sperm dousing Laurie's lovely red hair, and
most of her face...

...although they would see soon enough...

Laurie openly began to sob as she walked, step by step, toward the rest of
what her life had so suddenly become...

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