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Collected by Djian

Using Janet / Janet Bound

As always, this is intended for adults interested in sexual situations
only. If you don't fall into that category - go do your homework or
leave this to those of us who can appreciate this kind of thing!

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Part 2

Look I promise I won't make any noise if you don't hurt me" Janet pleaded.
Hillary did not seem to hear the helpless girl underneath her. She reached
into the chest again and removed a red rubber ball, at least as big as a tennis
ball, from the chest. It had several straps and buckles attached to it.
"This is called a head harness ball gag sweetie." Hilary explained.
It is designed to keep the ball tightly wedged into your mouth. Once something
like this goes on, the only sounds you will be able to make are little mews and
grunts. It is much more effective then a normal one strap ball gag, because
there is no chance of you being able to slip it off without unlocking it. The
straps will cover your face holding the ball in and your jaw locked around it.
It is very uncomfortable and very effective."
"Please Hillary. I swear not to make a sound unless you say so. I cannot
handle that in my mouth. Please I'll choke."
Hillary put her knee into Janet's back, and grabbed her red hair, pulling
Janet's head straight back.
Janet's mouth opened involuntarily as her neck was jerked roughly back. Once
her mouth opened. Hillary expertly began to shove the ball in Janet's unwilling
mouth. After a few seconds of struggling the ball forced Janet's jaw to extend
wide enough to accept its form. Janet groaned and tried to pull her head away,
but Hillary had a nice wad of Janet's lustrous mane wrapped in her hand.
Rapidly Hillary pulled the main strap of the gag around Janet's head, under her
hair and buckled and locked it as tightly as possible at the base of her skull.
More straps ran from the ball, over Janet's' head and bucked at the top of her
skull. Another strap ran under her chin and attached to the main strap around
her mouth. When all these straps were tightened and locked, Janet could not
move her jaw at all. Her mouth distended horribly by the ball wedged in her
mouth. Janet tried to scream around the gag. Of course nothing came out but a
pathetic mew.
"Isn't that better Janet, now I can talk without any interruptions from you."

Drool was already forming at the corners of Janet's mouth were the gag let a
tiny bit out. Hillary got off Janet and let her struggle a bit with her
already strict bondage. Janet got up to her knees, her bound hands flailing
helplessly at the elbows, unable to reach up to the oppressive gag.
"Just so you know Janet, if you try to get to your feet I'm just going to shock
you until you drop back down. So don't even try" Hillary said mockingly.
Janet sat on her knees and struggled helpless with the strap holding her
elbows. Hillary got back to the chest and pulled out a long tapered, black
piece of fitted leather. Janet immediately did not like the looks of it.
There were straps and buckles up and down the device.
"Janet, this is my favorite method of binding a person. It is called a 'single
sleeved armbinder'. You can see it is pretty simple. It is a shaped piece of
leather that fits over you arms." Hillary held the armbinder up with one hand
while she used her other to point out the various details of the bondage device
to the wide eyes of a terrified Janet.
Here at the bottom is where your hands will go. With those hand mittens
already on you it won't make much difference having another layer of leather
wrapping them up. The width of the sheath makes it so your arms from fingertip
to elbow are going to be tightly together, so enjoy flapping those arms around
while you can. There are straps that wrap around your arms about every six
inches. Again they are not necessary, but they just serve to make sure you are
more helpless. The binder goes all the way up to your shoulders. I have been
in one and they are completely impossible to escape from even if loosely
applied. Of course I am going to strap you into this one as tightly as I
physically can."
Janet moaned and tried to get up to run, but Hillary was on her and forced her
to her stomach again. Janet felt as the leather sheath was easily slid up her
still bound arms. She fought as best as she could but once it was pulled up to
her shoulders, Janet knew that Hillary was correct. There was no way she could
escape this thing. Then it started to get really bad for Janet. There were
laces that ran the entire length of the armbinder. Slowly and deliberately
Hilary began to tighten them. It took at least fifteen minutes for Hillary from
the tips of the fingers to the top of the shoulders. By the time she was
finished, the leather stretched around Janet's arms like a thin leather skin.
There was absolutely no slack anywhere along the entire length of the binder.
Janet groaned and cried on the floor underneath Hillary as the binder fused her
arms tighter and tighter. Her massive tits were pressed into the ground
underneath both her weight but Hillary on her back.
Hillary was finally satisfied that there was no more slack left in the laces
and knotted the top off at the space between her arms at the shoulders. She
even added a few drops of super glue to the knot to prevent any chance of it
coming loose. A flap with a zipper covered up the lacing all the way down her
arms. Once this zipped up their was a lock at the top to keep it from going
back down. Hillary then wrapped all the straps around the outside of the
binder. One at the wrists, one 6 inches higher at the mid forearm, one at the
elbows, and one at the biceps. Each of these straps were pulled brutally tight
and had a small stainless steel lock on them. . Finally two thicker strap ran
from the top of the binder, over each of Janet's shoulders, crossed between
Janet's massive, firm tits and then buckled and locked to the other side of the
binder right beneath Janet's armpits. Hillary then grabbed Janet's hair and
forced her onto her knees. Janet tried to look over her shoulder to see if
there was any way to loosen this impossibly tight device. Her shoulder muscles
screamed in agony over being placed in this stringent position. Janet could
only grunt a drool in protest to her captor.
"Well lets get started on those great legs of yours, shall we." Hillary
continued her mocking of Janet.

She once again grabbed Janet's hair and pulled her face straight down to the
ground. She dragged her forward until her body laid flat with her legs out
behind her. She sat on Janet's ass and reached into the cedar chest. She
pilled out what appeared to be a shaped leather stocking. It was obviously
designed to fit over a woman's leg.
"Look here Janet, this device is of my own creation. I love the look of a
woman in leather stockings, but I also love to see a woman's foot forced to a
point. These leather socks do both. They lace on to you all the way to the
top of your thigh. They look incredible too. The best part is the foot. On
the sole of your feet is the softest thinnest leather. But over the top is a
perfectly shaped inflexible piece of metal. It forced your foot to a
overextended point. Once I lace your feet into these it is going to be very
uncomfortable for you. Now if you look along where your calf and back of your
thigh is going to be." Janet strained her aching head around to see the device
Hillary was showing off. "You can see all these leather laces. I am going to
sew your calf to your thigh, your ankle to your butt. Then thick leather
straps will be tightened around your thighs and ankles for a final binding."
Hillary reached down and grabbed Janet's shapely left ankle. Janet knew that
if she was ever going to fight she would have to do it now. If her legs were
going to be treated anything like her arms had been, then she would soon not be
moving at all. She tried to pull her leg away, keeping it out of Hillary's
expert hands. Hillary, however, did not feel like playing this game. She
simple reached up to her control disk around her neck and very lightly touched
the choking control on Janet's' collar. Janet felt the device very slightly
tighten, but that was enough. Already a bit oxygen deprived by having to get
all her air through her nose, Janet was being choked to death very quickly.
Spots started to form in front of her eyes. Even then she could hear Hillary's
stern voice.
"Now lift your left leg straight up you back please, or you will soon black
out. It is not a pleasant experience."
Janet's' oxygen starved brain complied immediately, and she felt the choker let
back up. She coughed and sputtered around the gag, unable to restore her air
supply as rapidly as her body demanded, because of the huge gag corking her
stretched mouth. Hillary was completely unmindful of Janet's sufferings as she
began to pull the legging over her shapely left foot. The bottom of the
stocking was just like a boot, and Hillary had to pull and push to get her
Janet's foot to push into the unnatural shape the leather and steel demanded.
Janet's complete surrender at this point did make it easier however, and within
a few seconds her toes were pointed straight out, inside the clever device.
With a little effort, Hillary was then able to pull the rest of the stocking up
and over Janet's long leg. From about the mid calf on up to the very tops of
her thigh, there was lacing to tighten the leather to perfectly fit any woman.
Of course Hillary had chosen a size already very snug for Janet's leg, so
tightening the leather was a slightly difficult task. It was a task that
Hillary relished though. Just like her arms, Hillary took her sweet time
pulling each lace as tight as it could physically go, before moving to the next
one up. Also like the armbinder, there was a final flap that zipped over these
laces to prevent any hands being able to loosen them. When Hillary was done,
Janet's leg was covered with a super tight leather skin from the very top of
her thigh to the tip of her perfectly pointed toe.
Hillary let go of the left leg and very patiently extended her hand for the
right. Janet immediately complied wit this unspoken request. Within a few
minutes her right leg was encased precisely the same way her left one had been.

Hillary finally got off Janet's ass at this point to enjoy a look at the
almost completely helpless girl.
"Tell you what Janet, I'm going to go to the bathroom, and change. If you can
get loose, I'll let you go. Have fun."
Janet laid there for a few seconds, unable to believe what was happening to
her. She struggled for a few seconds, testing the armbinder to see if there
was a miraculous rip in the seams or she suddenly developed the strength of a
hundred women like her. After several seconds of straining and pulling, all's
she had managed to do was cover her naked body with a sheen of sweat from the
exertion. She rolled onto her back at this point and stopped struggling for a
moment, exhausted from this simple act. She began to cry in frustration, fear
and embarrassment at this point. Screaming as loud as she could into the
hateful gag, head arching back and lifting her back off the floor. All the
while her shoulders strained with every bit of might she had, panic lending
more strength then she thought possible to her trapped limbs. This had no
effect on the leather enveloping her so successfully.
Her mind raced frantically for a solution to this impossible situation. Maybe
she could find a kitchen in this place, with a knife or sharp edge she could
use to cut this crap off her. How could she even hold a knife to cut toughened
leather? She screamed and cried into her gag, but knew that it was so
effective that no one could hear her more then 10 or 15 feet away. She was in
a penthouse suite in a high-class hotel. There was no way her pitiful mews
could be heard by anyone.
Then it hit her…a Phone!! If she could get to a phone she could knock it off
and get the "O" pushed. Even if she could not talk she could make enough noise
to alert the operator that there was something not right in Suite 2213.
She rolled back onto her stomach, (not easy with her arms useless to her) and
brought her leather-clad legs underneath her. The super tight leather made
bending her legs almost impossible, but her fear-induced panic gave her
strength. It was at this point that the invidiousness of Hillary's bindings
became clear. Her feet were useless to her in their present position. She
could not stand up at all! There was no way to walk with her feet stretched
and pointed in the painful position they were in. She tried a half dozen times
to get her legs underneath her, but it was simple impossible. If she was
going to get to the phone she was going to have to inch along with her half
useless legs. The phone was at least 40 feet away on a coffee table. Inch by
painful inch, Janet worked her way across the room, knowing that Hillary cold
return at any moment to continue her sick binding of her form. Amazingly she
made it to the phone table with no sign of her attacker returning. Another
seemingly impossible problem asserted itself here. The phone was in the center
of the table, unreachable by her reduced height. She actually tried to lift
herself up enough to knock the phone off a couple of times, before deciding
that she could knock over the whole table with a lot less effort. She knew she
would have to work fast once the phone hit the ground, because that large a
crash would surely bring Hillary back to stop her. She got her shoulder under
the table, and flipped it over with a large crash. The phone flew off and
thankfully landed only a couple of feet away from her. Janet quickly jabbed
her nose a couple of times at the "O" symbol, until she was sure she had hit it
enough to make the call. She moved her head over to the receiver laying on the
ground and began to make as much grunting and moaning noises as the gag would
allow. As she feared she could hear Hillary coming up behind her, but she
continued to make as much noise as she could into the receiver. Hillary
finally reached her and very casually picked up the receiver.
"Hello" She said with a lot of mocking in her voice. "Is anyone there?"
She put the receiver next to Janet's ear, there was no noise coming from it at
"There must be something wrong with the phone, honey, because I don't hear
anything" she said condescendingly.
Hillary looked around for a moment, and found the phones unattached cord laying
on the floor.
"Janet, let this be a lesson to you. I do not make mistakes, I am keeping you
forever and to do that I have to think of everything. Of course the simplest
way of making sure you are helpless is to add a LOT more bondage to your body.
I know how much you enjoy the thought of that that.
Janet's only response was a muffled mew of pleading and surrender.


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