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Collected by djian
update mai 9 2007


The Sitter


"Dad said you had the biggest tits of any babysitter he'd ever seen.
You've sure got the biggest tits of any babysitter he's ever gotten
for us."

Janet's eyes went wide with shock at the boy's words. She could
believe that his father had thought that, because he'd been openly
eyeing her body all morning. But she couldn't believe that he'd tell
his son about it, and she certainly couldn't believe that the boy
would repeat the message to her.

"Pat," she said, shocked to find that her voice was shaking. A slow,
red blush began to spread across her pretty face. "The size of my
breasts doesn't have anything to do with how good a babysitter I am.
Now why don't you go on outside and play with your brother?"
"Naw," he said with a devilish grin. "I want to feel your big tits

He brazenly reached out and took hold of one of Janet's big, firm
tits. He squeezed it tightly, smiling at the look of shock and
outrage on her face. He moved his hand to her other tit and squeezed
that one even harder. He couldn't take his eyes off the beautiful
babysitter his father had hired for him and his brother.

Janet wasn't that much older than Pat, no more than a year out of
high school. She was also the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen,
even better looking than the women in his dad's dirty magazines. The
moment she'd walked in the door, her big tits bouncing high on her
chest under the cut-off sweatshirt she was wearing, Pat had known he
was going to try to fuck her. He'd already fucked a couple girls his
own age, so he knew what it was all about. With an older girl as
beautiful as Janet, he knew he couldn't just walk up and ask her to
fuck, though, so he'd made a plan.

"You little jerk!" She gasped as his thumb found her nipple and
flicked back and forth across it. "Get your hands off me before I
knock you out."

Pat kept his hand on her firm, heavy tit as he closely studied her
body. She really was magnificent. Her legs, mostly bare beneath the
pair of white shorts she was wearing, seemed to go on forever. They
were long and finely muscled and tanned a perfect bronze. Her ass was
great too, a perfectly rounded little hump that joined her long,
sleek legs. Pat could see a little of her waist between her cut-off
top and the waistband of her shorts, and the skin there was as tanned
and silky as her legs. Then he looked back to her tits again.

"Gee, Janet," he said with a giggle, looking at his babysitter's face
now, taking in her big gray eyes and full pink lips. She looked
almost like a pixie, and the short, stylish cut of her hair made her
look even more so. "You know, I'm just a kid. I'm barely in high
school, and what are you, a college girl or what? If I told my dad,
or maybe let it slip out at school that you were messing around with
me or my little brother, you'd be in a whole lot of trouble. And I
might tell. I just might tell that you did all kinds of nasty things!"

Janet stared at the boy in shock. When his father had been here he'd
seemed so innocent, almost angelic. Now he was staring at her from
under his mop of straight blond hair like some little demon. Janet
knew she could flatten him with one punch, could tell by the way he
was watching her that he knew it too. But if he was serious about
making up terrible stories about her then knocking him out would only
make things worse. Janet stood still as he mauled her tits, a heavy
weight settling in her stomach as she realized she might be in big

"What do you want me to do?" she whispered.

Pat grinned and dropped his hand from her tits. He grabbed her wrist
and pulled her graceful, long-fingered hand against the front of his
jeans. Janet didn't fight him, not even when he closed his hand over
hers and forced her to curl her fingers around the throbbing hot
bulge of his cock.
"Just feel it for a while," Pat said, rubbing her hand against his
cock and balls. "Just keep rubbing your hand over it. Fuck, that
feels fantastic."

Anger and hatred flared through Janet as she massaged the boy's cock.
She wanted to squeeze his balls until he screamed and then kick his
smart little ass up to his room. But she didn't dare.
"Oh, yeah!" he hissed, slitting his eyes against the pleasure she was
giving him. He began to grind his hips slowly against her rubbing
hand. "Dig those fingers in good, bitch! Jerk me off, babysitter!
Make me good and hard!"

He took his hand off hers and grabbed at her tits again, but Janet
didn't stop what she was doing. She rubbed her palm over the rough
material of his dirty jeans, feeling the heat of his cock and the
throbbing power of his prick. She stared at him defiantly as he
closed his fists around her tits, not even flinching when he dug his
fingernails into her silky skin. Instead, as the pain ripped through
her sexy tits, she sped up the circular motion of her hand over his
excited young cock.

She could tell that the friction of the rough material over his hot
young prick was about to make him cum. And she badly wanted him to
cum before he got the idea to make her do something else for him.
She felt an intense hate for the good-looking boy she was
masturbating, and she tried to think of ways she could get back at
him. She didn't like men in general all that much. Through high
school and her first year of college men of all ages had tried to get
their hands on her flawless body. Now, even as a babysitter she was
being pursued. And Pat had a giant advantage over all the other men
who lusted after her sexy body. He had something he could blackmail
her with.

"Oh, Janet!" Pat whispered. He pushed her jersey top up over the
heavy globes of her tits, revealing huge mounds of creamy flesh and
pointy brown nipples. "Oh, you babysitting bitch! You're corrupting
my morals, babysitter, so do it good!"
He closed his fingers around the stiff, rubbery stubs of her nipples,
pinching and pulling on them until Janet had to hold her back
straight and her body rigid to keep from shuddering with the pain.
She rubbed her palm faster and harder against his long, thick cock,
trying desperately to make him cum.
His hips bucked against her hand with small, quick fucking strokes.
She felt a sticky wetness spreading through the crotch of his jeans.
She massaged his cock with her palm while she scratched her
fingernails over his balls. His big cock pulsed and the dark stain of
moisture grew. Janet's hand was sticky with it now. There was so
much. He had to be cumming.

Pat let go of the sexy babysitter's nipples and latched onto the full
globes of her tits. He clutched them until he could see pain fill
Janet's wide gray eyes, then began to wrench them back and forth
across her chest. He yanked them first in one direction and then
another, pulling one up while he jerked down on the other, pulling
them in opposite directions on her chest and then slamming them
together. Janet's hand was a blur over his leaking cock as she
frantically tried to bring him off. She couldn't stand much more of
the pain his mauling was causing the silky mountains of her tits.
"Down!" Pat ordered suddenly, yanking down on both of her tits at the
same time, bringing an involuntary yelp of pain from the gorgeous
blonde. "You can't corrupt my morals just rubbing on my prick! Hell,
half the girls in the neighborhood have done that for me!"
Janet groaned.

"Take down my pants," Pat said, still wearing the same evil smile. He
let go of Janet's injured tits and wrapped his fists in her hair
instead. "I think you've lubed up the denim about enough. I don't
want to cum in my pants like some baby."
"You dirty little creep," she said through her clenched teeth. She
was so angry that her hands trembled as she unbuckled his belt. "What
are you, too big a creep to make it with any girls your own age? You
have to blackmail a girl just to get her to beat you off?"
"Naw, I can get these little high school girls to do anything I
want." Pat's eyes were gleaming with lust as the kneeling babysitter
unzipped his jeans and tugged them down his thighs. "What I've never
had is a sexy, big-titted babysitter as my own blow-job girlfriend."
With that Pat yanked her head forward by her short blonde hair,
slamming her face against his dirty underwear. Janet's mind froze
with horror at his words and her stomach rumbled with disgust at the
sticky smear of his pre-cum over her face. She'd never sucked a cock
before, never even considered it in spite of all the men who'd tried
to convince her. Now this dirty-minded little jerk was rubbing her
face all over the front of his filthy underwear as though she didn't
have a choice.

Pat whipped Janet's face back and forth over the throbbing bulge of
his cock, excited by the expression of sickness and anger on her
face. He rubbed her nose over the wide, wet stain of his pre-cum,
almost laughing at the way her pretty nose wrinkled in disgust. Her
fingers clawed at the air, and the tendons in her long, graceful neck
stood out like steel cords as she tried to pull away from him. He
pushed her face harder into his crotch, smearing sticky wetness over
her lips and cheeks and chin.

Janet sputtered and struggled, trying to regain her composure while
Pat hauled her face over the wet cotton of his shorts. All she could
smell was the earthy, dank scent of the boy's cock and balls. It was
a nightmare. She'd never let a cock come anywhere near her face, even
with the two boys she'd let fuck her. Now all that separated her from
Pat's long hard cock was a thin layer of fuck-lube-soaked cloth.
"Stop!" She grabbed his hips and dug her nails into his skin until he
squealed with pain, then she pushed herself back away from him. Her
pretty face glistened with smears of his pre-cum. "Now you listen to
me, you dirty little bastard! I'll jack you off if you want me to!

This one time I'll jack you off, and then you never bother me again!
But you're not putting your filthy little prick in my mouth, and
you're not putting it in my cunt! And if you try to, or even talk
about it anymore, I'm going to forget about this job, forget about
babysitting, kick your ass and leave!"

"Gosh," Pat said, and the look on his face now wasn't young or
innocent at all. In spite of the fact that she was older and bigger
and stronger, Janet felt a chill of fear shake her body. "No, Janet.
What you're doing now is great enough. Maybe if you could pull my
shorts down and squeeze my ass a little it would be even better."
Janet sighed as she tugged down his dirty underwear. She didn't trust
the boy, she was more than a little frightened of him, but if she
could just make him cum and then stay out of his way until his mother
and father got home in the morning, she guessed things would be all

His cock bounced out, even bigger than Janet had imagined it by
feeling through his pants. It was bigger than the cocks of either of
the boys she'd let have sex with her. It was soaked down half its
length with the fuck-lube it had already shot. There was a light
curling of almost-blonde hair around its base and over the bulging
sac of his balls. It was so big and sticky and gruesome-looking that
Janet didn't even want to touch it with her hands. She felt like some
kind of whore kneeling in front of such an awful cock.
Still, she reached up and took his cock in her palm, jerking her hand
up and down the throbbing stalk. Her fingers wouldn't go all the way
around its fat thickness. She was grateful that this cock wasn't
going into her pussy. It was big enough to rip her open. Wet,
bubbling sounds filled the room as she worked her hand up and down
his slimy cock. She could feel the powerful rod of his prick jerking
as he tried to keep from shooting his load, and she quickened the
pace until her hand was a blur. She reminded herself to aim his
filthy prick straight down at the floor when he did start to cum.

"Don't forget to squeeze my ass," Pat said with a long, lustful sigh.
His eyes were bright as he stared down at his sexy babysitter. Her
hand looked tiny and delicate against the huge cylinder of his meaty
prick. "Oh, you're doing that so good! Squeeze my ass, you sexy cunt!"
Anger filled Janet again at the name the boy had called her, but she
did as he asked. She released his fat cock and snaked her arms around
his hips to feel the hairless cheeks of his ass. She was careful to
keep her face well away from his bouncing, leaking cock. She didn't
want a repeat performance of having his cock smeared all over her,
especially now that the barrier of his underwear had been removed.
And then the boys struck.

Pat grabbed her hair just as she'd suspected he might, but before she
could react, someone else had grabbed her by the wrists and was
looping some kind of cord around them. She struggled, but kneeling
down and leaning back as she was, it was useless. Pat kicked her in
the stomach, driving the air from her lungs, and he yanked her head
forward so savagely that her forehead cracked painfully against his
bony hip. While her mouth was open, he stuffed his cock between her

"Nooooo!" she screamed around the mouthful of filthy, sticky
cockmeat. She tried to shake her head, tried to pull back away from
him. With his fists tangled in her hair and her hands tied behind his
back, it was hopeless. "No, I won't do—"
Mercilessly Pat fed her more of his cock. The fat prickhead was
already past her lips, and now he slid inch after inch into the wet,
warm cavern of her mouth. In seconds she was gagging, unable to speak
and barely able to breathe.
Janet caught a glimpse of the boy who had tied her hands. It was
Pat's little brother, Brian. She cursed herself for not suspecting
that they might be in on it together.
"Yes, you will do it," Pat said as he fucked her mouth. She'd only
swallowed about five inches so far, and he wanted to see her take it
all. "You'll do anything we fucking want you to do now, babysitter.
You don't have a fucking thing to say about it. Call me a creep, huh?
Threaten to kick my ass? No girl kicks Pat Fenton's ass, not even
some hot-shit college-girl babysitter!"

Behind her, Brian was winding rope around her legs, from her ankles
to her knees. Janet tried to kick at him, but it was impossible. A
dull feeling of horror settled over her as she realized that she was
totally at their mercy, that Pat was right when he said she didn't
have a fucking thing to say about what they did to her. Already her
mouth was stuffed with a hard, leaking cock, and she'd always swore
she'd never let a man do that to her.

"Come on, Pat," Brian whined from behind her. He was younger than his
brother, almost a child. "We've got to hurry."
"Shut the fuck up, Brian!" Pat growled, driving his cock slowly back
and forth inside the beautiful blonde babysitter's helpless
mouth. "This bitch called me names and threatened to hit me! Now
she's going to drink some cum to say she's sorry! Squeeze her tits or
Janet wondered why Brian wanted them to hurry, but she didn't have
time to think about it. Pat was feeding her another inch of cock with
each plunge into the wet cavity of her mouth. The head of his cock
was pressing its way into her throat now, and she couldn't stop
herself from gagging.
Pat just smiled down at her as her face turned red and her body shook
with her gagging. She was taking almost his whole cock now, and the
feeling of her hot, wet throat clasping around his prick as he
plunged it in was driving him wild.

Jane's lips stretched obscenely around the fat stalk of Pat's cock.
He was fucking her face faster and faster, his cock making wet,
slurping noises as it plunged through the tight seal of her mouth.
Janet's spit, mixed with the bubbling stickiness of Pat's pre-cum,
began to slip from the corners of her mouth and dribble down her
chin. On the next thrust, Pat slammed his cock all the way down her
throat, and her nose was buried in the forest of his cockhair while
his heavy, sweaty balls slapped her chin. She gagged and twisted as
she tried to get away.

Janet was trying desperately to think of a way out of this. Her mouth
felt numb and chalky from the ceaseless rubbing of Pat's cock and the
steady dripping of his fuck-lube on her tongue. Her scalp burned with
pain every time he yanked her hair, and her throat felt sore and raw
from the bludgeoning his cock was giving it. She was having a hard
time breathing around the throat-clogging mass of his big prick. She
only barely suppressed an urge to bite him, but tied and helpless as
she was, she didn't dare. As awful and disgusting as the thought was,
she realized she was going to have to swallow the boy's cum.
Brian's hands closed around her tits without warning, and Janet
gasped around the meaty gag of Pat's cock. The boy's hands were
dwarfed by the size of her gigantic tits, but waves of pain still
shot through her tanned, voluptuous body as he dug his fingers into
her flesh. He pinched her nipples and something else fluttered
through her kneeling, supple frame, something that terrified her.
Shuddering whispers of pleasure stirred inside her, spread from her
mauled tits through her flat stomach and down to her cunt.
"She's got the biggest tits in the world!" Brian whispered as he
pawed them.

Janet could feel his hot breath on the graceful curve of her shoulder.
"Shut the fuck up, Brian!" Pat answered with a groan. He was angling
his cock so that on each thrust into Janet's burning throat he was
fucking in from a slightly different direction. "She's got big tits,
but there's always some other bitch that has them bigger! That's what
life is all about!"
Janet had almost gotten used to the piercing penetration of his cock,
the wet slapping of his balls against her chin, the steady drip of
fuckjuice all over her mouth. He had to cum soon, and once he did,
she could just try to forget the whole nightmare. She wasn't even
sure she wanted to get back at him anymore. She just wanted to forget
about the whole awful experience.
"You bitch!" Pat shouted, jerking her head from side to side until
her neck screamed with pain. "You cocksucking, pussy-throat slut!
You're making me cum, you babysitting whore!"
With only that as warning, Pat's cock began to jerk and jump in the
tight warmth of Janet's throat. Pulse after pulse of burning-hot jism
splattered down her windpipe, causing her to choke and cough. Pat
held her head tightly in place and fucked her face faster and harder,
bruising her nose and lips as he spewed his jizz down her throat.
Janet's lithe, sexy body vibrated with her coughing as his cum
flooded out.

"Pat, you're killing her!" Brian shouted as Janet's body quaked and
her face turned red. "Pull out, Pat, you're drowning her or
"Bitch drowned in cum!" Pat screamed gleefully as he shot more spunk
into the helpless babysitter. "That would be one fucking sweet
headline! Just what you deserve, you cock-faced cunt!"
Janet coughed up huge wads of thick, white cock-cream, then had to
swallow them again as Pat's cock stuffed them down her throat. Jism
and spit rolled down her chin in a wave, and more jism filled her
nose as she coughed it up. There seemed to be nothing in the world
but stinking, sticky cum, and still Pat blasted more into her mouth.
Tears poured from Janet's stinging eyes as she tried to clear her
nose and mouth of his creamy jism.
"You like that, don't you, Janet?" Pat asked as his cock drooled the
last of his cum. He had pulled back until his cockhead sat on her
soft, pink tongue, making her taste every last drop of his jism. "You
love the taste of that creamy jizz, don't you?"
Janet was too stunned to answer. She was still coughing, still trying
to breathe freely and blink her eyes clear. She wanted to throw up.
She wanted to go home and hide for a year. She wanted to just crawl
under a rock and die. She had sucked a teenager's cock. She couldn't
imagine a worse humiliation.

Pat pulled his cock from her mouth and wiped it clean on her cheek,
smearing her face with his cum and her own spit. She didn't say a
word, wouldn't even look up to meet his gaze. Pat smiled happily.
Pat had decided he was going to make the sexy babysitter his girl,
and babysitter or not, college girl or not, she still had some things
to learn before she was ready for that. Things about sex. Things
about using her body to please every whim her man might have. Pat was
going to teach her. He even had a couple of friends to help him out.
Janet's arms were still wrapped around Pat's thighs, trapped there by
the rope that tied them together. She was staring at the floor, her
head bowed and her body slumped. Pat stepped over the circle of her
arms and knocked her over with a vicious kick. While she was still
rolling on her back, moaning in pain, he grabbed the rope around her
wrists and started dragging her across the room.
"Give me a fucking hand, Brian!" he shouted. "Let's get her out to
the pool, it's too fucking dark in here! I want to see her expression
when I stick my cock in her tight little pussy!"
"Noooo!" Janet screamed. She whipped her head from side to side,
struggling as the two boys dragged her over the rough carpet. "No,
Pat, please! I'll do anything! I'll—"
"Shut the fuck up, unless you want me to gag you," Pat grumbled,
pausing long enough to catch his breath and kick the sexy, screaming
blonde in the stomach. "Just look at it like this, Janet. From now
on, I'm the fucking babysitter! You do what I say and I won't have to
spank you. At least, not much!"

Janet struggled as the two boys dragged her through the house. The
ropes around her wrists cut into her flesh painfully and the carpet
reddened her thighs as she was pulled across it. Pat landed kick
after vicious kick against her arms and head and shoulders, beating
her into submission. Finally the luscious blonde babysitter went limp
and let herself be dragged along.
She knew she was helpless as long as her arms and legs were tied. For
now she could only try to survive whatever Pat and his little brother
did to her. Sooner or later they would have to get tired of
tormenting her. And at least the Fentons had a high privacy fence, so
no one else would see her.
"Hot shit! You really did it!"
Janet screamed at the sound of the new voice, terror and shame
burning through her beautiful young body. She twisted her head to one
side, and for a moment she thought she was seeing double. Two boys
were standing by the edge of the big pool, two boys who were
identical in every way. Even the clothes they wore were identical. It
took Janet's confused mind long moments to realize they were twins.
"She's a real fucking beauty," the boy on the right said.
"She's the most beautiful fucking girl I've ever seen," the one on
the left said.
Janet screamed and babbled, pleading with Pat to send the boys away
and take her back inside. He listened to her for a few minutes, an
amused smile on his cruel young face, then aimed a kick for the
shuddering hollow of her tiny stomach. The sexy young babysitter
whooped as though she were dying, rolled into a tight little ball and
rocked slowly back and forth as the pain burned through her helpless
"She's a hell of a babysitter, all right," another voice said, and
even through the haze of pain that surrounded her, Janet felt terror
when she recognized the speaker. "Your old man did hire her to take
care of you."
Janet turned her head to look at the new boy. His name was David
Henried and she'd babysitted him before. His family lived next door,
and it was his mother who had recommended Janet to the Fentons. After
the one night she'd spent with the terrible boy, she'd decided to
never sit for him again. He was about the same age as Pat, but he was
much bigger, a tall fat boy with shaggy black hair. He already had
the scraggly beginnings of a beard on his young face, and he smelled
like an open sewer. The night Janet had spent at his house had been a
constant struggle to keep his hands off her body and ignore the
filthy propositions he made to her.
"Hi, David," Pat said, standing over the cringing babysitter, his
foot drawn back menacingly. "You've already met him, baby-bitch. The
twins are Clint and Vic. They're Brian's friends, but I told him he
could invite them over."
"Pat!" she whimpered, her voice trembling, her eyes pleading. Her
former bravado had completely vanished. "What are you going to do to
me? What are you planning?"
It had struck her, seeing David and having Pat tell her that he'd
invited the twins, that this was some kind of organized operation.
She had the terrible, hollow feeling that they intended to rape her,
that they were all going to take turns driving their horrid little
cocks into her gorgeous, helpless body. The idea made her want to
throw up, made her want to die. Having Pat's cock in her mouth was
bad enough. But David was a monster, a horrid fat slug of a boy. And
Brian and the twins were so young, hardly more than children. The
suspicion that they, too, were going to have turns mauling her tender
young body was too much to bear.
"We're going to teach you some lessons, Janet," Pat said in a
reasonable voice that scared her. "We're going to teach you not to
threaten kids when you sit for them, and not to be such a stuck-up,
superior cunt. Since you act like such a tough bitch, we're going to
see just how tough you are."
"And we're going to fuck the shit out of you, too," David added in
his growling drawl. "We're going to fuck you in every hole you got!
We're going to fuck you until you can't stand up."
"Pat, don't you know how much trouble you can get into for doing
this?" Janet screeched as he began to pull her across the harsh wood
surface of the deck. Splinters knifed her ass and shoulders as she
slid along helplessly. "You're a smart boy! You've got to know that
this could ruin your whole life!"
"Shut up," he said, simply, then nodded to the other boys. "Help me
get her up on this table."
The picnic table sat on the edge of the deck, not very far away from
the big swimming pool. The five boys lifted the squirming babysitter
like a sack of garbage and dumped her on her back atop it. She
twisted helplessly on the flat slab of wood as the five boys drew
close around her.
"Clint, Vic, get that volleyball net and bring it over." Pat began to
bark orders like a drill sergeant. "David, Brian, get her arms pulled
out over her head, and untie her legs."
Janet tried to fight, but she was helpless against the three boys.
Pat held her bound arms above her head by sitting on her elbows.
David tore the rope from around her sore ankles, then dodged her
kicking feet until he and Brian could hook her knees over the side of
the table. Each of them sat on one of her thighs. Chains of steel
couldn't have locked the frightened young babysitter more tightly in
place. All she could do was squirm her torso and turn her head.
"We got to get these fucking clothes off her!" David growled, and
before anyone could answer, he grabbed the top of Janet's tight white
shorts and ripped them open.
Janet shrieked as he popped the buttons and ruined the zipper on her
shorts, and screamed again as he kept ripping them until they hung in
rags around her quivering thighs. Now the only thing that hid her
tight, dry pussy from their sight was a tiny pair of cotton panties.
David and Brian groaned at the sight of her curling pussyhair peeking
around the edges of the skin-tight panties.
"Oh please!" she whimpered, no longer believing her pleading would
help her but unable to stop herself from trying. "Oh please, please,
please stop this! I don't want you to fuck me!"
Pat reached down and yanked her jersey top off her tanned tits and up
the long, slender lengths of her tanned arms. He left it tangled
around her elbows just in front of where he was sitting. Janet gasped
at the new humiliation. She was so terrified that she was
disoriented. All she could think of was how terrible, how demeaning,
it was to be stripped this way under the lusting stares of the young
"Look at these giant tits!" Pat shouted gleefully, slapping at her
tits with both of his hands. "These are fucking perfect titties!"
He slapped them again and again, sending shock waves of agony
coursing through the trapped babysitter's lean body. He was entranced
by the way the tanned, silky tits shifted and swayed across her
chest. Janet squirmed and pleaded, but that only made him want to hit
her harder.
"What you ought to be looking at is her tight, hairy pussy," David
said. He poked his fingers at the center of Janet's tight panties,
making the frightened girl hunch her hips and draw her flat stomach
in tight. "I've never fucked a girl with a hairy pussy before."
"I've never even seen one!" Brian whispered beside him, and he poked
Janet's pussy too, watching with pleasure as her cunthair made her
panties bounce back up after he'd pushed them down.
"You ain't seen one yet!" David growled, and he closed his big,
grubby hand around the thin strip of cloth where it bit into one of
Janet's sleek brown thighs. "But you're going to see one right
fucking now!"
"Noooooo!" Janet wailed as David ripped her panties away. Her panties
had been her last line of defense, the last thing keeping her from
being stripped naked in front of the boys. "Nooooo! This can't be
happening! This is just a dream!"
"I bet you've dreamed about this, you dirty whore," Pat said with a
laugh, pausing in his drumming of her tits long enough to deal out
two hard slaps to her pretty, tear-stained face. "I bet every night,
right after you threatened some kid or told him he was a creep, you
stuck your fingers up your smelly, hairy pussy and dreamed about
getting fucked by some kids who wouldn't put up with your shit!"
David and Brian were both staring in awe at the babysitter's bared
pussy. They'd never seen anything like it before outside of the
girlie magazines they'd snuck away from their fathers. With her legs
spread so painfully far apart, and her knees bent and hooked over the
edges of the table, Janet's pretty pink pussy was spread open and
completely visible. The blonde hair that surrounded it was like a
beautiful picture frame.
David touched two fingers to the tight pink lips of her pussy. He
felt the brush of her pussylips flexing as Janet's cunt contracted in
fear. Her legs tensed, the firm, tight muscles that lined the insides
of her thighs standing out like steel cords. An ugly, evil smile
spreading across his broad face, David fucked his two fingers up
inside her.
"No!" Janet screamed. Pat slapped her face so hard that dark spots
danced before her eyes, but she kept right on screaming. "No! No!
This wasn't happening. This couldn't be happening. David drove his
fingers all the way inside her with one fierce lunge. Janet's tight
dry cunt screamed with the pain of the intrusion. She tossed her head
from side to side, her short blonde hair flying about her anguished
face. Pat slapped her repeatedly, hitting first one side of her face
and then the other. Every blow left a bright-red handprint on her
pretty face. David wiggled his fingers around inside the clutching
depths of her dry cunt, flapping them back and forth as though he was
trying to loosen her constricting pussy.
"She's so fucking tight!" he whispered to Pat, his face lit with an
evil excitement. "Her pussy's so tiny! It's like she's some little
girl who's never been fucked before!"
He began to fuck his fingers in and out of her tight, tiny cunt,
sliding them back and forth as fast and hard as he could. Janet's
lithe golden body twisted beneath the three boys who were holding her
down, her tits arching up off the table and her tight stomach muscles
working as she tried to escape. She looked wildly from one boy to the
next, trying to find mercy, trying to find an avenue of escape from
the horror they were putting her through.
Every punishing thrust of David's fingers in her cunt felt like the
hammering of the world's biggest cock. Janet wanted to scream out to
them, tell them that she'd only been fucked twice before in her whole
life, and hadn't been fucked in over a year. She wanted to beg them
to go slow, to at least take it easy on her, but she didn't dare. She
knew that their only answers would be mockery and pain.
The twins came up with the volleyball net. Janet stared at them
wildly, hoping for some mercy from them, but in an instant she saw
that they were no different than the other three. Their eyes sparkled
as they looked at her naked, writhing body. They licked their lips as
they watched David fucking his fingers into the tight crevice of
Janet's cunt.
Without warning, Brian leaned forward and stuck two of his fingers up
the tortured babysitter's pussy, pushing them in alongside David's
and shoving them as deep as they would go. Janet screamed and
thrashed so wildly that she lifted both Brian and Dave from her
thighs. When they landed back atop her, the pain that shot through
her long, lean legs was worse than anything she'd ever experienced.
She began to cry, shamed by the terrible way the boys were abusing
her, ashamed at breaking down under the pressure of their assault.
The four fingers inside her tiny, helpless pussy felt like a log, or
the fat end of a baseball bat. Slowly, painfully she could feel her
pussylips stretching. She was certain that at any moment the boys
were going to rip her little cunt to pieces. She could feel her pussy
begin to lubricate to protect itself from the terrible pain of the
penetration, and that made her more ashamed than anything. It was
almost as though her own body was going along with what the horrid
boys were doing to her.
"Hey, she's juicing up!" David cried proudly a few seconds later,
pulling his sticky fingers from the tight warmth of her cunt. "The
baby-bitch must be ready for some real fucking now, `cause her baby
cunt's starting to juice!"
Janet's face burned with shame. The twins were mauling her tits now,
their hands crushing and pinching her tits until she could no longer
keep track of all the things that were being done to her. Pat had
stopped slapping her, but now he leaned over her and planted a wet,
lingering kiss on her lips. Janet started to snap her mouth shut, but
he levered her jaws open with both hands and drove his tongue past
her lips and teeth. In an instant, she was tasting his spit and
feeling the obscene probing of his tongue along the soft, wet lining
of her cheeks. He chewed on her lips, turning the wet kiss into a
painful rape of the victimized babysitter's mouth.
David stuck his fingers back inside her, then laughed as he found the
tiny nub of her clit. He batted Brian's hand away and pushed his
finger and thumb inside her. When he pressed them together and began
to grind, Janet's world went hazy.
"No!" she bellowed, bucking and twisting like a wild mustang. "No,
you won't do that! You can't do that! Please, oh please, don't do
Pat raised her head off the table and slammed it back down, bringing
her under control. He took his mouth off hers and began to bite his
way across her jaw. He tongued and bit and slobbered over her heated
flesh, working his way down to the long, graceful curve of her throat.
David pinched her clit harder and harder, making her hips jiggle and
vibrate against the rough wood of the table. Brian had joined the
twins in working over her firm, fleshy tits, so now six hands were
abusing her silky tit-flesh. Someone paused to ream out the deep cup
of her navel with a finger, but with all the other sensations
assaulting her inexperienced young body, Janet barely felt it.
"Get that net over her," Pat said, looking up from the gentle slope
where Janet's neck became her shoulder. He had left a long trail of
red bite marks down from her jaw. "We need to tie this tight-assed
bitch up so we can get down to business.
Janet looked around frantically as the twins released their grips on
her tits and got the volleyball net. They threw it over her, and
before she could react, Brian, Pat and David had leaped off her and
were pulling the net tightly over her body. Freed of their weight,
the tortured babysitter tried desperately to bring her legs together
and get up off the table, but she never had a chance. They pulled the
net so tight over her that she could barely move at all, then tied it
firmly to the legs of the picnic table. In less than a minute, they
had pinned the struggling girl to the table like some kind of sexy
Pat stepped back away from the table to survey their handiwork.
Janet's arms were raised over her head and bent down over the edge of
the table. The netting trapped them tightly in that position, just as
it formed a twisted pocket around the babysitter's head that kept her
from raising it more than an inch off the splintery wood. With her
arms raised over her head, Janet's tits looked even bigger and
rounder, but with the net on them, they were covered by many strands
of rope. The net pressed tightly against the long, lean curve of
Janet's waist, and kept her shapely, silky legs trapped in the
painful split the boys had forced her into. Even the tiny pink mouth
of her pussy was trapped by strands of the rough fiber.
"Who's first?" one of the twins asked.
Pat didn't hesitate. He'd planned out every move. "My house, my deal,
so I go first. David saw her first, so he goes second. Then you two
guys. We save Brian for last, just to give the baby-bitch a last
nasty surprise."
Janet struggled helplessly against the net, barely able to move.
Sweat glistened off her lithe young body, and panic glittered in her
wide gray eyes. She watched Pat, unable to tear her gaze away, as he
stripped every bit of clothing off his young, muscular body. He was
tanned even darker than she was, and the only hair on his thin frame
was the tiny patch around his long, hard cock. He stepped between her
spread legs as David tore the netting over her pussy open wide enough
for a cock to pass through.
Janet stopped struggling as she watched Pat's cock come closer and
closer to her cunt. Her first forced fuck was about to begin. She
wondered if she'd survive long enough to see the last one end.

"Get ready, you lousy cum-sucker!" Pat growled. "Time for your two
o'clock feeding!"
Janet tried not to scream as he put the fat, leaking head of his cock
against the tiny entrance of her cunt and began to push forward. At
first, all she could feel was a terrible pressure against her legs
and crotch. Her pussy didn't feel anything because his cock hadn't
started to penetrate. Then the tip of his fat, red cockhead began to
spread open the outer lips of her cunt and the real pain began.
"Fuck her, fuck her, fuck her!" Dave chanted, watching the action
with bright, lusting eyes.
"Tear her up!" one of the twins cried, leaning down for a better look.
"Please, oh please, Pat, go slow!" Janet gasped, her voice shaking so
badly that the words were barely coherent.
"Ready, set, go, you dumb whore," Pat said. "Get ready to get fucked
He dug his fingers into her hips and fucked forward. Janet thought
she screamed, but she wasn't sure. Her whole world filled with
shimmering waves of terrible pain. Trapped with her legs thrown wide
by the net, held firmly in place by Pat's hands, there was no escape
as he fucked his cock inside her. And her tiny, barely used pussy was
far too small for the big cock he was jamming inside.
The bulging head of Pat's prick dragged his babysitter's fluttering
pussylips along with it as it fucked into the tiny sheath of her
cunt. He grimaced with the effort, and almost came from the intense
friction. Janet howled in agony, her lithe, athletic body twisting
and wriggling in a vain attempt to escape the awful impalement. When
the full, fat head of Pat's cock popped inside her tiny, resisting
pussy, her eyes rolled back in her head and she began to shudder
convulsively on the table.
"She's so fucking tight," Pat said between his clenched teeth,
fucking his fat cock relentlessly forward. "She's almost a fucking
virgin. Maybe she's some kind of freak."
Janet cried and begged as Pat fucked his cock deeper and deeper
inside her. Inch after horrible, ghastly inch of his cock disappeared
inside her bulging, overstuffed pussy. She could feel her cunt
stretching farther than it ever had before. She waited for his cock
to tear her helpless pussy apart, prayed that he'd be content with
only fucking part of his giant cock inside her. Already it felt as
though a foot of hot flesh was buried inside her.
"Do you like it, bitch?" David asked from beside her. He leaned over
her strain-filled, sweat-streaked face and stuck out his tongue. "You
like that big prick sticking inside your little hole?"
Janet wanted to scream at the horrid boy. Instead she begged for
mercy, offered him and his friends anything if they would only stop
the terrible demolition of her cunt. David laughed and lowered his
head until his waggling tongue was washing her face. His hands found
her full, silky tits and he crushed them with all his strength. Janet
burned with the pain of his fingers tearing her satiny skin and the
degradation of having his slobber covering her pretty face.
Pat began to fuck her savagely, feeding her injured, overloaded cunt
more of his cock with every battering thrust. Her cunt began to belch
protective juice to try to ease the passage of his cock, but it
wasn't enough. Even when the pink petals of her pussylips glistened
with her creamy juices, his prick still felt like sandpaper grinding
through her. The pain of the friction and the agony of the stretching
were driving Janet mad. Her hips bucked and swayed wildly against the
restraint of the net, madly trying to escape the punishing fuck.
"That's it, you dirty babysitting slut!" Pat screamed, fucking his
cock into her like a firing piston. "Fuck me back, you sorry whore!
Tell me how you want me to fuck you!"
David pulled back away from her face and just let his spit drool down
on her. He was using her face for some kind of obscene target
practice, seeing if he could drool his spit into her open, gasping
mouth. He was tearing at her rubbery brown nipples as though he
wanted to rip them off her body.
Pat was fucking his whole cock inside her cunt now, stretching her
farther than she'd ever been stretched before. She could feel the
hot, unyielding length of his cock rasping over her tiny clit and
poking against the back wall of her pussy. Every lunge was straining
her tortured cunt to the breaking point. She could feel every fold
inside her pussy straighten.
"Tell me how you want me to fuck you!" Pat gasped, laboring over the
sleek blonde's trembling body. "I want to hear you say the words,
baby-slut! Tell me how you want me to fuck my big cock into your
tight, wet pussy!"
Janet couldn't believe what she was hearing. He was raping her,
tearing her apart with his gigantic cock, and he wanted to hear her
beg him to fuck harder. She twisted desperately, trying to ease the
terrible pain that was burning through her body. No matter what
happened she was never going to beg the little bastard for more
"Tell him how to fuck you!" one of the twins shouted, and punched her
in her right thigh.
"Tell him how to fuck you," David hollered, slamming his hand down on
top of her bouncy tits until she thought the pain would kill her.
"Tell me how you want me to fuck you," Pat muttered again,
pulverizing her helpless pussy with his big cock.
Janet tossed and twisted under the netting, refusing to say a word.
Her cunt was grasping Pat's cock like a fist, flexing wildly with the
terrible pain she was suffering. Her pussyjuice was flowing so freely
that it had frosted Pat's prick almost white. It was dripping down
the flexing crack of her ass in a slow, steady stream. Even her clit
was distended, inflamed by the terrible friction caused by his large
cock fucking into her tiny cunt.
Pat began to fuck her faster, peppering her cunt with short, fast
strokes that kept her tiny pussy channel stretched constantly. His
dangling balls slapped wetly against her dampened asscheeks as he
jarred her trembling body.
"Fuck me harder!" Janet screeched, fear and shame and pain all
fighting for territory inside her as her clit started buzzing. "Tear
me open with that big ugly cock! Make me scream, you dirty little
bastard! Is that what you want to hear? Go ahead, fuck me until I
can't stand up!"
"What did you say, cunt?" Pat shouted back, out of control himself
now as he fucked his cock into her. "Did you say you loved me fucking
your dirty little cunt? Did you say you'd rather have my big prick
than food or water?"
The beautiful blonde slammed her head back against the table, hoping
the new pain would drive some of the lust from her body. Instead it
only seemed to make it worse. Her cunt was milking Pat's cock now,
leaking quarts of sticky pussyjuice onto his plunging cock. She urged
her tits up into David's punishing hands, held her mouth open for his
spit. Inside, her mind was screaming in horror and humiliation, but
her body was no longer her own. She was turning into some kind of
animal, some kind of rutting sexual beast.
"Yes, I want your cock!" she wailed, her muscles twitching
spastically as pleasure and pain overloaded her nervous system. "Fuck
me until I can't stand up! Fuck me until I bleed! Fuck me until I'm
full of your cum! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!"
"Yeah, you dirty slut," Pat said with a mocking laugh. Without
warning, he pulled his cock out of her clutching pussy. "Beg for it
good, you whore."
"Nooooo!" Janet whined as Pat pulled his cock from her cunt.
Pat looked down at his cock and grinned. He'd never seen it so long
before. It was soaked with her cuntjuice and his pre-cum. Long
strands of slick fuckjuice dripped from the bobbing stalk, snapping
to fall on the wooden deck. Without thinking, he took his cock in his
hand and slammed it home.
Janet screamed in agony as Pat's thick cock fucked into her asshole.
Her back felt as though it had been shattered. Her legs went numb and
her fingers tingled. Liquid fire poured its way up the tunnel of her
ass-chute. She went into convulsions, flopping around on the table
like a dying fish. Pat laughed wildly and jerked back, only to fuck
his cock in again.
The pain was unbelievable. It made the agony of being fucked seem
like nothing. She felt stretched beyond repair, torn and ruined
inside. She couldn't even scream because every shuddering impact of
his huge cock up her resisting asshole drove the breath from her
lungs. It was as though every thrust of his cock up her asshole was
pushing her internal organs out of place. The terrified young
babysitter was certain she was dying, certain that she was being
fucked to death by Pat's vicious, ass-reaming cock.
"Up her ass," Brian said as though he wasn't sure whether to believe
it or not. "She's taking his whole cock up her ass!"
Janet stopped struggling and fell back limp against the table. She
lay there barely moving, gulping tiny, shallow breaths while Pat
fucked her asshole with his punishing cock. Her face had gone white,
her tan fading with the shock of the anal assault. Her arms and legs
twitched. Her eyes were glazed with the terrible pain she was
"Fuck you, bitch!" Pat moaned, pulling his cock from her asshole. He
plunged it back into her dripping cunt without missing a beat. "I'm
going to cream, you babysitting slut! Tell me you love it!"
"I love it!" Janet screamed so loud that David took a step back away
from her and put his hands over his ears. "I love it!"
The sexy blonde's hips jerked up off the table violently, ripping the
netting enough to rise six inches off the splintery wood. Her silky,
firm asscheeks flexed tightly together and the muscles in her long,
sleek legs vibrated like piano wires. Cuntjuice dripped down between
her thighs to splatter wetly against the edge of the table.
Pat gushed his cum inside her, spraying jism into her tightly
clutching pussy like a firehose. Janet screamed as she felt it
burning into her bruised pussy, filling the tiny pouch to
overflowing. Each blast splattered inside her, washing her with
sticky foam. By the third spurt, Pat's jism was washing back out of
her cunt, staining her velvety inner thighs and drooling down to the
"Cum!" she shrieked, tossing her head back and forth beneath the
restraining net. "Fill me up with your cum you dirty bastards!"
Pat clutched her hips and fucked his cock into her. He climbed on top
of her and fucked straight down into her cunt, smashing her between
walls of wood and flesh. He gushed more jism into her, filling her
with more gooey froth. Janet wailed through it all like a dying
woman, her body quaking with a constantly changing mix of pleasure
and agony.
"You see, she loves it," Pat said, pulling his cock from her dripping
cunt. His cock was tacky with the mix of their fuck-juices. "She's
nothing but a dirty whore. Somebody get down here and keep the fire
Janet jerked around wildly on the table, pulling frantically at the
netting that trapped her. Her cunt clamped open and shut, squeezing
Pat's cum and her own cuntjuice out onto the table.
"Me!" David shouted, running around the end of the table. Before any
of the others could move, he had flung himself on top of the
writhing, voluptuous babysitter. "Now you're going to get some real
fucking, baby-slut!"
The boy weighed almost three hundred pounds, and when he landed atop
her, the sleek young blonde thought she was going to be crushed. A
moment later he poked his cock inside her, and she was certain she
was going to die.
David's cock was about the same size as Pat's but with the force of
his weight behind it the pain was a hundred times worse. Even having
already been reamed out by Pat, and with the sloppy mixture of their
sex fluids to ease David's passage, the pain was more than the
helpless girl could stand. She mumbled incoherently, struggling
beneath David's fat, hulking frame. His hands found her tits and he
crushed them against her chest, pushing up off her so that he could
see his cock fucking her wounded cunt.
"Keep that lazy ass moving, you dirty whore!" David bellowed as he
gored her quivering young body. "I want a fucking wildcat, not some
sorry flat-ass slut!"
"Please, stop for a second!" she cried, grunting with each savage
thrust of the boy's cock. "Please, just for a second! I can't
breathe! Just for a second, please!"
"Shut up, baby-slut," Pat said, standing near her head. He reached
down and tore the netting away from her mouth. "Your dirty cunt and
asshole made a mess of my cock! Why don't you clean it off for me?"
Pat's cock was still half hard and wagging around like a snake ready
to strike. The cockhead was sparkling with a mix of fuckjuices, and
there were streaks of brown running like racing stripes halfway down
the cockshaft. Pat held it over the gasping blonde's open mouth and
started to push it in.
Janet shook her head desperately, trying to avoid the taste of Pat's
dirty, dreadful cock. She couldn't let him foul her mouth with the
horrible mix of shit and cum and pussyjuice that covered his cock.
She could even see traces of her blood on his bulging prickhead.
Pat grinned at her struggling and slammed the palm of his hand hard
against her forehead. Janet thought her head was going to crack open
as he smashed her against the picnic table. The agony made even
David's crushing weight and bruising cock fade from her mind. He did
it again and Janet's svelte young body went limp against the table.
She could feel consciousness slipping away, and she was thankful.
"Shit, you knocked her out," David said as the babysitter's sweaty,
silky body went limp beneath him. "Get her awake, you bastard! I'm
about to cum, and I want her awake when I blow my load!"
"Yeah, experience something new, David," Pat growled, still unable to
get the smile off his face. "Okay, I'll get the lazy bitch up. First
I got to find something, though."
He looked around the deck until he found a fat splinter of wood. He
tossed it aside and picked up another, then threw it down for a
third. Finally he stood up and waved one around for the other boys to
"Why the big deal?" one of the twins asked. "Yeah," the other
said, "one splinter's as good as another for sticking in her to wake
her up."
"Just do it!" David shouted, fucking the unconscious girl with
hammering strokes. "Get her awake before I fucking cream!"
"I need a special splinter," Pat said mildly, leaning down beside the
babysitter's pretty face. "Small enough to fit in her mouth, but big
enough to hold it open and strong enough so she can't break it. Oh,
and not sharp enough to go through the roof of her mouth."
The twins began to laugh as Pat pulled the beautiful babysitter's lax
mouth fully open and lodged the piece of wood tightly against her
tongue and the roof of her mouth. David didn't start laughing until
Pat got up on the picnic table and stood over the unconscious girl's
face, straddling her head with his feet. Through all of it, Brian
only watched, his mouth gaping open in disbelief.
"Rise and shine, sleepy-head," Pat said as he aimed his cock at her
propped open mouth and started to piss.
Janet came awake, drowning. At first she didn't know where she was.
When she remembered her capture and rape, she thought that the boys
had decided to drown her in the swimming pool. But when she blinked
open her eyes, she knew the truth.
She retched. Vomit was halfway up her throat before her stomach
calmed. She tried to shut her mouth, and squealed at the sharp pain
in her mouth and tongue. She jerked her head from side to side, but
Pat could follow her easily with the stream of his piss. She retched
again, but this time she fought against the rising sickness in her
Pissing on me! Pissing on me! The thought exploded through her
frazzled mind like a hand grenade, its shrapnel tearing her sanity to
pieces. Piss soaked her short blonde hair, ran in waves down her
cheeks and set her blinking eyes on fire. Piss splattered up her nose
and filled up her ears and ran a river down the hollow of her long,
graceful neck. The piss was flowing down her throat like dirty water
down a bathtub drain.
"Yeah!" David screamed, turned on by the sight of his friend soaking
the babysitting bitch in his piss. He and Pat had planned capturing
and fucking the big-titted slut, but he'd never imagined things would
get so wild. "Drink that piss and make me cum, you filthy fucking

Janet was tottering on the edge of insanity, her body screaming in
agony while the boys heaped one indignity on her after another. Every
muscle in her body screamed with the pain of straining against the
netting. Her mouth was filled with the salty, burning taste of Pat's
piss, her nose filled with the bitter aroma. Her back and ass and
shoulders burned and ached from being ground against the rough,
splintery wood of the picnic table. The muscles in her thighs
screamed with pain from the prolonged split the boys had forced them
into. Her ass and cunt were a mass of agony so terrible that she
could no longer even separate the individual pains. She was helpless,
broken and beaten.
David was fucking with a different rhythm than Pat. Janet wondered if
all men and boys fucked differently, then was shocked at having the
thought while David was demolishing her with his cock and Pat was
giving her a stinking piss shower. But where Pat had fucked her with
fast, even strokes, David was pulling back, pausing to tense his
muscles, and then driving his cock forward. He was fucking her like
every stroke was going to be his last, fucking her as though he
wanted to snap her body in two.
Pat leaned down to shake the last of his piss over her gasping,
straining face, then wiped his cock clean on her cheeks and forehead.
The smell of cunt and shit made Janet almost as sick as having to
drink Pat's piss, and she stared up at him pleadingly. He only
grinned and flogged her across the bridge of her nose with his half-
hard cock.
"Fuck her, David," he said quietly, getting off the table. "Fill her
up with some cum."
"Yeah, hurry up," one of the twins said. "I'm almost ready to shoot
and I haven't even gotten to fuck her yet!"
Janet wished David would cum, too. His cock was like a wrecking ball
inside her cunt, pulverizing a little bit more of her tortured pussy
with every punishing plunge. Sweat was pouring off her squirming body
from the heat of having his body sprawled across her own. David had
let his hands slide off her tits and now he was lying almost unmoving
atop her, only his bucking hips in action. Like a striking snake, he
buried his face in the tender hollow of her armpit, biting down so
hard that the helplessly thrashing girl thought he'd torn out a piece
of her flesh.
"You fucking baby-slut!" he shouted, lifting his head to stare her in
the eyes. He spit a huge wad of saliva across the bridge of her nose
and down one cheek. "Fuck me back, you dirty bitch! I'm going to cum!"
She could barely move beneath his hulking weight, much less fuck him
back, but she tried to tighten her cunt in time to his savage
fucking. Pain lanced through her tenderized pussy. It was as though
someone had set her pussy on fire.
David's cock shot a geyser of lava-like jism so far into her pussy
that the maddened babysitter thought she was tasting it. Her belly
filled with warmth from the fire that was blazing in her pussy. Even
her tits felt warm, hard and overfull. Her tongue flickered out over
her lush lips, gathering up the droplets of Pat's piss that beaded
there. Fresh pussyjuice poured from her cunt, turning her hairy,
inflamed pussy into a swampy mess.
David's cock erupted again, and Janet's overworked little pussy went
into spasms. It wrung David's cock like a sponge, squeezing out long
ropes of fuck-cream. Every gush started a new bout of trembling.
"Yes!" Janet shrieked, her voice distorted by the splinter of wood
that trapped her tongue against the bottom of her mouth. "Yes! Fuck
me wild!"
David's hands found the luscious blonde's jiggling tits and he
crushed them brutally. His fingers tightened until they disappeared
into valleys of her plush, creamy flesh. Janet screamed like a lost
soul, and thrashed so wildly that one of her arms came free from the
netting. She clutched at the hulking boy's broad back, her
fingernails digging ridges in his pale flesh.
She could feel his slimy cock-cream slithering back out of her cunt
while his prick kept spewing more in. She clutched at him helplessly
with her one free arm and tried to loosen the rest of the netting.
She wasn't sure why she wanted to be free, wasn't sure if she would
push the fat, gross boy away or wrap her long, tanned legs around him
and urge his cock deeper inside her.
David pulled away without warning while his fat prick was still
leaking cum. The blaze that was consuming Janet's raped pussy burned
even brighter with nothing to feed it, making her whine and thrash
against her will. One of the twins, either Clint or Vic, was between
her legs before David had taken two steps away, and she begged him to
stick his cock inside her cunt. The tiny rational part of her mind
that still survived was thankful for the spike of wood that made most
of what she said impossible to understand.
"Oh wow," the boy between her legs whispered. His cock was smaller
than David's or Pat's. "Hold on, Vic. I'll fuck the shit out of her
quick and you can have your turn."
When Clint crawled up on the table with her, the humbled babysitter
felt another wave of shame crash through her battered mind. Pat and
David were big boys, and when they'd fucked her it had been enough
like being fucked by someone her own age that it had been easy for
Janet to ignore that they were younger than she. With Clint, who was
even younger than Pat, the age difference was impossible to ignore.
She was so much bigger than the boy, and his young face was closer to
that of a baby than an adult man. His body was almost completely
hairless, and his hands, when he clamped them onto her shifting,
meaty tits, were dwarfed by the soft mountains of flesh. Still, his
cock was hard and long enough to stir the juices in her cunt, and its
curving shape stretched her sensitive pussy in ways it had never been
stretched before.
Clint's cock made a juicy splash as it fucked into her sloppy pussy.
It made a sucking noise like that of a bathroom plunger when he
pulled it out. With two heavy loads of cock-cream already flooding
her pussy, the young boy's cock plowed through her as easily as a
knife through warm butter. And the burning inside the tortured
babysitter's body blazed hotter with every stroke of his prick. She
grabbed his tight, smooth ass with her free hand and urged him to
fuck faster and harder.
Every inch of her flesh seemed more sensitive than it ever had
before. Every muttered word of the boys, the scratch of the rough
wood against her back and ass, the pressure of the net's strands as
they cut into her flesh, everything seemed so real. She had never
felt things so keenly in her life.
"She's so juicy! She's so tight!" Clint fucked her wildly, his hips
lashing back and forth without rhythm or control. Janet tried to
steady him with her hand, but it was no use. He was totally out of
control. "I'm going to cream inside her! I'm going to shoot!"
Janet wasn't surprised when David climbed up onto the table. She'd
seen the look in his eyes after Pat had pissed on her, and she had
known he was going to want to try it for himself. His cock was fatter
than Pat's, and a little shorter, but it was even tackier with cunt-
cream and jism than Pat's had been. Long strands of fuck-juice
drooled down over her pretty, captive face as David aimed his piss-
slit at the bound babysitter's propped-open mouth.
"Here goes, baby-slut," he said with a laugh. "Time for your two
o'clock gargle!"
His piss burned worse and stank more than Pat's, and it gushed out in
a firehose spray that made the fouled babysitter wonder when the last
time was he'd gone. He pissed in her mouth until the yellow wash
overflowed her lips and spilled down her cheeks and chin. He sprayed
her shoulders and leaned down so he could direct his stream of piss
up her nose. He plastered her short blonde hair to her head and
pounded his piss against her tightly shut eyes. When he finished
pissing, he dropped to his knees and straddled the sickened blonde's
face. She stared up at the fat, grubby cheeks of his huge ass and
almost threw up.
"See this, baby-slut?" David asked, a smirk on his face and a leer in
his voice. He pulled the gigantic cheeks of his ass apart, opening up
his filthy, stinking asscrack. "This is your two o'clock facial."
Janet screamed as David settled his ass down over her face, screamed
again when he reached beneath him to rip the netting completely away
from her face. She came closer to throwing up than she had during the
whole, terrible day. His ass, his stinking, filthy, shitty ass, was
covering her face. His asshole, the dank, dark disgusting hole he
shit with, was brushing her tightly clenched lips. He squirmed around
until her nose was smashed by his ass crack.
"Oh gosh!" Clint hissed as David settled his ass over the helpless
babysitter's face and laid his fat, wet cock between her tits. "Oh
gosh, are you going to make her kiss your ass?"
"I'm going to make her kiss it, lick it and suck it," David said. He
grabbed her huge, silky tits and pushed them around his cock. "You
hear what I said, baby-slut? I want you to suck and lick out my
Janet screeched as Clint began to hose her swollen pussy with his
spunk. It burned into her torn, bruised flesh like acid, fanned the
fire that was making her body jerk and jiggle like an out of control
doll. His cock was moving in a tight half circle around her wriggling
clit, teasing and arousing her, but not quite making her cum. Every
frantic, unsteady fuck-thrust was stirring the thick, heavy broth of
cock-slime and pussy-cream that soaked her cunt. The sultry young
blonde shuddered as though she were dying.
"She can't lick your ass, David." She heard Pat's voice float through
the obscene muffle of David's ass. "She's got that stick in her
"Fuck, I forgot!" Dave groaned as Clint pulled his cock from Janet's
pussy. His ass raised a couple of inches off her face and Janet
gulped in sweet smelling air until he yanked the splinter from her
mouth. "Now lick my ass, you piss-sipping whore!"
"Fuck me!" she cried out, screaming into the humid darkness of
David's ass. "I'm dying! I'm dying! Oh, please make me cum!"
"Suck my ass, you dirty whore, and we'll let you cum." David laughed
wickedly and rocked his ass back and forth on her face. He rubbed his
cock with her tits, yanking her firm, fleshy mounds all over his wet,
reeking shaft. "You drink piss, so what's so terrible about eating a
little asshole?"
"Please make me cum!" she whimpered, and her tongue flicked shyly out
between her full, lush lips. "I'll do anything, I'll be anything,
just please make me cum!"
Clint rubbed his slippery cock through the silky bush of her blonde
pussyhair. She felt the drip and smear of fuck-juice over her cunt
mound, then an instant later felt the wet, burning slap of piss
against her stomach. David jerked his cock back as piss splashed
higher, across her huge, satiny tits.
Janet moaned, her abused young body shuddering with pain and shame
and desire. Another of the boys was using her as a toilet.
Tentatively, reluctantly, Janet flicked her long, pink tongue over
the slimy flesh of David's asscrack. She almost vomited at the first
humid touch, the first horrible taste, but she tried to deaden her
mind and do as she'd been told.
She plied her tongue over the filthy, shitstained crack of David's
ass, eager to do his bidding even as she cried at how thoroughly the
boys had debased her. Her piss-soaked body squirmed against the table
and her bruised, puffy cunt twitched and twisted with nothing to fill
it. Pussyjuice drooled down her flexing asscheeks and soaked the wood
beneath her. David had said that if she licked his asshole out they
would let her cum. She could only obey him and hope he was telling
the truth.
"My turn," Vic said as the last, weak spurt of Clint's piss soaked
into the matted fur of her cunt. He pushed his twin brother aside and
took his place between the gang-banged babysitter's spread
thighs. "Get ready, Janet. This is going to feel just like an instant
Janet screamed as the boy fucked his cock into her cunt. His cock was
shaped exactly like his brother's, and it stretched and twisted her
devastated cunt in the same directions. He grabbed her by her
cramped, aching thighs and fucked her with the same wild,
uncontrolled stroking as his brother, and the overloaded babysitter
went wild.
"More!" she shrieked into David's ass, smooching and sucking at his
filthy shitter. "Fuck me harder! Keep fucking me! Grab my tits! Do
something, damn you! Do something, you dirty little bastards!"
David tore the net down over her tits, splitting it until the tear
Pat had started over her face met the one he'd started over her cunt.
He dropped his cock back into the pure, silky valley between her
heavily shifting tits and started fucking. Janet kissed and licked at
his asscrack as though she'd never tasted anything sweeter.
The net was in tatters now, and the demented, sexy blonde twisted and
turned wildly, her body arching and twisting sexily. Even Pat, who'd
dropped two loads of cum into her within the hour, had a raging hard-
on from watching her flawless body squirm. Both her hands were free
now, and Janet grabbed the fat, sagging cheeks of David's ass and
pulled them even farther apart, worming her face as far up into his
moist asscrack as she could.
Her legs were still tightly bound, but her hips danced inches above
the table, her perfect asscheeks quivering as she met the erratic
fucklunges of the second twin. The pain screaming from her trembling,
cramped thighs barely reached her brain at all over the clamoring of
her overloaded clit and pussy.
"Oh I can't stand it," Vic said, his voice high and delicate. His ass
was a tiny blur as it jerked back and forth over Janet's ravaged
cunt. "Oh, I'm going to cum!"
"Me too!" David gasped, crushing the captive babysitter's silky tits
together against his cock. "I'm going to cream the bitch again!"
Both boys began to cum at the same second, and Janet, her tongue
trapped by the muscular pull of David's asshole, began to scream. Her
body was trembling with pleasure and vibrating with pain and disgust.
Her clit was buzzing, her cunt flooding with sticky cuntjuice. Her
pussy was working on Vic's cock like a skilled hand, squeezing and
puffing and massaging.
The whole juncture of the ravished girl's thighs was a swampy mess
now, from the top of her curling cunt mound to the firm curve of her
flawless ass. Her trembling thighs were painted with jizz down to her
David's first rope of cum sailed high in the air. When it slapped
down with a wet crack across her squirming body, it drew a perfect
line from the top curls of her cunthair up over her navel and
directly between the heavy mounds of her tits. David jerked his ass
off Janet's face and aimed his cock right at her mouth in time for
his second blast to paint her lips white. He milked his cock onto her
gasping, filthy face. He dropped stripes and spots of gooey, watery
jism all over her pretty features.
David was urging the last drops of cum from his cock when Vic pulled
his cock from Janet's squirming, overheated pussy. She wasn't
surprised when his piss splattered over her heaving tits and her flat
little stomach.
"More!" she cried wildly as David slipped from the table and Vic
shook the last drops of piss off his cock. She stared at one boy
after another, but finally fixed on Brian, the only boy who had yet
to fuck her. "Fuck me, you little bastard! Kill me with your cock!"
Brian stared at her in seeming disbelief, but his hands were
unfastening his jeans. When the sex-crazed young blonde saw his cock,
she screamed in a primitive mix of lust and terror, because Brian,
the smallest boy of the five, had a cock unlike any she had ever
"Kill you with it, yeah," Pat said, a touch of pride apparent in his
voice. "But that cock ain`t no baby. Meet Brian's cock, you sewer
slut. It's huge."
Janet screamed again, raising her head through the ruined net to get
a better look at the small boy's cock. She realized, with a hollow
feeling of complete despair, that the worst was still to come.

Brian looked down at the young blonde his father had hired to babysit
for him and his older brother. It was hard for him to believe he was
looking at the same girl. She had come into their house looking like
some goddess out of a storybook, more beautiful than anyone Brian had
ever seen, her body a perfect balance of full, womanly curves and
long-legged youthful firmness. Her face was like a combination of
mature beauty and girlish excitement. But that girl was gone.
Janet's hair was soaked and matted to her head. Her eyes were glazed
over with lust. Her mouth was open, gasping, her lips working
sensuously together. Her face was streaked with brown stains from
Dave's filthy asscrack, and dried cum streaked her features with slug-
like trails of crusted slime. Cum streaked the length of her taut,
athletic frame, and piss glistened wetly on her tanned body. The deep
cup of her navel was filled to the brim with piss, and more sparkled
up and down the length of her lean torso., Even her tits were soaked
with piss.
The biggest change was her cunt. When David had ripped her cotton
briefs off, the beautiful babysitter's pussy had been almost
pristine. Her cuntlips were a pale pink, small petals that bordered
an almost invisible hole. Her cunt was tight and dry and looked like
it might never have been fucked before. Now, after being fucked four
times, her cuntlips were red and swollen to five times their normal
size. They peeled back heavily, revealing the swollen interior of her
"Fuck me, Brian!" she moaned, her words thick with desire. Her eyes
had narrowed to lust-filled slits and her lips were swollen. "Please,
you beautiful baby boy! Stick that big, pretty cock inside me!"
The boy didn't need any more encouragement. His cock wasn't
completely hard. It was so big and he was so small that it had never
been fully erect. But it was almost hard now, and he wrapped his
small hands around it and aimed it directly at the pleading girl's
wet cunt. He was ready to stuff his foot-long slab of cock inside her.
She howled when Brian's cock began to bull its way inside her. Even
stretched out as it was by the four previous cocks, her cunt was
simply too small for the huge prick that was forcing its way inside.
Before the cockhead was lodged halfway through her pussylips, the
babysitter's tiny cunt was stretched as far as it would go. Janet's
eyes popped open and the cords of her neck stood out like steel
cables. She had thought she had felt pain before, but she had been
wrong. Brian's cock was causing her agony of a kind she'd never
"It won't go in," Clint said.
"No, it won't!" Janet screamed before anyone else could answer. "It
won't go in! Please stop! Oh, please stop! I didn't really want it!
Please, I really don't want it! You'll kill me! Pat, David, if he
ruins me with that giant cock then the rest of you won't be able to
fuck me any more! Let me jack him off, or suck his cum, or anything
but this! Please don't let him put that horrid thing inside me!"
"Fuck her good, little bro," Pat said, smiling down at the begging,
captive babysitter. He wasn't through punishing her for what she'd
said earlier, wasn't half done showing the slut her proper
place. "You take it and tell him you love it, you ass-sucking slut!
If you can drink piss, you can fuck my little brother!"
Brian leaned on his cock, oblivious to the sexy blonde's screams. Her
cunt stretched wider and wider, her pussylips pulled as tight and
thin as rubber bands. Half his giant cockhead was past the tight
defensive ring. He leaned on her again, thrusting his hips forward as
hard and fast as he could. There was a tiny tearing sound, a loud
pop, and the giant head of his cock fucked inside her.
"Nooooo!" Janet screamed. Her body froze, every muscle in her
bronzed, limber body tensed hard as a rock. "Nooooo—you're killing
me! Killing me, you bastards!"
"Oh shut the fuck up," Pat said mildly, watching with wide eyes as
his little brother fucked his cock into Janet's reamed, ragged hole.
Pussy juice gushed out of Janet's squirming cunt, trying to ease the
passage of the freakish horse cock the boy was forcing inside her.
This pussy cream was thicker than before, a white frosting that
looked almost like a man's jism. It wasn't nearly enough to stop the
damage Brian's cock was doing. He fucked into her with one reckless,
relentless jab, forcing her cunt farther and farther open. His cock
slammed against the back of her pussy, stretched it as far as it
would go, then began to bull his way through the second, smaller hole
of her cervix. Blood traced the blonde's stretched-out cuntlips.
"Look," Vic shouted, pointing at the silky hollow of the young
blonde's stomach. "You can see his cock inside her stomach. His
cock's making her whole stomach puff up."
The tortured girl opened her eyes, unable to believe what the boy had
said in spite of the terrible agony that was coursing through her.
She whimpered when she saw that he was speaking the truth.
Her tiny stomach sucked in as Brian pulled his big cock out of her.
When he slammed it back in, her stomach swelled with the bulk of his
prick. She became entranced with the sight, unable to look away from
what his cock was doing to her helpless body.
Her arms reached out to Brian. She began to grind her body slowly
against his punishing cock, hunching her hips up to meet his killing
thrusts. She felt as though her insides had been rearranged, as
though someone had rammed a baseball bat far up inside her. The pain
of her shredded pussy was almost overshadowed by the incredible
feeling of fullness, the sensation of being impaled on something too
large for her body to withstand. Janet's experimental wriggling grew
bolder and wilder as she realized the pain would get no worse.
"She's fucking him," David said, and even he sounded surprised. "She
loves it! She even loves getting a horse cock shoved up her filthy
Brian fucked her harder and harder, his cock shattering her
overworked pussy. Janet threw her arms around him and pulled his face
to hers. She surged up against him, her hips rising off the table
only to be pounded back down against the splintery wood by the
explosive jab of his huge cock. She rubbed her tits against his
hairless chest, thrilling at the way his smooth skin rubbed her stiff
"Oh fuck me, you sweet little boy!" she whimpered, lapping at his
face like a mindlessly devoted puppy. She tore one leg free of the
netting and wrapped it tightly around his humping ass. "Fuck me with
your pretty, giant cock! Fuck me so hard that I can't stand up! Fuck
me and fuck me until I can't stand any more!"
Janet couldn't believe the words that were tumbling out of her mouth,
or the electric pulses of excitement that were shooting through her
beaten body. Her cunt was a mass of inflamed tissue, fucked raw by
the procession of boyish cock. Her pussy felt like raw hamburger, her
clit like an open sore. She was degrading herself totally,
surrendering herself to the horrible boys who'd raped her, but she
couldn't control herself.
"I love your cock!" she groaned, running her hands over his back as
her sexy, sweat-soaked body rippled under his hard fucking. "I love
it! I love being fucked, I love being fucked! Oh fuck me, fuck me,
fuck me!"
Then she was beyond words, beyond anything but the series of
explosions that rocked her fucked-out pussy. She was orgasming,
cummmg for the first time in her young life. Glistemng with the piss
of four different boys, sticky with cum and bound to a table like a
captive animal, she was cumming for the first time. Brian's gigantic
cock destroyed her, pulverized her, ruined her for anything but sex
and pain. The abused young babysitter felt the core of her being
explode with the shock waves of that first shattering climax.
And she screamed.
She tore her other leg free of the netting and wrapped it tightly
around Brian's pistoning ass. She wrapped her arms around him too,
urging him into her with all the strength in her battered young body.
Her long, tanned legs trapped the young boy against her body,
knocking him forward every time he pulled back. She was almost
fucking herself now, using Brian's foot-long cock like a living dildo.
Pain flashed like lightning through her squirming, sweaty body. Her
cunt tore a little more with each battering thrust of the big cock
inside her. Her cunt was nothing but raw, tenderized meat, but it was
still squirming, still milking the cock that ruined it. She covered
Brian's mouth with her own. She found his tongue and twisted her own
around it, trading her spit for his. His small hands found her wildly
jiggling tits, and Janet squealed with pleasure as he mauled her
swollen, sensitive nipples.
"You fuckers!" Janet screamed, her voice caught between the wail of a
damned soul and a teenaged girl taking her first rollercoaster
ride. "You fuckers!"
There was nothing but the pounding of his cock inside her pussy, the
warmth of his tongue probing her open mouth and the pull of his hands
as he wrenched her silky tits across her heaving chest. One climax
followed another, each more powerful, each one making her thrash and
twist more wildly on the picnic table. Saliva drooled from her lush
lips. Her eyes rolled back in her head. Her breathing was shallow,
uneven. Her heart was racing.
"I can't take it!" Brian moaned, watching his cock fuck in and out of
the babysitter's ravaged cunt. "I'm going to cum! I've never felt
anything like this!"
Her cunt was massaging his cock like a hand, gripping his big prick
like a creamy, slippery, heated glove. A pinkish broth poured from
her gaping pussy, jism and pussyjuice and pre-cum and blood. He could
feel her cunt stretching and tearing with every jolting blow his cock
Janet slammed her hips up off the table, hammering Brian's foot-long
cock into her pussy with her scissoring legs. She slammed her head
back against the table, her body bouncing against the wood. Her
climaxes just kept on building, each one exploding through her a
little bit stronger, destroying her body a little bit more.
"Cumming!" Brian shouted in warning as he felt his cock begin to
jerk, his jism start to boil out. "Cumming!"
The first blast of his spunk erupted from his prick with firehose
Janet fell back to the table, her hips banging against the wood
painfully as Brian's cock slipped out of her cunt.
"Nooooo!" she screamed, grabbing his pulsing cock, trying to angle it
back down at her spasming pussy. "Noooo! I need your cock!"
"Holy shit!" David whispered to Pat. "This is the wildest shit I've
ever seen!"
Janet grabbed the mammoth cock with both hands, trying to force it
back into her swollen pussy. It spasmed again and again, fountaining
thick jism all over her writhing, sweat-soaked body. She pointed the
big cockhead at her cunt and a squirt of cum painted her whole crotch
white. Another splattered against one of her hands and filled her
palm to overflowing with heavy jizz.
She finally jammed the cockhead against her pussy, but already her
battered cunt was swelling and puffing up from the battering it had
A wad of cum spurted up inside her like a wave of liquid fire, but
she couldn't push the cock back in.
Janet let go of his leaping, spitting cock and brought her cum-
drenched hands to her lips. Moaning and whimpering insanely, her hips
a foot above the table and her cunt pouring a waterfall of fuck-cream
down her ass, she sucked the jism from her delicate, long-fingered
hands. She popped her fingers inside her mouth one at a time and
sucked them clean. She slurped her way up past her wrists, collecting
every drop of Brian's cum from her hands while he splattered her
twisting body with more.
He seemed to cum forever. By the time he was finished, Janet's whole
lower body was dripping with cock-cream. It looked as though someone
had splashed her stomach and crotch with a bucket of white paint.
And by the time his cock had dripped the last of its cum onto her
swollen pussylips Janet had fallen back against the table. She
twisted there fitfully, her body caught in the ragged remains of the
volleyball net, her thighs rubbing languidly together. She mumbled
under her breath, almost unaware of the five boys who surrounded her.
"Okay," Pat said, the small, evil grin back on his lips. "She's had
her fun. Now, I guess it's our turn!"

Janet looked up at the evil teenager and began to cry.

"Please, Pat!" Janet moaned, tears running down her pretty cheeks as
he pulled her roughly off the picnic table. "I'll fuck you, I'll suck
you! I'll even suck your ass! Just please don't hurt me! I already
hurt so bad!"

"Oh shut up, baby-slut." Pat dropped her to the deck like a bag of
worthless garbage. He turned to his little brother. "You want to piss
on her before we move on to the entertainment?"

Brian stared down at the ravaged, helpless babysitter with a hunger
that made the beaten girl shiver. His huge cock still wagged out in
front of his skinny body. It dripped a mix of jism, blood and

Janet knelt, cringing in front of him under the shadow of Brian's
huge cock, with only the ragged remains of the volleyball net to
cover her body.

"Open your mouth," he said, and like the dazed, obedient slave the
boys were bent on turning her into, she parted her lips.
Brian pissed like he had cum, the gushing stream of his waste hitting
Janet's face so powerfully that her head was knocked back, her neck
shot through with pain. His piss filled her mouth, poured down her
throat in a choking torrent and splashed out over her lips in a
waterfall of stinking yellow waste. Her svelte body shook from her
coughing as Brian filled her lungs with his piss.

Janet was certain she was going to be drowned by the stinking rush of
Brian's piss, but something kept her from pulling away from the boy,
from closing her mouth long enough to clear her lungs of his piss.
The realization hit her that Pat and his friends had changed her,
broken her in some way that might never be the same again. But it
wasn't just fear that kept her kneeling in front of Brian as he
drowned her in his piss. She was getting excited, too.

That was the most terrible thing of all. While the boys had been
breaking her spirit, training her to grovel at their feet and cater
to their most perverted whims, they had also cracked through the
beautiful but cold girl who had been Janet Halek. They'd released
something shameful, a vile, whorish slut who craved every degrading,
painful outrage they heaped on her. Even now, drowning in a river of
boy's piss, her puffy cunt was juicing.
"Oh please! Oh please!" She thrashed wildly, babbling through the
torrent of burning piss. "What kind of animal are you turning me
"You're our personal whore now, you snotty slut!" Pat screamed into
Janet's ear. He slapped one satiny haunch with a length of nylon
cord. "You're such an athletic, tough-assed bitch that we thought
we'd give you a real workout! Now hold still while I tie you up!"
Pat pulled her arms behind her back, standing back far enough so that
he wouldn't be splattered by his brother's piss. Then he pushed her
elbows together and began to loop the nylon cord around her arms. It
wasn't until that cord began to bite into her slender, tender arms
that she began to cry.
Brian stepped forward as the violent stream of his piss began to
weaken. He jerked his cock from side to side, spraying her pretty,
gasping face with his stinking piss. Janet screamed hoarsely as he
soaked her face, agony rippling through her arms and shoulders as Pat
bound her elbows together.
Brian watched her throat muscles working frantically as she swallowed
the piss already pooled in her mouth. Each time she emptied her mouth
of his piss he aimed his cock between her lush pink lips and filled
her up once more.
Janet was taking Brian's piss by the mouthful now, but her lean,
lithe body was still shuddering with her coughing from the piss he'd
already blasted down her throat. Every gulp of his piss made her
throat ache and burn. Pat finished tying her arms behind her, and the
pain from her straining muscles made her back arch and her tits bulge
Still her treacherous cunt wriggled and spasmed, squeezing out milky
pussyjuice. Still her tits stung with a heavy, swollen feeling of
pleasure. Still her body undulated sensually in the growing pool of
Brian's piss. Still her tanned, flawless skin, now slick with the
boy's stinking yellow piss, tingled to the touch of the rough deck.
In spite of everything, Janet was going out of her mind with pleasure.
Brian's piss-stream was losing strength rapidly now. His cock was
just inches away from her pretty, piss-soaked face. He leaned in even
farther, touching the head of his cock against Janet's parted,
glistening lips. His piss trickled into her mouth, and he could feel
her soft lips tremble as she swallowed it eagerly.
Janet moved her tongue desperately over the drooling head of his
cock, puckering her lips around the giant prick and drawing it inside
her mouth. She was frantic with her desire to please the boy, to show
that she was a good slave, a good fuck. She knew that Pat was
planning something terrible, and she hoped that by pleasing his
little brother she could convince them to stop. She didn't think she
could survive much more. Her jaws ached as she tried to fit her lips
around the boy's cockhead.
"Hold still, damn it!" Pat growled, grabbing at her feet and
strapping on a pair of black six-inch spiked heels. "Don't you want
to get dressed up in your pretty new outfit?"
"No, Pat, please, please no!" She begged without really knowing what
she was begging him not to do.
Her tongue kept washing over Brian's fat red cockhead. She had
stretched her lips all the way around the blooming prickhead now, and
she sucked on it with all the breath she could muster. She lashed his
cock with her tongue until she'd cleaned it of every trace of tacky
sex slime. She squirmed her lips over the jaw-breaking stalk of his
cock, trying to force more and more of it into her clogged, aching
"Look at that," one of the twins said. He leaned down and pinched one
of her rubbery brown nipples until she moaned in pain. "I think she
could swallow his whole cock!"
Brian pulled the fat head of his prick out of Janet's grasping mouth
and pulled her head against the lower part of his massive cock. The
beaten babysitter knew what he wanted her to do. She flicked her
pretty pink tongue out over the lower half of his massive cock and
licked the horrid mix of blood and jism and cuntjuice away. Burning
liquid pain flowed down her back from the tortured muscles of her
bound arms, but still she nursed eagerly on Brian's filthy, smelly
"She's almost there," David said. He was passing something out to the
other boys, but the cock-licking young blonde couldn't get a clear
look at whatever it was. "She's a humble little whore now that we
showed her what some real fucking feels like. All that's left now is
to train her hot little ass so that she remembers her place and
learns how to use her beautiful body."
The degraded young babysitter burned with shame at the boy's terrible
words, but when Brian lifted his spit-cleaned cock away from her
mouth and pushed her head down toward the pink, hairless bag of his
balls, Janet didn't resist. She lapped at his balls like an eager
puppy, no longer sure if she was servicing Brian to avoid punishment,
or because she was beginning to get turned on.
Once his cock had been thoroughly cleaned, Brian stepped back away
from the helpless girl, leaving her open for the inspection of all
the boys. She quivered beneath their hungry, lusting stares, wishing
she could make herself disappear into the rough wood of the deck.
The black spiked heels Pat had fastened on her feet were unlike any
she had ever seen, the heels six inches tall and needle thin, straps
of black leather curling out from the shoes and up her gracefully
curved calves. Almost all the way to her knees.
"Okay, piss drinker," Pat said, pulling something out from behind his
back. "Now it's time for us all to play a little game. We call it,
the hunt."
"No!" Janet screamed, shaking her head as violently as the rope
around her throat would permit. Pat was holding a gun. All the boys
were. "No, please, Pat, I'll do anything! I'll be your slave for
life! You can fuck my pussy or mouth or ass or anything! Piss on me!
Shit on me! Please, Pat, you're not going to kill me, are you?"
"You stupid bitch!" David kicked her in the small of her back to shut
her up, sending a wave of tearing pain through her stretched
muscles. "We know you're going to do all that shit! And we re sure as
fuck not going to kill you until we've fucked you more than once
"Lick my toes while I tell you the rules, you dirty bitch!" Pat
shouted, putting the sole of his foot against Janet's pretty face.
Janet's tongue flicked over his dirty foot, her dazed mind racing.
Her body was still burning with lust, but the sight of the guns had
cleared her head a little. She washed the sole of Pat's foot clean
with her spit, then ran her tongue between his toes. She even popped
his toes into her mouth and sucked them like tiny cocks.
Janet's sex-dazed mind was racing now. For the first time, she
realized just how completely in the power of Pat and his friends she
was. Before she had thought that no matter how terrible the rape and
torture became, she could forget it once it was over. Even the way
her own body had betrayed her to the little savages was something she
could forget in time. Now she knew that the boys could maim or kill
her. Janet's will to resist had been shattered, but now she knew she
had to look for a chance to escape. She had to be willing to fight
these horrid boys.

"These are paint guns, you dumb bitch." As Pat spoke, he rubbed his
spit-slick foot over the satiny pillows of Janet's tits. "My dad and
some of his pals use them to play war. Hurt like hell, even through
real thick clothes. They're going to feel great on that bare, creamy
skin of yours. Of course, if you move fast enough, maybe you'll never
get hit. And hell, just to give you some incentive, if you make it
out of the yard, we won't fuck with you any more."
"You heard him!" David growled, yanking on a handful of Janet's short
blonde hair for emphasis. "Move your lazy ass! I count ten and I'm
going to start shooting."

The beautiful young babysitter struggled to her feet as the boys
stepped back away from her. With her arms bound so painfully behind
her and the spiked heels on her feet, it was almost impossible to get
up, but finally she managed to.

"Hurry up," Clint said, pointing his gun at the sexy, struggling
blonde. "You better get your bouncy ass moving before Pat and David
say we can start shooting!"

Janet looked around wildly, her short blonde hair curtaining her
pretty face. Everywhere she looked one of the boys blocked her path.
There were only two ways out, the glass door that led back into the
house, and the gate at the far end of the yard. The frightened girl
realized that even if she reached one, she would never be able to
open it with her arms tied behind her back.

"Run!" David shouted, out of patience. "Here, I'll help you get your
lazy ass moving!"

He fired his pistol from less than three feet away, his shot hitting
Janet right in the center of one perfectly rounded asscheek. Dark-
blue paint splattered over her silky flesh and fiery pain tore
through her straining body. Janet almost fell to her knees. The pain
was worse than she would have ever believed possible.
It was as though she had been hit by a club and stung by a bee at the
same time. Her lush ass jiggled with the impact as she stumbled
forward on her high heels. The agony that flared through her ass was
so terrible that for an instant she thought David had shot her with a
real gun.

She ran, wobbling on her spike heels as though they were stilts. She
had to lean far forward because of the way her arms were bound, and
she was certain she would fall. She ran toward one of the twins, but
as she neared him, he raised his gun. She didn't even have time to
scream before he pulled the trigger.
This pellet was yellow, and it splattered over one of her full, silky
tits with an impact that drove the athletic young babysitter to one
knee. It was as though someone had set her tit on fire, as though her
flesh had been torn from her body. For a moment, Janet was paralyzed
with the pain. She watched through misting eyes as the yellow paint
flowed down over the jutting slope of her tit.

The other twin fired his gun at her from across the yard, his shot
hitting her in her shoulder and almost knocking her down. Red paint
splashed across her cheek and down her shoulder and arm. The twin in
front of her fired again, hitting her other tit this time, and the
blinding pain drove the sexy young blonde to run. She was running for
her survival now, certain that if she was hit by very many more of
the awful pellets, the agony would kill her.
"Run, you dirty whore!" Pat shouted, running after the stumbling
girl, his gun held high. Her firm, round ass looked even sexier
covered with the coat of blue paint David had splashed there, and Pat
wanted to add some decoration of his own. "Shake that lazy ass, baby-
slut. Wiggle that slutty body over the fence and you can hitch a ride
Janet ran desperately, curving away from Brian when he lifted his
gun, trying to loop far enough around David that he wouldn't have a
clear shot at her. She could hear Pat closing in on her from behind,
and she tensed her ass-cheeks for the shot she knew would come.
Pleasure spread unexpectedly through her straining body as she tensed
her ass. Her silky thighs were rubbing against each other as she ran,
and the one quick contraction of her ass sent waves of pleasure
through her dripping cunt. Janet buckled over, almost losing her
balance on the spiked heels. Just as she regained her footing, Pat
shot her ass.
She twisted forward, trying to stay on her feet as the pounding pain
of the impact knocked her forward. Paint splashed through her parted
thighs to splatter her steaming cunt, and her pussy began to spasm.
"No! Noooooo! You've got to stop! What are you doing to me?"
Pat's paint was a cheerful shade of green. As his first shot dripped
down from Janet's soggy crotch, he fired again, this time hitting her
in the back of her head. Her shiny blonde hair was splattered with
green as she sprawled across the deck. He fired again as she was
falling, this pellet hitting her in the soft, flat flesh of her
belly, driving the air from her lungs.
Janet skidded off the edge of the deck and landed in the soft, green
grass beside it. She rolled over and over, her sexy, paint-splattered
body squirming in the grass as she tried to grind the terrible pain
from her senses. She left a multi-colored smear on both the deck and
grass. When she saw it, spread wet and glistening behind her like the
trail of a slug, she burned with humiliation. The boys just laughed
and closed in for the kill.
She struggled back to her feet just as David fired his pistol. The
paint pellet caught her high on her right thigh, making her silky
flesh jiggle. She tried to hobble away, but Brian appeared in front
of her, holding his gun like a policeman on a firing range. He shot
her three times in quick succession, once in each tit and once in her
forehead. Janet had an instant to note that his paint was shimmering
white before the shot to her head blinded her.
She stumbled back, off balance, white paint flowing down her face.
She felt as if her tits had been crushed, her ribs broken. She spun
in an awkward circle away from Brian and David, but the twins were
right behind her. They fired their guns in unison and her left leg
went numb.
She fell helplessly into the grass, her paint-drenched body squirming
wildly against the green of the lawn. Both her legs were numb with
pain, and her head was pounding from the two shots that had hit her
there. Her tits were bruised and swollen and her ass burned as though
from a terrible beating. She could sense the boys gathering around
her, but she couldn't even see them because of the white paint Brian
had sprayed her with. She was completely helpless.
She slithered desperately across the lawn, writhing like a lean,
sexy, snake through the grass. Her velvety thighs rubbed together,
smearing paint and pussyjuice all over her soft, pure flesh. With her
hands bound between her shoulder blades, her face and tits were
ground into the dirt, and the friction against her nipples made them
stand up as stiff and hard as steel spikes.
"Let's blow this sorry slut away," Pat said softly, and they began to
The pain of being shot once was nothing compared to the agony of
having all five boys empty their guns on her wriggling, helpless
young body. Janet screamed and thrashed wildly, but it was impossible
to escape the terrible punishment. The first five shots burned into
her ass and upper thighs like liquid fire, varnishing her silky flesh
with five shades of paint. Pat kicked her over on her back before
they fired another round.
The sexy, shapely blonde rolled and tossed beneath the barrage of
paint pellets. Blazing pain ignited through her face and tits and
stomach and thighs. It was as though every inch of her flesh was
screaming with agony from this new torture. Even the pain in her arms
and back had vanished under the burning, beating agony of the paint
But her cunt was on fire.
The battered girl couldn't believe what was happening. It was the
most degrading thing she had ever experienced. She tried vainly to
stop her thighs from rubbing together, her cunt from twitching and
roiling and leaking fresh pussy-juice. Her clit was vibrating as
though it was ready to explode. Tears ran wet tracks through the
paint that covered her face. They were tears of shame at her own
dirty passion as much as from the pain of her torture.
"Look at that!" David shouted. "All that shit about being too good to
fuck, about what a high-class bitch she was, and now she's getting
off from us just shooting her with these paint-guns!"
"Watch this," Pat said, and he kicked her long legs apart. He fired
his pistol right between the peeled-back, blood-red lips of her
cunt. "Let's give our high-class baby-whore just what she wants!"
Pain flared through the defiled blonde's body, pain that filled every
nerve ending with fire. Her cuntlips felt as if they'd been pounded
to mush, and the interior of her pussy sizzled with the wash of paint.
Janet shrieked, her eyes snapping open and her mouth forming itself
into a giant circle. Paint dribbled into her mouth as she screeched
with lust and pain.

The tortured babysitter stared out at her tormentors, her eyes wild
with the intensity of pain and excitement raging through her
overloaded body. She twisted and jerked uncontrollably, every nerve
ending scorched with pain, her pouting pussy ablaze with lust.
The twins grabbed her slender, twisting legs and spread them far
apart while the other boys moved in with their guns. They took turns
blasting her helpless pussy with the hard pellets of paint, washing
her battered cunt in a rainbow of colors. The beautiful blonde girl
writhed, squealing in agony.
"You love it, don't you?" Pat asked, reloading his gun and shooting
her wriggling pussy again. "Tell us how much you love it, baby-slut!
Come on, tell us how much you want us to make you scream!"
Janet looked up at them with wide, glazed eyes. Spit dribbled from
her lips and she rolled her head from side to side as though denying
that anything so terribly perverted could be happening to her. All
the boys were jacking off now, and she could feel the squirts of
their precum as it spotted her paint-crusted body. She could smell
their cocks, the funky, musky odor that an hour ago had made her want
to throw up. Now it was making her pussy squirm with desire.
"I love it!" she cried, her hips squirming wildly. "I've loved
everything you've done to me! I'm a slut! I'm a dirty, cock-hungry
"You learned your name," Pat said with a nasty grin. Janet screeched
as he stuck the barrel of his gun into her cunt. "I think you deserve
a reward."
Janet screamed just before Pat pulled the trigger. When the gun went
off, she didn't make any sound at all. She shivered uncontrollably.
Her tits shifted heavily across her heaving chest. Her flat, satiny
stomach trembled. Her taut thighs and silky asscheeks quivered. Her
face drained of color and gooseflesh rose all over her body. She
broke into a cold sweat that made her painted body glisten in the
bright afternoon sunlight.
It was the most terrible pain she had ever experienced. And she was
Janet's cunt felt as though an explosive charge had been set off
inside her. Her clit seemed torn and broken, her creamy pussyflesh
scorched and bruised. The paint burned her cunt like an acid. And her
body was going wild.
Her hips bucked a foot in the air as she dug the spiked heels into
the lawn to brace her thrashing. She stared from one boy to the next,
her eyes glued to the dripping lengths of their hardened young cocks.
She was drooling for cock, hypnotized by cock, her cunt squirming
around the load of green paint as though it was the longest, hardest
prick in the world. Cuntjuice shot from her pussy like water from a
fountain. It drenched Pat's gun and most of his forearm.
Pat fucked the gun deeper inside her and pulled the trigger again.
Janet wailed like a lost soul and began to cum. Her cunt clutched at
the cold, hard barrel of the gun, and fluttered wildly against Pat's
knuckles. She fucked the gun savagely, impaling her shattered cunt on
the unyielding metal of the gun. Pussyjuice bubbled from her cunt,
mixing with the paint to form a rainbow waterfall down the quivering
crack of her ass.
"Look at that!" Brian's eyes were wide with wonder. "She's cumming!
She's getting off on getting fucked with a gun!"
Janet heard the boy's words and the terrible hunger in his voice, but
it wasn't enough to stop the crashing waves of lust that were
smashing through her writhing body.
"That's right, slut!" Pat growled, reloading as he fucked the gun in
and out of her cunt. "Just fuck yourself on this big gun, you sorry
whore! I'm going to show you what being a hotassed bitch is all
Janet barely heard Pat's threat. She was gasping for air and moving
her head from side to side. The muscles up the insides of her silky
thighs stood out like steel cords as her shapely ass bounced a foot
above the ground.
Janet stared up at the four dripping cocks that hung above her
twisting body and pretended that each of them in turn was the
devastating rod that was destroying her defenseless little pussy.
"Please!" she whined suddenly, the sound of her voice surprising her.
It was the trembling, throaty, lust-filled voice of a woman in the
middle of a string of unstoppable climaxes. "Let me suck your pretty
little cocks! Let me eat your cum!"
Pat shot her again, driving the pistol forward into her cunt as he
pulled the trigger, and the lust-crazed babysitter lost the ability
to speak at all. She wailed instead, keening with agony and
excitement. Her finely muscled thighs clamped tightly around Pat's
wrist and her cunt clutched his gun like a vise.
Pat slammed his fist against the trembling, tensed flesh of one thigh
and fucked the gun farther up inside her. He was going to fuck the
whole gun up inside her, his fist included.
"Pleeeaaassseee!" Janet cried, unable to put into words the mix of
pleasure and agony that made her body squirm and tremble. Both Janet
and the boys now knew she was pleading for them to continue their
abuse, not stop it.

David reached beneath Janet, and she felt blood rushing back through
her arms as he unwrapped the nylon cord from around them. The moment
her numbed hands were free, he clamped one around the fat, hard shaft
of his cock. Brian did the same on the other side, and the sex-crazed
young babysitter gripped them tightly.

The twins dropped down beside her and started rubbing their hard,
curving cocks over her paint-smeared face. While the beautiful young
blonde jacked off the cocks in her hands, the twins took turns
driving their cocks into the unresisting orifice of her mouth. Janet
choked and gagged as the curving cocks scoured her throat, but in an
instant she was whipping her tongue and lips over their plunging

Pat watched with growing lust as the babysitter's helplessly
squirming cuntlips stretched tightly around his thrusting fist. He
drove his arm forward relentlessly, wondering if her pussylips would
tear around the unnatural penetration of his fist and the gun. She
squealed around her mouthful of young cock, twisting her limber body
wildly in a hopeless attempt to escape the terrible reaming. Pat just
leaned his weight on his elbow, and with a loud popping sound, his
fist penetrated the tight lips of her cunt.
When he pulled the trigger, Janet nearly lost her mind.
The aroused young blonde trembled uncontrollably and made pleading
animal noises as she slurped at the two cocks above her face. Her
hands turned into blurs on Brian's and David's cocks, catching their
dribbling pre-cum in her palms to rub it over the heated, throbbing
stalks of their young pricks. Her hips bobbed back and forth on the
fist and gun Pat was fucking inside her, her cunt in spasms.
Pussyjuice was everywhere. It cascaded down the bouncing cheeks of
her ass and ran in rivers down Pat's pistoning fingers. Every slam of
the gun and fist inside her stirred up more of the heavy cuntjuice
and brought it frothing out over her blonde pussyhair and the satiny
skin of her shuddering inner thighs.
"Fuck her!" one of the twins shouted happily as he choked her with
his curving cock. Her face was smeared with the twins' fuck-lube and
her own spit. "Her mouth's watering for cock! Give her your whole
arm, man! The babysitter's losing her fucking mind!"
"She's a lazy fucking slut!" Pat growled, watching her ass jerk and
quiver as he ravaged her tiny cunt. "I want to see her acting like
she's having a good time! I want to see her really moving that
bouncing, stuck-up ass!"
Janet moaned in shame and pain at Pat's words, then moaned again when
the twins stretched her lips with their fingers until she was sure
her mouth would be pulled apart. They plunged their cocks into her
mouth at the same time, making her squirm her lips over them until
one was nestled in each satiny hollow of her cheeks. Her face was
distorted, her cheeks bulging around the hard, curving cocks, but she
flicked her tongue back and forth between them, making wet sucking
sounds as she washed them with her spit.
David and Brian moved closer to the out-of-control babysitter,
kneeling at her sides so that their slick, throbbing cocks were
rubbing over her lush, satiny tits. Janet poked their fat pricks over
her rock-hard nipples, then plunged them into the creamy flesh of her
tits until they were almost buried. But never once did she stop
massaging the jerking cocks.
"Fuck!" Pat screamed as he crammed his forearm up inside the twisting
blonde's pussy. "I've got to get some of this bitch! I'm going to
stick my cock up your ass, you dirty whore!"
Without dragging his hand from her cunt, the agile boy slid under her
ass and lined his throbbing, dripping prick up with her darkly
inviting shitter. He wrapped his left arm around her waist and pulled
her down as he fucked his cock up her asshole.
"Now, bitch, move your stuck-up ass like you mean it!" Pat slammed
half his forearm into her spasming, stretched-out cunt. "Fuck me, you
silly whore, `cause you're never going to get a better fuck than this
one! You'll spend the rest of your fucked-up life wishing you had
this cock back!"
Pat was out of control, jamming his cock up into Janet's tightly
clutching asshole and slamming his arm up her devastated pussy almost
all the way to his elbow. He was going to cum any second, and he
could tell that the other boys were just as close to dropping their
He fired another pellet into her stretched pussy, groaning with
pleasure at the wave of contractions that vibrated through her skin-
tight asshole. He thought about how tiny her cunt had been the first
time he'd fucked her. Now she was taking a paint gun and half his
arm. She was never going to have to worry about being too small for a
guy's cock again. The thought pleased Pat a lot, and he slammed the
gun inside her straining cunt a little harder, realizing that he was
putting his mark on the slut for the rest of her life.
Janet rolled and bucked helplessly, her lithe body pinned to the deck
by the five rutting boys. She felt completely defiled, degraded
beyond any hope of redemption. She was taking on five boys at the
same time, sucking and fucking and beating off their young cocks.
Her shame wasn't enough to stop the orgasms that were rattling
through her devastated body. Her cunt was convulsing around the
ruining thrusts of Pat's fist and her clit was wriggling like an
injured snake. Her pussyjuice was running down Pat's pistoning arm
and dripping from his elbow in a steady stream. Her muscles were
trembling as one climax after another shuddered through her
straining, sexy body. She was drenched in her own sweat, and was
almost insensible from the intensity of the feelings burning through
"Fuck!" Pat shouted, fucking his cock brutally up the humid sheath of
Janet's asshole. "I'm going to cum, you bitch! You dirty, fucking
slut! I'm going to fill you up with cum!"
"Do it!" the tortured babysitter squealed around her double mouthful
of cock. Her voice sounded wet and throaty now, very little like that
of the prim babysitter she had been only hours before. "Fill me up
with your sweet cum! Please, Pat, fill me up until I can taste it! I
feel so empty!"
Pat fucked his arm into her cunt and his cock into her ass, his body
trembling with the exertion of his savage double-fucking of the
delirious young blonde. His cock began to pulse, and as hard as he
tried, he couldn't stop his orgasm. He fired streamer after streamer
of thick white jizz up the tightly clasping chute of the tormented
blonde's shitter. Her asshole grabbed his cock like a powerful fist,
milking his cum out of his body and into hers. He watched with bright
eyes as her cunt and asshole fluttered and twitched around his fist
and cock.
"Mooorrrreeee!" Janet shrieked, her hips slamming up and down in a
wild rhythm. "All of you, cum! All of you, give me more!"
She fucked Brian's and David's cocks against her tits, smearing their
leaking prickheads all over her silky flesh. She jacked her hands up
and down on them so fast that the boys could feel heat from the
friction of her palms. She arched her tits up against their cocks and
smothered their leaking prickheads in the satiny pillows. She wanted
more cum, needed more cum. The boys had driven her over the edge, and
now she felt as though she would die if she wasn't swimming in their
sticky cock-cream.
"You dirty baby-slut." David's cock jerked free of her hand for an
instant as it began to belch jism across her heaving chest. "Going to
cream you, you bitch! Going to give you a new paint job on those big
Fat streamers of jism sailed high into the air over the sexy blonde's
twisting body and slapped down against her feverish skin with wet,
plopping noises. She grabbed David's fat cock again and milked it
desperately, pulling one sloppy geyser after another from its
twitching prickhead. Her tanned arms were striped with pasty white
spunk, and her tits glistened with watery white scars of cum. His
jism began to slide down the jiggling slopes of her tits, forming a
slow-moving river in the deep cleavage between the silky mounds.
"Oh, me too," Brian said, his young face tense with the effort of
holding back his orgasm. His tiny hips began to buck wildly, fucking
his young cock through the tight channel of his babysitter's
hand. "I'm going to shoot all over your big, pretty tits, Janet! I'm
going to cover you in cum!"
Just as David's cock was losing steam, Brian started cumming. His
jism splattered wetly over Janet's already-slimy tits. Janet rubbed
his spurting cock over her silky, heated tits, letting his jism
splatter over her hardened nipples. Every wet slap of his cum against
her throbbing tits triggered another pain-filled orgasm in her
shattered cunt.
"Mooorrrreee!" she groaned. Her lips and chin and cheeks were smeared
with the fuck-lube and spit she had drooled over herself in her sex-
crazed delirium. "Please! Please please please! Do some mooorrreee!"
The twins began to shoot at the same instant. Their identical cocks
filled the hollows of Janet's cheeks with pulse after pulse of
fuckjuice. Soon her cheeks bulged with heavy loads of jism.
"Oh fuck," Pat said quietly, still fucking his cock into Janet's
drenched asshole. "Look at that cum-hungry whore! She's trying to
swallow every drop of that cum!"
The twins poured more and more jism into the babysitter's mouth,
filling her up with their cock-cream. Lines of white began to seep
past her tightly stretched lips. The twins thrust their hips back and
forth savagely, fucking the blonde's pretty face with their
fountaining cocks. Janet never stopped licking and sucking, even when
her mouth was overflowing with cum.
The taste was like nothing she had ever experienced before. The
double load of jism was thick and salty. She rolled creamy lumps of
cum over with her tongue and swished the mouthful of spunk around as
though it was mouthwash.
Brian and David backed away from her, almost having to pry the sex-
mad young blonde's hands off their cocks. Janet grabbed her full tits
as soon as the boys were out of reach, rubbing their loads of cum
into her soft, glistening skin. She tore at her tits with her
fingernails, plucking at her stiff nipples and scratching deep red
welts into her velvety flesh.
Pat dropped away from her surging hips, pulling his cock from her ass
and the pistol from her cunt, and Janet screamed with frustration,
spitting a geyser of thick white jism shooting high above her face.
She grabbed at her cunt and pulled her pouting red cuntlips as though
they were rubber bands.
The twins pulled away in disgust as the demented young blonde began
to spew their cum out of her mouth. She was whining for cock, begging
to be fucked and hurt, but she couldn't even form the words to make
her plea. Jism rolled down her cheeks, flowed up to fill her
quivering nostrils, pooled in her ears and splattered into her wide
gray eyes.
"Mooorrreee!" she wailed like a lost soul, tearing at her cunt and
drooling cum. "Mooorrreee! Please, do something more!"
"You heard the lady," Pat said with a tiny smile. "Time to do
something more."
"Let's grind the baby-bitch down!" David growled in agreement. "We've
got her begging us to keep fucking her! Now let's make her beg us to
Even through the cloud of lust that had fogged her overwhelmed mind,
Janet felt a touch of fear at his words.
"David, take Clint and get one of your barbells and as many weights
as you can carry." Pat kicked Janet's hands away from her cunt. When
his toe brushed her pussylips, she squealed and came. "Brian, there's
a box of shit up on my bed. Bring it down. And bring a pair of your
underwear. Vic, get the grill going. There's some charcoal by the
side of the porch."
As the boys ran to do Pat's bidding, Janet tried to make sense of the
shopping list he'd given them. She knew that he was planning to use
the things to torture her in some way, and the mention of the grill
terrified her.
Pat stared down at the sexy, squirming babysitter and felt his cock
start to stiffen again.
A couple of hours ago she'd been a stuck-up little prick-tease. Now
she was thrashing in the grass like some wild, wounded animal. Her
gorgeous body was covered in a mix of paint, jism, sweat and piss.
Her cunt was a raw, swampy mess, so gooey with sex juice and inflamed
from the savage fucking they'd given her that it looked like the
whole world had fucked it. Cum dripped from her asshole, too, and
drooled from her parted lips to paint her swollen tits.
"Fuck me," Janet whimpered pitifully, digging her fingers into the
grass and pumping her hips up into the air. "Please, Pat. I'm a good
babysitter, aren't I? Please fuck me!"
Pat couldn't keep the smile from his face. He'd done it, he'd turned
the stuck-up bitch into his personal slave girl. He'd broken her will
completely, turned her into a slut who craved cock more than she
wanted food or water.
Pat thought about some of the girls at school, pretty girls who'd
pissed him off or turned him down when he asked them out. None of
them were as beautiful as the slut in front of him, but you could
never have too much pussy. There was one cheerleader at school, a
girl with big tits and black hair, that Pat had wanted for years. He
wondered how she'd look with her face buried in Janet's blonde-furred
"Whore," he said quietly. "Say it. Tell me you're a whore."
"I'm a whore!" Janet whimpered. Her hands clawed at the air and her
hips gyrated a foot above the ground. "I'm a whore! I'm a filthy,
dirty whore! Can I please touch my pussy, Pat? I really need to touch
my pussy bad!"
"No," Pat said sharply.
Brian walked back outside with the box in his hands. David was
rolling a cart through the gate, Clint right behind him.
"You're not just a whore, Janet. You're my whore. Say it."
"I'm your whore!" Janet cried. She clawed at her flat, velvety
stomach, not daring to touch her cunt without Pat's permission. "I'm
your dirty, filthy whore! I belong to you, Pat! I'll fuck you any way
you want! I'll fuck anyone you want me to!"

Lust and terror mixed on the excited young blonde's face as she
watched Pat unload the box that Brian held out to him. First he
pulled out a pair of Brian's underwear. Next came three stiff leather
belts, two of them decorated with big metal studs. After that, Pat
pulled out a smaller box and an odometer. The last thing from the box
was what terrified the helpless babysitter the most. It was a two-
foot length of metal, wrapped with tape on one end, with a big metal
letter F on the other. Pat tossed it to Vic.

"Put that on the fire," he said with a giggle. He turned to
Janet. "You're not just my whore, you're my toilet. Say it."
"I'm your toilet, I really am!" The conquered babysitter looked at
Pat, then at the iron Vic was nestling among the glowing coals. "You
can piss on me whenever you want to! I'll drink your piss all day
long! You can shit on me, Pat! All of your friends can shit on me!"
Pat pulled a capsule out of the smaller box he held and showed it to
Janet for an instant. A moment later he began to stuff the whole box
of them into her cunt. Janet gasped as the cool, smooth capsules
filled her overheated pussy. She had a quick, hard orgasm as Pat
filled her with them. But without warning, searing cold pain flashed
through her cunt, making her scream with surprise and pain. She heard
a series of small popping noises.

"That's the first part of this trick," Pat said, scooping more of the
capsules into her cunt. He was pushing them into her pussy now, and
having to hold one hand cupped over her cuntlips to keep them from
tumbling out. "I fixed these up special. They've got some of that
candy that pops when it gets wet, and I've seasoned them with some
ground pepper and some itching powder. The more you move, the more
your cunt juices, and the more of those you're going to set off."

Janet groaned, her body shaking with agony and orgasm as Pat stuffed
more of the capsules inside her. Her cunt was filled to the brim with
them, stretched like a huge elastic pocket with the hundreds of
capsules Pat had shoved inside her.

Without warning, Pat grabbed his younger brother's underwear and put
them on Janet's thrashing legs. He had to use both hands to pull them
over her lush hips, but once he had them pulled up, the capsules were
held tightly inside her. More capsules went off, and the squirming
young blonde moaned her way through another orgasm.
"Here's this shit," David said. He had a cart overloaded with weights
of various sizes. "Fuck, she looks sexy in those shorts!"
Pat didn't answer. He clipped the odometer to the back of the shorts
and picked up the barbell. With a rough efficiency, he used the nylon
cord to tie the metal pole across the gorgeous blonde's shoulders. He
looped the rope around her graceful, slender throat, then tied her
arms to the barbell all the way to her elbows. With her forearms
draped over the metal bar, Janet looked like the victim of some
medieval torture. Pat jerked the helpless beauty to her knees.
"Twenty-five pounds on each side," he said to David. "To start with!"
Janet yelped when the fifty pounds settled on her shoulders. She was
so tired, so worn down by the vicious gang rape and the torture with
the paint guns, that she could barely hold herself up. More of the
capsules went off inside her steaming, swampy cunt, and she almost
buckled over. The explosions sprayed the burning peppers through the
tenderized flesh of her cunt, and the itching powder made her cunt
squirm and wriggle all the more. She could barely believe that a boy
as young as Pat could devise such an awful torture.
"Here's the game," Pat said, walking in front of the captive
blonde; "You walk around the pool. If you go too slow, we beat you.
You stop and I'm going to brand your tight ass with my family
initial. You better get started."
"Noooooo!" Janet cried, dropping her head as far as the loop of nylon
around her throat would permit. "No, Pat! Please fuck me!"
Pat slashed the belt across her heavy, hanging tits. Fire poured
through her tender flesh. Her nipples burned bright red in the center
of a stripe of angry white across her tits.
"Please, Pat!" she howled. More capsules exploded inside her, making
her jerk and tremble. "Piss on me! Please, I'll drink all of your
Pat whipped the studded belt around her right hip, letting the tip of
the belt sting her silky ass. Pain flared through the tortured
blonde's side and a half dozen of the capsules went off inside her
cunt. She screamed and stumbled to her feet.
"Shit on me, Pat! Please shit on me!" Tears were running freely down
her face now, and pussyjuice was rolling down her long, tapering
legs. "I'll even eat your shit, Pat! I'm your slave! I'm your sex-
toy! You own me, Pat! I belong to you!"
"I already know that," Pat said with a sneer. He turned to Vic. "Give
me the iron. I guess the worthless piece of shit isn't going to move."
Janet wailed and stumbled forward blindly. Her legs felt like rubber
from the ordeal she'd already gone through, her cunt and ass like raw
hamburger, and the exploding capsules in her pussy made her knees
buckle with pain and ecstasy. The fifty pounds across her shoulders
made her whole body burn with pain.
"Look at that ass shake now," one of the twins said. He hit Janet
across both bouncing asscheeks with the leather belt he held. "You've
finally got her moving that tight ass like she knows what to do with
Janet stumbled along, the five boys trailing behind her. They laughed
at her and called her filthy names. Every step she took set off more
capsules inside her cunt, and the peppers and itching powder were
building a fire in her pussy that was driving her mad. All she could
think about was a long, hard cock fucking the itching and burning
away. She shook her ass even more, hoping to entice one of the boys
into fucking her.
"You fucking whore!" Pat shouted, slapping her across the shoulders
with his studded belt. "You're getting real turned on by those little
pills, aren't you? You want a cock? Well, if you don't move your lazy
ass, I'm going to fuck you with that hot poker!"
The confused young blonde groaned with fear and wobbled forward
faster, terrified at the thought of the blistering-hot metal being
fucked inside her juicy pussy. Her shoulders were blazing with agony,
and her calves were beginning to burn with pain from the unnatural
way she was walking. A string of the capsules popped off inside her
and she whimpered her way through a hellish, burning orgasm, but
still she didn't falter.
"Our whore's sprung a leak," David said with a dirty laugh, nudging
Pat. "What the fuck could you do to this slut that she wouldn't get
off on?"
Janet moaned with shame, but there was no denying the thick flow of
her cuntjuice. The crotch of Brian's underwear was soaked with
pussyjuice. More flowed in sticky, transparent streaks down her legs.
Every step she took smeared the slippery cuntjuice over her inner
thighs. Pussyjuice dripped from the pooching crotch of Brian's
underwear to leave a wet trail behind her.
The degraded babysitter cringed at the thought of the boys seeing her
spilling pussyjuice all over herself. She contracted her cunt, trying
to hold the boiling fuck-juice inside, but that only set off another
string of Pat's capsules. A fresh wave of pussyjuice belched from her
cunt as another pain-filled orgasm tore through her body. It made a
wet, squishing noise as it showered down her satiny inner thighs, and
the boys laughed even more.

"She's having too much fun." Pat tried to sound angry but he could
barely keep from giggling with the others. "Twenty-five more on each
side. And we're going to do a trot around the pool."

"All right," David said as he strapped the extra weights on the
girl's shoulders.

Janet was certain she was going to fall, and she knew that once she
fell, she wouldn't be able to get up again. The hundred pounds
strapped on the barbell across her shoulders made her stumble from
side to side. The spasming of her cunt made her legs tremble beneath
her. And the spiked heels she wore made her calves burn and her feet
cramp and ache. She wobbled forward as quickly as she could, almost
falling with every step she took.
An instant later, a quartet of belts slashed across her flawless
flesh. Janet screamed and almost fell. Leather straps scored her lush
ass and long, tapering legs. It felt as though her ass and thighs
were being cooked, as though she were being burned alive. She ran

The young blonde was in the center of a universe of pain. The muscles
in her arms and shoulders and neck blazed with the pain of having to
hold up the weights. Her back and ass and legs were burning with the
constant beating of the four leather straps the boys were hitting her
with. The muscles in her feet and calves were knotted from trying to
balance her weight on the high heels. Her asshole ached with the
savage fucking it had taken. Her cunt was burning so terribly from
the peppers and the itching powder that all the pussyjuice it was
able to leak wasn't enough to put out the fire.
A string of the capsules popped off ins


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