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Collected by djian

Subject: Janet's Prom Part 1 (F,F, Humil)
Date: 22 Jul 1999 14:16:58 GMT
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Janet's Prom!!

Janet was at her prom. She was so excited because this was the night she had waited for her whole life. She was 17 and drop dead Gorgeous with her shoulder length blonde hair and trim, athletic body. Her date for the night was Brad.

He had been friends with Janet for a couple of years but their relationship became more romantic when he broke up with
Cindy. Cindy hated Janet for this and she vowed that if Janet went to prom with Brad, it would be the biggest mistake of her life.

Brad and Janet walked into the Prom and a silence fell over the room. They were PERFECT with their movie star good looks. Brad in his black tuxedo and Janet in her black dress which rode to well above her knees. The dress was made of a silky type material and was held up by two thin straps which laid across her tan shoulders. They were STUNNING together!!

Brad and Janet settled in to their seats and Brad got up to get some punch, this was Cindy’s opportunity to confront Janet. Cindy came up and whispered into Janet’s ear that she had given her a warning not to come to prom but Janet didn’t listen. She then said that her second warning was for Janet to go home BEFORE 10:00. If she didn’t, she would regret it for the rest of her life. Cindy then walked away and Janet thought to herself that she was a crazy bitch and had nothing to worry about. Cindy was smaller then Janet and she knew that if it got physical, she would have no problem taking Cindy out.

Janet and Brad danced and had a wonderful time. It was the most perfect night of Janet’s life. Janet kept an eye on the clock and she also kept an eye on Cindy who just sat at a table with a sneer on her face.

The clock was at 10:00 and Janet and Brad were dancing slowly to a Shania Twain LoveSong. Janet was careful to keep staring at Cindy who just pointed at her watch whenever she saw Janet look at her.

The song ended and it was 10:03 and Cindy was still sitting in her seat so Janet let out a sigh of relief. She hugged Brad and whispered that she loved him in his ear.

What Janet didn’t realize, as she was making sure that Cindy kept her distance from her, was that Cindy’s friend Sue was standing right behind Janet. With the quickness of a cat, Sue grabbed the 2 straps of Janet’s dress and slid them off of her shoulders. Gravity did the rest and in a split second, Janet’s dress was at her feet.

Janet felt the draft but she didn’t realize what had happened. Sue then put her shoulder into Janet’s lower back and knocked her off balance. Sue took this opportunity to grab Janet’s dress off the floor and RUN!!

This all happened so fast that Janet saw Sue run away but she didn’t know what the black rag was that was in Sue’s hand. Janet then saw shock on Brad’s face and she slowly glanced down and she couldn’t believe what she saw. She saw her pert young body on display for her whole class except for her white lacy strapless bra, white cotton panties and her nylons, she was NAKED!

“WHY,WHY,WHY??” is all that Janet kept saying as she made a beeline for the closest cover which was the ladies room. Luckily, no one was in the 1 stall bathroom so Janet locked the door.

Janet stayed in there crying. She could not believe her classmates,
friends, teachers and EVER Brad had seen her like that. Janet was always extremely shy and she had never been that far undressed in front of anyone!!

Janet paced the floor back and forth when she heard a knock on the door. Janet said Yes, hoping it was Brad or one of her friends but to her surprise, it was Cindy.

“Janet, let me in” Cindy snickered at the door. “HOW COULD YOU?? How could you humiliate me like that?” was Janet’s reply. “I warned you to leave. I gave you fair warning Jan and now I think you better let me in” Cindy said. FUCK YOU,
just leave me alone Cindy, you did enough”

“I am standing here holding your dress Janet and unless you want to walk out of there in just your bra and panties, you better let me in!!? Janet stood there and thought over her options and she didn’t have many. “Can I trust you to give me my dress back??” Janet asked and Cindy replied, “you have my word.”

Against Janet’s gut feeling, she unlocked the door and started to put her hand out to get the dress but Cindy was too quick and barged into the bathroom. Janet was startled but happy to see that Cindy was holding her dress and it was in 1 piece.

Cindy locked the door and just stared at Janet causing Janet to blush and become uncomfortable.

Janet said she let her in so she wanted her dress back. “Oh Janet, you will get your dress back, just be patient” was what Cindy said.

Janet backed away from Cindy and suddenly felt sick to her stomach. “You aren’t just going to hand me that dress, are you?” Janet asked. “Oh, I am going to hand you your dress in a minute” Cindy said.

THANK GOD, Janet mumbled under her breath. “But first, you have to give me something” Cindy spurted out.

“What, What, anything just give me my dress” cried Janet. “Well, I want...” Cindy said slowly, “every stitch of clothes that you have on now.” “I want you to hand over those nylons, that cupless thing that you call a bra and those panties.”

Janet was shocked, “Are you NUTS??” “Listen Cunt, if you hand over your underwear, I am sure that you will leave because this is a thin dress and short too. If you don’t have over your shit, I will tear this dress to shreds and you will walk out of here practically nude, and I can’t guarantee that one of my girls out there won’t yanked that bra off your back and tear those nylons and panties to shreds. Alot of people out there would sure like to know if you are a natural blonde and the would find out once and for all.”

Janet could not believe what she was hearing. Why was this happening to her??? This night was suppose to be memorable because it was her prom, not because she was going to be humiliated in front of everyone she knew.

Janet tried to think of what options she had. She snapped back to reality when she looked up and saw Cindy holding Janet’s dress, getting ready to tear it in half.

“Well Cunt, time is up, do I turn this dress into rags or do we have a deal?”

Janet thought and then Cindy began to pull the dress into two different directions, placing a big strain on the thin material.

“OKAY we have a deal” shouted Janet “just hand me my dress and...” “OH NO, you hand over your clothes, then you will get your dress” Cindy snapped “there is no compromise here Bitch, strip and you’ll get your dress back.

Janet hated the thought of having to trust this girl, but what choice did she have??

“Alright Cindy” Janet started to step into the stall to get privacy why she stripped but she was shocked to hear Cindy say,” Oh no CUNT, you strip out here or we have no deal.”

“Why are you doing this to me, I never did anything to you,” Janet cried. “Oh my nieve flat chested little bitch, you stole Brad and humiliated me by coming here with him, this is my payback” was Cindy’s reply.

Janet didn’t know what to say, she just wanted to get her dress back and go home. Cindy didn’t offer Janet much time to do anything as she began the motion of tearing the dress in half.

“Alright Cindy, I will do it but then I want you to leave Brad and me alone,” pleaded Janet. “You have my word,’ Cindy said.

Cindy flipped over a garbage can and sat down and Janet stood before her. Cindy’s face was lined up with Janet’s bellybutton. There was not much room between Cindy and the
wall so Janet was basically trapped.

Janet couldn’t believe this was happening but she slowly rolled her pantyhose off and stepped out of them. Cindy laughed because Janet was careful that her panties didn’t go
down with them, even though they would be coming off soon also.

Janet picked up the nylons and handed them to Cindy. Janet stood there hoping that Cindy would say that that was enough but that never happened.

Janet then reached behind her and unclasped her bra and slid it off, uncupping her soft young breasts. Janet tried to cover up quickly with her arm but she wasn’t quick enough and Cindy did see her nipples. Janet was even more embarrassed because she
felt her rock hard nipples pressed into her arms which she was using for coverage.

Cindy laughed and said, “Sure is cold in here, right Janet?’ Janet was mortified she said that because it meant that Cindy got more of an eyeful of her breasts then she wanted her too.

Janet tossed Cindy her bra and Cindy studied it, looking for the tag. “34A???
WOW, I sure hope those little guys are still growing for your sake. Guys like something to play with up top and it looks like Brad will be out of luck with you!!” Janet turned beat red with embarrassment. Janet’s eyes dropped to Cindy’s ample breasts,
wondering if her fear was true, that Brad liked bigger breasts like Cindy had.

Janet stood there and tried to delay the inevitable but she knew she had to do it. Still covering her breasts with her one arm, she reached down for the waistband on her white Hanes cotton bikini panties. She slid one side of her panties down her
hip, then reached for the other side to slide it down. This tug caused her Thick Triangle of hair to lose it’s covering.

“HOLY SHIT, your not a blonde, I thought you were,” Cindy spurted out. She was laughing so hard and pointing that Janet’s eyes teared up as she slid her last remaining piece of covering to the floor.

Janet left them on the floor and locked her hand over her darkened, curly hair which covered her womanhood.

Cindy picked the panties up off of the floor and studied them. They smelled fresh like Janet had just some kind of feminine spray down there and they were as clean as they were just taken out of the drawer. Cindy wondered to herself if Janet had just
bought these panties for this special night because they looked new.

Janet stood in front of Cindy, covering her nakedness. “Alright Bitch, you can have your dress back after one more thing happens...”

Janet knew what it was, she had to drop her hands and show Cindy her naked body. She began to drop her hands when the most unexpected thing happened, Cindy rammed her shoulder into Janet’s midsection, sending her to the floor, pinning her against
the floor and the wall. Cindy was laying sideways across Janet’s stomach and Janet could not move.

Janet started to shout out, “What the Fu...” when Cindy blurted out, “The last thing is I must shear you!!!”

Janet thought she heard the word shear and everything happened so fast that she didn’t understand. Janet started to question what Cindy meant but before she could get it out, Cindy reached into her purse and pulled out an electric trimmer.

Cindy flipped the switch and before Janet knew it, she could feel a
vibration as the teeth of the buzzer zipped through the center of her bush.

Janet squirmed but she couldn’t move, all she could do was lay there as Cindy ran the buzzer through Janet’s thick forest. Cindy laughed as she buzzed away at Janet’s covering.

Cindy carved away at Janet’s upper bush until it was totally gone and all that remained was a light layer of stubble that the teeth couldn’t catch. Cindy then forced Janet’s legs open by sinking her finger nails into Janet’s sensitive inner thighs. Cindy
began buzzing away at the hair that laid between Janet’s legs. With every swipe of the clippers, more and more of Janet’s virgin vagina came into view.

Cindy was careful to glide her finger over Janet’s bare pussy and even pinched and squeezed her clit which was not erect and very visible without it’s covering which kept it hidden for the last 4 years. Janet laid there crying as Cindy finished her mission. Janet snapped out of shock as she heard the buzzer shut off and Cindy got off of Janet and looked down and admired her work.

Janet laid on the floor crying, she could not believe the humiliation that she was just put through. Cindy looked down at Janet on the floor and just laughed. Janet’s nipples were still erect and pointed straight at the ceiling but now her pussy lips were clearly visible and encouraged with blood from Janet’s humiliation so now they protruded out a great deal.
If Janet still had her fur, she would at least have been covered but now that she was bushless, Cindy was able to see every nook and cranny of Janet’s most private area.

Cindy took pride in her work, she didn’t even nick Janet and that was very impressive with the thick pelt that Janet had and how much cutting Cindy had to do to remove it.

“Here is your dress BALDY, now put it on and get the fuck out of here,” ordered Cindy, “don’t say goodbye to anyone, just leave, understand??”

Janet rose to her feet and slid her dress on and shook her head yes. Janet was so happy to have her dress back on, she just wanted to get home and get this night over with.

Janet ran to the door and unlocked it and ran out. She started to run towards the exit when she was abruptly stopped by Brad grabbing her arm.

“Oh, there you are Sweetie,” Brad said lovingly,”I am glad that Cindy found you.” Janet was puzzled. “That was so nice of Cindy to pick up your dress and bring it to you. That
was horrible how your dress just fell off like that,” Brad said

Janet could not believe what she was hearing. Cindy looked like a hero in Brad’s eyes after what she did. Unfucking REAL!!

Janet was confused but she just wanted out, she HAD to leave. Brad started to say okay, we can go when the announcement came over the speaker system. “The winner of King and Queen of the Prom is Brad Reynolds and Janet Helmond.”

Brad screamed YES and Janet yelled, “NO, NO WAY, we gotta go.” Before Janet could turn to leave, Brad grabbed her arm and headed towards the stage. Brad was too strong
and Janet had to go along with him, even though it was against her will. Brad loved being the center of attention and there was no way he was going to let this opportunity pass.

Janet and Brad took center stage and Janet was shaking like a leaf. She surveyed the room and she saw Sue and Cindy in the back of the room laughing and drinking punch.
This made her feel a little safer because she had enough distance from those two evil girls.

Janet let out a sigh of relief, maybe it was over, Cindy probably was happy with the humiliation she had put Janet through.

Janet hugged Brad and they began their royal dance. Janet kept her eyes on Cindy and Sue but they didn’t even look at her, their attention was on on the 2 football studs which they had just met. Janet, for the first time since she lost her dress, felt safe.

She danced with Brad and the nightmare that happened earlier was now a distant memory.
The dance ended and Janet glanced over and Sue and Cindy were in deep conversation with the hunks.

Brad and Janet walked back on the stage to address their kingdom. Brad said,”As your king, I will make beer run out of all the water fountains in the school.” The crowd erupted into cheer and Brad leaped off the stage, into his buddies arms.

Janet walked up the mike and started her speech, “As your Queen...” suddenly a shout came from the back of the room, it was Cindy. “Hey Queen, do you want your ROYAL BUSH back??”

All eyes in the room turned around and stared at Cindy who was holding up a ziploc bag which was full of brown curly short hairs.

Janet’s jaw dropped. “In my hands class is the brunette bush of our bottled blonde queen, I know it came from her because I just shaved it off with my own two hands” Cindy yelled for all to hear.

Janet felt safe in her distance from Cindy so she shouted out, “she is a lying bitch. Don’t listen to her.”

Cindy laughed and said,”Do you want me to prove this is your bush, Badly??”

Janet started to say fuck off when she felt 2 hands reach into the back of her dress. Before Janet could do anything, she heard Sue’s voice behind her yell out, it is SHOWTIME!! Then Janet felt the hands start pulling the dress in a downward motion.

Janet heard the terrible sound of fabric ripping and in slow motion, she looked down and saw her dress being torn away from her young, tan body. The top of her breasts because visible, her aerolas, then softened nipples(thank God for that), then ribs,
flat stomach and belly button, stubble from her forced shaving, vagina lips and then she was naked. Her freshly shaved area stood out ALOT because she had tanned at the tanning spa so
she was very tan everywhere except from where her bush WAS!!

Janet was in such shock that she didn’t move at first. The sound of laughter and lightbulbs from all the cameras in the room brought her back to reality. She started to look down and was mortified to see the video cameraman that was hired to videotape the prom had his camera focused in on her naked form.

Janet came back to her senses and she went to cover up. She was going to curl into a ball and cover with her hands but Sue was too quick and she grabbed Janet’s wrists and put them behind her back. She then stuck her knee just about Janet’s butt so that she would jut out her tits and even her pussy stuck out for all to see.

Sues Dad was a police officer so Sue had handcuffs handy and she cuffed them on to Janet’s thin wrists. Janet squirmed back and forth but this just made the crowd going more nuts because it caused her boobies to shake up and down. Brad was so
embarrassed at what was happening to his date that he started to act cool and tease Janet along with his buddies.

This went on for a couple of minutes and Janet tried to break free but she couldn’t because Sue was too strong. Finally during one of her struggles, Sue let go of Janet and that was bad news for Janet. This sent her cartwheeling, off the stage, sending her spread eagle unto the floor, right by the cameraman. He zoomed in on her wide open pussy and he was able to get a nice close up shot of a young virgins pink opening. The crowd all gathered around and got a good view of her open vagina too.

Janet struggled to get to her feet. She had trouble because her hands were cuffed behind her back. She got to her feet and ran but up ahead was Sue. “Please, just uncuff me and let me go,” Janet pleaded. Sue had a big cup of ice water in her hands but
instead of drinking it, she slowly poured it down Janet’s neck and it ran over Janet’s breast and PING PING, Janet’s nipples became amazingly erect. The guys in the room went even
MORE NUTS because they had never seen nipples so erect on a woman like that.

Sue just laughed and grabbed Janet by the nipples and pulled her towards Cindy who was waiting by the door. Janet was crying from the humiliation and pain of having her nipples stretched a good 2 inches away from her body.

When Sue and Janet go by Cindy, Sue let go and Janet just stood before Cindy.

“I warned you to leave you stupid Cunt and you didn’t!!” Cindy Yelled, “I am now warning you to leave school and never come back or I will do this again but even WORSE, understand??”

Janet nodded yes and Cindy moved out of the way so that Janet could leave. As Janet ran by Cindy, Cindy swatted out and gave Janet’s soft bare backside a hard slap, leaving a redmark that everyone could see. That was a fitting end to this night that
no one would
EVER FORGET!!!!!!!!!

THE END!!!!!!

......Djian tsk tsk

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