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Abby's Profesion (60kb)
M+/f, nc, humil, BDsm, slavery

Blackmailed by a Teenager (32kb)
MF+/f, nc, D/s, blackml, drug, exhib, slavery

Boss's Revenge (24kb)
M/f, rape, oral, anal

Leah Pays Her Debts (54kb)
M/f, reluc, humil, BDsm, beast

New Boss (40kb)
M+/f, rape, bnd, blackml


update july 7. 2008

LeAnn watched the entire tape in horror. There she was, mother of three, fucking and sucking the strange men, some boys. LeAnn counted herself having several orgasms.
At one point she was sucking one cock, being fucked in her cunt by another while two men sucked her tits and she jacked them off. At that point LeAnn shut the VCR off and torn open the envelope