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F/F, f/f, f/F, ff/F, Humil. Reluctant

Jane Parks stories

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Choir Director

Jane Parks

F/F, f/f, f/F, ff/F, Humil. Reluctant

My good girls know who they are. This is for
all of them.

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction.
None of the characters or events herein are
based on real people, either living or dead.
It was produced for the entertainment of
ADULTS ONLY, and contains descriptions of
explicit sex. If you are not an adult, or if
reading stories of a sexual nature upsets you,
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As she drove home from the big city and her
interlude with Rev. Stokes, Angela was treated
to a continuous stream of whimpers and squeals
coming from the back seat. As a reward for
her unrestrained assistance in playing with
Mandy and humiliating her while they had been
the guests of Rev. Stokes, Angela had allowed
Lisa to capture her subby schoolteacher in the
back of the big sedan and to use and abuse her
in any way she chose. Lisa was more than
happy to take advantage of Angela's generosity
by compelling Mandy to employ her soft hands
and warm, wet tongue to stimulate her
sensitive places: her breasts, her underarms,
her knee hollows, the soles of her feet, her
vulva. For her part, Mandy was doing her
level best to live in the moment:
concentrating totally on obeying her
overpowering student's wanton demands and
leaving tomorrow's humiliations and
degradations to tomorrow. She knew deep down
in her soul that sooner or later, her forced
lewd intimacy with one of her students was
surely going to ruin her, both professionally
and personally. But Angela, her owner, had
made it crystal clear that she must obey
Lisa's lurid instructions. So Mandy obeyed.

When Lisa finally got tired of being stroked
and serviced orally by her teacher, she pushed
Mandy's head away from her sex and sat up in
her seat. Mandy had not been allowed to put
on her slutty short shorts or crop top, so she
remained totally naked stretched across the
back seat of the big sedan. That meant that
her body was completely available to Lisa, who
began tormenting her: teasing, groping,
pinching, squeezing, fondling. That she
continued to do until her teacher was once
more a wriggling mass of unrequited sexual
heat. Lisa knew how much Angela liked hearing
Mandy vent her burning sexual need and
frustration. So, by the time they reached
Lisa's house, Mandy was entertaining both her
owner and her student with an almost non-stop
litany that involved begging to be permitted
to salve her burning genital itch. Of course,
Lisa and Angela had no intention whatsoever of
honoring Mandy's pitiful pleas for release.
They were having too much fun humiliating and
tormenting her for that. Just too much fun.

It was dark on the little country lane where
Lisa lived, so Angela and Lisa decided they
would just spirit Mandy into Lisa's house
still naked. Mandy didn't want to get out of
Angela's car stark naked out in a public lane,
but a few stinging slaps from her owner
convinced her otherwise. Angela did allow
Mandy to cover herself as best she could by
draping a blanket that she kept in the car
over her shoulders. But the blanket wasn't
very big, and so it uncovered more than it
covered up, to Lisa's diabolical delight

To say that Lisa's mother Tracey was surprised
when she opened her front door to find two
adult women with her daughter, one of them
practically naked, was an understatement of
the first order. Lisa brazenly pushed her
mother aside and strode purposefully into her
living room with Mandy in tow and Angela
happily bringing up the rear.

Tracey stared at Lisa, her mouth wide open in

"Lisa, What's going on. Who are these women."

Lisa stepped up boldly right in front of her
mother and, without a single word of
explanation, backhanded her hard across the

Tracey cried out in pain and surprise and
leapt back.

Lisa had fire in her eyes.

"Shut up, Mommy dear, and I'll tell you who
they are."

Tracey lowered her head. She knew that should
have waited for Lisa to explain. She knew
that she had done wrong. She had made her
daughter angry again, and she knew that sooner
or later she would pay dearly for doing that.
The knowledge that her daughter would soon be
punishing her for her transgression made
Tracey's nether lips sparkle with sex dew.

Lisa looked over to where Angela and Mandy
were standing and watching her. Slowly,
deliberately, she extended her hand and began
unbuttoning her mother's blouse.

Tracey tried to move away, but her daughter
glared at her, forcing her to stand still.

"Please, Lisa. Please. Not now. Not in
front of them. Please. You're embarrassing

Lisa continued unbuttoning her mother's blouse
in total unconcern.

"Shut up, Mommy, I said. Angela knows all
about you and how you belong to me. I already
told her. So just stand there and prove what
a good little Mommy slut you are."

Tracy began to cry silently, but she didn't
move any more. Angela smirked when she saw
that Tracey was doing absolutely nothing to
stop her daughter from carrying on. Mandy
just stared like an automaton. She was
forcing herself to remember that her place was
to live in the moment. As long as Angela
continued to tell her exactly what she was
supposed to do, Mandy knew that she would be
all right. And if Angela humiliated her or
degraded her, that was all right too. After
all, she now belonged to Angela. Didn't she?

Lisa's free hand shifted till it pointed
directly toward Angela.

"That's Angela, Mommy dear. She directs the
choir over at the church. You've seen her
there on Sundays recently."

Lisa shifted a little further.

"And that almost naked little slut face over
there is Ms. Mandy Beale. She's one of my
teachers from school. You know. The one I
told you about. The one who was always
looking at me as if she really wanted to eat
me out in the worst way. Well, Mommy, tonight
I let her have her wish. Isn't she cute?"

Tracey was virtually dumbstruck. It was true
that she had been her daughter's sexual thrall
for more than a year now. She was the
irrevocable prisoner of her sick craving to be
carnally dominated by her daughter. In
furtherance of that craving, she had committed
all sorts of sick, humiliating, degrading acts
to satisfy Lisa's almost insatiable will to
dominate. She had even been degraded to the
point of being forced to pay oral homage to
Lisa's newest conquest, a little classmate
named Tori. But that. That was something
entirely new and different. Here was one of
Lisa's teachers from school actually standing
almost completely naked right here in her
living room. And there beside her was Angela,
the new choir director from her church. And
it was perfectly clear from the way Mandy's
eyes continued to dart over to Angela and back
that Lisa's teacher belonged to Angela in much
the same way that Tracey herself belonged to
her daughter Lisa.

By now, Lisa had completely unbuttoned her
mother's blouse and was possessively fondling
her pendent breasts. Tracey was so astonished
by the scene playing itself out in her living
room that she almost didn't even feel Lisa's
exploring hand. Almost. What she did feel
was a growing fretfulness. Where were Lisa
and Angela going to go with their kinky little
scenario? How would they involve her? Would
it make her pussy wet and tingly? Would they
allow her to cum?

Lisa watched her mother's face for signs of
incipient rebellion. At the merest hint of
recalcitrance on Tracey's part, Lisa was more
than ready to slap obedience back into her
mother. And as she continued to fondle and
explore, she saw that Tracey was still enough
her own person to balk at some of the things
she and Angela chose to do. Lisa decided to
try rewarding her mother's obedient demeanor
in a manner she knew Tracey liked very much.
Lisa removed her taunting hand from her
mother's blouse, lifted her own short skirt
till the hem was bunched about her waist, and
stood there waiting for Tracey to do what was
expected of her. Seeing what Lisa had done,
Tracey immediately fell to the floor before
her and began snuffling around her pantied
crotch. She could smell her daughter's heady
sex smell, and it drove her wild, just as much
as it had that very first day when Lisa
seduced her. For Tracey, her daughter had the
most compelling sex scent of any woman she had
ever known. Tracey lost track of everything
around her save for her need to lick and sniff
her daughter through her panties.

As Tracey contentedly snuzzled her daughter's
panty-clad sex, Angela stood right next to
Mandy and began possessively fondling her body
where the blanket failed to cover her up.
Soon, Mandy was so hungry for what she craved
that she nearly collapsed onto the floor. By
that time, both Tracey and Mandy were singing
a descant of perverse sex hunger: just like
two frantic pussycats in heat. Angela and
Lisa smiled at each other. That was shaping
up into a grand evening.

Then, all of a sudden, as if shocked, Tracey
tried to pull away from her wanton task. Lisa
put her hand on her mother's head, but Tracey
scrambled to her feet.

"No, Lisa. No more. I've done everything you
said, but that is just too much. I'm your
mother, Lisa. You can't treat me this way."

Lisa jumped up and slapped her mother several
times across her face to try to instill
obedience into her. Tracey let out a cry of
pain and tried to run down the hall to her
bedroom to get away from her daughter's
stinging blows. Lisa called for Angela to
help her and the older, stronger woman
instantly grabbed Tracey by the shoulders and
held her fast. Without a word, Lisa ran down
the hall and returned in seconds with a couple
of pills she had been saving for just such a
situation. Between them, Lisa and Angela
pried Tracey's jaws open and made her swallow
the soporific pills. Within a minute or two,
Tracey was almost comatose, all fight taken
out of her. Lisa and Angela led the stumbling
woman to her bedroom and placed her on her

As she lay there on her bed, Tracey let
drunken syllables follow each other out of her
mouth with no meaning attached as she
completely gave in to the effects of the

Lisa smiled and allowed her fingers to trace a
lewd pattern across her mother's open blouse,
pressing ever so gently against Tracey's pert
breasts. Her mother gurgled happily as her
consciousness faded. Lisa then brazenly
allowed her hungry fingers free reign over
Tracey's breasts. She was just so excited to
be feeling her mother up. And Tracey rewarded
her erotic efforts with more sighs and happy
little squeals of pleasure.

"Mommy, you look really tired. Why don't you
sleep for a while?"

Tracey shook her head as if trying to clear it
of cobwebs.

"Not sleeeepy."

Lisa just smiled.

As Angela and Mandy looked on, Lisa began by
removing Tracey's sandals from her feet. Then
she rooked up the skirt of her sleeping mother
and slid the knee-highs off Tracey's calves.
Lisa shivered in salacious anticipation as her
hands caressed her mother's smooth, slender
legs. There was going to be such a good
evening after all. At least the first part.

Next, Lisa managed by main force and with
Angela's assistance, to roll Tracey over onto
her back. Her mother's shallow breathing
assured Lisa that Tracey was definitely deep
asleep. Lisa wasted no time unsnapping her
Mother's skirt. Then she peeled the filmy
blouse off Tracey's slack body with a little
assist from Angela, who fell to her work
willingly. Tracey sat still and raised her
arms up to help. It was just as if Tracey
were a drowsy child helping her mother undress
her. Tracey was wearing a sports bra under
the blouse, and it was no trick at all for
Lisa to take it off her.

At that point, Lisa just had to stop and
admire her mother's small but firm breasts.
They were milk white, with little pink nubs of
nipples and almost no areolas at all. In a
flash of need-driven inspiration, Lisa bent
over her sleeping mother and began softly
suckling her erect nipples. Lisa just could
not resist sucking on Tracey's yummy tit

As Lisa continued to suck her mother's breast
flesh softly into her warm, wet mouth, Tracey
let a small moan of pleasure escape her lips.
That made Mandy smile. But Angela, standing
there beside the bed, grew impatient to get on
with the torment of Tracey and her sharp
admonition concerning time invaded Lisa's
sweet thoughts and the young girl redoubled
her efforts to prepare her mother for what lay

Quickly now, Lisa pulled Tracey's skirt down
her slender, shapely legs and let it drop to
the floor. Then, she plucked at Tracey's
sheer panty waistband and drew the tight silk
briefs over her slim hips and down her smooth
thighs to her knees, then completely off her

Then Lisa raised herself up off the bed and
beheld her mother, lying there naked,
defenseless, and vulnerable to whatever
Angela's nefarious whims and diabolical
wickedness decreed would befall her. And Lisa
knew deep in her soul that she herself was the
one who had betrayed her mother into Angela's
hands. And after acknowledging her betrayal
of her mother, Lisa grinned all over her face.
Being Judas wasn't so bad after all.

The teen girl again looked at her watch. Five
minutes remaining of the time Angela had
allotted her to prepare her mother. If she
hurried, there was still a little time to
indulge herself and her own hot desires before
turning her mother over to Angela. Lisa
tentatively placed her long index finger on
the very top of the drowsing Tracey's exposed
vulval cleft and began to rub softly. As she
did so, Lisa looked up questioningly at
Angela, who smiled down approvingly. Events
could wait for a little bit more. Even though
drugged, Tracey still sensed enough of what
Lisa was doing to her to open her thighs
instinctively, thereby communicating her
desire for even more. Lisa smiled, then began
sliding her fingertip slowly up and down her
mother's mossy cleft. Tracey moaned softly
and stretched her long, slender legs in a
catlike expression of contentment.

"Enjoy it while you can, Mommy," Mandy
whispered, well aware that this was probably
the last time her mother would ever again
enjoy sexual feelings unfettered either by
pain, guilt, or humiliation. Such was
Tracey's new lot in life and Lisa really did
not much mind sharing her with Angela. Not if
it meant that she could have even a little
taste of Angela to enjoy as a reward for her

As for Tracey, she was beginning to come alive
to Mandy's lewd ministrations. Her labia were
becoming dew glistened and just a little
puffy. But Lisa's time alone with her mother
was now growing very short. The suddenly
anxious teen girl removed her mucus-coated
fingertip from her mother's slit, brought it
to her mouth, and quickly sucked off all the
salt-sweet tasting love fluid.

Tracey tasted just great, exactly like Lisa
already knew that she would. And maybe, just
maybe, Angela would let her have some more,
later. But for now she must move on, and
there was not much time remaining.

Lisa quickly took off her own clothes so that
she would comply with Angela's instructions.
Once she was completely undressed, Lisa stood
up and made the gesture of offering her
mother, all ready and vulnerable to Angela.
In response, Angela made the same gesture to
her, offering her Mandy in exchange. Without
saying a word, Lisa reached out and viciously
tweaked one of Mandy's erect nipples. And for
her efforts, Lisa received the satisfaction of
hearing Mandy squeal shrilly. That made the
teen girl laugh out loud. Mandy was ever so
much fun to abuse.

Lisa, Angela, and Mandy all stared down at the
sleeping naked Tracey. She lay wantonly
stretched out across her bed. Her slender
arms extended high above her head so that her
armpits were exposed and her pert breasts were
fully extended: the nubbin nipples erect and
glistening from Lisa's suckling. Lisa
unconsciously licked her lips in anticipation
as she inspected her mother's long, slim legs,
which lay open to invitingly reveal her dew
moistened vulva to her daughter's lewd gaze.

Seeing her mother so vulnerably displayed
drove the sex hungry teen to want to take her
right that very minute. But Angela had other
ideas. As Lisa moved purposively toward the
big bed, Angela, who stood beside the bed,
reached around her and placed her groping hand
on one of Lisa's pert breasts.

"Hold on, sweetie. Let me get her all ready
for you, first. Wouldn't you rather take her
when she is conscious and knows exactly what
you're doing to her but still can't say 'no'."

Lisa paused.

Angela leaned against the young girl and
whispered seductively in her ear.

"It's so much more fun when they really don't
want to do it but they have to do it, anyway.
You already know that. Don't you, sweetie."

Lisa nodded her head in agreement.

Angela purred into Lisa's ear as her hand slid
slowly along her naked hip.

"I'll even make your Mommy beg you to fuck her
with that nice strap on I have out in my car,
and I'll make her beg you to do anything else
you want to her for that matter. When I get
through with her tonight, from now on, she
will belong to you completely. I promise.
That is, unless I want her for myself from
time to time. You don't mind if I have your
Mommykins all to myself to play with
occasionally. Do you, baby."

Lisa's little slit gave a spasm of excitement.

"OK, Angela. I'll wait. And no, I don't mind
if you have her to play with occasionally,
just as long as I get to watch some times."

Angela licked around the inside of the girl's

"That's a good, kinky slut. Now go get that
video cam you told me about, so we can record
the sweet little love scene that I'm going to
direct for us all."

Lisa immediately went into her room and
retrieved her video cam.

When she was all set, Angela went over to
Mandy. The choir director stood right next to
the younger woman and ran her hands
possessively over the teacher's naked flesh.
Almost immediately Mandy began to pant and
whimper in frustrated sexual need as Angela
began tweaking her stiff nipples and plucking
at her sex with her impish fingers until the
younger woman itched and burned with desire.

"Is my Mandypoo getting horny? Does Mandy
baby girl want to play nasty little sick games
with her nice, new, sexy little buddy Tracey?"

Mandy looked longing at the naked body of Lisa
lying so open and vulnerable across her bed.

"Yeeeeesss, Angela. I want to play with

"Lisa, are you ready to record our little love

Lisa nodded her ascent and pointed the video
cam at her naked mother.

"OK then. We're all set," Angela giggled.

"Now Mandy. I think you should begin by
giving our dear Tracey over there one of your
special footbaths. Like the one you gave me
the other night. It'll sort of get your
tongue all ready for things I'll tell you to
do with it later on."

Mandy immediately fell to her knees and began
laving her long, wet tongue over Tracey's
extended foot. Unbidden, the submissive
teacher began sucking on Tracey's toes,
drawing them into her mouth one at a time
until they all glistened with her saliva.
Tracey cooed happily in her sleep and extended
her foot so that her dream lover could get
even more of it into her mouth. Mandy
tranquilly sucked and licked away for a few
more minutes until Angela gave her next order.

"Now the other food, Mandy tongue."

Mandy did as she was told.

As the younger woman bent to her submissive
tongue washing duties, Angela slowly moved
toward Lisa. She just could not watch such a
lascivious scene without putting their hands
on the naked teen girls' hot young body. As
they concentrated on watching Mandy lick and
suck on Tracey's feet, Angela used their
exploring hands to probe, stroke, and pinch.

Distracted by their own love play, Angela and
Lisa did not immediately notice that Mandy's
tongue washing was having a decidedly erotic
effect upon Tracey. Tracey began
unconsciously to stretch and move her body so
that ever more of her feet and lower legs
would be accessible to Mandy's wet tongue.
Her little sighs and whimpers were music to
Mandy's ears. She was most certainly turning
this sleeping woman on, just as Angela had
admonished her to do. And, in so doing, Mandy
was turning herself on as well.

Finally recognizing Tracey's expressions of
nascent lust for what they were, Angela pulled
away from Lisa's fervent kiss long enough to
give her subby teacher her next command.

"Mandypoo. I want you to lick along Tracey's
leggy calves all the way up to her knees. And
don't you dare forget about licking and
smooching around on the backs of her knees,
baby girl. You know how much women really
like being licked on the backs of their knees.
Don't they, Lisa"

Lisa looked over dreamily at her girl lover.

"Yes, Angela. We really do."

Mandy did not waste a second in following
Angela's order. Her long, pink tongue snaked
out along her mother's smooth naked calf and
slowly licked along it all the way from the
slender ankle to the hollow of the knee. Ever
so slowly the subby teacher licked back and
forth along the back of the slender calf.
Then all along Tracey's knee hollow.

As Mandy continued her lustful licking and
snuffling, Tracey began to breath heavily and
whimper with growing need. Mandy's efforts
were clearly having their desired effect.
Angela wanted Tracey to be way turned on, but
in no way satisfied. Not yet, at least. And
Mandy was accomplishing that magnificently.

"Now the other leggypoo, Mandy."

Mandy immediately switched to Tracey's other
calf and continued to lick and slurp at her
smooth leg flesh.

For her part, Lisa was now happily recording
all of Mandy's moves and her mother's reaction
to them on the video cam. As she continued to
record the erotic love scene, her vulva
twitched. A broad smirk covered her face as
she observed the lewd goings on through the
eyepiece. She was actually getting to watch
while her own naked mother was being sexed up
by another naked grown woman. She could not
wait to see the look on her mom's face when
she made her watch the videotape documenting
her sensual humiliation. And then, she would
get to fuck her brains out with Angela's strap
on. Angela had said so.

Mandy was finding it increasingly difficult to
keep her tongue on Tracey's legs because
Tracey began scissoring her thighs against
each other in an unconscious attempt to turn
herself on even more. When Angela saw what
Tracey was doing, she decided to move on to
the next phase of her evil scheme.

"Mandypoo. I want you to stop licking
Tracey's leggypoos, and begin sucking on those
nice yummy tits of hers. I bet that will get
her puss puss to dripping like a faucet for
you. Now get on the bed with her and rub that
sexy teacher slut body of yours up against her
while you suck on her tits. We really want to
see you put on a super slutty show for us."

Lisa chimed in her agreement.

Mandy did not have to be told twice. She got
up from the floor and slid her fleshy body
next to Tracey's more slender frame and began
suckling her turgid nipples. Tracey
immediately began to whimper, and wriggle, and
make little sex noises deep in her throat.
The sleeping woman stretched her arms way
above her head so Mandy could have full access
to her breasts. Mandy took advantage by
sucking ever more of Tracey's small breast
flesh into her sex hungry mouth. Once she had
her mouth completely full, the teacher pulled
her head up away from Tracey's chest. That
forced Tracey's breast to pull away from her
body, causing the woman to whimper even louder
as her sensual needs began to burn.

Kathy, seeing how Tracey was reacting to
Mandy's lewd ministrations, began to giggle.

"Wow, Mommy really likes having her tits
sucked. I wonder if she will like sucking on
my tits as much later on."

Clearly, the sleeping Tracey was turning on
more and more to Mandy's laving tongue and
sucking lips. Her torso moved from side to
side in a languid rhythm of lust. Her mouth
opened hungrily as if to invite a deep soul

"OK, Mandy. Now get after those sweet pits of
hers, since she has her arms raised so high
for you. You know that you've been just dying
to taste your new little buddy's pit sweat."

Mandy stuck her tongue out as far as it would
go and began running the very tip all around
Tracey's armpit. Tracey cooed happily and
slowly brought her arm down, tenderly trapping
Mandy's face against her side. The subby
teacher just kept on licking away, content to
be loving up on Tracey's tasty pits.

When Angela figured that Mandy had had enough
pit taste, she gave the next command.

"Mandypoo. See how Tracey's mouth is so open
and inviting, dear. I just bet what she wants
is some nice Mandy slobber. Why don't you put
that nasty tongue of yours way in her mouth
and let your Mandy slut saliva slide down into
it. Then let's see what she does."

Mandy pulled her head away from Tracey's
cradling arm, stuck her tongue deep in the
sleeping woman's open mouth and allowed a
gobbet of her spit to slide slowly between her
lips. Upon tasting Mandy's saliva, Tracey
immediately clamped her own lips around the
teacher's outthrust tongue and began languidly
sucking away on it. Angela laughed quietly
and Lisa giggled. Lisa's mom was proving to
be just as much of a horn dog as they had
hoped she would be.

Tracey continued voraciously to suck on
Mandy's outthrust tongue and Mandy continued
to feed her with little drops of woman spit.
Angela hoped that Lisa was getting all that on
tape. It was going to be such fun making
Tracey watch herself being so slutty.

After a while, Angela decided to move on.

"Lisa, honey. Please go get me a little bowl
of warm water. I want to show you a funny

Lisa reluctantly left off recording her
mother's love scene and went to do as she was
bidden. The young girl was soon back with a
little white cereal bowl filled with warm
water. Angela took it from her outstretched
hand and approached the bed.

"Mandy, dear. Since you have been so gracious
as to give your nasty little girlfriend here
some of your own precious bodily fluids, I
think that it's only fair for Tracey to return
the favor. So I want you to get those sexy
lips of yours right down here between her
leggypoos while I induce our sleeping mommy
here to produce a nice little hot water
fountain just for you."

As she talked, Angela tenderly stroked her
slender forefinger along Tracey's dew-spangled
slit. The sleeping woman cooed and whimpered
as she reacted to the choir director's
impudent caress. Angela just smiled and
continued her happy finger diddling of
Tracey's pussy. When Tracey's labia had been
stimulated enough to open of their own accord,
Angela knew that Tracey was set for the next
step in her plan.

As for Mandy, she was more than a little
unsure of where all that was going, but she
was very sure that she must follow Angela's
instructions to the letter. So she slid
slowly and sensuously down Tracey's naked body
and placed her face carefully between Tracey's
splayed thighs. Her cheek rested on her soft
inner thigh and her lips were pressed tightly
against Tracey's moist sex. She could feel
the back of Angela's finger slide across the
parted coral lips and she could see close up
the sensual effect Angela's petting was having
on Lisa's slumbering mother. Mandy was more
than content to lie there and watch Tracey
being felt up by Angela for as long as her
mistress cared to indulge herself. She only
wished that it were her own pussy that Angela
was petting so sweetly instead of Tracey's.

After a time, the choir director turned her
finger around and placed the moist tip right
up against Mandy's nose.

"Do you smell your little friend's pussy on my
finger, Baby girl."?

Mandy inhaled deeply of Tracey's musky scent.

"Yes, Angela. I smell her."

"Does she smell good, Baby girl."

"Yesss, Angela."

"Then why don't you be a good little girl slut
and lick her stickypoo off my finger for me.
You know you want to."

Mandy most certainly did want to taste
Tracey's lust mucus, and she happily licked
and sucked on Angela's fingertip until all of
Tracey's accumulated secretion was gone.

As soon as the teacher had cleansed Angela's
finger satisfactorily and she saw that Mandy's
face was just where she wanted it, the choir
director placed the bowl of warm water on the
bed right next to Tracey's naked body. Then
she took one of Tracey's limp hands and held
it over the bowl so that the very tips of
Tracey's fingers rested in the warm water.

"Get ready, Mandy. She's about to spray."

Tracey moaned hedonistically and then almost
immediately thereafter released her bladder,
just as Angela had known she would. A jet of
hot, golden Tracey pee gushed right into
Mandy's waiting mouth; splashing off her
palette and running down her throat. And the
teacher slut responded by happily gulping it
all right down, also just as Angela had known
she would.

Angela smiled to herself as her teacher toy
joyously slurped and gulped. Mandy was by now
just so predictable, and Angela knew full well
just how very much her subby teacher would
adore drinking woman pee. Doing so seemed to
confirm in Mandy's mind her subservient status
to the woman in her life, and that
confirmation brought her a profound peace.

Even with Lisa's enthusiastic help, Angela
just could not seem to keep Mandy satisfied
any longer. The submissive teacher always
made it evident by her actions and her pleas
that she wanted even more. With Tracey to help
now, and maybe Lisa as well, perhaps that
would be enough, at least for a while. Even
so, Angela could foresee a time when she might
have to enlist the help of some of the other
girls in Mandy's class. Well, if that was
what it took to keep her pet happy, then
Angela would just have to oblige.

Tracey's descant of happy little whimpers
brought Angela back to the here and now.

"Pull your head back a little, Mandypoo, so
Lisa can get a nice tight shot for posterity
of her mom peeing right into that slutty
teacher mouth of yours."

Mandy slowly backed her face away from
Tracey's sex just a little and Lisa leaned the
video cam way in so that she would not miss
any of the action.

The pungent golden stream arched out of
Tracey's unconscious body and directly into
Mandy's thirsty and waiting mouth. Lisa
smiled happily as she watched through her
viewfinder as her mom's piss squirted between
Mandy's wide open lips. What a trip watching
her mom peeing, and especially into another
woman's willing mouth. What a great tape that
was going to be. And what a great time she
was going to have making her mother watch it
with her later.

After getting a good close-up shot, Lisa
pulled back and focused on her mother's
sleeping face. Her visage glowed with
peaceful contentment as she continued to pee
and pee. It was so obvious that the
slumbering woman was really enjoying what she
was doing.

Angela leaned far over Tracey's recumbent lap
and watched contentedly as the golden fountain
flowed on into Mandy's mouth.

"Now isn't that a fair trade, Mandy baby girl.
Your nasty old spittypoo for Tracey's nice hot
pissypoo," Angela giggled as she reached over
and viciously pinched one of Mandy's taut

"Unnnnnn huhhhhh," Mandy replied, not willing
to form her lips into words for fear of
spilling some of her sleeping mother's savory

But Angela wanted a real answer from her
subby, not a series of grunts. So the choir
director twisted the turgid nipple until Mandy
squealed. Then Angela viciously yanked up on
the teacher's tormented breast until Mandy
almost had to raise up off the bed to keep the
pain from overwhelming her. Even so, her lips
never allowed a drop of Tracey piss to spill
onto the bed.

"Well, Mandy. Answer me."

The distressed teacher knew that Angela was
capable of twisting the nipple even harder on
her abused breast if she did not answer her
correctly and immediately.

"Yes, Angela. It's a fair exchange."

Mandy said the words as fast as she could and
instantly pressed her lips back against
Tracey's slit. Angela laughed out loud when
she saw how anxious Mandy was to get back to
her drink.

Satisfied for the moment, Angela let go of
Mandy's tortured nipple, and the subby teacher
slave sank back onto the bed, momentarily

"How does it look through the viewfinder,
Lisa," Angela asked as she reached up and ran
her slender fingers along the girl's naked

"Just fine," Lisa said quietly as she
concentrated on getting her mother's lewd
display on tape. Even Angela's groping hand
was not enough to make Lisa flub that shot.

"Your mommy sure has a big bladder, Lisa.
Look at her piss and piss," Angela giggled as
she peered over at Mandy greedily slurping up
Tracey's spraying fountain. She just could
not get enough of watching her subby little
Mandy be degraded and humiliated.

Finally, the golden stream slackened to a
trickle, then stopped altogether. Mandy
reluctantly pulled her face away from Tracey's
slit and looked inquiringly over at her
mistress for new instructions.

"OK, Mandy. You did that real good. And for
a treat, why don't you turn your sleepy little
friend over on her sexy flat tummy tum tum so
you can get at her cute little butty hole. I
bet we'll for sure hear old Tracey pig make
some adorable little sexy noises just as soon
as you begin using that nasty teacher tongue
of yours on her pucker."

While the words were still coming out of
Angela's mouth, Mandy was slowly and gently
turning Tracey's naked body over. Tracey
sighed, stretched, and lay prone on her bed,
her thighs wantonly splayed as if she
instinctively knew what was coming next. Once
she had her arrayed as she wanted her, Mandy
gently spread Tracey's small, firm butt cheeks
apart with her groping fingers and moved her
face between them. Her nose was rewarded by a
faint, whiff of Tracey musk that only
encouraged her all the more to do as Angela
had told her. She wanted to hear Tracey's
sexy noises just as much as the others did:
moreover, she wanted to be the cause of them.
Her soft lips instantly latched onto Tracey's
rose and her tongue began to lick softly all
around it and to probe and prod.

Tracey stirred from her drug-induced sleep and
began making happy sleepy little whimpering
sounds as Mandy continued rimming her. She
humped her hips slightly, thrusting back
against the proffered tongue. Mandy responded
by snuffling around even deeper into Tracey's
opening rosette. Lisa's drugged mother
serenely pillowed her face on her arms and
then proceeded to emit a long, contented
series of little animal like squeals and

"She really likes your slutty old tongueypoo
up her pooper, Mandy baby girl," Angela
quipped as her teacher slave continued to poke
and probe with her hungry tongue. Angela
reached down and patted Mandy's rump as a sign
of encouragement as the younger woman
continued to lick and slurp away at her
enjoyable task.

"But I'll bet she will really come unglued
when you put that sick nasty little tongue of
yours to good use right in her snizzypoo. You
just know you want to. Don't you, little

Mandy did in fact want to jab her tongue deep
into Tracey's pussy in the worst kind of way,
and she wasted no time following Angela's
orders. As she licked down Tracey's butt
crack to lodge her probing tongue as far as
she could in Tracey's by now swampy snatch,
Mandy's own slit began oozing sex mucus. That
was such a turn on for the submissive teacher;
blatantly eating out this sleeping woman's
quim in front of other people including her
Mistress and Tracey's daughter. And Lisa was
getting it all on tape. Wasn't she?

Mandy was in paradise as she thrust her tongue
as far as it would go into Tracey's moist
canal. The sex musky flavor of that grown
woman mother of Lisa's was strong and
therefore especially stimulating to the hungry
teacher who had been subsisting on her
mistress's and Lisa's much milder fare. They
had been mere appetizers. Tracey was a real
meal. Mandy meant to partake fully of every
course. And from the way that Tracey was
oozing in response to the teacher's erotic
tonguing, it was going to be a feast, indeed.

When Angela saw that Mandy's ministrations
were having their predictable effect on the
sleeping Tracey, she decided that the time was
right to carry her plans for Tracey's downfall
to the next level.

"OK, Mandy baby girl. You've had enough for a
while. Turn the slut back over on her back,
so we can all watch what comes next."

Mandy reluctantly took her ravenous tongue out
of Tracey's spasming slit and slowly and
carefully rolled her over once more so that
now she was face up on her bed, wantonly
displayed and vulnerable.

"Lisa, honey. How would you like to be felt
up by your slut mom while she is still

Lisa thought that was a really great idea and
said so.

"Well, why don't you just slide out down
behind the video cam and move that sexy bod
over to the bed where she can get at you?"

Lisa immediately complied. Angela's hungry
eyes followed the naked young girl to the bed
where she sat down next to Tracey and Mandy.

"Now, take her little hand and place it gently
on your leggypoo. Let's see just what our
Tracey nasty girl will do if given the

Lisa reached out and took one of Tracey's
unresisting hands and placed it firmly but
gently on the soft, smooth flesh of her young
thigh. Immediately, the drowsy older woman
began sliding the hand slowly and sensuously
back and forth along the silky young girl
flesh. Angela giggled as she watched. Her
timing had been excellent. She picked up the
video cam and pressed the viewfinder to her

"Lisa, baby. I'm getting all of that," Angela
said softly.

"Oh yeah," Lisa focused all her attention on
her mother's wanton hand as it stroked slowly
up and down along her naked girl thigh.

"Wow. I've never been felt up by a sleeping
person before. This is so way cool."

Just as the words were coming out of Lisa's
mouth, Tracey slowly moved her hand so that it
rested deep in the young girl's lap, right on
her exposed vulva. Then the unconscious woman
began sliding her fingertip slowly along the
moist opening. Lisa began to sigh as Tracey's
finger moved tenderly back and forth across
her turgid little clitoris.

"I knew she could feel me up that good when
she's awake. But I didn't know she could feel
me up that good when asleep. "

That exclamation from Lisa brought on a round
of quiet laughter from Angela. For her part,
Mandy concentrated intently on Tracey's hand
motions from her subservient station on the
bed and wished that it were her own hand
feeling Lisa up so wantonly.

"If she keeps that up, I'm going to cum all
over her fingers," Lisa warned as she began to
wriggle and pant. Tracey's subconscious mind,
budding with unconsummated lust, continued to
drive her fingers to their obscene work of
probing and sliding along the young girl's
desire-moistened pussy. Finally, Lisa could
hold back no more, and she spasmed in a brace
of delicious orgasms, oozing cyprienne fluid
all over Tracey's pistoning fingers. Then
Tracey, unbidden by anyone, slowly raised her
mucus-coated hand to her sleep slackened mouth
and began to slurp and lick Lisa's sex cream
right off her fingers. Angela sucked in her
breath in incredulity; then she smiled her
sweet wicked little smile.

When Lisa had finally come to herself, she
slid languidly off the bed and padded over to
where Angela was standing. She rested her
head right against her mentor's soft breast
and sighed contentedly.

"I can't believe that she did that to me,

Angela smiled down at her girl lover and
tousled her hair.

"I know, Lisa. And she's asleep, too. Now,
let's se what else our Tracey slut is capable
of doing. Mandy, do you want her to get you
off too, baby."

"Yes Angela," Mandy said hopefully as she
snuggled up next to the sleeping Tracey on the
bed. The subby teacher grasped Tracey's sex
and saliva moistened hand and placed it deftly
on her long, smooth thigh, just as Lisa had
done. Immediately, the sleeping Tracey began
to stroke the woman's thigh; back and forth,
up and down.

"Wow. That is just too much," crooned Lisa as
she resumed recording her mother's salacious
hand movements.

Mandy obligingly splayed her thighs as wide as
she could, and Tracey took the cue and slid
her hand right up against the teacher's moist
snatch. Just as before, Tracey's subconscious
mind drove her fingers all around Mandy's
slit; then finally deep inside. Mandy
wriggled and gurgled in purest lust as Tracey
continued to get her off with her masturbating
fingers until the woman could stand it no
longer and released a squirt of her own tasty
juices right onto Tracey's fingers. Once
again, unbidden, Tracey moved the sex sticky
hand to her mouth and licked and sucked all of
Mandy's nectar off.

As soon as Mandy had come down from her
orgasm, she moved away from Tracey, but did
not leave the bed. Angela had admonished her
to be close to whatever was going to happen

"Let's try that again," Angela suggested.

"Mandy slut, I want you to go right back where
you were, and put Tracey's hand on your
leggypoo, just like you just did. Mandy
immediately did as she was bidden. Tracey
seemed happy, in her peaceful sleepy way, to
have Mandy's woman thigh to fondle once more.
Her hand went right to its wanton task. Mandy
sighed and whimpered at the depraved attention
she was getting once more from the sleeping

Meanwhile, Angela had completely disrobed and
sat herself down right at the head of the bed.
As Tracey continued blissfully to feel up
Mandy, Angela gently raised the sleeping
woman's head from the mattress and slid her
soft, smooth thigh under Tracey's cheek. Now
Tracey's face was directly in front of
Angela's own lust moistened vulva, her nose
just touching the flat of the choir director's
tummy, inhaling her sweet woman musk. Just as
though she had been given a command, Tracey
slid her face all the way up Angela's silky
thigh and began licking and snuffling around
the choir director's snatch. Meanwhile, her
busy fingers never interrupted their task of
bringing Mandy off.

"Oh, Lisa. You just won't believe how sexy
nasty your sleep licking mom's tongue is
sliding around on my little sniz. She's a
natural born girl licker if I ever felt one.
Are you getting all of that, honey?"

"Absolutely," Lisa laughed as she continued to
use her video cam. Once she forced her mother
to watch herself doing such wanton things as
she was doing right now, Lisa would have her
under her complete control forever. She would
have to comply with whatever perverted sexual
things Lisa desired of her or she would
completely destroy her with the videotape.
And from the way she so obviously took to girl
love making, Tracey would not put up much of a
fight anyway when she demanded that she slurp
Angela or anyone else while she watched.

And, if it turned out that Tracey still balked
at the order to be her willing subby lover and
do absolutely everything she was told even
after having seen the videotape, there was
always that long, wide, leather belt that Lisa
could use to bring her mother around.
Actually, as Lisa continued to use her video
cam, she kind of hoped that her mother would
balk at what she wanted to do to her. Because
that would give her all the excuse she needed
to go to town on her with the belt. The
thought of a bareass naked squealing and
pleading Tracey Mommy groveling in front of
her on her knees after she had used that bad
belt of her to touch her up a little turned
her on more than just a skosh. So, even if
the video she was making of her erotic antics
did convince her mother to do what she said,
Lisa might just use the belt on her anyway,
simply for the fun of it. All sorts of
dissolute images involving her painful and
humiliating sexual abuse of her mother
filtered through Lisa's lust flushed brain as
she kept recording her wanton mouthings of
Angela's sweet rose petal slit.

Lisa harbored no doubt whatsoever that as long
as she retained the record of her mother's
debauchery and was willing to use force, and
her mother clearly understood her threat to
use both potent weapons against her, Tracey
would never be able to say 'no' to her ever
again, no matter what her sick imagination
demanded of her. And she had to admit that
she had a pretty sick imagination where her
mother was concerned.

As these thoughts flashed through Lisa's mind,
Angela was slowly but surely moving toward a
powerful sexual climax. Slumbering Tracey was
now ardently licking and jabbing her tongue
into the choir director with a vengeance.
Furthermore, her slender hand had never for an
instant slackened in its effort to bring Mandy
off once more. As for Mandy, she was panting
and wriggling on the bed, parched and famished
for another round of sexual release.

For her part, Angela had no constraints
whatsoever imposed upon her own cumming. And
so, in the fullness of time, the spectators in
Tracey's bedroom were treated to a series of
high-pitched sexy little woman cries and
gurgles as Angela was taken over the edge by
her comatose lover's passionate tongue
fucking. The choir director hunched her soppy
wet vulva hard against Tracey's wide-open
mouth, deluging the woman with a gush of
cyprienne fluid. Tracey cooed in her sleep
and eagerly lapped up everything Angela gave
her to eat. That fervent eagerness on the
part of Tracey to consume Angela's flow of
love fluids so affected the woman that she
orgasmed once more, giving her sleeping lover
even more of herself to taste and enjoy.

"She really likes to eat pussy, doesn't she,"
giggled Lisa as she watched Tracey press her
face deep into Angela's crotch in a profound
attempt to find and devour every last drop of
girl mucus.

That quip from Lisa brought a flurry of
giggles from Angela. Mandy was concentrating
as hard as she could not to cum despite what
was being done to her by Tracey. Oh how she
wished that her tormentors would either stop
their vicious teasing or just go ahead and get
her off again. But Mandy was the subby, and
because of that she knew that what she most
wanted and needed was of absolutely no concern
whatever to any of the others in that room.

Finally, when Angela had come down off her
high, the choir director noticed her teacher
slave's agitated distress.

"Does Mandy baby girl wanna cum cum too, honey

Mandy looked over at her mistress with stark
hopelessness in her eyes.

"Yeeeeesssss, Angela. Mandy baby girl wants
to cum cum, too. Please, Angela. Mandy wants
to cum cum real bad. Pleeeease let Mandy baby
girl cum cum. Pleeeeeassssseee."

More giggles and smirks from the others in the

When the laughter had died down, Angela fixed
Mandy with her gaze.

"No, baby girl. Not now, Mandypoo. You still
have a lot of nasty work to do with our little
Tracey here before you get your nice reward."

A frenzied and dejected Mandy slumped wearily
against Tracey's naked body, despair and
humiliation suffusing her entire being.

Mandy began to cry bitter tears. But she knew
that she must continue to block her own
desperate need to cum and just allow Angela
and Lisa to do anything their erotic whims
incited them to do. For Mandy to show the
slightest signs of rebelliousness would only
result in her having to endure a level of pain
and humiliation that would be far worse than
what she was suffering now. So she just sat
on the bed and cried.

Angela slid off the bed, reached over, placed
her hands on Tracey's naked shoulders, and
slowly raised the sleeping woman to a sitting
position on the bed.

Angela reached over and slapped her teacher
slave several times across the face to get her
attention. When she saw that her teacher sub
was more or less back to normal, Angela gave
her the next set of instructions.

"Mandy, I want you to slide over to Tracey,
put your arms around her, and give her a big,
wet, french kiss. Oh, and while you're
kissing her, I want you to use those slutty
hands of yours to really feel her up. And
when she starts to respond, I want you to
slide that slick little puss puss of yours all
up and down her leggypoo. Really grind that
nasty teacher sniz of yours into her,
Babygirl. I want you to put on an authentic
lesbo slut show for us all to enjoy. You know
the kind I like, don't you baby; really dirty.
Let's see how she reacts to that."

Having been duly slapped back into obedience
mode by Angela, Mandy instantly did as she was
told. She slid her naked body across the bed
until it was in contact with that of Tracey.
Then the teacher wrapped her long arms around
her sleeping love mate and hugged her tight.
Their breasts mashed against each other and
Mandy's legs wound possessively around
Tracey's hips. Then, Mandy placed her lips
directly on Tracey's and began kissing the
other woman passionately.

Even though drugged, Tracey responded
immediately. Her mouth opened wide and
Mandy's tongue snaked deep inside, tasting
Angela's love juice on Tracey's tongue. That
made Mandy want to kiss the other woman even
harder. If that was the only way that Mandy
could taste Angela, then it would just have to

The slumbering Tracey kissed back with a
fervor that surprised even Angela. Surely by
the way she was acting even in her drugged
state, there must be some pronounced need in
Tracey to make love to women; a need that was
being met by her goings on tonight even though
she was deep asleep. Before Mandy could begin
running her hands over her comatose lover,
Tracey's own hands were wantonly roving over
her body; stroking, rubbing, exciting.

Watching from the sidelines, Lisa just could
not keep her hand from roving over her firm
young body. Her sighs and whimpers mixed with
those of Mandy and Tracey from the bed.
Despite her self-stimulation, Lisa continued
to record everything and Angela continued her
role as ring mistress.

As their fondling and kissing continued, Mandy
perceived that Tracey was slowly coming out of
her drug-induced sleep. But the famished
teacher did not want to stop her sexy
undulating against her love mate until she was
actually ordered to. It felt soooo good to be
kissed and felt up by Tracey. Mandy wanted it
never to end. And she wanted more.

The sex-starved teacher slid away from
Tracey's body and straddled her slender thigh.
Then she began to grind her wanting slit
slowly up and down the silken flesh. Oh, God.
It felt sooo good to frig herself on Tracey's
leg. And Tracey was wantonly pressing her
thigh against Mandy's slit, which made it all
the better.

Angela was too shrewd, however, to miss the
signs that Tracey gave that she was slowly
waking up. And Angela wanted Tracey's
awakening to be a real surprise for her, a
surprise that would keep her completely off
balance long enough for the choir director to
gain complete control over her.

"Mandy dear. It's time for your treat, baby.
Slide that slutty teacher bod of yours down
the bed and let Tracey put her sweet face in
your nasty crotch. I bet if you give her a
good whiff of your nasty old slut sniz, she'll
really want to put her tongue into it for you.
And if she eats you out as good as she did me,
you'll soon be cumming all over that nasty
pink tongue of hers just like the little cum
cum faucet you are."

Mandy clapped her hands, giggled in glee like
a little girl finally given her long-awaited
treat and did as she was told. Soon sleepy
Tracey was face deep in Mandy crotch,
snuffling, and licking, and lapping away for
all she was worth at the teacher's clit and
pussy lips. Mandy, who had been holding
herself in such strict discipline since Tracey
had done this before, suddenly just had to

"Angela. Pllleeeeeasssseee. Mandy needs to
cum cum real baaaaad. Oh,

Angela smiled at her teacher slave's wanton
request. Lisa giggled wickedly to hear her be
so blatant in her plea for sexual release.

"Well, Mandy. I think that your slutty love
mate Tracey should wake up with your cum cum
in her mouth. So you go right ahead, dear and
cum all you want to. You know how much it
turns me on to watch you cum."

Immediately, Mandy began to buck her distended
sex lips hard up against Tracey's face and
very soon indeed, the horny teacher squirted a
little gush of love mucus onto Tracey's nose
and into her gaping mouth. Tracey, still only
half conscious, instinctively and avidly
lapped up what Mandy was giving her. Then,
all of a sudden, as if recognizing perhaps the
taste of what was in her mouth, the dozing
woman's eyes started to flutter and she began
to come to herself.

Observing that Tracey was now almost awake,
Angela decided to put the icing on her
depraved cake. The choir director vixen
reached over and slapped Mandy hard on the
cheek once more to get her full attention.

"Mandypoo. I want you to stop cumming right
that second and start peepeeing for us. Right
in dear ole Tracey's mouth. Understand. And
I want you to hold her head right up against
your slut puss if you have to, but you better
make sure she drinks every last drop of your
sweet Mandy piss all down. 'Cause if you
don't, I'm going to beat that teacher slut ass
of yours so bad you won't be able to sit down
for a week."

Even though Mandy had not even been allowed to
finish cumming, she knew the tone of Angela's
voice and she understood that her mistress
would countenance no infractions of her
orders. So the teacher immediately placed her
palms on either side of Tracey's head and
forced the woman to keep her face deep in her
crotch. She also locked her long legs tightly
around Tracey's naked shoulders so she could
not buck herself off. At the same time, Mandy
let loose a hot stream of pungent golden
fluid, right into Tracey's yawning mouth.
Tracey, now coming fully awake and completely
confused, began to sputter and squeal, trying
her best to get away from the hot, golden
stream. But Mandy held onto her head for dear
life, pressing it in a vice like grip, and
forced Tracey's mouth right up against her
slit. When Tracey clamped her mouth shut in
an effort to keep from having to ingest any
more piss, Mandy's spray drenched her nose,
eyes, and chin. Angela and Lisa could not
contain their laughter at seeing Tracey
fighting to avoid being drowned in Mandy pee.

"She's not drinking, Mandy," Angela warned
with vicious malice in her tone.

The panicked teacher, knowing what Angela
would do to her if she did not immediately
force Tracey to open her mouth once more,
reached her thumbs around Tracey's cheeks and
pressed sharply where the jaw lines met.
Tracey had no choice but to open her mouth
wide once more or suffer the excruciating pain
of having her jaw nerves pinched. Though
Tracey continued to sputter and try to get
away, Mandy forced her to keep drinking until
the teacher's bladder was completely empty.

When Angela saw that Mandy had peed all she
could, she told her teacher slave to let
Tracey go. Mandy spread her legs wide and
took her hands away from Tracey's head. The
confused and horrified woman immediately
backed away from Mandy's crotch and looked
around the room wildly.

"Tracey, dear. Why don't you show Mandy your
appreciation for being allowed the privilege
of drinking both her cum cum and her piss piss
by giving her slutty little pussy a big old
smooch for me."

Lisa laughed out loud at Angela's words.

Tracey shook her head vigorously. She was
terribly disoriented and totally disconcerted
by her freakish situation, but she was sure
she did not want to use her mouth in such a
disgusting fashion.

"Lisa honey. Why don't you hand me that video
cam you've been using so well, and teach your
mother how to obey her new Mistress."

"Sure thing, Angela," Lisa smirked as she
handed her mother the video cam.

Tracey looked at her daughter with a dazed
expression on her face.

"Lisa. What's going on?"

Lisa opened her mother's bedroom closet and
grabbed a long leather belt that she knew was
hanging there. Then she walked over to where
her perplexed mother lay naked on her bed,
drenched in Mandy pee.

"Well, Mommy. What's going on is we're here
to teach you how to obey Angela. You didn't
obey me when we came home tonight, so we've
decided to give you to Angela for a while so
you'll know how to obey me from now on. And
right now, Angela gave you an order, and you
better get that Mommy mouth of yours to
sucking on Mandy's pussy right now and give it
a nice, big, slobbery wet kiss just like
Angela said."

Tracey began to rise from the bed, but Lisa
was ready for her.


The metal tipped tongue of Tracey's leather
belt bit searingly into her vulnerable naked
flesh. Her pert breast, her slender flank,
her flat tummy and her shapely leg all were
treated to a dose of burning pain. Tracey
hurt as though she had been treated to a dose
of branding iron. The terrified woman
screamed shrilly and fell back onto the bed
and began howling at the top of her lungs.
She instinctively collapsed into a fetal
position and rolled around on the bed. Lisa
watched her mother's antics and waited for the
initial shock of pain to subside. Then she
lashed out at her naked and vulnerable body
once more.


The belt bit viciously into Tracey's
unprotected side, and rump, and thigh. The
woman cried out hideously and rolled around
violently on the bed. Her abused body was
beginning to show a series of angry red welts
where her belt had struck. Seeing the results
of her handiwork, Lisa redoubled her efforts
to give her mother even more to squeal about.


Tracey wailed like a lost soul and writhed
about on the bed caught in the throes of
unbelievable agony. And as she wriggled like
a netted fish, Lisa continued strapping her
without a tincture of remorse.


The last series caught Tracey as she lay
insensate on her back. Her breasts, tummy,
and upper thighs were subjected to a merciless
and excruciating barrage of blows.


Once again Lisa waited for the initial shock
of pain to subside. After a long while,
Tracey stopped rolling around and lay still, a
broken, whimpering wretch.

"Now, Mommy. Are you ready to obey Angela and
kiss Mandy's pussy for her just like she told
you to."

Tracey slowly raised her head off the mattress
and looked fixedly at her daughter as she
stood over her, the menace of her clearly
revealed in her arrogant stance. Her eyes
followed the tip of her belt as it swung from
her hand. She was totally fixated on the
source of her anguish.

"Why, Lisa. Why."


Tracey's back, butt, and legs were now covered
in welts from Lisa's stinging belt. And as
for Tracey, herself, she was once again
writhing on the bed, screaming and squealing
her lungs out.

That time, Lisa had to wait for almost fifteen
minutes until Tracey lay still once more,
whimpering softly to herself.

"Last chance, Mom," Lisa said, a low, animal
growl in the back of her throat.

Somewhere from deep within her fevered brain,
Tracey suddenly realized that Lisa was ready,
willing, and able to beat her within an inch
of her life. With that stark realization came
an unambiguous understanding that she had
better obey, at least for the time being. So,
slowly, painfully, the naked woman slithered
across the bed until her face rested on
Mandy's outstretched thigh. Then, by the
exertion of great effort and despite her
conscious loathing and the dregs of her pain,
Tracey pressed her lips tentatively and
tremulously against Mandy's smooth labia and
planted a chaste baby kiss on the offered
nether lips. Then she looked up to ascertain
whether Lisa was pleased with her so far.

Angela flew across the room and slapped
Tracey's upturned face several times.

"She told you to kiss the bitch's pussy, not
peck at it. Now get your slutty face between
her cow legs and kiss her pussy for her . I
mean, after all, she is a grown up woman just
like you who has just rewarded you by allowing
you the privilege of slurping down her woman
cum and her pee pee. You should be grateful
to her for her generosity and be eager to let
her know just how much you appreciate it."

Frantic with fear, Tracey immediately put her
face back between Mandy's splayed thighs and
began licking and smooching all over her flesh

Lisa applauded Tracey's obscene performance
while Angela just smiled and got it recorded
on the video cam for later. Lisa stood
proudly over her broken spirited mother and
reveled in the fact that she had made her do
something that she so obviously did not want
to do. Here was Angela's first step toward
her total control of her. And she couldn't
wait for more.

Angela glared down at Tracey.

"And you better not leave a single drop of her
puss puss wet or her Mandy pee pee, either.
You nasty Mommy. Lick it all up for me right
now. I'm going to inspect her when you get
through with her, and if I find so much as a
single drop you didn't get, I'm going to let
Lisa beat you with that belt until you pass

Tracey heard the threat and redoubled her
efforts to find and consume every last drop of
Mandy's piss and cum. Then Angela checked
behind her.

When Angela had felt Mandy up enough to decide
that Tracey had obeyed her well enough, the
choir director handed Lisa the video cam.
Angela bent over and whispered the obvious
question into Tracey's ear.

"Was it good, baby. Does my sweet, sexy
Mandypoo's puss puss taste good to you, huh.
You nasty little pussy eating Tracey slut,
you. Tell me right now."

As she whispered into her new sex toy's ear,
Angela stroked the back of Tracey's neck with
her fingers. Then she let her hand trail
slowly down Tracey's naked and welt marked
back to the swell of her butt where she
stopped to play for awhile around the little
vee of the woman's tailbone. Angela could
already feel the raised marks that Lisa had
given her as she tenderly groped and patted
Tracey's little butt for her.

Tracey was so frightened of what Angela might
do to her that she remained stark still; just
like a deer in the headlights.

Angela reached down and casually picked up
Lisa's belt from where she had dropped on the

"I asked you a question, bitch."


Angela's arm was more powerful than Lisa's,
and she had an advantage of knowing just where
her strokes would cause the most pain.

Tracey's body jerked and wriggled with each
strap of the belt on her already abused flesh.
The naked woman cried out in the starkest pain
and terror; then froze solid as she felt
Angela's hand touch her flesh once more. The
choir director slid her palm once again along
Tracey's back, running her index finger along
the crisscross of welts that were now so

"You know, Tracey. I just love giving pain to
grown up little Mommy bitches like you. So
you just keep misbehaving, and I'll just keep
beating the living shit out of you. OK, honey

Once again Angela raised the belt to strike
her cringing victim.


Tracey was now beside herself with pain. She
screamed hoarsely as she wriggled and writhed
around. So totally unconscious was she of her
nakedness that she did not even bother to try
to cover her intimate parts from the hungry
gaze of Angela and the others. She just kept
thrashing about on the bed, giving them
tantalizing glimpses of her abused charms.

But Angela was growing bored with Tracey's
lewd display. She wanted to get on with her

"Tracey," Angela said the name with command in
her voice.

Tracey, in the midst of her torment, heard
that command and immediately jerked to
attention on the bed.

"Tracey, dear. Are you going to behave me
like the good little girl I know you want to
be or do I have to keep swatting your slutty
Mommy body with your nasty ole belt."

Angela casually swung the belt back and forth
while Tracey stared at it again from her place
on the bed as though she were completely
mesmerized by a cobra.

Angela reached out her other hand and began
stroking Tracey's short hair.

"Well. Are you going to be a good little girl
for me from now on."

Tracey could see no other way out.

"I'll behave," she said barely above a

Angela leaned over and asked her once more.

"Say it so we can all hear you, bitch."

Tracey looked up into Angela's fixed and evil
stare just exactly like a wounded and trapped
animal, which, of course, she was.

"I'll behave."

Angela let the belt slip slowly from her
fingers onto the floor beside her.

"And so we won't need bad ole Mr. Belt,
anymore. Will we, sweetie."

Tracey shuddered.

"No. Please no. Please, no more belt."

Angela slid her fingers along Tracey's cheek.
Then to her slightly parted lips. Then across
her chin.

"That's my good little girl. She's going to
be sooooooo obedient for her Mistress Angela
from now on. Isn't she?"

Tracey shuddered once more at Angela's
tantalizing fingers and her hypnotic words.

"Yes. I'll be good."

Angela suddenly reached her hand back and gave
Tracey three stinging slaps on her face.


Tracey cringed and tried to scoot her body
across the bed and away from Angela's menacing
hand. But the choir director grabbed a
handful of Tracey's short hair and jerked her

"Weren't you listening to me? Who am I,

Tracey squealed as Angela pulled her hair
really hard.


Tracey struggled to form the words but the
pain was blocking out everything else.

Angela let go of her hair.

"Who am I, baby," Angela purred down at her
terrified victim, her fingers once more
stroking the nape of her neck.

Tracey's lower lip trembled and she began to

"You're Mistress Angela."

Big, hot tears streamed down Tracey's slap-
reddened face.

Angela leaned her face until her lips were
touching Tracey's.

"That's right, baby. I'm Mistress Angela.
And, from now on, you're my little subby
Tracey. And don't you ever, ever forget it.
Now, shut up and kiss me, you nasty girl.
I'll tell you a little secret, baby doll. I
just love hurting big girl sluts just like you
until they cry their little eyes out and beg
me to let them obey me. And then I just adore
kissing the soul right out of them."

Angela parted her lips and waited impatiently
for Tracey to follow suit. Slowly, the
terrified woman allowed her lips to part and
Angela began kissing her passionately. Tracey
did not want to kiss Angela, but she now knew
better than to disobey. As they kissed she
could do nothing but wonder when would this
nightmare be over for her.

Angela twined her hungry tongue around
Tracey's, mixing her saliva with that of her
victim. Then, she stabbed her tongue deep
into Tracey's warm, wet mouth and pulled back.
Tracey went slack.


"Look, bitch. From now on, when I stick my
tongue in your mouth, I expect you to suck on
it for me. That's just what I like from subby
little housewives like you. OK, stupid."

Tracey nodded her head in understanding.


Tracey's face was once again inflamed with
Angela's painful slaps.

"Do you understand me, you stupid cow?"

A totally terrified Tracey used all her mental
strength to pull herself together in the face
of Angela's renewed cruelty.

"Yes, Mistress Angela. I understand."

Angela fixed Tracey with her stare.

"Then repeat it out loud for me, pookie," she
said in a syrupy sweet voice.

Tracey shuddered then whispered the words
Angela wanted to hear.

"From now on, when you put your tongue in my
mouth, you want me to suck it."

Angela made a motion with her hand that
indicated that she wanted Tracey to continue.

Tracey concentrated very hard on what she was
being made to say.

"Because that's what you like from subby
little housewives like me."

Angela clapped her hands and smiled down on
her new victim. Then she put her palm on
Tracey's shoulder and slowly rolled her over
on her back. Knowing what would happen to her
if she put up any resistance whatsoever to
Angela, Tracey did not do one thing to inhibit
Angela's action.

Angela was becoming very satisfied indeed with
Tracey's complete docility, especially
considering how short a time she had had to
work with her. The choir director began
languidly fondling Tracey's small but firm
breasts, humming contentedly to herself as she
explored and petted Tracey's creamy and
sensitive skin. She pinched the taut nipples.
She squeezed the firm breast flesh that had so
recently been abused by Tracey's belt. Then
she leaned down and casually sucked one of
Tracey's nipples into her mouth, knowing that
the woman would not dare to object to that
kind of lewd treatment.

Tracey was very afraid. She anticipated that
Angela would try to hurt her in some way or
other and she endeavored to brace herself for
the pain. When Angela did nothing but just
quietly suck the nipple, Tracey relaxed
slightly; but only slightly. After a while,
Angela reluctantly pulled her face away from
the saliva-glistening nipple.

"See, cutie pie. If you just lie there and do
whatever I say, I won't hurt you at all. But
if you give me any shit whatever, I'll hurt
you till you faint from the pain. Then I'll
wake you up and hurt you some more. Got it."

Tracey let out a sharp gasp as she
comprehended the truth of Angela's words.

"Yes, Mistress Angela."

Angela continued to fondle and grope Tracey's
breasts; all the while smiling down on her new
plaything. If there was anything better than
a willing subby, it was an unwilling one.

"Oh, by the way, did you breast feed little
Lisa, honey babe. Or did you bottle feed

Tracey answered immediately, already well on
her way to being a complete sub.

"I bottle fed her, Mistress Angela."

Angela squeezed the firm flesh between her
fingers and thumb until Tracey began
whimpering from the pain.

"I thought so. Well, you can breastfeed her
daughter for me. Can't you, sweetie pie."

Tracey did not want to understand what Angela
was alluding to, but she decided to agree

"Yes, Mistress Angela."

Angela looked down at Tracey the way a hawk
looks down on a scurrying rodent out in the
open. She took one of Tracey's hands and
forced Tracey to cup it around the bottom of
her own breast.

"Now be a good little girl and lift that nice
tit of yours right up to your mouth, baby.
And suck on that nice tasting nipple for me.
I just adore watching slut mommies like you
sucking on their own tits."

Tracey's eyes grew wide in disbelief.

"Where's my belt," Angela said the words
slowly and softly. That was enough.

Tracey pushed her small breast toward her face
and leaned forward as far as she could so she
could get the nipple into her mouth. Then she
began suckling the supersensitive flesh.

"Wow," Lisa said incredulously. "You got
Mommy to suck her own tit right in front of
God and everybody.

When she had enjoyed enough of Lisa's mother's
humiliation at being forced to suckle her own
breast, Angela finally pulled Tracey's face
away from her assignment.

"That's a good girl, Tracey. That's a real
good girl. You just keep behaving like that
and everything will be all right. Now, does
anybody else have to take a piss."

Lisa piped right up.

"I do. I do."

Well, Tracey. Do you know your daughter well
enough to ask her nicely if she would allow
you the privilege of drinking her pee pee for
her so she doesn't have to waste a trip to the

Tracey shuddered. But Angela made her point
with an especially vicious breast squeeze

"Yes, Mistress Angela," Tracey said from
between clenched teeth.

"Lisa, would you mind letting our little
Tracey slut drink your pee pee for you."

Lisa smirked and acted as if she were debating
the matter with herself.

"Ask her if she's willing to do it for me
anytime I tell her to from now on."

Angela looked down at Tracey.

"Well, Tracey. Are you."

Tracey really, truly did not want to have to
answer Angela's question in the affirmative,
but the feel of Angela's fingernails pressing
viciously into her breast flesh convinced her

"Yes, Mistress Angela."

"And also, could you find out if Mommy is
willing to come up to me from time to time on
her own and beg me to let her do it."

Angela looked down at Tracey.

"Sure, Lisa. I think that it's only fair for
our subby little Tracey here to have to beg
you to allow her the privilege of drinking
your goddess pee. What about it, Tracey."

Once again, Tracey knew she had no choice but
to obey.

"Yes, Mistress Angela."

Lisa clapped her hands and sat down on the bed
right next to Tracey. Angela removed her hand
completely from Tracey's body as a sign that
the woman was doing that of her own accord.
Tracey shivered once more, turned her head so
that she faced Lisa's splayed thighs, and
reluctantly slid her face in close to the
girl's crotch.

Lisa barely gave Tracey enough time to prepare
before releasing her hot, pungent stream.
Tracey gurgled deep in her throat as she began
drinking her daughter's acrid girl pee. For
the next minute or so, Lisa sprayed and Tracey
gulped. Then Lisa finally finished her

Tracey was just pulling her face away when
Angela's restraining hand on the side of her
head stopped her.

"Lick her clean, bitch. I can see we have a
lot of work ahead of us teaching you how to
drink girl piss the right way."

Tracey knew that it was less than useless to
fight. So she turned her face back to the job
at hand and licked the last few golden drops
from Lisa's slit.

Angela finally relented and let her up.

"Well, Tracey. Do you agree to drink down our
little Lisa's pee pee whenever she tells you
to, and beg her for the privilege, hmmmmmmm."

Tracey knew exactly what she must say.

"Yes, Mistress Angela. I promise."

Angela smiled.

"That's a good baby girl. Now why don't we
all go into the living room and watch the nice
videotape Lisa made for us?"

Angela hauled Tracey to her feet by gripping
Tracey's small breast firmly between her
strong fingers and tugging hard. Her efforts
were rewarded by Tracey's squeal of pain, but
she did come along behind her Mistress who
laughed as she let go of the tormented breast
flesh, crooked her finger into a vicious hook,
inserted it deep into Tracey's palpating slit,
and pulled her roughly along behind her.
Mandy, who had been intently watching the
goings on in a state of submissive rapture,
got herself lithely off the bed and trailed
along at a respectful distance behind Lisa and

Angela led the group into the living room.
There, against one wall, stood a large
entertainment center complete with big screen
TV and video player. Across from the
entertainment center and at an angle to it was
a long sofa. Angela placed Tracey in the
middle of the sofa and sat down right next to
her, leaving a space on the other side of her
new sex toy for Lisa who was getting the TV
and player ready for the show.

"Mandypoo, why don't you sit cross legged
right here on the floor with your slutty
teacher face stuffed right between my thighs
like the good little teacher subby you are. I
know what a real treat it is for you to be
allowed to taste your mistress. And you
certainly deserve a treat as a reward for
helping give us little Tracey here to play

Without giving a thought to the implications
of Angela's words, Mandy did exactly as she
was told. Her chin soon rested on the edge of
the sofa and her tongue began its happy work
of bringing her mistress off, not to quickly,
of course.

Angela looked down at her toy as she ate out
her choir director mistress. Then she placed
her hand on the back of Tracey's head and made
her look, too. The broken woman began to cry

Totally unconcerned with Tracey's suffering,
Lisa sat himself down right next to her naked
mother and used the remote to start the
player. Her free hand began possessively
sliding back and forth along Tracey's smooth,
slender thigh. It was clear from her rapt
expression that she just loved the feel of her
mother's naked flesh against her petting hand,
especially since she wasn't doing one little
thing to stop her.

Her salacious actions told Angela in no
uncertain terms that Lisa could hardly wait to
get at her mom. Seeing what Lisa was already
doing to her mother, Angela used her own hand
to slide provocatively up and down along
Tracey's other naked thigh. Her erotic
appreciation of Tracey's smooth, naked thigh
flesh was as keen as was Lisa's.

Both Lisa and Angela freely and happily
exercised their complete dominance over Tracey
as if they had been doing so for years.
Tracey, sensing in her very soul the utter
futility of fighting against her two
tormentors, just sat on the sofa, praying
desperate that that would all go away very,
very soon; but knowing in her deepest core
that it probably never would.

As she was forced to watch the perverse video
that Lisa had made of her downfall, Tracey
came to understand more and more just how
desperate was her current situation. The more
she watched herself twist and wriggle and
listened to herself moan and squeal on the TV,
the more she saw how her submissive sexual
needs and desires had so thoroughly been used
to entrap her. She simply could not believe
her eyes when she saw herself wantonly
fondling Lisa's naked body even though
drugged. Her senses reeled as she watched
herself sucking her hot and sticky cum off her
own hand; cum that her masturbating fingers
had wrung out of her daughter. She was
transfixed with humiliated horror as she saw
herself being tricked into urinating into
Mandy's waiting mouth. Deep despair and a
grave sense of hopelessness overwhelmed her,
body and soul. Lisa had been telling her for
more than a year now that deep down inside her
lurked a ravenous, licentious sex hungry
submissive woman who obviously craved the
wanton attentions of other females. Now she
had to admit to herself that the video did not
lie, and, because of it, Tracey could do
nothing now but humbly consign herself to the
dreadful fate providence and Angela had
allotted her.

Once Tracey came to that decision, she was
able to examine, at least a little, her
current response to what the video showed her
about herself. Clearly, from the way her
slumbering body was reacting, Tracey was most
obviously getting off on the girl loving she
was being coerced into. There was no denying,
even to herself, that the Tracey depicted in
the video seemed to be reacting positively,
even proactively, to the feel and taste of the
tantalizing girl flesh put within her reach.
And truth to tell, Tracey was warming to
Angela's soft, cool hand as it impudently
roved over the flesh of her leg. Just as much
as she was aroused by her daughter's
possessive hand on her other leg. Even though
Tracey had had enough experience of the choir
director so far during this one night to know
with absolute certainty that her new mistress
was the embodiment of evil itself, Tracey was
still somehow drawn mysteriously to her
seductive touch. Tracey did not consciously
want Angela's hand to make her react in such a
passionate manner, but she could not seem to
help herself.

So deeply enmeshed in her own moral downfall
was she that Tracey hardly noticed the
salacious effect the video was having on the
others in the room. Lisa continued feeling
her mother up while avidly watching the scene
of Tracey's degradation unfold on the big
screen. She giggled and hooted at the sight
of Tracey on the big screen fondling her and
licking her spent orgasms off her slender
hand. Lisa and Angela exchanged nasty quips
and sordid comparisons as they commented on
Tracey's lewd on-screen behavior.

As a sign of their growing horniness, Angela
and Lisa increased their fondling of Tracey's
vulnerable flesh even as they watched her
being put through her degrading paces. Their
hands often intertwined as they roved over
Tracey's vanquished body, poking, pinching,
probing. Both Angela and Lisa knew perfectly
well that this woman was now theirs for the
taking, and they made sure by their insolent
petting of her most intimate parts that Tracey
would be made to know it, too.

By the time the on-screen Tracey was waking up
to the taste of Mandy's hot and pungent pee in
her mouth, the real time Tracey was being
cruelly sucked on and bitten, pinched and
scratched, palpated and prodded by her two
perverted assailants. The completely broken
woman just sat there on the sofa and sobbed
her heart out as Angela and Lisa took their
fill of their cruel play pleasure with her.

When the video finally ended, Lisa stopped
playing with her mother's naked thigh just
long enough to press the remote, shutting
everything off. Angela saw the lust hunger in
the girl's eyes and decided that the time was
right to let her have her way with her mom.

She reached her hand up to Tracey's face and
turned it so that she was looking directly
into the woman's empty, glazed over stare.

"Now, Tracey. Wasn't that a sweet little show
you put on for us. Hhmmmmmm, cutie pie."

Angela tenderly stroked Tracey's tearstained
cheek as she spoke quietly to her. And
Tracey's wracking sobs slowly subsided as
Angela's hand reassured and comforted her.
But the hot tears of her humiliation continued
to flow. Tracey just could not seem to stop

Even so, and despite everything she had
endured so far, as Angela continued to caress
her skin and console her with tender words,
Tracey began to sense, somewhere deep in the
recesses of her tormented psyche, vague and
uncertain stirrings and cravings. For her own
part, Angela, who was truly experienced in
these matters, gently stoked Tracey's sparks
of nascent masochistic desire by allowing her
seductive hands sensitively to continue to
make love to her captive's abused body. Her
caressing fingers glided tenderly over
Tracey's neck, and shoulders, and pert
breasts, petting and fondling her victim until
she saw the telltale flair of her nostrils and
the beginnings of a flush across her chest.

Angela could see it in Tracey's eyes. She was
winning again. Yes, indeed. Yet another
sweet, and meek, and submissive victim to add
to her growing collection.

Angela's purring voice coaxed Tracey to answer
her, finally.

"Come on now, Tracey baby. Answer Mistress
Angela like a good little girl."

As much under Angela's thrall as she was,
Tracey clearly heard the note of latent menace
in the choir director's cooing command. And
Tracey was not too far gone to recognize that
implicit in Angela's tone of voice was the
promise for much more pain to come should
Tracey answer in a way that her Mistress did
not like. Tracey may have been allowing
herself to become more at ease with Angela's
long, slender fingers as they casually stroked
and petted her vulnerable body. But her mind
kept reminding her that those soothing,
tantalizing fingers could just as easily
become rending talons at a moment's change of
her Mistress's whim.

Sensing how close she was coming to being the
woeful recipient of a further onslaught of
Angela's violent and unpredictable anger,
Tracey slowly nodded her bowed head in


Tracey jerked her head back in a vain attempt
to keep Angela from slapping her. But to no
avail. The choir director's palm struck her
cheeks with blinding pain.

"Say it out loud, bitch."

Tracey cried out in terror and agony.

"YEEEEESSSSSS. Yessss. It was a pretty show
I put on."

Tracey broke down into sobs once more.

Angela lifted Tracey's head with her
outstretched hand. The choir director then
kissed Tracey's lips tenderly, letting her
hands rove freely over whatever she could find
to delight and interest her. Tracey, despite
her best efforts to stifle her reaction to
being so wantonly kissed and caressed, made a
little moaning sound deep in the back of her
throat. As Angela continued to kiss her and
touch her body, Tracey began tentatively to
kiss back. Angela finally pulled her lips
away and smiled over at her newest conquest.

Angela cupped Tracey's breast in her hand and
squeezed it softly.

"I bet that our little Tracey here would have
to confine herself to just one bungee cord to
tie up these itty bitty titties of hers. Not
like you. Right, Mandy cow."

Mandy looked longingly at what her mistress
was doing to Tracey and wished it were her
being so lewdly petted.

"Yes, Angela."

Angela placed her other finger against
Tracey's slightly parted lips. Tracey
immediately began sucking on the proffered
fingertip of her Mistress, just as she knew
she was supposed to do.

"That's a good little Tracey slut. Now you
just keep on sucking on my yummy little
fingertip no matter what I do to you. Right,

Tracey nodded slowly, all the while continuing
to suck slavishly on Angela's fingertip.


Angela's other hand had released its hold on
Tracey's breast so that she could apply a
barrage of resounding slaps to Tracey's saucy
tit flesh. Tracey almost forgot herself, so
sharp was the pain in her chest. But she
retained enough self-control not to cry out,
but to continue her obedient suckling of
Angela's finger.

Angela smiled as she removed her Tracey
moistened finger.

"What a goooood little subby bitch you are,
Tracey baby."

Tracey bowed her head in abject submission to
her new Mistress.

"And you're my sexy little subby bitch kitty
from now on. Aren't you, Tracey."

Tracey slowly raised her head to meet her
Mistress's gaze. Angela could see that her
victim's eyes sparkled.

"Yes, Mistress Angela. I'm your sexy little
subby bitch kitty from now on."

"And I'll bet you would really like for
everyone in the neighborhood to see just what
kind of a sexy, slutty, subby picture you
make, too. Wouldn't you, baby girl. I bet
they don't know what a truly nasty sick little
girl lover their dirty little neighbor lady
turns out to be after all. Do they? I bet
they'll be so surprised when they sees your
pink little tongue, stuck out as far as it
will go, licking off all that girl cum from
your nasty little hands. Won't they, baby?"

Angela's harsh words started Tracey sobbing
all over again. How could Angela be so tender
to her one minute and so cruel the very next?
The imperious choir director just sat and
waited for her victim to calm down once more.
It took quite a while that time for Tracey to
cry herself out. But Angela did not mind in
the least. She used the time to amuse and
entertain herself in feeling Tracey up. She
so enjoyed the touch of Tracey's soft, smooth
naked flesh and the way the broken woman put
up no resistance at all any more to her
Mistress's wanton probing of her intimate

When Tracey was finally cried out, Angela
raised her fingertip to Tracey's lips and
pushed against them, just like before. Tracey
shuddered as Angela's sensual spell came over
her once more and obediently opened her mouth
for her Mistress to stick her finger way
inside. Tracey closed her eyes tight shut and
began to suckle the offered finger unbidden,
her manner as earlier one of abject surrender.

"Do you want all the neighbors to see the
video, Tracey dear?"

Tracey shook her head slowly from side to side
while maintaining her sucking hold on her
Mistress's probing finger. That finger was
now Tracey's lifeline to her new world. And
she was letting herself become intimately
acquainted with it.

"Do you understand clearly that I will show
the video to everyone in town unless you obey
me completely from now on and always in the
future behave yourself like a good little
subby slut when you are around me."

Tracey immediately nodded her head in assent.
She knew for certain that she just had to be
as good as gold from now on or Angela would
become angry with her again. Tracey did not
want to face that prospect at all. Better by
far to obey her Mistress and reap the erotic
rewards that Angela might bestow upon her from
time to time as a consequence of her

Angela smiled as she slowly removed her finger
from between Tracey's sucking lips and
casually wiped its saliva-coated dampness off
on Tracey's pert breast.

Angela hummed softly as she rubbed the spit
wet tip of her finger back and forth against
Tracey's taut nipple.

"I bet she is really going to squeal just like
a little piggy slut when I put the clothespins
on her little nip nips for her."

Tracey did her best to control her growing
anxiety at what her Mistress was saying about

"Does Tracey like sucking Mistress Angela's
finger for her. Does she, little girl?"

Tracey, who, despite herself, was slowly but
surely being turned on by Angela's finger,
wriggled and sighed.

"Yesssss, Mistress Angela."

Angela smiled and continued to pet Tracey's
sensitive breast flesh.

"Now, does Tracey want a nice treat? Does
Baby Tracey want to taste her Mistress? Does
she want to put her nasty slut tongue way deep
in her Mistress's yummy sniz? Well, does

Tracey nodded her head slowly in assent and
shyly let her eyes rise to meet Angela's.

"Yessss, Mistress Angela. I want to put my
tongue deep in your yummy Mistress sniz and
lick out every last drop."

Angela was taken aback by Tracey's sudden
brazenness, but recovered herself quickly.

"Well, maybe if little Baby Tracey is very,
very obedient, and does absolutely everything
her Mistress Angela tells her to do from now
on. Just maybe, Mistress Angela will let
little Baby Tracey have a yummy tasty treat."

Tracey smiled demurely at her Mistress. Now,
Tracey allowed herself to live in hope as well
as fear.

Angela smiled back at her new plaything She
was just about ready to jab her scorpion sting
deep into her.

"Now, Tracey honey. Tell me for true. Do you
love that bad nasty daughter of yours? I
mean, really love her."

Tracey, whose frantic fear once again suddenly
and completely overwhelmed her erotic hope,
just sat there, motionless and mute. In the
dim recesses of her mind, Tracey caught an
uncertain glimmer of where that question might
lead, and she really, truly did not want to go
there. But would Angela allow her to demur?


Tracey's head jerked horribly back and forth
in response to Angela's vicious hand slaps.
Somewhere in the back of her mind, Tracey
dimly realized that Angela had asked her a
truly pivotal question designed to test just
how far Tracey would go to obey her Mistress.
She tried her best to remember it so she could
respond correctly. She so desperately wanted
the pain her new Mistress was inflicting upon
her to stop.

"Well. Do you, Tracey?"

Tracey looked at her Mistress with unfocused

"Do I what, Mistress Angela," Tracey whispered
in a dead monotone.

"Do you love that badass daughter of yours,

Lisa giggled as they watched Tracey's attempt
to try to get her act together.

Tracey concentrated very hard. She knew that
the wrong answer now would result in a great
deal more pain and humiliation being heaped
upon her. She did not want any more of that.
Really and truly she didn't. Especially from
Mistress Angela. She decided to just say

"Yes, Mistress Angela."

Angela caressed her new sub's slap-reddened
cheek tenderly. Then, the choir director
allowed her hand slowly and gently to trail
down Tracey's slender neck once more and rest
softly on the swell of her up thrust breast,
caressing the flesh oh so seductively.

"So you would do anything to make Lisa happy.
Wouldn't you, Tracey dear. Especially if you
knew that it would also make Mistress Angela
happy too, hmmmmmmmm."

Tracey responded slowly, uncertain of
everything except that she did not want to
cause Angela to have any excuse whatsoever for
giving her any more pain.

What Tracey truly wanted most of all was for
Angela just simply to revert to petting her
instead of slapping her senseless. It had
felt so much better to have her Mistress's
loving hands on her body, stroking and
caressing rather than punishing and hurting.
But now Tracey knew with absolute certainty
that she would have to agree totally with
anything and everything Angela said from now
on if her hopes for more Mistress loving and
less Mistress paining were to be realized.

"Yes, Mistress Angela."

Angela let her hungry eyes rove across the
naked woman's torso to where Lisa was sitting
and smiled her sweetest evil smile. She was
well aware that she had already agreed that
Lisa could have Tracey first. But seeing her
now, so meek and subservient, Angela had to
exert a great deal of self control just to
keep herself from dragging Tracey over to her
house by her short hair right that minute,
grabbing up the strap on from out of her car
on the way, and fucking her senseless with it
until Tracey completely covered the long,
thick shaft with woman cum. She could hardly
wait. But wait she must.

"Well, Lisa" Angela breathed. "Why don't you
just tell your Mommy what you want her to do?
What could our little baby slut mom do for you
to make you happy, little girl?"

Lisa, who had been running her sweating palms
up and down Tracey's naked back now took her
hands completely off her mother's body.
Tracey turned slowly to face her daughter ,
fearful and franticly expectant at the same

Lisa smiled and cleared her throat, and said
it simply.

"Mom. I want you to beg me to fuck you with
Angela's strap on. Now that would make me
really happy."

Tracey shook her head. Even now, after
everything she had gone through so far that
night, her fogged brain refused to believe
that she had heard correctly. She just sat
there, completely dumbfounded. Hoping against
hope that she was wrong about what she thought
she had heard.

Angela's wheedling voice broke through the fog
that clouded Tracey's brain.

"Well, Baby Tracey. Don't you want to do what
your daughter says? You know that it would
make me just so happy to watch Lisa pork you
with that fat strap on of mine. Don't you
want to make Mistress Angela happy, too."

Tracey hesitated.

"Or do I have to go get your belt and teach
you all about how to obey me all over again,

Taking the hint, Lisa arose from the sofa and
strode toward the living room door, as if she
were on her way to retrieve the belt for

Tracey immediately began to cry out in stark
terror. Her pitiful pleas for mercy were an
incoherent babble of imploring monosyllables.
She clutched at Angela's hand and brought it
up to her trembling lips. She kissed it
fervently and sucked on the fingers in a
ludicrous attempt to gain the choir director's
reprieve. Angela just laughed at Tracey's

"Pleeeeeeease, Mistress Angela. I'll be good.
I promise I will. I'll do anything Lisa wants
me to do. Pleeeeease don't get the belt
again. Pleeeeeease."

Angela patted the utterly distraught woman's
cheek in order to reassure her.

"So now you agree to beg our Lisapoo here to
take pity on you and give you some of that
famous strap on of mine, hmmmmmmm, Baby

Tracey vigorously nodded her head in
agreement. She would do whatever it took to
avoid any more pain, especially pain from
being strapped by that horrible belt.

Angela giggled as she saw how earnestly Tracey
was attempting to communicate her willingness
to obey.

"I can't wait to see her shag that Mommy pussy
of yours for you until you scream.

Angela's hands began caressing Tracey's body
once more as she continued.

And if you beg her real sexy for Mistress
Angela, I might even be persuaded to give you
that treat I promised you."

Tracey bowed her head in humiliation and
resignation. She most assuredly did not want
her own daughter to put Angela's fake penis
inside her body and fuck her until she
screamed. The horror of the though of her
daughter doing that turned her stomach. But,
just as surely, Tracey did not want to be
abused any more, either.

And didn't she recall somewhere in the
recesses of her dazed mind that Angela had
promised her that if she got through that
ghastly ordeal with Lisa somehow, her Mistress
would reward her with a treat. Surely then,
if Tracey obeyed totally and made her Mistress
happy by her complete submission to the choir
director's orders, Angela would take pity on
her and give her a treat. Surely she would.

The now totally confused and befuddled woman
slowly turned her head toward her leering
daughter who stood over her in rapt
expectation of what was to come. Lisa's
greedy eyes feasted on her mother's naked and
vulnerable body, covered in angry red welts
from the strapping she and Angela had given
her, and flushed with humiliation and
embarrassment. Oh how she hungered to take
her and use her just as she was; physically
abused and morally confused. But first she
must be made to beg her for it, to humiliate
herself completely before her and her wicked
friend, to subjugate herself absolutely to her
daughter's brutal carnal demands, to surrender
herself to her abjectly and to beseech her
with all her heart to use Angela's enormous
tool any way she desired upon her poor,
unworthy body. Any way at all.

Lisa strode confidently back to the sofa where
her naked mother sat, degradation and
humiliation showing all over her face.

"Well, Mommy dear. Don't you have something
to say to me."

As she spoke, Lisa reached out her hand and
stroked Tracey's short hair. Feeling her
lecherous touch on her body, Tracey cringed.

Lisa put her little finger in her mouth and
sucked on it until it was slickywet with her
spit. Then she placed the saliva-coated
fingertip against the inside of her mother's
ear and began rummaging around with it.
Tracey shivered once more, repulsed by her
daughter's probing finger and domineering

Angela leaned over and began licking Tracey's
other ear.

"Well. Answer her, sillypoo," the choir
director whispered into Tracey's other ear as
she allowed her hand to rove over Tracey's
upper body.

Tracey tried to steel herself for what she
knew she had to do, but her nerve faltered.
She turned to face her Mistress, anguish
suffusing her countenance.

"Please, Mistress Angela. Please don't make
me do that. Pleeeeeease. I'll do just
anything you want me to. But
pppllleeeeaaaassseee don't make me do that."

Angela could barely hear Tracey's plea, so
soft was her voice. Instead of answering
Tracey, Angela leaned against her and began
kissing her tenderly on the mouth. Tracey
slowly responded, hoping against hope that by
being pliant and encouraging Angela to
continue kissing her, she could somehow cause
her Mistress to have pity on her and stay her
daughter's terrible desire. Angela continued
to kiss her, stroking her hair and comforting
Tracey just as before. She so loved it when
one of her conquests tried to wheedle her with
seductive physical favors. Angela wondered
just how far Tracey would go to keep from
having to be forced into strap on intercourse
with her daughter. Well, now was a good time
to find out, even though Angela had absolutely
no intention of being deterred from her goal
of making Tracey submit to a bout of daughter

As she and Tracey continued in their torrid
soul kiss, the choir director moved her hands
to Tracey's breasts. Gently at first, then
more forcefully, Angela began caressing and
groping her new sex toy. Tracey responded
nicely, breathing heavily and whimpering
softly as her Mistress continued molesting
her. Then Angela began to tweeze Tracey's
delicate nipples between her thumbnails and
index finger nails. When Tracey began to pull
away, Angela redoubled her tweezing and
twisting until Tracey could stand it no
longer. Tracey pulled her lips off of those
of her tormentress and let out a high-pitched
squeal of purest pain.

"Pleeeeeeeeease, Mistress Angela. Pleeease
stop. That hurts."

Angela looked her right in the eye.

"Does it hurt more than you think Lisa's big
dick will when she rams it up your little poo
tube for you, Baby Tracey? And you just know
that before the night is over, ole Lisa here
is gonna want to do just that to her little

Angela smiled broadly as the impact of her
words sank into Tracey's fevered brain.
Tracey could do nothing but bow her head.

"So it's Ok with you then if I want to pinch
your Mommy nipples for you, right, baby girl?"

Tracey could do absolutely nothing but nod her
head slowly in agreement. If Angela would let
her off having to beg Lisa to fuck her, then
she would just have to steel herself to go
along with whatever else her Mistress wanted
to do to her.

"Well, Tracey. We'll see."

Angela was noncommittal, but Tracey clung
desperately to the hope that the choir
director could be cajoled into keeping Lisa
from having her way with her.

Seeing that Tracey was forcing herself to
acquiesce, Angela once more began tweezing and
twisting her captive's nipples back and forth.
The choir director was rewarded by a series of
cries and squeals as Tracey gave vent to her
sufferings. Such noises were, of course,
celestial music to Angela's ears.

When Tracey had made enough noise to suit her
tormentress for the time being, Angela moved
her probing, groping fingers down Tracey's
midriff, pausing to tickle and probe the tiny
bellybutton, to her crotch, where she spent a
happy time prodding, probing, pinching, and
scratching until Tracey almost fainted from
the itching, burning pain and growing

"Raise up, baby girl like a good little slut,
and let Mistress Angela put her nice finger in
your little rose. I just adore fingerfucking
grown women like you in the asshole. And I
know you want to make me happy. Don't you,
baby slut?"

Reluctantly but resignedly, Tracey lifted her
small, shapely buns off the sofa and Angela
jabbed her finger into her captive's fundament
as far as it would go. Tracey howled in pain
and tried to pull away from the invading,
clawing finger. But Lisa held her mother fast
so that Angela could dry ream her out to her
heart's content. Lisa knew, even though
Tracey did not, that Angela was preparing her
mother for her eventual anal onslaught.
Getting her primed and ready as it were for
her log invasion later on.

Tracey twisted her head from side to side and
moaned and screeched out her agony as Angela
calmly continued to jab and scratch.

"I bet Lisa's sure going to like to have a
poke at that."

Tracey barely heard her Mistress's statement,
so involved was she in her own pain. A series
of sharp slaps to her naked and vulnerable
butt cheeks returned the tormented woman to
the here and now.

"Well, won't she?"

Tracey mustered up what reserves she had left
and answered her cruel Mistress's question.

"Yesssssss, Mistress Angela. Lisa will like

Angela smiled over at Lisa.

"Hey sweetie. Did you hear that? I bet Mommy
slut here is an asshole virgin. You can be
the first."

Lisa smirked and pressed her mother more
firmly against Angela's probing finger.

"Cool. I just love fucking girls in the ass.
And I'll bet that I will really like doing it
to Mommy here. She's probably as tight as any
young girl I've had."

Tracey cried out in terror when she heard what
Lisa said.

"Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeassssssssssse, Mistress
Angela. I'll do whatever you want me to. But
plllleeeeeaaaaasssssseeeeee, don't let Lisa do
that to me. Pleeeease don't."

Angela removed her probing finger and wiped
its pungent residue along the inside of
Tracey's butt crack.

"I don't know, Tracey. Lisa sure seems
interested in porking your pooper for you.
But maybe she'll be satisfied with just
reaming your nasty old Mommy pussy. That is
of course, if you beg her real nice."

By now, Tracey was so frantic about keeping
Lisa from invading her virginal rear end, that
the prospect of her actually having vaginal
strap on intercourse with her did not seem to
be quite the horrible prospect it had been
earlier that night. Maybe, just maybe, if she
begged her really sincerely to fuck her pussy
for her, Tracey's daughter would be satisfied
and not take her hinder virginity after all.
With her mind full of that hopeful thought,
the panicked woman leapt off the sofa, got
down on her knees, and looked as beseechingly
as she could directly up at her leering
daughter. As she knelt there, Tracey longed
for more than anything else in the world to be
reassured by Lisa that it was within the realm
of possibility that, should she convey both by
her words themselves and the intonation she
placed on them just how much she would beg for
just so long as Lisa refrained from raping her
rosette, that it would be possible to persuade
her to relent.

Tracey opened her mouth and said the words as
passionately as she could muster the energy.

"Lisa, honey. Please, baby. Please, oh
please put Angela's big strap on inside me.
I'm begging you to fill me up with it right
now. Please, baby. Mommy wants you to ride
me soooooo bad."

Then the highly agitated woman suited her
actions to her wanton words. Tracey crawled
swiftly over to where her daughter was
standing imperiously above her. She reached
her arms out and around her legs and hugged
her daughter's naked body to her as tightly as
she could manage. Her upturned face lay
softly against Lisa's crotch. Unbidden,
Tracey nuzzled her cheek tenderly against
Lisa's mons. She opened her mouth as wide as
it could go and wrapped her lips around her
daughter's vulva and suckled it just like a
starving infant.

Lisa immediately thrust her hips out so that
even more of her naked slit would be available
to her mother's wide-open mouth. She groaned
and wiggled her hips. It was everything she
could do to keep himself from cumming right
then and there.

Tracey felt her daughter's desperate need to
cum. Perhaps, she surmised as she continued
to lave her slit with her warm tongue, if she
acted like a real slut for her, Tracey could
cause the girl to cum right in her mouth,
thereby saving herself from any further
humiliation until a later time.

But Lisa was not to be put off from her
ultimate goal. And so she suddenly pulled
back from her mother's tempting lips before
she could bring her off orally.

"Bad Mommy," Lisa laughed heartily.

"I thought you said you wanted me to fill up
your pussy, not your mouth; although you'll
beg me to do that also, in time. Won't you,
little girl."

As she talked, the girl stroked her mother's
short hair as if she were some favorite pet,
which, of course by now, she was.

"Now, why don't you slide back, get up, go out
to Angela's car, and bring back her nice strap
on so I can start doing what you begged me to
do. I want to make you happy, Mommy."

Seeing that her strategy had failed, Tracey
resigned herself to the inevitable, got up and
grabbed for her robe lying near her on a
chair. Lisa slapped her hand away.

"Naked, Mommy. Go to Angela's car naked.
It's right outside. Hopefully no one will see
you rooting around in her back seat with your
naked butt stuck up in the air."

Tracy didn't want to do it, but Angela slapped
her a couple times and she did. Angela and
Lisa stood in the doorway laughing as Tracey
ran to the car and rummaged around until she
found the strap on lying on the floor of the
back seat where Lisa had dripped it after
diddling Mandy with it. They almost shut the
door on Tracey as she ran back in the house,
but Lisa was too anxious to use the sweet
strap on on her mother to want to play any

Lisa immediately grabbed the long, thick,
erect dildo out of her mother's hands, stepped
into it, pushed Tracey to the floor, and aimed
it directly at her face. But before Tracey
could put her mouth on it to coat it with her
saliva, Angela took a handful of her hair and
jerked her away from her daughter.

"Maybe later, baby. If you're good, I'll let
you suck on it as much as you want. But not
right now."

Angela cooed the words as she dragged her
unwilling captive across the floor to a coffee
table in front of the sofa. Then she and Lisa
arranged her mother so that she was kneeling
by the coffee table with her torso draped
across it and her arms hanging over the other

"Mandypoo, come over here and grab her wrists
for me. Hold her arms straight out in front
of her."

Mandy got up from her place on the floor,
rounded the coffee table, and grasped Tracey's
wrists firmly in her two hands. Then she
pulled Tracey's arms in front of her as far as
they would go.

Seeing that Mandy had followed her orders to
the letter. Angela gave her subby teacher a
big, wet kiss on the mouth and a few minutes
of licentious fondling as a reward. Mandy
gurgled and wriggled like a happy puppy as her
mistress paid her that lewd attention.

When Angela got tired of feeling the teacher
up, she raised herself off the floor in front
of the coffee table and called to Lisa to take
her place behind Tracey, grasp her two ankles,
and pull her legs straight back behind her.
Lisa stood behind the coffee table, reached
down, and grabbed Tracey's ankles. Then they
pulled them straight back behind her as far as
they would go off the ground.

Tracey was now completely at her daughter's
mercy, her arms and legs pulled away from her
torso by Mandy and Lisa until the tension in
her shoulders and hips began to cause her
joints to ache. Angela grabbed Tracey's
ankles from Lisa, who scooted between her
mother's legs.

Tracey began to moan and whine as Mandy and
Angela pulled against each other as if they
were going to draw and quarter her right then
and there. Angela looked down at the stricken
woman and smiled. Tracey was right where she
wanted her.

"Tracey honey, do you still want your little
Lisa to stuff her bad old plastic thingy deep
deep in your Mommy slut pussy for you,

Tracey could barely concentrate on Angela's
words. The pain in her joints was well on its
way to getting the better of her. But,
despite her growing suffering, Tracey knew
beyond a doubt that she had better say 'yes'
to anything Angela wanted or there would
surely be even more agony for her to come.

"Yes, Mistress Angela," Tracey shuddered. She
would have said 'yes' to anything at that
point; she hurt so.

"OK, Mandy," Angela chirped. "Ease up on our
dear baby girl so she can enjoy herself while
Lisa porks her."

Reluctantly, Mandy stopped tugging against
Angela and allowed Tracey's arms to relax.
Angela did the same with Tracey's legs. The
poor woman could now rest her knees on the
floor and her elbows on the top of the coffee
table. She began to pant as the agony in her
joints slowly subsided. Angela reached around
her victim and unceremoniously jabbed two of
her fingers into Tracey's nostrils and jerked
her head up so she was looking directly into
her Mistress's eyes. Tracey cried out but
made no move to pull her face away from
Angela's cruel fingers.

"Ok, Tracey. Now we all heard you beg for it
like the good little Mommy slut you are. And
rest assures, old Lisa here is going to grant
your wish. And while she does, I'm going to
get it all down on videotape so we can enjoy
watching it for years to come."

Tracey cringed at the thought of having her
humiliation recorded on tape, but had sense
enough not to complain.

"Now, while I'm taping our little love scene
here, you had better act right. I want to
hear some really slutty encouragements coming
out of that Mommy mouth of yours, and it
better be loud enough so that the microphone
picks up every word. Do you understand me,

Tracey did not want to understand, but she did
anyway. Somewhere deep inside her loins, a
little itch of masochism began to burn.

"Yes, Mistress Angela. I understand."

Angela could plainly see the masochistic
surrender in Tracey's eyes. It was almost
time to celebrate. She had just about broken
yet another grown woman to her will. Very
soon, now Tracey would be completely owned by

"Ok, Lisa. She's all yours."

Lisa slid even closer behind her kneeling
mother while Angela put the video cam up to
her face and began recording.

"Spread those luscious legs of yours, Mommy.
So I can get to that sweet pussy."

Tracey felt the tingle inside her grow and
immediately spread her knees as wide as they
could go on the floor. Her nether lips peeked
from beneath her butt crack, and Lisa could
clearly see her target. She impudently ran
her little finger along her slit.

"Do you still want me to fuck you, Mom," Lisa
smirked down at her kneeling mother.

"Yes, Lisa," Tracey said in a monotone. And,,
deep in her secret soul, Tracey had to admit
to herself that she really did want her
daughter to impale her. She was so ashamed of
herself, but what could she do. Her
experiences of that evening had opened yet
another secret door in her sexuality, and now
she was being made to step through it.

"Tracey. Say it out loud so the microphone
can hear you."

Angela's warning voice came through loud and

A suddenly terrified Tracey tried her best to
put some animation in her words. The force of
the humiliation and degradation of what she
was being made to do blended crazily with her
newfound masochistic desire to have it happen
to her to just about make her lose her mind.
Which is, of course, just what Angela wanted
to happen.

"Pleeeeeeeasssseee, Lisa. Please fuck

Lisa's mother swayed her hips back and forth
as an added salacious inducement to provoke
her daughter to act. Her wanton butt wagging
brought hoots of gleeful approval from Lisa.

Lisa just could not wait another second.
Kneeling down right behind Tracey's naked
body, Lisa let the very tip of her plastic
penis slide sinfully along the crack of her
mother's butt until it found its desired
resting place firmly against her inner labia.
Then, without any warning or regard for
Tracey's welfare, the girl shoved her hips
forward and drove her erection into her
mother's vagina as far as it would go.

Tracey lifted up her head and screamed out in
blinding pain as her daughter drove
relentlessly into her. Even though her slit
was coated in slick mucus, the friction of her
entry burned like acid against her sensitive
inner walls. Tracey twisted and bucked in a
vain attempt to dislodge her daughter, but to
no avail.

Lisa did not for a moment care about the pain
her violation was causing Tracey. All her
mind was focused on the one central fact that
she had finally gotten her wish and that her
plastic prick was way deep in her mother's
pussy. And it felt wonderful, absolutely
wonderful. The emotional and psychological
feelings were just beyond words.

The long, turgid shaft of the strap on totally
filled Tracey up, and her strong vaginal
muscles grasped and squeezed hard against it
as her body desperately tried to accommodate
itself to that enormous invader. For Tracey,
the sensation was overwhelming. She felt
completely and absolutely full of Lisa's
erection. She just was not used to being so
overcome sexually. And while her mind was
totally repulsed by the thought of having her
own daughter inside her in such an absolutely
obscene way, her body was not only growing
used to the sensation of her being inside her,
it was beginning to respond to it positively.

As Lisa continued to piston in and out of her
mother's pussy, she began to notice that her
entries and exits were easier and easier.
Tracey's canal was expanding to accommodate
her plastic penis, just like Mandy's did
earlier in the car when she fucked her.
Furthermore, she could feel a warm slick
wetness beginning to coat her thighs as her
mother leaked hot sex juices against her,
making the drives and withdrawals not nearly
so painful.

"Hey Angela. She's juicing. She's juicing."

Lisa laughed out loud and slapped her mother
playfully on the flank as her hard plastic
member drove deeper and deeper into her. Her
mind might be at war with itself, but Tracey's
body was certainly showing signs of beginning
to like it.

Angela was watching the goings on through her
viewfinder of the videotape recorder. She
could see from the way Tracey was screwing up
her face and biting her lower lip that she was
close, very close. But Angela did not want
her to shoot her load quite yet, before she
inflicted just one more indignity on Tracey.

She raised her voice to be heard over Lisa's
moaning and Tracey's squeals and whimpers.

"Don't let her come, Lisa. Save it for that
sweet, sweet, virgin asshole of hers."

Lisa and Tracey both heard Angela's
admonition. Lisa stopped dead in mid hump.
Then she pulled out altogether and positioned
himself to do as ordered. Tracey let out a
blood-curdling scream and tried to get up off
the coffee table.


Lisa pressed her entire bulk down on her
mother's bucking and rearing body to keep her
in place under her. She was not to be denied.

Angela, seeing that Tracey was rebelling
against her orders, even after all her
preparations and training, flew into a
towering rage.

"Mandy, grab those slut arms of hers just like
you did before. I'll grab the bitch's ankles,
and show her that I mean for her to do what I
tell her to do when I tell her."

Mandy rushed to do Angela's bidding. In less
than five seconds, Mandy had both of Tracey's
wrists restrained in an iron grip and Angela
had a firm hold on her ankles. Tracey lunged
and twisted her body for all she was worth,
but she could not escape Lisa and Angela. The
frantic woman screamed and yelled in mortal
terror, but to no avail whatsoever.

When she was certain that Tracey was firmly
under the control of Mandy and herself, Angela
ordered Lisa to get back out of the way and
give her some working room. Lisa quickly slid
back from her mother's writhing body, then
stood up to watch the fun that she knew was to
come. Angela motioned with her head for Lisa
to take over holding her mother's ankles,
which the girl willingly did. Soon Mandy and
Lisa had Tracey where she couldn't move at

Angela walked over to where Tracey was being
held, grabbed a hank of her cropped hair and
yanked Tracey's head around so she could make
eye contact.

"OK, bitch. So you decided to argue with me
and now you refuse to let me do what I want to
do with you. Well, let's see if you like
what's going to happen to you now any better."

Angela then drew back her free hand and
commenced slapping the hapless Tracey all over
her face.


Tracey screamed in pain and made yet another
lunging attempt to free herself from the
clutches of her captors. But to no avail
whatsoever. Mandy and Lisa had her firmly in
hand and were not about to let go of her. So
Tracey just had to lie there and take whatever
punishment Angela wanted to give her. And
Angela wanted plenty.


The choir director continued slapping Tracey's
face until her cheeks were bright red and
puffy. Then Angela let go of Tracey's hair
and let her head fall back to the surface of
the coffee table. Tracey was crying and
squealing for all she was worth. But Angela
was nowhere near finished with her, yet.

The furious dominatrix picked up a large
hardback book that had been knocked to the
floor and began swatting it viciously against
Tracey's vulnerable butt cheeks.


Angela's vicious abuse of Tracey's tender
posteriors set up yet another chorus of
wailing and screaming. By the time Angela's
arms got tired, Tracey's butt cheeks were
solid red. Tracey had screamed herself hoarse
from the excruciating pain Angela was causing
her, but the anger in Angela still boiled her
blood for more and even more.

"Ok, ladies. I'm going in the other room and
get that belt. While I'm gone, you turn her
over on her back so I can really get at her.
And don't you dare let her go."

Tracey had heard Angela's words through the
storm of her pain, and she set up a howl of

Nooooooooo. Please, please stop. I'll obey
you from now on, Mistress Angela. Oh please,
don't hurt me anymore. I'll be gooooddddddd."

Angela glared over at her cringing victim.

"Too late bitch. You had your chance to mind
me, and you didn't take it. Now I'm going to
make sure that you obey me from now on."

As Angela turned to go, Tracey began begging
Mandy to let her go.

"Mandy, pleeeeeassssse. Plllleeeeeeeasssseee
let me go before she gets back. She's going
to kiiiillllll me."

Mandy looked down at Tracey in her total
helplessness, and a shiver of lust coursed
through her loins as she heard Tracey beg and
plead with her. Mandy had done so much
begging herself over the past few days that it
was a true turn on to hear someone else do the
begging for a change. Especially as that
someone was begging her.

Of course Mandy knew better than to give in to
Tracey's pleas. But it still made her wet to
hear her beg. Maybe Angela would get tired of
using that belt after a while and let her have
a go at Tracey. That would really turn Mandy

By the time Angela had returned to the living
room, the belt swinging against her thigh,
Mandy and Lisa had gotten Tracey turned over
somehow and all staked out for her punishment.
Without saying a word, Angela strode up to
where Tracey was staring up at her, terrified
eyes as big as silver dollars, and brought the
leather belt down right across her up thrust
and defenseless breasts. Tracey opened her
mouth and a wail emerged that was so gut
wrenching as to cause Mandy almost to let go
of her ankle. But the teacher recovered her
wits and her grip just in time. When Tracey
had emptied her lungs with screaming and
inhaled once more, Angela brought the belt
down again.


Angela's arm went up and down like a driving
piston. The metal clad tongue of the wide
leather belt bit remorselessly into Tracey's
vulnerable flesh. Her breasts, midriff, and
thighs began turning crimson from being so
mercilessly treated. And Tracey screamed, and
screamed, and screamed. Oh how she screamed.

The tormented woman completely lost it. She
sprayed Lisa with a jet of hot urine as her
bladder let go. She vomited violently,
covering Mandy with a sour spray of half-
digested food. And Angela just kept on with
her methodical belt strapping until the agony
overwhelmed her victim completely and she
fainted dead away.

Angela, frustrated beyond measure at losing
her plaything to unconsciousness, ran into the
kitchen and returned almost immediately with a
pitcher of ice water from the refrigerator.
She dumped the water unceremoniously on
Tracey's slack face and watched satisfied as
Tracey's eyes fluttered open.

"Ok, Mandy. Now I want you to pull on her
arms as hard as you can. Stretch them out
over her head as far apart as they will go.
Then twist the wrists away from each other."

Mandy did as she was told and Tracey responded
by setting up another chorus of wailing.

"Lisa. Now I want you to pull her legs as far
apart as you can. Then I want you to turn her
legs away from each other as far as they will

Lisa happily obliged Angela's satanic whim.
She wrenched Tracey's slender legs apart until
her hips ached. She twisted her mother's
ankles until her joints burned as though they
were soaked in acid. And Tracey responded by
giving voice to an unending wail of purest
anguish. Between the pulling, jerking, and
twisting being so harshly administered by
Mandy and Lisa, the poor woman was being
almost literally torn apart. Then Angela
started in on her once more with the belt.


The choir director tormentress concentrated on
Tracey's inner thighs and crotch, now fully
exposed and vulnerable to her. Soon Tracey's
thighs were crisscrossed with long angry red
welts and her inflamed labia were puffy and
swollen from the continuous belt strapping.
The pain finally proved too much for the
tortured woman and she passed out once again.
Angela and Lisa and even Mandy breathed
heavily as they tried to recuperate from their
strenuous exercise.

When she had caught her breath, Angela rushed
into the kitchen again to fetch more water.
But that time when she returned, the flint
edge of her fury had somewhat subsided. But
she was clearly still in no mood to be argued
with. And everyone else in the room knew it
just by looking at her.

Pitcher in hand, Angela slowly sauntered
toward Tracey's unconscious and battered body.
Unhurriedly that time, the choir director
dribbled the water on her victim's slack face
until Tracey began to sputter and shake her
head. When her eyes met Angela's, Tracey
began to blubber like a terrified child.

Anggggeeeellllaaaaa. Pllleassssee don't
hurrrrttt mmmeeeeeee. Pllleeeaaasssseeeee,

Angela smiled down at her totally broken

"Are you going to behave me from now on, Baby
Tracey," Angela said softly, letting her hand
stroke the woman's brow in a gesture of mock

"Oooooohhhhhhh yyyyeeeeeeeesssssssssss,

Angela slid her index finger along Tracey's
parched lips.

"Open your mouth like a good little baby girl
for Mistress Angela."

Tracey immediately opened her lips and allowed
her tormentress to probe around inside.
Angela let her fingertip travel back and forth
along Tracey's tongue. Tracey kept absolutely
still, her complete terror apparent in her
bloodshot eyes.

Angela took out her Tracey spit moistened
finger and used it to rub against Tracey's
tormented and distended nipple. Tracey gasped
in pain, but did not move a hair. Angela

"Does ums hurt, baby. Does ums hurt real,
real bad?"

Tracey knew that she must answer.

"Yessss, Mistress Angela."

Angela switched her lewd attention to the
other nipple.

"Does ums hurt a real whole lot, baby?"

Tracey shuddered.

Yes, Mistress Angela. I hurt a lot."

Angela cupped Tracey's breast in her hand and
squeezed just a trifle. Tracey winced and
sucked in her ragged breath through clenched
teeth. But, once again, she had better sense
than to move. Angela continued to stroke and

"Yes, Tracey baby girl. I know you hurt. And
it's good that you hurt. Very good. You hurt
because you were a bad girl and didn't obey
me. Just imagine how good it would feel right
now to have your mistress's hands feeling you
up like that if I hadn't been forced by your
disrespectful disobedience of me to punish
you. It's your own fault that you hurt.
Isn't it, Tracey."

Tracey cried and cried. But she knew she had
to say it right.

"Yessss, Mistress Angela."

Right then, Tracey felt only pain as a result
of Angela's wanton ministrations. But she
understood what her mistress was telling her
about her possible future. And Tracey had to
admit to herself that, despite everything that
had happened to her so far, it probably would
be in her true best interest to obey her
Mistress in the future and to reap the
erotically satisfying rewards associated with
good behavior. Angela had conditioned Tracey

"Tracey. We already know that left to
yourself, you really do want to be a nasty
little slutty subby girl lover deep down
inside. You saw that for yourself on the
videotape. Didn't you, baby?"

Tracey shuddered.

"Yes, Mistress Angela."

"And you just love to snuzzle Lisa's snizz.
And old Mandy there belongs totally to me as
you already have surmised by now. And that
being the case, I can absolutely guarantee you
that if you behave yourself like a good little
lezzy subby and obey me from now on, you can
expect an occasional slavey treat from her as
well. So what do you say, baby. Or do I have
to get the belt to you some more."

Tracey cringed just as if Angela had already
picked up the belt to hit her with, which she
had not, but most certainly could if she
wanted to. Seeing Tracey's reaction to her
words, Angela giggled and began lazily
stroking Tracey's puffy, abused labia.
Despite herself, Tracey began to wriggle and

"Now you don't really want me to have to get
the belt again. Do you, baby."

Tracey shook her head violently from side to

"Noooooo. Pleeease, Mistress Angela."

Angela poked her finger inside Tracey's canal
and began plundering around in there. Tracey
sucked in her breath, but did nothing
whatsoever to give Angela an excuse to strap
her again. Angela leaned down and placed her
lips on Tracey's. Tracey parted her lips and
allowed the choir director to snake her tongue
inside her mouth. Tracey immediately began
sucking on her Mistress's tongue, just as she
knew she should. And as the two females
kissed, Tracey let out a little moaning
whimper of surrender.

Angela continued to kiss and pet her new
conquest until Tracey was panting and the
choir director could feel the first stirrings
of passion deep within her captive's tormented

"You do want to obey me from now on, don't
you, Baby Tracey."

Tracey nodded slowly.

And Lisa told me all about making you eat her
little friend Tori. I really would like to
see you do that. Wouldn't you like to let me
watch you eat that little girl's pussy for
her, baby?"

Tracey shuddered bud nodded her head 'yes.'

"And Tori has a Mommy who Lisa tells me is a
little subby Mommy just like you are. Maybe,
we'll let you and her and Mandy all play
together. Wouldn't that be fun?"

Another shudder and another affirmative nod of
Tracey's head.

"And you're never going to disobey me, ever
again. Are you, Baby Tracey?"

"No, Mistress Angela," Tracey said, and that
time, she really, truly meant it.

"Then roll over for me like a good girl."

Tracey slowly allowed Angela to roll her body
until she was face down across the coffee
table. Tracey knelt there as docile as a
lamb, her puffy labia luminescent with her

Angela looked over at Lisa who had been
following the entire scene from across the
room. Her plastic erection was ready for the
task at hand.

"Come over here, Lisa, and fuck your Mommy
just like the dogslut she is."

Tracey raised up a little so she could look
back as her daughter mounted her. She sighed
as Lisa's plastic shaft penetrated deep inside
her. Her hips moved rhythmically to meet her
daughter's lusty thrusts. She would obey from
now on. Yes she would. She would be a good
little girl, and Angela wouldn't have to use
the belt on her any more. And Lisa would fuck
her. And Angela would let her taste her sweet
sniz. And so would Lisa. And so would Mandy,
and Tori, and Tori's mother, and anyone else
Angela said. And she would be a very, very
good little girl from now on.

"Is it good, baby," Angela wanted to know.

"Yessss, Mistress Angela."

"And do you want Lisa to put her long plastic
penis in your virgin pooper now."

Tracey shuddered, but she also remembered the
horrible belt.

"Yesssss, Mistress Angela."

"Well, reach back like a good subby Mommy slut
and pull your sweet cheeks apart Tracey baby,
so she can get to it."

That time there was no resistance, no
gainsaying, no struggle at all. Tracey meekly
reached her hands behind her and dutifully
opened herself to her daughter's carnal
advances. Anything was better than that belt.
Anything at all. She would be meek from now
on. She would be shy and timid. She would
obey. She would be sooooo good.

Lisa slowly withdrew from her mother's pussy
and placed the wet head of her plastic prick
firmly against Tracey's tightly puckered

"Well, silly. Beg her for it. You know you
want to. Don't you, baby."

Tracey pressed her tightly closed sphincter
firmly up against her daughter's fake prong
and wiggled her hips seductively.

"Pleeeease, Lisa. Please put it in my ass.
Pleeeease, honey."

Lisa needed no further encouragement. She
drove hard into her mother's fundament until
her thighs spanked Tracey's already enflamed
butt cheeks.. Her vaginal lubrication, which
had adhered to the plastic prick, eased the
pain somewhat as Lisa stroked slowly back and
forth inside her. But Tracey still felt as if
she were being spitted. Hot tears of pain
laced her upturned cheek until Angela reached
over and licked them right off her face. The
choir director just loved the taste of woman
tears, especially if she was the cause for
them. Tracey moaned and bucked just a little
until Angela playfully hand slapped her flank
and told her to be still and take her butt
fucking like a woman.

After a time, Angela chanced to glance up at
Tracey's contorted face. She could plainly
read the signs of her approaching climax as if
they were plastered on a billboard.

"Do you want to cum, Tracey?"

Lisa's breath was exploding in ragged bursts
and sweat was popping out on her upper lip.

"Yes, Mistress, Angela."

Angela looked over at Tracey, whose expression
was changing from searing pain into prickling

"Does ums want to cumcum, Tracey baby?"

Tracey could only nod her head in assent.
Though she tried to convince herself it was
fear of the belt that made her give in to
Angela's obscene demand, Tracey knew deep down
that it was her itching desire that compelled
her to say 'yes.' Lisa was still her
daughter, and what she was being forced to do
was so very wrong. But Lisa was also her
mistress, just like Angela now was. And right
now, her plastic shaft was rammed up her
pooper to the hilt. And she was getting used
to it; perhaps even liking it a little.

Tracey was so absorbed in the feelings she was
getting from her daughter's ramming in and out
of her butt hole that she completely lost
track of her own growing horniness. Despite
Angela's terrible punishment, administered so
recently to her abused body, it was an
undeniable fact that Tracey had spent a night
of what can only be referred to as unfulfilled
sexuality. First, her drug induced sleep had
been invaded by a coven of sexy vicious
witches who had worked their wicked will on
her body. Then, she had been made to watch a
salacious videotape of herself while being
wantonly felt up by her daughter and her new
Mistress. Then she had been fucked into near
unconsciousness, both fore and aft, by her
daughter's rampant strap on. Truth to tell,
Tracey needed to cum in the worst way to
relieve all that unfulfilled sexual tension.
And Angela knew all about it. And she smiled
her sweetest smile to think that it had been
she who had awakened the deep need to be
dominated by yet another person.

Tracey knelt on her living room floor,
secretions dripping obscenely out of her
vulva, while Angela continued to finger diddle
her puffy labia and stiff little clit. Tracey
held herself very, very still in hopes that
Angela would continue to play with her pussy
just long enough for her to finally cum. But
Angela had no intention of allowing her new
sex toy to cum just yet. She wanted to keep
Tracey frustrated and needy for as long as she
could. So each time Tracey seemed near
orgasm, Angela would do something to distract
her; like tweezing her clit or spanking her
abused butt.

Then Tracey got to begging her new mistress to
please let her cum, and Angela kept putting
conditions on her permission. First Tracey
had to give Lisa what can only be referred to
as a world-class strap on blowjob. But, even
though Lisa obviously was finally satisfied
that her mother was her's from that night on,
still Angela wasn't satisfied. So Tracey then
had to spend the next hour providing all kinds
of obscene little services to Lisa and Angela.
That got her a little closer to her goal, but
still Angela demanded more. So Tracey finally
had to do some really nasty things for her new
Mistress; things that are of course best left
to the imagination, but which most assuredly
proved beyond a shadow of doubt that she was
truly and thoroughly owned by her.

At the end of that latest bout of humiliation
and degradation, Angela had just about decided
to go ahead and let Tracey get off. So she
ordered Mandy to plunder about her fundament,
licking and sucking all of Lisa's fluids out
of her hole. That treatment by Mandy nearly
drove Tracey mad with unfulfilled frustration
because Angela had still refused to let her

But finally Angela relented, seeing that her
new subby was almost over the edge. Then and
only then did Angela permit poor, frustrated
Tracey the privilege of lewdly masturbating
herself into a series of explosive orgasms
while her mistress recorded it all with the
video cam and Lisa encouraged her and made
suggestions. So it was well past daylight
when Angela finally brought her show to a
close and allowed her charges some much needed
rest. The last thing the happy Mistress saw
before going to sleep herself was her two
grown up subby lezzies, Mandy and Tracey, with
their faces pressed firmly into each other's
crotches, languidly licking away at each other
till sleep finally overcame them both.

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