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Collected by Djian

Border Nightmare

This story is a work of fiction. It is based on my own fantasies, which in
part have been fueled by own experiences in law enforcement. But this is
only a work of fiction. Rape is wrong. It will get you thrown in jail, and
you'll lose everything-Your career, your family, your friends and more
importantly, your freedom. Also rape is a terrible experience for the
victim, and although it might be a cheap thrill for you, it's not worth
ruining a person's whole life over a piece of ass.

More importantly, it's not worth ruining your life. Remember when you get
caught, and eventually you will get caught, that rapists are not very
popular in prison. A matter of fact, you'll be the one getting raped in the
big house. That is if your lucky enough to make it to prison. After all, the
victim's family might find you before the cops do. And there is a big
difference between what's legal and what's justice.

So don't rape. Instead find you a lover who is kinky and carry out your
fantasies with a consensual partner(s). I hope you will both enjoy my story,
and please be forgiving of any mistakes since this is my first time to write
a story like this. Also, after reading through Alebeards readers comments, I
have decided to alter my original story and add the use of pliers etc on our
unfortunate victim. So, there will be more of this story, as I have time to
write. Until then, enjoy, and remember rape should only be a fantasy.


In a middle class neighborhood of San Diego, Jose Gonzales calmly drove the
new van down the street. His two work associates, Hector Reyes and Ramon
Rivera sat in the van with him. Jose smiled as he thought about the two
thousand dollars they would each receive once they completed the short trip
back to their home in Tijuana, Mexico and delivered the stolen van to a chop
shop operated by Jose's uncle. This was their third such auto theft in a
week, and it would not be their last.

Jose loved his job. It was easy money, and except for the time as a teenager
when he had been stopped by the California Highway Patrol for joy riding in
a stolen corvette he had never been arrested by the police. Once was enough
though. The three years Jose spent in a California prison had taught him
many things. Jose listened to the old timers and learned how to steal cars
and not get caught. He also learned to hate American gringos.

Not only did he hate them for locking him up in a cage and treating him like
an animal, but he hated them for their arrogance and wealth. In prison, he
learned how the gringos had stolen California, along with Arizona, New
Mexico, Colorado and Texas from his "Raza", his people. Jose longed for the
day when his Raza would reclaim those occupied territories. Until that day,
Jose knew he could the hurt the Americans every time he stole one of their
cars and took his plunder back to Mexico. Nothing pleased Jose more than
hurting Americans.

Jose's thoughts were brought back to the moment at hand when the large
yellow school bus he was following started to flash its red lights and
stopped in front of him. When the buses' doors opened, a very attractive
blond haired American teenager stepped off the bus by herself. She was
gorgeous. She had a good tan, and her shoulder length hair, nicely shaped
body, and long legs, made her look much older than sixteen. Even in the
conservative white blouse and blue jeans she wore, it was obvious to
everyone in the van that the girl was a knockout.

As all three men stared admiringly at the girl, Hector was the first to

"Man, look at that! I'd love to give that gringa some good loving. Look at
that ass. Fucking tease, walking around like that, you know she wants it."

"O hey, I'd like to be the one to give it to her too" Ramon responded.

"Me too" replied Jose. Quickly looking into the mirrors and assessing the
quiet neighborhood and the girl who was oblivious to the danger fast
approaching her, Jose said "We can take it too. Look at this place, no one
is around. As soon as the bus leaves she will be by herself. I'll pull the
van way up in front of her, by those bushes. Hector you get out and wait on
the other side of the bushes. Leave the side door of the van open, and when
she walks by, I'll ask her a question and distract her. Then you come up
behind her, push her inside, and then we have a party. And that bitch can be
the guest of honor. What do you say, do we do this American bitch. Or are
you guys queer and too scared to try?"

Faced with the challenge to their manhood, and filled with lust for the
attractive blond, both Juan and Hector quickly agreed to follow their
leader's plan.

As the van pulled in front of the beautiful teenager, she did not even
notice the van stop or Hector disappearing behind the tall bushes. The
teenager's mind was elsewhere.

As Jennifer Braddum walked home from the bus stop, she could not believe
that she had to ride the bus again. She had a drivers license and a car, and
had been driving to school for the past seven months.

But then she had been on a date with Bruce Whitefield, an attractive
football player. Although she had dated him for several months, she had
never let him get all the way. Then last weekend they had been to a party
and she had a little too much to drink. Bruce took her up stairs, and laid
her on her best friends parent's bed. After several minutes of French
kissing and heavy petting, Bruce had started to remove her blouse. The
alcohol was numbing her mind, and Bruce's caresses felt so nice, that Jenny
did not mind Bruce taking off her shirt and bra. After Bruce removed her
bra, he kissed down Jenny's neck and begin to suck and lick her large
breasts. Noting her excitement, Bruce began to pull down Jenny's pants.
While still suckling on her breasts, Bruce completely removed her slacks,
and fondled Jenny's pussy through her panties. When she did not try to
resist Bruce, he kissed down her ivory white breast, and down across her
flat stomach. The contrast between Jenny's ivory white breast and her golden
brown tanned stomach turned Bruce on even more. He found Jenny's clit
through her panties, and begun to finger her pleasure button. Her moans were
getting so loud that Bruce did not notice that the music of the party below
had stopped. Even if he had heard, Bruce would not of cared. As he licked
his way down Jenny's tummy, and briefly sucked on her belly button, all he
could think about was fucking Jenny. Knowing that she would not allow this
if she was sober, he slyly used his other hand to remove his pants and
underwear as he continued to please Jenny with his other hand and his hot
mouth. Once his pants were removed, he spread Jenny's legs and begin to lick
her pussy through her panties. He could taste her pussy juices soaking
through her panties, and he quickly pulled them off. With Jenny's legs
resting over his shoulders, Bruce used his tongue to lap her hot, wet pussy
while reaching up and kneading her breast with his hands. Neither Bruce nor
Jenny heard the sounds of adults coming up the stairs, and it was not until
her best friend's mother and father opened up the bedroom door, that Jenny
and Bruce realized that the party had ended. Catching the sight of Jenny
laying naked on their bed with a strong, young football player with a huge
erection betwen his legs, had left little doubt in the minds of the adults
as to what was happening on their bed.

Because of the alcohol, the next morning Jenny did not even remember her
parents being called to pick her up, or the angry reaction of her father
when he heard how she had been found. She did however clearly remember how
her parents had taken her car away, placed her on strict restriction, and
forbidden her to hang out after school with Bruce or any of her friends.
That's why she couldn't get a ride home after school, and was forced to ride
the bus. She couldn't believe that she was in high school, and yet she was
still riding the bus. How humiliating.

Hoping that none of her friends or classmates would see her riding the bus,
or walking home, Jenny walked with her head down, hardly noticing her
surroundings. She did not see the van pull over up the street, nor did she
see the side door open up, and the rough looking man jump out of the van and
disappear behind the bushes. Jenny did not even notice the van until a large
Hispanic man, wearing a white tanktop T-shirt and a blue unbuttoned shirt
over his tattooed covered chest and arms, stepped out of the van's side

Looking the girl up and down, Jose called to the attractive blond "Hey
beautiful, you need a ride? Step inside baby and you and me can talk."

Jenny, startled by the sudden appearance of this rough looking man with
tattoos and greased black hair, was even more suprised by his offer of a
ride. As if she, Jenny Braddum would talk to a man like that, let alone go
for ride with him. Her friends from high school would die if they saw her
talking to a creep like this guy.

Not wishing to get to close to the big man, Jenny, stepped to the side and
said "Thanks, but I don't think so! I'm almost home. Thanks for the offer
though !" and then tried to walk away.

Jenny, so use to being in a sheltered high school environment where such a
rebuff would turn away boy, did not realize that Jose would not take no for
an answer. Her innocent attitude, so common among young American teenage
girls, only made Jose want her more. And her refusal to get inside the van
only ensured that Jose would enjoy every moment of her rape and torture.

Jenny, not yet realizing the danger she was facing, was surprised when Jose
stepped towards her and stated "But I insist".

Suddenly out of the corner of her eye, Jenny saw someone rushing towards her
from the other side. Before she could scream or understand what was
happening, the man slammed into her, knocking her out of breath, and pushed
her towards the open van doors. The man she had spoken to, placed his hand
over her mouth, and helped Hector drag the girl inside the van. Within a
matter of seconds, Jenny was inside the van, the door closed, and the van,
driven by Ramon, pulling away from the curb.

Holding his hand over the girl's mouth, while Hector pinned the girl by her
arms, Jose smiled at the girl laying before him, and said "You should have
got in the van bitch, now you are going to pay."

Grinning at Hector, Jose rubbed his hands together, and said " Party Time".

Suddenly Jose's and Hector's hands were all over Jenny, grasping and pulling
on her breast and going up in-between her legs and underneath her shirt.
Trying to get her clothes off, Jose pulled her shoes off and unbuttoned her
pants. Hector pulled her shirt up underneath her arms, and slide his hand
down the top of her bra. "Nice titties, I can't wait to chew on these" he
delightfully stated.

Jenny could not believe this was happening to her. As the one man painfully
played with her breasts, the other man was roughly pulling off her pants.
Kneeling over Jenny as he slide her pants off, Jose looked first in between
the girls legs at the delicate lace panties covering her pussy and then into
the eyes of the terrified girl lying before him. "Bitch you are going to get
fucked and fucked good."

Hearing the words, Jenny came out of the shock that had momentarily
paralyzed her, and she tried to fight back. With all her strength, she
struggled to get away from Hector's hands pulling at her tits, and tried to
kick Jose with her legs. Jose dodged her kicks and quickly sat on her
stomach while telling Hector to release her. When Hector pulled back, Jose
backhanded Jenny across the face, and the force of the blow numbed her mind
and ended her resistance. Gripping her by the hair, Jose then pulled hard on
Jenny's hair, forcing her to look up at him. "Look you bitch! You do that
again and me and my friends are going to cut your nipples off your fucking
titties and shove our fists down your throat."

With his face only inches way from the Jenny, Jose looked deep into her
eyes, and continued "Little girl, you are going to get fucked, and there is
nothing you can do about it, understand?"

"Now you do have a choice. You can be real nice to me and my two friends
here, and we'll let you go. We won't hurt you too much. We just want to fuck
you. But you fight us little one and we will kill you."

Then pulling even harder on her hair he stated "You understand Bitch".

In tears, Jenny looked up at the big man, and said "Yes".

"Good girl" Jose replied relaxing his grip on her blond hair .

"Now tell me your name?"

The big man was so close to Jenny that she could smell his breath. Jose
stilled grasped her hair, and the Mexican man was completely dominating her.
Trembling with fear as the man kneeled over her, and fearful that he would
hit her again, the teenager quietly said "Jenny".

"Jenny, that's a pretty name, how old are you Jenny?"

"I'm sixteen."

Enjoying the power and look of fear in her eyes, Jose continued the
interview "Have you ever been fucked Jenny?"

"No" she replied.

"Well today is my lucky day Jenny, because me and my friends are going to
fuck you and teach you how to be a woman. You are going to like that aren't
you, Jenny?

"No, please don't hurt me" she replied.

"O but Jenny we will hurt you if we want too. Tell me Jenny, did your
boyfriends or your father ever fuck you in your ass. Or did you ever learn
to take a cock deep down your throat"

"No, I have never...Please just let me go, I won't tell anyone, please..."

Yanking back on her hair, Jose licked his tongue across her beautiful face
and neck and whispered in her left ear "We will please you baby, don't you
worry. I am going to please you in every hole you got baby. Me and my
friends are going to please you over and over again my little Amercian
virgin. Now get ready to get fucked you white whore!"

Looking up, Jose say that Hector had already pulled his pants and underwear
off to fuck the girl. Meanwhile, Ramon, who was driving the van, kept on
looking back over his shoulder to get a look at the half naked beauty laying
in the back of the van. Fearing an auto accident, Jose addressed Ramon " She
is looking good Ramon. There will be plenty left for you, don't you worry.
Hey when we get back to the house, you can take her to the basement and use
the belt on her like you did that other whore. Remember how she screamed
when you whipped her titties. Oh man, that was great. But right now brother,
you have to drive the van. We don't want to be spread all over the road in
an accident, understand?

Replying in Spanish, Ramon said "Hey, I understand. Man, I can't wait to
fuck her and then tear her up with the belt. You save some for me my

Looking down at Jenny, Jose lifted his weight off her belly and told the
girl to sit up. After she complied, he told her "Now take your blouse and
bra off for me. I want to see everything you have baby ".

The girl, refusing to believe that she was about to be raped, did not
compile and only sobbed and fearfully looked up at the two men standing over
her. "Please, don't do this... Please I can give you money. Please, just

Not allowing her to finish, Jose backhanded her across her face again, and
pulled out his switchblade knife. "Bitch, I told you to take off your
fucking clothes. I don't want no money. I want your fucking pussy. You
stupid bitch! I ain't asking you to strip again. Hector, hold her! "

Grapped from behind in a choke hold by Hector, Jenny was unable to move as
Jose moved the knife in front of her. While watching the knife, Jenny could
feel Hector's naked stomach and the burning heat of his hard cock pressed
against her back. Bringing the knife close to Jenny's face, Jose said
"Jenny, I am not going to cut you this time, but next time you better do
just what I tell you." Lowering the knife, Jose cut through her blouse and
bra and threw the torn material to the floor of the van.

Putting the knife away, he reached up and cruelly gripped both of her
titties. Kneading and pulling on her tits with no regard to her pain, he
smiled at Hector and said "These are real nice! Let's see how they taste."
Lowering his head, Hector licked Jenny's soft breasts. Finding her nibbles,
he placed them between his teeth, and bit down hard on her titties.

Feeling the girl's body jump from the pain, Jose laughed, and moved his
mouth off of the girl's titties. " Yum, Yum, she taste real nice. Now let's
try out the rest of her. Hector, hold her while I strip."

Replacing his hands over Jenny's breast as Jose stood up, Hector looked down
at Jenny. Moving Jenny's blond hair to the side, he licked the side of her
face, and teased her "You feel my cock baby. Hey, that's it rubbing against
your back. When my friend gets done ripping out your pussy cherry, I am
going to take your other cherry. You know what I mean baby? I am going to
fuck you up the ass. I promise baby, it's going to hurt you so bad that
you'll beg me to stop. But you know what baby, for me it's going to feel so
good. And because it hurts you so bad and because that will make me so good,
baby I am going to keep on fucking and fucking your buttery little ass. Ya'
know what's going to happen then baby? Your going to love this baby. Then my
friend Ramon will come back here and we are going to make you into our love
sandwich." Digging his hand deep into her titty meat, Hector asked Jenny
"You know what I mean bitch? We are going to fuck you at the same time. Me
in that tight little ass of yours and ramon up that virgin twat you been
protecting all these years. Once again licking her neck, Hector paused
before continuing "Yes my sweet little innocent American girl, by the time
we get done with you, you won't be able to walk straight for a month baby."

After removing his pants, Jose kneeled over Jenny and ran his hands up her
smooth, long legs."Ummm, Ummm, Hector, this is one nice piece of ass."
Moving his hands further up her legs, he ran his hands over panties, and
then jerked them down over her thighs. Jose laughed when he saw her golden
pubic hair and licked his lips. "Fucking fantastic, this whore really is a
natural blond! Do you believe that Hector, a natural blond and a virgin. Man
I wish I had a camcorder to capture the party we are about to have with this
little bitch! A beautiy like this, and she's a natural blond and a virgin!
Man my friend, we are too lucky"

Still pulling and tearing at Jenny's breasts, Hector said "Today is our
lucking day. Man, I can't wait to fuck her. Hurry Jose, use this bitch so I
can fuck it."

Understanding his friends anxiousness, Jose pulled Jenny's panties
completely off. Reaching over to his pants, he pulled his belt off.
Straddling Jenny's legs, Jose handing his belt to Hector and told him to use
the belt to bind the girl's hands together. Meanwhile, he dropped his head
and hands in between the V of Jenny's legs and pulled her tanned legs apart.
Roughly sticking two fingers up the girl's pussy, Jose smiled when Jenny
yelped with pain. Enjoying her pain, he dug his fingers dip into her dry
pussy until he was stopped by the thin shield of her hymen.

" O man I have been living right" Jose replied. "I have to get a taste of
this. Anyway, this bitch is super dry. Some good tongue will do her good."
With that said, Jose began to lap at the girl's pussy.

Sliding his tongue next to his fingers, he begin to finger fuck the girl.
Finding her clit with his tongue, he sucked on it, and then placed it
between his teeth. Jenny wiggled with pain and tried to pull away, but using
his free hand to hold her in place, Jose was able to follow her movements as
he fingered, chewed, sucked and licked her pussy.

With the movement of the fingers in her pussy, Jenny's body reacted to the
invading digits. The release of her natural lubricates eased the passage of
Jose's fingers, and only added to Jose's pleasure. Lapping on her pussy he
could taste her sweet nectar, and feel her firm, yet soft legs pressed up
against him. Eager to try his new play toy out, he moved his face away from
the her pussy. Satisfied that her pussy was now wet enough to fuck, Jose
told Hector to move the belt attached to Jenny's hands over her head and
hold her hands there. When Hector moved back, Jenny fell on her back.
Removing his fingers from her pussy, Jose licked his way up Jenny's inner
thighs and over her stomach. Stopping as licked up her titties, Jose took a
nipple into his mouth. Biting her nipple, Jenny's body arched up in pain as
the cruel man chewed on her . Almost breaking through her sensitive skin,
Jenny screamed and tried to pull away from the cruel man gnawing on her
breast. " Please stop! Please, please let me go!" Looking up at the girl's
face as he chewed on her tittie, Jose had to smile. Releasing his teeth on
her left nipple, he kissed and sucked down in-between the valley of her
breast, and kissed up to her right tittie. Once again sucking and licking on
one of the girl's sensitive nipples, he placed it between his teeth and bit
down on her. Feeling her body jerk up with pain, Jose continued to chew on
her tittie meat as he positioned himself over Jenny .

Pulling back from her breasts, he looking down into Jenny's terrified eyes.
Pulling on her hair with one hand while moving his cock against her pussy
with the other, he asked. "You ready for it Bitch?"

Without any other warnings, he shoved his cock forward. Jenny gasped with
pain as Jose's body crushed hers. With her full, firm breast crushed against
Jose tattooed covered chest, she could hardly breath as Jose's hot cock
slipped past her pussy lips and entered her. Momentarily stopped by her
hymen, Jenny screamed when Jose pulled his prick back, and then rammed his
cock forward full force. His cock ripped through her hymen, and sliced deep
into her body. She could not believe the pain raking her pussy, and she
begged Jose to stop his plunging cock. Jose only laughed at her request, and
her tears and pleas of mercy only drove him on. As he shoved his cock in and
out of her cunt, he looked down at the girl laying underneath him "You feel
so good baby. You were made to fuck bitch!"

Tainting her, he groaned and asked "How do you like it bitch?"

"Am I too big for you, you American whore?"

"Hey baby, you were made for this baby. Your body feels so nice! You got a
tight pussy! Umm"

Pulling on her hair, Jose, still driving his cock into her while he breathed
heavily, ordered Jenny to open her eyes and look at him. When she did, Jose
looked her into her eyes and said "Jenny, your my woman now. Just think
bitch, in nine months you're going to have my baby. Hey you American bitch,
we are going to be family" then he kissed Jenny on her lips and forced his
tongue into mouth.

Releasing her hair, he stopped kissing her and nozzled his face next to her
ear. While breathing heavily and moaning from the labor of his brutal rape,
Jose whispered insults into her ear and verbally degraded her. Running his
hands down her body, he enjoyed the feel of her silky smooth flesh. Her
pussy was hot and tight around his cock, and her body felt so soft and warm
pressed against him. He ran his hands down her sides, and then lifted up on
Jenny's ass as he slid his hands underneath her. Stopping his thrusting for
a moment, he found Jenny's asshole, and forced a finger into her hot ass.
Jenny lifted her ass up in attempt to get away from his prying fingers, and
unintentionally forced her pussy to move up around Jose's prick.

As he forced another finger into her asshole, Jenny gasped in pain and tried
even harder to move her hips and get out the fingers that were so painfully
violating her ass. Jose laughed as she squirmed underneath him "That's it
you whore. You fuck me back. I know you want it whore. Keep it up baby. Move
That ass, please me, you white bitch." With two fingers buried in her ass,
and his other hand kneading her ass checks, Jose resumed driving his cock in
and out of Jenny's hot cunt. Her body felt so good, and he enjoyed the sense
of power he felt as he plunged his cock in and out of the girl. "How do you
like your first cock baby?"

Thrusting into her harder, he taunted her "Take that, and that, baby!!"

Jose was thrilled that he did not have to worry about pleasing her. He could
hurt her, and take her anyway he wanted. Knowing this, Jose bent down to
suck on her breast. Taking her breast into his mouth, he found her nipple.
Placing it in between his teeth, he moved his teeth back and forth over her
sensitive nipple. Shuttering in pain, Jenny moaned and desperately tried to
move away from the man who was so cruelly hurting her. Her movements to
escape from under him, only added to the thrill and excitement Jose felt as
he fucked the helpless girl. The sense of domination, her loud groans, and
the girl's feeble attempts to get away from his pounding cock, only added to
Jose's lust. Not even bothering to talk to the girl anymore, Jose
concentrated on the pleasure her body was giving him. Digging his fingers
deeper into her asshole, the girl thrusted up against him. With her pussy
tightly wrapped around his cock, and her hips involuntary coming upwards to
meet his thrusts everytime Jose fingerfucked her ass or bit her titties,
Jose enjoyed one of the greatest fucks he had ever had. As Jose began
grinding his cock deeper into her pussy, Jenny turned her head and submitted
shamefully to the big tattooed covered man.

Enjoying the tightness of the girl's firm body, Jose realized that he would
not be able to hold back much longer. Removing his fingers from her ass, he
slide his hands up her body. While one hand grasped and kneaded her titties,
Jose pulled back on her hair and looked Jenny eye to eye. "Her it comes
bitch. Your first load of sperm. You are going to love it!" Then slamming
his hips forward with all his strength, Jose buried his cock deep into Jenny
and flooded her cunt with his hot cum.

Relaxing on top of the panting girl for a brief moment, Jose looked into her
pretty face. Then he pulled his cum and blood encrusted cock out of Jenny's
pussy. Seeing the blood on his cock, Jose brutally slapped Jenny's right tit
and laughed and said " Beautiful girl, you aren't a virgin anymore. You will
always remember me, hey baby? I hope it was special! Let me give you
something else to remember me by". He then ran his finger over the head of
his dirty prick and told Jenny to "Open your mouth and suck my finger clean
bitch!" Not wishing to taste the cum and blood mixture, Jenny shook her head
in refusal. Hector, eager to have his turn at the girl, slapped her in the
top of her head and yelled "Open your fucking mouth before I take a crow bar
to your fucking pussy, cunt!" Scared of the man who was about to fuck her,
Jenny opened her mouth and reluctantly took Jose's finger into her mouth.
Even though she was nauseated by the taste and made a funny face as she
licked and sucked his dirty finger clean, Jose admired the way the girl's
pretty lips wrapped around his finger. "O hey baby, that's it. You were made
for sucking. Don't worry baby, Jose has something for you to suck on once we
get back to Mexico."

Realizing that they must be getting close to the international border
crossing, Jose told Ramon to pull the van over. He then collected his
clothes, got dressed, and moved forward next to Ramon. Jose told Ramon to go
in the back and have fun with Jenny, and that he would take care of the van.
Ramon expressed concern about what to do with the girl in the off chance
Mexican Customs tried to search the van when it entered Mexico, but Jose
just laughed. After all, Jose could easily speed through the checkpoint and
disappear into the busy streets of Tijuana before the Customs officials
could even rush to their cars in any vain attempt to pursue them.

As Jose pulled the van back on the street, he could hear Hector yelling at
Jenny as he mounted her. The sharp female screams that followed meant that
Hector had succeeded in forcing his cock into Jenny.

Ramon entered the back of the van just as Hector started to fuck the blond
girl. Ramon could not see the naked girl completely, but what he could see
looked very good. Hector, holding his upper body off the girl, had his arms
extended next to Jenny's chest as he pounded his cock into her pussy. Her
titties were bouncing back and forth with each powerful thrust of Hector's
body, and Ramon smiled as he noticed the contrast of the beautiful girl's
left and right breast. Her right breast was bright red, and that could only
mean that either Jose or Hector had been beating her. Ramon began to take
his clothes off, and smiled as he thought of all the evil and painful things
he was going to do to this beautiful teenager. When he got done there would
not be a spot on her body left untouched by his belt, or if Jose would allow
it, his whip.

Watching the beautiful girl's face grimace with each thrust of Hector's
cock, Ramon started rubbing his cock up and down. She was beautiful,
probably the best looking girl he had ever been with, and he couldn't wait
to try her out. Dropping to his knees besides the panting girl, Ramon asked
Hector if he felt like sharing. Hector stopped, and understanding his
friends strong lust, said they could sandwich the bitch, but first he had to
take care of one thing.

Looking down at the girl, Hector slowly pulled his cock out of the girl's
tight pussy. Jenny opened her eyes when she felt his cock leave her. Her
pussy hurt so bad from the previous violent rape, and Hector's thrusts were
excruciating. Her breasts hurt from being slapped and bitten, and she could
feel the slime of Jose's cum dripping out of her cunt and oozing over her
asshole. She just wanted to go free, and she hoped that they would let her
go before they got to Mexico. But this was not to be.

As Jenny stared up into Hector's face, he asked her "Are you ready to lose
your other cherry my little love slave? It takes a special man to break a
woman's asshole in right, and I am just the man to do it for you." Kissing
her on her lips, he told her "You're gonna love it, baby." Jenny, realizing
that her rape was not over, and was actually going to get worse, begged
Hector and Ramon not to hurt her anymore. "Please don't hurt me. You don't
have to fuck me back there. Please I'll do anything. Please I will move and
make you feel really good, like I did the other man. Please, just don't take
me there. Please, don't hurt me anymore!"

Ramon gripped Jenny by her chin, and turned her face towards him "But baby,
you got to learn all the ways to please a man. And you baby, were made to be
hurt." Pinching and twisting her left nipple, Ramon told the girl "Jenny you
think this painful, you'll be begging us to treat you so mercifully once we
get you to our place in Mexico."

With that said, Hector lifted up Jenny's legs and pressed them against her
tits. He then told Jenny "You better keep your eyes open as I fuck you, you
understand! I want to be able to look down at you and see how much pain you
feel, and how big my dick is inside you, OK bitch! You look real good at me
too, so you can see how much pleasure your body gives me."

Taking cum from her pussy, Hector coated two of his fingers with the cream
and placed his fingertips on her asshole. Ramming his fingers inside her
asshole several times to spread the cum around, he cruelly opened the girl's
virgin asshole as she gasped in pain. Curving his fingers, he slowly twisted
his fingers out of her tight ass. Spreading her legs, and pushing them back
towards her head, Hector prepared to remount the beautiful girl laying
before him. As he held his cock against her puckered asshole, he told the
trembling girl underneath him "You think my fingers hurt, wait until you
feel this!" Thrusting forward, his cock forced past her tight sphincter
muscles, and slowly entered into her asshole. With unbelievable pain
suddenly burrowing and burning up her ass, Jenny screamed and tried her best
to push away from Hector. "NOoooo! Please stop! Take it out! Please, Oh it
is killing me. Please don't." Sobbing, the girl cried " It hurts so bad."

Hector laughed as his weight pinned Jenny upturned body to the floor. As his
huge prick slowly sank into her, he knew that Jenny was powerless to stop
him, and she could only beg and pray for mercy.

Jenny could not believe the pain. It was so big! She could feel every vein
and bump in the man's cock. It hurt so bad. She couldn't believe the cramps,
and as he continued to sink more of his cock into her, she realized that her
torment wasn't even close to ending. With more cock ramming up her ass,
Jenny earnestly hoped to pass out in a desperate attempt to avoid the hot
pain shooting through her ass. The beautiful girl was denied even this
single means of escape, and she had to lay there as her ass was forcibly
impaled on Hector's unrelenting cock.

As Jenny grimaced in pain, Ramon laughed and urged his partner to fuck her
even faster and ram his cock up her ass even harder and deeper. "Give it to
her Ramon. Oh, she feels it! Look, that little blondes hurting now. You're
the man Hector. Give her your cock, buddy! Hey, that little tease is
learning her place now. How do you like it, huh Bitch? Not so high and
mighty are you, huy Cunt!"

Spurred on by Ramon's cruel encouragement, Hector shoved another inch of
cock up the white girl's tight ass. "How do you like it baby. You feeling

"NOooo !"Jenny replied.

"Well take this!" Hector said as he rammed his cock all the way into her
tight asshole. With his cock buried all the way up her ass, he rotated his
hips in circles and widened the girl's asshole even more. Screaming as if a
hot baseball bat had been slammed into her body, Jenny sobbed and begged for
mercy "Oh God, please stop. Please don't do this to me. Please, Oh please
don't hurt me. Take it out. Oh it hurts so bad!"

"You want me to take it out? Sure baby, I'll take it out" Hector said as he
pulled his fat prick back from inside the girl's ass. Jenny rode through the
pain and clenched her fists together as the cock tore back down her ass, and
caused her even more pain and cramps.

When he had removed all but the tip of his cock, he asked Jenny "Is this
better now?"

"Yes, Yes it is!" she answered as the cramps in her lower body subsided.
"But please sir, take it all out! Please"

Laughing he replied "Sorry bitch, can't do that. But I can do this" and he
rammed all eight inches of his cock brutally back into the girl's ass. Jenny
screamed with pain, but her feelings were no concern for Hector. Enjoying
her tight nether hole, he fucked in and out of the beautiful girl. With
every deep stroke up Jenny's ass, Jenny whimpered in shame and torment.
Listening to the sobs escaping her sweet lips, Hector made sure that every
thrust was faster and harder than the thrust before. Jenny pinned to the van
floor, could only whither in agony under the man so violently raping her
asshole. The pain was even worse than the rape in her pussy, and she could
not believe that it was possible to live through such cruel treatment. In
just a matter of minutes in the unmerciful ass fuck, Jenny's sensuous body
was soaked in sweat. Whithering underneath the Mexican ramming his cock in
and out of her ass, she did not understand how the man fucking her could
laugh at her as she experienced such brutal pain. She was hurting her so
much, and she could not imagine why the man would fuck her so savagely, and
then get even more pleasure by hurting her even worse by pinching and biting
her on her titties, throat, and shoulders. She just moaned and hoped that
the man would hurry up and finish with her. Suddenly, and as if Hector was
reading the tormented girl's mind, he pulled his dick from her suffering
asshole and pushed himself off the beautiful girl.

Jenny's respite was short lived. Even before she could catch her breathe,
Ramon pushed her legs down, and began licking and kneading her breasts.
Smiling at her, he brutally gripped and twisted her breast meat. Jenny was
sure he was trying to pull and squeeze her tits off her chest. Turning her
head to the side, Jenny could see Ramon's hard dick only twenty inches away
from her face. She was shocked by it's size. It was bigger than the other
two men's cocks, and she knew that he would be fucking her with it soon
enough. He seemed to be even crueler than the first two men too, and as he
mauled on her breasts she dreaded what he might do to her.

Speaking in Spanish, the second man who just got done ass fucking her, told
the other man to move over, and lay next to Jenny on his back. At first
Jenny was confused, but the men's intentions became obvious when the third
man, she believed he was called Ramon, told her in English to roll over and
mount his huge cock. His instructions left Jenny with no doubts as to what
was about to happen.

"Bitch, what you are going to do is come over here and put your blond pussy
over my cock and let me suck on those pretty titties of yours. Then you are
going to move that cum filled pussy of yours up and down my cock, and if you
are really good, my friend, Hector, is going to finish fucking you in the
ass. Now what are you waiting for slut, get over here and fuck me!"

Jenny tried to control her sobs as she rolled off her back and crawled on
top of the man yelling at her. As she positioned herself on top of Ramon, he
ran his hands up and down her body. Pinching her breasts, feeling her firm
stomach, and then caressing her ass and back, he slide his hands down her
young body. Stopping between her legs, he violated her pussy with his
fingers. Noticing the small amount of dried blood still in between her legs,
Ramon smiled and said "You ain't no virgin no more, are you bitch?. Now get
your pretty little pussy over my cock and fuck me!" Scared of what the big
man might do to her if she failed to obey his orders, Jenny quickly
complied. Lowering her bound hands between her legs, she grasped the man's
hard cock. Closing her fingers around the cock, she was amazed by it's large
size and the heat that radiated from it. Lowering her body, she placed the
man's hot prick against her pussy lips. As soon as the head of his massive
cock touched her pussy, Jenny could feel his immense size stretching against
her, and she could not imagine how she was going to fit this big man's penis
inside her tight, and near virginal pussy. But she had no choice. Noticing
her reluctance, Ramon reached up and gripped both of her titties and twisted
them with all his strength. Unbearable pain wracked through Jenny's body as
the man ordered her to impale herself on his cock. While her tits were still
being brutally molested, she started to move her pussy down onto the man's
cock. She could not believe the size of his cock as she started lowering her
pussy over him. It hurt as he stretched her torn pussy even wider, and she
was trying to take her time as she came down onto the big man's dick.
Impatient and uncaring about her agony, Ramon released her tits, and after
placing his hands on her shoulders, thrusted his cock up into the little
girl straddling him.

Jenny cried out in agony as the cock drove deep into her. "O God, it hurts!"
she screamed " Please stop! Ohh, take it out, please take it!" Ramon's
strong hands kept her from moving away from his thrust, and he loved the
look of torment in the girl's face. "How do you like that baby. I guess you
American women aren't use to getting dick from a real men, hey bitch? Jenny
just moaned in response and tried to fight the pain as the big man ravished
her body.

Riding a top the big man, Jenny gasped as her pussy was stretched like never
before. Biting her lower lip, she tried to control her sobs as the man raped
her. "Please, go slower ! It hurts so bad! " she begged. "Oh, Oh, you are
tearing me. It's too big. Please, stop it." Licking the girl's breasts,
Ramon ignored her pleas, and buried his face in the girl's soft, pearly
white bussom. Moving his lower body up to drive his cock deep into the girl,
he sucked and licked her tits. While enjoying the taste of the girl's
breasts, he moved his hands down her body and cupped her asscheeks. Using
her ass as leverage, he pulled her body down onto his thrusting cock. Then
kneading her asscheeks with his hands, Ramon spread Jenny's asscheeks wide

Jenny, absorbing the torment caused by Ramon's huge driving cock, did not
even notice the other set of hands on her shoulder blades pushing her down.
When her breasts were smashed against Ramon's chest, Jenny suddenly realized
that another body was pressing against her. Pinned against Ramon's chest by
the man behind her, Jenny could only whimper as she felt a second cock
rubbing between her asschecks. Unable to rise off of Ramon's cock, she was
powerless to stop the double assault. Jenny let out a horrific scream as
Hector rammed his cock back up into her asshole. Sandwiched between Ramon
and Hector, Jenny could not believe the lightening bolts of pain that were
tearing through her groin. She felt so full, and she was sure that the men's
brutal cocks ravishing her body would permanently damage her.

Feeling Ramon's cock buried in Jenny's cunt only inches away from his cock
in her asshole, Hector was filled with even more lust for the young rip
creature impaled on his cock. Moving his cock in and out of the girl's ass,
he smiled as he listened to the girl gasping for breath as she pleaded for
mercy. Watched his partner's facial expressions strain as he pounded his
cock up into the young lady, Hector knew that she would get no mercy. They
were giving it to this American bitch good, and Hector loved knowing that
there was not a thing she could do to stop them. As he fucked up her ass,
Hector reached underneath the girl and pinched her right nipple and breast.
She belonged to them and he loved the idea that he could do anything he
wanted with her. Just to hear her cry, he pulled on her hair as he
delightfully thrust his cock in and out of her asshole. Noting the intensity
of Hectors's attack on Jenny, Ramon did the same. Thrusting upwards into the
girl, while at the same time pinching and squeezing her body with his hands,
he chewed on her neck and breasts. Ramon was careful not to bite too deeply
and break her skin and damage her appearance though. After all, she was
their new toy, and there would be plenty of time for that later.

Driving his cock down into the girl's ass, Hector smashed his body into
Jenny. Then stopping for a moment, he told her to extend her legs straight
out next to Ramon's legs. With Jenny off of her knees, Hector was able to
lay his full weight on top of Jenny. Crushed between the two men, Jenny's
body was completely covered by the two men who were so viciously fucking
into her body. Biting on her neck, Hector licked the sweat off of her throat
as he rammed his cock down her ass. Ramon, huffy to push his cock up into
the girl, flexed his leg's to drive his cock even deeper into the girl. And
Jenny, in the middle of the two men so savagely using her pussy and ass, was
completely imprisoned by the men's pounding bodies. Unable to fight the men
off, she could only limply lay there as they used her for their own lustful
purposes. Begging for mercy inbetween her sobs, she tried to understand why
the men were using her so cruelly. Jenny could not understand why they
pulled on her hair, and maliciously abused her body with their cocks, hands,
and teeth. She could only hope that they would finish quickly. The pain
coming from her full, soft, sensitive titties rubbing against Ramon's hairy
chest only added to the unbearable burning pain she felt in her asshole and
pussy. Hector's thrust were even worse than Ramon's. Jenny was scared that
he would rip her if he continued to pound into her asshole so forcefully.
"Please you are going to tear my ass. Please stop. You are too big!" she
beggedin between her sobs. But the men, too caught up in their own lust,
only fucked the girl harder.

Finally, and after what seemed an eternity for Jenny, she felt Hector's
thrust up her ass shorten, and his body tighten. "Here it comes Bitch! Right
up your dirty little asshole. You like it in the ass, huy Jenny?"

"No!" she cried as she felt the man's cock painfully swell in her ass. The
cock exploded in her ass tube, and Hector bellowed "I'm Coming!" Jenny felt
her ass tube suddenly grow hotter as Hector's shot his load of sperm his
load deep inside of her. Enjoying his climax, Hector stayed on top of Jenny,
as Ramon continued to push his cock up into the girl's pussy. Finally
pushing himself off of Jenny, Hector watched his cock come out of her ass.
Her asshole stayed wide open after he removed his cock. Watching the cum
dribble out of Jenny's dilated ass, Hector smiled as he looked down at the
girl getting fucked by of his friend. Picking up his shirt, he twisted it,
and then swatted Jenny in the ass. "Move your ass baby. Show my man Ramon
how much you like his loving, baby!"

Stunned by the sharp strikes of the rolled up shirt on her asschecks, Jenny
instinctively tried to pull away from the man stinging her ass. "Please
stop! Don't hurt me!"she asked. Hector, amused by the red marks he was
causing on her ass, continued to swat the begging girl while Ramon held her
in place over his thrusting cock. "Fuck him back!" Hector commanded as he
hit the girl's ass, and tried to target her asshole. Ramon, turned on by the
whipping, drove his cock up into the girl with all his might. Borrowing his
cock deep into her body, he ordered the girl to move her cunt over his cock.
Left with no other option, Jenny started to move her body up and down. With
every movement her pussy rubbed up and down on Ramon's cock. Ramon buried
his face in the girl's cleavage as she entergetically fucked her pussy on
his cock. Meanwhile, Hector continued to hit the girl's ass and lower back
with the twisted shirt. Trying to end the sharp stings of the shirt, Jenny
pleaded with Hector "Please I'm fucking him! Stop, Oh please, stop. I'll do
anything you want! Fuck anyone you want! But please just stop hitting me"

Enjoying the innocent girl's dirty language, Ramon told the girl " Bitch,
you want him to stop hurting you baby? You tell me how much you want me to
fuck you with my cock. Tell me how you want me and my big Mexican cock. Hey,
you big titted American whore. Tell me how you want me to suck on your
titties and ram my cock up your ass! You tell me how you want me to fill
your belly with my cum, Bitch." With the next sting of the shirt on her ass,
Jenny moaned "Please fuck me! Give me your dick and suck on my breasts. I
want you to fuck me in my pussy, and put your cock in my ass. Please fuck me
and fill me with your sperm."

Pulling on her titties and twisting her nipples, Ramon taunted her "Are you
a whore, honey? Do you like being fucked in the ass, and having my big cock
shoved up your pussy? Tell me how you like it baby? Do you like my cock

"I love your cock! Yes I'm a whore, and I love you fucking me. I love it in
the ass."

Stung by the shirt again, Jenny moved her pussy up and down even faster over
Ramon's cock, "Fuck me Sir. I need your big cock. Please fuck me" Looking
into her face, Ramon could see her pain, and knew she was lying, but that
didn't matter. Her hot pussy moving down to meet his pounding cock, and the
sexy words coming out of the beautiful girl's were enough for him. Grabbing
her hips, he pushed the girl down onto his cock. Thrusting up into Jenny as
his cock exploded he yelled "Take that baby! Take it all!"

For the second time in less than twenty minutes, Jenny felt cum shooting up
into her pussy. Shutting her eyes, she could not believe this was happening
to her. But the rough hands grabbing her titties quickly made her realize
how real this was. Pushing the girl over on her back, Ramon stood up and
milked his softening cock over her body. His white cum fell onto her tanned
stomach and her creamy breasts as he smiled down at Jenny. Milking the last
of hiis cum onto her titties Ramon snickered and said "Don't worry baby!
There's lots more where that came from." Hector and Ramon both laughed at
the joke as they gathered their clothes, and started to dress. Having
dressed, they stepped over Jenny leaving her laying naked on the floor as
they went up to the front of the van.

Nearing Jose's uncle's garage, the men started talking about the money they
would receive for the van.. Jenny, laying naked in a pool of cum that
covered her stomach and breasts and dripped out of her pussy and asshole was
trying to regain her breath and recover from the double rape. She brought
her bound hands down to her pussy and ass in an effort to make the agony
pulsating through her lower body go away. Looking back at the girl, Ramon
smirked at the lovely lady touching herself. "Man Jose, you should see our
little friend. She liked our dicks so much she is already playing with
herself dreaming of more."

Glancing back over his shoulder as he drove the van, Jose yelled "Don't
worry Jenny, we have a lot more cock to give you baby. We'll put out your
fire baby, don't you worry."

"Man, she is gorgeous. And what a fuck!" Jose stated in Spanish. "My
brothers, you know if we take her into my Uncle Pedro's garage, all of our
compadres striping cars there are going to want a piece of her. I want to
keep her just for us and our close friends, at least for a while. What do
you say, I'll pull the van alongside the building, take her up the back way
to my uncle's office, and collect our money. Then after you guys take the
van around front and drop it off, you pick up my truck and bring it by so we
can take our blond haired friend back to the house for some more fun and
games. But remember, you can't mention the girl, understand? Man, If you do,
by the time the guys get done with her, her pussy and ass will be so lose it
won't even be no fun. Understand!"

"Hey dude" replied both Hector and Ramon in Spanish, "We understand".

Going to the back of his uncle' chop shop and parking, Jose slid out from
behind the steering wheel and went in the back with Jenny. Knowing that a
naked girl in the streets during daylight would attract undue attention,
Jose found Jenny's panties, and sat his beer can down to take off his shirt.
Walking back to the girl he knelt beside her and caressed her face with his

"Jenny darling, I need you to get dressed. Put your panties and shoes back
on, and you can wear my shirt. " "I'll even help you. Give me your hands,
I'll take off the belt holding your wrists together. See, if you do what we
say, we won't hurt you".

Hoping that the men had suddenly had a change of heart and were going to
release her, Jenny thanked Jose for undoing her hands and quickly stood up
to put her panties on. Seeing the blood between the deflowered virgin's
legs, Jose picked up her cut bra, poured some beer on it, and told her to
wipe herself clean. She bent over to clean herself and Jose looked down
admiring her long, tan legs her shapely white ass, and her beautuful face.
Watching her breasts hang down as she bent over, Jose thought to himself
that there was no way he was going to release her anytime soon. She was too
beautiful for her own good. Jose was going to enjoy using her for a long,
long time.

After cleaning herself up, Jenny slid her panties on and pulled Jose's shirt
on. Buttoning up the shirt, she reached over to pick up her jeans. Before
she could get the jeans off the floor, Jose told her that she would not need
them, and that she just needed to put her shoes on.

Not wishing to believe that she would continue to be held captive by the
three men, Jenny started to protest. "But why, I thought you were going to
let me go?" Enraged by her noncompliance with his order and enjoying the
power of being able to put the girl in her place, Jose slammed his fist into
Jenny's stomach. Jenny doubled over as Jose yelled "Bitch, I told you to put
your panties and shoes on. Nothing else." Grabbing her by her hair, he
pulled the girl's head up, and pushed her back against the van's interior
wall. Grabbing and squeezing her left breast through the shirt, Jose pulled
up on her hair and looked into the girl's eyes "Listen bitch, you better
start paying attention! You aren't in America anymore! If I tell you to do
something, you had better do it!" Now I said get your fucking shoes on, and
nothing else!" Tugging on her hair harder, he told her " And stop your
fucking crying, understand bitch? Or else I am going to give you something
to cry about. Yea, If you don't stop crying, I just might have to take some
pliars to those perking titties and nipples of yours and show you what real
pain is all about! N do I have to hit you again or do you understand me,
Cunt ?"

Completely caught off guard by Jose's quick temper and his sucker punch,
Jenny tried to hold back her tears as she tried to breath. "Yes, I
understand. Continuing to gasp for breath, she continued "Please, just don't
hit me anymore."

"Good girl. Do as I say and I won't have to hit you, or take the pliars to
those cute little nipples of yours" Jose said as he let her loose "Now sit
down and put on your shoes."

As the girl sat down to put her shoes on, Jose noticed her purse and school
books laying on the van's floor next to the side door. He kicked the books
aside, but did pick up her purse. He found thirty dollars in her wallet and
her drivers license. He shoved the money into his pants, and examined her
drivers license. It was a good picture of her. She looked so young and
innocent. Jose noted that she would be seventeen in just a month. Jose
recorded that to his memory. Smiling sadistically, he though of how he would
make sure that she had an unforgettable seventeen birthday party.

Digging deeper into the purse, he found Jenny's makeup. Taking them out of
the purse, he tossed the makeup containers next to Jenny. "I want you to
look good for me baby. You are about to meet my family. My uncle is a very
fine and respectable man. I want you to give him respect and make yourself
look good for him. So go ahead, bitch, let me see you at your best.

Impatient with the delay, Ramon yelled at Jose to leave the girl alone. Jose
told Ramon to go fuck off, and to be patient. After all, she wasn't going
anywhere, and the evening was still young.

While putting her make up on, Jenny was able to ignore the men and collect
her thoughts and regain her composer. Being a smart girl, she knew that she
was powerless to stop the men from raping her. Having already been raped,
sodomized, and tortured, Jenny could not imagine how her attackers could
hurt her even worse. Surely the big man called Ramon could not be serious
about beating her with a belt. She was just scared of what the men might do
to her when they finished with her. She remembered reading in the newspapers
about young teenagers being kidnapped, raped and then being found dead
laying naked in the desert. She shuddered to think of that ending. Pushing
those thoughts to the side, Jenny was suprised that applying her makeup,
something that she did everyday, was having a relaxing effect on her nerves.
As Jenny closed her make up, she vowed that she would survive this awful
ordeal. And if that meant cooperating with the men, and trying to please
them, she would have to do it.

Jose was impressed when the girl stood back up. Dressed in his waist length
shirt, with her heeled shoes making her sexy legs look even longer, she was
breathtaking. With her make up on, she looked even sexier, and all three men
grew excited looking at Jenny. Telling Ramon and Hector to take care of the
van, Jose opened the side door, and carefully nudged Jenny out the door.
Tightly holding onto Jenny's arms, Jose guided the girl down an alley and up
a flight of stairs. Jose banged on the door, and a heavy set man with a fat
face opened the door up. "Hey Jose, I was wondering where you were!" Holding
the door open, the man motioned Jose and the girl inside. Noticing the
attractive young lady Jose was manhandling into the room, Jose asked in
Spanish "What's up with your pretty friend?"

Replying in Spanish, Jose explained "Uncle Pedro, this blond goddess is
Jenny. She is something I picked up right after we got you the van you
ordered. Man she is tight. Believe it or not, until I got done with her, she
was still virgin too." Switching to English, Jose said "Jenny, this is
Senior Pedro, my uncle, say hello to him!"

Jenny said "Hello", and then feeling unbelievably embarrassed as Jose talked
to the old man in Spanish, presumingly about her, she lowered her head and
stared at the floor.

Staring at the beautiful American girl, who had obviously been forced to
come with Jose Pedro asked " Are you crazy Jose? Do you know what the
American's do to kidnappers? Do you want to go back to an American jail for
the rest of your life? Kidnapping and rape is super serious over there. Here
in Mexico, I can buy off the police and they ignore our little
indiscretions, but over there, my money is no good. Jose that was stupid of
you. Who would lead the team to rip off cars in San Diego if you had been
caught? Jose you are the best man I have working for me, and don't I pay you
good?. That was foolish, you could have ruined everything for a piece of

"But Uncle Pedro, I did not get caught. Look at what I have. Look at those
legs and that face. And you should see her undressed" Wishing to please his
uncle, Jose addressing Jenny "Take off the shirt, and pull down your
panties. Jenny, show my uncle how pretty you are. Leave your shoes on
though. I like the heels. They make your legs look even better."

Trembling as she did so, Jenny undressed in front of Jose and Pedro. Pedro
whistled when he saw her take the shirt off, and he felt his cock grow stiff
when she slide her panties down her legs.

Walking towards the girl, Pedro talked to Jose in English "She is beautiful.
Look at those breasts. Very full, just the way I like them. You did select
well Jose"

Jenny had to muster all of her courage to stand still as the fat man stepped
up to her. She did not want this old man to touch her, but she was afraid of
the punishment Jose would inflict if she ran. And in this small office there
was no place to flee. The door they had come through was locked as soon as
they had entered into the office. Jenny could see into the small bathroom
that was attached to Pedro's office, but she knew that she could never make
it to the window and open it in time. In this small office there was no
place for Jenny to avoid the two men. Trapped, Jenny waited for the

Licking his lips, the old man stopped in front of Jenny and reached out and
cupped her breasts. Balancing each breast in his hands, he admired the
firmness of her titties. "How old are you girl?" the old man softly asked.
His tone of voice was not threatening, and Jenny found that to be some
comfort. "I am sixteen"

Smiling, Pedro said "You are just a child. So young, yet so beautiful. You
have a gorgous body. But look at your face, so innocent. Do you speak


"Well then, I guess Jose will have to teach you. My English is not always so
good, but let me tell you little girl, you are very beautiful." Still
smiling, Pedro fondled her breasts as he told her "You remind me of my own
daughter. She was as pretty as you, and your skin, soft like the finest
silk, reminds me of hers. We shared some very good times together. I made
her a woman. Suddenly looking sad, Pedro continued "But she is all grown up
now and she moved away and never comes to visit me. She won't even let me
see my own grand daughter" Cupping Jenny's pussy mound he said "Yes, you
remind me of daughter and grand daughter. "

"Turn around for me." Pedro said. Slowly turning around, Jenny felt the old
man's hands caressing her ass cheeks. Stepping up behind her, he squeezed
her ass, and pressed up against Jenny' back. Moving her blond hair out of
the way, he nuzzled her neck with his nose and ran his tongue out over her.
Inhaling deeply, the old man told her how good she smelled. As he licked her
throat, She could feel his fat fingers, moving around her hips to enclose
her pussy. Cupping her pussy in his hand, Pedro whispered in Jenny's ear "
Poor child, I bet those young studs hurt your pussy didn't they." Well baby,
I am going to love you good. Not like my young nephew here. I know how to
treat a lady. Trust me little one, I will love you good and you will enjoy
it." Then he licked down her neck and pulled away from her.

"But first, I want some pictures. Jose hand me the camera that is inside my
desk's bottom drawer."

"Yes, Pedro" Jose said as he walked over and opened the desk. Retrieving the
Polaroid camera, Jose noticed nude pictures next to the camera. In the
pictures a young, attractive Hispanic girl was fucking a dildo into her
pussy and ass, and even sucking and licking the dildo clean. The pictures
were shot right here in his uncle's office, and Jose wondered who the girl
was. Asking his uncle about them, Pedro explained " Jose that's right, you
haven't been up here to meet my new secretary, Gabriela yet. I call her
Gabby for short. Pity, she has already went home. Gabby has been working for
me for the past two weeks. She was working with her father in an American
owned factory here in Tijuana making twenty U.S. dollars a week. She was
helping her parents support her eight younger brothers and sisters and
hoping to go to the university too. But when her father was injured on the
job, he couldn't continue to work, and her family came very close to losing
their home.

Gabriela is only twenty-one years old, and she was suddenly handed the
responsibility of taking care of her family. With her father's medical
bills, Gabby's faamily couldn't make it on twenty dollars a week, and she
had no chance of ever being able to go to the university. So when I heard
about her plight, I offered to help. I took care of the medical bills, her
college tuition and take care of her family. In return, now Gabby works
part-time for me for fifty bucks a week. Of course, that includes fringe
benefits for me. You too, if you want some. Hey maybe we should get Gabby
and Jenny together? I would love to see those two licking each others
pussies and fucking one another with dildos. Now that would be interesting!
Speaking of dildos, Jose could you open up the box on top of the filing
cabinet, and bring over that small blue vibrator. Before I fuck her, I want
Jenny to entertain me and my camera for a while."

Placing the camera and dildo Jose handed him on the desk, Pedro undressed.
Jenny couldn't help but notice him undressing, and she knew that her torment
and sexual assault was about to resume. Staring at Pedro undressing , she
was suprised by the powerful arm and chest muscles on the old man. Even with
his fat belly, it was obvious to Jenny that he was very strong, and she
hoped that he would not want to hurt her. When he pulled off his boxer
shorts, Jenny gave a mental sigh of relieve. His prick was long and hard,
but thankfully it was not as large as the big, mean man named Ramon.
Reminding herself of her promise to try to survive her rape in the best
possible way, Jenny hoped that being with Pedro would not be so bad.

Picking up the camera, Pedro told Jenny to relax and to pose for the camera.
Embarrassed by her nudity being filmed, Jenny blushed as Pedro snapped her
picture. The first photographs he took of her were innocent looking pictures
of her meekly covering her breasts or pubic hair with her hands, or of her
standing with her arms straight down looking at the camera. Pedro then told
Jenny to stand in more provocative positions. In one she placed her hands in
her hair and smiled at the camera. In another, she ran her hand over her
pussy while her other hand cupped a tittie as she lowered her mouth to suck
and lick the top of her breast.

Growing more embarrassed with each click of the camera and each new lewd
position, Jenny hoped that the man would hurry and stop. Constantly
reloading the camera, Pedro took shot after shot of Jenny. In one, he
ordered her to spread her legs, bend over, and grasp her ankles. As Jenny
did so, she shut her eyes as the camera clicked away. When she opened her
eyes, she could see Pedro standing behind her ass snapping her picture.
Looking to the side, she also saw that Jose had undressed, and was stroking
his cock with his hand as he watched her naughty poses. Telling Jenny to
stay bending over, Pedro walked forward and told Jenny to reach behind her
legs and pull her asscheeks apart. He then told her to reach in-between her
legs and pull her pussy lips apart. Snapping close ups of her asshole and
pussy, Pedro reached out and caressed the lovely girl's ass. Then pulling
away from the girl, he told her to finger fuck her pussy.

After a dozen more pictures, Pedro noticed how the girl's fingers were
starting to get coated with her pussy juices. Pedro could smell the
fragrance of her sex filling the room, and so he told her to stop and stand
back up. Walking over and picking up the vibrator, he ordered Jenny to come
to him. As the girl approached him, he told her that he wanted her to make
love to the vibrator and treat it like her boyfriend and fuck it and suck

Not understanding what he meant by sucking, and afraid of getting hurt if
she did something wrong, Jenny asked for better instructions. When Pedro
told her she was to give the vibrator a blow job, Jenny told him that she
had never done such a thing. Smiling at her innocence, Pedro explained in a
kind, soothing voice "Treat it like a pop sickle. Suck on it and lick it
like you do ice cream." Fondling her breasts, Pedro said "My beautiful
child, suck on it like a baby does his mother's breast or a pacifier. And
don't worry Jenny, I'll teach you how to give a good blow job."

Turning the vibrator on high, Jose handed the vibrator to Jenny. "Now Jenny,
go stand in the middle of the room, and start kissing and licking the
vibrator." Grateful for the older man's kind words, tenderness and
understanding, Jenny stepped to the middle of the room. She hoped that
pleasing Pedro would bring her favor with Jose, and that this might lead to
a quicker release. Thus hoping to show Pedro how good she could be, she
eagerly followed his instructions.

Bringing the vibrator up to her mouth, Jenny started kissing and licking the
buzzing shaft. While she held the vibrator to her mouth with one hand, Pedro
told the girl to run her other hand over her breasts and down over her
stomach, until she was touching her pussy. Telling her to put the vibrator
in her mouth, Pedro ordered Jenny to finger her clit and pussy at the same
time. Wishing to please the man who was treating her with such kindness,
Jenny eagerlly complied. Snapping more pictures, Pedro told Jenny to run the
vibrator over her breasts and then fuck it over her pussy lips. When the
vibrator touched her pussy, Jenny was suprised by the intense feelings of
pleasure that flooded throughout her body. Pedro smiled as the girl ran the
vibrator over her clit, and snapped pictures of the look of enjoyment on the
girl's face. Ordering Jenny to fuck the vibrator deep into her pussy with
one hand, he told her to suck the pussy juices off her other hand. Never
having played with a vibrator before, Jenny was unable to resist the
unbelievable pleasures in her pussy. She was quickly engulfed by the amazing
feelings pulsating through her pussy and lower body. It felt so good, and
she couldn't help but enjoy the sweet taste of her own pussy juices that
were still on her fingers. Licking the taste off , and moaning in pleasure
as she fucked her own pussy, Pedro took picture after picture of the girl
debasing herself. Noticing that Jenny was getting so excited that she was
getting weak at her knees, Pedro told her to lay down while still keeping
the vibrator buried in her pussy. Jenny complied and continued to fuck
herself and follow Pedro's commands. Almost out of film, Pedro told Jenny to
roll over, and keeping her ass in the air while resting her face on the
floor, to fuck herself with the vibrator. Doing as he wished, Jenny rolled
over and rammed the vibrator back and forth into her pussy. Her moans filled
the room as the vibrator buzzed deep inside of her, and Pedro could resist
no more. Dropping the camera on top of the tens of dozens of pictures of
Jenny that were laying scattered across the room, Pedro walked over in front
of Jenny. Telling her to continue to fuck herself, he pulled Jenny to her
knees and placed her face in front of his cock.

"Suck me Jenny".

Lightheaded from lust, Jenny licked across the man's cock. Tasting a salty
liquid at the tip of his cock, Jenny took the head of his cock into her
mouth and swallowed his precum. Sucking and licking on the cock in her
mouth, she felt Pedro place his hands on the back of her head. Thrusting
into the pretty girl's mouth, Pedro looked down at the pretty girl.. Her
face was wrapped around his cock, and her boobs were moving up and down as
she thrust the vibrator in and out of her pussy.

Pulling back on Jenny's head and forcing her to look up at him, Pedro told
Jenny " You are a natural at this. Try to take daddy's cock into your
throat. And while you are sucking me and fucking yourself, I want you to
gently play with my balls, and maybe even place one of your fingers up my
ass. Yeah, finger my asshole as you suck me, understand?"

Nodding her head up and down in understanding as she sucked Pedro's dick,
she moved her hands up Pedro's legs. While trying to suck Pedro's dick as
deep as she could, Jenny moved her hands between Pedro's legs and found his
asshole. Pushing her finger against the man's nether passage, Jenny gently
thrusted her finger into the man's asshole. She was unprepared for Pedro's
response. Enjoying her probing finger, Pedro forced her head back with his
hands and stuffed his cock down her throat.

Where before she had been lost in a sea of pleasure, Jenny suddenly found
herself unable to breath. Feeling her throat stuffed with cock, Jenny
panicked. Jerking her hand off of the vibrator and pulling her finger out of
Pedro's ass, Jenny placed her hands on Pedro's thighs and desperately tried
to push Pedro away from her. He was too strong for her, and as he held her
in place by her hair, Pedro repeatedly throat fucked the girl. Her lungs
started to burn from lack of oxygen, Jenny struggled even harder to push
Pedro away with her hands. But held in place by Pedro's firm hands the girl
could not breath, and Jenny's pushing quickly slackened. With her lungs
burning for air, Jenny realized that she was going to pass out, and maybe
even die on her knees with this man's big cock buried down her throat. The
thought of dieing wiith her mouth impaled on Pedro's cock brought tears to
Jenny's eyes.

Seeing the teenager's eyes starting to flutter from lack of air, and not
wishing to hurt the girl and ruin his carnal plans, Pedro pulled his cock
out of the girl's throat. The girl, still on her knees dropped to her hands
as she sucked in the air her body so desperately needed. Pedro fondled his
cock and staried down at the panting beauty. When he looked down between
Jenny's legs he could see that even with her struggle, Jenny's tight pussy
had still maintained the buzzing vibrator between her long legs. While still
masterbating his cock, Pedro smiled and reached down and patted Jenny on the
head like a master does a dog. "You were a good girl Jenny. Now catch your
breath and then get off your knees. I want you to keep that toy buried in
your snatch, and walk over to my desk. There you can lay on your back on top
of my desk.." Glad that he would not throat fuck her anymore, the teenager
quickly stood up to go the desk. As she walked , Jenny was able to recover
from her throat fucking . She had not enjoyed that, but she could not
concentrate on what had just occurred. As her hips moved her pussy lips
together, Jenny was finding it very difficult to fight back the pleasurable
feelings the vibrator moving deep inside of her was causing. She felt so
hot, and the slightest movement of the buzzing vibrator sent rockets of
pleasure throughout her body. Coming to the desk, she turned around and
glanced over at Pedro. Jenny could not believe it, but with the bolts of
lightening racing throughout her body, she could not deny that she was
looking forward to getting fucked. And it didn't matter if it was going to
be by a heavy set man who was her father's age who shoved her pussy full of
cock. She just needed a hard dick.

Before she could lay on the desk, Jenny had to bend over and push the
paperwork laying on Pedro's desk to the side. Watching Jenny bend over,
Pedro spoke to Jose in Spanish "She is fantastic Jose. Will you look at that
ass. You did really good in getting her. I can't wait to fuck her!"

"I know what you mean uncle" Jose replied. "Watching you put her through her
paces with the camera has made me super hot. What do you say that we have
her lay with her head hanging over the end of the desk. Then you can fuck
her pussy or ass, and I can throat fuck the little slut? That'd be fun,

While still watching Jenny's ass moving around, Pedro responded "I know you
need to have her soon, but give me a little time with her. Jose, I want to
make this little American bitch climax. Then after she cums, we can share
her. But first, I want to give her pleasure, and watch her face glow with
her first climax. Then later on, whenever I fuck her in the ass or whip the
shit out her, I can remember the pleasure I gave her. Thinking of her
pleasure, while I am dealing out so much pain on her body, just gives me an
even better high. Have patience, let an old man indulge himself."

Turning to the girl, and speaking English, Pedro told Jenny. "The papers are
fine Jenny. Don't worry about them. Just lay on your back on top of the desk
and spread your legs. Don't let the vibrator fall out either. Keep on
fucking yourself with it, understand?

"I understand" Jenny said as she began to place herself on the desk.

Laying back, Jenny then began to fuck the vibrator in and out of her pussy
and against her clit. Walking towards her, Jose smiled when he smelled the
aroma of Jenny's sex, and saw her juices covering and lubricating the
vibrator. " Jenny, you want me to fuck you, don't you?" He asked.

Moving the vibrator rapidly in and out of her wet pussy, Jenny lifted her
hips and said " Please fuck me. I want you so bad". As Jenny said those
dirty words, she suprised herself. This man was forcing her to have sex, yet
she couldn't wait for him to take her. Trying to justify the feelings of
lust shooting through her body, Jenny told herself that she had to survive,
and that she shouldn't fight the pleasure the vibrator was giving her.

Seeing the girl's reaction, Pedro pushed Jenny's hands away from the the
vibrator. He pulled the vibrator out, and placed the buzzing toy against her
clit. Moaning with pleasure, Jenny withered on top of the desk as Pedro
stared down at her. "Jenny you like this don't you."

Yes, Oh Yes" she moaned.

Placing his cock against her pussy, while still rubbing her clit with the
vibrator, Pedro asked "Do you want Daddy to fuck you?"

"Please, Oh Please fuck me!" she begged.

"You have to call me daddy first. Then daddy will fuck you."

"Please fuck me Daddy. Give it to me, daddy!" Jenny said as she tried to
push her pussy over the head of Pedro's cock.

Smiling, Pedro asked "Ddo you need daddy's cock? Let me hear how bad you
need daddy's loving?"

Moaning as the vibrator pleasured her clit, while the head of Pedro's cock
caressed the her pussy lips Jenny begged Pedro "please daddy, I need your
cock. Please fuck me. Mount me. Please just take me, and make me yours!"

"Here it comes baby. Daddy's going to take care of you!" Moving the vibrator
to the side, he rammed his hips forward. Jenny's pussy, super wet from her
foreplay with the vibrator, opened up around Pedro's cock and swallowed him.
In a matter of moments, Pedro's balls were slapping back and forth against
the bottom of Jenny's pussy, and the girl panted with his deep thrust.

Jenny was unprepared for the feelings inside of her. She had never felt so
good. As the man on top of her moved his cock in and out of her pussy, her
body seemed more sensitive than ever before. Her asscheeks spread wide on
the desk, her breast pressed against the man humping into her, and her pussy
so pleasurably full of cock. Jenny's entire body felt super sensitive, and
she loved it. At the moment, she didn't care that she was being forced to
share her most intimate possessions with a complete stranger. As the fat
Mexican covered her body, and moved his cock in and out of her, Jenny even
forgot that she was being raped. She lost all conscious thought as she
concentrated on the wonderful feelings assaulting her body for the first
time. As the cock moved in and out of her, all the pain caused by the first
three men disappeared and became a distant memory as the man above her
fucked her and gave her so much pleasure. Jenny couldn't believe it. She was
getting fucked. She Jenny Braddom was getting fucked, and she was loving it.
Enjoying the feel of a stuffed cunt and the joy of her hardened nipples
pressing into the man's hairy chest, Jenny wondered why she had not done
this sooner. Craving more of the man's cock, Jenny moaned as she ground her
hips up to meet Pedro's thrusting cock.

Pedro watched the blond teenager laying underneath him. She was moaning with
every thrust, and she was moving her pussy up and down his cock. As he felt
her move her arms up to hug his body, and pull him down into her, he knew
that she was enjoying his love making. Concentrating on keeping constant
pressure on her clit, he smiled at the girl withering underneath him.
Holding back his own climax, he was determined to make the beautiful blond
cum first. Then he could forget giving her pleasure, and really enjoy
himself. Thrusting into the girl harder, Pedro looked forward to being able
to hurt the American. But first he wanted to make her cum.

Jenny buried her head into Pedro's shoulder as the big man fucked into her.
Her lower body was glowing with pleasure, and bolts of ecstasy shot
throughout her body. Wrapping her arms around Pedro's body she pulled him
into her breast and urged him to fuck her .

"Oh Yes! Oh Yes! Fuck me! It feels Sooo good."

Feeling as if a million tiny fingers were massaging her pussy, Jenny
suddenly arched her back up as her orgasm exploding deep inside of her body.
"O God, O God. I'm cumming" she screamed as the man fucked into her. Pedro
smiled as he watched the girl ride her orgasm for almost ten seconds.
Watching her face as she experienced the ecstasy of her first orgasm made
Pedro smile as he fucked into her and rubbed against her clit.

Feeling Jenny's body go limp as her orgasm ended, Pedro winked at Jose and
motioned him over to the back of the desk.

Still fucking into the girl, Pedro picked up Jenny's limp body and pushed
her across the desk. Trying to recover from her orgasm, Jenny was not even
aware of Pedro actions until her head was forced off the edge of the desk.
With her head hanging back off the desk, Jenny's neck muscles were strained
as her head fell back and her throat was pulled tight. Opening her eyes, she
immediately saw Jose's hard cock only inches away from her face. Holding his
balls and cock with one hand, Jose caressed Jenny's face. Admiring her
flushed cheeks still glowing with the pleasure of her orgasm, Jose told
Jenny "Time to teach you to suck cock baby! Ummm, Ummm lock as those pretty
lips. I can' wait to feel them pressed around my cock."

His word's quickly brought Jenny back to reality, and as if it had never
happened, Jenny stopped smiling and forgot her orgasm. Now she felt the fear
of Jose raping her again, and the weight of the big man fucking into her
pussy turned from a source of pleasure to a source of complete humiliation.

The hot cock buried in her body that had just brought her so much pleasure,
now only reminded her of her earlier rapes. Jenny felt ashamed when she
recalled how she had just begged this big, fat man to fuck her. As if
reading her mind and understanding her shame, Pedro licked across Jenny's
breasts and nibbled on her nipples. Biting into her tittie meat, he smiled
as he caused her pain. She squealed with his bites, and the sound brought
pleasure to Pedro's ears. She would be screaming for mercy by the time he
got done with her.

Picking up the vibrator lying on the desk, Pedro pushed himself off the
girl, and removed his cock from her pussy. "Well, she's had her fun, now
it's our turn. Go ahead and try her mouth out Jose. She is a natural cock

"Thanks Uncle" Jose said as he reached down and pulled on Jenny's hair.
"Open your mouth Bitch. I want you to lick my cock, and deep throat me,
baby. And don't even think about biting me. Bitch, if you bite me I'll kick
your teeth out!" Pulling down even harder on her hair he asked her
"Understand me slut?" Jenny, feeling as if her hair was going to be pulled
out, screamed with pain and whimpered "I understand! I'll do it! Please just
let my hair go. Please don't hurt me!".

Smiling as he released her hair, he shoved his cock into her open lips. As
she took his cock into her mouth, Jose leaned over the girl and caressed her
breasts with both hands. Shoving more of his cock into her mouth, he felt
his dick sliding by Jenny's teeth and over her hot, wet tongue. Carefully
moving his cock back and forth in the girl's mouth, Jose lowered his face
down onto Jenny's stomach. Biting her tight tummy with his teeth, while
squeezing her titties, Jose enjoyed using the girl's body. He was going to
take all she had, and hurt her like she had never been hurt before. Gaining
even more pleasure from her mouth every time he bit her belly, Jose thrusted
his cock into her face while enjoying the sound of her muffled screams of
pain. Her muffled screams were such a turn on that he was tempted to bite
her even harder, but knowing that he'd leave permanant marks he resisted the
temptation, and only nibbled on the teenager laying underneath him.

Watching his nephew abusing the girl, Pedro lifted up Jenny's feet and
lifted her legs up. Holding both of her ankles with his huge hands, Pedro
pushed her legs back until they were pressed against the top of Jose's head.
Picking up the vibrator, Pedro turned it back on and fucked the vibrator
into Jenny's up turned pussy. Pedro laughed as the vibrator was quickly
covered by the girl's natural lubricates. Pulling the vibrator back out, he
aligned the vibrator up with Jenny's swollen and puckered asshole. Warning
his nephew to make sure the girl didn't bite his cock off, Pedro shoved the
vibrator deep into the girl's ass. Held between Jose and Pedro, Jenny could
only scream as her asshole was violated by the buzzing device. And even her
screams were muffled as Jose shoved his big cock in and out of her mouth.

Lowering her legs, Pedro kept the vibrator buried in the girl's ass. Pulling
her legs apart, Pedro positioned his body over the girl, and shoved his cock
back into the girl's tight pussy. With the vibrator buzzing inside of her
ass, Pedro fucked his cock brutally deep into the girl's tight body. Not
only was the vibrator making her pussy tighter, but it's buzzzing was adding
to the natural pleasure Pedro's cock felt in the teenager's tight pussy.
Wishing to play with her titties, Pedro motioned for his nephew to rise off
of the girl's belly. Respectfully, Jose pushed himself back up and made room
for his uncle.

Not having to give Jenny any respect, Jose thrust his cock even harder in
and out of Jenny's face. Timing his assault with his uncle's thrust, Jose
rammed his cock deep into Jenny's throat. Pulling his cock out just long
enough to give the girl a chance to breath, Jose noted that he could
actually see her neck bulge every time he thrusted his cock into her throat.
Thrusting his cock back past her sweet lips and soft tongue, Jose buried his
cock deep into her throat. Slowly moving his cock back and forth in Jenny's
throat without completely pulling it out and giving Jenny a chance to catch
her breathe, Jose stared down at the helpless girl. Her body shook with the
impact of Pedro's hard thrust in her pussy as she was continually penetrated
by the two men and the buzzing vibrator rammed up her ass. With her head
hanging back, Jenny could only gag as Jose rammed his cock past her tonsils,
and down her throat. Feeling as if she would throw up, Jenny fought back her
natural reactions to the huge cock ramming up and down her throat.

Jenny tried to absorb all of the pain assaulting her body. Unable to breath,
she knew that she was helpless to fight against the man fucking her face.
Pulling down on her hair, Jose controlled her upper body as Pedro pressed
his full weight down on the girl's hips, and crushed her lower body. Not
wishing the helpless girl to go unconscious, Jose pulled his cock out of
Jenny's throat and out of her mouth. Gasping for air, Jenny sucked in the
oxygen her body so desperately needed. Every breath she took caused her
throat to burn. The unnatural movement of Jose's cock face fucking her had
left her throat raw and irritated. Regaining her breath, while Pedro
continually fucked her, she felt Joe rubbing his cock against face. Told to
reopen her mouth, she whimpered as Jose resumed his thrust into her mouth
and throat.

Trying to stop the painful thrust down her throat, Jenny tried her best to
please Jose with her mouth and tongue. Sucking on Jose's cock with all the
enthusiasm and energy she had, she tried to bring Jose off . Enjoying the
girl's renewed efforts, Jose allowed the girl to move her mouth back and
forth over the head of his cock. After coming so close to cumming while
watching Jenny masturbating and being photographed, and now with the
teenager eagerly giving him head, Jose had to concentrate to hold back his
load of sperm. Her tongue darted around the head of his cock, and her teeth
carefully grazed his cock shaft. With the girl's mouth moving up and down
his dick, Jose could not hold back any longer. Suddenly and without warning,
Jenny's mouth was flooded with hot cum blasting out of Jose's cock. Feeling
the cum shoot against the back of her throat, Jenny's first reaction was to
gag and spit out the salty sperm. But Jose clamped her head tightly, and she
was unable to remove the spurting cock from her mouth. Left with no other
options, Jenny had to force herself to swallow the man's hot, salty tasting
sperm. As his climax subdued and he emptied his balls into the teenager,
Jose slowly pulled his cock out of Jenny's mouth. Pausing, he let the last
few remaining drops of sperm fall onto her upturned lips and across her nose
and forehead. Still gripping her blond hair, he then wiped his cock clean in
her hair. All the while Jenny's cunt was still being pounded by Pedro's cock
and the vibrator was still buzzing in her ass.

Once again having the girl all to himself, Pedro thrust himself deep into
her pussy. Moving his hips back and forth, Pedro focused on abusing the
teenager's pussy. His motions were more like an attack than love making as
he brutally pushed and pulled his cock in and out of the her pussy. He
pulled all but the head of his cock out of her cunt before he thrusted back
into the teenager. With each thrust he used his hips and legs to push all of
his weight behind his powerful thrust. Jenny's pussy quickly grew tender as
the cock lansed in and out of her. With each deep thrust, Jenny moaned, and
her pelvis was quicklly bruised by the powerful man. Sensing her pain, Pedro
relished the pretty girl's torment. Teasing her, he eventually asked "Is
daddy's cock to big for you, little girl? Tell daddy, your pussy hurts, and
beg him to stop fucking you. Maybe if your a good litttle girl, and ask very
nice, daddy will take his big dick out of his little princess's pussy. Do
you want daddy to stop hurting you? Tell daddy that you want him to take his
big dick out of your tight little pussy, princess. Tell daddy what you want"

Knowing that the man was enjoying her pain and that begging would only cause
her more pain and suffering, Jenny at first tried to ignore his taunts. But
with each stroke of his cock gaining even more power, the pain radiating
from her pussy forced Jenny to beg for mercy.

Closing her eyes, Jenny begged "Daddy please! Ohh, please take your cock out
of my pussy, please!"

Placing his hands over her sweat covered breasts, Pedro kneaded Jenny's
titties as he told her "Tell daddy how his big dick hurts your tight little
pussy. Call yourself princess girl, and tell me how you can't handle daddy's
big cock anymore." Crushing and pulling on her titties he told her "Beg
daddy not to fuck your pussy!"

"Oh daddy, your too big for me. Please, please have mercy on your princess.
Please stop fucking my pussy, Daddy!"

"Ok little girl, if that's what you want, that's what you get." Using her
titties as leverage, Pedro used his powerful arms to push himself off of the
begging teenager. When his cock slipped out of her pussy, Jenny was relieved
that her cunt was suddenly empty. Before she could relax though, Pedro
pulled the vibrator out of the girl's ass, and repositioned his cock against
her anus. Feeling the tip of the man's cock against her sore anus, Jenny
knew that her begging had been useless and that her torment was to continue.
She could only whimper as the man prepared to fuck her up the ass.

Not giving any thought to the feelings of the teenager laying underneath
him, Pedro grapped the teenager's thighs and pulled her body downwards as he
thrusted his cock forward. Forced to impale herself on the thrusting cock,
Jenny screamed. Twisting her body she tried to move and ease her pain while
the big man continued to bury his cock deep into her ass. Jenny's face
twisted with pain and anguish as the cock moved deeper and deeper up her ass
and into the very center of her body. When his cock had went all the way
into her ass, and his balls slapped against her ass checks, Pedro grapped
her titties in another crushing grip. Twisting and milking her breasts, he
enjoyed the feeling of her hot, tight body. Slowly pulling his cock back out
of the girl's ass, Pedro enjoyed the way Jenny arched her back in pain, thus
raising her titties up into his kneading hands. While continuing to play
with the girl's breasts, Pedro pulled his cock out of Jenny's ass until just
the head of his cock remained inside of her. Then rapidly thrusting forward,
Pedro buried his cock back into her ass. Moving his hips back and forth,
Pedro ass fucked Jenny. The brutal attack made her weep again, and Pedro
enjoyed the sight of Jenny's tears and cries almost as much as he was
enjoying the feel of her tight ass wrapped around his cock. Releasing her
tits, Pedro lowered his chest on top of the girl. Crushing th>

Transfer interrupted!

ounded into her ass, Pedro enjoyed the feel of her soft breasts pushed
against his chest, and her hot, firm body pressed up against his. Moving his
arm behind her neck, Pedro lifted up the girl's head and forced her to kiss
him as he tried to make their bodies into one.

Fucking in and out of the girl's ass, Pedro thrusted into the teenager at a
feverous pace. Then he stopped and pulled out of her ass. Smiling down at
Jenny he said " I don't know which is tighter little girl. Your ass or your
pussy. Daddy is going to find out thought. Here it comes bitch, get ready
for it!" Repositioning his cock, he thrusted up into her pussy. "Oh yeah,
that's tight all right." Stopping after a dozen strokes, he pulled out of
her pussy and with a quick motion, buried his cock back up her ass. "But
this ass is tight too" Pinching her nipples with his hands, he asked Jenny
"Which do you prefer bitch? Tell daddy how you want it!" Whimpering with
pain, Jenny did not respond. Angered by her lack of attention, Pedro
brutally thrusted his cock into her ass and twisted her nipples as he yelled
"Answer me bitch!"

Crying, Jenny moaned "Neither! Please just stop hurting me"

Leaving his cock up her ass, Pedro laughed and said " But baby I have to
hurt you. That's what your here for. My little girl, your here to make daddy
happy. And I'm so happy with your body and your tight little pussy and ass.
Lowering his head, he bit down her neck and breast. Taking her left nipple
into his mouth, he used his teeth to chew her tender flesh, almost breaking
her skin with his sharp bites. Pulling his mouth back, he teased her and
stated "I know you like daddy's loving too! You little American slut!"

Jenny, whimpering in pain, could only lay underneath the big man as he used
her. Although his attack only lasted a few minutes, it seemed to Jenny as if
her rape went on for hours. Jenny lost count of the times the man fucked her
in the ass, and then took her back in the pussy. He rotated between both
holes, while continuing to pull and bite on her breast and nipples. She even
stopped crying, and only moaned whenever the man bite down on her especially
hard, or fucked into her in an especially brutal thrust. When the man
wrapped his arms around her and hugged her super tight, she was thankful for
the gasp he made signally his orgasm. She could feel his cock pulsating and
his hot sperm shooting inside of her. The feeling of his hot semen filling
up her ass made her feel even more humiliated. But feeling the man's cock
soften made Jenny grateful because she knew that her torment would hopefully
end, at least for a little while.

Pedro pushed himself off the teenager, and stood between the girl's slayed
legs. Looking down at his dick, Pedro saw that it was red with blood, and
also streaked with shit from the girl's asshole. Walking over to get his
handkerchief to clean himself up, he ignored the teenager. Left alone, Jenny
sat up, and touched her violated breasts and pussy. Feeling Jose's sperm
drying on her face, and the gobs of Pedro's sperm dripping out of her ass
and on top of Pedro's desk, Jenny asked to use the bathroom. Jose replied
"Go ahead bitch. But don't be dripping no juice on any of your pictures that
are laying on the floor, understand?" "Yes Sir" she replied as she cupped
her hand in-between her legs and underneath her pussy and ass. Walking in
the ackward position and trying to catch the droplets of sperm dripping out
of her, Jenny moved into the bathroom and sat down on the commode. When she
tried to close the door, Pedro yelled at her "Leave the fucking door open!
What, your bashful now little girl? You think your special and too good to
pee around us Mexicans now!" Walking into the bathroom, he slapped the
teenager sitting on the potty. "Stupid bitch, open your fucking mouth. You
too fucking good for us hey. Well lick your fucking blood and shit off the
end of my dick bitch! Clean your mess up baby! That should treat you some
manners you stupid American whore!"

Even with her head spinning from the slap, Jenny could see how dirty the
man's cock was. Covered with blood from his sadistic rape of her ass, and
streaked with her own shit, Jenny felt like throwing up as the man held the
limp penis in front of her. Knowing that she had no other choice though,
Jenny could only close her eyes as she opened her mouth and moved forward to
suck on Pedro's cock. The taste and smell was disgusting as she took the
man's organ into her mouth. Swallowing as quickly as possible, Jenny tried
not to gag as she followed Pedro's demented command. Licking across the soft
cock, Jenny cleaned off Pedro's tool. Feeling Pedro's hands caressing her
head and face as she sucked on him, she hoped that he would not get hard
again. Moving her tongue over Pedro's cock, Jenny was expecting the cock to
grow hard in her mouth. Jenny, was not expecting anything else, and she was
completely taken by surprise when liquid suddenly exploded from Pedro's soft
cock. Before she could even understand it, Jenny's mouth was filling with
the liquid. Jenny tried to pull away, but Pedro gripped handfuls of her hair
and held her face against his pelvis as he pissed in her mouth. Realizing
what the bitter liquid was, Jenny continued to try to pull away but she was
unable to get her mouth off of Pedro's cock. Left without a choice, Jenny
had to swallow the man's bitter tasting piss. Jenny was nauseated and she
felt her stomach heave in disgust as she drank down the man's urine. She
could not even stop the man pissing in her, and she meekly continued to
swallow as the man emptied his bladder into her mouth. Finishing with his
piss, Pedro pulled his cock out from in-between the attractive blond's lips.
"Agh, that was good." he said and patted her on top of her head. Then noting
a last drop of piss on the end his cock, he pulled on Jenny's hair and said
"Finish cleaning my cock, girl. You know bitch, I think I've found something
your good for besides just fucking. Hey Jose, You and I can have our own
personal American made toilet!"

Laughing at his uncle's joke, Jose walked up behind his uncle and said "
Uncle Pedro, you make me laugh. Our own American made toilet! That's funny.
Hey, I wonder if she'll get drunk drinking my piss after I 've had a lot of
cervazas or tequila? We shall have to see!"

When his uncle moved out of the bathroom to get dressed, Jose moved in front
of Jenny and kneeled down in front of the girl still sitting on the commode.
Reaching up to roughly feel both of her breasts, Jose told Jenny "Hey baby,
you are all sorts of fun. Umm, Umm, just look at the titiies on miss potty
mouth. You were made to fuck baby. You are just too much fun. Spread your
legs wide for me Jenny."

Quivering with fear as he grapped and pulled on her tender breasts, Jenny
could only wonder what type of sick thrill Jose would want now. Moving her
legs wide apart, she grew fearful as Jose moved his face only inches away
from her pussy. While still playing with her titties, Jose told her "Go
ahead and pee Jenny. I've never seen a woman do that before. I want to watch
you pee."

Even after all she had been through, Jenny was embarrassed by his request
and her face flushed red. Having to go, Jenny looked away from Jose, and
released her muscles. After peeing, she looked down for toilet paper and saw
Jose's face still only inches away from pussy. " Go ahead and clean yourself
"he said, and then he stood up and walked out of the bathroom. Wiping
herself, Jenny cleaned the sperm out of her ass and examined her bottom.
Feeling her asshole with her fingers, she could tell that she was gaping
wide open and rubbed raw. Even when she tried to tighten her sore muscles,
her asshole had been stretched so much that she wasn't even able to get her
sphincter muscle closed all the way. But she was relieved that nothing in
either her ass or pussy appeared to be torn or seriously hurt. She knew that
if she could only get away from these animals, and none of them carried a
venereal disease, that she'd be OK. Now if she could just get away.

Getting dressed, Pedro walked into the bathroom and handed Jenny a
toothbrush. "This belongs to my secretary. After she licks my cock clean, I
like her to have a clean mouth. Now you can use it. Don't worry about germs
either baby. After all, tomorrow you are going to get to know Gabby really
well. You ever suck another girl's pussy baby?"

Jenny frowned at the thought, and answered "No sir."

Pedro smiled and said "Well little girl, you are going to. Now finish
cleaning yourself up and wipe that sperm off your face. Don't worry about
putting any make up back on either. You have a good complexion and don't
need it. Anyway, make up makes you look older. Little girl, I like you just
the way you are." Caressing her face he told her "Even though I just fucked
your ass and pussy, you still look like an innocent little angel. Yeah, my
personal little butt fucking angel"

Turning his attention back to Jose, Pedro told him in Spanish "Let's get
Jenny and Gabby together tomorrow. I'll bring my strap on dildos over and
they can put on a show for us. Then we can gang bang the shit out of both
girls. Sounds like fun, hey?"

"O hey, Uncle Pedro, sounds like a party to me."

"Good. I'll bring Gabby over around 2:00 PM. You know Jose, you can make a
lot of money off of that white cunt in there. I have a friend, he works with
the drug smugglers. You know how much money they make. So they've been
diverisifing their assets, and have their own brothels here in Tijuana. They
do everything. Donkey shows, lesbian sex shows, S&M, even slave auctions.
They are always selling girls to the Japanese or to those creeps from the
MiddleEast. Man a girl goes over there, and they never come back. Anyway, my
friend tells me that most of the girl's they get are illegal immigrants from
countries like Colombia, Panama and Venezuela traveling through Mexico
trying to get to the United States. The drug smugglers have friends in
Mexican Immigration and Customs, and they select and arrest the best foreign
girls for the smugglers. They also get European tourists, but not too many.
Same with Americans. Too many Europeans or Americans disappear and the
government tourist officials get upset because the American's might stop
coming. So that little girl you have in there is pretty rare. You could make
a small fortune off of her. I tell you what, tomorrow evening after we get
done fucking Gabby and this American slut, we'll go over to my friend's
place and catch a donkey show, and talk about selling our little American
princess. I'll bring the pictures of her I just took with us to show to
potential buyers. You and I can use her until we get bored of her pussy and
then we can sell her to the highest bidder. Trust me, you'll make ten times
the money off of her than you will make off of stealing a van."

Finishing the conversation, Jose told Jenny to get out of the bathroom and
put her shirt and shoes back on. Pedro paid Jose for the stolen van, and
they waited for Hector and Ramon to come back. While Pedro and Jose talked
in Spanish, Jenny sat on the floor with her back against the wall and her
legs pulled up so that her knees were pressed against her chest. With
nothing to do, she thought of the past three hours, and quietly sobbed.

Thirty minutes later, a horn honked outside the office and Jose told Jenny
to stand up. Standing up, she walked over to Jose and stood by the door.
Pedro walked up to her and hugged her. Cupping her ass, he kissed her and
forced his tongue into her mouth. French kissing her he enjoyed the feel of
his chest pressing into the teenager's full breasts. Then squeezing her ass,
he told her "Daddy will see you tomorrow darling. But don't worry, Jose and
his friends will keep you warm tonight". Patting her on the ass, he laughed
and pushed Jenny over to Jose. Jose gripped her arm, and opening the door,
led her down the steps. Approaching the truck, Jenny noted how Hector and
Ramon where staring at her. Feeling the men's lustful stares burning through
her clothes, she tried to swallow the lump of fear she felt swelling in her

Telling Jenny to open the truck door, Jose ordered Jenny to get in the
truck. Sliding into the cab next to Hector, Jenny felt Hector's hands on her
legs. Jose sat down next to her, and shut the truck door. Ramon placed the
truck into gear, and pulled out of the alley.

As the truck drove down the street, Jenny was constantly fondled by Hector.
Gliding his hands up her legs, he manhandled her legs apart, and dug his
fingers into her inner thigh. Moving one hand higher, he slipped a finger
into her pussy. Moving his finger in and out of her pussy, he amused himself
by taunting Jenny and telling her what they were going to do to her once
they got her into their home's basement. He described how they were going to
rape and sodomize her all night long. He talked about how they were going to
hang her spread eagle from the beams in the basement ceiling and take turns
whipping her. Fingering her pussy faster, he told her how they were going to
tie her up and pierce her nipples, belly button, and clit, and force her to
fuck their doperman pincher guard dog.

By the time the truck arrived at a white two-story building surrounded by a
tall rod iron fence, Jenny was trembling with fear as she listened to the
torment she was about to endure. When the truck pulled into the driveway,
Jose hopped out of the truck and pulled open the driveway gate so that the
truck could go through. After the truck drove past, Jose shut and locked the
gate, and then ran up behind the truck as it entered the garage. Shutting
the garage door, Jose joined Hector and Ramon as they tried to pull Jenny
out of the truck. Crying, Jenny tried to fight the men and stay inside the
truck. Begging and pleading to be let go, Jenny tried to grasp the steering
wheel in a desperate attempt to avoid going inside the house with the men.
Moving around the truck, Hector opened up the passenger door and grapped the
girl's kicking legs, as Ramon pried her fingers off of the steering wheel.
Freeing her hands, Ramon pulled the girl out of the truck. Pulling her to
her feet, he painfully pushed her left arm behind her back, and forced her
into the house and down the basement stairs.

Stepping into the basement, Jenny gasped with horror. The basement was
completely blocked off with no windows. The only furniture in the basement
was a large brass bed in the center of the room, a large metal cabinet, and
a strange, tall wooden frame structure covered with pulleys and chains off
to the side of the bed. Staring at the wooden structure, Jenny suddenly
realized that the device looked like a medieval torture rack. That's when
Jenny noticed the manacles hanging from the walls and the black leather
riding crop next to the bed. Realizing that the room was a torture chamber,
Jenny stepped backwards and tried to escape up the stairs. Laughing, the men
stopped her retreat and dragged her into the middle of the room. Ripping at
her clothes, the men quickly stripped Jenny naked and forced her forward.
Grapping her arms, and pulling them in front of her, Hector forced Jenny's
wrist into a pair of handcuffs. Moaning in terror, Jenny felt the cold steel
surrounding her wrists, and heard the click of the handcuffs locking in
place. Moaning in disbelieve, she could only stare forward as Hector pushed
her down onto her knees. Opening up the fly on his jeans and pushing them
down, Hector grapped Jenny's head and pulled her face into his groin. "Now
suck me bitch!"

Grimacing as the man pulled on her hair, Jenny reluctantingly opened her
mouth and moved her head forward to take in the cock jutting out before her.
Taking the big cock into her mouth, Jenny started to suck and lick Jose's
prick. Feeling Jenny's wet mouth encompassing his prick, Hector released his
grip on the girl's hair. "That's it bitch! You suck my cock. Now move your
head back and forth." Watching the girl move her mouth over his cock, Hector
laughed with sadistic pleasure. He enjoyed the sight of the young girl's
face as her cheeks moved in and out as she diligently sucked his cock.
Watching her lips stretched around his cock, Hector thrusted deeper into her
face. Gripping her hair again, he pulled back her head and rammed his cock
deep down her throat. Moving his cock in and out of her throat he fucked the
girl's face. Watching her wiggle as she tried to remove his cock from her
throat, Hector stopped thrusting and held Jenny in place. Watching her face
turn white from lack of oxygen, he smiled as her eyes widened and then
started to flutter close. Pulling his cock out of her throat, he pulled the
gasping girl up by her hair. "Your lunch break is over bitch! Now get on the
fucking bed." Pushing her, Hector followed the petite teenager over to the

Forcinng her down on her back, he grasped her ankles and pushed her slim
legs back towards her titiies. Kneeling between the girl's splayed legs, he
stuck his index finger into her pussy. Twisting it around inside her, he
asked "You ready for me, Jenny." Looking up at the man with tear filled
eyes, Jenny fearfully shook her head yes. "You slut!" Hector yelled and
slapped her upturned ass. "You American whores are all alike. You walk
around like your too good for us Mexicans, but then you get a good Mexican
cock, and you can't help but beg for more."

Crawling in between her legs, Hector placed his cock against Jenny's pussy,
and started moving it back in forth between her pussy lips. Caressing her
breasts, Hector told Jenny "Tell me you want it baby."

Jenny, knowing that the man was playing a sadistic game, tried to stare away
from the man as she asked " Please sir, I want you. Please, please fuck me."
Grinning at his new play toy, Hector asked "You sure you want this big
Mexican cock in your tight little pussy?" Quietly sobbing she replied "Yes I
want it."

Gripping her titties and twisting her nipples, Hector yelled at her " Tell
me how you want my big Mexican cock in your tight little American pussy,

Arching her back in pain, Jenny said in a loud voice "Please fuck me. I need
your big Mexican cock in my tight little pussy."

"OK bitch, if that is what you want, her it comes. Seven inches of Mexican
steel" Thrusting forward, Hector's cock slide forward and parted the girl's
pussy lips. With no lubrication, the cock caused Jenny to scream with pain
as her pussy was once again violated. Thrusting deep into her, Hector did
not care about her discomfort or pain. He did not stop until his balls
rested against her pussy, and their pubic hairs were intertwined. Enjoying
the feel of the girl's body against his, he pushed her arms up over her
head, and then crushed her breast with his hairy chest. Moving his cock in
and out of the teenager's pussy, he nibbled on her ear lope. As he thrusted
deep into the girl, he bite on her ear, licked on her throat, and whispered
dirty words of shame and humiliation into her ear.

Moving his hands, he crushed her breasts with his hands, and he pushed his
upper body off the beautiful blond. Hammering his cock into her pussy, her
body shook as the man taunted her. "You stupid American bitch, you like this
hey slut. Hey, I feel your pussy getting all wet for me. You want it. Well
Jenny, you can have it. Take this, this, and this" he said with each
powerful stroke. Every stroke made her body jolt, and she gasped every time
he thrusted into her. Feeling the man moving faster, Jenny was not surprised
when she felt the man gasp and quiver above her. Feeling the now familiar
hot liquid of sperm shooting deep into the back of her pussy, Jenny realized
it would soon be someone elses turn to use her. Relaxing after his climax,
Hector collapsed on top of Jenny and crushed her under his weight. After a
minute on top of the girl, Hector regained his breath and rolled off the
girl. Leaving Jenny laying on her back with her legs spread open, Hector
crawled around the girl to wipe his cum covered dick in the blond girl's

Then without even giving her a second glance, he asked "Whose's next?"

"That bitch is mine now" Ramon said as he walked towards the girl. "Roll
over bitch. Get on your knees and let me see that ass." Scared of the big
man, Jenny quickly complied and rolled over on her belly. Looking back over
her shoulder, she then raised her ass up towards the big man. Walking up
behind her, Ramon placed his hands on her asscheeks and carassed her round
butt. "That's a nice butt you have there girl." Squeezing her firm ass he
told her "Yea, little girl that is one great looking butt." Moving a hand
between her ass cheeks, he cupped her pussy mound. "A good looking cunt like
you needs to be fucked. That's what you were made for bitch. Just look at
your body. Hey bitch, you were made to pleasure men." Cupping her pussy
mound even tighter with his huge hand, Ramon started slapping Jenny's ass.
The sound of the palm of his hand hitting her ass filled the room. Jennny
screamed and tried to pull away from the man, but with his tight grip on her
pussy and pubic hair she could only cry in pain as the man delivered a half
a dozen stinging blows on her ass checks. When the man stopped spanking her,
Jenny tried to move away from the man but his strong hand grasping her pussy
mound kept her in place. Still enjoying the sight of Jenny's ass, Ramon
asked Jenny "Where you going bitch? You think that hurt. Shit girl, you
ain't felt nothing yet. Wait til I get the belt on you. Umm, I can't wait to
whip those titties and that soft little pussy of yours. But we'll do that
later. Right now I just want to fuck you. You want me to fuck you?" Slapping
her ass again, he asked "Or would you rather me whip you baby?"

Jenny, who had never been spanked by her parents, was numbed by the blows
she had just received. Frightened that the man would continue to strike her,
she raised her ass in the air and invitingly moved it back and forth.
"Please, please fuck me! I want you to fuck me please!" Seeing the girl
shaking her butt in the air offering her pussy to him made Ramon mad.
Placing his hands on her hips, Ramon stood behind the kneeling girl. "Why
you little slut! You think you can just wiggle that little ass around, and a
man will want to fuck you. You American bitchs are all arrogant sluts!
Jenny, I am going to teach you some manners!" Holding her in place with his
left hand, Ramon started to spank the girl's white ass. She squealed with
his slaps and tried to move her ass away from the madman spanking her. After
a dozen slaps her lovely white asscheeks begin to grow bright pink. Slapping
her with all his might, Ramon left red hand marks on the girl's ass, and
soon both of her ass cheeks were both completely red. Begging for mercy, and
trying to crawl away, Jenny begged Ramon to stop. Becoming overwhelmed with
lust, Ramon stopped slapping her, and grasped her waist between his two
large hands. Pulling back on her waist, he guided her cum soaked pussy over
the head of his cock. Feeling the huge cock entering her pussy, Jenny gasped
as she was once again raped by the big man. Burying his cock all the way
into her pussy, Ramon pounded his cock in and out of Jenny. With every
thrust he would intentionally smash his pelvis against Jenny's red ass, and
this only added to her pain. Driving into the girl with such force, Ramon
pushed Jenny's body forward. Following her up on the bed, Ramon got on his
knees as he fucked the blond. Running his hands across her ass checks and
back, Ramon fondled the young girl. Listening to her moans of pain drove him
on. To add to her misery and his own enjoyment, he reached underneath the
girl with his left hand to grasp her left tit, while getting a handful of
her hair with his right hand. Pulling back on her hair as he pounded his
cock into her pussy, Jenny was forced to lift her upper body back against
Ramon. Licking her neck as he crueling squeezed her tittie, Ramon moved his
cock faster and faster into her tight, hot body. Feeling the start of his
climax, Ramon released her breast and hair and hugged her with all his
might. Squeezing the teenager in his powerful arms, he flooded her cunt in
his cum. When Ramon released her after his climax, Jenny fell to the bed.
Laying there she felt Ramon pulling his cock out of her pussy. Enjoying the
sight of her firm ass, Ramon playfully slapped he ass. Standing up, Ramon
asked "Who's next?' as he turned his back on the girl and walked away.

Fisting his penis inbetween his hand, Hector replied " I am. Time to get
some of that tight little pussy and go for a drive up that bitch's hershey
highway. " Walking up behind Jenny, Hector climbed on top of the bed and
positioned himself behind the girl. Jenny, exhausted by the constant gang
rape, hardly noticed the man behind her. Noting that the girl lacked
enthusism and wasn't putting up any resistance, Hector smiled at how they
had crushed the girl's spirit in just a matter of hours. Now Hector thought,
the real fun games could begin. Placing his hands on Jenny's hips, Hector
pulled Jenny's ass up into the air. Then returning his hands to her hips, he
dug his fingers into her ass and sides as he thrusted his cock into her cum
flooded pussy. With the cock sliding deep into her body, Jenny let a "woof"
sound as the cock knocked her breath away. Laying there with her head and
shoulders resting on the mattress, Jenny's body was rocked back and forward
by the man raping her. Wanting more of a challange, and being a sadist,
Hector buried his cock deep into Jenny's pussy and then stopped thrusting.
Running his hands underneath her body, he grasped her titties, and then
moved his hands onto her shoulders. Grapping her long blond hair like a rein
on a horse, Hector pulled back on her hair. " Fuck me bitch! Show me how
much you like Mexican cock." Jenny screamed in pain and involuntarily moved
her ass towards Hector. It felt like the man was pulling every hair out of
her head, and she quickly raised herself off the bed in an attempt to
relieve the excuriating pain. Now that the girl was on her hands and knees,
Hector partially loosened his grip on her hair, and ordered her to fuck him.
Complied by pain, Jenny started rocking her hips back and forth. Her motion
caused her pussy tp move back and forth over Hector's cock, and he moaned
with pleasure. "That's it baby. You give daddy your love."

With her movements, Jenny's titties swung underneath her with every move she
made. Hector, enjoying the sight of the girl's up turned ass moving to
surround his cock, began to tease Jenny's asshole with a finger " That's it
baby, you move that ass on back." After she completed a thrust backwards,
and started to move forward, Hector placed his thumb against her asshole.
With her next move back, Jenny not only impaled Hector's cock in her, put
also forced his thumb up her ass. Surprised by the thick digit, Jenny yelped
in pain and tried to pull away.

Hanking back hard on her hair, Hector told Jenny "Shut the fuck up and fuck
me bitch! Or else I'll really give you something to scream about. "

Continuing, he threatened " Hey bitch, If you don't do what I say, I am
gonna cause you unbelievable pain. To emphasis his point, he stretched his
neck out and took one of Jenny's pink ear lope into his mouth. Biting down
on the tender bud at the end of her ear, he made Jenny yelp in pain.
Releasing her ear, he then whispered "Now fuck me before I give you
something to yell about!" Quickly obeying the man's orders, Jenny moved back
onto the man's cock. With the finger invading her ass, and Hector's cock
spearheading up her pussy, Jenny whimpered with pain, but she dared not
disobey the man she was being forced to fuck. As she moved her hips back and
forth and felt Hector's hot breath on her neck, she knew that the slightest
hestitation or sign of resistance would only cause her more pain by the man
dominating her.

After several long minutes of fucking, Hector removed his thumb from Jenny's
ass. Quickly pulling his cock from Jenny's pussy, Hector recentered his
prick on her violated asshole. Then grabbing her hair with both of his
hands, he told Jenny "Now fuck me, bitch". Hector's hard cock radiated a
burning heat against her senstive asshole. Biting her lower lip, Jenny
whimpered and slowly began to move her ass back over the man's cock. When
half the prick was impaled up her tight butt, Jenny, clenching her fists,
stopped moving back. Trying to override the pain exploding in her ass, Jenny
begged the man to stop hurting her.

"Please sir, I can't. Please let me fuck you with my pussy. Your hurting me,
please let me take it out. Please"

Annoyed by the girl's hestitation, Hector pulled back on her hair, and
bolted his hips forward.

"You stupid cunt! I didn't tell you to stop. You take it all bitch!" Driving
his cock up the girl's asshole, he began to shove his cock into the girl
with powerful strokes. While holding onto her hair with one hand, he began
to slap her ass. Letting loose a mexican cowboy scream, Hector laughed as he
rode the girl like a wild horse. Slapping her ass with his hand, pulling
back on her hair, or running his hands over the teenagers titties, Hector
raped the hot blonde's asshole with all his might. After fucking her doggie
style for several minutes, and violating her body with his hands, Hector's
thrusts quickened. Grapping Jenny's hair with both of his hands, Hector
pulled her head back up forced the young girl to arch her back in pain. Then
letting out a loud roar, Hector relased her hair, and receached around and
grabbed both of her breasts. Squeezing her titties with all of his might,
Hector screamed and then shot his load of cum deep into Jenny's ass. blast
after blast of his hot cum exploded into the girl's violated ass. When his
climax subsided, he released his grip on Jenny's breast and allowed her to
fall face down onto the mattress.

Resting over the girl, Hector spent a minute catching his breath. Then
running his hands over the small of Jenny's back, Hector pulled his softed
dick out of the girl's asshole. Standing up, Hector looked over at Jose
"Amigo, it's all yours." and then stepped away from the girl.

When the man who had just raped her asshole, pushed himself off of her,
Jenny's knees buckled and she collapsed on the mattress.

Admiring the way Jenny was laying, Jose noted how her beautiful breasts were
crushed underneath her as she quitely sobbed into the bed. Looking the
beautiful girl up and down, Jose watched while Hector's cum dripped out of
her asshole. Finally repling to Hector, Jose said " Hector that is a
tempting offer, but that little gringa has drained my balls dry. I would
love too, but I just don't think I can" .

Hector responsed "Yeah, I can understand. I am going to save some for
tomorrow. Then I'll be refreshed and all ready to play some more."

"Well then" Jose said "I guess we better make sure our little American
princess doesn't manage to escape tonight. Let's see if we can't put her in
some chains for the evening.

Telling the girl to get up, Jose led the girl over to the toilet in the
corner of the dungeon. After she used the bathroom, Jose grapped her arm and
pulled her up. Pushing her over to the cabinet, Jose opened a drawer, and
selected a steel belly chain. Removing one of the handcuffs on Jenny's
wrist, Jose snaked the handcuff through one of the links in the chain.
Centering the chain in the hinge of the handcuffs, Jose grapped Jenny's free
arm and cuffed her. Pushing her back towards the bed, Jose made Jenny climb
back onto the bed. Connecting her belly chain to a longer chain anchored to
a bed post, Jose leashed Jenny to her bed. Smiling at the girl, Jose kissed
her on the mouth. " I'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning. Have a
good sleep in your new home, Jenny. Good night!" Jenny did not respond.

As Ramon and Hector, walked up the steps with Jose to leave Jenny alone in
the basement, the men taunted her.

"Gringo, it's been really fun baby." "Don't go anywhere little girl" " Can't
wait to cum back for ya' little girl.........." Jenny rolled over on her
side and pulled her legs up, and softly cried.

The next morning, Jose unlocked the metal door leading to the basement, and
walked down the steps. Seeing Jenny sleeping on her back with her legs
spread and her breasts rising and falling in her deep sleep, made Jose's
cock tingle in anticipation. Kneeling down in front of the girl, he licked
up her legs to her inner thighs. His wet tongue made Jenny awaken. Startled
by the caress on her legs, she suddenly found herself brought back from the
peace of her dreams to her life of torment. Within moments she remembered
all the evil deeds that had occurred, and the feel of the man between her
legs only reminded her that her ordeal was not yet over.

"Please, please mister. Let me go, please...." Jenny begged as the man
licked up her body.

Nipping her nipple with his teeth, Jose made Jenny squeel. "Good morning
Jenny, I don't think I am gonna let you go anyplace. Now tell me baby, who
do you love, huh?"

Jenny looked away and refused to answer the man fondling her body. Noting
the tear drops trickling down Jenny's cheek, Jose smiled. "Poor little rich
American. What's wrong little princess? You not having fun. Well welcome to
the way the other half lives. You rich fucking Americans, always looking
down on us Mexicans.

Well Bitch, I am gonna show you what you Americans have been doing to my
countrymen for hundreds of years. Spread your legs American bitch, because I
am going to fuck you!"

Hanking her legs apart, Jose spit into his hand and moved his wet hand up
and down his throbbing cock. Placing his lubricated cock against her pussy,
he grapped her legs and placed them over his shoulders. "Now you American
slut, welcome to the rest of your life!" Slamming his hips forward, Jose
rammed his cock deep into Jenny's pussy. She screamed as Jose buried his
cock into her dry pussy. Not stopping until his balls were resting against
her pussy lips, Jose slowly reversed his thrust and pulled his cock out of
her pussy. Watching the pain on her face, he thrusted back down. Moving his
lower body back and forth, and Jose pounded his cock into the girl. Moving
his hands up to her head, he pulled back her hair and started sucking on her
neck as he pounded into her. Her pussy responded to his painful thrusts, and
soon Jenny's cunt's natural secretions had lubbed up Jose's pounding cock.
With less friction, Jose's thrusts quickened even more, and fucked into
Jenny for several minutes. Suddenly slowing, Jose's body tightening as he
flooded Jenny's pussy with his cum.

Feeling his cock shooting the last of his cum deep into her belly, Jose
rested in top of Jenny. Then pushing his body up up so that he could look
down into the beautiful teenager's eyes, he teased the beautiful teenager.
"Thats what god made you for bitch. To be a Mexican's sperm receptacle!"

Rolling off the panting girl, Jose sat up next to the girl. Feeling a
familiar fulliness in his bladder, he thought about walking over to the
toilet. But then with an evil laugh, he grapped Jenny and pulled her up.
Standing in front of her, he placed his hands around Jenny's throat. "
Jenny, we are going to go up stairs so you can have a shower. If you scream,
I'll kill you, you understand?"

Fearing for her life, Jenny shook her head in cooperation " Yes sir, I

"Good, now let's go" Leading her by her handcuffs, he walked over to the
cabinet and pulled out a leather gag. As he started walking Jenny towards
the stairs, Jenny asked 'Please sir, I have to go to the bathroom." Not
wishing the girl to soil herself or cause a mess, Jose released the girl.
"Sure go ahead. Just make it quick" Encumbered by the uncomfortable chains
and handcuffs, Jenny awkwardly walked over the toilet. After she peed, and
wiped herself clean, she walked back over to Jose. Leading Jenny up the
stairs, Jose opened up the heavy basement door, and took the pretty girl out
of the basement.

Walking her down a hallway, Jose took Jenny into a bathroom and shut and
locked the door. Seeing a cup and the water faucet, Jenny thought of her
throat and how it had been rubbed raw by the thrusting cocks the day before.
"Please sir, can I have some water".

Jose snickered, "You thirsty bitch?. How about I give you something to eat
and drink hey?"

"Get in the bathtub princess. Now!"

Moving around Jose, Jenny slowly stepped into the bathtub. Told to turn
around, the naked girl turned in a circle. Admiring her body, Jose licked
his lips at the thought of all he was going to do to her over the next
couple days and weeks....

Brought back to reality by the need to relieve himself, Jose removed Jenny's
handcuffs and the belly chain from around her waist. Stepping into the
bathtub with Jenny, Jose ordered "Get on your knees and face me."

Kneeling in front of the man, Jenny saw the man's softened cock, and
remembered the bitter taste of urine. Knowing what the man was about to do,
Jenny had to fight to suppress her urge to jump up and run away.
Understanding that such action would be futile and would only bring her more
pain, Jenny meekly waited for the man to have his way with her.

Looking down at the girl, Jose told Jenny " Look up at me and open your
mouth. You close your mouth or stop looking at me, and I am going to take my
belt to your tits, understand? To emphasis his point, Jose reached down and
cruelly twisted her nipples.

"Don't scream Jenny. Just do as I say."

Knowing that the man would harm her even worse if she screamed, Jenny held
her anguish in as the man painfully twisted her titties. Removing his
pinching fingers from her breasts, Jose cupped the back of Jenny's head with
one hand and then grapped his dick with his other hand. "Here you go Jenny.
Open your mouth. Get ready for some Mexican lemonaide."

The head of Jose's cock exploded into a stream of piss. Aiming for Jenny's
mouth, Jose first missed and splashed Jenny's nose and cheeks with urine.
Correcting his aim, Jose started to pee into Jenny's mouth. Jenny's natural
reaction to the hot wet piss striking the inside of her mouth and throat was
to shut her mouth and attempt to pull away from Jose. Held in place by his
powerful hand on the back of her head, she knew she couldn't get away, and
so she had no other choice but to kneel with her mouth open and taste the
man's hot piss. With her mouth getting full and gaging on the piss, Jenny
tried to swallow the acrid tasting liquid as fast as she could. As she tried
to swallow, the taste and smell of the man's pee made her want to get sick.
Using all of her self control, Jenny fought back her natural reaction to the
man pissing in her, and tried to swallow as quickly as possible .

Enjoying the sight of the beautiful girl drinking down his urine, Jose aimed
his cock so that his piss splashed over Jenny's teeth and tongue. Then
reaiming, he splashed his urine over her face, and then down across her
shoulders and her beautiful full breasts. When his bladder was almost empty,
Jose pulled Jenny forward and guided her mouth over his pissing cock. "Drink
it down girl. Hey that's it. You're my personal toilet!"

Finishing, he pulled his cock out from inbetween the girl's lips. Shaking
his cock over her up turned mouth, Jose shook the last few drops of piss
into the girl. Smiling he caressed the side of her face. "Did that quench
your thirst baby. You know if you need another drink, I can call Hector and
Ramon in. I am sure they'd be glad to help out!" Getting indocturnated to
the man's verbal harassment, Jenny just looked down at the man's feet as he
teased her.

Annoyed that the girl was ignoring him, Jose yelled "Answer bitch" and
backhanded her on the side of the head. Stunned by the blow, Jenny feel back
in the bathtub. "Please don't hit me. Please! And I don't want the other men
to come in here. Please just let me go, Please! I'll do anything you want.
Please I just want to go home."

Grapping a fistful of Jenny's hair, Jose dragged Jenny to her feet. "I know
you'll do everything I want. Now listen to me little white girl, and listen
good. You and I need to get something straight."

Noting that Jenny was not making eye contact, he released her hair and
grapped her chin and forced her to look into his face. "Now princess, this
is your new home! And I am your new daddy, OK! I am going to fed you and
take care of you. In return for that, you're going to do everything that I
want. Jenny, you better understand this real quick. I am your master, and
you better do everything you can to please me and keep me happy, understand?
Because right now, I am the only thing keeping you from being sold into
slavery and being gangraped by dozens of men ok? Or perhaps you'd rather be
some bondage slut in a dungeon in some rich old man's mansion someplace? You
think those other men care what happens to you? Listen baby, I like you.
After all, I was your first lover. If you ever want to go home again, you
better do everything you can to please me." Moving his hands to caress
Jenny's cheeks, he wiped her tears away, and told her in a soft voice "I'll
protect you, but you have to be good and take care of me too."

"Now Jenny let's get some ground rules straight. I am your master, and I'll
protect you. But you got to help me too. Any man I bring to you, you have to
treat them as your master and if they want to make use of your beautiful
body, then you will let them take you anyway they please, OK? Do you
understand me?"

Look up, Jenny shook her head up and down and said "Yes sir".

"Good girl Jenny. Another thing, since I am your master you will call me
'Master' anytime you talk to me or answer a question. You will also call any
men I let share you 'Master' also. Don't ever call me 'sir' again. Do I make
myself clear?"

"Yes Master."

"Now Jenny, sometimes tears are ok, but I don't want you crying all the
time. Your a woman, I am a man. Making love is suppose to be fun and
enjoyable. I want you to stop crying and start enjoying it, OK? After all,
tears or no tears, you will do whatever we ask you to. And we will take you
anyway we want. So make it easier on yourself. Just relax and let your body
take over. And if you can't do that, atleast smile and try to act like you
enjoy it, OK?

Nodding her head up and down, Jenny replied "Yes Master."

Noting that she failed to smile when she answered, Jose squeezed her chin
and yanked on her blond hair. " I said smile bitch!"

Scaried by Jose's yelling, Jenny's body trembled as she forced a smile. "I
am sorry master! It won't happen again."

Ungrasping her hair, he patted her head and said "Good girl Jenny. Now lets
get one last thing straight. When I talk to you, or I fuck you, or even if I
am spanking you for being bad, you will keep your eyes open and look at me.
You will especially look at me when I am talking to you. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I understand" Jenny replied looking Jose in the eyes.

Raising his hand as if to backhand her, Jose made Jenny cringe in fear.
"Answer me with 'master' understand?"

Remembering, Jenny replied "Yes master, I understand. Please don't hit me
master. I'll be good master, promise!"

"Good girl Jenny, now let me get you some water so that you can rinse your
mouth out ok?" Looking at Jose and forcing a smile, Jenny answered "Thank
you master."

Getting the water and handing it Jenny, Jose told her not to drink the water
but to only rinse her mouth out and then spit the water out. Although
desperate for something to drink, Jenny did as the man said and rinsed the
urine taste out of her mouth. Then handed a toothbrush and toothpaste, Jenny
brushed her teeth. As she stood in the bathtub, brushing her teeth, Jose was
busy fondling the beautiful blond's body. Even with the abuses over the past
day, the sight and feel of the teenager's body still greatly excited Jose.
After first rinsing Jenny's urine covered breasts off with two cups of
water, Jose stood behind Jenny. Pressing his softened cock against her ass
cheeks, he wrapped his arms around her chest and begin to fondle Jenny's
large, but firm breasts. Although he had just dropped a load of sperm deep
into her belly and his cock was not up to it, he longed to take her again.
Moving her hair out of the way, Jose sucked on the girl's neck. While making
a hicky with his mouth, his hands continued to explore her body. One hand
caressed and pinched her breasts, while the other hand slide across her
stomach and down over her lower belly. Rubbing his fingers through her pubic
hair, he enjoyed the feel of the beautiful tenager pressed against him.
Moving his body up aginst hers, he enjoyed holding and touching her as she
diligently brushed her teeth.

When the girl finished brushing her teeth, Jose allowed her to rinse her
mouth out with water, but once again Jenny was denied a drink to quench her
thirst. Thinking that she could steal a drink during her shower, she was
quickly disappointed when Jose stepped out of the bath tub and picked up the
leather gag. Returning to Jenny, he ordered her "Open your mouth."

"Yes Master" she replied before opening her mouth. Once the gag was in place
and tied behind her head, Jose turned on the shower and pushed Jenny forward
underneath the showerhead and then turned the water on. The warm water felt
nice, and as Jose began to lather up her body with soap, she was suprised at
how gentle his touch was upon her skin. Moving the soap bar up and down her,
Jose felt Jenny begin to relax. Moving his hands softly over her shoulders,
breasts, and stomach, Jose intentionally pleased the girl. Lowering his
hands to her ass, he ran the soap bar between her asscheeks, and then
forward up against her pussy lips. Knowing that her pussy had to be raw, he
ran the bar of soap up her pussy. Jenny jumped with pain, and tried to
squeeze her legs together to keep the soap bar out.

Wishing to hear the girl speak, Jose removed the gag from Jenny's mouth
while still fucking the soap bar between her legs. Moving close to her ear,
Jose asked Jenny " Does that hurt?"

"Yes master! The soap burns. Please don't do that to me"

"And if I stop what will you do for me?" Jose asked.

"I'll do anything you want. Please master, just don't put the soap in me."

"OK Jenny. Remember that promise. Anything I want." Dropping th soap bar,
Jose rinsed her pussy clean, and then began to press his index finger over
Jenny's clit. "See Jenny, I can give you pain, but I can also give you
pleasure." Moving his hand faster over her clit, he asked "Which do you

Feeling the warmth and pleasure from her sensitive clitorus as Jose massaged
her pussy, Jenny moaned "Master, I like it when you give me pleasure."

"Good girl, Jenny. Now I want you to move your hands down and replace my
fingers on your clit as I finish washing you. Don't stop moving your hands

"Yes master" Jenny replied as she begin to finger her pussy.

After putting the gag back into Jenny's mouth, Jose picked up the bar of
soap. Kneeling down behind the blonde, Jose began to wash her long legs.
Admiring the feel of her smooth legs, he smiled as he heard her begin to
moan from her fingers mastrabating in her cunt. Turning her around, he
buried his face between her legs. When she tried to move her hand, he told
her to keep on touching herself as he licked on her pussy lips and inner
thighs. Tasting her pussy juices, and the taste of his own sperm drippling
out of her pussy, Jose smiled. The thought of his sperm being deep inside of
her, maybe even making her carry his baby as he played with her, turned him
on. Looking up at her firm lean belly, he thought of how nice it would be to
have his baby growing inside of her. Yes, a baby with her would be quite a
fuck trophy. Hmmm, and the thought of fucking her from behind when she was
eight months pregnant, or sucking the milk right out of her breasts only
added to his fantasy.

Feeling another erection starting to grow at his groin, Jose pulled his head
away from Jenny's pussy. "Keep those finger's busy Jenny. I want you to cum
OK?" The gagged girl shook her head in response and fingered her pussy even

Pushing Jenny's head underneath the water, Jose untied her gag. Making sure
that the gag did not fall out of her mouth though, Jose washed the
mastrubating girl's blond hair. After washing the shampoo out, he retied the
gag, and pulled Jenny's hand away from her pussy.

"Now Jenny, it's your turn to wash me. Do it just like I did for you ok?

Nodding her head up and down, Jenny bent over and picked up the bar of soap.
Pressing his groin against her upturned ass Jose fondled the teenager
bending over in front of him. Running his hands down the sides of her chest,
he reached underneath her and cupped each of her breast. Pulling her back
up, he turned her around and still cupping her breasts, kissed her face.
Wishing to kiss her lips, he removed her gag, and threw it to the side.

"Jenny, I want you to kiss me, and I'll leave the gag off. But if I find you
drinking water, I'll make you regret it, understand?

"Yes master, I understand."

"Good then, kiss me."

Pressing her body against Jose's, Jenny tried to forget where she was, and
tried to remember an old boyfriend. Able to momentarily escape, she
passionately french kissed Jose. Turned on by the beautiful girl's robust
kiss, Jose returned her kisses, and began to run his hands up and down the
girl's beautiful body. She did the same, and Jose congratulated himself when
after a few minutes of heavy kissing, the blond teenager began tugging on
his cock with one hand and caressing his back and asscheeks with her other.

Fingering her pussy, Jose felt Jenny's pussy become super slippery with her
natural fluids as he manipilated the young girl's body. Bucking her hips up
against Jose's expert fingers, Jenny passionately kissed Jose on his lips.
Still stroking his cock, the excited teenager ran her tongue down Jose's
neck. With her pussy swollen with pleasure, and her nerve endings tingling
in antication, Jenny ground her hips against Jose's hand. Rotating her hips,
she begged him to mount her. "Oh Yes! Oh Yes. Please take me!" Making little
love bites on Jose's ear lopes, she moaned "Oh please master fuck me, I need
you. Please make love to me!"

Jose smiled at the girl's reaction. This gorgeous blond American teenager
was like any other whore. When a real man touched her body, she had turned
into just another cock crazed slut. Knowing that she would do anything he
ordered, Jose pushed Jenny down on to her knees. "If you want my cock, you
have to suck me first baby! And keep your fingers on your clitty too" Jose
said as he guided his cock to her lips. Opening her mouth and sticking out
her tongue, Jenny first licked the head of Jose's cock. Then moving her head
forward, the teenager took the dick into her mouth. Enjoying the sweeps of
her tongue on the bottom of his cock, and the wetness of her mouth, Jose
moaned in pleasure. As the teenager eagerly sucked his cock, Jose watched
her head bop up and down. Her mouth felt so good on his cock, and the sight
of his cock moving in and out of the beautiful teenager's mouth almost
caused Jose to blow his wade.

Concentrating to control the load of Mexican sperm building up in his balls,
Jose placing his hands on his hips, as he continued to stare down at the
blond American sucking his organ. Watching her lips stretched wide around
his throbbing dick, Jose encouraged Jenny on. " Yea, suck that cock. Make me
feel good baby. Oh that's it, use that tongue. Ohhh, that's it baby. Get me
nice and wet and then I'll fuck you!"

Feeling Jenny's hands fondling his ass cheeks, Jose smiled when he felt the
teenage sex slave pull on his ass so that she could get more of Jose's cock
into her mouth. Caressing his ass, Jenny took Jose's cock into the back of
her throat. Jose moaned as he felt the eager teenager begin to deep throat
his dick. " Ohh hey baby, that's good! Suck that cock. Open that mouth and
swallow that cock. Yea that's it, suck my dick. Your all right baby. Yea do
that dick!" Jose said as she pleasured him.

With his excitement peaking, Jose pulled Jenny's mouth off his cock. When
she looked up, he told her "That was great baby, but I want to fuck you. You
want me fuck you?"

Jenny licked her tongue across Jose's upper thigh, before begging "Yes.
Please, please take me."

"Good girl, Jenny. Now get off your knees, and turn around. I want you to
stand up, bend over and grap your ankles. Then I'll give you some dick

Placing her right hand on Jose's upper thigh, Jenny pushed herself up.
Standing before the tall man, she pressed her legs together. Her pussy was
so hot, and much to her shame she could feel her cunt wet with excitement as
she prepared to have the Mexican ram his cock into her. Looking up Jose
staring at her breasts, Jenny suddenly blushed and smiled at Jose.

Jose, admiring the blond's tits and creamy complexion, smiled when he looked
up into Jenny's face. She looked so innocent, and bashful as she stood naked
before him. God she was so beautiful, so pure and innocent looking. Jose
knew that her innocent looks would quickly fade as she adapted to her new
life as his fuck slave, and Jose smiled at the thought of all the wicked and
painful things he was going to do to this innocent tenager. Admiring her
good looks, Jose made a mental note that he would have to keep looking as
clean and innocent looking as long as possible though and he would not have
to permanently mark her, atleast not for a while.

Staring at the girl's upturned ass, Jose's eyes were drawn to the little
rosebud of the girl's asshole. The girl's tight ass muscles had returned her
asshole to its small tight position, and her ass still looked virgin.
Smiling, Jose thought of how within a day or two, he would have the young
girl screaming with pain as he fucked her tight little asshole with his
fist. But she wasn't going any where, and that could wait. Right now, he
wanted the American blond to treat him as she would treat her boyfriend or
lover, and so fighting his sadistic tendencies, Jose decided that he would
please his sex toy, atleast for now.

Telling Jenny, to bend over and grap her ankles, Jose dropped down on his
knees behind Jenny, and started licking her asshole and pussy. Licking his
tongue across her soft pusy mound he could taste and smell her pussy
becoming wet. Focusing on her clit, Jose licked Jenny close to an orgasm.
Standing up, he then directed his hardened cock in between her cunt lips. A
lustful moan of excitement escaped Jenny's mouth as Jose parted her pussy
lips and gently entered her pussy. Jose was rewarded by Jenny's hot wet
pussy welcoming his cock into her.

"Oh yes. That feels so good!" Jenny whispered as Jose bottomed his cock out
in the girl's eager pussy. Biting on her lower lip to stop from begging the
man to fuck her, Jenny tried to remain in control as her body was
overwhelmed by the pleasure radiating from the cock buried her snatch.
Bending over, Jose licked across Jenny's back as he expertly moved his cock
to pleasure the girl underneath him. Moving his hands underneath Jenny, he
caressed her breasts before moving one hand down inbetween Jenny's legs.
Finding her clit, Jose rubbed Jenny's pleasure button until she was moaning
in pleasure. Feeling her pussy moving back to accept his cock, Jose smiled
in amusement. Then he felt the girl buck underneath him, and watched her
body shiver in bliss. Listening to her moans and feeling her pussy clamped
down on his cock, Jose also felt his cock explode deep into the climaxing
girl's pussy. Feeling his cock draining his seed into the young American's
pussy, Jose thought about what a good fuck she was, and how he would
consider keeping her. After all, she was a great lay and the thought of this
American beauty queen having his seed growing deep in her belly would prove
that she was nothing more than a Mexican's whore.

Pulling Jenny up right, Jose turned her around and hugged her. Feeling her
breasts pushed against his chest, he felt her arms come up to embrace him.
Pushing her face into his shoulder, Jenny kissed Jose. " Thank you master
that was very nice. Was I good for you?"

"Yes Jenny. You were a very good girl. Was that good for you?"

"Yes Master". Jenny said and then reached up to caress Jose's face and kiss
him on the lips. 'That was very good."

Jose's hands pushed her away. "Jenny now it is time to return a favor. "I
want you to use your tongue to clean me.

Puzzled, Jenny said "Master, forgive me, but I don't understand. What do you
want me to do?"

Smiling that the American was unfamiliar with the submissive customs of
Mexican women, Jose reached out and gently carressed Jenny's breast. "
Jenny, I want you to clean my body. Starting at my feet, I want you to lick
my body clean. That means sucking and licking every part of me. Especially
my sensitive and dirty areas like my toes, ass, balls and nipples and
underarms. Understand?"

Distaining the thought of Licking the man's ass and toes, Jenny, knowing
that she had no other choice, relunctantly smiled and said "Yes Master."

Dropping before Jose as the waters from the shower continued to rain down
upon her, Jenny enthusism picked up when she realized that by licking Jose's
body she would be able to lick the water off of him and quence her thirst
and smooth her painful throat. First licking in between Jose's toes, and
then over Jose's feet, Jenny worked her tongue and mouth up Jose's body.
After she had licked him from top to bottom, Jose had another hard on, and
he made Jenny suck his cock off. After he empied his cum down her throat, he
dried Jenny off and blow dried her hair. Then he handcuffed her and
escorting her back down into the basement. There he quickly pulled Jenny's
right wrist over her head. Placing her petite wrist into a manacle attached
to a chain cemented into the wall, Jose locked the girl's arm in place and
then repeating the process with the her left wrist. Then without even saying
good bye, he left her hanging in the basement. Should would not be alone for
very long though.

Within twenty minutes, Hector came down the stairs and undid Jenny's
manacles. Jenny tried to speak to Hector, but he simply ignored her attempts
to speak to him. When she continued to talk, he slapped her in the face and
said two words "Shut UP!" He then dragged her over to the wooded tower in
the middle of the basement and chained her arms in another set of manacles
that were connected to a pulley system. Pulling on a rope, Hector pulled
Jenny's body up. As his pulling increased, Jenny felt her body being slowly
pulled up off the floor. Hector pulled Jenny's body tight, and only stopped
when the girl was barely able to stand on the tips of her toes and touch the
floor. Unable to properly stand, Jenny was unable to relieve all of the
tension on her arms as she hung from the rack. Her arms quickly ached with
pain, and she whimpered as Hector secured the chains in place. Stripping off
his clothes, Hector walked in front of Jenny.

"Did you miss me bitch?" he asked. Grinning, he then gripped her titties and
squeezed them with all his strength. Watching the pain in her face, he
released her breast, and then punched her in the stomach.

Jenny gasped in a loud "woof", and lost her balance and swung backwards in
the manacles. Hanging by her wrists, she tried to curl up in pain, but this
brought no relief . Having lost her footing, pain shot through her arms,
shoulders, and back as she was suspended by her arms over the floor. Trying
to touch the floor, she straightened up and regained her footing on the
floor. Expecting the man to punch her again, she quivered with fear. "Please
don't hit me. Please sir, don't hit me!"

Laughing at her begging, Hector reached out to caress her stomach and run
his hand over her breasts. " But I have to hurt you baby, it's what you were
made for. Now, I asked you a question. Did you miss me bitch?"

Not understanding the man's mind games, but desperately trying to please the
man, Jenny replied, "Yes, I missed you."

Smiling at her, Hector punched her in the stomach again. As she swung back
in the rack, Hector yelled " You lying bitch! You don't even like me, why
would you miss me?"

Grasping her legs when she swung back forward, Hector gripped her ankles and
pulled her legs around his waist. Spitting into his hand and then
lubricating the head of his cock, he pushed his cock against her pussy.
Thrusting forward, his organ slipped past her pussy lips and deep into her
dry pussy. Pulling her body close to his, Hector thrusted deep into the
girl's pussy. With her legs positioned around Hector's waist, her body was
suspended by her wrists, and every powerful thrust from Hector swung her
back and forth from the rack.

Not only was her pussy getting violated, again, but without the support of
her legs, her pain was compounded by her arms and shoulder muscles being
stretched. Cupping her ass, Hector thrust into Jenny, while using his hands
to fuck her pussy up and down on his cock. With his cock buried deep inside
of her, Hector leaned down to lick and suck on the beautiful girl's breast.
Sucking on her titties, he placed her nipples between his teeth. Gritting
his teeth back and forth on the girl's sentive buds, he tormented the girl
as his cock pistoned in and out o>

Transfer interrupted!

trokes that rocked her body, Hector made Jenny swing back and forth from the
rack. With his excitement building, Hector crushed the girl in a strong hug
before flooding her pussy with his cum.

"Man, That's good pussy" he said as he pulled his cock out of her pussy and
dropped Jenny's legs. "Baby you are great!" Sticking out his tongue, he
licked across the beautiful girl's neck and face before asking, "How was it
for you?" Not knowing how to answer the man's question and fearful of giving
a wrong reply and getting punched again, Jenny paused and thought before
saying, "It felt nice".

Liking her answer, Hector pushed his body against Jenny, and whispered in
her ear "You like cock don't you baby?"

Closing her eyes and biting her lower lip before anwering the rapist's
question, Jenny forced herself to say "Yes I like cock. Especially yours."

Knowing that the girl was lying, but still enjoying the mental torment of
the American teenager, he continued to press his body against hers and asked
"You really like Mexican dick, huh honey? Tell me how you crave Mexican men
with their big dicks." Running his hands down her back and over her
asscheeks, he told her " Jenny, you go ahead and tell me how bad you need
another big Mexican dick between that tight pussy of yours, and I'll see
what I can do to help you find another man."

A whimper escaped Jenny's lips as she realized that she would have to beg
this man to have another man rape her. Knowing that the man who was pressing
his chest against her abused titties as he fondled her asscheeks would hurt
her if she did not beg for another cock, Jenny quietly whispered " I love
cock, especially Mexican cock. Please I need to be fucked so bad! Please
help me!"

Smirking at the girl's words, Hector stepped back from Jenny and stared
walking up the stairs. Looking back at her as he opened the heavy basement
door, Hector told Jenny "You little whore, let me see if I can get someone
else ddown here to take care of you." Laughing he told her "Now don't you go

Within minutes Ramon appeared at the door way. Stepping onto the stairs,
Ramon failed to shut the heavy sound proof basement door behind him as he
entered the basement. Silently walking down the basement steps, Ramon
approached Jenny while pulling his thick leather belt out of his pant's
beltloops. "I understand you need another dick, baby. I hear your begging
for cock. Only sluts and bad girls beg for cock. Your a slut Jenny, and I'm
going to have to punish you for being bad." Ramon stated as he walked up to
Jenny with his belt in his hand. Walking in front of the girl, he cupped her
left breast with his hand and asked "You ever been belt whipped you for
being bad, bitch?"

Jenny, her voice quivering, replied "Nooo!"

"Well baby, It's time you were punished. Maybe if your daddy would have
whipped that fine ass of ours, you wouldn't have been so stupid as to have
not seen us waiting for you." Kneeling down, Ramon grapped her left ankle
and pulled it into a manacle at the base of the rack. Grapping her other
ankle he repeated the process, leaving Jenny spread eagled before him.
Staring at the naked girl tied before him, Ramon stripped off his clothes
and then picked his belt back up.

Standing in front of his victim, Ramon held his belt in his right hand as he
ran his left hand over his belt. Enjoying the firm, yet soft texture of his
leather belt, Ramon smiled as he thought of what he was going to do to this
beautiful American girl. Seeing the way Ramon lovingly caressed his belt,
Jenny realized that she was in the presence of a madman.

"O god, please not that! Please Master don't do that to me. I'll be good,
promise. I'll do anything, anything, but please not that!" Seductively
rotating her hips as best she could, Jenny pleaded "Take me please. Fuck me.
I'll move, I'll be the best you ever had. But please, don't use that on me,
PLEASE! Master I'll be good, come on, fuck me, please fuck me! I'll make you
feel really good. Please just don't whip me"

Caressing the belt and listening to the teenager's plea's for mercy only
increased Ramon's sexual excitment. The sound of her voice, all tearful and
quite, reminded him of a little girl begging for mercy. Ramon enjoyed
whiping bad little girls, and this high class girl, this American slut,
would recieve no mercy.

Cupping both of Jenny's breasts in his hands, Ramon fondled and caressed his
victim. Admiring the contrast of where her bikini top had covered her pink
nipples and the tops of her white breasts, Ramon noted how her breasts stood
out as targets against the golden brown of the rest of her body. Looking
further down, he noted the whitesness of where her bikini bottoms had formed
a white V in between her suntanned legs. Ramon knew that before he was done
with her he would turn every inch of her her white, sun protected skin red
with the bite of his belt. His cock trobbed in anticipation.

Standing in front of the bound blond teenager , Ramon put his hands around
the girl and cupped her ass checks. Kissing her forehead, he squeezed her
ass, and then told her " Be quite and quit wasting your time begging for
mercy. Don't worry princess I'll fuck you. Don't you worry about that. But
first, I do as I please."

Releasing her ass, Ramon walked behind her. Swishing the belt through the
air, Ramon practiced his swing. Then refocusing on the girl, he caressed her
ass cheeks, and stepped back.

Jenny trembled as she lost sight of the man standing behind her. She heard
the belt slice through the air and crack as Ramon carried out his practice
swings. Jenny heard the belt swing a dozen times wiithout hitting her.
Thinking that perhaps Ramon was only trying to scare her and that he was not
going to whip her after all, Jenny relaxed. She did not hear the belt coming
at her. Jenny let lose an ear chattering scream as the leather belt suddenly
slammed into her and wrapped itself around her ass cheeks. The kiss of the
belt left a red line of pain burning across her otherwise white, creamy ass
and the pain from the powerful blow seemed to explode n her head . Before
Jenny could absorb the pain of the first strike of the belt, Ramon slashed
the belt across her ass again. Screaming, Jenny strained and pulled at the
bonds holding her wrist and ankles in a futile attempt to escape her
tormentor. Enjoying the sight of the wiggling teenager and loving the sound
of her screams, Ramon lashed the girl with all his might. The big man
brought the belt down again and again onto Jenny's pretty ass. The force of
the blows sent Jenny's body forward, but the manacles kept her in place.
Strung up and spread eagled, Jenny was helpless to escape her punisher. She
could only hang in her chains and cry and beg for her mercy. Unable to
escape, Jenny was forced to accept the unbelievable pain of Ramon's belt
burning through her ass. Her nervous system screamed for relief as the belt
continued to pound into her. And with every lash of the belt, her pain and
suffering grew, and her screams gre louder.

Ramon smiled as he punished the beautiful school girl. Her terrifed screams
echoed off the basement walls. Her loud, animal like screams where music to
his ears. With every stroke of his belt, the girl's body would thrash in
misery and her ass would bear more signs of his lashes. Where before her ass
had been white, her ass was now crisscrossed with red, angry welts. Aiming
carefully, Ramon continued to whip the crying teenager until not one white
spot remained on her ass.

Dropping the belt for a minute to rest, Ramon smiled as he listened to the
beautiful girl' sobs and admired her bright red ass. Walking in front of the
girl, Ramon studied the crying teenager. She hung limply by the manacles.
Her eyes were shut, tears ran down across her pretty checks, and her body
was covered in sweat. Even with her tears and her crying, Ramon found her
super attractive. Watching her cry, he noted how her breasts wiggled with
each of her sobs and how her tears fell onto her white titties. Her heavy
breathing and bouncing breasts were tempting and Ramon thought about taking
the girl. Bending down, he licked across her left breast and then bit her
nipple. Jenny's screamed and her body tightened as the man nawed her tender
flesh. Biting hard, but not hard enough to break the skin, Ramon enjoyed
chewing on her titty. Removing his sharp teeth from her flesh, he stood back
up and smiled. Yes he wanted to fuck her, but she screamed so nice. Ramon
decided that he would wait before fucking her. Until he did fuck her, he
would enjoy using her body with the belt, and listen to her lovely screams.

Pulling on Jenny's hair, Ramon forced Jenny to open her eyes and look up at

"Jenny how you doing?" he asked.

"Ohhh, I hurt. Please no more. I hurt so bad. Please, no more."

"Oh now Jenny, I can't do that. You are here for my pleasure, and I enjoy
spanking you. After all, you have been such a bad girl. Walking around with
your hot body and your beautiful face and not sharing it with anyone.
Especially not sharing your pussy with us Mexicans. Shame, shame Jenny, you
have been a very bad girl. That's why I have to reform you Jenny. You gotta
learn, baby. You have to put out to all us brothers, or you pay the
coinquinces. Now Jenny, I want you to give me a kiss ok?"

Not understanding why Ramon was punishing her, Jenny tried to speak. "Please
master I did not do anything wrong. Please stop. I'll do anything, Anything!
I promise.."

Ramon's slap on Jenny's face stopped her in mid sentence. "Bitch I didn't
say speak. I said kiss me cunt! Or do you want me to take this belt to your

Not even waiting for a reply, Ramon lowered his mouth to kiss Jenny. She
opened her mouth, and her tongue interwined with his invading tongue.
Finishing the french kiss, Ramon stated "Now that's more like it. Your no
dumbing Jenny. Pulling the belt up to Jenny's face, Ramon ordered "Now kiss
the belt! Lick it too."

Sticking out her tongue, Jenny licked the end of the belt that had just
caused her so much pain. Ramon watched and then ordered "Kiss it and then
suck it into your mouth." Jenny complied and kissed the leather belt a few
times before she lowered her lips to encircle the end of the belt into her
mouth. Sucking on the leather tasted bad, but Jenny dared not disobey Ramon.
Watching the girl suck on the end of the belt, Ramon lowered his free hand
and started massaging his rock hard penis.

Not wishing to waste his seed on the floor when he had such a beautiful
girll to give it too, Ramon released his cock, and pulled the belt out of
Jenny's mouth. Noting how Jenny had made the end of the belt wet with spit,
Ramon smiled as he walked back behind the spreadeagled girl.

Carressing Jenny's upper back, Ramon asked Jenny if she was ready. Knowing
that the beating was about to begin, Jenny tensed her body and begged Ramon
not to whip her.

"No Master No! Please don't. Please..............."

But her pleas for mercy were wasted. Within seconds of the question, Ramon's
belt whacked into Jenny's upper back. Her scream was loud, and hurt Ramon's
ears. His cock twitched in sadistic pleasure. Watching the girl thrash in
her bounds, Ramon centered his aim on Jenny's upper back and shoulders.
Every stroke of the whip drew a scream from Jenny, and her shreiks of agony
became louder and louder with each kiss of the belt. Soon her back was
covered with over a dozen welts, and Ramon was eagerly planning on adding
dozens more.

Stepping in front of her, Ramon studied her white, beautiful breasts. They
rose and up and down as the teenager sobbed. Stroking his cock with his left
hand, Ramon's eyes gleemed with pleasure as he stared at his helpless
victim. Admiring her thin waist and the curves of her full breasts, ramon
enjoyed the constrast of her white breast meat against her tanned belly and
shoulders. Without warning, he whipped the belt across Jenny's jutting
breasts. The leather slammed across both her breasts and bit into her
nipples. Jenny scream shook the basement walls and the rack holding her
spreadeagled body trembled as she flailed in her bonds. Within seconds her
milky white breasts were glowing red hot in pain as Ramon hit her breasts
with the belt. Ramon, enjoying the sight and sound of her torment, lowered
the belt, and reached out and caressed his hands across Jenny's breasts.
Pinching her nipples, Jenny yelped in pain, and tried to pull back from
Ramon's squeezing fingers. Delighted by his torrid whipping of the young
female's suculent body, Ramon prepared to continue with his enjoyment, and
Jenny's torture.

Before he was able to deliver another blow, Ramon's fun came to a quick end.
Suddenly Hector came running into the basement yelling in Spanish. "Stop you
fool! The police are hear. The neighbors must of heard her screams. You
fucking idiot, you forgot to shut the basement door. Jose is talking to the
cops right now. You fucking idiot! You better be glad this is our barrio and
we own the cops. Hopefully Jose can pay the police and we won't lose the
girl! Geez, you stupid dick head, all you had to do was shut the door! You
better get dressed and get up here now! If the cops take the girl, Jose is
going to be pissed! "

Realizing the seriousness of the problem, Ramon dropped the belt and
gathered his clothes. Not bothering to tell the American teenager hanging in
chains what was going on, he started to get dressed. As he pulled his pants
on, the basement door opened, and Jose entered with two Mexican policemen.
Walking down the stairs, the two policemen lustfully stared at the girl.

Hearing the basement door open, Jenny opened her eyes and saw two men in
uniform. From her trips to Mexico with her parents, she knew they were with
the Mexican police. Seeing the policemen appear, Jenny tried to overcome her
pain, and stop crying. With the police present Jenny thought that she was
going to be freed. Rattling her chains, she tried to stand straight. "O
thank God you are here. Please help me. They kidnapped me, and they,
they.....They have hurt me and whipped me. Please free me and take me home!
Please help me!"

Jose and the two policemen smiled as they approached her. With the girl
hanging spreadeagled and naked from the rack, there was no doubt in the
minds of the policemen as to what had happened to the girl and Jenny's
explaination was not needed.

"Poor Jenny" Jose said "This has not been your lucky week. Jenny, met the
finest police officers in the Tijuana Police Department. These two fine
upstanding men are friends of mine. When the neighbors called to complain
about your screams, they rushed right over. I told them what a pretty, rich
American you were, and how you so rudely turned down my offer for a ride."
Cupping her breasts, Jose laughed and continued "So they agreed you need to
be taught manners, and need to learn to respect for us Mexicans. A matter of
fact, when these two men get off duty this evening I have invited them over
to personally teach you a few manners. After all, you're a woman, and you
need to be put in your place and taught manners."

Jenny was shocked to hear Jose's words in front of the police officers, and
her facial expression suddenly changed from one of hope to one of surprise
and utter dispair. She knew what Jose was saying had to be true though. Why
else would the policemen not have their guns drawn and have Jose and Ramon
under arrest. And the way that the policemen stared at her with lust in
their eyes made it quite clear to Jenny that these men would treat her no
better than her captors. As Jenny looked at the two policemen who would be
raping her later on in the day, she wished that she could die.

The hopelessness of her sitiuation had finally hit her. If the police would
not help her, than she realized that she would never be free until either
Jose released her, or she could escape. And knowing what her captors were
like, Jenny realized that she would be killed before she would be set free.
Escape would not be possible either, as long as she was in chains locked in
the basement.

Her thoughts of leaving the basement and her future were quickly ended when
Jose pulled back, and the older Mexican policemen walked up to her. Pulling
out his night stick, he ran the cold black shaft of wood up and down between
her spread inner thighs.

"You Americans. I always watch you beautiful girls come across the border to
shop and buy trinkets or medicience. Or you come over here when you are too
young to drink in an American bar, and drink in ours. You walk around in
your shorts and miniskirts with your blond hair and nice tans, and think you
are too good for us Mexicans. Your people always think that just because you
have money, you are better than us." Licking his tongue across Jenny's face,
the policeman paused before he told her "Tonight, you learn the truth .
Little girl, I am going to teach you right." Pressing the end of the night
stick against Jenny's pussy lips, the policeman continued " I have always
wanted to fuck one of you rich American bitches with this nightstick. I have
always dreamed of it." Grasping Jenny's right tit with his hand, the
policeman crushed her breast and made her whimper in pain. "Tonight you
beautiful cunt, you make my fantasy come true!" Laughing, the policeman
released her, and turned his attention back to her captors.

"Senor Jose, She is very nice. I can not wait to get my hands on those long
legs, and to fuck her beautiful pussy, ass and tits. I am sure that after
tonight, this matter can be put behind us. But the neighbors must be told
that nothing was wrong and then my sergeant will want to know what was going
on. You know, my time is not cheap. So besides the use of the girl tonight,
I think I will need twice the normal fee for overlooking your business
activities and forgetting about this dungeon. And a friendly word of advice.
Make sure you don't bring any Mexican girl's from this part of town down
here either. You know my captain want's a quiet precinct.

Angry at Ramon for failing to shut the door and causing the police to show
up, Jose stated "No problem my friend. Five hundred dollars it is then."
Pulling out his wallet, he counted out five one hundred American dollars
bills, and handed them to the policeman. The older policeman counted the
money, and then the two police officers went up the stairs and left.

Jose, remaining in the basement, turned back to Ramon. "That was close. Make
sure you shut the door from now on. And that five hundred dollar bribe is
coming out of your salary for the next car we get, understand!"

"Sorry man". Ramon answered.

Yeah you better be sorry Ramon. That little bitch and her screaming just
cost you five hundred dollars!

Your right Jose, she did cost me me five hundred dollars didn't she?"
Laughing Ramon said "Well I am sure I can find some way she can pay me

After Jose left and shut the basement door, Ramon pulled off his pants and
walked up to Jenny. Slapping her titties, he yelled at her, " You and your
big mouth just cost me five hundred dollars! You loud mouthed bitch! You
aren't even worth five hundred dollars you stupid whore. Pinching her
nipples with his fingers, he said "Well bitch, since you don't have no
money, I guess I'll just take five hundred dollars out of your ass!"

Without saying another word, Ramon removed Jenny's legs form her shackles.
Jenny quickly brought her legs back together, but Ramon, just as quickly
grapped her ankles and spread her legs .Kneeling in front of the chained
blond, Ramon began to kiss Jenny's ankles and began to work his mouth over
her long tanned legs. Sliding his tongue across her well toned, golden brown
skin, Ramon licked his way up inbetween Jenny's thighs. Noting the contrast
of her tan lines as he kissed over Jenny's pussy mound, Ramon used his teeth
to gently bit the girl's white skin. Enjoying the softness of the girl's
body, Ramon licked his way up across Jenny' stomach, and licked up to her
breasts. Biting her tender titties and nipples, Ramon enjoyed tormenting the
teenager and listening to her squeels of pain. Careful not to break her
skin, Ramon chewed on her breasts and nipples. Jenny sobbed as the man
chewed on her breasts for several minutes, Then, Ramon raised his head up
from cleavage, and reached up to release the mannacles holding Jenny's
wrists above her head.

Suddenly released from the rack, Jenny's body almost collapsed as she tired
to support her weight. The time on the rack and her attempts to escape the
cruel whip had left her stretched legs weak and exhausted. Jenny fell into
Ramon, and he had to grab her around the waist to keep her falling. Stil not
saying a word, Ramon begin pushing Jenny back towards the bed. Quickly
regaining her footing, Jenny was able to step backwards as Ramon manhandled
her and pushed her. Feeling the edge of the bed push against the back on her
legs, Jenny, pushed by Ramon, fell on her back. Ramon followed her onto the
bed. Grapping a handful of her hair, he told Jenny " Roll over and get your
butt in the air, bitch!" Whimpering as her hair was pulled, Jenny quickly
turned over onto her belly and raised her ass. Leaning on her shoulder, she
looked back as Ramon stroked his cock and centered himself behind her
upturned ass. Spitting into his hand, Ramon lubricated his fingers before he
placed two fingers into Jenny's pussy. Feeling the two large digits invading
her dry and tender pussy, Jenny inhaled, and closed her eyes. The fingers
moved back and forth in her pussy, and after several dozen strokes, her
natural lubricates began to ease the passage of Ramon's invading fingers.
Feeling her getting wet, Ramon suddenly pulled his fngers out of her pussy
and jumped up to go over to the locked cabinet. Within a minute of opening
the doors, Ramon returned to the bed carrying a tube of KY-Jelly. While
admiring her ass with one hand he placed, the KY-Jelly on his cock. Then
placing some KY on his fingers, he jammed three fingers up Jenny's pussy.
Satisfied with his efforts, he withdrew his fingers from the girl's cunt.
Again placing KY on two of his fingers, Ramon focused on Jenny's puckered
asshole. Feeling Ramon's fingers slip into her back passage caused Jenny to
whimper as she felt the goop smearing into her ass.

Pulling back, Ramon started fucking his cock back and forth into her pussy.
Moving his hand from her waist, Ramon began to caress her red asscheeks.
Staring at her asshole, he slipped his two fingers up her ass as he
continued to pound his cock into her pussy. After a few minutes of hard
thusting in which he made Jenny pant with each powerful thrust, ramon pulled
his cock out of her pussy. Aligning his cock against her nether hole, he
then placed both hands on Jenny's hips and begin to push his cock forward.
Feeling the huge cock at her asshole, Jenny moaned and begged for mercy.
"Please no! Please don't fuck my ass with your cock! Your too big. I am
still sore from yesterday. Please not there. Please, just fuck my pussy!"

Becoming even more excited by the sound of fear in her voice as she begged
for mercy, Ramon hands tightened his grip on the girl's waist and he rammed
his cock forward. Jenny let out a loud sharp scream as the man's huge cock
entered her ass. Feeling as if a huge burning pipe was forcing it's way up
her ass, Jenny screamed and tried to crawl away. But she could not not
escape the cock ramming up her ass because Ramon's strong hands on her waist
kept her in place, as more and more of his cock moved deeper and deeper into
her body.

Racked by painful cramps, Jenny clenched her fists and sobbed as her ass
opened up to the huge invading cock. Her lower body was burning with cramps
and pain, and Jenny worried that the man would rip her open. "Please go
slower." she begged . "Oh it hurts. Ohh it hurts so bad. Please stop."
Shutting her eyes and grimancing in pain she asked "Please sir, please fuck
my pussy. I'll move and make you feel good! Just please stop. Oh, it hurts!
Please, not in my ass, please!"

Enjoying the tight hot ass clamped around his cock, Ramon ignored her pleas
for mercy and focused on his own satisifaction. Staring down between her
butt cheeks, Ramon watched his cock sink deeper into her ass. Her tight
asshole squeezed and caressed his cock and her heat surrounded his cock
giving him immense pleasure. Gripping her hips tigther, Ramon pulled Jenny
back towards his thrusting cock.

As even more of his cock pushed deep into her ass, Jenny screamed again and
again. With every quarter of an inch of cock that sank painfully deep into
her body she was racked by cramps and she begged for mercy and for her
torment to end.

Jenny's cry for mercy filled the room "Take it out! Take it out! Oh it
hurts. Master, please take it out! It burns so bad! Please stop!"

As she begged helplessly for mercy, the man kneeling behind the beautiful
blond teenager continued to feed more of his cock into her ass. He continued
to move his hips forward, lancing the girl's rump with his spear of hot man
flesh, until his cock bottomed out, and his balls touched Jenny's blond
pubic hair and pussy lips. Finally, with all of his cock completely buried
in the trembling white girl's ass, Ramon stopped his thrusts and enjoyed the
feelings of her body. Taunting her, he slapped her ass and said "There baby
doll, you got it all! How you liking it huy, bitch!" Moving his hips in a
circlular fashion, Ramon made Jenny scream as her stretched asshole was
expanded even wider. Moving his hands off her hips, he carressed the sexy
girl's back and shoulders. Then, holding on to her shoulders, he began to
withdrawal his cock.

Jenny screamed with the movement of the cock leaving her ass. Having the
huge cock moving back out of her ass, hurt almost as it did going in. Her
ass felt like it was on fire, and the cramps continued to rock her lower
body. Unable to escape the torment, Jenny could only gasp with pain and beg
for mercy as the cock moved inside of her. Crying, she asked Ramon "Please
stop! It hurts so bad. Stop please. Don't hurt me anymore, please take it
out". But her words for mercy feel on uncaring ears.

Enjoying the girl's torment and her tearful pleas for mercy almost as much
as the pleasure of using her tight, young body, Ramon withdrew all but the
tip of his cock from the beautiful Amercian girl's ass. Pleasure radiated
from the tip of his cock and Ramon moaned in pleasure. Wishing to continue
with his carnal fun, Ramon glided his hands across the soft flesh of Jenny's
back, over and grasped her wide hips. Digging his fingers deep into the
girl's hips to hold her tightly in place, Ramon thrusted back forwards into
Jenny's upturned ass.

For Jenny there was no pleasure. Crushed underneath the huge man, Jenny
could only feel pain as the big man's cock pierced her ass. Jenny's body
thrashed in torment as the huge invader again assualted her tender ass.
Trying to crawl away but kept in place by Ramon's strong fingers digging
into her hips, Jenny eventually stopped fighting and her screams, and her
pleas for compassion turned into weak sobs. Beaten down by the man as he
thrusted his cock in and out of her ass, Jenny's knees gave out, and she
collapsed on the bed. With the girl now laying on her belly on the bed,
Ramon followed the girl down and fucked into the teenager with all his
might. At first, laying all of his two hundred and seventy five pound body
on top of the slim teenage girl, Ramon pressed the girl's body deep into the
mattress as he brutally sodomized the girl. With each of his powerful
thrusts forward, Ramon admired the feel of the girl's asscheeks spreading
out to meet his thrusting pelvis. WIth each brutal stroke forward, he smiled
as listened to the whoosh of the air escaping from the girl's crushed chest.
Trapped underneath the big man, Jenny had to fight to breathe. The lack of
oxygen only fueled the pain already tormenting her body. And her dilemma did
not go unnoticed by her rapist and tormentor. But he did not care. The fact
that he was adding to her pain only added to his own excitement.

After two minutes of crushing the girl under his powerful body, Ramon placed
his hands next to her shoulders, and pushed his upper body off the American.
Grasping her tanned shoulders in his strong hands, Ramon held onto the girl
as he used his cock to deliver powerful and brutally deep strokes into the
girl's ass. As she recovered her breath, Jenny begin to weep loudly as the
man behind her continued to sodomized her in brutal fashion. As he thrusted
his cock in and out of her body, his hands roamed her body. With his fingers
he pinched her breasts, or ran his hands down underneath her belly and
pulled at pussy lips. All the while, he ran his tongue across her back and
neck, and only paused to to make little love bites on her neck or to whisper
in her ear the future tortures he was going to do inflict upon her beautiful
body. After several more minutes of the vicious ass rape, Jenny, covered in
sweat and exhausted by the vicious ass rape, stopped crying, and shuting her
eyes, quietly endured as the man continued to rape and abuse her. Although
she could stop responding to the man's brutal assault of her once virgin
ass, Jenny could not stop her mind from hearing Ramon's words of future
torture. As she placed her head on the bed, and held her ass up in the air,
she was forced to listen to the chilling words of torture and torment Ramon
was planning to cause her already pain racked body.

Not knowing or caring about the girl's thoughts, Ramon did note the girl's
lack of energy. Annoyed with the girl's lack of spirit, Ramon dropped his
chest down onto the girl. Jenny let out a whoosh as her breath was knocked
out of her body and she was crushed under the weight of the big man. Almost
buried under the man's bulk, Jenny could barely breath, and she had to
struggle to survive under the heavy man. Meanwhile, Ramon, uncaring about
her plight, enjoyed the feel of his chest crushing the girl down into the
mattress and the feel of her soft asschecks against his pelvis. While
enjoying the sensual feelings of the girl's hot body pressed against his,
Ramon realized with disappointment that with the girl on her belly, he was
unable to get his hands on the girl's titties so that he could add to her
torment. Pushing himself off the girl, he ran his hands down her back, and
cupped her asscheeks. Sliding his hands around her waist, he grapped her
hips and while still impaling the girl on the end of his cock, pulled her up
onto her hands and knees.

Jenny, regaining her breath once the big man stopped crushing her under his
weight, tried to keep her arms from puckling as the man continued to drive
his cock into her ass with furious and unforgiving blows. Her insides felt
ripped and swollen as the cock pounded in and out of her. Now, with the man
behind her, and his hands firmly holding her hips, his cock went deep into
her. Her misery only worsened as the cock seemed to go deeper and deeper
into her ass with each brutal thrust. Jenny, moaning and with her body
racked with pain, could not believe that her ass would ever recover from the
brutal assault the man was giving her.

With his deeper strokes, her ass muscles clamped down around his cock, and
Jenny felt as if her body was being split into two. Unable to handle the
pain, she cried miserably as she prayed for her torment to end. But her
prayers went unanswered and her body was racked with terrible abdominal
cramps as the huge invading cock continued to split her ass. Lacking any
other form of relieve, Jenny's arms buckled and she tried to curl up as the
big man beat down into her asstube.

Annoyed with the girl's attempt to curl up, Ramon thrusted his cock balls
deep into her ass, and then slapped her ass checks. " I didn't tell you to
take a break, bitch. Get back on all fours so that I can fuck you like the
bitch in heat you are." With each slap on her ass, Jenny yelped in pain. Her
sounds only encouraged Ramon to continue to spank her. "Get up bitch", he
said as he repeadly spanked her while sodomizing her. Groaning, Jenny
reluctantly obeyed and pushed her hands out in front of her. Shaking her
blond hair back and forth as she tried to ride past the pain throbbing
through her asshole, she pushed herself back up. Her movements
unintentionally caused her ass to move back over Ramon's cock, only added to
his pleasure. Enjoying the feeling of the girl fucking him back, he slapped
her again, and said "Thats it baby, you move that white ass back. I know you
want it, slut. Now fuck me back bitch. You fucking white slut, move your ass
back over my cock." Jenny, trying desperately to please the man and her
current ordeal moved her hips backwards to met Ramon's thrust. With every
backwards lunge upon the man's cock, Jenny would groan and she had to bite
her lower lip to keep from screaming in pain.

Thrusting in and out of the blond American's ass, Ramon enjoyed the sight of
her body glistening with sweat and moving back to met his cock. Her small
pathetic moans of pain and pleas for mercy only added to his enjoyment.
Running his hands over her lush body, Ramon caressed her firm stomach and
then moved his hands forward to cup her dangling breasts. With each of his
powerful thrust he noted that her breasts swung back and forth. Gripping her
titties tighter, Ramon began to hammer his cock in and out of Jenny's
asshole as he twisted her titty meat. Jenny screamed as the big man beat
down her tight ass muscles and pulled and squeezed her breasts. Sodomized,
while her titties were brutally pulled and molested, Jenny continued to move
her hips back onto the cock hoping for an end to her suffering. There would
be no quick relieve.

Releasing her titties, Ramon moved his hands to the girl's blond hair and
gripped it like the reins of a horse. Pulling back on the blond girl's hair,
he pulled her head up as he brutally fucked into the young girl. "Take this,
and this, and this bitch" he said with each thrust up her ass. Then suddenly
without warning, Ramon pulled the girl's hair back so hard that she was
lifted off her hands. Pulling her upper body up, Ramon released her hair,
and then reached around Jenny's body and cupped her large tits as his
thrusts into her ass quickened. Pulling and kneading her titties , Ramon
brutally fucked Jenny. Then almost ten minutes after his rape of Jenny's ass
began, Ramon's thrusted one more deep, powerful stroke up Jenny's ass and
then his body tightened. With a loud roar, Ramon crushed Jenny's breasts
with his hands and flooded her tight ass with his hot cum. Relishing the
feeling of release, Ramon held the girl tight to his body until the ecstasy
of his climax left him. Then pulling his cock out of Jenny's ass, Ramon
released her titties and pushed her face down onto the bed. Looking at the
beautiful girl he had just brutally raped, he laughed when he looked
inbetween her asscheeks and saw her asshole. Her hole, stretched like never
before, was gaping open. Looking at her gaping asshole Ramon could see his
cum slowly dribbling out of her body. Slapping her upturned ass, Ramon asked
"Hey bitch, you enjoyed that huh?" Not even waiting for an answer, Ramon
walked away and picked up his belt. " Now let's see what we can do next to
liven this party up, you stupid bitch."

more to come ???? Djian

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