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Collected by Djian
updated 16 marts - 2009

WARNING: This story contains strong themes of coercion and forced
sexual behavior. It is intended as a work of fiction for ADULTS only,
and the writer does not in any way suggest or condone similar

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Bondage Slave Niece
by William Burke


That night, Melissa and Doris were thrown into the dungeon. It was an awful place. Damp and dreary, with stone walls that were three feet thick. The dungeon had originally been constructed as a wine cellar when the mansion was built back in the nineteenth century. So it was cold and dark. The only light came from a torch which protruded from a hole in the wall. The dungeon was a small, square room, about ten feet by ten feet. It was a dreadful place, right out of the middle ages.

Both girls were naked and shivering. They huddled together to keep warm. Melissa held cute, thirteen-year-old Doris lightly, gripping her shoulders in the arms in a comforting and reassuring gesture. She figured Doris needed some warmth and understanding after what she had been through. It had been quite a day for the little girl one that she would never forget.

“Well,” Melissa. “How do you feel now? Are you starting to feel a little better? I notice the tears have stopped flowing. For a while there, I thought that you were going to cry yourself to death.”

“I’m beginning to feel a little better, Melissa. Thanks.”

“Thanks for what?”

“Thanks for being so understanding and kind.”

“Hey, listen kid. You need understanding and kindness after what you’ve been through. I know. I can still remember the first night of my ordeal with that bastard, Bruce. Hell, I guess I should remember it. It was only a little over a week ago. But the asshole has raped me and tied me up so often, it seems as though he has lived here far a year or more.” Melissa shrugged and shook her head. “It’s not gonna be easy for you, kid,” she said. “Bruce is bad, but your Aunt Diane is a real nut too. Wait till she gets a hold of you. She’s a real fucking weirdo. You won’t believe some of the depraved stuff she thinks up.”

“Oh, no!” Doris cried. “I can’t stand it. I just can’t. I-I’ll kill myself! That’s what I’ll do. I’ll kill myself! I just can’t go through any more of this.” She broke down and wept, her tears flowing onto Melissa’s firm tits.

Melissa hugged her tighter. She slipped her hand down to the teenager’s thigh and stroked her firm flesh. “Gee, Doris,” she said. “Please don’t cry. I didn’t mean to upset you. That’s the last thing I want to do. Here we are in this dreadful dungeon, and all we have are each other. So relax and don’t think about Bruce and Diane for now. Let me comfort you.”

Doris continued to sob, but she felt Melissa’s hand slide down her thigh, rub her knee, then slide back up until the woman’s hand rested at the edge of her red pussy-hairs. Was Melissa going to finger-fuck her? Doris thought. Then she began to wonder whether it would be nice if Melissa fingered her little pussy. Her cunt was still sore from the ruthless fucking that Bruce had given her with his huge cock. But Melissa was so understanding and tender. And her hand felt warm, so Doris spread her legs wide in an open invitation for Melissa to finger her cunt.

“Mmmmmm,” Melissa sighed as she slipped her middle finger through Doris’ tender pussy-lips. She slowly wriggled her finger around in the girl’s cunt, stirring up Doris’ cunt juices. “Poor baby,” she whispered. “Let me make you feel better.”

“Ummm-hnnunn. You are so nice and sweet and tender, Melissa. Not like that prick Bruce!”

“Now, let’s forget about Bruce for now,” Melissa chided. Then she leaned over and pressed her mouth to Doris’ lips. Their tongues touched and Melissa sucked Doris’ tongue into her mouth. They embraced and their bodies filled with the warm glow of lesbian love.

“Mmmnn. You are so lovely,” said Doris. “I think you are beautiful and you are so nice to me. Mmmmmm,” she sighed.

Melissa licked down the thirteen-year-old girl’s firm ripe titties, and began to suck on her nipples, sucking first one, then the other. Sucking the girl’s nipples tenderly, lovingly, sensually.

Doris thrilled to the older woman’s caresses. Her loins ached with hot lust. Her pussy was soaking wet with cunt-nectar. She felt so good. Melissa was really a great lover, she thought. So tender and nice. She made Doris feel good all over. This was so marvelous; such a wonderful, exciting experience it was lesbian love!

Melissa licked down the girl’s flat stomach until she reached Doris’ seething quim. She buried her face in the girl’s cunt, lapping the pretty girl’s cunt-lips and sucking her clit into her mouth. Melissa felt her own cunt juicing up with pussy nectar. This was really exciting, she thought. Tongue fucking this cute little thirteen year old. And, the girl was so sweet and lovely. She was… she was beautiful, Melissa thought. Her girlish figure would some day blossom into voluptuous. She would become an incredibly sexy red-haired beauty. She would become as gorgeous as Diane DeMarrow — if she could escape Diane’s clutches! Because Diane and Bruce would destroy Doris. If Doris became their sex-slave, they would rape and beat her every day of her life until she became a used-up, scarred and wretched woman. Melissa knew that it was true. Indeed, she thought, it was happening to Melissa herself! The thought sickened her.

It was then that she resolved to escape! She would escape and take Doris with her. She had no idea yet how she would do it. But somehow she would manage to escape. She had only to devise an escape plan, some way to get into Diane DeMarrow’s safe so that she could take those incriminating tapes. Yes, she would escape. And she would take lovely Doris with her!

Doris squinted around as Melissa’s worshipful tongue sluiced in and out of her ripe young cunt. The woman’s tongue felt so good, and it stirred the pussy-juices in her cunt. Melissa really knew how to suck a cunt, Doris thought. She loved the way the woman bit her clit and pulled her tiny hard clit-nubbin out of her cunt-sheath, then released it, letting it snap back.

“Oh, Melissa, it feels so good the way you tongue my little pussy,” she moaned. “Mmmmmm. Tongue fuck me. Suck my clit. Suck it harder. Mmmmm. It feels so good. Tongue fuck me!” she gasped. Doris could not believe that she was actually saying such lewd and lascivious things. Here she was in this dreadful dungeon, writhing about bare assed naked on the cold stone floor, moaning in ecstasy as the beautiful brunette licked her pussy and clit snapped her cunt nubbin. Melissa was so kind and tender, and damn, she thought, her tongue felt so good as it lapped her young pussy. She was acting like a wanton slut, but she did not care. She loved it, and maybe, maybe she loved Melissa.

Doris bent down and twisted her body around so that she could lick Melissa’s pussy. She flicked her tongue across the brunette’s sensitive clit, and Melissa responded by gasping and jerking her hips forward to meet Doris’ hot tongue.

The two females were in the classic sixty-nine position. Tongue fucking each other. Sluicing their tongues in and out of each other’s hot juicy pussies.

They groaned in ecstasy. It was as though a fever burned inside both of their sweet pussies. And then, all of a sudden, they gasped and came together. They both came, at the exact same moment their pussies summed, tightened, then jerked. They moaned and breathed deeply as orgasms racked their hot bodies. It was wonderful, delicious, and beautiful. They were in love!

Melissa moved up Doris’ tight young body and hugged her tightly. They fell asleep in one another’s arms. They slept soundly, wrapped in a warm blanket of bliss and love. Lesbian love!

The next morning, Doris felt Melissa nudging her and kissing her cheek softly and lovingly. So tenderly Melissa spoke to her clit a soft voice. “Wake up, dear. Wake up, my lovely. We must talk before Bruce and Diane come down to get us. We must formulate our plans.”

Doris rubbed the sleep from her eyes and sat up. “Oh, God,” she moaned as she looked around her and found that they were still imprisoned in the horrid dungeon. She had slept soundly in Melissa’s arms and she had dreamt beautiful dreams about her lovely, tender lesbian lover. Her dream had been so beautiful that she had forgotten that they were locked up in the dreadful, dreary dungeon, that they were slaves of the wicked and decadent and depraved Bruce and Diane.

Melissa kissed her on the lips and hugged her lightly. “Don’t worry, my love. I have an idea of how we can escape this awful life of depravity. Just listen to me carefully, and we will escape forever. We’ll run away and get our revenge as well.” Doris listened carefully as Melissa detailed her plan. It was noon when Bruce came down to the dungeon to get Melissa and Doris.

“Okay, girls,” he said as he opened the thick wooden door to the dungeon. “It’s another day, my little sweet-cunt’s. Get your asses up and follow me.” Doris jumped up and ran to Bruce’s side. She gripped his muscular arm and said, “Oh, Bruce. I thought you’d never come. I’ve missed you so much.” Her eyes twinkled, and she smiled at him. Her look towed love and admiration. And unbridled lust!

“Well, well. How about that?” Bruce said, shaking his head in disbelief. “Hell, girl. I thought you’d be pissed-off at me after last night.”

“Oh, no Bruce. You were wonderful! You took my virginity, and today I am a real woman. I love you, Bruce! You’re so big and handsome, and you have such a beautiful big cock,” she said as her hand gripped the bulge in his pants. She stroked his prick lasciviously, and she felt his prick begin to get hard in the confines of his trousers. “Oh, Bruce. I love you so much,” she repeated.

“My, my, little darlin’,” Bruce said. “I’m glad to know that you appreciate me. Mmmmm. That feels good, bitch. Yeah.”

Doris smiled at him and licked her lips in a sexy gesture. She kept rubbing the bulge in his pants, stroking his crotch hard and fast. Bruce gasped. He had not expected such loving treatment from the thirteen-year-old girl whose cherry he had copped the night before. After all, he thought, he had brutally slapped her around, and tied her up, and forced her to suck his cock, and raped her virgin pussy. But he was a studly dude, he had to admit. And he had a giant prick, a prick that he was very proud of, a prick that had captured the hearts and pussies of women all over the country. He groaned as she stroked his crotch again.

“Oh, Bruce,” Doris moaned. “Why don’t you fuck me here, right now? I need your gorgeous cock so bad. I’d just love it if you’d fuck me here. Before we go upstairs.”

“I don’t know,” said Bruce. Damn, decisions, decisions, he thought. He knew that Diane was waiting upstairs in her bedroom for her cute little niece. Diane was just dying to get hold of the little bitch. And she had told him to bring Doris straight to her bedroom. But he was getting an enormous cock-stand from the girl’s stroking hand. “No, I better not,” he said tentatively. He knew that Diane would be furious if he fucked Doris before he took the girl to Diane’s bedroom.

“Oh, Bruce. I want your cock in me so bad. Please,” Doris begged. “And there is one thing that I’ve never done. I mean, I was only a dumb virgin until you fucked me yesterday. And you taught me how to suck your lovely big cock and how to fuck. But, there’s still one thing. I’ve never done. Something that you haven’t taught me.” She kept fondling his cock through his trousers as she managed to pull his zipper down. She reached into his fly and tugged at his cock-stand until it popped out.

“Ummmppphhhh,” he groaned. “What’s that, sweet-cunt? What haven’t I taught you?” he asked.

“Well, I understand that there is another place to fuck a woman. And you haven’t fucked me in that place.”

“What place?” he asked weakly as his knees began to grow weak and his cock throbbed with urgency.

“My asshole,” she replied in a sexy voice. “You haven’t fucked my asshole yet. Wouldn’t you like to fuck my tight little virgin asshole, Bruce? Wouldn’t you? Huh, Bruce? Huh? Wouldn’t you just love to stick your beautiful cock into my little virgin asshole and fuck it? Huh, Bruce? Huh?”

“Yeah! Hot damn!” Bruce replied. Then, turning to Melissa who sat in the corner, Bruce shouted, “Get the fuck out of here, Melissa! Go upstairs to Diane. And tell her that I’ll be right up with Doris.”

“Okay,” Melissa replied as she stood up.

“Lay down and pull your pants down,” Doris said. “I want to treat you really nice.”

“Sure, honey,” Bruce said. He lay down on the floor and stretched out, his cock-stand sticking straight up.

Doris knelt beside him and unbuckled his belt. She tugged at Bruce’s trousers while she continued to stroke his prick. When she had pulled his pants down to his ankles, she quickly moved aside. Melissa stepped forward, leapt high in the air and landed right on Bruce’s naked balls!

“Aaaagggghhhhh! Ooowwwww!” Bruce screamed as the unbearable pain seared through his balls. He doubled over on his side. He was totally helpless, writhing in terrible pain and holding his balls.

Melissa pulled his belt out of his belt loops and began to whip him. Crack! Crack!! The belt slashed across his shoulders and back. He reeled in pain and writhed on the floor in a vain attempt to escape the blows. Melissa rained whipping blows all over his writhing body.

“Take that, you filthy fucking bastard! You asshole! You mental midget! Prick! Jerk! Penis lick!” Melissa shouted.

“Bastard!” Doris chimed in. Then she took the belt from Melissa and began beating Bruce. Slash!

Crack! Crack! She mined blows on his back and shoulders and legs. He screamed in agony.

“Please, stop! No! I beg of you! Stop! Please!” Bruce cried.

They whipped him some more, then Melissa said, “That’s enough. He’s not going anywhere. We have other business to take care of, you know. We gotta get your Aunt Diane!”

Melissa tied Bruce’s wrists together with his belt and they turned to leave the creepy dungeon.

As they made ready to slam the dungeon door and lock Bruce inside, Doris grabbed Melissa by the arm. “Wait a minute,” she said. Then she stuck her head back into the dungeon and screamed at Bruce. “You belong in a cage, you filthy bastard!” Then they slammed the door shut and bolted it.

The first step of their plan had been brilliantly executed. They congratulated one another on a job well done.

“We showed that asshole,” said Melissa. She smiled broadly.

“Yeah,” said Doris. “We got him good.” She beamed with pride.

“You played your part beautifully, like a professional actress,” Melissa commented.

“Yeah, I did do a pretty good job, didn’t I? But then, Bruce taught me all I know,” she quipped. “He said that he’d make me a star, you know.”

“Well, you ought to win an Oscar for that performance,” said Melissa.

They hugged each other tightly and took time out for a long, sexy kiss.

“Well, partner. Let’s finish the job,” said Melissa.

“Yeah,” Doris replied. “Let’s get my Aunt Diane!”

Diane DeMarrow lay stretched out in her bed. She smoked a cigarette and sipped a glass of French wine. Damn, where the fuck is Doris, she wondered. Bruce should have brought her to me by now. That bastard! I wouldn’t be surprised if he decided to fuck the little bitch first. Well, fuck him and his over-sized cock. If he did fuck my niece before bringing her to me, I’ll throw his ass back out on the fucking streets, she thought.

“Well,” she sighed. “If I have to wait a little bit, I may as well juice my cunt up a little.” She reached over and picked up her dildo from the night stand beside her bed. Flipping the button on, the dildo began to vibrate. She moved the dildo tip around her clit and her cunt immediately began to spasm with thrilling sensations. Her cunt juices began to flow as she shoved the vibrating dildo up her pussy.

“Uuummmppphhh,” she groaned. “Yeah, it feels so good. Damn. Whoever invented these neat contraptions really had a good head on his shoulders. He should get a Nobel Prize for this invention. Mmmmmm, so good.”

The dildo sluiced deep into her cunt, vibrating against her cunt-walls and sending lovely sensations throughout her body.

Melissa and Doris stood outside Diane’s bedroom door, listening carefully.

“It sounds like your Aunt Diane is dildo fucking herself again. She probably got tired of waiting for one of us to come up and suck her cunt, the nasty bitch!” Melissa whispered.

“Yeah, but we’re both here now. And if she thinks we’re gonna suck her cunt, she’s all wet. Ha! Ha!” Doris could not help laughing at her little joke.

“Shhhh! Be quiet. We want to take her by surprise. Now I’ll count to three, and then we’ll rush her. It’ll be really easy to overpower her since she’s so busy dildo-fucking herself. In fact, let’s wait until she cums. Then she’ll be real weak, and she won’t be in any shape to struggle or fight us.”

“Yeah,” said Doris. “We’ll rush in right after she cums, then we can get her real good. Gee, Melissa. This is really exciting.”

They listened at the door until they heard Diane gasping and groaning.

“Unnnggghhhh! Ohhhh! Uuuuuggggghhhhh! Yeah! Ummmm!” Then there was silence.

“That’s our cue, lover,” said Melissa with a wink. “One. Two. Three. Let’s go!”

Melissa and Doris rushed through the bedroom door and dashed toward Diane, who was stretched out, totally spent from her powerful orgasm. Melissa grabbed her by the arms while Doris gripped her Aunt Diane’s titties tightly.

“What! What is going on!” screamed Diane DeMarrow.

“Greetings and salutations, Miss DeMarrow,” joked Melissa. “It’s your two loyal and ever-loving sex-slaves here to serve their kind and benevolent mistress.”

“Yeah, Aunt Diane,” Doris chimed in. “We’re here to take care of you.”

“Let me go, you stupid sluts!” Diane shouted. “When Bruce gets here, I’ll have you both beaten and severely punished for your disobedience!”

Melissa and Doris laughed heartily. Then Melissa slapped Diane across the face. Smack! Smack! “Go over to the closet, Doris,” Melissa said. “Your Aunt Diane keeps all kinds of stuff in there. Get some rope and bring it here.”

Doris went to the closet and returned with rope. They tied the blond bitch to the four poster bed. Arms and legs spread wide apart spread caged. At their mercy. At the mercy of her niece and her former sex slave. And they were out for revenge!

Doris went back to the closet and came out carrying a cat of nine tails. “Let’s whip her,” said Doris, a beaming smile on her face. “First things first,” said Melissa. “And first, I want to know the combination to the safe so that I can get a hold of those incriminating tapes that she’s been holding over my head for so damned long.”

“Okay,” said Doris. “But, then can I whip her?”

“Well, let’s see if she cooperates first.”

“Fuck you! Fuck you both!” Diane shouted. “You filthy little sluts! Where the fuck do you two get off coming into my bedroom and tying me up? And making demands. Demands! Making demands of me, your mistress! You two are nothing but my sex-slaves. Both of you are miserable, wretched whores. Slaves! Slit-suckers! Cunt’s!”

“Up your ass, you nasty bitch!” Melissa hissed.

“Can I whip her now?” Doris asked as she moved closer and raised the cat of nine tails high over her head, preparing to slash her Aunt Diane. “Please can I whip her now?” she asked, seeking Melissa’s approval.

“No, not yet,” Melissa said. She took the thirteen-year-old girl aside and whispered to her nubile lesbian lover. “Calm down, Doris. You’ll get your chance. But first I have to find out the combination to the safe. That is crucial to our plans. Don’t forget, I simply have to take those tapes with me when we leave. Okay?”

“Okay,” Doris replied, then she pouted and shrugged her shoulders understandingly. She was just dying to beat her Aunt Diane, the sinister blonde bitch who had promised her the world — not to mention a Shetland pony — and then turned her over to Bruce, who had beaten and tortured and degraded and raped both her mouth and her virgin cunt. She despised her Aunt Diane, and she was aching to get back at her, to get revenge by whipping the evil woman. In fact, she could feel her cunt-juices beginning to flow and fill her tight young pussy. Doris was getting very hot and horny while she waited for the chance to whip her cruel aunt.

Melissa turned back to Diane, who was bound spread-eagled on the bed. “Okay, bitch. I want to know the combination of your safe. And I am not letting you go until I get it. So tell me now.”

“Up your fucking asshole!” Diane answered, then she spit right in Melissa’s face. “You slit-sucking wench! I’m not telling you anything. I’m sure Bruce is somewhere around here, and when he finds out what’s going on in here, you two are gonna get your asses kicked real good.”

Melissa wiped the spit from her face. Then she and Doris exchanged knowing smiles. Diane had no idea that Bruce was bound in the dungeon and could not save her. Melissa climbed on the bed and sat on Diane’s stomach. She reached down and grabbed the blonde’s tit-flesh.

“What are you doing to me, you slut? What are you?” Melissa pinched both of Diane’s ripe nipples at the same time.

“Owwwww!” the blonde bitch screamed as wincing pain shot through her body.

Melissa pinched the woman’s nipples again, and again. The blonde bitch screamed in agony.

“Well, now are you going to give me the combination to the safe? Or do you want more?”

“Let’s give her more,” said Doris with a lusty gleam in her cute eyes. “Let’s whip her.”

“Christ, Doris, will you give her a chance to answer my question?” Melissa chided the thirteen year-old. Doris pouted. She began to cry.

“Now don’t cry, sweetheart. I love you, but you can be so impetuous sometimes.” Melissa was exasperated with Doris. She simply had to get that safe combination, and Doris was wasting time and being a royal pain in the ass.

Turning her attention back to the wicked blonde who lay bound beneath her, Melissa asked again, “What is the fucking combination?”

“I refuse to tell you. Bruce will be here to rescue me at any moment, so I am not going to give in to you.”

Smack! Smack! Smack! Melissa slapped the helpless blond three times in quick succession. “You damned fool!” she screamed at Diane. “You idiot bitch! How can you be so fucking stupid? All of these years, I thought that you were smart. But you’re just a dumb cunt. Don’t you know what’s happening here? Bruce is locked up in the dungeon where we left him. He’s trussed up like a pig ready for the slaughter house. He’s in no shape to move, much less rescue you.”

“No! No! It can’t be true. You’re lying. I’m not telling you anything. You can’t fool me.”

Doris was going crazy. Hot sensations of unbridled lust filled her seething teeny-cunt. This was so exciting, she thought, and she was aching to get revenge. “Now can I whip her?” she pleaded. “Please, Melissa. Now can I? Huh? Huh? Now can I whip Aunt Diane?”

“Okay. What the hell,” Melissa sighed. “She’s too fucking stupid to believe me. Maybe you can whip some sense into the bitch. She’s all yours, darling. Give it to her good. Whip the hell out of her. God knows, she deserves it.”

“All right!” Doris exclaimed with glee. Melissa rolled off of Diane’s stomach, stood up and backed away, “Go get her,” she said with a wave of her hand.

Doris wasted no time. Crack! The whip slashed across Diane DeMarrow’s naked fits with brutal force. Crack! Crack! Crack! Doris was in a frenzy. Cunt-juice streamed down her supple thighs as the wicked cat of nine tails lashed her Aunt Diane’s tit-flesh.

“How does that feel, Aunt Diane?” she teased in a little girl voice. Crack! Crack! “How do you like it? You are a mean, wicked, depraved, cruel, despotic, evil, sinister, nasty auntie!” The little thirteen-year-old was merciless. She raffled blows on her Aunt Diane’s tender tit-flesh. “You led me to believe that you were going to be so nice to me. I was so happy when I learned that I was going to come and live with you. And when I got here you even promised me my own Shetland pony.” Crack! “But instead, you let that brutal sadistic Bruce torture and fuck my virgin cunt.” Crack! “You turned me over to him, and he made me suck his cock and he tied me up and beat me and fucked me!” Crack! “That was an awful thing to do to your own niece.”

“Please stop!” Diane DeMarrow wailed. “Please. I beg of you. I’m sorry! I can’t stand it any more. Please don’t whip me any more. I’ll do anything you say, but please don’t whip me any more!”

Doris was not about to stop. She loved whipping her Aunt Diane. Her pussy was so horny and juicy and felt so hot that she was on the very verge of cumining.

Melissa stepped forward and grabbed the little thirteen-year-old by the wrist. “Hold it, Doris!” she commanded. “You have done it. You have beaten your wicked aunt into submission. She just said that she would do anything we say. Now back off and I’ll take over.” Melissa picked up the dildo from Diane’s night stand and handed it to Doris. “Here, push the button and shove this plastic prick up your little cunt,” she told the girl. That will keep her occupied, Melissa thought as she turned her attention to the bound blonde bitch.

“Well now, Diane. Tell me the combination to the safe or I’ll sick your niece back on you. And next time, I won’t stop her. She’ll cut your big tits to ribbons.”

“No! Anything but that! I’ll tell you. It’s left to ten, right to twenty, left to fifteen and right again to twelve,” Diane gasped.

Melissa strolled over to the safe which was located in the corner of the bedroom. She turned the knob to the numbers Diane had indicated and the safe swung open. The tapes were right on top. She pulled them out and hugged them lovingly to her tits. These tapes were the key to her freedom.

As she turned to close the safe, her eyes lit on a huge stack of thousand-dollar bills. She reached in and grabbed them.

“Holy fucking shit!” she gasped. “There must be a quarter of a million dollars here!” She turned to show the stack of bills to Doris, but the little girl’s mind was elsewhere.

“Unnnggghhh! Mmmmmm! Unimmppphhh!” Doris gasped and groaned as she pumped the vibrating dildo in and out of her hot juicy cum. Doris was sitting on the floor, her legs spread wide apart, dildo fucking herself.

“Damn,” Melissa sighed in exasperation. Doris sure was one hot little thirteen-year-old, she thought. Then Melissa swiveled on her heels and looked straight into the cruel blue eyes of Diane DeMarrow. This was the moment she had been waiting for. Now she would get her revenge!

Melissa had served as Diane’s sex-slave for two years. Diane had humiliated and degraded her countless times during that period. The nasty, depraved bitch had always held those incriminating tapes over Melissa’s head, forcing her to obey Diane’s every evil whim.

But now the shoe was on the other foot. Melissa strolled leisurely into Diane’s walk-in closet. Five minutes later, she stepped back out and stood in front of Diane DeMarrow, who still lay naked and helpless, bound and spread-eagled on the big bed.

Melissa looked absolutely ravishing. She had emerged wearing a sexy black leather halter, a matching mini-skirt and black suede high-heeled boots. She glanced at Doris. The girl was dildo-fucking her tight juicy cunt with rapid, pumping movement. Her hot cunt spasmed and her cute little body shook as the plastic prick vibrated, shaking her titties and her thighs. She looked like a little redhead wanton, a Lolita. But, at the same time, Doris looked like a kid with a new toy, Melissa thought.

Melissa moved forward in her alluring outfit. She stepped onto the big bed. Diane had passed out. Melissa kicked the blond woman in the side. That woke her up. Diane screamed and writhed in pain. Then Melissa stepped on the blonde’s face. She ground the sole of her boot into the woman’s face.

“Well now, Miss Diane DeMarrow. It seems as though the shoe is on the other foot,” she taunted. “Or shall we say the boot is on the other foot. My foot!”

Diane DeMarrow looked up at the leather clad woman from beneath the sole of the high heeled boot. Her blue eyes showed fear and dreadful expectation.

“Kiss my boot, you slit-sucking harlot!” Melissa commanded.

Diane pressed her lips to Melissa’s boot.

“Now lick it!” Melissa hissed. “Lick my boot, slut! Lick the dust from my boot!”

Diane sobbed and extended her tongue and licked Melissa’s boot.

Melissa loved it! The whole wicked scene. She felt overwhelmingly sexy in her black leather outfit. And she savored the total power that she held over her former mistress, the depraved Diane DeMarrow. Melissa’s cunt itched and she felt hot, wet and horny. This debauched scene was turning her on. Her eager cunt craved release and satisfaction. And Melissa knew just how to get it.

She turned her back toward the bound blonde beauty and squatted, sitting right on Diane’s face.

“Rim me, you bitch!” she commanded. “Rim me! Ream my asshole out! Lick my asshole, you filthy whore!”

Diane had no choice but to obey. She licked Melissa’s asshole. Lapped at her former slave’s nether-hole. Stuck her tongue deep into Melissa’s asshole, doing everything possible to make the woman cum so that she would take Doris and the tapes and the money and leave. Diane had never been treated this way before except when her step-father had raped her. And she had never been able to forget that nightmare. She just wanted Melissa and Doris to be gone, out of her life forever.

Melissa ground her ass obscenely into the blonde’s face. She writhed in sexual bliss as Diane DeMarrow licked her asshole. Her cunt spasmed as Diane’s tongue sluiced in and out of her nether-hole. She felt her orgasm coming.

“Unnaggghhhh!” Melissa gasped. Her cunt convulsed. Her body shook as she savored the power that she held over the evil woman who had dominated her for so long. She came. Pussy juice poured out of her cunt and saturated Diane’s face. Melissa rubbed her ass and cunt all over Diane’s face and, satisfied, climbed off the bed. She looked at Doris, who was on the verge of cumming as she dildo-fucked herself in the corner.

“Oh, my God! Unnnnggghhhh! Oooohbhhh! Aaaggghhh!” Doris moaned and gasped as her climax hit her hard, rocking her tight pussy with wondrous feelings of sexual ecstasy. She slumped over in the corner and stretched out the plastic dildo still vibrated in her limp hand. Doris was exhausted and spent.

Melissa walked over to the cute thirteen-year old girl. “Hey,” she said. “Get it together, my sweet. We gotta get the hell out of this place. I’ve got the tapes and enough money to fly to a foreign country and live in the lap of luxury for the rest of our lives. Get some clothes from Diane’s closet and get dressed. I’m going to call a cab and, before you know it, we’ll be on our merry way.” They kissed and Doris dashed to the closet.

Melissa picked up the telephone and called a cab, giving detailed instructions on how to reach the DeMarrow Manor. “The cab will be here soon,” she called out to Doris, who was still dressing in the huge closet.

“And now I want to say goodbye to you, Miss Diane DeMarrow,” Melissa hissed as she turned to face the blond beauty who lay bound and helpless on her bed. Melissa had an evil look in her eyes.

“Please don’t hurt me,” Diane begged. “Please! Just leave me in peace. You have what you want. Won’t you just let me be?”

For a brief moment, Melissa actually felt sorry for Diane DeMarrow. She pitied the helpless woman who lay naked, bound and vulnerable in the big bed. The blonde’s face was contorted in pain and fear. She was scared, frightened to death.

But Melissa’s mind brought forth horrid memories. She thought about how Diane had blackmailed her for two long years. How Diane had made her serve as a sex-slave. How Diane had forced her to perform crude and debased rituals like the foot-kissing ritual. How Diane had whipped her and forced her to suck her cunt and lick her asshole. And Melissa no longer pitied Diane DeMarrow. She hated her! She hated her totally, completely, with all of her heart and soul.

“Well, Diane,” Melissa said. “I guess this is goodbye.” Then she picked up the dildo from the floor and, with one swift, brutal motion, she rammed the plastic prick deep into Diane’s asshole. She turned the dildo on and stepped back to watch Diane shake uncontrollably as the plastic prick vibrated inside of her tight asshole. Then, just for good measure, Melissa thrust her long leg out, and, with the sole of her boot, she shoved the vibrating dildo to the hilt into Diane’s asshole. Then, with her boot-tip, she pushed the big, long dildo into Diane’s asshole until it disappeared. The dildo was stuck all the way up Diane’s nether-hole. Melissa laughed loudly as the helpless woman writhed in agony, her asshole impaled by a long vibrating plastic dildo.

At that moment, Melissa grasped and her heart skipped a beat as a voluptuous raven-haired beauty stepped out of the closet! The woman was stunning! Her ripe figure was clothed in a tight-fitting, gold lame evening gown, with a built-in push-up bra which pulled small, but firm tits together and pushed them upward, exposing a lovely cleavage.

The mysterious woman wore thick makeup. Ruby red lipstick, rouge, blue mascara and unusually long false eyelashes. In her hand, she carried an expensive leather purse. Her legs were sheathed in sheer black stockings, and her feet were shod in black open toed shoes with five inch heels.

The dashing black haired woman stepped into the center of the bedroom. Teetering on her high heels, she performed a slow, sensuous pirouette, licked her lips vivaciously, and smile. As Melissa stood transfixed, in a state of total confusion, the sultry woman walked toward her and said, “Well, what do you think of the new me?”

Melissa instantly recognized the voice. It was Doris!

“My God! You scared the hell out of me!” Melissa gasped. “I almost had a heart attack!” Melissa was furious. She was about to chastise her young lesbian lover, but she quickly changed her mind. After all, the girl was only thirteen years old, Melissa thought. Hell, Doris was only playing dress-up. Melissa remembered that she had done the same thing when she was Doris’ age. Then Melissa broke out laughing.

“What’s so funny?” Doris asked, pouting and looking like she was about to break out in team.

“Nothing, my darling little lover. Nothing at all. You just scared me. You look beautiful, lovely, absolutely gorgeous. My God, you look like you are in your twenties. You look… you look like a rich and glamorous movie star!” she exclaimed. “But we’ve got to get the hell out of here. The taxi will be here any minute. Hurry up and change.”

“No!” shouted Doris. “I don’t feel like it.” She pouted again. “Let me go dressed like this. Please. Please let me leave dressed like this. Will you? Huh? Will you let me go like this? Please?”

“Oh, all right. We don’t have any time to waste anyway.” Melissa picked up the tapes. She handed the thick pile of thousand dollar bills to Doris and instructed her to put the money in her purse. They kissed.

On their way out of the bedroom door, they glanced at Diane DeMarrow, who lay bound and writhing on the bed, the vibrating dildo stuck deep into her tight asshole.

They both laughed heartily at the sight. Then they ran down the stairs and stepped onto the front porch. The taxi was parked right out front, the engine running. Waiting, they ran toward the taxi. All of a sudden, a huge muscular man stepped from behind the taxi and gripped Melissa’s arm lightly with his strong hand. It was Bull!

“Let me go!” Melissa cried. “Let me go, you big…”

“I can’t,” Bull replied in a deep, gruff voice. “Miss DeMarrow gave me strict order. She told me that if I ever caught either you or her niece outside the mansion, I was to stop you. And take you straight to her. I have to do what she told me. Gee, if it wasn’t for Miss DeMarrow, I don’t know where I’d be right now.”

Bull pulled a pair of steel handcuffs from his back pocket and clasped them over Melissa’s wrists.

“No!” Melissa screamed. “No! No! No!” she cried hysterically.

Bull turned and looked Doris straight in the eyes. “Who are you?” he asked. He looked her up and down. “I’ve never seen you before.” Once again, he looked her over carefully, but he could not recognize the sexy, raven haired woman, although he felt that he had seen her before. “Who are you, anyway?” Bull demanded.

“Why, I’m a friend of Diane’s. Now get out of my way, you fool,” Doris said indignantly as she slid into the back seat of the taxi cab. “Let’s go,” she ordered the cab driver. “And step on it.”

As the cab pulled away, Doris leaned out of the. I rear window and shouted to Melissa. “I’ll come back and free you! I’ll be back. I promise. I’ll free you, my love. Trust me!” She waved at Melissa through the window.

The very last word Melissa heard Doris shout was “Goodbye!”

The taxi sped down the long driveway and was soon out of sight.

The End

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