March 1 - Just wanna dance with you all night ....
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These on-line BDsm stories are pure fiction. They deal with degradation some with a non consenting nature. They are fantasy and not to be confused with reality or construed as an endorsement of the activities depicted.
Some Stories contain, Slavery, Abuse, and acts against nature. Again remember, these are fictional characters; They are NOT real people. So if you can't distinguish between fantasy and reality - please, don't read these stories and get yourself to the nearest shrink.
Bdsm stories
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Mailroom Girls (M+/f, cons, reluc, D/s, humil, job) new
Jilian's naked mile (MMM/f, cons, D/s, humil) new
The Choice (M+/f, cons, D/s, humil) new
Amy's Tattoe (M+/f, cons, D/s, humil) new
Her Submission (M+/f, cons, D/s, humil, Bdsm) new
Summer Training (M/f, BDsm, bond, humil, mummy) update
A Daymare on Kelly Street (M+/m, BDsm, D/s, humil, slavery) update
Summer's Blackmail (MF+/f, BDsm, slavery, humil, blackmail) update

Peek of the week, She talks shit to the wrong guys and yet another sexuallybroken -- Return of The Sun
- more music Meg Myers - and Bonobo - finally Mr Djian's Tumblr!!BDsm stories
BDSM stories

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