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Across the Street (32kb)
M/f, nc, blackml, video - sep 2004

Airport search (238kb)
M+/f, humil, nc, reluc,
anal, stripsearch, spank, electri tort...
- dec 2003

Amber's Slut Training (56kb)
M+/f, cons, D/s, humil, strip, exhib,
oral, anal
- march 2008

Ariel: After the dance (64kb)
MF/f, D/s, hum, voy, exhib, photo
- 2006

Ariel: A Punk Rock Girl (144kb)
MF/f, D/s, humiliation, exhib, strip

Association (long kb)
M/f, nc, humil, bnd, slavery, pony
- march 2007

At the Chateau (20kb)
M/f, D/s, exhib, slave - dec 2007

At the Doctor Office (24kb)
MF/f, humil, exhib, excam, bnd - oct 2007

At the Store Manager'sOffice (24kb)
F/f, D/s, humil, exhib, shave, bnd - oct 2007

Beth (400kb)
M+/f, D/s, exhib,bnd - aug 2004

Biker strip search (53kb)
M+/f, nc, blackml - 2001

Blackmailed Wife at business (128kb)
M/f, Ds, spank, humil - jul 2005

Breaking in Teacher 441kb)
M+/f, humil, nc, reluc,
inter, young men
- 2006

Bride of Jarvis (36kb)
M/ff, reluc, D/s, humil, exhib, strip
- aug 2010

Bridge to Nowhere (32kb)
M/f, cons, D/s, humil, exhib, ws, bnd
- oct 2009

Border Crossing (30kb)
M+/ff, humil, nc, stripsearch - 2003

Car Show Slut (--- kb)
M/f, cons, humil, exhib, blackml
- jul 2012

Caught by My Boss (--- kb)
Fm/f, cons, humil, exhib, blackml
- aug 2012

Claustrophobia (14kb)
M/f, Bdsm - feb 2002

Community Slut (108kb)
FM/f, humil, exhib, BDsm, pubkic
- oct 2010

Crop Dusting (22kb)
M/f, humil, stripsearch - jan 2005

Cum Candies (56kb)
F/f, -self, humil, exhib, search
- aug 2010

Customs Inspection (56kb)
M+/f, humil, reluc,
dog, strip, exhib, shave

Dara pulls a Train (38kb)
M/f, reluc,cuck, exhib, humil

Exposed (32kb)
M/f, D/s, fun, exhib - april 2008

Fall from Grace(76kb)
M+/f, drug, D/s, reluc, anal, oral, exhib

False Arrest
MM/f, humil, nc, rape, stripsearch

Forced Stripsearch by Security
M/ff, humiliation, exhib

Flying High (16kb)
M/f, cons, teaser - nov 2008

Gangsta Boogie, Jarvis, DT (56kb)
M/ffF, reluc, D/s, humil, strip, exhib
- may 2009

Goin for the Grey! (28kb)
M/ff, reluc, D/s, humil, exhib

Goth's Not Slut (236kb)
M+/f,nc, humil, ws, exhib

Horse Trader (20kb)
M/f, D/s, humil, strip - sep 2007

Hospital (17kb)
M/f, humil, voy - 2003

Igor and Ivan (24kb)
MF+/f, -self, D/s, exhib, bnd, "slavery"
- dec 2009

Isabel (135kb)
M+/f, BDsm

Jarvis, DT (56kb)
MM/fFF, reluc, D/s, humil, strip, exhib

Jarvis, DT - Big trouble in Little Naples (32kb)
M+/ff, nc, D/s, rough

Lost in the Woods (32kb)
M/f, D/s, humil, exhib, ws, bnd

Lost in Space (27kb)
M+/f, humil, nc, reluc,
anal, stripsearch, scifi

Maiden Maid (275kb)
M+/f, relucl, humil, SM, historical, spank - 2002

Marthas Cold Night (40kb)
MMFF/f, D/s, humil, exhib, teen, cold
- oct 2010

Melissa's Mistake (36kb)
M/f, D/s, humil, exhib, teen, ws
- jul 2010

Monica, Goes To The Movies (32kb)
M+/f, D/s, humil, exhib,

More Humiliation for Emma (44kb)
M/f, D/s, humiliation, exhib, spank

Nathaniel's Nanny (120kb)
M/f, Bdsm, young man

Natalie's Tale (92kb)
MM/ff, D/s, humil. reluc, blackml,
exhib, bnd, scat,

Naked & Tied in Public (32kb)
mf+/f, nc, bnd, humil, exhib

The New Fish (75kb)
M+/f, nc, voy, humil, - 2004

Next Door (78kb)
M/f, blackml, voy, humil - dec 2007

Out of Commission (15kb)
M/f, Bdsm, nc - 2003

Paying the Rent (40kb)
M+/f, exhib, blackml - may 2008

Public Display of Affection (20kb)
M/f, D/s, humil, strip - may 2007

Rachel's Blackmail (16kb)
F/f, humil, exhib, blackml - jul 2011

Return as the Nurse (20kb)
M/f, D/s, exhib, nurse, uniform - dec 2007

Rubbermaid (102kb)
M/f, nc, bondage, enslavement - 2002

Raising a Perfect Slut 1-8 (140kb)
M+/f, nc, humil, slavery - june 2002

Reality Sucks (25kb)
M+/f, nc, humil, bondage - jan 2002

Receptionist (46kb)
MF/f, D/s, humiliation, exhib, excam
sep 2004

Sara in Jail in South America (56kb)
M+/f, D/s, humiliation, exhib, stripsearch, ws, spank, excam

Senior Prank (33kb)
M/ff, humil, stripsearch

Science Project (65kb)
M/f, nc, humil, bond

Seeing Double (27kb)
MM/f, humil, nc, reluc,

Shannon's Chance (100kb)
MF+/f, D/s, humil, exhib, blackml, drunk

Showing off Susan (129kb)
M+/f, wife, nc, coercion, humil - dec 2003

Snowbound (24kb)
M/f, humil, self..... 2001

Stealing the Thief (40kb)
M/f, humil, shoplift, stripearch
- dec 2007

The Story of Jane (52kb)
M+/f, humil, reluc, D/s, reluc,
bnd, spank, exhib, blackmail

Strip Search (50kb)
M+/f, humil, nc, wife, stripsearch
- nov 2005

Strip Searchin' Santa (52kb)
MF/f, D/s, humiliation, voy, spank
- 2007

Team Mascot Teacher (38kb)
M+/f, D/s, humil, exhib, beast

The Big Train (76kb)
M+/f, strib, exhib

The keys to the Locksmith's heart (54kb) M/f, BDsm, nc, spank,
anal, toys

The Reluctant Whore (46kb)
M/f, D/s, humil, strip, exhib,
spank, cop

The Teachers a Pet (204kb)
M+/f, D/s, humil, exhib, piercing

Training Rebecca (160kb)
M+/f, humil, D/s, reluc,
anal, strip, exhib, blackmail

Transforming Sarah 113kb)
M+/f, exhib, nc, reluc, teen, young men

Unchecked Computer (24kb)
-/f, -self, humil, exhib, bnd - jul 2010

Window Watching (24kb)
M+/f, D/s, reluc, voy, exhib, bnd

Isn't it beautiful

though I might be gone

we'll still share the sun

and the memories...