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july 26 - 2012

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The Family Feud IV
by Amanda Serve

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The Family Feud IV
Chapter Thirteen
“Ample Parking In the Rear”

Get out of jail cards: 1
WHORE: 5,3,0,0,1
Get out of jail cards: 1
WHORE: 4,3,0,0,0

The Taylor men had hit upon several effective ideas in how they trained the Taylor women. One of them had been the use of routines and rituals in everyday life. The morning routine had at first seemed brutal, extreme and even tedious but as it became repeated it had started to become their version of 'normal'.

They did vary the routine at times but they found the girls responded best to structure. The girl’s seemed to accept even the most humiliating activity if they had done it enough. Delilah’s presence as an active participant had added the fear of the unknown to the mix and the girls were noticeably uneasy.

When Bill and Chris were satisfied that Jamie’s affirmation had given sufficient thanks for her supervision and training they had her crawl into the living room with her mother.

Wendy had been humiliated many times by an audience of leering men in the last weeks. She had not counted on how painful being ignored while she humiliated herself could feel. Each time people walked by as if she didn’t exist and just left the room without so much as a glance she had felt humiliation. It was a different kind than the embarrassment she felt when her skirt flew up or someone grabbed her tit.

This new feeling of humiliation from being ignored was more subtle. Wendy wondered if part of her own vanity wasn’t just offended that she hadn’t warranted even a maniacal wringing of the hands and a “Mwuahahahah” from the guys. She didn’t want to let on to Chris and Bill that treating her like an object or a fixture to be ignored had made her feel this way. She also knew her daughter might spill the beans if she confided in her so she just pushed the thoughts to the back of her mind while the guys helped her down after untying her wrists from the hooks in the ceiling beams.

They left her ring gag in and Bill slapped her hand when she instinctively attempted to break a long string of saliva that had dripped down her bare chest.

“Oh I didn’t see the tail. That IS cute.” Delilah gave a swish to the suede cat of nine tails emerging from Wendy’s ass like the bushy cotton tail of a rabbit. Bill had bought several tailed whips ranging from doggy tails to horse tails to this one - It seemed most appropriate to Delilah.

Wendy’s taut body was bruised, cut and now she was shivering as her muscles reacted to being freed from her captivity but she made no attempt to stop Delilah from playing with the whip-tail.

“Yeah, it’s neat.” Chris plopped it out of his mother’s ass revealing a full 7 inches of glistening wooden rod and then pushed it into the O-ring in his mother’s gag, “It fits in both”

“Well not all the way” Delilah said with a grin.

“Mom can take all seven inches!” Chris seemed determined to show her that the length of the rod could go much further down his mother’s throat while she murmured in a panic.

Bill caught his arm “We really need to get going”

“Yeah, that’s true…okay play time is over, Sorry Mom.” Chris’s tone implied he was cutting of his mother’s recreation time as he removed the gag and the two inches of the whip handle he had inserted in her mouth.

“Where did you get all these neat play things?” Delilah was impressed with the assemblage of paddles, chains and dildos that seemed to be spread out around the house like kids might do on Christmas day when they first unwrap their gifts.

“Actually we just bought them.” Chris answered as he unfastened the last snap from his mother’s gag.

“I thought you were broke?” Delilah sounded confused and a little concerned.

“Who do you think was too lazy to tell us we were running out of money?” Bill sounded cross as he slapped his wife on the ass with a leather strap that was handy. “Get on the floor and kiss your daughter’s lips, or aren’t you glad to see her?”

Wendy didn’t hesitate to get on the floor and press her lips to Jamie who was being walked like a puppy behind Delilah. She could instantly taste the sticky cum on her daughter’s lips and wondering the origin only made it even more creepy.

“So what is first on the agenda?” Delilah had her hands on her hips.

“We usually let them piss and shit first. In the morning we use a litter box, but because it’s dark outside they can just use the backyard.” Chris answered plainly.

“Oh my, how beastly!” Delilah her voice caught half way between amusement and shock.

Chris started to offer an apology about how they were in control of every aspect of the girls and it was a natural body function but Delilah stopped him, “It’s okay Chris, I guess there are just some things about your deviousness I am still finding out is all. I saw your sister do way more disgusting things the last two days. I am just sorry my brother’s aren’t here to watch it – they love this sort of thing.”

“You still have your camera phone?” Chris offered helpfully.

“That I do.” Delilah took the phone out of her back pocket, “But isn’t that what girly-girl got in trouble for? Not going when she was given the chance?” Delilah bent down to give a playful tickle to Jamie’s chin. “You can’t just let the two of them wander around in the yard all willy-nilly and trust them to not beg to go five minutes later can you, sweet-ums?”

Chris was in awe of Delilah’s personal presence and even though he knew the honey in her accent was a form of manipulation – he was liking being manipulated. He shrugged a concession that he wanted to hear Delilah’s idea.

“Well, let’s give them both an enema and a douche at the same time so they can clean out their bottom cavities, while they brush their teeth and clean out the mouths that seem to have given them the most trouble.”

“A douche?” Chris had used that word a hundred times with his friends and always associated it with an insult or a playful term of affection.

Delilah could tell Chris had no idea what one was and she smiled, “Well, it’s an awful lot like an enema except it’s going to clean out their sweaty pussies. If you have a little vinegar I’ll mix up something. Do you want to meet me in the bathroom, Sugar?”

Chris was already leading the girls upstairs on all fours as he smiled back his approval.

Bill looked at Delilah as Chris led the girls away, “Should I just go put some pants on?” Even Bill had naturally acquiesced to Delilah without being consciously aware of it.

“Now if you do that honey, what will the girls use for tooth brushes? Why don’t you follow them up there and put a little Aquafresh on there for them and I’ll be up directly.” She brushed the tip of his half-erect cock with her hand and Bill lit up with a smile as his cock reacted to her intentional teasing.

She was carefully balancing her assertive personality with Bill’s ego so that he still felt like he was calling all the shots.

When Delilah walked into the upstairs bathroom holding several warmed plastic bottles, both Chris and Bill had their pants off. Jamie was squatting and sucking off her father while her mother worked on Chris.

“I take it you put enough tooth paste on your peckers for them to get a good brush?” Delilah smirked. Chris and Bill only nodded. Chris was holding his mother by the ears and Bill was actively fucking his daughter’s mouth up and down on his cock.

“Can I get you two to sit on the sink counter, so I can bend over ‘Thing One’ and ‘Thing Two’ here?” Delilah asked. The men silently led the girls with their hands as they sat themselves down so the women’s backs were bent. They knew what was coming next and both of them had their legs apart.

“I have a feeling these should slide right in.” Delilah giggled as she first inserted an enema nozzle into Wendy’s ass. She gave it a pat and said, “Wiggle your butt so I know it’s in their good.” Wendy wiggled and it waggled like a puppy dog tail, “Oh good girl, you are fun!” Delilah slapped Wendy’s ass playfully.

She repeated the process for Jamie, “Okay Stinker-butt, I know you have had so much packed into your heiney tonight that you may not even feel it.” as she pushed the enema nozzle in with a twist and gave it a squeeze to start the slow trickle of water into her bowels. Jamie could only murmur in reply while her father fucked her face.

Delilah proceeded to squat down and squirt a little of her homemade douche on the Taylor women’s clit hoods, before angling the nozzles into their pussies and pushing them inside. She was certain she heard Wendy moan.

“Should we cum?” Bill asked in all seriousness.

“Do you want to cum?” Delilah responded playfully.

Bill didn’t answer as he rapidly began to throat-fuck his daughter and with a, “Take it bitch…ah,-ah..ah..” he pulled out.

“Don’t swallow yet.” Delilah reminded Jamie with a swat to the ass.

“Oh they know to wait for permission to gobble our cum.” Chris said with a serious tone.

“Are you enjoying it, or is it just not making you cum?” Delilah asked Chris who was pumping his mother’s face at a nice regular pace.

“I take a long time to come.” Chris answered without hesitation.

“Maybe they just aren’t doing it right, can I try something?” Delilah was already standing him back up and gently easing Wendy up so that the enema and douche she was receiving didn’t fall out. Delilah put one finger behind Chris’s bare ass and tapped on his asshole playfully while staring at him with her vixen-like blue eyes.

He came almost instantly and more than he had ever had to that point in time. His mother who had fancied herself fairly experienced at deep throating almost gagged trying to hold it all in her mouth.

“Here let me get this on camera.” Delilah had her pocket camera out and faced towards the faces of the two humiliated women, “You two swap what you got in your mouth with a nice passionate kiss between mother and daughter.”

Jamie and Wendy had made out several times with each other were a little shy at first, but after awkwardly putting their heads together embraced and passionately began to French kiss.

“Don’t’ swallow any of it.” Delilah warned as she held up the camera.

“Too late, Ma’am” Wendy offered her open mouth, “I think some of it dissolved in our mouths, I am sorry!” she seemed genuinely apologetic and her voice sounded cracked and strained.

“Oh, just admit you are a cum-gobbler and you wanted to swallow the spunk in your mouth, Mrs. Taylor.” Delilah said playfully while holding the camera on Wendy’s face.

“I am a cum-gobbler and wanted to swallow my son’s and husband’s spunk, and you may call me Cow-tits if you like Ma’am.” Wendy answered submissively like she would during an affirmation.

“Why is that, Cow-tits?” Delilah impishly responded.

“Mrs. Taylor is a sign of respect and authority, and as you can see from my station around here, I am only worthy of scorn and ridicule. My son and husband have decided to refer to me as Cow-tits because of the fake boobs I paid for with money I could have used to help support our household instead of satisfying my vanity.”

“Oh those are a lot of big-words, care to rephrase for my brothers?” Delilah held the camera out to emphasize her point.

Wendy was almost to her breaking point where she felt she might cry, but at the last moment she took a deep breath and started to rephrase, “Sirs, if you are watching this then you know I am the naughty woman who you saw in the back…oh god, oh god!!” Wendy started to reach behind her arms flailing for the enema bottle in a panic.

“No, no keep it in!” Delilah started to put down the phone but Chris got behind his mom and sister and pushed the enema bottles back up their squirming bottles. Jamie too was in anguish and grunting.

“You don’t mind a little of My Auntie’s hot-sauce tonic up your stinky backside do you, Ass Face is it?” Delilah resumed her interview.

“No Mistress, you are just opening me up back there so that everything comes out. Thank for the concern for my comfort.” Jamie gritted her teeth as she sucked her breath in with her teeth. Her face was turning red and she was still jerking slightly.

“Mistress is it now?” Delilah grinned sheepishly.

“Yes Mistress, as a key-holder under green protocol that is the appropriate title of respect. I don’t think my mom realized that, so please forgive her for being more casual about your title.” Jamie couldn’t help but tattle-tale on her mom’s lack of protocol even in her struggles. There was something about following rules and playing ‘fair’ that compelled her to tell even on herself and she did it so instinctively.

“Stop your squirming and put each of your hands on each other’s boobs. Then say something thoughtful to each of my brothers. Call them each by name. They will get a kick out of that.” Delilah ignored Jamie’s casual admittance of her mother’s wrong doing - She was having fun and could punish them later.

The girls were bent over slightly at the waist with their legs apart, while Chris and Bill both held the enema and douche nozzles in place tightly. Their asses were still wiggling involuntarily from the hot-sauce mixed into their enema water sending spasms of pain down their thighs. They clung to each other’s tits with their faces pressed cheek to cheek.

“Um, Hi Jimmy Sir.” Jamie went first, “I hope you are enjoying watching us get ready to go out tonight. I don’t know where we are going but it’s not up to me.”

“BORING!” Delilah turned off the camera and started to slap Jamie’s face before stopping herself when she saw Jamie didn’t flinch away. “Cow Tits, say something cuter to Jimmy.” Delilah started recording again as she pointed the camera at Wendy.

“Hi uh Jimmy Sir, this is Cow-tits from the backyard, you are probably wondering why we are wiggling so funny. That is because we have hot-water enemas and they are really uncomfortable.” Wendy pleaded “But I hope you and your brothers are laughing.”

“Good job Cow-tits” Delilah patted her head like a puppy and laughed while inserting her own face into the camera frame before turning it back to Jamie who was in the process of grimacing from a cramp caused by the enema.

“Hi Gordon Sir, this is Ass Face, Jamie Taylor. I just wanted to thank you for fucking my ass so hard tonight. I showed my father and brother the cum you left inside of me, and um I am not sure what else to say.” Jamie seemed unsure of herself. She suddenly heard a groan of pain come from her mom and looked quickly in her direction before catching herself and focusing back on Delilah and the cellphone.

Chris smacked her ass hard “Say cheese!” he started to yank the enema out but Delila stopped him.

Delilah quickly added, “You want to leave it in for a few minutes to get maximum benefit. Let’s finish the videos for my brothers and then we’ll let them get in the shower and start washing their hair and upper bodies. You just make sure that the nozzles don’t come out until it’s time.
“Cheese!” Jamie said with a forced smile that anyone could see had pain behind it. Suddenly an overwhelming cramp hit Jamie and she fell to her knees holding her stomach as the enema had its hideous effect. She let slip out “Oh God” as the cramp reached its peak and her body shook with the pain and the need to void herself of the vile liquid inside her.

Suddenly there was a loud scream of pain from Wendy as she suffered an intense intestinal cramp as well. She didn’t fall to her knees like Jamie had but it was obvious her screams were of agony. Bill and Chris looked at each other and then to Delilah who was just standing there smiling as she admired her handiworks effects on the two poor women.

Finally Chris made a sound like he was clearing his throat, “Uhhhhh, shouldn’t we remove the nozzles and let them shit now?”

Delilah smiled sweetly at Chris, “No but they can get in the shower and shampoo their hair and was themselves from the waist up. I’ll tell you when to have them take the nozzle out of their ass.”

Jamie looked over at her father who’s mouth was open in disbelieve at the site he had just seen. Jamie’s squirming and groaning could almost have been mistaken for a Jamigasm if it hadn’t been for the intense look of pain on her face. When she saw Bill nod his head to what Delilah had just said to do, she struggled up into position, still holding her left hand on her stomach. She moved in the direction of the shower and noticed that her mom wasn’t moving. She turned and took the step towards her mom to enable her to grab her hand. She gently pulled her mom up as she said, “Come on mom.”

Jamie had to half pull her mom into the tub. Wendy was still focused on the seemingly neverending cramps in her gut. Jamie turned the water on and helped maneuver her mom under the water. She got her mom’s hair wet and then started washing it. It took her a few minutes to wash her mother’s hair because she had to stop from the intense stomach cramps several times. It seemed though that Wendy was having a worse time of it though as she never seemed to get a break from the ever increasing pain the cramps were causing. If she hadn’t been in the shower, you could have seen the tears streaming down her cheeks from the pain she was enduring.

Finally Jamie finished working the shampoo into her mom’s hair and then rinsing it out. She immediately began to wash the rest of her mom’s upper body. They had done this enough that it didn’t take long until her mom was clean from the waist up, including her fake tits. When she had turned her mother around to make sure the soap was all washed off, she experienced another spasm in her gut that doubled her over. It didn’t last long though and she quickly stood up and ducked her hair under the water. She quickly got the shampoo and poured a good amount into the palm of her hand. She stepped back from the water and rubbed her hands together and then began to work the shampoo into her hair. She had just worked up a lather into about half her hair when she had another very bad cramp like she had earlier. She fell to her hands and knees and actually screamed out her agony from the stomach cramp the enema was causing.

When Jamie’s intestinal cramp began to ease, she realized that her hair was being lathered by someone. She just concentrated on getting through the painful cramp in her gut as whoever it was finished her hair and washed the rest of her from the waist up. She was too unfocused to realize that Wendy had finally been able to get up and help her. She didn’t know how long it had been but finally the pain eased enough for her to stand up. When she did she turned in the water to wash the soap off of her body, still suffering small aftershocks of cramping. She felt as if another big one would come any second so she tried to hurry.

If the mother and daughter had been aware they would have heard Delilah finally telling Bill and Chris that it was time to let them expel the enemas. Bill immediately looked into the shower and had to call Jamie’s name twice before she finally responded after the third time because of her concentration on ignoring the severe pain she was experiencing. The fact she had only had to very large cramps that dropped her to her knees wasn’t because she wasn’t having painful cramps, it was just because she was concentrating so hard on ignoring them to complete her tasks that the pain had kind of faded into the background. Finally she heard her name the third time and it registered so she turned to look at Bill, “Pull your mother’s nozzle out of her ass and let her relieve herself. Be sure you clean the nozzle with your mouth when you do. As Wendy began to groan in relief as the pressure forced her to completely clean out her backside, Delilah held her camera phone just inside the door of the shower and ordered, “Say hi to Gordon Wendy”.

Wendy was about to say something to Gordon for Delilah’s phone video when Chris put Jamie’s enema nozzle into his mother’s mouth. She hadn’t even noticed that Chris had reached into the shower and yanked out her daughter’s nozzle. She glanced at Jamie who at that moment was also putting the nozzle to her enema in her mouth and sucking it clean. She sighed in relief from the enema being evacuated even though she had the nasty tasting nozzle in her mouth which she automatically began sucking on like a small cock as soon as it was put into her mouth.

“Wow, the old switcheroo.” Delilah observed as Chris led his mother over to the downpour of water coming from the showerhead after her enema had been expelled. “Yeah, you know how it’s not as bad to smell your own farts? I figure it’s better if they have to clean each other’s nasty nozzles.”

“Absolutely heinous!” there was a happy zeal about the way Delilah said that which reminded them all of her Aunt. Her Aunt had a habit of sounding disgusted but remaining fascinated and Delilah took it one step further by simply seeming fully in approval. “Tell Zeke why you have to clean off your mother’s enema nozzle after it’s been up her stinky keister for five minutes, Ass Face?”

“Well Zeke, because I am a three hole slut and so is my mother and when someone puts something up our asses, it’s only fair that they use our mouths to clean it instead of dirtying a rag or paper towel. It’s just my tongue and I...” Jamie sounded too positive and cheerful for Delilah’s taste so she stuck the enema in her mouth before she could give one of her detailed affirmation answers.

“Whats next?” Delilah asked

“Well, we usually have them shower and shave but they shaved already this morning and we are running behind.” Chris offered.

“Step in ladies, it will all wash down the drain in the end.” Delilah indicated the filthy bottom of the bathtub with a fine layer of brown butt-water in it. The girls stepped into the shower and washed each other by hand as they did every morning. They still had the douche nozzles in their mouth as they showered their aching bodies.

“Oh that is cute” Delilah didn’t video tape the rest because she knew her brothers would be fascinated with only the gross-out aspects of the getting ready.

When the girls stepped out they were given towels to dry. which was a rarity, and told to be thankful that it was only since they were in a hurry.

They were told to put on more makeup than normal. The guys had purchased the most trailer park blue eye-shadow and cheap drug-store cherry lipstick for them when this began. Delilah was amused at how cheap it was.

“Actually, that lipstick though is supposed to be all day lipstick” Wendy corrected instinctively “So I can give blowjobs and it not um, you know rub off as much and smear.”

“Very practical” Delilah sounded condescending as she giggled at Wendy’s defense of the whorish makeup that clearly wasn’t her shade. “Make sure you put on a lot, how about body make up?”

Chris was the first to ask what she meant and Delilah demonstrated by patting some base powder on Jamie’s naked and dry body and then using a brush to dust over it. “You can not only cover up some of these bruises and whip marks, but you can accentuate the size of her smaller boobs by applying some concealer of different shades to give the impression of depth.” Delilah artistically began to paint Jamie’s chest while she dried her hair and applied her face make up.

“That’s really cool. Can you draw me on some abs like in 300?” Chris joked. He had to explain that in the movie they had made it seem like everyone who lived in Sparta had a perfect six-pack abdomen using makeup.

“That is sort of the idea, if you like I can make her nipples a much redder color” Delilah pinched and twisted Jamie’s nipples with her thumb.

“Make her butthole, pussy lips and nipples all match the same color as her mother?” Bill requested trying to sound like the wise patriarch. He was no longer self-conscious about standing in the bathroom with his pants off in front of her. That was in part because his son was naked from the waist down too.

“Oh, sure!” Delilah used an eyeliner tool to apply a thin dark ring around Jamie’s pussy lips and asshole before coloring it in with a pink blush powder. “This will make it stand out and really pop” then she asked Bill and Chris to rub some body-glitter oil over the two of them.

Delilah pinched and tugged their puffy nipples and clits in order to get them to stand out more (and just demonstrate she had a fiendishly sadistic side).

When they were finally done the two girls looked like perfect naked sluts and there wasn’t a mark or blemish on their bodies.

“This is great, what should they wear?” Bill asked Delilah instinctively.

“Well not too much, you don’t want all the glitter to come off before you get there.”

Wendy and Jamie still didn’t know where “there” was, and they had been poked, prodded and talked about as if they were simply a prop that they didn’t feel they had the authority to even ask - the curiosity was killing them though.

“Actually, I think I have an overcoat cow-tits could wear, Chris do you have something?” Bill asked his son.

“A football jersey?”

“That will probably be cold in the night air on the way out there.” Bill said sounding concerned.

“And?” Chris laughed as if he could care less.

“Good point.” Bill smirked and slapped Wendy on the ass. “Let’s get them loaded up and can we drop you back off at your house?”

Delilah answered “Why thank you, you are ever so thoughtful Mr. Taylor.” In the southern genteel accent she had used when she first arrived.

Bill threw an old overcoat at his wife and tossed her some high heels which she quickly put on. “You had better thank Delilah for all the effort she put in tonight.”

“Yes Sir, thank you Mistress for cleaning us up, and painting us pretty and making our holes match. I am glad my daughter gave you and your brothers some amusement this afternoon.” Wendy got down on her knees as she delivered the line wearing only the high heels.

“Oh think nothing of it. You two are so sexy when you grovel though. I hope you are looking forward to a visit some time at our place?” Delilah’s sadistic tone was completely invisible to the guys but Wendy read the subtext completely.

“Oh Yes Mistress, I am sure that my owners will want me to visit soon.” Wendy wasn’t looking forward to it in the least but only Delilah and Jamie could pick up on the context of what she really meant by her tone.

Jamie got down on her knees next “Mistress, you’ve really outdone yourself and I suspect that I too will be visiting your house before my training is over.”

“Oh dear” Delilah took her chin in hand once again “You know you can come back over for an attitude adjustment even if your training is over. I am sure we can work out a trade” she winked at Chris and then the girls stood to dress at the door.

Wendy’s overcoat came down to her ankles and reminded her of something a flasher would wear to the park. Jamie was even worse because it was simply an oversized Cherry Lawn Trojan’s scrimmage jersey and not only did it barely cover her ass, it had been designed to go over pads and had breathing-holes in the mesh of the material.

Jamie was carrying a small leather bag with “Stuff” that they may need as they were loaded into the back of Bill’s truck.

“You can sit up front with us” Chris offered sweetly to Delilah.

“Don’t Taylor men cum first?” Delilah joked as she stepped into the back of the truck with the girls.

“You know it” Chris smiled back at her after she repeated the familiar family motto they had been drilling into the women’s head.

“Well then I’ll just stay back here with them until we get to my house. I wouldn’t want to overstep my ego or else you may have to give me a paddling.”

“That would be bad – why?” Chris chuckled flirtatiously.

Bill finally nudged his boy inside “Okay you two love-birds, we’ve got to get rolling” and with that they pulled out of the parking lot.

Delilah ordered the girls to get on all fours as she squatted next to them. “That sure is fun isn’t it?” Delilah said without a trace of her southern accent once the truck was in motion and it was just the three girls.

“Fun Mistress?” Jamie sounded confused.

“Oh you can stop the formalities for now.” Delilah explained. “Don’t bullshit a bullshitter, I see why you two agreed to be treated like little rag-dolls for the guys. It is exciting – you never know what will happen next. You like being dominated.”

Wendy turned to her “Sometimes it can be exciting but trust me; I would lick your asshole for an hour for a cup of coffee and a hot bath by myself.” Not thinking twice about how vulgar and forward it sounded.

Delilah just laughed “You two are alright. You are tough bitches and I am impressed, I want to play with you again and I won’t tell my aunt about your white alert - That will stay between us.” Delilah sounded like she was being genuinely comforting and not manipulative.

“Well thank you, mistress or um, Delilah” Jamie answered politely.

There was a quiet pause while Bill drove through the neighborhood. It was dark outside and there was no danger of them being spotted but the cool night air ran down Jamie’s back and gave her chills.

“Do you really like my son?” Wendy got up the courage to ask.

“What do you think?” Delilah answered coyly.

“I don’t know what to think. He has never had a girl take an interest in him.” Wendy caught herself before saying mistress too. It seemed so instinctive to punctuate her speech with that she started to feel weird not saying it.

“I like your son, Mrs. Taylor” Delilah smiled as the truck came to a hault. “This is my stop” she patted their asses and added “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do” as she hopped off the back to run inside her house.

The truck was in motion again and now Jamie and her mother were free to have one of their long talks but they spent a long time just staring into each other’s eyes. The shared pain and humiliation had brought them closer in ways they were just starting to comprehend and they both felt they were sharing a moment with just their silence.

When they finally did talk again the truck was on its way out to the raunchier side of town. “I think we are almost to MLK Blvd” Jamie was looking up curiously and noticing familiar landmarks.

“Oh dear!” Wendy suspected what Bill wanted them to do but instantly regretted chirping that out because it only alarmed her daughter. The speculation about what would happen was making things even more difficult for the two. Jamie looked at her mother expectantly to infer ‘go ahead and spit it out’.

“Well, I guess you should know that one night early on when Chris first started pimping you out to your friends Bill pimped me out here.”

Wendy knew that Jamie was still waiting for more of an explanation but paused as if to give herself the illusion that she had said enough to explain. “I did not know how far things were supposed to go and things sort of got out of hand. I ended up working the streets.” Wendy’s tone was both apologetic and embarrassed.

“Mom, it’s me!” Jamie smiled at her mom reassuringly “We worked the flea market today trying to sell our ass?” reminding her mom that they were in this together.

“Yes, I know but I think your Dad wants money so badly, he might be taking us to the motel to work there.”

“So? It can’t be any worse than we did all day?” Jamie was being positive and upbeat.

“You have a good point” Wendy conceded adding something she remembered being told that night “You could walk naked in panties and a bra only down the sidewalk. This is Martin Luther King blvd. In every city there is a MLK blvd, and it is known for three things. Where you go to buy crack, where you go to buy ribs, where you go to buy ass.”

“We didn’t exactly stick out at the flea market, there were lots of sluts there” Jamie smiled again reassuring her mother that they would get through this together as a team. Jamie wasn’t sure if they were going to have to whore again but she was not afraid.

“Yeah, I suppose we will fit right in here too” the tones they used would have gone right over Bill and Chris’s heads but Jamie knew wrapped up in the subtext of that statement was a whole ball of fears.

“Mom, we have gone this far, whatever we have to do, as long as we work together as partners in crime, you know I’ve got your back and I know you have mine.”

Wendy leaned in to kiss her daughter and for once it was just a gentle close-mouthed kiss of affection. Wendy and Jamie both were quietly wincing that their incestuous kisses had made the act of a sweet kiss now feel a little sexual.

Jamie changed the subject before the two of them started to gush “What did you think of Delilah?”

“She is a horrid meanie-butt even worse than your friend Cathy Griffin.” Wendy wasted no time in offering her true opinion.

“I mean do you think she is going to break Chris’s heart?” Jamie already knew Delilah was twisted and cruel.

“Don’t we all at some point?” Wendy offered a vague comment when the truck came to a stop and the doors cracked open.

The girls looked up at the lights overhead ‘Ample Parking in the Rear’ and like it or not their conversation was cut short with Bill’s direction to ‘Get their fat asses out and report for duty’.

“Yes Sir” Jamie acknowledged while her mother added “Coming Sir”. The two would have to compare notes later about what that had meant.

They were in a parking lot behind a bar. There were several neon signs out front but in the back it was hard to make out. It looked like a run-down bar with loud music coming from inside.

“Okay Ladies, and I use that term loosely” Chris chortled “Follow our lead and don’t embarrass us. You have a chance to earn some stars tonight and some cash for the house.” They led the girls around to the front of the building and it became obvious it was a smoky old strip club.

“The Crab Shack?” Jamie asked incredulously.

The sign that was bigger than all others read “Crab Shack” in bright lights.

“Yeah, we get that a lot” A heavy-set biker in leathers emerged from the darkness of the door-way holding a large wad of folded ones. “This is Soft-tails. The Crab shack is a restaurant in the same plaza.” He obviously knew the connotation.

“We are here for the amateur contest” Bill explained getting right to business. The bald bouncer looked the girls up and down and then asked “Does this one have ID?” as he looked at Jamie wearing only heels and a football jersey.

Bill silently cursed his luck that they would card them.

Chris jokingly replied “You know I think it was in her pants and she was in such a rush to get down here, she plum forgot them.”

The Bouncer chuckled slightly and added “Yeah, we get that a lot”. There was a pregnant pause before he added “She can be in the amateur contest, but if she wants to work here you’ll have to show me an ID that says she is at least 18”

Bill nodded “Sure, thanks!” but did his best to remain non-chalant. “Where is the dressing room?”

“It’s a ten dollar cover for you both, and let me guess you forgot your ID in your other pants too, Slim?” the serious Biker looked down his nose at Chris.

“I will gladly provide it if my sister starts dancing here” Chris smiled like a child who had been caught red-handed.

“This one is your sister? And let me guess this other one is your step-mom?” the Bouncer asked.

“She is blood related, but she is my mom. How did you know that?” Chris asked as he handed him a twenty dollar bill they had earned earlier.

“Yeah, we get that a lot” was all he said.

“Well the economy is tough these days, and people gotta do what they can.” Chris offered as explanation.

The Biker didn’t acknowledge the explanation. He offered a curt explanation of the rules “You can touch, no blowjobs, no penetration – you or the customer.” He said adding “Dances are 20, the house takes five per dance, and you dance three song sets.”

“We are just here for your amateur contest” Bill added noting the five hundred dollar prize.

“That is the amateur contest.” The Bouncer added grimly.

“How do we earn the five hundred dollar prize?” Bill asked.

“By doing five hundred dollars worth of dances. If these two aren’t drunk, drugged up, or fucked up and can get along with the customers they can come back and have a job here.”

“Oh we will make sure they are good girls, I just thought your ad said was like a wet t-shirt contest”

The Biker extended his tree-trunk like arm into the smoky bar of bikers, drunks and titty dancers and said “Do these people look like they are here for a Wet T-shirt contest?”

Bill could barely see inside the room but everyone seemed to be nursing beers and quietly ogling the girls dancing on stage.

“Let me talk to my partner here” Bill brought Chris over to the side of the lobby.

The Biker added as the two walked away “Yeah, we get THAT all the time, but no refunds on the cover charge.”

Wendy and Jamie were left smiling at the front door next to the Biker as Bill and Chris weighed their options.

“You told me this was like an amateur contest” Bill whispered impatiently to his son.

“I thought it was. I don’t hang out at strip clubs, how would I know?” Chris offered as explanation.

“This place is a real shit-hole. I thought they could get on stage and shake it around and maybe walk away with the top prize or at least second prize. We are going to have to be here all night.”

“You have some place you’d rather be, Dad?” Chris asked

“You need to be home and get ready for school in the morning. Your sister is probably going to be kicked out of school and you need to let me know if I need to come get her.” Bill warned his son.

“Oh yeah, well what would you rather do?”

“Come here sluts, we need to get home.” Bill turned back around to the biker but Wendy and Jamie were gone.

“Dressing room” the bouncer explained seeing their confused faces. “And no you can’t go in”

“Because you get that all the time?” Chris joked.

The Biker looked at him with a flat expression and then just nodded his head slowly “Have a seat, here is a drink card, first one is on me.”

Bill had to admit he couldn’t pass up a beer. “You can have a beer with your old man, while we can an eye on our bitches then.”

The two saddled up to the bar and a good looking bartender got them both a budweiser. “You look a little like Sarah Silverman” Chris offered to the bartender.

“Who?” she asked with a look like if she could hear him, she really didn’t care what he said.

“Sarah Silverman the comedian” Chris clarified.

The Bartender turned and walked away without a comment.

“Son, we gotta work on your game.” Bill chuckled.

Chris took a sip of his beer and slapped his dad on the knee while they sat on the barstool “Oh and you have game?”

“I got your mother to do all this didn’t I?” Bill made a gesture to indicate the entire bar.

“Work at a titty bar?” Chris had a little of the head from his beer on his upper lip.

“Wipe your lip, Son” Bill said seriously before adding “I meant be our slave and serve and all that” whispering.

“You think anyone here would be shocked that mom and Jamie are our slaves?” Chris said out loud over the Whitesnake playing in the background.

The bar was filled with seedy characters and slutty dancers. Bill had to admit his son had a point.

The girls came walking out in the extra small lycra bikinis that had been packed in their ‘stuff bag’ and made a bee-line over to Bill and Chris.

“Don’t come to us, we ain’t got no money” Bill was half serious and then added “It seems like you two decided you are working here without consulting us anyway.”

“We need money, sir” Wendy said simply and Bill conceded the fact.

“That doesn’t mean you can start making your own decisions. You didn’t even let us pick out your outfits.” Chris added with a hint of sarcasm.

“Would you like us to change, Sir?” Jamie asked her brother.

“Yes, switch with each other right here.” Chris was half joking but the girls didn’t hesitate to strip and switch.

Other than a few of the long-time dancers no one even seemed to take notice. This was a nude bar and in this setting it seemed perfectly normal.

“You know what? Change back.” Chris said with a goofy expression. His father slapped him on the shoulder to indicate to stop wasting time and the girls giggled a little.

One of the long term dancers sauntered over in heels and a much less revealing outfit (by comparison). She had a jealous look on her face and a ‘cut-the-shit’ attitude. “My name is Easy Money” she announced.

“Pleasure, I am Bill.”

Easy was smacking her gum impatiently as she looked at Bill and sized him up. He was obviously one of the dancer’s boyfriend or husband and was most likely not going to buy any dances so she ignored him. “The DJ wants to know what your dancing names are so you can get on the list.”

Wendy and Jamie looked at Bill.

“Can you put Cow-tits and Ass-face?” Bill said half-kidding.

“Cowtits and Ass-face, how cute.” Easy Money’s apathetic expression didn’t change as she turned to go relay the names to the DJ.

“Sir?” Wendy couldn’t believe Bill had just done that.

“How did I know she was going to take me seriously.” They watched the girl point to where they were sitting and explain to the DJ who seemed to have a good laugh and then he wrote something down.

The DJ was skinny and wearing a tux-shirt with no bow tie. He picked up the microphone as the song ended and a voice way too deep to be coming out of his thin frame crackled over the microphone. “Yow-zah, Yow-Zah, we got some new poon for you here at the soft-tails, coming to you corn-fed from the land of milk and honeys, it’s and no I am not kidding fellaz, make a girl feel welcome her first time on our stage, Cow-titt-ay!” he drew out the “ayyy” in Wendy’s name.

“Oh my god” Wendy mouthed silently to Jamie as she reluctantly made her way to the stage like she didn’t know what she was going to do.

An old classic rock sang was already playing as she walked on stage.

(somewhere in a lonely hotel room,
There's a guy starting to realize
That eternal fate has turned its back on him,
It's two a.m...........)
It's two a.m., the fear has gone

I'm sittin' here waitin', the gun still warm
Maybe my connection is tired of takin' chances
Yeah there's a storm on the loose, sirens in my head
I'm wrapped up in silence, all circuits are dead
I cannot decode, my whole life spins into a frenzy
Help I'm steppin' into the twilight zone
The place is a madhouse, feels like being cloned

Wendy took a deep breath and sauntered on to the stage. She felt embarrassed and awkward. She had only been in the club a few minutes and hadn’t had a chance to see how things were done. She took her clothes off right away and set them on the side and men started to walk up with dollars in their mouth or folded in their fingers for her to take them.

She felt like a seal at the zoo trying to get a fish. Easy money walked up half-way through the set and Wendy walk-danced over to her.

“You look like a fucking ostrich up here” Easy Money said with the casual sarcasm of someone who hated her guts instantly making Wendy feel terrible. “It’s three song sets, you can flash during the first one, show your tits on the second and go nude on the third, haven’t you ever danced before?”

“No, actually I haven’t Ma’am” Wendy answered apologetically trying to keep time with the Golden Earing song that she remembered from her high school days but for the life of her had forgotten its name.

“Don’t get catty with me, it’s Easy.” Easy Money had taken offense to being called ‘Ma’am’. “Ma’am is what a waitress calls a customer who is a bitch.”

“Should I put my clothes back on until the third song?” Wendy stopped herself before instinctively adding Ma’am.

“I don’t give a shit what you do, as long as you don’t piss all over the stage or get your fucking ass cream all over the pole.” Easy Money gave her a dirty look and walked back to some other girls who were all sitting at the table together.

Wendy felt like the song must have lasted for fifteen minutes even if it had lasted only half of that. She was starting to notice that some of the men were peeling the labels off their beer after her initial new-ness had worn off. She had only made about seven dollars in wadded up dollar bills.

“Wow-wow-wee-wow, would you give it up for that lady?” The wolf-man jack DJ said as he started up Wendy’s second song. There was no applause at all which was quite normal for that place but it still made Wendy feel like she hadn’t been doing a good job “Let’s treat her right, she is up there naked already with those big old pierced rings, I just wanna stick my dick through fellaz! Cow-tittay!”

By the time Wendy got through her third song she had warmed up quite a bit and was dancing a lot like she had in the step-aerobics classes she had been in. There had been one old black man who had tried to stick a dollar up her ass but other than that it had been fairly easy.

“Okay now I understand we got another girl here who came with her fellaz, first time on our stage, Oh my god fellaz I know a lotta girlz work here whose mommaz named them Candy or Naughty Nikki and thank god for that - but listen to this, it’s Ass-Face!!! Yeah-Buddy on our stage right now in the flesh!”

In contrast to her mom’s classic rock set Jamie’s music was a jarring techno-beat.

Smack my bitch up
Change my step up

Repeating over and over and she strode on stage to take her mother’s place.

“Now are you two sisters or something?” The DJ pulled the music down for them to say something.

“Uh, she is my mom Sir?” Jamie answered nervously over the music.

“That’s your momma? Good lord almighty! Alrighty! She gave you the name Ass-face when you were a little bitty baby did she?” the DJ joked back trying to make a bit out of it.

Wendy indicated where Bill and Chris were sitting. The DJ would pull down the volume of the music for his own part but bring it back up over the girls so almost no one could hear them anyway.

“Oh is that poppa?” the DJ looked in the direction Wendy had indicated and the girls shook their head yes.

“Dad, is it alright if your daughter dances tonight or you gonna go all Rambo?”

Bill was suddenly embarrassed when the DJ was obviously talking to him and shouted “I don’t give a fuck” when the DJ had the volume down allowing all the customers to hear and chuckle.

“You heard daddy, he don’t give a fuck as long as you give his little girl a buck. Yes Sir, what’s seven inches long and has a head on it? A crisp twenty dollar bill babyz!” the music went back up.

Jamie helped her mother down from the stage and the DJ asked “Now you two are open to doing mother and daughter table dances?” over the microphone. Jamie could only nod her head yes because the music was simply too loud to do anything else.

“Alright, that is out of sight, don’t forget our VIP lounge, we don’t serve champagne in there, because well you know why guys. Hey don’t forget your waitresses out there working hard to keep YOU that way!”

Jamie had the good fortune of watching her mom dance and seeing how the girls strutted around the bar for three songs. She had practiced her whole life in dance and cheerleading – it was like second nature to pick up the style of dancing in the club.

Jamie seemed far more natural on stage than her mother and the guys were already tipping before she flashed. An old man came up and patted her on the butt and whispered something in her ear. She couldn’t hear him but it sounded like “Will you dance for me later” and she shook her head yes.

The old black man tried to stick a dollar bill up her ass just like he had her mother on Jamie’s third song when she was naked but other than that Jamie had no trouble dancing and strutting around to the mostly techno and hip-hop songs they played for her.

“I wonder why he played classic rock songs for me and not for Jamie?” Wendy asked Bill as they watched their daughter collect one dollar bills from strangers on stage.

“I wonder why you aren’t trying to hustle up some dances, Cow-tits?” Bill slapped his wife on the ass playfully and she felt comfortable enough to give him a lemony glance as she walked away.

Bill noticed how fine her legs looked stuffed into those 5 inch pumps she was wearing. The way it made her back sway and her ass stick out as she made the rounds to the guys in the bar. It took her about three customers of asking “May I dance for you Sir?” to get a nice old gentlemen take her off to “Perverts Row”. A couch on the side of the bar where dancers performed lap dances.

Wendy saw the other girls let the guys grab and touch their naked bodies and she rode the old man the way she saw them dance, letting him slide his hand up her thigh and breath down her neck. “You sure I am not crushing you Sir?”

“I like it if you call me daddy” the old man breathed heavily over her shoulder. The request creeped Wendy out as it made her think about her own dad but then she realized for Jamie that was reality anyway. “Yes daddy, you like it when I do it like this?” she whispered softly.

When Jamie finished her set she went over to her dad to hand him her earnings from the stage. “I don’t have any place to put these.”

“I’d like to put them up your BUTT” a drunk little old black man offered snidely.

“That’s Herbert, don’t pay any attention to him.” The bartender explained “He is a regular, he tries to stick dollars up everyone’s butt.”

“I’ll stick a dollar up YOUR butt!” the little old man offered angrily at the bartender.

“Why don’t you go home and stick dollars up your OWN butt, Herbert” the Bartender said with a sort of ‘no-nonsense’ attitude.

“I would but I..” the little old man mumbled to himself but the bartender had already moved on to another customer.

“How many dollars would you stick up her butt?” Chris asked playfully.

“All of them” the old man pulled out a wad of bills without hesitation.

“Go for it then” Chris wasn’t kidding and Jamie knew it. She stood by the bar at his stool and turned around so her ass faced him. Then she pulled her thong to the side and felt the old man’s finger push a single dollar into her asshole hard and twisted.

“It’s hard to get these in.” he was working on the second one when Easy Money strode over to the bar.

“What do you think you are doing, new girl?” Easy money asked with an attitude the size of Montana.

“I am letting this customer stick dollars up my asshole, Ma’am?”

“Fuck, you talk just like your momma. Don’t call me Ma’am”

“Yes..” Jamie had to stop herself as she held on to the stool to steady herself.

“Herbert is going to want to do this to all the girls now if you let him do this on you.” Easy Money complained.

Herbert offered in a casual way like a happy drunk “No, I don’t wanna stick dollars up your tight ass, when I got this white girl shitting green.”

“Whatever!” Easy Money walked off with a quickness.

“I can’t get no more in” Herbert was genuinely enjoying himself having only poked about four dollars into Jamie’s asshole.

Chris could see that Easy Money was talking to the Bouncer about what they were doing and unless he was terrible at lip-reading he thought he saw the bouncer answer her complaint with “Yeah, we get that a lot here”.

“Hey Sis, you better knock it off” Chris made it sound like Jamie had been the one to instigate the entire thing. “Yes Sir, thank you so much for the tips” Jamie turned to Herbert and gave him a hug. He smelled like warmed over poop and old man smell.

“Can I take these out?”

“Why would you? And I know the girls don’t want you calling them Ma’am, but you’ll call all the males in here Sir, you got it?” Chris chided his sister.

“Yes Sir, I am sorry.”

Jamie turned to see the bartender looking at her with what appeared to be pity in her eyes. “It’s okay, they talk to me like that all the time” she explained.

“Do I look like I give a shit how they talk to you?” the bartender was already ignoring her and moving on to a paying customer before she could answer.

The girls eventually danced together privately and even kissed on stage when the DJ put them on the spot but none of this seemed to overly surprise the customers. Bill and Chris made sure they didn’t go to the bathroom without permission and stayed out on the floor to make money but they had made less than 120 dollars and it was already getting close to 11pm.

“I am Harley” a woman about the same age and build as Wendy introduced herself.

“Nice to meet you, I am Cow-tits”

“Good god, that is a terrible stage name.” Harley laughed. There were no customers around and Jamie was dancing for someone else so Wendy felt she could speak casually to a fellow dancer.

“You think?” Wendy laughed.

“We had one girl who called herself snapper. I think she meant that she liked to snap her fingers, but the DJ always made it sound like pussy.” Harley explained with a laugh while she lit up a smoke and offered one to Wendy.

“No thank you, my husband would never allow me to smoke. I’d definitely love one though”

“Oh, you got a controlling old man too, huh?” Harley laughed.

“If you only knew” Wendy joked.

“Well, I could tell there is some ink on your ass, but you are wearing concealer and covering it up. I used to be owned by the Iron Horseman before I met Jack.”

“Owned?” Wendy asked.

“Yeah, you know a pass around girl?”

Wendy was curious and Harley explained that when she was ‘young, dumb and full of cum’ she had a rebellious streak and couldn’t wait to get out of the Podunk town she grew up in. She fell in with a motorcycle club and became ‘club property’ to whoever wanted her.

‘It’s not like they bought me, but you know how if you feed a kitty every day? It don’t have no fence or leash on but it ain’t going anywhere?” Harley took a puff from her smoke and Wendy nodded. “Then I met Jack and became his old lady” she indicated one of the bikers playing pool who had never tipped her.

A girl in her early twenties came up and gave a quick kiss to Harley and she introduced herself as “Marlboro”

“This is my niece, she lives with us.” Harley explained.

“Oh? That is my daughter over there” Wendy pointed out Jamie.

“Yeah, I heard, but c’mon? Are you just telling guys that so they will buy dances from you two?” Harley seemed skeptical.

“No, we are really are mother and daughter.” Wendy said sincerely.

“Well, we really are too but I have enough decency to pretend she is just my niece” Harley didn’t say another word as she left with her daughter. They sauntered over to Jack and they both flirted with him while he took a puff from his smoke and put his arm around them both.

Wendy only shook her head in confusion.

Bill was going to walk over and separate Wendy anyway since he wanted to work the customers and not ‘make friends’.

“Lookey, Lookey, It’s Buford-Boofey! Walking in the door! How are you my man!” the DJ said over the microphone to introduce a favorite customer who walked in without paying a customer. It was the smiling bearded owner of the Metro Adult Megastore they had visited a few days earlier.

He was instantly surrounded by dancers who seemed to want his attention. He was perpetually happy and child-like and dressed like a Hippy who just came from a Grateful Dead concert.

He made his way to the bar as he greeted each person by name.

“What will you have baby?” the Bartender brightened up and gave Buford her full attention. He ordered schnapps and then noticed Bill and Chris.

“Well Bill and Chris Taylor, how are you? I am so glad to see you both” the man had an incredible memory about details and smiled as he did air guitar in time with a Van Halen song that seemed to come on just for him.

“Wow, you were always playing air guitar before and I never knew what song you were listening to in your head, but they actually play it here?”

“Yeah, I am always here in my head, man! I love it!” Buford had a wad of cash and began to pass out a few singles to the girls as he slid up next to the two of them. “I’ve got too much time on my hands and it’s ticking away, ticking away” he quoted an old styx song and as if by cue the DJ stopped the song that was playing and started that very song.

“Wow, you are the man here!” Chris was impressed.

“What? No” Buford was being modest or just his trusting child-like manner made him believe it was serendipity they played the song he wanted to hear when he wanted to hear it.

“Where is your darling daughter and wife, still in their Pussy Prison?” Buford described in detail the ultra-deluxe chastity belt they had purchased at the store a few nights earlier “Made of 24ga. stainless steel, and covered with a clear vinyl in the front, and black vinyl backing. Its ultra slim design makes it impossible to be detected through the clothing. Has a 5" slot which expands from the clitoris, to the end of the vagina, to allow for urination. However the shield will not allow penetration from the rear, or front. Has a removable rear shield that locks into place. The rear shield can be removed without removing the main belt.”

“Yeah, we had to let them out so they could make some money”

“Oh they are here dancing?” Buford’s eyes lit up.

“Will they dance for me, for a Hundie?” he held up a hundred dollar bill like a child holds up his favorite toy of all time to impress someone.

“They sure will dance for you.” Bill assured him in the VIP Room if that’s what you want.

“No, I have my own VIP room.” He walked up to the DJ booth and seemed to say only a word or two to the DJ.

“And that was Sunshine, everybody how about a round of applause for Sunshine?” the DJ faded the girls music down in the middle of her song.

“That was my second song though” the black girl stood on stage with her hands on her hip and then she saw the DJ mouth something and nodded her head and got off the stage.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s a special VIP dance for Soft Tail’s favorite customer, and don’t bitch, because no one gives a shit.”

The customers who had been sitting at the stage all got up as if by queue and moved to seats further away.

Buford took a seat right at the stage and rested his hands on his chin dreamily.

“The mother and daughter team, virgins of Soft-Tails but something tells me they are not virgins of life, let’s hear it for Cow-tits and Ass-face!”

“Oh my God, they are going by Cow-Tits and Ass Face!!” Buford put his hands up in the air like he just won a prize when he heard them called to the stage together.

The familiar rock beats of Rush Tom Sawyer began playing over the loud speakers.

A modern day warrior
Mean, mean stride
Today's Tom Sawyer
Mean, mean pride

Though his mind is not for rent
Don't put him down as arrogant
His reserve, a quiet defense
Riding out the day's events
The river

What you say about his company
Is what you say about society
Catch the mist, catch the myth
Catch the mystery, catch the drift

Buford began air-riffing to the song as the girls made their way to the stage. Wendy was the first on stage and she said “Hello Sir, it’s good to see you again” as she bent down to say hello.

“It’s good to see YOU again.” Buford fawned over her like a puppy.

Jamie joined her mom on stage “Are we doing just a one song set?” she had picked up the dancing terminology and began to move in time with the rockbeat.

“You do whatever you want to do!” Buford gleefully explained holding up two one hundred dollar bills for them.

Wendy and Jamie looked at each other and pulled down their swimsuits. They had been dancers for only three hours but they knew what was implied.

The DJ, the Bartender, the bouncer, even the customers and other dancers all seemed to ignore the stage. This was Buford’s idea of a VIP dance and apparently everyone here respected him.

“You know the difference between eccentric and crazy?” he asked the girls.

Wendy answered “How much money you have?”

Buford’s eyes got wide as he asked excitedly “How did you know that?” and with a broad smile he tossed five dollar bills on the stage.

“Can you.” Buford stopped himself like he was trying to hold back telling a secret “Would you?” he asked excitedly almost ready to pee himself. The girls hadn’t forgotten that he always seemed to be an 11 on a scale of 1-10 about everything.

“Can we make out on stage?” Wendy asked him while squatting in front of him.

“YES!?” Buford seemed relieved Wendy asked him.

The girls circled each other as they danced seductively. Wendy had picked up the dance style of the bar after her first set on stage and the two of them seemed like perfect naturals. They moved close and stroked each other seductively.

“YES!!!” Buford was rocking out to the Rush song while licking his lips and encouraging the girls. Two minutes into the song and they were laying on the stage kissing and making out.

The customers and dancers who had initially seemed intentionally uninterested became very interested. Bill wasn’t sure if the sense of pride that was swelling up in his chest was from the fact that every man in that bar right now wanted his wife and daughter’s sexy ass and they belonged to him.

“Where is your tattoos? What happened to your tattoos?” Buford was watching every detail and fold in their sexy bodies as the two played with each other with the practiced routine they had done morning after morning for Bill and Chris.

Wendy gave him a naughty look and turned her daughter’s ass towards him. She licked her finger and then removed a little of the makeup to reveal the tattoo.

“Take it all off!”

Even Easy Money the unflappable dancer seemed impressed by this point. The DJ ensured the song lasted as long as Buford wanted by fading it down and quickly rewinding it while he talked about “Cow-tits” and “Ass-face”.

Wendy and Jamie pretended to lick each other’s asses while using their fingers to remove the makeup covering their tattoos.

“What does the tattoo say?” the DJ asked over the microphone clearly getting into the mystery “Now THAT is a strip tease before. We’ve never had any strip off their own skin before…”

Buford egged them on and eventually it became obvious the tattoos said “WHORE”.

“Well god-damn, why would you want to cover those up? Let me have a bite out of that O ladies! And I’ll show you my OH face..Oh, Oh!” the DJ joked.

When the girls finished the dance Buford handed them each a hundred dollar bill like he was giving them the most precious thing on earth. They also collected a dozen fives and twenties he had thrown on the stage.

Wendy leaned down and gave Buford a kiss on the forehead which sent him into a spasm of happiness and then the two of them exited the stage into the dressing room – drunk on the stardom of their latest performance and that they made more money in one song than they had all night.

Unfortunately for them they walked into the sobering lights of the dressing room and they were surrounded by all the dancers.

“Hey Chica, you think you can come in here and take my best customer” a fiery Puerto Rican girl demanded with her arms folded. Easy Money, Harley, Marlboro and four other girls all echoed the same concern.

“I didn’t know he was your customer, I am so sorry!” Wendy said.

“Never danced before? Not a biker chick? With a tat like that?” Harley was shaking her head in disbelief.

“Yeah, I never seen a girl who never danced before, dance it like you did” Marlboro invaded Jamie’s space and got very close. Jamie wasn’t sure if the smell of vodka on her breath or her use of double negative was more offensive and she didn’t have time to decide before they got jumped by the girls.

Hair-pulling, tit grabbing, ass pulling, biting and smacking the titty bar girls were not fucking around. They descended upon Jamie and Wendy and quite literally ‘beat their asses’ by the truest definition of the word.

“You let Herbert shove dollars up your ass, how do you like this beer bottle shoved up your ass?” Jamie tried to fight back but there were four girls for each of them and the rough dancer girls with attitudes mopped the floor with the dancers rubbing their faces literally in the dirty carpet from the locker room.

When it was all over Jamie and Wendy lay naked in the cold alley behind the bar under the “Ample Parking in Rear” sign next to a dumpster that smelled like sour beer and piss.

They were naked, beaten and covered in sand that stuck to their bodies from all the glitter they had on.

“Are you okay?” Wendy asked.

“Yeah actually” Jamie sounded actually chipper.

“Why are you so happy?”

“I am not happy, but I guess if I hadn’t gotten my ass beaten every day for the last two weeks I probably would be in tears. I can literally say this really wasn’t the worst thing that has happened to me all day.”

“Girl, you have the heel of someone’s high heel sticking out of your ass and you are lying face down naked in an alley!” Wendy said with a hint of humor.

“It’s not all the way in” Jamie reached behind her as she dusted herself off to pull it out. “I don’t think this is one of ours.” She sniffed it and then quickly wondered why she had done that.

Bill and Chris came running around the side of the building “Are you alright Wendy?” Bill shouted.

“It’s Cow-tits Sir, and yes I think I will live” Wendy said with a hint of humor while picking herself up off the ground.

“What happened?” Chris was stunned “We waited for you to come back out, and Buford left right after you danced for him. We asked what happened when you didn’t come back out and the bouncers just did one of those “Yeah, we get this all the time.” Things.

“I would have kicked his ass” Bill sounded serious “If he wouldn’t tell us where you were!”

“No offense, but somehow I think you’d be laying down here next to us if you had tried that, Sir” Wendy got to her feet and cradled her ribs slightly.

Bill started to take offense but he had to admit she was right “Well he IS built like a brick shit-house. I take it you lost the money?”

“Yes Sir, I am sorry. I know you will probably punish us, but can we go home first?” Wendy seemed apologetic but made no effort to hide her nudity even though she was now standing in the dark rear parking lot of the titty bar completely naked.

“Nah, you girls did good tonight. You tried your best, and we made a little money.” Bill had sixty dollars in his hand.

“I thought it was a lot more.”

“That Bouncer is a fucking prick” Bill didn’t have to say it because it was obvious that their bar-tab plus the house fees had eaten up most of what they made.

“Yeah, he gets that all the time, Dad.” Chris smiled and Wendy, Jamie and Bill found that about the funniest thing they had heard all night because they all shared a mutual laugh.

The Family Feud IV
Chapter Fourteen
Jamie's Journal
“Kids these days care more about losing their cell phone than they do losing their virginity”

Get out of jail cards: 1
WHORE: 5,3,0,0,1
Get out of jail cards: 1
WHORE: 4,3,0,0,0

**Note to reader: This is Jamie'’s journal from Monday Morning detailing the events after their first (and only) night working at Soft-tails as dancers. In order to increase readability, some of the dialogue exchanged was altered to appear in a ‘narrative’ story format.

Last night after my mother and I got our asses beat in the parking lot of a strip club – Yes journal, I would never have believed I'd have a journal entry that starts out that way but it is what it is.

We danced our asses off and I have to admit I was actually comfortable working there. There were times when I stepped in something squishy on the carpet and had to wonder if it was lotion from another dancer or cum, and it smelled like an ashtray in there but I was glad for the experience.

I wasn't so happy with getting beaten up by raging jealous dancers. We were allowed to ride in the cab on the way home – I had to ride in Chris's lap but it beat being on all fours, with the wind whipping down our naked backs.

Dad and Chris felt sorry for us. They didn't punish us, but they also awarded us no stars for the work we did. I don't think I've made any progress since Sunday afternoon.

That has really been the least of my concerns. You see I am writing this journal outside ofthe Principal's office getting ready to go inside to discuss my 'behavior' at the half-time of the game on Friday. Honestly, it feels like weeks have passed since then and so much has happened.

I've been particularly concerned about this because the agreement with my father is that if I get kicked out of school I spend every day outside in the backyard chained up with Rosco our dog.

A fact my brother wasted no time in reminding me of this morning by waking me up by barking in my face.

“RUFF RUFF RUFF! RISE AND SMELL THE PUSSY, ASS FACE” he barked in my face to scare me awake.

He often tries to sneak up on us when we are asleep and I usually know he is coming and pretend to sleep but today I was so exhausted that he definitely got me.

They had tied mom and I together face to face in the living room last night before going to bed, but the two of them were either so tired or felt so bad about our beating that they didn't add any extra nasty surprises like a dildo up our asses or tight ropes around our waists.

I don't want to sound like I was disappointed that they didn't. I just want to be clear that last night they kind of gave us a little bit of a breather – which they more than made up for this morning.

“Dad and I want you to get a taste of doggy-time so you know what happens if you get kicked out of school. He doesn’t want you to think it’s going to be easy.”

“I didn’t think it would be easy, Sir!” I pleaded as he hovered over me with his finger in my face. He can be very intimidating in the morning when he catches me by surprise.

“First thing is, don’t talk unless you are giving permission to free-talk. One bark for Yes, and no barks for no, is that understood bitch?”

“Ruff” I barked and even mom laughed at how silly it sounded.

“What are you a poodle? That was pathetic, try it again”

“RUFF!” I barked with a little more umph and my brother said, “You’ll have plenty of chance to practice,” before telling my mom “and don’t you laugh. We can’t have you two on different schedules in the morning so you’ll follow the same rules as your dumb daughter, is THAT understood?”

“RUFF!” my mom’s bark was far more satisfying and realistic.

“Good girls!” he attached leashes to our collars and had us trail him outside in the position he calls ‘heel’.

“The privilege of shitting inside is over. That was far too good for you – You will be pissing and shitting like dogs outside rain or shine, got it?”

“RRUFF” we both barked.

“You’ve got three minutes to squat like a dog and shit and piss. Do it in the flowers. Dad says you will dig a pit that can be filled in if this is going to be long term.

The ground was still wet from last night’s dew and the grass was already itching my knees and palms. I tried my hardest not to scrunch up my nose in disgust but I knew Chris noticed. He slapped my ass and told me to hurry.

I pissed and just shit a little. A fact my brother took a lot of glee in comparing how much more my mom was able to unload on the lawn. “Way to go Mom!”

“Present your asses!” Chris announced our time was up and expected us to kneel so that our faces were flush with the grass and our butts were stuck up in the air spread wide.

He stuck his finger in and wiggled them around. He seemed disappointed but added “I didn’t feel any loose turd balls in there so you two won’t be punished – good job.”

He stuck the finger he had up mom’s ass in my mouth for me to clean and gave mom mine. “Dogs don’t use toilet paper.” he explained as he directed me behind mom to clean her pussy and ass with my mouth. I wanted to say “Dog’s don’t lick each other out this way either.” but obviously all I could do was “RUFF” in agreement.

It didn’t taste that bad and it wasn’t like this was the first time I ate mom out. She pushed her back into me a little and Chris caught it, “Don’t you two turn this into something sexual, just clean each other and be done with it.”

Then he turned the cold hose on us and began spraying us down. Chris had two rubber butt plugs that had been made with what looked like a dog’s tail on the end. He told us that in the future we would carry them outside in our mouths and after we finish shitting we would have them inserted.

“Cow-tits is lucky, she’ll wear hers just until she gets to work but you’ll have yours in all day until it’s time for a shit break.” Chris made a show of sticking them in our mouths to wet them down and then pushing them up our asses.

“Wiggle” and we wiggled at his command.

“Waggle!” and we both smirked and wiggled again.

“You’ll have to work on the difference between wiggle and waggle” Chris liked to joke about some of our training. I know in a way it was his release valve so he didn’t feel quite so guilty about putting us through the ringer. He was genuinely pretty funny some times and as bleak as things had begun this morning I was glad for any kind of reason to smile.

Chris told us we would eat cold dry dog food outside until we dry off, then come inside and make them breakfast and with whatever time we had left we could put on make-up and dry our hair.

The Dog food was REALLY dog food. I was hoping it would be cheerios or something but no it was some kind of nasty flavored dry dog cereal. He put a single bowl of water outside and went back in laughing. “No talking, shit-stains.”

We didn’t and at first we picked at the dog food with our fingers. I made a face while I crunched a piece and choked it down and then mom laughed and did the same. After the fourth piece with my finger I bent over the bowl and ate on all fours and she did too.

We didn’t come anywhere close to finishing it. When Chris returned he pointed out we’d be ‘hungry later’ and chided us for wasting food.

We made their breakfast and hurried to get our hair and makeup done. I think the part I missed the most about the silence, I hate to admit is, the affirmations that they usually gave me a little push to accept this situation. Bill and Chris talked and laughed at us but didn’t talk TO us except to tell us what to do.

Bill told mom that a new guy would be her key-holder at work and I think it bothered her but all she could say was “Ruff” in response. I felt bad for her and the bond between us has grown so much I think we were starting to communicate entire emotions in just the tone of our barks together.

When it was time for Chris to take me to the Bus, Dad called me over so that he could remove the butt plug tail right before I got dressed at the door.

“You are going to school as my daughter. You are unruly, selfish, vain and you made your choice last Friday. If you get kicked out of school, you will join Rosco outside as the family pet until you go back to school EVEN if you earn all your stars, is that understood?”

“RUFF!” I barked with a hint of a tear starting to form in my eye.

“Okay, mind your betters.” He dismissed me after making me clean off my tail and deposit it with my mouth in the cardboard box in the living room with all our clothes. Then like every morning, clothes and shoes were chosen for me. After quickly dressing I picked up Chris’ and my books and then put my wrists in front of me so Chris could cuff my wrists together.

“Want to wear your chastity belt to school, Sis?”

I didn’t bark.

“You know that means that those pussy lips and asshole can be played with by key holders and people I rent you to right?”


“Okay, you had your choice, dumb ass. Frankly, I don’t know why we bought these things for you if you two will never wear them.”

Chris gave me permission to freely speak shortly after we left the house. We always wait at the bus stop a little distance away but by now everyone knew that Chris had cuffed my hands together so it really wasn’t that big of a secret.

“So, you think you will be kicked out of school?” he asked me. His tone was that of concern and not sarcasm.

I told him I didn’t know and when he asked if I cared I said I didn’t know either because I wasn’t sure.

“You liked it out there this morning?”

I wanted to give him an angry look that I clearly did not like what we did out there but I suppressed the urge to be a smart ass and said, “No Sir, I didn’t like it but I know you were just giving me a preview. I was more concerned mom is suffering for something I did.”

“Cow-tits knows you are in this together. She is a good sport about it.”

“Chris-Sir,” I addressed him as a brother and an owner, “Do you really see us as Cow-tits and ass-face or does part of you see us as your sister Jamie and your mom?”

Chris was a little uncomfortable and he asked me, “What does it say on your asshole?”

“It says Whore Sir.” I admitted.

“Whose whore are you?” he asked.

“Yours and Dads, Sir.” I replied diligently.

“So if you don’t see yourself as Jamie, why should I again?” and with that he unlocked my handcuffs and turned to get on the bus leaving me to catch up.

I usually have to sit on the lap of whatever boy he picks and today he picked someone far enough away from him I couldn’t ask him any more questions. The boy was nice enough and let me catch up on my journal with just a few fingers under my skirt. He kept making me smell his fingers and I had to just politely smile and whiff my own juices as if I enjoyed it.

I was sure wherever mom was about now, it was even worse for her so I really have no room to complain about it.

Once the bus arrived at School, Cathy Griffin caught up with me.

“Hello Mistress.”

“Well, where have you been all weekend slut?” Cathy said accusingly.

“Serving my betters, and being a good, obedient girl, Ma’am.” I answered plainly. I told her that I was now giving BJ’s for ten and being fucked in the ass for twenty.

“Hah, I still don’t get why you won’t give up the pussy.” She casually commented and I began to wonder myself if I was being silly or stubborn. “You know if you get kicked out of school, you are going to be LITERALLY in the dog house?” she smirked.

“Yes Ma’am, I have been reminded of that fact.” I told her.

“You are getting awfully uppity with me.” Cathy wanted to get a rise out of me and I wasn’t giving it to her. I remained calm and answered submissively that I was being obedient and truthful.

“Lift up the back of your skirt and show that freshmen what is on your ass.”

I was never sure what Cathy’s rules were about how far she could order me. I looked over at the shy freshmen and Cathy put her hands on her hips, “That precious crease that you shit out of so special you can’t show him whether or not you have your chastity belt on?”

I gave him a wink and lifted up my skirt so that this kid I would never have even noticed if he hadn’t been pointed out could see my bare ass and tattoo. Chris didn’t want us “wasting” body makeup covering up our tattoo unless it was a special occasion so it was on full display.

His eyes lit up and then when he read my ass he looked confused. I gave him a wintry smile and followed my Mistress to my first class. I wondered what he must think of me. He probably thinks I am just like all the other slutty girls who are trying to be like Miley Cyrus or Brittany Spears in this “look at me- look at me” world of webcams and shocking up-skirt photos on TMZ. These things don’t ruin their careers it keeps them in the public eye.

The Kardassians built four shows on “E” because one of them has a nice butt and a sex tape. I just saw Miley Cyrus, former straight-laced teen sensation, eat a cake shaped like a cock. You know, wouldn’t it be ironic if instead of doing that because she craves attention, it’s because she has someone like Cathy Griffin making her do it?

I have just as much idea why the teen stars do what they do as that freshmen boy knows why I showed him my ass.
Am I being an obedient slut who is dutifully taking my medicine no matter how sour it is going down to fulfill my agreement with Dad and Chris? Am I secretly enjoying living on the edge and learning about my limitations and shortcomings? To be honest, I have just as much idea why I showed my ass when given the order as that boy does.

My homeroom is with Mr. Love and Mistress Griffin is in charge of me then. Mr. Love, bless him, does his best to pretend he doesn’t notice my behavior. He gets nervous and clears his throat and rolls his eyes. Unless he tells me to stop I have to soldier on with what I am doing - rules are rules.

“You will sharpen your pencil, and then you may be seated.” Mistress Griffin gives me a familiar order.

“Thank you, Ma’am.” I set my book bag on the ground, then bend over and take out the well sharpened pencil that I always carry. I snap the lead on purpose. I stay like this for about thirty seconds so that if anyone in my home room wants, they can see up my skirt from behind me, or down my blouse. This morning is no exception and several people get a morning chuckle at my expense.

Then I walk to the blackboard where the pencil sharpener is. I asked Mr. Love if I can have permission to sharpen my pencil. As he has every day, “You know it’s not necessary to ask me Mrs. Taylor.”

This is all a charade, I know I don’t have to ask him but I have to say, “I am sorry Sir, I am so used to asking for permission that it is a habit.” I proceed to jiggle my tits and ass as I crank the old fashioned hand sharpener on the wall to make the kind of show that Mistress Cathy wants me to put on and when finished sharpening my pencil, I licked my lips and blew on the pencil shavings as sexily as I can while looking my teacher in the eye.

A little part of me enjoys making him so uncomfortable. I know I am not the first or the last girl to see how far she can push things with a teacher but I doubt anyone has pushed things this far.

As I’ve done every morning since this started, I “drop” the pencil accidentally and facing away from him bend over deeply to pick it up to show him my naked ass. He clears his throat like he is choking and I smile to look through my legs at him. This was his most vocal response yet. He wasn’t looking at the hint of my ass peeping out of my short skirt. He was looking at the door in front of me.

I turned to see what he was looking at and it was acting principal Dragovich. “Jamie Taylor, can you come with me?”

I am sure my jaw dropped open and I had an ‘Oh shit’ look on my face. The rest of the class was giggling at my being caught in such a humiliating position, even Cathy Griffin. The Principal usually summons you with a PA announcement or sends a teacher’s assistant. I was in pretty deep doo-doo if he was coming to get me himself.

“Yes Sir.” I stood up to leave. I’ve been a ‘bad girl’ these last few weeks but there is a giant part of me that is still a goody two-shoes and being in trouble had just made my asshole pucker a little.

“You might want to bring your books.” The Principal said to a chorus of “Ohhhh, she’s in trouble” from the other students.

“Yes Sir” I went to get my books and Cathy gave me an intense self-satisfied gaze that said I had better pick them up the same way I set them down. I took a deep breath and bent over giving an unobstructed view down my blouse and up my skirt. I was already in trouble – could it get any worse?

He walked me to his office in silence. I was already formulating my responses to questions he might pose. I wished he would just start asking me some. Sometimes being an over-achiever is really bad because I was beating myself up before he even began.

He had me sit in the waiting room of the Principal’s Office while he went in to take care of some things. I had the distinct feeling that was a tactic to impress upon me how busy he was and how in trouble I was. That’s when I started to journal my morning’s adventure leading up to the moment when he summoned me into his office.

He offered me a seat and got right down to things, “You know why you are here?”

“The half-time show, sir?” I offered meekly.

“That is one of the reasons.” He reminded me, “Not long ago when I was still Assistant Principal, I saw a girl who apparently looked just like you in the boy’s bathroom masturbating with a banana. You don’t happen to know anything about that do you?”

I did and I knew that he was just toying with me - all I could say was “Yes Sir”.

“I didn’t want this job as Principal. The school system is a mess and I have 99 problems to deal with before noon -budgets, standardized tests, fights between students, personal displays of affection in the halls, and behavior problems.”

He let the gravity of ‘behavior problems’ sink in that he was talking about yours truly.

“I used to enjoy working in discipline,” he steepled his fingers on his desk over a pile of fiscal reports. “That was simple. I could find a kid smoking and then give him detention or suspension. I am not a mean guy though. You know why I like Discipline?”

“So you can help bad kids learn the error of their ways and be good kids?” I ventured a guess. It was I suppose on some level what my father and brother were doing for me.

“You know that is a good way of putting it. I had a kid who used to be in school suspension every other week just contact me on Facebook. He said he couldn’t remember any of his teachers but he remembered me. He said I made a difference because I listened and offered him practical advice and now he isn’t doing great but he isn’t in trouble. He’s got a wife and a family and moved to Tucson.”

I didn’t know what this had to do with me.

“So before we get into why you are here, is there something you would like to tell me about what has been going on?” he offered.

I shook my head no.

“Your record was perfect before two weeks ago - head of the cheerleaders, volunteer on a half a dozen clubs, national honor society, perfect attendance?” He said the last one like he was surprised.

“Yes Sir” I agreed with him.

“Look, I know there is a long tradition in this school of senior pranks and initiations into clubs that existed back when I was a student here.” He sat back in his chair. “I know that Cathy Griffin is one of the chief instigators of some cheer-leader club and you aren’t the only girl trouncing around the school with short skirts and no bra trying to play whatever dare game she is running.”

I was silent.

“I don’t want to know what she had over Principal Banks. I suspect it had something to do with his daughter who was also on the cheer squad before he yanked her out of public school and put her in a private academy.”

I remained silent.

“What I want to know is, what does Jamie Taylor get out of behaving this way that she is willing to be here in my office over it?”

“Discipline, Sir.” I answered. He motioned for me to elaborate and I added, “Well, it’s hard to explain.”

“Try me.” He sat back in his chair.

“I don’t know where to begin, Sir.”

The Principal decided to share with me a story from his own life “I was a Fullback when I went to Cherry Lawn. Did you know that I used to be on the team?” he didn’t wait for me to acknowledge whether I did or didn’t. “I wanted so much to be on varsity and with the in-crowd.”

He described how there used to be ‘Freshman beat-down’ where upper classman had paddles and after the first pep rally of the season would chase scrawny freshmen home from school. If they caught them they would paddle them.

“The cheerleaders had their own thing, they’d ride home in the back of a pickup truck with baby pacifiers in their mouth and all I know is that if half the rumors of their hazing rituals were true that it’s the stuff school boys dream about.”

I knew he was trying to ‘relate’ to me by offering me something from his past. I had seen enough episodes of Law and Order to get the good-cop/bad-cop routine.

“Now Mr. Murphy tells me that among the incidents at the football game last night, they included Hope Miller walking out of the changing station completely naked. Would you happen to know anything about that?”

I didn’t know what to say.

“I see by the look on your face that this is as much a mystery to you as our banana girl is?” He was toying with me.

“Look you guys are going to be adults pretty soon and when you go to a University you’ll find that sororities and fraternities are still sending pledges to run the campus naked or do humiliating dares. I get it – we live in the ‘girls gone wild’ age.

I assumed he meant the same thing I did about former Disney starlets trying to hold on to the limelight by flashing the paparazzi and doing outrageous things.

“Okay, this is getting uncomfortable for me. Would you prefer I have a female administrator come and ask you these questions?” Mr. Dragovich said politely.

“No sir, I am fine. I am not sure what you want to know.”

“Let me cut to the chase then,” I thought he already had. “There is video tape of you in what appeared to be just body paint being carried on the field to perform in the nude, and of course the posters that were around the school of you before the pep rally in wooden stocks.”

I didn’t say anything.

“You are a good student with a good record and if you can tell us who put you up to it and who bought the body paint, then we can probably overlook the need to suspend you. I am assuming you were coerced into participating as some sort of senior prank or initiation?”

I wasn’t sure what to say. I hate lying about as much I hate using the term “hate”.

“We have overlooked a lot of the incidents because the school has been in transition of leadership and with all the budget cuts and having more students than we really have capacity for we just haven’t had time to rein things in.” He smiled at me.

“The thing is we can only overlook so much before things get out of hand and I think they are, so I would like to ask you again to just be honest with me and tell me what you know and I may not have to suspend you.”

I knew that suspension meant being the family pet – even after I earn my stars if it lasts longer. I bit my lip weighing my options. There were a hundred scenarios running through my mind about what to do.

He could see I was contemplating my options and he added that he could arrange to have my parents, Mr. Murphy and the parents of the football players who brought me on stage all come together to discuss it - “I just hate the paperwork and red tape”

Mr. Dragovich was a giant of a man and probably not cut out to be an administrator. I could tell he probably did want to work this out one on one with me. “I appreciate what you are trying to do Sir, and I am not going to say I wasn’t wearing body paint when I went out for half-time. I was planning to resign cheer because I feel like I have spent too much time pursuing popularity and not enough time with my family. I wanted to go out with a bang.”

“So you want me to believe that you, an honors student who never had any history of trouble, got it into your head to cover yourself in Cherry lawn colors from head to toe and be carried out during half-time just for the thrill of it?” he was rightfully skeptical.

“That’s just it Sir, I never had a history of getting in trouble. What stories do I have about freshman beat-down and pacifiers in the back of a truck to tell if I always keep my nose clean and do what is right?”

“Trust me. Having stories like that isn’t the best thing in the world.” He seemed to be picturing one of the spankings he delivered or may have had delivered to him. “Look, I am going to be honest. I brought you here informally because I do not believe you are a bad kid. I am not in the habit of suspending good kids. How about we try this – you have resigned cheerleading so you have no reason to keep doing whatever your initiation is all about.”

He explained that if anyone brings up the pep rally to say that I had cleared it with the school and that I had on a full bikini under the body paint. That I could just go back to wearing less provocative clothes and behaving myself and he would give me a second chance.

“That’s just it sir, I am already on my second chance.” He didn’t seem to understand. I wasn’t sure I did either. Why did I keep flapping my gums when it sounded like I just dodged another school suspension?

“I blew my first chance by getting absorbed in my own life and what I thought everyone expected me to be, Sir.” he didn’t look pleased but I continued, “I am not a good kid, Sir. I am a vain, thoughtless, selfish over-achiever and I won’t be going back to that prudish goody-two-shoes.”

“Okay, Okay.” he smiled, “No one is asking you to go back to the goody two shoes, but I am going to say this and I will deny it if it leaves my office. Honey I can see your boobs right through that shirt. The dress code here is liberal as it is and the teachers don’t have time, or energy, to keep up with every creative way girls come up with to find a way around the rules, so unless it is over the top we just look the other way.” He cleared his throat reminding me of Mr. Love when he gets uncomfortable, “But I can clearly see what I think are piercings poking out of your shirt?”

I lifted my top to remove all doubt. It was a very thin blouse that left almost nothing to the imagination anyway. “Yes Sir.”

“Okay, I get it. Put your shirt back down.” Mr. Dragovich said with disappointment. He shifted uncomfortably before continuing, “You are going through a little rebellion phase, and you got yourself a piercing. Hey, I had a diamond earring when I was in high school. Now you think showing your boobs is going to shock me and I guess that is what you want,The attention of being a bad girl so mom and dad take notice of you?”

“No Sir, I get plenty of attention at home. My mom has the same piercings.”

“Nothing surprises me these days.” He shook his head in disbelief. “I respect your decision and freedom of expression.” He sounded like he was reciting from a text book. “Actually that is what the text books say we are supposed to do, but frankly, if you were my daughter I would insist you take those out and put on a bra, young lady!”

“I used to wear a bra, even to sleep because I was so uptight. I am learning that my boobs are just part of my body, like an elbow or an ankle and that they are not special or to be hidden away. If someone wants to see them or touch them they can.”

“I don’t claim to understand what goes on in your head. You kids live-journal and listen to emo music and live in a world that is really different at times from how I grew up. It is obvious you are rebelling and from what I don’t know… maybe I don’t want to know. I am offering you a chance to just behave yourself. Keep your nose clean and avoid punishment.”

“I am afraid it’s too late to avoid punishment, Sir.” I was already being punished for the rotten things we did – and not just enslaving my father and brother for weeks.

“I don’t believe I understand. You want me to suspend you?” Mr. Dragovich asked me point blank.

“No Sir” I knew it would be worse for me at home than at school but a part of me was wrestling with the right answer. The things I did leading up to the pep rally, and after, probably did warrant a suspension – was I so special that the rules didn’t apply to me?

“All I am asking is for you to go back to the Jamie of about two weeks ago before all the shenanigans.”

“I can’t go back to that girl, Sir. I’ve come too far” it instantly dawned on me that after two weeks dressing like this at school that I would not be able to start coming to school dressed conservatively ever again. I had changed so much that it was no longer who I was. I would have to start thinking about my identity when this is all over but right now my mind was focused on the conversation at hand.

He seemed determined to give me a choice – to make me make a choice.

Life would be so much simpler if these things were decided for me? Am I becoming a true “submissive”? Dad has told me many times before that if I check out of what becomes of me and just passively go along with whatever someone else decided for me, that I’ve missed the point of it all. I am supposed to obey, but I am also to be an active participant and make choices and face the consequences of those choices.

“I believe you should suspend me, Sir.” I parted my legs wide even though he couldn’t see me on his side of the desk, and put both hands on the arm rest of my chair. The body language I was exuding was certainty. The consequences of my decision were something I was just going to have to live with.

“Why is it that you think you should be suspended?” Mr. Dragovich pursed his lips in amusement.

“Well, there are many reasons.” I hadn’t expected him to ask a follow-up. I decided to make a choice and my gut told me to make the one I did.

“I did not make the poster of me that appeared all over school and I am not sure who did. That was taken at the county fair the night before when I was in one of those wooden stocks that people pose for photos in? Some of the football players showed up at the end and snapped that. Having said that, I do take blame for being in the photo, just not distributing it around school.”

He nodded as I took inventory of my situation and the events that led up to my decision.

“Yes I did see Hope Miller leave the dressing room. I didn’t have anything to do with her decision to take her clothes off and run around the bleachers. I don’t know why she did that”.

The Principal nodded again and added, “It doesn’t sound like anything is your fault?”

I held up a finger that I wasn’t done yet, “It was my decision to go out with a ‘bang’ at Friday night’s game. I offered some football player’s sexual favors if they would lead me out on the field in a mock pillory, while I danced around with nothing on but body paint in the school colors. I figured I’d be the girl everyone is talking about instead of just being someone who talks about her - Do something memorable like your freshman bash.”

He nodded in understanding or at least I assumed he was understanding me. I was working through the points in my head as I made them one by one for the first time. Why hadn’t I prepared myself better for the inevitable conversation about my actions this morning? If only I had more time to wrestle with the idea that if I was being objective, anyone who did what I did should be suspended? Why am I obsessed with justice and rules? Is it because I am a Libra? I wish I was a Leo like my mom.

“I wear this collar, dress this way and have these piercings and my tattoo because I have chosen to be submissive, Sir.” I said out loud feeling like I was giving a very mild form of affirmation.

He shook his head for me to clarify what I had just said.

“I have made some bad decisions and choices when I had free-will, and now I let others make certain decisions for me about how to behave, how to treat others, what to wear, what to eat, Sir.” I explained what submissive meant.

“So if others told you to jump off a bridge, you would jump?” Mr. Dragovich was playing devil’s advocate I suppose.

“The agreement I made was that there are certain limits to what I will do if they ORDER it. There are some things I must do, like call you Sir as a sign of respect.”

He nodded, “I actually like being called Sir, it’s not something I hear very often unless it’s sarcastic.” He said with a look of bemusement.

“It is my hope that speaking to you with deference as my better is pleasing to you and that is why I have agreed to live by these rules. I am not doing it to get attention or to rebel – far from it.” I explained.

“As to jumping off a bridge - well there are some choices I get to make for myself and face the consequences. If they gave me the choice to jump off a bridge, to continue your metaphor, I would look down at how deep it is, and how risky the jump is and whether or not I will just get bruised and banged up or if the current will carry me away.”

He nodded in surprise that I didn’t just give the stock “Whatever” or “No would you?” that most teenagers might have in response.

“My trainers offer me enough of a reward to take the risk and I must make the choice and live with the consequences.” I said.

“What kind of reward?”

“I earn gold stars, if I get 100 of them I earn back some of the privileges I have been doing without for the last two weeks, Sir.”

“I see and Cathy Griffin is one of your trainers I take it?” He grinned.

“I thought you did not want to know the details, sir?”

“Okay you got me there,” he smiled, “But until you are an adult you really shouldn’t be called on to make decisions that can put you in jeopardy?”

He was being sweet and considerate and having been dumped on for two weeks it felt nice to exchange ideas with someone so caring. “Every time you step into a car with someone who gets out on the highway you made a decision that put you in jeopardy. The decisions I am allowed to make are preparing me for adult hood – because without practice how will I know how to avoid bad decisions?”

“Well if you are sexually active, some of the decisions you make could make you a teen mother.” He laughed.

“I am a virgin, Sir!” I said with a half-smile. I mean if you didn’t count all the blowjobs and getting fucked up the ass this weekend.

He looked at me and said, “If you say so” skeptically.

It’s funny we live in a world where losing your phone is more dramatic than losing your virginity. The way I dress and act I can see why he thinks I would take it lightly. I am not saying I am shocked. It is just interesting the way everyone seems to think it is so unlikely. Hell, it probably won’t be long anyway.

“So if you want me to make a choice it boils down to, stay in school and continue to be submissive until I earn all of my stars or go home and face the music with my father, then I pick go home and face the music with my father.

“Oh your dad is strict? What exactly will he do? Tell you no more piercings for a week?”

“Let’s just say I will be in the dog house until I get back to school.” I smirked again. It had felt good to be honest with Mr. Dragovich on some level but I could not resist the opportunity to say it like it was a metaphor when it wasn’t.

“Well I hate to say I agree with you, but if you are telling me you went out to the pep rally naked and promised sexual favors, Mrs. Virgin then I guess I’d have no choice.”

“Those were only blowjobs and they got too drunk for me to actually make good on my promise, Sir.” I had the distinct feeling Mr. Dragovich shifted in his seat to hide his boner when I said it just like that. I did my best perky and sweet smile and I had a feeling I had probably just over-shared. It felt good to tell the truth but at the same time I felt I was on shaky ground. We had talked about different protocols to use and this was our ‘red alert’ for parent teacher conferences, court appearances and the like. I was to use the most modesty and decorum possible and I knew that but I said what I did anyway.

I had the distinct feeling he wanted to give me another chance if only I would let him. Why wasn’t I letting him?

I looked down and wrung my hands. I could see the very distinct outline of the words “Pussy Broke, Use Rear Entrance” on my tummy from magic marker that hadn’t completely faded. If he noticed, he was doing a good job of pretending to be uninterested in reading it.

“Well what you want and what is best for you may be two different things. I am going to speak with your parents and then make a decision.” He had my file open and he flipped to a page with our contact numbers. I probably shouldn’t have brightened so much knowing that the decision was out of my hands once again.

I had gone back and forth a dozen times in my mind about the pros and cons of what was going to happen if I got kicked out of school. This was really a lot like the funishment I could have taken at home or reporting to Mrs. Waxerman’s house. I know what humiliation at school is going to feel like while I earn back my stars and I’ve made it this far – maybe I should change my mind and stay in school.

“Yes, actually I think I was being hasty about being asked to be expelled. I probably should just try to be good and stay in school.” I smiled at him.

He wasn’t listening - He had already dialed my mom’s work. “Yes, I am calling for Mrs. Taylor. This is her daughter’s Principal Mr. Dragovich,” there was a pause where he seemed confused “She is very tied up right now?” He seemed surprised mom hadn’t taken his call. I smiled knowing that given mom’s arrangement at work that the answer he got was probably more literal than figurative.

What a bad girl I am for not instantly feeling bad that my mom is probably physically restrained in her office?

He dialed my dad and left a voice mail for him. That was surprising because I knew Dad was almost always home.

“You go on to class and I will make a decision later today.”

“As you wish Sir.” I’ve always had good posture but the heels really do make me sway. I wondered if his gaze followed me out but I didn’t look back. I was too busy wondering what he would decide and what my dad would say when he talked to him.

Dad wasn’t in favor of the stunt and his reason for me being outside was it’s a consequence to being home all day. So on the one hand he seems to want me in school – while on the other he and Chris have been laughing off and on and calling me “Alpo Girl” and making snide references to it all weekend.

Be careful what you wish for – I wished to have the decision taken out of my hands and now it seems to be up to my father and the principal. I guess one thing I learned about myself and probably women in general is once we get what we thought we wanted – we don’t want it anymore.

I think girls my age can be fickle and change our mind on our dime. I hate feeling like the main character in a Taylor Swift song.

It was already time for my check in with my brother. I rushed to get his books from my locker and then meet him on the other side of school. My usual routine of running through the throng of kids while they elbowed, poked and prodded me wasn’t working because I was even further away from where to meet me since I was coming from the Principal’s office than even my normal routine when I followed my schedule.

When I finally saw him standing in front of his class on the Industrial Arts wing he was shaking his head “Getting lazy, doggy?”

“No time sir, please I am going to be late.” I gave him his books while I bit my lower lip in worry while not trying to seem like I was rushed.

“What is the worst that could happen? You get suspended?”

“Please sir, dismiss me so I can get to class.”

The bell rang and he looked up “Too late”. He turned to go into his class right behind him and turned casually “You are dismissed.”

I was already late but I hurried to my English class. I know I’ve gushed about Mr. Young being handsome and one of my favorite teachers many times and journal you know me well enough by now that I would hate to be late to any class – but most of all this one.

I walked into class interrupting Mr. Young in one of his monologues. He usually tells a little anecdote about his weekend to warm up before jumping into the work – to get us listening.

“I was at the Principal’s office, Sir” I said apologetically.

“I know. It’s okay have a seat Jamie.” he smiled at me in a way that indicated he knew about the scandal brewing over the half-time show. I am sure most of the faculty and students did – it felt like their eyes were all on my back.

Cathy scolded me, “Slower than normal, Chris will punish you at lunch for this.” She whispered.

“He dismissed me late, Ma’am” I whispered back.

“Is that because you showed up late? And you know I prefer Mistress.” She whispered as if she didn’t care if we’d get caught.

“Mrs. Griffin and Mrs. Taylor did you have something you wanted to share with the class?” Mr. Young rarely put people on the spot like that.

“Sorry Mr. Young, I was just curious if my head cheerleader was kicked out of school for that racy number she put on at the Rams game this weekend.” Cathy said matter-of-factly. The other students ‘ooohed’ and ‘ahhhed’ because the rumor mill had obviously been very active.

I stood up and announced “I didn’t mean to bring any shame on the school. I just wanted to quit cheerleading with a bang.” Several boys laughed when I said ‘bang’ but quickly silenced when Mr. Young looked at them and gave me the nod to sit down.

The class was uneventful – the typical sit with legs wide apart and flash whoever wants a look up my skirt - until the very end. As everyone was leaving for lunch Mr. Young called me over to speak to him privately.

“Jamie, you are one of my favorite students and you have a real gift for writing,” Mr. Young said in that positive way where you just know a “but” is coming. I nodded – I am terrible at accepting compliments.

“But, you have really changed over the last two weeks and I am growing very concerned where this is all coming from.” He was interested in me and all I could notice was his musky cologne. I’ve been in the mall before looking for it – like a silly school girl pretending I was shopping for my father. I think its Tuscany.

“I appreciate the concern Sir, but I need to get to lunch.” I stood frozen. I had wanted to talk to him but I think I was more afraid of what my brother would do if I was late for lunch.

“Yes, well if you want to talk after school or something, I could arrange a counselor, perhaps a woman who is trained in the types of things that may be bothering you.” he sounded concerned and passed me a number. I took it and rushed out into the hallway.

Cathy was waiting, “Queen LaQueefa, carry my books” she unloaded her books into my waiting arms. “Is your pussy wet now that Mr. Young wanted a word with you?”

“You know I am almost always aroused now that I have that piercing dangling between my legs, Mistress.” I said in a lower voice as we walked to the lunch room.

“I think you know you are a little more turned on than normal, you don’t mind if I have a check do you?” she sneered, pushing me over between some lockers and standing in front of me. She drove a finger under my skirt and into my pussy and then felt around, “Hmmm, I think I feel that precious hymen” she laughed as she pulled her finger out and held it in front of my face.

She sniffed it “smells like tuna, have a taste.”

I looked her in the eye and opened my mouth so she could feed my own slick juices dripping down her finger. “Yes Mistress, I think you are right.”

“Should you be punished for getting turned on when you should have your mind on your school work?”

“Yes Mistress” I admitted – that was an established rule from the very get go but I was growing to hate how much she seemed to enjoy it. I think I would ratherhave a harsher punishment if it would deny her the satisfaction of knowing I would have to answer for it.

She led me down the hall with her hand pressed to my back, “You’ll tell your brother about your wet pussy and lateness, and any other shortcoming when you get to lunch and beg for correction.” It wasn’t a suggestion and I knew it.

Chris had grown extraordinarily popular since this all began. His table was now filled with not only nerds and geeks but some of the more popular boys in school who had found out he was willing to ‘rent his sister’ out. He was seated like an English monarch holding court in the middle of the table with the other students hanging on his every word.

Their faces brightened when I approached and stood before him in the most contrite manner possible. Cathy took our books and made a boy seated to Chris’s immediate left vacate the spot for her. The geeky boy folded immediately – she simply intimidated him into assuming she was more worthy of the seat.

“Hello Sir, I have to report my shortcomings and ask for punishment.” I said as I had several times before in front of these boys. They listened with big smiles glued to their faces as I explained how I had been late and that my pussy was wet.

Tsoong was sitting to Chris’s immediate right and he offered me a seat on his lap. I wasted no time sitting down.

“I don’t know if I believe if you are still wet, pull your piss flaps open so Tsoong can inspect you.” I didn’t look at Tsoong – he had rented me last week and been a gentleman and I knew he wasn’t particularly comfortable being cruel to me.

However, I as I reached under my skirt to pull my pussy lips open he wasted no time fingering me.

“Don’t finger bang her, just dip your stick and let’s see if you have stink finger.” Chris laughed and the other boy’s laughed with him.

Tsoong withdrew his finger and held it up.

“So was she extra wet and juicy?” he asked as I continued to hold myself open under my skirt. I was waiting for the order to release.

“I think so, yes” he said unsure of himself to the immature laughter of boys, none which were probably even sure how to tell if I was or wasn’t turned on themselves.

“Why were you late, Ass face?”

“I was late dropping your books off, so that made me late getting to my English class Sir. I was not trying to be lazy.”

“Excuses, excuses. You weren’t trying to be late – but you were.” Chris’s gaze bore into me. “Why were you late dropping off my books?”

“I was with Mr. Dragovich and he released me without enough time to get to my check in, Sir.” that was true.

“Squeeze those piss flaps and pull them apart, Ass face,” Chris ordered and I clenched down on my own pussy lips with my fingers. I am sure my discomfort amused him as he ordered me to explain why I was in the principal’s office.

“He is deciding whether or not to suspend me because I was carried out wearing only Cherry Lawn Red and White for the big game on Friday.” Most of them had probably heard rumors, some more intense than that.

“What did they decide?” Chris was enjoying every second of my discomfort.

“He asked me whether I wanted to be suspended or not, and then decided to call mom and dad but he couldn’t reach them.”

“I bet you told him you were looking forward to being suspended so you could spend your afternoons in the backyard chained up like a doggy?” the boys laughed. I couldn’t be sure how much they all knew about my arrangement but I just returned his laughter with a wintry smile.

“Actually Sir, I am not sure it might not be easier to spend my time at home than here.” I usually didn’t try to rain on his parade and I let him have his fun at my expense but I felt a little defiant.

“Oh trust me Sis, you won’t enjoy it.” he got quiet all of a sudden and stopped talking.

I felt a large meaty hand clap me on the back – I turned thinking it was Mr. Dragovich come to inform me of my suspension.

It was Dave Stravosky one of the football players who carried me on the field with his friends. “I think you still owe me a little something you promised but never delivered?”

“I am sorry Sir, you passed out at the party.” I remained discrete – he had fallen asleep with other naked guys and that was a mental image I didn’t want in my head.

“That isn’t how I remember it at all” He was cock-sure of himself and full of swagger.

“Did my sister promise to suck your dick for free? She has a habit of doing that. How much are blowjobs, slut?” Chris interjected.

“Yes Sir, I promised to suck their dicks if they would carry me onto the field. You were the one who said I could.” Then I paused and answered his second question, “Blowjobs are normally ten dollars.” to a rousing cheer from the boys seated at the table.

Cathy added, “How much to fuck you in the pooper?”

“Twenty, Mistress.” I admitted through near-gritted teeth to howls from the boys.

“She thinks that clam between her legs is special and it isn’t on the market yet.” Cathy egged on the boys to keep laughing.

“Your punishment will have to wait, Sis.” Chris told me as he asked the football players if they wanted me to pay my debt and suck their dicks right now in the boy’s bathroom.

“Damn straight I do.” Dave answered with a kind of almost over-the-top bravado of someone who might really not want it. I don’t think anyone else noticed between all of the back-patting and cheering as I was told I could release my pussy lips and follow them into the boy’s bathroom.

“All you queers stay out this time,” he announced to the peanut gallery of hanger-ons that were with Chris. “Last time this bitch tried to service me and my bro’s in the bathroom you guys couldn’t keep your mouth shut and we got caught. I don’t want you watching me slip this bitch the bone!”

He and his friends Noah and Thad escorted me into the last stall of the boy’s bathroom. The stall door was missing (most likely to catch boy’s smoking or for things like what we were about to do). Dave chased the students already in the bathroom out calling them ‘fags’.

I quickly removed what little I had on and kneeled on the cold tile. My tits fell full and were aching – I was either horny or I probably needed to milk myself. I decided to brush my hands against them to give myself a little sensation and take my mind off how completely surreal my life has become.

“Good god, why get totally naked?” Thad asked me.

“To amuse you, and if you decide to give me a pearl necklace it won’t get all over my clothes Sir” – I wasn’t going to make THAT mistake again.

“Okay, get your peters out and start getting hard gentlemen” Dave announced to his friends without reaching for his own zipper.

“What about you?” Noah reminded him.

I was cupping my breasts – sneaking a little tweak of my nipples and waiting for one of them to stick their dick into my mouth so I could pay this debt and be done with it.

“I will whip it out when you two do. I am always ready for some cheerleader tail.” He didn’t sound entirely sure of himself. As if to prove to himself more than them he pulled his dick out of his pants and it was flaccid and limp.

I cupped his balls and pulled him closer to me and began to give him the best blowjob I know how to do. I’ve had a lot of practice and I use not only my spit and tongue to coax the cum out of a dick but I try to flash my smile and blue eyes up at them in the hopes my face makes them want to spunk faster.

Dave was not getting harder, “You suck at sucking” he made a joke but his friends didn’t laugh. He kept trying to get them to pull their dicks out.

“Dude, do you want to see OUR dicks or something?” Noah said half-joking “You seem more intent on that than on the first class ball-washing you are getting from the Taylor slut.”

Hey, “Taylor slut” is a step up from Ass-Face I guess.

Dave punched his fist into the plastic divider between stalls, “No dude, I just don’t want to wait while you guys try to get hard.” He turned back to me and began to try to throat fuck me with his half-limp dick intensely “uhnss-uhnsss”

“Ahem” I heard the distinctive sound of Mr. Dragovich entering the bathroom. Dave pulled out quickly and zipped himself back up as the three jocks tried to distance themselves from me.

“Going somewhere fellas?” Mr. Dragovich smiled at them and then looked at me, “Ah, looks like the banana girl.”

I was red-faced and busted dead to rights completely naked.

“Jamie I was coming to tell you that your father said he didn’t think you should be suspended and I agreed.” He let that sink in, “I think you know that isn’t possible now, don’t you?”

I stayed on the floor kneeling with my hands on my thighs “Yes Sir, I can see that”

“How about you take a few minutes and collect yourself, and I’ll have a chat with my favorite football players about some locker room hijinks and what just happened in here. You guys don’t mind coming with me do you?”

I was shocked he left me alone to get dressed. I suppose I shouldn’t have expected him to grab me by my ear and pull me out of the bathroom. Dave gave me a red-eyed look like ‘This is not over’ as he followed the Principal out of the bathroom.

I dressed quickly and then returned to Chris to tell him I had just been suspended.

“Actually Sis, I feel bad for you.” he said sounding genuinely empathetic.

“Sucks to be me, I guess.” I shifted my weight on the ball of my foot.

“Yeah, it does. Hey before you go can you be a peach and take our trays to the garbage?” Cathy interrupted evilly.

I took the empty trays and began my walk out of the lunch room to the Principal’s Office.

The Principal made me wait out of his office while he dealt with the Football players who left with only a few mean glances.

After they left he didn’t call me in, “Just wait out there, I really don’t have anything more to say to you at this point in time. Your father will be here shortly.”

I watched a procession of kids come in and out of the Principal’s office – skater kids in trouble for baggy pants hanging down below their waist, a girl who had pierced her nose in the girl’s bathroom and couldn’t stop the bleeding, a few fights. I was just one of many fires he had to put out on a daily basis – but I felt he was particularly disappointed with me.

When my dad finally came to get me he looked me up and down with disgust, “I plead with them to let you out of your suspension and this is what you do? You know what this means?”

“RUFF!” was all I said.

The Family Feud IV
Chapter Fifteen
Wendy’s Journal “Easy cum – Easy go”

Get out of jail cards: 1
WHORE: 5,3,0,0,1
Get out of jail cards: 1
WHORE: 4,3,0,0,0

**Note to reader: This is Wendy’s journal from Monday Morning detailing the events after their first (and only) night working at Soft-tails as dancers. In order to increase readability, some of the dialogue exchanged was altered to appear in a ‘narrative’ story format.

I awoke to Chris barking out “RUFF RUFF RUFF! RISE AND SMELL THE PUSSY, ASS FACE” in my daughter’s face (and booming in my ear).

Like almost every night I was tied face to face with my daughter naked and left to sleep on the living room floor. Honestly, I don’t remember being this cruel to the guys but I did make Bill sleep on the floor some nights so I get it.

I actually prefer they tie us up like this because we can snuggle and keep each other warm. I know you might judge me a twisted whore for enjoying being tucked up tightly with my daughters tits pressed to my chest all night but it beats shivering alone or some of the things they do when they don’t tie us together.

He sat over her and gave her a rundown of the new rules while I tried to wake myself up. What I wouldn’t give for a decent shower and a cup of coffee.

“RUFF!” she yipped like a pathetic poodle in response to something he said. I didn’t really have to listen to the new rules but I knew when I caught, “follow the same dumb rules as your daughter” that I needed to sound off with a bark.

“RUFF!” I growled and by Chris’s amused expression and laughter it sounded like I pleased him. He had already leashed us and was walking us outside on all fours by the time I figured out he had said “follow the same rules as your dumb DAUGHTER” and not that the rules were dumb – same difference right?

I guess I am getting a little jaded now that the routine of daily discipline has started to really set in on me. I don’t think Jamie or Chris have noticed how comfortable I seem to have become with this arrangement – but I am getting a little worried that I am. I may grumble and whine but like a little trooper I just roll with whatever new horror the guys come up with day after day.

This morning I was sore, probably from all the laps I rode last night at that bar, and the beating we got at the end. I was also thinking about my neighbor Van’s casually arrogant face with his ray-bans on as he led me back over to the house when he was finished fucking the shit out of me yesterday. He stayed to watch me hang from the ropes in the living room while the guys teased and tormented me.

I have to wonder if he is a sadist or he was just curious or not. I guess it’s going to make things awkward at neighborhood block parties when I bump into him and he remembers me getting my ass reamed while I say what a dumb, lazy cunt I am and thanking my son for doing it to me.

Chris gave us permission to shit and piss – like dogs hiking their side-leg of course. My daughter always just poops a perfectly shaped little turd and pisses in this dainty sort of sweet way.

I dropped two huge disgusting logs and about a half-gallon of acrid piss as I emptied my bladder on our lawn. I felt so gross but Chris declared me once again the champion shitter of the morning. I have to laugh at the things that seem to amuse his devious mind – things that would truly sicken me if I were an outside observer having never lived through this.

However, there is an informal, almost humorous vibe when Chris jokes around like that would take the edge off and adds a little levity to what would otherwise just seem shockingly perverse. Trust me it’s a whole lot funnier in retrospect thinking about it than it was at the time hearing the crinkling and popping coming out of my butt as I tried to keep it off my thighs.

I can’t believe my star count hasn’t moved since last night. Bill promised me that he wouldn’t let me get ahead of Jamie but he didn’t say he would let me fall so far behind her I don’t catch up. I’ve done so many disgusting things “off the books” for him he should give me at least 58 stars so I am neck and neck with my well-meaning but naïve daughter.

When Chris finished timing us he said “Present your asses!” expecting us to kneel so that our faces were flush with the grass and our butts were stuck up in the air spread wide. That wouldn’t be so bad if the grass wasn’t soaking wet from the morning dew and sprinklers.

He did Jamie first and little miss perfect came out squeaky clean, “I didn’t feel any loose turd balls in there so you two won’t be punished – good job.”

He wasted no time making me clean that finger with my mouth and swirling his meaty pointer finger up my backdoor. He didn’t grease it up or work it in, he just slammed it in and given all the anal training I’ve had I barely felt it.

After he finished playing with our asses and making Jamie lick the nasty finger that had been in my behind he said “dogs don’t use toilet paper!”

This was our cue to clean each other. Jamie gave him a more resilient sounding “Ruff” and got behind me licking my pussy before moving up to my dirty sticky ass. I felt bad for her having to taste my sweaty rear-end because Jamie actually doesn’t taste bad at all.

“Don’t you two turn this into something sexual, just clean each other and be done with it.” Chris instructed but let’s be honest that, that twisted motherfucker likes it when I push my crotch into Jamie’s face - He isn’t fooling me.

When it was my turn to clean Jamie she had a sticky-sweet, musky smell that made me feel a little guilty for not being disturbed by what I was doing. I did a fully thorough job of cleaning her only to be interrupted by Chris kinking the garden hose to spritz me with cold water all over.

Why have us clean each other if he is just going to spray us down?

Oh, because my son is a pervert and wants to make his mom and sister eat each other out.

I feel like I am getting jaded because I didn’t mind eating her out as much as I did the fact that he made the entire exercise pointless by washing us down anyway.

When Chris was finished playing around with the hose (and focusing on our tits and asses) he jammed rubber cone shaped butt plugs into our ass – the kind with a tail so they wag when you crawl around.

I wanted to sing “Mooooon Riiivver” like Chevy Chase in that movie where he plays a reporter – I think Chris would get that reference but I was too chicken. I wasn’t sure if he would punish me for not taking it seriously so I just wiggled my butt like a dog wagging her tail for a treat.

“Cow-tits is lucky, she’ll wear hers just until she gets to work but you’ll have yours in all day until it’s time for a shit break.”

Oh gosh, I was the lucky one? My poor daughter – I wish I hadn’t gotten her involved in this.

“Wiggle” and we wiggled at his command.

“Waggle!” and we both smirked and wiggled again.

“You’ll have to work on the difference between wiggle and waggle.” I wasn’t sure what he meant but I could tell he was joking so I giggled and smiled at my daughter. I know she takes a little strength from the fact that we both share this hardship together with a sense of humor at times.

Chris wasn’t kidding about the doggy training – he made us come inside and make the guys breakfast but we were to think of ourselves as ‘dogs’. I tried to be pleasant to Bill but he just said “Doggy’s only bark” and smacked my ass hard.

Bill wiped some of his pre-cum into my hair and made me dip my finger in my pussy and rub some of my juices around my face while he explained that I’d report to Jerry Cooper as my handler today.

I had a feeling this was coming after what happened last weekend but I really have no idea what Jerry is going to do. He is so wishy-washy and sweet that I couldn’t picture him being the conniving bastard that Steve had been. I smiled at my husband as if that was fine but searched his face for some sign of the emotion he wanted to see from me.

I’d have done my best to fake the right emotion if I could figure out what is going on in his head. When Bill was lazy and didn’t think things out as much, he was predictable and much easier to please. Did he expect me to be happy it was Jerry as the boss of me as a reward for a week of service well done? Or was he expecting me to freak out?

Jerry is disturbing because he can be such a needy jellyfish, but he (and his son) already knows that I am a whore and a slut so it’s not like my reputation with them can be salvaged. I had about a hundred questions to ask about how this was supposed to work but they gave us only a few minutes to eat outside – actual dry dog food.

I did my best to munch it down because I was famished but in my mind a piece of me was thinking Chris was having too much fun watching us try to choke this nasty stuff down. How does Rosco do it?

Jamie and I made a game of it and she made me laugh eating it with her fingers. If Chris had caught her I am sure he would have shoved that tail plug even further up her pert little ass.

I wanted to give my daughter a final word of encouragement before she left for the bus but we had only a few minutes to apply makeup and do our hair. I know this much – after this training I won’t need nearly as much time getting ready in the morning. The discipline has really made me re-evaluate what I found to be necessary to get ready for work.

I was racing down the stairs as Chris locked handcuffs around his sister’s wrists and let her carry his books out the door. I don’t know how the kids at school don’t notice that – or maybe they notice and things are so different these days they aren’t as shocked as my generation would have been by it.

Bill picked out my work clothes and let me put on my heels. He handcuffed me as he always does every morning but pushed me out the door completely naked with just a skirt and blouse to drape over myself. He had sent me out with a bath towel but never completely bare-ass.

I half expected to see my neighbor Van outside waving at me but I am sure he was sleeping in this morning- he was not an early riser type.

“RUFF!” I barked defiantly as Bill slammed the door laughing at me – and whispering “you motherfucker” under my breath.

I crouched down in front of our truck in the driveway – correction “Bill’s Truck” since at this point everything is his property including my ass.

There were a few cars passing down our street but I don’t think anyone saw me. I knew better than to get dressed before Jerry had a chance to look me over. Bill would have let me dress if he wanted me to greet him that way.

At least I wasn’t gagged this morning – but then give it time, that will come later. I quickly tapped my morning journal entry into my phone so I don’t lose any of these wonderful Taylor family moments and kept an eye out for Jerry’s jalopy.

Jerry’s green bomber is as unmistakable as Bill’s tacky truck in a suburban neighborhood of Volvo’s and new mini-vans. I watched him pull up and wait for me at the street.

I waved to him to pull into the drive-way – at least Steve will pull all the way in and not make me run through the yard. Jerry stubbornly sat in his car honking as if I was making him late and not picking up on my signal.

I finally bit my lip and made a mad dash for his car. He had to fiddle with the locks to let me in as I desperately looked around for signs of a neighbor catching my bare-ass flitting across the yard and standing next to this POS car.

“Why don’t you have your clothes on?” Jerry asked me when I finally got in. I had to sit on old newspapers and bills in the backseat because Jerry’s car is a total mess (like his life?)

“My husband wanted me to report to you this way in case you wanted to inspect me before giving me permission to get dressed, Sir?” I answered him seriously. I couldn’t be sure if he was asking me to confirm like an affirmation or he just had no idea why I was out there shivering my heiney off in the buff.

“Inspect you like how?” he said while keeping his eyes on the road as I laid in the backseat keeping my head down.

“Check my cunt to make sure I am shaved smooth, pleasant smelling and not wet, check my boobs to make sure they are firm and..” he cut me off and said he got it.

Speaking of tits, my nipples felt like they were going to burst if they didn’t get tugged and twerked. I didn’t say anything about it though as it would only add to my humiliation and make them want to wait longer to let the pressure build up.

“You don’t mind me being your key-holder do you? I mean no hard feelings about it right?” he said like he really expected me to bite his head off for enjoying it.

“No Sir, you are my better and my husband feels you would make an excellent key-holder. Who am I to argue with his wisdom?” I said as submissively as I could.

“You sound kind of sarcastic when you say it like that.” he commented to himself.

Was that a question? Should I respond to that? I had no idea just how frustrating it was going to be to serve this fat lonely man.

“I apologize Sir, I am not trying to belittle you.” I said very seriously.

“See right there, it sounds like something you were forced to say.” he sucked on his lip as he stared at the road. “You high tailed it the other night after I dropped you off at my Ex-wife’s house.”

“That’s because your son had rented me for the evening and he didn’t give me a chance to say goodbye Sir.” a slight embellishment – I just didn’t want to get noticed while he and his ex-wife bickered and end up having both of them turn on me.

“Oh I bet you absolutely loved that didn’t you?” he sounded jealous already.

“Your son was a Gentleman,” I lied, “He took me to watch him play Magic The Gathering and then to Olive Garden for dinner.”

“My son has a more active dating life than me - So much for E-harmony’s guarantee I’ll find someone who matches me on (grumble)” he let his complaining grumble to a low drone that I didn’t hear.

“Sir, if you do not intend to inspect me, may I get dressed?” I asked noticing we were nearing the parking lot of my office building.

“Sure” he shrugged.

I began to think this might be easier than I had imagined given he didn’t seem to be the kind of stickler Steve was.

“Could you give me the key to the handcuffs, Sir?”

“What?” he was preoccupied cursing at cars who cut him off in traffic. I’ve never really understood why negative people curse cars in front of them – it’s not like those people are going to hear and improve their driving.

“Did my husband go over with you my rules and boundaries Sir?” I asked meekly trying to shimmy into my skirt with the cuffs on.

“I think so yes.”

How does he ‘think so?’ either my husband DID or DID NOT go over the rules. Jerry can be so frustrating –maybe this was going to be harder than I thought. I was already missing Steve’s cocksure attitude – if he didn’t know he would make something up.

I had forgotten what an unrelenting curmudgeon he could be as he whined about his sad sack existence. I kept up appearances of trying to sound sympathetic picturing what it must be like to date this poor schmuck. I could picture a girl meeting him through a dating website and meeting for lunch or how long it might take for her to conveniently make an excuse to leave after he brings up his his ex-wife, his unpaid medical bills or one of a dozen things he probably shouldn’t bring up on a first date.

He parked way out in the boonies of the parking lot. He didn’t even bother to look for a closer spot – like Eeyore he seemed resigned to fail at getting closer to the office by luck. He seemed to notice I was judging him or maybe he thought I was curious why he chose this out of the way parking spot on the far side of our building, “This way I always know where I parked my car”.

I have learned a lot about being submissive and making the man feel in charge and better about himself but I have to admit it is trying my patience not to go back to my old habits and give him a few pointers on how to not be such a loser.

I now know my ‘helpful tips’ probably come off as being a nag or a perfectionist. I would not have thought twice about Bill’s feelings if he had done the same thing and frankly I was gaining a new respect for Bill from being around Jerry – Even Bill at his most pathetic, lazy and illogical was Jerry on a good day.

“Handcuffs, Sir?” I said with a helpful smile.

“Yeah Sure” he had a handcuff key on a giant set of keys in his pocket.

“Wow, you sure have a lot of keys?” I commented (but sounding like a question).

“Yeah from old places I lived, and stuff like that”

I had to literally bite down on my tongue to prevent myself from suggesting he toss the keys that he no longer uses. That isn’t my place and despite Jerry being a cross between George Castanza and that guy from Office Space who kept talking about someone taking his stapler I was going to see this through according to the training I had received.

“Thank you so much Sir” I stuffed the cuffs into my purse. This is normally the point when Steve would have insisted I shove a butt plug up my ass but Jerry didn’t think to ask. He seemed more excited to be seen walking in the building with me.

Hey it’s not ‘cheating’ if I don’t tell my key-holder what normally happens is it? Okay, now I am starting to see where Jamie gets her ‘rule-follower’ guilt from when things don’t happen according to the rules even if it’s not in her favor.

I have to admit walking past the security guard in the front lobby without a giant plastic dick stuffed in my holes was a nice treat. He smiled at me as he always does as if he knows all of my dirty little secrets anyway.

Jerry began to take me to accounting “Would you be more comfortable working out of my office, Sir?”

“No this is where my cube is.” He said grunting. He was out of breath –from taking the elevator?

I was going to explain how my office was more private and he could login from my computer –but I noticed something that made everything almost worth it.

Do you remember how at the book store this weekend I bumped into Vicky from work? Of course you do, you are my smart phone and you remember everything. Well anyway I kinda-sorta used a little reverse psychology to let Vicky know that I had picked a handler in Steve and that was going to catapult my career to the next level but under no circumstances should she try it.

I asked her if she had read a phony-balogna career leg-up book I had just made up and naturally she said she had. I would have pretended to have read the latest career book if I had been asked the same question.

Then I told her a handler is an up and coming young MALE executive. An older woman with cougar potential recruits him and helps advance his career. As a male, he can break through the glass ceiling and then he takes you to the top floor with him. The problem is you have to make him feel you are being submissive, stroke his ego, do what he wants.

When I told her I wouldn’t suggest it and the help-book was completely wrong, that sealed the deal. She thought I was simply throwing her off my winning idea.

Vicky had apparently gone to Steve and demanded to do whatever I was doing because I watched him lead her through the cubicles to her Office in a skimpy skirt and top. I know that walk any place –it’s someone trying to walk in heels with a fat dildo up their ass.

I watched her for a long time with a giant smile on my face as I pictured all the things Steve was used to doing with me happening to my office rival. I completely tuned out Jerry who seemed to pouring his heart out to me about his ex-wife and how women had treated him. I could tell as soon as I heard the ‘mmm-hmmmm’ come out of my mouth that it was the sound of a woman who had lost interest in the conversation and apparently Jerry did too.

“You know I could have made it much easier on you if you weren’t such a bitch” he looked at me and furled his brow like an angry frustrated man.

“You think this is easy, sir?” I was standing next to him in a cube in accounting wearing clothes that probably violated the company dress code in seventeen different ways. The fact that I was a senior vice president was probably the only reason no one dared to come up and ask me why I was there and dressed that way.

“What is so hard about it, you are beautiful and everyone is checking out how sexy you are. If I stood there like that people would tell me to go home.” He sounded jealous.

“I guess I can’t argue with that logic, Sir.” in his own way that was a compliment and I would have to spend a little time to wrap my head around a scenario where Jerry would be standing in accounting dressed like a slut.

I stood awkwardly behind him while he logged into his computer and grumbled about emails he was getting. “Don’t they know the flash report of MTD financials comes out on Wednesday? I can’t give this to them on Tuesday.”

A recurring theme seemed to be his growing frustration with people asking him questions that were clearly answered in his e-mail. “If they would just read my e-mails they would know THAT!”

I was looking over his shoulder and I could see he sent a wall of text – button your lip Wendy. This is a good time to catch up on your journal. Try not to be so critical of Jerry – (it’s so hard not to point out his obvious flaws).

He wasn’t really talking to me – so I just ignored him and stood behind him with my cell phone in my hand.

He finally turned to me and asked “So what did you do with Steve all day?”

“Did my husband not go over what you can make me do, Sir?” I answered quietly –very aware that Jerry’s cube offers no privacy from his co-workers. Then again they probably tune out all his belly-aching and whining about how unfair life is and why don’t people read his e-mails.

“Yes he did, but I just thought maybe I would get your perspective” he sounded so weak and uncertain of why he asked that I was starting to feel sympathy for him instead of just disdain.

I leaned in close, “He usually locks me in my office and fucks me hard in all my holes, and then ties me up at my desk about now.” I let my whisper seductively work its way into Jerry’s imagination and blew just a little bit into his ear.

“But you wouldn’t want to do that with me.” Jerry wasn’t asking – he was telling me.

“It doesn’t matter what I want. I am my husband’s whore and he has loaned me to you to be under your supervision all day.” I answered him anyway. He seemed to want a neon light to flash over my head saying “I am willing to pity fuck you Jerry”.

“So you will let me have sex with you in your office?” even his asking seemed like it was telling me that I probably shouldn’t.

“Yes Sir, you are the boss. I will fuck anyone you tell me too.” I probably shouldn’t have volunteered that last bit because the glimmer of hope in his eye went dim.

“So you’d rather have sex with anyone else?” he asked – his jealousy and insecurity was showing and it wasn’t pretty.

“Who I’d rather fuck is irrelevant Sir.” I made a point of saying ‘fuck’ because that was part of the training not to sugar coat it and call it ‘having sex’ or ‘making whoopie’ or any euphemism. I also made it a point to reiterate that my situation required obedience to my betters.

“Why do you keep tugging on your boobs like that?” he asked me curiously. I didn’t realize I had been and I looked down at my shirt. It was sheer and completely inappropriate for office work. At first, I assumed maybe the big hoop rings that were bulging out of the shirt were bugging me. Then I realized that the engorged, aching feeling I had in my boobs was coming from not having been ‘milked’ today and there were two wet spots about the size of a silver dollar over my nipples. You could see all of the little bumps on my areolas because the opaque material of the blouse had turned clear from the leaking milk.

My face turned red and I leaned in closer than normal, “I started lactating recently and probably need to pump some of it out Sir.”

His face lit up “Can you do it in your office?”

“Yes Sir, I suppose you’ll supervise?” he followed me excitedly to the office without a second thought.

He and I stood awkwardly in my office after I locked the door. I was waiting for him to instruct me and he seemed to be waiting for me to tell him what to do. I offered in the least condescending way possible, “Usually Steve has me strip and get on all fours and then squirt over a cup.” I left out a lot of details about things he added to the experience to make it less pleasant.

“Ok” is all he said.

I felt frustrated with Jerry but at the same time I need to count my blessings and not be a glutton for punishment like Jamie can often be - pointing out all the ways they can use and abuse me.

I slipped out of my shoes and began to undress while he stood there watching me. “You can have a seat if you like Sir.” I smiled as I pulled my shirt over my head. I could feel my tits bounce and heave as I removed the skimpy blouse - the nipples were tender and a little bit of milk had already started to seep out.

I got on all fours without making eye contact with him over a milk cup. I was starting to see the advantage of a more active dominant person because I felt incredibly stupid silently pulling on my nipples while he observed.
It felt awkward and stupid – and without as much of the dynamic that someone who was telling me what to do brings to it.

I squeezed thumb and forefinger around each nipple and gave them a tug and jerk like one might do to a cow’s udders and then began the slow process of squirting tiny streams of my breast milk into a glass beneath me.

“What happens to the milk?”

“Sometimes he has me drink it.” I left out the part where after he cums in my mouth and that he usually has me gargle with the cum and milk, rinse and repeat. If Bill hadn’t shared all this with him – was it really my duty to teach him all this?

“Can I drink it?”

“Yes Sir, I don’t mind at all. If you’ll give me about ten minutes down here I will probably have a nice little glass full.” Jerry had seen me naked several times but I didn’t look at him because I think seeing him watch me milk myself would have only heightened my awareness of just how over-the-top humiliating this experience was.

“No I mean, can I drink you know...from the tap?” he said awkwardly.

“You want to try to suckle my tits, Sir?” that was a new one. They had made Jamie do it to me and it actually felt pretty good (I am ashamed to admit).

“Yes, do you mind?”

“Sir, I am on all fours naked tugging my boobs like a cow while you watch,” I needed to get my frustration with Jerry’s passive repetitious questions under control, “No, I wouldn’t mind. Do you want me to sit on your lap?”

“Can I sit on yours?”

Jerry probably weighs 260lbs and while I am pretty fit I was really shocked to hear him say that. I stopped squeezing myself and got in my Office Chair. I instantly imagined what Chris would say about ‘snail trails’ from my wet pussy, that surely would be left on the leather upholstery of my chair.

Jerry crossed the room over to me, hiding what might have been a boner in his beige khakis – I’d like to add that these are the same pants he had on Thursday and Friday last week and I doubt he had washed them.

I leaned back in my chair, “Okay, careful Sir” as he tried to arrange himself over my knee. I could see he was going for sort of a natural position. He didn’t push all his weight on to my knee and instead used part of the chair and desk for support.

“You feel warm.” he smiled.

I don’t know what to say to that. “I guess I am hot blooded.” I cupped my breast and offered it to him without holding his glance.

“Can you take out this piercing?” he asked nicely.

“I am not supposed to Sir, because the hole could heal up very quickly and I would get punished if I get home and couldn’t get it back in.”

He accepted my answer and began to flit his tongue across the thick nub that was being squeezed by the piercings.

“It seems like these piercings are smushing your breasts.” he said while slicking them down with his wet saliva in the most disgusting way I could imagine him doing –with his mouth anyway.

“Yes Sir, the way they are locked in, they pull my nipples up and out so that they are always erect.”

He tapped them with his finger playfully “Like little cocks” and then proceeded to put his mouth around it. I would have laughed at what Freud might have said about someone who said and done that but I just closed my eyes and pretended it was someone else. I felt a little guilty my mind didn’t go immediately to Bill – but I guess that’s what being a whore does to you.

It wasn’t long before he had perfected a technique of gripping the nipple with the edges of his teeth and applying enough suction and then releasing to start suckling the milk out. As he worked the tit in his mouth the other began to slowly drip and leak down my chest and so did my pussy.

How humiliating it is to admit Jerry Cooper from accounting was giving me an orgasm? Then again being naked on leather with my legs spread apart and the pussy ring holding me open counted for a large part of that feeling.

“Would you like to do the other breast too, sir?” I hinted that maybe he could put some attention on the far breast. He ignored me and kept slurping.

“Would you like me to play with myself while you suckle my big tits, Sir?” I was trying to make it sound like he was ordering me to do it – but I won’t kid you journal, I really wanted to play with myself and pull my right tit in conjunction with the attention he gave the left one.

He didn’t respond and when my fingers started to drift down my lap he actively took my hand and pulled it back with a muffled “nuh-uh” to let me know I couldn’t.

Jerry that bastard - I’ve spent two weeks being a slut, a whore and a slave but this is the first time I felt truly like a nymphomaniac who was doing this for her own wicked pleasures only.

I had my arms around his jelly belly in an embrace as he continued to focus on the singular thing he was interested in – draining my left tit of all milk. I accidentally touched something plastic in his waist band.

“Jerry? I mean Sir, is that what I think it is?” I whispered in his ear – In retrospect I want to say that I think I was more turned on by the denial to bring myself to orgasm than one might have actually given me.

He became embarrassed and pulled my finger gently off his belt.

“You can tell me, is it a diaper Jerry?”

He stopped suckling and pulled back with a smack of his lips. “Yes that is a diaper but it is not what you think. It is so I can work longer without getting up from my cube.”

“You wear a diaper to work so you don’t have to leave to go to the bathroom? Doesn’t that start to stink after a while?” I began to wonder if I was treading on thin ice because Jerry’s face started to take on a concerned look.

“Okay Mommy, yes I like diaper fetishes. When I started working part time at the adult mega store I started to learn about all kinds of kink and one day while rewinding a VHS tape we rented I saw it –is that such a big deal?”

“No sir, I won’t judge you.” I was smiling as I offered him my boob. If he could be motivated by this he would probably be a push over at work as my handler. I could probably let him play goo-goo-gaa-gaa fantasies and even get some of my work done for a change.

I could also use the fact I knew about his dirty little secret as a way to hopefully motivate him to keep all of mine!

“Jerry, Mommy wants you to wear just your diaper. Will you do that for mommy?” I spoke to him in baby talk. It felt ridiculous but he went for it like a bear to honey.

“Yes Mommy” his voice became child-like and he quickly removed his shirt and pants revealing a very pink and blubbery but hairless body. I helped him put away his clothes and folded them for him.

“Do you want to play with mommy’s toys?” I offered him my purse and he pulled out a large red rubber butt plug. It was shaped like a small bowling pin except it progressively tapered off in a series of concentric rubber rings.

“What is this mommy?”

“It’s a pacifier, would you like to sit on the floor and be a good boy. If you can play with your Toy quietly while mommy does her work, she will let you have a treat?”

He was fully in-character at this point. Jerry sat on the floor in front of my desk and began to put this booty-plug in his mouth and play around with it. He was drooling down his chin and thumbing his finger in his mouth making airplane sounds.

I didn’t bother putting on clothes I just started to check my email and backlog of projects. I would have to be a miracle worker to pull off catching up on my workload after this training was over. This is one of the reasons I told myself I didn’t like family vacations.

A fact I now deeply regret – because this time in training has taught me so much about my family that I might have learned on a trip to Disneyworld. I made a mental note once we get out of the financial hole we are in to schedule a trip to my family’s farm out in Indiana- a change will do us good.

I noticed one of the e-mails had to do with travel arrangements for this weekend. My husband and I share a Travelocity account and he had cancelled our lodging and travel for this weekend. I remembered talking to him about an Internet discussion group that he belongs to that gets together periodically to meet face to face. I knew this was very important to him and it made me feel pretty bad that he had cancelled his trip.

I will be very honest that had this arrangement not come up with us I would never have gone and neither would Jamie - our lives were too focused on our own thing. I don’t know what Chris would have done but I doubt he would have wanted to go either.

I am absolutely positive I would have forbid him to go if I were still the boss of the house. I let myself drift away in my imagination to relive just a few seconds of what it was like when I used to be the head-honcho around the house. I have to admit the power really was intoxicating.

I didn’t have a chance to start feeling guilty like I usually do when I go over all the stuff I would’ve done again and wouldn’t have.

There was a knock on my door.

By now most everyone in my department who worked for me knew I wasn’t taking their questions or meeting with them. “I am in a conference call, can you put some time on my calendar” I said in a voice that sounded like I had just put my call on mute. I had blocked off every hour of my day for the next two weeks just in case anyone tried to schedule a meeting.

“No, I can’t. I want to talk to you right now.” Dammit – it was Vicky and she was not happy.

“I am sorry, I am really bus” I was half-way through the sentence when the door started to jiggle as it unlocked. I was completely busted – there was no way I had time to dress.

The door opened and Vicky strode in with Steve behind him.

“Well, hello there Vicky,” I smiled knowing I had been busted. “do you mind shutting the door?”

Jerry reverted back to his regular curmudgeon persona – frankly I like the little kid version of Jerry. He seemed much more carefree and positive. He gathered his clothes like a crab digging in the sand.

I didn’t bother to try to dress because I knew that it wouldn’t change anything. I sat up, crossed my knee and acted as if this were the most perfectly normal office meeting.

“I think you have some explaining to do.” Vicky was still dressed like a slut but her hands on her hip and attitude hadn’t diminished any of her bitchy attitude.

“About?” I rested my chin on my hands like I hadn’t the foggiest notion what they were talking about.

“Slut, I think you need to get out of that chair and get those plugs up that fat ass of yours when your betters are talking to you.” Steve ordered me in his calm but certain voice.

“I am sorry Sir, but my husband put Jerry in charge of me. He said I don’t have to obey you anymore.”

“Jerry, let me be in charge of Wendy.” Steve said matter-of-factly to Jerry.

“Okay, that’s fine” Jerry was climbing into his pants.

Damn that Jerry!

I’ve been Steve’s slut for a week. It won’t kill me to let him see me squirm around on the floor a little more. The part that was eating me up inside was Vicky’s part in all this.

I quickly ran through a dozen scenarios:

- I contact Bill to ask if I didn’t have to take orders from Steve and how bad the punishments would be if I refused.

- I ran through a scenario where I begged and promised Bill that he could strip me of all my stars if I didn’t have to do this in front of Vicky.

- I briefly flirted with the idea of grabbing some clothes and just running for a boat and getting on it.

“Yes Sir, of course you are right. That is where I belong.” I heard myself say as I got off the chair and picked up the red rubber butt plug Jerry had been playing with and inserted it in my ass – without wiping off his slobber I might add.

Jerry asked if he could go when he had his clothes back on but both Vicky and Steve forbid him and he just stayed seated in a chair off to the side watching. I slunk over to a big flesh-colored dildo and pushed it into my pussy and then took a position facing away from them on the floor – as Steve preferred.

“Your slut is stuffed and spread Sir, may I gag myself?”

“Nice try slut, how about you tell us what you tried to pull on us?” Vicky’s voice was full of vinegar.

“I didn’t try to pull anything on STEVE.” I clarified that my target had been Vicky. There was no point in continuing to play coy. “I admit I was probably a stinker for telling you NOT to ask him to be your handler, knowing that is exactly what you would rush right out and do. I knew I would be given to Jerry today so I was just lining up a replacement for Steve because he was so good to me.”

“Likely story” Steve reached out and smacked my ass cheeks extra hard. Then he nudged me forward, “Clean those snail trails off that chair. You know better than to sit that naked ass cheese on a chair.”

I moved forward slowly and licked my chair while Vicky lambasted me about her morning. I wasn’t the least bit sympathetic.

Steve had actually been fairly light on her – he tied her up and fucked her in her office while shifting his office work to her and taking credit for her projects by subtly adding his name to the work.

“So tell me the truth Vicky – had Steve not tried to be so obvious about getting credit for your work, you probably would have let him keep fucking you hard, wouldn’t you?”

“Shut up whore” the shoe that kicked me in the ass was definitely a high heel and hers.

I said nothing and then she kicked me again “Well?”

“You ordered me to shut up, Ma’am.” I explained trying to keep the snark off my face. I was in deep and I don’t mean deep doo-doo like a Jamie poop - I mean deep doo-doo like one of my big old lawn turds. I was already surging with the fear-induced adrenalin of concentrated humiliation that felt worse than the first time Mrs. Waxerman caught wind of our shenanigans. Was the best medicine to just roll with it and try to have fun with it? Could I do that without Chris’s wise cracks, Jamie’s support and Bill’s serious straight face?

I knew she wanted me to talk and talk I did. I explained how I had noticed Vicky slowly experimenting with the way I was dressing and acting and it amused me. “It had been my luck to run into you when I was in the book store getting fucked by a bunch of guys. I decided to lay out the cheese and let you come to Steve and beg to have him treat you like this.”

Even with my butt to her I could sense her rage radiating from her as she realized that she had walked right into it.

“Would you like to spank me, ma’am?” I wiggled my ass for her. There wasn’t anything her arm could dish out that I couldn’t take after the daily beatings I had received. I felt the act of pretending I was looking forward to it was only going to take some of the wind out of her sails. She came around the side of me and pulled my hands forward while slapping my cuffs around my wrist and wrapping the chain around the base of the chair. I could feel Wendy pinch my pussy lips and tug them hard – before letting them go like a sling shot.

I would have to get used to this torment – but then there was a sudden reprieve as everyone became quiet.

The phone on my desk rang and Steve answered it. He spoke briefly and I distinctly heard him joke that I was a ‘little tied up at the moment’. I then heard him answer, “Yes sir, I’ll put it on speaker right now so you can talk to her.” He hadn’t let me talk to the last person – so whoever this was they had to be important enough to interrupt their twisted revenge games.

The voice on the speaker phone was the CEO “Wendy Taylor, are you there?”

I quickly answered in the most professional sounding manner that I could muster. “The quality of work you’ve been turning in with some young executive Steve Something-or-other, it’s been abysmal. I was just in an investor meeting and it was as if a simpleton had put it together.”

Steve was handsome, he had swagger and confidence and looked great in a suit – but he wasn’t particular good at business analysis. I knew it was a mistake letting him turn in work and put my name on it.

There was another long pause and finally I heard our CEO’s voice say angrily, “Wendy, I’ve been happy with your performance over the years and had actually been considering giving you the Bitterman account. But your recent behavior is totally unacceptable. As much as I hate to do this, I cannot allow you to be employed here any longer.” The phone went dead at that point and there was another long pause as what I had heard sank in. I had just been fired. No advance notice, no warning, just summarily dismissed after years of faithful service.

I could hear Steve and Vicky chuckling – had she put him up to turning in work with my name on it? Had they both played me all along? Maybe I was supposed to just think that Vicky had been copying me all week and that she went to Steve this morning and asked him to be her handler. They could have been in collusion from the very start to take me down!

Could I just be paranoid? Or did they seem like they had been working as a team from the very start? If so – then Vicky well played – well played.

When Steve hung up the phone, I looked at the chains binding me to the chair and dejectedly added, “You know you don’t have to bind me Sir. If you order me to hold my position I will stay spread and ready for you.”

“That’s good to know that you are such a loyal slut, shake your ass for me.” I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t crying right now. I had just lost my job and the sole source of income for the family. I wasn’t even thinking about the repercussions of that fact yet. I did a little wiggle and a little waggle thinking I was doing it for Steve and Vicky. That is until I heard the first nervous giggling that wasn’t Jerry. I don’t know how they opened my door without me hearing but when I finally turned my head to look behind me there was standing room only in my office as I scanned about a dozen people holding their cell phone cameras recording my performance.

If I hadn’t just been fired – I would have been super-fired for this little scene.

I would have been so thankful for the super power to teleport, turn invisible or just pass out on command. I’d wake up at some time in the future when this horrible waking nightmare was no longer happening. I could tell from their open laughter that I had not been successful in hiding the shocked double-take I did when I realized they were there.

I literally felt my asshole pucker around the buttplug as my sphincter tightened around it in a vice like grip.

I wanted to say “You know I love an audience, who would like to fuck me first?” and smoothly begin to gyrate but I began to panic and struggle - Vicky’s laugh was the loudest over them all.

“I am looking forward to having your office. You want us to untie you before security gets here or are you looking forward to a sexy cavity search?” Vicky’s tone was beyond anything even that little witch Delilah could have summoned up - It was like a wave of liquid scorn washing over me like a painful acid wash.

“Please yes, I would like very much to be untied Ma’am,” I stammered. My jaw had started to hurt as my teeth began to involuntarily chatter. I maintained the protocol while she uncuffed me and gave my butt a hard spank. “That must be jam, because jelly doesn’t shake like that.”

I could distinctly hear her tell people to erase that part off their cell phones as I dashed out of my former office clutching my clothes and shoes. I am probably one of the few people to ever actually jaunt naked through the cubicles at their office – although I am sure a lot of people have had that dream.

Let me tell you the reality is a lot worse than the dream – especially if you have big fat milky tits bouncing up and down as you try like hell to find some place to hide.

I probably won’t do justice to the dodging and weaving between cubicles and filing cabinets as I fled my former co-workers. I don’t know why I didn’t just calmly walk out – they already seen me in the most humiliating ways. All I can say is in the moment the adrenalin of the situation prompted something primal in the fight-or-flight wiring of my brain and it was flight all the way.

I made it to the elevator without a second thought for snow globes, and personal affects, certificates of accomplishment or even my final paycheck – I was done with this place. Bill could roast me like a chestnut over an open fire before I set foot back here again.

The knowledge that I would probably never see these people again actually gave me a little bit of a respite from the waves of humiliation wafting over me. I don’t know if it was endorphins giving me a false euphoric feeling of release or real but I simply stood in the elevator waiting for one of the doors to open.

I hadn’t even removed the red butt plug or dildo that I had clenched in my holes all the way to the elevator. I just stood there like a naked fool as I remembered the years I spent carving out a career, building respect and how in the span of a few minutes I had just shit that out like two big donkey-sized turds on my lawn.
I was reaching behind me to pull the plug out of my ass when the elevator door opened.

Karma can be a real bitch. It was Mr. Bitterman one of the wealthiest clients that my firm handles – he must have just been leaving that big investor meeting the CEO was talking about. I’ve only ever seen him once before at a meeting a year ago. The account handling his business is one that Vicky and I have both desired for years as it comes with a great deal of prestige and the possibility of promotion within the company.

“Okay, I appear to be on the wrong floor,” He shook his head in disbelief when he saw me standing there in my birthday suit. He seemed like a down to earth old man wearing a very ill-fitting suit. He smiled and held the door for me “Going down?”

I took my hand away from my ass and started to explain but no words were coming out.

I could hear the throng of office workers closing in on my position – no doubt with cell phone cameras waving around to catch a glimpse of the crazy lady who just lost her mind and ran through the office naked.

I stepped into the elevator with him and he closed the door.

“Do you mind putting on your clothes before we get to the bottom?” he held the elevator in position.

“Yes Sir, but I should probably remove some things first.” I sounded pathetic as the latex flesh-colored dong slipped out of my pussy and hit the floor making a sloshy-ker-thudd sound. I smiled at him apologetically.

“I assume there is some colorful story behind all this?” he seemed bemused by my state.

I felt really bad about pulling the butt plug from my ass, especially because once it’s all the way out it really looks huge. It also had just a smidge of brown on it from my rear-axle grease if you know what I mean and I think you do.

I quickly put the clothes and shoes on and held on to the dildo and butt plug. I tried to fix my hair and get presentable while I told him, “You ever have one of THOSE days, Sir?”

“No, I can’t say I’ve had one of THESE days, but I thank you for giving me something memorable for once in the seventeen years I’ve been coming to this place.” He chuckled.

“Could I trouble you for a ride home? I am afraid that the person I carpooled with today probably isn’t going to give me a lift home.”

He had a kind face and he laughed, “Sure if you don’t mind riding in a pickup truck.”

“I ride in the back of one all the time.” I smiled reassuringly as the elevator at the bottom opened.

“Then you’ll love this, you can ride up front with me. I even have air conditioning and everything.” he was smiling and being affable with me.

The security guard walked towards me but noticing Mr. Bitterman he stepped back. “It’s quite alright, the girl is with me.”

“Oh yes Mr. Bitterman but,” the security guard started to offer protest but was cut off.

“Son, you are just a rent-a-cop, don’t try and detain me or you’ll find yourself on the way out like this young lady. She has asked me to escort her home and that is what I intend to do. Do we have a problem?” he was a simple man but one accustomed to getting what he wanted.

His old white truck was in the very first parking space when you exit the main lobby of our building. I have to admit I almost got in the back of the truck out of habit.

I held on to the two toys and gave him directions to my house.

“I am afraid I don’t have a GPS or anything like that, so you’ll have to give me directions on the way.” He seemed amused with the fact that I didn’t expect him to travel this way.

“With a name like Bitterman, people think you talk with an English accent and drive around in a rolls Royce trying to put Grey Poupon mustard on everything.” He joked as he worked the clutch and manually shifted gears. “I don’t need any of those things. I prefer the simple country life. This truck gets me where I want to go. It aint pretty to look at but it’s reliable.”

I said nothing and nodded except to give him the occasional direction.

“I don’t suppose you are ever gonna tell me why you were in your birthday suit back there are you?” he finally asked the question I knew he had to be wondering.

“You are just such a nice man, and my story is so complicated that I don’t think you would ever understand it, Sir.”

“Try me.”

He pulled over at a coffee shop – not a Starbucks but one of those old timey ones that sell a ‘cup of joe’ and a donut. The guy behind the counter recognized him and we sat a table.

“Where to start Sir?”

“Well first, even my trust fund grandchildren can’t call me Sir, so you call me Walt.” I didn’t argue with that. He had my respect in so many ways that the tone I used alone would be obvious I meant “Sir” when I said “Walt”.

That was when I first began to outline this entire story. I described how I had tried to introduce the “Taylor Women’s declaration of Independence” because my husband and son were lazy and needed prodding to do anything around the house.

He was a great listener – stopping only to offer that his trust fund grandchildren sound an awful lot like that too.

I told him about how Chris and Bill had thrown a hissy and ended up leaving for a while. When they came back life had handed them a reality check. They came home in the pouring rain like a metaphor of their miserable experience and what was probably an innocent misunderstanding led to them thinking when I said there would be changes that they needed to strip.

“You probably told them to strip out of those wet clothes, and they thought you meant strip it all off.” He had heard how Bill had been caught red-handed with the pictures of Jamie’s friends and said he could see how that might of happened.

“If it was an accident, I could have stopped it right then and told them to put on clothes. Instead, I started to lay down the rules and get bossy in order to try to get them to lose weight and work harder around the house. I started out with the best of intentions.”

“Don’t we all” he mused.

“I was disgusted with how they were and felt this was like tough love. I have to admit I started to slowly escalate and get off on the power and control over their lives.”

“I’ve been a CEO for a long time, Darling. It gets old after a while, but that is a long while coming.” Everything he said sounding like a page out of an advice book.

I told him how I recruited Jamie to help me.

“From what you told me about her, she sounds like a mini-version of you. It makes sense that you wanted her help. She was re-affirming the things you were doing were making sense and she was sort of your co-conspirator in this.”

“Partners in crime.” I used a description of our relationship from the past.

We sipped coffee through my description of my power trip on the guys. He didn’t flinch when I told him I laughed at their naked bellies flapping when I made them do exercises and I tied their cocks together.

“You were removing their power as men by desexualizing them. A virile man who is full of testosterone wants to dominate and control – you were making them docile by making them masturbate frequently and humbling them.”

It was effortless to describe it all – He seemed to like the story about Cathy Griffin and pressed me for details.

“It sounds like that was a real turning point for Chris. He slept-walked through most of this ordeal, until his sister abandoned him with Cathy and made him run around all day.” Mr. Bitterman sounded very sure of himself – but then he always did.

I hadn’t thought about it quite like that but he was right. Things became far more kinky after that day. Later that night when Cathy dropped off Chris, she saw the pictures Bill had taken of her friends on our computer. I had been making Bill masturbate to them to shame him.

“Naturally, you were basically castrating his manhood in a metaphorical fashion.”

I really was a bitch, huh?

I explained how Cathy thought that we had intended to blackmail her with those pictures and in a blind panic ran to her older brothers to plot some things of their own.

I have to admit while I told the story and reflected on it – it took my mind off all the events of the day. I had just flushed a lucrative career and my chances of getting another job like it.

In my final act of total hubris I threw a party for teenagers where I knew there would be alcohol. I wouldn’t have even done it if not for the fact I wanted to make Chris and Bill humiliated by bartending in speedo bikinis. I was a teenager myself and had done some drinking at parties like that – I knew it was sort of a rite of passage into adulthood.

“I was able to justify having Bill spend money to buy booze and throw the party just to humiliate my husband.”

Walt withheld judgment and sipped his coffee. I warned him this was a long story and he told me it was the highlight of his week and to please continue.

I don’t know why I felt it was any of his business but it was nice to have an ear to tell my story to someone who seemed to enjoy all the nuances and enjoyed listening to it.

I told him how Cathy and her brothers had engineered it so my daughter would wreck my convertible and then be on hand to trick her into walking away without reporting the accident. They held the note on my mortgage and tried to blackmail us both.

“It sounds like they didn’t have too,” he smiled at me knowingly. “You wanted to be stopped. A part of you felt so guilty about what you were doing you wanted to be punished for it.”

It was like he was reading my mind because I explained that Jamie and I agreed to be good sports and give the guys payback. We put on some skimpy bathing suits and passed out beers at the party of our own freewill.

The next day Bill sat down and got organized for the first time in a long time. He put together “Bill’s Bill” a collection of rules and beliefs and laid them out for us. I explained about the 100 stars we had to earn and how because we liked to exercise and be fit that the challenges weren’t going to mirror the same goals we gave them.

“It makes sense, and you and your daughter don’t value what men like, so jiggling boobs and butts probably didn’t turn you on the way they do a man.”

I nodded in agreement and explained how skeptical and unsure we were.

“Of course you were, you are the type of person who over analyzes everything and slices and dices every which-a-way. Bill knew you pretty well because he included measurable goals and consequences for poor performance.”

In a matter of seconds he had summed me up pretty well. I told him how Bill had been the breadwinner initially while I worked my way through college.

“Then you said hey if I can just get my career started I will have time to sit back and deal with family stuff later – before you knew it you had two kids and an active career and you were so wrapped up in climbing the ladder you didn’t stop.”

“Is that what you did, Walt?” he appeared to have a perfect vision of how I was balancing being ‘super mom’ and career woman.

“Oh no, I made my money the old fashioned way - I inherited it.” he laughed as he took another drink of coffee.

I told him about how Bill had found someone to watch over me at work and I was quite sure that Mr. Bitterman wanted details there. I was going to take the high road and leave Steve and Vicky out of this but I couldn’t resist mentioning their part in my humiliation.

I told him my theory that Vicky and Steve might have been working at this together from the very start. There was a time when Vicky just ‘happened’ to be in the shower when I was there and then she just happened to be shopping at the book store when I was there – but how would Steve have known I’d be at the book store? I would have to puzzle on that for some time to come.

Mr. Bitterman considered what I told him and said “Well if that were true – she really committed to it. I think I saw the young lady you are talking about trying to get me to look at some of the work she had been doing as a proposal on diversifying my account. I couldn’t take my eyes off the piercings poking through her shirt. I just assumed this was a new fad at your office when I saw yours.” He laughed.

I hate feeling paranoid and the question of just when or if Steve and Vicky had a partnership is going to bug me for a while. I like stories where the author tells you exactly what happened and doesn’t make you use your imagination to fill in the blanks. Bill had wanted me to watch the TV series Lost with him about a year ago. I ended up buying the series for him to watch by himself because I just didn’t want to wait for them to fill in the blanks later and they like to make their audience gather clues and circle back to answer a question they raised at the start of the series in a future season.

I continued my story for Mr. Bitterman hitting the highlights about going back to the motel and hooking and how things had just gotten out of hand so fast.

“You hadn’t established any limits to the relationship and you both were playing it by the seats of your pants. I bet Bill was just surprised that you were willing to do anything you could to make it up to him – but I wouldn’t be. You are that type of woman.”

He seemed very interested in Mrs. Waxerman and joked, “Sounds like an interesting woman.”

I told him about the crazy night at the county fair and how we had grown to know each other so much better.

“You were seeing things you wanted to see in Bill and Chris all along. You were pleased he was taking charge, getting organized but more importantly that he exuded confidence and was making rational decisions. You wanted to see more of that.”

I told him that the tattoos were probably a sign that both Jamie and I may have on a subconscious level wanted that.

“I don’t know Jamie, but I am guessing her reason was a little different than yours. I think she was still learning who she was and was afraid she could only be defined as a goody-two-shoes who only ever did cheerleading and all the stuff people expect a girl like her to do. I think she also just wanted to finally bond with you in a way that would last forever.”

That was so sweet I could barely talk after that. He had hit the nail on the head. I told him that as crazy as it sounds, that we have learned so much about each other and how we all felt we had missed out on vacations and trips together as a family.

“You should take a vacation together!” he said emphatically.

“Things are tough right now, Walt.” I went into the shopping sprees and my cowardice about bringing up to Bill all the money that we needed to have. I could tell he was getting a little guarded as if I was going to hit him up for money - I reassured him that wasn’t my intention.

“Miss, if I thought you stood naked in that elevator lobby on the off-chance I opened the door in order to come with me to give me a sob story to sucker money out of me I would never have let you in my truck.” He grinned.

I skipped a lot of the details about all of the training but we kept coming back to Bill’s internet user’s group meeting this weekend.

“If I were a betting man, and I am – I would bet that you are going to go to that thing with him and you just haven’t convinced him yet that he needs to take you as a family.”

“Yeah but if we go with him – it is going to be as his slaves because we haven’t earned the 100 stars.”

“I am going to only say this one time and I want you to listen to me very carefully.” He spoke with a slow southern charm of a man who had learned about as much as a man could learn about life and eagerly looked forward to each day to learn a little bit more.

He had me on the edge of my seat.

“You have earned your one hundred stars, darling.” I didn’t understand him and he could tell from the look on my face I was going to point out I was trailing my daughter.

“The things you have done – the experiences you have shared have impressed Bill and Chris. They know you love them and they know you have endured this for them. They also know that a part of you wants this very strange relationship with them to continue.”

I was going to tell him that my daughter probably didn’t. He hushed me.

“I am a shrewd judge of character. If I had met you a few months ago I would not let you go anywhere near my account. The woman at this coffee table – I would be proud to let you manage my account because you have learned what is important in life and you are willing to give a little to get a lot. You sacrifice for others, but you aren’t stupid about it – they better be worth it.”

He was making me tear up. I swear that man should write for lifetime movies because I don’t know a woman who could have listened to him talk and not feel a little maternal stir in her heart.

“Your daughter is in this until you finish it – just like your deal with Bill to leave you in it until you finish it? It is as obvious to me as the smile on your face that your daughter’s apple didn’t fall too far from your lovely tree. I don’t know why you would have a hard time figuring it out. If you were willing to stay until it’s all done – she would be too.”

“Yeah but didn’t you say we already earn our one hundred stars?” I didn’t know what he meant by that.

He laughed, “This is all extra credit. You paid those fellas back and gave them more than they ever gave you. I am not going to tell you what to do. You are going to go home and think about what I’ve told you and I think you are going to come to understand what I am talking about.”

He didn’t say another word about it or ask me another question until we left the diner and were almost home.

“So you don’t think what I was doing was perverted?”

“Oh darling, it’s deeply perverted.” I was shocked. He had been so accepting and calm when I told him about all the blowjobs and bondage. “Whoever said being perverted was bad though?”

He pulled up to my drive way and as I stepped out of the truck I turned back to ask him if he wanted to take me inside to explain what happened but he drove off without another word.

I would have to spend a lot of time thinking about all the advice he gave me – some of it I wish I had written down when he said it because even as I journal it now I didn’t capture it all.

One little thing had been bothering me all the way home and I finally got a chance to clean off that little smidge of brown pudding on the side of my butt plug now that Walt was out of sight.

I sighed and collected my nerves. I was going to have to face Bill and Chris and explain our only income was gone now that I was fired. They were definitely going to punish the shit out of me.

Why was I smiling?

The Family Feud IV
Chapter Sixteen
“Rare treats like a marshmallow you find in your lucky charms”

Get out of jail cards: 1
WHORE: 5,3,0,0,1
Get out of jail cards: 1
WHORE: 4,3,0,0,0

**Note to reader: The story returns to the original narrative voice. Bill has picked Jamie up from school and brought her home. He put her outside in the back yard chained up with Rosco and it is now about 3pm on Monday.

“RUFF!” Jamie barked excitedly and panted while wagging her tail.

She was naked on all fours with a heavy chain on her collar in the backyard. She had a butt plug in her ass and she was wiggling it playfully.

The Waxerman boys were tossing pebbles over the fence at Jamie – teasing her and asking questions. They did not know she wasn’t allowed to do anything but bark. “Hey when you get done playing doggy can you come over to our house again?” they asked excitedly.

Jamie panted and wagged her tail excitedly holding her tongue out like a dumb mutt but didn’t bark. She couldn’t promise them and it seemed unlikely her father was taking her any place.

The Waxerman boys had been out there for the last thirty minutes or so. They were too shy to actually come in her backyard even though they knew her now – but they had progressed to popping their heads over the fence to talk to her.

Rosco for his part acted just like Jamie was. He’d come up and give her a sloppy kiss on the face and wag his tail and run around on the chain. He liked the attention and company of her being outside with him.

She had to admit the prospect of spending long hours outside alone with no one to talk to her was already sinking in. There had been several long hours when it was just her and Rosco and she was alone with nothing but her thoughts.

Her palms and knees were already starting to hurt from crawling around and she was wondering when her dad was going to come and give her a little stretch and bathroom break. He had said nothing about it.

The other thing on her mind was how to earn stars now?

If her dad was going to keep her in the backyard alone – how could she earn stars? They mostly got them through dares, competitions and none of that would happen when no one was around but Rosco.

At the rate she was earning she thought she would be done by this weekend but the suspension was for a full two weeks. Her dad had made it clear in no uncertain terms that even if she earns her stars that she was to report for doggy duty during school hours until the suspension was lifted.

She was trying to keep her mind off thinking about all of that by acting like an energetic puppy - yipping around the yard for the Waxerman boys.

The sliding glass door opened and she turned excitedly to see who it was. She was mid-tail waggle and tongue pant when three familiar figures stalked out with her father.

“These boy’s say you promised to suck their dick, is that right?” Bill had his hands on his hips like he was disappointed as he stood next to Dave, Noah and Thad the football players.

“RUFF!” she answered playfully. She could tell by the look on their faces they were thinking “What is this shit?”

“You can use English.” Bill remained completely stone-face despite the completely surreal idea that he was letting three strange football players into his backyard to talk to his naked daughter about whether she owed them a blowjob or not.

“Yes Sir, I promised them when you and Chris took me to the locker room at the game on Friday.” Jamie reminded her father diligently showing only a slight hint of humiliation under their harsh gaze.

“Yes, and I recall driving your ass to a party so you could deliver on that promise and am I to understand you failed to do so?”

“Yes Sir, but” Bill popped a rolled up newspaper across his daughters nose to shut her up.

The Waxerman boy’s giggled in the background.

Bill yelled at them to get out of there and told her, “Stop encouraging those boys to watch you play around the yard, slut - this is supposed to be punishment.” Then he told her to tell him why she hadn’t fulfilled her obligation.

“I am sorry Sir, I tried too but they got too drunk and passed out before I could do it.” Jamie told the truth picturing the tangled bodies of the three football players laying naked on each other near another cheerleader who had probably had sex with all three of them.

“Then am I to understand you got them in trouble today by getting them caught in the bathroom with you?”

“Chris and Cathy ordered me to go with them, Sir.” Jamie pleaded sounding apologetic.

“Oh here come the waterworks, fellas. She never does wrong – it’s always someone else’s fault.” Bill was being critical of his daughter and the only one of the football players who seemed to be egging him on was Dave Stravosky. The other two had gone from a mildly amused ‘wtf’ to showing a little sympathy for Jamie’s situation.

“Don’t feel bad for her guys. Jamie wanted to be out here didn’t you? You agreed to live like a dog for your entire suspension.”

Jamie knew now wasn’t the time to clarify if in the evening she could come inside and earn stars with her mom.
“Yes Sir, I volunteered for this.”

“Tell them why that is, ass face?”

“I am a whore, and a slut. I could be closely supervised at school but now that I am home every day, that is going to cut in your alone time, and it’s only fair that I spend it outside out of your way.”

Bill asked “Anything else?”

“Yes Sir, I am a slut puppy because it amuses you to see me drag my tits across the lawn, and wiggle my tail for you.”

“Good girl, you are getting it,” Bill patted her on the top of the head and asked, “Is there anything else you want to ask these gentlemen now that they are here?”

“May I please finish sucking your dicks, Sirs?”

“How about letting us fuck that sweet, sweet punani?” Noah asked with an intense expression on his face to underscore his desire.

“You guys got twenty bucks each?”

“Yeah dude, my dad owns a dealership.” Thad replied dismissively.

“You can each fuck her in the ass. Tell you what, I’ll give you a deal since you had so many problems getting the whore to service you with her mouth. You can all three bang her backdoor for fifty bucks.”

“What? How about forty.” Dave haggled on behalf of the guys.

Jamie could say nothing – just look up in wonder at her father’s callousness and the guys’ obvious lack of concern for her worth. She said nothing – and just squinted up at the guys in the afternoon sun.

Bill laughed and told them they drove a hard bargain but accepted forty dollars from them. “Thank the nice gentlemen. I am going inside to play a little Star Wars: The Old Republic.”

“Thank you Sirs for paying to fuck my asshole” Jamie realized she could at least earn stars from getting visitors in the backyard. That was at least something to keep her smiling.

“So how do we do this? We have to do it back here? No bed.” Dave called to Bill as if he had just been ripped off.

“There is a lawn chair.” Bill was already walking inside the house –paying no attention.

Jamie felt humiliated on a brand new level, but also abandoned. It wasn’t that she wanted her father to stand there and watch her get plowed from behind – but at the same time, the fact that he didn’t care to even watch made her feel less valuable on some level. She had empathized with her mother the night before when she was standing in the living room being ignored but now she knew exactly how her mom had felt.

“Okay you twisted cunt, you let your dad pimp you out- should we be using condoms on you?” Dave sneered.

“I believe there are some condoms inside if you want Sir, it’s completely up to you.” Jamie was still wrestling with the pros and cons of her father wanting to stay out there and watch or not – which of those would have been worse? She asked herself. “Shall I remove my tail?” she asked sweetly.

“No, we were planning to fuck you with it in,” Dave answered angrily, “there better not be shit all over it.”

She plucked it from her ass with an embarrassing ‘quoop’ sound and put it in her mouth to clean it without being told. The guys giggled. She pulled herself forward and began to unbuckle Dave first.

“No, do Thad first” he commanded and without thinking she went to Thad and unbuckled him, still holding the end of the plug in her mouth.

She pulled out his semi-hard dick and spit the plug onto the grass. She took him in her wet mouth to get him fully hard. Jamie was beautifully erotic even as forced and disgusting as this backyard sex was. The Waxerman boys had returned to the fence and were sneaking a peek.

“You like this you twisted slut?” Dave asked but Jamie’s mouth was already stuffed full of cock so she could only nod. She remained on her knees while holding out her hands to signal that she could unbuckle the other two.

Noah obliged by moving himself to her right hand but Dave went behind her.

“God, I thought it would look like a pit back here, but you’ve got a tight pink butthole.” Jamie almost laughed at the thought this was the closest Dave would ever come to complimenting her. She maintained her composure and used both hands to pull Noah’s dick out and begin pulling it.

“You guys are total fags to get your dicks so close to each other.” Dave challenged his friends who were easily a foot apart at the time.

Noah said blithely, “Nah, I think it’s only gay if you cross swords”

Dave plunged his unlubricated cock into Jamie’s asshole without warning. Had she not been training with butt plugs she would have screamed at the friction-pain of his forced entry into her backdoor.

“This is how you do it, you Gaylords!” Dave said while mounting Jamie from behind and thrusting hard into her ass. He was holding her hips with both hands and picking her up off the ground. “The only thing that makes this hard is I have to look at you two homos.”

“So don’t” Thad was enjoying the cock sucking he was getting and Jamie expertly switched to warm up Noah’s pecker with her saliva and give it a tongue washing while she jerked off Thad at the same pace. Thad was stroking Jamie’s golden blonde hair.

“For a slut, she sure is pretty in the face.” of all the abusive things Dave had said to her, the reverse compliment from Noah felt like an unexpected punch to her stomach. There was something about how he made the distinction that she wasn’t pretty because she was also a slut, that managed to wound her ego in a new way.

Dave was cumming aggressively in her ass, jerking her back and forth and interrupting her ability to give good head at a medium pace to his friends. He began to row her body back and forth like it was a weight machine in the gym. “Grrrrr…Grrrrrr…Grrrr, I am cumming.” He shouted and he pulled out.

Jamie didn’t feel the hot juices of cum sliding out of her asshole. At first she thought that it must be packed deep inside of her as a surprise to ‘drain out’ later but then she began to suspect he hadn’t actually cum.

That’s because he forced his friends to get behind her as he came around front completely hard. “You need to wash the shit off my dick, sweet heart.”

“Yes Sir.” Jamie took his engorged cock in her mouth. It was pink from having been squeezed into her tight shit-hole but it wasn’t really dirty.

“Does my cock disgust you?” Dave asked as he guided it by the base into her mouth.

Noah was behind her trying to mount her ass from behind the same way Dave had, while Thad stood next to him maintaining his erection by slowly jacking his cock.

“Yes Sir, it disgusts me, but I am not supposed to enjoy this.” Jamie said around the cock as she lubricated it for the first time. She could taste the skin-friction that had been created from Dave jamming it into her dry asshole.

“Then why do you do this?”

“There are several reasons Sir. If I were doing what I like, it would just be free-will, and I am submitting,” Dave didn’t seem to understand so she added, “also because I am a whore and our family needs money.” which satisfied Dave as he shook his head knowingly.

He held out his hand for a high five from Thad who was having trouble getting Jamie’s ass apart. Thad gave Dave an ‘up-top high five’.

“Can I just stick it in your pussy? It’s nice and wet and inviting?” Thad asked as he rubbed the tip of his cock up and down Jamie’s pink slit.

“Nooo, please Sir.” Jamie even moved forward to pull off Thad’s dick.

“God, for a whore you sure are particular. I thought you said you were doing this because you don’t enjoy it. If that’s not something you enjoy then what is the fucking problem?” Thad was confused.

Jamie felt she probably couldn’t explain in a way that made sense why she had saved herself – and at the moment she felt pretty silly about having done so. She just knew how anti-climactic it would be if her first time was Thad.

“Dude, just stick it in the butt. It’s way better than pussy any day.” Dave offered his friend as if that should be obvious.

The sliding glass door slid open to the backyard and Dave yelled “Hey, we aren’t done yet.”

Jamie didn’t even look. At least her father was checking on her she thought – that was something to take solace in.

That is why it was a big shot to her pride that the voice she heard wasn’t his. It was Cathy Griffin, “Oh look, what do we have out here?” an unmistakable sly smile in her voice.

“Get out of here you skank, I don’t want you watching me bone this girl.” Dave demanded.

“Relax her Daddy said we could come out here and cheer you on.”

Jamie hadn’t even bothered to look over – she kept her mind on the ass reaming she was getting and sucking Dave’s dick. That was until she heard “We” but hadn’t heard another voice. Was it the entire cheer leader squad come to say goodbye? All her teachers come to see the whore-pig she had become?

It was worse.

Way worse.

It was that hunky college guy Bradley Jenkins. His mouth hung open as he surveyed the backyard gang-bang.

“MISTRESS!” Jamie was infuriated that Cathy had brought him over.

“Even your anger is cute.” Cathy giggled at how Jamie’s anger seemed controlled and polite by comparison.

Jamie knew she was right. If she had really been angry she would have said “Cathy!” and forced the guys off of her and confronted her. This was the most rage she knew how to express at the moment. Why had Cathy brought the one guy over that she really liked?

There could be only one answer: To absolutely hurt her in a way that she had not been hurt before – to wound her so low and to break her spirit in such a way that Jamie could not recover. There could be no other answer as far as Jamie was concerned.

Her anger simmered over the boiling point but she felt the other guys holding her down and she stayed in position. “That was really un-cool!” was all she could say before Dave thrust his dick down her throat.

“I am out of here.” Bradley turned on his heel and left without looking back.

“Where are the ribbons and lace? I thought as a Doggie they would really decorate you up, but you are just out here sweating naked in a dog collar? Bo-ring” Cathy’s laughter had no further effect on Jamie. She was so angry that everything else she said from that point seemed irrelevant. “Taylor’s, you have come so far in such a short time but you let me down on creativity points on this one. I’ll have to talk to Chris about some changes.” Cathy shook her head in disgust.

Bill walked out shortly after, “Everything okay out here? You guys about finished fucking my daughter?” even Bill felt a little guilty about hearing it said like that. He did not wait for an answer he just walked back inside.

Cathy stood and watched the entire scene as Thad and then Noah mounted her ass and came while Dave tried to “Teabag” Jamie’s forehead with his balls. Cathy had a look on her face like she was not impressed but that she was slightly amused.

The guys were done with her now. Dave pulled out his erect cock from Jamie’s mouth and wiped it on her hair when Noah finished getting his nut.

“Oh you guys don’t want to go just yet, you’ll miss the best part.” Cathy smiled paying attention in particular to Dave’s still erect cock and giving him a knowing glance.

“What’s that?” Dave said sarcastically.

“Squat over that dog dish and let’s see what the boy’s deposited in your backdoor.” Cathy ordered and Jamie complied. She squatted over the dog dish to the titters and laughter of the football players and the Waxerman boys.

“Seems you had an unexpected audience.” Cathy regarded the three heads popping over the fence with an annoyed but amused tone. “They remind me of my own brothers at that age.” She laughed.

Jamie had dripped out only a little cum from her ass.

“Turn around and face your tits over it, I bet they fucked you so hard some of that white stuff will come out of your tits won’t it?” Cathy ordered the girl to milk herself over her dog dish. Jamie didn’t argue – she did exactly as she was told and her nipples felt a tiny bit less sore when she was able to squirt into her dog dish.

She had gone through the five stages of grief in the last few minutes. Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression over the fact that the one guy she really liked now saw her as a gross, twisted whore. There was only the acceptance stage left and she would be grateful when it finally kicked in because depression was sucking most of all.

“Is that a tear in your eye, Ass-face?”

“No Mistress?” Jamie answered sullenly.

“If it was, I’d say drop that in the bowl too. You know what to do – dip your nose and lap it up.” Jamie wondered if her and Delilah compared notes or they were simply both cut from the same cloth. She nodded understanding and dipped herself low over the cum in the stainless steel bowl bringing her nose to rest on top of it. She flicked out her tongue revealing the studded ring in the sunlight and waited.

“Go ahead and lap it up.” Cathy ordered and Jamie complied – a tear actually falling from her eyes. It wasn’t this humiliating experience. She had done something like it several times. It was the idea that she was such a ‘beautiful whore’ and that was all she would be seen as to a great guy like Brad.

“Gross, look at that sopping wet pussy!” Dave tried to add to the girl’s humiliation but the other guys didn’t join in approvingly. The Waxerman boys giggled and that was good enough for Dave. “They get it!” he called out to the boys popping their heads over the wooden fence.

“Have you guys fucked her mom yet?” Cathy asked excitedly of the football players – pointing out she was also available for rental.

“No way, I fucking love this weird shit.” Dave stamped his foot on Jamie’s ass while she was bent over pushing her face into the dog bowl.

“You know Dave, if you like this, I’ve got to introduce you to Hope Miller’s family – her daddy is my cuckold.”

“What is a cuckold?” Dave said the words with disgust.

“Oh you will love it.” she offered her arm to escort him from the backyard –and his friends followed behind.

This left Jamie to cry alone in her dog bowl with no one but Rosco to watch. The dog was oblivious to what just happened, still in a positive mood it licked her cheek as she remained on her knees. “Rosco I wish I could be happy and positive all the time like you. You wanna trade lives? What am I saying, I think we just did.” She joked as she reached out to pet him on his head and cheer herself up.

She rose but didn’t stand up and began to collect herself. She wasn’t smiling that winning Jamie smile – instead she had a dull and defeated look on her face. Even the Waxerman boys who had sat for hours watching her and her mother do nothing but hold up rakes had lost interest and wandered away.

Time outside in the backyard this was difficult to measure for Jamie. There are long periods of silence when the wind blows and the birds chirp and she has nothing on her mind and is bored –it could have been only fifteen minutes but without a task or a challenge all she could do was think. Thinking right now consisted of how despite the best of intentions, she was second guessing all the choices she had made that led up to this.

The sliding glass door slid open and she resigned herself that it was probably someone come to fuck her already sore ass and laugh at her. It was Chris arriving home from school to check on her.

“You just missed a chance to watch me get gang banged Sir.” Jamie tried to sound positive and cheery but only sounded pathetic.

“Who said you could talk, doggy?” Chris slapped her butt with a short leather paddle.

“Dad said I could speak, I didn’t know the permission expired. You can punish me for speaking to teach me to be a good doggy, sir.” Jamie had managed to get better control of her emotions and would have sounded to most people sweet and sincere.

“Wow, I can see what Dad meant.” Chris said knowingly. Jamie wasn’t sure what he and her Dad had been talking about but she assumed it was one of her shortcomings. “I’ll try to do better Sir, should I just bark from now on?”

“No, actually we’ve got a date for you – so I’ve come to get you ready. You can use words for now.” Chris took his sister by the leash and led her on all fours into the living room.

Her dad was playing a computer game and ignored her at first. “There is my good little whore, seems there are a lot of guys at your school who want to fuck you even though you are a pig. That’s good news isn’t it?”

“Yes Sir” Jamie’s tone was positive but with a hint of defeat and acceptance in her voice.

“You have thirty minutes to get ready. I want you to pull out all the stops, get the makeup, hair, and I want you to beg your brother for a really thorough enema and douche like last night.”

“Yes Daddy, you don’t want me to shit on the lawn?”

“No, you can do it upstairs like last night and I want you to put on makeup like last night with all the lines.” Bill instructed his daughter.

“You mean just the contour lines Sir?” Jamie clarified – she had liked the way using different shades of makeup could give her more definition. She would definitely use that technique after she finished her training. “You don’t mean I should cover up the whore tattoo do you Sir?”

“Depends, are you going to wear the chastity belt your brother and I got you to protect your precious pee-hole?” Bill was typing ‘AFK’ to his guild on the game he was playing.

“Do you want me to wear it, Sir?” At this point Jamie did not care one way or the other. If her father felt it wasn’t being used enough she would put it on.

“You are being given a choice – it’s boring to just order you around like a rag doll. I like it some of the time but for me to enjoy this I want you to participate actively.” He explained sternly. “You can wear the pussy prison and then all he can do is inspect you when you shit and piss and play with your tits. If you don’t wear it then you he can play with your ass and pussy lips as part of the bargain and you can’t complain about your precious modesty.”

“I would prefer not to wear it, so he can fuck me in the ass and I can earn a little more money for the house.”

“Good little slut - you know you got a star for that last fuck even though I think I should take away some since you didn’t deliver blowjobs until they came over to our house and we made you.”

“Thank you Sir.” Jamie didn’t argue about it. Her father had brought up losing stars in the past but the girls always picked punishment. Her mom had warned her that if they started losing ground to get out of this it would only prolong it and they needed to face their punishment. At the moment – Jamie’s mind was elsewhere and her father could see that.

“Okay then don’t cover your ass with make-up, but I want you to be on your best behavior for this one. This guy dropped a lot of cash on you.”

Jamie brightened a little that she was at least helping with the bills in her own way. “I am glad to help with the bills, Sir -Will mom be rented out tonight?”

“Is it your business what your slut of a mother does? Actually the dope I put in charge of her hasn’t emailed me back in four hours, so I am going to probably have to have a long talk with both of them when they get here.”

“He is probably just fucking the shit out of her and lost track of time, Dad.” Chris offered jokingly and the two nodded their heads. Chris tugged his sister’s leash, “Come on, let’s let DAD play Star Wars: The Old Republic because Chris has to get you washed up and ready for your date.” he hinted at his father as he walked away.

“Hey, I told you that you could play later, we can only afford one account right now.” His father said mildly amused.

“Yeah, yeah I am just busting your balls.” Chris was already leading his sister upstairs with a smile on his face.

“You should enjoy busting your sister’s balls instead.” Bill joked back.

Chris led Jamie by her now nearly empty room. “You haven’t slept up here in a while. It looks like you moved out.” He grinned.

Jamie seemed pre-occupied in thought, “Yeah, I probably won’t fill it up with so much stuff after the training is over. Just a simple bed and a few clothes, Sir.” She agreed.

Chris wasted no time in recycling the routine Delilah had used to prepare the girls to be strippers the night before. He had his sister squirming in pain –wigglng her ass and groaning as she held in the enema and douche combination.

“That should take your mind off whatever’s been bothering you. I think that was about as long as it was in last night.”

Jamie defensively reached behind her and touched the enema bottle “Please Sir, leave it in a little longer – I want to see how long I can last.”

Jamie had usually been very pro-active about accepting her punishment but she had never volunteered to endure an enema longer. Chris admitted he was impressed with his sister, “Wow, that’s very um, cool.”

Jamie gritted her teeth and knotted her knees and kept her mind on holding back the explosive pressure of the water building up in her asshole. She tried to tell herself she was just being a perfectionist and going for her own personal best and that they were going to give her enemas anyway – so she might as well get used to them.

It didn’t work – she knew in her heart that her mind was back outside in the yard frozen on Bradley Jenkins’ face of confusion and disgust. She was replaying that moment over and over and this pain was helping to block that out.

She finally succumbed to the natural physiology of her body and with the most un-lady like sound evacuated her bowels in the tub while a wave of release washed over her.

“Can I ask you a question Sir?” Jamie asked as every nerve ending in her body signaled release when the water finally squirted out.

“Yes, I enjoy watching you do this every time.” Chris answered with a smile.

“No, I know you do.” Jamie said with a look of amused acceptance - her brother was as amused with farts and poops as the Waxerman boys and would probably always be. “Let’s say this renter asks to fuck me, then how much should I charge?”

“Ten for a BJ, twenty for the ass” Chris said with a confused look on his face.

“I mean in my cunt, sir. I am just asking hypothetically” Jamie asked.

“What brought this on?” Chris was concerned - but he didn’t let her get behind on getting ready. “You need to take a shower, you stink like Rosco”

She stepped into the cold water of the shower and said, “Well I know you and dad will let me decide when I am ready to lose my final shred of virginity. It is just I could earn some more stars if he made a really good offer, and I wanted to know how much would be fair to ask - for my first time.” Her lips were pouty as the cold water ran down her hair and face washing over her taut young body.

“I’d have to ask Dad what he thinks,” Chris said.

“No don’t do that Sir,” Jamie was a little nervous, “do you think you would want to take it? You are my owner.”

“Sis, shut up and get ready.” Chris walked out of the bathroom and didn’t return for three minutes. He normally watched so he could squirt shampoo at them and harass them in the shower.

When he returned, Jamie was already out and drying her hair – “Hundred bucks for the first time.” he said matter of factly.

“I didn’t want you to tell Dad, Sir. I was just wanting to think about it is all.”

“Little miss keep no secrets is worried about what Dad thinks of her now?” he laughed. “Don’t worry, this is an executive decision. If you want to throw away your virginity on some guy – I am sure for that much we probably wouldn’t punish you.”

Chris rode his sister the way he normally did while she powdered her body, painted her nails and made herself up and the two didn’t talk about it again.

Chris led his sister down stairs naked by the leash that was still attached to her collar. Her father looked over his shoulder as she descended the stairs, “You know I always figured I’d see you up there coming down in your prom dress, but you actually look really beautiful this way.”

Jamie had taken a lot of care to apply her make up and do her hair. She could have probably passed for pop singer Taylor Swift from a distance. She was tall, blonde and had a cute little pixie shaped nose that made her look like the all-American girl next door. Her dad could see that even her eyes seemed to be smiling from where he was sitting in the den.

“Would you like me to suck your cocks until my date arrives, Sir?” Jamie offered in reply.

Bill smiled, “Nah, I am really into this new game. I just arrived on Nar Shadaa and its fucking unreal.”

Chris dashed over to his father’s computer, “The Hutt world? I want to see that.” the two became embroiled in discussing their new game.

“Actually, why don’t you get dressed and wait for your date outside.” Bill said as an after-thought.

Jamie was surprised that even her humiliation took back stage to a computer game. “You normally like to make them come in and pick out my outfit for the evening and go over the rules with them, Sir?” Jamie reminded them.

“Yeah true, just throw on a long shirt and invite him in when he gets here and we’ll do all that.” Bill interrupted Chris as they talked about the enormous virtual world they were exploring on the computer.

Jamie sighed and selected the only shirt in the cardboard box marked “Sluts” at the door. It was a Mario Brother’s “Two Girls 1-Up” shirt, which just barely covered her pussy and ass cheeks if she stretched it far enough.

She let herself out barefoot and stood by her mailbox while she waited for the guy who was going to rent her in just the long shirt. She didn’t need to ask for a description – she was sure whichever pervert came up who recognized her was going to make it fairly obvious.

“Ooh but what if two different perverts come up and I go with the wrong one? They’ll send me to Waxerman’s for sure.” she thought about going back inside to ask for a description but decided the two were so heavily involved in their game they’d likely punish her for that.

She got a few whistles from cars passing by and the wind caught her t-shirt more than once revealing her bare ass.

Van Pewterschmidt the neighbor was jogging, “Oh great, I wonder if he is my renter.” She thought to herself as she watched him coming towards her. He was in Nike spandex workout gear listening to an iPOD and clearly out for a long run.

She knew her mom had been rented to him the day before and thought he might be trying to ‘collect the set’ as some of the guys had called renting both her and Wendy. She had already sucked his dick at the pool party but maybe he wanted more. Then again he was dressed completely wrong for a date – she started to imagine herself jogging along next to him.

She watched him run down the sidewalk towards her – he was a handsome man to be in his forties. She had to admit that.

He slowed down and continued to jog in place, “Hey there Jamie, I see you and your mother are still doing discipline games?”

“It’s not games sir. We are owned by the Taylor men. Are you my date?” she asked him.

“I am flattered but no, I am just out jogging. Say hello to your mother for me and tell her that I enjoyed her company yesterday.” He grinned and continued running.

Her mom wasn’t due home for another hour and Jamie just nodded in agreement as he continued his jog.

After another ten introspective minutes outside - she heard the familiar barking of “Mr. Snips” and turned with a sigh. It was Mrs. Waxerman walking her dog, followed by the Waxerman boys. She used the opportunity to walk the dog to also look into people’s windows and gather gossip – which often included how much she disliked how other people were such busy bodies and rumor mongers.

“Hello Ma’am” she smiled while holding the flat of her hands down against the edge of her t-shirt.

Mrs. Waxerman regarded her with a look she normally reserved for Mr. Snips when he tries to hump someone’s leg or leaves behind one of his ‘presents’ in someone’s yard. She stopped her dog and looked Jamie up and down considering what to find fault with first.

“I am just out here waiting for my date, Ma’am.” Jamie offered with her usual positive charm.

“I pray on a daily basis, my thanks that sweet Delilah has not been affected by your mother’s harlot influence the way you have Jamie Taylor, you are a disgrace!” Mrs. Waxerman was winding herself up.

“I know Ma’am and,” Jamie knew that Mrs. Waxerman was going to pretend to want to keep walking but would actually want to stay right there and give her a piece of her mind and Jamie actually welcomed it over standing quietly with her thoughts.

Someone had just tapped Jamie on the shoulder – surprising her. As she turned around to see who it was Jamie’s shirt flew up in the back revealing her naked, tattooed ass to the Waxermans who aside from Victoria were giggling.

Jamie didn’t notice because the person tapping her on the shoulder was Bradley Jenkins and he was smiling.

“I didn’t think I would see you again, Sir.” Jamie stammered.

“I don’t see why not? You are my date tonight.” Jamie all at once felt a mini-atomic explosion of feelings both of excitement, dread and wonder. To an outside observer her face radiated surprised happiness but inside she had many unanswered questions.

“Please excuse me Ma’am, I have to get dressed for my date.” Jamie turned enthusiastically to Mrs. Waxerman.

Mrs. Waxerman was a strict old biddy but even she softened at the exultant look of joy on Jamie’s face. “Well, see that you wear something nicer than what you have on.” Victoria offered a parting shot of derision before leading her procession of chattering nephews down the sidewalk to judge some other neighbor’s shortcomings.

Jamie glided to the door and opened it. Her Dad and brother were crowded around the computer talking about light sabers and something called ‘light side’ points.

“I am here with my date, sirs?” she said very loudly. It was almost like a happy dream and she was hoping they would turn and at least verify that this was really the person who had rented her tonight. She had this niggling doubt it couldn’t really be the charming romantic lead who had been crossing paths with her since she began this adventure.

“Hello Sirs!” Bradley called from the door way – the way he used the term ‘Sirs’ was clearly to make Jamie feel less awkward about saying it.

Bill called back, “Get dressed and have a fun time.” completely absorbed in his latest computer game.

“You don’t have to call them Sir, just me and my mom.” Jamie explained to Bradley but he already knew that and he just grinned knowingly. “What should I wear Sir?” she stirred around the clothes in the slut box.

“Whatever you want – I am not picky.” Bradley was being easy going and kept his hands in his pockets as if he was a little bit uncomfortable with the choice.

“It’s just usually my dates get to pick,” Jamie said expectantly but then added “You know what, it’s fine, thank you sir for the privilege.” She started to fish around for the least humiliating mini-skirt and top she could find.

She fished them out of the pile of clothes and without hesitation pulled her shirt off revealing her naked body.

Bradley averted his eyes like a gentleman.

“It’s okay Sir, it’s nothing you haven’t seen already.” Jamie said reassuringly, standing completely naked in her living room.

“Well that IS true,” he made Jamie smile the way he stopped averting his eyes without hesitation and glued them back on her naked body - “You do look lovely.” he added after the initial laugh.

“Thank you Sir.” she didn’t make a move to dress. She knew her brother and father had set her up to be rented out under protocol to humiliate her but she didn’t care. Bradley was acting like a gentleman and having fun with her situation.

“Tick Tock, Tick Tock, have her home by Eleven!” Bill reminded them to hurry up and get on with the date.

“Yes Sir!” Bradley saluted her father who had his back to them and took Jamie by the hand and led her out the door.

It was two more hours before Wendy walked in the door. She had just cleaned off a butt plug and a dildo with her mouth and quickly stepped out of her work clothes, “I am SO SORRY, SORRY, SORRY!!!” she pleaded as she rushed over to get on her knees before her son and husband at the computer.

“You should be sorry! You are late! Your idiot handler didn’t even come inside to explain why he didn’t email all day?” Bill was righteous in his wrath and Wendy denied nothing. “You are going to get at least a correction and I am thinking it may even be a judgment!!” he raised his voice in anger.

Bill had three tiers of punishments – The infractions were simple and immediate and for the day to day correction of his sluts. The second tier was his ‘corrections’ and involved drawing a card with a set punishment but his third tier he had never had need to use was a ‘judgment’ and it promised to be a grueling ordeal.

“I think Sir when you hear my explanation, you will say it should call for a ‘Judgment’ and I completely understand and accept that decision and I do not beg for mercy.” Wendy was kneeling with her head down and her ass up as she explained.

“That and you interrupted our new game!” Chris said half-serious.

Bill logged them out of the computer game, “Okay let’s go in the kitchen so you can explain.” and stalked off angrily into the kitchen followed by Chris and lastly Wendy on her knees.

“I lost my job.” Wendy wasted no time in getting right down to it. She was beating herself up in ways mentally that made all affirmations pale by comparison. Revelations about being too self-absorbed in pilates and too controlling simply could not compete with the news that their only source of income was gone and they had bills coming due.

Bill was beside himself with anger.

Chris, who often saw the funny side of things in life even tragedy, was suddenly without words as the revelation that they would be losing the house and the car and everything if they can’t pay their bills. He had JUST become popular at school and now life was kicking him in the balls.

“Explain how you got fired?”

Bill made Wendy give a short explanation summarizing her experiences at work that day. She even offered her theory that Steve and Vicky may have played her.

“That’s pretty far out. She got her nipples pierced just to trick you into thinking she was copying you so you wouldn’t suspect they were setting you up? That’s some long-term shit.” Chris commented.

Bill shook his head, “Doesn’t matter – doesn’t matter!” He didn’t care about how it had happened – only that it had happened. “I am too fucking angry to punish you – you know that? I don’t punish out of anger, I punish out of love.”

“I know that Sir, and I know you are just trying to make me a better person. I don’t have any hard feelings about this treatment. If you want to punish me while you are angry, I can take it. I am a big girl – go ahead and beat my ass Sir.” Wendy offered her ass without a trace of sarcasm while remaining on the floor.

“You do have a lovely ass though.” Bill said after a pregnant pause.

“Chris has been teaching me to wiggle while I waggle, Sir.” Wendy wiggled her butt smiling at how absurd that sounded.

Chris, Bill and Wendy laughed – none of them knowing why.

It might have been that the stress of knowing the serious trouble they were in – they were all in together. In Wendy’s case it might have also been the hysterical laughter of someone who had just been ran out of her office naked with a butt plug and dildo in her ass and cunt sinking any possibility of a future with that company and possibly and other similar position in another company. Her behavior sank her career and it had simply been building up, all because she took advantage of her husband and her son when they were at their most vulnerable. Everything that was happening to the family and would happen to the family was her fault and she felt the full weight of the consequences. She had already cried enough tears about what happened and was all cried out. Her laughter was more like the hysterical laughter of someone that had lost everything and was at a point that no other option was left to her but to laugh.

When they stopped laughing Wendy said as she got herself under control and put on a straight face, “I am sorry Sir, I don’t know why I did that. I know you have every right to punish me and I respect that you are too angry right now to show the appropriate restraint – I would be too.”

She thought for a moment before adding, “I would like to propose a counter-offer to my punishment but I need to speak with Jamie. Is she outside, Sir?” knowing her daughter was probably on doggie-duty.

“Actually, I just rented her out for the night.” Bill said without a trace of compassion. Wendy couldn’t be sure how much of that was an act anymore.

“Do you have someone to rent me out to tonight too, Sir?” Wendy said hopefully.

“No one wanted your fat-ass tonight, so it’s just us.” Bill hadn’t actually looked for someone to rent Wendy out too but that sounded a little more appropriate – somehow Wendy suspected as much.

“Did our daughter get kicked out of school, today Sir?” Wendy asked gingerly.

“Oh it’s OUR daughter now is it? When she does good in school she takes after you, but when she fucks up she is ours?”

“No Sir, she has always been ours – good or bad.” Wendy said plainly.

“Yeah, she got kicked out.” Bill explained, “I had even gone to bat for her but I guess the Principal caught her in the middle of some shenanigan with these three complete dickheads at her school. He had no choice to suspend her.”

“Bill Taylor” Wendy said surprised. She had her ass up, pointed and spread at her husband with her face lying flat on the kitchen tile but her voice sounded pleasantly amused. “You old Teddy Bear, I thought for sure you would want her suspended so you could keep her home and train her every day?”

“Nah, she is a good girl. I am not a heartless bastard – If you tell her I will deny it but I’ve known she had a crush on Brad Jenkin’s older son for a while. I didn’t charge him anything to ‘rent my daughter’ for tonight.

Chris was shocked “You didn’t?”

“No Son, your sister has been a good girl and I am sorry, but I knew it broke her heart when that little bitch Cathy was walking him out there to see her get gang banged by those football players.”

“Actually, I agree with you Dad. I have never seen her not look on the bright side and sound defeated before today. I thought maybe I was just imagining it but I am glad you did.”

“Yeah, I called him after he left and made arrangements. She is going to have to be polite and let him order for her, but she deserves a night out.” He explained how despite everything she has been obedient and he couldn’t stand to break her heart on this guy. “I see the way she looks at him.”

Wendy was smiling from ear to ear listening Bill talk proudly of his daughter. “That is the way I looked at you in High School, Sir.”

“How do you think I know the look, Fat Ass?” He slapped his wife’s bronzed ass cheek with his hand.

“I probably wouldn’t have let her date a guy in college before the training. She just seemed too naïve but now that we’ve been through this together –well I think she deserves it.”

“Well I don’t deserve the same treatment, and I expect you two should address my many shortcomings and find an appropriate punishment for me until I get a chance to speak to Jamie about my counter-offer.” Wendy said with certainty.

“Actually I think you have been strong and obedient and I don’t think Chris or I could have kept up with you two. You have beaten yourself up more than any punishment I can come up with about losing the job and I shouldn’t have left you with Jerry. He is obviously more of a loser than I could have imagined.” Bill said.

“Yeah, all my friends at school are losers and even we would think he is pathetic, Mom.” Chris said. Hearing him call her mom sounded almost alien to her ears but at the same time appropriate. “I think for tonight you can get dressed and watch me play Hutt ball PVP on Star Wars: The Old Republic tonight.” Chris added generously.

Bill said “Actually, I think I’d like to get you a decent outfit and take you down to the Sizzler – and rent you for the night.” Bill made his offer clear and Wendy smiled. That was the first restaurant he ever took her on a date too and he would take her there for their first few anniversaries before it became too cumbersome to find a sitter for the kids.

She was glad they couldn’t see the look of complete happiness on her face with her head flat to the ground. “Those sound like fine ideas, but I have to decline Sir.”

“WHA?” they both shook their heads in disbelief.

“Yes, if you give me a break from the protocol, it will be that much harder to go back to it when you bring me home and have to tie me back up.” Wendy didn’t stipulate if it would be harder for her to accept the yoke or harder for them to see her as a house pet again.

“I believe you should string me up in the living room on two chairs and then proceed to give me an affirmation – so that you can re-establish my role in the house. Then you should ignore me for the remainder of the night and go about your business until our slut daughter comes home from her date.” She said without hesitation.

“Oh, you like that treatment now?” Bill said amused.

“No, I absolutely hate it Sir.” Wendy was serious – it had made her feel ignored, humiliated and all of her muscles were sore as she hung from the ceiling with a whip shoved up her ass.

“Then why do you want it?” Bill was curious but confused.

“Because I know it amuses you both, and it’s my place. So please tie me up in the living room before I change my mind Sir”

It was Bill’s turn to smile from ear to ear.

The Family Feud IV
Chapter Seventeen
Wendy’s Journal “Star Belly Beetches”

Now, the Star-Bell Sneetches had bellies with stars. 
The Plain-Belly Sneetches had none upon thars.
Those stars weren’t so big. They were really so small. 
You might think such a thing wouldn’t matter at all.

But, because they had stars, all the Star-Belly Sneetches
Would brag, “We’re the best kind of Sneetch on the beaches.”
With their snoots in the air, they would sniff and they’d snort
“We’ll have nothing to do with the Plain-Belly sort!”
And, whenever they met some, when they were out walking,
They’d hike right on past them without even talking.
~The Sneetches
Dr. Seuss

**Note to reader: This is Wendy’s journal from Tuesday Morning after Wendy lost her job and her daughter’s suspension from school - In order to increase readability, some of the dialogue exchanged was altered to appear in a ‘narrative’ story format. The star count has been suspended due to recent circumstances in the story.

Just as I had the day before I awoke to Chris barking out “RUFF RUFF RUFF! RISE AND SMELL THE PUSSY, LAZY FUCKS” in both of our faces.

I was much more ready for it than I had been the other morning. You see ordinarily when one is tied up naked face to face and tit to tit with her teenage daughter after a night of torturous humiliation you usually dread things like this.

You might add to that the impending notion that you lost your only source of income and you haven’t the money to keep your house or only source of transportation.

Jamie and I awoke smiling and ready to serve like obedient puppies.

That probably bears some explaining and I have nothing but time right now so let me go into it because I am having a hard time understanding why we were both so chipper myself.

Yesterday Bill and Chris, despite being in a position to continue to make our lives miserable and rightfully punish us, were both actually very generous and not at all vindictive or selfish. They have evolved from what they were, to two men I am proud of and I love with all my heart. I know they can be meanies to me – but hey I agreed to this so I need to swallow my medicine. My dad used to say something that stuck with me – Once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit.

They sent Jamie on a date with the guy she has been bumping into and apparently it went fantastic. He dropped her off right on time and Bill said that he thought it might be daylight savings time and would they please come back in an hour.

I have to admit Bradley is a perfect gentlemen and the fact that I was tied by my neck and wrists to the rafters as I balanced on some chairs naked with a whip hanging out of my butt didn’t faze him at all. He just said “Oh Mrs. Taylor you didn’t have to stay up for us” and pretended it was the most normal thing in the world for his date’s mother to be gagged with drool running down her bared chest.

Jamie was so excited she couldn’t sleep and when they finally tied us up on the floor they gagged us both with those big O-ring gags so we “would shut up and not jibber jabber all night” as Chris says.

This morning though after we get the guys their food I intend to hear every detail.

“You two lazy cunts don’t have any place to get ready for, but rest assured Dad and I are going to think of ways to keep you occupied outside.”

He jammed our tail-plugs in our mouth and led us outside to shit on the lawn on all fours. This is Chris’s favorite part of the morning I think and I did not disappoint him. I left two good sized turds near the rose bushes and did my best not to drop any on my thighs as they splashed down.

“Whoa, good girl!” I thought he was talking to me as I turned to smile at him but it was Jamie. She let go of three big turds while holding her ass cheeks apart - “Thank you Sir”.

She didn’t even seem embarrassed when he plunged a finger in her ass and wiggled it around while he inspected her before plunging the same finger in my mouth. He made us eat each other out and Jamie made no secret that this was less about cleaning each other and all about pleasuring each other.

She drove her tongue into my ass and pushed her chin all the way into my pussy – and all without being prodded by her brother. Whatever happened yesterday she woke up with an entirely new vigor about serving and this part I really could not complain about. I did my best to return the favor when it was my turn but familiar feelings of guilt that this is my daughter’s ass and pussy kept me from giving 100% - poor girl will have to settle for 99% effort.

He hosed us down and inserted the tails up our asses with only a slight twist and a turn “Perfect fit, you two get fatter asses and I’ll have to find something bigger to fit up there.” He laughed. “Since you have nothing to really do all day any more we’ll think of some new ways to torment you. Cathy sent over some pictures last night in e-mail and I’ve got some ideas.”

They had us put ribbons in our hair and then after we made breakfast for them and shaved each other on the tile floor with a bowl of warm water. I asked if we could milk ourselves but Bill said, “No, let your tits be sore for a while, I’ll come out and tell you when you can.”

They inspected us by feeling us up and then as a final measure had us stand with our arms out by the kitchen table as they wrote on us in magic marker.

“Dog Cunt” and an arrow right above my freshly shaved pussy.

“Dog Ass” on Jamie’s upper back and an arrow down to her crack.

Chris drew two circles around Jamie’s tits and made them look like bull’s-eyes.

Bill wrote “I am a lost slut puppy, if you find me, please fuck and then return to…” and our address on my belly.

They wrote “Property of Bill and Chris” on us but Chris ran out of room on Jamie’s back and the last few letters didn’t quite fit.

They painted our faces to look like we had a dog nose and whiskers and two round circles for eyes.

Then they made us each write on each other. Jamie had to write “I am here because I lost my job and there is no better use for me” on my leg.

I had to write “I am here because I am a whore and I was kicked out of school and this is the best use for me.”.

“Wow, mom’s handwriting is far more legible than ours.” Chris giggled.

“You two bitches saw us being soft yesterday but today it’s back to the grind stone.” Bill mused while holding out a shriveled piece of bacon. “Here jump for it.” he tossed it and we both went after it. Jamie got it but I didn’t mind.

One thing about eating dog food (besides bad gas) is that I was definitely not putting on any extra pounds. If anything all this training and the new diet had brought out extra definition in my shoulders and abs.

“Are we too generous to you to two cunts?” Bill asked as Jamie finished off the little scrap of bacon.

“RUFF!” we both barked in unison.

“Dad, can I stay home today? I want to play with our dogs.” Chris asked his father.

“Trust me, after I finish their affirmation I am going to login to Star Wars: The Old Republic”

Chris picked up his own books and headed for the door adding “That doesn’t make me any happier” on the way out.

After Chris left Bill told us that because he wanted to have a coffee and some alone time he was going to permit us to talk freely outside. “Don’t get too used to it – ordinarily the only thing I want coming out of those big mouths of yours is barks.” Then he told us to go outside and attach our leashes to the dog house “Don’t let me catch you walking around on two legs though.”

We looked at each other and crawled outside on all fours quietly. We quietly clipped ourselves to Rosco’s dog house with faces so long you would think we were tying our own hangman’s noose. He was happy for the company and tried to jump and lick on us – but eventually he got the hint that we didn’t want him all over us and backed off.

“Well this is weird” I was the first to talk.

Jamie asked “Do you think the Waxerman boys are watching?”

“I don’t hear them giggling behind the fence, but because they are home schooled I would imagine they’ll be around at some point during the day.

“Actually I don’t mind that much,” Jamie explained that yesterday the hardest part about being outside was the boredom and quiet.

“Yeah but at least we have each other”

“Dad said we won’t get to talk to very much” she reminded me and I stroked her hair and told her that I think sometimes we don’t need words to get each other.

“Well maybe we can come up with a system of signals for when we DO need words” she smiled.

“That is a good idea and we can totally do that but actually, I think I am more curious to hear about your date last night!” I said excitedly.

“Well, I’d like to hear what happened at work and how this is supposed to work for you? Even if I earn all one hundred stars, I am still out here every day until the suspension is over. Are you out here until you get another job? And if so how are you going to find one while you are chained up in the backyard?”

I hadn’t really thought about that. I probably should have but I had something I wanted to bring up to her first. “I just want to hear about your date first?” I said excited for my daughter’s happiness.

“You want to know if I had sex with him, don’t you?” We were on all fours next to Rosco at the Dog House. The sun wasn’t fully out yet so the morning air was still cool.

I slapped my daughter on her butt and said “I want to know everything” but didn’t deny I wasn’t curious. I knew she was on birth control and she had explicitly said she was holding out for this guy.

She told me that he took her to the movies and dinner at a nice restaurant. I made her tell me about the Lobster and the salad – pralines, strawberries and raspberry vinaigrette on arugula. I vowed once this was all over and we were back on our feet to go there and have exactly that for dinner.

She found it difficult not to ask permission to leave the table and act on her protocol but he was great at making her loosen up. He took her to the county fair and several people recognized her but almost no one said anything – Madam Chang even smiled at her.

Then in the moonlight in the backseat of his father’s car – He fucked the shit out of my beautiful teenage daughter.

Okay – he was gentle and held her after but I was a little horny this morning and I had preferred to hear how he pulled her hair and plowed her. I know that makes me sound totally perverted but a wise man told me – is being perverted really so bad?

“The part I don’t understand is how did he get past everything he saw you doing?” I asked.

“I started at the very beginning when I was caught up in school and cheer and then when we decided to try to pressure Dad and Chris to change.” She had gone over the same story that I told Mr. Bitterman the day before except it was all about her own journey.

“He couldn’t believe his little brother had punished me and I made him promise not to do anything to Gerald.” She told me. “He said that he understood why I made the choices I did and admired me for sticking with it. He said his mom wore the pants in the family the way we did and his father would probably have never been able to rise to take over the way Dad did.” Then she covered her mouth as if she had just remembered something.

“What is it?”

“Well, last night I didn’t get asked if I got fucked and I didn’t offer to drip the cum out on the kitchen floor. Chris said the first time I have sex I would need to charge at least one hundred bucks for the ride – and I couldn’t bring myself to charge Bradley after he paid the money to rent me and was a perfect gentleman.” She was conflicted.

“Your father told me he called Bradley after he stormed out yesterday and that he didn’t charge him anything to rent you.”

Jamie smiled “He did?” that made perfect sense to her now that I mentioned it. “I still have to tell Dad what I did last night. He might inspect me and see I don’t have any a hymen anymore.”

“Your father wouldn’t know what a hymen looks like if it bit him. I am proud that you waited – and I wouldn’t blame you if you kept this a secret. If he finds out you aren’t a virgin any more then you are going to have do more than just anal from now on.” I warned her – but I knew she already knew that.

“I couldn’t pretend I was still a virgin and not be eaten up with guilt – especially after he set me up with Bradley.”

“Then you will have to tell your father, but expect him to probably punish you.” I said pragmatically. “How does Bradley feel about you being rented out for the rest of our training?”

“We didn’t really talk about boyfriend-girlfriend status, Mom” she said with a hint of embarrassment “It was just a first date.”

“It was more than JUST a first date for you,” I reminded her patting her head “You need to talk to him so that he doesn’t get jealous”

“Well I don’t think he would be but you have a good point. He knows I am going to see this through to the very end and we didn’t dwell on it but that means sucking dicks for jerks like Dave Stravosky or whoever Dad and Chris choose. You are married and you are willing to do it and Dad can live with sharing you after all.”

We are an old married couple who have had years to strengthen our relationship but I didn’t think to remind her of that at the time. She told me it was my turn to tell her what happened at my work. I told her everything –even the part about Jerry in a diaper.

“So you asked them to tie you up in the living room like that? God mom. I thought I was really asking for it to go over to Mrs. Waxerman’s for punishment but why did you do that?”

“Bill and Chris were so proud of us that I would have felt manipulative if I had taken a night off from this.” I explained how Sunday night when her and Delilah walked in and acted like I was simply furniture it was horrible but that it seemed appropriate somehow.

“You spent all night balancing naked on two chairs on your tip-toes tied to the rafters –nearly choking yourself voluntarily?”

I nodded yes and she only gave me a reassuring grin and leaned in to kiss me on the lips. “What was that for?” I asked.

“I love you, Mom” she said.

“I love you too, but” I was about to say something and she shhh’d me. “Just you make it easy to stay out here like this” she indicated our being naked on all fours.

Rosco took that as a sign he was invited to start trying to lick our faces again and she tickled him, “You don’t make it easy to stay out here like this, no you don’t, you are just a little bugaboo.” using baby talk.

Bill slid the glass door open and stomped out, “Oh you two are making out? Let me guess, showing off for those Waxerman kids?” he scanned the fence line for their heads to pop out.

“No sir, Jamie was just telling me how much she loved me.” I said loud enough for him to hear.

“Oh you don’t love your dad?” Bill asked Jamie.

“Of course I do, I love you too Dad” she said plainly

“You don’t think I am cruel for taking all your clothes and making you run around like a dog?” he asked.

“Of course I think you are cruel for that, but I love you anyway.” She smiled a toothy grin and even Bill cracked a smile.

“Keep trying to butter me up bitches,” he couldn’t hide from me the fact that he liked what she had just said. “Your new affirmation is forehead touching the ground, ass facing me holding it apart with both hands.”

We wasted no time in assuming the position despite the fact that it basically caused us to eat grass to do it outside.

“Ass face, why do you have that tail up your ass this morning?” he started the affirmations with my daughter.

“Despite your generosity in permitting me to remain in school where I could be supervised by my brother and his friends, I was kicked out of school and until my suspension is lifted I will have to report out here as your puppy Sir.” she wiggled a little bit cutely.

“Remain still fat ass.” he kicked her butt with his foot.

“Your principal told me that at one point you said you wanted to be kicked out of school, why is that?” he asked.

“I am a 16 year old girl Sir. I am fickle like a character in a Taylor Swift song. I don’t always know what is best for me, which is why I take orders from you and my brother Sir.”

“Yet, if you ever stop being so lazy and EARN your one hundred stars you won’t have to listen to me and your brother?” He said it like a question.

“That doesn’t mean I won’t listen and seek your advice, Sir.” Jamie offered meekly.

“You seemed to really be happy you were rented out to Bradley Jenkins last night. You know I can’t rent you out to him every night right?”

“Yes Sir, I am your whore and I know I was lucky to get such a wonderful date. I’ll be on my best behavior for whoever you rent me too. I want to thank you for letting me go with Bradley.”

“Letting you? I made you go on that date to earn me some money to pay to keep you fuckfaces in toilet paper and make-up, well make-up anyway.” Bill had sat down on the lawn chair so he could rest his feet on our backs.

“Mom told me what you did sir and I want to say I really appreciate it. It was very unexpected and I want to thank you so much.”

“Can’t keep your trap shut, Cowtits?” Bill kicked off his flip flops and ground his toe into my pussy. “It’s unexpected that your dad would give you a little treat for your obedience eh?” he asked her before I had a chance to respond to his first question.

“You just didn’t have to is all Sir, and I am grateful.” Jamie added.

“You didn’t bring home any money, so I assume he didn’t get a blowjob or fuck you in the ass?” Bill asked point blank.

Jamie paused and I could hear Bill slapping his foot against her cunt impatiently. He was jamming the toe of his other foot in my pussy nervously.

“I don’t think I heard you. I know you would answer me if you heard me ask you a question, slut?” Bill reminded her.

“I gave him my virginity last night, Sir.” she choked out.

“You GAVE?” he was surprised – but if he had been paying attention he would know that this was the guy Jamie had been waiting for. I couldn’t be sure if he was just fucking with her or his protective dad instinct just woke up.

“I know it is YOUR cunt sir, and you decide who gets to fuck it or touch it. I accept my punishment and I am sorry I didn’t come home with one hundred dollars!” she pleaded very contritely.

“Why one hundred dollars?” Bill asked.

“I asked my brother what I should charge for my first time if it happened.” Jamie sounded a little more reluctant about that answer.

“So you knew you would probably fuck him, huh?” Bill demanded.

Jamie wiggled in place nervously, “Actually yes sir, I have thought about him a lot. I submit my pussy for use just like mom’s is now. I’ve had my first time and I have no reason to be stingy with it.”

Oh yes she did, but I didn’t want to tell her.

Bill took the garden hose and pushed the nozzle into her pussy. I could see her make a face, “You can stay like that until I finish with your slut of a mother.” Then he shifted his focus to me, “So how does it feel to be out of work? To no longer be the bread winner of the family?”

I knew I would probably eventually get fired for what I was doing at my job but I think I had been operating on this hope that somehow I could be the exception. I knew how Bill had been raised to be the breadwinner that this meant more to his ego as a male than to me – So I had to be sensitive that my main concern was really just how would we pay our bills. “I know you think I will be lazy Sir, but if you rent me out every night I promise I will be a good girl and look for a new job too. I know you really wanted to go to the Internet User’s Forum this weekend, maybe we can still go, Sir.”

“I told you last night when I put you through affirmations that that was pointless, just forget it. The truck is going to get repo’d or have you lost all sense of priority?”

“I guess I have Sir.” I still felt that Bill really wanted to go and a part of me would have done almost anything to get him there. You know when someone says “Almost anything” and it’s hyperbole – I couldn’t think of one thing I wouldn’t have done.

“Chris is going to find dates for you two tonight but it’s not enough – tell me what are you?” He ground his foot further into my pussy.

“I am a whore mother of a slut daughter who lost her job and deserves to stay outside like a doggy all day until you are ready to let us back inside Sir”

He yanked the garden hose from Jamie’s pussy and then put it in my mouth cutting short my turn for the affirmation.

“You are going to have a problem letting Chris and I fuck that cunt of yours?” he said in a voice that almost cracked because even he knew it sounded wrong after he said it.

“I have been saying I am a three hole whore for a while but now I am finally one Sir. You can use any of them Sir.”

Bill declared us good little sluts and left us that way while he went back in the house. I asked Jamie if she thought we could move around and she told me no. I was glad I didn’t shift position because eventually I heard the sliding glass door open and Bill talking on his cell phone about something.

The thing about Bill is that I can’t really be mad at how much of a bastard he is being. If he was a spineless jellyfish I wouldn’t respect him any more than I do Jerry Cooper from accounting. I have to even mention where Jerry is from in my own journal because he is so forgettable that I know if I don’t I won’t remember him.

I know that in his gruff way he is proud of all of us – We’ve stuck with this very bizarre arrangement as agreed and not one of us has given up. It used to be if Chris encountered even a little adversity he would just quit as a matter of habit.

Jamie and I aren’t quitters but at the same time this has tested that resolve. It’s easier to say you aren’t a quitter when you win at cheerleading competitions and are successful in everything you try. There have been times I have wanted to – There have been times I’ve cried because I can’t stand what I’ve been made to do but I have not ever thought of acting on the thought.

I can tell that Bill wants to let us out of this arrangement on some subconscious level. I know on a more conscious level he is enjoying it and I don’t begrudge him that – I’d probably laugh at us scurrying around on the lawn like little doggies too.

I know he didn’t want to come out and babble like a little girl about his feelings. He pulled strings to keep her in school and he sent her on a date with a boy she REALLY likes because that is his way of saying “Look, I am still your father and I love you.”

He has come so far in a short time, but one thing I know about Bill was he was never much for talking about feelings like that. I think it’s something ingrained in boys by their own fathers that a handshake and a steely gaze with a firm grip is a more powerful expression than a bunch of words. He probably sees it as a sign of weakness.

I think Bill is more of a ‘Let me show you’ kind of guy. I think it would actually embarrass him to have to come right out and say it too.

I know that with me too, he is trying to cut me some slack. That is why I think I feel guilty about accepting that slack when it’s offered – I feel like maybe I am manipulating him.

This can be so confusing at times – Chris is probably right when he says girls over think things too much.

He hit us across the back with two large flesh colored dildos – mine was black. “You have one hour of hole training. I want you to fuck each other with these dildos but remain in the doggy position.” He made sure our faces were close enough we could see eye to eye and then awkwardly we started to jab the dildos into our pussies.

“Hang on” he left again and came back with two double ended dildos. The look on his face was the same as the one he got when he decided to try to pour lighter fluid all over the BBQ just before burning off his eyebrows or started tinkering with something. He pulled the tails from our asses and stuck them in our mouths.

Then he fed the first dildo into my asshole. The dildo had artificial veins to give it extra ridges and felt like a heavy weight pushing down on my insides. Then he fed the second dildo into my pussy and once he had them both in there firmly he had Jamie remain bent over and face her ass towards my ass.

“Okay like trains I am going to back you two together” and he made Jamie writhe until she could work first her ass and then her pussy onto the other end of the dildos so that we were connected.

“Choo-Choo!” I said and my daughter giggled over my silliness - Chris would have loved that one.

“Stay like that and work yourself back and forth. I want that pussy good and worked out. If you guys do good when I come check on you, I’ll let you take another shit and milk yourselves.” and with that he left us.

Rosco once again rushed over and started licking my thigh and there wasn’t much I could do about it. My hands were free so at least I could keep him from trying to suckle my tits – I guess he thinks I am his momma.

Annoying little shit that he can be some times. Once you sort of establish who is boss he backs down.

“Well this is another fine mess you’ve gotten us into.” Jamie used a line that I picked up from Laurel and Hardy I had said to her many times. I asked her if she knew who they were.

“They are like Abbot and Costello right?” Jamie asked casually while we bumped asses in rhythm riding the dildo.

“Are you okay with this? Is it hurting?” I asked her.

“Yes, isn’t it supposed too?” she answered.

“Yeah after your first time definitely. I am sorry this is your second time, hon.” I apologized.

“Who remembers their second time?” she dismissed it – and to her point, I didn’t remember mine.

“Listen I don’t think your father was really upset about you losing your virginity. I think he is just wanting to see how far you are willing to go. If you told him you were uncomfortable with them fucking you – I bet they would understand.” I said.

“I know he is just breaking my balls, mom.” that sounded like something Chris would say – not Jamie.

“Well right now you have two big dicks sticking out of you, but I don’t know about any balls.” I was rowing myself along the edges of the dildo in my pussy but the one in our ass wasn’t really budging.

She didn’t laugh but I couldn’t see her face so I pictured her smiling at me.

“I wanted to talk to you about something before your father comes back out here, and I’ve been trying to get the courage to bring it up.” I said after a few minutes.

“We are double-penetrating each other in the backyard – I think I am pretty shockproof.” She said confidently.

“Last night I told Bill that I should be punished for losing my job.” I said.

“And you were, my date even told me later that he almost spit out his gum in surprise when he saw you tied up in the living room.” Jamie reminded me.

“I am glad your date was so amused.” I really wasn’t but I could grin and bear it. “I didn’t ask Bill to let me start looking for another job or pressure him to tell me how long I have to spend like this because I have a proposal for him – but I want to know how you feel about it. If you say no then I won’t bring it up again.”

She was quiet and I took that as a sign to continue. “What I am going to say is a little hard for me because we have worked hard to earn the stars we do have. I am going to beg your father to stop tracking our stars until we get out of debt.”

Jamie was stunned in silence.

“I know… I know that means we can’t get out of this for a while. I am okay with it but I have to know you are behind me. I am going to ask your father to put me on craigslist and to also take us down to that Mega Adult store and see if that guy Buford wants to have us do a show. The thing is, if you are giving up your pussy now, that throws a monkey wrench in my plans because I don’t really want to ask you to come along with me.”

She was thinking it over.

“Chris can’t get the kind of money we need from renting us to his friends at school even he pulled a Risky Business style party and worked us all night.”

She clearly didn’t get the reference so I explained that was one of Tom Cruise’s first roles and to get enough money to save all the stuff in his house he got these prostitutes to fuck all his friends before his parents got home in one big party.

“You have worked really hard to get your stars – now if you don’t want to do this I am totally okay with that and I am not going to try to make you feel guilty about it. We can get by somehow – we always do.” I was still bumping and grinding on the dildo and I asked my daughter if she was still thinking about it.

“Yeah we heard you.” I couldn’t see Bill because he was standing behind me but he had apparently heard the entire offer and that’s why Jamie was quiet. “I was actually going to tell you both that once you earned your stars you could transition back to normal and then start looking for a job. I already signed you up for unemployment online.”

“Transition Sir?” I asked unable to see his face.

“Yeah, you don’t think the day after I take off these collars you can just go back to how you were?” he asked. I really did think that was exactly how it was going to go.

“I’ve learned a lot down here Sir, and obviously I will address my short comings but yes I did think I could have clothes and sleep in our bed?”

“Oh you will, but you will have a limited discipline routine to ween yourselves off. Chris and I had a hard time making the adjustment from being your slaves to having freedom – trust me, it won’t be so bad.”

We hadn’t discussed that and I was a little concerned he had obviously decided this in advance.

“You were just talking about suspending the stars and getting me to pimp you both out – now you are worried you’ll have to give up a little freedom while you get used to having freedom again?” He said reassuringly.

“I like Mom’s idea but I have a counter-counter offer.” Jamie finally spoke. She continued to fuck herself at a medium pace on the dildo.

“You don’t have to worry about granting us stars – and mom and I will be obedient little whores the entire time. You can work us full-time fucking whoever you want, make movies, whatever.” Jamie was promising a lot.

She had two conditions:

You WILL go to your internet users’ forum and you will take us with you as a family.
On Monday morning we go into transition mode for a week. We will be humble but we get to make all our own decisions on what we want to wear, eat, and how to dress and you can’t punish us.
“So what you are saying is that you don’t have to earn the stars you have coming?” Bill said

“Dad, I am on the ground with two double-dildos fucking my mom while you watch. I think you can admit you have your payback.”

“Touche’” he said – I bet he nodded.

“How do I incentivize you to continue? I know how you girls think – without any reward, why take risk?” Bill said considering her offer.

“We will basically be under white alert all the time – like at Mrs. Waxerman’s house. You can punish us when we are bad and give us affirmations to keep us motivated and when we do extra good – well you could let me take a long bath.” She was very certain and positive sounding.

“YES!” I said.

“Did you just orgasm?” Bill asked.

“No Sir, I was saying that I’d like a bath for a job well done… a nice hot long private bath.” I have to admit I was intensely picturing a nice warm bath with candles and fragrance though.

“Waste my hot water?” he chuckled “Well first I think you whores are smiling too much so I am a little wary that you want something out of this. I need to think about it and talk with Chris so don’t go getting your hopes up just yet. On your issue of the users’ forum there is something you don’t know about that.”

Bill explained how he had been on the Internet discussion group for a long time and his rival “Graymalkin” had attended Union county high school. They debated politics, religion, and most of all sports. The highest point of contention being Bill’s role in the final game of the season and how he won the game ball his senior year.

“The thing is when we got kicked out of the house,” which is how Bill saw his leaving, “the guy who ran the motel kept all my sports memorabilia because I couldn’t pay my rent. Then he kept adding more and more money to how much he wanted for it.” Bill explained that if he had to go to the forum convention without that he would look like a liar and have to eat crow.

“So we need to get that, Sir.” Jamie said very certainly.

I couldn’t agree more but I knew how particularly nasty that motel was. “You don’t understand Jamie, we tried that the first night Bill rented us out. I had to walk the street along Martin Luther King Blvd. That is why I freaked out on Sunday night when we went to that titty bar because I thought we were back at the motel.”

“You walked the flea market, what is the difference out there?” Jamie had a good point.

“Okay, if we do this, I want to work together and Bill or Chris to keep an eye on us the entire time.” I said to Jamie.

“Don’t I have a say in this?” Bill coughed. “I already told you it doesn’t matter what that asshole Graymalkin thinks. I have bigger priorities.” He said, “I know you guys want to help but I don’t know about going that far.”

“Dad, I’ve sucked dicks at the flea market, behind dumpsters, in Best Buy, I know it is going to be disgusting but it’s the only way we can make money quickly.” Jamie pleaded sensibly.

“Sir, let Jamie transition out on Sunday and I will work until we are completely out of the hole. We have time to get out of foreclosure so all we have to do is afford food and your truck payment.”

“What about paying on your car – it will ruin your credit.” Bill pointed out that despite my car being totaled I still owed the balance because insurance would not pay for it.

“So I have bad credit? A lot of people have bad credit.”

“No!” Jamie said and at first I thought I had hit her pelvis bone with the dildo. “It’s okay on the bad credit thing, hon, after seven years they are supposed to take off your slow pays.” I reassured her.

“No, I mean I will serve until it’s all paid up.” Jamie volunteered.

“You most certainly will not. Your suspension will be up after next week. You spend one week in transition and then you can go back to school.” I warned her driving myself a little more intensely than I wanted to on the dildo.

“I’ll go to school and be trained during the day and hook at night. I can do it Mom.”

“You two look like you are riding a see-saw” Bill laughed. “I don’t know about you telling Jamie what she will and will not do. You have no authority over her – is that clear slut?”

“Yes Sir” I agreed with him – it’s not like I ever felt the need to have authority over her before. She always seemed to make good choices (the choices I would make anyway).

“If we do this, I’ll probably ride you really hard – you may have wished you stuck with the stars because I am not kidding that I thoroughly enjoy watching you two live like this.” He laughed and added, “I need to think about this and talk with Chris.” he ordered us to slide off each dildo and suck on them from either end to clean them with our mouth.

“Whatever I decide, it will be the stars or this counter-offer. I won’t keep adding on extra stipulations. I hate how Rahjid kept adding interest and penalties to what I owed him. It made me just want to give up.” Bill said as he watched us mewling around on the ground.

“Who is Rahjid, Sir?” Jamie asked innocently.

“He is the asshole who runs the motel where my football stuff is, and after we talk to Chris he’ll be one of your pimps – you still okay with that little bitch?” Bill gave Jamie one last chance to change her mind.

“No Sir, I’ve made up my mind what I vote.” Jamie said emphatically.

“You know you two look cute like that.” Bill was looking down at our sun-warmed butts and smiling with what approached pride.

“Yeah, Yeah laugh it up Sir” I knew I could get away with teasing back.
“I am going to play a little Star Wars: The Old Republic, I want you to milk each other’s tits over your dog dishes- Those jugs are looking a little full.” I did feel like I was smuggling two ripe watermelons on my chest.

“Can we also piss and shit, Sir?” Jamie asked politely.

“Gah it’s always something with you two. Didn’t you go this morning?”

“These things,” I was jiggling the rubber double dildo I had for effect, “pushed down on something inside my ass and make me want to poop, Sir.”

I thought Jamie was going to volunteer me for correction – she is such a stickler about using ‘shit’ instead of a euphemism. Instead, she comfortably offered, “OMG Mom, that is exactly it. I feel like I am going to burst.”

“So you two are full of shit, huh?”

I was the first one to move over to Bill’s leg and pretend to hump it. Jamie joined in almost immediately as we play-acted begging “Please Sir, Oh sir, please supervise us while we shit like your humble little whores, oh please.” we mewled like a couple of silly sluts.

He grinned and shook his head, “The things I do for you two sluts” and crossed his arms expectantly.

He had let Chris supervise us almost every time in the past because this wasn’t ‘his thing’. This time he laughed “I see why Chris likes watching this. When Jamie shits it looks like a chocolate soft-serve ice-cream machine.” He was laughing.

“With a lemonade dispenser.” Jamie giggled because Chris had made that same observation except it was him who coined the phrase “lemonade dispenser”.

You are some twisted sluts.” and with that he announced he was going back inside to play his game.

When he left I asked Jamie jokingly “What? No inspection and clean up?”

“Does he want us administer it ourselves?” Jamie answered seriously.

“I don’t think he realized it was part of the ritual,” I told her in seriousness, “What would you have me do if I found you hadn’t emptied your entire ass anyway?”

Jamie grunted in frustration and said “So just air dry?”

I was about to say “I suppose So” and resign myself to the fact that either we wait for our pee to dry on our pussy lips or scoot our asses on the grass when Rosco solved the problem for Jamie.

“Oh no!” Jamie didn’t sound particularly in distress as she wiggled, “Okay now that’s not right.” She wiggled her ass as Rosco proceeded to lick her wet ass.

I have to admit even I giggled at first just at how silly it seemed, “Dogs like to sniff each other’s butts” I joked.

“Oh? I don’t!” Jamie remained on all fours but pushed Rosco away from her rear end – the playful little dog took that as a sign to just keep trying.

“This morning it seemed like you didn’t mind it all that much,” I reminded her with a smile on my face.

“Gross! Mom” Jamie gave me a look that I knew well – it was the old Jamie from before the training whenever her brother would show her something disgusting that amused him.

“I am sorry hon, I was just kidding.” Now I felt embarrassed that I came across sounding like this naughty nympho.

“I didn’t mean it like that – yes I did get into cleaning you this morning – it’s just I don’t know, it’s hard to talk about.” She had managed to persuade Rosco to leave her alone.

“Trust me when I say that I understand what you mean. We have shared a lot together and I feel like we have an open line of communication about it – but I still think that it’s easier to just do it than to discuss it sometimes.” I admitted.

“Do you want me to… you know?” she motioned her head to signal she was willing to clean my pussy and ass with her tongue.

“I thought you were a stickler about having to speak in the most vulgar and clear manner and all that?” I winked at her.

“Okay, this coming from ‘Mrs. I have to take a poop’,” She smiled as she playfully reminded me I said ‘poop’ instead of ‘shit’ out of habit.

“I knew right when I said that that I had fucked up – I half expected you to surrender me to your father for punishment.” I had to wonder if it was habit or I just knew I could get away with it.

“No, I figured you should be the one to do that,” Jamie explained before taking a deep breath, “So would you like me to get behind you and clean your ass and pussy with a tongue bath?”

I smiled again because since I was facing her she couldn’t see behind me. “Rosco beat you to it,” I grinned.

She looked over my shoulder “Gross, mom!” but it was much more light-hearted than the first time she said it.

I shrugged “What? Would you have rather done it? He liked it.” I grinned that there was no harm in letting him lick my bottom. “You think this is bad? You should let Jerry Cooper suckle your titties and make a stinky in his diaper.”

Jamie looked confused while I swung around to put my tits over the dog bowl and began squeezing and tugging them. A tiny stream of milk squirted out almost immediately and hit the stainless steel bowl.

My daughter did the same over her bowl and we talked a little more. I was mostly concerned about how she’d hold up if we really did full prostitution.

“You don’t think taking it up the ass is full prostitution,” She said.

“Point well taken,” I admitted.

“I have to admit when I first started doing it I had this ‘ohmygawd I can't do this" feeling’ but if you try to relax it's pretty enjoyable.” She said.


“Okay, not usually but I get it, I am your baby and you want to protect me. You will try to find any way you can to shield me from the big bad world out there, but we are in this together – and I am DTF.” She said very plainly.

“DTF?” I asked.

“Down to Fuck, it’s what a lot of kids say at school.” She explained as if I was from another century and she was explaining what everyone in modern times already knew. I remember doing the same to my own mother at her age.
I wanted to circle back to find out the times when Jamie thought it had been enjoyable- we might as well talk about the positive stuff. We were both kneading and squeezing our nipples over the dog dish as if this were a perfectly normal thing for us to be doing when I heard the sliding glass door open.

I heard another familiar voice with Bill. I whispered to Jamie “Oh God, will this woman please GET A LIFE!”

I could hear her complain that she needed to leave Mr. Snips inside because Rosco is such a bad influence on him as she walked out into our fenced in backyard.

Jamie whispered back “I think she is too busy fucking with ours” I was surprised to hear my daughter cuss when it didn’t relate to a body part. She dutifully reminded me “White alert, mom” and smiled up at her dad and Victoria Waxerman who regarded us like finding two snakes slithering in the grass.

“Victoria has some questions about when we sent you over to be punished at her house on Sunday. I told her you two were out here because you lost your job, and Jamie got suspended.” Bill didn’t really have to explain – I knew was already the subject of her scorn but I could tell he was already amused at the old lady’s shock level.

Seeing us naked – painted like puppies with ribbons in our hair in our backyard was a new one for even us. If I had gone to a neighbor’s house who was doing this I am not sure how I would react – but standing outside shaking my finger at them and looking derisive wouldn’t have been my option. On some level she has to know we are doing some of this just to fuck with her head – I mean she has too right?

“I told your husband I don’t even want to know how you lost your job and were kicked out of school. It was probably something disgusting and scandalous!” she said right off the bat.

It was obvious to me she wanted to know in glorious detail what happened so I went first. “I was fired because I was caught masturbating my asshole and cunt on the floor of my office and then after I was caught I ran through the office that way, Ma’am.” That wasn’t exactly how it happened but I thought it was close enough.

Jamie looked at me with a grin. “I was kicked out of school because I promised blowjobs to three football players to let me dance in body paint during the half-time show. My dad pled for them to let me stay in school but when the Principal came to tell me the good news I was caught giving them head in the boy’s bathroom.” I could sense there was a competitive vibe that Jamie was trying to top my story.

Victoria was completely beside herself and at a loss for words.

“Don’t worry Ma’am, my father is homeschooling me and my mother until we improve – that is why we are out here.” Jamie offered to fill in the silence.

“What could you possibly learn by cavorting out here like a wild beast – reveling in your nakedness and wanton behavior? “

“It’s not like that at all Ma’am,” Jamie was ready for that question. Her tone wasn’t defensive at all – more like explaining to someone who might be curious about it. “The men of the house wisely keep us naked out here so that we do not get clothes dirty and sweaty, or try to hide any food or comforts from the house. We shave all our hair off and present our cunts and asses so that they can tell we haven’t been playing with ourselves to pass the time.”

“Whenever I pay your house a visit you haven’t a stitch of clothing on” Victoria observed.

“That’s true Ma’am, a few weeks ago my father and brother went through our clothes to decide what we could keep. It is all in a box marked “sluts” in the front room. We remain naked until given permission to dress even when in the house – this way if we get aroused while doing chores they can punish us and put our minds on our duties.”

Victoria sounded almost impressed. She thought out loud, “I can see the practical side as you go about earning absolutions for your prideful vanity and disgusting wickedness. Such a practice at our own house would be far too tempting for my nephews- there would be no outlet for the carnal lusts they would collect in observing such discipline.” It sounded as if she were weighing the pros and cons – but for who? Delilah I hoped.

I could just be reading too much into what she said. She might have just been explaining why the trailer trash bumpkins she considers us to be can do it and they could not at the Waxerman house.

“HAVE you been playing with yourselves?” Bill made a show of turning our butts towards him to inspect, “These cunts do look a little wet.” He looked over at Mrs. Waxerman for a condemnation of his use of the words ‘cunt’ but Bill could do no wrong in her eyes.

“I let Rosco lick my pussy a little, Sir.” I instantly regretted saying that as soon as I heard myself say it. I was fucking with Victoria’s head and trying to shock her but as a Dog Lover and a Tee-totaller I thought I had just gone over the imaginary line. I have to wonder what I am going to do when this training is all over and she stops by – that should be interesting.

Mrs. Waxerman took in a deep breath after a short litany about what a disgusting pervert I was before asking Bill “So how do you punish her for that behavior?” There was little doubt her question was more of a prompt that Bill SHOULD punish me for that.

Bill kept a straight face and pretended to be the simple, hard-working patriarch of the family that Victoria saw him as. The fact that he paused while thinking of his responses only reinforced the ideal father-figure Mrs. Waxerman envisioned.

“Hold those asses apart so I can have a look,” Bill squatted down to give me a long look-over and whiff of my pussy while we both held ourselves in our morning inspection position.

“Why did you encourage Rosco to lick your backside, Wendy?”

I decided to go for honest since I was still feeling like the humiliation was playing xylophone down my spine.
“You gave us permission to piss and shit Sir, but then you went inside and since we had no toilet paper. I didn’t know what to do.”

“I offered to lick her cunt and asshole clean, Sir.” Jamie piped right in excitedly.

“You are SUCH a brown-noser!” I couldn’t resist a little joke and I could tell from the look on her face she got my double-meaning. I couldn’t see Victoria or Bill’s face since by now we were pretty much face down in the grass – ass up.

“Okay well in that case, since you didn’t know what to do that is okay I guess” Bill was munching on some ice. It was already very sunny and I could feel the sun warming my thighs and ass and I was craving some ice. He is so lucky he can get it anytime he feels thirsty.

“Are you sure you wouldn’t punish her for that?” Victoria’s question was more of an insistence that he should.

“Oh,” Bill played right along “You know if you weren’t here right now, I probably would have let that slip off my mind. I am so glad you stopped by.”

There is something Mrs. Waxerman probably never hears without sarcasm “I am so glad you stopped by”.

She graciously thanked him and Bill continued “You came over here though to question my daughter about Sunday night? That takes precedence. I don’t want to take up your time while I correct my wife’s bad behavior.”

“Nonsense! My children are home attending to their studies in a proper Christian environment. You should apply the rod while the offense is still fresh in her mind.” Victoria said in her shrill, annoying half-southern, half-victorian teacher accent.

I wanted to look up because I would have expected to see her nephews peeping through the fence holes but I didn’t dare. I kept my head pressed to the ground, “I apologize for embarrassing you like this Sir in front of Mrs. Waxerman, but she is right, I should be punished right away for it.” What was I saying? God I am so confused at times – but I think at times Jamie eggs me on and I get competitive with her.

“You should keep these two separated – I am concerned that her mother’s influence will make this one just as rotten.” Victoria advised my husband.

“Actually, Rosco licked my pussy and asshole first Sir,” Jamie admitted with a purity of spirit in her tone that made her very disgusting admission sound so natural and innocent. She added “He mostly was trying to sniff” as if that was some consolation – but it sounded more like she was trying to ask for clemency for Rosco than for herself.

“The audacity!” Victoria sounded exasperated. “What are THESE? Sexual toys?” she was looking at something on Jamie’s side.

“Those are our tail-plugs, Ma’am” Jamie responded enthusiastically.

“What purpose do those serve besides your amusement?” Victoria sounded skeptical and angry.

“It helps to act as a constant reminder we are as low as the Dog in the hierarchy of the house, Ma’am.” I could not let Jamie get all the best lines in. I interjected that one more out of a sense of competition with my daughter to shine on Mrs. Waxerman.

“If our assholes are plugged we can’t stick anything in them either,” Jamie one-upped me with her response. She added “But if you are going to cane us, it’s not fair we have protection over our sensitive assholes, so I understand if you don’t want them to be put in.” she sounded like the perfectly submissive little innocent (and perhaps she really was on some level).

“Have you no shame to talk to me like that?” Mrs. Waxerman didn’t wait for an answer. She rubbed the rubber part of the plugs on our pussies to lubricate them and plunged them back into both our asses. “You won’t tell US what you do not mind or do mind! You think we want to see those obscene holes of yours?”

I think she is growing to feel more comfortable treating us like total garbage.

“No Ma’am, I know my father and you get no pleasure from seeing our bald cunts and wide assholes. He is simply doing his fatherly duty of keeping us in line and he knows that those parts of our body deliver the punishments more effectively than a rod to the ass cheeks or back.” Jamie was laying it on kind of thick. I wanted to signal her to dial it down just a notch – but at the same time I was getting caught up in playing with Victoria’s head.

I was thinking of what I could say to top my daughter’s last explanation – and I promise this was totally not intentional but I ‘Frippped’ an obvious fart of her own.

“How dare you break wind in front of me!” Victoria declared in her most pretentious voice.

I answered “If I had known it was your turn, I would have waited, Ma’am” with a straight face. However, Bill and Jamie couldn’t contain their laughter. I had just delivered a line from Austin Powers except I got it wrong and they were laughing at how silly it sounded.

I have to admit to giggling a little too.

“Do you think this is funny?” Victoria demanded.

“No, not at all Ma’am. It’s just recently I’ve been eating a lot of dog chow and it makes me gassy.” which was totally the truth.

Jamie –bless her heart fripped a loud fart too. I am positive it was intentional because aside from a little trapped air when she is getting fucked or taking a poop I never heard the girl pass wind before. “I am so sorry Ma’am, I know we are nasty sluts with nasty asses, but it’s from having the tails in for so long. The air pressure just builds up and around the edges of the plug.”

It was my turn to contain my laughter. I was so thankful I had my face buried in the ground and Mrs. Waxerman couldn’t see my face turning red from trying to stifle my amusement at the ridiculousness of the situation.

“Do you see what I have to deal with on a daily basis, Mrs. Waxerman? That is why I’ve had to go to extreme measures with my wife and my daughter” Bill even put a little country into his accent to play it up.

“Please! Call me Victoria. I do indeed understand that dealing with women such as these must try your patience.”

“I suppose THOSE are to keep their other orifices occupied?” She stabbed a bony finger at the double-headed dildos. I couldn’t tell from her tone if she was being sarcastic or asking a legitimate question.

“My mother and I were playing train.” Jamie said innocently and made a “WHOO-WHOO” steam engine sound as she pumped her fist. I smirked but I could hear Bill kick her rump – hard.

“I am sorry Sir for teasing Mrs. Waxerman. I know you said we should NEVER do that.” Jamie was laying on the apologetic innocent act very thick and I could hear in how she spread out the word ‘NEVER’ she really meant ‘ALWAYS’.

Mrs. Waxerman didn’t hear the subtext but she dropped her question – no doubt assuming the very worst about us.

“Ma’am, are you sure you want to stay here and watch me administer the punishment? It is going to be a brutal 50 strikes to the ass, tits and cunt for each of them, out here in the hot sun. I don’t think a lady of your upbringing should be exposed to such a thing.” I am sure Bill just made Victoria’s day when he said that. I swallowed hard because Bill had learned some really nasty tricks he could do with fifty lashes.

“NONSENSE!” Victoria signaled a pretentious note of joy in her tone. “I am no stranger to whoopings and disciplines. My father lined us up whether we were mischievous or not and had us remove our knickers and receive the rod – lest we be spoiled.” I couldn’t see but I imagined she had just raised one finger as she preached the virtues of her upbringing. “There is nothing you can do to discipline them that would offend my sensibilities although I wish more men were as sensitive to my feelings as you are Mr. Taylor.”

I could have almost choked on that saccharine sweet tone she took with my husband.

“Yes, but I plan to have them balance on their toes on wooden chocks, while I hang weights to their piercings.” Bill said apologetically – the little devil wasn’t sorry at all. He was fucking with her head.

“That is a bit unorthodox – I suppose I could observe and give you some friendly advice should you wish me too.”

“What do you say Wendy? Do you mind if Victoria observes you and your daughter getting punished for your wickedness?”

“No Sir, anyone you would like to witness my humiliation only strengthens my conviction to be a better wife.” I sounded like a Stepford Wife. I was just waiting for Mrs. Waxerman to not believe any of this – but she was eating it up.

“Did you not say yesterday that you didn’t think Mrs. Waxerman’s countrified opinions were worth a damn?”
I thought my jaw was going to come unhinged – I was so shocked Bill put me on the spot like that. I was glad she couldn’t see my face frozen half way between hysterical laughter and abject terror.

“I believe when Mom was serving your frozen TV Dinners what she said was that Mrs. Waxerman would never approve of these punishments because she would think we are being turned on and amused by them.” Jamie offered completely out of the blue when I failed to answer. I knew she was making it all up because I hadn’t given the guys a TV dinner since this started.

“A TV Dinner?” Victoria was flabbergasted by the notion of feeding big, strong Bill Taylor a TV Dinner, “You are a horrible mother, a bad example to your daughter and an even worse house keeper for your husband and son.” – I knew she had some deeply seated notions about the role of men and women in a traditional household but she often bordered on misogyny.

“I would think twice before correcting your father in front of a guest young lady!” Mrs. Waxerman spoke directly to my daughter and then added for my benefit “While I have no doubt a fallen woman such as yourself might take pleasure in being indecently paraded around and whipped, I am sure your husband will apply such measures that even YOU will have reservations about indulging in it for pleasure.”

Bill directed us to stand – my knees felt tight and ached from being on the ground all morning. “That is exactly why I have added these extra measures, Mrs. Waxerman.” he had us stand on four solid but short wooden blocks that were spaced more than shoulder width apart. “Hands behind your heads you sluts, I don’t want you playing with yourselves or trying to shield your body”

He handcuffed our interlaced hands behind our heads. He must have enjoyed having so many new toys from Buford’s store to play with.

He made us wait on our tip-toes while he went inside to collect some other tools. He locked long spreader bars between our ankles. “This will keep them from closing their legs in order to protect their sensitive naughty bits” Bill was having too much fun with our discomfort. I could already feel my thighs starting to shake from holding this position.

I wondered if the Waxerman boys were watching – who am I kidding? They were almost ALWAYS watching in the backyard and now that we were eight inches off the ground standing on the chalks who knows who else could see us.

“I usually don’t gag them because I want them to admit their wrong doing but I don’t want their coarse language to offend you.” He started to wrap a leather O-ring gag around my neck.

“Nonsense, I know these two cannot help but use filthy language.” She stopped him and he unsnapped it from my neck as he slapped my ass.

“Thank Mrs. Waxerman!” he demanded of me.

“Thank you Ma’am for permitting me to remain ungagged so that I can plead forgiveness.”

The good book says ?women should remain silent in the churches. They are not allowed to speak, but must be in submission, as the Law says - In book one Corinthians 14:34.

I had no idea how many meanie-butt passages were in the Bible but it always seemed like the ones she quoted were designed to justify smacking my bottom – why is that? I had to take her word that was in the Bible but I made a mental note to check when I am no longer under training.

“This is not church, but they WILL be in submission,” Bill tapped my knee with a wooden dowel causing me to almost lose my footing and fall off when it startled me. He ordered me to continue and explain what I am being punished for. Victoria nodded in acceptance of Bill’s explanation.

“I believe I am being punished for allowing Rosco to lick my cunt and asshole until I got aroused and encouraging my daughter to do the same?” if it mattered to Victoria that it was my daughter who was licked first – she said nothing about it.

“What happens if you fall off the chocks?” he stabbed the end of the dowel into the meaty part of my tit while he walked in circles around me.

“You start over, Sir?” I guessed.

He used the dowel to strike me squarely in between my slit “Precisely!”

“Should I be counting these, Sir?” I reminded him.

“This?” he whapped my butt with the wooden dowel “Oh you think I would use something this small for an ass” he swatted my ass again “This wide?”

I swear I couldn’t see Victoria’s face but I thought I heard the old biddy giggle at my expense.

“No Sir, I would never presume you would.” I was starting to get a little frightened now that Bill was getting dramatic.

“Let me introduce you to Mother-in-Law!” He held up a long wooden rod with the word ‘mother-in-law’ in raised but blunted metal squares. The kind you would see on a bracelet a punk rocker might wear. He put it to my mouth and I kissed it with my tongue.

“Tell her why you do that to an implement of your punishment?” Bill asked - I had no idea why I did that, but I knew he was prompting me to make it up.

“I must be thankful to the instrument of my deliverance from wickedness, Sir?” I just strung a bunch of words that I thought Victoria would like to hear together and to my benefit she seemed to brighten.

“I shall have to remember that, thank you.” I thought she was talking to me since I was the one who had just made it up. I was glad she was standing behind me and couldn’t see my face curl up in frustration when she addressed “MISTER Taylor” for that gem of wisdom.

“Think nothing of it, please you’ve helped us so much in improving our marriage and trying to keep the females under control that it is the least I could do.” Bill was rubbing it in – I guess I don’t blame him.

“This is my favorite part” He had never done this to us before but he pretended it was a regular ritual in our discipline. He attached gator clips to the pierced hoops in our tits that had weighted lead balls like fishing sinkers with little spikes on them on the end of strings. Every time we moved or swayed slightly they would dangle on our tummy and jab us slightly.

He then took a much larger weight that was almost a half-pound and threaded it through the hoops in my clit and let it dangle on a string between my legs “Comfortable, honey?”

I had grit my teeth at first, wondering if this thing was going to pull off my pussy lips but it surprisingly held very well. “No Sir, I am not comfortable this way”

“Good, that is the idea.” He slapped my butt and attached the same weight to my daughter. “These two used to argue about which one was getting preferential treatment, so my solution was to give them each equal measures.”

“You indulge them too much, Bill Taylor.” Victoria inspected us as she walked around to our front. “They should be grateful for whatever they get and accept the justice you mete out.”

“That is what I have been saying but you know how stubborn they can be.” He slapped me on the back of the head and pulled my tongue out – then slipped a clothespin on my tongue. “Isn’t that right, honey?”

“Yesfff sthir, we can be berry, berry stuffornth” I said spitting saliva while the clip held my tongue out past my lips.

He adjusted it so I could talk a little more understandably and then applied the same treatment to Jamie. It felt like a red ant biting me on the inside of my mouth but now at least I was not talking like Daffy Duck “Stuffering Succotash” or is that Porky Pig? It’s funny what you think about when you are about to get your clit whacked until it’s numb.

I was already starting to regret teasing Waxerman this way – the weights were bouncing on my chest and slowly back and forth pulling my pussy lips down with them between my legs. My mouth had gone dry and the sun was directly in my eye when the first lash from Mother in Law hit me on the ass cheeks.

“One Sir, thank you very much” I counted boldly. It hurt but it bit deeply into the muscles of my ass and I had definitely built up a good tolerance there - I clenched my ass-cheeks to prepare for another.

“Unclench that asshole!” Bill warned and even though I apologized and quickly relaxed my cheeks he parted my ass and spit on my sore butthole. Then he slid the stainless steel metal beauty I was later to call ‘Passport’ in my butt.

It was a heavy stainless steel egg and it was really heavy. If I thought that double-headed dildo pushed my ‘gotta poop’ button this thing was setting off the alarms inside me – I was just glad I had been able to take a dump right before this. I could feel my eyes bulge just a little bit as he gave it a flick and it made a ‘tink’ sound.

It has a fake diamond jewel on the head so that if it’s pushed all the way in you see a half-dollar sized diamond sticking out of the asshole – It looks a bit like the center of a sunflower blossom with the rim of the asshole ringing it. He bought them that night at the Adult Megastore without showing us- I guess it was his ‘surprise’.

I know this not because I’m flexible enough to bend backwards and see my own. I know this because I eventually saw the matching plug he inserted into my daughter’s asshole. I heard her draw in a sharp sigh and thank him. He told her its name was ‘license’.

“Sir when you told me I needed to start studying for my license, I had no idea this was the test.” Jamie joked in that pleasing and adorably positive way she has.

He slapped her butt “Smart ass,” he said while we remained standing on our tip-toes on the wooden blocks. “I suppose you think I am over-indulgent with my wife and daughter on their body jewelry?” He asked Mrs. Waxerman.

“On the contrary I see it as very practical. They are going to adorn themselves with body jewelry in their desperate attempts for attention from the opposite sex anyway. You might as well give them one that exposes the tenderest region of their posterior so that no part of their bottom is hidden from your rod. It also helps make them not seem obscene when viewed from this angle.” She said very much like a school-teacher giving a lecture.

I’ve seen these booty-plugs from behind and they look obscene and draw the eye – so I suppose that is a matter of opinion.

“I was going to wait until I felt you earned them but since Mrs. Waxerman is here I thought now was as good a time as any to apply them to you.” Bill struck Jamie’s ass hard with his heavy paddle.

Jamie yelped the teensiest yelp and said “One Sir, thank you very much, I am so glad Mrs. Waxerman approves of our matching butt plugs.”

I heard snickering coming from the fence – the Waxerman boys. If Victoria heard her nephews she said nothing of it.

Bill swung his heavy club into my tits making me groan as I thanked him for number two.

We repeated this several more rounds and periodically he would ask a question “Are you still turned on and aroused?” to which one of us would have to plead and beg no.

“I bet if I feel that cunt it will be dripping wet,” he ran his finger down my slit and what I bet was more fear-sweat than my own cum he made me lick off the tip of his finger while making ‘tsk, tsk, tsk’ sounds with his teeth.

“You two are too comfortable, let me see what I have in my toy box,” Bill had a modified tackle box for fishing that he had transferred a lot of the more easily lost smaller implements of our shame and humiliation. He took out a “snouting tool” and showed it to us.

“Okay little piggies” it had two blunted hooks then went in the nostrils and then using elastic wire he pulled it over our heads –giving the impression that are nostrils were wide and turned up like little piggies. I could hear the Waxerman boy’s laughing and for once I was a little more concerned about what trouble they would get into if she caught them than we were.

Bill might have heard them too because he began swinging the flat end of the club against our asses and making a loud –THWAP- noise as we counted in rapid succession. He was hitting us on the ass, tits and sometimes near our pussy but not directly on the lips. The weighted balls attached to our nipples and cunts were swinging and added a little discomfort when they hit our skin but it was more just the consistent weight of them that was the hard part.

Bill would every now and then give me a swift strike to the belly or the back when it probably looked like I might fall off the wooden chock. He would remind me if I fell off that we would start over and I knew he was serious.

The sun and the pain had coated my body in a light sheen of my own sweat and tears. Mother-in-Law as a paddle is a beast and I was feeling particularly humbled by the time we reached fifty. There is this transformation you go through after you’ve endured so much pain where you become ‘meek’. At least that is the case for me – the emotional toll and the physical one all rolled together made me legitimately not want to defy ANYONE for ANYTHING.

“I’ll be a good slut, Sir.” I begged when he had finally smacked the snot out of us fifty times! I think once I saw a spray of piss come right out of Jamie when he gave a solid stroke to the ass on number thirty six or thirty seven.

Jamie was mewling and pleading – as strong as she can be I can’t be sure if she had that epiphany but right then I would have beat Bill’s clothing on a rock to wash them. I was his woman and he had ‘dominated’ me in all ways. I guess that goes back to the primal days when cavemen used to bonk you on the head and carry you by the hair back to their cave. I cannot say why it worked but any ounce of gumption and snark was completely empty from the very bottom of the core of my being to the top.

It would come back – it always did. However, for the time being I was intent on being a good girl and so was Jamie.

He tested my cunt by swiping a finger down my slit. He pretended it wasn’t wet as he nodded “So what is it you want to talk to them about?” he asked Mrs. Waxerman with a smile.

lly Beetches”

The Family Feud IV
Chapter Eighteen
“The difference between knowing your shit, and knowing you’re shit”

**Note to reader: The story returns to the original narrative voice. Bill has just punished his wife and daughter in front of Victoria Waxerman (and her nephews who were peeping). The Star Count was removed as it has been suspended temporarily – while the girls earn a trip for their father.

Jamie and Wendy were coated in a thin layer of their own sweat from the beating they had just taken and the hot sun. Bill led them inside by the leashes and let them walk – expecting them to thank him.

Bill let them get a glass of water in the kitchen to share while he and Victoria chatted and supervised them. “So you really must keep an eye on these two or they will get up to mischief?” Victoria who absolutely loved gossip and dirty laundry was in her own personal gold mine.

“Yes, I am afraid it can get that bad. These two sluts would grab a coke or a beer out of the fridge if we didn't count every one of them and watch them drink their water.” Bill said solemnly.

“It's true Ma'am,” Wendy had just taken a deep gulp of the water “I am thankful my husband is here during the day to keep me from running amok and having a Pepsi.” Wendy sounded serious but she was laying it on thick as part of the family's “White Alert” policy around Mrs. Waxerman. They would exaggerate their situation and try to shock her – they had often joked this would also be perfect for any Jehovah's Witnesses who came by.

“Please be respectful and remain in silence while your husband is talking, Dear.” Victoria's condescension for Wendy had only grown. There had been a time only a few weeks ago that Victoria would have been polite to Wendy's face but now there wasn't a shred of respect. Wendy had been everything Victoria disliked in modern women – a career woman with an active lifestyle.

There was very little Victoria could have spread in the way of gossip about Wendy that was worse than the truth.

She had always assumed Wendy was a poor cook and focused on her exercise classes instead of spending time with her family- an assumption that wasn't far from the truth. However, now that Wendy was standing naked in her own kitchen with the weights still attached to her pussy and tits from her most recent beating – she reminded Victoria of a lion who had all their teeth and claws pulled.

Bill had removed the tongue clip and nose spreader “Snouter” that he had on the girls but he left in their new stainless steel butt plugs and the weights. The handcuffs had been unclasped so they could hold their glass of water together.

“Last Sunday I understand you sent your daughter to my house to be punished. I had some questions for Jamie.” Victoria explained.

Jamie glanced at her father for some sign of what she should say but his face was stony and impassive. He was secretly enjoying watching this spectacle unfold and was playing his role to its hilt.

“Yes Ma'am,” Jamie's perky boobs bounced as she snapped into an attentive stance to listen.

“You let my niece and nephews punish you?” Victoria asked disapprovingly.

“Yes Ma'am, they said that you had shown them the proper ways to discipline and I knew that given how much you instilled honesty into them that I could trust them implicitly to tell the truth.” Jamie's voice was naïve and perky.

Victoria wouldn't admit to strangers that her little angels of nephews were any less than perfect and certainly not to the Taylors. The look on Mrs.Waxmerman's face however told a different tale – that she knew they could be little devils at times.

“Would you like me to have them squat or kneel? I don't want them to use their eyes to try to manipulate you into feeling sorry for them.” Bill interrupted.

“Oh that is so thoughtful, you don't have to do that,” Mrs. Waxerman said but then after Bill didn't she added “but since you are probably going to do it anyway, you can have them kneel.”

Bill took that as his cue to clap his hands “Kneel, sluts!” and his wife and daughter got back down on the floor with their legs apart, sitting on their heels with hands resting on their thighs in a submissive pose.

“If you lie about this next question, I intend to ask your father to repeat the punishment you just received is that clear?” Mrs. Waxerman looked down her nose at Jamie on the floor.

“Yes Ma’am, you know I will always be caught in my deceit, thank you for the warning though as it keeps from submitting to temptations to be dishonest.”

“Girls born to mothers like yours have a natural tendency to be perfidious – it is just in your nature,” Waxerman’s tone was snooty and sure of her prognosis about Jamie. “Did you sit upon my 18th century antique broomstick?”

Jamie spit a little water out of her nose and mouth back into the glass she was holding. She did not expect the question. She nodded yes as she added “I asked that they put something into my asshole so as to protect your nephews from my obscene muscle contractions during the beating.” This was actually a lie but Jamie kept a straight face. She didn’t want to get the Waxerman kids in trouble. She did a Kegel exercise that she had been practicing to flex her pussy lips to accentuate her point.

“I presume you completely disrobed for this, what did you use to cover your…” Victoria was searching for a word that sounded more genteel and Jamie offered “Cunt?”

“How repugnant, yes dear. If that is what you call it.” Mrs. Waxerman’s head was shaking just a little from side to side as if she were growing more annoyed and uncomfortable.

“As I was a virgin I thought it improper to put anything in my cunt, so I asked the boys to forgive my offense and remained bent over to present my ass, Ma’am.” Jamie stumbled a little with that explanation.

“YOU a virgin?” Victoria snorted at the absurdity of the notion.

“Yes Ma’am, my father inspected my hymen daily – I assure you I only used my asshole and mouth to serve my betters.” Victoria could hardly argue with what Jamie had just said.

“Yet that status has changed?” Victoria sounded curious.

Bill said “The boy she went out with last night got her cherry, but on the plus side watch this.” Bill turned one of the kitchen dining room chairs upside down so it’s two back legs were facing up. “Girls, have a seat”

Wendy looked at Jamie with concern.

“Are you two hesitating to fulfill the wishes of the man of the house to make me look bad in front of company? Because we can go back outside and give you an attitude adjustment again.”

Wendy was the first to stand “No Sir, thankfully Mrs. Waxerman is not known for gossip for surely anyone else would spread rumors about how lazy and thoughtless we are.” she slowly backed herself on to the tip of the chair – attempting to avoid the string and weight.

Jamie was copying her mother’s hesitant stance. Bill pushed down on his wife’s shoulder’s “Really push down and put all the weight on the chair.” Wendy’s pussy was balancing on the corner of the chair leg as she slowly slid down it centimeter by centimeter.

“See, now two sluts can sit on one chair.” Bill smiled at Victoria as the girls uncomfortably squirmed on the chair legs.

“Well that must be handy.” Victoria said politely.

“Not really, we don’t normally let them sit on furniture- too many snail trails.” Bill smiled but Victoria ignored the crude joke.

“It reminds me of a Spanish horse.” Victoria said of the cruel looking seating arrangement before looking Jamie in the eye, “So my boys did not have carnal relations with you, is what you are telling me?”

Jamie sounded like she was holding her breath and exhaling as she answered “As I said Ma’am, I was a virgin until last night.” Jamie was a terrible liar but technically that was the truth. She had a broad grin on her face as she backed herself further onto the chair leg.

“That matches what Delilah told me of that night. I would prefer that you make arrangements with me if you need punishment.” Victoria said it directly to Wendy because it sounded like criticism and she certainly wouldn’t say that to Bill Taylor.

“Yes Ma’am, how foolish of me not to call in advance, please forgive our forwardness.” Wendy said in a caring and apologetic manner.

“It is very rude and ungrateful, but then what else can I expect from your kind?” Victoria fired back. Then she turned to Bill “If you could convince Wendy and Her daughter to wear something appropriate I would really love to have your family over for a home-cooked meal. I am sure you’ve not had one in a long time?” Victoria was all smiles and graciousness.

“I would love too, Ma’am” Bill nodded as if doffing an invisible cap to her. “The thing is to get the girls to agree to the homeschool education during the day. They insisted Chris and I take them out to Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard so they could suck the dicks of strange men tonight.” Bill said with a completely straight face – but he couldn’t look Victoria in the eye.

Victoria turned to Wendy “You put your own desires for twisted amusements, above your husband’s and son’s needs for a home cooked meal?”

“Yes Ma’am, but please understand that Jamie and I are on a special diet and at night we only eat cum, so unless your sons were willing to donate we would probably go hungry.” Wendy sounded a little bolder than in her past statements.

Jamie reached over and pinched her mom’s butt quietly to remind her to dial her attitude down. Jamie added to the fib “Yes Ma’am, male cum does wonderful things for our complexion and it helps keep the weight down. It’s the latest thing out in Hollywood.”

Victoria harrumphed and retrieved Mr. Snips, who had left a pile of crap on the carpet in the living room, and left.
“You two and your Hollywood fad diets, and your Thigh-masters Pilates classes with the tight spandex are using it all for fornication. I don’t buy it, not a word of it.” Yet it seemed to everyone else she was pleased to have her own theories about how wicked these women were confirmed. “The offer is always on the table, Mr. Taylor.” she smiled politely and left the house without looking back.

Bill laughed after Victoria was gone “Wow, that was pretty wild at the very end there.”

“Yes, well I guess the intensive submissive feelings I was feeling from the ungodly beating you just gave us were a little clouded by her constant beratement, Sir.” Wendy explained asking “Please may we get off this chair, sir?”

Bill hadn’t actually noticed his wife’s intense reinforcement of her submissive feelings from the recent beating and he was a little confused by her admission. He shook his head no and smiled. He had a lot of fun teasing Mrs. Waxerman and wasn’t going to over-think what his wife just said.

“Baby, we can go out tonight and do what you said, I think I would like that.” Bill admitted about his wife’s new idea. He had a smile on his face until he realized he meant to say “Maybe” and maybe it was Freudian or maybe it was just a slip of the lip.

Wendy joked “Ooh you didn’t call me cow-tits! I got called a Baby.”

“I meant Maybe Cow-tits and you know it” Bill smiled playfully as he gave his wife’s ample nipple rings a tightening squeeze and twist.

“Ooops, I did it again.” Wendy sang an old Brittany Spears lyric in response to her husband’s casual acceptance of his mistake. Weeks ago he probably would have tried to pretend he meant to say Baby because he used to see mistakes or apologies as signs of weakness, but now he had the confidence to admit and move on.

Then again, weeks ago she would have screamed if she had vice-like nipple rings and someone gave them the kind of squeezing Bill just had. Instead, her sore bare nipples just bounced back into place when he released them.

“I think it’s Baby Hit me one more time.” Jamie joined in the joke quoting the actual Brittany Spears lyric her mom had been thinking of earlier. Wendy smiled that her daughter had seemed to read her mind.

Bill gave his daughter’s tender nipples the same attention and squeeze and then slapped both of her tits as he released them. “They seem more full, that’s good.”

“Can we get off this chair now to go milk Sir?” Jamie offered – hoping that he would let her end this painful exercise now that Waxerman was gone and considering how compliant they had been.

“Nah, stay like that until Chris gets home then beg him. That bitch made me miss my computer time and I have a feeling we are gonna be out all night trying to feed you your special diet.” Bill smirked and left the kitchen without looking back or a second thought for the den where his computer is.

Wendy called out as her husband ignored her, “You know during white alerts you can’t hold anything we say as a valid contract.” she was half kidding and half hoping he wouldn’t take all the promises they made when Mrs.Waxerman was there and make them do them. They had said some things about how life was around the house that they had completely made up but it had seemed so easy to picture life being like that fantasy-vision they painted to shock Victoria now that they had given the men authority over them. Bill was just laughing and walking as if he didn’t hear what she said.

“Great, do you think they will JUST feed us cum from now on, Mom?” Jamie asked seriously. She had just found a spot on the chair leg to balance her weight that she could stand.

Wendy couldn’t help but notice that despite the absurdity of the question it seemed completely natural coming from Jamie. Her daughter had the same look of concern she did her first day of high school that she knew which home room she was going too. There was a sort of “normal-ness” about this arrangement that Wendy wondered if she was just imagining.

“You know that I would never have imagined in a hundred years that I would be fucking the same chair my daughter is and theorizing about my all cum diet back when I was a little girl in the corn fields of Indiana.” Wendy shook her head with a little mirthful expression. “Would it really be worse than dog food?” She asked playfully with the scrunched up nose expression her daughter used to do so regularly.

“No, I guess not, but what I wouldn’t give for a cheeseburger!” Jamie brightened at the thought.

Bill yelled from the den “I can hear you two sluts! Go near that fridge and I’ll put you back outside.”

Wendy was about to say “Okay” when as if by cue Bill added the stipulation to his threat “You’ll do it ON the chair legs.” Wendy closed her mouth picturing him sending the two of them outside walking the chair between their own legs. She whispered to Jamie “With mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato.” and a wink.

They whispered and joked with each other to get their minds off the crushing pain on their pussies from their weight forcing them down the chair leg. They joked about how she would pretend to be disgusted but would really be excited. Wendy told her daughter she was surprised she could tell lies that way considering how she felt about deception.

“In Mrs. Waxerman’s case I guess I see the exception because she wants to believe all the worst about us. If we confirm it for her it only seems to make her happy so I guess I don’t see the problem there.” Jamie qualified that with “I hope I don’t sound like a bubble-headed bimbo?”

“Isn’t that what you are supposed to sound like to her?” Wendy smirked and the two groaned silently enduring the chair legs pushing further into their already sore cunts. “I can’t take much more of this, I feel like my nipples are going to explode from all the pressure going on in my body right now.” Wendy finally admitted to her daughter.

“I am so glad you said that, I thought you would think I was being a whiny baby if I complained!” Jamie responded with a relieved gasp.

“You? Never. We made it through the Mother-in-Law outside, but this is the worst. Let’s beg your father’s permission to get off these chair legs before they split us in two!” Wendy reassured her daughter.

“Agreed, I feel like this chair is reaching parts of my womb that Brad could never have put it in last night.” Jamie’s lips were parted as she sucked in air and endured herself slowly falling backwards as she sat on the chair leg with legs apart.

“That’s TMI!” Wendy gave her a wink – Using one of Jamie’s terms for ‘Too Much Information’. Then she began to beg and wail, “Sir, Please? Can we get off this chair leg? We can’t stand it?” and Jamie joined in too but either Bill wasn’t listening or he wasn’t moved.

“Your father is probably engrossed in his game, let’s pick it up together and move into the den.” Wendy suggested lifting up her side of the chair and standing.

“Will he punish us?” Jamie asked reluctantly.

“Worse than this? I hope not.” Wendy answered and with that Jamie joined her in moving themselves through the kitchen door into the den to beg Bill for leniency.

“You know I can’t just pause an online game right?” he answered their moans for relief.

“Yes sir, but sitting on this wood really hurts! Please Sir I can’t stand it.” Wendy hadn’t complained before about any of the things Bill had done to her and he had done some fairly heinous things to his wife this past two weeks.

“It is supposed to hurt, Cow Tits. If it was fun I would be doing it instead of you.” Bill only gave a sidelong glance at his wife and daughter writhing on the chair legs.

“I understand Sir, and I know we are supposed to learn our lesson, but please? I beg you to at least let Jamie off her side. It’s rubbing us raw and it really hurts sir!” Wendy was rubbing her thighs and holding her stomach just to keep her mind off the increasing intensity of her slow descent on the chair leg.

“Fine, hold on until I get back to Imperial Fleet and then I’ll find something else for you two whiners to do with those piss factories of yours.”

Bill made his wife and daughter wait – tapping their feet and fanning their fingers vainly waiting for permission to stand up.

“Oh yeah, you can get off them.” Bill finally said when he finished logging his character out. His wife and daughter both resisted the urge to complain that he could have given them the permission a few minutes earlier if it was that simple a matter.

“Pull the cunt flaps open so I can have a look” Bill squatted down and dabbed his finger in his wife’s pussy first while she held herself open. “No tearing or bleeding,” he sounded disappointed as he checked his daughter and found the same result. “You two sluts think you can get the shit fucked out of you tonight, but you can’t stand a little hole training on your precious cum buckets?”

Wendy wanted to defend how awful the mini-Spanish horse torture had been but opted instead to satisfy Bill’s ego with “Would you like to fuck us – both?” adding the last word with emphasis on Jamie “We could use the practice with a real cock Sir.”

“You would like to watch me fuck my own daughter, wouldn’t you?” Bill asked angrily.

Wendy wanted to point out he had made her suck his cock and fucked her in the ass already but instead just said “Yes Sir, we are both your whores, and your daughter needs to practice with a real cock that is going to shoot cum and everything.”

Jamie looked uncomfortably around – it wasn’t every day you hear your mother offer your pussy to your father.

Bill looked at his daughter still covered in a fine, misty sheen of sweat, “You two pigs stink. Chris and I will fuck you later after you beg for our cocks, now get down on all fours and both of you lick my dick and suck my balls together.

Wendy and Jamie didn’t hesitate – Wendy unzipped his pants as they went down on him. They kissed each other between licks and Bill moaned in ecstasy as he watched his wife and daughter’s face lovingly tend to his dick. “You two cock hounds are going to get plenty of this tonight,

Bill stood in his living room with his pants pulled down watching the two of them service his dick greedily. “You seem to be looking forward to getting fucked with your daughter, aren’cha slut?” Bill put a finger under Wendy’s chin to lift her head up from the ball slurping she was doing.

“You are going to fuck her anyway, I might as well be accepting and submissive, Sir.” Wendy’s explanation sound practical and considerate. Bill wasn’t sure if he would have liked to hear, “Yes, Yes, I am a dirty mommy, please bury your bone in our soft wet pussies.” but he wasn’t entirely satisfied with her response.

Bill slapped his wife hard on the tits and she instinctively let out a quiet gasp. “You don’t tell me if I am going to fuck her or I am not,” he demanded. “Beg me to fuck you both, tell me what a great cock I have.” Bill stroked his wife’s auburn colored hair softly with an edge of menace to his voice.

“Please pump us both full of your rock hard cock, Sir. This little cocksucker has been a virgin for sixteen years and she needs a good, hard ride to break her in,” Wendy knew Bill was testing her and it wasn’t time to joke around or be informal. She held Jamie’s head up to look at her father while rubbing his chest. “Please cum in our pussies Sir, we need a good rough fucking to keep us in line.”

“Are you going to want me to fuck you both when the training is over?” Bill asked cautiously.

Wendy paused to give that some thought and Bill’s face twisted into anger. He grabbed his wife’s nipples and gave a yank and a twist upward “So you worship my cock when it benefits you, but when the training is over you won’t?” he was seething.

“I can’t promise what Jamie will do, but I promise you Sir. I’ve learned a lot in the last week about being a better and more giving lover. You will always be able to fuck my ass. Pull my hair, cum in face and all the naughty things you like to do Sir,” Wendy promised while Jamie fully deep-throated her father’s cock.

“She is a good little cock sucker, but she has been such a tease until now,” Bill squeezed his daughter’s nose hard between thumb and finger noting how sloped and angular it looked. It made her look stuck up. Bill wasn’t saying it but he was conflicted in his feelings between wanting to punish the girls and with his guilt over dragging them through the mud.

Bill liked to think of himself as a simple man with simple needs – beer, sports, computer games, sex and silence (and not necessarily in that order). He had on many occasions felt a rage at having been humiliated – not just during his time as Wendy and Jamie’s puppet but even before that. He had been out of work and fell into a cycle of lazy days on the couch which only seemed to reinforce his feelings of worthlessness.

When the tables turned and he could train the girls, he rarely felt guilty – they were the personification of all his mistakes and powerlessness. As time had passed and the girls not only embraced their discipline at his hands but surpassed his expectations, he would find himself admiring their strength. A part of him would get jealous over how they handled it together and he would use that anger to help him continue to act like an uncaring, sadistic drill sergeant.

There were times of reflection when he felt guilty about hurting and humiliating them. He had wanted to let them out of the training a little early but now they had gone and made this new ‘counter-offer’ that would only up the stakes and send them both out to the streets to work as whores. He understood that it was a very practical offer because of their money situation but he also secretly felt jealous that they could be so selfless about their sacrifice.

It was important to de-humanize them and see them as puppies, pigs, and whores but as he squished his daughter’s nose she continued to gobble his cock and it secretly made him feel like he probably shouldn’t be enjoying this so much. “You want your daddy to fuck that tight little pussy you have been guarding so carefully?” Bill growled.

Jamie didn’t answer – her bright blue eyes beamed acceptance at him as she continued throating his cock all the way to its base. Bill clutched her head and in a sudden explosion of ecstasy came in her mouth. His toes curled up and his fingers dug into the side of her head as he whispered ‘no, no, no’ but it was too late – he had shot his load.

Jamie held her mouth open proudly – awaiting her father’s order to swallow it.

“Yeah, yeah, you got out of getting fucked this time by sucking me too good.” Bill acted as if she had intentionally robbed him of his chance at fucking her – but he didn’t seem very convincing to the girls. “Let me see you kiss that cum into your mom’s fat face – she didn’t do much to earn it though.”

Bill stood there with his pants unzipped and his cock quickly deflating while he watched Wendy and Jamie French kiss until Wendy felt she had it all and opened her mouth obediently before her husband.

Bill didn’t feel like talking (or thinking) any more. He walked over and selected two ring gags and attached them to Wendy and Jamie’s head tightly while they kneeled in front of the stair case in the living room. He never gave Wendy permission to swallow – a little cum danced on the tip of her tongue through the matching O-ring gag her daughter had on.

“You two cunts can sit in the living room where I can see you,” Bill could see the staircase from the computer in the den but not inside the kitchen. “When your brother gets home you’ll go over the counter-offer with him and then I’ll probably be ready to fuck you again – but you better not suck me off so well that I cum first!” Bill warned.

Jamie could only nod dutifully and make an ‘ack’ noise through the gag holding her mouth open in an “O” shape.

Bill guided his wife to her feet and made her straddle the staircase rail. “I hope you are going to bitch that THIS is too hard for that fat cunt of yours?” he guided his wife over the rounded wooden bannister post and had her sit down on it.

Wendy guided herself carefully but found that the wooden post accommodated her wet pussy perfectly. Bill shackled her feet around the bottom of the staircase together and then he cuffed her hands behind her back. The end result was that Wendy’s knees were spread wide and obscenely as she balanced herself naked, bound and gagged on the staircase.

Jamie knew that the other side of the staircase was intended for her and cooperated with her father as he posed and sat her legs wide on the end-cap of the stairs so that its entire mahogany length fit into her delicate pink slit. When Bill finished setting them up in an identical position he marveled at his work and gave his daughter’s clit ring a tug and a pull so that it dangled a little further out of her body.

“You look good like that. I know you are supposed to be dogs in the hot sun – I guess I just spoil you bitches from time to time. You’ve been good girls – now hang around and don’t go anywhere.” Bill patted his wife on the head and stroked his daughter’s cheek as he returned his attention to his computer game.

He didn’t break or look over at the two women who writhed only slightly on the staircase – they had to remain well balanced or they would have fallen off.

Hours passed and the girls gave each other furtive glances – both trapped in silence and unable to communicate with each other. Their discomfort at the position they were in grew until their muscles started to feel tense and painful but after what felt like several long and silent numbing hours – they actually grew used to it and no longer focused on it.

“Hidey-Ho!” Chris walked in the door from school in a chipper mood and threw his books down on the living room floor. He immediately saw his sister and mom positioned on the staircase with knees wide apart – drool dripping down their chin from the gags on to their tits. “You look like a pair of gargoyles up there – I need to get a picture of this,” he used his cell-phone (which had been Jamie’s at one time) to snap a few pictures of the girls while laughing at them.

Then he ignored their low wailing and gurgles to casually talk to his father for a little while – they mostly discussed the new computer game that had taken their fancy. They were intentionally ignoring the girls to further shame and humble them – and for the most part it was working. Bill had brought Chris up to speed on what had happened that day and eventually they decided to bring the girls down from the bannister posts. Chris had his sister by the waist and was pulling her off when he heard air sucking into her pussy and a familiar ‘sploosh’ sound – “You are getting your spit all over me, Queen Laqueefa” he commented, degrading Jamie by using a nickname he heard Cathy use for her.

The girls had to be unshackled from the stairwell at the feet and wrists and then finally the gag was removed – leaving them panting and gasping. “God, it feels like my insides are bruised,” Jamie held her lower tummy with her hand as if that would bring her some relief.

“Your pink has turned purple, eh?” Bill’s dry humor failed to put a smile on the girl’s faces.

Chris had the girls kneel on the living room floor as he went over his mom’s counter offer - He wanted to get right down to business (now that he had made them wait). “As I understand it, you two cunts serve obediently per our agreement, but all challenges and stars are suspended until we are out of debt?”

“With the understanding that your father and you will keep us focused on making money, Sir. If we can get out of debt by the weekend – your father will go to his internet forum convention.” Wendy clarified while kneeling respectfully in front of her son and husband.

“Keep you focused?” Chris sounded skeptical.

“You and your father will try to get us as many ‘clients’,” Wendy searched for the right word to use for the men she was going to have to fuck.

“You mean tricks, right Mom?” Chris’s face had become less serious.

“Yes Sir, you and your father will try to have us turn as many tricks as possible instead of the flashing and games that you would normally have us play for stars,” Wendy swallowed hard as she added “But you will also keep us humble and give us affirmations to keep us from...” Wendy was trying to find a way to explain how the affirmations and constant discipline had made accepting the expectations on them much easier.

“Don’t worry, things won’t get casual and chummy any time soon,” Chris knew what his mother meant and added “We’ll be disciplining you if you two get egos or start to slack off.” And his mother shook her head in acceptance.

Chris reached over their backs and prodded them forward on all fours. “Did I see the special gifts dad and I got for you?”

“Yes Sir, my passport,” Wendy admitted while her son pulled her ass cheeks apart to look.

“And my license, Sir.” Jamie chimed in.

“Yeah, we were GOING to wait for some ceremony to give those to you,” Chris’s tone implying he wasn’t entirely happy that his father went ahead and revealed the surprise. “I wanted clear ones so we could see up those poop chutes of yours, but Dad liked these better.”

“Speaking of which Sir, we have been up there on the stairwell for hours, I can only speak for me but can we be let outside to piss and shit?” Wendy was finding that the new butt plug constantly made her feel like she had to take a dump.

“Gah, you girls are regular turd factories,” Bill mocked outrage.

“Yeah, you cunts can go, heel behind me.” Chris started to walk his sister and mother outside to the backyard.

Bill stopped him “Allow me, son. Take a load off.”

Chris was pleasantly surprised by his father’s offer considering he had traditionally been the one to walk them. He had seen his mother and sister’s disgusting squatting many times – but it always amused him. “I’ll go with you, Dad.”

Bill smiled at his son and they walked the girls outside together. “You two have about two minutes to squeeze all the shit and piss you can out of those holes, then I think we need to start getting ready for your first night at the motel.”

“Have they shown you the slow shit, yet?” Chris sounded excited.

“No son, I have no idea what that is,” Bill looked half amused because by the look of concern on the girls’ faces this was going to be unpleasant for them.

“Get in position and tell Dad what it’s all about,” Chris demanded of his mother.

“Yes Sir,” Wendy and Jamie were both squatting on the balls of their feet near the rose bushes with their legs wide open. They put their hands behind their backs and pulled their ass cheeks apart.

“Wait, why are you facing your fudge factories away from us? This is a slow shit.”

“I am sorry Sir, I just didn’t think your father might want to see,” Wendy may have subconsciously chosen to face away from her husband because while Chris laughed at this sort of thing she didn’t think Bill had much interest in it and it felt more humiliating to do it in front of him because of that.

“You didn’t think? Are you WANTING a punishment?” Chris stomped a foot at his mother while she adjusted herself so that her asshole with the big red O tattooed around it’s ring was prominently displayed before her husband and son. “Now explain what you are doing!”

“This is hole training – Sometimes we slowly pump out a turd in front of Chris and,” Wendy was having a hard time saying this, knowing her husband was listening. There was something extra humiliating about admitting it.
“We clench our assholes around each turd and try to pull it back in or break it off and start another log down the sawmill as slowly as possible Sir.”

Bill could hear the obvious discomfort in his wife’s voice – given she had been able to say so many humiliating things to Mrs. Waxerman and be berated all afternoon he knew this must be hard for. Truth be told, he really had no interest in seeing this.

As the first crown of chocolate poop starting to part Jamie’s pink asshole like a buttercup opening to blossom he thought it looked like soft-serve ice cream coming out of one of those self-serve machines in buffets on slow motion. “This is cute and all, but we really need to get to the motel if you bitches are going to work tonight.”

Wendy had just crowned the tip of her own turd out of her ass, as she held herself in the most humiliating position she had discovered to relieve herself in as she asked “But Sir, it’s not even dark yet?”

“I know they bleed, but are pussies vampires?” Bill asked incredulously of his wife.

Wendy didn’t know how to answer that question, she couldn’t see if he was serious so she answered “I don’t know what you mean Sir?”

“They don’t work until night-time?” Bill rephrased his question to his wife.

“They do Sir, it is just that I thought it might be easier if we are walking up and down the street at night time.” Wendy remembered her last night at the motel on Martin Luther King Blvd and how cars slowed down to get a good look at her. Some were looky-loos who would drive on and others were ‘tricks’ who wanted to fuck her. It had felt like being on display and the fact it had been dark outside seemed to give her a sense of security about dressing like a slut and parading up and down the street that way.

Chris was already giggling as he usually did when he watched his mom and sister reverse race the slowest shit humanly possible. “Mom’s looks like a cork-screw winding its way out, but look how smooth and perfect Jamie’s is!” he was smirking with delight.

“If you two cunts hadn’t taken yourselves off the star system, I would probably have let you earn a star just for riding in the back of the truck totally naked until we get to Rahjid’s Motel,” Bill said ignoring his son’s strange sense of humor. He had indulged him plenty of times before – but he had to admit watching his wife and daughter do something that must be completely humiliating made them seem so vulnerable that it was turning him on in an unexpected way.

“I have such an uncomfortable boner right now,” Chris said out loud to no one in particular. “I am going to miss this when the training is over.”

Wendy was turning a new shade of red - she could hear small pops and cracks from her ass as the air pushed it ever so slowly out and a tiny little fart while the men giggled. “I won’t miss this part of it,” she admitted out loud.

“What part will you miss?” Bill asked but his wife didn’t answer. He decided not to press the issue, but it dawned on him that there might be parts she MIGHT miss and changed the subject back to his original point. “So if we want you to do dares and games, you two are too good for it?”

“It’s not that we are too good for it, Sir. It’s just that me and mom are going to be focused on earning the money we need and we are asking to suspend all those bizarre contests you two think up until then?” Jamie had a pleading yet pragmatic look on her face while she squirted a tiny lemon-colored stream of warm piss while simultaneously creating one long turd.

“Clench and try to pull it back in!” Chris demanded

The girls’ buttholes puckered at the effort to grip their own turd and suck it back in, but neither could quite manage it.

“Okay, I see the point of this now, yeah this is how I want you to do it every time unless given special permission.” Bill sounded mildly amused. Wendy let out a small sigh of relief because she pictured herself being married to this man for the rest of her life and forever having this mental image of her doing this well into their old age – at the very least if he likes it, it may be better. She knew she had to do it now either way.

“STOP!” Chris said with more urgency than necessary and the girl’s both ceased the progress of the brown banana popping out of their butts. “Okay, continue” he laughed and they began again.

“What if we can do the dares while on the training you just come up with a little reward?” Wendy said not acknowledging how surreal it was that her son just made her stop and start shitting again. It was if she were discussing a business matter calmly and rationally.

“For example we might just agree to your dare if we leave for downtown after dark and ride in the back nude.” Wendy held up a finger to add and stipulate “But no stopping OR driving through a fast food place – In exchange, you have to buy us a nice meal and neither of you can sit on it or do anything to it.” Wendy added her final stipulation after noticing her son start to smile in anticipation of a loophole to the deal – he had a look of ‘drat’ as he snapped his fingers.

“Okay, I like that - immediate incentives as opposed to stars.” Bill stroked his chin with his fingers. “Look how shiny they both look.” He said to his son.

“Yeah I know right!” Chris became excited “You would think turds would be dull but when they shit on the ground it comes out slick and shiny, pretty cool huh?”

Bill shook his head in amusement, “You know I am worried sometimes that you are rubbing off on me, Boy.” he laughed.

“That’s a bad thing how?” Chris laughed mirthfully in response.

“I am starting to wonder how it ever could be. I just never thought I’d be commenting on how shiny my wife’s turds are.” Bill was laughing.

Wendy thought the exact same thing to herself silently as she dutifully came to the end of her log, “Permission to wiggle, Sir?”

“Permission Denied” Chris had obviously trained them on this procedure when Bill wasn’t paying attention. “Ass Face seems like she has another yard to go, you can dangle” Chris instructed his mother to just wait with the final bit of ass cheese dangling between her cheeks.

Wendy looked at Jamie – who just shrugged her shoulders. Jamie used to only politely drop a tiny ball of poop, but since she started getting fucked – she had been leaving long logs. Jamie was just as surprised as everyone else.

“You know Dad, I think family is kind of like ass cheeks.”

“How is that son?” Bill asked

“Well a lot of shit comes between them, but they always come back together again.”

“God damn son, that is fucking beautiful.” Bill slapped him playfully on the back, “You should write for Hallmark”.

The Family Feud IV
Chapter Nineteen
“A Tuesday night for Charlie Sheen”

“Now we give them a good hosing down” Chris said with a gleeful tone as he sprayed his mom and sister directly in their ass – surprising the hell out of them.

“What did you do when you had them upstairs without a hose?” Bill asked with a laugh.

“Do you want to know about the game crusty-ass?” Chris laughed.

“I don’t think I am ready for that one” Bill joked suppressing the desire to admit he had really enjoyed watching what he thought was going to be a disgusting process. He wondered for a split-second had it been him and Chris down on the ground how true that might have been.

“I think we ought to fuck them, give them their affirmations and then start getting them ready for a night out on the town.” Bill said while he watched his wife and daughter endure the garden hose water cascading across their tender flesh.

“You excited to be a little whore for real tonight fart-face?” Chris sprayed the water directly on the back of Jamie’s head wetting her hair and pushing her forward slightly.

“It’s Ass-face!” she had intended it to sound playful but it just came out pretentious and surly in part because of the strain on her legs to hold herself in this position. It was also because, try as she might to roll with things, she had a very ordered mind compared to the chaos of her brother. She knew she had over-reached when there was silence and she added “Sir?”

“Dad, what is that? An infraction or a correction?” Chris asked after letting his sister wait for his response.

“I don’t know, Cow-Tits? It’s alright if I call you Cow-tits isn’t it? Now that you changed our deal, is it an infraction or a correction?” Bill was sounding a little passive-aggressive but he was half-joking.

Wendy and Jamie still had their backs to the men – holding their cheeks apart as they had been instructed while dripping from the hose-bathing they had just received.

“I didn’t throw out the rules Sir, you are still our owner,” Wendy replied seriously “I think it’s just a correction” she looked at Jamie with an apologetic look that read ‘Sorry Honey, you are going to get punished’.

“You sure now?” Bill was really just fucking with her head and he enjoyed picturing his wife’s analytical mind trying to go over precedents of past punishments. He actually wanted it to be a correction because he was excited to see how far the girls were going to go with this.

“Yes sir, I am sure. My daughter was out of line and shouldn’t have corrected her better. I believe that falls under the day to day discipline of sluts. I volunteer to be punished with her since I have been getting too familiar and not minding my place” she added.

“No,” Bill surprised her by saying “I think I am going to fuck the shit out of you in the living room, before that pussy gets ruined by all the blacks down Martin Luther King tonight.” Bill couldn’t see it but Wendy smiled to herself.

He pulled her by the hair and tugged, jerking her into the living room scrabbling behind him as he said “Chris, I am sure you don’t mind punishing your sister and giving her an attitude adjustment before she spends a night on the streets do ya?”

“No Dad, I do not” Chris expressed sincere joy as he reached for his sister’s hair in the same way as his father had to drag his mother into the house. He dragged her upstairs. They stopped on the stairs to look back at Bill who had one hand around his wife’s neck and her hair wrapped around his other hand as he rode her from behind on the couch.

He was fucking his wife hard as her tits bounced and she was giving him as much back as he gave her.

“I wonder if they fucked like that before the training?” Chris looked down at his sister who was now on her knees like a puppy since she was given a moment to collect herself.

“No, I don’t think so sir” Jamie said with a puffed out lip that looked adorable.

“You thought about what they did before didn’t you though? Dirty girl.” Chris grabbed his sister’s collar before she could answer and drug her into the upstairs bathroom. “Haven’t seen this place in a while have you?”

She shook her head no apologetically.

He smacked her butt while walking her over to the toilet on all fours. “You’ll get ten dunks, and each time you come up you’ll say something you are sorry about for your punishment, understood?”

Chris didn’t wait for her to speak, he sploshed her head down hard into the toilet bowl with a “Hope no one forgot to flush.”

The water was clear and Jamie came up gasping for air with her entire head wet “I am sorry for correcting you Sir, I AM a fart-face!”

She had barely finished saying that when he dunked her a second time for about ten seconds while bubbles blooped out of the water from her being caught mid-sentence “Please forgive your fart-faced sister, Sir for offend..” Chris didn’t even give her a chance to finish before dunk number three.

“Gahrspptht,” Jamie spit some water out of her mouth as she fluttered her eyes open “Thank you for..”

Chris pushed his sister down for dunk number four holding it 15 seconds and as he released and let her rise back up over the bowl he said “Finish what you were saying, pee-face” trying to antagonize her by purposely using the wrong nickname.

This time Jamie gathered her wits and accepted the name adding “for showing me that Taylor men rule, and Taylor women droobblllll” he forced her head down for dunk five and pushed it hard into the toilet while flushing the bowl.

“I used to get swirlied every day by Dave Stravosky and his buddies. Now you suck their dicks and they high five me. How does that feel?” He sounded angry as he released his sister after 20 seconds under the torrent of fresh water washing down the commode.

“It feels appropriate Sir. I am sorry the jocks were mean to you, that was unfair. Now they know I am just your cum gobbllrrrrr.” Jamie’s lips were pushed under the water for dunk six.

“Gargle that toilet water, you dumb cow” Chris said but let the pressure up on his sister’s head unexpectedly.

She wasn’t sure if it was a trick so she remained head at water level before rising up slowly and looking at him.

“I am sorry Sis, it’s just not as much as fun as I thought it would be to torment you. I know you really believe it was unfair for me to get swirlied. I just wish you were a little more evil and vindictive like Delilah, then I’d enjoy giving this a little more.”

Jamie regarded him with surprise while blinking her eyes rapidly to flick the water out “Ah, that is sweet Sir. I thought you liked Delilah.”

“Hell yeah I do,” Chris admitted “But I know she is a bitch too. This would be a lot more fun to do if you weren’t so god-damned sweet and adorable.”

“I was mean Sir! Don’t you remember me waking you up with ice-water and putting a leather belt around your balls to take you to mom for your morning exercises?” Jamie offered a counter-point.

“You make it sound like you want to be punished?” Chris was leaning against the counter while his sister remained on all fours above the bowl. He pictured someone waiting for the guillotine to drop down and chop their head off for a split second.

“You have just three more to dunk Sir, and then you can get me ready for tonight” Jamie answered uncomfortably.

“I just picked ten out of thin air, it could seven or eleven or nineteen” Chris laughed.

“Yes, but you said ten, please let me suffer the consequences of my actions” Jamie looked down over the bowl and held a matte of her wet hair up for her brother to grab.

“What aren’t you telling me?” Chris knew his sister a lot better than she thought he did.

“Okay, something you said earlier about popular kids picking on you. I became a popular kid too.”

Chris nodded in understanding “Yeah, you’ve got the boobs to be one” he joked.

“Yes, and when they made fun of you I didn’t defend you. I just let them make fun of you and that was a rotten thing to do”

“Oooh Sis, now you are giving me a boner. You mean miss perfect was really a bitch?” Chris brightened at the thought of her being a touch more like Delilah.

I am being completely open Sir, as open as my cunt and asshole are. Ask me anything you are curious about Sir. I have no reason to lie."

“Do you enjoy this punishment?” Chris asked

“No Sir” Jamie said bluntly.

“Then why do you want me to do three more?”

“Because I am a cunt, and I misbehaved, and the punishment is ten, so the sooner you do, the sooner you can fuck me and get me ready for the street” Jamie said with more confidence than she thought she had on that topic.

“You really want to fuck me?” Chris asked.

Jamie looked at him with her baby blue eyes and slightly pulled the hair she had in her hand over head imploring him to continue.

“Are you going to answer?” Chris asked again.

“Yes Sir, you can fuck me anytime. You know that” Jamie said although she realized her brother hadn’t fucked her mom or her since this began.

“I don’t want my first time to be with my sister or my mom – what am I? Trying out for Jerry Springer?” Chris added the last part with his typical sense of humor but it sounded a little off.

“I thought you had that girlfriend in Canada Sir?” Jamie mentioned a girl her brother had claimed to have had relations with in the past but that was largely believed to be fiction.

“You know that was bullshit, Sis” Chris smiled honestly at her.

“I’ve already sucked your dick Sir, what is the difference?” she let go of her hand and started to touch her brother’s jeans.

“Didn’t you wait until yesterday to do it with BRAD-LEY?” Chris said the name in this annoying voice that sounded nothing like his sister – but it made her giggle.

“Well that’s true, but I think maybe it’s different for girls.” She admitted while backing off his jeans.

“Hey I didn’t say stop rubbing my jeans” Chris directed her and she put her hand back on his bulge and rubbed.

“Well, we are brought up to think of princesses and castles and magical sunset moments, but guys are brought up to look at Pamela Anderson and porn and try to get it as fast as they can.”

“Pamela Anderson? She is like 90 years old, what are you? Mom now.” Chris made a joke about how Pamela was from his mom’s generation.

“Okay, I don’t even know, but anyway the time at the flea market when you didn’t fuck me in the ass, that wouldn’t have counted as a first time really would it? I know you thought about doing it but didn’t. I think I respect that decision.”

“You do? You didn’t think maybe it was because you had just been pounded by dad and now your asshole was reamed out and it grossed me out to slap it in that hole after he came all in it?” Chris said with a tone of goofy sarcasm.

She laughed “Hey, rainbows and gold come out of this ass” she pouted in jest “Isn’t that what you think I thought when this training began?”

“Nah,” Chris stood up and got behind his sister as he lifted her up and unzipped his pants “I knew you just wanted everyone else to think that.” he slid his already hard and sizable cock into Jamie’s wet pussy with a single motion and her eyes lit up in surprise as she was being taken.

Despite having sat on a chair leg and a stair well all day, she had only ever been vaginally penetrated by one other guy and her brother was far bigger. “So you wanted my virginity, you’ve got it.” Chris slammed into his sister driving his cock hard into her pussy.

They fucked in the bathroom as Chris gripped his sister’s ass and she held herself over the toilet. “Tell me how it was with Brad-ley!” Chris was breathing hard and only slightly put the annoying accent on ‘Bradley’.

“Are you sure? It’s not too late to put it up my ass if you want to wait,” Jamie panted while trying to find a rhythm in time with Chris’s awkward thrusts from behind. It was his first time and he apparently had no idea there was a rhythm to be had.

“There is no fucking 15 second rule and you get to keep your virginity, I am already in” Chris grabbed the back of Jamie’s hair like he had seen his father doing to his mother only minutes before and then pushed down on her back with his other hand as he rode his sister from behind.

They were see-sawing back and forth, when Chris grunting softly. “Say something,” his voice throaty and abrupt.

“Fuck me Chris?” Jamie’s sweet pixie-like voice replied asking if that was what he wanted to hear.

Chris increased his pace to begin slapping his dick into his sister’s wet pussy. He could feel her clit ring stroking his dick with each thrust like a paint roller. “Yes you slut, talk dirty!”

“You like it when your slut sister talks nasty?” Jamie replied as lustily as her 16-year old girl next door voice could manage.

“You have to start first!” Chris stopped mid-thrust and slapped her taut ass – there was no jiggle – just lean muscle.

“Did you cum, Sir?” Jamie asked dutifully.

“No, I stopped so I wouldn’t,” Chris admitted while catching his breath. He could tell Jamie was confused “You have a greedy little pussy and it’s trying to coax that cum out of my dick and I know once I do I will be spent. I want to enjoy my first time – is that okay?”

“Yes sir, believe it or not that may be the nicest thing anyone has said to me all day.” she beamed.

“Don’t let it go to your head, let’s do it reverse cow-girl now!” Chris took the opportunity to lay flat on his back on the bathroom tile and pulled his sister down. She wasn’t sure what the position reverse cow-girl was but when Chris grabbed her by the hips as she started to squat down and turned her so she faced toward his feet she figured out he wanted her facing the bathroom door away from him. She reached back and grabbed his hard cock and guided it in to her dripping and eager pussy as she continued to lower herself down on his dick. She sat there for a moment relishing the fullness of being penetrated fully by her brother’s stiff cock. When she felt Chris slap the side of her right butt cheek hard she started humping his cock up and down in a slow but steady rhythm. She knew she had to do all of the work by pumping herself up and down on his cock but it was much easier than she thought with her years of dance and gymnastics with the cheerleaders strengthening her muscles to establish her own rhythm.

Chris held her by the hips like he was lifting her up and down and to anyone watching it would have appeared that way but it was Jamie doing all of the work. He gave a slap to her ass on her down strokes as she fucked herself up and down on his fat dick and ordered, “Start with the dirty talk bitch sister!”

“Oh Sir! Mmmmm Yes!” she bit her lip as she tried to sound orgasmic.

“Not like the fake crap they say on Cinemax porn,” Chris gave her butt another hard slap – He was enjoying the ride from this angle and he didn’t even have to do any of the work. Every time his sister rode his pole up he could fully see the WHORE Tattoo and marveled at what a perfect blossom her turd cutter really was. “You gotta get dirty for tonight on MLK, so get practicing and talk some real shit.” he encouraged her by yanking a little on her hair.

“You are my pimp, and I am your whore, you are going to make me fuck a bunch of strangers, you like that Sir?” Jamie said energetically as she bounced up and down on his dick.

“Better but try to add some words like ass, titty, and that type of shit,” this may have been Chris’s first time, but as a nerd he had watched plenty of porn on the internet and was enjoying making his sister talk dirty.

“You wanna fuck these titties? Put your cock between my boobs and squirt your load all over my whore face, Sir?” Jamie mewed more like a sex-kitten than anything she had said before.

“Yeah, that’s it, more like that!” Chris was definitely getting off from her new, more rapid pace and dirty words and he thought about stopping her but the exquisite pleasure of the warm glove that was her pussy was begging him to let her keep going.

“You want to see me get fucked by three guys tonight at the same time and suck their dicks like a nasty little bitch, Sir?” Jamie’s Polly-Anna sweet voice had an erotic decadence to it as she shamelessly talked dirty to her older brother.

Chris felt like he was getting even harder than he was before, “Whoa am I getting bigger?” this was new to him.

“It feels that way. You have a big old dick to fuck me with, Sir.” Jamie could tell that Chris must be getting ready to climax because she found herself gripping his cock with her pussy and it was more difficult to tighten her lips around it.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been fully hard before, wow this is fucking great. I didn’t know cocks could do this…” Chris felt he was almost ready to explode. the sensations he was feeling as he thrust in was something he had never thought he’d feel. He actually felt the end of his cock hit something at the back of his sister’s tight cunt and each time it did she let out a little grunt of what he could tell was pleasure. He figured that his dick must be bottoming out at the entrance to Jamie’s womb and that was as far as the velvety orifice would allow a dick to penetrate. He wrapped an arm around her as he commented, “I feel like I am hitting your belly button”

“I think you are Sir!” Jamie laughed – had she not done the stairwells and the chair leg exercise today this would have been excruciating to her but her body seemed to be accommodating Chris’s girth.

“You gonna think about how well I fucked you when you are down there fucking those black guys on MLK blvd?”

This time Chris had another sensation – Jamie’s pussy had been wet, but now it felt like a fountain had just gone off inside of her as she started having an orgasm, “Yes, mom and I are nigger fuckers!” Jamie said in a state of wild abandon.

“Whoa, whoa,” Chris slowed her down “Hang on, nigger fuckers? It’s okay for them to say that, you and I… we can never say that”

Jamie looked embarrassed “I don’t know why I was saying that Sir, I am sorry – I’ve never used that word before. You know I was just getting carried away.” She said while sitting on his dick like a sword in its sheathe.

At that moment the bathroom door opened, “Hey, you know I don’t want these bitches having any priva...” Bill opened the door and when he saw Jamie pumping up and down on Chris’ cock he stopped in midsentence with a little bit of a shock. Wendy was behind him on all fours with a latex dildo in her mouth, her eyes bugging out in surprise at the vision of carnality in front of her. She had thought that Chris and Jamie fucking each other was inevitable but actually seeing it still shocked her.

There was something about walking in on them at that moment that shocked Bill. He hadn’t seen his son fuck either of them since this started and had thought that his son had decided not to cross that path. He finally asked, “Oh, should I come back?”

“Why?” Chris asked, still lying flat on the floor with his sister on top of his lap.

“Well to give you some privacy or something?” Bill offered awkwardly.

“I’ve seen you fuck mom plenty of times,” Chris said casually before adding “Well if you are going to look surprised, yes this is my first time but I did not cum, so get off me Sis and we can get you ready with Cow-tits”

“Please Sir? You can finish, I am on the pill.” Jamie pleaded - bouncing ever so slightly on his half-hard cock.

“What do you want to do Son? We can wait for as long as you need.” Bill wasn’t sure what he was feeling but he knew whatever it was, it included a sense of pride in his son.

“Well I suppose I should finish in order to be a man, right?” Chris asked for confirmation from his father.

“Son, you’ve been proving to everyone in this family every day that you are a man. You don’t have to prove anything to me.” Bill said and whether he knew it or not, Wendy started to feel pride in her husband as well for saying that.

“You want to fuck your mom’s tight pussy for a little while?” Bill offered Wendy to Chris – and she knew she would comply.

“Nah,” Chris’s casual denial of the offer felt like a blow to Wendy’s ego but he added “She can spit out that dildo and get over here and suck my balls and kiss ass-face.”

Bill grinned evilly and prodded his wife forward to do as she was told “I Should get out of here.” he added.

“No, get the camera. This is me losing my virginity!” Chris said with a sense of humor.

Bill disappeared leaving the bathroom door open and Wendy crawled over to her son’s balls and started licking them and putting them in her mouth one by one to suck on them. Her nose was right under her daughter’s salty pussy and she could taste her juices covering them. As Jamie sat there on Chris’ cock, her nose was being covered with her daughter’s cum leaking out of her cock filled pussy. She could smell Jamie’s arousal as she watched her daughter fucking her son as she licked and sucked on his balls.

“Start fucking and show mom how you talk dirty, whore – and just maybe I’ll let you out of those three dunks you owe me.” Chris demanded, slapping his sister on the meatier part of her butt cheeks. As far down on his cock as she was it compressed her ass so that there was a little body fat to grip.

“Please cum in my cunt Sir, and I will pull out and let it drip all over mom’s face.” Jamie went right for something deeply perverted surprising even her mom but delighting Chris.

“You’d lick it up together?” Chris asked

“Yes Sir, we are both cum gobblers, I’d lap up your cum if you let me, please use me like a cum bucket, Master!” Jamie hadn’t been calling him ‘Master’ but it felt right at that moment.

“Ooh Master, I like that, Mom you are awful quiet?” Chris prompted his mother letting her know that it was her turn to entertain him.

“I didn’t know I was permitted to speak… just to nibble on your tight balls Sir.” Wendy added hastily while worshipping his hairy ball-sack.

“You remember when you made me shave my balls?” Chris felt like being a little evil.

“Yes sir, I am sorry. I don’t mind your pubic hair in my mouth, I am just a slut.” Wendy was watching her daughter’s shiny clit ring as it slid up and down over her nose on his dick.

“I am not sorry, because now I get to watch you two shave those bald, hairless snatches.” Chris said looking up at his father who was holding up his cell phone camera video recording this incestuous event.

“Yes sir, it’s only fair we keep our cunts shaved so they can be fully exposed to our betters, thank you for insisting we keep them that way for your amusement.” Wendy said in between lovingly sucking her son’s nuts. She had occasional feelings of guilt that this was incest and wrong and that she was horrible for doing what she was doing – but she had given up on ‘Mother of the Year award’ this year anyway, she thought to herself. This was her new role in the house and she would play her part as fairly as she could.

“You like having a hairless cunt?” Chris’s thigh muscles were tightening in apprehension of an impending orgasm as his Sister rode his pole up and down and his mother French kissed his testicles – he could barely concentrate.

“I thought I wouldn’t, but I actually don’t mind Sir. I will probably keep myself shaved this way for your father after this is...” Wendy didn’t get a chance to finish and Chris had stopped listening anyway.

Jamie saw his toes curl up and he clutched her at the waist and dug his fingers into her skin as he fought the urge to cum so he could enjoy it a little longer – but it was too late, he started to spurt and spurt and spurt. Jamie continued to ride up and down his dick slowly, like a carousel horse on a pole as it comes to a stop to let everyone off, while Chris finished emptying his cum into her pussy.

“Oh God, Oh God,” Chris turned his head from side to side in exultant joy riding the wave of exultant joy and euphoria from blowing his load in his sister.

“Careful Sir, you don’t want to pull a Jamie.” his sister teased lovingly as she looked over her shoulder at his happy face like one might a cute baby. She waited for a few minutes and noticed her mother had continued to lick his balls even though she was sitting directly on them. ‘Bonus’ she thought to herself as her mom tickled her clit while servicing her son. They had eaten each other out several times but usually just for others to watch. Jamie enjoyed the relief on her abused pussy for a moment before asking, “Am I too heavy, should I get off of you now Sir?”

“You weigh at most a buck-oh-five, I think you could body slam me and I wouldn’t feel it.” Her older brother, who was a lot pudgier and thicker, wasn’t kidding – he could barely feel her weight. He caught his breath, “Okay, Slide up and then drip that cum into mom’s mouth.” as he worked himself into a position to sit upright on the bathroom floor and observe.

Wendy knew it was coming and didn’t complain – she got under her daughter’s sore pussy and waited for her to squat over her face. A drip, a trickle and then a queef noise followed by a very long drip of fresh semen dropped out of Jamie’s cunt right into her mother’s waiting mouth. “I think that’s it Sir,” Jamie seemed unsure if she had let it all out.

“Really? I thought there would be more.” Chris seemed disappointed. He thought there had easily been enough spunk to have almost filled a condom. “You are probably lying! Here, bring your pussy over here so I can have a look”

Jamie didn’t hesitate to back her ass into her brother’s face and bend over to reveal her pink, budding lips, in their stainless steel hoop, to him. Chris poked a finger in his sister’s wet pussy and felt around, “You feel wet, but I guess you aren’t hiding a little for yourself to eat later.” Chris sounded disappointed there wasn’t more cum to be found.

“Was your first time as good as you thought it would be Sir?” Jamie sweetly asked over her shoulder –a twinkle in her blue eyes.

“I don’t know, I haven’t had a second time to compare it too,” Chris answered with a grin while leaning her forward to spread her ass so he could have a look at it further.

“Whenever you are ready,” Jamie offered with a breezing sexuality that not only seemed genuine – it sounded a lot like a dutiful nympho who was ready to accommodate his cock however and whenever it was delivered in late night porno movies.

“Don’t just leave my dick sloppy with your tuna juice, lick it clean.” Chris instructed his sister without acknowledging her offer. Jamie crawled over his body in a 69 position and began sucking his half hard dick clean while laying herself on his chest, facing his toes and her mother.

“Cow tits, make yourself useful and go find dad - show him that cum in your mouth… if you haven’t swallowed it like a greedy little whore.” Chris commanded of his mom who had been kneeling on the floor with her mouth slightly open.

“I am right here, I guess you didn’t see me,” Bill had been standing in the door way for a while with his cell phone camera video recording the entire thing. “Open up and say Aaaaaahhh,” Bill instructed his wife in a condescending manner like coaxing a child to do something silly for the camera.

“Aarrrhhhh” Wendy held her mouth open to reveal the cum on her tongue as she knelt on the bathroom floor.

“That’s your son’s first orgasm,” Bill decided it was fair to add, “inside of a woman’s pussy. Aren’t you proud of it?” he asked in the same tone.

Wendy obediently nodded her head keeping her mouth open. There were equal parts sad humiliation and the bitter acceptance of her submissive role that was so gratifying to Bill. He could almost taste her shame but the fact that she was not defiant and accepted his dominion over her was so exciting to hm. If he hadn’t just cum a full load himself he would be hard again.

“Do you wish it had been your pussy instead of your slut daughter that christened your boy’s manhood?” Bill played with her.

She said something that sounded like “awwek wrarp kayekk?” and shrugged.

“Okay, okay, I know you are dying to swallow your son’s cum,” Bill waited for her to anticipate the order to swallow, “Go ahead and spit it on the tile.” With a slightly sadistic tone while continuing to film the entire perverse scene of brother laying on his back and getting a blowjob while playing with his sister’s ass and mother kneeling at his feet in front of a glistening wad of cum mixed with his wife’s spit pooling in front of her.

Wendy’s eyes watched her husband, waiting for whatever order he would give next.

Jamie’s lips were smacking on Chris’s cock. He hadn’t told her to stop and she was sucking him hard again. He was busy playing with her ass cheeks – pulling them apart and letting them slap back together as she lay on top of him facing his feet.

“Mom looks so complacent, tell her to say, ‘Is this real life?’” Chris joked to his father making an obscure reference to something he had seen on the internet once.

“Oh, like that internet video where the guy brings his kid back from the dentist and he is out of it on Novocain and says Charlie bit his finger?” Bill laughed back – getting the details of the popular YouTube video slightly wrong.

“Hah, that’s an entirely different video but close –sort of a mashup of two of them. Never mind, I’ll think of a skit and have them act it out and put it on Motherless.” Chris mentioned one of his favorite free porn sites.

“Sir? I thought you guys took those assurance videos when we first started and were just saving them in case we backed out? Wasn’t that the promise?” Wendy asked with a worried look. The guys had made them do disgusting and humiliating videos when the arrangement was first worked out with the stipulation they would only upload them (and send to Wendy’s and Jamie’s friends and family) if they backed out of the deal for any reason. It was to act as a sort of ‘security deposit’.

“You’ve had cell phone cameras on you at the flea market, the county fair, and the community pool. You don’t think those videos are private viewing do you?” Bill laughed at his wife’s naiveté’

Jamie was quietly sucking her brother’s dick saying nothing but listening to the conversation. She wasn’t going to stop until she had been given permission.

“Yes Sir, I know, but I thought that was our deal?” Wendy asked apprehensively

“Lick that cum off the tile and I’ll show you two cunts something!” Bill demanded and his wife obediently cleaned the cum back off the tile.

Bill helped his son off the floor and they walked down stairs, insisting the girls come down on all fours.

When they got to the living room, “From now on unless you are alone, Cow tits you clean off ‘license’ and Ass-face you clean off your mother’s passport, then you will stand or crawl back to back depending on what you are doing and insert it for each other. Is that okay? Can I make another rule or is that suspended too?” Bill asked that last question rhetorically like a petulant child.

Jamie and Wendy went to their respective stainless steel butt plugs and cleaned them off for each other by sucking them clean before awkwardly trying to crawl so that butt cheek touched butt cheek. Then they awkwardly fumbled to insert them into each other’s assholes.

Bill said “Oh for crying out loud, you two are stalling now.” as he grew impatient with their blind fumbling and pushed each plug deep into their waiting asses. With a satisfying ‘ploop’ they sank down into their butts and their sphincters closed around them. They were heavily weighted at the bottom in the shape of an egg but the part that is supposed to stick out is like a metal stem with a circular round lid. If it’s pushed all the way in it gives the impression their entire asshole has a glittering manhole cover on it.

“Now that your butts are packed nice and tightly, come over and see the computer.” Bill had the girls follow him and stand up so they could see as he logged into YouTube and searched on “Spongeboob and Sandy Cheeks”

There were several videos (some copies of the same video) of the girl’s at the county fair in body paint. It was pretty clear to them that they were basically topless with Wendy in yellow with a cartoon character painted on her chest and her boobs for eyes. Jamie was dressed like a sexy squirrel and there was no mistaking she was topless with brown paint and a bushy tail that was wiggling and waggling from between her butt cheeks.

“Wow, I didn’t realize how obvious it was we were naked,” Wendy commented in awe as the video played revealing them doing jumping jacks and dancing for people as they passed by and laughed at them. “Why didn’t anyone stop us from doing this?”

“They just thought it was part of the fair I guess, but check this out, it has 789,326 hits.” Bill explained as he tapped a finger on the monitor where the number of views of the video was.

“Seven hundred and eighty thousand people have watched us flash everyone at the county fair?” Wendy almost looked like she was ready to cry.

“Well in all fairness, some of those people watched more than once – my friends have seen it at least a hundred times.” Chris’s tone was dismissive like it was no big deal.

“So you mean with all the pornography that people could watch on the internet, that many people wanted to see me and mom dance around like two sluts?” Jamie asked with a sense of wonder and appreciation.

“It was one thing where I’d have to get another job and maybe Jamie would have to switch schools, but close to a million people have seen this video, are there more?” Wendy was the only one who seemed concerned.

“Look, these clips are already out there – there is no taking them down, it’s no big deal, wouldn’t the world have ended by now if all it took was nearly a million people seeing you dance around like sluts at a county fair?” Chris offered sagely.

Months ago Wendy would never have looked to him for advice or asked him his thoughts on something – and he probably wouldn’t have bothered to offer. Now she gave some thought “A million people liked us? Can I read the comments Sir?”

Shit, I wanted to see them make out with? each other!
slaya2006 1 minute ago

I love this video.? these girls are hot.
TheTroyisawesome 3 minutes ago

who cares? They look hawt!
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anyone no if these two are even mom or daughter?
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2012jordanwalters 22 minutes ago

“How many are there of these, Sir?” Wendy scanned down to see a virtually unending series of mostly one line comments that seemed to be asking questions and making comments like the ones before.

“Looks like there is a total of 297,000 comments on this video alone” Chris said casually clicking another version of the video. “This one has been chimpunked,” he said as the video showed a vastly sped up version of the same video with all the voices sped up in the style of Alvin and the Chipmunks.

“Why would people do that to this video, Sir?” Wendy was puzzled. She didn’t admit it out loud but she was amusingly flattered.

“Its Youtube” Chris offered as a form of explanation before showing the two of them in an endless loop of seven seconds of the video where Wendy’s and Jamie’s tits were bouncing in perfect synchronicity to the wub-wub sounds of a heavy techno dubstep song.

Even Wendy had to laugh at how ridiculous she and her daughter looked caught in an eternal loop dancing to some far out space age music. “Surely, youtube would take us down? Isn’t this pornography?” Wendy asked with a ‘hopefully yes they would’ implied in her question.

“This isn’t porn, you had on latex body paint - there are tons of women dancing around in panties or at Mardi gras on YouTube. Now if you want to see porn, let’s head on over to Motherless.” Chris drove on the keyboard. “Really Dad? Internet Explorer? How about Google Chrome instead?” Chris chided his dad’s choice of internet browser, closing that one and opening one he felt was superior.

“That did open right up,” Bill was studying the user interface of the new browser more than the rows and rows of shocking porn clips that filled out the ‘most viewed’ and ‘most commented’ sections of the screen.

To Internet porn pros like Bill and Chris the clips of teenage girls flashing boobs on webcam, women fucking giant dildos and having all manner of fetish related sex were pretty common place and they were not shocked – but Wendy and Jamie were somewhat overwhelmed by the nature of the clips.

“Yeah, no one wants to see just two people fucking lovingly any more. It has to be unusual or interesting in some way to get any play, a gang bang or bukkake show even has to bring something new that we haven’t seen” Chris noticed his mother and sister’s awed expressions.

“Bukkake, Sir?”

Chris clicked on a clip of an Asian woman naked and kneeling in the center of a dozen men whose faces were off camera. They were jerking off on her face and she was collecting the cum in a clear plastic container that she held under her chin – spitting it back out if necessary. The container looked to contain about a half-gallon of the milky substance.

“Is that real? How long would it have taken to collect that much?” Wendy said shocked.

“Why do you ask, do you want to find out?” Chris teased his mother before adding “Who knows if it’s real, I don’t care and the clip is only a minute, very few people have the attention span to watch for more than that.”

“Well, or they can’t hold out that long,” Bill added somberly – implying that some people would have cum before the end of the video and then lost interest.

“Ha-ha, Daad….” Chris laughed at the implication his father was one of those ‘some peoples’

“We are on this too?” Wendy had just started to get comfortable with her place amongst the saucy videos of sluts dancing that populated Youtube between the people Vblogging and posting videos of cats.

“Let’s see,” Chris typed in the search term ‘mother daughter’ and Wendy held her breath that she was going to be the first one to come up.

Images 10,210 and Videos 830 came back and in small thumbnails were pictures ranging from two blonde trailer park women holding their tops up – with one seeming to be a carbon copy of the other only younger to videos of two women in bondage.

“Okay, where are we in the rankings Sir?” Wendy sounded less annoyed now that she saw there was so many videos of other women.

Chris paged through several screens; Among the videos were

– there was a sunny beach with blonde in her 40s who looked a lot like Morgan Fairchild and what might have been her 18 year busty daughter on a beach naked and smiling for the camera.

- Two girls washing cars, one slightly older than the other in thong bathing suits in a trailer park.

- A woman who looked an awful lot like June Cleaver from Leave it to Beaver standing naked with just her panties pulled down below her waist holding a turkey from the oven serving her laughing family at the dinner table.

- One video was “mother, daughter footjob” and these two women who looked like less attractive versions of Wendy and Jamie were pulling off two dicks with their feet that could have easily been from Bill and Chris’s counterparts in that freaky foot-fetish having family.

- Several pictures of what appeared to be Portrait photos of a topless woman in her forties and her adult daughter in black bikini bottoms. They seemed like very ordinary family photos only topless which begged the question why one in particular was the mother hovering over the daughter lovingly on the bed and putting a finger in her mouth to suck on.

- Some were even captioned mother that were obviously strictly about that sort of relationship

Wendy couldn’t help but wonder what the story was behind the reason these women took these photos – her own story would take dozens of chapters to tell – could there be as much detail behind these women stories?

The list of pictures and videos of mother and daughter videos and pictures seemed almost infinite.

“Oh my gosh,” Wendy seemed overwhelmed. “Are these women from Europe or something?”

“Did you think you were the only mother and daughter sluts on the internet?” Chris laughed incredulously. “I think that some of these are skanks from right here in the good old U.S. of A.” laughing at the notion that only European women would pose for pictures like this. “Hell, Howard Stern has a regular segment on his radio show. If we were anywhere close to his studio we could make you two pigs make out for 500 bucks easily.”

Wendy said nothing – her son was probably right and obviously there were a lot more people out there with interesting stories that put them in a situation that they were photographed in. Some of the photos were staged and modeled but most just seemed like family pictures taken in the process of living their lives. Wendy wondered if this is just the ones that had pictures taken – how many were doing it without posing for photos and posing on the web?

“That video of you on YouTube is barely a blip on a show like Tosh.0’s radar to have a little laugh. Now videos like these…” Chris clicked on one of a blonde in her late forties sucking a dick masterfully while showing a 20 year old girl how to cup the balls and give an excellent BJ, “They aren’t so rare either, but these are the ones people really go for.” He stopped the video when he made the point.

“Can you go back, Sir?” Wendy asked respectfully

“You want to take some notes on how to suck a dick?” Bill laughed at his wife.

She looked at him with a serious expression when she realized that was exactly what she wanted to do. It had seemed to Wendy that the woman had learned some technique to suppress her gag reflex she wasn’t aware of and at the same time was using her tongue very aggressively.

“You jealous of her? You are a good little cock sucker, don’t worry.” Bill offered as a compliment while Chris went back to display the remainder of the double deep throat video.

“You are sure all these women are related?” Wendy asked skeptically.

“Some of the videos will ask if they are and make them show their picture ID into the camera, but most guys are just happy to hear them say it or if the title of the video is incest. It’s just fantasy to them and they want something naughty and taboo to whack off to. Some of it is just Photoshop. Here is a whole series on the Brady bunch if you want to see it.”

“That is okay Sir, I’d like to keep my child hood memories of TV shows pure if possible.” Wendy grinned in acceptance of internet reality. She had researched bondage and porn when she found Bill’s stash weeks ago but she realized now she had only seen the tip of the iceberg.

“Why do guys like to see an older woman and a younger woman, and not just two younger women, Sirs?” Jamie had been silently observing, standing naked behind her brother before deciding to chime in.

“What do you mean? Why not see a MATURE woman and another mature woman together, instead of a teeny bopper with little boobs who may be still wet behind the ears?” Wendy teased feigning offense at the implication it wasn’t obviously better to see two young girls.

“Oh yes, let’s see Sir, do you want to search on saggy boobed MILFs and compare the result to ‘young girls making out’ and see which one is higher?” Jamie teased right back jokingly asking her brother to compare the results.

“You would think you two have learned nothing about being a team – the way you taunt and tease each other.” Bill commented on the joking between the two girls.

“Actually, I beg to differ father,” Chris intentionally took an intellectual tone ,“There is no animosity, they bait and tease each other out of a mutual respect developed from their sharing this training. They trust each other’s judgments and I believe their trusts are reaffirming that by making light of their situation. I believe if they were saying nothing to each other, they would have reason to be concerned.”

Bill hadn’t expected that analysis from his son – but then his son had managed many pearls of wisdom since they had become close over the last few weeks. “Where did you get all that?”

“I think I read it in a Star Wars Comic book about two Jedi who always banter back and forth when facing danger,” Chris grinned stupidly while the others laughed at his admission he got it from a comic book.

“So are we on there?” Wendy changed the subject – but filed away her son’s observation for further thought. She hadn’t thought about it quite like that before.

“Impatient? Always concerned about you and your own ego?” Bill said with a tsk-tsk.

“I am sorry Sir, I know you want to go to Rahjid’s motel and we have to hurry.” Wendy offered.

“Making excuses and not accepting your shortcomings?” Bill observed but then instructed his son “Type in Best Buy Dumpster Bitches.”

There on the screen was seven minutes and thirty seconds of Wendy and Jamie sucking several young men’s cocks inside of a brick enclosure for a Dumpster. The men had the iconic blue and red polo shirts of people who work at Best Buy. There was no missing Wendy and Jamie’s large tattoos on their well-rounded asses as they held their cheeks open

“OMG, that’s Dalton!” Jamie could tell one of them was a boy who worked there that shared an English class with her.

“The video quality is so grainy, you can tell by just his dick size?” Chris laughed – it was a rhetorical question so she did not answer. “Who filmed this anyway? It looks like he is beating off?”

“There was a homeless man sitting in the corner, I think he must have?” Wendy tried to remember back, “How would a homeless guy have a cell phone?”

“Hey, you can lose your home, your car and your job, but AT&T is gonna hold you to that two year contract no matter what.” Chris joked in response, shrugging off any deeper thought on why so many people, who probably shouldn’t have cell phones, have them now.

“When your mother was young, cell phones were big heavy things rich business men carried around in brief cases and they weighed ten pounds, so she isn’t aware of how much progress there has been to make them available to common folk.” Bill joked about his wife’s question.

Wendy silently extended Chris’s analysis of the reason they could joke being mutual respect to extend to all four of them, “Hardee Har Sir. Yes, back then dinosaurs used to chase me and your father and we had to wait to get back to the cave to use our rotary phone to dial the police.”

“What is a rotary phone?” Jamie asked in an innocently dumb, bimbo-like tone reminiscent of Goldie Hawn and rather than answer, Wendy and Bill both chuckled.

“Is this the only one of us on here?” Wendy could hear the camera man’s ‘fap-fap-fap’ sound as he masturbated and commented on their dick sucking, “Like two chickens picking at corn.” They were bending at the knees holding their ass cheeks apart pointed right at the Camera. Wendy felt her ass was far bigger from this angle than she was comfortable with. She could almost make out Chris standing off to the side – but the Cameraman had obviously only put the focus on the girls.

“Does it matter? Internet famous isn’t really famous.” Chris answered.

Wendy looked at her naked daughter, who was staring passively at the computer screen, for some sign of apprehension.

“Just if you are going to upload photos of us, can I ask that you get us to agree to it and then there is some star reward, Sirs?” Wendy asked after thinking about it.

“Videos too,” Bill nodded in agreement with his wife, “Cool, maybe we can make a little discussion group for fans of Cow-tits and Ass-face.”

Wendy felt a cold shiver run down her spine and her sphincter gripped the cold butt plug she had in her ass wondering if she had just casually agreed to something that would haunt her for the rest of her life. A part of her was actually amused by the pictures and videos and she wanted a record of sorts that she had survived this but she didn’t dare admit that now – not even to herself.

“Okay, if you two perverted cunts are done looking at internet porn, can we tear you away to get an enema, get cleaned up and get your whore make up all perfect?” Bill teased before adding “I want that contour make up on your body to make it look like you have six pack abs and aren’t so flabby – and brush your damned teeth, your mouth smells like ass.”

“That’s probably because they’ve been eating ass all day,” Chris stood up and looked over the naked women. Their bodies were fit and in great condition from exercise – but it was funny to him to fuck with their self-esteem and call them flabby in an ironic sort of way. “You heard your masters, get on your hands and knees and crawl upstairs and await your daily, patented Waxerman Colonic and douching.”

Wendy was getting on her knees “I don’t know about Ass-face but I feel like I need to milk myself soon Sir?” Wendy cupped her large boobs to emphasize how full they felt. She rarely called her daughter ass-face but everyone else did so much it had felt natural and she didn’t think about it.

“Yeah Cow-tits, my teenage boobies need a little squeezin’ too” Jamie replied with a little levity as she took her place at her brother’s heel on all fours.

“I meant to ask, does it start to feel sore and painful when you haven’t been milked in a while? Is that how you know it is time to be milked again?” Bill asked sounding very clinical and concerned.

“Yes Sir, it does.” Wendy admitted now on all fours by her husband’s feet.

He abruptly kicked her tit with his shoe causing them to jiggle, “Good, I am glad it feels like you are going to explode. How you know it’s time to milk those udders is when you are told by a male in this household you are permitted to milk for our pleasure, is that understood Cunt-tits?” Bill wasn’t angry but he was firm.

“Yes Sir, I am sorry Sir.” Wendy thought better of offering an excuse she thought she was answering his question.

“I want Rahjid to see you two squirt milk. That goat-fucker probably would go crazy to get that kind of milk from white women and I think I may get more money for you. I want you two sluts to basically be on white alert at Rahjid’s – be obedient and don’t embarrass us.” He commanded before telling Chris he would mix up the enema and to get them started upstairs.

The girls were no strangers to painful enemas filled with pepper and ipecac oil. They endured this one as they had all the others except they both had each other’s buttplugs in their mouth while they wiggled their butts trying to contain the agonizing liquid for a full ten minutes.

“I’d take you downstairs so you can let it rip and fertilize the rose bushes, but you two cunts are lucky we have limited time – you can empty your fat asses in the shower.” Chris was all business as he ripped the enema and douche nozzles from their asses and pussies.

Wendy fanned her face futilely as the heat from the warm enema had raised her body temperature slightly. Wendy and Jamie didn’t look as they heard the disgusting water evacuate their bowels – they just kept their head straight and their ass over the tub as it ker-sploshed behind them.

“I am surprised by how clean that water ran,” Chris sounded disappointed the backwash from his sister and mother’s butts hadn’t been a little more yellowish brown. “You two are normally so full of shit,” He chuckled as he pulled the metal butt plugs from their mouth with a plop. “You two know where these go.”

Jamie stood back to back with her mother as they had been instructed and they reached around behind themselves and began to awkwardly try to ease the plugs into each other’s cracks.

“You’ll have to practice this until you get better at it. You never know when you may be in the dark and need to do it without looking.” He giggled half-kidding. He was still naked from fucking his sister earlier and his dick was almost hard again.

“You looking at my enormous cock for a reason, shit-sniffer?” Chris addressed his mother by yet another in his long list of insults.

“Yes Sir, I am impressed you are hard again,” Wendy offered the praise honestly.

“No you can’t ride my cock if that is what you are getting at, there are paying customers out there. I will let you shave my dick though.”

“Thank you Master” Wendy used the term Jamie had earlier for her son and it felt strange to her. It had been one thing to call him ‘Sir’ and even ‘Owner’, but there was a whole new level of accepting his authority in the word ‘Master’ that made Wendy feel all at once uncomfortable and vulnerable but certain that it was appropriate.

It took them about 45 minutes to finish doing their hair, brushing teeth, applying makeup and dolling themselves up like cheap hookers. Wendy joked “It takes a lot of work to make yourself look this cheap.” When her husband finally inspected them before they were to jump in the truck.

Wendy could see out her living window that it was just now sunset and there was still daylight outside. She hoped he would take his time with the inspection before loading them into the truck nude.

“Okay, you cunt’s ready?” Bill asked

“Don’t you want to inspect us before we go, Master?” Wendy asked of her husband – offering him the same title she gave her son. She didn’t plan on saying that every time she addressed him but she wasn’t going to play favorites with her respect.

“Why, are you hiding a Hershey’s kiss up your asshole to eat later? You are totally naked, what might I find?” Bill was being pragmatic.

“It is just that you guys usually inspect us before we leave, to make sure we are shaved, and yes I suppose you are checking to make sure we haven’t snuck anything out of the house” as ludicrous as it sounded given that she had in her new butt plug, hiding a piece of candy wasn’t such a far out idea.

“The things I do to amuse you bitches,” Bill pretended he was put out by it but he loved to inspect and judge them. “This will just be a quick one,” he promised as he commanded them into inspection position one.

The girls snapped into the position, standing with legs shoulder width apart, tits out, head straight, hands placed on cheeks pulling them apart so that the circular cover of their butt plug could be seen.

Bill looked his wife in the eye and then his daughter as he paced in front of them standing side by side like he was a general about to address his troops. “You two whores are still ready to walk the street, sucking dicks and getting fucked in the ass and your precious cunts for money by strangers?”

“Yes Master” they both answered in almost unison – Bill liked the upgrade in title but he didn’t let on it impressed him.

“You asked us to suspend your earning of stars towards your release from this discipline, because you want us to pay our bills and if we have enough money left over go to my Internet Discussion forum convention this weekend, is that right cunts?”

“Yes Master” it lost a little of its impact the second time they said it.

“You could have asked for stars in exchange for every cock you fuck and dick you suck and probably been done by this weekend. Tell me why you greedy whores really asked for the suspension?” Bill lifted up his wife’s tit to look under it for sweat stains and dropped it, letting it bounce in place satisfyingly.

“May I sir?” Wendy offered to answer on their behalf.

“Well, I knew we let you down by getting fired and for Jamie getting kicked out of school even though you tried to keep her in,” she explained. Bill nodded for her to continue knowing that wasn’t the entire answer. “I knew if we didn’t ask you to suspend the dares and contests and education you had planned for us, we might not make enough to cover all our bills AND the trip, so we hoped you would focus on whoring us out to solve that Sir. It isn’t the perfect or most pleasant solution – but it is a way to make quick cash and you HAVE trained us to be good sluts Master, so you may as well benefit from that.”

Bill was twisting Wendy’s clit ring to get a rise out of her while she calmly explained that decision again. “I just want to reinforce to you two sluts that you still belong to us after the User’s forum convention and ask if there was anything more you want to tell me about this generous offer of submission?” he smelt his finger as he finished his question.

“Are you asking if we did it to try to get out of finishing our commitment to you both, Master?” Wendy asked bluntly – if that was what Bill was hinting at, that had not been in her mind.

“No, not at all. You’ve proven time and again that even though you were self-absorbed, power-mad bitches who humiliated us daily, now that it’s your time, you are willing to take your medicine. I just can’t help but wonder if there is something more to it?” Bill was standing behind his wife and slid her buttplug out – placing it in his daughter’s willing mouth.

“Speaking for myself, the motivation was that you lost your football memorabilia when I kicked you out of the house and you were not going to be able to go to your user’s group – which I know you have said is no longer important to you, but I somehow feel it is closure.”

Jamie murmured what sounded like agreement with her mother’s words. Bill stuck a finger up his wife’s asshole and wriggled it around and popped his pinky in her pussy “A little wet,” he commented before asking “You think I deserve happiness after doing this to you and Jamie every day?”

“Yes Master, we agreed to this treatment, and trust me once we are square on our debt, I’ll never again treat you badly or take you for granted. I swear I’ve had enough dog food and sleeping on the floor to regret ever hurting or belittling you or Chris. I should never have let things get so dysfunctional, Sir.”

Bill took the finger out of his wife’s ass and sniffed it under his nose “Smells good” he grunted. “You know you have a sweet smelling ass?” Bill asked her.

“Chamomile,” Chris chimed in. His father looked at him with a confused expression, “In Mrs. Waxerman’s colonic, I was looking for things to put in the enema, so I used chamomile tea. You should smell Jamie’s ass, it smells like cinnamon and nutmeg.”

Bill shook his head – ‘that boy’s not right’ he laughed to himself as he had a dozen times before.

He replaced his wife’s buttplug –taking it from Jamie’s mouth and then ran his hands up and down her body to feel for hair “You pass.”

“Thank you Sir” Wendy knew that was high praise from Bill

“Numb-nuts,” Bill addressed his daughter who had been patiently waiting. He pulled her butt plug out and stuffed it in his wife’s mouth. Then he checked Jamie’s teeth “Let me see your tongue.” He demanded as she stuck it out revealing the cock shaped stud.

“You’ve stopped talking with a lisp, how do you like your tongue ring?” he asked as he spot checked her nude body with his hands.

“Thank you Master for my piercing.” Jamie’s sweet answer was greeted with a painful slap to the tits.

“If you are going to be on the streets tonight you need to learn to listen. I didn’t ask if you were grateful, I asked if you liked it?” Bill’s voice had become like venom. He stood behind her and jabbed a finger up her ass.

“Will you and Chris still call me a slut if I keep it after our training is over?” Jamie was used to things going in and out of her ass but she still made an adorable shocked face as her eyes widened when her father entered her from behind with his index finger.

“Yes, we will.” Bill said with absolute certainty.

“I would still like to keep it, Master.” Jamie was looking straight ahead diligently.

Bill pulled his finger out of his daughter’s asshole and smelled it asking Chris “Vanilla?”

“Yeah, I threw that in the enema too – thanks for noticing,” Chris was satisfied, watching the inspection. He was holding a small cooler, and a bag.

Bill made his daughter clean the finger before hooking it inside her pussy. “You agree with what your whore of a mother said?”

“Yes Master, every word of it. As weird as it sounds, I am really thankful for this training to expose my shortcomings and I am excited about the challenge of tonight.” Jamie sounded positive and energetic as usual.

“Excited? I’ll say.” Bill made a show of pulling out his finger and sniffing it and then having her lick it. He began rubbing his daughter’s smooth, taut body with the palms of his hands – he knew he would find a trace of hair but that wasn’t always the point. “So if you learned so much from this adventure, are you willing to be the family cum-bucket whenever you fuck up at school or around here?”

The question would have seemed outrageous to Jamie’s virgin ears a few weeks ago but she took it completely in stride as she considered it. “I am a house pet until my suspension is over, and I earn my stars, but I think I’ve learned my lesson and you’ll find me to be a good girl when this is over sir – but no I would not like further training and discipline.”

“You were always a good girl, sugar butt.” He slapped her on the ass and asked “You sure you wouldn’t agree to spend summer break as our whore? I can put half of it away in your college fund” Bill was half-kidding and half-serious.

“Yeah Sis, I would even stay home from college to help train you,” Chris chimed in.

“You are going to College?” Bill was stabbing Jamie’s buttplug back in her ass but all three of them had their eyes wide in surprise on hearing that.

“Hey, you two cunts aren’t the only ones who learned something. I’ve had the time of my life these past weeks, but I’ve also realized what it’s like to be popular, to be powerful, and to be responsible. I’ve opened my mouth and people listened and they liked what I had to say – I’ve not had that in a real long time. I’ve felt like a non-entity around here and I became what everyone thought I was – a geeky loner. I am almost grown, and I need to take some summer courses to graduate and then go to college.”

“What do you want to study, Master?” Wendy couldn’t stop beaming with pride if she had been ordered too on threat of a 100 canings to the ass.

“I want to learn to make video games, duh!” Chris was quite certain. He then added “One of the fastest growing job markets in the country right now is in the video game design industry. This industry is taking in over $7 billion dollars in revenue yearly. So every employer in this job field is looking for the brightest, most talented new recruits they can find, and they are willing to pay those who fit the bill a very good wage. I could work for Blizzard, EA, and probably start out making a comfortable salary right out of school.”

Wendy’s first impression were that these might be the procrastination dreams of a video game addict but hearing how he had researched it “I love you Sir, and I am so proud of you! May I please hug you?”

She didn’t wait for permission – she broke out of her formation with her son and gave him a big hug.

“Mommmm!!” Chris sounded embarrassed “Ho’s don’t hug their pimps.”

“This one does,” Wendy embraced her son lovingly –without a trace of sexuality to it even though she was naked, wearing only a dog collar and a butt plug and he was fully dressed.

“Okay, if you are done, let’s go have a Charlie Sheen kind of Tuesday Night!” Chris said excitedly.

His father asked “A What?”

“Well, it’s going to be wild, but I don’t think it’s going to be as wild as a typical Saturday for Charlie Sheen, but I would be willing to go as far as a typical Tuesday Night for him.”

Bill answered back “Duh, Winning!” before quietly whispering to him “I am proud of you too, boy.” Which was the most respectful way Bill knew of to endorse his son’s ambition.

There was no turning back now. – clean, inspected, naked and energized by the family’s most positive affirmation session ever - the Taylor’s were ready to face this night together.

The Family Feud IV
Chapter Twenty
Jamie’s Journal –Two Truths, One Lie and a Million Secrets

**Note to reader: This is Jamie’s journal from Tuesday around sunset when the girls leave the house. Jamie is provided her cell phone to carry with her in case she needs to call for emergencies – which is what she uses to tap out this narrative. In order to increase readability, some of the dialogue exchanged was altered to appear in a ‘narrative’ story format. The Hindi words that appear in this part of the journal were originally phonetic but have been translated into their actual spellings.

I have this theory that may sound crazy – but journal you would never judge me or reveal my secret inner thoughts.

I think maybe in another life I was a dog – that or women tend to align with how either dogs or cats are wired. There is something so hard-wired in how I think that it goes beyond mere loyalty. I get uncomfortable when the rules aren’t followed. As a little girl in third grade, when the teacher left the room for a few minutes it was everyone else’s signal to throw wadded up paper and talk but me. I sat at my desk like a good little girl waiting for my gold star upon the teacher’s return.

It is ironic then that today mom and I let them suspend our stars – but more on that in a minute. I want to elaborate on the dog/cat thing – because of all the twisted and disgusted things that happened to me today, it is hard for even me to believe I am sitting here feeling guilty about the fact I was supposed to get 10 dunks in the toilet and I said nothing when Chris forgot and only gave me seven. You would think though, if I have some dog in me – that I would have taken to eating Roscoe’s Dog food. But no – my stomach is growling (In part due to nervousness for tonight) but mostly because it is hard to digest that stuff. It tastes beyond gross – kind of tastes like salty fish.

Why don’t they make garbage flavored dog-food? I think Roscoe would prefer it. Note to self: Another big idea to get rich when I am in my twenties: Garbage flavored dog food.

Where was I? Oh yes, Cat and Dog People. Then there are people who are wired more like cats – I think Delilah and Cathy Griffin are perfect examples and probably why there is this natural animosity in them that makes them see me as some sort of enemy. They would happily lie around in the window all day, but no matter what they are doing, it’s important for them to make it look like they intended to do it all along and that it looks like they are comfortable. They are clever and sneaky and hiss when they are threatened but they’ll run rather than stand up and fight when faced with real danger. They want attention but they would rather move just out of hand’s reach when you go to pet them – so you have to move a few inches closer before they’ll let you do it. If they do sit in your lap it is on their terms and they usually want something, whether it’s a snack or just warmth. Unlike Dog’s who need a fence and boundaries, you never have to leash or fence a cat – they stay because they think this is THEIR house, and it’s probably the humans who need to be fenced in.

Me? – I have more in common with Roscoe the loyal dog who’ll walk right behind you, dutifully following his human wherever we go, than I do with Delilah or Cathy. What would happen if those two ever meet? I don’t know, but I’d imagine it will be like when two alley cats finally come into contact with them hissing and and scratching at each other trying to claim their territory.

Now that I have journaled yet another theory about why I have these idiosyncratic tendencies to look to rules to define order and safety, I should probably tell you where we are and a little about my day.

Today I spent my second day of the next two weeks as a house-pet. My mom lost her job and she spent today outside with me – but for how long that will last I don’t know. If at the end of the two weeks she still has not found herself a job, I am not sure how I would feel about going to school with no restrictions while she continued to suffer.

Today was a lot like Monday except it was a lot easier with my mom out there to talk too. It gets very lonely when you are in the hot-sun down in the backyard with nothing but the wind whistling through the crack of your ass to keep you company. There is gross little Roscoe, but all he wants to do is lick, bite and play. Then again – isn’t that like most males?

Mrs. Waxerman dropped by today and we played at white alert- which coincidentally we are going to do when we get to wherever we are going for tonight’s adventure. She wanted to know why I let Delilah punish me with her nephews – and “It just kind of happened that way” didn’t sound like the right answer – I am glad I didn’t say that.

I think for me it is much easier to play the submissive little miscreant around her – I can only imagine how much more of an imposition it is for my mother –who has accomplished so much in her life to have to let Mrs. Waxerman look down her nose so far at her.

I was, as always, dutiful and apologetic and I think I’ve already covered in past journals how she can be very snooty – and never find’s fault with perfect little Delilah, who is an angel in her eyes. I think I’ve already mentioned how surreal it is that she seems to be shocked and disgusted by what we do and say, but no matter how twisted anything is that we tell her – she wants more details. My dad gave my mom and I matching butt plugs today and insisted we wear them all day (I have mine in right now), and she acted as if he had spoiled us by buying us matching earrings from Tiffany’s.

They thought it was cute to name my butt plug “License” – probably so they could tease me about getting my license as a play on words. I am just glad they didn’t name it “Bradley” or something to tease me about the guy I’ve had a crush on for weeks.

I really should write about our magical date on Monday night – but you know I kind of don’t even want to share that with my journal. Is that selfish? I already said journal, how you will never judge or reveal my inner thoughts, so why do I hesitate to relive last night by journaling it? I will say that it wasn’t like any of my ‘dates’ with crude, disgusting, perverted, juvenile boys.

He followed the rules my father had specified but with a look on his face that said he was just humoring him and me and would rather treat me like a princess. He reminds me so much of ‘Jim’ from the show “The Office” or any character Paul Rudd ever plays – that nice lovable guy who doesn’t take life too seriously.

Yeah, I probably should also just leave out how it is that we ended up having sex – I know I won’t ever forget any of the details. It is permanently etched in my mind how it was outside under the stars and how it felt right to tell him I snuck the key to my pussy prison out of the house – I can’t help but think though my father put it there for me to find. He definitely surprised me by sending me on the date in the first place – I guess he can be a real softie when he wants to be.

I wish I had access to my cell phone this afternoon because I would have written a moment by moment account of Mrs. Waxerman’s visit and how my dad made us sit on a chair leg. You would think that is not so hard until you sit an already sore cunt lip on the hard flat bottom of the chair and let your weight pull you down. Then again most people probably wouldn’t think about sitting with a chair leg up their cunt – so there is that.

I would have written about how my dad’s idea to give us some relief was to tie us up on the stairwell bannister and make us sit on the surprisingly phallic post at the bottom of the stairs. How have I lived in this house most of my life and never noticed that it was kind of dick shaped?

The more you think about how skyscrapers have to be erected taller than each other, and how most things men design are shaped – the more you realize there must be some Freudian penis envy thing going on in there. If I ever get into a college with the reputation I am building, I need to make a note to myself to take some psychology classes to better understand all this.

Dad left us groaning and gagged all day to squirm on the stair well until Chris came home from school. Now that I am no longer a virgin – it seems my cunt is fair game for his tortures and all I can say about sitting on the stair well that was positive was at least it wasn’t up my ass! I thought I was eventually going to just impale myself on the wooden plug and it would just split me in too.

My mom has had a lot more practice with getting her cunt tortured and trained, so I think she took this afternoon a lot better than I did.

My first thought upon seeing my brother wasn’t, “Oh Hi Brother, I hope you lose your virginity to me today.” it was, “Oh, I wonder if I can do my homework assignments that I am missing while on suspension and maybe he’ll order me to do them.” That has to be some sort of bizarre, teacher’s pet idiosyncrancy or I was a dog in another life - take your pick.

Dad and Chris are hung up on some new computer game – I honestly do not miss Facebook or any of the things I used to do on the computer before I started training. I can imagine though, when we took computer time away from them when they were our slaves, how it was probably like taking crack from an addict. My brother called me fart-face and I’ve been called a lot of names before but I accidentally lost my cool and corrected him. I don’t know why I feel the need to do that but I’ve grown so used to answering to ass-face that I hear that when people call me Jamie.

It isn’t that I want to call myself ass-face or that I want to refer to myself or my vagina as a cunt – it’s just that feels like what the rules are and something in me tells me to enforce them – even on myself. I hate when you are playing Monopoly and people make up their own rules about Free Parking. Show me where it says fines and taxes and 500 bucks go in the Free Parking money in the official rules? It says it is just a free resting space!

We had just come inside from doing one of my brother’s favorite pastimes - “The Slow Shit”. The best way to describe it is like meditation, except a brown banana is snaking its way out of your ass. You have to take the slowest shit you can and ease the turd out of your ass while he watches. It is part of our “hole training” exercises. When he first came up with the ‘game’ I didn’t really get it and because I hardly ever pooped, I usually lost to my mom who would patiently pump out perfectly long steamers of fudge.

When I first started doing it, I was definitely overwhelmingly humiliated by my brother or anyone watching me shit. I still have a hard time saying ‘shit’ instead of use the bathroom or poop, but that is the rule. I’ve come to realize that my brother thinks it is hilarious and he has already seen us at our worst, so it really isn’t that much of an imposition. I am still not clear on how he judges the winner – is it the girl with the most or who is the slowest? Wouldn’t there be some sort of ratio if you poop more but did it faster? If mom had two big turd bars and finished in 8 minutes but I had only one but made it last 9 minutes, should I not win? Chris seemed to think I took a break in between turds. In any case, my mom usually wins.

Chris would award her ‘letters’ in the past towards our stars and crown her “Queen of the Poo-Poo” or something silly – which he would write on her butt. In a way, I guess it’s not always best to be winner of Chris’s games. I think though there is something innate and primal in both me and mom that makes us want to compete with each other and be measured.

I think somehow I got un-constipated over the last few days, because as gross as it sounds, I was able to put in a much better show this time around. It was my father’s first time watching and now he probably thinks we are disgusting – which we are. I was torn between doing the best job I could, and just squeezing out a little. They would have checked my ass and found I hadn’t gone so as my mom says, “You might as well have a little fun with it” if you have to do it.

Anyway, I fucked up and told my brother my name was Ass-face and the punishment meted out was ten head dunks in the toilet. I’ve seen him do this to mom and I wasn’t scared – it really wasn’t so bad. I think my main concern was that maybe dad didn’t flush after using it or there was some sort of blue cleaning liquid in there.

Not getting to use the toilet myself – it makes bitching about when they used to leave the toilet lid up seem like we were being overly picky. I think that is one of the reasons they like to use bathroom control on us – that and my brother, like the Waxerman boys, seems thoroughly amused by fart humor.

He only made it to seven dunks before he admitted he felt guilty about punishing me. Apparently, I am not wicked and evil enough and he didn’t feel it was justified. I tried to tell him how I hadn’t stuck up for him and enjoyed my popularity while he didn’t but he just doesn’t see what a rotten selfish brat I’ve been – my confession only made him feel worse for some reason.

I suppose I am one of the wickedest of all. Have you ever watched the show Game of Thrones? It is on HBO – I wouldn’t have watched it but one of the geeky boys my brother rented me too didn’t know what else to do with me so he made me sit naked in his room and watch it with him on his computer.

It is a very well done story – and one of the characters is this fair haired queen who sort of reminds me of the singer Alanis Morrisette. She has this pure and wise look on her face – like she is above petty squabbles and can see right through any of yours. It is ironic then that her character is actually the most petty, wicked and full of secrets of just about anyone else in the series. How truly ironic then that she looks the part of the Queen of Light and her brother a dashing prince charming and yet they are both wicked and flawed people?

Did I mention she is also fucking her brother, while married to the King? That is another thing her and I have in common besides just looking innocent but being more flawed than everyone else.

There was another Queen on the show – a beautiful, blonde, blue eyed girl who grows into a warrior queen. At the very end she survives fire and she doesn’t get burned. I guess I identify with her too, because not only have I been surviving fire and somehow emerging naked but unburnt but Queen Daenerys Targaryen was also fucking HER brother as well.

Did I mention I fucked my brother today? Oh yeah, that is some big news. He brought up how he wanted to fuck me but that he was saving himself for something special and then Miss Ego suggested, “Hey, why don’t you fuck me anyway”.

See what I mean about being twisted and evil? Other people think I am just good old pure Jamie, but why would I have done that? Now if he ever wants to tell the story of his first time, it has to be ‘with my sister on the bathroom floor’ and not with a ‘Princess’ under the moonlight.

He was a little reluctant at first – but I think we both know that there has been sexual tension building and building between us and this was inevitable. I will puzzle over what Chris is really thinking about that (if anything) and whether or not I should have been the one to take a little initiative. They say when you fuck a guy he loses interest and so far I’ve not heard from Bradley – so maybe there is that. I don’t think my brother will “lose interest” in me though, not after all of this we have gone through.

Chris has a big cock – much bigger than Bradley and he fucked me hard and he fucked me long. He wasn’t too rough, but he wasn’t as gentle as Bradley had been either. He wasn’t interested in kissing and I am glad because it might have been too hard to look him in the face. He taught me a new position, “Reverse Cow Girl” where I sit on his dick and face away – that is going to come in handy – because I have a feeling that tonight some of these guys are going to look extra creepy.

I think compared to a lot of girls my age, even though everything has happened so quickly – I haven’t had nearly as much sex as most of the girls on the cheer squad. However, I can say that while he wasn’t super rough – Chris was certainly not gentle and sort of manhandled me around – pulling my hair and slapping my butt. I am not sure if it’s just the discipline I’ve received these past weeks talking, but it kinda felt raw, nasty and sexy to do it that way.

I guess I should wait until I’ve had more sensual encounters to really judge – but I think Chris pulling me around like a fuckable rag-doll was sort of hawt. I just hate to admit these things - even to myself.

I am not sure what Jerry Springer’s people are going to do with us if they ever hear our story – but I have a feeling we are at least a two-parter episode because my Dad made mom get under me and suck Chris’s balls. She didn’t show the least bit of apprehension which made it easier for me to keep going and essentially fuck him over her face without any guilt.

Did I mention I am a porn star? Oh yeah, well just internet porn star famous – which is to say not really famous at all.

I have known people were snapping photos and taking videos of us when we did dares in public but I guess I didn’t want to think too hard about where they ended up. Chris showed us how there were close to 800,000 views and all these comments on YouTube for just one of our silly videos of us dancing at the County fair that some random stranger must have taken.

My first thought should have been ‘that’s bad!’ or ‘Oh no!’ but instead it was “Wow, 800,000? That is a lot!”

I guess I AM super vain after all, and in some way I enjoyed watching myself on the computer. I know, sick right?.

Mom eventually came to grips with the fact that we are out there on the internet and once you are out there floating around there is really no reeling it back in – so you may as well accept it. I guess when we start collecting stars again, my mom negotiated for us to make videos. I may as well – there are ones already out there.

I like it when my mom negotiates for me – I think she is much better at negotiation anyway. I am going to have to tell her so. I would have probably just shrugged my shoulders and went along with whatever they demanded. I’m beginning to think that something deep inside of me has changed. If you would have told me a couple of weeks ago that I would feel this way, and do the things I’ve done, I’d have told you that you were loony.

Aside from the gory details about another shockingly painful enema, and our preparation for tonight, I have one more thing to mention – the inspection.

Usually our inspections are humiliation squared – with us being slapped, poked, prodded and even measured. They usually ask us affirmation questions like what kind of cunt we are, and how come we are inferior to them, but tonight’s was the most unusual and positive affirmation I’ve ever done.

I would not mind if every inspection was like that one going forward – Mom even broke down at the end and hugged Chris and I am not sure what Dad said to Chris but from my brother’s face it must have made him feel really proud.

No one hugged me or told me what a great person I was, and I think I deserve a little break from all that false praise – so I was good with just sort of being in the background for a change.

I did start one thing that seems to have caught on – I accidentally called Chris “Master” in the bathroom – probably while dealing with the fact that my cunt and tits are on constant sensory overload from all the stimulation they get in the heat of the moment. I think Mom picked up on it and so did the others that this was a deeply submissive title and now she has begun calling them that. I hate to admit it but I did get a little excited after I realized what I had said. I don’t think of myself as a submissive slave, I really don’t, do I? I’m beginning to get a little confused about all of this.

Dad asked me if I was willing to be a house pet all summer – and in exchange, half of whatever I earn would go towards my college fund. I didn’t answer because I have no idea what is in store for me tonight, but I almost said yes, Master. You see? It was my first impulse to answer that way, not even thinking about it. I guess if mom doesn’t get a job soon, I’ll be the house pet anyway since we are in this together. I do hope she gets a job by the end of my two week suspension.

If I had agreed, that would probably blow Mom’s mind that on some level I am starting to not mind this arrangement with the guys – I know it blows mine!

What am I saying? Obviously this is the most disgusting, grueling, painful and humiliating thing I have ever done in my life. I must just be high on the adrenalin from getting fucked, poked, tweaked and prodded. I think maybe in my mind the fantasy of doing it all summer is appealing on some twisted level – but it’s only been two weeks and look at how far things have gone, what would two months of this hell be like and why does the thought of it make me a little wet with excitement?

That unanswered question brings me dear Journal to the now. I am sitting here tapping this out on the cell phone I am supposed to be using tonight in case we need to call Dad or Chris for emergencies, which is why I have been only summarizing my day and skipping some points that I should probably have included. I promise when I next get a chance to catch up my journal with everything that will happen tonight it will be much more detailed.

We agreed to ride in the back of the truck completely naked – well mom agreed for us and I trust her judgment. Our clothes and some of the stuff we need tonight where in the bag where I got this cell phone. There is also a little igloo cooler with drinks for the guys and we were told we could have some ice chips – You have no idea how good ice chips taste when you haven’t had much to drink in so long.

Mine tasted like chamomile.

Okay, enough typing for now, I am going to talk to mom and everything you read after this, I promise should be in more detail when I have the time to journal my thoughts again.

“Did they tell us what to say if we get pulled over on the way out there and the cop asks us why we are naked?” I asked my mom while putting the cell phone back in the bag.

“Decide to finally talk to me did you?” My mom was joking like most parents do when you care more for texting than you do talking to the people in the room.

“I was just making some notes to myself,” I explained innocently.

“Well, see that your father never sees your private thoughts. If I thought he saw mine, I would be in deep sheep shit”. Was my mom telling me she also kept a journal? – note to self, check her cell phone if I get the chance and compare notes!

It does make sense because I’ve seen her tapping away at her cell phone too. Then again I wouldn’t want her invading my privacy – but on the other hand (Is that a third hand?), we aren’t supposed to have any privacy or modesty, so maybe it is okay if I am a little nosy? Nah, I’ll let her have her secret thoughts like I do my own, I might just show her my journal at the end of all this and see if she wants to show me hers!

She is right though – I’d be in deep sheep shit – deeper than I am now if they read my journal.

Did I mention one of the guys my brother rented me to (not the Game of Thrones kid) actually said to me ”You show me yours, and I will show you mine.” My brother does NOT know many boys with much game when it comes to talking to girls. Am I a terrible person that I don’t remember that kid’s name?

“Day-dreaming about what lays ahead? I asked you a question,” My mom was trying to get my attention over the sound of the truck’s engine and the wind in our hair. We were hunkered down on all fours next to each other right up against the back of the truck trying to keep our head down. “I asked if we WERE stopped, what would you say?”

“Hello Officer, could we not do this? If anyone had told me that being naked in the back of a truck was frowned upon, I probably wouldn’t do it.” I joked.

“Where did you get that from?” My mom poked me on the shoulder as a friendly jab.

“I had to watch a whole season of Seinfeld on one of my dates, one of the characters said it when he was caught fucking a girl on the desk at his office.” I answered.

“Damn, I should have tried the old George Costanza technique at work yesterday! Was crawling around naked with your ass in the air like a slut against the rules? If anyone had told me, I would never have done it. I just thought it was not looked favorably upon.” My mom pretended she was talking to some CEO to explain her behavior at her job. I need to ask her some time about what she did there – I never thought to ask, which demonstrates again how self-absorbed I can be.

We both giggled at that explanation and never did come back with a reasonable explanation to a cop. We also avoided talking about whether we were nervous for what lay ahead. We both were of course – the fear of the unknown. I hate when Dad and Chris are going to punish me and I know what is coming almost as much as not knowing – I can live the same humiliation in my head 100 times before it arrives and my imagination can sometimes be more cruel than the reality.

I knew we’d be hookers, and it won’t be easy or safe. But having been on that side of town before it is obvious to me that there are women, who wake up every day and that is their reality. They don’t just do it a few nights, they do it EVERY night and they get through it.

“We are going to get through this,” I told my mom.

She smiled at me and leaned over and kissed me on the cheek whispering, “I know we will, but thank you for saying that. I wanted to hear it.”

“No problem Cow-tits,” I smiled sweetly giving her a little friendly barb. It was cute that we could joke about things. I thought about what Chris had said earlier today that really struck me as interesting. He said that people who deeply respect each other, sometimes trade quips and gallows humor as a way of dealing with danger and fear. Actually, I am not sure what he said exactly, because I was watching porn clips on the internet of me sucking strangers’ dicks at the time he said it – it was something about Star Wars, but that is what I got out of it.

“At least I don’t have an ass for a face!” My mom fired back in jest.

“Good thing too, with an ass the size of yours, you would wobble and fall over, if it was on your face” I quipped back.

She scrunched her nose at me and did duck lips and I snuck one back. I get in trouble for making those faces, but it was worth a little one to demonstrate I was in solidarity with my mom.

“On dares, I trust you to negotiate for us both,” I changed the subject. My mom seemed confused and I explained how she had been a negotiator at work, and that I trusted her to decide for us both.

“Are you sure? The guys are pretty clear that I have no authority over you?” My mom tried to convince me to change my mind and I just nodded sweetly that it was fine.

“I kind of like you to chime in, as a sanity check, the last time I came out here – things got a little out of hand.

My mom explained how on the first night I was rented out by my Brother – dad had taken her to this motel we were going too. She explained all about how shabby the place was and how creepy Rahjid the motel keeper and his wife were. That he had some sort of rivalry with his brother-in-law or something.

That originally dad was trying to just get his stuff back from Rahjid and show her off to him to make Rahjid jealous. Then one thing led to another and Dad had somehow made a deal to pimp mom out. She got a little grainy on the detail of why she agreed to that, but the jist I got from it was since this was our first weekend as their slaves, she didn’t know the limits and boundaries and she ‘walked the track’.

She said she fucked a lot of guys, and used condoms to track how many that was… but that sometimes no condom was used. She had to return the used condoms back to Rahjid so he could estimate how much money she should have to how much she was turning in.

“It had been one of the most extreme things I ever did, and still stands out in my mind as one of the times when things just escalated out of control if you let them get away with you. I think your father has learned a lot from the control he has had over us and I know you and I are better at this than we were two weeks ago.” Mom said.

“Better at being sluts you mean!” I giggled.

She poked me on the shoulder again good naturedly and pointed out that we were on MLK Blvd near the motel. Dad had given us explicit instructions to use some of the ice-chips to make our nipples as hard as possible right before we get there for when we first meet Rahjid. We opened the ice bucket and began massaging some frosty chips onto our tits to prepare for our meeting with him without even talking about.

I could tell my mom wanted to offer me some other words of advice, but I think she thought her worry and concern might make me more nervous than I already was – and she was probably right. I think outwardly though, I continued to project my normal positive, effervescent but annoying self – and just on the inside was I starting to melt like butter.

The truck pulled into what I could only assume was a motel from the signs overhead, “HBO HERE – U PAY” was on the marquis. It was already getting dark so I couldn’t actually see the name of the motel amongst all the other lights down on MLK.

Dad tapped the side of the truck, “White alert, sluts!” he reminded us in a whisper before adding, “Wait here. I’ll go see if he is here.” I am sure Chris and him had been strategizing on the truck about how they were going to come off as bad-asses and we were going to have to play along to reinforce that.

My mom and I were quiet as the ice we had in our hands melted in our mouths. My nipples felt hard enough to cut diamonds and my mom’s looked sore, hard and pink too. I imagine the fact we hadn’t been permitted to milk ourselves in hours was also adding to the plump tiny veins that were appearing around her fat nipples.

Eventually I heard a man with a thick Indian accent come towards the truck, “This better not be the bullshit, because I have stepped in your bullshit before and I am not liking the bullshit that you shit!” it was Rahjid.

Somehow I had been picturing a powerful king-pin type with a booming voice from how Mom and Dad had painted him as a cruel, greedy shark. When I heard the truck gate latch swing down, I saw that he was just a small Indian man with a very thick, black mustache. His look upon seeing us naked in the back of the truck was one of joy, like when you are unwrapping a present.

“You are not bullshitting me for once, and I thank you, Mister Bill Taylor.” Rahjid clearly had a low opinion of my father – and I wasn’t sure what my father might have said to give him that impression but I paid it no mind.

“Well whores, quit stalling and hop off the truck so Rahjid can have a look at you and get you money makers working.” My dad demanded like a boss. If I hadn’t grown up with dad all my life I would have believed that he really talked that way all the time – but I stifled a grin and pretended to be afraid of him.

The layout of the motel that I could see was a dozen or so small, concrete block, efficiency apartments laid out around a square parking lot. In the center was a dumpy little pool inside of a rusty gate with their unlit sign and under it their lit marquee. There was one really bright street light over the Office –which was right in front of where Dad Parked next to the highway.

In the darkness, it didn’t seem like there was anyone else in the parking lot – and that for the most part the motel felt pretty empty. I had to wonder about the person who first built this motel and what their motivations were. Did they imagine families would stop here to vacation? Who would have ever thought that pool looked inviting? I wondered if in the 1960s or whenever it had been built – if they had dreams of it being relaxing, before it turned into the run down dump it was today.

The sidewalk went on for miles with fast food places, dumpy motels and old shops. Thankfully there was hardly any traffic on the street right now.

Mom slid off the truck first and I was right behind. We lined up side by side right in the parking lot – which sort of blew my mind. I guessed mom had already done this before because she didn’t seem as worried we’d get in trouble for being outside naked. She snapped to attention and her tits jiggled like she was smuggling watermelons. I tried to do the same trick, but without as much body fat, I think all I might have managed was to make my knees pop and my ass cheeks clap once.

Why did you bring them here naked?” Rahjid sounded impressed but confused.

“Cow-tits, tell the man why you and your slut daughter are here naked?” I could tell Dad couldn’t think of a good answer. It probably just seemed like something cool to do and he knew my mom was better at thinking up things on her feet from our creative behavior for white alert with Mrs. Waxerman.

“Clothes are a luxury for us, and my husband,” my mom paused to give herself time to sound out her answer in her head “wanted us naked so you can inspect our goods, and see we are cleaned, shaved and ready to work, Sir.”

“You are good whore.” Rahjid nodded in appreciation, “Since you work that one night I have three other whore but they are lazy and not obedient like you – how come?”

We were standing behind the truck and at the angle Dad parked we couldn’t be easily seen by the highway. I kept wondering if someone with a big vacationing family was going to check in and see us like this but I think I was the only one who imagined that because everyone else remained as calm as if we were inside our house.

“My husband has to discipline us because we can be lazy and disobedient, but he gave us a long affirmation right before we left the house that gets us motivated to be good whores, Sir.” I knew my mom thought that last affirmation we did right before we left was something special and this was her way of telling Dad and Chris.

What is affirmation?” Rahjid was curious.

“When being inspected, or sometimes we get in a special affirmation position… May I show you Sir?” My mom answered obediently.

Rahjid nodded, my mom started to get into the “Doggy” position and I followed her lead. You have to put your forehead on the ground (in this case a disgusting black tar pavement) and then face your ass towards the person you are speaking too, while pulling your ass cheeks apart for them.

“They make us thank them for keeping us in line, and show appreciation, and then they ask us to remind them of our shortcomings or something they are teaching us. It reinforces our place, Sir”

“It sound like a lot of talk, not make the money,” Rahjid observed defensively.

“You keep the whores motivated, and then they make more money.” My mom patiently answered.

“Where are the whores who work for you?” My dad interrupted – no doubt noticing how completely dead the motel was.

“No one come out to at least 9 O’clock around here. Those bitches are drunk or having the crack, but you will see that they are good whore too - I assure you.” Rahjid didn’t sound so sure of himself.

“You may want to take my advice on how to keep sluts on a tight leash,” My dad said as if my mom’s words were his advice – I liked how that dynamic seemed to work between them.

“What is this in your assholes?” Rahjid was mentioning our butt plugs. I don’t want to sound like I’ve gone numb back there, but I had actually forgotten about it until he mentioned it.

“That is my passport, Sir” Mom answered and before I could chime in with my plug’s name, Rahjid asked her to explain. “My husband and son gave us each one as a special gift to decorate our dirty assholes, so that when someone looks at our pussy they don’t have to just see our stinky brown eye looking back at them.” I just remained silent – that seemed pretty obedient and submissive – right? Okay, I was also a little intimidated to open my trap and become the focus.

I almost giggled wondering what Rahjid thought of that because he paused as if overwhelmed that anyone would say or do that. I knew this was white – alert like when we try to shock Mrs. Waxerman, but I actually think that may have been the truth of why we had them in.

“What if I like to look at dirty assholes?” Rahjid asked skeptically.

“Then you can tell my daughter to take mine out and put it in her mouth and look all you like, Sir.” I wondered if my voice would have cracked from nervousness if I were the one talking just now, because my mom delivered her answer flawlessly. There was respect in her voice but at the same time her answer sounded as if she were explaining something as timeless and obvious as the sun coming out the next day.

“Why can’t I tell you to take it out, yourself?” Rahjid asked.

“My husband doesn’t like us playing with ourselves unless it’s for a paying customer to watch. I am forbidden to take mine out because I might pop it back in and out and play with it, so my daughter takes mine out and cleans it and I do the same for her.”

“You will be having trick’s fuck you in the asshole tonight?” Rahjid wanted clarification.

“We are both three hole whores, so I think so, Sir?” my mom answered submissively for us.

“How much will you be charging?” Rahjid asked.

“I don’t know what the prices are? The last time you had rules on what I was supposed to charge, Sir?” mom replied dutifully.

“Yes, yes, the rule, I gonna take you inside and tell you all the rules.” I got the impression from his manner that he was a little more OCD about rules than I could be. In my case, it is a sense of following them giving me order and security but in his case I think he gets that from making them. I am basing that estimation on my impression of him later on this evening as well – it isn’t like he just said ‘rules’ and I jumped to the conclusion he was someone who grew up feeling powerless and wishing to impose rules as soon as he had a little authority.

“It is kind of cool how they can kneel out here naked and no one says anything,” My brother observed with his usual sardonic wit.

“Yes, very cool, it is so cool that I have no business except for prostitute and drug addict, and cops almost never patrol here, very cool.” Rahjid’s answer was the perfect mix of sarcasm and the frustration of a failed businessman being confronted with the flaw in his business plan. He seemed to regard Chris as a non-entity and said nothing further to him. I was hoping he would do the same for me.

“Stand up daughter.” Rahjid commanded me to turn around and let him get a good look at me. I stood passively as he looked me up and down like a goat he was purchasing from market (I would say cow, but they think those are holy). He pinched my left nipple and observed, “She has cold nipple?”

“Yes, I made them use ice chips to make their nipples hard.” My dad’s explanation seemed to sit well with Rahjid

“That is very good, very good – she has full breasts, are you sure she is not pregnant?” Rahjid asked my father while squeezing both of my tits. I just stood there like a dumb blow-up doll.

“She can speak for herself,” I know my Dad’s style and he equates being the strong silent type with being powerful. I think he also just wanted me to have to open my mouth and talk.

“I come from Bhadrak district of Orissa in India. Daughter who brings shame on family by unwanted pregnancy is often sold into prostitution or to plow field and work farm in country for poor family. This is why you make pretty daughter work?” Rahjid held my arm up while he inhaled the scent of my armpits. My poor mom was left to wait naked and kneeling facing the back of the truck.

“No Sir, I am not pregnant - I take birth control pills every day,” I added, “I think my tits are full because my mom and I are lactating and we weren’t permitted to pump before coming out here tonight.”

I thought maybe my breath stunk from how long I had my mouth shut because he regarded me like I had just farted in his face when I spoke. Then he twerked my nipple between thumb and forefinger like he was stroking a tiny dick until just a hint of my breast milk emerged from the tip. “This is very, very good!” his eyes lit up and it seemed now he was pleased with me - he asked, “So why you are here?”

“My mother and I kicked my dad and brother out of the house a few months ago and my father left behind some things in his room. We are here to make them back and earn some money for our bills and a trip, Sir” I was totally honest – but unsure if he understood.

“That crap in your room? I store that junk because no pawn shop will take,” I could tell by my father’s expression as soon as Rahjid said that that I may have been too honest and just accidentally convinced Rahjid to raise the price.

“We were major bitches to them when they got home, so they turned the tables after our little family feud and now we are their…” I tried to change the subject back to how I came to be my father’s slut but Rahjid was no longer listening.

“Let’s go inside, so I can explain rules, and you can suck at my dick.” He said to us.

“Should I crawl Sir, or may I stand?” My mom’s tone was quite submissive.

“You will crawl like dog? I like it,” Rahjid’s answer was no clear instruction and perhaps because it was dawning on me how frightened I was of what we had agreed to do – I didn’t offer. I felt a little ashamed of that but no one said anything to me as I walked next to my mother padding on her hands and knees towards Rahjid’s office.

He gave a curious sounding knock and then I heard chains and bolts unlatch on the other side of the door. A middle-aged Indian woman who would have come straight from central casting at Slum Dog millionaire opened the door wearing an orange Sari (sort of a ceremonial dress). I tried not to look right at the red dot on her head as she looked at me with a very flat almost derisive expression and then she did this head-bobble thing – side to side but tilting. I wasn’t sure what that meant but despite the fact my mother and I were both naked she let us enter her office/home as if this were perfectly normal.

They spoke in what I could only assume was Hindi to one another. He introduced my father as “Betichod”, then my brother as “randi ka larka”. My mother on the floor was “Gaand ke Dhakan” or “Dheeli Choot” I couldn’t tell which but the woman seemed to chuckle upon seeing our matching butt plugs – otherwise she had a dead pan flat expression. I was introduced as “Bhai Chhod bhayee chod” which sounded pretty ostentatious.

“My owners just call me ass-face,” I said seriously extending a hand of greeting to what I assumed was his wife. She didn’t take my hand, only regarded my seriously. At least it cracked up Chris who saw the humor in the awkward presentation.

Chris introduced himself “I guess you can just call me Randy” shortening the Indian name he was introduced with and offering his hand as well. His wife kept hers at her side and looked at him like he was offering her a giant cow turd instead. He eventually awkwardly dropped his hand and that ended our attempt at introductions.

The office was also their living room and opened into a kitchen-ette that had the pungent aroma of Indian cuisine coming from it. I could smell yellow basmati rice, ginger and exotic odors that I had to assume was some sort of slow cooking dinner for them.

There was a heated exchange between he and his wife and my dad asked “Everything alright?”

“Yes, we are just talking, why do you mind your own business for a minute?” Rahjid said very pleasantly before returning to a long rapid fire Hindi discussion that sounded like an argument with his wife. He apparently won because she raised her hand as if exhausted and walked off into the other room.

“You will see my niece, who is like your daughter.” Rahjid said with something approaching pride. “We keep her in the prayer room,” Rahjid motioned down a short hallway that smelled of incense and spice.

Led by a chain around her neck, a naked Indian girl about my age with doe-like brown eyes and long brown hair cascading over her caramel butter skin walked behind Rahjid’s wife with her hands behind her back. She didn’t make eye contact with any of us but didn’t seem surprised by us standing in the office awkwardly looking at her naked. I acted as if this surreal introduction were perfectly normal as well.

I noticed that unlike our hairless cunts, hers was a deep tangle of brown curly-q fur and I could tell she looked at my hairless cunt silently in shock about how vulnerable I probably looked.

“She is a whore too?” my dad asked innocently enough but Rahjid regarded him as if he had just spit in his face.

“No, this is Urmila devi das, she was my brother-in law daughter but she became too Americanized and refused to take curfew and be good Indian daughter. He has no use for this, and he cannot discipline, so she….”

“She wears the bathing suit in public, holds the hand of boy in public, she is whore” Rahjid’s wife spoke in far more broken English than her husband. She spat upon her nieces face in disgust and Urmilla stood there letting it drip down her cheeks.

There was a heated exchange in Hindi between them before Rahjid smiled pleasantly at us “My wife means whore like slut, not whore like work on the street.” He explained.

“My wife and daughter are sluts as well as whores,” Dad answered matter of factly.

“Yes, I know” Rahjid didn’t hesitate to answer. He spoke to his nnece in Hindi and pointed at my mother’s ass several times, repeating the name he called my mom ‘Gaand ke Dhakan’. My mom took the hint and dutifully spread her ass cheeks while remaining on the floor. While Rahjid was lecturing to the girl, who was probably about my age, my mind wandered back to the flea market a few days ago when I ran into a former member of the cheer squad, Sun-Lee, who was kept in bondage by her family. I don’t know the entire story about Hope Miller, another girl from cheer, and I know it’s horrible but I take some consolation from the fact I know I am not the only one in this situation.

My mom had her ‘passport’ butt plug out by the time I stopped daydreaming about Sun-Lee and that broom they jammed up our asses to sweep their backroom. I quickly reached behind myself and pushed my butt plug out to display it as well. Rahjid pointed at mine and then to the kitchen while saying something in his language.

His wife came back with what looked like a white parsnip root that she had coated in lard. Rahjid gave Usmila a rapid fire litany of Hindi and at the end she bowed her head in acceptance of his words and stood with feet slightly apart. I didn’t have to speak Hindi to know that the root was going up Usimila’s ass and that is exactly where the wife put it. When Usimila’s eyes widened in realization of the anal invasion, I connected with her for a brief instant while the girl stood in silent anguish and humiliation.

I tried in that moment to convey my perky and positive outlook and send telepathically, a message of hope and sisterhood that we shared her fate and we would all survive this. I doubt she got all that from my goofy smile but the wife quickly walked her back into a room in their apartment so I would not know.

As she walked away I noticed the dark hew of her skin along between her ass cheeks that fades into the lighter caramel of the cheeks and how much from behind she looked like a black girl. I couldn’t see the parsnip root, and it’s probably a sign I am getting jaded and twisted but I pictured Chris leaving the long leafy stem hanging out like a bushy green tail had he popped one in my ass.

I think in some small way I am glad my brother is imaginative with his torments. At least things have been exciting and almost like an adventure. I had a feeling Usimila almost never leaves that room and very little ever changes for her.

“Shall we clean and return our butt plugs, Sir?” I asked Rahjid who nodded casually as if it was of no consequence to him.

I exchanged butt plugs with my mother and we both put them in our mouths. Then I got down on the floor in the same position as her and as if we had done this dozens of times in the past – pushed our ass cheeks together. Then we reached behind ourselves and as if by luck, for the first time were able to get the plug up each other’s ass without help. I couldn’t see my mom’s face but it probably wasn’t as goofy as my pert and perky expression of triumph for getting it right this time.

“Why do you do this?” Rahjid was impressed by the little show and frankly, I was too because in the past it had been too difficult.

“My father trains us as a team, to work together to clean each other’s plug and as we told you earlier, we aren’t allowed to insert it ourselves without special permission because he is afraid we will masturbate ourselves with it.” I said boldly.

“Which we probably would.” My mom joked, we were still in white-alert and butt to butt so she may as well go for the Oscar and lay it on thick.

“Hah, who are you kidding? You’d take both of them, one for your fat cunt and one for your fat asshole, if we weren’t being supervised.” I pushed back on my mother’s ass with my body like a metaphorical tap to the shoulder as I recalled Chris’s story about why in times of stress or danger we rib each other good naturedly. I was wondering where white alert was fantasy and how much of this was true.

“You wish, you know your license is big for your tight little asshole, but it would never satisfy my cunt.” My mom pushed bumped butts back with me.

“Silence, sluts. Can you not see that Rahjid is a very, very busy man and he wants to give you his rules, instead of watch you two play slap-ass?” My dad’s choice of ‘very, very’ was deliberate – it was something Rahjid used often in his speech and my father was half-patronizing and half emulating his speech to ingratiate himself to Rahjid. I could tell there was an underlying tone in dad’s voice that was amused - he was playing the strict disciplinarian who thought we were incorrigible. When he actually said, “I try to keep discipline, but these two sluts are incorrigible,” I was positive that we hadn’t crossed the line.

“You do a very, very good job,” Rahjid’s compliment was probably high praise to my father. “They will only work together or alone?”

“They will do whichever you think is best,” My dad answered – he was right.

“They will suck upon my dick without the condom?” Rahjid asked sheepishly.

“Your wife won’t mind?” Bill asked in reply looking over at the innocuous woman who had come back into the room without anyone noticing. I was reminded of “Uncle Creepy” the quiet security guard who seemed to always blend in harmlessly in the background from the county fair.

He exchanged a blast of Hindi with his wife and then announced, “She knows it is for the test of how good they are.” I somehow doubted that was Rahjid’s explanation but with the green light, my mother and I separated at the ass cheek and crawled over to where Rahjid was seated.

“I am a good little cocksucker, Sir.” My mom unbuckled and unzipped his corduroy pants. I’ve only ever seen hipster boys wear corduroy’s, ironically as part of a trendy anti-fashion statement. I moved in to try to help my mother kiss along Rahjid’s rather unimpressive cock.

“Do you want to give me the love kiss, Sir?” My mom asked him. I wasn’t sure what that term was but apparently he did.

“I want to give your daughter the love kiss on her pussy!” Rahjid answered matter of factly. It probably goes without saying that Indian people seldom seem to express emotion when they are speaking English, which is a stark contrast to their language which sounds like a guttural slew of insults and arguments in rapid fire no matter what they are talking about.

My mom led me on to his lap and had me sit back draping myself over the warmth of her back while she sucked his dick between my open legs.

He leaned down and pulled my clit ring to the side and then began to eat me out. His tongue was wet and nimble and I don’t know why I said this (I blame ‘white alert’) but I said “Well, he is NO Roscoe”.

My mom lost it laughing and I did too when she started in. It wasn’t that it was hysterical, but I think given how serious and sexy we were trying to be – coupled with the impossibility of the situation.

Oh I didn’t journal about that – I probably should have mentioned that today after making curly-q’s and trying to practice writing the first letter of my name with my pee in the rose bush for my brother’s amusement my dog licked my ass clean.

I guess at the time I didn’t really think about how disgusting that is – Dogs are always trying to sniff butts and probably the sweat, urine and girl-scent in general made my butt seem appetizing to him. My mom and I even joked about it when Mrs. Waxerman came over. In retrospect it was probably something that should have freaked me out a lot more than it did, but I didn’t get time to think about it – I just chalked it up to a gross experience and when dealing with a dozen or more of those in a day you probably learn to adjust and accept them.

“Who is Roscoe?” Rahjid sounded a little offended as my belly quivered while I tried to sustain my feverish giggling.

“The Dog ate you out, Ass Face?” Chris was smirking at what was probably a fresh warm pink of embarrassment washing across my face.

“In Dharma??stra sex with the holy cow is to be bringing good fortune, but what is the purpose of sex with the family dog?” Rahjid asked me seriously.

“It wasn’t sex Sir, he just did the love kiss on me and my mom.” I grinned at him impishly. I could tell Rahjid just lost his appetite for girl-pussy because he regarded me like he just smelled a fart again. He left me spread on his lap facing him but only stared at my naked, quivering body.

“What happened after you admitted to Mrs. Waxerman that you encouraged Roscoe to get busy on your back doors?” My dad prompted me to continue. We definitely hadn’t encouraged Roscoe – it was just sort of an accident of being naked and bent over, but this was ‘white alert’ so I played along – despite my disgust with lying, this was sort of play-acting.

“You stood us on wooden blocks, and beat our asses, for encouraging Roscoe to lick our cunt and asshole and arouse us” I remembered my Mom saying almost that exact phrase to Mrs. Waxerman and Dad outside earlier today.

There was something additionally humiliating about describing in detail a punishment you received – and the pain you relive is even more intense than when it was actually applied. It had seemed like a blur when I endured it this afternoon with my mother but now in describing the weights Dad applied to my boobs and clamped to my clit I remembered how the tiny little metal balls would flail and dig into my skin each time he paddled us.

“Tell Rahjid what the name of the paddle was?” My dad was very proud of his handiwork.

“Mother-In-Law, and he made us kiss it and thank it for reminding us of our place.”

“Mother-In-Law?” Rahjid didn’t like that name “Why not Father In Law, for head of household?” He asked if my father had missed a golden opportunity in naming his wicked paddle.

“Mother-In Law, because it is a pain in the ass.” Dad laughed hysterically and I could almost feel this connection with my mom as she thought about my sweet and simple grandma in Indiana – apparently the ‘pain in the ass’.

“Okay, now I see. Yes continue little Bhai Chhod bhayee chod, tell me how you were punished today.” Rahjid was delighted. The only other sound was my mother’s lips kissing and slurping on his dick which was now rock hard.

“We gave thanks for deliverance from our wickedness,” Actually my mom said that, but I thought it was such a perfect line from someone as grandiose and over the top as Mrs.Waxerman that I implied it was both of us who said it.

I described in detail the 50 swats we received and how we counted each one out in the back yard in front of our neighbor Mrs. Waxerman. I could smell my mother’s pussy juices blending with the Tikka Masala and Indian fragrances of their tiny apartment-office and finally Rahjid had heard enough of my mostly truthful description of our torment that he grabbed her hair and slammed my mother’s head against his crotch and pumped his cum into her.

“Tea?” broke the awkward silence as his wife offered my brother and father a cup of warm tea. They were too engrossed in my recounting of our punishments and watching my mother expertly deep-throat Rahjid to have noticed her until that moment.

When Rahjid had finished pumping his last drop of cum into my mother’s mouth he forced her away from him and me off him as well – zipping himself up as if he were now ashamed. “Yes, please” he answered his wife.

“No thank you Ma’am,” Dad answered with a pronounced southern drawl – something he does unconsciously when he is around Mrs. Waxerman as well. I think it makes him feel like a Gentleman Rancher or Gunslinger or something. “We have to get these whores out working soon. I suppose you have a dollar figure I owe to get my stuff back?”

“Yes, I think the entire matter of your bill and storage fees, plus interest can be resolved, but let me ask you. Are these whores going to work all week or just until you get stuff back and you will be gone again like the other night?” Rahjid did that head bobble thing his wife had done when she first let us in – there is no way to read his body language when he does that and guess what he is thinking.

“No, look Rahjid I won’t abandon you, I am a man of my word!” Dad took offense. He didn’t look at me and mom huddled naked in a corner waiting for them to finish their discussion.

“Your word was to check out with advanced notice of one week, and to pay your rent and deposit, but you did not and your wife work one night and then leave.” I could tell from how he pointed out the ‘one night’ and then leave there was more to it. Why should he be concerned if a street walker works or doesn’t work?

He explained how he had told his brother-in-law he would make his motel profitable by running prostitutes and apparently his brother-in-law who is much more successful laughed at him. It seems that my mom not coming back the next day caused Rahjid’s business model to get rich in the ‘pimp-game’ to crash around him and apparently he wasn’t satisfied with the girls he was able to recruit.

“I’m Sowwy Sah,” My mom sounded like she had marbles in her mouth. We all looked at her and she held her mouth open with Rahjid’s salty cum glistening on her tongue.

“Oh she is waiting for permission to swallow,” Chris explained but Rahjid ignored his explanation.

“You can tell her to swallow it, spit it on the floor and put her nose in it, snowball it into ass-faces mouth to gobble, whatever suits your fancy. We have trained them to be good cum-gobblers.”

I could hear a sigh from Rahjid’s wife, but Rahjid himself was ‘very, very happy’. “She can be spitting the cum into a cup of tea and the ass face will drink it?” his face of delight reminding me of the juvenile Waxerman boys when they hear something naughty.

“Yeah, if you’d like to see that.” Dad, who had only been sipping the bitter hot tea put his white cup in front of my mom. She kneeled over the cup and dropped a long spit dribble with Rahjid’s cum into it.

Then it was my turn.

“Thank you Mr. Rahjid for permitting me to have some authentic Indian Tea.” I said with my normal bubbly enthusiasm and then I kneeled over the cup like it was a dog food dish and put my hands behind my back to pull my ass cheeks apart. I started to lap the cum-tea up like a kitty-cat with my tongue when I heard his child-like laughter.

“Oh this is exceptional to see American girl to do,” Rahjid clapped his hands and proclaimed , “Very, very good”.

“Yeah, we don’t let them use silverware at home,” Chris explained but Rahjid ignored him again. He said some things in Hindi to his wife (yelled some things) and then she excitedly offered him some sort of rebuttal. Then she calmly walked into the kitchen and took a cup of hot tea into Urmilla and closed the door – I could only wonder if our ‘white alert’ might be inspiring Rahjid to torment and humiliate the poor girl in new ways.

“Okay, here is what we will do, you will have girls work from 8pm until 3am each and every night and on Friday, I will release your storage, and forgive the debt of your room and the interest and late penalties.” Rahjid said to my father while I lapped up the warm tea. I knew better than to joke to my mom, “Do you want some?” but I felt Chris would have laughed if I had.

“How much do I get of their earnings on top of that?” Dad said back skeptically.

“You get nothing? I pimp to them, and provide also a room, then after this week, then maybe we can talk to each other about the cut of profit!” Rahjid sounded firm.

“No, that doesn’t work for me, you see there is overhead, gas, food, enemas, you know, that sort of thing.” Dad sounded cavalier like he could walk away from this deal at any moment. I probably would have been happy to do that because my stomach was turning flip-flops from how ‘real’ things were getting and the anticipation of what it meant to work for Rahjid.

“You want to be Rahjid partner, then your woman will follow Rahjid rules, if they do not, then Rahjid can fine you, and hold you to be responsible?” There was an underlying respect in Rahjid’s haggling. I think he had expected Dad to just fold right away on the first offer.

“The same rules your other girls follow?” I took a big slurp in quiet pleasure of Dad’s asking for clarification on the rules. The tea was bitter and sour and made my mouth dry – I couldn’t imagine anyone drinking this by choice with or without cum and spit dribbled into it. In some way I wondered if the cum probably hadn’t improved its flavor – but then I eat dog food and water every day so enjoy whatever I get, right?

“No, your bitches are not like them, well-disciplined and attractive, I will be having new rules for them. You can get the other whores to follow these rules and I will give you a cut of their profit as well, is that being our deal?” Rahjid was keen to shake my father’s hand now.

“No, what is the cut and what are the rules?” Dad and him negotiated for five more minutes back and forth before settling on 40% of the profit for us, and a commitment to work the entire week. In exchange, we were to receive 10% off at his brother-in-law’s gas station on everything except Deli, and we would get to stay in one of his ‘cottage’ apartments at the motel. “You can also work during day, some times during day time drivers, mechanics, and the like will like to screw and I will give you 50% of money during this time”.

It seemed like Rahjid wanted to introduce new rules – as I said earlier he was a ‘rule lover’ like me only he liked to create them. Dad had us get into position two in the center of the living room to hear them out. We were facing the guys, naked – of course and bent at the waist. His wife was sitting behind us passively sounding exasperated as she sighed.

Rahjid had a sheet of paper with his current rules, although from how he described these rules it sounded like he had a problem enforcing them.

There was a knock on the door “Shit, let me in, it’s cold out here.” said a woman from outside. Rahjid’s wife got up to answer the door instantly.

“That is the knock you are to be having for security purposes, and you are fifteen minutes late!” Rahjid shouted in frustration while sitting in a dirty recliner and not taking his eyes off us.

When the door opened a short black girl with a pretty face in a long blonde wig saw us naked and squealed “Shit! Is this Hee-haw? God damned, you got you another one like Usa-milla from your brother-in-law?”

As she walked in out of the darkness the spirited and vibrant youthful face I had seen in the dark seemed to almost transform into something a little haggard and plain looking. I imagine she probably was quite beautiful at one time.

“No, this is not like Urmilla Devi Das,” he sounded like he had corrected her before on how to say the name properly. “I am about to go over the rules of the pimping game with them. They will be your wife-in-laws.”

“Oh, fresh meat!” there was a scratchy and street smart tone to her voice as she walked over to look at us standing side by side naked. “Mmm, mhmm, mmm, aint that some shit white people do - bondage? I aint never been paid enough to try it, name is Ronnie and I am the bottom girl, ya hear?” she said looking at us with a sort of intensity like ‘this is my bread and butter and you better believe me!’.

“You know I am the bottom bitch, Ronnie and you better stop running your little squeaky mouth, hooker!” a thick New York Puerto Rican accent emerged from the hallway. The woman it was attached too had big lips, a big butt and was thick in just about every other place on her body besides her boobs. She had big hair like someone from the 1980s, and big silver bangle earrings. She wore a thin polyester dress and wore big white heels. I would have guessed she was going to a 70’s or 80’s costume party if this were any place else.

“Hello, it’s nice to meet you,” she came forward with a smile but that curled into a look of derision, “I’d shake your hands, but I see you are playing with your booties or something.” she chewed gum while she talked like an art form, it was actually kind of sexy in a shallow and insincere way. She sat on the couch next to my brother and said “Ooh how you doing?” while simultaneously taking out her nail file to give herself a touch-up. My brother acted a little shy and she told him her name was Doris.

“Hi Doris, I am Chris,” he said back.

“Ooh, I want to fuck you, you got a big dick?” She wasted no time making it clear she was flirting – kissing the air with her rosy red lipstick for his benefit.

The only thing I could think about this woman was she was equal parts Rosie Perez and that annoying “Jack-ay” from 227 that comes on Nick at Night.

My brother didn’t say anything back and she didn’t take any offense to that - she just kept right on blowing on her nails and honing them. I have to admit – they looked great!

“You two bitches are in here running your mouth? I know because I don’t hear any shit out in the parking lot.” a third and final woman’s voice emerged from the hallway and as I heard the click-clack of heels down the short-hallway that led into the living room I expected to see more of the same.

“Hi I am Maya, and you must be new?” she stood at about 6’4” in heels, and wore a corset, very sexy fishnets and garters. Her black stiletto heels were shiny and provocative and her tits were enormous – like a porn star. She had long natural blonde hair and a face like Marylyn Monroe. She held her cigarette like Greta Garbo in an old film noir and there was something sexy and glamorous about her that impressed me.

She was equal part Jane Mansfield and Jessica Rabbit – and on top of her overt sexiness was a sort of catty enthusiasm. She looked right at me and parted her lips with a pout and gave me a wink like she just thought the site of me bending over naked was the campy and totally normal.

She moved with a practiced grace that I would probably never master and everything about her facial expressions seemed exaggerated but intensely provocative and lady like.

“Shut up and sit down Big Bird, Rahjid wants to go over his precious rules with us.” Ronnie told the woman.

“Oh hush your fanny, Jigga-butt, you know that I don’t give a shit, dahling!” Maya answered Ronnie in her ribald over-the-top kind of way. She put her hand over her mouth to direct a whisper that everyone could hear right at me “They call me big bird, because I am so tall and positive all the time – Jealous!” she hid her finger pointing right at the two other girls - they knew she was pointing at them but it was all in good fun. It was pretty clear they were all used to bagging on each other and I had to wonder if that was like my mom and my banter on some level.

She sort of lit up the room with her presence, and all eyes were on her. She remained standing which made me even more intimidated by the vastness of her presence filling the tiny room.

“You will be shutting up please, because the two girls are the wife-in-laws to take the 5B room and you will not be under-cutting them or trying to trick them!” Rahjid demanded. Everyone remained in a casual and relaxed manner around us which only provided a stark contrast to the fact we were naked and bent over holding our ass cheeks apart in high protocol.

“Good, 5B smells like dead fish anyhow,” Ronnie commented derisively.

“That’s because you were in there spreading that punani, Chica!” Doris laughed.

“Oh, I’d know if it was god-damned Rice and bean fart in there!” Ronnie shot back.

Okay, maybe this wasn’t quite the same back and forth my mom and I had.

“Shssshhhhttt!” Rahjid held up his hand, “Every minute you are here running mouth, you are not running your vaj-jay-jays for the money. So listen to the rules, because these two are going to be partners with the pimp.”

He introduced my dad and brother and Ronnie immediately replied in concern “Oh nuh-uh, I am not splitting more money with them!”

“You are having the same pay-out! Now just listen, they are here to keep the eye on the new girls.”

“Oh okay, I wouldn’t mind fucking the handsome one,” Ronnie who had just spit venom at the idea of additional pimps, overtly flirted with my dad. My dad shrugged that he was flattered but didn’t answer her.

“Yeah, I like the son, he has some meat on his bones, you have a sweet face!” Doris rubbed my brother’s chest. I didn’t feel an ounce of jealousy and why should I? He is the boss of me and he fucked me today. That’s my job to be his cum-bucket bitch and so what right would I have to get possessive anyway? I mean other than he is MY brother and I have to look out for him (note to self: think about if on some level you think no girl is good enough for your brother). It was good to see that he didn’t really seem to want her attention anyway though – smart.

“Well who are these delicious biscuits in the middle of the floor? That is what I want to know” Maya exuded a sexuality that sent a shiver up my spine as she touched my skin with her long sexy finger. She wore antique over-sized rings that were probably cosmetic jewelry – big rubies and cubic zirconias.

“You are Cow-tits, and the Ass Face?” Rahjid asked us seriously and the whores exploded into hysterical laughter.

“Yes Sir, I am Cow-tits,” My mom was the first to respond after the wave of laughter at our expense died down.

“Oh honey, I am the Cow-tits here,” Maya cupped her giant DD boobs in the bustier she had on, then stuck out her tongue to reach the nipple.

My mom didn’t straighten up – she reached over to pinch her right tit and squeeze and after a few strokes a little milk squirted onto the carpet, “That’s why they call me Cow-tits, Ma’am”

There was laughter this time, but now it was more approving than before. “Okay, and why they call you Ass-face then little Tinkerbutt?” Ronnie asked me.

“They call me Ass-face, so I don’t get a big ego about my pretty face, and to keep me humble, Ma’am”. I replied.

She touched her cheek and said, “You better enjoy that pretty face, because out here on the street, they’ll use that up quick, and then your best friend will be Maybelline and Avon.” her voice had a hint of old-time gospel revival in it when she gave me advice.

“Those are some harsh names, girls. You sure you don’t want to use something like Candy or Genevieve? Sexy beasts like you should have sexy names.” Maya purred at my mother and I couldn’t help but smile back as I saw her lipstick glisten over her broad toothy smile.

I didn’t answer her question but I knew that the answer would have to be something humiliating about these names being chosen for us. Instead, when I tried to engage my brain to send words to my mouth I said “When I grow up, I want to be just like you, Ma’am.” I was thinking that but I couldn’t believe I said it out loud.

There was laughter from Ronnie and Doris but Maya asked “Oh, and why is that honey?”

I honestly don’t know why I said that. I think just being bent at the waist and looking at this impressive woman – I was overwhelmed. I could only think of a powerful Clydesdale, the horses that pull the beer wagons. How they are over-sized in every way of a regular horse but have this sort of carriage in their movements.

I swallowed while I tried to think of something suitable to get me out of this ,“You just seem like womanhood personified and distilled.” I bleated meekly in response.

“You don’t know the half of it, honey” she swiveled her hips and I memorized the pattern of her movement. I admit I was truly enamored of her style and presence and impressed – she seemed larger than life in a way that simply didn’t belong with the others.

Rahjid silenced our discussion and went over the rules he had established for all the “Hos”. They booed and mocked like a bad class of 10th graders when they get a substitute teacher for the first time as he listed them off.


The Pimps make the rules, and the Ho’s suck the dicks.

We will never undercut the other bitches, everyone charges the same.
10 dollar hand job
20 dollar blow job
50 “50/50” BJ to get them hard and then fucking
100 dollar ‘around the world’ (anything)

(If the trick wants any “extras” we are to be creative in our pricing along these lines.)

Condoms are mandatory, we are to return with the used condom after each fuck and turn over our money, at which time we may be permitted to freshen up.

No bathroom breaks, eating, smoking, drugs, or liquor while on shift without permission.

No Drama with the other girls

“Why can’t they just come get another condom? Why bring the old one. All that matters is they turn in the money, right?” My brother had to ask the question twice to get Rahjid to acknowledge him.

“Because he is a pervert. He likes to make us cart the nasty old condom across the parking lot and show it to him like a trophy. The same reason he has peep holes in all the bathrooms to watch us take a dump – he nasty.” Ronnie said to titters and laughter from the other girls.

“Those peep holes were there when I buy the motel!” Rahjid answered defensively without addressing Chris’s question “And besides, I need to make sure you are not wasting time on the toilet doing the chrystal meth when you could be making more money!”

“Honey, I done told you, I am totally clean and sober, have been for six years!” Ronnie became serious as if she were deeply offended.

“Besides the occasional joint!” Doris slapped her on the knee and laughed.

“Well I won’t lie, there is that,” Ronnie became light hearted and joked back.

Maya looked at me sweetly, “We are a family here, we get each other’s back and we can kid each other.” she explained.

“Sir, should we stand up and get dressed so we can work too?” My mom had heard Maya but didn’t reply.

“No, I am having the enjoyment of seeing you two this way, you other girls will stand this way for the rest of our meeting!” Rahjid demanded.

“Oh hell to the naw we are NOT!” Doris said and the others laughed.

“Do you see, what I am working with? They are the bitches of Naraka!” which I assumed Naraka was some kind of Indian Hell.

While the girls became flustered and antsy about having to sit and listen this long, I noticed my mom looking at me for a long time while we held our position – I had not wanted to make her jealous by saying I wanted to grow up to be Maya. When I got the chance and I thought no one was listened I whispered in her ear, “You know you are my number one role model on being a woman.”

My mom didn’t say anything back and I wished she would – I kept wondering what was on her mind. She was so serious and businesslike that I couldn’t tell if she was afraid, humiliated, or just humoring Dad and Chris and wasn’t nervous or disgusted at all.

More importantly I didn’t know if I had hurt her feelings by my off-hand compliment about Maya.
Some Charlie Sheen Party Night things were starting out as – So far this had been nothing like I imagined it would be. I had the intense feeling though that it soon would be.

The Family Feud IV
Chapter Twenty-One
Wendy’s Journal –Normal is a setting on a washing machine

**Note to reader: This is Wendy’s journal from Tuesday after arriving at Rahjid’s motel. In order to increase readability, some of the dialogue exchanged was altered to appear in a ‘narrative’ story format. The Hindi words that appear in this part of the journal were originally phonetic but have been translated into their actual spellings.

New Rules for the Whores:

6- When you finish with a trick, you must return the condom to Rahjid for inspection. You will use your mouth to return the Condom. You will be inspect after each trick, to do the needful. If you have sex without the condom, you will be punished because you must be trying to enjoy the bareback.

7- You will wear the buttplug, if they want the ass they must pay. You are not to remove the plug yourself, and you may not play with yourself. You must ask them to kindly return the plug to the location.

8- If you have complaint or bring drama, you will be punish.

9- If you do not turn the trick each hour, you are to report to Rahjid to explain and be punish.

10- You are to keep your room neat and tidy – no hot plate. You will be given meal-break by Rahjid.

Were these a cruel parody of “Bill’s Bill”? Had I traded the stability of the limits and rules of his flexible rule system we worked out at home with Bill and Chris for this crudely written set of rules that Rahjid had just dashed out?

Surely, his other whores were not going to follow these rules – but then Jamie and I aren’t his ‘other whores’. We are Bill and Chris’s whores and they were already smiling when Rahjid read the first two rules out loud and saw the look on my face. If I begged Bill to go back to his old structured rule system – He would say I am being wishy-washy and probably make us do these things anyway.

I think it was more the fact that Rahjid had taken less than three minutes to dash these out and they were in such a crude format – I had a hard time accepting much less respecting them.

My daughter – bless her heart is a rule follower to the tee. I know when I was a little girl I was so much like her – If I got a “Red Star” for effort in class, it only infuriated me and made me want to earn that gold star. Note to self: Don’t tell Bill and Chris that or they’ll use my competitive nature against me – then again I think they already know that.

I should probably recap my day for you journal, I haven’t been able to make an entry in hours. I was a little ‘tied up’ – that joke never gets old. I already covered how I spent the afternoon as a doggy like my daughter (and sweet little Roscoe). I think I mentioned Victoria Waxerman’s visit and how the wicked old biddy seemed to delight at my humiliation.

You know I think when we put those “Obama 08” signs in our yards a couple of years ago I got on her radar as some sort of subversive ‘modern-day career feminist’ and now that she has seen me humiliated and acting like a slut in heat, I think there is this sense of validation for her that she is morally superior and for that matter superior in all ways.

That educated hillbilly probably thinks Rick Santorum is too liberal for her tastes, lol. Hey I don’t really have time to talk politics, and I admit I am probably just stalling writing about this again because deep down inside, despite the fun we seem to have as a family shocking the shit out of Waxerman, I think a part of me, that prideful “career feminist” that she dislikes so much, really does feel awkward and ashamed, disgusted even by having to bend at the knee for her.

Speaking of bending at the knee, I just finished sucking my first dick of the night. I should probably table my thoughts about Chris and Jamie fucking in the bathroom and my involvement. Even if no one else sensed the sexual tension between those two, I’ve known about it for weeks and I thought for sure Chris was using his humor as a defense mechanism to avoid fucking us. I think he could get his dick sucked, play with our asses, watch us shit on the lawn, paddle us and torment us, but for some reason I thought he had a gray line on fucking us… I probably need to stew a little more on that and what it means for us after the training is over. Bill offered Jamie a chance to be a puppy all summer. Can you imagine that sadistic bastard? Wanting to keep his precious daughter naked and crawling with a butt plug for three months over summer break?

Why did he not offer that to me as well? Did he just want his Toy daughter as a fuck bunny hopping around the house and figure I would sit at the coffee table watching Oprah while all this was going on? I haven’t been permitted to watch TV in so long, I don’t know even know if that show is still on the air. I doubt they let the DVR keep recording it so I can catch up, lol.

So yes, I have more than a few thoughts about today and journal you probably have some ideas about my feelings already – I promise I’ll get back to sharing them but I need to write about our family ‘Charlie Sheen Tuesday’ while it is fresh in my mind.

We weren’t even allowed to put on clothes until about 9pm. I understand that, Bill knows it makes us vulnerable and disarmed and he likes to see our little naked asses. He wanted to make a good impression on Rahjid and we’ve been playing along (at least I hope Jamie has been and wasn’t serious about all of what she said) with white alert in front of him to make Bill seem more important.

I was really impressed with Bill’s negotiation tactics this time around. His last encounter with Rahjid he had let the little Indian man hoodwink and bluff him into just about everything. This time the only thing critical I could say was that Bill was a little too short and sweet for my tastes – comes across too trusting and leaves too many details undecided. I had some bosses like that who were ‘big picture’ only – they went on to be head honchos at the company and I am a whore, so maybe their approach WAS better. I am in trouble and serving my husband and son in part because I was too critical of them and tried to make them like me – so I really need to learn that lesson. If it won’t sink in with this kind of discipline – I may never change.

We have to work until Friday to get Bill’s high school memorabilia back – okay, I expected we’d be done working here tonight after we got his stuff back and Bill could set up freelance ‘dates’ back at the house where it is a little less disgusting – and we wouldn’t have to split our profits with Rahjid. However, that may be a blessing in disguise as we can do more ‘volume’ here.

We met Rahjid’s “Other whores” around 9pm. They are a bunch of unruly trailer park sluts – Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky and Mike, I love the girl, who cares who you like.

Okay, that was the first thing I thought when the first whore introduced herself as “Ronnie”. That isn’t a very sexy name – but then again neither is “Cow tits” which they have all started calling me.

The other two are Doris and Maya – I think Maya is my age but she is so demure and sexy it is almost impossible to tell. I have to admit I am a little jealous of how well she purports herself around – it is like she is this sexy Diva who doesn’t realize she is standing knee deep in a cow-pasture of bullshit who pretends she is at a fancy dress gala.
I am kind of jealous with how classy she can act despite being surrounded by so much broken down crap.

I know that sounds negative but I don’t even know the name of this motel – the sign isn’t lit up. MLK Blvd is notorious in this town as the place you go for drugs, hookers and when you are homeless. If I were homeless I would go anyplace else – why not? You have no home, what keeps you here?

The entire area is run down and dilapidated – full of throw away people and throw away things. There are old shopping centers where the K-mart that was there has gone out of business and now a “J-mart” has taken its place selling even crappier knock-off stuff than a K-mart. In between the massage parlors, go-go clubs, pawn shops, liquor stores and check cashing places, there are legitimate businesses that were probably someone’s dream – a bakery, and an Italian restaurant. Those places are closed with boarded up windows – those dreams denied out here on the poor side of town.

This motel in particular is on a very nasty part of the street. Even the dreamers who thought they would give a go of starting a plumbing business on this side of town didn’t bother trying on this stretch of the avenue. On the opposite side of the street I can see a little roach-coach taco stand that looks open and another motel. That motel looks dark and is surrounded by fence and barbed wire. I don’t think it’s closed down, I think people live there full time and the fence isn’t to keep them in – it is to keep everyone else out!

After our introduction to the other girls – which we had to do naked and bent over holding our ass cheeks apart so they would know we were beneath even them – Rahjid gave us five new rules he made up on the fly. I think 10 sounds ‘official’ – the 10 commandments sounds more impressive then the nine or the eleven. I didn’t even bother to protest I just withheld a sigh and agreed.

Rahjid is obviously a sadistic little man with a Napoleon complex – driven by some lack of authority or power in his life to have it over others. I think if you couple that with his desire to impose some sort of order, but being surrounded by prostitutes who don’t take him seriously every day, he decided he wants to take it out on those he can.

His wife cooks, cleans and quietly goes about carrying out his orders – but never a word of praise. His niece – well I don’t even have time to go into all the scary things about Usimilla Devi Das. The girl is about Jamie’s age and kept in some sort of chastity bondage. I’ve watched a show (back when I was allowed to watch TV) called “Outsourced” that showed how Indian people had arranged marriages and cultural taboos about growing long hair or showing personal displays of affection – but enslaving young girls who embarrass you and shaming them?

I guess that is fairly universal to every culture because just last Sunday there was a Korean girl who was probably about Jamie’s age at the flea market in the same boat. Is it just coincidence I’ve started to notice women who are subservient or had they always been in the background and my station in life is making me see things on their level and notice them?

My mother is a strong woman, but she was hardly outspoken. She cooked, cleaned and raised three kids while my father worked our farm – would I have thought of her as submissive? Kind of, now that I have been one myself. I think people make a mistake of assuming strength and submission are not mutually compatible terms.

I think my mom was deeply submissive to my dad’s authority and to her Christian upbringing – but she was also strong and stubborn about her convictions. I wonder how much of my early life was a rejection of that stay-at-home old fashioned mom? I wonder how much of my stubbornly remaining submissiveness to the men of the family, no matter how far they have pushed, has really been subconsciously because of some maternal instinct ingrained into me by my mom?

Questions for another time deserving answers – I promised no more stalling and yet I started to bunny trail into one of a thousand thoughts that flit around my mind while I am stuck bending over spreading my ass cheeks for my ‘Pimp’s.

The other girls laughed at Rahjid’s rules and left to start working their respective corners – but we remained.

“You whores will do the rules as you are told, yes?” Rahjid demanded of us. His rules barely made grammatical sense and they told us ‘what’ he wanted us to do but not ‘why’ – I wasn’t even sure I wanted to know ‘why’.

“Yes Sir, they seem reasonable and generous, thank you.” I was still in position two with my ass parted for him to talk into. He leaned in close as if my sphincter was a microphone to my brain – and on some level I think the intense embarrassment of being in the sobering lights of his office/home it really was. I wanted him to feel satisfied with the rules and not think that there was a need for more.

He wasn’t going to come up with anything as thought provoking or well-intended as my husband’s rules – which I admit I helped tone down and clarify when I typed them up for him in the computer. All that further rules would do is make life harder for me and Jamie and I may have done that already by convincing everyone to suspend the stars.

I really do feel guilty about losing my job and sending the family into chaos – but I will be second guessing for a long time whether I should have not just finished out our sentence and earned our freedom and then got back to normal. Then again – normal is a setting on a washing machine and we are no longer entitled to think of ourselves as such. That was always a bit of an illusion anyway – we had more dysfunctions than many families – the biggest of which was the assumption we were all the ‘normal ones’.

So here are the “normal ones” – Bill and Chris sitting on filthy chairs inside a tiny apartment that doubles as an office for a roach motel discussing pimping out me and Jamie while we stand at attention in the nude.

“You looking forward to sucking all those dicks, Sis?” Chris had always had a sadistic streak since this began but there was a slightly passive aggressive bitterness to his questions tonight.

“Not as much as sucking yours, Sir!” Jamie’s playful response could have been any sister talking to any brother who ever rubbed having to do chores when they were grounded in their face.

“You will submit to the inspect now, to make sure you not steal from office.” I knew Rahjid’s pretense that maybe we stole one of his cheap elephant god statuettes and stuck them up our butts was simply a pretense to play with our bodies. We answered him sweetly and he started with Jamie. I could hear her let out a gasp – either his finger was cold or he was very rough with his fingers.

Then I heard click-click-click of metal scraping metal and Jamie gasped “Please Sir, that’s too far!”

“You have baby anus, just relax your ass” I could smell my daughter’s musky sweet gas with just a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg wafting along with it. To her credit whatever he was doing to her - she didn’t complain again.

My son asked flippantly “Are you by chance studying for your proctology degree?” But Rahjid ignored him – it was obvious he really only respected Bill. My son treats me like something he stepped in and wants off his shoe some times, but it really burns me that Rahjid just gives him the cold shoulder.

After what felt like an impossible amount of time he unclanked what I came to learn was some sort of antique metal speculum to put directly in my ass (Without so much as having one of us clean it with our mouth first).

Clank-clank-clank – when it was my turn I sang “Moon riiivvver” an old Chevy Chase reference that my son and husband got – I couldn’t see their faces but I heard their giggles. It was all I could do as I felt my entire back door open in a way it had never been before. I could feel the cool air in the apartment suck into my butt and I imagined my ass hole was this big six inch around gap. I could smell my butt sweat and internal gases escape with nothing left to hold them back in and I think a whole new wave of humiliation washed over me – just when I thought I was getting used to humiliation.

“See anything you like Sir?” I teased – I thought because I was on white alert it was okay to play around this way and I was trying out Chris’s humor mechanism to deflect in times of sheer panic. I visualized my asshole staying as wide as he had it splayed out and not snapping back and the visual was not pretty.

“Shut the mouth, this one I do not like.” Rahjid announced as he pulled my cunt lips wide and gave them a tug until I felt equally exposed in both holes.

“Feel free to punish the talkative slut, if you don’t like her attitude.” Bill replied helpfully. Thanks husband – oh love of my life. He even offered him some advice on how to do it.

“We wrote the Kama Sutra 400 years before your Bible, it describes four different kinds of hitting, I think I am perfectly capable of knowing what I am doing,” the fastidious Indian with a speculum holding my ass open replied.
“It is a manual that covers virtuous living and the duties and privilege of the wife, and I have studied it well.” Despite his confidence I thought I heard a ‘harumph’ coming from his wife.

He seemed to be hesitating and I dared to look up over my shoulder to see what he was doing – despite it all he was thinking.

“Please don’t whip my ass with that rod, Sir! Anything but that.” I wasn’t sure if he would buy it, because I made my hint so obvious. I could have waited for him to come up with something on his own – but frankly I was ready to get that speculum out of my BUTT hole and start making money to get us out of this MONEY hole we are in.

“The almond tree branch?” Rahjid asked sadistically as if it would inspire fear in me. “It grew in the garden of my ancestral home for twenty years. You think I should use this on your fat, sweaty American ass?” Rahjid became defensive.

“Oh no sir! I would never dare ask you to use something important to you, please anything but the branch!” I felt a little silly – because after a week of beatings the branch didn’t scare me.

I should have been scared though - the first thrashing with it stung because it bit into my pussy and asshole that had been laid bare by Rahjid. “Aaiiiiiieeeee” that was no white-alert act for his benefit – that motherfucker really stung. Even his wife was laughing when I had to take a breath and say, “Thank you Sir for correcting my misbehavior, may I have another?”

I thought maybe it was made of eucalyptus or something – there was a chemical on the branch that stung like menthol on a cut.

I counted twelve searingly painful thrashes with a branch across my entire ass – Rahjid didn’t seem to be very precise like my husband. He hadn’t begun with a set amount so it could have been one hundred or five for my offense. I was reduced to tears and had forgotten why I was even being punished by the time he was done.

“The mascara you are having is running, and that is very attractive to me, but not to trick. Clean yourself you slut.” Someone threw a bag of clothes and makeup at us. I didn’t feel him taking it out but the crane-like speculum jaws he had used to hold my asshole apart for the punishment had been removed.

“Shall we insert our butt plugs first, Sir?” Jamie asked delicately. I could tell as she stood that she was digging a finger in her crack from the same sensation I had – that we were still flapping wide in the breeze and our buttholes were still wide.

“You have to ask? I thought you say the sluts are trained?” Rahjid goaded Bill.

I straightened myself up with poise, stood back to back with Jamie pressing our cheeks together and then pushed a butt plug straight into her asshole! Second time we did it without making it an awkward mess –perfect bullseye. Either we were getting wider back there or our coordination was improving. I shuddered to think which it was.

They both looked identical so I wasn’t sure diamond butt plug was hers or mine – I suppose it didn’t matter to anyone else –but probably did to Jamie.

We were allowed to dress in the skimpiest micro-mini and half-top we owned and given some high heels that didn’t match. I don’t think Chris makes us wear things that don’t match on purpose – bless his heart but if he only knew that the skimpy outfits themselves were less humiliating than the fact I had on red shoes with a purple skirt and a cherry bubblegum top.

“If you are good girls tonight, you will eat my wife’s tandoori Naan bread, with some authentic Indian Darjeeling Tea” I didn’t even have to see Rahjid to know from his voice that his head was bobbling and he was giggling.

“Thank you Sir, l look forward to that.” My daughter was wearing a shirt even shorter than mine and a skirt that looked like it might have made a better hand towel but she sounded like a genuine angel asking to be enlightened and try Indian cuisine.

“You are not as much bitch as your mother?” Rahjid’s question was more of a statement of observation.

“No sir, I am a bitch JUST like my mother, I am just better at hiding it,” that sweet-sweet girl. I’ve heard of underhanded compliments and launched more than my share in my corporate days - I’ve never heard of insulting yourself as a way to secretly compliment another. That is probably why there is no word for doing that – not enough people do.

Rahjid gave the key to our ‘cabin’ to my husband and Bill and Chris walked us there to have a look at where we would be receiving our ‘tricks’ tonight. I remembered working in these dimly lit one-bedroom rooms two weeks ago but it was all such a blur. I had to light a candle – not to be sensuous but because I think the lights didn’t work.

When I hear ‘cabin’ I think of a log cabin with Grizzly Addams chopping wood -these are not that. They are just stand alone rooms with a little space between each unit. The kitchenette, bed and bathroom are all in one place – just perfect for vacations right?

“This is quaint,” Chris said sarcastically as he unlocked the door and peered into the darkened room. “Cujo?” he asked causing me to laugh – I hadn’t thought of that horror movie in years. I don’t think Jamie got it – I’ll explain it to her later.

Ronnie was right – this place smelled like mildew and old ass and it looked like maybe someone had robbed it, but then had second thoughts about this junk and put it back.

“Where will you guys be, Sir?” Jamie asked sweetly

“I was thinking we would drive around for a little while, maybe hit a bar, grab a nice meal and then come back to the Office. Why, you want us to hide under the bed in case these guys jump out and try to rape you?” Bill was being Bill – his complete lack of concern for us was on one level humiliating but I think on another he was trying to make us less nervous by being circumspect.

“No sir, they are going to basically rape us. That is how we make our money right?” I wish she didn’t sound like such an angel when she says things like that – It set of my maternal instinct to protect and shield her even if she didn’t want that.

“It’s only rape if they don’t pay, hon.” I offered a supportive touch to my daughter’s wrist. My ass was STILL stinging from the branching I got, and I wanted a drink of water bad – but I tried to remain solemn and reassuring.

“So do we just walk up and down the street or how do we find them?” Jamie changed the subject.

“No, you sit in here with your finger up your ass and wait for them to knock.” I think I was the only one who was sensing a hidden context in Chris’s sarcasm. I think he was nervous for us – and rightly so.

“If Rahjid makes up new rules for us, do we have to follow them, Sir?” Jamie flashed her baby blues at her father. I think my daughter doesn’t really understand the power of her smile and angelic girl next door look. I think she can make even the most hardened heart stop and rethink their actions.

“Makes you appreciate my rules doesn’t it?” Bill was propping himself up and looking in my direction.

“That it does Sir” I answered without hesitation. “Your punishment system could scale like a socket that could increase or decrease in size depending on the nut you are trying to crack – and it was easy to understand.” I admitted.

“I think you are talking about a ratchet, but I get your meaning. Yes, that was pretty brilliant.” Bill was patting himself on the shoulder. I let him feel important without admitting I had secretly come up with the way his infraction, corrections and judgments worked so that they balanced in scope to how big of a rule violation it was. “Do you two cunts need an affirmation to get started or can you get your little asses in gear now?”

I looked down at the one bed, and the water dripping from a brown-soaked tile in the ceiling into a pan and back at my husband and son. “Will you give us one without putting that metal thing in our asses, please Sir?” I smiled wistfully at Bill and he laughed and shook his head yes.

My daughter and I stripped once again inside our room. We had only had clothes on for about five minutes today – I suppose this would be something we should get used too.

We took the ‘doggy position’ on the dirty brown Burber carpet – placing our heads on the floor almost like we were kissing it and holding our asses apart after neatly folding our clothes and setting them to the side quickly.

I heard the sound of an ice cold can of soda cracking open and then the satisfying glug-glug and fizz and my Son’s “Ahhh”. My lips were dry and I was so envious that he was enjoying it while I was down on the floor – lucky bastard. I have to keep telling myself to take my medicine like a good girl and not hold it against him. I would have (and did) treat him the same way when the shoe was on the other foot.

“Where did you get that Coke?” Bill asked.

“Rahjid,” Chris answered adding, “This is supposed to be Indian Coke, I think they put nutmeg in it.”

“Want some cinnamon, Sir?” my daughter wiggled her butt at her brother flirtatiously while maintaining her position. She was talking about the enemas we had received earlier in the night containing half my spice rack from the kitchen.

“Don’t tempt me or you’ll be walking around with this can up your tail pipe instead of just that butt plug.” Chris got the last word in.

“Okay Cunts, let’s start with Cow-tits here first since she volunteered you two for this. You still ready to be my good little whore?” Bill started the affirmation.

“Yes Sir, I am ready to fuck, suck and be plucked.” I tried to channel my daughter’s positive energy.

“If someone asks why you have a tattoo of whore on your ass, what will you tell them?” Bill asked.

“To remind me I am owned and under discipline as a whore and so that I cannot ever deny it to even myself, much less people who can see my fat ass, Sir.” I wasn’t happy with how wordy that was but it seemed to please Bill.

“Who owns that ass?” Bill kicked my legs a little wider apart.

“You do Sir.” I heard Chris cough before I could add “My husband and my son, are my owners.”

“Is there anything a trick is going to ask to do to you and your whore of a daughter that you won’t do?” Bill asked enthusiastically.

“I don’t think so, Sir?” I tried to think of all the disgusting things I had done so far and whether I would do them again. I am pretty sure I would and I couldn’t think of any new things – but a part of me was a little hesitant and Bill could sense that.

“They can fuck you in all three holes?” My husband was making sure I understood my last answer.

“Yes Sir, throat fuck me, fuck my cunt or my fat ass,” I was instantly reminded of the stinging from Rahjid’s confounded almond branch as soon as I said ass. “They can even spank or beat me.” I volunteered.

“I think your mother is a pain slut,” Bill said to Chris.

“Are you a pain pig, Mom?” Chris rarely called me mom these days and I kind of wish he didn’t. It seemed even more humiliating at times like these than ‘cow tits’ even.

“Yes Son, I am a pain pig,” I wasn’t sure what one was, and I was tempted to point out that I had endured birthing both him and Jamie but now was not the time to make him or myself feel guilty or weird.

“You like wearing your passport up your ass everywhere you go?” Chris and Bill switched off during affirmations effortlessly like a team to keep the energy and intensity up. Chris poked the lid to my butt plug with a finger I think while he asked.

“Yes Sir, I am glad your father and you are so thoughtful to give sluts like us a gift. We own nothing and manage nothing because you are the boss of us besides these butt plugs.”

“You are going to be good girls, keep your plugs clean, and listen to your pimps, even Rahjid right?”

“Yes Sir, as always we are obedient little twats to you. Am I to treat him as a key-holder or another Owner?” I asked back.

“We aren’t following the old rule system, remember?” Chris had a fair-point. The concept of key-holders was under the rules that were suspended. “He is your pimp, but just remember that not only are WE your pimps, but we own that cunt.”

“Yes Sir, you do.” I was oddly excited by the flying by the seat of my pants feeling of not having structure coupled by the familiarity of our pep talk ritual.

“Okay then dad, come on I am HONNGRY” Chris announced the affirmation was over abruptly focusing on his hunger.

“What? What about your sister?” Bill said something even though Jamie was too polite to pipe up.

“You do that one. I need to take a piss.” Chris answered.

“The toilet is right over there.” Bill pointed to a toilet three feet away.

“Piss in that fucking cat box? Nah, I want to go somewhere sanitary.” Chris thought for a moment “You two better not take the privilege of using that toilet too lightly. You first need to go ask Rahjid if he wants to supervise and time you – you should get no more than three minutes, and whatever you do – don’t sit down on the toilet seat!”

Judging from how dirty and stained the outside of the bowl was, I hadn’t planned on it. Chris opened the thin screen door and walked outside. It dawned on me that Bill had never shut the cabin door and had only shut the screen door on the inside of the cabin. I guess there was no one here at the cabins who probably didn’t know we were sluts – so the other whores had probably heard us.

“Okay Ass-face, your turn.” Bill turned his attention on Jamie “You scared? Don’t lie to me.”
“I am a little bit nervous Sir, but serving with Mom and knowing I can call you and Chris if we get into a jam, I think I can handle it.” I would have expected that reaction from a girl getting in her car to drive to college but not for what we were doing.

“What was the most fun thing you did all day?” Bill asked. I could sense Jamie’s confusion as she went through the day in her head. That is why it is such a good idea to journal this stuff, it all becomes a strange blur of pussy torture, gags and humiliation if you do not.

“Don’t make me repeat myself, I ask you a question, you disgusting slut!” Bill tried to sound dangerous but it was difficult when the question was ‘what was the most fun you had all day’. I don’t know what I would have answered – from the awkward licks of Rosco on my ass to spending the afternoon being impaled by the stairwell end piece that I picked out when we moved into our house, there really hadn’t been a lot of fun.

“Fucking my brother, sir.”

I would have said the affirmation before we left the house – now that I think about it.

Fucking her brother? Wait, that was the most ‘fun’? I wanted to hear Bill make her explain this one and he did.

“You asked what was the most fun, and the discipline, pain and training isn’t supposed to be fun. I could have lied and said that doing white alert around Mrs. Waxerman was the most fun but it was missing something today – Chris wasn’t there to be silly and egg me on. I think fucking him in the bathroom was the most fun I had all day, if I had to pick.”

“That was an unexpected answer,” Bill admitted he had expected to hear ‘none of it was fun’. “You aren’t here to have fun! You are here to make money! Get serious, get your pussy plowed and then get paid.” Bill decided to offer another piece of advice, “But if you and your mother can have fun with it, then try too. I really appreciate what you too are doing to get my high school stuff back. It was not necessary, but I think you two are something else and I guess I wouldn’t have expected any less than you going above and beyond my expectations. You two call us if you run into trouble. Try to use your common sense about any rules he makes up. It might be better to take a punishment from me than to do something he said that was too dangerous. Okay you snots, if you tell your brother I said all this, I’ll tell him your favorite part of the day was fucking him. I love you both.”

With that he put kisses on his hands and patted us each on the butt, “Now get dressed and get to work.” As he walked out into the distance, letting the screen door slam behind him, I could hear him say, ‘Chris, get away from that, you don’t know where it’s been’.

“Aww Dad, but it looks cool.” Chris said and then I could no longer hear their friendly banter back and forth. I let myself have a secret smile – this was my second favorite affirmation of all time.

I was the first to get up and start getting dressed. Jamie and I started talking about strategies on the street and how we were going to carry our cell phone in the waist band of our skirts with a condom. “Should we walk together or separate?” I asked.

“Well, in school, usually if two girls are walking together, I’ve noticed boys are less inclined to walk up to them, so maybe we should try it independently?” She sounded so bookish and wise. She was right of course but I wanted to do it together. Was that selfish? To share this hardship and keep each other company? Was I being needy and clingy? Bad mom! I thought to myself.

“You are right, okay let’s still stay fairly close at first, okay?”

“So how do we do it?” Jamie asked as we left our cabin and walked towards the ominous sidewalk of Martin Luther King Blvd.

“I think we prowl up and down the sidewalk, and wait for them to stop. Some of them are going to try to bargain and barter, just tell them the prices.” I knew she remembered the prices but we went over those once again. She asked if we had to go back to the cabin for sex and I told her plainly that for blowjobs and quick sex she might as well do it right in the car. “Just don’t let them take you too far, jump out of the car if it looks like they are going to abduct you.”

“Oh mom, jeez!” She dismissed what I said. In the back of my mind I wondered what they might do with a hot young thing like her. I knew most of these guys just want to get off and if they were going to abduct someone – they would just as easily grab anyone anywhere.

I admit I can be over-protective. I took on all the housework, the bills, and the work around the house and then I let myself get mad when everyone took me for granted. That is what started this crazy family feud melt-down.

“You’ll get some looky-loos”. I told her about the guys who will drive up, look at her and then drive away only to circle back fifteen minutes later to do it again that I had encountered last time.

That is when the first car pulled up, took one look at me and my daughter and said “The young one, hop in.”

Jamie looked at me and I nodded yes to her and off she went. I could hear him say, “Wow, you smell great” and her telling him it was cinnamon before they rode away. I recall when her friends came over and she had just learned to ride a bike how I worried that she would scrape a knee or get hit by a car – multiply that by one hundred and you have a sense for the fear I had. At the same time, she is older now and sensible and – okay who am I kidding, my asshole puckered by itself and stayed that way watching her drive off.

I was alone walking on the streets as a prostitute. This wasn’t my first time doing that – but two weeks ago I hadn’t been through nearly as much. I was less naïve and less afraid of what might happen but I was also suddenly aware of how empty it felt without Jamie to share this experience with.

I felt like I was a Dancer in an old Bob Seger song walking alone down a dusty highway.

How does that song go?

I remember standing on the corner at midnight
Trying to get my courage up
There was this long lovely dancer in a little club downtown
I loved to watch her do her stuff
Through the long lonely nights she filled my sleep
Her body softly swaying to that smoky beat
Down on mainstreet…

Wow, I could hear it in my head like I had an iPOD on and it just seemed to fit this situation perfectly.

I kept looking for cars that passed on by to slow down but none did.

“It’s still early yet,” Ronnie emerged out of the shadows. She looks so beautiful from a distance like Halle Berry with a blonde wig but as she gets closer she looks like Chuck Berry with a blond wig. I know that’s mean but if you saw her you would laugh.

“Oh Hi there, Ronnie?” I asked.

“You know damn well who it is,” she was holding a cigarette like she was born with it as an extension of her person. She looked at me as if she was going to say ‘You aint shit’ but as she approached I could hear her say “I aint Captain Save-a-hoe.”

“I never said you were, Ma’am?”

“I aint no god-damned Ma’am either. You aint never better call me that again, or I’ll break this shoe off in your ass, you hear me?” she was plucky and streetwise. I had a feeling she had grown up on the streets and she was probably as tough as she sounded.

“I am sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you.” I admit it is really hard to stop calling people Ma’am and Sir once you get into that habit. It sounded as weird to me to stop saying it as it had when I first started saying it to Bill and Chris.

“You cannot offend me, what you can do is get the fuck off my corner before I take a bite out of you okay? You see this?” she held up a shiny fork.

“Yes,” I stifled the urge to add ‘Ma’am’ again.

“I done stabbed three ho’s and five tricks with this. I will put a fork in your ass, and that’s when you know you are done. You feel me, I done told you, I am not Captain Save-A-Hoe out here.”

“You keep saying Captain Save-A-Hoe, what does that mean?” I should have just walked away before I got tetanus or worse from that fork but I have to admit I was curious.

“It means I aint out here to hear your bullshit sad sack story, about why you used to be god-damned Mrs. Brady with a Homecoming Queen for a daughter, and how you working your way through college and all that drama. If you are expecting me to talk sense into your fool head about getting out of the game, then I aint the one.”

“No, Mah..” I was about to say Ma’am when I caught myself. “I would never ask you to talk me out of this.”

“Then why you walking out here on the street for? You know you two look too white-bread for meth-heads.” Ronnie asked skeptically. In the darkness by the cherry-light of her cigarette she once again looked like a rare beauty.

“You would probably never believe the story I have,” I smiled thinking back on how things had evolved from simply wanting the guys to take out the trash.

“You don’t think we all got stories out here? You would believe I was once a god-damned English teacher? It true. I aint lie – You probably some white bread house wife bored with your life. Swinging on the weekend with the neighbors aint enough of a thrill - so now you out here selling booty for a thrill.”

I did not want to argue with her – obviously she was wrong about my motivations but the full story would take a long time to tell and Jamie was already ahead by one customer. “You hit the nail on the head,” I know we get in trouble for manipulating and lying but Bill DID say “white alert” and that means I can lay things on thick.

In a way we are really doing ‘black alert’ now – the special protocol Bill and I had about me at work where I basically pretended to be a sex addicted ding-bat who needed someone to control me. I wouldn’t say ‘black alert’ to Ronnie though – I think she’d take that one the wrong way.

‘You go on now then and get you some of your fill fucking for money on the street so you can take that back witcha to the bridge club. I aint gonna say nuffin about you and that underage daughter of yours neever.”

I thanked her and walked back towards the motel. It was still early and other than a ‘looky-loo’ slowing down to look at me and drive off no one was biting yet.

I had time to take out my phone and tap out a little of the journal you are reading now while I stood on the side of the road dressed as a street whore waiting for someone to pick me as a fuck buddy. I kept looking for Jamie and wondering if she was okay.

A black sedan pulled over and rolled down his window. I sauntered over all sexy like and asked, “Are you looking for a date?” I popped my shirt down over my shoulder to reveal my nipple to him and he smiled at me.

“Oh no you did not, Cheek-ah” I heard the thick accent of a very annoyed Doris coming from behind me. “This is my spot and my regul-ah, and I know he is here to fuck me in my little chooch-ah, aren’t you Tommy?”

“You know I love you,” I could see in his eyes that he wanted me but he was conflicted. I backed out of the window and turned around to face her and apologize.

“Tommy cums every week for Mama-cita Doris, don’t you baby?” she gave me a nasty look while her voice dripped with sugary sweetness and hopped in his car to ride down a side street.

“Shit,” I said out loud as I struck out twice.

Maya emerged out of the darkness as if in response to my concerns and said, “Don’t let a little rejection get you down, baby - It is a numbers game.” She stuck out her thumb at a passing truck and just like that he stopped and let her in without a word. She blew me a kiss as she breezed into the passenger seat. “Oooh, a cowboy, I love cowboys!” she giggled to the driver.

She made it look so easy. There still wasn’t a lot of traffic and I didn’t expect there to be on a Tuesday. I had been lucky that Monday I worked because there weren’t any other girls there and I could turn tricks almost back to back. I think the fact they were lined up for me and it just kept going nonstop made it so much easier to accept. This lonely last girl standing on the sidewalk stuff was playing hell with what little ego I had left.

A disgusting homeless man was walking up the street – the backpack on his shoulder probably holding every possession he has in life.

He looked me up and down as I greeted him, sighed and kept walking. I didn’t expect he had any money anyway.

“Hey, you!! The Cow Tits!” Rahjid whistled to me from behind a glass window in his office.

I hustled over to where he was standing “Yes Sir?”

“You are not trying the hardest to get them hard,” He smiled at his play on his words.

“Yes Sir, I am trying, it’s just slow.”

“You need to smile, you look like you smell the fart!” he grimaced at me. I wanted to reply ‘that was some pep talk’ sarcastically but I was still feeling his punishment from earlier so I wasn’t going to try to be cute with him.

I smiled and put my shoulders back, then walked back out to the sidewalk when he gave me leave to do so.

It took three more looky-loos and drive-ups before I finally got a nibble on my line. He was driving a yellow mustang and he said, “Do you do everything?”

“Anything and everything, Sir”

“I have ten dollars,” he offered. He was middle aged, unshaven and looked like the typical middle-class family guy.

I wanted to ask him if he thought anyone would do ‘anything’ for ten dollars but I bit my lip and offered “I can beat you off for ten dollars, Sir?”

“I can beat my own self off, that isn’t very much.” He groaned as if I had upset him.

“I am sorry Sir, for one hundred I can take you back to my cabin and rock your world though?”

“A hundred, that is a little much for you isn’t it?” that was amazingly hurtful coming from a stranger who was checking out my body and wanting to have sex with me. There was a time when that would have been devastating but as it was it was just hurtful.

“You are probably right Sir, I am not worth a hundred, how about twenty for a blow job or fifty and I’ll suck your dick and let you fuck me?”

“Raw dog?” He sounded skeptical.

“Condom sir, but I promise you’ll love how I put it on.” I held up the condom packet I had in my waist band and made the universal ‘dick sucking’ motion with my head to entice him.

“Fifteen and you suck my dick and balls,” he haggled like it was a real imposition to even get a blowjob in the first place.

“You aren’t making this easy Sir, how about twenty and I promise you, I am a first class dick gobbler,” I stuck my index finger all the way down my throat and pulled it out with a kiss. I had been ‘throat training’ for two weeks now - I was pretty damned good.

“You got a room?” he asked.

“Yes Sir, or I can hop in the car and slob your knob right there, curb side delivery service.” I winked at him. He didn’t seem to think my flirtations were that adorable – which again was humiliating in and of itself. I feel like chopped liver or there is something wrong with me – given how critical this guy is of coming off twenty bucks.

Am I wrong to think I look good for my age and that he should consider this a bargain? Is that “prideful” of me? Is this what true humiliation feels like?

I thought having to fuck strangers as a whore was going to be the worst part of tonight – but the rejection and the self-doubt is really more painful than sitting with my kitchen chair leg up my cunt while Mrs.Waxerman sneers derisively at me and that is saying a lot. Don’t get me wrong – sitting on that chair was physically painful but I think my pussy will heal faster than my growing self-esteem issues.

It makes me wonder if Chris’s friends were just being kind when they called me a ‘MILF’.

So far it’s just been intense embarrassment for having to show my tits and ass to strangers – but for the most part they want to see. This is something far more agonizing – offering my open mouth to love this guy’s cock and he thinks twenty bucks is too much to ask?


Either I am hungry as hell from not eating anything but a bowl of dog food and a little cum, or watching this guy make up his mind whether it’s worth it to get his dick sucked by me really hurts. I think a little of both – Bill promised he would give us some food if we rode in the truck nude but I think he meant after we finish working. Gah, I am famished.

“Sure, why not?” he pulled his car over into the parking lot. When I told him 5B was a few cabins further down he acted like it was an imposition to make him walk three rooms over.

I tried to smile invitingly –despite finding myself intensely disliking the guy despite the fact I was about to let him fuck my mouth.

He complained as soon as I opened the door to our room – we hadn’t bothered locking it because there was nothing of value inside. He was entitled to complain about the mildew smell, that was pretty bad and it only enhanced the otherwise seedy and disgusting aspect of what we are about to do – trade sex for money.

I promptly got down on my knees with practiced precision as I had been doing so often this past week and started to unzip his pants with a playful smile. “You aren’t even going to get naked?” he was disappointed.

“Oh no Sir, I’d be happy to strip for you,” I tried to sound bubbly and effervescent like my daughter but it came off a little forced. He looked at me like I was nuts as I stepped out of my outfit and put it on the bed.

“I like the piercings!” He commented casually while putting a finger through one of my nipple rings and tugging down on it. The mean bastard then put a finger in my pussy and wiggled it around “You even shave down there, very nice”.

I kneeled again in front of him with an accommodating smile on my face. I didn’t want to admit the thoughtless pig was turning me on – I also didn’t stop him from continue to finger me while I took his dick out. He started to pinch both of my nipples roughly after he took his finger out of my pussy. There was nothing sensual about it – it was as mechanical as some of the nipple milking exercises the guys have us do. I opened the condom package and put it on my tongue so that I could roll it down his dick with my mouth and began to suck. He didn’t even acknowledge how clever that little trick was.

That is why I felt a little sense of satisfaction when he accidentally squirted himself in the eye with a stray spray of my breast milk. “WTF was THAT?” he demanded.

His cock was big but not so big I couldn’t talk while giving him an expert hummer. I had already adopted the ‘Bubble-Bubble Pop’ song’s rhythm my son had trained us to hum in our head when we give a hummer. “That is breast milk, Sir.”

“Gross! It’s me who is supposed to squirt on you,” he let my nipples go abruptly and wiped his face. If Bill had seen me play with my own nipples without being told I would have been given a punishment but he wasn’t here –and right now I wanted to touch them in a way that turned me on.

I could tune out this disgusting man and just make love to his cock.

I have to wonder if the constant discipline and sexual energy of the training has changed my standards forever - I am actually turning myself on while I gobble this stranger’s cock wrapped in latex. I wonder the same thing about how actually encouraging Jamie was to Chris about fucking him – are we becoming nymphomaniac sex beasts?

Could it be the hormone pills that the guys gave us to start lactating? I think it is a common desire to want to blame some outside ‘magic pill’ or say you were hypnotized that way you don’t have to take responsibility for your actions – but in the back of my mind I really do wonder how much of that is contributing to the fact I don’t have any guilt about deep-throating a strange dick for twenty dollars.

My trick (I don’t even know his first name) just patted my head like a puppy and called me “good girl” – Okay, let me qualify my last statement. I am not registering the kind of revulsion, shock and disgust I should be about doing this. I am actually prolonging his cumming by teasing his dick playfully with flicks of my tongue.

The screen door squeaked open and I looked up but kept my mouth stuffed full of cock. I also didn’t take my fingers away from tweaking my nipples. It was Jamie “Oh Hi Mom,” she said while leading a man twice her age into the cabin. “Should we wait outside?”

“You can use the bed, I am almost finished.” I choked a reply over the latex while holding my own hair up. (I don’t know why I do that while I suck. I think it’s just a nervous habit or I am used to having my hair pulled now).

“God damn, I could have fucked your hot-ass daughter?” my trick didn’t seem to be the least bit surprised by the intrusion. Instead, he was watching her get undressed as the man she brought in looked at us nervously.

“Please cum for me, Sir….I want your load…” I begged while taking a deep breath. I will admit I was also a little jealous that he had tuned me out completely to look at Jamie’s pert, youthful body.

“Why do you care? I am going to spunk in the condom anyway.” He sneered back at me while looking back over at Jamie who was trying to coax the man she was with to get naked. I didn’t blame her for not wanting to share a room with us while I sucked a stranger’s cock.

“Fuck it,” I thought to myself as I unsheathed the ribbed condom from his dick. I’ll just spit some of his cum into it at the end. I have to admit the warm, soft flesh of the dick made it much easier for me and within thirty seconds he was blowing his wad into the back of my throat – but still looking at my daughter who was kneeling on the bed smiling patiently for us to finish.

I told you earlier I was hungry and had only eaten a bowl of dog food this morning. I fucked up in a big way – I swallowed his hot cum. “Shit, shit, shit,” I cussed instantly regretting the decision to consume his entire white gift to me.

“I am out.” he slid his dick out of my mouth, grabbed my skirt that was laying nearby and wiped himself off, threw down twenty bucks and left without so much as a ‘Wam-Bam, Thank you Ma’am’ on the way out to me.

“Mom, you’ve got to get the money up front,” Jamie chided me in her typical upbeat manner.

“I accidentally swallowed his cum. I was going to spit some of it back into the condom.” I said in shock as I remained kneeling.

“You could tell Rahjid he didn’t cum?” Jamie offered friendly advice.

“Little miss honesty – advising me not to take my punishment?” I was already stepping into my now cum-stained skirt. Her trick was patiently standing there listening to us – probably thinking we were ultra-perverted street whores.

“Rahjid isn’t Dad or Chris,” Jamie said as if that made a difference as to who she lied to too now, “But you are right, you should probably just let him punish you and get it over with. It was just ten swats with that branch thingy last time?” Jamie patted the bed beckoning her trick to have a seat next to her.

“That thing hurt!” I grumbled while slipping into my shoes.

“Oh you big baby,” Jamie threw a pillow at me playfully and I took that as my cue to get out.

“I’ll leave you two love birds alone.” sticking the used condom in my mouth like chewing gum and walking over to Rahjid’s office to submit myself to his discipline.

This was turning out to be some night.

The Family Feud IV
Chapter Twenty-Two
Joke Em’ if they can’t take a Fuck

**Note to reader: The story returns to the normal narrative voice
WENDY: $120
JAMIE: $270

Wendy let the screen door close as she walked out into the parking lot with a used but dry condom in her mouth.

Her daughter was in the cabin on the bed with a strange man and she could hear her daughter’s effervescent giggles as she walked out. They had a job to do but it didn’t make what she was feeling any easier. Wendy wondered if Jamie was acting the part of the playful giggly teen or she really was enjoying this – or if Jamie even knew herself, what she was doing.

Wendy had been humiliated and punished for two weeks now on a consistent basis but she was having new feelings that were gnawing at her. That coupled with hunger and exhaustion was taking their toll on her self-esteem.

Her daughter and Maya had found it easy to hop into a car without any negotiation and find a trick. Jamie seemed to be taking to their mission to make money more easily than Wendy had hoped. She felt guilty that she was having these thoughts – would it really be easier if Jamie were scared and shocked by what they were doing?

She knew it was for the best if her daughter let her positive attitude carry her through this experience, but at the same time Wendy thought, “The slut doesn’t have to be SO happy about it.” She smirked because she was half-teasing when she thought about her daughter.

She was walking towards the lit Office window where Rahjid and his wife observe their parking lot like hawks. They are nosy and anal-retentive so they would have seen Wendy’s client walking off. Wendy had felt a new form of humiliation with that man as he awkwardly prodded and poked her most private places with his fingers. He had only paid twenty dollars for her best blowjob and the fact that he didn’t even think that was a bargain had only made her try to give an even better BJ.

She didn’t want to admit to herself that not only had she been turned on by the experience- but something about how indifferent he was to her had given her a sexual charge. She thought about when Bill and Chris had left her standing naked on the chair in the living room and treated her as if she wasn’t there and wondered if on some level that hadn’t been what was happening to her.

“God, I am so disgusting.” Wendy admitted to herself but quickly turned her thoughts to how ‘fat-assy’ she felt right now. She had great tits, a pretty face and had worked out almost obsessively before the training began – she was by anyone’s definition of “MILF” – A MILF. She had been told Stifler’s mom had nothing on her when it came to hot moms and even though she hadn’t seen the “American Pie” movie series –even she got that reference.

However, right now at this moment, she was feeling particularly ugly. It wasn’t just the tacky trailer park clothes that didn’t match. She had seen the other girls jump into cars without any effort and yet she had to really work to get this one trick to let her suck his dick and he was nothing but a bum. There was Ronnie – who was standing in the corner like a spider in her web waiting to catch a fly. However, the fact that Ronnie’s face when you got close to her was so unattractive it only made Wendy feel like maybe hers was just as harsh and rough.

Wendy would have time for self-loathing and doubt later – she had to turn in her money and condom. “Hello Sir, Twenty Dollars.” she slid the money through a small opening under the thick plated glass Rahjid was behind.

“Condom please?” Rahjid asked in a businesslike manner.

Wendy took it from her mouth and placed it like chewing gum one has to spit out into a napkin in front of her teacher onto the twenty dollar bill.

“There is no cum in the condom?” Rahjid asked curiously.

“No Sir” Wendy looked out into the darkness of the parking lot for her son and husband as if hoping for their intervention. She had no illusion they would stop the punishment but at least administer it fairly to match the size of her infraction. She wondered if they were at least watching the parking lot for signs of trouble – but she imagined they were at a Hooter’s some place enjoying wings and nachos trusting Rahjid to handle his business like he did every night.

“I accidentally swallowed the cum when I was peeling off the condom with my mouth,” Wendy said when she realized Rahjid was waiting for an answer. Chris and Bill liked to make the girls talk explicitly in their affirmations and not just say ‘Yes Sir’ and ‘No Sir’, but she hadn’t thought that would extend to Rahjid as well.

“Accidental?” his facial expression never changing.

“Okay Sir, I drank the cum because I was hungry, I am sorry I only intended to drink a little.” As soon as Wendy admitted the truth and heard her own voice saying it – she felt a new wave of humiliation wash over her. Had she sunk this low? Would she sink lower? The answer was yes on both counts.

“Meal break is not for four hours, you are already complaining of being hungry?” Rahjid replied in a surly manner while looking at his wife who returned his gaze with condemnation for Wendy.

“Yes Sir, I suppose I broke a rule and you will punish me?” Wendy wanted to hurry it up so she could get back to making money and maybe catch up to her daughter. “Shall I come inside for ten swats of the cashew branch?”

“No, your sweaty ass will only put its stench upon my family heirloom.” He talked to his wife in Hindee while they discussed Wendy’s punishment. He pulled out two thick rubber cords from his drawer and handed them through the window while pulling in the twenty. “Put these on,” he said.

“Where Sir?” Wendy said with confusion.

“Right here.” Rahjid said as if that should be obvious – but completely missing her question.

“I mean what do I do with them, Sir?” Wendy asked meekly.

“You put them around your giant American knockers,” Rahjid cracked a smile with a hint of sadistic delight.

Wendy lifted her half-shirt obediently and tried fruitlessly to roll the first one over her engorged nipples.

“No, you are dumber than most American women.” Rahjid spoke to his wife rapidly and in moments she stepped outside draped in her orange Sari. She took the first looped cord from Wendy and then unsnapped it so she could wrap it around the base of her tits before snapping it back. Wendy instantly felt the bite of it but she didn’t want to give Rahjid’s wife the satisfaction of seeing Wendy express discomfort.

“I can do the other one Ma’am.” Wendy sucked in her breath, while attempting to unsnap the other cord. Rahjid’s wife smiled at her like she would an uppity child who thought they knew how to open a tamper proof bottle but couldn’t. His wife applied the second ring to Wendy’s other boob and it was only a few moments before Wendy felt like the blood-flow was slowing down.

Despite Wendy’s effort to mask her discomfort out of prideful stubbornness – the Indian couple could see it in her eyes and they were satisfied.

“You earn 300 dollars without gobbling all the cum, and they can come off, otherwise you have purple tits until morning.” Rahjid sounded outright cruel.

“What will I tell customers, Sir?” Wendy asked with a trace of a pout.

“You will say when you earn 300 dollars you can take it off, and if they care enough to ask, would they like to fuck you enough to earn it all.” Rahjid spoke dismissively while his wife returned into their little office. “Now stop standing there and get back to the work you are doing.”

“Thank you sir.” Wendy had developed a small tear in her eye – she couldn’t tell if it was from emotional exhaustion, the weight of this experience or the new sensation of blood flow restriction happening in her tits.

Wendy had been a strong, modern woman who was fierce and independent. The bitter realization that had been setting in, of her becoming not only a dirty little whore but that she was enjoying it on some level, was making her very conflicted. She felt embarrassed she was even admitting these things to herself. The question was, could she admit them to Jamie or at her affirmations?

Wendy had more pressing things on her mind than trying to process all the ways she had been altered by this experience. She needed to find someone who was willing to pay to fuck her and the way she felt right now – she wondered how anyone would want too while she walked up and down the sidewalk.

Traffic on the road had picked up from earlier but there will still only a handful of cars at any one time. These could just as easily be people on their way to one of the liquor stores, adult book stores, bars or pawn shops whose neon signs were lighting up the Avenue.

Wendy was reminded of her night at the County fair with her son walking her down the midway – all the lights and crowds bumping into her. She had felt humiliated but with each leering glance and ‘accidental’ elbow into her boobs from a passerby who had only made it seem like an accident – she had felt ‘sexy’ and ‘wanted’. The fact that cars seldom slowed down to get a good look at her was hurting her in a new way.

“Speaking of new ways to hurt me, fuck this rubber band thing hurts.” Wendy rolled the rubber band around the base of her tits a little – she was already feeling it restrict blood flow and rolling it alleviated that somewhat. Wendy licked her lips – tasting the sweet taste of cheap waxy lipstick mixed with the sour, acrid flavor of cum.

She adjusted her tits slightly and wondered if that little bit of cum had been worth such a painful punishment. A thought flitted through her head – “Had I purposely got myself punished to get a little validation and attention?”
She quickly buried that thought. “I’m not that twisted.” from whichever side of her subconscious was playing devil’s advocate proposed that response. Her mind flashed back to the mental images and flavors of Jamie’s pussy juices dripping down her son’s dick as if to offer a silent ‘Actually you kind of are that twisted’.

Wendy would have to put aside her questions – she saw that Maya was stepping out of a different car from the truck she had hopped into only a few minutes before. She gave a playful goodbye to a very satisfied Mexican man before walking away with the grace of Vivien Leigh stepping into a fancy ball in Gone with the Wind.

Wendy admired her beauty but couldn’t help the feeling of jealousy rising in her – ‘if only I could get a little of her mojo’ she thought to herself. Wendy was about to talk to her as they crossed paths on the sidewalk when a small green Chevette pulled up to the curb.

“Oh no honey, you have to be THIS tall to ride this ride.” Maya instantly recognized the driver and held her hand flat over her crotch. Wendy could tell he was a midget “Or do they like to be called Dwarves?” she wondered.

“Please baby, I’ve got fifty bucks!” the child-like voice of the man in the driver’s seat pleaded.

“Hah, fifty bucks wouldn’t get you the sweat from my tits, honey.” Maya’s rebuff had a playful gaiety to it while also remaining somewhat demure and aloof – as if she were simply above any pettiness. Wendy had to admit it was a perfect balance of blunt and sexy. Wendy thought back to the price list she had been given and wondered if Maya followed it or was just saying that fifty wasn’t enough as a negotiation tactic.

“You can probably fuck my sister here, she is new to the streets” Maya saw Wendy shyly standing a few feet away and beckoned her over like she was going to introduce a debutante at a cotillion. Wendy’s jealousy diminished a little now that she was introduced as a ‘sister’ of the streets – the acceptance of Maya meant something to her on some level.

“I didn’t mean to interrupt.” Wendy excused herself for eaves-dropping but then felt a little foolish since Maya didn’t seem to mind her being there anyway.

“Brand new? I saw this bitch here before,” the midget said skeptically.

“Yes Sir, I was here a few weeks ago but this is my second night” Wendy peeked into the window at the little man. He didn’t seem to like her making eye contact with him and he looked down.

“You ever fuck a midget?” he asked Wendy.

“No sir, but there is a first time for everything.”

“Twenty bucks, no condom?” he said.

“I have to use a condom, and I can give you a first class BJ for twenty Sir?” Wendy said with some trepidation and nervousness. The little man drank in her nervousness – there was something very attractive to him about Wendy’s low self-esteem and vulnerability but he didn’t let on.

“You will like this one, she is really sweet, so is her daughter” Maya’s compliment was genuine without a trace of sarcasm and now Wendy felt a little petty for having been jealous of her earlier.

“Shit, I should just fuck the daughter then,” the man said.

“She is in our cabin with someone else, but I promise, I’ll treat you really well Sir.” Wendy instantly regretted sounding so corny. She had wanted to say something sexy and only managed an awkward come-on.

“Can I fuck you both at the same time?” the man had been cold and businesslike earlier but on this question he could not contain his excitement at the prospect of fucking a mother and daughter team.

“I think for a hundred we could both suck your dick and maybe fuck you?” Wendy sounded very unsure of herself and the price she was asking – she knew the price list but she didn’t feel comfortable setting up a date for her daughter as well.

“Fuck, this better not be bullshit. Get in, we’ll go to the ATM”, he had dark brown hair and a scruffy three-day growth of beard on a head that was simply way too large for his body.

“I should leave you two love birds alone.” Maya politely sashayed away and it didn’t take long for her to end up in another car a little further down the sidewalk.

Wendy sat on the leather seats and found herself scrunched in because the seat was pulled all the way forward. “They call me Mini-Me, because I’m..” he became distracted while driving.

“A midget, Sir?” Wendy finished his statement for him.

“Hell no, you can’t say that word, only we can. It’s like the n-word for blacks!!” Mini-me was serious but he wasn’t offended. He was used to being teased for his height but at the same time he had a chip on his shoulder over it. “I figure make fun of yourself, and that takes all the fun out of it for all the assholes. I call myself something negative and they can’t think of anything worse”.

Mini-Me had been called “Tattoo” as a child. He had been forced by bullies to say “Da Plane” and even “What you talking about Willis”. He had developed a gruff exterior but he also embraced the hurtful names and stereotypes that taller people could think up. He wore the nickname “Mini-me” to spoil it for the tall people.

“That is a very good idea, Sir.” Wendy felt bad about what she had said earlier. “I am sorry for offending you, then Sir?” it sounded so natural to say that after weeks of submission training that it just seemed like the right response.

“You are a whore with big-tits, what else are you going to do? So what is your name anyway?” he asked dismissively.

“Well you are going to laugh,” Wendy said with a half-smirk.

“Try me,” Mini-me had been jaded. He was a regular on these streets and Maya wasn’t the first prostitute to turn him down- which hadn’t done much for his own self esteem.

“Cow-tits, Sir.” Wendy admitted.

He chuckled “You are shitting me?”

“No Sir, my daughter’s name is worse, it’s Ass-face.” Wendy for the first time was smiling when she said that because she realized how ridiculous it sounded. It also seemed to delight Mini-me.

“You call yourself the worst thing you can think of, because it takes all the fun out of it for people who want to give you shit?” Mini-Me was pulling into a shopping center to find an ATM machine while asking if they followed his philosophy of putting himself down before anyone else gets a chance too.

“No actually, it still seems to amuse people.” Wendy admitted.

“Joke ‘em if they can’t take a fuck.” Wendy had heard her husband say the same thing Mini-me did.

“My husband says that sometimes, Sir.” Wendy admitted.

“He know you are out here trying to earn a buck?” Mini-me had not wanted to hear Wendy had a husband, but he wasn’t so naïve he thought he was going to be having a relationship with her anyway.

“He is my pimp, he gave me the name Cow-tits, Sir.” Wendy had intended to answer his question but knew that it sounded pretty critical of Bill.

“Sounds like a first-class A-hole, hope I never meet him. So can you start sucking my dick now and then we’ll settle up after we get to the motel?” Mini-me didn’t beat around the bush.

“How about you get the money first, and then we can do it all at once Sir?” Wendy offered politely feeling a little more confident with him. “And my Husband means well, I just treated him poorly and so this is kind of payback.”

“So fucking me is payback to you for being a bitch?” Mini-Me opened his door but glared over at her.

“No, no, not you specifically- We agreed to those names and these rules because we were meanies. It’s sort of a long story.” Wendy answered more politely.

“Oh and because I am short, I don’t get long stories?” Mini-me didn’t wait around to hear her answer to his snide remark as he waddled over to the ATM. He jumped a little to hit some of the top buttons – and looked back over at the car to glare at Wendy as if she shouldn’t be watching his own private little hell.

Wendy didn’t laugh – she felt pity for him.

Then he nearly fell over when he was pulling out his receipt and she did crack a smile. “I am going to Hell probably anyway for all I am doing, I have to admit, that really was kind of adorably hilarious.” she thought to herself.

“I see you are in here having fun?” Mini-me pulled himself into his car with a deadpan seriousness. He was either a comic genius with physical humor or Wendy was over-tired, hungry and stressed and was finding him adorable anyway.

“Sorry Sir, I was just thinking about how much fun playing with your dick will be.” Wendy lied but reached over and started rubbing his dick between his jeans.

“You were expecting a midget-sized pecker?” Mini-me asked.

Truth be told –Wendy hadn’t known what to expect but shook her head that she hadn’t. “It is very nice, I’ll suck it a little without the condom if you promise not to tell on me when we get to the motel or cum before we get there?” she sounded like a naughty high schooler offering her date second base.

She didn’t wait for him to accept – she just went down on him in the car while he drove - unzipping his jeans. She had seen uncircumsized pricks before but his was shaped almost like Roscoes dog cock. A shuddering thought about how close they were in appearance ran through her mind for a brief instant and then she focused solely on pleasing him with her mouth.

“Okay- Okay you are a good little cock-sucker, but if you want me to hold out, you have to stop” Mini-me admitted.

Wendy rose up in her seat just in time to pass Rahjid’s office. He mouthed the words “You better have my money.” as they drove past. Wendy smiled as she got out of the car and saw Jamie embracing a man’s form silhouetted by the moon and the light from inside the cabin. Her maternal instincts told her to freak out and find out who it was but she quickly got them under control and recognized this was their mission out here.

“Oh yeah, she does look good” Mini-me was standing at Wendy’s waist level, she had barely even noticed him next to her.

They watched as Jamie giggled a little tee-hee, and then after saying goodbye to the man walked over to Wendy.

“Hi, he wants to fuck us both,” Wendy started to explain.

Jamie didn’t hesitate “Sure, fifty each?” she asked as if this was the least big deal in the world to her.

“Yeah” Mini-me said cool as a cucumber.

“Okay, excuse me for one second, let me go turn in my money” Jamie fished around under her skirt and pulled out a used condom full of creamy milk. She put it in her mouth and let the reservoir hang out –and sauntered over to where Rahjid was. Wendy could hear Rahjid telling her she took too long between tricks and Jamie respectfully explained –with the condom still in her mouth she was trying to give them their money’s worth.

Mini-Me didn’t even ask about the strange debacle he handed Wendy a hundred dollars in twenties and led her by the hand into their cabin. “Okay 5B, I’ve been here before” he sniffed the air with a sour look on his face.

“It smells like shit, I am sorry Sir.” Wendy apologized.

“Try standing in a crowded elevator when you are my height” he laughed and Wendy imagined all those assholes directed right at him in a cramped little space – she giggled a little.

Jamie zestfully sprang into the room, “I thought you’d both be naked, sorry I took so long. Did he already pay?” she sounded completely at-ease and was already removing her top.

There were two of Rahjid’s rubber bands around Jamie’s boobs causing them to look even more swollen than normal and slightly pinkish purple. They stood up plump and ripe like two cantaloupes on her chest.

“Oh my Purple Poppers? I guess it is the only way I will learn my lesson.” Jamie explained when she saw her mom’s surprised look – the tone of her voice perky and without a trace of annoyance.

Wendy removed her shirt at the same time and added “Yeah he made me do only one band, why do you have more than me?”

“I guess because I have,” Jamie started to say had more opportunities to get in trouble because she turned in more condoms already but she diplomatically finished her admission with “been more naughty”.

Wendy’s connection with her daughter being so tight – made more so by their shared captivity and bondage the past two weeks was such that she knew her daughter was being polite and read between the lines - Wendy only smiled and accepted the response.

“Ladies, I am SO down with the funky shit! You two are some Springertastic bitches,” Mini-me was smiling from ear-to-ear as he watched the two girls undress before him while he fingered his own pants.

Jamie was the first to be completely nude, removing her high heeled shoes last. Her brother had insisted she always take those off last so that on-lookers could watch her tits bounce and her ass jiggle while they waited for her to disrobe. Wendy remembered the lesson as well and while she hadn’t consciously made the choice –had simply developed a pattern over the last two weeks of following the same instructions.

“Would you like us to undress you Sir?” Jamie’s sprightly pluck turned on Mini-me even though he pretended to be unimpressed.

He savored her enthusiasm and vulnerability – and didn’t want to spoil it with too much encouragement. He thought a gorgeous ‘bitch’ like her would be used to being put on a pedestal so his reply was a curt “You want to play dress up the dolly with me? How about you two skanks bend over that bed and spread those asses of yours so I can have a look?”

Wendy and Jamie obediently turned and knelt at the bed so that they were laying belly on the mattress and holding their ass cheeks apart without complaint.

Mini-me was not used to whores who weren’t either tweaking on drugs or who didn’t give him some sass back. “What the fuck is up your asses?”

“That is my passport Sir, and my daughter’s license.” Wendy admitted as if in a personal confession for one of her affirmations.

“Well take that shit out, whatever it is..” Mini-me actually liked the sight of the glittering flower-like knobs presented where their assholes should be –but it was part of his gruff persona that he was committed to playing.

“We aren’t permitted to take them out, and for fifty you can’t fuck us in the ass Sir, but for 100 dollars each you can take them out and do anything you want to with us.” Wendy’s voice was a dreamy promise of eroticism- a performance marred only by a little niggling self-doubt that seemed to be following her.

“Anything I want, huh?” the midget sounded skeptical.

“Well, you still have to use a condom,” Wendy explained – while blowing a little of her hair out of her face as she lay flat on the scratchy and mildewed bedspread in the low-light of the cheap motel.

“Do you think we will be punished if we only turn in one condom? There are two of us, who will carry it in their mouth?” Jamie asked her mother with the kind of concern normally reserved for an overdue book that is a day late.

“You can carry it out, I’ve only got one band around my boobies. If he is going to punish someone it should be me.” Wendy said consoling her daughter and wondering if deep-down inside a part of her wanted at least as much punishment as her daughter had up to this point. She was already hating to admit that she was disappointed she hadn’t kept up with her daughter’s earnings.

“That is so thoughtful but I absolutely couldn’t,” Jamie offered her mom but was cut off by the feel of cash being thrown on her back.

“It’s worth it if you two little cunts will shut up, so take them out.” Mini-me had just added another hundred to the family’s earnings.

Wendy wiggled her butt along with Jamie –teasing him with the raw sexuality of the situation and said “I am sorry Sir, we aren’t allowed to remove them, would you be so kind as to remove them for us?”

“Lazy whores!” even Mini-me was doubting his performance as the stodgy angry dwarf when he realized his tone sounded excited to oblige the ladies. He jerked them both out like drains on a bath-tub and a satisfying ‘pop’ sound.

“Would you be so kind as to put my passport in my daughter’s mouth so she can clean it, and hers in mine Sir?” Wendy had her hands behind her back after removing the extra money he just paid.

“Wow, a fucking freak fortress, you are two filthy sluts.” Mini-me would have had an answer to his observation if he hadn’t stuck the plugs into their open mouths.

“So anything I wanted, is that correct?”

“Mrmrmfff” Wendy and Jamie nodded –their mouths full of stainless steel butt-plug. Their muscles were taut but having been plucked and fucked all day long they were ready for this little man to fuck them for all he was worth. Jamie hadn’t thought about the size of his dick but Wendy pictured karma blessing him with an oversized cock so she was ready to be surprised by its girth slamming into her ass.

She wasn’t ready for the sound of water hitting her back and pooling on her spine and down her ass crack. Her daughter giggled through the metal gag and the two couldn’t stop themselves from looking over their shoulder to see whatever water gun he had been spraying them with.

He was holding his cock and raining a yellow stream of piss on their butts as if writing his name from top to bottom – jetting and coating them. He had a ‘bad-boy’ look of defiance on his face – which sat on a head that should have been on a man six foot tall but was on one a little over half that size.

He said nothing until his final squirts of piss – while the girls dutifully held their asses open as they had from the very start – waiting for whatever happened next.

“This is the part where you call me a sick fuck and freak out?” Mini-me stood with his cock in his hand surprised neither girl seemed particularly disturbed. They had pissed in front of people, drank a little of each other’s piss, but never been pissed on. Wendy only mumbled submissively into her gag.

“For Christ’s sake,” Mini-me removed the plugs from their mouth “Say something.”

“That was unexpected,” Wendy had a bemused expression on her face as she looked at her daughter who seemed even more amused. “We did say ANYthing, but I guess I thought you knew we meant fuck us in any hole.” Piss was dripping off her ass onto the carpet while she remained in position.
“Have you ever been pissed on before?” Mini-me asked with a new-found respect for the girls.

“No, I can honestly say this is a new one for even us,” Wendy looked at her daughter who was almost in giggles.

“So now what? Do you fuck us with wet asses or should we dry off?” Jamie sounded cheeky and up for more of whatever was going to happen next.

“I don’t give a fuck what you do, I just wanted to piss on your brown spots,” Mini-me was already zipped up. He had obsessed about peeing on prostitutes but usually he had to go right after he completed the act and this was the first time he ever thought about what came next besides leaving rapidly.

“Please Sir? Cum in a condom for us? We’ll suck your dick!!” Wendy got off the bed to beg.

“You can fuck our asses, PLEASE?” Jamie joined her mom begging – they had become adept at sounding quite pathetic in how they begged with much practice. They were both acutely aware that without a condom they would both be punished by Rahjid.

“You whores are insane,” Mini-me’s orgasms came in his mind when he completed an act of humiliation and dominance over a woman by pissing on them. The fact they seemed to accept it had diminished his fun – but only slightly. He had no more use for either of them.

“At least put our buttplugs back in Sir? We’ll be punished for that too!!” Wendy called out at the screen-door to her motel room as it bounced against the frame when he released it.

“Your problem, not mine” he was saying as he walked into the night air.

“Well fuck, should we just walk out like this, since we are going to get punished big time?” Wendy asked her partner in crime with a trace of a smile.

“Hey at least we got two hundred more dollars than we had, and he was fast. If the punishment takes as long as it would have taken for him to fuck us, it will be a wash.” Jamie said optimistically looking on the bright side.

“You Ho’s let that little man piss in you asses?” Ronnie stepped into their room crowing with delight, followed by the other two whores that worked for Rahjid.

“Yes Ma’am, that was kind of unexpected.” Wendy answered without moving to cover her nakedness.

“You probably thought I wouldn’t fuck a midget, didn’t you?” Maya parted her lips like Marylin Monroe giggling at Tony Curtis on the silver screen. “I just didn’t want that twisted little man to piss all over my Cervin Paris Rive Gauche Silk Stockings”

“Girl, you aint no Gucci, you know that shit aint real” Doris’s Puerto Rican accent was thicker than normal as she called out her friend on her knock-off stockings.

“A lot of things on me aren’t real, it doesn’t mean that men don’t find them absolutely delectable” Maya pouted and pushed up her sizable bust between her hands for emphasis. She exuded a sensuality that seemed to transcend mere sexuality and worked on a whole other level.

The other two whores laughed and Ronnie told them “Well you better dry your asses off over yonder on that cum-rag” pointing to a hand-towel that Wendy had dried her face off on earlier.

“You two bitches got so much to learn, did he tell you he was going to piss on your backs cha-chas?” Doris asked as the two girls obediently shared a towel to wipe themselves clean.

“No, actually that was a big surprise, I will definitely not say ‘anything you want’ again” Wendy admitted with a rookie grin.

“You can say ‘anything you want’, I tell them that to get them in the hotel, but once inside, then no you can’t touch me here, there, and kiss me? Boyfriend please, that’s a no-no.” Doris touched her breasts, tits and made a kissy face like Jamie’s “duck-lips”.

“So do they pay you though?” Wendy remained standing without dressing.

“Of course I get the money up front Chica, what you think? I just tell them listen Poppy, all you have to do is lay back and relax and let Mommy do all the work and give you the ride, baby.” Doris’s confidence in her technique was absolute.

Wendy had to wonder if Hispanic men were comfortable with a phrase like ‘fucking mommy’. She could picture Bill getting turned off thinking about HIS own mother – especially if he was talked down to like he was a little child.

“Don’t listen to that little whore, she get shut down more times than a white boy on an all black basketball team,” Ronnie countered Doris’s confidence with a little good-natured ribbing. “You find what work for you on how to get them back to the room, what you need to do is learn to ask them for a loan.”

Jamie and Wendy were being schooled by the more experienced street whores and they had their complete attention.

“You know if they po-po they don’t even have to tell you if you ask them. You want them to touch you as soon as you get in the car or get alone. Flop out a titty or spread your legs and make them get a little feel. That still not enough – He say how much it cost and you say ‘baby I will fuck you for free’”

Ronnie smiled revealing two missing front teeth on what might have been at one time a brilliant pearly smile. Her face in the darkness as two-toned between dark ebony and carmel latte vanilla as Rahjid’s niece’s ass had been as the light danced across it revealing exotic hues and shades on their skin.

“You say but honey, I just need a little loan right now, you come back tomorrow and I’ll have that money right now for ya” Ronnie’s face while she said the words read ‘Don’t you come around here tomorrow looking for that money’.

“Thank you, that is very good advice!” Wendy said enthusiastically about the new loophole. She had in the back of her mind wondered if she might end up in jail but that seemed like one of the occupational risks of working the street that didn’t really ever seem to stop it so she hadn’t obsessed over the possibility.

Jamie elbowed her mom quietly and whispered “Ma’am?” pointing out her mom would be in trouble for not addressing her ‘better’ as Ma’am. She was disappointed in her mom since she had almost never heard her make that mistake in a week.

Maya lit a cigarette and held it like Charlize Theron at her sexiest in a film, while the other two girls spread out awkwardly in the semi-lit room looking with disdain at the spartan accommodations. They had been able to personalize their rooms in the time they’ve been working here, whereas this one was possibly the lowest quality room Rahjid had to offer.

“No, Ronnie asked me not to call her that, it is okay.” Wendy admitted but then added hastily “You can tell your father if I don’t, and let him decide if that is an infraction.” That seemed to satisfy Jamie but only made Doris and Wendy giggle.

“What is it with you two masochists, you seem to like punishment, is that your thing?” Maya rested one of her shiny spiked heels on a night stand with the provocative confidence of a dominatrix “You want to lick my boots?”

“No Ma’am, we are here to work and be good whores, it’s just Rahjid’s rules,” Wendy looked down at the ground – wondering if a part of her was more than willing to lick those boots if only someone with authority over her had given the order. She didn’t want to do it – but a part of her would have been fine with it if Chris or Bill had ordered it.

“Rahjid’s rules? He is a little pervert and a third-class pimp who is ruled by his wife. He diddles himself behind that counter all night because now that he runs whores it combines his favorite things – sex, money and power.” Maya took a drag from her cigarette then exhaled with a dramatic flair.

“You two fresh-meats are the only ones who follow his rules,” Maya declared unrepetently.

“Mmm-hhmmm, baby I got six kids at home, I can’t make it on the cut he gives us!” Doris defiantly moved her neck back and forth like she was on the Maury Povich show. “Aint a stretch mark on me though” She ran her hand across her exposed midriff for emphasis.

“Yeah, but there are a couple fat rolls on ya.” Ronnie smiled revealing her missing teeth at the pudgier Doris.

“Oh, I would knock your teeth out, but I see the crack already did that” Doris’s come-back had an edge on it.

“Okay Ladies, take your cat-fight to the street, leave me alone with the new meat - we need to have some girl talk.” Maya instructed and just like that – the other two whores left the room trading catty barbs all the way to the sidewalk.

“You two little cunts are cutting into my earning time, but it’s Tuesday night and I am feeling generous, but you two are going to owe me!” Maya with a gracious wave of her hand offered them a seat so she could impart some wisdom into them.

“Should we really sit on chairs considering the trouble we are already in, Mom?” Jamie asked with a confused expression.

“Well technically, they didn’t say we couldn’t in Rahjid’s rules,” Wendy offered a counter-point sitting on the bed.

“Yah but, at home..” Jamie was about to explain that at home when naked the standing rule was no butt-sweat or snail trails on the furniture but Maya cut her off.

“Yah-Butt should be your name, you look like you use that phrase all the time,” Maya said teasingly while gesturing to Jamie’s perfectly chiseled ass and added, “and you do have a Yah-ba-dabba doo butt.” offering a compliment to her.

“Mom, let’s see you stand up and turn around.” Maya’s confident words sounded like an order and Wendy complied by standing and turning for Maya to have a look at her ass.

“Yah, she definitely got that junk in her trunk from her momma. Tell you what, since you two seem more comfortable on the floor, go ahead and kneel at my feet.” Maya sounded magnanimous as if she were a gracious Queen offering them a fine wine in her private chambers. Wendy and Jamie seemed reluctant but got down on their knees.

“Hands behind backs, ladies. I don’t want you to be up to any mischief, go ahead and get your noses right above my boots, so you can lick if I tell you to, that is it.” Maya was half-having fun with their submissive nature but she wasn’t too surprised when the girls got smartly into position as instructed.

“I used to know a woman on the bayou of Louisiana, just off the West Pearl River who had been born and raised in a brothel herself. She came from a generation of whores who were born to it, and she had seven gorgeous daughters, all mixed-race mullatos. There is something especially beautiful and exotic about girls born of mixed-race, and she raised them all to be submissive, and wait on her husband hand and foot. Have you been training your daughter to be submissive all her life too?” Maya asked the question while evoking images of an idyllic wooden cabin in the swamps under misty weeping willows and the smells of the brackish water with seven naked teenage girls serving their father in the hot Louisiana swamplands.

“Actually this is new for us, we both started about two weeks ago,” Wendy said. She had been considering whether to flick her tongue out and lick those shiny boots or not.

“You two definitely have the heart, and I don’t doubt you are blood-related. That is going to be a big draw, mother-daughter shows, but the finer points to being demure and sexual, you two seem to be flying blind. The kind of grace Mother Johnson and her seven daughters had been instilled with from birth that glides from them in every movement and word.”

“You can teach us that, Ma’am?” Jamie asked skeptically but with an enthusiastic ‘because I would love to learn that’ implied.

“Are you two sluts licking my boots, or do I need to grind my heel into your nipples first to get you to start?” Maya’s response was commanding but like it was wrapped in a sexy velvet. They started to lick the top of her boot without hesitation and she let out a wicked giggle in response while taking a drag from her cigarette.

“Oh we are going to be the best of friends, I think.” Maya fluttered her eyelashes and admired the two naked bodies on the floor kneeling in front of her.

“Did you like it when Mini-me pissed on you?”

“I don’t really know what to think about it, Ma’am, I didn’t mind it.”

“Let’s try calling me Masteress, I like that.” Maya created a hybrid of Mistress and Master as a new word.

“Yes Masteress,” Wendy replied.

“Mom, she isn’t a key-holder, we are already going to get so punished!” Jamie pointed out that her mother had broken another rule.

“Masteress is a term of respect, you respect me don’t you girly?” Maya sounded cruel but vivacious in the most alluring way possible. There was so much honey laced around the menace in her voice that it was hypnotic. She had most certainly been a pro-domme at one point in her career.

“Yes Masteress, Can I ask that you at least put our butt plugs back in? So we can say we tried to have them put back up our asses?” Jamie pleaded like someone intent on trying to do the right thing.

“My aren’t you a dirty-talker, for such a wholesome girl next door?” Maya strode around behind the two girls- taking her boots away mid-lick and scrunching her nose at Jamie. She stuck the heel of her boot at the entrance of Jamie’s asshole and said, “You would like me to foot-fuck your asshole with the shoe you just cleaned, wouldn’t you girly?”

“What I want is irrelevant, Masteress, we are owned whores and our pleasure doesn’t matter. We are supposed to amuse our betters and earn money for our owners.” Jamie spoke a familiar and somewhat comforting line from her affirmations.

“But yet, you aren’t.” Maya withdrew the shoe from the tip of Jamie’s asshole and walked back to the front of the girls.

“Yes Ma’am, but you said you would teach us to be better whores, so I thought we could earn more if we listened to you?” Jamie said hopefully.

“Yes, yes, but you forgot to say Masteress, and that isn’t what I meant at all. I meant you two are novices out there on the streets walking around opening your legs and taking money, but with absolutely no style, no confidence. You are walking life-support for three holes and two boobs.”

There was silence from the girls as that seemed to be what Chris and Bill had been training them to be and they were processing what had just been said.

“Get your nipples all the way on the ground, slut!” Maya broke the silence and ordered Jamie to lean forward while she placed her heel directly on Jamie’s swollen nipple and pushed down hard.

Jamie winced but to her credit didn’t scream out – even when some milk discharged from her tits and slid across the floor.

“Ooh, you are lactating? How exquisitely nasty. You take pain well, you accept your punishments for your shortcomings well, but what is missing?”

“An apology for failing to address you as Masteress?” Jamie offered sweetly.

“Oh dear girl, thank you for that. I won’t crush your other nipple,” Maya spared the girl further punishment for her offense. “You are a rule-follower and that is cute, but cute only gets you so far.”

Maya took a pink ribbon and tied it into Jamie’s long blonde hair –putting it into a pony tail. “You should use that Taylor Swift thing you have going on while you can, dearie.”

“Thank you Masteress” Jamie was waiting on her knees with her left tit still throbbing from the pain of Maya’s heel. The boot that caused her so much just inches out of her reach –wondering if she should move forward to lick it or whether she should remain in her place.

“You don’t have Taylor’s star quality though, I want you two to go out there tonight on a mission to fuck all the tricks on MLK, but I want you to do it feeling like stars.”

“My husband just spent two weeks training us not to put ourselves on pedestals and be prideful,” Wendy countered.

“Oh I am sorry, did I ask for a slut’s opinion?” Maya put her hands on her hips in a way that only reinforced her domineering body language.

“No Masteress, you did not.” Wendy admitted flatly.

“You’ve had this stink cloud following you since I first saw you of self-pity, almost self-loathing, that rolls off you. It seems like you hate your boobs, hate your face, hate your body.” Maya observed.

It was making Wendy think hard about how she might be coming across. She admitted to herself that she was feeling ugly and inadequate. “Yes Ma’am, I think part of the reason we ended up in training was our vanity and pride, and my body is being used to torment and humiliate me.”

“So for someone who secretly enjoys it, why do you look like you hate it so much?” Maya asked point blank.

“I don’t enjoy it, Ma’am” Wendy answered without hesitation.

“If I put a finger in your slit, would it be wet?” Maya fired back while taking a slow, sexy drag from her cigarette.

“Yes Ma’am But…” Wendy stopped herself.

“Did you say Ma’am because you secretly want me to crush your nipple, so you can be even-steven with the little owie I gave your daughter?”

“No Masteress, I am new to that title and I just made a foolish mistake, I submit to your punishment for my misbehavior though.” Wendy admitted with the same acceptance of her flaws that she would give to Bill or Chris.

“Yet, I think if I denied you punishment, it would frustrate and titillate you more – so that is what I will do.” Masteress Maya giggled a tee-hee at Wendy.

Wendy didn’t want to think too hard about the observation because it rang with a little truth.

“I am going to teach you two sluts to smoke, sit, walk, talk, wear the sexiest god-damn pantyhose you’ve ever worn and own being submissive. I am not going to teach you to be overbearing like me, but I am going to arm you with the inner-strength and calm so that you can make dicks hard just by being. Do you understand me?” Maya lectured with passion.

At first Wendy and Jamie did not understand but in fifteen more minutes of instruction it had begun to dawn on them how wise Maya was. “You could read every issue of Cosmo for twenty years and not learn what I know about being a woman, honey.” she laughed when she saw the dawning realization stretch across Wendy and Jamie’s face.

The overall philosophy she gave the girls was one that they should submit to and do so selflessly, but at the same time be a source of soft-strength and fortitude that transcended their submission. There was more to obedience then just doing what they were told – there was an intangible peace to following that they were to embrace.

That didn’t mean to tune out and be a robot. Maya had gone over the encounter with Mini-me and told them what they did right and what they did wrong in a constructive and helpful way. “You could have smiled at him and asked permission to lick that piss right off your daughter’s ass cheeks. If he had wanted to see it anyway, you are going to have to do it, so give it to him. The balance is be a woman not a nympho about it- make it so there is a mystery to you, did you offer because you are giving and desire to see him happy or because you really like the taste of midget piss and the salt from your daughter’s ass?”

It had only been fifteen minutes but in that time they felt that they had received a week’s worth of instruction – things they would ponder for a long time to come and tricks and tips that they would never have thought of on their own.

Maya also showed them how to put it on and take it off in a way that will make men’s dick hard – but most importantly how to really ‘wear’ it. She made them each smoke a cigarette and hold it like a sexy movie siren in the glamour days. “Don’t smoke to be disgusting, smoke to be erotic and enigmatic,” she advised.

The girls were hungry for this knowledge and both of them were getting different messages from Maya’s words but both were feeling their spirits lifted. They weren’t ‘proud whores’ but they were something approaching ‘sexy whores’ and they were both completely engrossed in every word that was being shared with them.

There was a knock on the screen door, “Come on, you three are not making the money, and Rahjid did not give the break.”

“Fuck off Rahjid, or I’ll put a boot up your Bengali asshole.” Maya sounded distinctly unladylike for the first time.

“You do not want me to do the pimp smack,” Rahjid’s threat sounded very hollow.

“These two whores have one more blowjob to do, and then they can get back to work.” Maya said without looking at the door to see if Rahjid’s beady eyes were staring back at her in the darkness outside the cabin. He walked away mumbling to himself acquiescing to his biggest earner’s wishes.

“One more blowjob, Masteress?” Wendy asked. She was thrilled to do it because gone now were the dark thoughts of self-doubt and in their place was a sexy-mother-slave who knew she would have to be obedient and accepted it with a new reserve of patience and quiet strength. She did not even wonder how long it would last before she might need another affirmation of this type – she was brimming with the desire to submit.

“You can start with my big cock,” Masteress Maya’s grey-blue eye’s smiled at the girls as she reached into the lacy panties she was wearing and retrieved a 10 inch-fully shaved dick.

“I am the whore with a little something extra,” She saw the look of surprise on their face and savored it.

“I know you two are going to love my dick and balls, aren’t you girls?”

“Yes Masteress” their enthusiastic reply, followed by their wet and hungry mouths to deliver a loving tag-team-mother-daughter blowjob that should have been recorded on tape – it was epic in a way that memorable blowjobs can be.

When Maya’s cock finally gushed a stream of cum, the two of them let a little of the cum drip down their chins and kissed each other in front of Maya without hesitation and then spit a little into condoms they could take to Rahjid.

“Thank you Masteress”

“Oh no, thank you girls, you give excellent head, now get out there and be the best little prostitutes that money can buy.” Maya teased “I hope I didn’t use you all up”.

“Just when you think our lemons can't squeeze any more juice, we'll make a fresh batch.” Wendy and Jamie left the room naked and holding their buttplugs with condoms in their mouth – to pay Rahjid and accept their punishment.

As the girls walked out refreshed, energized and with a new perspective Maya giggled to herself “I hope they don’t realize I just made all that up.” As she watched them step naked through the motel courtyard to Rahjid’s pay window.

The Family Feud IV
Chapter Twenty-Three
Chris’s Journal: Booters: Delightfuly skanky, yet unrefined

**Note to reader: This is Chris’s journal from Tuesday around midnight when he and his father have left the girl’s to make their money. In order to increase readability, some of the dialogue exchanged was altered to appear in a ‘narrative’ story format.


WENDY: $120

JAMIE: $270

I haven’t really been keeping up with my journal – things have just been moving so fast that I rarely get a chance these days to write about them. I don’t want to sound like one of those emo teenagers who drones on endlessly about his ‘feelings’ and how no one understands him – that just isn’t me. I think I write this journal because I think months from now I will want to go back and look at how I was feeling in the moment and probably relive some of this.

I also just wonder if this is a dream? My mom and Jamie going through obedience training and letting Dad and I boss them around and humiliate them? Who would believe this sort of thing can happen to a normal family like mine?

I am glad I have my old journals and thoughts to go along with everything we have been doing that led up to this because even I would have a hard time believing it. There was that Asian cheerleader, I can’t remember her name – it’s probably ‘suk yung dik’. Okay that’s racist, Siri delete that. Who am I kidding? I don’t have iPhone4s and I am going to leave that in my journal because it’s funny and anyone who knows me – would realize I am not a racist at all.

Anyway, yeah that Asian girl at the Flea Market – she used to go to my high school and was a prim and proper polite girl who shyly walked my halls in modest clothes. Imagine my surprise to see her standing with my sister in the nude with a broom up her ass this weekend? She had some perfect little titties and a tight ass – something I would never have known.

I also would never have known that there are other families who have discipline that way. I think on some level because Wendy and Jamie are under our thumbs that gives us access from other people who see us and think “Okay, let me show them how we live too!”.

I think maybe that is why Rahjid wanted the validation of showing us his niece’s discipline tonight. I have a feeling he got the idea to discipline her from meeting my mom. I always knew he was a stickler about rules but I think it is a reaction to the chaos around him – to impose order on it in any way he can.

I wasn’t there when Dad brought mom around a few weeks ago but I bet that Rahjid saw how well behaved she was and thought, “Cool, let me do that to my out of control niece”. She certainly wasn’t living there when Dad and I were staying at his motel or I am sure Rahjid would have trotted her out just to show off how morally superior he was.

He once told me a joke. I think it went something like ‘A Minister is looking out of the window one morning. After some time he turns to his secretaries and says, "My God, this country is getting nowhere. I've been looking at those workmen out there for the past hour and not one has done a stroke of work.” Even his comedy is about the inefficiency and laziness of other people. I could probably write for volumes about Rahjid’s fastidious desire to point out other people’s foibles and his misogynistic traditional attitudes, but I was supposed to be writing about my feelings.

I have a whole lot to say about finally losing my virginity today. I think if someone asks me, I am not sure how cool it will be to have to say “to my sister”. I suppose if I lived in Alabama or Mississippi they would just assume I didn’t have any cousins living nearby (lol).

However, I should probably tell you where we are and what we’ve been doing. We are at a ‘Booters’ on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. ‘Booters’ is like a low-rent knock-off of Hooters wings except that apparently the two O’s in the name are for butt cheeks instead of boobs (and drawn sort of like a shapely ass).

The girls that work here are mostly black girls with insanely perfect asses - if your idea of perfection is ‘big’. Our waitress Trayshonda has those kind of dick sucking lips that only exist on black goddesses. You could just picture it wrapped around your cock giving you a wet and slippery dick polishing.

We’ve been here for about two hours eating hot wings and drinking beer. I have to admit I really don’t think I could get drunk on this watered down Michelob Ultra even if I downed a 12-pack of it. I am doing it because it feels great to be treated like a ‘grown-up’ and sit with my old man and have a beer with him.

Dad’s been quiet most of the time we’ve been in here. I can’t say that I blame him – the Tuesday night crowd of patrons is pretty sullen and tame and the jukebox over in the corner has been playing unfamiliar old funk songs at such a low volume it hardly seems exciting in here.

“What do you think Mom and Jamie are doing?” I asked.

“Fucking and sucking most likely.” Dad said without looking up from his beer – he was pulling off the label slowly out of boredom.

“You don’t seem very enthusiastic about that – isn’t that what we trained them to do?” Dad seemed to be having his own internal dialogue going on. I’d ask if he kept a journal of his thoughts but then he’d probably ask if I did and want to read mine and I think I’d like to keep these thoughts private to myself.

“Yeah, your mom and sister are good little fuck holes now,” He didn’t sound like he was too proud of that fact at the moment. It probably didn’t help that as he was saying it the waitress walked up and gave him a ‘What did you say look?” but she didn’t comment. She just winked at me knowingly and cleared the table of our dirty dishes.

I cracked a smile at dad’s unfortunate timing in front of the waitress and explained “We just sold my sister and mom to an Indian guy down the street to pimp them out, and we are here waiting to get rich.” In the most deadpan way I could to the waitress.

She just laughed at me as if I was kidding and walked away –wiggling and jiggling that fine booty of hers with those extra tight black shorts leaving very little to the imagination about the crack of her ass.

Dad was smiling now – and that was my goal. I love when I crack a joke and get everyone laughing – I think it’s one of my gifts. I think that even though Dad basically wrote the rules (with Mom organizing and clarifying the fine details) that I had a part in how the day-to-day routines have evolved. I may not have got to be the architect of all the rules and I am totally fine with that, but I think a large part of my sense of humor has colored this experience. The girls did a contest today where I made them poop super slow and then have them snap it off and judge them on shape, color and smoothness. That entire thing started out as a joke but somehow Mom and Jamie took it seriously and began laughing about it.

It goes without saying that they are competitive and you can motivate them to do almost anything humiliating if you make it some sort of bet or contest between them where they are both judged – and that is part of that exercise’s appeal. I just think that any other trainer would have seen it as a necessary body function and maybe had them do it in a humiliating way but wouldn’t have gone out of their way to make it kind of silly and humorous.

I also think that if they do it frequently enough – something that would be outrageous to others just starts to become their version of normal.

Me and Dad spend long periods of time never saying anything to each other.

I should say Dad and I – but it’s my journal and I’d speculate on my journal if it was ‘too perfect’ grammatically.

I suppose now that I’ve said that – if someone is faking my journal they would know to put in a few mistakes. Uh-oh, I am getting dangerously close to some sort of Star Trek logical loop – better order another beer.

I could probably say that when two men get together – it is customary for us to just be quiet and that a lot is said in the silence between us. The truth is my Dad has been hard to read as of late. When we were submissive to the girls and when we were out on our own living at Rahjid’s motel it was easier to tell what Dad was thinking - I assumed he just wanted to eat, sleep, play video games and be left alone like I did.

Now as he checks his phone and looks lost in thought I wonder what he is thinking. He has taken a real leadership role in the family and I have to admit that even though we are supposed to be 50/50 partners in this – it is hard not to feel like I am playing Lieutenant to his General. He has also become sullen at times and even though everything seems to be working out as the family pulls together and sticks to his plan, I can’t help but wonder what is going on inside his head – but I don’t know how to ask.

“You sure you should have another one, Son?” Dad asked me.

“Yeah, I think I can handle a third Michelob Ultra Dad” I grinned confidently.

“I was just thinking maybe we should go check on your Mom and Jamie.” He answered wistfully.

“Awww, you are worried about them, Dad?” I asked with a little playful sarcasm.

“I just want to make sure they are working and not putzing around,” He was already slapping down some cash to pay for our food and standing up with an annoyed look on his face.

“Should we bring a doggy bag for the girls?” I grinned.

“Fuck no, those two sluts will eat when they’ve earned it –stop spoiling them.” I couldn’t tell if Dad was serious or as he looked over the un-eaten wings he was joking.

“You don’t want to see Jamie eat a hot wing out of Mom’s ass?” I said with my obvious sadistic sense of humor.

“Okay, bring two of them and we’ll give them the option to do it since we aren’t doing stars anymore,” Dad said sounding very serious.

He brightened when I called over the waitress and asked politely “Ma’am, can I have a doggy bag for two of these wings, we want to stick them up some girl’s asses.”

“Make sure they are drum sticks,” I could tell by the twinkle in my dad’s eyes that despite his gruff stick-in-the-mud façade he thought that was pretty fucking funny.

We left a decent tip for that waitress – it was fun doing ‘white alert’ around her. I guess that is what you could call saying over the top things to shock someone. I can see why Jamie and mom have so much fun with it.

“We are off to see Cow-tits, the wonderful wizard of Cow-tits,” I sang to the tune of the Wizard of Oz as I got in the truck.

“Yeah, and her little flying monkeys will get you meddling kids,” Dad added snidely.

“I think the wicked witch was the one with the flying monkeys and you may have just mixed in a Scooby-Doo reference in there some place, Dad.” I laughed.

He didn’t say anything in response and we just let the joke settle as we drove down scenic Martin Luther King blvd. Closed down rib joints, crack-heads, hookers, pawn shops all with neon lights in various states of flickering disrepair.

We pulled into a parking lot across the street from Rahjid’s motel. We had pulled in here when we first dropped off the girls to watch what happens. We saw mom walk aimlessly up and down the sidewalk, and my sister jump in and out of cars.

I could tell Dad was worried about them – and frankly so am I. He seemed to be satisfied after he saw Jamie return from two tricks and turn in her money that she was going to be alright – before we left for the Booters.

This motel looked like some kind of German prison camp with barbed wire fences and it was all dark and desolate. The thing that was really surprising is I believe people actually live here full time. There aren’t even porch lights on any of the units but I saw people scurrying around in the darkness. I wondered what their stories might be? Could any of them have an Urmila Devi Das or Sun-Lee living with them too?

(Okay, so I did remember her name, I pay more attention than most people realize. It’s just more fun to call pretend I can’t remember and call her Suk Yung Dik).

Dad was checking his phone – I bet he is writing a journal. Who else would he be texting or emailing this late at night?

“It’s hard to see from here, should we just check in with Rahjid to see where they are?” I asked as I squinted across the street.

Without taking his eyes up from the cell phone my Dad said “They are across the street at the office, I think Rahjid is spraying them with a garden hose.”

Sure enough when he pointed it out I could see my sister and my mother being driven naked with a garden hose along the side of Rahjid’s office. They couldn’t be easily seen by cars passing by the road but if anyone had been in the parking lot they would have.

“You think this is how he punishes them?” I asked Dad.

“Shit, if that is a punishment, your mom would be laughing at him and probably pushing all his buttons,” Dad said dismissively.

I wondered what he meant. Did he think that mom enjoyed the punishment? Or did he mean that if the punishment was too light – she would be disobedient and try to get away with a lot more? I didn’t want to seem like I didn’t understand – so I just nodded my head in agreement.

“Well, let’s walk on up and have a look at what’s going on with Cagney and Lacey,” Dad said as he sauntered out of the truck.

“Cagney and who?” I asked.

“Lacey” Dad said.

“Okay, I get that my sister is Lacey, because she is thin, white and full of holes, but what does Cagney mean?” I asked seriously, as we crossed the broad street in the middle of the night.

“Hah, good one son. It is an old cop show about two bitches, never mind.” He just laughed as if I had intentionally told a joke. I smiled as I always do when people take something I said seriously as a joke and pretended I was kidding.

Traffic was fairly light and there weren’t many people milling around the motel. They were either whores or customers and no one seemed to be surprised that the motel owner was delightfully spraying a hose at my naked mother and sister’s asses while they bent over and touched their toes in the space between the first motel cabana and the main office.

The look on Rahjid’s face was a mixture of sadistic and delightful glee, and while my Mom was taking it seriously, there was a playfulness to my sister’s face that really struck me.

I shouldn’t be surprised – she has always been the pixie-chick who exudes a certain enthusiastic Tinkerbell fairy quality. There is a wholesome quality to those expressions even though she’d usually be wearing a mini-skirt or tight gymnastics one-piece when she did them growing up.

However, naked with the light of the one street lamp reflecting the stainless steel on her nipple and clit rings and bedazzling the fake diamond in her butt plug, and with the water beading off her naked and supple body – the playfulness takes on a whole new context.

It could be that I used to watch a lot of HBO’s Katie Morgan on those ‘Real Sex’ shows playfully talking like a bimbo. Now that I see my sister giving Rahjid that same sort of porn-star wink over her shoulder as he laughs at their wet wiggling asses I feel some strange remorse for the loss of her innocence.

And no I won’t lie – when I watched those HBO ‘real sex’ shows on-demand it was to jack off, so I never made it more than 5 minutes into whatever Katie Morgan was talking about. I think she was doing a special on dildos or something but I couldn’t tell you for sure.

I suppose fathers are the ones who should feel that remorse for the loss of innocence, like when they walk them down the aisle at the wedding to give them to the groom. They know that without a doubt their daughter is going to get plowed that night no matter how innocent and chaste they had been up to that night.

However, as her older brother, I guess I am feeling a little twinge of guilt that my sister wouldn’t be out here if we hadn’t started training them.

You know what? I guess I could say I am conflicted on how I feel.

Yes, I feel that weird sense of guilt but there is more to it than that.

I want to say what I am feeling if I have to look deep down inside is jealousy.

I don’t know if jealousy is the right word for what I am feeling on some level.

When I had to submit to Mom and Sis they enjoyed making me do jumping jacks and there was a playful ‘time to make the donuts’ look on my sister’s face when she came to my room to wake me up in the morning with a bucket of water and a belt.

However, they never wanted me sexually – hungered for me.

Jamie can be naked in public and people WANT to see that.

I would hear ‘Look at that beached whale’ at best and at worst I’d be called a perverted flasher. I guess this double standard is one of the reasons I enjoy the control and humiliation so much now that the guys hold all the cards in the family.

Jamie can be playful with her submission and sexuality and it only revs up the desire of whoever is in control of her.

If I were to look over my shoulder and make a kissy face at someone spraying my ass with a kinked up garden hose, it would look like Eric Cartman making a mockery of being sexy on SouthPark.

I can never be sexy like my Sister. I can never embrace being a slut like she seems to be and I guess on some level I just wonder what it would be like to be that ‘wanted’.

If you look at her butthole it is this crisp and perfect little pink nub – she won the genetic lottery. No matter what we do to it, no matter what we put in it or how we hurt it – it looks like nothing but soft-serve ice cream could ever be pumped out of it.

I bet if you looked at my nasty old crusty turd-cutter you would see a hairy forest covering a wrinkled replica of Jabba the Hutt burping down there – who would ever want to see that?

She has this button nose and glittering blue eyes so that when she lifts her legs behind her ears and holds her mouth open she looks so delicious – I feel like a wolf staring at a rabbit I want to devour.

She combines sexy with cute in a way I can never do – and on that level, I’d just settle for ‘sexy’ or ‘desirable’ in any form.

I don’t want to sound like I am trying to get pity – it is just a simple fact that what would be disgusting for me to do, usually sounds either sexy, hot, or cute as hell when my sister does it. I guess I am having a hard time seeing the down side to being so attractive and everyone wanting you – maybe grass is always greener?

I know that when I was being humiliated all day long and having to moo and grunt for Cathy Griffin – she saw me as a worm to be laughed at and ridiculed.

She has since told me, that was before she got to know me and now she thinks I am epic and all this – but I can’t shake this self-doubt that to her I would still be this pink, blubbering whale with Moobs who she is just using.

Which makes me wonder – does she enjoy it? It is so hard to figure out women and especially teenage girls. She sometimes embraces her obedience in a way that makes me thinks there is something happening more than just getting off or an ego trip from all eyes being on her. I used to think when Mom and Sis first started this that they were going to pretend to like it so they could suck all the fun out of humiliating them out of it for us.

I know that sounds crazy that anyone would ever try something like that. I need to watch them closer and try to figure out what is going on in their head – or maybe I shouldn’t care so much, and just enjoy that they are being obedient for whatever reason?

I feel like now that I am popular at school – it’s because my sister is hawt and everyone sees me as the gatekeeper and they want to be a keyholder to what I have.

She can get away with bending over in public or ‘accidentally’ flashing her tits in public and most people smile or giggle and stare.

If I pulled off my shirt and walked around – people would tell me to put the shirt back on. I have bigger boobs than Jamie does!!

(I definitely need to make a mental note to exercise more – the last time was when Coach made me and Sis do jumping jacks in PE).

I suppose that jealousy has been feeding a darker part of me that is enjoying watching her get her butt smacked and teabagging her with my balls. I suppose on some level I have been enjoying truly humiliating her and exposing her to scorn because when she is just vulnerable and submissive it is actually very sexy and I don’t know how to feel about that.

I fucked my sister today.

I fucked my sister today.

I fucked my sister today.

I have to get used to the fact – that between us, all the blowjobs, all the spankings, all the tied on a leash in the yards are small potatoes compared to the fact I put my dick inside my sister and came.

I don’t hate Jamie – quite the opposite – I love my sister.

I’ve been having this recurring dream where Mom and Sis turn the tables on us again. They are laughing and dress me and dad up like lady boys (but leave Dad’s mustache) and rent us out to their friends. In my dreams they are all wicked like Cathy Griffin and put us through humiliating exercise’s and games, but what makes it even more humbling is there are usually people standing around confused by what they see. The people who are not ‘in on the gag’ who see it play out are what add to my humiliation.

I think it’s kind of twisted that I dream of submission – even though I hold all the cards and there is no way the girls are going to put us through this hell now that they’ve gone through it.

Then again, Dad and I went through it and we only made things much more intense now that we are back in charge.

I’ll have to table the questions and self-doubt I have for later. Rahjid finally noticed us standing behind him with our arms crossed.

“Is this how you punish our sluts?” Dad said slowly in this tone that sounds ominous.

“No, no, they had peshab, uh…piss all over their backs and I wash them and the one change of clothes you left.” Rahjid explained while motioning to their clothes hanging on a line strung from the office to the first cabana over their heads. He had transformed from sadistic boss man to polite and almost apologetic when talking to my father.

“I am not sure I want to know, but why were you two whores covered in piss?” Bill walked over to where Jamie and Mom were dripping wet while bent over holding their ankles.

“We had a client who paid to piss all over us, Master.” My mom admitted submissively. It was times like these she reminds me of old ‘I Dream of Jeanie’ re-runs from Nick at Nite.

“Why aren’t you in position two? Why are you just holding your ankles?” Dad demanded of her.

“Uh, because our Pimp Rahjid told us to grab our ankles, Master.” My mom pleaded before reaching up and pulling her ass cheeks apart.

Dad slapped her hands “I didn’t tell you get into position two, I just asked why you weren’t!”

My mom snapped back into her original stance bent over at the waist, “Sorry Sir, I am a dumb slut, and I didn’t know better.”

“So while we wait for their outfits to dry, how are they going to make us any money?” Bill asked of Rahjid while inspecting the girls.

“They smell of the pee-pee, I didn’t want to send them out that way?” Rahjid was sensing a much more dominant alpha male in my Dad and if I was Dad’s Lieutenant then Rahjid was his Private First Class.

“You didn’t want to send them out that way? Was that a question or a statement?” Dad sneered at Rahjid and spread my sister’s legs by kicking them apart with his foot slightly. “Ass face, tell me does your ass stink?”

“Yes Suh-Master, it does” My sister quickly changed the Sir to a Master – perhaps instinctively.

“What does it smell like?” Dad demanded quickly.

“Like Shit, Master?” Jamie offered sweetly.

“How would you know? When is the last time you smelled it?” Dad demanded.

“I haven’t Master?” Jamie said with a confused tone.

“So you are just telling me what I want to hear and lying to me, because that’s what deceptive cunts like you do. Cow-tits get behind your daughter and take a whiff of that ass and cunt, and tell me what it smells like to you.” Dad didn’t wait for my mom to move, he grabbed her by the back of her hair and pushed her face right into Jamie’s crotch.

“It smells like it’s pretty clean, Sir.” Mom took a deep breath and pleaded.

“Smell again, more deeply. I don’t think you got enough of a whiff,” Dad smushed my mom’s nose into Jamie’s ass.

“It smells like shit, piss, sweat, latex condoms and cum, Master.” my mother exhaled her words when she was pulled back by her hair.

“So any of your customers are going to smell their stinky asses and cunts when they use them, just douse them in a little cheap perfume and keep them working!” Dad instructed Rahjid.

He let my mom stand up and we both noticed the rubber ring around her tits constricting the blood flow and making them more engorged “What is this?” he slapped her tits hard.

“Our purple poppers, Sir.” I have to admit I smirked when Mom said that – I am not sure where she heard that from but it sounded perfect. Her tits looked like they were pinkish-purple water balloons being expanded and it was the perfect yet playful name for them.

“What the fuck do you have those bands around your jugs for?” Dad asked impatiently.

“For being a dumb disobedient whore, who broke our pimp’s rules. I have mine for not turning in a condom, being late to return from working a trick, and for sucking the dick of one of Rahjid’s whores without charging.”

“Rahjid, you have man-whores?” I laughed.

One of Rahjid’s whores who reminds me of a tall, blonde version of Jessica Rabbit walked out with perfect timing and snidely made a playful comment, “You ask that like you are more than just a little curious about how to apply for the position?”

She can be so sexy and demure in how she talks down to me – that it makes Cathy Griffin and Delilah Waxerman seem like naïve amateurs at playing with the male ego.

I didn’t have to say anything – I couldn’t. I have to admit I was stunned by how tall and imposing she could be and she looked down at me like Godzilla might upon the last Japanese survivor she is going to eat for the night.

She ran her hand across my shoulder and it gave me cold chills, adding “We might be able to work out an arrangement.”

“You get back to work, you lucky you aren’t being punished like these sluts.” Rahjid demanded.

“I’d love to see you come and try to spank me,” she cooed. She didn’t wait for his answer – she simply sashayed herself back to the sidewalk and within moments a car stopped and let her in as if it had been waiting for her all along.

Damn, I thought I was in love with that vision of feminine Goddess hood – or at least lust.

“I suppose you two sluts have to be punished for something you did wrong?” Dad asked angrily.

“I was about to apply more rubber bands to their enormous American milk-fed tits as punishment for being late when I learned of their pissy backs.” Rahjid explained in his pitter-patter cadence.

“The purple popper thing is a cute idea and I like it. I like those rubber washers you used, but I saw cable ties at Home depot that would let me adjust the tightness and give me a little more control. It is good to use what’s at hand though and my hats off to you Rahjid.” My dad’s compliment was unexpected and Rahjid seemed pleased for the recognition. I saw what Dad was doing there – he had asserted a kind of dominance over Rahjid in offering the compliment with how he would do it better and Rahjid was smiling with the recognition! Clever dad.

“I think these two cunts need a little bit more of an old fashioned Taylor family attitude adjustment! We can’t take them inside because they are dripping wet, so let’s adjourn over to your pool. No one is ever going to use that for swimming.” Dad continued to observe out loud. The last time that pool had its Ph balance checked was probably when Mrs. Waxerman was a pretty young thing and the Charleston and Model-T was all the rage.

“You want them to just walk naked over to the pool?” It was night time and the parking lot wasn’t very busy at all but even Rahjid sounded like that might be a bit over the top in how he asked. Where we were standing was fairly shielded from drivers but with little more than a chain link fence between them, the girls would be easily seen from the road if people bothered to look.

“No, I wouldn’t think of it,” Dad grinned evilly, “They should crawl like good little sluts, heeling behind their owners, shouldn’t they?”

Mom was the first to agree and get down on all fours by Dad’s heel, with my sister following right behind.

“So tell me how you got pissed all over – did the guy just come out and say that is what he wanted?” I asked playfully as I looked down at my naked sister following at my heel while we walked across the parking lot to the old swimming pool.

“He paid for the full package, but no he never gave us any warning. He just had us bending over and without warning we felt a spray tinkling down on our backs and asses, and heard him laughing like a naughty child, Master” my mother admitted with no more shock in her voice than describing a person who stole her parking space at the mall.

“That little midget likes to piss on butts, but most girls do not do,” Rahjid added scornfully.

“Oh was he a midget? Did he look like Peter Dinklage?” I was excited picturing an impish rogue in my mind.

“Who Master?” My mom was dumbfounded.

“Isn’t that Prince Tyrion of House Lannister, Master?” Whoa!! Where did my sister pull this little bit of trivia from?

“Damn Sis! That would have been an instant star just for knowing that when you did!” I was overcome with pride in my sister – a new found respect for her inner-geek. She knew the actor from Game of Thrones who plays the foul-mouthed little Prince?

“Ooh, Thank you Sir!” My sister swooned at my compliment.

“Too bad your mom said we should stop tracking stars though, hah!” Dad laughed sarcastically and opened the gate for us all to walk into the swimming area.

“You never let us pee on your backs before,” I said out loud more to eliminate the awkward silence than to make a point.

“You never asked, Master.” my mom’s response shockingly playful and inviting. She had done that during white alert but there was a little more confidence about her offer than I’d ever seen before. I made a mental note to do just that the next time I had a chance – I have to admit I had to shift my pants around because I got hard just thinking about spraying a long hot piss all over those two sluts.

Mom was surprisingly self-confident right now – I would have expected her to be grossed out about what happened – being a whore had already started to change her acceptance of what was normal I guess.

Our little surreal conversation reminded me of a picture of a dog I saw on the internet with a caption that read “If you love something, piss on it!”

“Puh-Ziss-shun One!” Dad sounded like an army drill sergeant giving his new recruits an ‘eyes-right’ order.

I could detect a look of familiar comfort on my mom’s face as both women snapped into the first position we ever taught them. Standing up straight with shoulders back and their engorged tits jutting out, hands behind them pulling apart their taut ass-cheeks – it is a beautiful thing to behold.

Dad gripped mom’s rubber band rings and started to roll them off around her tits. I liked the way they looked but I had wondered how long they could restrict the blood flow before it would cause a problem. “What were you punished for to get these?”

Mom seemed to search her memory, “I’ve had so many punishments tonight Sir, these were applied to my boobs so that I would remember my shortcomings and behave like a proper whore.”

Dad slapped her face hard and she just took it and looked back at him with a straight face. “I didn’t ask for generalizations, what good are punishments if you can’t remember specifically what you did wrong so you can correct them?” he demanded.

“I don’t know, Sir. We’ve made so many mistakes it is hard to keep track.” My mom sounded flustered.

“Do you know all the things you did that you are supposed to be punished for right now?” Dad was being condescending but it sounded completely appropriate given my mom’s sudden short term memory loss.

“Yes Master, we didn’t get our trick to return our butt plugs to our asses, we were lazy and took too long giving a blowjob to one of Master Rahjid’s whores and we didn’t charge her,

I nearly swallowed the gum I was chewing when I heard ‘give a blowjob to one of his whores’.

“You never saw a tranny before?” Dad chided me. I guess he had known all along.

I played it cool like I had and hoped it wasn’t the really cute blonde one. She had this sort of “Lonnie” from WKRP look about her – classy.

“So you sucked someone’s dick for funsies? I thought you were the one who said we had to suspend all the dares and training we had planned so you two little whores could earn all this money!” Dad’s tone was mocking mom in all the right ways – because her face turned pink with embarrassment.

“How much money have these two turned in?” Dad asked of Rahjid.

“The Ass Face has turned in two-fifty and the cow tits is having only one hundred dollar.” Rahjid reported dryly.

Dad looked at him solemnly with a stern gaze.

“The Ass Face has turned in two-seventy and the cow tits is having only one hundred and twenty dollar.” Rahjid’s tone was almost comically meek when he was caught red-handed ‘rounding’.

“I have to trust you to do a proper accounting on the money, if we are going to be partners. When we walked up you didn’t even say anything about them not getting their butt plugs back in.”

“That is one of your rules, not one of Rahjid rules,” Rahjid explained adamantly.

“Hey, if we three are going to be partners in this enterprise, we have to support each other’s rules.”

Mom and sis just stood there in the dimly lit pool area holding their position naked while Dad and Rahjid hashed this out. I tend to tune this business stuff out but I caught the part where Rahjid tried to say it was 50/50 with me and Dad making up 50% of that equation.

“Uh no, my son is an equal partner in this. It is going to go a third for each of us. We all have the same responsibility, authority and rewards.”

“Fine, a turd each,” Rahjid had such a thick Indian accent and deadpan delivery that there was no way I couldn’t crack up at that.

I was the only one laughing that time, but I mean c’mon the guy says ‘turd’ when he wants to say a ‘third’. How freaking hilarious is that?

The night air was brisk and cool and I am sure it contributed some to the goose bumps I could see on my mom’s skin. My sister has a tiny nub of pink pussy permanently jutting out of that precious little peach of hers and I noticed it looked like it was glistening just a little.

“Getting turned on by this, Sis?” I asked when there was a lull between Dad and Rahjid hammering out the details of their ‘pimp’ arrangement.

“No, uh I mean well my cunt is wet Master.” Jamie explained dutifully after a short stumble to answer my question. Her honeyed voice delivering such a dirty explanation was enough to get everyone’s focus back on the two naked women standing at attention.

“So your cunt gets wet when you are NOT aroused does it, Ass Face?” I touched my finger to her slick cunt and she shuddered slightly.

“Well no, that is I mean,” My sister seemed flustered which was always fun to listen to.

I licked my finger, “Mmmm, the warm taste of snail trail,” I prodded her to finish what she was saying.

“It’s just that I’ve been fucked several times, and my pussy is all wet from that Master,” she explained. I wondered if she was stammering because it was hard to admit out loud she had been fucked so many times having just been a virgin or if she was trying to spare me the realization I had just tasted that well-used wet pussy.

When it hit me how I had just licked a finger that had rubbed a pussy that had who knows how many guys spunk inside of it just now. I could tell from the grin on my father’s face I hadn’t been able to hide my ‘OH SHIT’ face when I came to that conclusion.

“You are Soooo lucky we aren’t going to punish you for having wet cunts when you are whoring,” I diverted the humiliation back on my sister who nodded her head in agreement with what I was saying.

“However, that won’t stop us from making fun of you two sluts for getting turned on by this,” I laughed at their predicament. When Mom had the upper hand she could ‘milk’ us and once we came then our dicks shriveled up. I think it would have been a whole lot more embarrassing if we had to do all our chores and exercises with our dicks flopping around extra hard. I don’t know if Dad’s would have been but I know I would have. The more you wind up the girls and make them cum the wetter they get though, so no chance of hiding that once they have an orgasm.

“Have you pulled any Jamie’s tonight?” I asked seriously. My sister instantly knew I was talking about the megaton industrial size orgasm that would send her spasming on the floor and mewling like a little baby.

“No Sir, not yet,” she admitted in a slightly embarrassed tone. I could tell Rahjid had no idea what the fuck I was talking about but I didn’t care.

“You would like to get one though, wouldn’t you?” I asked almost reflexively. It was a question I had never explored in my affirmations with her.

“Yes…yes sir, I guess I would like that,” Jamie answered reluctantly –embarrassed by her own admittance.

“You would like that wouldn’t you little tramp? You are supposed to be out here to get fucked and get paid, but instead you are out here wanting to get a little tickle on your cookie?”

“I um, no I didn’t mean it quite like that Master” Jamie was backpedalling and that was always fun during affirmations. I loved to capitalize on her insecurity and uncertainty and make her have to really think to give me the right answer and most of all humiliate her in the process with her own words.

“You will in time learn that your days of being a smart ass candy titted bitch are long gone, Ass face. You do not stand there swinging your cunt at me like it was the only one left in the candy shop pleading for orgasms so you can get your jollies while we TRY to keep you focused. You think I want to stand out here all night on a SCHOOL night trying to motivate you two cunts to make more than three hundred measly fucking dollars?” I was on a roll and fired up like a faith-show revival preacher.

“No Sir, no I appreciate you keeping us in line and accept that we need punishment.”

I don’t know what Dad had in mind taking the girls to the pool, but a thought crossed my mind and I asked Dad if he minded if I gave out the punishment. He clapped me on the shoulder and gave me a ‘right on, partner’.

I grinned at my mom and sister’s plight. Their fate was in my hands and even though they had been punished many times by me - I could tell that part of what really seemed to turn their screws and make them turn to jelly was that they could never predict me.

My dad is a pretty predictable guy – you generally know what you are going to get with him. I think the only thing that you can safely predict about me – is that I am going to surprise you.

“Awww, look at their little scared faces, the two whores think if they look pathetic and hopeless I will give them mercy and take pity on their pathetic, naked asses.” I said to my Dad but more for the benefit of the girls.

“Question,” I saw Dwight Schrute announce his question before he poses it on the Office one night and I’ve been doing it ever since. “When you had me and Dad by the balls, did you ever think to show mercy or pity on us? Even before you made us prance around naked in the house, I mean we had to live in this flea-bitten shit-box for over a month.” Indicating the motel with my arms and then turning to Rahjid “No offense, Rahjid.”

“None taken,” he said in his dry dead pan manner.

“No master, I showed you no mercy when your balls were ours to squeeze.” My mom said in that self-aware tone that reminds me so much of the actress Jamie Lee Curtis or is it Sigourney Weaver? I can never remember which it which.

“You want to squeeze my balls tonight, Mom?” I was being rhetorical but I unzipped my pants in the heat of the moment and pulled out my junk in front of everyone - I had a total boner.

“Only if you order me to do it, Master,” Mom sounded more submissive when she answered this time than previously.

“Do you want to have a big orgasm while you are turning tricks like your slut of a daughter?” I changed my line of questioning when I had achieved a more submissive mindset. I suppose hours and hours of watching ‘Dog-whisperer’ really pays off in terms of how to handle my mom because some of his techniques about being a dominant pack leader really do apply.

“No sir, if you want to inspect my twat it is moist and clean but not dripping wet like my daughter. I came here to work and be a good whore for my owners. Please punish us both for the regrettable start we have had tonight and let us try to earn enough to justify you staying up so late, Master.” There was just a trace of my mom’s old persona in how she reminded me that I was up too late. I let it go because I know she really can’t help but try to helpfully nag me to better myself.

“The punishment,” I smiled as if she reminded me to go into detail. “We have some magic markers, rope and duct tape back in the truck. You are going to get it and take turns writing on each other – the most hurtful and humiliating TRUE things about each other you can think of. The slut who impresses us can wear her wet pissy old clothes to continue working but the one who fails will wear a duct tape bikini to finish out the night and beg Rahjid every time you need a replacement sheet. You two sluts think that is fair?”

“Yes master” they both sounded a little reluctant – they ordinarily bristled when I made them compete with each other but they sounded a little defeated.

“I don’t think your heart is racing fast enough, so on the count of three I want you two to race to the truck and bring back our bag of tricks IN your teeth. The girl who succeeds can take her first piss break on a toilet with ACTUAL toilet paper - the one who fails will crap like a dog out here at the pool.”

“Hey!” Rahjid started to protest.

“Oh, will that mess up your carefully manicured lawn here?” I laughed and counted three for them to hot foot it to the truck.

The only thing that could have added to the pleasure of watching my naked mother and sister run with their tits bouncing through an old rickety motel like their asses were on fire would have been that jazzy saxophone music they used to play on Benny Hill (Yakety Sax).

I started humming the song to myself when Rahjid unexpectedly joined in “Oh the Benny Hill, it is very popular in Mumbai.” He added joyfully. I could tell he was starting to come around to seeing me as someone worth talking too.

We watched the two sluts fight over the paper bag with all our bondage stuff and it looked like Jamie was going to get it but at the last second my mom yoinked it away and hauled ass back to the pool with Jamie close behind. The rusty fence was still reverberating from when they hit it as they both assumed the same stance and position side by side at the conclusion of the race.

“Looks like Sis, you get to dook it outside tonight, do you have a problem with that?” I didn’t expect my sister would as I laughed.

“I spend all day as your dog Sir, why should I mind having to do it here in front of all these people?” I could almost hear a tiny sliver of her innocence being shaved away as she accepted the consequences of losing the little foot race. “Can I ask though that you permit us to milk our titties when we take a bathroom break? I don’t know if it was the rubber bands but we are overdue to milk and I feel like I am going to squirt my next customer in the eye.”

“They are called tricks! We talked about your propensity to use euphemisms to avoid having to call something what it is!” I squeezed her nipples while I gave her that reminder and the tips did feel milky and moist. I grinned at her trying to look like a sadistic hard-ass.

She normally keeps a very straight face but she just laughed “Propensity?” she smiled at my unexpected use of a fifty cent word.

“Oh, you don’t think your big brother knows big words like you?” I dropped the hard-ass act and gave her a good natured twist to the tits before letting go.

Dad decided to step in at this point and rightly so – I was getting too chummy with the subject of my discipline.

“Okay, let’s step this up, you two can’t moon-bathe out here all night.” He handed a marker to mom and said “We’ll decide who gets to milk who afterwards.”

She took it in her hand and faced her daughter, before putting her thumb to her lips as if to think. She wrote in between her tits ‘Milk, Milk’.

“I see what you are going for, but you have to write something descriptive. The object here is to write something true enough that it is going to stab at the ego, and deal with your pride.”

“Oh I see now sir! Can I try again?” my mom asked excitedly.

“No, you had your chance. Let’s see what your slutty daughter writes on YOUR tits first.” Dad said sternly as if the rules to this game were hard and fast (Which is funny because I had just made it up).

Jamie took her turn with the marker with her usual impish grin. She always reminds me of ‘I Dream of Jeanie’ when she drapes that blend of mischief and innocence across her baby face like she was at that moment. She started to write something as my mother stood there with her chest thrust out and then playfully changed her mind.

“C’mon ass face, don’t make us wait all night” Dad crossed his arms impatiently as if this were a formality he wanted to hurry through. I think if we are cut from the same cloth, Dad was just as curious as me what she would write and he wanted her to hurry up and reveal what she’d write. Sometimes I think when the girls have to anticipate the punishment it’s a kind of anguish for them all on its own, but it’s sweet relief when I get to watch theirs unfold.

‘Ask me about my Candied Titted Bitch who used to be on the honor roll’

she wrote with perfect penmanship across mom’s chest right above the separation of her tits like one of those bumper stickers MILFS have on their mini-van about their honor roll student.

“I give it a C for being clever and funny, but hardly hurtful,” I said dismissively. I could tell from her look of her genuine disappointment. She was hoping to make me chuckle and I felt a little guilty shooting down her first try. However, I’ve also found one way to motivate either of them is to tell them something they tried just wasn’t good enough – especially if you can do it with a reverse compliment thrown in there like you are trying to look on the bright side about how half-ass it is.

“Hah! Your turn now” Mom grabbed the red marker out of her hand and moved out of attention telling her to daughter to stand still “Above the cunt Sir?” she asked me.

“Yes, and next you’ll do your back, the tramp stamp and then the Ass – bonus points if you can work with your tattoos.” I said as if these instructions weren’t spontaneously made up. I am noticing with people like my mom and sister and people in general, if you remain calm and outline a process – people are likely to just assume that is how it has to be. If you look insecure or try to be nice and ask their opinion, they generally don’t seem to appreciate it as much.

My mom lifted Jamie’s cunt ring with one delicate finger while she thought about what she was going to write. ‘I just popped my cherry yesterday’

and an arrow drawn down to the tip of her clit with a cherry stem. Just when I thought she was done she added around her thighs “Will fuck anybody now”.

“Oooooh, that was cold,” I shivered and I could tell from Jamie’s determined face the one-upmanship was about to begin.

“Can I use a black marker, Sir?” Jamie asked me sweetly and I told her she could fish around in the bag. I would have had her stick with the red marker up her ass but when she bent at the waist I could see the glittering butt plug where it belonged and I didn’t want to interrupt the creative flow.

‘Blacks please fuck me in the butt!

’ she drew an arrow under the words to her mother’s ass cheeks.

She looked at us as if wondering if she had gone over the line with that one but quite satisfied it had humbled her mother. Mom was looking at it as if it was a time bomb strapped to her waist and obviously running through the many scenarios where she might be asked about it.

I smiled at her and she smiled back, “Is that your final answer, or do you want to cross out one word and stop using euphemisms?”

“Really, Sir?” Jamie asked me as if she was uncertain how to proceed.

“Do I look like I am fucking kidding you?”

My mom was standing in position one as if she was totally confident about what was about to happen but I noticed a small tremor in her leg start to shake as Jamie crossed out one word and added another.

“I meant Asshole instead of Butt, but I think that Nigger is definitely a bold choice”. I almost felt a collective exasperation from everyone when I said it out loud but now that I was seeing what my sweet little sister wrote above my mom’s cunt I had a giant grin on my face about how taboo that was. Jamie to her credit was about to cross it out when I stopped her “No, just replace Butt with Asshole and I think it’s perfect. Mom, you love nigger dick in your asshole?”

In this politically correct world this was one of those words that white people just can’t even say even if they are saying they like it and my mom who was willing to be a naked whore stood there indecisively before stammering “Um, I well yes Master, I would like it.”

“You would like what?” I was toying with her.

“What you said Master,” My mom could tell by the look on my face I was going to let that stand so she instantly clarified “Nigger Dick in my asshole or any hole”.

Rahjid let out what may be a subdued Indian version of a “Yee-haw” as he grinned a big smile under that thick black Burt Reynolds ‘stache of his.

“I need to think about what I am going to write on her back now, because she just upped the game Sir” My mom had gone from shocked and horrified at how debased she was to wanting payback in under 30 seconds. She was not angry but she was definitely no longer lobbing softballs.

‘Caution, I leave big, stinky shits’

and for good measure my mom drew a dog turd with a little fly on the upper portion of her daughter’s back. She read it out loud and the only person not laughing was Jamie. When the laughter subsided she conceded “Okay, you got me that was a good one.”

Jamie grabbed the red marker when it was her turn and gave her mom a playful slap to the ass as she walked behind her. “Hmm, what to write, what to write”. Clearly this exercise was making them think and there was a perverse satisfaction from not simply writing it myself but seeing what they could come up with.

‘I am a whore for my son and husband who own my ass. If found running loose please call 555-7374, so I can be punished and returned to my owners.

’ I was shocked she put our actual phone number and I could tell from mom’s face that that one was a good solid punch to the ego but it wasn’t going to bring her to her knees. She admitted that to herself and in front of others many times already –but having it written on her by her daughter was pretty good reinforcement.

“Okay the last two opportunities, you two are really going to have to come up with some good ones or I think both of you are going to lose this competition.” I added.

“I wasn’t finished Sir, I just wanted to see if you liked what I had written so far” Jamie scrawled the finishing touches on her mother’s back ‘And I love every fucking second of it

I could see my mom go almost limp when she heard what it said and I made her repeat it out loud for all of us to hear. “I am a whore for my son and husband who own my entire ass. If found running loose please call our HOME phone number, so I can be punished and returned to my owners…and I love every fucking second of it.” She paraphrased a little but I could tell by her voice that one had managed a solid gut punch to her ego more than even the ‘nigger’ one had.

“Do you love every fucking second of this?” I asked playfully.

I half-expected a saucy and sarcastic ‘How could I not love it?’ standing naked in a broke-ass pool while my daughter and I humiliate each other in front of my family and strangers.

“There are parts about my training I appreciate and have learned from Sir, but I would not say that I love every fucking second of this, no Master.” my mom admitted patiently and thoughtfully, which was a pleasant surprise.

“So that one wasn’t true then, that counts against Ass face, unlike the big stinky shits which I think we can all agree on is totally true.” I laughed even if everyone else only gave me a polite smile on that one.

“Well, I wouldn’t say untrue,” Mom blurted out abruptly.

“So you DO love every fucking second of this training? No white alert, just tell the truth.” Dad interrupted to clarify.

There was a quiet pause while we waited for mom to say something and it seemed like she was going through one of those internal conflicts of hers where she weighs all of her options. “I just think Ass face deserves partial credit on that one is all, if the name of the game was coming up with things like that.”

“Like what Cow-tits?” Jamie spoke out of turn clearly enjoying her mom’s conundrum of explaining herself.

“Let me show you, Ass Face, kindly take position two so that I can do your tramp stamp?” Wendy said in mock-polite tone.

“With pleasure, mother dear.” this was so precious that Jamie bent over at the waist, reached behind herself and pulled her ass cheeks apart and awaited her mom’s ink.


in big capital letters with flowery dicks on either side just above the waist bone where a tramp stamp would be. My mom even added ‘DTF’ (down to fuck), a term I didn’t think she even knew.

“Snooki probably does take it up the ass less than me” My sister admitted out loud once she was told what it said. I couldn’t tell if being compared to the sluttiest girl on Jersey Shore had been a put-down or a strange compliment to her.

Without being told my mom assumed position two and the girls reversed places with each other. ‘Hip’s don’t lie, I am a giant fat-ass.

’ In flowery script appeared on my mom’s back within moments.

“That is the worst you got? An old Shakira song?” my mom laughed but I could hear her choke a little when she repeated it out loud “Hips don’t lie, I am a giant fat ass”. It had become a condition of the game for each of them to repeat the words on their body and I was enjoying the tension building up to their final round.

“Okay Fat-asses, your final chance to out-do each other. I think to make it fair, I’ll have you read them after you finish, because right now I think both of you are going to be wearing the make-shift outfits if you don’t come up with something especially amusing and hurtful.”

“Yes, what Master Chris said!” Rahjid could not hide the boner in his white linen pants as he cheered this spectacle on.

“Thank you Master Rahjid.” I smiled in response.

“You are very welcome Master Chris,” Rahjid politely responded to me.

“Okay, okay let’s just see what the two are writing,” Dad broke up the recognition I was finally getting from Rahjid but the girls had already switched positions again so that Mom could deliver her coup de grace and final stroke for the evening. I admit I peeked at the outcome but waited for Jamie to deliver her own message to mom before we told them what it was and made them say it out loud. I didn’t tell them that I was judging less on my own sense of humor and more on what their faces told me when they had to read it out loud.

“When you are finished fucking me, Piss all on my back” and a bulls-eye Sir. My mom didn’t coo sweetly like when we first talked about it earlier this time. That instruction to a potential trick was a really nice touch with concentric rings of black and red starting from the RED O on my mom’s asshole.

“Ass-face, your turn?” I reminded my sister.

She turned ashen white and then started to turn pink by the light of the pool as she read what my mom had written around her ass. “I love nigger dick up my ass almost as much as my dad and brother’s cocks.” It sounded like she was about to cry.

So I asked that bitch to repeat it.

“I love nigger dick up my ass almost as much as my dad and brother’s cocks, SIR.” Jamie said with a tone half-way between pained humiliation and dutiful submission.

“Do you?” I asked. I had to love how mom had folded several of Jamie’s own hand written comments back on her in the final round – very clever. Mom had also drawn a red circle around Jamie’s ass and made a sort of Happy Face – I suppose in part because she wasn’t sure what her daughter had drawn all those circles on her own ass was at the time.

“It…well it’s an unfair question, I don’t have enough experience to know what I love, Sir.” Jamie stumbled her response. I can tell you that I LOVE when Jamie is on an emotional rollercoaster of uncertainty instead of being so sure of herself.

“Well, I would say that Mom had won because that last one I almost saw a snot bubble come out of your nose in shock, but if it’s untrue…” I let what I was saying linger.

“I just said I don’t know, Sir.” I could tell Jamie’s inner angel was telling her to step in and save mom from losing even before she said, “So I guess Mom should win”.

“Hahah, like it’s up to you two cunts who wins?” I giggled at their helplessness. “In truth, I would have liked to seen ‘career obsessed control freak’ or ‘narcissistic, self-absorbed, princess’ or even ‘little miss can’t be wrong’. You two took much safer choices than the exercise really called for.”

I could tell from a sparkle in my mom’s eye she was taking mental notes for next time the game was played. Dad jumped in to back me up “Yeah, judging who won this one is like picking which Kardassian has the best tits - It’s really none of them - Rahjid, what do you say?”

“Okay, I am in agreement with what you are saying,” Rahjid was actually delighted beyond words and was willing to take a back seat to us.

“Did you two twats learn anything from this?” I asked.

“Yes Sir, we will be more obedient and more willing to admit our shortcomings and that of each other. It was a good experience. Thank you for that, I have been focused on my own problem areas, but it might help to do this with Ass Face more often.” My mom was the first to answer.

“I think some of my tricks may be offended by some of what is written on me, Sir” Jamie nodded in agreement with her mom but pointed out her concern.

“A valid observation, dipshit. You will have to use some of that outgoing charm of yours to convince them that you mean it in the best possible way when you say you love nigger cock.” Even I felt a little uncomfortable saying that out loud once I said it, but Jamie and Wendy nodded in agreement with it.

“Not all blacks are niggers, and not all niggers are black” I could hear the scratchy voice of Ronnie off in the distance puffing a cigarette. Her tone was totally casual as if what we were doing was perfectly normal and she had absolutely no qualms with it.

“Valid point, thank you Ronnie,” I said in reply.

“Aint no thang to me,” Ronnie seemed completely unflappable as she walked up and down the sidewalk.

“Okay, let’s get these two a little shit and piss break, and then we’ll give them the treat we brought back and they can start working again.” Dad was always the pragmatic one to keep us on schedules and this was no exception.

“Aren’t you two lucky you’ve got us keeping you on schedule? Thank us”

“Thank you Master” Jamie and Wendy were back in position one with their hands pulling their cheeks apart as they said that together.

“Thank me for what?” I asked Jamie to elaborate.

“For disciplining us when we are bad, and motivating us to be good whores for you, Master.” Jamie said without hesitation.

“Dad, do you mind taking Ass Face for walkies, I really need to drain the main vein, and Mom won the foot race, so she gets to shit on a toilet like a grown-up with dignity for a change.” I asked.

“I didn’t think fat-ass would win, but yeah go on ahead Son.”

“C’mon fat-ass,” I swatted my mom’s ass and she turned to follow me back to their rented cabana.

“Yes Sir,” She walked behind me as I laughed “Which one stung the most?”

She waited until Jamie was out of earshot before answering “Probably career obsessed control freak, Sir.”

“Aww that’s sweet, but I mean of what Jamie wrote,” I could see over my shoulder that Rahjid had stayed with Dad to watch Jamie squat at the pool area and take her shit out there on that weed-infested patch of lawn surrounding it.

“I guess I will have to think on that Sir,” Mom admitted.

Women know how to hurt each other’s feelings in ways men can only hope to stumble upon accidentally. However, the bond between these two had grown so much sharing this training that I can’t expect them to really dig down deep and get mean. I think there had been a little spark tonight though of that competitive edge that drives them – I will have to play with that more.

When we walked into the mildewed cabana I smiled ‘charming’ and walked over to the toilet. It was one large efficiency room. If there had ever been a time this motel was intended for normal people, it would have been interesting anytime anyone had to take a shit that everyone else just left the room so they could have a little privacy.

I sat down on the toilet and made mom wait in front of me. I could tell by the look on her face her instincts told her that it was rude of me to do it but she submissively smiled and stood there obediently.

“Turn around and spread your cheeks for me, position two.” I ordered absent mindedly while I relieved myself.

She did as she was told and I pulled out her butt plug and stuck it in her mouth. Then I fished around with my finger in her ass while I finished up “I can feel a few turd balls in there, you two are regular shit factories. You just went right before we left the house.”

It was obviously a few hours since then, but time sure flies when you are having fun.

“Yes Sir, we are.” she said with her lips holding the butt plug clenched between her teeth so that it sounded muffled.

I love listening to them struggle to answer me like that, and further I love it when the drool from her gag drips down her chin and down her chest –it makes them look like such stupid sluts. That is a really nice visual because they were such proud and arrogant bitches for so long before all of this.

When I was finished, I thought about making her wipe me but decided that might be humiliating for me as well. I ripped a rather large fart and laughed, “A fart is just a wish your ass makes.”

My mom smiled at me but in that sort of 'pleasing' way that told me she wasn't feeling my comedy. She was probably having one of those long internal conflicted debates of hers she seems to have – that or maybe I am just not always as hilarious as I think I am.

I let her sit down, took the butt plug out of her mouth and asked, “How does that feel?”

“Well Sir, it feels really nice. I haven’t had a chance to use the toilet for quite a while now, it is very re..” it was very satisfying to see the look on her face as I stuck my dick in her mouth while she finished her thought mumbling ‘--freshing.”

“Just because your bottom two holes are busy emptying all that piss and shit you cart around with you, doesn’t mean your top hole should be doing nothing but talking, don’t you agree?”

She nodded yes, but then I was pulling her by the hair, so that could have just been me forcing her up and down throttling my dick.

It is good to be the king.

The Family Feud IV
Chapter Twenty-Four
Jamie’s Journal: It sounds worse when I think about it than when I do it

**Note to reader: This is Jamie’s journal from Tuesday around 12:45pm shortly after her mother and her wrote on each other. In order to increase readability, some of the dialogue exchanged was altered to appear in a ‘narrative’ story format.

She was not where she had been.
She was not where she was going...
But she was on her way.
--Jodi Hill

WENDY: $1,320
JAMIE: $1,370

I feel like I sort of turned a corner into what the most intense and truest forms of depravity and humiliation must feel like.

I thought I knew when we danced nearly naked at the county fair or got sloshed with tomatoes while we were in stocks. I thought I had an inkling when my brother rented me out to his geeky friends who fumbled over my nipples but they were more afraid of me than I was of them.

Tonight has been a new low in a series of lows for me. I would say I am numb to it, but that isn’t true because wave after wave of fresh goose bumps and butterflies in my tummy keep assaulting me.

Once I have truly been a whore for money, there is no way to not have been one. I guess it’s time to live up to the tattoo I got at the county fair.

They say you cannot physically die from embarrassment but those people were not living as slaves for their brother and father. The strange thing is it doesn’t bother me as much as I thought it would to reach this low and that is where the depravity must be kicking in to dampen the effects. It could be the mind’s basic instinct to protect me from the massive doses of humiliation I am receiving.

After Chris took my mom off to enjoy a nice reward of using the bathroom without discipline for losing the race my Dad wasted no time getting me down on all fours taking me to the fence and making me piss like a male dog by raising my leg to piss on the chain link fence.

Rahjid was delighted watching me pee hiking my leg like a dog – his laughter was so dirty it was almost psychotic. It wasn’t a carefree laugh of someone who was amused. It was more the laugh of a deeply perverted mind. I half wondered if this was the ‘Bates Motel’ and he likes to dress up in his mother’s clothes – that’s an odd thought.

At first Rahjid took issue with the idea of me squatting to shit in the weeds of his pool but Dad quickly reminded him to look around at this place and he acquiesced to my father. I was allowed to squat with my legs apart and keep my buttplug in my mouth. I at least had the mild satisfaction that the balance of power had shifted between him and my father in Dad’s favor.

“That is it? You don’t have more to do?” Rahjid asked me of the small squishy turd I had just deposited on his pool deck.

“Yes Sir, thaffs it, all I hadffs” I hate how I instinctively answer like this little positive ray of sunshine but that is how my words came out with the plug clenched between my teeth.

“So what happened to ‘I take Big Stinky Shits’, AHAHAHA!? You barely left a rabbit pellet.” Rahjid laughed enough at his own joke that it was obvious he wasn’t expecting a response.

My Dad reached down and yanked me by my sore tits, forcing me to my feet, “He asked you a question, why didn’t you take a big stinky shit, Ass face?”

“Oh Sorry Master, I thought he wuff joking” I croaked with the buttplug in my mouth muffling my words.

“Position two, now!” Dad turned me over and had me spread my ass cheeks for him. You would think he had enough of looking at my poor pink, puffy hole or that I would be used to this by now but it slaps a fresh coat of paint on my humiliation each time I am ordered to ‘spread em’.

I think it didn’t help that Rahjid was jeering and giggling at my discomfort.

“Momfff and I were permiffed to shiff beffffour we leff the house, Maffer.” I could almost see the spit bubbles as I talked like I had a mouth full of crackers around my plug.

“You always can check by sticking one finger in there and fishing around for little turd balls, in case the little bitch is lying and holding some back.” Dad plunged two (not one) fingers into my asshole without any resistance and fiddled around causing me to arch my back slightly. He slapped my ass and told me to hold still until he had finished my inspection.

“What about the sides of her asshole, I see a little doo-doo brown cream around the edges of her butt” Rahjid sounded like a dandy afraid to get his hands dirty as he described my backside to my father.

“The little slut and her cunt mother will clean their own juices and creams off each other, it’s not a big deal, just make sure they do a good job washing you when you are done. Open your big mouth, sweet heart” Dad mocked me as he pulled his fingers out of my ass and removed the butt plug from my mouth. I kept my mouth open knowing he expected me to clean his dirty fingers.

You would think I would be horrified by tasting my own cunt juice or ‘ass cream’ to use Rahjid’s colorful term but it’s a little like taking a spoonful of horrible cough medicine. If you just close your eyes and get it over with –the taste does not linger for long. It sounds worse when I think about it than when I do it.

“The little bitch sucks your fingers like a cock,” Rahjid observed as I opened my eyes. I am not sure how long I had been cleaning dad’s fingers but I bet it was a full thirty seconds that I was thinking about something else – in my ‘happy place’. That quiet refuge in my mind where I go when I have to do unpleasant and disgusting things some times as my only escape from the vulnerability of being naked and on display.

“You like sucking daddy’s fingers, slut?” Dad was standing over me and looking down at me with a perverted stare in his eye. I could see from the bulge in his pants that I had been pumping my mouth up and down and in and out on his fingers and he enjoyed it.

“Yesss Masster, I am a good little cock sucker for you.” I sounded so pathetic as those words slithered out of my mouth – like a bimbo in heat but I was trying to sound sexy and do a good job. I at least was able to talk around his fingers without sounding like I had a mouth full of marbles which says something for the merits of practice makes perfect.

I could see from the look on Rahjid’s face that he is a fan of bad acting because he was grinning like a cat that had two canaries for lunch.

“Would you like me to suck your cock, Master?” I asked as seductively as I could. I even boldly moved to unbuckle my father’s pants since it seemed like a no-brainer he would.

I was shocked when he reached down and slapped me hard across the face. “This is prime earning time, you will suck my cock when I give you permission and not before… is THAT understood slut?”

“Yes Master, thank you sir for reminding me I overstepped my bounds. May I have my license returned to my asshole so I can get back to work Sir? ” I instantly felt stupid for having been so aggressive.

“No, you dumb cunt. You will clean each other up and eat some of the cold wings we brought back for you as soon as your mom gets back from her reward."

I know the guys have made us bend over backwards to let them have more than just a little payback for the things we did and we sort of brought all this on ourselves by agreeing to their rules. I wonder sometimes if it is only my sense of obligation, duty and fairness that keeps me exposing myself to new and awkward humiliations?

Then my mom comes hobbling back from our ‘cabana’ with my Brother pulling her by two cords tied to her nipple rings and I realize that it is not just about me. If I ran screaming from this waking nightmare and saying that this is too much, too far and too extreme (which by every right, any sane person probably would) then my mom would do this alone.

She is not the type to give up or quit, especially if it is something she agreed too. I remember the week she went to an extreme Pilates class that she was teaching assistant at even though she had the flu – this is like that week except times ten and with a butt plug up our asses, lol.

I could see my mom’s stubborn tenacity by looking at her with her hands cuffed in front of her, whimpering and naked with a wad of toilet paper stuck in her mouth while my brother slaps her ass as he leads her through the darkened parking lot to where we were. I wonder if she thinks I am half as strong as she is?

“Okay, spit it out, cow tits” Chris finally said when the two of them were back in the pool area. I could see he had taken the time to wrap the same cord he had around my mother’s tits around her legs so she was hobbled and around her wrists to bind them together.

My mom obediently spit out the toilet paper on to the ground helplessly letting drool drip down her lip as it splattered on the cement.

“Tell them what you did, dumbass” Chris demanded.

“I asked for permission to use toilet paper Sir, because I thought that I was getting the privilege of using the toilet.”

“Oh, we are going to start this again? You WERE given the rare privilege of sitting your fat ass on the toilet. A glorious benefit a slutty whore like you doesn’t deserve and for which you should be thankful. But that wasn’t enough for you. You think you deserve even more reward for such a measly performance tonight. I was being merciful to you and you sought to take advantage of your young Master by asking for something you knew you didn’t deserve. I see he at least had the good sense to punish you appropriately. Well done son.” Chris had already chastised her back in the bathroom and I could see fresh pink hand slaps all over her face and tits even in the barely lit pool area.

“I am thankful sir. Thank you so very much for permitting me to experience what I’ve been missing.” My mom stammered out in response, sounding contrite and appreciative of small favors like that.

Somehow even though I had not had the “privilege” mom did, I wondered if it wasn’t just easier to continue to shit on the ground like a dumb animal than to get a fresh taste of what I was missing only to have to go back to the normal way. Then again I am such a creature of habit, maybe that’s just my subconscious resisting change now that I am used to something.

I just realized I chose the words “the normal way” to describe the disgusting and degrading way my brother and father insist we squat down to shit right in front of them so they can laugh – so what does that say about me?

“Don’t interrupt me when a Taylor man is talking! You keep your mouth shut! Is that understood slut?” Chris gave my mom a slap across the face so loud even Rahjid felt it. I’ve been on the receiving end of those slaps and while they sting they sound much worse than they hurt – that or my tolerance to pain has increased from this training. Mom took it with a wince and a submissive look of acceptance like a champ.

“Yes Sir,” my mom stood silently at attention only slightly shivering.

“You know that sluts like you should not waste good toilet paper on your dirty assholes when you’ve got tongues to do the job of cleaning your fudge bakers, right?”

“Yes master,” my mom obediently said with her hands out in front of her and a little bit of drool still on her lip.

“Is being around all these greedy whores affecting you so much already then that you would dare to ask for toilet paper when Assface here was waiting for you to come clean her little piss-pocket and shit-hole like a good doggy?”

“I guess so Sir,” my mom wasn’t sure how to answer that one but added “I am sorry, I should have not been so greedy, will you please forgive me Sir?”

“You let me shit first and squatted in front of me for my amusement when we went to that bathroom because you know I am your superior, right skank?” Chris was going into affirmation mode.

“Yes Sir,” my mom admitted without hesitation.

“You sucked my dick while I was shitting because you are my slut aren’t you?” he asked.

“Yes sir, that is my obligation to be a cocksucker for you,” she was swallowing because she probably could see what he was driving at already. My mom was an expert at reading between the lines and predicting where things are going to go – much more than I can ever hope to be.

“You know that sluts like you don’t waste toilet paper when you can just use your tongue to clean out each other’s pussy holes and shitters right?” he asked impatiently.

“Yes sir, I admitted that already,” my mom sounded calm, subservient and attentive.

“So as a slut who has whored with her daughter, that believes sluts don’t get the same privileges that are reserved for people above their station, are you going to use toilet paper after the training is over?” Chris had never really asked a question quite like that. I was glad I wasn’t the one getting the affirmation because I wasn’t sure how to answer that one.

“Would I be allowed to again once our payback is up and the training and education is complete Sir?” Mom asked politely.

“Yes you would,” Chris grimaced while offering his permission as if it was an imposition to him to tell her what she could use – even though he never paid a dime for anything in the house.

“Then I guess I would since I can Sir,” my mom had followed the line of logic to its conclusion.

“So then you really don’t believe that toilet paper restriction applies to sluts, just sluts with an obligation to be obedient and not wasteful?” Chris asked in a demanding tone. I would have been caught flat-footed without an answer if I had been the one on the spot.

“Eyes front, shoulders back, tits out!” Chris slapped mom across her bulging tits as she searched for an answer. Mom’s body popped with a crispness for lack of a better term as her tits bounced up once from the slap and then she shifted back into place back straight and legs close together with her hands at her side with precision.

“So tell me, slut? Will you continue to waste toilet paper after this is over and you are released from your obligation to me and Dad?” Chris reiterated his question more impatiently than before as my mom’s eyes sort of welled up with indecision.

My dad had been standing in the background silently with his arms folded. He intervened before my mom was forced to answer. He tapped his phone and said “Look, we gotta get these bitches cleaned up and fed so they can make us some money. They’ve had enough affirmations to get them in the right mood I think, we need to stop babying them every time they need a little motivation.”

Dad sounded gruff and impatient but I wondered if he was just trying to avoid making Mom answer right then because he felt sorry for how far Chris was pushing her?

“Get the dumb bitch’s legs untied and put her on the ground with her slut daughter so they can eat this chicken and clean each other off, fucking mosquitos are biting.” He slapped his own back hard.

Then I noticed the little bugger buzzing around my ear. I was dutifully in position on all fours with the butt plug rammed up my ass. Then without thinking I felt a mosquito land on my ass and I reached behind myself and slapped it hard.

“Oh, see what you did? Now the little twat is so jealous of the big twat getting attention she has begun spanking herself!” I couldn’t tell if Dad was joking or seriously thought I was spanking myself but I was sure of one thing – that I was about to be punished.

“Why ya spanking ya self, Why ya spanking ya self” Chris moved my hand twice over my ass to make me spank my same ass cheek as he mocked me sarcastically. “I agree with you dad, the two cunts don’t deserve an extended affirmation, but you have to admit they both need punishment?”

“Oh I never said they didn’t. I just don’t want to get eaten up out here all night by skeeters.” Dad replied matter of factly while swatting another one.

Mom was already next to me on all fours and we looked at each other with a silent glance that was half amusement and half hysteria. The kind of conspiratorial glance you give to someone who is sitting right next to you right before you take the plunge on a roller coaster. I smiled at her and she smiled at me and that gave me renewed strength to accept my punishment whatever it may be.

“I was going to let you two cunts eat chicken wings off the ground, but because you’ve been misbehaving tonight, I think as punishment you can eat them out of each other’s filthy pussies and assholes while you clean each other up.” Dad finally decided our fate as he announced the punishment.

I don’t know if the feeling I had was disappointment or not – that hardly seemed like a punishment compared to some of the corrections they normally did.

I just realized I admitted I was disappointed the punishment was not more severe for merely slapping a mosquito on my ass – who am I?

Mom was the first to get ‘stuffed’, she was directed to lay on her back and spread her legs apart. Chris crammed three chicken drumsticks in her pussy and one in her ass with the meat part facing out.

I was told to kneel between her legs and lick the meat off the bone with my tongue while I kept my hands behind my back. I did not hesitate to obey – I was starving and greasy fried wings would do as well as anything at the moment.

Dad pulled my hair before I could put my head all the way between my mom’s legs to restrain me like a leash. “I know you are eager to eat your mom’s cunt, but let the sauce do its work first.”

I did not know what he meant until I saw the first spasm in my mom’s thigh and then she started to shake. She had her hands above her head and as she started to reach down between her legs Chris stepped down on them and held them in place. Then he took my mom’s ‘passport’ buttplug and drove it into her mouth to keep her from screaming out.

Hot sauce.

All I could do was think about how much that was going to hurt when it was my turn. I felt a wash of embarrassment when I realized I hadn’t instantly felt sorry for my mom instead of thinking about my own fate as I watched her squirm and jerk on the slab cement around the darkened pool.

My dad asked me if I was hungry and I replied dutifully that I was thankful for the way I was being trained. He laughed and released my hair and I tried to eat as quickly as I could but they kept kicking me with their shoes in the crack of my ass anytime it looked like I was gobbling instead of licking and nibbling at the spicy meat.

The wing sauce burned my tongue. I wasn’t sure how mom was able to take it jammed inside her most sensitive parts. She was quivering when I finished the first half-eaten chicken wing. “May I remove the first bone from my mother’s cunt and start on the second, Master?” I asked dutifully without taking my head from my mother’s crotch.

I was given permission and proceeded to bone number two. Rahjid asked about our slavery and how it was that we were permitted to cuss. “I do not let my niece have the cuss, why do you allow this talk?”

“Tell him shit-lips.” My father kicked my ass with his shoe and I stopped eating for a moment.

“I used to use polite euphemisms as a form of vanity, as if I was above using more vulgar terms and the vulgar nature of the act. I am no longer allowed to do that Sir, and will be punished if I try.” I swallowed hard as I said the words. I’ve been such a goody-two-shoes all my life, that when I did cuss it was pretty tame, and what we are doing now had become second nature to me.

“You talked like that when you bossed around you father and brother like a little bitch?” Rahjid asked me in his clipped Indian accent.

“No Sir, I was still a goody-two shoes who didn’t have to be obscene. The things I did pushing them around were obscene but my speech was not.” I replied as my mom quivered intensely as the sauce dripped down her thigh onto the sidewalk.

“You WILL lick that off the sidewalk when you are done.” My father kicked my ass to remind me and I agreed with him.

“So you think it obscene what they do to you?” Rahjid asked me.

I thought for a long moment about how to answer that and then I said “No sir, we agreed to this treatment and brought it on ourselves. They are making it harder on us than we did them because we started it. I am sorry they had to stay in your motel for so long.”

“You sorry? You trying to say my motel is not nice place to stay?” Rahjid asked incredulously.

I had really stepped into it that time. It was a bug infested dump that only whores rented out. I didn’t want to say that, but at the same time I had just preached about not sugar-coating my words and saying the truth.

“No offense intended sir, but my father and brother deserve better than this.” I decided was about the most diplomatic thing I could say while staying true to the whole honest and vulgar thing.

“You deserve better than this?” Rahjid asked me.

“No not at all sir. This is perfect for two whores like my mother and I.” I wanted to beg him to let me finish the chicken wings because I knew it was hurting my mom but it almost seemed that she mom had gotten her shakes and grunts under control from the hot sauce.

“Good, you two stay here to work day shift tomorrow afternoon?” Rahjid said.

“That’s not up to me Sir, my owners make those decisions about where we stay.” I said.

“Let the dumb bitch finish eating,” Dad said as he pushed my head forward into my mom’s crotch. “I will give you one of the girls for day shift tomorrow, but the other stays home with me.” Dad said shrewdly.

“Yes, whoever makes the least amount of money, can work it off during the day tomorrow.” Chris added while I finished the second bone in my mom’s cunt.

It felt unfair that I was already earning the most money and now mom and I were in competition. I wondered if being home in the backyard would be worse than dayshift here. My ponderings about that got me through eating the next two bones and licking the sauce and everything else off my mom’s thighs and the sidewalk. I rimmed her asshole and cunt driving my tongue all the way inside her at the very end more to please the ones watching us than with the belief that I was providing any sanitary cleaning.

Then it was my turn to lie on my back. Mom’s eyes were red from the pain as she hovered in place between my knees as Chris pulled out a few more half eaten chicken wings and dabbed them with hot sauce right in front of me.
“Finger licking good, right sis?” he joked.

“Yes Sir, it was and thank you for the meal. Can I ask that you hold my hands down before you insert them in my cunt and asshole Sir?” I felt obliged to say cunt and asshole given I had just told Rahjid that was the rule.

“Why? You don’t want us to see you flopping around like a fish on the cement?” He giggled.

I don’t know why but I joked, “I might just accidentally flop around and punch you in the gut.” I thought he’d rise up and punch me in mine for talking like that but he just laughed, kneeled down on my hands and bent over me to insert the chicken wings. There were times we could be sassy and playful with the guys but this hadn’t felt like one. I wondered if maybe I had turned a corner or if maybe Chris just hadn’t really thought about the fact I should take this more seriously.

Maybe he just thought it was funny.

I didn’t have time to think about it because instantly a searing sensation went up and down my spine. “Watch this, we call it pulling a Jamie.” Chris slipped the other bones in my cunt and ass but I barely felt them as I started to shimmy and pulse on the ground fighting his weight to struggle from the hot sauce boiling in my skin and causing my clit ring to pulse like it was on fire.

My mom’s butt plug was unceremoniously plopped into my mouth, after they yanked mine out to insert a chicken wing up my ass just in time to cut off my gasp for air. I could still taste that creamy yet spicy wing sauce on my lips but now I was feeling it on my pussy lips and the sensation was far more intense. I knew I was having a chain-reaction orgasm and shuddering. I also knew my mom was doing her best lick the chicken in the most sexy way possible for the guys. I knew that she was going to have to eat me out when she was done eating but none of that seemed to matter as I mewed and cooed and tried to hold myself still so I didn’t choke my mom while she licked the half-eaten chicken meat off the bone.

“These girls like the sex.” I remember Rahjid saying as I jiggled – my tits bouncing while my ass gyrated in a manner Mrs. Waxerman would have declared “obscene” without a doubt.

“Yah, can you believe my tease of a daughter had us buy her a fucking three hundred dollar chastity belt so people couldn’t fuck her precious little twat and now she can’t seem to get enough dick?” My dad complained about me. I was too distracted to do more than bite my lip and struggle under my brother’s weight while my mom worked over the last remaining chicken bone. I knew she was savoring every bite before she had to clean me up with her tongue.
My eyes were half-open and half-rolling in the back of my head as I struggled against pain and pleasure, but I noticed her wiggling her ass back and forth like an eager puppy – a nice tough mom, the guys probably loved that! I wish I had thought of that when it was my turn.

“Three hundred dollar? I thought you had the money problem?” Rahjid sounded disgusted at the excess spending.

“Yeah, how do you think I ran up that much of a bill? All the fucking shit these two assholes want and need, those engraved butt plugs, it all costs.”

“Tut, tut, tut” I could hear Rahjid say condescendingly as my mother’s tongue began to slather my tender cunt. I slowed down gyrating and began to move my hips in a rotation with her tongue.

I wanted to call out something but my mouth was gagged.

I wanted to grab her hair and hold her in place but my arms were under my brother’s weight.

I could do nothing but lay back and let my mom lick my entire pussy and asshole and when she was done, she looked up at me and winked. I was sweating and in awe of how pleasurable, it had been. She had been generous with her tongue using it to caress and kiss but also to touch on spots no one had touched before and it tingled in a new way – like a soft gentle rain had washed over me.

“Do you want to inspect my daughter’s cunt and asshole Sir? It’s clean now.” Mom said to my dad.

“Oh it better be, after you used that suction hose you call a mouth on it for ten minutes.” My dad sounded impatient but there was a hint of his approval in the tone of his voice.

I continued to lie on my back with my legs spread while my mother remained kneeling between my legs waiting for him to check. He realized we were waiting for his response and added, “No, it’s just going to get filled up with cum anyway, isn’t it?”

I nodded yes. I could feel that my forehead was sweaty. I bet I had that ‘freshly fucked’ look on my face like my world had just been rocked - because it had. Way to go mom for the extra effort! I mean you have to do it anyway so you might as well do it really, really well, lol.

I guess I really am pretty selfish. I’ve spent two paragraphs explaining how awesome my mom ate my pussy just then and all of it about how thoroughly she had just gotten me off. My nipples were also aching, not only because of the intensely primal sexuality of what had just happened but because I had not been permitted to milk myself. My father kicked my hand when I absent mindedly reached up to stroke my nipple ring between my finger and thumb.

“Don’t make me punish you again. You can play with those in front of customers, if you can find any.” He was staring down at me with a half-grin on his normally serious face.

“Yes Sir,” I gulped obediently as I started to regain my composure and sit up. I rose to my feet and stood obedient next to my mother, lit only by the moon and a flickering street light in the darkness.

My father threw a wet sloshy pile of clothes at my mother’s chest, “Put this on beast, it’s your reward for out-humiliating your daughter tonight.” The clothes hit the sidewalk but she obediently bent at the waist and started to dress in the clothes she had on earlier.

I don’t know if you can imagine the sound of duct tape being pulled and ripped coming from over your shoulder, but it can be a startling and scary thing when the sudden realization hits you that it is all you will be permitted to wear.

“Well Sis, time for a little fuct tape,” Chris applied a single grey strip between my legs and up my ass crack and then two smaller ones across my nipples before slapping my bottom and telling me “go get my money, slut.”

“Yes Sir, thank you.” I looked at my mom who was still trying to slip into her shoes and I realized that most of what I wrote was entirely visible on her body.

Her top was all wet and slung down enough you could almost make out all of Ask me about my Candied Titted Bitch who used to be on the honor roll’

Blacks please fuck me in the butt! asshole’ was almost entirely covered up by her skirt.

But ‘I am a whore for my son and husband who own my ass. If found running loose please call 555 -7374, so I can be punished and returned to my owners.’ was perfectly legible in red marker on her back because of the low-slung nature of the half-top she wore. You would have had to lift up the shirt a little to read ‘And I love every fucking second of it’ which may come us a humorous shocker to anyone who did.

I guess it may be also a funny reveal when they remove her mini-skirt and see ‘When you are finished fucking me, Piss all on my back’ and the concentric rings I drew like a target in a burst of inspiration (and mean-ness). I think it has helped us that we are so competitive at times, but other times we end up pushing each other in ways I think the guys would never have thought of - I guess it’s a double edged sword. In retrospect though, I intended the target to be funny and not really mean.

I took stock of what was on my own body as well.

There was “Milk, Milk’ between the separation of my tits.

‘I just popped my cherry’ right above my clit with a little drawing of a cherry. The duct tape covered up only part of the word ‘popped’.

Caution, I leave big, stinky shits’ with the dog turd and fly illustration, was most likely still very visible around my tattoo on my ass.

You could see ‘Hip’s don’t lie, I am a giant fat-ass.’ For her tramp-stamp.

‘SNOOKI TAKES IT UP THE ASS LESS THAN ME’ in big capital letters with flowery dicks on either side just above the waist bone where a tramp stamp would be and the letters ‘DTF’.

I love nigger dick up my ass almost as much as my dad’s and brother’s cocks, written below my tattoo with only a little bit of the duct tape covering up the words as it ran between my ass crack.

“Well Jamie, you’ve got no school tomorrow but I guess you are about to get a lesson in African American Studies tonight.” My brother quipped. I gave him sort of a ‘hardy-har-har’ lemony look to laugh it up and he just grinned.

They had us hook, line and sinker and we were already half-way through. In for a penny, in for a pound I suppose.

I started in one direction down the sidewalk and my mom in the other. I wanted to talk to her about all that had happened and apologize for some of the things I wrote in case she didn’t realize it was in the same spirit my brother teases me.

However, it was probably for the best that we didn’t spend time chit-chatting and got to work. I couldn’t believe I was really in the worst section of town, walking down a sidewalk wearing nothing but duct tape and a dog collar in my bare feet and I was getting away with it.

Even walking through my own neighborhood in the super skimpy bikini I felt there was an element of plausibility to what I was doing. I would appear to people as just a dumb teenager who is a little liberal about what she wears. This however was worse than walking naked I think because it was obvious I came out here intentionally like this.

Then again I wasn’t streaking down the sidewalk, so maybe I should count my blessings before I try to imagine what it would be like to work the track in the nude.

A few cars passed by with a horn honk and a couple ‘looky-loos’ slowed down to get a gander at what I was wearing. I smiled at them invitingly and they just drove on – rejection does suck. I am starting to get a taste of what Chris must have felt when dealing with girls. It is hard not take it personally.

I was standing in front of an old Quiznos that had long since gone out of business when a cop car whisked by me.

I held my breath.

“Oh god, what will I say?” I am a very truthful person, but at the same time I realized that I needed to be very careful how much truth I said so I don’t get the whole family in trouble. I bit my lip and looked over my shoulder to see if the cop had pulled over, thoughts running through my mind of how messy this was going to be.

He was gone. The streets were not that busy – there was no way he could have missed me.

He didn’t even slow down or stop.

I guess they are used to hookers working out here at night, but the other girls said the cops do hassle them some times. I let out a long breath of relief that this time I had missed the bullet. I think as awful as everything was there was this weird adrenalin rush building in me from the excitement of walking around outside like this in public and from the chance of being caught by the cops.

Maybe I am getting twisted? The old Jamie would have pissed herself at the thought of being caught littering or walking on the grass at the park.

I am definitely getting twisted because the other thought in my head was that I couldn’t wait to get the duct tape off my boobs so I could milk myself.

It looked like I would be getting my chance, a nice old man stopped where I was walking.

“You look like you could use a lift?” he said as he rolled down his window.

“You know, I could use a date actually.” I winked channeling a little of my fake sassy southern accent.

“Get in, and we can talk about it.” he offered.

He was mid 40s, close with cropped blonde hair and glasses. “Hi, my name is Alan.”

I almost said, “My name is Ass face” but instead I caught myself and said, “Hi, my name is Jamie”

“You aren’t wearing much,” Alan stated the obvious.

“Yes, because I don’t like to waste time, Sir.” that wasn’t technically a lie but I didn’t think he wanted to hear how I lost a bet and my mom got to wear clothes and I didn’t – I will leave that just between me and my journal.

“You look like you have something written on you, between your boobs?” He glanced over at me while continuing to drive.

“Here is my motel,” I smiled while guiding him into Rahjid’s parking lot and thinking about what I wanted to say about that.

“It says Milk, Milk,” I decided to fall back on plain old simple honesty – I am really predictable that way.

“Oh?” his eyes lit up as he parked the car and looked over at me.

“Yeah, as in when the duct tape comes off, you can suck on these and milk, milk them.” I cupped my almost completely exposed tits and gave him a sexy smile.

“What I like about you is how completely naïve and innocent you look.” He stroked my hair with his hand. I have to admit my heart was beating fast and I was nervous, so much so it finally dawned on me this guy could have a knife and this was something he was about to say to his prey before he reached out with a knife or something. I could feel my adrenalin pumping in fear.

I had been going for ‘sexy’ but I knew deep down that when I give those big goofy smiles I look more like a Taylor Swift polly-anna type than I do a sexy Megan Fox.

“Relax, relax, it’s cool, so how do I get to suck those titties of yours?”

Well, Sir I can do a 10 dollar hand job right here,” I started to go through the prices for him.

“Hon, a word of advice, start high and go low, what does it cost for everything?” he sounded like he knew the game and wanted to cut to the chase with me.

“Well, everything is 100 dollars sir?”

“Super, and you will give me at least 20 minutes?”

I didn’t know how long I was supposed to give him but I said “Or until you cum, Sir.”

“I like the Sir stuff, okay do you have a room here or is the reason you are charging so little, I got to pay a little man for the room?” he looked over his shoulder in the parking lot.

“No sir, it’s all inclusive, I just have to see if the room is not occupied,” I opened my car door and led him over to the room.

“Oh you share the room with your boyfriend or something?” He said as we walked towards our cabana.

“This may sound weird, but I share it with my mom sir.” I told him like it was totally normal.

He took it that way too – “Yeah, hard times falling everywhere. We all have to do what we have to do to make ends meet.”

“That is so true, Sir.” I realized that explained everything about why my mom and I had suspended the training and were working as whores, and in a funny way there was probably a metaphor about our ‘ends meeting’ together when we are tied up ass-to-ass.

“Can I ask, does your mom also work the streets as well?” Alan was very businesslike but polite.

I could hear my mom croaking and grunting in the cabana as I stepped up to the screen door and so could he. “Fuck me harder, that it’s, I am such a naughty whore for you” I had heard her all my life telling me about her exercise class or asking me about school and so it was a little off-putting for me to hear that same voice talking dirty while she was getting fucked hard.

I looked at him and he already had the answer to the question, “I guess the room is occupied.”

“I could probably fuck you in there with them. There is enough room for all of us if you don’t mind.” I could tell before I finished the sentence he wasn’t okay with that. “We could go back to the car and fuck in the backseat.”

I could feel him getting apprehensive and suspected I was about to lose this customer when I felt someone pinch my ass hard from behind.

“Surprise Betch!” It was Maya who had just goosed me from behind.

“Oh hello Maya,” Alan said politely.

“Hello Alan, I see you are trying someone new tonight?”

“Well I do like to sample, but you know I think you are hot.” Alan said a little less convincing then he probably should have.

“Oh can the crap Alan, this one is sweet but she doesn’ t have a little something extra between her legs.” Maya swiveled her hips like an old time movie star and released an exaggerated sigh.

Alan was quiet for a moment as if thinking about his words carefully.

“I am just busting your balls, champ. I can see your mom has a live one in there, or maybe two.” Maya smiled as she listened to my mom repeatedly chant ‘Oh, Oh, Oh’ over the creaky mattress sounds. “You two love birds can use my cabana. I need to drain the main vein anyway.”

I thanked her but she was already walking away and tossed a hand over her shoulder to express it was really nothing while she puffed a cigarette on one of those long stem cigarette holders like that sexy vixen in Roger Rabbit.

Maya’s cabana was nothing like our stinky little fuck hut. It was lit in soft red light and candles, decorated with ornate wall paper, crystal lamps and bawdy paintings from the 1800s and early 1900s of women with their backs exposed.

The bed was much softer and the sheets looked clean. I smiled at Alan who now had a chance to look me over.

“How old are you may I ask?” he looked me up and down impressed and then added “Eighteen, I am hoping?”

“I am,” I lied because I assumed the question of my age might lose me a customer after all this.

“You are a terrible liar, little girl but let’s get you out of that outfit.” He sat on the bed.

“Can I have the money first, Sir?”

“I can see this isn’t your first time, you know a little something - very good.” He pulled a crisp one hundred dollar bill out of his shirt pocket. It looked like one he had put there for the express purpose of paying for sex and laid it down on the night stand.

“You mind using a condom, Sir?” I saw that Maya had a small collection of latex gloves, condoms, baby powder, A&D ointment and the like delicately arranged on an ornate silver tray near the bed.

“I would mind not using a condom, but maybe not so much with you. How long have you been working out here?”

“Well, I know better than to lie to you now Sir, so um, this is actually my first night.” I said.

I could see his dick rise visibly in his pants and I decided it was time to be a little more forward and unbuckle him.

I started to remove his pants before he took over and slipped off his shoes. “So how do we take your outfit off?”

“I guess it just rips off, Sir.” I swallowed thinking about how brutal that must sound.

“You are kidding, right?” Alan looked at me with disbelief.

“That’s how my brother takes it off. Just a quick rip. It’s really not that bad. Would you like me to do it Sir?”

“Your what?” Alan seemed even more skeptical.

“I am sorry, I don’t understand the question Sir.” I said innocently.

“You said your brother rips off your duct tape? He lives in the cabana too?”

“Oh, um well actually no Sir.” I realized I had just casually mentioned my brother without thinking about how that would sound to someone who had just entered this part of the story of my life. I was about to try to explain when I felt a sudden tear on my left tit as the duct tape peeled away revealing my sore and puffy nipple with its ring.

“Your first night as a whore, but you’ve got nipple rings?”

“A lot of my friends at school do sir, it’s more popular than you may think these days” I offered while putting my hands behind my head so he could release my other breast.

“Yes, at the COLLEGE where you go to school with other 18 year olds, right?”

“Yes Sir, there at that college,” I didn’t even wince this time as he pulled off the other strip of duct tape from my tits.

“You have an amazing body!” he said as he admired me standing in front of him.

“I am glad you like it sir,” I said waiting with my fingers interlaced behind my head.

“Do you want to do the middle strip, I don’t want to hurt you,” Alan smiled.

“You can if you want, Sir.” I said. The duct tape hurt but I’ve had that kind of short term pain almost every morning for weeks now, it was nothing compared to some of the things I’ve been through.

“I can hurt you if I want, or I can remove the duct tape?” Alan asked playfully as he gingerly peeled my duct tape up enough to give him enough to rip down.

“Both Sir.” I said honestly just as he was pulling down on the strip between my legs and I think my comment totally started him.

“You mean I could spank you?” He said.

“You are paying one hundred dollars, if you want to spank me, you have twenty minutes.” I reinforced the time limit he himself had suggested and then offered, “Do you want to spank my tits, pussy or ass Sir?”

He didn’t say a thing. He quickly ripped the duct tape from my cunt and the pain seared through me. He then stood up and he had this, and I can only describe it as somewhere between mischievous and evil, grin on his face. As I focused on his face I was suddenly surprised by a sharp pain on my right tit as he slapped it hard. I gasped from the surprise more than the pain. My tits were so swollen and full from having not been milked that they already hurt and the surprise of the slap caused me to make more noise than I normally would. It also had the result of causing milk to spray out of my tit which really surprised my customer. Suddenly he was all giddy and slapping my tits with both hands just to watch the milk spray out. I hate to say this but as the pain grew from the slapping, because he was slapping harder and harder as the spray started to lesson, but the pleasure was growing and growing slowly. Finally my tits stopped spraying milk, after what seemed like an hour, but was only a couple of minutes and he threw me over his lap. He started spanking my ass hard. That glorious feeling that I now associated with a building orgasm continued to grow. It felt like he spanked me a hundred times but it was only twenty or so and then he threw me on the bed on my back. I thought he was going to fuck me then and there but he pulled my legs up and out and slapped my pussy. I screamed through clenched lips in pain because it hurt like hell but it also built my arousal higher than it had ever been. It seemed that I was on a cliff but couldn’t go any further no matter how much I tried. I could only lay there as he spanked my pussy hard. The pain both built my arousal higher but kept me from cumming. I thought it had been going on forever and had lost track of everything at that point. He could do anything to me and I would have been too out of it to really do anything to stop him if he tried.

Finally he threw himself down on top of me and I thought he was going to fuck me but was pleasantly surprised when he leaned over my tits and started sucking on one, like he was a baby suckling at its mother’s breast, while he pinched the other nipple hard, causing pain in that tit while the other was causing intense pleasure. It only took a couple of minutes for him to finish sucking the milk out of that tit I think. I guess he had forced more out than I thought by slapping them, before he switched tits and repeated the process. As I said before, I had lost track of time because I was so close to orgasm by the time he finished, all I could do was moan, more…more.

That’s when he immediately forced his averaged sized cock into me. I was so on edge from what he had done so far that I immediately went into one of my patented ‘Jamie Orgasms’. What was it Master Chris called it at the County Fair, a ‘Jamie Gasm’? God I can’t even keep from writing Master when I’m writing in my own journal when talking about my brother or father. Anyway, as I said, when my customer started fucking me, I immediately went off with one of the best orgasms I can remember. I don’t know why my body reacted that way and I didn’t even think about it at the time. All I did was wrap my arms and legs around the guy like he was my long lost lover and screamed out, “Oh God… Oh God… Keep fucking me. Oh, Oh, Oh, More… More… More…” Then I began to scream as the orgasm climbed beyond my being able to speak and I just screamed out my pleasure. The guys didn’t try to kiss me or silence me. He could tell I was having a real orgasm from the ecstasy written on my face and the sound of my voice and I think he wanted the world who could hear to know that he was a super stud or something. I don’t know what he looked like but I’m sure he had a big shit eating grin on his face as he fucked me. I lost all awareness of anything going on around me. Suddenly the glorious feelings inside me had built up so much that it overwhelmed me. I had some notion of a warm feeling spreading within my cunt but I was too out of it to realize at the time he had fucked me without a condom and was coming in me. That feeling was what put me over the edge into sweet oblivion.

When I became aware of my surroundings, I was lying on my back, on the bed with what seemed like a river of cum flowing out of my cunt. As I slowly sat up, he was just finishing buttoning up his shirt. I was still too out of it to say anything and quietly watched as he took his wallet out and pulled out 2 extra 50 dollar bills and laid them on top of the 100 and said, “You’re the first whore who ever had a real cum while I used them. I’m here in town on business once a week. I left my business card with the money too. If you and maybe even your mother would like to entertain me and my customers for some extra cash, I’d surely love to have you. Or if you just want to have another go by yourself with just me, just call me and we’ll arrange something when I’m in town. I don’t trust the other whores around here to be disease free and act properly but I can tell that you’ve been raised to be respectful and if you are I’m sure your mother is that way as well. I have some customers that would love to have a chance at a mother and daughter combination and I know it would help my business. You made my night little girl.” After that he finally walked out the door.

Twenty minutes later on the dot he emerged from Maya’s cabana with a grin from ear to ear. I quickly struggled out of bed and wobbled out after him, cum dribbling down my thighs and completely naked. My tits had been milked, my pussy, ass and tits were rosy pink and sore and okay journal between you and me - I had a grin from ear to ear.

I don’t think I could do justice to what he did to me from moment to moment during those twenty minutes but suffice it to say he made a lot of eye contact with me and for a fourty-year old man he not only had a lot of stamina but it was small things he did like caress me between spanks and brush back my hair with his hand as he was squeezing and kneading my tits.

It was an intensely intimate experience, even though it hurt and in the end I found myself wishing we had longer than twenty minutes. It was about as much time as he needed because when he finally came he filled me up with his semen, more than anyone ever had by the way, and he had this intensely relieved and relaxed look on his face.

He even thanked me again as we walked out the door and said that he normally just comes to hookers for sex but “That was something else.” He said it with as much passion as I’ve seen in anyone and knew he really meant it. He left it at that but I think the word he was looking for was despite all the spanking and rough handling there was this element of affection between us while he did it. My body responded well to him playing with it and the more he gave it attention the more it seemed to turn him on to see me get turned on. I hate to say it but I was kind of daydreaming about having a lover who would treat me like that. Love me but give me the kind of mix of pain and pleasure this total stranger had given me. I almost wish I could keep his business card to myself. But I knew that if I didn’t give it to my masters that I would be severely punished.
I was shaken out of my revelry quickly though. Maya was outside after we left, smoking her cigarette and only said, “Took ya long enough, hope you didn’t leave too big a mess in there, toots.” He had a big grin on his face but also seemed to have a bit of a worried look, like he was going to lose a good steady customer. He also held out a just filled condom and said, “I hope you don’t mind but I peaked in when you quick making any noise to be sure you were all right and saw that he was fucking you without a condom. I didn’t want to see you punished like your mom was so I gave ya a little sample of mine. Here.”

I could only nod my thanks as I took the condom and stuck it in my mouth quickly knowing I needed to report to Rahjid’s window. I immediately tasted the cum he had spread around the outside of the condom with the taste of the latex. When I glanced at Maya he shrugged as he said, “I just wanted you to have a taste of my cum. I knew I’d never get those sweet lips of yours around my cock.” He left it at that and went into his cabana.

Rahjid’s wife was at the little counter sitting expressionless. “Money first,” she commanded and I slipped the hundred dollar bill under the window, I kept the tip for masters. There is something intensely humiliating about charging people for sex, but I would say twice as much for having to turn around and hand over everything you just earned after sex. I was so high on endorphins from the last one though I really did not care.

“Condom next,” she said robotically through the thick plastic window.

I bent down a bit so I could drop it in the space where the money was supposed to go, doing my best to hide the money in my hand.

She looked only mildly disgusted as she removed it and put it into a bag, “Thank you” she announced the end of our transaction.

I wondered why Rahjid wanted us to give the condoms to him for but on the other hand I wasn’t sure I wanted to ask.

“May I have another duct tape, Ma’am?” I asked awkwardly.

“No,” she said without a second thought.

“I am supposed to work the rest of the night in the nude, Ma’am?” I questioned again because I had been told I would get new duct tape re-applied. The one I had been wearing was already in the garbage and folded on itself so it wouldn’t stick even if I went back and pulled it out of the trash.

Without looking at me Rahjid’s wife turned her head and let out a string of hindi. There was a short pause while I anticipated a response from Rahjid but couldn’t hear it and then his wife turned back to me and said without any expression “Ing ge pan di kut teh.”

“I am sorry, I don’t understand what that means.”

“It means, I have no duct tape. I cannot help you.” and with that I could tell the woman could care less that I was standing naked in her parking lot.

“Okay then, I can just work naked I um guess.” I was half-smiling at the woman as I backed away into another goose from Maya.

“Hey sweet-cheeks, we gotta stop meeting this way” she said releasing the squeeze on the ‘taint’ between my ass and pussy.

“Oh yeah… thanks so much for letting me use the cabana I said aloud, and especially for the filled condom Ma’am, I whispered so Rhajid’s wife couldn’t hear. Have you seen my father or brother around?” I said this all a little less surprised at the awkward goose than I probably should have been.

“Your brother is cute, he looks like the kind of guy who would like to play with me some time.” Maya said ignoring my question. I am not a jealous person and I can’t remember ever having envy or jealousy but a tiny part of me felt possessive of him. I wanted to tell her to keep her mitts off him for some reason but I suppressed that urge and just repeated my earlier question.

“Why, you don’t want to work naked?” she teased me playfully.

“Am I allowed to do that out here?” I asked in a tone that made me sound more wet behind the ears than I intended.

“You would do that, wouldn’t you?” Maya didn’t give me a chance to answer her rhetorical question before answering “You may not have too for long, Mister moneybags just arrived.” She pointed to a caddilac pulling into the motel parking lot.

“I don’t mind you taking a regular customer like Alan for a spin, but if you take this one, then I will cut you, you get me?”

“Yes Ma’am” I said taking her warning to heart.

“Lighten up Girly, I am just teasing. Come on, everyone will be lining up for this guy, he is weird, but he has a lot of cash. The bars must be closing down the street because he is usually the big whale payday for one of us.”

I didn’t hesitate to follow her even though I was naked. I supposed a customer in this parking lot would think that was pretty normal.

My mom was already there along with other girls Ronnie and Doris. My mom’s hair was totally fucked up and tossled every which way and she looked like she had been put through the ringer. “Wow Mom, you look like it’s been rough tonight.”

My mom turned to me and smiled unexpectedly and said “Hey, at least I am not walking around the parking lot without a stitch on, ho”.

“Oh it’s like that is it?” I put my hands playfully on my hips forgetting for a moment about Mr. Bigshot the bigfish.

“Ladies, Oh my god, it’s so nice to see all of you again!” a man stepped out of the car and his voice sounded instantly familiar.

He had that hippy-dippy tone to his voice like Tommy Chong from “That 70’s Show” and the same goofy smile on his bearded face. It was our old friend ‘Buford’ and he immediately recognized us too.

He brushed past Ronnie, Maya and Doris and walked over to us “Oh my god, Rock and fucking Roll, that’s so awesome that you two are here, do you work here now?”

“Yes Sir, I guess we do.” I said to him.

“And you are fucking naked in the parking lot, what a rush, how did that thing go at your high school?”

“You don’t remember I sucked your dick right after the half-time show Sir?”

“Sometimes my memory is a little bad,” he admitted.

“I remember you telling me all about the chastity belt my father bought for me, Sir, every little detail.”

“I did? That is so fucking cool, I love when I do that!!” he made an air-guitar riff motion with his hands while he silently jammed to his own internal groove. “Look, can I play with both of you or is that not allowed?”

“Yes sir, it’s definitely allowed.” My mom looked at me as if I might have objected but I gave her a broad smile of agreement.

“Holy motherfucking shit, that is so awesome and you two are like sisters right, like the Judds?” we walked him towards our cabana leaving the other girls disappointed behind, while my mom reminding him who we were.

I could hear Ronnie say ‘Talk about a bitch, aint that some shit? They first night and they get that big spenda!” in the distance.

“You know he aint never gonna choose you,” Doris squealed in her Brooklyn accent in response.

“No, he may not, but he aint gonna pick your fugly ass, nee-ver” I could hear Ronnie say as we stepped into the Cabana.

“So would one thousand cover it, ladies? If not I can go to the ATM.” He smiled generously. He was wearing a denim jacket and a tye-dye shirt with a red banana around his long black hair but the thing you notice about him was his thick bushy black beard tinged with a little grey. How the beard makes his teeth look so white when he smiles - which is just about all the time.

I whispered to mom, “We are only allowed to charge one hundred a piece”.

“I know but one thousand dollars? Can we afford to pass that up?”

“Mom, it is dad’s rule.”

“So tell on me, and let him punish me for getting him more money.” She whispered impishly.

“Should I come back later, ladies?” Buford was happily stomping his foot to play an invisible kick-drum only he could see and what I would only assume was bass guitar. “Born to be Wiiiilld” he sang “Head on the highway, looking for adven-churr, and whatever comes our way…” he spun his strumming arm in a wide circular motion on the air guitar he was playing.

“Oh darling, we can make it happen!” My mom grinned as she sang the same tune. This must be a golden oldie from their generation because I had no idea what the lyrics were. She was stepping out of her clothes as she sang along. Her face was greedy with lust as she danced to the silent tune he was playing that only they two could hear.

“Take the world in a love embrace!” Buford’s face lit up with pure exultant happiness. My mom wrapped her arms around him and began to stroke his beard while she reached for his belt with her other hand.

“Fire all of your guns at once” she sang while I stood there looking awkward at this.

“Oh God damn, And explode into space!!!” Buford’s glasses were fogging up and he was smiling orgasmically like he was stoned out of his mind. He always looks slightly stoned, this was much different – this was such a distilled moment for him that he seemed to have reached some internal nirvana.

“Come on Jamie,” My mother invited me to lay on the bed with him. She had already slid her own buttplug out and laid it to the side without cleaning it with her mouth. I was almost going to do it for her, but there was an intensity to how they were playing with each other, that I joined in and soon had mine out.

I will say that usually when we’ve been fucked together it’s near each other but nothing like what we started doing with Buford. I was reluctant at first and the only word I can use to properly describe it was we “double-teamed him”

My mom took over and started to writhe on his dick once we were all undressed but she continued to lead me down to suck on it. She made no attempt to make him use a condom and she had no problem kissing him. I guess Buford was a special kind of customer and I had several encounters dancing for him and sucking his dick before.

We both lay on either side of him and kissed each other with him in the middle. This seemed to make him squeal with words that I can’t quite find to describe the intense gratification he seemed to be getting from it. As mom concentrated on giving Buford the fuck of his life, I reached over and pinched her nipples gently with one hand while reaching down and caressing his balls and mom’s cunt where his cock was fucking in and out. They seemed to really like that.

If I had made Alan a happy man, I had made Buford a MOTHERFUCKING HAPPY man. In fact, he was quite literally fucking my mother like no one I’d ever seen or experienced, and I was helping him to put his dick in her ass and pussy and she was riding and grinding on it ways I had never even thought about it until then. She did this sort of dance with her waist when she was riding dick that wasn’t like my awkward hula-hoop wiggle-butt routine. It was more like this fluid grindy dance where she moved in different directions. It reminded me of the way my dad moved his stick shift when he was changing gears for some reason – there was an almost organic motion happening.

I found myself wishing she would teach me how to do that but quickly reminded myself, that I was only sixteen and I wasn’t supposed to know those kinds of things at my age. I know diary, I’m beginning to worry that I really am becoming too much of a whore and less like what everyone considers to be a normal girl. I hate to admit this but I’m thinking I kind of like some of this stuff, but I think of myself liking it and I think it’s horrible and how I shouldn’t be this way. I’m so mixed up right now and I can’t even begin to express it.

My mom guided Buford’s tongue or fingers into my ass and pussy or even into my mouth. I didn’t mind, it felt wonderful and I was glad she had taken over because Buford seemed content to ride this out and let it take him wherever he wanted to go. As a matter of fact it felt wonderful because as out of it as he seemed to always be, he knew what to do to make a woman feel good. I actually felt like I might even get an orgasm out of it. I know I was doing my best to give mom one while we did this. She deserved a little pleasure for all of the hell she has been through and how much we will go through if he really gives us the thousand dollars. It seemed that her little gyrations and my little extra help actually did push her over the edge. I don’t know for sure, she never told me. All I know is that just as she started to silently shake and stop her erotic little dance, Buford started really grunting. I was very close myself and hoped I’d get at least a little orgasm out of it and actually felt guilty for wishing it.

When Buford finally came it was inside my mom and he howled like a wolf who had just been castrated, but in a way that it seemed to like it. Mom quit shaking just before he stopped howling. I was left frustrated because I was so close to cumming but didn’t quite get over the edge. I almost wanted to beg him to keep going but I realized we had spent way more than twenty minutes with him. I also knew that we would be punished for taking so much time so it looked like a major punishment coming soon. We lay there for a few moments in one big cuddle.

“Did you enjoy that Buford?” My mom asked him with the same tone of voice she would have asked me if I had enjoyed my pancakes when I was 9 years old.

“Oh yes, yes I did!! I will never forget this. It was the best night of my entire life.”

“Well, that is so flattering, we’ll be working every night for a while if you want to come back, but we have to get back to work now.” The clock was already past 3AM and I was thinking about how much punishment we were going to get for taking so long and over-charging him. I had completely forgotten the extra hundred dollar tip I had been given by Alan. I can’t believe I keep calling him by his name. He is really the only customer I had besides Buford who I remembered. I even think of him fondly and almost dreamily like I’m in love with him. I have to remind myself that he is over 40 years old and I’m only 16 and it would never work out. I guess that is because what has been ingrained in me as normal. If I think about it I realize that history is replete with cases of men that old or older marrying young teenagers. I even remember a little episode in our own family history where my great grandmother, way back when in the 1800s was 13 when she married my 35 year old great grandfather. I thought that was disgusting at the time. But now I don’t know.

I was broken out of my reverie again by mom, “Okay, so that’s one thousand dollars, is that what we agreed on, Buford Sir?” My mom said like she was talking pleasantly to a child she was trying to humor.

“If you say so, then that is how much it costs.” Buford seemed to have forgotten how much he had agreed to pay but he pulled a thick wad of hundreds from his jeans and began to count them out, “One thousand each, God damn thank you so much.”

Even my mom looked like she was having second thoughts about charging him that much.

I gave her one of my ‘looks’ to warn her that this was beyond greedy.

“You know Buford, that’s probably too much. We enjoyed it as much as you, how about just five hundred a piece?”

“Nonsense, I already counted it. Here you go, Ladies. I shall speak with you tomorrow. I must be going now.” His voice sounded different – lucid and completely in control of his emotions. He straightened himself up as he pulled on his boots. He looked at the leather biker boots almost with disgust for a moment as if to say to himself ‘Why did I pick this outfit’ before shrugging and wishing us a pleasant good morning as he walked out into the night air.

“What was that?” I asked after he let himself out the screen door.

“That was one thousand dollars EACH!! That’s what that was!” my mom was excited and clapping her hands.

“I mean at the end, he totally changed into someone else. He wasn’t his happy-go-lucky goofy self at the end.”

“I really didn’t notice, dear.” My mom had squatted on the floor and was holding the condom under her. “Here let me fill these up real fast, so we can go turn in the money. Get your buttplug back in. We may have time for one more before the end of the night.”

I couldn’t believe she didn’t notice the change in Buford, but I didn’t have time to say anything more because Dad and Chris were standing in the doorway and looking pissed off.

“Oh Honey, don’t be mad, we each made a thousand dollars off of him.” My mom said casually while continuing to squat over the condom, even though they would obviously know she was dribbling cum in it after he left.

“Honey?” Dad asked sternly.

“I am so sorry!! I mean Sir and Master, it’s just I was so happy that this money will go a long ways. I know you are going to punish us for charging more than we should have, and taking too long to fuck him for a regular customer, and for not having our condoms full to turn in, but I think it was all worth it to help save our house, don’t you Master?”

I was thinking the key word in that sentence was ‘us’ as in punish us both. None of that was my idea, but at the same time I had gone along with it. I was afraid to even admit Buford hadn’t taken out our butt plugs and that we hadn’t cleaned them – but in my heart I was hoping mom would do that. I know I am such a goody-two shoes and it gets me in trouble but I felt so guilty. And then I remembered I had that extra hundred I had been tipped that I had quickly put on the night stand and it dawned on me that I hadn’t charged Alan extra but that I should have refused the tip if I was going to stick to the rules. I felt double guilty then and doubly so as I remembered that he also came in me without a condom and had been bailed out by Maya giving me a full one. I realized I needed to come clean. I immediately went, “Ummmm’ my last customer actually gave me an extra hundred dollar tip for how good I was for him. He… uh… also came in me without a condom. The one I turned in was one of Maya’s that he gave me when I left his Cabana. He didn’t want me to get in trouble and he also wanted to taste his cum. My customer also gave me his business card and said that if mom or I ever felt like earning a little extra money, he would happily use us to help promote his business with some special customers.” I quickly picked up the money and business card, handing it towards dad as I continued to lay in bed.

He seemed to ignore me and focused on mom, “Your SON has school in three hours, and you think we have time to punish you two sluts that extensively right now?” dad demanded.

I turned my head towards my brother, still lying on the bed, “I am so sorry Master Chris, I lost track of time!! No, I don’t think there is time to punish us right now, Sir.” My mom’s casual fuck-crazy lustful side was fading quickly as she reverted back to a woman under her husband’s thumb right before my eyes.

“You forgot you also called me ‘Honey’, you stupid cow. Stand up and stop trying to fill that condom with your dick squeezings.” Dad invaded the room and stormed over to me “And you, what are you doing laying on a bed? Your horny little ass get lazy now and think you can put your snail trails on furniture?”

“No Sir, I am sorry!” I stood up next to my mom to face his wrath.

“You are only to lay in a bed long enough for someone to fuck you, unless otherwise told, you get me, little whore?” Dad got right up in my face and actually seemed angry.

“Yes Master,” I squeaked out a tiny response.

“You are going to pick up all your mom’s bad habits. Then what will you do if your husband isn’t as generous with discipline as us?” I did not know how to answer that but he answered for me, “I will tell you what you’ll be, you’ll be a lazy, selfish, materialistic cow who puts her career before her family, and doesn’t care how little sleep the men of the family get while she does!!”

I said nothing - my father was on a roll with one of his legendary rants. He decided instead to pick up our money and pocket it and leave us each with a hundred bill. “Take those hundreds to Rahjid, and you tell him that is all you earned. I don’t want any of your polly-anna ‘But I have to tell the truth’ bullshit, either.” dad was staring at me and I nodded.

I felt like I was going to tear up a little.

It was close to 4am now and pitch black outside. There wasn’t a car on the road and the other hookers had all gone to bed. I thought I saw the orange light of Ronnie’s cigarette in a dark corner but I wasn’t sure if it was just the lights playing tricks on me but suffice to say that there was a quiet stillness outside.

We were both completely naked except for our dog collars when we reported to Rahjid’s window.

His wife did not looked surprised in the least that our naked tits were bouncing in front of her window. “Money first”

We slid the money into the slot under the window and though she looked slightly skeptical she added only “Condoms next”.

“I am sorry Ma’am, this is all I have.” Mom took the very empty condom from her mouth and put it into the slot.

The woman made a face of disgust and slipped it into a bag. I desperately wanted to ask what on earth they wanted them for but instead I just asked politely “Free to go?”

“Thank you and goodbye,” Rahjid’s wife expressionlessly stared at us until we turned and walked away from the window back to Chris and Dad.

“We’re ready to be trussed up in the truck, Sir.” My mom said with vigor to her husband.

“Oh, but I thought I told you, whoever earns the least gets to stay and work day shift. You earned 40 dollars less than your slut of a daughter, how does that make you feel?” Dad said while making us stand in the middle of the parking lot bare-ass.

“Actually, good. I thought Ass-face would do much better than me. I am glad I was able to come close to her earnings Sir.”

“You actually are a good slut, you know that?” Dad said smiling at us both.

“I do sir.” My mom admitted with a smile back.

“But you know you have to be punished for everything you just did with Buford, right? And then he turned to me and added and you for what you did with your customer.”

She answered quickly for both of us, “Yes Sir, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We willfully broke the rules. I did want to say one thing though?”

“Say it while you follow us behind the cabana. There may be a few truck drivers still out on the road and they don’t want to be blinded by your big ass if they happen to ride by.” Dad led us behind the cabana where the trash cans and power meter were.

“Earlier I said we should be punished, but actually Ass-face had nothing to do with my decisions to over-charge Buford, and take all that time. She shouldn’t be punished for my mistakes Sir.”

That was unexpected of her. I remember feeling something in my stomach when my mom had said “punish US”, that might be more like ‘why you bitch, I’ll get you back for that one’ but not in an angry way. I had accepted I would be punished and it was more like a friendly rivalry almost.

Dad was already lining her back up against the faded yellow siding of the cabana and putting her hands above her head. He attached a plastic tie to her wrists and then connected that to some cables and wires that went into the house. “Oh she shouldn’t, eh? That’s just like you to try to weasel one of yourselves out of punishment. Ass-face did you fuck Buford?”

“Yes Sir.” I admitted.

“Did you let him pay you 1,000 dollars for the privilege of depositing that dick down the same cum-hole you let midgets, blacks and whatever else use tonight?”

“Actually, he technically didn’t fuck me, Sir.” I admitted to gasps.

“What?” Dad said. It bugs me when people heard me but they ask me to repeat myself, but obviously I am in no position to say anything about that being a personal issue of mine. I probably should be more upset when people tie my naked mother up to a rickety old motel wall – it’s funny how while my dad continued to lock her spread eagled against the wall neither of us really paid it that much mind.

“I um, well he fucked mom a lot, he mostly played with my pussy and ass Sir. He only had one dick.” I added.

“I know how many dicks he has,” Dad said with disgust. “You really think you deserved to charge someone 1,000 dollars and they didn’t even get the satisfaction of playing hide the sausage in your precious little pee-hole? How much do you think that cunt is worth?”

“I guess fifty dollars, since that is how much it costs for half and half sir?” I was unsure of the answer.

My dad reached between my legs and pinched my clit hard between his fingers. “This wet cum flap is worth fifty dollars for one throw? I blame Obama for the inflation.” He laughed as he let it go and turned to my mom.

She was now like a fly caught in a web, completely immobilized against the back wall of the cabana and spread eagle. He took a dirty towel and said “Assface, wipe your mom’s sweaty thighs and ass down before we leave her here to start her day shift.”

I dutifully obliged and when I was finished he stuffed the cloth in her mouth to gag her. Then he slapped her titties in an underhanded motion before giving her clit a slap.

“You won’t have any dicks shoved in that cum hole for a few hours, but you can practice kegels if you want to keep that pussy tight, let me see one.”

My mom obeyed and winked her pussy at her son and husband while they laughed and walked me towards the truck.

Dad ignored her as he walked away but then turned and added “I’ll call Rahjid and tell him you are back here when I wake up and take a shower tomorrow. I’ll expect you to tell him all the naughty things you did and beg him to punish you before I get here with your whore daughter to start night shift. If he doesn’t punish you hard enough for everything, I will. Is that understood?”

She meekly nodded as they walked me to the truck.

“You are lucky Sis, back to the house for you to lay around with Roscoe all afternoon.”

“Yes Sir, very lucky.” I was thinking about poor mom left like that. She was going to have it so much worse than me. I thought I had seen plastic Tonka trucks and such laying out on one of the cabana patios. If someone’s kids wakes up to see that – well then again, they live in a motel with hookers, drunks and crack whores, so maybe that wouldn’t surprise them so much.

“You seem upset.” My dad asked as they were loading me in the truck.

“Am I going to be punished for everything, sir?” I asked meekly.

“I dunno Dad, she was a pretty good slut.” Chris stood up for me, and it only made me feel even guiltier.

I blurted out, “Well also, Buford didn’t take our buttplugs out, we had to take them out for him and then we didn’t clean them until the end.” I had my eyes shut tight as I admitted another of our mistakes.

“I’ll tell you, I’ll probably punish you for scrunching that nose up like that as well,” Dad chuckled and slapped me on the butt to get me on all fours in the back of the truck. “I’ll think about it and tell you after I’ve had some sleep. We can’t get too soft on you, but I do appreciate you telling me what your whore of a mother wouldn’t.”

The cool night air on the drive home whisked over my body like a cool shower. The relaxed feeling I had alone on all fours in the back of the truck actually made the night’s debauchery slip away like a dream as we headed for home. Every now and then he would stop and I could see the glow of a red light as it changed to green but either I was now over-tired or I was completely relaxed and putting my mind at ease.

I tried to think about my mom tied up on the back of the motel wall and what it would be like as the sunrise greets her naked body and rises over the morning while she waits for someone to untie her so she can be punished. How the anticipation must be driving her crazy, but it seemed surreal. I could only think about returning to ‘normal’ at home and resting in my own backyard. See diary, I don’t even think of normal anymore as sleeping in my house in a nice warm bed in my own room. How sick is that?

My tits were sore, my pussy was sore, my ass was sore but the night air had whisked the cool breeze along the sweat on my skin and nothing hurt or ached.

I suppose being a whore isn’t so bad. I knew it wasn’t going to be the glamorous fairy tale of Pretty Woman where a hooker in stockings meets her Bradley Jenkins who whisks her away to five star hotels, fancy dinners and Tiffany’s. Don’t get me wrong – I saw some really weird shit tonight, but having spent a night working as a whore, I can honestly say it doesn’t scare me so much now. I guess I’d have to wonder if life can throw anything worse at me?

Speaking of which, the guys stopped at Denny’s.

Yes, that is right. Dad had just preached about getting Chris home in time to get a little sleep before school but they pulled into Denny’s with me naked in the back of the truck.

“Want to come inside, Sis?” Chris chuckled over the truck wall as they got out. It wasn’t very busy there but I was feeling particularly vulnerable without Mom next to me and naked in the truck bed

“Please just hurry back sir?” I pleaded.

“What’s that? Are you making demands on our time?” I couldn’t see him, but I could picture Chris cupping his ear like he hadn’t heard me correctly.

“Well, just that you said you needed to get some sleep before school, Sir.”

“Oh suddenly concerned if I get enough sleep are you? Not that you have to stay just like that while we eat?”

“Well, okay that too, Sir.” I admitted with a laugh while staying on all fours and looking straight ahead.

“You know sis, if you were a cookie, you’d be a Whoreo, you know that?” Chris joked in response.

“You know if the shoe was on the other foot, I’d call you a double-stuff right now, Sir.” I said laughing.

There was a quiet pause. I wondered if I had offended him by bringing up when Mom and I were in charge.

“It used to be on the other foot,” Chris said quite seriously “But I like using this foot to shove up your ass, now stop talking because I am HONGRY!!” he laughed at the end letting me know he was just fucking with my head. He added “If you are good, maybe you can share some left-overs with Roscoe.”

I had forgotten about Roscoe. As a Dog the sight of a naked female woman on a leash doesn’t surprise him. If he saw an elephant or a dinosaur or anything his dog mind just processes it as ‘another thing’ and he probably doesn’t think too much about it. I wish I could be that simple at times.

It was desperately quiet in the stillness of the Denny’s while I waited for Dad and Chris to finish eating. I heard the loud rumble of a truck pull into the parking lot every now and then but no one saw me. I thought about how I’d explain myself if they did but I couldn’t come up with many plausible excuses that I could probably say with a straight face.

I was starting to get really tired now that we were not moving and nothing was happening. I could barely hold myself up on all fours when I felt a hard slap on my ass. Through bleary eyes I turned around. We were already home and now the sun was starting to peak out.

“Get up, lazy bones.”

Dad had parked in the drive way and hadn’t backed in. There wasn’t anyone out yet but it wouldn’t be like before morning joggers and little old ladies come out to pull in the newspaper. I had spaced out for the entire ride back to the house and Dad’s spanking had startled me.

I jumped out the back of the truck quickly, wearing only my dog collar and the smudged words my mom had written on me.

“Hello Mr. Pewterschmidt,” Chris waved at our neighbor.

“Hey, nice to see you.” He was getting in his little red sports car as he called back to us.

“Say hello, Sis.” Chris nudged me with his elbow.

I turned to face him completely naked, “Hello Mr. Pewterschmidt.” I waved.

He had apparently fucked my mom this weekend and knew all about our situation so it didn’t surprise him. Instead, he just looked down his dark Raybans at me and said, “You guys are still playing your game, that’s great. I’d stay but I’ve got to jet.” with that he pulled out of the driveway as if this was merely something mildly amusing – which I am sure to him it was.

Crises averted and now after the guys got me with one final humiliation I could crawl into the backyard and crash out for a while.

“Hello Mrs. Waxerman, it’s nice to see you this morning.” Chris said and I whipped my head around my shoulder, this was going to be a whole new level of weird on top of everything else!

“Hahah, you nearly pissed yourself!!” Chris was doubling over in laughing. He had just been fucking with my head. Dad was tired and he was being somber and quiet while Chris had his laugh.

“Chain your sister out on the lawn and make sure there is enough food for her and Roscoe, then get yourself ready for school, okay?”

“Yes Sir, boss-man.” Chris answered sarcastically.

“It’s not like that Chris, I am just tired and want to lay in my cushy bed, it was a rough night. You know we are partners. ”

When we got inside Chris ordered me to heel, and I dutifully got down on all fours and walked behind him into the backyard where he chained my collar to Roscoe’s dog house.

He set out dry dog food and clean water, and then slapped me on the ass playfully.

“You are lucky you aren’t in school, lot of big exams next week.”

I had to smile at the subtlety of his joke about how I would prefer being left outside tied up like a dog to the grueling nature of studying and exams. Then again, maybe my brother wasn’t joking. “I am going to cuff your hands behind your back, so you don’t get any ideas about playing with your pussy or anything.”

“Naturally, Sir.” I gave him that lemony smile to indicate I knew it was to make me uncomfortable and he was just having his fun at my expense. He clicked the cuffs behind my back and now I could only awkwardly remain on my knees with only my chin and my tits hitting the ground.

“Stay just like that, don’t sit up, and don’t lay flat unless it’s curled up in a ball –remember, you are a dog now.”

“Woof, Woof” I said slowly as if sarcastically acknowledging the way he was leaving me, while he walked back in through the sliding glass door. Chris turned back around and walked out to me. Had I stepped across the line?

He took Roscoe’s rubber bone and put it in my mouth “Good doggy” he patted me on the head and said, “This better be in here when I get home.”

He left me out there with my thoughts and got himself ready for another day of school. I was done with the popularity games, the extra-curricular, the rushing from class to class at least for a while. I wasn’t sure what life would be like when I got back to school, but it would never be the same again – of that I could be certain.

I was starting to drift to sleep on that thought when I felt a nuzzle from Roscoe. That was cute, he wanted to snuggle with me and keep me warm. What a good doggy – it was nice that he could be a comfort.

My thoughts shifted back to how hard my mom was going to have it. I know how I am and I would feel even more guilty if my mom gets punished without me, so I made a mental note to tell my dad that…what is this?

“Roscoe No.” I thought to myself at first because I was shocked his nuzzling had turned into licking. He licked the sweat and (everything else) off us from yesterday, once I realized it was happening again I just accepted it.

He didn’t know any better and dogs love to sniff asses. He was licking and sniffing mine and I was too tired and too worn out to really do more than wiggle it in defiance - which he took as a playful invitation to continue.

I would have to learn to grin and bear it, and honestly he wasn’t as skilled as mom with his tongue but it was broad and just a little bit prickly and wet and it felt good. There were worse ways to fall asleep.

There are however not many worse ways to wake up.

The first thing I heard were the ‘Pooper Snooper’ Waxerman boys laughing and egging me on from above the fence. They were no longer so shy they would hide behind the fence and just talk to me, but they were not coming in the yard either.

Instead, I saw their grinning faces popping over the edge of the wooden fence and laughing at me. This didn’t surprise me at first because they’ve seen me in a lot of humiliating situations and laughed every time. My first clue there was more to this was how intensely they were laughing.

I still had the dog bone in my mouth as I raised myself up. I knew I had fallen asleep on my nose and it was probably red but there had to be more than that to make them laugh that hard.

I didn’t feel it at first, but there it was.

The prickly feel of a cold, wet little nose? No finger? No it was Roscoe’s dick like a red lipstick that had risen out of its case and it was pressing against my inner thigh. Roscoe was on my back and he was desperately humping me while I had been asleep to the delight of the Waxerman boys.

I shook my head no at them. They had seen me getting switched, get an enema, they had all fucked me, but this was a new disgusting low and as I wiggled my ass to shake Roscoe he only took this as a cue that I was encouraging him.

“What are you boys doing on my lawn?” My dad’s voice was like a thunderbolt shooting through me as it emerged from behind me.

The Waxerman boys disappeared like rabbits down their hole as soon as they heard it. My dad chuckled after they were gone.

“Reminds me of when I was a kid, one summer I remember seeing my babysitter sunbathing in her backyard. I was never sure if she did it every day at the same time because she knew I was watching or not.” He said in a voice like he was remembering the heady days of his youth with awe.

I grunted into the rubber bone for dad to help get Roscoe off of me now. He wasn’t inside me but he was fucking reasonably close enough that I could feel the slimy wetness of his cock on what my Science teacher might have called ‘The Femoral Triangle’, and what Chris would call the ‘Crotch-Bone’.

“Yeah, of course you do.” Dad answered my muffled murmurs as if he understood me, laughed to himself and shuffled back in the house wearing his robe and drinking a cup of coffee. “It sucks making your own coffee in the morning, but the things I do to accommodate you two.” He chuckled to himself as he was bemused by seeing Roscoe go to town on my rump in my helpless state.

I admit it probably did look pretty funny at first glance – but Dad c’mon, shoo Roscoe off like you did the Waxerman boys!! (PLEASE?) – no luck.

I could hear him start up the computer from inside the house as the familiar windows startup sound played I realized Dad knew Roscoe was humping me and thought it was funny.

Suddenly, a thought flashed across my mind – It is not one I am proud to admit. I could have imagined myself in my ‘happy place’ where I go when awful things happen to me. I could imagine myself trading places with Chris and dutifully studying for my exams or Dad and I’d be working on the computer. Of all the places I could go in my mind, I just wished I could trade places with mom strung up spread-eagle back at the motel.

Having felt so bad to leave her out there, I now suddenly would gladly trade places with my mom if my dog would stop humping me and coming so close to my pussy! It was really driving me bonkers and remember when I said I had sunk to a new form of depravity at the start of the chapter? Well, I just went one more notch further than that.

All the wishing in the world wouldn’t change one thing though – this was just the start to my day and Roscoe was horny as hell once he started humping.

The Family Feud IV
Chapter Twenty-Five
Wendy’s Journal: Kiss the Frog

**Note to reader: This is Wendy’s journal from Wednesday approximately 9am. She finds herself tied up behind the Cabana she worked in the night before. In order to increase readability, some of the dialogue exchanged was altered to appear in a ‘narrative’ story format.


I don’t remember falling asleep last night. I waited a long time for the guys to come back with a smile and say ‘Only kidding’ and take me down but another part of me knew they were headed home and leaving me naked, vulnerable and tied up to the back of a motel was fair-game.

I’ve been tied to a tree in the woods once before. I thought because it was in some trees in my neighborhood there was a good chance I’d be discovered. Tied up here to the back of my cabana at Rhajid’s hotel, I am not sure if I am more afraid of someone ravishing me or just making me explain why I am out there. I’ve been ravished many times in the past week and I am starting to get used to the idea – too used to it?

Last night was like a foggy dream, did I really do a two-some to fuck Buford with my daughter and then flaunt all the rules like I didn’t care if I got punished or not? What was I thinking? Was I drunk on some kind of ‘bad-idea’ pill?

Some times when I think about when I was the disciplinarian and I had the guys answering to me, if I wasn’t drunk on power and bad ideas. I can’t really go back and explain why I got so carried away and made them masturbate into a mason jar in front of me. At the time it seemed like a good idea and that I had the right to make them do that, but now I am waking up hot, dirty and groggily opening my eyes to a new day with the sun shining right into my eyes.

I can’t move my arms or my legs, I am totally tethered in place to the wall – I fell asleep in this position spread eagle. I know I would be very sore when I was finally untied but I must have been getting used to it on some level.

As I gathered my wits, it dawned on me that my clit ring felt heavier than usual – like a lead weight pulling down and stimulating me. I imagined one of those sinkers my father used to have to attach to his fishing pole hanging off of the clit ring and dangling as my eyes flickered open from the deep sleep.

Then I looked down and saw a young black kid no older than one of the Waxerman boys hanging from me. He was peeling back my pussy lips and just pulling down with both hands and sort of using me to support his weight. “Oh Good, you awake! She aint Dead!” he announced to one of his friends in a striped shirt who was playing in the dirt nearby.

My eyes were WIDE open – let me tell you! I had gone from groggy and wishing I had coffee to ‘OH SHIT!’ in under 10 seconds. I was still gagged and try as I might to spit it out, I couldn’t force out the nasty cloth with my tongue because it was so well wadded up in my mouth. I wanted to scream but I could only mumble.

“She aint mad I is doing this, I told you!” the boy said over his shoulder to his friend while leaning back and letting his fingers pull on my lips. I didn’t know how long he had been doing this but it was obvious he had become more than familiar with my anatomy.

“You got some big titties, lady.” His voice was scratchy and he reminded me of a young Michael Jackson from back when he sang “Let me see you shake a tail feather…..” oh, what was that song? I tried to think of anything besides the fact I was completely helpless to the whims of this young teenage boy and I can’t even beg him to stop PULLING MY PUSSY OFF!

I shook my head no and pleaded with my eyes but he just chuckled, gave a final yank to my labia like it was an uddder and let go to run to his friend. I could see that there were a few Cabanas right behind the ones in the front – and if it were possible these looked even worse than the ones facing the highway because these didn’t have a fresh coat of cheap yellow paint on them. They were weathered and well lived in.

I tried in vain to wriggle my hands out of the plastic ties while he ran over to his friend who was digging in the dirt to talk to him. Even though it was me who was their captive they didn’t expect to find me out here, I felt ashamed and embarrassed like it was my fault that I was showing my entire business to them like this.

It dawned on me if they live behind a motel filled with prostitutes, beggars, drunks and addicts that to them this might not seem all that unusual. They don’t live behind Cherry Lawn’s guarded gate in the suburbs where it would occur to most people to call the law when you see something like this.

“C’mon let’s play helicopter!” I worked out his name was Dante’ as he tried to get his friend to stop digging.

“No man, I am digging for buried gold.” Tiontay his friend stubbornly refused while sitting in the dirt playing and ignoring me.

“Shit, their aint no gold down there!” Dante’ declared.

“Dadday friend lost they gold tooth on yesterday, when Dadday knocked it out of him, it round here!” Tiontay declared pragmatically.

“Well, I help you find it, if you play helicopter,” Dante offered and the two stood up and dusted themselves off and walked back over to me like I was their personal pinyata plaything while I shook my head no.

“Oh hush, Helicopter don’t say nothing, unless you can make helicopta sounds?”

I shook my head emphatically yes hoping they would take out the gag.

Dante who was fairly tall for his age reached up and pulled out my gag and threw it in the dirt.

“Pfffet.” I spit out the taste of filth and lint in my mouth and thanked him.

“Shaddap, Helicopter don’t say nothing til I start it up,” I was clearly breaking the rules of pretend that he held dear and for some reason I was quiet even though I should have been yelling for help.

I had no idea what time it was, but if Bill had said he would call Rahjid when he woke up it was very possible Rahjid had no idea I was even back here.

I felt Dante’s fingers grip my pussy lips again and start to pull and twist – leaning back so that he was putting all his weight on them. I let out a surprised yelp and then Tiontay started turning my nipples “I am starting up the propellers but the engine not comin on.”

“Engine!!” Dante addressed me by looking me in the eye “Come on!!” he demanded.

I don’t know why but I felt compelled to make the motorboat sound of an engine with my lips – which pleased them greatly. Dante started to spin himself while stretching my pussy lips as hard as he could and Tiontay stood back after he felt my propellers were engaged.

“Make them propeller spin, lady!” Tiontay demanded once he let go of my boobs and while I have no reasonable explanation for why I complied, I started to shake my tits so that my nipple ring spun. I am sure it looked positively
obscene – I am disgusted with myself for even writing that I didn’t refuse to participate. I felt in part I had very little choice in the matter, but also I think if it hadn’t been happening to ME, I might have found the spectacle perversely humorous.

“You making the engine sound like you fartin out ‘yo butt, don’t go Fppppppppppptthh, go more like Vmmmmmmmmmm, and then change gear for me to speed up, like Vmmmmmm….VMMMMMMMMM” Dante instructed and he tugged harder on my pussy and spun himself around when I changed the way I was making the engine noise to appeal to him.

The sun was directly in my eyes, and I was already sweating from the heat and feeling disgusted. This little performance was only adding to my anguish and on top of it I felt myself getting wet. A lot of men I’ve been with think my getting wet is an orgasm but it’s just my brain thinking I may need to use my pussy and its letting the pussy know to lube up.

“You peeing on my fingers?” Dante’ abruptly stopped the helicopter game and I abruptly stopped shimmying my boobs letting them jingle jangle to a stop and making the engine sound for his copter.

“No Sir,” I felt silly calling him sir but I had grown so used to it that it was involuntary – I just did it. I was naked and he was feeling me up but a part of me felt like I couldn’t explain that he had accidentally made me wet – I just could not.

“So what dis is?” he held up his sticky finger for me to see as if he were disappointed in me.

“You really shouldn’t play with me there, Sir um, do you mind getting Rahjid and letting him know I am back here please uh Sir?” I stumbled through my words. My throat was dry and raspy and my voice cracked. I can chalk up saying Sir once to habit but now it was more since I did it once it made sense to stick with it.

“She pee-pee on yo finger?” Tiontay was chuckling when I noticed him scratch his forehead with the shovel – my passport. He had been digging with my shiny silvered butt plug and my first thought was – my back was against the wall, how did he get it out? My second was ‘Oh my god, the guys paid a lot for the matching set; they are going to crucifix me if the boys run off with it!”

“That’s mine, how did you get that, Sir?” I tried to sound calm but my works trickled out of my mouth in a huff.

“Dis aint yours, dis is mine. I don’t know where yours is!” Tiontay said without a hint of guilt on his face that he knew it was mine.

“Boy, quit lying!” Dante’ demanded of his friend.

“I aint lying!” Tiontay replied.

“You is, you got that out of her dookie hole, you know you did.” Dante’ said sternly and his friend made a ‘shick’ sound by sucking his teeth incredulously as if he gave up on further discussion about it.

“I am tied up against the wall, how did you um?” At first I thought I might find a way to untie myself if I asked this question but as I was in the middle of asking the question that I wasn’t sure I wanted to know the answer.

“I slid around behind you because Dante’ dared me to kiss your butt!” Tiontay admitted eagerly.

“Did not!” Dante’ declared.

“Did too!” Tiontay said emphatically.

“And you did too, you kissed that white lady right on the butt.” Dante’ smiled cleverly as if he had just tricked his friend into admitting something he shouldn’t have which was followed by another ‘shick’ and an incredulous stare from Tiontay.

“I can’t get down from here by myself, you two don’t feel a little guilty about seeing me like this and touching me?” I thought maybe I would reason with them.

“Do you feel guilty about pissing on my fingers?” Dante’ asked in reply to my question.

I was about to reply to that in the same calm tone when I felt the hot spray of piss on my chest and tits and the two boys started giggling. “Dante’ you nasty!” his friend said and then I heard a woman call them in the distance.

“We got to go!” the spray of piss stopped abruptly and I could open my eyes again.

“Wait, please leave that um…..” and before I could decide whether to call it a shovel or a plug the two boys were gone leaving me dripping of piss, humiliated and alone.

The quiet of the little row of three houses behind the motel was unsettling now. Time passed very slowly and I had time to reflect on what had just happened and why I did some of the things I did. Journal, by now you know that I am a woman who has 1,000 scenarios going in her head at all times and I am always reading between the lines – and you probably read between my lines at times too.

I stopped trying to second guess myself on how I had behaved – both with those boys and what led to my punishment of being tied to the motel wall. I wasn’t even sure if this WAS punishment – was I just being shelved here until I could be punished for everything I did wrong?

With so much time, I made a mental recap of the things I had better own up to when I see Rahjid;

I was not going to tell him I encouraged my daughter to over-charge Buford. I remember Bill had pocketed most of it and good for us that he did. However, my daughter is a truth-whore and she is going to want to be honest about that, so I’d have to think more about what to say there.

I was going to tell him that we took too long to finish Buford, and say that it was me who tempted my daughter to do that.

I was going to admit that we didn’t fill the condoms until the end and only I did that. I wasn’t sure if that means Jamie gets in trouble because of it, but she wouldn’t want me to lie I think.

I was going to admit we took out our butt-plugs on our own: we didn’t clean them right away and set them on the bed, and put them in ourselves since I am pretty sure Jamie is going to tell on us about that. I didn’t even think about it last night when I was being grilled by Bill and Chris.

I need to beg Rahjid to punish me good today and maybe get him to even video tape (you know I am from the past generation, because I don’t say just record it) or else I am positive Bill will get irate and probably want to punish Jamie too when she gets here to work night shift.

I wondered if maybe I needed to admit to Rahjid how I handled those boys, was I in the wrong? Could I be punished for them taking my butt plug? Jamie has this theory that we should just admit what we did and let them decide it if it was wrong or right, but I feel like they can twist anything so it sounds like it’s my fault – no matter the best of intentions.

Then I started to think about the ‘best of intentions’ when I issued the “Taylor Women Declaration of Independence” and started with just trying to send a wakeup call to Bill and Chris that they needed to clean up, get more fit and take their responsibilities seriously – look how that turned out?

I looked around the quiet little row of houses and down at my bare breasts hanging underneath me. The surgery had made them perky like two inflatable balls that are always on point, and now I was truly paying the price for that too. I had walked tall and proud after I got them and thought they helped my career, but what they really helped was my vanity and I should have spent that surgery money on family vacation and trips. Now they are flapping in the breeze, dripping with some kids piss, in part because I was too ashamed to tell him he had made me wet earlier.

He already had his finger in my pie-hole, was I really going to ‘corrupt’ him by telling him what that was doing to me?

I didn’t even want to think about the other one sliding up behind me and planting a smooch on my caboose only to find what he thought was a shovel. Was he really that naïve or did he just have no other frame of reference for what a butt plug was?

These boys had to be fairly street smart growing up here behind Rahjid’s motel.

God damn, I wish someone would come along.

Anyone at all! I’d even be glad to see Mrs. Waxerman right now. The quiet in this neighborhood, as the wind whistles through my legs and air dries the piss to my chest, is weirding me out.

Do I wish someone would come along? What are the chances they are going to help me get down from here? And if they do, will it not be because they expect me to debase and humiliate myself a little more?

You see I told you journal, I am constantly asking myself questions and playing devil’s advocate as I try to process what to do next. I have tried my hardest to be a good little submissive and not hold a thought in my head at times, but I keep going back to my analytical nature and over-thinking things.

“I told you she wuz here.” I don’t know long it had been but I heard Dante’s familiar squeaky voice coming down the dusty little row between Cabanas.

“Hello Sir,” I was actually pleased anyone had come. It had felt like hours against the wall, my muscles ached and
I felt totally rank and disgusting.

“She call you Sir, fo?” a black girl with her hair in tightly braided pig-tails who stood taller than the two of them asked.

“As a sign of respect, Ma’am -I guess it is something I am trying to get used to doing.” I addressed her as she walked slowly into my field of vision. She was wearing a long pink night gown and nothing else while looking up at me with her deep brown eyes as if I were an alien who just crash-landed.

“You is so nasty, to be out here naked like dis” she finally said as if giving her verdict on me.

“You are absolutely right and I really have no excuse, will you tell Rahjid I am back here, because he may have some clothes for me?”

“He is nasty too and I aint yo’ errand bitch!” she sounded a lot more streetwise just then when she said that from her initial reaction to me.

“Okay, that is fair, it’s just if you don’t want me hanging around out here like this, I cannot get down on my own, Ma’am” I decided to try calm reasoned logic once again.

“Aint my biznass what you do,” she had a definite Ayn Rand kind of vision of life of survival of the fittest and look out for your own self. I suppose she would, growing up out here in this urban squalor every day.

“You didn’t say she be so old,” okay I admit when she said that to her brother it slammed right through me like a painful insult. The sides of my mouth curled up into a wintry smile and I just sort of nodded that ‘yes, I am old’ - to someone their age, 40 probably seems like 80.

“Sis, You wanna to see her pee on my finger, Do ya?” Dante’ offered the girl a chance to see as if he was showing off his new Christmas present. He grabbed my clit and lifted the hood with his finger and then separated my lips pulling them both apart and tugging.

“That is so NAASTY!” I was not sure what her name was, but her favorite word seemed to be “Nasty” there was no mistaking that.

“See, look how she pees on my finger when I do the helicopter,” He held up his finger right under his sister’s nose.

“Get that nasty away from me, Dante’. That aint piss, boy that is her woman juice, don’t you know anything?” Nasty said condescendingly to him.

“Him and Trudi Cummings did it under a bridge one time,” his friend Tiontay said in that same tone of voice the Waxerman boys use when they want to embarrass each other by telling a secret.

“Did not,” Dante’ replied.

“You did too” Tiontay said and it was Dante’s turn to make the ‘shick-aw’ sound with his mouth and in his silence end the exchange.

“So what woman juice is then?” Dante’ asked his sister.

“Boy, I aint telling you if you don’t know,” Nasty rolled her eyes and shrugged her shoulders like she knew something he didn’t and she simply wasn’t going to tell him.

“What woman juice is?” Dante’ turned to me when his sister wasn’t talking and I suddenly felt the weight of their stares on me and a sudden warmth of embarrassment. I had learned to accept these questions in front of Mrs. Waxerman and her nephews but it had been a slow progression where I grew to accept the way things were. This was a fresh coat of humiliation because I really didn’t want to explain more than he was ready to know – but then again he had just played with my pussy.

“Are you sure you really want to know, Sir?” I felt so vulnerable, but tied as I was, with my arms to the side, I felt like a wall clock that could talk – a naked, big titted wall clock.

“Yah, why you think he ask?” Tiontay answered for him with a chuckle of disbelief I could be dumb enough to want to ask that question. It was also pretty clear he was waiting for my answer too.

“When you pull on my pussy lips like that, it made me wet.” I tried to put it delicately but the boys were not understanding what I was saying.

“She say it like when you walk around with your boner all nasty, it be like that for girls too, but on the inside- You feel me?” I gave Nasty a look of thanks when she explained in terms they would understand.

“So you like when I play helicopter?” Dante’ asked immediately understanding his sister’s explanation.

“Actually, no I don’t sir” I am sure my facial expression was telling him that should be obvious when I said it but if he had any remorse about doing something I didn’t like – it didn’t register on his face in the least.

“So then why you come out here naked then?” Tiontay asked in a way that made me wonder if he just assumed I had tied myself up to the motel wall in the hopes someone would play helicopter with me. I resisted the urge to give a sarcastic reply – I guess those submissive lessons really do pay off.

“I don’t know if you would understand if I explained it to you why I am out here, Sir” I smiled politely to Tiontay.

“I know why,” Nasty put her hands on her hip to emphasize each of the next three words she said.




“Yes, I guess I am nasty, you are right about that Ma’am” I politely answered the girl.

“So this like that man at the bus stop who kept opening his coat and showing his weiner to everybody?” Tiontay asked Nasty.

“Oh that was SOOO NASTY, I told that old man,” Nasty looked up while recalling exactly what she said “I don’t want to see your old nasty weiner, put that thing a way.”

“Why you want to be on that wall like that then?” Dante’ asked with a confused expression.

“I don’t want to be up on that, I mean on this wall Sir.” I answered politely. I could see he was staring intently at my nipples and there was nothing I could do to stop him.

“Then when you is?” Dante’s grammar was frustrating but I understood what he meant – I just once again felt more embarrassed about revealing the truth than I did about him staring at my bare nipples.

I had to quickly decide if I wanted a plausible lie or to be honest with them (as painful as that might be). I didn’t have Jamie there to give me that look with those impossible blue eyes of hers as my conscious but at the same time I couldn’t think of a good lie. “I am being punished, see?” I wiggled my wrists to emphasize the plastic ties were holding my arms above my head. “I couldn’t have tied myself up this way.”

“Who is did this to you?” Tiontay asked with a slight look of concern registering on his face.

“Who did THIS to me?” I corrected his English out of habit and to give myself time to think if I could come up with a better plausible explanation yet. My brain still couldn’t think of one so I went with the truth. “I well, my husband did last night.”

“What did you do wrong?” Dante’ actually looked like he had some respect for me. I had the feeling he was often up to mischief and the fact that I got punished too probably made me seem like a kindred spirit.

“Oh gosh, well like I say,” I started to feel I had backed myself into an embarrassing corner of admission.

“Oh gosh, well like I am white” Tiontay imitated an exaggerated white person’s accent and the other two giggled.

“Okay, Okay, I know I sound corny,” I actually relaxed a little and laughed along with them.

“What dis is?” Dante’ had been staring at my tits and he reached out and dabbed them with his finger to reveal a little bit of my breast milk. “That is more of your women juice?”

“You don’t know nothing about wome, dat’s Enfamil!” Nasty declared angrily.

“Actually, you are close, Enfamil is powdered baby formula. This is actual breast milk, I guess I am leaking, Sorry about that.”

“So you had a baby recently?” Dante licked his finger and made a face. I had to choke back a laugh.

“No Sir, it’s hard to explain,” once again I tried to avoid giving him an answer about how I came to lactate so frequently and why I just realized my nipples felt like they were going to explode if they didn’t get pumped.

“Where you huzband is?” Dante asked while holding his scratching himself.

“Dante’ you so nasty scratching your balls like that” Nasty chided her brother only to hear him give a dismissive ‘shickaw’ sound with his mouth in response.

“Well, I think he is at home Sir” I offered an answer to his question.

“Where you live at?” Dante asked, daring to dab his finger on my nipple again and pull back a drop of the milky liquid. He looked at it and then shook it off his finger instead of tasting it this time.

“I normally live in Cherry Lawn,” there was a look on their faces that suddenly I was an outsider again. Everybody in town knew Cherry Lawn was a hoighty-toighty country club style community. “However, it looks like I am living in the Cabana behind me for a while.”

They nodded with appreciation – I wasn’t ‘one of them’ but the fact I lived here seemed to please them.

“You have any kids our age?” Tiontay asked. He was a little more shy and he was stealing glances at my chest more than staring at them.

“You can look at them if you want to Tiontay, they won’t bite, I promise” I said plainly and he smiled at me and looked up at my dangling boobs. “I have a daughter and a son who are a little older than you, why do you ask, Sir?”

“Someone new to play with.” Tiontay sounded very lonely in how he answered me. “Where is they?” he asked.

“Well, my son is in high school I am guessing, and my daughter is probably in the backyard at our place in Cherry Lawn?”

“They know you are out here like this?” Tiontay asked feeling bolder about getting a look at my tits. They were just hanging there like watermelons ripe and ready to be picked, I didn’t feel so bad telling him not to feel embarrassed to look - he had seen them anyway.

“Yes they know,” I wanted to sigh – they were going to drag the story out of me, one humiliating revelation at a time weren’t they?

“Who wrote these nasty words on you?” Nasty squinted to read the smudged words across my chest. “Axe me about the Candy titty bitch who wuz on the honor what?”

“Honor roll, Ma’am” I offered with a bit of a smile.

“You don’t think I know what is the honor roll?” Nasty asked defiantly.

I wanted to say “Well when you use grammar like that,” but I was in no position to be sarcastic and I apologized to her.

“Candy?” Tiontays eyes lit up.

“Oh, that was a joke between my daughter and I.” I realized right after I said that I raised more questions than I answered with that last explanation. “She wrote that on me last night, you see, but she was talking about herself.”

“Because her titties taste like candy?” Dante’ looked at my seeping and heaving breasts skeptically.

“Well, because her nipples probably look like chewy candy to some people I guess, I really don’t know what she meant by that Sir”

“You just let your daughter write all over you?” his sister asked me accusingly.

“I know THAT is nasty, right?” I smiled and the boys both laughed impishly at the subtle joke but if she got it – she didn’t laugh. It was obvious she wanted an answer to her question so I added “Well, if you think these are bad you should see what I wrote on her back, Ma’am!”

“How come your titties stick straight out like that?” Tiontay had become bored with the line of questioning and had one of his own.

“I have implants, so they always sort of set out prominently and hang like this on my chest no matter how old I get, Sir” I answered him plainly.

“Can I touch ‘em?” he asked while Nasty’s expression became even more dissaproving.

“When you played helicopter, you were honking them and treating them like an ignition switch, Sir.” - My voice rising at the end more like a question than an observation.

He made a (Shickaw) sound with his mouth as if he were dismissing that and he added “That was before we knew you was a person. I will give you a licorice for if you let me to touch them.”

“Boy, you better not give this white lady MY licorice,” Nasty put her hands on her hips defiantly. I was sweating and hungry but this spunky little girl in this frilly, nearly see-thru pink nightgown made me laugh. It might not have been quite so sheer if her skin wasn’t black as midnight, but I could see almost as much of her in silhouette as she could of me in the daylight sun.

It just dawned on me by squinting up into the sky that the sun was not even directly overhead and it was probably only 9 or 10am. Time really was going slow out here.

When I finally looked back down at them it was obvious that Tiontay was awaiting my reply to his question and he and Nasty had reached some conclusion about the licorice. I have to be honest when I say that I would have rathered he just touch my tits than to give him permission – there was something deeply perverted about saying he could do it.

“Actually, I think I might get punished if I were to eat without permission Tiontay, but I thank you for the generous offer.” I dodged his question diplomatically and that made me feel pretty good about myself taking the moral high road. This is of course despite the fact that I was naked with prominent nipple and clit rings in front of three kids with all sorts of nasty writing on my body and one of them was holding my butt plug as if he thought it was a shovel.
“Why you aint got no hair down there on you Vajay-jay?” Tiontay didn’t dwell on the fact I hadn’t answered his question if he could touch my boobs or not before moving on to a new object of curiosity to him.

“Boy, you so nastay!” Nasty said predictably “Why you think she aint got no hair there?”

“I don’t know,” Tiontay answered with a dead pan curiosity.

“She white, aint you never seen no playboys? Everybody knows white girls don’t have no hair on they vajay-jay.” Nasty said quite matter of factly.

“Actually, that’s not true, Ma’am. I have to shave every day,” I volunteered with a chuckle at the misconception. “When I was young it was actually only really slutty girls who shaved like this, but now it is very common for my daughter’s generation.” I told her.

“So then why you bald as a baby butt down there?” Nasty flapped her rather full lips as if she were shocked she was wrong about something.

“I’ve actually been trying to avoid telling you my situation, because I think you would find it a little offensive” I admitted politely while side-stepping her question again. I know it is a defense mechanism of mine to hold information close to my chest but these were just kids – admittedly street smart kids. Despite them seeing everything on my body, there were things I was still holding back.

To be frank, I could say that if you read between the lines here dear journal I couldn’t tell you if censoring myself was for their benefit or because I was suddenly more embarrassed than ever to admit to them or myself the humiliating way I’ve been living the last few weeks.

Naturally, by telling them I was keeping some sort of secret this only made them more curious and they prodded me to answer – even offering me a piece of the licorice again.

“Well, you see I am basically a slave.” I blurted out.

There was stunned silence.

“Do you know what that is?” I asked them as I scanned their faces unable to discern their expressions.

“Did you pick cotton?” Dante’ asked me.

“No and that is why I was afraid to tell you, I thought it might seem extremely racist of me.” I admitted.

“All white people is racist,” Nasty said narrowing her eyes at me sharply – almost challenging me to dispute it. I wanted to tell her that a generalization about all people of a race is itself racist but I figured it would be lost of her.

“I am not that kind of slave, that your people were and I apologize for even using that term. It is just that well I don’t have any other way to explain why I am doing what I am told.” I waited for them to slowly nod and Tiontay bless his heart started to put his mouth on my ‘passport plug’ absent-mindedly.

“I wouldn’t put that in your mouth, Sir.” I warned him with a chuckle.

He took it out before Nasty could chide him over it. “It clean, I washed since I been digging wiff it.”

“Well, I wear that plug you are holding, and I shave my,” I realized I was supposed to say ‘cunt’ but I cleverly went with “‘pubic hair’ because I agreed to let my son and husband be the boss of me – be their slave”

“Why?” Nasty asked immediately drawing out her pronunciation of the word to match her level of curiosity.

“Good question, Ma’am.” I stalled for a moment to consider my next words carefully. I didn’t want to come off as a villain here but it was wrong to play the victim and get sympathy as well. I had after all done some very bad things to get into this situation. “My daughter and I kicked out my husband and son and they had to stay here at Rahjid’s motel,” I started to explain.

“Dat is bad, dis place got roaches!” Tiontay declared.

“Yes, well that is not the worst part of it, Sir.” I chuckled at how cute and innocent his eyes could be. “When my husband and son came back home, my daughter and I humiliated them, treated them like servants, and made them do whatever I say”

“Dante’ and Tiontay do that to me every single day!” Nasty nodded at my story in appreciation of being there too.

“We does not, you boss us around all the time!” Dante’ fired back.

“I do not, now shut up so the white lady can finish her story,” Nasty ordered her brother to be quiet without the slightest awareness of how right her brother seemed to be.

“Well, when I came to my senses I felt really guilty about what I had done and what I had encouraged my daughter to do to run the guys through the ringer. We decided to let them get payback on us, we would be their slaves for a while and they could make the rules for us.” I was doing well up to this point in my explanation when I added “One of those rules is to keep my cunt completely hairless.”

I saw Nasty cover her mouth and the other three when they heard ‘cunt’ reacted as if what I said was poison gas. It was too late to backtrack and say ‘pubic hair’ now so I continued with the story. “I am so sorry, I know that is a dirty word. Unfortunately, another of the rules is that I have to call it that and I guess I got so used to it that it just slipped out.”

I expected Nasty to tell me how Nasty I was but instead she just asked “Why?” again.

“I think because they know nice polite girls don’t say that and they wanted us to realize what we did was not nice or polite, Ma’am” That wasn’t my most descriptive affirmation but it felt humbling just saying it out loud to them.

“So you daughter is also slave?” Nasty was starting to get the picture.

“Yes Ma’am, she’ll be here later tonight. She got to go home because she was better behaved than me.” I admitted feeling a little better that they weren’t shell-shocked by my admission of guilt.

“One of you gonna be out here tomorrow?” Tiontay asked with a tone of voice that implied loneliness on his part.

“I don’t want to sound rude, but I hope not Sir. I am surprised no other adult has come out to inquire why I am up here or call the law or something.”

“Po-Po don’t like to come around this neighborhood,” Dante’ said with certainty before adding “And Mama and dem are sleep – aint nobody up this time of day but us.”

“I thought she called you earlier?” I asked.

“Yeah, den she go back to sleep!” Dante’ answered as if that were perfectly normal and expected. I am learning that people live a far different life outside of the suburb than most of the people I know and not to be surprised by just about anything.

“Will you kiss my frog?” Tiontay said out of the blue. The other two kids laughed in derision.

“I don’t know, will he turn into a prince charming and get Rahjid?” I playfully replied.

“No, I don’t think he will.” Tiontay answered naively while holding up a gorgeous little tree frog that he seemed to pull from his pocket. It wasn’t like one of those warty green bullfrogs; it was lean and sleek and seemed to almost shine from the oil on its skin.

“Meh, I’ve kissed worse,” I joked and let him put the little sucker right up to my mouth. I gave it a playful smooch.

“You so nasty! You kissed Tiontay’s frog that has been in his underwear!! OOOOO!!” Nasty’s voice carried the universal ‘I am telllling’ tone that girls her age have been using since I was a girl.

“I am Nasty, that is probably why my husband saw fit to tie me up to this wall” I looked at the faded paint and dirty molded wood paneling that I was pressed up against while finally starting to accept I would be here at least all afternoon.

“And your Son!” Tiontay corrected.

“Yes Sir and my Son,” I agreed adding “and I will probably be punished as well because they will think I spit out my gag, and because you have my passport.” I said with just a touch too much stress in my voice as it began to dawn on me just how fucked I probably was.

“You want me to put that cloth on the ground back in you mouth?” Tiontay’s attitude towards me was even more benevolent now that I had kissed his frog. I did not really think any of his little dare – it was just one of many awkward moments we had shared. I know in his mind he had a frog in his pocket and he was curious if I would kiss it and he probably had not thought to much further than testing that hypothesis as to why.

“I shouldn’t ask you to do that, but when we get done talking, would you be kind enough to leave my passport? That silver shovel you are holding, Sir?” I smiled at him while sweat beaded now my nose. I am deeply tan so at least I wasn’t going to get a sunburn from the heat.

“I told you it was a shovel,” Tiontay held the chromed butt plug in his hand feeling completely validated.

“It is a nasty toy, shaped like a wiener that goes in women’s vajay-jays!” Nasty insisted.

“Nuh-uh, this aint like no wiener I’ve ever seen” Tiontay was right – it was smooth and shaped more like a long bullet. “Plus I found it in her dooky-hole!!” Tiontay admitted.

I thought Nasty was going to have a conniption fit but she just ignored him and made that familiar ‘shuck-caw’ sound they all made when they were done talking about something.

“That is why it won’t do any good for you to put the gag back in, when he sees the passport is gone or sitting on the ground, I am going to get punished anyway for that Sir.” I made a mental note that my daughter is far more black and white than me when it comes to justice and would have opted to at least have the gag in when Rahjid finally came around the corner.

“I can put it back in,” Tiontay wasted no time crawling under my legs and worming his way behind me to emerge behind my ass.

“Please don’t Tiontay,” was what I should have said.

Let me repeat that in case you didn’t get that the first time.

“Please don’t Tiontay,” was what I should have said.

Instead I said “Thank you, I really appreciate this. Would you mind putting it in my mouth first so I can get the tip wet please Sir?” without a second thought – and he reached around me from behind to my open mouth and let me suck on my passport plug.

I opened my mouth with a pop about the time I was having second thoughts about this but it was too late. He pulled my ass cheeks apart and rammed the plug in without any awareness of the fact that my asshole was far tighter and smaller than the tip of that plug. My eyes must have widened tremendously and my expression changed to shock because both Nasty and Dante’ were laughing as they stared up at my face.

“Oh my God,” I heard myself say as I started to wiggle my hips in semi-circles on to the plug for him. “Please just a little more gentle, and push it all the way in Sir?” I was already a quarter of the way plugged- he may as well finish the job.

“You keep that thing up your dooky hole all the time?” Dante’ asked skeptically and added “How do you poop?”

“With very few exceptions Sir,” I started to feel like Mrs. Jane trying to explain billiards to the Clampets. This whole thing seemed completely unnecessary to them and I would have sounded silly switching how I spoke from my typical English Teacher tone of voice to their slang.

“What are the accept-shuns?” Dante’ struggled with the word while his friend gave the butt plug a final twist, patted me on the round of my ass cheek and ducked back under my legs to face me again.

“The only two are when I am having sex, or when I am given permission to poop Sir,” I admitted truthfully – which seemed to blow their collective minds.

“What it say on your butt?” Tiontay asked.

“I thought you were going to put my gag back in Sir?” I was feeling butterflies in my stomach from admitting this much and admittedly I was actually very turned on by the reaming I had just got from the passport in a twisted kind of way. I thought it might be best if I were gagged before I said something I regretted. I replied “It says Whore, the O is kind of hidden” I winked but he didn’t seem to get it.

“She mean it around her dooky hole, like a big O” Nasty explained loudly as if it should be obvious what I was inferring. She even turned around and faced her own fairly well rounded ass towards him and on the outside of her night gown made the “OK” hand gesture right where her asshole would be to approximate my red O.

“Thank you, Ma’am” I volunteered before realizing that my nipples were now dripping down my chest and hard as a rock. I could feel myself getting wet and aroused. Both of my legs were bound more than shoulder width apart and I could already feel my pussy starting to drip and throb.

“Your boobies are leaking big time, does that hurt?” Tiontay asked naively as my breast milk leaked out of my suddenly rock hard nipples. I didn’t think I could get turned on by anal sex but the sudden stimulation had caused vibrations deep down inside of me that were unmistakable.

I assured him it didn’t as I started to wonder if some God or Fate or the Universal Narrator of Karma just had it out for me and was piling on humiliation after humiliation. “One of the other expectations was that,” and as I was about to explain the rules around lactation I felt Dante’ open my mouth and cram the now very dirty cloth gag into my mouth to stifle me from chattering on.

I nodded my approval and murmured something about that being the right thing to do after all but they could only see that I seemed to be okay with it.

“Okay we’ll see you later, crazy lady.” Tiontay waved dismissively and the kids ran back to a cabana on the end of the tiny dirt road.

I actually mumbled into my gag futilely as I saw them padding off in the distance “Wait, what about telling Rahjid I am here.” but half-way through the muffled scream I knew it was futile.

I could hear them teasing one another as they ran towards the shack they call home, “I am gonna make you MY slave,” Tiontay said.

“Nuh-uh, you my little bitch right now!” Nasty teased right back insistently.

I spent a lot of time for the next hour or so replaying in my head the conversation that had just happened and how I handled it. I might have done a few things differently if I could have done it over but then that is becoming the story of my life now – not just with Bill and Chris but in how I managed the family and the choices I made in putting my career first.

I tried to be optimistic about what had just gone down. I made up my mind to try to be as submissive and obsequious to Rahjid as white-alert allowed. I was going to throw myself on his mercy and beg for forgiveness like a good slut.

At least I had my gag and butt plug and while I knew a punishment was coming, at least Jamie wouldn’t be the only one with the special plug the guys bought for us. I think a part of me could see her feeling disappointed if she was the only who had to wear it. I know that sounds weird – but we are more than just on the same team in this little jam we’ve gotten ourselves in. I did not want to let her down and I certainly didn’t want Bill and Chris to have any more reason to put egg on my face.

Mmm, eggs would be nice. I was so hungry about this time and it wasn’t even noon yet. I was making up my mind to count my blessings though. What if I had been discovered by a gang with switchblades?

Who am I kidding? I am a child of the 80s who lives in the suburbs. I picture the Jets and the Sharks from West Side Story when I envision a gang – running around with Doo-wop haircuts and Fonzi jackets. I know nothing of the streets.

I spent the hour after that going over scenarios in my head that could have been much worse than what just happened. Yes, I could have had all sorts of nasty things befall me.

I was tired, exhausted and so hungry. Dog food just isn’t very nourishing and we haven’t been getting that much anyway. The combination of the three has left me in what I can only say is a trance like state. As time went on, I began to feel a tingling on my lips where I kissed the frog. It kept getting more and more intense once I realized it was there. It didn’t hurt but it felt weird and it wasn’t long before I started seeing things look a little warped, like I was seeing them through one of those mirrors at the festival that distorted shapes. I guess I was hungrier than I thought because I found myself in my favorite deli I used to go to for lunch. It specialized in healthy, organic foods and the owner was a middle aged guy that always seemed to rub me the wrong way. He was just rude and unresponsive and if it wasn’t for the good food and convenience of it being next door to where I worked I wouldn’t have gone there. But here I found myself sitting there eating sandwich after sandwich, that were as unhealthy for you as you could get. These things were dripping with greasy fat and full of all the things you try to avoid on a healthy diet. The owner was standing over me forcing me to eat sandwich after sandwich as fast as I could. When I looked at him his head was getting bigger and then smaller over and over. It was very unsettling. I looked over at another table and there was Van sitting there eating a sandwich with a monstrous frog smashed between the slices and the legs were still flaying around as if the frog was still alive.

I looked back at the owner of the deli and he opened his mouth. His facial expression showed no sign of surprise that inside his mouth was that damn tree frog! I gasped in shock as it jumped down onto the sandwich I had just lifted up to my mouth. It grew in size and leaned in to kiss me, not a little peck on the lips but it stuck its long, forked tongue down my throat in an obscenely deep French kiss.

I was sure I was hallucinating but while this was happening it felt intensely real – more real than any dream I can remember. I found myself not repulsed but actually accepting and then participating in the French kiss. As I kissed the frog, I closed my eyes and as we kissed, the sensations of the kiss changed. That damn tongue was so deep in my throat at first but it kept getting shorter and shorter. Finally we broke the kiss and standing in front of me was the most handsome prince. He reached up and suddenly I was back on the cabana and he was releasing my ties. It didn’t take long and he pulled me to his carriage that looked a lot like a carved out pumpkin.

I was whisked away to his palace. When we got there, he led me in to the throne room still naked as can be. As soon as I entered the throne room I saw my family sitting on chairs on either side of the throne. My silver haired father was sitting there shaking his head and making that ‘shuck-caw’ sound the kids made over and over with a look of utter disappointment. My mother who had always been my rock was sitting in the chair next to him and she gave me a look of scorn and ridicule that would have made even Mrs. Waxerman ask her to take it down a notch (well that may be a little hyperbole but you get my meaning).

This was quickly becoming a nightmare - my Sister was sitting on the other side of the throne with a sassy smile on her face, not to mention the look of delight at me being put in my place. In my halucination she still looks about 16 years old like a blonde Delta Burke in her prime with that big 1980s hair and she is chewing gum like it is a sport. She has this look on her face like, “Oh how the mighty have fallen” and Lisa doesn’t say anything I’m being chained, standing in front of the throne. “Van, would you come take a look at this?”

My current neighbor - the man I had sex with this weekend emerges from the dais with his hair slicked back looking like the high school all-American Quarterback he was in his prom tuxedo. He suavely ignores me and moves over to her and takes her arm with a bemused expression on his face. He pulls her into a loving embrace and then he sits down in the chair with her in his lap on the opposite side of the throne from mom and dad.

All I can do is remain chained up in front of the throne with my hands pulled way up over my head and my legs wide apart. In my halucination my nipple and clit rings are exaggerated – at least three times their size and look positively obscene as they protrude from my engorged nipples and puffy, sore clit. My tits were just flowing milk out of them like a little river and my cunt was as wet as a swamp. For some reason I I was getting excited at all of this.

Lastly, my younger brother Ted walks out from behind the dais. He has a grin on his face from ear to ear. This sounds silly but he is holding his Harvard Diploma and wearing an expensive suit. He was voted most likely to succeed in his high school class and last I heard he was a big real estate developer with a massive estate of his own so I guess the symbolism makes sense.

“Hey Sis, are you sure that Butt plug is big enough for an ass like yours?” My brother asks but I cannot answer because I have a gag in my mouth. The humiliation of them sitting there just watching me is worse than anything I’ve experienced.

The prince took his seat on his throne and took up his scepter and sat there with it held in his hand. It looked like a baton but made of wood and was only about a quarter of an inch in diameter and increased to the top where it was a two inch round knob. He sat there with my family for a moment and then my dad stoop up and came down in front of me. He grabbed me by my chin as he looked deeply into my eyes and announced for all to hear, “You have been found to be a bad wife, ignoring your husband and neglecting him when he needed you most. I am very disappointed in you.”

My mom stood up next and walked in front of me, and with a stare of scorn announced for all to hear, “You are a bad wife and mother. You refused to treat your husband as an equal and dominated and abused him. You put your own desires and career ahead of your family and they suffered for it, especially your son who needed you more than anyone.

My sister got up when mom finished and walked up to me and slapped me. That’s for being a lousy sister and a poor role model for my favorite niece and nephew. You don’t know how I had looked up to you. But you were always lil miss perfect and I just couldn’t catch up. Now look at you, a failure at your job, your family and your life.

Finally it was my brother that got up and stood beside the rest. He just smiled at me and said, “I always wanted to see you get yours. You were a god damned pretentious bitch and a pain in the ass the whole time we were growing up. You deserve whatever you have coming.

Finally the prince stood up and approached me. He stood directly in front of me with the family looking on in anticipation of what was going to happen. He lifted his scepter and asks, “You have been found to be worthless as a wife, a mother, a boss and a friend. You are good for nothing but being a slut slave. Since your crimes are unforgivable, I now pronounce sentence. You are hereby sentenced to live the rest of your life as a slut slave, having to follow the orders of your lord and master.”

As my prince, who I thought was my savior, pronounced sentence a big metal slave collar and shackles appeared around my neck, wrists and ankles. My mind was working to try and figure out what was happening when I felt a pain in my left tit. I scream a bit through the gag as the pain in my tit floods into me. I heard something that sounded like, “Why are you here?” but I couldn’t be sure.

He has my rapt attention and I see his scepter coming down towards my right tit when he asks again but now his voice has changed – it sounds higher and has a different measured cadence and I feel my right tit explode in pain as I watch his hand come down in what seemed like slow motion and make a huge depression in my tit, leaving a big read hand print, then I heard the question again in that Indian accent, “What are you doing back here?” he asks but I can’t say anything I just murmur incoherently.

I finally realize that I was just imagining my family in their idealized forms in the throne room and that there was no prince. I quickly figured out that there had to be some kind of hallucinogenic property to the skin of the frog I kissed with the boys. That was the only thing that would explain the hallucinations and tingling feeling I felt. As I realized what must have happened, I quickly wondered what my family would think of me in my actual current form, probably not much different. Rahjid had taken the gag out of my mouth and was asking me questions and all I was doing was babbling and drooling because the hallucinogen was still keeping me from behaving normally, well as normal as ever act these days.

“Wake up you lazy sod, we went to look for you in the room, but you are out here cavorting about without clothes!”

“No Sir, let me explain,” my mouth was so dry and raspy – and my stomach was so empty that I felt weak in the knees while I pleaded with him, not to mention coming down from the hallucination.

“No time for this,” he cut me down with a box cutter and as blood flow started to return to my arms I felt even more disoriented. It dawned on me now how sore my wrists were going to be from being tied up all morning with plastic ties but I could not even yell.

“Do you not know there are kids who play out here during the day?” he scolded me as if it had been my idea to strap myself naked to a wall while he cut the tie on one of my ankles.

“Yes, trust me I did not want to be out here, may I please have some water Sir? I will do anything!” at that point I literally meant ‘anything’.

“You will do anything anyway, you are a nasty beast,” he scolded me while cutting the final tie to release my foot.

I stumbled and began massaging my wrists, “You may be right about that, Sir.” I could still hear a rasp in my voice that made me feel like an old witch.

Rahjid put his face close to mine and sniffed down my chest over my sweaty tits and said “You stink”. Then he added “This is good, it means you worked hard”

“Thank you Sir, I was trying to be a good girl. Did my husband call you to tell you he left me back here?”

“Cow-tits, I don’t know how to be saying this, but would you please move your naked ass back into the Cabana and take a shower, so you can begin to work?” Rahjid fastidiously reminded me that not only was I completely naked in broad daylight but that I really needed a bath.

“Thank you, thank you so much for allowing me a shower, Sir!” I was relieved and I started to scurry off into our Cabana.

As I rounded the corner I was immediately struck by the sound of horns and traffic on MLK blvd during the day. It was bumper to bumper – a stark contrast to the slower pace of traffic at night.

I hesitated for a moment, but Rahjid walked behind me and slapped my bare ass with his hand, “Do not stand here and flash the traffic, it is bad for business.” He instructed and with that I dashed quickly inside the cabana.

My wrists and ankles were still hurting and now my lower back felt ridiculously sore. This would be the first shower I’ve had in a long time and I was doing it alone and unsupervised. Rahjid hadn’t even checked to see if my ‘passport’ was in my tailpipe and it didn’t make a lot of sense to me to keep it in while I showered. I took it out and felt a little guilty about cleaning it in the sink but I decided what Bill and Chris didn’t know won’t hurt them.

Then I proceeded to take a good long piss on the toilet and at the end used as much toilet paper as I wanted without any weird guilt or power-trips. The bathroom was disgusting and mildewed and the shower-water was stale and lukewarm but let me tell you – it was like a phoenix being reborn from her ashes having the water cascade down on my body. I drank my fill from the shower and despite the fact it tasted like dirty PVC pipe water I kept cupping my hands in the shower and gulping it down.

I tweaked my nipples in the shower until I felt like I had released all of the milk that had been dripping down from my poor engorged nubs. It still surprises me how they can be so sensitive yet take so much abuse – I guess that’s nature’s design so babies can gum the hell out of them to get a drink.

I tasted my own milk – Meh, I’ve tasted worse coming out of my own body.

I washed off all the lettering from the night before and then I started to dry my hair. I didn’t have any make up here and I wasn’t sure how I was going to look without anything to do my hair with but it didn’t really bother me. I would just look about ten years older without my makeup though and that sort of bothered me. The guys made us wear blue mascara and pink bubble-gum lipstick anyway so it was actually refreshing to have a completely fresh and unmade up face.

I sat down on a chair I had pulled into the bathroom and began to look at myself in the mirror. I started to feel guilty that I had taken out the butt plug on my own and cleaned it off as I had – especially since Jamie was home, probably having to keep hers in.

I wondered about Jamie and whether her day had turned out as bad as mine. I wasn’t too worried though with her Father watching over her all day – she has already spent two days outside. The worst that could happen is the Waxerman boys show up and unlike Dante’, Tiontay and Nasty they were pretty well accustomed to our antics by now.

There weren’t any clothes in the Cabana that I could put on and I knew better than to try and head back out naked. There also was nothing to eat – I would have been glad for the salty crumbs from an old bag of chips. That is another thing I take away from my little re-education at Bill’s hands – I used to only eat organic and six dollar wraps and Panini’s. Now, I’d eat just about anything and be glad to get it.

I was ready to work, all except for the clothes. I peeked out the window – it was still daylight and I braced myself for the fact I’d be walking the streets with busy traffic. I could already hear the honking and the whistles from the looky-loos before I had even begun.

I looked over towards the Office but didn’t see Rahjid or his wife. I was hoping they would bring me something to wear so I could get started. I also decided I was going to do the best I could to get Rahjid to give me a fair punishment for last night so that Bill and Chris (and even Jamie the rule-follower) would be proud of me.

The bed was still dirty from the night before – no luck on fresh sheets so I just smoothed the bedspread and layback. I was going to insert my ‘passport’ but somewhere along the way I started to relax and at first began slowly fingering my pussy. I touched the cold metal of the butt plug to my clit ring and despite the pounding I’ve received from numerous dicks these past weeks I enjoyed probing myself with it. I began to fuck myself against the plug slow and steady. I licked my parched lips and raised my butt up a little so that I could get a little leverage.

I was just going to keep doing it for a few more minutes to ‘get it wet’ before sticking it in my ‘pooper’ as Chris sometimes calls it, when the screen door swung open.

“What-the-fuck is it this time?” honestly you had to hear his speech cadence to truly get how hilarious Rahjid sounds when he tries to sound angry. I wasn’t laughing though because I had just been caught red-handed by him and his creepy wife playing with myself.

“I am sooo sorry Master Rahjid, I was just getting my cunt lubricated to start working before I put this back up my ass, sir.”

“Likely story, you lying slut. You are doing the nasty on Rahjid Bed, on Rahjid Time, on Rahjid Dollar!?” his voice rose as he became increasingly angry. I sat up and pleaded with him.

“Master Rahjid, please I am supposed to ask for punishment anyway, I know I was naughty for masturbating too, but I am supposed to confess what I did last night and ask for correction.”

“We have no time, you are already late to make the dollars, what is it you will be wearing?” Rahjid was impatient for me to work.

“Please you don’t understand Sir.” I was on my knees on the dirty red carpet pleading with him to punish me. “If you don’t punish me hard for what I did wrong, my husband will come and punish me so much harder.”

“This is does not sound a Rahjid Problem this sounds like a Cow-tit problem,” Rahjid stated bluntly.

“I don’t have any clothes, Sir my husband and son took them last night when they tied me behind the Cabana.” I was still in begging mode – seeming pathetic and at his mercy. I was almost in tears.

“That sounds like a good punishment for a dirty whore, but you do not understand that behind the motels the efficiencies are paying customers who do not want to see your hairless Dheeli Choot.” I did not know what a Dheeli Choot was but I had a pretty good idea from his context.

“Please, Please Sir? Just like thirty minutes to punish me and I will wear whatever you have and work today and tonight all. I am so, so sorry.” I was too.

“Fine,” Rahjid seemed put out by the idea and asked, “What punishment is suitable for your crimes?”

“Well, don’t you want me to confess what I did wrong and then come up with an appropriate punishment?” I was being asked to come up with my OWN punishment? I was used to my husband and son’s punishment style and this was taking me out of my comfort zone in a big way.

“I do not have the time, nor the interest in whatever of the shit that you have been doing wrong to fuck it up.” Rahjid’s English got worse as he became more impatient. “Tell me how to punish, so that we can get the money flow.”

“I don’t really know, I mean… I…,” I couldn’t really think of anything now that it was being asked of me to come up with my own punishment. There are so many ways I could go. Chris and Bill have all of these index cards with clever ideas that must have taken them days to think up.

It is equally frustrating and frightening to be asked to think of one’s own punishment and have the stipulation it must seem commensurate to one’s own rule violations.

I think in a way it was a punishment in and of itself – but only I realized it.

I stared blankly at an impatient Rahjid and his wife while I scanned through a rolodex in my head of punishments I’ve already survived in the hopes of thinking of one suitable to please Bill and Chris.

The first and most obvious choice was taking a paddling – the old standby. They had used some sort of birch branches on me the night before and the oil from whatever it was stung like the devil. I couldn’t just suggest more of the same (and a part of me did not want more of that nasty, wicked branch).

The second idea was maybe a hair brush – ooh, what about bristle side instead of flat side? Still probably not sufficient for all the rule violations I have to answer for. I could add getting caught masturbating to the list now.

“Well, you could paint five dollar blowjobs on my chest and send me out with very little clothes Sir?” Rahjid looked impatient and I blurted out the first idea that wasn’t just beating me with something hard.

“You think I want to undercut other girls? Then they have to suck dicks harder to make money, because you suck ALL the dick!” The frustrated little man made me laugh with his stunted English.

“True, I am sorry sir, I am trying to think what they would do to a slut like me in India?’ my question designed to at least see where he was leaning in punishment.

“In my village, you would be having your face painted black and then dragged through the streets with bells on your tits and around your neck while you are threshed with sticks.” Rahjid explained and his wife bobbled her head either agreeing with him or thinking ‘here we go again’ it is so hard to tell with Indian body language.

I started to wonder how I could get away with something like that on busy mid-day, Martin Luther King Blvd. when he added “Then you would be taken to a nearby farm and attached to a plow, where you would replace some one’s oxen for the remainder of your life to be scorned and ridiculed.”

Okay, that might be a bit TOO harsh even for all the things I have done.

“I am so sorry sir, I am begging you,” I got down on my knees and parted my legs while I held my hands up “I need you to punish me hard for all my mischief last night and today so that I will learn to behave!!”

“Oh really?” he folded his arms skeptically

“Well, and my husband and son will punish me much, much harder if they are un-satisfied, which will take more time away from my earning.”

As a pragmatic business man this was finally logic he saw worthy of his time. His wife whispered something in his ear and he nodded.

“So this is like Devi-Das, my niece. She is agreed to be disciplined because she knows that it is worse to become like the western sluts of America.”

I wasn’t sure if I agreed with him. I had wondered about his niece’s situation since seeing her naked caramel colored skin the night before but I hadn’t dared ask. I was just trying to save my own bacon from a worse punishment later and not my immortal Hindu soul from Americanization – it was probably too late for that, lol.

Look at me writing “lol” in my journal when I make a joke like a teenager. I am probably about 15 years behind the times on that but it is progress.

“You could punish me similar to Devi-Das, Sir?”

“I do not punish Devi-das” Rahjid said sternly.
“No? I thought she was a slave like my daughter and I?” I could have sworn she was being kept naked in a bedroom and trotted out to be whipped and then chained back up earlier.

“That is pr?ya?citta. I don’t know the English word for it, or if you even have the concept here.” He put his finger on his lip and considered carefully before continuing his lesson. “Pr?ya?cittas are not necessary only for the cleansing of one's own soul, but also for the satisfaction rest of society, as they are not permitted to have social contact with one who has sinned and not completed their penance. It is Devi-das own choice to perform her penance at my house so that she does not shame her father by his having to administer the punishments himself.”

I was a little shocked – I had suspected Rahjid was simply a pervert who liked to keep girls in bondage. We had seen one like that at the tattoo parlor in the flea market and I didn’t know her story either. I suspected she knew my daughter though.

“The vrata of the modern hindu is very trivial and does not cleanse one in the manner of the old Vrata. I do not believe you would understand this matter, but it does give me an idea, come.” He started to walk out the door with his wife right behind him.

“I don’t have any clothes in here, sir.” I said as I started to stand up. I had casually slipped my passport up my ‘poop chute’ as Chris calls it without calling too much attention to myself. I am surprised how easily I can stick things up my ass now – I sure am glad the rim is elastic and will tighten back up over time, lol.

“You do not need clothes for such a short distance, crawl behind me and stay low and you shall be fine.” Rahjid didn’t look behind him – he simply walked out the screen door with the assurance I would follow.

I got on my hands and then arched my back and walked on my feet. The pebbles and broken glass in the cracked pavement around the motel was too much for my old knees to bear.

He walked slowly as if he might be savoring the fact that I was behind him and his wife. “You must learn patience, you will crawl too fast and then a car will notice. Crawl as if you belong where you are, you are just a dog. The drivers will not notice – be most assured.” He offered without glancing backwards.

I did as I was told and remained on my hands and knees when we got into his apartment. The overpowering smell of Indian food reminded me I was hungry enough to even eat that exotic cuisine. I’d only eaten it one other time when a co-worker tried to introduce me to it years ago and not only had I not been able to find anything I didn’t think was goat meat but it did not agree with me.

They led me into the bedroom with his niece. There was incense and candles lit around a shrine to different gods. She was hanging from a chain in the center of the room with the look of an innocent angel on her caramel colored face. She was quite attractive with long black hair and she had features that reminded of pixie – similar to Jamie. If Jamie was Tinkerbell then Devi-Das would be the darker friend that flies around with her in those Disney made-for video movies.

She did not look up – but remained in a trance like state as if she was completely unaware of our presence.

“I see from the look on your face, that you think me a cruel man to see my niece in such a way?” Rahjid asked.

“No sir, you told me you had a reason for all of this,” I actually did think he could be particularly cruel but I wasn’t going to add insult to injury by pointing out how he treated Jamie and I.

“Devi-Das has many ways to reduce her sin – let me show you,” his impatience had evaporated and now the topic of his niece had come up he seemed intent on sharing with me a lesson in his culture.

“You see the sacrifice into fire – it is called ‘Homa’,” He took a candle and intoned a prayer to the Lord of Vrata and held the lit candle under her pert breasts and over her chocolate nipples, but she remained unmoved and unburned.

“Devi-das, we have an American woman here who wants to understand your choice to anut?pa, it is time for confession.”

Devi-das opened her eyes and looked down at me expressionless.

“Is this what you want to be? A fake-breasts, fake-hair, fake-everything like this?” Rahjid wasn’t being fair – my hair had a few highlights but that wasn’t fake – I took his barb with a grain of salt and remained on the floor.

“No Uncle, I wish to continue to perform the vrata, I have the strength to do it, may it be propitious for me.”

“Do you understand that while you perform the vrata, you must remain naked and chaste, without the benefit of your father’s wealth – a t?pasá?”

He turned to me as if talking to a child and explained “this means to remain wretched, poor and miserable.” He considered me for a moment and added “Not like you and your daughter, but for bodily purification and spiritual enlightenment.”

I nodded understanding but did not reply. I wondered if we weren’t really doing this for that very reason ourselves.

“This wretch on the floor asks are you a slave to my house?”

“No uncle, I am not your slave. The human body is the receptacle of piety, wealth, desires, and final liberation. It should therefore never be the subject of purchase. I am a burden to your house and that of my father until I have cleansed my soul and I thank you for the hospitality that you offer.” She said with no hint of the accent of her uncle.

“What is your name, dear niece?”

“I am Urmila Devi Das, so named as slave to god, until I am free of the mortal sins of materialism, selfishness, sexual gratification and perversion that I have learned while in America,” Oh brother, this girl would love Mrs. Waxerman. She was so serious and without a hint of self-doubt that I sensed she was not simply brain-washed but that she truly found some gratification in her situation.

“What adorns your body?” Rahjid asked ritualistically.

“The Mehndi of my prayers and the pain of the sorrow I have created with my fall from grace.” She answered stoically. In many ways she reminded me so much of my own daughter now.

I noticed that she was speaking of elaborate henna body art that was black enough as to not be easily visible in the low light of the make-shift shrine. There was a complexity and elaboration in glitter, gilding, and fine-line work that must have been her prayers. I saw long metal needles through her breasts in perfect lines and across her stomach and over her pussy that accented the art work and blended in with it perfectly.

“How long have you been performing the Upav?sa?” Rahjid asked.

“I have been fasting for 17 days Uncle, and only last night I was permitted Charmasukh last night.”

“This beast and her daughter are the ones who brought Charmasukh for you.” Rahjid told her.

“Thank you beast, you are doing me a great favor, for semen is the vital fluid of all life. I am permitted only the consumption for conscious posture and strenuous breath.”

“We are not permitted to touch Devi-das as she is unclean so she cannot collect this herself. My wife prepares for her from the condoms you bring the seed of life and we provide it to her through a ritual after her Pr???y?ma which is the restraint of breath.”

I had wondered what they were doing with the condoms we brought but I had thought he was just a tremendous pervert who got a kick out of our carrying them in our mouths. I hadn’t even taken it very seriously but now it dawned on me – he didn’t want the semen touched by human hands.

He lowered Devi-das’ chain and she remained naked with her arms above her head. “You must perform six Pr???y?ma before you can be fed.” I noticed when Rahjid said that, just a slight hint of fear and concern flashed momentarily on her normally reserved brow.

She brought her hands down to her side and with slow and deliberate moves brought her head to rest on an ornate ceramic trough with ornate Hindu carvings. I noticed they had a disturbing orgy of several men and women intertwined carved in the relief.

“This is the recreation of Khajuraho temple from my home. The vase has a purified curve in the center for her to rest her neck. This has been in my family for centuries and passed down from mother to daughter.” Rahjid was actually smiling the same perverted smile he had when he saw me humiliated at his swimming pool the night before. It occurred to me that Rahjid may look like he is perverted but I think he is just happy that his niece is reaching mumbo-jumbo Nirvana or whatever it is they are doing.

Devi-Das held both sides of the ashy-black bowl she rested her supple neck on. Rahjid wife then lowered a stone block over her neck so that the girl was effectively trapped inside stocks. Then Rahjid’s wife pushed on a lever in the floor which raised a platform under the girl dunking her head while raising her naked buttocks up in the air without so much as a splash.

At that point the door flung open and a young indian boy rushed in speaking in Hindi and holding an action figure.

“Get out while your cousin does her Vratas, young man.” Rahjid demanded sternly.

The boy looked down at me for about an instant and acting as if this were perfectly within reason that I be on all fours naked in just a dog collar while his cousin was being ritualistically dunked he padded quickly out of the room and shut the door.

“Do you see? I have eight mouths to feed here? Do you see why you must work hard for Rahjid and learn to suck more dick?” Rahjid’s tone was like every husband who ever complained about the rat race and the rising cost of butter - despite how lightly he took the trade of prostitution.

“Yes Sir, I will do my best to suck more dick for you,” I swallowed hard as I said it. I was hoping for them to finally release Devi and after what felt like a full minute she was released by allowing the platform to drop and popping her out of the water without ever being touched.

“Your cousin was inquiring about you, have you been luring him to come into here and speak to you that you are not so bored?” Rahjid asked the soaked teenage girl.

“I have only one time, but I will not again. I apologize Uncle. That was a moment of weakness.” She begged.

“You do not apologize to me for this, you have simply added to your pr?ya?citta,” Rahjid said softly and she agreed with a stoic pout worthy of Jamie.

“May I have double the number of Pr???y?ma, Uncle?” she asked.

“You may but I cannot remain to witness your atonements. I must return this whore to work and to do this she requested a punishment. She thought that I was punishing you and I felt I must show her that is not the case.” Rahjid said in a comforting manner.

“Yes, the punishments are my own doing, stay or go as you wish beast, with my thanks for your gifts of which I am unworthy,” Devi regarded me before steadying herself for another dunk.

“Nicely said” Rahjid offered her a compliment just as her face met the water of the stone dunking tub and I could almost see a smile for the first time on her face. Rahjid snapped his fingers at me and walked back into his living room.

I was hesitant to remain crawling but after a second snap I left his wife and daughter in the shrine and followed.

“Do you see now that I cannot use these punishments on you?” Rahjid asked me as he stood in his kitchen and moved around some frying pans on his stove.

I remained on all fours as two girls slightly younger than Jamie came skipping into the kitchen to where their father was standing. They looked down at me and giggled and then looked to their father for an explanation. He called me ‘Dheeli Choot’ – a word he had used the night before.

They laughed and ran back into another room in the tiny apartment without a single question.

“Do you often have women on all fours in your kitchen, Sir?” I asked joking about how everyone seemed to be completely unsurprised by the sight of my big round naked ass on all fours.

“No, never. Why do you ask this?” Rahjid completely missed my attempt at humor.

“I was just wondering why none of your kids seemed surprised to see me like this, Sir.” I smiled knowing he had not picked up at my attempt at levity.

“They know you are the pig American woman and whore from last night. This is a small apartment with thin walls. Everything is seen and heard by everyone. They have stopped giggling several hours ago and now know you are here to earn our family money. Does that surprise you?” Rahjid probably noticed that I looked insulted at the realization I was a laughing stock.

“No sir, I am used to being called a pig,” I lied. It happened often enough but it was still a battering on my pride. “Do you mind if I stand up?”

“I prefer for you to be remaining on the ground. I have some curry here for you to eat. It is a delicacy of my home, a fish curry.” He set a warm pan of awful smelling sour fish in a light brown cream sauce in front of my face. “Do not make the ugly face, just eat and then I will rent you some clothes to start your day shift.”

Gah! I tried not to make a face at the powerfully offensive Indian cuisine I’d just been offered but I doubt I was all that convincing. “I still need to be punished before my husband and son get here with my daughter Sir.”

“You are glutton for the punishment. I just told you all of my children are aware and yet you want still to be punished?” Rahjid asked incredulously as if I were being selfish by reminding him of my impending punishment.

“I thought if they had already seen me on all fours naked, and you did not care about that then,” I started to explain and saw him fold his arms impatiently “I am sorry Sir.” I finally said and closed my mouth.

“I have told you that I cannot use the ritual Vratas on you as that would be sacrilege and perversion of their true meaning.” Rahjid explained. “My wife has her sewing on the table, I will select seven needles and you will pick where to place them.”

I am sure I looked horrified at the idea of being stuck with needles. I had almost become accustomed to blunt spankings with paddles and even a whipping here and there but sharp, pointy needles puncturing my skin was another animal all together.

“You are frightened? Devi-das has over hundred,” Rahjid said with a trace of pride on what his niece can endure. “You will tell me how many - one for each violation,” he decided.

“How long must I keep them in for Sir?” I swallowed wondering if I really wanted to know.

“You will show husband and son, and they will decide when you have worn them long enough. You may not pick in your asshole or through your pussy because you must work and customers do not like sharp needle.” Rahjid said that last condition like he thought that was my first choice.

“Will I bleed?” I was probably stalling by asking questions.

“I have been applying ritual needles to the girls of my family since I was seven years old. You will not bleed dear lady, do you have a preference where you want it and I will have them in before you finish the fish curry.”

“All in my boobs I guess, Sir?” I wondered if my breast implants would pop but I dared not ask him. It was obvious from what I saw the needles went long-ways along the surface of the skin and straight not down into the skin.

“You believe this because you think Bill and Chris will approve this is enough?” Rahjids asked like a wizened Guru expecting me to look in my heart for the answer.

“Let me see, I need a needle for each of my infractions,” I looked up as if that helped me to count better. We had taken too long with our final customer of the night, we had half-assed the condoms at the end of that one, we had taken our butt plugs out on our own and I did it again today when I was caught masturbating. “I think I need five needles for five infractions, I guess put them then where you think they will impress my son and husband Sir?”

“Very wise choice, now eat the curry,” Rahjid hovered over my ass cheeks and pulled them apart. He slid two needles length wise into the sides of my tattoo around my ass cheeks. I made a hissing noise at first but once they were in I could no longer feel either. I also felt no blood drip down from the ass-stabbing I just got so I was more confident.

“You took those well. These next two will hurt more,” Rahjid could use some help with bedside manner as it only made me more apprehensive and heightened in my awareness of the pain I was about to receive.

He pushed one of the needles directly into the center of my nipple and straight down. I thought he wasn’t going to do that? Hot damn that felt like iced pain sharply driven into my tit. “Oh gawww-addd,” I stuttered out as I realized the nipple pin had gone all the way in.

“This will help you to think about your many rule violations,” Rahjid put his thumb and forefinger around the nub of my other nipple and pressed down on my nipple ring. Then he slid the second needle like a sword plunging down the center of my titty. It was such a heightened and sharp pain that I have no words to describe it. It was much worse than getting my initial piercing. I could only hold my mouth open and suck air – I could not even scream.

“Do not be such a big baby,” Rahjid chided me and then rubbed my stomach as if considering where to stick me with the final pin. “I would put through your vagina but I need you to rent it on the street, open your mouth.”

I did as I was told and he saw my tongue ring. I had grown used to the dick shaped stud that was in my mouth and I don’t think I lisp like a baby any more. “I did not see this before, it is valuable for sucking the dicks” he gave me permission to continue eating as he looked me over like a puzzle he was trying to solve on wheel of fortune.

He squatted down to my face while I made a valiant effort to take a bite and swallow the nasty tasting food. I liked fish but this tasted like it had been left out to go bad. It had that nasty fish smell that you get when you leave uneaten fish in the garbage too long. That damn dog food was all of a sudden looking very appetizing right about now. It smelled a bit like warm garbage that had been left in the sun too long, and tasted like vomit to me but I was starving and I needed to eat – besides the girl in the other room had a worse diet than me. How they eat this stuff, I have no idea, it is absolutely putrefying. Eating a half a hot dog on the kitchen floor sounded real good to me at that moment. As a matter of fact it would be an absolute gourmet feast compared to this. It was all I could do to take each bite and chew it. Finally, I just took small bites and swallowed it whole to avoid chewing as much as possible.

I was just finishing when an elderly black man came up to Rahjid’s window and asked Rhajid if he had that left over fish curry he had left over from two days ago. Rahjid went and got an old Tupperware bowl that was half full of the nasty smelling fish curry. Then it dawned on me that black guy had said a couple of days. That meant that this stuff had been sitting around. God I hoped I wouldn’t get sick. Just the thought of eating two day old fish that had been sitting out churned my stomach, but realizing I had been eating it made it worse. I paused eating and was about to quit eating what was left but my stomach growled in hunger so I started back with the tiny bites. As the black guy was leaving, the guy said, “This is the nastiest smelling stuff I’ve ever smelled but my cats love this. Let me know the next time you have it.”

When the guy had left, Rahjid turned to me and kicked my ass saying in his stilted accent, “Hurry up whore, time for punishment and then make the money!”

Rahjid put his arm around my neck and cradled it like he was going to break it. Instead, he held me firmly in place with one arm and then used that hand to steady my face forward and used the other to drive a long slender needle through the center of my nose in between both nostrils.

“Nooooooooooooooooooooooo,” I cried out but it was already too late. I had heard a sharp pop sound in my head like when your eardrums pop on an airplane and it was done. “Oh my god, fuuuuuuuuuuuuu” I suddenly forgot all about the needle threaded into my tits and it was all about the nose – I wanted to cry but there were no tears.

“You will show them and ask forgiveness,” Rahjid sounded more like Ghandi than Apu from the Simpsons –offering his words as advice instead of brusque and business like orders. There was obviously more to him than I knew.

There may even be more to my reasons for my own spiritual journey than even I knew – and for that matter for Jamie’s own journey. I continued to nibble and pick at the curry with my teeth while Rahjid threw a pile of clothes at me. My thoughts were not on the cock sucking and street walking I was going to do today – it was just back on my daughter – I wondered if her day was as strange as mine?

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