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update dec 12 - 2008

M/f, reluc, , exhib, BDsm, humil, abduction

Ginger's Training Ch. 1
by vgrey" vgrey©

Ginger stared at the ceiling. A sharp, excruciating, pain bolted through her loins as the thin, leather thongs tied deeply into her stuffed and well oiled cunt roughly rolled across her red, pulsating clitoris.Her frantic, crystal-blue eyes wildly strained to look back at her body. They couldn't see much. They couldn't see much because of the restrictions placed on her ability to move her head by the hard, leather strap tied cruelly between her teeth and buckled tightly at the back of her head. The strap clamped and held in place the gag, which consisted of a fist-sized, burlap bean bag which stuffed and filled Ginger's oral cavity so completely that she could barely breathe, much less cry out. As it was, the gag was more than enough to easily capture and muffle Ginger's squeals and despairing little whimpers of complaint.

She certainly had something to complain about. If Ginger was unable to see much of her body at that moment she could most definitely feel it. And feel it she did. Try as she might, Ginger could not escape the excruciating torment between her legs. Her terrified and hyper-stimulated body twisted and shook in its cruel, leather prison; but to no avail, there was nowhere for her to go to avoid the massive, throbbing, metal prod forced deep into her cunt and tightly held there by the leather thongs maliciously tied over her delicious vaginal mound and roughly digging into her labia lips. The thongs tied off to a pair of metal rings that were embedded in front and behind of a thick leather belt which was tightly buckled around her waist. Her wrists were encased in a pair of gleaming, steel handcuffs which ran through the metal ring at the back of the belt. Her upper arms were also cuffed so that her soft, white shoulders were pulled painfully back and the tortured young starlet was forced to thrust out her voluptuous chest. Ginger could hardly feel her ankles anymore since they had been bent back and tied separately to her soft, plush thighs. Straps also went around her shins and mid-thighs, each long and shapely limb with it's own separate belt. This forced her smooth and creamy legs to fall wide and open, exposing her dripping and impaled cunt.

Her tormented body shivered, and then ground in a snapping motion which worked its way out from her hips as a despairing groan faintly escaped from the back of her brutally gagged throat. Ginger's anguished cry of complaint from the vibrating rod trapped inside of her drenched and exhausted loins wasn't even loud enough to be heard outside of the room. Another strap attached to the back of the leather gag stretched her head painfully backwards, forcing her face up. The strap disappeared tightly between the crack of her plump, firm ass cheeks and then emerged in front, between her legs to attach to the metal ring on the front of the waist belt. This meant that her head was currently being violently yanked back by her own crotch. Her every attempt to escape the interminable and deeply penetrating vibrations between her legs only caused her to drag and pull the wet, leather bonds more tightly across her moist and slippery pussy. This would start an agonized shockwave throughout her body as she would be punished painfully by her bonds for virtually any movement.

But to remain still was impossible. He saw to that. The Master. Sitting back at his ease, among the cushions, with his brandy in one hand and a strange little remote control device in the other. He chuckled softly, as he watched Ginger's supple and luxuriant body, quivering in violation and terror, contort and twist at his feet while the fearful young redhead looked up at him with defiance in her lovely, tear-drenched eyes. The Master's gaze searched with pleasure over her curvy, delicious form, drinking in her ripe, lush beauty. She was exquisite in her bound and captive predicament; with the tight, leather gag pulling her head back so that her rich, lustrous mane of deep, crimson hair cascaded down in little curls and ringlets to frame her mournful eyes, her leather-stuffed cheeks and her smooth, wrenched-back shoulders. A slow, meaningful smile spread across his face. His eyes moved from hers to the device in his left hand and then back to her. The confusion in her eyes was replaced with sudden comprehension, and her scream of fear halted, as he flicked a small switch with his thumb and her loins erupted with a blinding, searing pain which lanced out in a crackling electric arc from the shiny steel prod forced deep into her tight, wet fuck-hole. A lightning bolt jolted her cunt. Every nerve in her body screamed in electrical agony as her torso lifted up, clenched against the cruel steel and leather strips which snapped her body back as tightly as a bowstring. Her scream was reduced by the savage and unyielding leather of the brutal gag rammed and packed between her lips into a muffled squeal of shock and hysteria.

The Master flipped the switch back to its original position. Ginger's body collapsed instantly like a smoldering rag doll, her body shivering and squirming from horror and mortal terror as her shattered mind attempted to slowly comprehend the nightmare world of her sadistic captor. He turned the dial on his remote and thumbed the switch again. Her pleading eyes looked up in vain as a loud, audible, humming sound began to emanate from her dripping, pain-soaked crotch. Ginger begged him through the gag while the throbbing probe in her cunt began to vigorously massage her vaginal walls with irresistible power and her hands began to rhythmically clench and unclench as her body was forced to respond to this continued assault. The Master watched with cheerful, satisfaction as her smooth, soft body twisted and flexed against the humiliating strain of the pulsating, forcible intrusion. Her hips gyrated wildly as the poor girl would try, in vain, to tear herself away from the unwelcome stimulation. She was being forcibly, violently driven into a climax but her body kept lubricating her agonized and violated vagina against her will.

The Master enjoyed watching her distress as a professor might assess a prized pupil. She rolled around and threw her pelvis forward seeking in vain to eject the buzzing motor driving her drenched pussy to the brink of explosion. He admired the way that her fiery curls fell down to her shoulders and accentuated the creamy silk of the soft, pink flesh of her neck as well as her ample, heaving chest. He casually and easily reached down to fondle and massage her naked breast as if assessing its weight and durability. Suddenly his fingers reached out around her plump, left mound, roughly gripped it in his fist, yanked it, and held her up in the air by her own chest. Her only reaction was a defeated and muffled whimper which was almost lost in the noise of the grinding vibrator between her legs. The Master used Ginger's abused tit as a handle to drag her up towards his bemused, smirking face as she flailed and sobbed. He held up the remote control in front of her pain-wracked eyes and said:

"Don't worry my dear, this is just the beginning of your training. This is where you learn that I am your Master. From now on you will study how to please and obey me, nothing else will matter for you ever again. Now, let's explore a few of your body's thresholds, shall we?"

At this point he smiled cruelly and twisted the dial for emphasis. Her torso jerked violently, her forehead wrinkled and she wailed in shocked despair. The sudden jolt to her frenzied cunt had triggered a devastating orgasm. She felt her battered loins finally surrender to the hammering deep within her suddenly limp body and all of the doorways to her consciousness crushed under wave after wave of total dismay. Ginger felt as if her mind had snapped loose and had been left whipping in the wind. In that one moment, all of Ginger's preconceptions were exploded in an agonized ecstasy. In that horrible moment where she felt her own body betray her, she finally realized just how lost she was, how completely she was his to control. This was no fairy tale. She knew that she was hopelessly beyond all help. She had been reduced from a healthy, twenty-two year-old girl, with a rising career as an actress and a model; to a tantalizing, sexual plaything in the hands of an arch-demon from the 7th level of hell.

He turned the dial back down to a level that kept her hips dancing and squirming and leaned in to whisper in her ear as she cringed and sobbed. He filled her vision with his face as he took her head firmly in his hand and crowed, "That is the only law that you need to worry about from here on out my little slave."

He laughed as he casually tossed her back onto the cushions. He continued to play with her by remote control for a few more minutes; making her jump and collapse at unpredictable intervals. Finally, he found a setting that caused her to writhe and squirm in a way that he found amusing and which kept her gasping for air. When he had watched her at this setting for a couple of minutes, occasionally reaching out to twist and squeeze an uncovered, shivering tit; he tossed aside the remote and sat back to watch her succulent hips twist and shake while gently sipping his brandy. He continued to observe that her futile attempts to push out the intruder grew more and more feeble until she was finally forced by pure exhaustion to surrender to the excessive stimulation of her vaginal canal by flopping back into the dark, silk cushions with her beautiful legs spread wide and simply allowing the muscles of her body to absorb the blows within.

After a while, her muscles began to leave her conscious command and a numb, jerking spasm seemed to have become the only movement of which she was capable, Ginger's eyes went out of focus and she began to see everything around her without comprehension. Her body was literally dripping with sweat and it shimmered on her curves in the dim light. The only sounds that she could make by now had become muffled, exhausted grunts. It was at about that time that The Master set down his brandy snifter and began the next phase in her training...
The Master rose to his feet and reached for Ginger's limp and helpless form. Her body quivered and twitched out of her control; her whimpers barely audible. He easily lifted her up by her mid-section with one of his powerful arms and carried her over to an examination table that appeared to be fitted with some extremely heavy leather restraints. Tossing her helpless, hog-tied body onto the frigid metal surface face down, he began to quickly remove the leather straps and thongs which so tightly held her now pliant and exhausted body in check.

As he removed her bonds his hands worked with rough confidence, quickly releasing her lovely, quivering legs and allowing them to flop uselessly off of the back end of the table and down toward the floor below. He deftly removed the cuffs at her wrists and upper arms and noted the bruises there with a detached, clinical interest. Next, he pulled away the tight leather strap between her teeth and yanked out the scratchy burlap gag stuffed inside. None of it mattered to Ginger at the moment; her brain was still too numb from the pain and shock forced upon her body to do anything more than groan reflexively as her captor unbuckled the leather belt around her waist and abruptly ripped out the huge dildo plugging her drenched vaginal opening. The effect was like pulling a cork out of a bottle. The fluids that had been dammed up inside gushed out from between her creamy thighs and spattered loudly to the tiled floor. He sniffed at the air and looked down at her with mocking disapproval.

"What a shocking odor!" he said as he waved his hand beneath his nose, "I suppose that we will want to clean you up a bit before continuing your education."

Ginger was only distantly aware of his words; they came to her as if from far away. In spite of the fact that she was now unbound she was still completely powerless to move. Her muscles simply had no strength left in them at all. She tried to pull her mind together from out of the paralyzing horror of her situation. Nothing in her life had ever prepared her for this; to be tossed around like a piece of meat, to be cruelly bound, forcibly invaded and tortured with her own sexuality. Now Ginger had retreated within herself; she was barely aware of being lifted again, or of being carried down a hallway to another room, or of her wrists being bound by thick neoprene cuffs and then hung above her head. She never noticed the warm, soft sponge filled with soapy water that began roughly washing her smooth, young flesh. As she drifted into unconsciousness her ravaged and terrified mind centered around one desperate thought, "What will happen to me?"

As he ran the soap leisurely over every inch of her body The Master inspected his delightful new toy. He twisted and tweaked one of her lovely, pink nipples pulling it back to stretch out her glorious mammary and then letting it snap back, noting with appreciation as it bobbed up and down for a second and then firmly remained in place.

"Wonderful!" he mused, "You are so very fortunate in your endowments my dear. One in a thousand might have such healthy attributes; you have been truly blessed."

He allowed his wandering hand to glide down between her legs and part her pussy lips, lightly pressing a finger between them. Her head rolled back on her shoulders and her soft lips parted slightly, allowing a distant moan to escape. With mild astonishment he felt the oily wetness returning to her privates; she was becoming aroused in her sleep!

"Such responsiveness!" he noted with a devilish smile beginning to creep over his face, "I see that we are both fortunate."


Ginger woke up slowly. She found herself lying on her belly, bent over, across the examination table in the "playroom" with her legs held spread-eagled on one side and her arms on the other. At first she couldn't remember where she was or how she had arrived there. Her abduction and savage sexual torture seemed like a half-remembered dream. That blessed state lasted for about two seconds before her memory was prompted by the unpleasant realization that her jaw was painfully pried open and that her mouth was filled with the Master's erect cock which was gliding smoothly back and forth down her throat.

Her immediate reaction was to jerk back and away but her arms, which were pulled down to the floor in front of her, held her in place so that she only succeeded in backing her head up a couple of inches; not nearly enough to pull her off of his hard, throbbing member. It was enough to get his attention however. She felt his cruel hand at the back of her head roughly gripping a fistful of her thick, lustrous hair. The Master snapped her head backwards, momentarily removing his pulsating manhood from between her lips and forcing her to look up into his dark, penetrating eyes.

He beamed down at her, "I see that you are back with me. Excellent!"

Ginger tried to speak, to protest, to beg to be left alone but found that she could not speak. She couldn't speak because of the huge, leather ring gag set between her teeth pushing her jaw apart almost to the breaking point. The only sounds that she could make were inarticulate gurgles as drool streamed down the corners of her mouth and the Master shoved her face back onto his cock and resumed thrusting.

Ginger had very little chance to survey her situation as her point of view only allowed her to see the hairy belly before her and the crown of his penis pounding against the back of her throat forced her to concentrate on trying to breathe. The Master continued to use her hair to push and pull her head back and forth along the length of his rod while he admired the way that the muscles of her back twisted and fought against the hospital restraints which firmly held her arms and legs.

"Mmmm, ahhh," he sighed, feeling her unwilling throat and tongue caress the head of his shaft, "This is your new life."

He thrust all of the way down her throat, her face buried in his crotch and then pulled back to feel his crown resting on the tip of her tongue. He began to speak to her in rhythm with his thrusting hips, punctuating each sentence with a forward thrust.

"You live to give me pleasure."


"You are my slave."


"Understand this: your life before now means nothing."


"I will do anything to you that I want to do, I will take anything from you that I wish."

Thrust, thrust, thrust.

"And you will give, give, give..."

He thrust forward with brutal strength, forcing his long, thick shaft deeply into her face and firing a hot stream of cum all the way down her throat making her choke and sputter. Her torso shook with revulsion but he stroked her throat while holding his cock in her mouth, forcing her to swallow every drop.

"Ahh, ahhh, yes, that's it. Good girl." he grunted, "Now clean it. Lick it clean slave."

Tears of shame and degradation poured down Ginger's cheeks as she was made to comply with this humiliating command. She felt her tongue lifting up to curl around his member, licking away the remaining droplets of his jism. He stayed there for a few moments waiting to pull out until her obedient attentions made him hard again.

Next he began to walk around the examination table to have a look at her soft, unprotected rear. Ginger twisted her head back to look at him over her shoulders with terrified, blue eyes. She tried again to protest, to beg; she knew where he was going and her body convulsed as she sought, vainly, to find a way to defend herself from his next, inevitable invasion. He looked into her eyes with sadistic amusement as he slowly ran the palm of his right hand over the pale, smooth skin of her plump, helpless bottom. Gathering the flesh of her rump, his strong gripping, fingers began to knead her firm buttock like a lump of dough. Ginger sobbed and squirmed under his touch; she knew that any appeal would be useless and would only succeed in adding to his perverse enjoyment; but she could not stop trying to move away as her body continued to writhe before him on the cold, unforgiving surface.

She shuddered as she felt his other hand, his left one, slide easily along the supple skin of her quivering inner thigh and come to rest over her vaginal mound, cupping and massaging it between his fingers. To her utter mortification and shame, her private crevice was quickly responding to his stimulation and she could feel her juices beginning to flow, lubricating her abused inner walls and making her ready for him. Her wide eyes revealed her confusion and amazement.

"That's right my dear," he said smiling victoriously, "Your body is already learning to recognize its purpose. Soon you will learn the same thing."

This lack of control over her own responses overwhelmed Ginger with despair and she hung her head down, her chest heaving with her sobs as he continued his expert attentions, spreading her wet pussy lips wide, pulling and pinching her clit without mercy. Next she felt the head of his hard-on pressing against her moistened cunt as he reached around with both of his hands to firmly grip and anchor her wildly gyrating hips to the table. Frozen in that terrible instant, Ginger screamed to the air, to anyone, begging for help, for rescue; this couldn't be allowed to happen, he couldn't be permitted to do this to her, not to her! No, no!

Then he was in her; brutally plunging deeper and deeper, all the way to the hilt, forcing her stinging cunt to take him in and accept him completely. She kept on screaming as he rode her savagely, impervious to her anguished cries, pounding into her juicy hole like a runaway train. She could hear the wet, slapping sounds of his pelvis smacking hard against her ass, at first quickly, and then slowly, and then quickly again, changing rhythms, savoring the feel of her drenched pussy as it was made to caress the full length of his shaft. Back and forth he went with unrelenting persistence, overwhelming her senses, penetrating her to the core and breaking down whatever shreds of self-possession that remained in her tormented psyche.

Ginger felt his vile member rubbing against her cervix as her screams began to transform into one long, bereaved wail of painful and irrevocable loss. He began to slap her ass with his open palm while he continued pumping inside of her. She thought that he must be trying to split her in half with his triumphant cock thrusting like a knife blade up her wide open slit. It was too much, his strength, his brutality and her own helplessness combined to defeat her totally. She felt herself surrendering to him, letting her body unclench, her cries became whimpers and eventually grunts as he rutted away, uncaring, his fevered loins building up like a pressure cooker to an imminent explosion. Suddenly, his powerful hands jerked her back, clamping her hips onto his crotch as he burst inside of her, his creamy seed splashing into the most private inner core of her being and polluting her soul forever.

He exhaled and leaned forward; his cock, still inside of her, jerking slightly. He whispered into her ear while she closed her eyes and wept bitter tears, "That was wonderful for your first time my dear.

"What's the matter?" he asked feigning concern, "Didn't you get to finish? No? Well, not to worry, we have plenty of time to take care of that," he chuckled, "Nothing but time."

To her sudden horror she felt him begin to move inside of her again and she started sobbing like a broken-hearted little girl while he joyfully continued her training.

Ginger's Training Ch. 3

Ginger lay seated on her rear upon the cushions of the soft leather chair with her arms bent up above and behind her head. Her wrists had been tied together and then tied again to the large cement beam that stood a foot behind the chair. Her ankles had each been separately tied and stretched wide apart to opposite walls so that her knees rose over the armrests of the chair and her soft, creamy thighs were forced painfully open, her privates exposed and fully available. Her voluminous breasts hung down, unrestrained, over her open crotch like a pair of ripe and juicy melons, each jiggling slightly back and forth with her every breath.

A thick, linen gag had been tied deeply between her teeth and knotted cruelly at the back of her neck. It muffled her cries enough to render them inarticulate and indecipherable, not that it would matter what she had to say or how loud she could be. There was no one to hear her. She was alone with her tormentor of that she was sure.

She had quickly learned that he enjoyed listening to her garbled protests and that the more vocal she succeeded in being, the more aroused he would become. She had tried to remain mute and deny him the satisfaction of listening to her fruitless pleas for help. But he had an endless array of sadistic techniques for stimulating her sore and fear-wracked body into giving him just the response that he demanded. Hot wax dripping from a candle onto the soft, pink skin of her vagina would make her buck and squirm and plead with her terrified, soft, blue eyes, while a riding crop sharply and repeatedly smacking across her smooth, round bottom would quickly reduce her to heaving sobs of despair and defeat. Whichever method (or methods) he used he would always enjoy her distress as if he were savoring a fine wine or deeply appreciating some great work of art.

He was most certainly appreciating her. Once he had thoroughly terrorized her, he would once again plunge his cock into her moistened cunt and begin pounding away. He would fuck her either from the front or the rear, lying down, sitting or standing up. Sometimes he would sit underneath her in the overstuffed leather chair and squeeze his massive cock into her tight little asshole while savagely gripping and mauling her huge tits between his fists all the while listening with consummate pleasure to the violated young thing squealing and shrieking into her gag, salt tears pouring out of her shocked and pleading eyes.

Ginger's world-view had changed somewhat in the past few days. Her expectations were rapidly changing to fit in with her new life. In her former world a bad day would have been defined as one in which her flight to Hawaii for a photo shoot was delayed or she discovered that her penny-pinching agent had booked her in coach instead of first-class. Now the rare moments when her cunt wasn't being invaded and abused in some way seemed like heaven to the tormented young beauty. It seemed that every waking moment held some new degradation for Ginger as it became apparent that her new life was to be utterly subject to her captor's insatiable and sadistic drives.

He had tied her into her current position almost twenty-four hours earlier. During that time he had raped her half a dozen times in between hours of relentlessly molesting her with honey, whipped cream, and a variety of dildos and butt plugs. Finally he had slapped his penis between her delicious breasts, and given himself a long, luxurious tit fuck until his jism spat out onto her face and chest, sticky little droplets dripping down from her heavy eyelids. Her thick lashes tried to blink away the tears and cum that were blurring her vision as he gripped her chin in his powerful left hand and forced her to look up into his eyes.

One corner of his face cracked into a sinister smile. His tone changed from one of self-indulgent, sexual gratification to one of interrogation. It was as if he sensed something in her demeanor that was in some way distant or removed.

"Cry for me slave. He demanded, " I want to hear you cry."

Ginger only looked up at him in exhausted, blinking, bewilderment; all hope gone. What more could this monster possibly want from her? The sharp sting of the riding crop across her left breast made her wince and immediately she began to wail piteously. He roughly gripped her right breast and began to squeeze and pump it with his fist as he leaned in next to her ear and spoke to her.

"You see, these delightful little sucklings are not yours anymore. They are toys for me to amuse myself with." For emphasis he brought the crop down to deliver a series of sharp, painful whacks to her abused tit. Ginger was sobbing so hard that she was choking and wheezing into the gag, her delicate fingers twisting franticly in the merciless ropes that held her wrists. His hand moved down between her legs to roughly seek out her clit and grip it tightly between thumb and forefinger as he continued to speak.

"And this delicious little hole here." He said as he plunged all four fingers of his right hand into her pussy up to the knuckles and twisted, "Is mine, to explore and enjoy, any time that I wish!" Ginger tried to buck and twist away but his hand in her crotch pinned her to the chair and he continued with his speech.

"But all of that is meaningless," he said while gripping her breast again, "It is all meaningless if I don't have your attention."

Suddenly, he began to savagely beat her plump mounds with the riding crop again and again, raining down blow after stinging blow onto her defenseless chest. Ginger screamed in panic and hysteria as each stroke left its fiery red welt across her agonized chest. He seemed to want something from her that she couldn't comprehend. She was beyond resistance, now her only driving thought was how to appease him, to make him stop. Suddenly the whipping ceased and his powerful voice rang out.

"So, do I have your attention?" he said.

Ginger was too stunned to respond at first. Her heaving, mountainous orbs were racked with wave after wave of boiling pain throbbing at her temples and buzzing like a raging fire across her smooth, supple skin.

Again the crop whipped down mercilessly with a sharp, stinging sound.


She instantly sucked down her sobs to franticly shake her head up and down, to let him know that she understood, to beg him to stop hurting her like this.

Ginger knew that she was in his power completely. She knew that there was no help for her. She was on her own and whatever her fate was to be would be decided by this sadistic maniac before her. Ginger could understand that if she was going to be able to keep her sanity intact through this ordeal she would have to find out how to give this animal whatever it was that he wanted. Unfortunately for our hapless heroine exactly what that was seemed to be changing constantly.

He seemed to be satisfied by what he saw in her eyes now. He took her chin in his hand and turned her head to the side to gaze at her profile while she wept with abandon like a penitent little girl. The Master leaned in to her ear and whispered softly, almost tenderly:

"I don't require that you love me slave, only that you FEAR and obey me."

His hand raised the riding crop back again as if to strike. Ginger was so terrified that her entire body was shivering pitifully. With a sudden and intense spasm of fear she even lost control of her bladder, which emptied its contents out from between her quaking and splayed open legs to splatter on the cold cement floor of the room.

He looked down at the wet floor and then into the wide eyes of the quaking, sobbing girl.

"Perfect answer!" he said, laughing at her humiliating display. He was still laughing when he left the room, turning out the light and leaving the devastated, young, beauty in the darkness to worry over the future.

Ginger's Training Ch. 4

For the last two hours The Master had left the poor, helpless, young woman alone in the dark room with her cunt and anus empty for the first time in two days. Ginger drifted in and out of a fitful and feverish sleep. Her dreams were nightmarish recollections of the degrading abuse that she had been suffering over the past days and nights. She would awaken, with a start, from those nightmares into the real nightmare world of her brutal, sexual slavery.

She dreamed of Pam, her agent, whom she realized now had been planning this for her for a long time.

Pam had set up the whole thing with a call late at night to bring her out to a remote office on the outskirts of Los Angeles for a last minute audition.

“I know its late dear but it’s a national ad campaign and they start shooting in two days!” Pam had lied, “The producer saw your headshots and he is very excited, but he’s got to meet with you before he makes his decision.”

Ginger was reluctant at first, “Jesus Pam, can’t we make an appointment for tomorrow? Its 3 o’clock in the morning!”

“Impossible dear, he’s on a plane back to New York at six a.m., it’s now or never!”


“Look darling, we are talking about a campaign big enough to pay all of your bills for the next year in just one week of work, now get out of bed and grab a quick shower, I’m on my way with coffee and a ride! See you in ten minutes!”

“Dammit Pam! Pam? Are you still there? Shit!”

With that Ginger had swept off the covers and left her bed for what would turn out to be the very last time. Fifteen minutes later she had been riding in Pam’s car while putting on her makeup and trying to make herself as appealing and “commercial” as possible on such short notice. All the while, she was blissfully unaware of her terrifying, ultimate destination. ***

Ginger’s head snapped up when she heard the door opening with a loud creak of old wood and rusty metal and knew that the Master had returned. An involuntary whimper escaped from behind her gag as he strode toward her carrying a metal bucket in one hand and a riding crop in the other.

Her eyes followed him across the room as he stepped over and knelt between her legs with the bucket. He set the container filled with water in front of the chair, just below her protruding genitals. She could see wisps of steam rising up from between her legs. He deliberately set the riding crop aside and spoke to her.

“Well, you have learned to fear.” He said with a smile, “Now it is time for you to learn to trust!” He reached into his hip pocket and brought out a long, shiny straight razor. It gleamed in the dim light of the room, which shone from the single, naked bulb hanging overhead. Ginger cringed and twisted in the ropes as she tried desperately to push herself back to sink into the cushions of the chair beneath her. She groaned loudly into her gag as he opened up the blade. She started shaking her head no, imploring him with her wide eyes while he reached down to pat the soft patch of auburn hair between her legs.

“Time for a shave!” he laughed and began whistling softly as he started removing the mortified young girl’s pubic hair.


Ginger’s careful attentions to her appearance had prevented her from noticing where Pam was taking her for quite some time. Pam kept up an endless stream of chatter about contracts, points and percentages, back-end’s of deals, etc. for the entire trip. As the Range Rover continued to speed through the night, Ginger had listened with half an ear to Pam’s description of the huge ad campaign while touching up her hair and make-up. The campaign was going to involve a beautiful athletic girl (hopefully Ginger) and a bag of tortilla chips. The producers were looking for a fresh, sexy face that could fill out a spandex body suit nicely. The spots were going to be aired nationally which would mean massive exposure for the young actress.

Ginger was well aware that the opportunity for national exposure as a sex symbol could very well be the spark to ignite her career. The last two years had involved mostly occasional background work on inane television shows about lifeguards. The type of show that needs lots and lots of bikini clad girls jiggling along the beach in the background. After doing that for a couple of years, the prospect of jiggling center stage for once made Ginger tingle all over with excitement.

Ginger took a look at herself in her mirror and took stock of her choices. At the age of twenty-two she was at her absolute physical and mental peak. The perfect balance of professional savvy gained through hard earned experience, yet still able to pass for a teenager. She still possessed a stunning figure that she maintained religiously through a strict regimen of diet and exercise.

If there was a problem with her figure it was that her breasts were slightly too large, 36D to be precise, which was fine if you aspired to becoming a centerfold but she knew that it sometimes prevented her from being taken seriously as an actress. Too many young, bubble-headed girls thought that the same party-girl look and demeanor that would get them into a nightclub would also carry them to fame and success on the silver screen. What such little tramps failed to realize was that real studio executives were generally up to their armpits in tits and ass. They were not going to be overly impressed by some cheap bimbo flashing her cleavage in their face. What they wanted to see was a responsible professional that they would be comfortable working with.

With all of this in mind, Ginger had chosen to wear an elegant, black silk dress of fairly modest cut which adhered closely to the curves of her glorious body. She had also brought a pair of black velvet heels to help subtly emphasize her incredible rear end. Her thick, lustrous mane of deep red hair was worn up to accentuate the smooth, pale skin of her neck.

Suddenly Ginger broke out of her self-conscious reverie as she realized that they were heading into a rather seamy neighborhood on the outskirts of Los Angeles, certainly not the place she would expect a powerful casting agent to be conducting his affairs.

“Pam?” she asked, “Are you sure that you know where you’re going?”

Pam smiled. “Don’t worry, we’re almost there, these guys do most of their work in New York so this is just sort of an executive crash pad.”

“What did you say this guy’s name was?” Ginger asked doubtfully.

Had there been just a hint of hesitation before Pam’s reply? Ginger could tell from the bars on the windows and the advanced state of decay in the buildings that this was certainly not the high rent district. In fact, it looked more like a demilitarized zone. The only soul she had seen was a drunk passed out next to some garbage cans. At least she thought he had been passed out; he might have been dead for all that it would have mattered here. She could imagine that it might take a few days for anyone to notice a corpse in this part of the city.

“Here we are!” said Pam.

The Rover pulled up to a gate in a large chain link fence topped with razor wire. Pam rolled down her window and pressed a keypad. The gate rolled open. Ginger, ironically, felt a flood of relief to be entering a secure compound and leaving behind the mean urban nightmare they had just passed. What she failed to understand was that the gate rolling closed behind them was shutting her off from her old life forever. She had now been officially delivered into a sinister world of abject sexual slavery and servitude. A world in which she was to be fucked and sucked and whipped into submission, a world where she would be a toy to be used and raped on a casual whim. If she had any idea of what lay ahead she would have run screaming away from the Rover, and Pam, and the audition, and her career, and Los Angeles. She would probably have run all the way back to her home town in Kansas that she hadn’t seen since her sixteenth birthday when she had run away from home to follow her dreams of stardom.

As it was, she merely breathed a sigh of relief when she heard the electric gate roll closed behind them with a firm, metal “clink”.

Ginger had just become missing.

Ginger's Training Ch. 5

After shaving her, The Master had retied her with the neoprene cuffs and a new ball-gag. Her arms were simply cuffed behind her, leaving her legs free. He had then dragged the whimpering girl to the bathroom where he had pushed her into the shower and turned the water on.

"Don't worry slave, I'll be in to help you in a minute." He said with a smile.

Ginger slumped down against the far wall of the shower stall and stared ahead dully as the warm water beat down onto her numb body. Gradually the feeling was returning to her legs. Now it felt like a thousand needles stabbing into the skin of her tortured limbs. The rhythmic pounding of the water was like a warm massage, soothing her. After what the poor thing had been through this seemed like complete luxury. The past days and nights had taken their toll on her spirit. It no longer occurred to her to attempt escape; instead she was simply glad of the momentary comfort.

Ginger realized now that she had never been so in the moment in her life. Her mind had always been somewhere else, either on the future or the past, but never the moment that she was in. She would constantly worry over her career, her next audition, her dinner plans, where she would be in two years, or the endless list of things that she didn't have but wanted. Now those things seemed so far away that she couldn't even focus on them. She had taken so much of her life for granted that she had practically stopped living it. In all of that time it had never occurred to the stunning redhead that things could be so very different.

Things were different all right. These days she was preoccupied with what had been done and what was being done to her abused and invaded body. Now she was a piece of prime fuck-meat to be used and raped in every perverse form imaginable by her harsh and degenerate new master.

Suddenly, he was with her again, stepping into the shower, naked, looking down at her delicious, sultry form squirming at his feet. The water pounded down with its wet, pulsing, rhythm rolling over his thick chest to pour down onto the cowering, subdued young sex goddess. Ginger tried to look away and down, fearful of the consequences of making eye contact with the demon that had plagued her so mercilessly in these past days. He stood astride her to look with delight upon her moist, silken curves twisting beneath him.

"Spread your legs!" he ordered.

Ginger began to softly cry again but she did as she was told, opening her exhausted legs up to him and holding them wide apart. A sadistic smile stretched across his face as he basked in the view of the glistening, naked treasure before him.

"Good girl!" He cooed, "You're learning I see."

The Master knelt down between her legs and firmly gripped her chin in the strong fingers of his left hand, turning her head to face him. He spoke to her gently, as if explaining a lesson to a small child.

"Look at me now, let me see your eyes." He said. The tormented beauty's dark lashes blinked over her pleading, blue eyes as she obeyed his instruction. Every sensibility that Ginger had was screaming at her to fight, to kick at him with whatever strength she had left, but the memory of the riding crop viciously thrashing her agonized flesh held her in check.

He gently but firmly rubbed his right hand over the creamy skin of her sore inner thighs while Ginger fought against the urge to resist his insistent attentions. Ginger's eyes told him of her internal struggle.

"You still want to fight me don't you slave?" he mused as once again his cruel fingers found her private crevice and began to relentlessly probe her moistened vagina. "You must learn to take possession of your new place, your new life. You should be enjoying this, not because it gives you pleasure, but because it gives me pleasure, and pleasing your master is your only purpose now. Everything that went before merely served to prepare you for me."

The tears streaming down Ginger's stuffed cheeks mingled with the water of the shower while he continued to molest her. Once again she felt her over-stimulated nerves responding under his expert manipulation, releasing her vaginal fluids, moistening her, making her ready for him.

His other hand gripped and squeezed her right breast as he leaned down to lick and suck at her nipple and Ginger's eyes rolled wildly in her head, frantically searching for help, praying for deliverance.

Her prayers went unanswered.

He ran his tongue up her neck to whisper hoarsely in her ear, "You will give me everything that I want in time, but don't worry, getting there is half of the fun!"

His right hand came out of her snatch to firmly grasp her left tit as if it were a handle. At the same time, his left hand gripped the back of her thigh just above her right knee and he dragged her body up the wall of the shower forcing her to stand on the toes of her left foot with her right knee pressed against the tile next to her right shoulder. She had only a second to glance down at his huge, throbbing cock standing stiffly at attention between her widespread legs before he plunged himself into her wet pussy, ramming his meat all the way home and impaling her against the tile wall at her back.

Then he started pounding into her, back and forth, hard, repeatedly slamming her battered body back into the wall. Ginger could only gasp as he mercilessly drilled away, faster and faster, thrusting with all of his strength at her loins, working himself into a frenzy, pinning her with his crotch and with his brutal hands gripping her ass cheeks and yanking them wide.

She had never seen him this intense before. It seemed as though he were out of control, a wild animal consuming her without thought or even awareness of her. Before, he had at least seemed to be aware of her presence, but this time it was as if she weren't even there. On and on he went, without let-up, grinding into her harder and harder. She felt herself getting light headed, weakening, as her body began to respond to his animalistic attack, her breathing getting shorter and her vaginal muscles beginning to contract out of her control.

Ginger began to realize that she was being pushed once again toward a forced orgasm. Her muscles were shaking and her breath was coming in shorter and shorter gasps as he pulled and tugged inside of her, threatening to drive her over the brink.

"No! Oh God no!" she screamed to herself. She couldn't be doing this. She couldn't bear to think that any part of her was responding to this abomination. This man had defiled her, tortured her, and repeatedly raped her. And now he was somehow managing to excite her. The only island of self-determination that Ginger had left was inside of her own mind. If that were gone…

The massive orgasm hit her like a warm tidal wave crashing through the core of her being. She wailed in defeat as her body defied her desperate attempts to hold it in check. Her cunt muscles gripped and sucked on his pounding cock while she trembled and shook in his firm grip. Her head snapped back and thudded against the tile behind her.

With a mighty heave and a grunt The Master came up inside of Ginger's freshly shaven pussy while she moaned into the rubber ball-gag that filled her mouth and his creamy jism coated her insides. He looked down at her limp, shaking form and smiled.

"Well, well!" he said, "We learn something new everyday don't we?" He let her slide down the slippery tile wall of the shower to lie in a quivering heap on the floor. He continued to stand over her, watching as the aftershocks running through her body subsided. Reaching behind her head, he unbuckled the leather strap that held the gag in place. He gripped her jaw and pried out the big red ball, leaving her ungagged for the first time since her capture.

Stepping back with the gag clutched in one fist he looked down at her as he reached over and turned the water off with the other.

"Now slave," he said, "What do you call me?"

"Come on now, you know don't you?"

Time for Ginger was measured by the beating of her heart, which pounded in her ears like a huge bass drum. Her defeat was total. The final remnants of her old self were gone now. She slowly, painfully started to work her jaw muscles as her brain tried to remember how to form speech. She looked up at him and meekly opened her mouth to speak the first and most important word in her new life. As she said the word, she felt the truth of it and knew that by saying it she would never be the same again.

"Master." She said.

Ginger's Training Ch. 6

Pam had parked her Range Rover in back of the metal building. The building looked like it had been a body shop at one time, judging by all of the various automotive pieces lying around in rusting heaps. Ginger still thought that it was an odd place for an audition but she remembered that she had been to stranger places than this. Still, in this part of town and at this time of night, it was a little creepy. Suddenly a deep baritone voice rang out from behind the two women.

"Film location."

Both girls whirled around and squealed in fright.

"Jesus! Masterson, you did that on purpose!" Pam admonished, "It's not enough that you have us driving all the way out here, you have to scare us to death too?"

The man that had been the source of the voice laughed good-naturedly and stepped forward to greet them.

"I'm sorry Pam, I didn't mean to really. It's just that I noticed you wondering about this place so I was just explaining. I'm also scouting film locations on this trip and this is the last one on my list."

He turned to face Ginger with an appreciative smile, "You must be Ginger!" he said, extending his hand, "I'm Bill Masterson. Thanks for coming out on such short notice!"

Ginger took the hand, "Glad to meet you Bill! Do you always work the hours between sundown and sun up?"

"Sure, it's the only way to beat the traffic in this town!" he shot back with a grin.

Ginger had noticed that the man calling himself Bill Masterson carried himself with an ease that spoke of self-assured confidence. And she could see where it came from. He had what she would refer to as "devilish good looks". Dark, penetrating and intelligent eyes, a hawk-like nose, and a strong jaw framed by a well-trimmed beard all combined to make him very pleasant to look at. His tasteful, dark blue suit told her that he was careful about choosing his tailor. But most importantly she could feel the tremendous strength in his hand when she shook it. She thought that he must be carved out of stone underneath that conservative business suit he was wearing.

He looked Ginger up and down appreciatively.

"Well Pam," he said, "You were right. The pictures didn't even do her justice. She's beautiful, undiscovered, and exactly what we're looking for!"

"Quit trying to butter her up Bill, you're still going to have to deal with me." Pam joked in what Ginger recognized as the traditional agent/ casting director ritual. It had always reminded her of a used car salesman or a horse trader scenario, and in a way it was, Ginger being the used car that they would be haggling over.

Ginger's business was, in point of fact, Ginger. She had long since gotten over the fact that as an actress and a model she was a commodity to be bought and sold, or at least rented. And Pam's business was Ginger's as well. Her job was to negotiate the best possible price and conditions for her client's time for which services she received a percentage of everything that Ginger made.

"Don't worry Pam, I think you will be very happy when it gets around to the bottom line."

"I've heard that before, you sweet-talker!"

"Well, before we talk package why don't you ladies come inside for some coffee and I can show our beautiful, up and comer what we have in store for her?" With that he opened a door at the back of the building and let the girls follow him inside.

After stopping by a small kitchen area for coffee he escorted them down a hallway past several doors to a simply furnished room that contained a desk, and three chairs. At the back of the room there was a large television set mounted on the wall. They talked and joked the entire time. Masterson explained that the people he was working for were looking for someone with star presence but that was as of yet undiscovered, a "fresh face" as they say in the trade.

"I don't know how much Pam has told you about this, but we really are looking at a potentially long term gig here, this could become a series of national spots. I don't think that I have to tell you what kind of an opportunity this could be for the right talent."

"Pam did say something about a national campaign but I would love to hear the details, naturally." Said Ginger, trying desperately to hide her excitement. Pam got up and headed for the door.

"You two go ahead." She said with a wink to Ginger, "I need to go to the ladies' room. Don't sign anything while I'm gone."

After Pam had left, Masterson turned to Ginger and fixed her with his piercing gaze.

"You know, I could sit here until the sun came up babbling about this project but I'm not going to." He said, "Do you know why?"

"No. Why?" she responded. Ginger found his manner amusing. He had a touch of the salesman in his approach that she thought was a bit over-the-top but it was still compelling nevertheless.

"Because a picture is worth a thousand words." He replied, "And I have a picture to show you right here."

"Now just sit back and watch this clip. It should give you a pretty good idea of what we have in mind for you." He pointed a remote at the television set on the far side of the room and the screen flickered into life.

What Ginger saw on the screen confused her at first. She had been expecting a rough cut of a commercial, with perhaps some dialog from a director discussing concepts and ideas to fill in the details that weren't there yet. That wasn't what was there however. The image that filled the screen was that of a small pair of hands, a woman's hands, wrapped in coils of hemp rope that rose up out of the shot to tie off somewhere above. The sounds of muffled grunts could be heard as well. As the camera panned down and slowly zoomed out, the arms that attached to the hands also came into view. They had been tied tightly together at the elbows with more of the cruel hemp rope. The camera stopped zooming out when the face of a young, attractive, brunette came into view. Her face was partially obscured by the tight leather strap that was being used to hold some sort of prod in her mouth.

Ginger could still tell that the brutally gagged girl on the screen was beautiful in spite of the fact that her face was twisted in pain and drenched with perspiration. She had perfect, creamy, white skin and emerald green eyes that were pouring out tears. Either the girl was an excellent actress or she was really distressed, judging by the tortured look in her eyes and the squeals and moans that were emanating from behind her gag.

The camera started moving again. Ginger gasped at what it now panned back to reveal. A powerfully built man in a ski mask was kneeling next to the naked girl with one arm wrapped around her right leg and the other at her crotch. He was pumping what appeared to be a huge, black dildo in and out of her vagina. As Ginger watched the man pulled the rod all the way out to reveal ten inches of hardened rubber which he licked up and down before jamming it back into her pussy up to the hilt.

Ginger looked from the screen to Mr. Masterson with a disgusted frown wrinkling her pretty features.

"Is this some sort of joke?" she stammered in surprise, "I would never even dream of doing something like this!"

Masterson had simply sat back, calmly sipping his coffee, as he continued to stare at the screen. Without glancing at her he had said quietly, "Oh I'm sure that you'll surprise yourself."

"This is outrageous! I can't imagine what could have made you think that I… I have never been so insulted in my life!"

"Well, you're still young and inexperienced as of yet." He said, again without looking at her. Something about his demeanor was disturbing to Ginger. He seemed to be amused by her shock and anger and yet indifferent on some level. As though he was waiting for something, a bus or a train perhaps, and he was simply passing the time with her in conversation about the weather.

"What?!" the fact that he could just sit and casually provoke her in such an offhand way momentarily enraged the young actress beyond words. "Well let's just say, FUCK YOU! You asshole, don't bother showing me the way out!"

Ginger stood up with every intention of storming right out of the room in a tempest of righteous indignation. However, as soon as she rose up, she felt a sudden rush of blood to her head. She had been too distracted to notice it at first, but a warm tingling sensation had been creeping over her body. While she had remained seated this feeling had remained in the background, but upon suddenly standing up it had hit her like a quart of Jack Daniel's. She wavered and almost lost her balance, only saving herself from falling by grabbing the edge of the table. As her hand unsteadily reached out it knocked her empty coffee cup to the floor where it shattered into little pieces at her feet. To Ginger's disbelieving eyes it seemed to fall in agonizing slow motion, falling end over end for what seemed like an eternity. The room felt as if it were tilting around her and numbness was spreading through her legs. As she turned her face up from the cup to gaze at Masterson, realization slowly began to replace bewilderment in her beautiful, blue eyes.

"Fuck me? Hmm…" he finally swiveled in his chair to look at her tottering form, "Well, I'm sure that we could find the time for that as well, now that you mention it." He was smiling like the proverbial cat that ate the canary.

It finally began to dawn on the poor, unsuspecting girl just exactly where she was. She was inside of a locked building in a secure, gated compound, in the middle of a desolate, urban wasteland at four o'clock in the morning and she had been drugged with something that was rapidly turning every muscle in her body to jello.

"Pam?" she said thickly, staggering drunkenly toward the door, "Pam I… help!"

Ginger couldn't seem to get her fingers to grip the doorknob. They were almost completely numb and were beginning to feel like dead wood at the ends of her arms. She had to lean against the door in order to keep standing. "Drugged!" she thought in a panic. There had been something in that coffee, that much was obvious, and it had only just started to kick in. She knew that she had to get out of there before it got any worse.

"Pam! Help me!" she screamed, her voice sounding strange and distant, as if she were yelling from inside of a nightmare. Her hands reached up to awkwardly bang on the door.

"Pam had to go run some errands my dear." His voice came from behind her, "You and I are all alone now."

Ginger's knees gave out from underneath her and she dropped to the floor, her back held up by the door and her arms dangling limply at her sides. Why couldn't she move? She was still completely conscious and aware but none of her muscles would respond. She stared at him in horror and barely managed to speak.

"You, y-y-you drugged me!" she said, tears welling up in her eyes.

"Actually no." he said simply, "I didn't drug you. Pam did. Not that it makes any difference. The effect is pretty much the same."

Ginger could only watch him, helplessly, as he casually rummaged around inside of his desk and pulled out a series of very distressing paraphernalia. There were leather straps and buckles, something that looked like a horse's bridle, and even worse, a large black dildo that looked ominously similar to the one in the video that was still playing on the large television screen behind him. The difference between the two dildos seemed to be that this one appeared to have something that Ginger could only think of as a leather G-string attached to it. He turned to face her with the equipment in his hands.

"The drug blocks the receptors of your motor neurons, my dear." He spoke like a doctor describing a medical procedure to a worried patient, "So it blocks the signals that your brain is sending to your muscles telling them to move."

He kneeled on the floor next to her immobilized form. "It's completely harmless and will wear off in a couple of hours. Your own brain releases a similar chemical while you sleep, that's why you don't move while you're dreaming."

"Wwwhh… wwhy? Why are you…" it was all that the petrified girl could do to try and force the words out from between her slackened lips.

He finished for her, "Why am I doing this? Is that what you want to know? You mean apart from the fact that I enjoy it I assume."

"The reason is simple, pure economics." He said while gripping the front of her dress in his hands, "There is a huge market for women such as you, who have the proper training to satisfy certain, special tastes." With one motion of his powerful arms he ripped her dress completely off of her body and tossed it aside. Her magnificent body lay before him clad only in thin, lacy, black panties, matching bra, and high heels. He admired her perfectly smooth white skin and her supple curves for a moment, relishing thoughts of the delicious, carnal pleasures that they promised.

"Hmmm. Charming!" he said, "Utterly charming!"

"Nnnn-no! P-please!" Ginger wailed, the tears starting to roll down her lovely cheeks.

"Shhh!" he admonished gently, putting a finger to her soft, full lips. "Save your strength. You'll be needing it!"

He reached over and picked up a burlap beanbag the size of a tennis ball. Opening her mouth with his left hand, he stuffed it into her oral cavity with his right. Next, he fastened a leather strap over that and buckled it tightly at the back of her neck, holding the gag in place. The screen behind him showed a close-up of the black rod pounding into the cunt of the video girl as he inspected his gag.

"That's the first rule. From now on you have no voice unless I wish to hear it."

He pulled Ginger's limp body away from the door and rolled her over onto her stomach.

"You needn't act as though this is so difficult." He said, "Why did you come here tonight? I'll tell you why. You came here because you wanted to be a sex symbol. You've built a career out of it. You need to be desired by men."

He unsnapped her bra and pulled it off.

"Why do you dress the way that you do? To be sexually desirable, that's why!"

He whisked away her panties right before leaning down to whisper in her ear.

"Well, you have succeeded, my dear!"

He laughed as he fixed a thick leather collar around her lovely throat, using a heavy padlock to fasten it in place.

"I still say that you're going to look back on this as a major turning point in your career someday."

He placed her arms side by side, cinching her elbows together behind her and crossing and tying her wrists behind her back with thin, cruel, leather thongs. Next he forced her torso into a harness of leather straps that squeezed her huge breasts from above and below, pushing them out severely. The harness also had metal "D" rings riveted into it that provided additional places for securing her arms and wrists tightly to her body.

"Just think of all the interesting anecdotes you'll have to share when you're on Letterman!" he joked as he bent her ankles up to tie deeply into her thighs. When that was done he rolled her over onto her back and arms, once again bringing the television screen into her line of sight.

The video had obviously progressed from where it was before. The lovely brunette on the screen now had both of her legs up in the air while her tormentor fucked her pussy as he held her up by the dildo plugging her ass.

The images gave Ginger something to think about as a similar dildo was tightly strapped into her own cunt and held in place by the leather straps attached to it and anchoring to her curvaceous hips. When it was first slammed home her face turned bright crimson and she screamed for all that she was worth, the tendons at her neck standing out and her forehead wrinkling in shock and pain. The sound was almost entirely absorbed by the gag filling her mouth and choking back her sobs.

He finally ran wide leather belts over her thighs and shins, crushing her legs closed on the prod stuffed in her crotch, and then applied even more belts to force her entire body into a tight fetal ball. He even tied off a leather handle to the straps at her back, making it possible to carry her like a suitcase. He stepped back and admired his handiwork.

Ginger had been reduced to this in just over thirty minutes.

"Not bad work if you can get it, eh?" He chuckled loudly at his own joke.

"Well, I'd say that you are ready to travel now." He said.

"Now let's get you home so that we can start your training!"

Ginger could only respond with her tears.

Ginger's Training Ch. 7

Ginger thrust herself back onto the Master's erect cock as he reached around to finger her swollen clitoris with one hand while kneading her ample breasts with the other. The glistening juices running down her soft, milky thighs as well as the guttural grunts of ecstasy emerging from her throat testified to her excitement as her body succumbed to yet another roaring orgasm.

Something had really changed for Ginger. A few days before, she would've been horrified at the thought of climaxing for this man. This man that had kidnapped her, raped and beaten her, and had stringently bound and gagged her into mute submission. This horrible man that only let her open her mouth in order to use it as a receptacle for his cum. But now as she felt the strong, firm fingers gripping and stroking her hormones into a sensual frenzy, she felt only release and lust pouring out from her loins in warm, electric waves. The ecstatic drive had pushed Ginger off of the cliff of her sexual limits yet again. She had shed her old life as though it were last year's swimsuit. Her new existence was now completely driven by the cycle of her climax. She now lived in a constantly over-stimulated state, a world of perpetual arousal where her own drives forced her to relent to the humiliating ecstasy that she was so abjectly subject to.

Ginger pulled against the leather cuffs that bound her wrists to her ankles and shook with spasms of irresistable pleasure. Her full pouting lips were writhing around the large prod held down her throat by the thick ring-gag that stretched her jaw apart. The dull moans that were emanating from her body were indistinguishable between pleasure and exhaustion. With a slight whimper she turned to look into his unrelenting eyes over her shoulder when she felt him suddenly remove himself from her dripping pussy and roughly grip a fistful of her lustrous mane. With his other hand, the right, he picked up the riding crop on the floor beside her. He smiled a smile that was full of lust, satisfaction, and mischief all at once. He began to caress her buttocks with the leather crop while he whispered in her ear.

"Move those hips slave!" he ordered, "Spread your knees wide. Wider!"

A sharp snap of the crop on her thigh convinced her to undulate her hips before his hungry gaze, spreading her hips and thrusting her crotch towards him in offering. Suddenly Ginger felt the rough, leather handle of the whip rubbing around her labia lips, parting them, and spreading them. The Master was placing it all the way up her slick cunt, teasing her with it, finally leaving it inside of her with the tip hanging out of her like a tail.

He firmly pressed her head down to the floor while at the same time she struggled to thrust her hips up in the air as far as they would go. Swinging his legs outside of hers the Master stepped up to straddle Ginger's ass while he pulled the butt-plug from her rear and replaced it with his own massive cock. She moaned a bit at the intrusion but the juices flowing so freely down her ass and thighs had fully lubricated her widened anus and he had no trouble thrusting hard and deep into her rectum. The pain that she had felt with his initial anal explorations had long since diminished as her muscles had been trained through continued penetrations with butt-plugs and dildos to relax and open up to his invasions.

A part of Ginger was mortified by the utterly depraved sexual creature that she had been forced to become. To Ginger's psyche the experience of giving up control of her climax had shocked her with its power. For her, the release had magnified the intensity of her orgasm tenfold. She had originally begun by playing up to the role that he demanded of her, that of the submissive slut craving his attention. However the omnipresent pounding on her sexual organs kept her off balance until finally orgasm after orgasm began to radiate, out of control. Ginger had lost herself in the role that she had been playing, and by this time had already convinced herself so thoroughly of her part that she was powerless to resist him. His every touch weakened her and clouded her mind to anything but her base sexual urges. Through the haze of hormones flooding her brain, Ginger was dimly aware that she was becoming his helpless toy, his creation. But her own desires had conquered her shame and now the very thought of her own weakness only served to arouse her even more.

Now she felt him pounding away at her ass, with his powerful legs spread out above her and his hands gripping her hip bones and savagely pulling her to his pelvis. Her delicate fingers twisted in rhythm with his thrusts and she felt her excitement rising again. If she had lost all control of her sexuality, then she had also lost all responsibility for it as well. It was as if the sex act had been stripped of all of its complexities for Ginger. The normal inhibitions of a rational mind no longer stood between the act and its physical effect upon her. She was beyond shame. She was beyond humiliation. For Ginger there was now only the universe of sensation.

Gripping his engorged cock and pulling it out of her anus, the Master once again lifted her head up from the floor. She watched him through half-lidded eyes as he pulled the dildo out of her mouth while leaving the ring gag in place. She gurgled as he thrust his steaming prick down her throat. Ginger curled her tongue back to press against his throbbing manhood as he rammed it back and forth, fucking her face with long, powerful strokes. At last she felt his thick semen erupt down her throat as she licked and swallowed every drop.

He looked down at her restrained, shivering loveliness beneath him and gloried in her sex drenched undulations that spoke of the unquenchable desire that had been awakened inside of her. He reveled in the sense of power he felt over her. She was his now. He possessed her completely, body and soul, to do with as he wished. He held her face between his hands and spoke.

"You've done very well my dear!" he stroked her forehead.

"You've come so far in such a short time. I really am quite proud of you!"

He walked to the door of the room as he spoke.

"I have a little surprise for you today, a little blast from the past!"

Ginger followed him with her gaze, uncomprehending. He reached out and opened the door. There, framed in the doorway, was a woman dressed in a black mini-skirt and dark suit jacket. Her long legs tapered down to the stiletto heels that she wore and a broad, malevolent smile was on her lips. Recognition hit Ginger immediately, even through her orgasmic reverie. Pam! It was Pam, her agent in her former life that stood before her now, licking her lips with cruel anticipation. The sight of her former friend and business associate shocked Ginger out of her sexual daze and she began squealing and crying with reckless abandon.

Pam, she knew, was the one that had betrayed her into slavery. Ginger hadn't seen her since she had been drugged, bound and smuggled to this demon's lair. Seeing Pam here brought all of the horror of her situation crashing back home to Ginger. Pam was a part of the life that she had lost, a life where she had been active and independent. That was the life that she couldn't stand to think about now.

"I think that its safe to say that she recognizes you." He said brightly.

"Oh, Ginger and I go way back!" declared Pam stepping into the room without taking her eyes off of the helpless, mewling girl on the floor. "Don't we sweetie?"

Ginger was sobbing uncontrollably at their feet. She couldn't bear the thought that Pam was seeing her like this. Until Pam's arrival, Ginger had been able to keep what she had been before locked away deep in the back of her mind. Now she knew what she had become and what she had been at the same time. To be forced to see both worlds at once was breaking her heart.

"Hmm, she doesn't seem very happy to see you." He said looking down at her from over Pam's shoulder.

"She's just surprised to see me!" said Pam with a carnivorous grin that Ginger, to her horror, recognized as pure lust. "We're going to be closer to one another than we ever have before! Isn't that right darling?"

Pam abruptly descended onto Ginger, straddling her chest and looking down into her terrified eyes with a look of the most sinister anticipation. Ginger tried to buck her off, but her feeble attempts were easily batted away and Pam rode on top of her chest and used her legs to pin the struggling girl to the floor. Pam tossed her raven hair back over her shoulder and looked at the Master standing behind her.

"She still has just enough fight left in her to make this fun!" she said brightly, before focusing her attention back to the gyrating and bleating form underneath her.

"Ooooh!" she whispered to the crying girl, "I have been waiting so long for this! You simply have no idea darling! Since the very first time that I laid eyes on you." She playfully caressed Ginger's left tit, tweaking and pulling at the nipple. Her other hand slowly intertwined with the hair at the back of Ginger's head as she leaned down and began to run her tongue across the girl's face from the bottom of her chin to the top of her cheek. Pam pulled off her mini-skirt; she wasn't wearing underwear, and then pulled something from her jacket.

Pam held up a huge dildo, fourteen inches of black rubber before Ginger's frantic eyes.

"We are going to play all sorts of games together love, but first, you owe me for a few years of frustration!"

With that, she plunged the prod down Ginger's throat, forcing it past the ring gag to lodge seven inches down her throat. The dildo had ribs halfway down that actually locked it into place on the ring, leaving seven inches of the prod sticking out of her face. The signifigance of the penis prod protruding from her mouth was not lost on Ginger, nor was it lost on Pam, who wrapped her muscular legs around Ginger's head and impaled her already dripping cunt on it all the way until her labia lips were practically spread across Ginger's cheeks.

"Oh God! This is fucking great!" Pam shouted over the muted squeals of the smouldering beauty beneath her as she began to rapidly pump her hips up and down, bumping and grinding her crotch onto Ginger's horrified face.

"Mmm, all of those years that I have spent wanting you!"


"The years of putting up with all of your petty complaints!"

Bounce. Bounce. Grind.

Ginger's arms and legs flailed uselessly in the air, vainly seeking some way to dislodge the vixen so energetically raping her face. Ginger felt the Master firmly grip her legs by the backs of her knees and force them wide apart. Momentarily she felt the head of his cock thrusting into her drenched pussy as he also resumed fucking her.

Ginger's magnificent body surged under the lustful pair. Once again she was completely helpless before the tidal wave of sensation crashing through her loins and she began to wail with raw, animal pleasure mingled with despair as she felt the approaching orgasm. The three of them came together in a blinding, earth-shattering climax, Pam's vaginal juices splashing over Ginger's face and the Master's seed once again coating her insides.

Pam threw her head back and screamed as she came all over Ginger's cheeks. Her orgasm was so intense that she actually collapsed off of the prod and landed on the floor next to the Master.

She had to catch her breath for a moment before turning to him.

"Whew! That was nice." She said

"All that you had hoped for?"

"Mmm, and I'm hoping for a lot more!" she said.

They both looked at the barely conscious starlet sprawled on the floor next to them and smiled slowly.

"Nothing but time!" he said.

"Nothing but time!" she said.

Ginger could only moan in reply.

Ginger's Training Ch. 8

Pam bounced off of Ginger's face. The stunning redhead was strapped back over a large, wooden barrel in the basement of the compound. The large cock-rod once again protruded from her pried-open mouth and the Master's engorged cock thrust deeply into her exhausted loins forcing her ass cheeks to spread over the rough, grainy wood of the barrel as the overwhelmed girl whimpered and cried.

"Done so soon?" asked the Master, pausing momentarily to feel Ginger's, slick cunt lips embracing his manhood. They had been raping the plush, young beauty repeatedly over the past couple of hours and her abused holes were drenched with her fluids and his cum. The vicious pair had bullied all of the resistance out of the poor girl by working her over with a riding crop. Pam had proven to be an expert with the whip in her hand and a criss-cross pattern of welts now ran along Ginger's outer and inner thighs. It had taken Pam fifteen minutes to inflict the bruises on the screaming actress in a savage orgy of sadistic mirth. Since that beating Ginger had been pretty eager to show her submissive side.

"Its time to teach our little slave-in-training some new tricks!" said Pam.

She punctuated her statement by abruptly pulling the prod out of Ginger's face and beginning to unbuckle the straps that held the ring gag in her jaw.

"Let's see a little of that obedience that we've been working so hard to teach you!" She said as she sharply jerked Ginger's head by a fistful of her red hair and smirked. "Now behave or I'll have to punish you again."

Pam leaned down until her eyes were only inches away from those of the pleading girl beneath her and held her head in a grip of iron.

"And besides, I have to admit that I really love punishing you!" she beamed, "so I'll be doing it anyway, whether you behave or not!"

Pam wrenched the "O" shaped gag out of the girl's mouth.

"I think that we've been doing too much of the work so far, don't you?"

Ginger weakly tried to speak but Pam's hand clamped over her tender, red lips, silencing her easily.

"Shhh, we don't want to hear it right now sweetie!" she explained, "Later, we will listen to you beg us, but for now there is something else that we want from your mouth."

For emphasis Pam replaced her hand with her own lips, kissing the starlet passionately on the mouth. Ginger emitted a slight squeal as she felt the other woman's tongue parting her soft, pliable lips and exploring her oral cavity. Pam clenched a fistful of Ginger's hair in one hand while her other hand reached out to grip and maul the defenseless young woman's magnificent, milky-white breasts.

The exhausted and mortified girl was overwhelmed with the sensations crashing through her body. The cock deep inside of her pussy locked her pelvis to the heavy barrel and flooded her helpless brain with wave after wave of orgasmic release. She felt her own tongue reaching out to caress and receive the kiss. Ginger lost herself in the whirlpool of feelings and emotions drowning her thoughts. Finally, everything was simply sensation. Pain and pleasure had become the central forces in Ginger's life and all of her choices had been reduced to these two options. Ginger's body just seemed, finally, to be surrendering for her mind, letting the sexual wave wash over and through her. Her supple form rippled underneath her two tormentors, shaking and heaving back and forth over the rough surface of the barrel, her entire universe being consumed in the act.

Pam ran her greedy hand over Ginger's chest, plumping her breasts and kneading them in her fingers like dough.

Ginger was so completely lost in the moment that she couldn't be sure at what precise point Pam had shifted to straddling her face. She was equally unsure of the moment when she first began kissing and sucking at the dripping clit and pussy clamped to her lips. She had become a toy, an appliance for their instant gratification, a tortured sexwhip snapping between the two heaving bodies above her.

The oncoming orgasm screamed along Ginger's nervous system like wildfire ravaging her senses and making her blind, deaf and dumb to the world outside of her own tormented body. Her tongue continued to lick feverishly at the sex-drenched cunt of the other woman as if it had a mind of its own. Her body trembled with the tension of every muscle fiber straining to the bursting point.

A sinister grin spread over Pam's face as she reached down to grip one of Ginger's hard, pink nipples between the thumb and the index finger of her left hand. She roughly rolled it back and forth, pinching and twisting the poor girl's nip right up to the peak of her climax.

Ginger had no chance to see the large, gleaming, four-inch needle in Pam's other hand.

Pam waited until she could feel the orgasm rippling through the writhing body of the helpless girl between her legs. When she was sure that Ginger was in the midst of her most powerful contractions, she struck with lightning quick agility. She cruelly yanked Ginger's abused nipple up into the air, stretching her tit to its uppermost limits. At the same time, her right hand slammed the needle all the way through the base of the nipple with uncanny precision.

Ginger's body arced up off of the barrel and twisted in shock and alarm beneath Pam's torso. Her own climax choked back her agonized cry at the desecration of her tortured breast. Her cunt exploded like dynamite, releasing a mammoth, shattering orgasm. Her muscles snapped so tight that the ropes holding her down almost seemed to hum. Once again the Master's pace quickened and he threw all of his weight against her surging body, riding her thrusting crotch and nailing her to the creaking wood of the barrel. The long, steel needle piercing her nipple sent a shiver of terror through the violated, young beauty but she was too devastated and exhausted with post-coital shock to think or to move.

It was only when she felt Pam gripping her other breast that she managed to find enough air to emit a high, keening wail that was audible in spite of Pam's soaking crotch clamping down onto her mouth. When the second needle was thrust through her other nipple a huge, mournful sob broke forth from between Pam's legs.

Now it was Pam's turn to shudder. The vibrations of the girl's despairing cry rippling across her clitoris pushed Pam over the edge into her own climax. Pam's head flew back on her shoulders and a guttural moan of ecstasy escaped from between her lips. At the same time the shockwave snapping throughout Ginger's body triggered another eruption of semen from the Master who thrust his pelvis forward and his shoulders back to release his load.

Pam swung herself off of the girl's sobbing face and kissed her gently on the forehead. Ginger's pleading, blue eyes looked into Pam's. She wanted to ask why this degradation of her body had been necessary. But Ginger already knew the answer. The only reason that these monsters needed was her available and vulnerable body itself. The actual physical pain wasn't that severe, but the low burning sensation in her mutilated nipples served as an agonizing reminder of the fact that she no longer had any say in what would be done to her own body. It was almost enough to make her remember what shame had felt like.

Pam leaned over her gently, like a lover, and ran the tip of her finger lightly over Ginger's trembling lips. She tenderly kissed Ginger's face, covering her eyes and cheeks and neck with tiny kisses as if leisurely tasting each lovely corner. Ginger could dimly feel the Master withdraw his cock, leaving her empty. She could hear Pam softly whispering into her ear:

"Don't look away darling! Look at me. I want to see you now. There! I want to see your eyes! Good girl." Pam studied the crying girl's face with intense fascination. "Now, did you have anything that you would like to say to me?"

Ginger looked up into her eyes and hesitated.

Pam's voice was tinged with concern and gentle sincerity, "Come on now! Don't be shy, say it. I can tell that you desperately want to say something, now out with it!" she urged.

"W-why? P-please? Why are you doing all of this? Why?" The broken-hearted girl managed to breathe out between sobs.

Pam suddenly yanked the needles up into the air, stretching out Ginger's skewered tits painfully far.

"Wrong question!" She hissed fiercely.

Ginger's head snapped back and she began weeping with abandon as Pam began harshly barking orders at her and cruelly twisting the needles that were stretching out her agonized breasts.

"Listen to me now you pathetic little bitch! You do not ask questions like that, ever! Is that crystal clear?" The kinder, gentler Pam of a moment ago had disappeared and she had suddenly become the sadistic drill sergeant. "Your only questions begin with the word, how. How do I serve my mistress? How do I serve my master? How do I give pleasure? Those are your only questions now and believe me; you are going to answer them yourself over and over again so many times in the next few weeks that you won't need to ask. You'll just know!"

With that she dropped Gingers breasts and stood up.

"Asking me a question like that is a sure way to earn punishment time!"

Ginger saw the riding crop in her hand and cringed.

"But I don't want to be unreasonable." She lied. "I understand that this is all new to you. I think that, in all fairness, you deserve a chance to make it up to me."

A predatory grin spread, cat-like, across her face and she locked eyes with the terrified girl as she pretended to consider.

"Would you like to know how to please me, slave?" she asked.

This time Ginger knew the answer expected of her. "Yes." She cried.

"Yes, what?"

"Yes m-mistress!"

"Good! Now let me hear you ask me."

The whip snapped down across Ginger's quivering thighs.

"Go on, ask me." Pam stated flatly, "Ask me."

"H-how do I please you Mistress?" Ginger managed to bawl out.

Again the whip came down stinging her tender flesh and adding another welt to her collection.

"Good." said Pam, "Now ask me again."

Ginger was raining tears as she wept, "How do I please you Mistress?" she cried.

Pam gripped Ginger's face in her hand, and again looked hard into her eyes and said severely, "You please me by understanding what is expected of you and doing it without having to be told. You can please me now by showing me your obedience."

The Master and Pam quickly unstrapped the abject, whimpering girl from the barrel and stood her up. Ginger could barely stay on her feet as they forced her to lean spread-eagled against the wall. Ginger was so defeated that it did not occur to her that this was the first time since her abduction that she had been completely unbound. She shivered as she felt the riding crops, one at each ass cheek. Ginger understood. At last she knew what was expected of her. She was to stand here without ropes and submit to this beating by choice. The fact that she was unrestrained was somehow even more terrifying now.

The first lash stung her hips. She shook and cried but somehow managed to stand her ground.

"Ask me!" Pam barked.

"How do I please you Mistress?" sobbed Ginger.

The Master's whip came down hard on her ass.

"Now ask me!" he said.

"How do I please you Master?" she burbled.

The whipping continued with the same litany and rhythm, Ginger being forced to repeat her mantra over and over again. On and on it went. Her cries became heartfelt wails of misery, but always the same words.

"How do I please you?"

Ginger slowly dropped to her knees but the beating and the pleading question kept on.

"How do I please you?"

Even after the whips had stopped she kept up her weak, methodical cry.

"How do I please you?"

Her body curled up on the floor at their feet in a defeated heap. Her lovely red curls were matted across her sweat and tear soaked face. The Master rolled her over and examined her semi-conscious form.

"Time to give this one a rest, I think."

"I agree. We aren't going to get any further tonight, and besides..." Pam smiled brightly, "my next game needs plenty of set-up!"

"I can hardly wait!" he laughed.

They both looked down at Ginger and for a moment listened to her barely audible cry:

"How do I please you?"

Ginger's Training Ch. 9

The dawn of a new day found Ginger in a state of total exhaustion. Her two tormentors had been so frenzied in their lust for the captive starlet that they had virtually fucked her into oblivion.

After sleeping feverishly, Ginger awoke on a small, bare mattress. The stark shadows crawling across the tiny, windowless room were cast by a single, naked light bulb hanging from the ceiling. The walls were covered with a faded and peeling wallpaper that may have once, long ago, been a cheery floral pattern. A single wooden door was the lone entrance to her cramped and dirty little quarters. At her wrists were leather cuffs that looped through the metal railings of the bed frame. Her ankles were held to the foot of the bed with a single pair of similar cuffs, the principle difference being that the cuffs at her feet had several feet of chain between them, giving her ample room to move her legs.

The soreness in her exhausted muscles served to remind her of the brutal and constant abuse that she had endured over the past several days. She looked down at her bare breasts. At some time during the night the huge needles impaling her nipples had been replaced with little silver rings. Between the rings ran a thin silver chain, a few inches long. Finally, suspended in the middle of the chain there were three delicate little bells that softly jingled every time that she moved.

Ginger shuddered as she recalled the piercing of her nipples. Pam had surprised her with the mutilation at the peak of one of Ginger's many orgasms on the previous evening. Her breasts were still sore and very sensitive from the tiny wounds. However the pain in her tits was nothing compared to the soreness of her thighs and back where she had been savagely whipped for the amusement of her captors. She could see some of the welts on her inner thighs and could imagine that her back must also be black and blue.

The most depressing thing that Ginger had to recall was not the physical abuse she had suffered, but the humiliating response that betrayed her excitement at the constant pummeling of her sex. She had been as helpless as a cat in heat to the drives that had awakened in her; and equally unable to hide that fact from her degenerate masters. Even now she could feel the slight dampness in her pussy betraying her shameful weakness. Tears ran down Ginger's lovely cheeks as she recalled orgasm after orgasm, each more powerful than any she had experienced before.

What did this mean? Ginger wasn't sure. She was certain that, even in her worst nightmares, she had never wanted anything like this to happen. She had never asked to be raped and violated, to be mercilessly used as a sex slave and helplessly degraded in ways that she had never even dreamed to be possible.

With a shock Ginger realized that she wanted to masturbate. Her hand had only stopped on its way to her crotch because of the cuffs holding it at the head of the bed. What had happened to her? What sort of depraved creature had she become? She couldn't stop thinking about sex. It was as if her own vulnerability was turning her on.

Sobbing, Ginger cried out to the empty room, "What's happening to me?"

Suddenly she heard footsteps outside of the room. The sound of high heels clicking on wooden stairs was getting closer and closer. Now they were right outside of the door. She could hear keys jangling and finally the sound of the tumblers moving in the lock. The door opened and there stood Pam, grinning from ear to ear.

Pam wore a single piece, black, dress that hugged her trim figure before stopping just above mid-thigh and a pair of wickedly high heels that began the long journey up the seamed stockings disappearing under the dress. Her long black hair was pulled back in a ponytail that showed off her aristocratic features and her long, elegant neck. In one hand she held both a riding crop and a small black leather bag. She looked Ginger up and down as she strode into the cramped room.

"How is my little slut today?" she laughed, "Did you enjoy your beauty rest?"

Ginger didn't hesitate with her reply. "Yes Mistress." She said humbly.

She knew how much Pam loved to punish her with the riding crop and she certainly didn't want to give her an excuse to use it.

Her ready submission seemed to please Pam who glided across the room to sit on the bed next to the naked and helpless girl. She rested her right hand on Ginger's smooth inner thigh and gently stroked the inside of her leg. Ginger responded to her touch with a tiny, involuntary gasp of excitement.

Pam noticed the tension in the shivering girl and she smiled as her fingers began to slowly explore Ginger's juicy cunt.

"My, my! You have been broken in haven't you my dear?" She said as her fingers slid easily in and out of the mortified and quivering girl.

Ginger was softly crying now. "How awful!" she thought as her body kept responding to Pam's probing fingers. Regardless of her embarrassment, her hips began to gently pump up and down, her pussy lips puffing and her clit swelling with arousal. Once again she felt the desire overtaking her, sweeping her broken will aside like a thin veil.

"You really are a tramp, aren't you dear?" Pam sneered, "Aren't you?" She squeezed the crying girl's clit between thumb and forefinger making her cry out.

"Y-yes Mistress!" Ginger sobbed as her fingers twisted in the sheets on the mattress. The shame burned in her cheeks as her body continued to surge under the grip of Pam's relentless attentions.

"Let me hear you say it then! Tell me what you are!!" ordered Pam.

"I am your slut Mistress!" Ginger agreed.

"Good girl!" Pam removed her moist fingers from Ginger's dripping cunt and held them under the girl's nose. "Now lick them clean slave."

Ginger couldn't believe her own eagerness to obey. Any shred of defiance that she might have been tempted to offer had just been destroyed by her own body's degrading performance. Besides Ginger was no longer sure she wanted to resist any more; her body was succumbing to the endless routine of abuse, and after the initial shock of violation she no longer had the will to deny its response. Her tongue leapt out and she began to lick and suck on Pam's fingers, the salty taste of her own juices combining with that of her tears.

Pam pulled her hand away and unzipped the leather bag. "That's enough for now slave. We have to get you ready for a very busy day!" She reached into the bag and brought out a pair of gleaming, steel handcuffs. Next she unlocked Ginger's wrists from the bed frame and yanked her up to a sitting position on the bed.

"Now put your arms behind you slut!" she barked.

Ginger meekly obeyed. She could hear the metal cuffs locking around her upper arms just above the elbows, effectively cinching her arms behind her. Pam next unlocked her ankles and ordered her onto the floor.

"On your knees slave!"

Ginger obeyed automatically, as if there were no other option but to obey the stern Mistress. Pam walked slowly around her, holding the riding crop purposefully in her hands, drinking in the captive beauty at her feet. Pam privately loved this view of a slave; naked, submissive and waiting for service. She gloried in the rush of power that came from knowing that all of this captive loveliness was hers to play with. Any pleasure and any degradation that she could conceive of in her imagination, was waiting to be indulged with the helpless Ginger.

"This is where you belong slave. You are to remain on your knees unless told to do otherwise." She instructed, "Is that clear?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Time for your breakfast sweetie!" With that Pam pulled out a large doggie dish and set it on the floor in front of the disbelieving girl. Next she produced a can of dog food and a can opener from the bag and began opening it.

Tears began to well up again in Ginger's eyes as she realized what her next humiliation was destined to be. Pam was going to make her eat dog food from the dish like some dumb animal. It was too much to bear! She felt a shock to realize that she wasn't nearly so afraid of eating it, as she was afraid of what would happen to her if she refused. The soreness in her back and thighs served as a solid and recent reminder of what sadistic extremes Pam would go to in punishing her for even a hint of defiance. But to be reduced to this! It was more than she could stand!

Pam finished emptying the contents of the can into the bowl. "You know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day!" she beamed, "Sometimes it is also the only meal of the day, so make sure to eat every little bite and lick your bowl clean when you're done!"

Ginger looked up at her, her eyes pleading, "Please Mistress, I can't do this, please don't make me…"

The riding crop whipping across her shoulders suddenly cut off her plea in mid-sentence.

"Eat it cunt!" Pam viciously grabbed a fistful of the lovely red curls at the back of Ginger's head and shoved her weeping face down into the bowl. The awful aroma permeated her senses as she began to obey unthinkingly. Mouthful after mouthful disappeared from the bowl as Pam stood, watching her.

Pam's fingers reached down to stroke and squeeze Ginger's breasts as she whispered into the girl's ear.

"That's it. That's a good girl. Eat it all up! Every last, little bit."

Pam wasn't satisfied until she had forced Ginger to lick the inside of the bowl with her tongue, leaving it spotless. The stuff tasted awful but the sting of the whip reminded Ginger that there were worse things than dog food.

Next Ginger was marched outside of the tiny little room and down the hall to a bathroom where she was enemaed before being ordered into the shower. There, Pam washed her carefully, unabashedly taking every opportunity to caress and stroke her supple body and all of its ample curves. Ginger complained little, but could not prevent the tears from rolling down her cheeks as the other woman alternately washed and molested the mortified young starlet. Pam would occasionally grip a fistful of Ginger's hair and yank her over to within range of her tongue; where she would lick the droplets of fresh water beading up on the young slave girl's velvety soft flesh.

After the shower, Ginger was forced into black, five-inch, stiletto heels, that locked on instead of buckled. A thick, leather collar was added next and locked around her neck with a small, silver padlock. The collar had large, heavy "D" rings riveted into it at the front, back, and sides. Pam fingered the padlock at the beautiful girl's throat and smiled.

"Get used to this my dear because it won't be coming off while you're on the island!"

Pam next began to tightly lace Ginger into a lovely, black, leather corset that served to push out and display her already ample bosom. The corset also had silver rings in the front, back and sides from which things could be easily tied. Ginger's elbow cuffs were locked to one of these rings along her upper back with another of the small padlocks. The bells suspended from her newly pierced nipples jingled prettily as she was escorted down the hall once more and lead into a beautifully furnished bedroom to be seated on a stool before a row of mirrors.

Pam stood behind her, gazing intently into her reflected eyes and spoke to her softly.

"Tonight is a very big event, your `coming-out party' as it were!" she began to stroke her fingers along Ginger's cheek, "The islanders will be expecting you to look your best and we have to be sure not to disappoint them!"

She began to blow dry Ginger's hair. Something that Pam had said had captured her attention. "Islanders?" What islanders? Where was she? Ginger's mournful eyes took in the room through the reflection in the mirrors before her.

The room was at once, both elegant, and extremely feminine. The light blue and white appointments kept the room bright and cheerful. The bed was a huge, canopied affair with white, metal railings at the head and feet. It looked innocent enough, but Ginger could imagine that the railing was the perfect way to pin down an unwilling playmate with a pair of handcuffs. The large window opposite the doorway was covered with thin curtains of white and blue fabric and Ginger was just barely able to catch a glimpse of bright sky beyond them.

But, bright sky over where? Had they moved her during the night? She was fairly certain that this house, if it was a house, had not been a part of the compound in which she had been kept previously. How far had they moved her? The realization that she no longer had even a remote idea of her own whereabouts, struck a deep note of terror into the violated young woman. Without knowing where she was, she couldn't even think of escape. She was utterly at their mercy and they knew it. Ginger realized that they had felt comfortable enough to leave her completely ungagged. Certainly, they had little to fear from her cries before, but were they now so far removed and isolated that they felt that there was nothing to fear at all?

Ginger's gaze drifted back to her own reflection. The sight of her own frightened eyes brought the poor girl's tears again, as they came raining down her perfect cheeks to splash onto her lovely, porcelain breasts. Her chest heaved with her quiet sobs, causing the bells to jingle in rhythm with her grief. Ginger was helpless to do anything other than watch herself sit submissively and passively as she was being carefully transformed into some twisted and extreme version of a sex-toy. Already Ginger could barely recognize the girl that she saw in the mirror. The girl that she had known had been intelligent, confident, and, in short, independent. There was absolutely no independence in the girl that she saw now.

She saw herself as a helpless toy, a plaything of others. The girl that she saw before her now had simply seen too much. She had been beyond every abuse that her mind had been able to conceive. She had been whipped, shocked and fucked into becoming exactly what her masters wanted her to be.

The tears that she was crying now were the tears for the free woman that she had seen in the mirror for the last time. Ginger knew then, in her heart of hearts, that she would never be able to remember that reflection again.

Pam smiled as she watched Ginger weeping in the mirror. Her hands continued to work, brushing Ginger's auburn hair back and feeling it spill over her fingers. "I know what you're wondering right now! Don't I?"

She beamed when her question made the helpless young redhead look up into her eyes. She voiced the question herself.

"Where are you? That's what you want to know, isn't it?"

"Yes mistress!"

Pam frowned. "Nope. Too eager!"

She began to braid Ginger's hair again, as if the conversation were over.

Ginger's timid voice came back softly, "If it pleases you to tell me mistress?"

Pam turned to look at her, delighted. There was such an endearing note of hoarseness in Ginger's voice, caused by several days of constant sobbing, and a genuine, submissive tone to her words.

"Now that's much better!" she brightened. "You are home, my dear! Home to stay!"

Ginger's heart sank even deeper with Pam's words and she listened in horrified fascination.

Pam continued, "You are on our little island paradise. Exactly where it is doesn't matter to you…." she stopped suddenly and broke into a grin of pure, malicious delight. "Would you like to know what does matter to you?"

"If it pleases you to tell me mistress!"

Pam smiled, genuinely proud; a dog that she was training had just learned a new trick. "Very good dear, you're learning!"

Ginger listened to her words with a sense of impending doom.

She looked into Ginger's eyes again. "What does matter is that we own the island! Everyone on this island is either our guest or our slave!" she paused, to let that sink in. "You see, that world that you used to live in is an ocean away now. You can forget about that world forever. You're world is with us from now on!"

Pam savored the look of anguish and horror in the despairing girl's breathtaking eyes that, she noticed, were now pouring tears down her trembling lips. She reached around with her hands to lightly fondle Ginger's milky breasts as she kissed her gently on the cheek. Ginger's shoulders were now heaving with her silent and broken sobs.

Pam merrily swung her leg around to straddle Ginger's lap. "You are going to bring us so much pleasure, whether you like it or not, my little sexpot!" Ginger felt Pam's fingers snaking their way down to her clit and beginning to rub in circles. "I hope that you will enjoy it, at least, some of the time!"

Pam roughly gripped a fistful of Ginger's hair and yanked her up into a seated embrace. Ginger hardly even noticed the dull pain in her nipples as her tits were crushed against Pam's chest and her lips were being sealed with a passionate kiss.

Ginger, after only a moment's confusion, found herself leaning forward and obediently pressing her lips into those of the severe mistress. She gave only one small cry when she felt Pam's tongue lick its way greedily into her mouth. The manipulation of her sex was filling her with waves of radiant warmth as she felt herself surrendering to the kiss and meeting its passion with desperation. Her mind was clouding over as sensation, once again, began to overpower her reason. Finally, at that moment, the despairing girl felt so utterly destitute and alone that any sort of affection, even Pam's, was a comfort.

"I just love breaking that news to the new ones!" Pam thought to herself with a smile.

Ginger's Training Ch. 10

Ginger was getting acquainted with her new life on the island. Everywhere that she turned, there were world-changing revelations.

She could no longer tell down from up.

After tightly gagging her with a large, blue, ball gag, Pam had spent a few diverting minutes using her fingers to warm Ginger up before she strapped in the, all-too-familiar, dildo and butt plug, causing Ginger to moan with frustration.

“Stand up!” she barked. Ginger awkwardly rose from the chair with a jingle of slave bells. Pam admired her handiwork. The slave girl looked stunning in the tight, leather corset and the sharp, stiletto heels. Her cuffed wrists, twisted high up her back and locked to her thick, leather collar, forced her to thrust out her ample chest, presenting her delicious, pink nipples as if in offering. Her hair was pinned up, off of her elegant neck, and little, flirty, curls dangled down to frame her perfect, blue eyes. Pam emitted a low whistle, “There! I think we’re ready to show you off now.”

She leaned in to clip a dog leash onto Ginger’s collar. “Before you even think about being difficult, just remember…” she yanked sharply on the chain, pulling Ginger off balance so that she fell forward towards the harsh mistress. Pam roughly caught the falling girl by the right breast and used it to thrust her up onto her feet, “I can be difficult too!” she grinned, “It’s just a matter of how hard you want to make things for yourself.” She sharply pinched the other girl’s recently pierced nipple before releasing her abused tit, getting a muffled whelp of surprised pain as reward, “If you’re smart you’ll save it all for tonight.” She smiled, “You are going to be in for the ride of your life, believe me!”

With that, Pam jerked on Ginger’s leash and led her out of the bedroom down a large staircase that descended into a wide, foyer.

The home was magnificent. The vaulted ceilings and designer furnishings spoke of someone with excellent taste and deep pockets. However, at the bottom of the stairs, Ginger’s attention was arrested by something that made her completely forget about the furnishings.

It was her first sight of another slave.

To say that she was shocked would be to understate the situation completely. The sight of the slender young woman kneeling at the bottom of the stairs hit her like a blow from a hammer.

The girl wore nothing except a pair of leather wrist cuffs, and the unmistakable collar of a slave. Her wrists were connected to the back of her collar in exactly the same position as Ginger’s, and an identical chain hung between her ringed nipples. She had short, blonde hair that curled away from her head in all directions. Ginger couldn’t see her downcast eyes, but the way that the girl knelt at the bottom of the stairs with such absolute submission in her frightened, sheepish, body was enough to tell Ginger that she had not been the first girl that these people had enslaved.

The presence of more slaves in this new world, revealed volumes to Ginger’s panic stricken eyes. Even though she had long ago realized that her captors were not amateurs who had kidnapped her on a whim, the sight of this new girl brought the horrible reality of her situation home to roost. These people were seriously intent on keeping her! And she could think of nothing to stop them!

Pam felt Ginger pull back on her leash a bit at the sight of the other girl. She halted at the bottom of the stairs and looked back to watch Ginger’s leather-clad body shivering on the bottom step. Her huge, frightened eyes were irresistibly frozen on the kneeling slave. A wry smile spread across Pam’s face. She loved to watch the new girls get their first look at one of the others.

Ginger wailed into her gag as she tried to ask a thousand questions at once. Pam sharply yanked the chain, forcing Ginger off of the final step. “Don’t worry, there will be plenty of time for introductions later!” she promised. Then she briskly led Ginger away, leaving her little time to wonder at the implications of this latest discovery.

The Master sat back and watched the sunset as he waited for the girl to be brought to him. He smiled as he thought of the beautiful redheaded slave in her new habitat. No doubt she was having a surprise filled day.

It was good to be back home, he thought to himself, these hunting expeditions always served to remind him of just how nice the “island” was compared to the world outside. He absentmindedly reached out to idly stroke the smooth rear end of the lovely brunette slave-girl that crouched obediently beside his comfy leather chair with her head bowed to the floor and her ass thrust high into the air. He gazed out through the huge bay windows that completely lined one wall of the spacious living room and entertained himself with thoughts of all of the things that he was going to do with his newest acquisition.

Pam led Ginger in with a flourish. “Our newest fuck-toy is ready to serve!” she announced.

The desperate, young slave’s eyes went immediately to the windows. She had a spectacular view of the gathering sunset over what appeared to be an endless expanse of calm, crystal blue, ocean that stretched out for as far as she could see. The ocean view would have made a lovely postcard, but here, in this context, it was a source of absolute despair to poor Ginger.

“Has she been a good girl this morning?” asked the Master.

“Well, she was a little skittish at breakfast, but she seems to have settled down a bit now!’ Pam finished off her critique by giving Ginger a hard, open-handed slap on the ass. “Go to your Master sweetie!”

The Master reached out a hand and motioned for Ginger to approach. She obeyed tentatively, her eyes pleading, tears of shame and horror brimming over her cheeks. Seeing the ocean and then the dark haired slave kneeling at the master’s side seemed to have an extremely sobering effect on the girl.

“Come on, slave!” he scolded gently at her hesitation, “Let your master get a good look at you.”

When she got within his arms’ length he reached up and easily pulled her down onto his lap. His left arm supported her back and reached around to gently fondle her breast; while with his right hand he reached between her legs to lazily stroke her inner thighs. He noted with approval the swelling of her nipples and her delicate sighs as she responded to his touch. He turned the control knob on the dildo strapped into her cunt and it sprang into life, pulling a deep, and sustained moan from Ginger who suddenly seemed unable to keep from undulating her hips across his lap.

“Beautiful!” the Master smiled, “ She’ll be ready for her debut tonight?”

“Are you kidding? Look at her. She can’t get enough!”

“Yes. She’s becoming quite an accomplished little slut!”

They both paused to enjoy watching the redhead’s beautiful body writhing in uncontrollable pleasure.

Ginger was no longer surprised at her body’s constant state of arousal but she seemed to be reaching new heights of sensitivity. The buzzing between her legs had her nerve centers screaming with anticipation. Through the fabric of his pants, she could feel her ass pressing down against her master’s massive erection.

Pam reached down to stroke Ginger’s forehead, “I’ll bet that you would rather have that cock inside of you. Am I right?”

She was right. To Ginger’s despair the vibrator in her pussy wasn’t enough to drive her to climax but only enough to bring her to the edge of an orgasm. Her hips were surging in an involuntary attempt to get more stimulation but it still wasn’t enough.

Sex was now a relative term for Ginger, what she craved was relief from the enormous tension that seemed to be constantly building up inside of her. The Master’s cock, she knew, would give her that release that she so desperately needed. She fervently nodded her head up and down in agreement with Pam’s suggestion.

“Good girl!” smiled the Master, “But you’ll have to wait slave! You’re being saved for tonight. You see, we’re hosting a dinner party this evening…”

“And you’re the main attraction!” finished Pam.

Through the haze of sexual excitement, Ginger tried to comprehend what her two tormentors were saying.

“You see it’s customary, on this island, to have a party for new arrivals such as yourself.” Said the master.

“Gives you a chance to meet some of the other islanders that you will be serving,” said Pam.

“And gives them a chance to meet you!” added the master with a suggestive smile and a solid pinch to the frightened girl’s nipple. “These people will have a lot to do with your future here, so it is very important that you perform well for them.”

“If you don’t,” declared Pam, yanking her up to her feet, “Then I get to make you very, very sorry!”

The way that she said it made Ginger quite certain that there was nothing that Pam would rather do than carry out that threat. Ginger could hardly stand up with the unrelenting stimulation between her legs. Her knees kept having spasms as she teetered on the high heels in front of them. A little trickle of moisture was beginning to make its way down her creamy inner thigh.

How humiliating! To be standing here, practically begging for it! Her desire so obvious to everyone, including herself! But Ginger was resigning herself to her fate. She knew that she was utterly helpless to their whims. Her very abjectness was now the source of her only comfort. She was theirs to use. Her pleasure was nothing to them. They would use her as they pleased and she could do nothing but accept it. Shame was simply becoming an alien concept to the young beauty.

But in the back of her mind she was reeling from the shock of their words. Once again causing her to wonder. Who were these “islanders” that they spoke of? How could such a place exist? What kind of nightmare world was she in? And most of all, what did they mean when they said that she was the “main attraction” at this “dinner party”?

Her reverie was broken by Pam forcing her to her knees on the other side of the master’s chair. She handed him Ginger’s leash as she spoke: “I’m leaving her with you now. I have to go get ready for dinner.” she leaned over and kissed Ginger on the cheek, “Now be a good little slut. I’ll see you again in a couple of hours.” with that, she was gone, leaving Ginger alone with the master and the other slave.

The tears were rolling down Ginger’s cheeks now and the bells on her nipple chain jingled softly as her body was wracked with her muted sobs. The master reached over and lifted her trembling chin. “Ginger, I want you to meet Bianca. She is going to be a role model for you. Aren’t you Bianca?”

The raven-haired girl spoke for the first time, “Yes Master!”

With a shock, Ginger recognized the other girl. She had been in the video that the master had played on the night of her abduction. In the video she had watched the young brunette being violated with a huge black dildo. The fact that she was here somehow seemed extremely ominous to the new slave.

“I’m sure Ginger is eager to learn how to please me, aren’t you Ginger?”

Ginger hopelessly nodded her head.

“Excellent! Now Bianca, would you care to demonstrate to our new friend here just exactly how the master likes his cock sucked?”

“Yes Master!” she said without hesitation, “Your slave begs the honor of sucking your cock!”

“Hmm!” He pretended to consider, “Granted!” “Now watch carefully slave!” he ordered.

Ginger watched as Bianca moved to her knees in front of the master’s chair and began to unbuckle his belt. The brunette’s eyes were filled with lust and anticipation as she eagerly went to work.

The master reached down a hand and gently squeezed one of Ginger’s breasts as Bianca freed his erect penis and began to slowly stroke the shaft with one hand while using her other to play with his testicles. She slowly began to run her tongue along the shaft, from the root to the tip, pausing to gently kiss the tip at the top and then down again.

The sight of the huge cock just inches from her face added to Ginger’s mounting frustration. She was now quivering with the tension in her loins and her need for relief was beginning to overwhelm her.

“Yes, that’s it!” he breathed. “You want it now, don’t you?” His hand reached up and gripped her chin, forcing her to look into his piercing eyes. The expression on her tormented face told him of her surrender and of her aching need for relief.

“You have to learn to be patient! We will have you when we want you, not before.” He looked down at Bianca’s soft lips wrapping around his member and ran his fingers through her hair. “Tonight you only need to remember one thing. “ he paused as the girl at his crotch flicked her tongue rapidly over the head of his cock, “Ah, one thing only…” Bianca’s head bobbed rapidly up and down in his lap as she deep throated him again and again, using her hand to stroke his shaft at the same time. The master leaned his head back in obvious pleasure.

“Bianca, tell her what that one thing is!” The brunette’s mouth came off of his cock with a wet, popping sound and without pausing she blurted out: “Let yourself go!”

With that, the master’s cock erupted all over her face, his creamy semen splashing on her cheek and forehead and into her open mouth. She immediately dived back onto his member and began sucking it dry, rolling it with her tongue and lips, greedily lapping up every drop that she could find.

The Master sighed and took in a deep breath. Smiling, he looked delightedly at the now squirming Ginger and whispered, “That’s right! Tonight, no matter what they want you to do for them, you have to remember to let yourself go!”

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