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Tired of Being the Nice Guy:
MF FF rom D/S Mdom span lght humil oral anal ws

Tired of Being a Nice Guy: Chapter 26

*Wednesday - Day 26*

As I slowly roused out of my slumber, I could feel Chrissy's talented
mouth on my cock and something heavy on my chest. I opened my eyes and
looked down into Becky's. She had her head on my chest, and when she
saw that I was awake she moved her lips to mine for a little kiss.

"Chrissy tells me that she can still taste Jill on your cock," Becky
said. "I'm jealous of her."

"Well next time, don't bicker with your sister slave, and it will be
you cleaning the fluids of women you procure for me off of my cock," I
told her.

"You're driving that lesson home very effectively, sir," she replied.

"Did Jamie and Chrissy finish your punishment last night?" I asked.

"I thought I would die, but they followed your instructions to the
letter," she informed me.

"Excellent," I said. "And are you suitably punished?"

"Yes, sir," she said, "It's funny. Your punishments are always torture
to me, and I do not want to repeat them, yet I enjoy them soooo much
in the moment."

"Perfect!" I told her. "Now you are going to have to disappoint your
slave, because as much as I am enjoying what she is doing, my balls
are going to shrivel up and fall off if I keep cumming as much as I
have been. We are going to have a busy day, and I need my energy, so
ask her to stop and thank her for a lovely job."

"Slave," Becky said, "Your task is over for now. Our master does not
want to cum now, even though he is enjoying what you are doing."

Once again, Chrissy showed more obedience than the others by stopping
immediately, without even a parting lick. "I'm not your master yet," I
said. "We still have a week and a half."

"Just practicing," Becky said with a flirty smirk.

She got up and went to work, while Chrissy got Jamie up. Becky and
Jamie would each work a half day while Chrissy and I got started
early. I got up and showered, and after I was dressed I went to the
kitchen where Chrissy had made me breakfast. "Thank you, Chrissy," I
told her.

"It's my pleasure and my duty, sir," she said.

I looked over at her and said, "This will be the first quality time
we've spent alone. Can we talk for a bit?"

"Of course, sir," she said.

"You really are getting into this, aren't you?" I asked.

"Yes, sir," she said.

"I've already told you that you're the most obedient, but you actually
take it to extremes. You do more than you are even asked to. You said
that it was your pleasure and duty to make me breakfast, but no one
made it your duty. Why do you feel it is your duty?"

"My duty is to do anything I can to make my Mistress' life more
pleasant and happy," she explained. "Mistress is most happy when she
is making you happy. Therefore, my primary duty is to make you
happy. I thought that you would enjoy breakfast, so that made it my
duty to make it for you."

"Have you always felt this need to be so obedient?" I asked.

"Not always, sir," she answered. "I got breasts early, so boys were
always after me. However, when I started dating I realized that I was
not getting much out of it. Then, when I was sixteen, I went to a bar
with some friends and was picked up by this man who was probably about
30. He had such a commanding presence, it made my knees weak and my
pussy drip. I went home with him that night and he made me cum harder
than ever before.

"He instructed me to come back and see him the next night, and he told
me what to wear. He got me in deeper and deeper for about a week, and
then he found out how old I was. He told me that while he enjoyed me
greatly, and he wished that he could make me his slave, he could not
because I was so young. Even though he had never mentioned slavery
before, when I realized he was dumping me I cried and begged him to
make me his slave. He refused and told me to be an obedient little
girl and not see him ever again.

"I obeyed him, and I haven't seen him since, but it left a void in
me. He had ordered me around, he had spanked me, he had stripped me in
public, and in just the week that I was with him I realized that I was
a complete submissive. I tried being with regular guys, but it didn't
work. When I asked boys to abuse me they either dropped me as too
weird or they did a half-hearted job. I found a few people who I
thought would be good masters, but they were not.

"I apologize for the impertinence, but they treated me as you treat
Mistress and Mistress Jamie. And that just did not work for me, sir."

"Knowing you, I can imagine it didn't," I told her. "I treat Becky and
Jamie that way because that is how they should be treated. I would
never treat you that way, though I don't think I would be a good
master for you either."

"Thank you for understanding, sir," she said. "I had basically given
up on relationships, sir, because I could not get what I wanted. When
Mistress made her offer I was tempted, but I did not want to take the
chance. As I saw her again and again, I was more and more tempted. Now
that I have committed to her, I realize she was the perfect
choice. She understands what I need and she provides it. And I want to
thank you, sir, because as I now understand it, she would never have
done that if she had not changed for you."

"You're welcome," I replied. "Though I did not do it for you, I am
happy that it works out well for you. Thank you for telling me your
story. Now, however, we need to discuss the day. I want to get some
boxes and we should start packing. I'll get the truck later."

"Yes, sir," she said. "Just tell me what I should do, and I will do

"I don't doubt that for a second," I said, smiling at her. "Seeing
your sexy, naked body, however, makes me realize that the clothes that
you girls are allowed are not really appropriate for moving. I want
you to go out this morning and get three pair of shorts, appropriate
colors of course, and three tight white tee shirts. Cut the tee shirts
off so that they come to just below the breasts, and the three of you
can wear those to pack.

"Now tell me about last night. I didn't get a chance to talk to any of
you about it. Did everyone have a fun time?"

"I think so, sir," Chrissy said. "We got there and got
drinks. Everyone wanted to know who would be entertaining you, but
Mistress would not say. She kept having us guess, and we all guessed
many wrong names, but finally Mistress Jamie guessed Jill, and
Mistress confirmed that. Joan and Rachel did not know Jill, so
Mistress and Mistress Jamie told them about her, and described some of
the recent events with her.

"Mistress Jamie could not believe that Jill had agreed to it, but
Mistress explained how we had made her so curious. We were all
speculating what you would try and what she would allow you to get
away with. Mistress Jamie thought that she would only allow straight
sex, but Mistress thought that by the end of the night you could have
her doing pretty much whatever you wanted. Mistress has a lot of faith
in you, sir.

"When we got home and saw the video that you had left, Mistress Jamie
acknowledged that Mistress was probably correct. Most of the night was
spent drinking and talking. Mistress filled Rachel in on some more of
our activities, and we could all tell that it made her really, really

"There was one thing that Mistress did that you would like, sir. After
everyone had a few drinks in them, she dragged us all to the bathroom
and she had us line up in front of the mirror. Then she said, 'Panty
check time girls. Raise your skirts.' Mistress, Mistress Jamie and I
all raised ours immediately, and Rachel and Joan soon followed. I
think you would have liked it sir. Five bald, naked pussies on
display, and a few of them looked fairly excited. Mistress threatened
that next time she would bring a camera so that she could bring proof
back to you."

"So it sounds like a good time was had all around," I said.

"Yes, sir," Chrissy replied. "I'm sure that Rachel attacked her
husband as soon as she got home, if not vice versa, though I feel
sorry for Joan, because she had no one to go home to. We should
probably try to find someone to fix her up with."

"That would be nice," I said, "but I want to be careful about messing
with people's lives too much."

Just then the phone rang, and I grabbed it. It was my friend
Mark. "Hey man," he said. "Jill called me and said that you were
moving today. What's the deal, and how come you didn't call to ask for
my help?"

"I'm sorry Mark, I didn't think about it," I told him. "We just
decided to move on Sunday, and I didn't think people would be free
mid-week. Are you?"

"Sure, and I think Mike can get off early," he told me. "But if we
help, you are buying beer and pizza."

"Deal!" I said. "Chrissy and I will be packing stuff up in the
morning, and I'll be getting the truck around noon. Becky and Jamie
are coming back at around 1:30, so why don't you show up at one and
you can help me load."

"OK," he said, "But who is Chrissy and what do you mean Jamie is
coming back?"

"Oh ho!" I exclaimed. "So Jill didn't spill everything. Come over and
we'll talk while we pack. You, at least, will be amused by the

After I hung up I called Mike at work and invited him over also. He
told me he could get off around three. I also called Bob, Lisa, Joan
and Jill, figuring the whole crew could come. Bob and Lisa had other
plans, but Joan and Jill agreed to come over to the new place to help
us unpack. Jill asked, "Can you keep your hands off of me in front of
the others?"

"Well, if you turn me on too much, I'll just grab one of my slaves and
use them to relieve the tension," I told her.

Jill sounded shocked as she said, "You'd do that, wouldn't you?"

"I've said it before, and I'll say it again. It's good to be the

After I hung up I started ordering Chrissy around. I had her pack some
things while I packed others. Most of the furniture was going to stay,
and the girls were just starting to re-build their wardrobes. I had
her pack my clothes, and I went through a lot of our paperwork. I
carefully wrapped up my computer and some of the other electronics and
I finally ordered Chrissy to go get the clothes for the girls.

I went out at noon and got the truck and brought it over. When I got
back, Chrissy was in the apartment moving boxes to the front door. I
took a close look at her. Viewing from bottom to top: she was wearing
Keds sneakers with little white socks and her legs were deliciously
bare. They reached into tiny red shorts, which came just up to her
hips, and then she was bare to just below her breasts. Over her
breasts was a cut-off white tee shirt, and over her left breast was
the name Chrissy. The collar of the shirt was ripped out, leaving a
large scoop neck. On her neck was a large black collar, matching the
cuffs on her wrists. Her hair was done up in a pony tail.

"Do you like, sir?" she asked me.

"Very much, but how did you find a shirt with your name?" I asked.

She did a slow pirouette, revealing that the back of her shirt said
'Three Slave Moving Company.' She said, "I own a clothing store. I do
have some contacts, sir, which can provide custom work on short

I just stood there; I think that my mouth was gaping open. "Is this
acceptable?" she asked.

"Unbelievable," I said. I couldn't wait until Becky came home. She
would absolutely revel in this. She was definitely going to be proud
of her little slave girl. I shook my head and said, "When my friends
come over to help, they are going to have heart attacks. Lay out the
others' outfits and let's start getting these things to the truck.

We worked for a little, and I was in the bedroom when I heard a knock
on the open door and a voice yelled, "Hello!" It was Mark, come to
lend some back power.

"Chrissy, go out and send Mark back," I said with a grin. I peeked out
the door after she left; I desperately wanted to see Mark's

Chrissy had to have known what I was going for, because she went to
the front door and asked, "Welcome, sir. Are you Mark?"

"Umm, yes," Mark said. "I think I'm in the right place."

"Yes, sir," Chrissy replied, giving a little curtsy. "My name is
Chrissy, and the Master asked that I show you to him. Please follow
me." Mark's expression was priceless. His mouth dropped open, and when
he saw what was written on the back of Chrissy's shirt, it dropped
even further.

Chrissy walked through the open bedroom door, and in full view of Mark
dropped to her knees, bowed her head and said, "Sir, your friend Mark
has arrived." She looked up at me briefly and winked. It was good to
know that she had a sense of humor!

Mark walked in and asked, "What the hell is going on?"

"We're moving," I said. "Grab a box and let's take it to the truck."

"But what about her?" he asked, pointing to Chrissy, who was still
kneeling on the floor.

"You're right," I said. "Chrissy, get back to work!"

"Yes, sir!" she replied.

"OK, I'm really starting to get freaked out now," Mark said. "You stop
what you are doing right now and tell me what is going on!"

I laughed and said, "You are so easy, Mark. You should have seen your
face! Priceless."

"So this is all a put on?" he asked. "Who is she? Someone from work
helping you move?"

"Oh, no, she's real," I said. "Chrissy, come get introduced to Mark
for real. Mark, this is Chrissy. Chrissy, this is Mark. Chrissy lives
with us now. It's actually her house that we are moving into."

"Pleased to meet you, sir," Chrissy said. "Thank you for helping us
move. This place is too small and we want to get to a larger place as
soon as possible, so thanks for helping out in the middle of the
week. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you."

"No problem, I was off anyway," Mark said. He turned to me and asked,
"If she is living with you now, where is she staying? This is a one

"I sleep on the floor at the foot of the bed, sir," Chrissy piped in.

"Excuse me?" Mark said, unable to believe what he just heard.

"I sleep on the floor at the foot of Mistress' bed," Chrissy
repeated. Then she said to me, "Sir, I'm going to clean out the
refrigerator now," and she left the room.

"I think I need to sit down, and you need to explain, step-by-step,
exactly what is going on!" Mark said. I laughed again, and told him to
grab a box and I would tell him as we worked. I caught him up on what
had happened since we had dinner together, how Jamie had moved in and
then how Chrissy followed suit.

We were walking back into the apartment and he was saying, "No
way. This has got to be some kind of gag. Becky behaving this way was
a stretch, but Jamie and this new girl. You are putting me on."

Believing that a picture is worth a thousand words, I yelled,
"Chrissy, get in here!" Chrissy came running in and I told her,
"Chrissy, take off your shirt." Mark's mouth dropped open again, as
Chrissy pulled her shirt over her head without a moment's
hesitation. "Go put your shirt in the bedroom with the others'
outfits. You can put it back on when the others get home."

"Yes, sir," she said, and she went into the bedroom, dropped her
shirt, and went back to the kitchen.

"Oh my god!" Mark exclaimed. "Is she a stripper you hired?"

I sighed and said, "Help me pack, Mark. The others will be home
shortly." We packed some more items, while Mark kept glancing over to
where Chrissy was working topless.

Just a short time later, Becky and Jamie arrived home together. They
walked in and saw me and Mark working. Becky said, "Hi Mark! Hi,
Sir. We're ready to start working."

"Great!" I said. "Chrissy, come here and pack the girls' work clothes
and show them their moving outfits." Chrissy came in, topless, and
Becky realized what I was asking. She lifted her chin and dropped her
clothes. Jamie followed her lead, and soon they were both naked. Mark
saw both the fact that they each had shaved beavers, as well as the
fact that neither wore any underwear. They handed their clothes to
Chrissy and followed her into the bedroom.

As they passed Mark, Jamie said, "We'll be back in a minute." Neither
showed any apparent shame, but neither could hide the blush that
spread to their chests either.

Mark looked at me stunned and said, "OK, now I believe you." I just
smirked at him.

I heard a squeal of delight from the bedroom as Becky discovered the
treat that Chrissy had gotten for them. She ran out in her green
shorts and cut off tee shirt, followed by Jamie in her blue shorts and
Chrissy in her red. "Sir, did you see what my amazing slave got for
us? They're perfect!"

"I thought so," I said, smiling at her excitement. They all turned
around and gave us a show. "Now don't make it a lie, and get your
asses to work!"

They all looked at each other and in unison said, "Yes, sir!" With the
girls helping, we were soon finished loading the truck. We went up and
took a final look around to make sure that we didn't forget
anything. The only items that remained were furniture and clothing
that we were going to be getting rid of.

We went over to Jamie's apartment and quickly packed the few items
that were left there that she wanted to bring. We took them to the
truck and headed over to the new apartment. On the drive over, I
called Mike and gave him the location. He told me that he would be
there about fifteen minutes after we were. I parked the truck in front
and Chrissy opened the door. She knelt down outside the entryway and
held up her hands. In them were three keys. Mistress, Sir, Mistress
Jamie, I made up keys for you. Please accept them from me, along with
my thanks for moving in."

Mark was standing watching this ceremony with a bemused expression on
his face. The expression changed a bit after Becky took the keys from
her hands and gave one to me and one to Jamie, and then helped Chrissy
stand and gave her a big French kiss. At that point, I believe Mark
went from bemused to horny.

"If you start that up, we'll never get unpacked," I said. "We can
thank her properly later, in bed. Now let's start unpacking."

Mark grabbed a box as I did and said, "Have I mentioned to you what a
lucky bastard you are?"

"No need to tell me," I said. "I already know."

Mark and I were carrying the boxes in while the women directed where
they went. We were out in the truck when Mike came up. "Hey guy, grab
a box and take it in," I said. He grabbed one and I told him, "That
goes in the bedroom. Take it upstairs and have Chrissy tell you where
it goes."

He said, "Chrissy?" but went upstairs as he was told. He came down
with a stunned expression on his face, and I had to do the whole
explanation for him as well.

We continued with the boxes and when we were done, I went out to
return the truck. I told Jamie that I wanted her to come with me, and
she agreed. I thought the people at the rental agency, not to mention
the people who would see her on the way home, would definitely get a
kick out of her outfit. As we were getting in the truck, Jill and Joan
came up. Joan gave Jamie a once over, and Jill said, "Don't worry, I
gave her an update on the situation, so she won't be as shocked as I
imagine the boys were."

"That's good," I said, relieved that I wouldn't have to explain for a
third time. "You can go inside; Becky is in charge and can put you to
work." Jamie and I went to return the truck, and the reaction was what
I expected. Some of the people were fairly crude, and Jamie was
blushing like crazy, but she never made a sound of complaint.

We got home to a regular domestic scene. There were pizzas and drinks
in the dining room, and everyone was sitting around chatting. "Who got
the pizza?" I asked.

"We had it delivered, sir," Becky said. "Chrissy answered the door, so
I think that we are assured of fast delivery in the future!"

It was funny how after a day of working together, the other guys could
get to the point where they almost ignored the girl's state of
dress. Becky's comment, however, reminded them of it.

Mark was the wise ass who said, "Hey Jill, why aren't you and Joan
wearing moving shirts too?"

Everyone laughed and Joan said, "You wish, you horn dog. Three women
parading around nearly nude and that's not enough for you? You need
five! Mark, you couldn't handle five women! Hell, he's got three, and
I bet he can barely handle them!"

I had the grace to keep my mouth shut, but Becky didn't seem to have
the same restraint. "He handles three just fine. In fact, I am sure
that he would have no problem with five. Care to see him prove it?"

Joan blushed and Jill said, "Don't take that bet! Then again, while
you'd probably lose, you might enjoy it!"

I decided that this conversation had gone about as far as I wanted it
to, so I said, "There will be no proving anything to anyone
tonight. We just moved into a new place today, and we will spend the
night with the people who live here. Besides, Mark, those were special
order tee shirts, so you are out of luck."

"I don't mean to be disrespectful, sir, but that is not entirely
true," Chrissy said.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"I knew that Jill and Joan would be coming, so I had two made up for
them," she explained. "I didn't know Joan, but I thought that Jill
might like one."

Mike asked, "Where do you know Jill so well from?"

Chrissy looked to Becky, and she nodded, so Chrissy said, "We've been
out for drinks together, and she has had many conversations with my
Mistress." That sentence quieted the room quickly. While everyone knew
about the relationship in theory, hearing Chrissy call Becky her
Mistress certainly brought it home.

There was an uncomfortable silence for a few minutes, and then Jill
said, "Chrissy, thank you for thinking about me. I'd like to change
into it before we get back to work. Care to join me, Joan?

"Umm, I think I'll pass," Joan said.

"Fine," said Jill. "Lead on Chrissy, and show me where to change."

We cleaned up the pizza and started back to work. I was working in the
study downstairs setting up the computer and everyone else was
upstairs helping out in the bedrooms. I heard someone come into the
room and Jill said in a sultry voice, "Does this do anything for you?"

I turned and looked at her. She had black shorts with the tee shirt,
and though she did not have the cuffs and collar, she apparently did
not have the underwear either. She kissed my head and said, "Maybe
you'll think of me later when you are with the girls?"

I smiled at her and yelled, "Chrissy!"

Jill looked at me funny as I waited for Chrissy to arrive. Chrissy
came in and said, "Yes, sir?"

I told her, "Jill is getting me all worked up with her sexy body and I
can't concentrate on work. Strip and blow me."

Jill looked positively shocked as Chrissy pulled her shirt off and
dropped her shorts. She knelt in front of me and opened my pants,
pulled out my cock and started licking on it. I kept eye contact with
Jill as Chrissy pulled my cock all the way down her throat.

"You see," I told her, "I don't even have to wait for you to leave to
get satisfaction when you tease me. Do you want to tease me any more?"

She continued looking shocked for a while, then smiled and pulled her
top off. "Does this help?" she asked.

"It does indeed," I said, and that is when Becky walked in.

She took in the scene and said, "Sir, I hope you are enjoying
yourself, but I thought that I should tell you that everyone is coming
downstairs, and they will see you if you continue." I didn't say
anything, and Chrissy continued, but Jill got embarrassed and pulled
her top back on.

"You're very lovely," Becky told her. "I'm sorry to have interrupted,
but I'm glad you weren't embarrassed further, although everyone will
think that you are cold."

Jill glanced down at her tits and saw her nipples standing at
attention. She started to put her hands in front of her to hide them
and then shrugged. "I sort of figured this might happen when I put the
shirt on. I'll just give everyone a thrill."

"Especially me," I said, and then told Chrissy to stop. I had her put
her clothes back on and we were all back to normal when everyone came
down. We were pretty much done for the night, so we said goodbye to
everyone. Jill changed back into her clothes, and Chrissy gave Joan
her moving outfit to take home.

After the guests left we walked around the house to take our own
little tour. It was a really nice place, and I couldn't believe that
we were going to be living there. We went into the bedroom and at the
foot of the bed was a big doggy bed. "What is that for?" I asked.

"Well I didn't want Chrissy getting cold when she slept on the floor,
so I got my little bitch a nice doggy bed," Becky told me. "But do you
know how nuts this slave is?"

"How nuts?" I asked.

"She told me if it turned me on, she would be happy to be made a bitch
for real!" she told me. "She said that she would fuck a dog for me!"

"A little extreme, don't you think?" I asked.

"I agree, sir," Becky said. "I'm glad that I own her, and not someone
that would take her up on that."

I looked in the dressers and closets, and while the girl's clothes
took up the majority of the space, there was room for mine. At least
they didn't need an underwear drawer!

We went back downstairs to clean up and Becky said, "Jamie, Chrissy,
could you excuse us? Sir, would you come upstairs with me. I'd like to
talk to you about something."

"Sure," I said.

We went upstairs to the bedroom and Becky closed the door. She said,
"One moment, sir," and went into the closet. She walked out of the
closet with no clothes on and dropped to her knees in front of me,
extending her hands above her head to show me the crop that she was

I took it from her and asked, "What is this one about?"

"Sir," she began, "tomorrow I am going to start my period. Whenever
this happened during our previous relationship, this meant no sex for
you. It meant no sex while I was PMSing, and no sex during my
period. I never even gave you a blow job, and of course anal sex was
completely out.

"I was unfair to you sir, and you put up with it. I put my feelings
above yours, and I want you to punish me for it sir. It goes without
saying that while I have my period, you may take me in my ass and my
mouth whenever you want. But sir, if it does not disgust you too much,
I would encourage you to fuck my pussy as well. Most of the time that
I have my period there is not much blood, and if you want me to, I can
clean myself out. What I am saying sir, is that you should not
hesitate to continue using me however you want, regardless of the fact
that I am menstruating."

"I understand what you are offering, and I will take you up on it," I
told her. "And to respect your wishes, you will be punished for
rejecting me in the past. Lean over the bed, arms around the bedpost."
I went and got some straps and bound her hands so that she was
standing holding the bedpost. I stood behind her and began beating

Each time the crop landed it forced her into the bedpost harder. After
the first five I noticed that she was pressing her crotch against the
bedpost. The bedpost was ridged, and it looked like she was rubbing
her clit against it. I cropped her five more times, and she continued
to grind herself against the bedpost.

I stepped up behind her and pulled her head back with her hair as I
pushed my crotch into her burning ass. I whispered in her ear, "I am
going to start whipping you hard and fast, and I will not stop until
you cum. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir!" she panted. It was clear that it would not be long. I
stepped back and kept my word, giving her a stroke a second. She
started humping the bedpost and within about ten seconds she screamed,
"I'm cumming, sir!"

I kissed her on her cheek and said, "I am going to leave you here for
a while, so that you can think about how you used to make me feel. The
whipping was for that. After that, you can think about how you make me
feel today. The cum was for that." I kissed her again and I went

The girls looked up when I walked in and Jamie asked, "What was that

I said, "It was between Becky and me, and I would appreciate if you
did not interfere."

"Yes, sir," she said. "I'm sorry."

"That's OK," I said. I sat down and held my arms out. "Both of you
come over here. I need snuggling." They sat down and I held them while
I calmed down over what I had done to Becky. It was what she wanted,
but it took a lot out of me. I just sat there for about a half
hour. Finally I said, "Let's go to bed, and break it in." The girls
smiled and we all walked upstairs together. I let them walk ahead of
me in their little shorts.

They walked into the bedroom ahead of me and saw Becky still tied to
the bedpost, her ass striped red. "Oh my god!" Jamie cried, running
over to her. "Are you OK?" Then she turned to me and said, "Sir, how
could you?"

I was about to respond when Becky said, "He could because I begged him
to. I asked for this, and he did it even though he didn't really want
to. And besides it is not your place to question how he treats me, so
you apologize before you find yourself in this position."

Jamie looked at her, stunned. Then she nodded her head and turned to
me and said, "I'm sorry, sir. You told me not to interfere, and even
if you hadn't said anything, I shouldn't have questioned you. I
apologize and I hope that you can forgive me."

"I can," I sighed. "Help Becky down and rub some lotion onto her ass."
Jamie did as I asked, and we all got into bed. Becky was in the
middle, I was on her left and Jamie was on her right. Chrissy was in
her usual place at the foot of the bed.

"I think that even though this is our first night here, I'd like to
just hold you and go to sleep, is that OK with you?" I asked. Becky
and Jamie nodded. Chrissy didn't, I assume because she felt that her
opinion was of no importance. We all kissed. Chrissy turned off the
light and we went to sleep.

*Thursday - Day 27*

After yesterday's two aborted blow jobs, and the lack of any other sex
yesterday, Chrissy's mouth on my cock felt particularly good. I felt
Becky's head on my chest again, and I opened my eyes to see her
beautiful face. "Good morning, sir," she said.

"Good morning," I said. "How are you feeling this morning?"

"My ass hurts, but it's nothing that I don't deserve," she said. "I
have to tell you that I got _really_ excited being tied to the
post like that. And the way you left me there! I have to admit that
after you left I brought myself off another time on the bedpost."

"Mmmmm, we'll have to make sure that you clean up after yourself in
the future, or that bedpost is going to get pretty messy," I told her.

"Does that mean I'll be tied to it again?" she asked with a hopeful
note in her voice.

"Absolutely," I told her. "Maybe I'll go to bed with a different slave
girl tied to each bedpost, though I'd need another slave girl for

"Like Jill?" she asked teasingly.

"What you saw yesterday was playing," I told her. "I think it's
possible we could get Jill to play again. Maybe even to play with you,
if you work on her real hard. But I think you can forget any ideas of
making her a slave. She just hasn't the right mentality for it."

"Well maybe you can borrow Ronnie?" she suggested.

"I think we are getting ahead of ourselves," I said. "Another subject;
you are on the rag now?"

"Well, I have a tampon in, but my period hasn't begun yet," she told
me. "It will start some time today."

"I was thinking what it would be like to have all three of you having
your periods together!" I said. "That probably won't be fun."

"It won't happen, sir," Becky said. "We are all on the Pill, and we've
worked it out so that there will never be more than one of us
menstruating at a time. We want to make sure that you have the maximum
number of orifices available to you at any given time. I've spoken to
both Jamie and Chrissy, and they agree that you can fuck them any way
you want whether they are bleeding or not. Of course we all understand
if you want to avoid that entrance when it's bloody."

"It's nice to know that you are thinking of me so completely," I told
Becky, kissing her. "Now you have to get up, however. Chrissy, I'd
like you to stop now. It seems that I keep using you as a fluffer,
always getting me ready for sex, but never completing the act."

"That's quite all right, sir," Chrissy told me. "In fact, the thought
of you using me to prepare yourself to have sex with someone else
turns me on a lot. You can use me as a fluffer or for any other reason
that you want!"

"Well, time to fluff someone else," I told her. "I want to fuck Jamie,
so I want you to get her wet for me, but try not to wake her. I want
her to wake up to my cock penetrating her." Both Becky and I watched
Chrissy move between Jamie's legs and put her face into Jamie's
pussy. She started licking slowly and using her fingers to stimulate
Jamie's clit. I got up and walked behind them, and I could see that
Chrissy's pussy lips were wide open and wet. "You can play with
yourself while you do that," I told her. I heard her moan and I saw
her bury two fingers in her twat.

Jamie was moaning quietly in her sleep, and in just a few moments
Chrissy backed off and said, "She's very wet, sir."

Jamie moaned and rolled her hips when she realized the mouth on her
pussy was gone. I climbed between her legs and positioned myself in a
pushup position over her body. "Chrissy, put my cock by her entrance,
get it a little wet, and make sure it goes right in when I fuck her."
Chrissy obeyed and I readied myself. I gave Jamie a little kiss on her
lips, and then I slammed my cock into her. Chrissy's hand got trapped
in the first stroke, but she quickly pulled it away. Meanwhile,
Jamie's eyes shot open as she felt me violate her. She wrapped her
arms and legs around me and screamed, "Oh my god!" and she came! She
came with my first stroke when it woke her from sleep. That didn't
stop me, and I kept pounding her.

She came for the first ten strokes, and then dropped her legs back to
the bed. I kept drilling into her. "Good morning, sexy," I managed to
get out between strokes.

"Oh, what a good morning it is!" she exclaimed, and started thrusting
back at me. She was approaching another orgasm, but I was there
first. Before she could reach hers, I was cumming into her. "I'm so
close," she said, and I tried to keep pumping, but I knew it wouldn't
do the trick, so I turned to Chrissy again.

"Chrissy, do her ass!" I instructed. Chrissy reached below me and
drilled a finger right up Jamie's ass. At the same time I could feel
her reach her thumb around my cock and onto Jamie's clit. The
combination of my cock and Chrissy's fingers put Jamie right over the
edge. She screamed again and came around my shrinking cock.

After she came down I rolled off of her. I looked at Chrissy and said,
"In addition to fluffing, you also get cleanup. Suck my cum out of
Jamie, and play with yourself while you are doing it. Keep going until
you have all the cum and you have also cum."

Jamie moaned, "Oh, no! I'm too sensitive. Please don't."

"I don't care," I told her. "Chrissy earned this. In fact, Becky,
while she is doing it, I want you to lick your obedient slave's ass!"
Becky had just been watching, but now I got her involved. "Play with
yourself while you are doing it, too." I told her. It was clear that
Chrissy was going to cum well before she got all of my cum out of
Jamie, and Jamie would not be too far behind. "New instructions," I
said. "No one stops until all of you have cum at least once." As I
suspected, Chrissy came first, then Jamie quickly followed and Becky
came behind that. When they were all done, there were four exhausted
people collapsed on the bed.

We all remained nearly motionless as we waited for our energy to
return. Finally I started moving. I told Becky to get up and get to
work. She said, "I don't want to! I want to lie here all day!"

"Well, you can't," I said, "so move your lazy, albeit sexy, ass!" I
pulled Jamie's head to mine for a kiss, and then pushed it down my
body. "Jamie, you mustn't forget to clean your messes!" She cleaned me
with her tongue and then she and I got up to go to the shower.

"Hey, the new shower is much bigger," Jamie said. "Can Chrissy join

"Of course," I said. Becky grumbled about the unfairness of having to
leave instead of joining us, but she did leave for work. Chrissy
joined us in the shower and we washed each other. No sex, just naked
bodies rubbing against each other; it was a sensual pleasure, rather
than sexual.

As we were getting dressed I asked Chrissy, "How do you manage to keep
a place this big clean?"

"I have a cleaning service that comes once a week," she said.

"Ummm, are they going to have a problem with three naked slaves
wandering around?" I asked.

"I didn't think about it, sir," she told me, "It's a small, privately
owned company, and they are very discreet. I can call today and feel
them out to see if it will be a problem, or we can just arrange to be
dressed when they come."

"Why don't you call them," I said. "I think it would be good for
_some_ people to wander naked in front of the cleaners."

"OK, sir," Chrissy replied.

Before we left, Jamie brought something else to my attention. "Sir, I
wanted to remind you of something I told you last week. My sister
Cindy is coming into town tomorrow, and is expecting to stay with me."

"That's right, you did tell me that," I said. "How do you want to
handle that?"

"Sir, I want to do whatever you tell me to," she said.

"Ahhh, neatly dropping the whole problem in my lap," I said.

"Sir, one of the benefits of having a master is that it relieves one
of making important decisions," she said with a smile.

"Very well, I guess I have to take the bad with the very, very good,"
I said. "Call her and give her the new address. She can stay in your
bedroom; I don't really think you'll be using it that much. I assume
that you haven't mentioned the change in living arrangements with

"Not yet, sir," she replied.

"What time is she getting into town?" I asked.

"Early afternoon; I am meeting her at the train station," she

"Fine, then bring her back here; I'll have the others reasonably
dressed. Take her out to dinner tomorrow night by yourself and you can
explain it all to her. When you come back home, things will be back to
normal, so make sure she is OK with it. If she's not, she can stay at
your old place; there is enough there to keep her comfortable for a

"OK, sir," she said. "I wasn't sure what I should do. Thank you for
telling me. I'm pretty sure that she won't have a problem with our
arrangement; in fact, she'll probably find it fairly titillating. But
she's the first family member that I'll be telling, so it will be a
bit hard to do."

"I'm sure you'll do fine," I said. "Just remember that the most
important person that you need to make happy is you, not her."

"I thought you were the most important person that I had to make
happy," she said with a grin.

"If making me happy is not making you happy, then you are in the wrong
relationship," I told her.

She kissed me and said, "Good answer, sir."


At work I went about the process of changing my address, phone
numbers, etc. When I was talking to my co-workers about my move, I
realized it was an amazing place for a party. I called Becky and
asked, "How do you feel about a housewarming party this weekend?"

"Who would we invite?" she asked.

"Friends, co-workers, acquaintances," I told her. "I thought it's a
great house for a party, and it would be fun to have one. We can get
some food catered in and just have a nice time."

"Ummm, sir, I think it would be nice, but may I be so presumptuous as
to ask what the dress code would be for your slaves?" she asked.

"Mmmmm, that's a thought," I said. "All of Jamie's and your co-workers
over to see you kneeling naked at the entryway; serving them drinks in
your French maid uniforms; being spanked when you spill a drink;
blowing all the gentleman and licking all the ladies as parting
gifts. Do you think that would be fun?"

"Well, sir, I don't think I would like that at all, and it would hurt
our careers," she said. "On the other hand, I can feel my pussy
getting wet from the thought. So as is appropriate, I will leave it up
to you, sir."

"Do you mean that if I told you, you would strip naked and serve
everyone you know?" I asked.

"Of course, sir," she said calmly.

I was amazed, though I would never force her to do that. I wasn't sure
if she agreed because she knew I would never follow through or not,
but I strongly suspected she was completely for real. "I think the
dress code for the party for the three of you will be tastefully
sluttish. Have Chrissy pick out appropriate clothes for all of you; I
trust her taste. How about we make it Sunday afternoon into the

"That works out," she said. "Do you want me to arrange for the food?"

"That would be great," I said. "Can you also call Jamie and tell her?"

"Sure, sir," she said.

"OK, I'll see you tonight," I said.


On the way home from work I stopped in at the gym. As I had hoped,
Nelly and Ronnie were both there. I asked if I could talk to them. I
had been getting notes home about the progress of both Becky and
Jamie, but I wanted to talk to Nelly in person, to really talk to her
about it.

"First of all, I wanted to talk to you about my ladies," I
started. "How are they really doing? Are they cooperating and putting
the effort in?"

"They really are," Nelly said. "Jamie is doing well, following all my
advice and coming in often enough. Becky, however, is like a
machine. She keeps pushing herself, trying to do better each time. I
don't know if you've looked closely at her body recently, but she is
much more toned and somewhat thinner. She hasn't been doing it for all
that long, but you can definitely see the difference!"

"Well, I've definitely looked closely at her body, but I wasn't
looking for that. I'll have to examine her carefully," I said.

"You should," Nelly said, "because she is doing this for you. I asked
her once why she was pushing so hard, and she said that she was going
to make her body perfect for you, so that you would always be happy
with it. That girl is completely over the moon for you."

That statement sort of brought me up short. I knew that Becky loved
me, but it made me really reflect on the fact that she was doing
everything in her power to make me want her. It was something that I
would have to think about more.

"And what about you two?" I asked. "I know that Becky has been
somewhat meddlesome in your lives, and I want to make sure that
everything is OK."

"I'd like to answer that," Ronnie said. "Things are very different for
us, but in a good way. I had feelings that I didn't want to
admit. Nelly knew about them, but played along with my delusions
anyway. Becky shook us both up and showed us how we should be. We
don't have the same relationship that you have with Becky, but it is
one that is working for us. I'm happy, and I think that Nelly is as

Nelly nodded and said, "Becky is meddlesome, but usually in a good
way. We are still feeling our way through our relationship, but we are
going in the right direction." She smiled at me and continued, "I made
the offer to Becky, and I'll make it to you. The two of you have made
my life better, so if you'd ever like to borrow Ronnie again, or would
like to spend some time with me, or both, feel free to ask." Ronnie
blushed, but nodded in agreement.

"Thank you," I said. "I may take you up on that another
time. Meanwhile, I had one more thing to discuss with you. We've all
moved to a new place, and we are having a party on Sunday. We'd like
it if you could come."

"What kind of party?" Ronnie asked with a grin.

"A regular party with a lot of friends," I said with a smile. "You may
come any way you'd like, but I've instructed the girls that their
dress code would be tastefully sluttish. They are inviting co-workers
and friends that are not that close, so we are not going to advertise
our relationship."

"We'd be happy to come," Nelly said. I gave them the details and I
went home.


That night, we had a nice dinner in our new dining room; well, new for
everyone but Chrissy. During dinner we discussed some of the logistics
of the party; everyone thought it would be really nice. After dinner
we retired to the study (and that was a phrase I never thought I'd
use). I said, "Jamie, Becky, come stand in front of me." They came
over and I studied their bodies intently. They looked confused, but I
continued and asked them to turn for me.

When I finished my examination I said, "You are both taking your
workouts seriously, aren't you?" They both nodded, and I said, "Well
it shows. I am very proud of you in particular, Becky. Your body is
definitely better, and you are more toned. You definitely have a
sexier body."

She smiled very happily and said, "Thank you, sir! Jamie and I are
both working very hard to make our bodies the best they can be for

"Well I wanted you both to know that I appreciate it, and a little
later on I'll show you just how much!" They both grinned goofily at
each other.

"On a slightly different note, did Jamie tell you about her sister?" I

"Yes, sir," Becky said, and Chrissy nodded.

"Tomorrow you should remain dressed until Jamie takes her sister for
dinner, but after that, things will go back to normal, OK?"

"Yes, sir," Becky said, "though I have to say that it will be a bit
weird to wear clothes inside."

"Then I have you properly trained," I said.

"Sir, there is another point I'd like to raise," Jamie said.

"Yes?" I asked.

"Becky and I were talking about how we are going to tell our parents,"
Jamie told me. "We grew up together, and our parents are friends. So
we thought that we would invite our mothers in on Saturday and break
it to them first, and let them explain it to our dads. So would it be
OK if we had lunch with our parents on Saturday?"

"Would you like me along?" I asked.

"That's very brave of you, sir, but I think we will do a girls' day
out," Jamie said. "Becky's mom knows you, but mine does not. I think
that we should prepare them first."

"Yeah, my mom likes you now," Becky said, "in fact I think she
expected that you'd eventually be her son-in-law. But she might not
like you as much after we are done with our discussion. I'd like you
out of clawing distance until they really understand how we feel."

"OK, what about your sister?" I asked Jamie. "Will you take her with
you, or not?"

"I'm still thinking that one over," she answered. "On the one hand, if
she is OK with it, it could help convince my mom. On the other hand,
she could be a match thrown on the fire if she says the wrong thing or
if my mom thinks I'm corrupting her. She can be a smart ass sometimes,
and she may find it humorous to inflame my mom. I'll have to decide on

"OK, I know this is hard on you," I said. "I am not looking forward to
this myself, but if you'd like to bring them back here when you are
done, I'd be happy to talk to them. I'll just have Chrissy remove all
the knives first."

"I don't think it will end up that bad," Becky said. "Our parents are
fairly reasonable, and they do want us happy. If we manage to convince
them that we are happy, then I think they'll be OK. We'll let our
mom's convince our dad's before we talk to them, though."

When we were done with that conversation, I had the girls join me on
the couch. Chrissy had a fairly large screen TV, and there was a
romantic comedy on cable. I had the girls sit on either side of me and
told Chrissy to sit cuddled up to Becky's feet. She was very happy to
do that.

After the movie was over, Becky looked at me hopefully and asked,
"Will we be inaugurating our bedroom tonight, sir?"

"I think we will," I said. "Let's go."

The girls practically ran up into the room. They all three jumped on
the bed and Jamie asked, "How do you want us, sir?"

"Tonight, I think will be another porn sex night," I said.

"Ooooo, goody!" Becky clapped.

"Chrissy, come here," I said. I put a pillow down at the foot of the
bed near the bedpost. I had her sit on the pillow, her back leaning
against the bedpost. I pulled her hands behind her so they were around
the bedpost, and tied her wrists together. I then went to the front of
her and spread her legs so that one leg pointed towards the bedpost at
the head of the bed, while the other leg was pointing towards the
bedpost at the foot of the bed. Her legs were separated 90 degrees;
she was a very limber girl so this was no problem for her.

I went to our bag of tricks and took out a couple of long strings and
a set of nipple clips. I attached a string to each of her big toes and
then strung it around the inside of each of the bedposts that her feet
were facing, around the bedpost and then back to Chrissy, attaching
the other end of the string to clips on Chrissy's nipples. I stood
back and examined my work. Chrissy was spread open, and if she tried
to close her legs or lean in any direction she would feel it painfully
on her tits.

I reached over and pulled one of her legs further onto the bed, and
she hissed as her nipple was extended sideways. I released her leg,
put my face near hers and asked, "Comfortable?"

"For now, sir," she answered cautiously.

"Good," I said. "Now for my next slave. Jamie, I want you on your
hands and knees, your mouth on Chrissy's open pussy. Your instructions
are: make her cum, a lot. As incentive, if she does not cum more than
you do, tomorrow it will be you in her position." As Jamie did not
enjoy pain as much as Chrissy, and was not nearly as limber, it was a
threat she took seriously. She immediately jumped in between Chrissy's
legs. On the first swipe of her tongue, Chrissy involuntarily started
to bring her legs a little together. She quickly snapped them back
apart as her nipples were pinched in the clips.

"And for my last little slave," I said to Becky, "go to the bathroom
and lose the tampon. I feel like some pussy tonight!" She ran to the
bathroom, and I yelled after her, "And bring me some lube!" She was
back in a moment and handed me the lube. I poured some over my cock. I
assumed that she would be a little dry and didn't want to fuck her
until she was wet.

"You lie on your back and put your head between Jamie's thighs," I
told her. "If Jamie succeeds in giving Chrissy more cums than you give
her, you will be wearing a pair of nipple clips all night." She
quickly squirmed her way between Jamie's thighs and started laving her
pussy lips with her tongue.

It would be an interesting competition. Jamie was eating Chrissy well
but I couldn't tell whether Chrissy was distracted or more turned on
by the occasional tugs on her nipples. By this point, Becky had gotten
very good at eating pussy, and she knew Jamie's buttons, but Jamie was
somewhat distracted by working on Chrissy. As for Becky, I had
something that I was going to distract her with.

I put a pillow under Becky's ass and pulled her feet up to rest on my
shoulders. I lined up my lubed cock at her cunt, took a long look at
the chain of women in front of me and shoved my cock into Becky in one
smooth, fast movement. This caused Becky to scream into Jamie's pussy
and pull Jamie's cunt tighter into her face. That movement caused
Jamie to be pushed forward into Chrissy's cunt, and since her hands
were holding onto Chrissy's hips, it also dragged Chrissy's legs a
little closer together. That, of course, pulled the clips attached to
her nipples, which sent Chrissy into her first screaming orgasm.

After that, we settled into a rhythm. I kept pounding away, watching
them all move as they had multiple orgasms. I then pushed Becky's legs
forward some more, pulled all the way out and slipped my cock up her
ass. That set off yet another chain reaction that ended with me
cumming in Becky's tight, hot rectum.

I pulled out and said, "Everyone, stop. Time to tally up. Chrissy, how
many times did you cum?"

"Four, sir," she said, breathing hard.

"And you Jamie?" I asked.

"Only three times, sir!" she declared triumphantly.

"Only three orgasms in a session. Poor girl," I said, smirking.

"And what about you, my sweet Becky?" I asked.

"I came three times as well, and I loved every single one of them!"
she said. "I guess I'll be sleeping with nipple clamps?"

"I guess you will," I said.

Becky looked over at my shrunken penis. "Shall I clean you off, sir?"

"Yes," I said.

She started to move up to my cock, but I said, "You can use a

"Thank you, sir," she said. I guess tasting her own menstrual blood
was not something she would enjoy, which was good, because it wasn't
one of my turn-ons either. When I was all cleaned I went and got a
strap and a dildo from the toy box.

I went up to Chrissy and wrapped the strap around her shoulders,
pinning her to the bedpost. I then inserted the dildo into her
dripping cunt. I told her, "I think you, my slave's little slave, will
spend the night like this. I'd suggest that you don't move too much in
your sleep." The strap would keep her from falling over in her sleep,
but every time she tried to close her legs she would feel it in her

She whispered, "Thank you so much, sir."

"You're welcome," I smiled at her. I got another set of nipple clips
and attached them to Becky. Then we snuggled up in bed and went to

*Friday - Day 28*

It was strange waking up to something other than a blowjob, but that
is what happened on Friday morning. Becky was kissing me awake, and
seemed quite agitated. "What's wrong?" I asked her.

"Sir, I'm very sorry," Becky said. "I know that you said that Chrissy
should be the one to give you your wake up blow job, but you didn't
give me permission to untie her, and I didn't know if I should have
given you your blow job, or if I should have untied Chrissy. I'm sorry
for having to wake you like this."

I was quite surprised that this was upsetting her so. "Becky, I will
not die if I am woken by something other than a blow job," I said. "In
fact, I won't die if I don't get a blow job at all! So don't be upset;
you did nothing wrong."

I kissed her and she said, "Thank you, sir." This was another thing
that I needed to consider. Becky was subsuming herself to my needs so
much that it seemed to pain her when things went wrong. I'm not sure I
liked the extent that she was taking this. Nonetheless, my mind was
too groggy first thing in the morning to consider it fully.

I sat up and looked over at Chrissy, and she was awake and watching
me. "How are you doing, Chrissy?" I asked.

She smiled and rocked her hips forward, pushing the dildo a little
more into her cunt while causing her nipples to be pulled by the
clips. "Just fine, sir," she said.

I turned to Becky and said, "Untie and unclip your slave. You should
probably massage her legs as well, they are probably fairly sore. When
you are done, you can remove your clips as well."

Becky did as she was told while I woke Jamie up. I showered with
Jamie, and when I came out Chrissy was asleep on the bed. Becky said,
"She didn't get much sleep last night, and she fell asleep while I was
massaging her."

"Then you must have been doing a good job," I said. "I'm proud of
you." She practically beamed when I said that. I kissed her and sent
her off to work.

I told Jamie, "I realize that you haven't been giving me my massages!
You are going to have to schedule me in soon."

"I am at your complete and utter disposal, sir," she said.

I liked the sound of that, but unfortunately I had to go to work, so
we kissed and went our separate ways.


When I came home that night, Becky greeted me at the door, gloriously
nude. "Did Jamie already head out to dinner?"

"Yes, sir," she said. "They came by earlier and Cindy dropped her
stuff in Jamie's room. She showed her around the house, and then they
went out. Cindy seemed very impressed."

"I'm not surprised," I said. "I am still impressed when I come in
here. So how did she seem?"

"Well you have to remember, sir, that I've known her since she was a
baby," Becky explained to me. "She was the annoying little sister that
you always had tagging along, but she grew up pretty cool. I haven't
talked to her that much recently, but Jamie says she cuts quite a
swath through the boys."

"Do you think she'll freak about our living situation?" I asked.

"No, I think she'll be cool with it," she answered.

"Did they say when they'd be back?" I asked.

"Around 10PM, sir," she replied.

"Well then, go get Chrissy and get dressed," I said. "I'd like to take
the two of you out to dinner."

She ran upstairs and in about ten minutes they came down, in matching
dress of course, although with Jamie absent it seemed to be missing
something. We went out to a nice dinner and had a fun conversation. No
slavery or humiliation here, just good food and a pleasant time.

We got home before Jamie, so after the girls stripped off their
clothes we went to relax in the study. At a little after ten we heard
the front door open and Jamie called out, "Honey, I'm home!"

I asked Becky and Chrissy to stay in the study while I went out to
meet Cindy. I walked in as Jamie was just finished undressing. I
expected Cindy to look a little uncomfortable, but she just looked
amused. When I walked in, Jamie turned to me and said, "Sir, I'd like
to introduce you to my sister, Cindy. Cindy, this is my Master."

"Hello Cindy," I said. "Pleased to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too," Cindy said. "What should I call you? Sir?"

"If you'd like," I said. "I assume you had an interesting and
enjoyable dinner?"

"Interesting, definitely," she said. "I'm not sure I understand
everything that is going on, but if you can get my uptight sister to
loosen up, I'm all for it."

"Uptight!" Jamie shrieked. "I am not uptight!"

"I know," Cindy said, cracking a smile. "I was just yanking your
chain. So what do you guys do at night?"

"Lots of different things," I said with a little grin. She blushed,
but I continued, "Right now we are watching a movie in the study. Care
to join us?"

They nodded and we walked into the study. Becky was on the couch and
Chrissy was on the floor cuddling at her feet. Both, of course, were
naked. Jamie walked over to the couch, but Cindy stopped at the
door. "Man, do I feel overdressed," she said.

"If you'll notice, I am wearing clothes as well," I told her. "It's
just the slaves that have to do without, so try not to feel self

"It's amazing the way you just say that," she marveled. "It just flows
off your tongue: the slaves have to do without. You do realize that in
normal homes, people don't have slaves, don't you?"

"Well, I guess that would depend on how you define normal," I
said. "However, I will concede we do not have an average home. But let
me ask Becky something. Becky, are you happier now or were you happier
a month ago?"

"Now!" she said with no hesitation. "Definitely now, 100% now."

"Chrissy?" I asked.

"Now, sir," she responded.

"Jamie?" I solicited.

"Without question, now," she said.

"So, Cindy, there you have it," I said. "I'll add my vote. You have a
house of four people, each one significantly happier than they were
before. Does it make a difference if it's normal?"

Cindy looked at all of them, and then shrugged her shoulders. "If you
are happy, who am I to say anything about it? What are we watching?"

I sat down to Becky's left, and Jamie sat on my left. Cindy sat next
to her and put her head on Jamie's shoulder and we watched the movie,
a romantic comedy. When it was over I said, "Time for bed, girls."

Cindy said, "They have a bedtime?"

"What we have," Jamie replied, "is the desire to do anything he tells
us. If he says its bedtime, we will go to bed. And if you close the
door to your room and put your head under your pillow, you might
believe that we are sleeping." She kissed Cindy on the forehead and
walked towards the stairs. We followed in a little procession; me,
Becky, Chrissy. Cindy trailed in the rear, and we separated when we
reached the bedrooms.

"I'll see you in the morning, Cindy," I said, and followed my girls
into the bedroom and closed the door. I didn't think that Cindy would
be putting her head under her pillow after she closed her door, but
she had been warned. I sent Becky to the bathroom to get ready, and
when she was back I looked at all of them and asked, "Who's first?"

Becky and Jamie looked at each other and said at the same time, "Her."

"OK," I said, "get on the bed. Chrissy, you come with me."

I got some toys and took Chrissy to the bathroom. I fitted the
strap-on dildo on her, and we marched back into the bedroom,
side-by-side. We walked over to the bed and I stood in front of Jamie
while Chrissy stood in front of her Mistress. "Blow us," I said.

Becky and Jamie smiled at each other and leaned forward. Jamie took my
cock in her mouth and started running her tongue along the
crown. Becky, meanwhile, was licking the sides of Chrissy's fake cock,
getting it as wet as she could. She then put her mouth over the head
of the cock and slowly pushed her head forward. She kept moving
forward, only occasionally backing off for a moment to let her mouth
and throat get used to it. The dildo that Chrissy was wearing was
slightly longer than my cock, but Becky still managed to press her
nose up against Chrissy's bald pussy. She pulled all the way off,
winked at me and said, "Thank you for the practice, sir," before
sinking the cock back into her throat in one smooth motion.

At the same time Becky was perfecting her craft, Jamie was not being
idle. She could not deep throat me, but the movement of her tongue and
lips on my cock was heavenly nonetheless. While Chrissy could have
gone forever with her cock, I couldn't take much more. I slowly pulled
out of Jamie's mouth, and had Chrissy do the same with Becky.

I had the girls turn over onto their stomachs, with their legs hanging
off of the bed. One thing that I really liked about Chrissy's bed,
besides the size and the four posts, was the fact that it was higher
than a normal bed. That height put Jamie in exactly the correct
position for me to slip my cock into her pussy when she was on her
stomach. Chrissy was shorter than I and had to reach a little, but it
worked for her as well.

As I started thrusting into Jamie, Chrissy began doing the same to
Becky. I looked over at Becky and told Chrissy, "I think that your
Mistress' ass is too white. I want you to spank her while you fuck
her. I want you to spank her hard."

"Oh, yes Chrissy. Spank your Mistress' ass hard," Becky moaned. "Show
my master that he is in charge!"

Chrissy began spanking Becky on every stroke, and I did the same on
Jamie. Soon, both their asses were red, and both were cumming. I
stopped Chrissy from moving, and I stopped moving in Jamie as well,
while the two of them caught their breaths. Then, just when the edge
was off, we started again, pumping even harder. I left Jamie's ass
alone, but Becky kept begging for it, so Chrissy kept spanking her
ass. It was glowing and Becky was sobbing in pain and pleasure. I
motioned to Chrissy and on the next stroke we both pulled all the way
out and pushed deep into their bowels instead.

"Hey Chris," I said. "We got ourselves some three holers! How is that

She replied in a deeper voice, "She is a really hot slut. She can suck
like there is no tomorrow. Her cunt was amazing, but her ass! It's so
tight. And look at the way she begs for it. She really is a slut!"

"Where do you think we should cum?" I asked. "Should I pull out and
shoot my load into her filthy mouth? Or maybe splatter her face and
make that one lick it off?"

"No, I know what you should do," she said. "Keep fucking her ass and
shoot in there. Then drag this one over and make her suck all your cum
out of her dirty asshole. This one is such a slut, she'll probably
like it. I keep spanking her ass and all she can do is cum!"

It was true. The entire time we were talking, both Becky and Jamie
were cumming. Becky was moaning quietly and begging almost
incoherently that Chrissy should fuck and spank her ass. I had been a
little concerned that Jamie would be more reserved with Cindy in the
house, but I think she was actually louder, as if she was trying to
let her sister know that she was being well and truly fucked. She was
screaming, "Fuck my ass! Shove your big cock up my tight little
asshole! Cum up my ass!" Not being one to deny a begging woman, I
slammed my hips into her ass and came. I held her as I poured
everything that I had up her ass.

I pulled out and moved Chrissy back. Then I pulled Becky up by her
hair and moved her behind Jamie. "Hey you little slut, drink my cum
out of your girlfriend's dirty ass! My friend here is going to keep
fucking your ass until you get every last drop!" Chrissy moved back
behind Becky and shoved the dildo back into her ass, pushing Becky's
face into Jamie's ass. I saw her tongue moving into Jamie's ass, and
she also stuck two fingers up Jamie's dripping cunt.

Jamie screamed, "Eat my ass!" while Chrissy kept pounding
Becky. Watching the three of them go at it made me so hot that I was
hard again in no time. I went around behind Chrissy and pushed her
over so that she was leaning across Becky's back. She reached under
Becky and grabbed her tits and pulled. I pulled Chrissy's hips back so
that the dildo was just barely in Becky, then I positioned my cock at
Chrissy's pussy and slammed myself forward, pushing Chrissy into Becky
and Becky into Jamie. It was like a Big Double Slave Sandwich. Soon,
Jamie was screaming, "I'm cumming again. Oh god, I'm cumming again!" I
kept doing Chrissy until I felt her cum, and then I pulled out.

I pulled Chrissy off and sat her on the bed. I sat next to her and
said to the girls, "One more thing you sluts have to do. Clean us
off!" Becky dropped in front of Chrissy and Jamie came around to
me. Jamie cleaned all of Chrissy's juices off of my cock, though I
stopped her when she was done. I wasn't interested in a blowjob right
then. I got into the middle of the bed and pulled Chrissy next to
me. I had Jamie snuggle into my side, and Becky into Chrissy's. We all
relaxed for a few minutes and recovered from our adventure.

Eventually, however, we began talking, and I asked Jamie to review how
her dinner with Cindy had gone.

She said, "It was quite uncomfortable for me at the beginning. We went
out, and we chit-chatted, but I didn't know how to start the
conversation. Cindy could tell that I was nervous and agitated, so she
asked me what was wrong. I told her that there was nothing wrong,
exactly. She didn't give up and asked if it had anything to do with my
moving. She had seen the apartment and was very curious about how I
could afford it, and why I had moved in with Becky.

"Cindy knows Becky quite well, because she was over a lot while we
were growing up, so it wasn't inconceivable to her that I'd move in
with her, but she didn't get how we could afford the big house. I told
her that it wasn't just me and Becky, but that we were sharing it with
two others. She asked who they were and I didn't know how to explain
it. When I couldn't even answer a simple question, Cindy said that
there was definitely something up and that I should spill it.

"I didn't say anything for a while as I tried to figure out how to say
it, but I finally decided that I needed to just lay it out for her. I
said, 'Cindy, there are some things in my life that have changed.' She
asked me what I meant and I said, 'I guess that you could say I am
living an alternative lifestyle.' She didn't get it right away, and
then she had a thought and asked, 'Have you turned into a lesbian? Are
you and Becky lovers?'

"Now sir, and Becky, I have to tell you that I am not in the least
embarrassed about anything that I do with Becky, but when she said it
like that, I didn't know how to react. Then I realized that I was
being an ass, and that I love Becky, so I said, 'I am not a lesbian,
but I am sleeping with Becky. But that is not what I mean by an
alternative lifestyle.'

"She spit a whole bunch of questions at me. She asked, 'Are you
really? Do you like it? What's it like? I've kissed other girls, and
felt them up to compare, but I've never done more. How did it start?
What do you mean that it's not what you mean by alternative

"When she let me get a word in edgewise, I said, 'Let me start from
the beginning!' I explained that Becky had a boyfriend that was
unhappy enough with her that he broke up with her. When she understood
why he was breaking up with her, she realized that she had not been a
very good girlfriend because she had spent years in control of the
relationship. She agreed that if he took her back, he would be in
complete control of the relationship.

"I asked Cindy, 'Do you understand what it means that he is in
complete control of the relationship?' She said that she wasn't sure
what I meant, so I explained, 'She agreed to be his slave; his sex
slave.' She was shocked, but then she got an evil glint in her eye and
said, 'Little Miss Becky a sex slave! Cool!' She was surprised sir,
but she found the whole thing amusing rather than disgusting or

"She asked me, 'How do you fit into all of this? You said that you
were sleeping with Becky.' I told her that I'd get to that. I
explained to Cindy that when I found out what Becky was doing I was
upset, so I stayed around them a lot to make sure that Becky wasn't
being used. Cindy asked if she was and I said, 'Well yes, she was
being used, but she loved every minute of it.'

"I also explained that after some time with you together, I started
getting jealous of Becky. She was so happy, and I was so excited by
what she was going through. 'And then Becky asked me to join them, ' I
told her. 'She offered me a part of what they had.' I told Cindy how I
was shocked, but excited and how I thought about it for a long time,
and how I finally decided to join you.

"Cindy asked, 'So you are a sex slave too?' and I told her that
neither Becky nor I was a slave yet. I told her, 'We are on a trial
period. If we can prove that we really want to be his slaves, then we
will have a ceremony and he will make us his. Cindy, I know that we
will prove it to him, and we are going to have that ceremony. It is
going to be my wedding; I am going to marry my master and Becky. That
is what I mean by an alternate lifestyle.'

"When I was done telling her all of that, she just looked at me for a
minute and then said, 'Mom is going to freak.' I told her that I knew,
but I hoped that she would understand. I told her that the ceremony
was going to be next week, and I wanted her and Mom and Dad to be
there. She told me she would be, but she wasn't sure about our
parents. I explained how I would be talking to Mom tomorrow. Sir,
Cindy seems to be OK with it. In fact, she wanted to know everything
that we had done, in explicit details!"

"Did you tell her?" I asked.

"I might have hinted at some things, but I didn't go into details,"
she answered. "Really, after I had that conversation, I just wanted to
get back here with you and Becky. I needed to be loved."

"I love you, Jamie, and I am very proud of you," I told her. "I know
that what you did was very hard, and you were very brave. I know
families are the ones we want approval from the most, and telling them
something that you think they will not approve of is hard. You did
very well."

"I love you and I'm proud of you too," Becky told Jamie, hugging her

"Thank you both," Jamie said. "You are the ones whose approval I want
more than anything!"

"Jamie, the person whose approval you need the most is you," I told
her. "You need to be happy with your actions and decisions. If you are
happy with yourself, then it is no one else's place to disapprove."

We cuddled together for a few minutes, and then I told Becky, "I think
that Jamie needs a more physical display of how proud we are of her."

"What do you mean, sir?" Jamie asked nervously.

"Wait a moment. Becky, come with me," I said. I led Becky to the
bathroom, stopping for a moment to grab something out of the toy
box. Then I called, "Chrissy, come in here." When we were done, we all
walked out of the bathroom and stood in front of the bed,
side-by-side. Jamie looked at us and saw the three of us standing
there, cocks erect between our legs, two fake and one real.

"Let's go boys," I said. "Let's make this bitch watertight!" We
approached the bed and all of us started kissing and fondling her. She
was the complete focus of each of us. Chrissy got her mouth between
Jamie's legs while Becky worked on her tits and back and I kissed and
caressed her face.

When Jamie was very worked up, I had Chrissy move out of the way and I
pushed my cock into her pussy. I rolled onto my back and pulled Jamie
on top of me. She started riding me until she felt Becky's greased up
dildo poking at her back door. She stopped and I watched her face as
Becky slowly pushed her fake cock into Jamie's ass. I could see the
progress by the expression on Jamie's face, and I could feel it on my
cock through the thin wall between Jamie's ass and cunt.

When Becky's dildo was completely embedded in Jamie we all stopped and
took a moment to savor the feeling. Then Becky reached around and
pinched Jamie's nipples hard, which caused Jamie to start fucking both
of us. Becky allowed that for a moment or two, and then started
fucking Jamie hard. I just remained still as Becky started pulling
Jamie off me with every stroke in, then slamming her back onto me with
each stroke out. Then Chrissy got into the picture, pulling Jamie's
head up by her hair, telling her, "Suck my cock, bitch!" and shoving
her fake dick into Jamie's mouth

It did not take much of this to push Jamie right to the edge. She went
over, and kept on falling. She screamed around Chrissy's cock, but
Becky would not let up and neither would Chrissy or I. It wasn't clear
if she had many orgasms, or just one long one, but it was about ten
minutes before she finally pulled off of Chrissy and screamed, "No
more! I can't cum any more! It will kill me. Please stop!"

We took pity on her and Chrissy pulled out of her mouth and Becky
slowly pulled her cock out of Jamie's ass. Jamie collapsed onto me, my
cock still buried in her hot box. "Oh my god!" she said. "I don't
think I've ever cum that hard!" Becky and Chrissy laid themselves down
on each side of us and they stroked her back to relax her.

After a minute Becky leaned over and said, "You know you are not done
yet, don't you? Your master still has not cum, and it is your job to
relieve him."

Jamie groaned, "Can't you do it? You've worn me out!"

I was about to agree with her when Becky said, "Absolutely not! Your
master just gave you the best orgasm of your life. How can you
possibly even think of leaving him unsatisfied, or even of having
someone else finish him? You should be fighting to ensure that he
allows you the privilege of satisfying him!"

Jamie looked at Becky with a mortified expression. Then she turned to
me and said, "She's right! I'm so embarrassed. I was thinking only of
myself. I'm sorry, sir. You should punish me for my
thoughtlessness. But first, sir, let me love you!" She started moving
her hips, fucking herself onto me. She started kissing my face, my
neck, my lips and everywhere else she could reach.

"I am going to make you feel so good!" she whispered in my ear. "I am
going to show you what a good slave I can be for you!" She pulled
herself up a little so that her nipples were rubbing along my
chest. She looked directly into my eyes and said, "I'm yours to use,
sir. I'm your little fuck slut, your complete sex slave. I want you to
use me in any way that pleases you, and I will do whatever I can to
please you. Now I want you to cum in my cunt. No, cum in your cunt. I
am your cunt and I want you to cum in me! Cum in me!"

The intense look on her face, the feel of her tight cunt around my
cock and the words that she was saying all combined to bring me right
to the brink. Still looking at me she said, "I love you, sir, and I
*will* be your slave!" That did it for me, and I started
pumping my cum into Jamie's cunt. As I was cumming she pasted her
mouth to mine and kissed me passionately.

When I was done, Jamie collapsed onto me. Becky whispered, "That was
so beautiful."

"I'm not done yet," Jamie said tiredly. She pulled off of my cock and
pushed Becky back onto the bed. She got between Becky's legs and said,
"Thank you for fucking me so delightfully. She then started cleaning
off the dildo with her mouth. When she was done she crawled up and
kissed Becky on her lips. She then crawled over me and did the same to
Chrissy. Finally, she got between my legs and licked my cock clean.

When she was done, she crawled back up my body and kissed me
again. "Sir, may I sleep on you like this tonight?"

"You may," I said with a smile, and pulled her even closer to me.

Becky snuggled into the side of us, and when Chrissy started heading
down to the bottom of the bed, Becky said, "No Chrissy. Stay and
snuggle with us tonight." Chrissy looked startled, but she smiled and
snuggled into us as we fell asleep in a tangle of body parts.

*Saturday - Day 29*

As I woke up, I knew that it was Jamie giving me a blowjob, and I felt
Becky's head on my chest. I was surprised, because after not allowing
her to wake me with a blowjob all week, I expected Becky to be jumping
at the chance. I opened my eyes and said, "Good morning, tiger."

"Good morning, sir," she said, kissing me gently on the lips.

"I'm surprised to find you here and not in Jamie's place," I told her.

"Sir, you punished us for bickering over you, but I realized that in
addition to disappointing you, I was being unfair to Jamie. I
complained because she wanted to wake you up, and that was mean of
me. She deserves this as much as I do, and this is my way of
apologizing to her."

"That's very thoughtful of you," I said. "It makes me feel much better
about living with the two of you for a very long time."

"I'm glad of that, sir," she said. "Plus, Jamie promised to share when
you cum, and from the look on your face, I'd say that will be very
soon." She shimmied down my body, licking my chest as she
went. Looking down and seeing the two of them jockeying to service me
got me so excited that I started filling Jamie's mouth. After the
second gush of cum, Jamie passed my cock over to Becky who nursed it
until I was finished. Then she moved down to the bottom of the bed and
shared her portion with Chrissy. Everyone was satisfied this morning!

After I came, both girls crawled back up my body and cuddled into
either side. "A busy day today," I observed.

"Yes sir," Jamie answered, "and a scary one. This is going to be so
hard for us."

"I'm just hoping that they accept this enough to come to our slavery
ceremony," Becky said. "It would be a happier event for me if my
family were there."

"Even though you will be giving up your freedom and you will be
stripped naked, marked and collared?" I asked.

"Yes, sir," Becky said. "I will be dedicating my life to you, and I
want the important people in my life there to see it."

"Have I mentioned that the two of you are absolute treasures?" I
asked. "How on earth did I get lucky enough to get not one, but two
such loving, reasonably obedient women, eager to be my slaves?"

"Not lucky, loving," Jamie replied. "You showed us that you could own
us and still love us."

"Well, you girls make it easy," I said.

"What will you be doing today while Jamie and I are emotionally
torturing ourselves for our mothers?" Becky asked.

"Well, it seems as if next week I will be gaining two slaves, and I
need to prepare for the ceremony," I told her. "There are things to
buy, services to arrange for and vows to write. If I take Chrissy to
help me, will you be able to refrain from torturing any information
out of her?"

"I won't promise not to torture her," Becky replied, "but I promise
that it won't be to extract any information."

"That's good enough for me!" I said. "What about Cindy? Are you going
to take her with you?"

"We'll take her shopping, but if I can't get her to promise to not say
a single word during lunch, then I'll ask her to get lunch by
herself," Jamie said.

The girls reluctantly got up and got dressed for their outing with
their mothers. They would first do a little shopping together, and
then they would have lunch and unveil their new lives. I did not envy
them. Before they left I said, "I will be home by about 2PM, so if you
want to bring them over, or if they want to come talk to me, I'll be
here for that. If they do, however, call me in advance and let me know
if I need to have Chrissy dress."

They gathered Cindy up and prepared to leave. I kissed them goodbye as
they left, and then I had Chrissy dress so that we could go
shopping. I may not have had the kind of money that Chrissy had, but I
had a nice stash put away, and I planned to spend a lot on my wedding.

Before we left, I asked Chrissy for advice. "It is clear they are
treating this as a wedding, and that is what I want to make it for
them. In a wedding, the bride wears a lovely white dress. I don't
think a full wedding dress is appropriate, but I want something that
is evocative of a wedding dress. Since they will be taking the dress
off during the ceremony, it must be easy to remove. It should also be
somewhat revealing, but I want it long and flowing, as if it had a
train. Where do you think that I can get something like that?"

"I don't think you are going to find it in a standard bridal shop,
sir," Chrissy told me with a smile. "However I know a really good
dressmaker that can fashion almost anything that you are looking for,
though it will have to be relatively simple given the timeframes we
are working with."

"I knew that you'd be a huge help with this," I said. "We'll make your
friend the first stop."

We took a cab to the shop that Chrissy specified, and I met with
Michelle, the woman in charge. I explained to her the nature of the
ceremony, and I described how I wanted the dress. She drew some quick
sketches and showed me some materials that we could use. What she
could do in a week was better than I thought I'd be able to get. I
would definitely have to reward Chrissy for her help.

Before we left, Michelle asked, "Have you given any thought about a
headpiece or a veil?" I hadn't, but Chrissy, Michelle and I discussed
it and we came up with some nice ideas. I thanked Michelle and we went
on to the next stop.

On our way over, I told Chrissy, "I can already see that I am not
going to be able to accomplish everything that I need to in the time
that I have today. Would you be able to make the arrangements with a
florist and caterers during the week?"

"I'd be happy to help, sir," she replied, happily.

"I would also like you to be the ring bearer, among other things,
during the ceremony," I said. "Would you be willing to do that for

"Of course, sir!" she exclaimed. "I would be honored to be included in
the ceremony in any way that you see fit."

"Excellent, though of course that means a new outfit for you as well,"
I told her. "I can't believe that I have to throw together an entire
wedding ceremony, all of it non-traditional, in just a week. Luckily,
I know I can count on you to help." Chrissy just beamed at me.

Our next stop was a reputable body piercing and tattoo shop. I was
shopping for a particular kind of ring for each of my slaves, but they
didn't have exactly what I was looking for. John, who owned the shop,
suggested where I could find what I was looking for, and he assured me
that he could do the work.

I also showed them a design that I wanted the girls tattooed
with. Chrissy examined it, and made some suggestions for
improvements. I agreed, and John told me how long it would take to do
each of them. I asked if he had someone else that could do the work as
well, so that they could be tattooed simultaneously. He said that he
could do that, and we arranged for him to come by Friday night to do
the work.

We went to the jewelry store that John had recommended. It was a small
place that specialized in custom work. The proprietor, a woman named
Emma, listened to what I wanted and pulled some samples out. It turned
out that she had the items that I was looking for in stock. I was
impressed with her work, so I discussed with her the other jewelry I
was looking for. She said that she believed she could come up with
what I wanted.

"Can you have it ready for me by Friday?" I asked.

She looked at me like I had grown another head. "You don't ask for
much, do you?" she asked. "This is all custom work. I was thinking
that I could have it ready in a month."

"I'm afraid that I need it by Friday," I told her. "I'm getting
married on Saturday, and I need it for my brides by then."

"Brides?" she asked with raised eyebrows.

"I'd be happy to pay the extra expense for the rush work," Chrissy
told Emma.

"It would be a significant premium," Emma said. "I'd have to drop a
lot of other work. But I guess your wedding is important to you."

"Oh, it's not my wedding," Chrissy said. "He is marrying my Mistress."

"Multiple brides, and one of them this one's Mistress, and both of
them wearing jewelry like this," Emma said to me. "You lead an
interesting life."

"Much more interesting of late," I acknowledged. I turned to Chrissy
and said, "Are you sure that you want to pay the rush charges?"

"Yes, sir," she said. "This is very important to my Mistress, and I
want to make it a happy day for her. You know the cost won't affect
me, and I really want to contribute."

"OK, you really want to do this, so I'll allow it," I told her. We
handed over credit cards and Emma promised to have everything ready by
the end of the week.

By the time we left the store it was already after 1:00, so we grabbed
some food from a street vendor and headed home. As we walked in the
phone was ringing. I grabbed it as Chrissy was pulling her clothes
off. It was Becky, who said, "Our mothers want to come over and talk
to you. Are you up for it?"

"Of course," I said. "How did it go?"

"OK, I guess," she said. "I'll tell you about it later."

"Should I have Chrissy dress?" I asked.

"I don't think so," she said. "We need to get them used to the idea."

"OK, I'll see you soon. I love you, and tell Jamie that I love her as
well," I told her.

"I will, sir. I'll see you soon," she said, and she hung up.

Later in the day, after their mothers had left, Becky told me the
details of their day. This is her tale.


While we were on our way to meet our moms, we had a conversation with
Cindy. Jamie told her, "This is going to be very difficult for Becky
and me, and we really don't want you to mess it up. If you don't
really think you can sit without making wisecracks, we'd appreciate it
if you let us talk to them alone."

When Cindy realized how serious we were, she thought about it. "I
think I can," she said. "I sometimes can't help making smart remarks,
but I'll try hard, and if I start to say anything, just kick me."

"Are you sure that you won't be uncomfortable with us talking about it
in front of you?" Jamie asked. "It's bound to get a little

"I love you, Sis," Cindy replied. "I know that I can be a pain in the
ass, but I want to be there to support you. I can be mature if I want

"Really?" Jamie asked with a sarcastic smirk.

"Yes, really!" Cindy replied, sticking her tongue out at Jamie.

"Be careful what you are offering," Becky told Cindy slyly.

Cindy looked confused, then shocked and finally she laughed.

"You know, I wanted to come into your room last night because I
thought that they were killing you," Cindy told Jamie. "Then when I
realized what was really happening, I wanted to run in even more."

Jamie got a satisfied smile on her face and said, "They took very good
care of me last night."

"You sounded like a stuck pig!" Cindy said.

"Oh I was stuck all right," Jamie said. "More like a stuffed
pig. Stuffed every way possible!"

Cindy thought about that for a minute and asked, "Does that mean what
I think it means?"

"Mmmmm," was all Jamie said.

"Is there anything you don't do?" Cindy asked.

"If there is, I'm sure that my Master will think of it and rectify
that situation," Jamie said.

Cindy shook her head, saying, "Your Master. I still can't believe that
you want to be a slave."

"Don't knock it till you try it," Jamie responded, then, at the look
in Cindy's eyes, said, "Never mind, I take it back."

Cindy laughed, and we all went to the store where we were meeting our
moms. You know my mom, Claire, and Jamie's mom is Amy. We went
shopping with them for a while, but I'm sure that they could tell that
we were upset about something. It was finally time for lunch, and we
took them to a nice restaurant that had private booths. We got a
booth, and as Jamie went in, she gave Cindy the 'zip it' sign.

We sat down and ordered drinks, and Jamie and I kept exchanging
nervous glances. Finally my mom said, "OK, are you going to tell me
about it?"

"Tell you about what?" I asked.

"You are clearly upset about something, and it has been bothering you
all morning," my mom said. "I can also tell that you are trying to
work up the courage to me about it, so why don't we just save you some
anguish and you can tell me about it now."

"You always could read me, mom," I said with a nervous laugh.

"I could," she replied, "so spit it out."

I looked nervously at Jamie again and said, "You always said that the
most important thing is that I am happy, right?"

"Riiiight," my mom replied cautiously.

"Do you think that I've been happy recently?" I asked.

"Well, you haven't been completely miserable," she said.

"But I haven't really been happy either. And did you notice when I had
my boyfriend over, how I treated him?" I asked.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"I pretty much tried to control him. I made him do what I wanted, when
I wanted it. Do you remember?" I asked.

"Yes, you have him pussy whipped. What's wrong with that?" she asked
with a smile.

I jumped on that. "You think it's OK for him to be pussy whipped?" I
asked her.

"It's not the end of the world," she responded. "At least you get what
you want."

"What if it were reversed?" I asked. "What if I was cock whipped?"

"Cock whipped? I've never heard that particular phrase before." she

"Cock whipped. What if, instead of my pussy controlling him, his cock
controlled me?" I asked.

"It doesn't sound like as much fun," she said with a smile.

"But it is," I said seriously.

"What do you mean?" my mom asked.

I glanced at Jamie for support again, and then plunged into the
story. "I did have him pussy whipped, mom, but what I didn't
understand is that he knew it, and he didn't like it. Finally, he told
me that he didn't like it and he didn't want me anymore. He broke up
with me."

"I'm so sorry, dear. When did it happen? Why didn't you call me?" she
asked, very concerned.

"The story doesn't end there, mom," I went on. "He broke up with me,
and he told me why. He said he was tired of being the whipped one. He
was looking for a relationship where he was in control. He wanted to
be the focus for a change. After he told me that, I realized that he
was right, I had been a selfish bitch, and it drove him away."

"He called you a selfish bitch?" my mom shrieked, outraged.

"No, mom, he didn't," I said calmly. "I called myself a selfish bitch,
because it is what I was. I cried all night and thought about what he
said. The next day I called and begged him to let me talk to him. He
didn't want to, but he relented and he took me out to dinner to
talk. Mom, I begged him to come back, I told him that I could change,
but he didn't buy it. He said that I could not change into what he was
looking for."

I took a deep breath and a big drink. Then I continued, "I knew that
he was wrong, mom. I love him, and I was not willing to let him go. So
I made him an offer."

"What was your offer?" Jamie's mom asked.

"I offered to turn the relationship upside down," I explained. "Before
it was all about me; I offered to make it all about him. I demanded to
be his slave." I took another drink as both moms gasped.

"What do you mean, 'his slave'?" my mom demanded.

"Just what it sounds like," I told her. "I agreed to obey him
completely; I agreed to carry out his every wish. I agreed to deny him
nothing, ever." I couldn't believe that I had said that in such a calm
tone of voice.

My mother looked at me like I was nuts. "Do you mean like a sex
slave?" she asked.

"That's part of it," I said. "But a slave in every respect. I offered
myself to him completely. If he accepted, he would own me; he would
have complete control of every aspect of my life. If he told me to
quit my job, I would. If he told me to have a baby, I would. If he
told me to sleep with his boss so that he could get a promotion, I
would. I would do anything and everything that he asked."

"You said 'If he accepted'," my mom said. "Did he accept?"

"No, he didn't," I said. "He told me that he didn't believe that I
could change; that even if I would do what he wanted for a night, I
would revert back as soon as I thought it was safe. So I offered him a
compromise. I begged him to try me for thirty days. If at the end of
thirty days I still wanted to be his slave, and if I had proved that I
would be a good slave, then he would collar me, mark me and own me."

"Did he agree?" my mother asked.

I nodded.

"When did he agree?" she asked carefully.

"A month ago," I said quietly, "and next Saturday I am going to kneel
at his feet and offer myself to him as his lifelong slave. I want you
to be there, mother."

"You want me to come watch my daughter be humiliated like that?" she

"No," I said calmly, "I want you to come and watch me enter into a
relationship that is even more committed than marriage." My mother was
speechless. It was clear that she didn't know what to say.

"What do you think of this, Jamie?" Amy asked.

Up until this point, Jamie had been letting me lead. Now she took

"When Becky told me about this, I thought she was crazy. He would not
let her wear clothes in their apartment, and she was willing to do
anything that he said. When I came over she would not even cover up
because he had only allowed her to wear a skirt.

"I thought that he was brainwashing her, or that she was a crazy
ex-girlfriend making a last ditch, desperate attempt to win her
undeserving boyfriend back. So I hung around with them. I wanted to
protect Becky. But I discovered that she did not need
protecting. Becky has been happier this past month than she has been
since before high school. And if there was anyone to protect, it was

"He was content dominating Becky, but she wanted to make sure that he
knew she would make an excellent slave. She pushed him to use her. She
found other women for him to sleep with so that he would have
variety. She insisted that he punish her for every offense. She pushed
him to be even more in control than he had intended to be. I quickly
came to realize that the relationship was very good for Becky, and
made her very happy. And that made me happy, and it should make you
happy as well."

Jamie's mother gave her a hard look and asked, "Should I be concerned
that you and Becky have recently become roommates again, especially
given that she will become her boyfriend's slave next week?"

"Well, it depends what you mean by concerned," Jamie said
nervously. "You see, while I was hanging around with them, trying to
protect Becky, I realized how good their relationship was, and I was
wishing that I had someone to have such a close relationship with."

She looked lovingly at me and continued, "And then, to my shock,
amazement and gratitude, they offered to share it with me. Mom, next
week when Becky bows before her Master and offers herself up as his
slave, I will be kneeling right next to her making the same offer to

Silence reigned for about thirty seconds as the two mothers looked at
each other. Then pandemonium broke loose as both started screaming at
their daughters. When they realized that the whole restaurant was
watching they lowered their voices, but the message was the same. 'Are
you girls crazy?' 'How can you do this to your family?' 'How can this
ever work out?' And it went on and on.

We just sat quietly taking it, though I started to cry
silently. Finally, Cindy said, "Would you two shut up?" The mothers
shut up and all four of us stared at Cindy in amazement.

"I spent a lot of time tagging along with them when I was a kid, and
I've been pretty close to Jamie since then," she said. "And in all the
time that I've known them, I've never seen them so happy. I just spent
a single day with them, but I realized immediately that they all love
each other madly, and if, as their mothers, you cannot appreciate that
and put their happiness first, then you are hypocrites, and you don't
deserve to be invited to witness their love." She sat back and glared
at the two older women.

This time the silence was even longer. Finally, Mother and Amy looked
at each other meaningfully and my mom said, "Becky, Jamie, I
apologize. This hit me suddenly, and I did not take time to rationally
think it through. I am not saying that I approve, but I am willing to
discuss it."

"OK," I said, taking Jamie's hand for support, "but this is not
something we will be discussed out of. We both love him, and we are
going to go through with this."

"Have you really thought it all out?" Mom asked. "You say that you
will be even more committed than a marriage. How will that work with
the three of you?"

"Well, if our current relationship is any indication, very well
indeed," I answered. "We all get along very well and complement each
other perfectly."

"Are you and Jamie... ?" Mom asked.

"Yes, mother," I said with an exasperated tone. "It turns out that
your daughters are bisexual. And since we loved each other anyway, it
wasn't such a large step to sleep together."

"What about children?" Amy asked. "Are you going to have children?"

Jamie calmly replied, "If our Master wants us to have children, he'll
have one or both of us go off the pill and he'll make a baby in one of
us. If he wants one, he'll make one; if he wants ten, he'll make
ten. It is not our choice."

"Do you mean that you won't even have a say in whether or not you have
children?" Amy asked.

"Our bodies are his to do with as he wants," Jamie replied.

"Oh, please!" Cindy exclaimed. "You are worse than your mothers are! I
don't know him that well, but I saw enough so that I do not believe
for a second that he would do something that life altering without
knowing for sure that you want it. You are just trying to tweak
mother's tail!"

Jamie looked abashed and admitted, "Perhaps I've overstated how it
would happen. The fact remains that if he tells me to go off the pill
so that he can knock me up, I'd do it, and so would Becky. But you are
correct; I'm sure we would discuss it first." Once again, Cindy had
headed off a major argument. I was quite happy that Jamie had decided
to bring her along.

Amy digested the last part of the conversation and said, "You said
that Becky found other women for him to sleep with. You are OK with

"Yes, it's only fair," Jamie answered. "You see, Becky and I and a
number of other women go out on Tuesday nights, and Becky decided that
she did not want him to be lonely, so each Tuesday night we find him
someone to keep him company while we are gone."

"And it doesn't bother you that he is cheating on you?" Amy asked.

I angrily replied, "He is _not_ cheating on us! We know about
everyone that he sleeps with, before he does. In fact, all of them
were pushed on him by us! I am the only one in this relationship that
cheated on anyone!"

"What do you mean?" my mother asked me.

"It's a little complicated," I replied. "Are you sure that you want to
hear the sordid details of my sex life?"

"After what I've already heard, I don't think any details will shock
me," Mom said.

"OK," I said with a sigh. "Jamie mentioned our Tuesday nights. Well,
the other women that we are with enjoy being regaled by tales of our
relationship. Since we are entertaining them, our Master figured that
the other women had to pay something for the pleasure. So he has them
perform certain... tasks for him. Last week, he insisted that all of
them must have bare pussies if they wanted to go out with us, and that
I was the one to do the shaving. One of my co-workers, Joan,
propositioned me while she was on my desk in front of me being
shaved. I'm embarrassed to say that I gave in and licked her.

"My Master was quite angry at me, because he views this as a committed
relationship, and I broke that commitment by doing something sexual
with another person without his permission. I'm afraid that I will be
severely punished for what I did. But when he was chastising me, he
explained in no uncertain terms that he would never sleep with anyone
without our prior knowledge. Given the nature of our relationship, he
has a complete right to do whatever he wants, including sleeping with
as many people as he wants, and he can do it without telling
us. Considering that he unilaterally gave up that right, I believe
that shows that he is even more committed to our relationship than I
had been! I deserve any punishment that he chooses to give me."

"So you do what he says, and he punishes you if you don't, and you
accept that punishment and change your behavior if he demands it, is
that about right?" my mother asked.

"Yes, that's correct," I said.

She shook her head and said, "That's more than I was ever able to
accomplish with you."

I smiled slyly at her and said, "Well, if you want something from me
in the future, now you know that you can just ask him. And we both
know that he is far more reasonable than I am."

"Good point," my mother said. "Maybe I should ask him if I could see
him punish you. Lord knows I wanted to take you over my knee for a
good spanking many times when you were growing up!"

"Does that mean that you approve of my relationship?" I asked her.

"NO!" she said emphatically. "However, it does mean that I might be
able to accept it. I love you, sweetheart, and I do want you to be
happy. Plus, I know how stubborn you are. It amazes me that he is able
to control you at all. I do want to talk to your 'Master' though, and
make sure that he understands that I will not tolerate him abusing

"Not even if I want the abuse?" I asked.

"Don't start with me, young lady!" mother said.

"What about you, mom?" Jamie asked her mother. "Are you OK with this?"

"I'm not sure yet," Amy replied. "At least Becky had been dating him
for a while. Based on what I heard about their past relationship, I
can understand why she loves him and is willing to do this for
him. But why are you? You can't love him this quickly, and you didn't
have the same relationship as Becky did. Why do you want to submit to
him as well?"

"I guess it's not as cut and dried for me," Jamie said. "I've always
liked him, and of course I love Becky. I didn't go into this expecting
to fall in love with both of them and end up this way. You're wrong,
though, mom. I did fall in love that quickly, and I believe that he
loves me as well. He might love Becky more, but he loves me too, and I
can say that I feel completely comfortable and happy with our

"You fool!" I said. "Of course he loves you as much as me. He probably
loves you more; you are a much better slave than I am!" Jamie just
stuck her tongue out at me and grabbed me into a hug.

"Well I want to meet this person as well," Amy said.

"He anticipated that," I told them. "He should be home shortly and he
is willing to sit down and talk things over with you."

"I can understand why you were so nervous this morning," my mother
said. "Any other bombshells that you want to drop on us?"

I looked guiltily at Jamie and my mother said, "Oh no! What else? Are
you pregnant?"

"No, mother," I said, "but there is something else." For some reason,
perhaps because of the emotional drain of the last half hour, I could
not get up the courage to say anything, so I turned to Jamie and
asked, "Can you tell them?"

Jamie kissed me and nodded. She tuned to my mother and said, "As you
might imagine, this... relationship has lead us to be a little more
open and experimental than we may have been in the past. While testing
some limits, Becky came across this woman who... well, the long and
the short of it is that, despite Becky having a Master of her own, she
owns a slave as well; a woman named Chrissy."

Both mothers' jaws dropped. Cindy piped in, "She's a very nice woman."

My mother just shook her head. "I don't know what to say. Are you
saying that you now live in a house with a Master and three slaves?"

"A Master with two slaves, and then one more slave that belongs to
me," I clarified.

"Oh, that's much better!" my mother said sarcastically.

"I'll admit, we don't have a traditional relationship," I said, and my
mother snorted. "But we are happy the way we are. Can't you just
accept that and be happy for us?"

"I'm still working my way through this," my mother said, "but I do
want you to be happy. Let's go meet this new 'Master' of yours."

"OK," I said, "but all of you had better be nice to him!"


Of course I did not know how the whole conversation went when Becky
and Jamie arrived with their mothers. Chrissy and I were sitting in
the study when I heard them come in the front door. We got up to greet
them. Of course, based on Becky's advice, Chrissy was nude. As I
walked into the foyer, I saw Becky and Jamie stripping their clothes
off and their mothers looking at them with surprise. Cindy was just
standing calmly on the side taking it all in. "I'd imagine that they
have been shocking you most of the afternoon," I said to Amy and

The mothers looked up at me as the girls rushed over to give me kisses
and hugs. When they hugged me, they squeezed me very hard; they were
clearly looking for reassurance and support, and I gave it to
them. Chrissy walked up and gathered their clothes, then turned to the
mothers and curtsied, saying, "Good afternoon, ma'am, I'm Chrissy. Can
I get you a drink or a snack?"

"No thank you," Amy said.

"I could use a strong screwdriver," Becky's mom said.

"Yes, ma'am," Chrissy said, and went to get the drink.

"Would you like to come have a seat in our study?" I asked. "I imagine
there are some things that we need to discuss." They nodded and I lead
everyone to the study.

"Nice place," Claire said.

"Thank you, it's Chrissy's," I told her. "We were looking for a bigger
place and Chrissy convinced us to move in with her."

"Is this one of the privileges on owning a slave?" Amy asked. "You own
her property as well?"

"I suppose it could be," I said, "but that is not the way that it
works. First of all, I do not own Chrissy, Becky does. Secondly, we
are all paying her rent, though admittedly not the market value of
this place. Nonetheless, we live like a family, so it is not that I
own what was the girls', but rather that we jointly own everything
together. And that is by agreement alone; legally, we each own our own

"Still, you must be a happy camper," Claire said. "You have three
naked girls running around, and from what I understand, numerous girls
on the side."

"Well, if you are asking am I happy with the situation, of course I
am," I responded. "I have three women who will do anything that I
want, simply because I want it. I would be a fool not to be happy with
that. But I like to think that they are getting something out of this
relationship as well."

Chrissy returned with the drink for Claire, and she took a big swallow
before asking, "And what do they get out of this relationship?"

"You'd have to ask them specifically, but I think they are getting a
lot of love, some adventure and a feeling of stability; that is,
someone is there to take care of them. Is that how you see it girls?"

Both Jamie and Becky nodded, and Jamie added, "I have a freedom that
I've never had before. I do whatever my Master tells me, and there is
no guilt or remorse. If it feels good, and it almost always does, then
I can enjoy it without worrying about whether it is right or wrong; if
he tells me to do it, then it is right!"

"The same is true for me," Becky added. "But for me, he also made me
realize that I was not a particularly nice person. When he showed me
what I had become, I realized that I wanted to be someone different;
someone that is kind and loving; he is helping me become that
person. Plus, I really have fun trying to come up with new ways to
please him!"

"I think I've heard enough personal details for right now," Claire
said. She turned to me and asked, "So what are your plans for our

"I plan to marry them, in my own way," I told her. "If they still want
to by next Saturday, they will offer themselves to me one final
time. I will then accept them, and in so doing, I will be committing
myself to them for the rest of our lives. I take this very
seriously. A month ago I was not ready to marry your daughter, but now
I am, and I am ready to marry Jamie as well. I would very much like to
have your and your husband's blessings, but Becky, Jamie and I are
grown people, and if we all agree we will go through with this. If you
cannot accept us for who we are, then we will have to continue our
lives without you, but we are desperately hoping that you can accept
us, and how we want to live. We want you in our lives."

"So you just want to be a normal part of the family? And when you come
over for a holiday dinner, you'll bring your three naked slave girls?"
Amy asked.

"Yes, I want to be part of your families," I responded. "I don't have
a family of my own any more, but I can see how much you mean to the
girls. When I was getting to know Jamie I went through her things, and
the picture that they drew for me was of someone who was raised in a
very happy family setting. When Jamie joined us, in fact, she said she
had missed that sense of family since she left home. So I very much
want them to remain a part of their families, and it would make me
very happy to be part of that as well.

"As for holiday dinners," I said with a smile, "I think I can allow
them to wear clothes to those occasions. And if we have big family
dinners here, I will allow them clothes as well. But if you are just
coming by for a visit, then they will be naked, and they will remain
naked, because that is the way that we live."

"I notice that you are still wearing your clothes," Claire said.

"That is correct," I said. "First of all, I would not want to offend
you by being naked in front of you for this meeting. I feel vulnerable
enough just having this conversation; I don't think I could possibly
have done it naked. Secondly, being the top dog has certain
privileges. It is true; I make these girls run around naked for my
benefit while I remain dressed. It excites me, and I believe it
excites them. But whatever the reason, in our house, it is my
decision, and this is what I choose. Whether you like it or not, that
is the way that it will be."

The mothers sat there for a few moments in silence, and then Claire
said, "I can't say yet that I approve of this situation, but I love my
child, and I can see that she is determined to go through with this. I
don't want to lose her, so we will have to go along with it. Frankly,
as I told her earlier, I am very impressed that anyone can get her to
do what they want, so there must be something to you!"

"A lot of love and some painful discipline," I said, smiling at Becky.

"And what about you?" I asked Jamie's mom.

"I guess that I have to agree with Claire. She knows you better than I
do, and she clearly doesn't think you are a raving lunatic, so
hopefully things will work out. But I have to warn you, if you hurt my
daughter, I and my husband will come after you and kill you, do you

"I do, ma'am, and I agree with you," I said. "I might hurt her in
little ways; that happens in every relationship. However I would never
do anything to seriously injure either of your daughters. I love them
both too much." The two girls rushed over and both of them hugged me.

"I think I'll take that drink now," Amy said.

"How about champagne all around?" I asked, and Chrissy went off to get
some. "Girls, have you invited your families yet?"

"No, sir, we haven't," Jamie said.

"Then you probably should now," I told them.

"Mom, Amy, I mentioned how next Saturday we would be offering
ourselves to our Master," Becky said. "This will be the closest thing
to a wedding that either of us will ever have. We would be very happy
if you would attend this ceremony."

"Before you accept, I just want to warn you," I said. "This will not
be a traditional ceremony. These two beautiful women will be offering
themselves to me, and I will be accepting. The relationship is
something more than a traditional man and wife, and I will be
displaying my ownership of them. By the end of the ceremony, they will
be nude and on display. We would very much like you to be there, but I
need you to understand what it will be like so that you are not

Claire looked at Becky and said, "You expect me to break this to your
father, don't you?" Becky didn't look directly at her, but she nodded
her head.

"Well, I didn't raise any dummies," Claire sighed. "I'll tell him, but
I think he will want to meet with all of you before this 'ceremony'."

"Yes, mother," Becky said quietly.

"Well that's a first!" Claire said. "You are definitely making her a
more obedient girl!"

"You have no idea," I said.

"I don't want to know!" Claire replied with a laugh.

Chrissy came back six glasses of champagne and gave one to each of
us. "Thank you for being so understanding," I said. "To the two of
you, who raised such amazing and loving daughters. They really are a
credit to you."

"Thank you," they said, and we drank our toast.

"When are you going to talk to dad?" Becky asked.

"Tonight, I think," Claire said. "I've had enough to drink that I
should be able to fight him down. I'd still suggest you lock your door

"Mom! You don't really think that he will do anything stupid, do you?"
Becky asked.

"No, I'm just being melodramatic. I'm sure that he'll be fine," Claire

"Would you like to set up an evening to have dinner together, to
discuss this with your husbands?" I asked.

"How about Wednesday night?" Claire asked. "Monday is too soon, and I
_know_ that you are all busy on Tuesdays, so Wednesday?"

"That works for us," I said.

"You are not going to even ask them?" Amy asked.

I smiled at her and said, "It is one of the benefits of this
relationship. If I tell them that Wednesday is OK, then it will be OK
for them."

"What he is not telling you," Jamie jumped in, "is that he knows our
schedules, and he knows full well that we will be available. If he
wasn't sure, I'm positive he would have consulted with us."

"You're giving away my secrets, Jamie," I said.

"I'm sorry, sir. I meant no offense," she said, and it was clear that
she meant it.

"Mmmmm, I can see what you mean by obedient," Amy said to Claire. "I
can't remember Jamie ever learning a lesson that quickly."

"It's a matter of rewards and punishment," I said. "I know what they
want, and what they don't want, and I am willing to bestow and
withhold to get my way. It works out very well, at least for me."

"Would anyone like a snack or another drink?" Chrissy asked.

"I'd like some fruit, Chrissy," I said.

"Yes, sir," she replied, and went off to the kitchen.

"Talk about obedient," Cindy said.

"Chrissy's relationship with us is quite different than the
relationship between me and Jamie and Becky," I said quickly. I didn't
want them getting the wrong idea.

"Really, how so?" asked Claire.

"Mom, can we talk about it another time?" Becky asked. "I am
emotionally wrung out, and I do not want to start down a different
path. I promise when we have time I'll tell you all about it."

"That's fine," Claire said. "I'm sure that this was a hard day for

"It was," Becky said, beginning to cry. She got up and went over to
hug her mother. "Thank you for accepting this! It would have crushed
me if you hadn't." She began sobbing into Claire's neck, and Claire
was attempting to comfort her, though it was clear her daughter's
nudity was somewhat troubling. I was going to suggest that the girls
put something on when Claire seemed to come to some sort of resolution
in her head, and she pulled Becky in tighter for a hug. Jamie went
over to her mother, and though she did not speak out loud, her eyes
said the same thing that Becky had.

As they were crying and holding their mothers, Chrissy came back and
put down the fruit basket. She saw what was happening and just dropped
into position on her knees next to me. Eventually, the girls were all
cried out and they got tissues to fix themselves up.

Amy said, "Claire, we need to start heading back," which caused
another round of hugs and weeping.

As they were leaving, Amy seemed a bit torn. "You are going to stay
here, Cindy?" She was clearly not entirely happy about that.

"Mom, don't be silly," she said. "They are not going to grab me and
rape me the second you leave. They might have an unusual relationship,
but it is still a relationship. I was here last night, and I slept
alone in my bed; no nocturnal visitors attacking me. Go home, and I
will stay here and make sure that Jamie is fine."

Amy still didn't look sure, but she nodded her head and left with
Claire. After the door closed behind them I collapsed on the couch and
said, "Whew. That did not go as badly as I had feared."

Jamie and Becky both came over to flank me, pushing their bodies into
mine. Jamie looked over at Cindy and said, "Thank you, sis. You saved
us a bunch of times today. I was contemplating asking you not to come
to lunch with us today, but I think it would have gone far worse if
you were not there. You calmed mom and Claire right down. Thank you. I
don't know how to repay you."

"Oh, I'll think of something," Cindy said with a smirk.

"Is anyone up to going out to dinner?" I asked.

"No!" Becky and Jamie said simultaneously.

"Chinese it is," I said. "Chrissy, please go order it, and then come
back and comfort your Mistress."

Becky smiled at me and pushed herself tighter into me. Chrissy got
orders from everyone, and when she was done calling it in she came
over and sat next to Becky. Becky turned to her and cuddled up,
pulling Chrissy into her lap. I pulled Jamie into my lap, and held her
as well.

"I feel a little left out," Cindy said. Jamie slid off of me and held
her arms open, and Cindy came over they hugged each other.

"I hope you don't mind if we don't mimic them completely," Cindy said
to her sister, pointing out that Becky was fondling and squeezing
Chrissy's nipple.

"I think we can just hug," Jamie said, laughing. I put my arms around
both Becky and Jamie as they cuddled with their respective partners,
and we stayed that way until the doorbell rang.

Looking around, Cindy said, "I'm dressed. I can get it."

I said, "No, that's OK. Becky will get it." Becky blushed, but got up
and got the door.

"After all she went through today, you are making her answer the door
in the nude?" Cindy asked.

"It's not your place to question him!" Jamie admonished her sister.

"Actually, she is not my slave, so she can question all she wants," I
said. "I won't always answer, but I will this time. I asked Becky to
go specifically because she has had such a hard day. This will put
some normalcy back into her life."

"Normalcy?" Cindy asked. "It's normal to answer the door naked?"

"No, it's normal to do what I tell her to do," I said.

Cindy just shook her head, but Becky was definitely happier when she
came back. "Chinese delivery will be fast from now on," she said with
a smile. We sat on the couch and ate our dinner. Have you ever eaten
Chinese food on a couch with a naked woman? You should try it. There
is always a certain amount of spillage, and I made a rule that stated
you may not clean food off of yourself; that would be someone else's
job, and they had to use their tongue. I took my shirt off as well. I
have never seen the girls that uncoordinated. It seemed that every
bite dripped something on them. It was a good thing that I liked what
they ordered.

Cindy said, "I feel left out again."

"Then join in," I told her, licking up a line of sauce from between
Becky's breasts. I started moving over to lick some rice off of Jamie
when Cindy leaned down and scooped it up with her tongue.

"Cindy!" Jamie exclaimed.

"What?" Cindy asked. "Are you afraid I might lick somewhere private?"
After she said that she leaned over and ran her tongue from the bottom
of Jamie's breast, over the nipple and up to the top.

To Jamie's credit, she didn't try to pull away; she simply said,

It was my turn to say, "What?"

"She's my sister!" she exclaimed.

"I'll tell you what," I proposed. "If you are not wet right now, I'll
have her stop."

"That's OK, sir," she mumbled.

However I turned to Cindy and said, "Would you like to check?"

Cindy got an evil grin on her face and ran her finger through Jamie's
pussy. It glistened when she pulled it out. "Definitely not dry," she

She reached for a napkin to wipe her hand off and I said, "What do you
think you are doing? Everyone in the room is dying for a taste! Don't
you dare waste it!" I pulled her hand to my face and popped her finger
into my mouth. I looked her right in the eye as I sucked her finger
clean. When I was done, I released her finger and went back to my

When Cindy licked the next dripped piece off of her sister, Jamie
complained, "It's not fair, sir. She gets to lick the food, but she is
still wearing her shirt."

I looked at both of them and said, "Life's not fair. Live with it."
Cindy stuck her tongue out at Jamie and went back to eating. When we
were done with dinner I decided that it was bedtime for all of us.

"Now I'm jealous," Cindy said.

"Why?" Becky asked.

"I think after that workup, it's fairly clear what all of you are
going off to do. And here I am, alone," she whined.

"Would you like me to lend you Chrissy?" I asked.

"What?" Cindy asked as Jamie shrieked, "No!"

"Excuse me Jamie? Did you just say no to me?" I asked.

"I'm sorry, sir. It's just that you are corrupting my sister!" she

"Oh, really? I'm corrupting her? Maybe instead of Chrissy I should
lend her you for the night," I said.

Jamie's eyes got wide and she put a hand over her mouth. "I'm sorry,
sir. I take it back. You are not corrupting her; you are just trying
to help out a guest in our home. I apologize for questioning you."

Cindy's evil smirk had returned, and I turned to her and said, "The
offer is on the table. You may have either Chrissy or your sister
tonight, if you so choose."

Cindy appeared to think about it for a minute before she let her
sister off the hook. "I don't think I'm ready for that, but thank
you. I wouldn't mind borrowing a toy or two from your slaves,

"Chrissy, go show Cindy the toy box and let her pick out whatever she
wants," I instructed. "Jamie, say good night to your sister, and you
might want to thank her again."

"Good night, sis," Jamie said. "I do need to thank you again for
today, and perhaps for tonight as well."

"Would you have really come with me and obeyed me tonight?" Cindy
asked her sister.

"If he instructed me to, of course," Jamie said.

"Amazing," Cindy said, shaking her head as she followed Chrissy

The girls and I cleaned up the food and put everything away. We went
upstairs, and in the hallway we passed Cindy again. "That is a truly
impressive collection," she said.

"We like to be sure we have something to cover all occasions," Becky

"I'll return what I borrowed tomorrow," Cindy said, and stepped into
her room. The rest of us went to our room, and we all piled in the
shower to wash off the food remains.

When we got out of the shower, I asked the girls, "Are you up to
anything tonight, or do you just want to sleep?"

"After you worked me up like that?" Jamie asked. "You damn well better
believe that I am not ready for sleep."

"Actually, sir, today completely wiped me out," Becky told me. "Do you
mind if I just turn in for the night?"

"Not at all," I said, taking her in my arms for a hug. "Why don't you
go to your bedroom with Chrissy and the two of you can cuddle up
together. Or if you want, you can stay here, though I think your
sister slave is going to be a bit loud."

"I think I'll take Chrissy to my room," Becky said.

"OK," I told her, kissing her on the top of her head. "Come back
anytime you want." She kissed me good night, grabbed Chrissy by the
hand, and walked out of the room.

After they left I turned to Jamie and with a leer on my face I asked,
"How do you want it?"

"Hard and fast, sir!" she replied, practically panting. I went to the
toy box and got a blindfold. I put her onto the bed, tied the
blindfold around her eyes and then tied her arms to the bedposts.

I climbed on top of her and kissed her hard on her mouth. Then I moved
my mouth to her ear and whispered, "With Becky and Chrissy gone, maybe
I should invite Cindy in. I'll give her a strap on and tell her to
have at you. Would you like that?"

"No, sir," she said, but her increased rate of breathing belied that

"If you lie to me again, you will be punished severely. Think about it
carefully and tell me. Would it turn you on if I brought Cindy in
here?" I asked her.

"I don't know, sir," she said in an anguished tone of voice. "It would
be wrong!"

"Why?" I asked.

"Because she is my sister!" she exclaimed.

"But what if your Master told you to have sex with her?" I
asked. "What would you do if I told you that what I wanted was to see
the two of you together? Would you do it?"

"Oh, yes! I would, sir! I would do whatever you wanted!" she screamed,
and I rammed my cock up her very hot, very wet pussy in one hard

"You say it's wrong," I panted between strokes, "but you get so turned
on by the thought. You need to remember that I am the one that decides
if it is wrong or not; not society and not you."

"I understand, sir! I'll do whatever you want!" she screamed.

"I want you to fuck me!" I told her, and she started pushing her hips
up to meet every stroke. I was pounding into her, my pubic bone
hitting hers on every stroke, my hips meeting with her, my balls
slapping her ass. We could not keep the pace up long, and within a
minute she was cumming around my cock.

I pulled out before I could cum and flipped her over and pulled her
hips up. Her hands were still tied to the bedposts, but her arms were
now crossed in front of her. I went to the door and opened it
slightly, and then I got back onto the bed behind her. I slowly
slipped my cock into her hot twat and I said, "Make believe I am
Cindy. I am wearing your strap on, and I am right behind you, fucking
your sexy pussy." I could feel her cunt clench around my cock when I
told her that. "Let me hear you beg for it!"

"Please, sir, fuck me! Fuck me hard!" she said.

"I am not your Master," I said, "I am your sister."

She started quietly, "Please Cindy, please fuck my cunt. You got me so
hot at dinner, licking my tit like that. I can't stop thinking of
you. Please put a finger in my ass while you fuck me!"

I obliged, and she continued, her voice getting louder. "Oh, your fake
cock feels so real in me. You make me feel so good Cindy. Please fuck
me, please fuck me now. Put another finger in my ass!"

Her voice got even louder as she encouraged me to put a third finger
in her ass, and then she screamed, "Fuck my ass, Cindy! Take that
strap on and plow me! Do it now!" I pulled out and shoved my cock into
her ass. She screamed in pleasure and kept encouraging Cindy. "Keep it
up! Squeeze the tits that you licked at dinner. I'm going to cum on
your cock Cindy. Do it, fuck me Cindy!" she wailed, and her ass
started clenching around my cock as she came, which in turn caused me
to spurt my hot cum deep into her rectum.

I collapsed on top of her, and then dragged her sideways as I fell to
the bed. I started untying her arms when I heard the door click
shut. I pulled her close to me, leaving her blindfold on. My final
thought before falling asleep was, 'I wonder who it was that closed
the door?'

*Sunday - Day 30*

I awoke on Sunday to the familiar feel of Becky giving me a blow
job. I opened my eyes and looked to the left to see Jamie sleeping
beside me, the covers kicked off and her gloriously nude body
displayed for my pleasure. A glance towards the bottom of the bed
showed Chrissy's head peeking over the foot of the bed. All was right
in the world.

Isn't it funny how in such a short time the amazing becomes the usual?
If you had told me thirty one days ago that I would wake up expecting
a fabulous blowjob from a sexy redhead while a nude brunette lay
beside me and a completely subservient blonde watched, I would have
said you were crazy. Now it was what I expected. However, while I
expected it, I still treasured it.

I glanced down and Becky and said, "Today is thirty days. Would you
have been willing to offer yourself to me today?"

Becky extracted my cock from her mouth and looked at me like I was
crazy. "Of course, sir! If it were not for the fact that I thought it
would be unfair to Jamie, I would offer myself this instant!"

"I know that, tiger," I said. "I just like to hear it. I am still
afraid that I will wake up and it will all have been a dream!"

"A wet dream, I assume," she replied as she ran her tongue down the
underside of my dick. "Maybe a year or two of using us as you see fit
will convince you it is real!"

I laughed as she started sucking on me for real. I concentrated on the
feeling and was shortly ejecting a large amount of semen directly into
Becky's mouth. When I was finished cumming, Becky moved down to
Chrissy. She pulled her hair so that Chrissy's mouth was facing up,
then positioning her mouth about six inches over Chrissy's, she
dripped some of my cum into her slave's mouth. It was very sexy to

Becky then crawled up the bed until her head was over Jamie's. She
stuck her cum-covered tongue out and licked at Jamie's lips. When
Jamie opened her mouth slightly in response, she dripped more cum into
Jamie's mouth. Jamie wrapped her arms around Becky's neck and pulled
her into a tongue swapping kiss. When all the cum was gone, Jamie
said, "Mmmmm, what a lovely way to wake up. I swear, since I have been
living with you I look forward to waking up! It's always such a
pleasant change from an alarm clock."

Becky moved over to snuggle next to Jamie and gestured to Chrissy. She
pointed at my cock and Chrissy crawled between my legs to clean my
cock. When she was done, she rested her head on my thigh and ran her
finger lightly over my balls; not playing with me, just passing time.

"So what is on the agenda today?" I asked.

"Breakfast, then party preparation," Becky answered. "By the way, sir,
since this party is really for our friends, I've asked Chrissy to be
our serving girl for the afternoon."

"Will she be wearing a maid's outfit?" I asked.

"Yes, sir, but not the one that I have," Becky assured me. "We got a
regular maid outfit, although it is a little slutty. But of course, my
little Chrissy doesn't mind being a complete slut for her mistress,
does she?"

"Of course not, Mistress," Chrissy responded.

"But what will we do if her slutty clothes turn on some of our
guests?" I asked.

"Well, I guess that I will have to have Chrissy relieve them," Becky
said. "She's very good with her mouth you know."

"I know very well," I said, looking fondly down at the woman who was
breathing on my cock. "But won't that give people the idea that all
she is for is a convenient orifice for them to relieve themselves."

"It isn't far from the truth," Becky said with a grin, and I could
feel Chrissy's breath getting faster.

"Maybe we can give out door prizes," I suggested. "A few lucky men get
a patented Slave Chrissy Deep Throat. It will certainly make our
parties popular."

"Ooooo, I like the idea," Becky said. "Chrissy, if anyone hands you a
slip that says 'Door Prize Winner' on it, you are to take them into an
empty room and offer them your mouth. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress," Chrissy replied in a whisper.

"And will you obey?" Becky asked.

"Of course, Mistress," Chrissy replied.

"And is the thought of servicing strange men at my instruction turning
you on?" Becky asked.

"Oh yes, Mistress!" Chrissy responded.

"Then climb on my face and let me taste you," Becky said, rolling onto
her back. Chrissy quickly scooted around the bed to Becky and
straddled her head. Becky pulled her pussy down to lick it as Chrissy
leaned forward against the wall. Jamie rolled over onto Becky, spread
Chrissy's ass and stuck her tongue up Chrissy's asshole. Between the
dual assault and the thought of what might come later in the day,
Chrissy took only seconds to begin cumming. Becky and Jamie took
Chrissy through two orgasms before allowing her to fall to the bed.

"Mmmmm," I sighed contentedly, "Just another normal morning in our


I allowed the girls to relax in bed for a while longer as I went
downstairs to prepare breakfast. I found Cindy in the kitchen drinking
her coffee. She was wearing an extra long tee shirt that covered her
to her thighs. It looked like she was not wearing a bra, though I
could not tell if she had panties on.

"Ah, another coffee drinking barbarian," I said.

"I don't understand how you can start your morning without it!" Cindy
said, shuddering.

"It's all a matter of willpower," I smirked.

"Oh, yes, you have a lot of willpower," she said sarcastically. "I can
see that you resist the temptations around you constantly. Last night
and this morning you were _clearly_ resisting."

"But my temptations are good for me!" I said, smiling. "Plus, they
would be soooo disappointed if I resisted."

"You know, my mother was worried that you might be corrupting me if I
stayed," she said. "It looked to me like you were working on
corrupting my sister further, not me."

"So you were watching last night?" I asked.

Cindy blushed and said, "Your door was open and Jamie was calling
me. What did you expect?"

I just smiled at her as I got myself a glass of juice.

"Why was she pretending that you were me?" she asked.

"Because I told her to," I replied.

"Why did you do that?" she asked.

"Because it is something that she would never do herself. You are her
sister, completely forbidden," I explained. "The thought that I might
make her do anything with you got her extremely hot, as you might have

"Would you make her do that?" she asked nervously.

I smiled at her again and said, "It was just a fantasy."

"That doesn't answer my question," she said.

"It's all the answer that you are going to get right now," I
replied. "Would you take some coffee upstairs for the others while I
make breakfast? Tell them I'll bring it up and they can have breakfast
in bed. You can join us as well."

"OK," she said, and she took the pot and some cups up with her. I made
a whole heap of scrambled eggs and bacon and put the whole mess on a
tray with plates and utensils and carried it upstairs.

I walked in and the girls were still lazily lying in bed. The room
smelled of cum and pussy and Chrissy had clearly still not recovered
from the treatment that she had received. Cindy was sitting on the bed
leaning against some pillows, sipping her coffee. Her legs were
crossed in front of her, and my question about underwear was answered;
she was not wearing any.

"Food!" Becky exclaimed and scrambled over to help me lay everything
out. I dished some out for everyone, and Chrissy finally roused
herself enough to partake. We enjoyed the meal together, Cindy
apparently unbothered by the others' nudity. We discussed the plans
for today, and when we finished eating, everyone went to clean up and
prepare for the day while I took the remains of breakfast away. Cindy
went to the bathroom with the others; I wondered how she would react
to their morning ablutions.

For the rest of the morning we all cleaned and straightened for the
party. The food arrived just after noon, and by about two the guests
started arriving. Chrissy, dressed in a maid outfit that might raise
an eyebrow or two, but not cause a riot, was circulating amongst the
guests handing out hors d'oeuvres. For once Becky and Jamie were not
matching; Becky was in a fairly short skirt and a low cut shirt while
Jamie was in a sundress. They took pains to demonstrate before the
party that neither was wearing underwear.

We all mingled among the guests. Each of us had a contingent that the
other did not know. There were about eight of my co-workers with
guests, and only one knew Becky. Becky had six of her co-workers, but
I only knew one besides Rachel and Joan. And Jamie had only four
co-workers, none of whom Becky or I knew. In addition there were our
joint friends, some friends of mine and Becky, and finally there were
some friends of Jamie that neither Becky nor I knew.

We had a nice night mingling with old friends and making new ones. The
other interesting mix at the party were those that knew the dynamic of
our household, and those that did not; those that did looked a little
surprised at the normality of the party, and seemed to be waiting for
something to happen.


Shortly after they arrived I managed to talk to Bob and Lisa. After
initial pleasantries Lisa said, "After some of the stories that I've
heard I expected to see Becky and Jamie serving food on their naked
backs. This seems like a regular party."

"That's because this is a regular party," I explained. "There are a
lot of people that we don't know very well, and we don't feel that
they need to know how we live. If this were a private party with just
close friends, we would be acting differently. I don't know about
serving food on naked backs, but I'll keep it in mind for the future."

"It wasn't meant as a suggestion!" Lisa exclaimed.

"Look, you've spoken with Jill and with Becky, right?" I asked.

"Yes," she replied.

"Then try not to be too judgmental," I said. "You know that everything
is consensual and above board, but I also know that if you haven't
experienced it first hand, you can't know what it is really
like. We'll have you over for dinner one night and put you more at
ease, but until then, relax and have a good time."

"You're right," Lisa said, and Bob nodded in agreement. "So how have
you been?" she asked. I smiled evilly and she smacked my arm and said,
"I guess _that_ was a stupid question. How are things when you
are dressed?"

"Well, I'm dressed most of the time, but I understand your question,"
I said. We chatted for a while about what else was going on in our

Before I left them I filled them in on the plans for next
Saturday. "Do you think that you could come?" I asked.

They looked at each other, and this time Bob answered. "I am not sure
that we are comfortable enough to do that, but we'll let you know."

"OK," I said. "We'd really like you to come, and I'm sure the girls
will really work on you. If you want to talk to us more in a less
crowded environment, we have Thursday night open; maybe we could go
out for drinks or something? Just let us know."


I got a refill on my drink and looked for others to talk to. All of my
co-workers complimented me on the apartment. On the tours that we
provided, we said that the master bedroom was mine, and we showed them
each of the girls' private rooms. A couple of them noticed that we had
extra bedrooms available and asked if we were looking for more
roommates. I was near Becky when one of her more attractive co-workers
asked her that question. She looked at me with a raised eyebrow, but I
just shook my head with a smile. Rachel and her husband were standing
near them at the time, and Rachel snorted when she heard the question.

I went over to Rachel and she introduced me to her husband as Becky's
boyfriend. He seemed like quite a happy camper, and Rachel was all
over him the whole night. At one point I got Rachel alone and asked,
"Are you wearing panties?" She nodded. "Why don't you take them off,
and show your husband the maid's quarters on the third floor? We won't
be doing a tour for at least another half hour, and maybe you could
play the upstairs maid?" She seemed initially shocked, but then got a
wicked smile on her face and ran off to find her husband. I saw them
later, and his expression was even happier. When I got Rachel alone
again, I told her that she would have to tell me what happened on
Monday. She told me that in the meantime I could keep the panties that
she left in the maid's room, right in the middle of the bed where
anyone could see them.


Jill was there, of course, and at one point I was with her, Mark and
Joan (friend Joan, not co-worker Joan). I handed Mark a piece of paper
and told him, "For being such a big help when we moved, you get one of
the door prizes. Give this paper to Chrissy when you see her, and
she'll get you the prize."

"Thanks," he said, and wandered off looking for Chrissy.

Jill said, "We helped too. Why don't we get a door prize?"

"I'd offer you one," I told her, "but I don't think that you'd accept,
and I wouldn't want to put Chrissy through all that trouble for

"How do you know we won't accept until you ask us?" Joan said, but
Jill had a wary look in her eye.

"I'd be happy to give you a prize if you just agree that you will
accept it," I said, smiling.

"I don't think that would be a very good idea," Jill told Joan. "I've
gotten to know him a little better, and he has a wicked sense of
humor. You could end up in a situation you might not want to be in."

"Or you might end up in a situation that you would want to be in," I

"I think maybe we should wait a bit and think about it," Jill said.

"If you say so," Joan replied.


A little later I ran across Peg, our old neighbor. "How are you?" I

"Good," she replied. "I'm getting a little more sleep at night."

"Really?" I asked, densely.

"Well, for a few weeks it had been a bit noisy at night, and it
suddenly got a lot quieter," she explained.

Now it was my turn to be embarrassed. "I'm sorry. I guess we didn't
think how thin the walls were."

"That's OK," she said with a genial laugh." I was quite curious about
what was going on in there, and my imagination gave me plenty to keep
me occupied. To tell you the truth, I kind of miss it."

"Well, if you end up missing it too much, talk to Becky," I told her,
leering good naturedly. "I'm sure she could lend you the room next to
ours, though we are less restrained here, and without locked doors
between us, you never know what will happen." It was her turn to

Later Becky came up to me and asked, "What did you say to Peg?"

"Why?" I asked.

"She said that I should be careful because you were inviting women
into our house," she said. I laughed and related our conversation. She
got an evil look on her face and went off looking for Peg.


Nelly and Ronnie made an interesting couple. Despite what I had told
them, or perhaps because of it, they decided on an interesting mode of
dress. Nelly was in black leather pants and a leather vest. Ronnie was
wearing a low cut white sundress, accessorized with a big black collar
and big black cuffs. They were making it very clear what their
relationship was.

"Whose idea was the clothes?" I asked them.

"Mine," Nelly said. "My little pet has been shy about advertising our
new relationship, so I thought this would be a safe place to push
her. Knowing that the others would be dressed normally made it even
better; see how prettily she blushes?"

"Has Becky seen you yet?" I asked.

"Yes, and she seemed quite amused," Nelly replied.

"Well don't forget, if you feel like Becky is slacking off at the gym,
you have my permission to use your hand on her bare bottom to
encourage her," I said evilly. I didn't want Becky to get too uppity
around her pet project, and I thought that this would definitely put
her in her place.


Joan came up to me again, with Jill trailing. "What would have
happened if we accepted?" she asked.

"What do you mean?" I inquired.

"We just talked to Mark and we found out what his door prize was,"
Joan said. "If I had accepted the door prize, what would have

"Chrissy would have taken you into a room and serviced you orally," I

Jill snorted, "'Serviced you orally!' Why can't you just say what you

"Fine," I replied. "Chrissy would have taken you to a private
room. She would have pushed you onto a bed and pushed your skirt
up. Then she would have removed your panties. You would be arguing and
complaining, and it would make no difference. When your panties were
gone, she would spread your legs and start licking all around your
pussy. She would bury her tongue in you, manipulating your clit with
her nose. Then she probably would have gotten her fingers involved as
well, and kept at you until you came. If she felt that you came too
easily, she probably wouldn't have stopped after the first time. And
when she was done, she would not have returned your panties. Is that
more in line with what you wanted to hear?"

Jill gulped and said, "I thought you'd just say that she would go down
on me."

"I still have a door prize tag available," I said, waving a piece of
paper at her.

Joan backed away a little, but Jill looked tempted. "Jill!" Joan

"No thank you," Jill finally said.

"Well you deserve it, so anytime you change your mind, let me know," I
told her.


"Interesting party," Cindy said, coming up to me towards the end.

"How so?" I asked.

"I can tell which people know about you and which don't," she said.

"How can you tell?" I asked.

"It's not obvious, but there is a subtly different way that they treat
all of you, you in particular," she said. "They seem a little more
nervous around you, almost afraid of what you will do. Which is funny,
because if they knew what was really going on, they would be more
nervous around Becky than around you."

"You picked up on that already?" I asked.

"Oh, yeah," she said. "Remember though, I grew up around her."

"That's funny, because Jamie and I were discussing that, and we both
felt that Becky had changed in a significant way", I said. "We didn't
think she had this in her before, and we didn't understand where she
got this aspect of her personality from. Do you see something
different than we do?"

"I do," she said. "Perhaps you don't see it because the two of you
were too close to her. She is actually quite manipulative, so she
could be adventurous, but make it look as if it were someone else's
idea. I think now that you are not putting up with as much of the
subtle manipulation that she is so good at, she has been freed to be
more obvious. And since she seems to be on a mission to please you,
watch out world!"

"Thanks, Cindy," I said. "For someone as young as you are, you are
quite perceptive. I appreciate the insight, and I owe you for it."

"Don't worry," she said with a grin. "One day the bill will come due."
Then she flounced away for another drink.


I met up with Jamie and Chrissy in the kitchen. "How many door prizes
have you redeemed?" I asked Chrissy.

"Three, sir," she replied.

"Who were they?" I asked.

"Mike and Mark for the moving day, and Joan from Mistress' work," she
responded. I guess Becky felt Joan deserved a reward, especially
considering that she was to be punished tomorrow.

"How do you feel about providing the door prizes?" I asked her.

"Very good, sir!" she replied in a dreamy voice. "Mistress said that
she was very proud of me!"

"I am as well," I said.

Jamie said, "I gave Mike his, and I assume that Becky gave Joan
hers. Did you give one to Mark?"

"Yup, and I tried getting Jill and Joan to take one, but no dice," I
told her.

She laughed and said, "I wish I had been there for _that_

"I think that I almost had Jill," I told her.

"That girl is getting sucked in," Jamie said, teasingly. "If you are
not careful, you are going to end up with a larger harem."

"I don't think so, and neither do you," I said. "She is just playing

"Maybe," Jamie said, "but it would not surprise me if she came back
for more."

"Well, I wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating crackers," I replied.

"No, but you might spank her," Jamie laughed.

"True," I said, and wandered back to the party.


Towards the end of the party I saw Joan, from Becky's office standing
alone, and I saw Mark standing near her. I remembered what Chrissy
said about Joan not having anyone to go home to after their Tuesday
night outings, and I thought I'd take a page out of Becky's
matchmaking book and see if I could get sparks flying. I corralled
them together and made the introductions. I started them talking and
they seemed to be hitting it off. To throw a little match onto the
fire, as I walked away I said, "Maybe the two of you can compare notes
on your door prizes."


As the party started winding down I noticed Becky across the room
talking to the attractive co-worker who had asked about sharing the
apartment. I saw her slip her a piece of paper and then the woman
wandered off. I went up to Becky and asked, "What did you just give

"A door prize," Becky said.

"You never introduced me to her," I said. "Do you know her well enough
to give Chrissy to her like that?"

"I don't know her that well, but she seems very nice," Becky
replied. "I just thought that it would be something fun to talk with
her about tomorrow. Plus, I told Chrissy to make sure that the
performance was videotaped. I thought that it would be interesting
entertainment for you. Who knows where it could lead one day?"

"I appreciate your efforts as a procurer for me," I told her, "but you
need to make sure that you are being careful. I want you to remember
who is in charge. I do not want random people trooping through here. I
won't tell you how to use your slave, as long as you are being
careful. But if you step over the line, I will come down on you, do
you understand?"

"Yes, sir," Becky said, clearly nervous. "I guess I didn't think it
through too well. I'm sorry, sir."

"Next time that you are interested in someone, you treat them like you
would any perspective lover," I told her. "You get to know them first,
and when you are comfortable with them, then you make your move."

"Yes sir," she said.


The party was pretty much over. We started cleaning up, and I was in
the kitchen cleaning when Chrissy came in without her uniform. I
looked at her in surprise and she said, "Mistress told me that it was
time to get back to normal."

I wandered out and I saw Jamie and Becky cleaning up, also
naked. Helping them were Cindy, Jill, the two Joans, Mark and
Mike. Bob and Lisa came in from the study a minute later. Lisa was
shaking her head. "I don't think I am going to get used to seeing them
like this," she said.

"Is everyone else gone?" I asked Becky.

"Yes, sir," she said. We all pitched in to finish cleaning. When we
were all done I invited everyone into the study for a last
round. There was a fire going in the fireplace, and we all sat around
chatting. Becky and Jamie told everyone the story of confronting their
mothers, and how hard it was to do. Everyone commiserated and shared
stories of how hard it was to tell their parents something

As we sat there, I looked around; three naked women, four clothed men
and four clothed women, and nobody seemed too upset or embarrassed. To
me, this was one of the most positive signs that things might work

During a lull in the conversation, I asked Lisa, "So, do you think
that you would be willing to come over to our house for dinner
sometimes, knowing that this is how the girls will be dressed?"

"Well, I guess I would," she said. "That surprises me, because I
probably would have said no this afternoon, but most of the time I
don't feel too uncomfortable around them. Every now and then I'll look
over and think to myself, 'Oh my god! They're naked!' But mostly I'm
OK. What about you, Bob?"

"Um, I guess it's OK," he said. "I have to say that it's very
disconcerting. These are friends we've had for a long time, and I
never expected to see them without clothes, but I can live with it."

"Live with it!" Mike snorted. "You're a guy, you can admit it. They
turn you on!"

"Do we turn you on?" Jamie asked Mike.

"Definitely," he said, "but so do Lisa and Joan and so do the other
women here. So do most women. That doesn't mean that I can't have a
normal conversation with you, or with them."

"You're a pig," Lisa said.

"No, I'm a man, though that's close," Mike said, unoffended.

Everyone laughed. Eventually the non-residents got ready to go. They
all agreed to come to the ceremony next week.

The rest of us started upstairs. I pulled Becky aside when I had the
chance, so that I could arrange for some special activities for
tomorrow. She agreed to help me out. We followed the others upstairs
and found Cindy sitting on our bed talking to Jamie. When we came in
she hugged Jamie and got up to go. On her way out she spontaneously
hugged Becky as well.

"What was that for?" Becky asked.

"Just for being so nice to me," she said, and she left the room.

I pulled my clothes off and collapsed on the bed. Jamie laid her head
on my thigh and Becky put her head on my chest. Chrissy cuddled at
Becky's feet. "How do you feel the party went?" I asked.

"It went well," Jamie said. "It was so nice having all those people
over. But the whole time I was thinking, 'What if he had made me host
this party with no clothes?'"

"And that upset you?" I asked, concerned.

"On the contrary, sir," she said, starting to play gently with my
cock. "I kept getting wetter and wetter. I don't really think I want
you to make me do that, but sir, the thought that you might make
me... I had to wipe my pussy at least three times tonight!"

"How about you, Chrissy?" I asked. "How do you feel about what
happened tonight?"

"Even better than Jamie," she said. "I love the way Mistress used me,
both as a serving girl as well as a door prize. Thank you, Mistress."

"And you, Becky?" I asked.

"I enjoyed myself, especially the last part, after almost everyone had
left. It was nice being with our friends and having them accept us."

"I agree," I said, and I felt Jamie nodding.

We continued talking for a few more minutes, but we were all tired and
we soon fell asleep.

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End Chapter 5 / more to come.

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