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Jessica's Conversion


Part Three

Author's note : The previous chapters in this story can be found as
JESSICA1 and JESSICA2. I thank those who have commented to me
so far, and I will attempt to integrate as many of the suggestions as
I can.


"We're not done yet, though." said Eva as she toweled the sperm
from her hair, rubbing it through her fingers like fine conditioner.
"I think they have a video planned. I wonder who it'll be tonight."

"What do you mean?" asked a still-trembling Jessica.

"Every now and then, Sir John does a video of a girl here, either
to keep her under control, or to sell to a private collector. We've
had some fairly famous women here who suck cock like crazy, and they
can't to a thing because Sir John always keeps a copy of the tape. If
it got out, it would ruin their careers."

Jessica ignored the reference to 'Sir John' for now. "Who? Who?"
she quizzed.

Eva leaned over and whispered to Jessica. "You know the blond who
used to be on that TV show, the one who's husband is the producer

Jessica gulped. She knew who Eva meant. The woman was a beautiful
woman of about 45, long blond hair and a gorgeous face.

"Well, Sir John captured her one morning, brought her up here and
and tied her naked to a stool. He taped about 30 guys getting sucked
off and jerking off on her face, until she was covered in sperm. She
struggled and fought like a bitch too, that was the great part. But he
video'ed the entire thing, and threatened to release it to the
tabloids and stuff if she ever said a word. She left really scared. He
sold the tape to a collector who paid $15,000 for it."

"Another time he got that singer, you know the one who's always
in trouble for cussing and shit on stage? And he had her up her for
two days and nights, and I swear she must'a had a hundred guys fuck
her silly. She was tied to a rubber mat downstairs, and she about
drowned in all the cum they fed her. I mean, it was just running out
of her mouth after a while, and all over her face and tits and stuff.
But she never said a word."

Jessica gulped. Just then the room went dark and a large
television slowly moved from a recess in the wall. A video projector
clicked on somewhere out of sight. Jessica trembled in the cold and
watched. As the screen lit, she saw the title. "This one resisted a
bit" whispered Eva to her. The title made Jessica shiver.

"DROWNED IN CUM". The video opened to show a cute young girl,
she couldn't have been more than 17 or 18, tied naked to a table. The
camera zoomed into her terrified face. Streaks of tears showed
plainly. Her eyes were red from sobbing. The camera slowly panned down
her young body. Red welts criss-crossed her breasts and rib cage. Her
pubic hair had been shaved, and the camera turned slightly to show
what appeared to be a huge dildo shoved into her cunt. Small red
droplets attested to the fact that the insertion was done roughly.
Another, just slightly smaller dildo was plugged into her rectum. More
red welts crossed her thighs and calves. Her ankles had been cuffed
and tied to opposite corners of the table.

Suddenly she screamed. The camera slowly turned to reveal the
object of her terror. Three huge black men, totally naked were
entering the room. They had enormous cocks, each at least 10 inches
long, and as big around as the young girl's arm. Two of the men went
to either side of the table and, reaching under it, made some
adjustment. The table suddenly started tilting and inching upwards,
until the girl's feet were above her head. She was bound, helpless, as
the table continued until it was nearly vertical. The table moved up
slightly as the other black man moved to stand near her head.
Gradually, the girl's body was raised until her head was just below
the level of the man's cock. He fisted it lazily, smearing the head
over her face, drooling pre-cum across her cheeks and jaw. He grabbed
the dildo in her pussy with the other hand and began sliding, slowly
at first, then faster and faster, in and out of her ravaged and sore
channel. As he did, he leaned forward and tried to force his cock
between the girl's lips. She resisted, biting down on it. He growled
angrily at the girl. Jessica was stunned to see him suddenly slam the
huge dildo all the way down into the poor girl's vagina. She shrieked.

The giant ignored her, pulling the dildo out and slamming it back down
three more times. The girl slumped visibly in the restraints,
exhausted and terrified of further pain. Jessica watched as the camera
zoomed in to show her weakly open her mouth. The huge head of the
man's cock bent back her lips as he shoved it into her mouth and
started roughly fucking the pretty girl's face. Jessica watched as the
spit and slobber leaked out from around her lips as the man stabbed
his cock over and over up into her mouth and throat. Because she was
upside down and the table was at such an angle, Jessica could see the
ridge the cock made as it visibly went five or six inches into the
girl's neck. As he fucked himself into the blonde's face, the man
continued shoving the dildo back and forth, in and out of her cunt.
Jessica could hear her grunt and groan with the effort. After a few
minutes, the man suddenly grunted and pushed his groin fully against
the girl's lips, imbedding his twitching cock a half-foot into her
throat. Jessica saw his ass muscles clench repeatedly. She knew he was
coming, ejaculating, right into the girl's stomach. She coughed and
gagged as the acrid sperm tried to battle gravity and run uphill. The
man pulled his cock out of her mouth, and the girl choked again,
spitting sperm and saliva down out of her throat and out her mouth. It
ran in white streams over her eyes and forehead, pooling and dripping
from her lips.

The other two men did virtually the same thing. Each ejaculated
what appeared to be tremendous amounts of sperm. By the time the third
man was finished, the poor girl's face was literally covered with
saliva, sperm, and sweat. Her hair dripped with the cum, trailing down
from her head held suspended almost four feet off the ground.

Then Jessica was startled to see Eva enter the picture. She held
what appeared to be a large silver bowl with a yellow-whiteish liquid
pooling in it. The bowl was nearly full, and the liquid threatened to
splash over the rim at any time.

"Susan. You know your father's horse, Brandy, the one that's 18
hands high?" Jessica blanched. "We have him. We hooked his huge horse
cock to a stud milking machine and collected all his gooey horse cum
for the last three days. It's all in this bowl." She bent down and
shook the bowl over the girl Susan's head, watching the liquid spill
over and drip onto her face. Susan shrieked with agony and disgust.

"Yes, you do that. You keep resisting." As she spoke, Eva took
her hands and scooped large handsful of the slimy equine ejaculate out
of the bowl. "You keep fighting, and you may one day look back on this
day with fond memories." She splashed the horse cum on Susan's face.
The girl screamed and tossed her face from side to side roughly,
throwing the white liquid off in large drops. Again and again Eva
scooped large dollops of the sperm out of the bowl, pouring it over
the poor resisting girl's face and body.

"How 'bout we fill up that pretty cunt of yours with some nice
horse cum, hey?" Eva stood and pulled the black dildo that was still
imbedded fully in Susan's overstretched vagina out with a slurping
sound. Susan twisted and squirmed, but the straps held her tight.
Jessica watched with growing disgust as Eva tilted the bowl up and
poured a large amount of the horse's sperm directly into Susan's
still-gaping vagina. Fully a pint of the gooey white mess was poured
in before Eva stood on her tiptoes and feigned looking down into
Susan's cunt.

"Yep, all filled up nice. Now let's close'er back up." She slowly
forced the dildo back down into Susan's cunt. The cum filling her
vagina bubbled up over Susan's vulva, streaming down her tummy and
coating her stomach and tits with milky lines. Some of it had to drip
down across her chin and face.

"Can't forget about the ass, now, can we?" Eva pulled the plug
from the girl's rectum, and before the stretched anus could retract,
poured more horse semen into Susan's violated rectal canal. Jessica
could see her sob and wrack her body trying to avoid the humiliating
experience. Eva pushed the dildo back into Susan's body.

"I'd say you were pretty well filled up. Oooops! No! Forgot one
hole, didn't we?" Jessica stiffened as Eva tilted the table back down
to the horizontal. White lines of cum, man and animal, drooled and
dripped from the teenager's body. It leaked from around the black
rubber shafts cruelly forced into her lower openings. Her face and
hair were caked and dripping with cum. Susan gripped her lips
together, willing herself strength to resist this last awful torment
that she knew was coming. Eva merely looked at her and grinned.

"Stupid bitch. You think you can really resist? Feel this." And
she leaned over. Jessica couldn't see what she did, but Eva put her
free hand somewhere along Susan's neck and appeared to pinch her. The
young girl shrieked in pain as Eva found a nerve and ground it between
her fingernails. The girl's shrieks and cries reverberated through the
room from the tape. Jessica felt her own tears start to come. As Eva
pinched the nerve, she poured the remaining ejaculate directly into
Susan's open mouth. Rivers of horse cum drenched the poor girl. She
coughed it up, gagging and choking on the vile taste. Still Eva
poured, drenching her with the several day's efforts of the horse.

"Yes, that's a good girl" she said raspingly. "Drink all of your
nice horsey's cum. Drink it down like a good girl, and maybe we won't
send the nag to the glue factory. Don't you like the taste of his nice
gooey jizz? Wouldn't you like us to publish this picture in your high
school yearbook? Wouldn't that be a treat? Can't you just see it now?"
Still the white liquid dripped and flowed from the bowl.

"'Susan Flaherty. Cheerleader, Student Council member, and horse
cum drinker. Her greatest ambition is to crash the Kentucky Derby.'"
Eva laughed. "What would your boyfriend do if he saw you now, little
princess? Would he barf in disgust? Or you think he might be man
enough to come here and make you suck him off? Do you do that? Do you
suck him off every Saturday night after the football game? WELL DO
YOU!" Eva slapped the girl's tits, hard. Susan coughed and spit cum
back up.


SLAP! The sound of the heavy bowl being smacked into Susan's
ribcage brought a jump to Jessica's sweating body. SMACK! Again and

"Are YOU sure you don't suck him off at all?" threatened Eva

"yes, yes, I do, I do, I suck him off a lot."

"Good. Now tell us what you are."

The girl was silent.

"Do you want more?"

"I..I'm a cocksucker." Smack. Just hard enough to jiggle the
skin. "I..I suck cock all day and all night." Smack. The girl was
getting delirious with the pain and humiliation now, her spirit almost
broken. "Yes, fuckme fuckyou, I'm a cock sucker and a cum drinker and
a slut whore pig fucking slut bitch cocksucker feed me cum you bitch I
want it more fuck my ass fuck my pussy fuck me fuck me suck cum I'm a
cum slut fuck me OH GOD IM COMMMMINGGGG!!!!" The girl spasmed as Eva
rammed the dildo in and out of her bruised snatch.

"YES FUCK ME FUCK ME GIVE ME THAT CUM I want it I want it all
fuck me cum on me cum on my face cover my fuckface make me drink your
cum." Susan was babbling as wave after wave of the humiliating
torture-induced orgasm passed over her.

"ohgod I want that horse cum yes, fuck me I'll drink that cum
piss shit fuck oh shit I love cum I want cum more more more...."
Susan's voice trailed off in hoarseness and exhaustion.

"Oh good. I'm so glad to hear you say that." said Eva calmly.
"Because we just happen to have a bit more. You know, " she said,
walking out of the picture temporarily. "that's one good thing about
living on a farm. You can always find some animal to cum for you. You
know your Daddy's big prize bull? Well, guess what, you little cum
drinking fuck slut?" She walked back into the camera's range. "We've
got even more for you!" So saying, she held up the back of Susan's
head and brought a large bottle that looked like a Thermos jug to
Susan's lips.

"Here, baby, have some cow cum!" Eva giggled. Susan burbled and
choked as the other woman forced the steer's semen into her mouth and
all over her face. Jessica was astonished to see Susan actually gulp
and swallow.

"OHMY GOD She's swallowing sperm from an animal.." she whispered.
Eva looked at her and smiled, knowingly.

Susan continued to drink from the thermos as Eva tilted it up,
drenching the young girl from forehead to tits with the creamy
textured ejaculate. Eva continued to move the dildo in and out of
Susan's cunt. As the thermos emptied, Eva moved back out of the
picture. The camera zoomed in to fill the frame completely with
Susan's drenched face. Her eyes stared back, zombie-like. Her entire
face and neck were covered with sperm. She gulped once, then opened
her mouth. The camera caught the huge pool of semen filling her cheeks
and flowing over her tongue. Susan pushed some of it out over her
lower lip, then shoved her tongue through the gooey mess. Then she
closed her mouth again and swallowed, her eyes dull and unfocused. Her
mouth drooled open and small streamers of semen and saliva dripped
from the corner of her lips. As the camera stayed focused on her face,
the cum on her forehead and eyebrows gradually started to bubble and
drip down her cheeks and nose. For fully five minutes, Jessica watched
spellbound as the camera recorded every detail of this young girl's
total humiliation. Finally she spoke, in a voice hoarse and dead.

"I love cum." The camera pulled away a bit. "Feed me cum." As
the camera dollied back and began to fade away, the room reverberated
with the girl's cries.


Jessica felt her stomach heave as the scene faded out. "How can
you do that to that poor girl?" she cried to Eva, "How can you do

Eva just looked at her. "Lissen you bitch. You're here to be
taught a lesson, and don't you forget it." Jessica was suprised at how
fast Eva could switch in and out of her moods. "You've been brought
here to learn to be a slave to your master, to do whatever he or she
wants you to. You'll fuck what they say, suck what they say, and do
whatever they want, or the punishment, you'll find, is far worse. No
one ever died from this, but there may be a time when you'll wish you
were dead." she hissed. "Now get up!"

Eva stood and roughly pulled Jessica to her feet. She had
forgotten that she'd been shackled at the ankles and had the chain and
collar around her neck. She teetered on the high heels, blushing
suddenly as the lights came back up in the room. She and Eva were
sitting towards the rear of the room. All the male heads in front of
them turned to look.

"Gentlemen. Your relief tonight will be supplied by our newest
prize. This is slave Jessica." Eva began. "You make fuck her in any
hole, or use the cane, or both. Do not mark her though, as she hasn't
completed the initiation." She turned to give a hard, cold look at
Jessica. "You will do what they require. You can cry and scream all
you like, in fact some of them prefer it." She pushed Jessica into
the middle of the room.

As she stumbled forward, Jessica saw the men clear the furniture
out of the middle of the room, until a circle of large chairs
surrounded a cleared space about 15 feet across. Into this area
several pairs of hands pushed the terrified young wife.

A man stepped forward. "I gotta fuck this bitch right now or I'll
fuckin' explode!" He pushed Jessica down onto her back, forcing her
wrists and arms behind her painfully. A set of keys unlocked her ankle
chain, and Jessica fought unsuccessfully to keep her legs together.
Strong hands won, and pulled her legs wide apart, so wide that Jessica
almost fainted with the sudden pain. Her legs were stretched so far
apart the Jessica could feel her thigh muscles strain and creak with
the effort. The first man quickly lowered his pants and pulled a hard
cock from his undershorts. He simply fell on Jessica and pushed his
cock into her dry vagina. The pain was unbearable. Jessica had never
before been so shocked and violated. The rapist forced himself back
and forth in her channel, lubricating more with his sweat and pre-cum
than with any of her natural juices.

Jessica cried out with the pain, but the men ignored her. She
twisted her body, but the movements only seemed to spur the man raping
her on.

"Yeah, slut, move that pussy, shake your fuckin' ass for me." he
grunted as he pummelled again and again at her. "Yeah, I'm gonna blow
my fucking wad right up your tight cunt and then watch everybody else
fuck it back out again."

"Hey, Jack , roll her over, I want a crack at her ass." Despite
her protestations, the man fucking Jessica did just that, rolling over
onto his back and pulling her upper body down to his, mauling her tits
and slobbering his lips and tongue over her face. She recoiled in

"Hey, bitch, let me kiss those sweet lips now before they're all
covered with fuckin' slime" he said roughly. He forced his lips down
over Jessica's. Suddenly she stiffened. She felt hands pull her ass
cheeks apart and a pushing sensation at her virgin asshole. She tried
to scream out into the mouth covering hers, but only a grunt escaped.
The cock at her rear insisted on entry. She groaned and felt a pop as
the head slimed it's way past her clutching sphincter. Inch after inch
of the prick pushed its way into her rectum. Jessica had never felt
such pain. Tears flowed as her body was violated in this new way. The
cock sawed its way back and forth, rubbing against the one alreading
invading her vagina through the thin membrane separating her cavities.
She arched her back and tried to force the terrible invader from her
body, but her movements only forced the twin shafts in deeper and
deeper. The man below her savagely thrust his hips up off the floor,
pushing deeper and deeper into her sore pussy. Jessica felt the head
of his cock mash against her cervix, imbedding itself into her womb.

As Jessica arched, her head came up. Two strong hands grasped her
hair, and she was mortified to see a large cock present itself for her
oral attentions. A hand pinched her nose and forced her to open her
mouth to breath. As she did, the cock pushed over her lips and into
her mouth before she could protest. Now she was truly violated, her
every hole occupied by hard male flesh, her body little more than a
receptacle for their desires.

Suddenly she felt the branding fire-hot pain of the whip as
someone began switching her tender back. Streaks of agony shot through
her body as the whip was applied. She screamed in pain and
humiliation. Sobs wracked her slim body. Suddenly the man below her
stiffened and shoved his cock fully up into her pussy, his cock firing
salvo after salvo of hot sticky cum directly into her uterus. The
vibrations set off the man in her ass, whose face Jessica had never
even seen. The cock invading her there dumped its load of sperm into
her bowels. The cock in her mouth shuddered just seconds later, adding
it's volume to the fluid already forcibly injected into her resisting
body. Jessica felt the hot salty taste wash over her tongue and gulped

Three more men took their places, and then three more, and three
more, and three more. Jessica felt the sperm leaking from her bloody
and torn asshole and pussylips. Her lips were caked with drying sperm.
Her body could Fight the intruders no more, and she limply lay and let
the men push and twist and turn her any way they wished. She was like
a rag doll in their hands. Cocks spit at her face and breasts, bathing
her with the warm fluid. On her back, on her stomach, on hands and
knees, bent over the arm of a couch, Jessica was raped over and over
by the men. It seemed to never stop. She was sure that several of the
men attacked her two or three times. She swallowed load after load of
sperm. Her pussy literally swam in the ejaculate of the men. It
dripped down the insides of her thighs and down from her face to her
breasts. She was whipped several times.

The attacks continued. It seemed that Jessica had been tortured
for hours. She lost track of all time. Her body just responded limply.
At one point she saw five cocks aimed at her face, shooting streams of
semen at her almost at the same moment. It flew, stinging, into her
eyes and mouth and nose. One man forced his erupting cock into her
ear, pulsing jets of cum painfully into her. Her once-beautiful face
was crisscrossed with the outpourings of the men. Cum drooled from her
forehad and eyebrows, leaked from her lips, drooled from her nose,
dribbled from her pussy and ran from her ass. It caked in the valley
between her tits, and along her arms and legs. Her lower body felt
like it was on fire, the pain was so terrible. She had no tears left.

Jessica passed out at least once, and awoke only when some new
intruder shoved a stiff cock into her unresisting body. At one point
two of the men ejaculated into her lower openings and then scooped the
runny cum from her and smeared it into her face. She dimly heard the
taunts and yells of the men as they ravaged her body unmercifully.

Finally it seemed that they were done. Four, then three, then
two, then just one man was left standing. Jessica was curled up on the
floor, cum leaking in rivers from all her openings. She was only semi-
conscious. She had swallowed or had blasted into her face 34
ejaculations. Nearly 40 men had dropped their loads into her bruised
and abused vagina. Between 15 and 20 had ejaculated hot sperm enemas
into her now swollen rectum. Lines of white cum lay drying, criss
crossing her breasts and shoulders, her tummy, legs and ass. Then she
came to as the last man grabbed her shoulders and pulled her up into a
sitting position. She felt hands prop her up as she wavered
uncontrolled from side to side. The last man stood in front of her and
aimed his trembling cock at her unseeing face. A hand reached around
her neck and pulled her chin down. Droplets of cum drooled from her
mouth, dripping wetly onto the slopes of her breasts. Then the man
grunted and began pissing.

He pissed directly into her open mouth. The hot shock broke
Jessica's daze. She closed her mouth and gulped involuntarily,
swallowing the acrid urine. Her stomach heaved. The yellow stream
continued bathing her face, washing the dried and wet cum alike from
her features. The hand pulled her chin down again, and the wave of pee
was directed again into her open mouth. It splashed wetly around in
her mouth. Jessica gargled it, her body rebelling against this last
humiliation. Finally the stream slowed. The man stepped forward and
slid the head of his cock into her wet sticky mouth. She closed her
lips numbly around it.

"I think she may be about done for the night. Tie her back up and
leave her here. We'll pick up again tomorrow."

And they did.

End of Jessica's Conversion, Part III


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