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Collected by Djian

Doctor's Orders

The Newlywed

The Stewardess And Her Daughter

A Bangkok Slaver's Story


Beyond Chiang Mai

Sex, Slaves and Punishment

Fitting up Katie


Bangkok slaver 1-8

This is the Bangkok Slaver Series. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this series, it was written by three authors, Parker, Marlissa, Stroker Ace & Spoonbender. Parker started it, when he wrote "Doctor's Orders", which I guess technically, isn't really in Bangkok, as it takes place in Southern California, and ends up in Mexico, but many of the characters, in this story, end up in several or more of the other 7 stories. Marlissa then took it up, and wrote "The Newlywed" & "The Stewardess & Her Daughter". Parker wrote the next story, simply called "A Bangkok Slaver Story". Then Stroker Ace took over and wrote, "Lollipops", "Beyond Chiang Mai" & "Sex, Slaves, and Punishment." And Theododer Spoonbender then wrote, what seems to be the final story of the series, "Fitting up Katie".