abduction Tales

A Husband's Mistake-
A Wife's Nightmare
M+/f, nc, D/s, humil,
blackml, voy, drugged,
- 2004

A Modern Diary
MF+/f, nc, SM, modification , rough - dec 2003

A Wifes Mistake-
A Husband's Nightmare
M+/f, wife, D/s, drunk,
bond, rape, photo
- 2005

A Prize Catch (48kb)
MF+/f, nc, D/s, slavery, tort, rough
- dec 2010

Animal Attraction (88kb)
M/f, nc, D/s, slavery, beast, drug, rough
- jan 2011

At Play In the Bushes of the Lord (108kb)
M/f, D/s, humil, bnd, ,
cons, exhib, fare away
- feb 2003

Amy Undercover Cop
MF+/f, nc, kidnap, D/s, slavery
- 2005

An African Prison (38kb)
M+/f, gang, humil, beast<

Apache Torture (132kb)
MF+/f, nc, D/s, slavery, heavy tort, ants etc, rough - mai 2010

Beaten Prisoner Wife
M+/f, nc, slavery, BDsm, oral, anal, rough - feb 2004

Biker Captive
M+/fF, nc, kidnap, D/s, oral, anal, beast, rough - jan 2005

Border Nightmare (206kb)
MM/f, nc, rape,
humil, kidnap<

Call of the Wild (16kb)
M/f, nc, kidnap, bnd, rough

Captive Cargo
MF+/ff, kidnap, BDsm, slavery

Captured, Caged, Milked and Enraged
M/F, nc, kidnap, D/s, oral, anal, cage, slavey, milked

Captured Caroline (465kb)
M/f, nc, humil,
bond, kidnap, slavery

Catch and Release (48kb)
M/f, nc, drug, slavery, humil, rough

Change of Luck
M+/f, nc, drug, rough

Cheerleader's Torment
and other interesting path's
Mf+/ff, nc, D/s, humil, exhib - 2005

Cindy, The Jackpot
M+/f, nc, kidnap, coin machine
- sep 2007

Baker's Dozen (100kb)
M+/fff, nc, mc, D/s, slavery, heavy modif, rough - jan 2010

Biker Capt

Becky's Ordeal (34kb)
MM/f, nc, rape, kidnap, hitchhiking, rough< - sep 2004

Bought and Sold
MF+/f, D/s, humil, bond, slavery - jan 2005

Darkest Night (100kb)
M/f, nc, D/s slavery, abduction
- march 2012

Dark Genious (32kb)
M/f, nc, mc, slavery, abduction
- augus 2011

Devils Island (632kb)
M+/fff, nc, D/s, BDsm, beast, spank, ws, modif, pierc, kidnap, rough - jul 2008

Doc's Orders
M+/f, nc, slavery, BDsm, kidnap,
hitchhiking - oct 2000

Double or Nothing (32 kb)
MF/f+, nc, bondage,
BDsm, humil. slavery, incest
- feb 2011

Enslaved and debased
M+/f, kidnap, BDsm, slavery, spank, oral, anal

Girl Next Door (96kb)
M+/f, nc D/s, bnd, oral, anal, kidnap

Janet's Hard Lesson (73kb)
M+/f, nc, coercion

Jill's day Out
M+/f, nc, kidnap, humil, donkey

Falk (24kb)
M+/f, nc, slavery, D/s, abduction, combate)

Fighting Fiona
M+/f, nc, drug, D/s, slavery, heavy bnd, rough

Framed and Chained (216kb)
M+/ff, nc, "drug", humil, exhib stripsearch, teens

Frontier Woman
M+/f, nc, abduction, rough

Fun time for Jody (141kb)
MM/f, nc, rape, bond, sm,
humil, rough, rough

Helping the Babysitter
become a Model (248kb)
M+/f, setup, D/s, bond, rape, blackml, piercing....

Hunting The Teacher (52kb)
MF/ff, nc, D/s, slavery, abduct, rough
- dec 2011

Jessica's Conversion
M+/f, nc, blackmail,
VERY sperm, rough, kidnap

Kerry's Keeper (253kb)
M/f, nc,sm

Katy's surrender (293kb)
M/f, nc, D/s, bondage, humil, blakml

Klitzman Stories Vol 1., The
M+/f, nc, kidnap, slavery

Kidnapped Sue (72kb)
M/f, nc, kidnap, humil, best

Land of Rape and Honey
M+/f, kidnap, nc, slavery, spank, oral, anal, piss, rough

Lara's Abduction (76kb)
M/f, nc, abduct, slavery, humil, camera - jan 2009

Little Flower (250kb)
M+/f, D/s, nc, humil, slavery - sep 2009

MM/f, nc, hum, BDsm, kidnap - 2005

Poor Melanie (16kb)
M/f, humil, kidnap, modification
- feb 2004

Macros Story(36kb)
M/f, nc, kidnap, photo, twist - may 2007

Making of a Party Animal
MF+/f, nc, abduct, modifications, rough
- april 2008

Magus (136kb)
MF+/ff, nc, D/s, slavery, abduction, modif, rough - mai 2010

MaryBeth's Abduction
M/f, D/s, rape, kidnap - 2003

Max's Cafe (254kb)
M+/f, nc, kidnap,
humil, best, rough
- june 2004

MOB (30kb)
MF+/f, nc, kidnap, modification - 2005

My Kidnapped Hell
MMM/f, nc, rape, abduct, spank, spider, torture, rough rough - oct 2008

My New Life as Property
M+/f, nc, slavery,
exhib, beast - nov 2007

My Time as Mexican Whore (148kb)
M+/f, nc, D/s, slavery, whore
- mai 2010

Night Prowler (248kb)
M+/fff, nc, D/s, BDsm, beast, kidnap, rough

The Next Baywatch Star
M+/f, nc, rape, kidnap, BDsm, blackml, best, rough

Officer Howell Looking for Fun (28kb)
M/f, nc, reluc, humil, exhib, abduct
- mar 2010

The Old Lady and the Cheerleaders (36kb)
MF/fff, nc, D/s, humil, slavery, kidnap - aug 2010

Piggie (68kb)
MF+/f, nc, humil, bd, rough

Playing with Grace (26kb)
M+/f, nc, humil

Poker Wife (332kb)
Mf+/ff, nc, D/s, humil, bond,

Piracy on the High Seas
M+/ff, nc, humil, bond, D/s, kidnap

A Prize Catch (48kb)
MF+/f, nc, D/s, slavery, tort, rough
- dec 2010

M+/f, D/s, abduct, nc, slavery, spank, oral, piercing

Property of Devil's Outlaws (56kb) M/f, nc, D/s, rape, gang, bikers - feb 2011

The Reluctant Filmstar
M+/f, nc, humil - feb 2004

Randy raped
my Wife (157kb)
M+/f, D/s, humil, blackml - 2004

Family Raped and Ravaged (40kb)
MM/ff, nc, exhib, abduction, slavery,
- nov 2011

Raped Whipped Mom
M+/ff, hostage, nc ,D/s, oral, anal, mom/daughter

Rookie Cop (52kb)
Mm+/f, nc, D/s, slavery, heavy kidnap, prost, rough - mai 2010

Sex Slave Housewife
MF+/f, nc, rape, abduct, farm, beast
- jul 2008

Shell's Degradation
MF/f, humil, rough - feb 2001

The Shower (62kb)
M/f, kidnap, nc, rape, teen - dec 2001

Showing off Susan
M+/f, wife, nc,
coercion, humil
- may 2003

Slave Trade
MF/f, kidnap, nc, slavery, spank, oral, anal, piss, rough - 2002

Slave From The Office (220kb)
M+/ff, nc, slavery, D/s, abduction, dwarf, +modification, arab, rough
- feb 2007

Slavegirl in Blue (212kb)
MF+/f, nc, abduct, D/s, slavery, bnd, humil - march 2011

Slaves of the Circle T (-kb)
M+/f, nc, humil, abduct, slavery, bond

Snatched And Raped Wife
M+/ff, kidnap, nc, oral, anal, beast, cuck, slavery, rough - march 2004

Song of the Clarinet
M/f, nc, kidnap,
slavery, BDsm, ants, rough -
dec 2010

Sold into Slavery
M+/ff, D/s, humil, kidnap, slavery
- 2005

Solving the crime (68kb)
M/ff, nc, kidnap, slavery,
BDsm, best, rough
- 2002

Stacy's Japaness Ordeal
M+/f, nc, humil, camera - dec 2006

Such a Good Girl (19kb)
M/f, nc, slavery, BDsm, best, rough - 2005

T-BAG's break (32kb)
M/f nc, slavery, humil
- june 2011

Taking Elaine (156kb)
MN/f, nc, cons, D/s, slavery, oral, bike, kidnap rough
- june 2011

Taught to Obey
M+/f, nc, Bdsm, kidnap, teacher - 2005

Test of Five II (32kb)
MM/f, reluc, humil, D/s, modif
march 2010

The Best Sex of their lives
my Wife (258kb)
M+/fm, nc, humil, blackml, best, rough
- jun 2004

The Brat (44kb)
MF+/f, nc, BDsm, teen - jul 2008

The Jogger (32kb)
M+/ff, nc, D/s, slavery, beast, kidnap - mar 2010

The Plight of Ann
M+/f, nc, kidnap, slavery, humil, best, rough - feb 2007

The Sadistic Ways of Ms. Langenkamp (60kb)
F/ff, nc, D/s, slavery, bnd, bees
- mar 2010

The Traning of Rebecca Sue Vogel
MF/f, kidnap, nc, slavery, cage, D/s

Third World Dept (61kb)
M+/f, nc, rape, humil, best, Zamibia

Tina and The
Chinese Slavers (49kb)
M+F/f, nc, BDsm,
kidnap, slave, rough

The Time of Her Life
M+/f, nc, gang, kidnap,
BDsm, slavery

Trappers (-kb)
M+/f, nc, D/s, kidnap, rough
- april 2010

Trophy wife (720kb)
M/ff, nc, rape,
piercing, best, humil,
kidnap, rough
- sep 2000

Vacation (92kb)
M+/f, reluc, bestiality, BDsm, slavery chastity belt, humil, nc, rough - jun 2004

Voyage Of Shame
M+/f, reluc, D/s, slavery, pirate
- 2003

Waitress Humiliation (32kb)
MF/f D/s, slavery, humil
- aug 2011

Why Me? (320kb)
M+/f, nc, D/s, slavery, tort, humil, exhib, rough
- dec 2010

Wife sue gets ridden..
M+/f, biker, nc, humil - aug 1998

Zara, pierced and branded slave..(39kb)
M+/f, nc, humil, sm,
rough, rough
- aug 1998 <

Dreamer, you've got a sweet

tooth for fairy tales

dreamer, a leap in the dark

might turn the scale