The Loan Shark in Our Life

MM/F, D/S, cons, reluc, incest, gang, blackmail, interr, camera, exhib, humil, teen, prostitution, romantic The Loan Shark in Our Life by Vulgus Vulgus collection   Copyright© 2010 by Vulgus I’d feel better about myself if I could say that this horrible mess was entirely my husband’s fault. Unfortunately, I’m as much if not more to blame than he is. No. That isn’t true. I want to blame Continue reading

Justine’s World

M/f, D/s, consensuel, slut, exhib, humiliation, bdsm Justine’s World Composed and co-authored by GR Steele© Authors Note: The story you are about to read for the most part is true. It is about a real supermodel raised South Africa, Switzerland and Rome and now living near Paris, France. Her real name will not be revealed. However, the name she is known for by way of her own Continue reading

Training Billie Jean

M/f, D/s, humiliation, teen, rough, ws Training Billie Jean by Unknown ———————————————- I first met Jean while working as an night manager at a fast food restaurant which shall remain nameless. I’d worked there nearly a year, mostly running the night shift, but occasionally picking up a few day shifts here and there. I was married with one kid and another on the way. I was working Continue reading

Virtual Master

Virtual Master   By Dreamweave M/f, D/s, humiliation, control, blackmail Steffi groaned aloud with passion, and ground herself down even further on the erect cock of J. Harris Faverington III, a distinguished looking, silver-haired gentleman of some 58 years. Steffi Williams was a good 30 years younger than Mr. Faverington. Her long chestnut hair was unbound, and her pale skin flushed with the exertion of her sexual exercises. Continue reading

Yes Dear

M/f, bdsm, drug, photo Yes Dear By Not My Story   >> another not my story >> Helping the babysitter become a model >> 2 FOX’ 4 the hounds >> Yes Dear >> Married to an Idiot This story is fiction, and should be treated as such. The following story is for the entertainment of ADULTS ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit sex. If you are not Continue reading

Worlds Apart

MF+/f, cons, humil, D/s, BDsm, rough, tort, beast Worlds Apart by W. L. Telford telford10(at) >> another story by W.L.T – Virtual Slavery // meat     Ross Edwards walked from a good meeting into a bad day. More than a bad day. He stepped into hell. But as he moved along the corridor from the conference room to his private office on the 33rd floor of Continue reading

Yes Sir, I’ll do whatever you want

Yes Sir, I’ll do whatever you want by badgirlslovesuckingdick M/f, blackml, D/s, Humiliation, Job/Place-of-work, Oral Sex, Spanking Introduction: This is my first story and I wrote it for a lover/friend…I want opinions before I send it to him… hope it makes you hard or wet enjoy The following is a true story…the names have been changed to protect the innocent 😉 My New Job Part 1 I Continue reading

Wish List

Wish List by T.S. FESSELN >>T.S.Fesseln stories The snow felt like tiny ice-picks as Wes trudged through the drifts on the sidewalk. He left the Highlander’s engine on so the defroster would be able to keep up with the windshield wipers. Wes had checked the note twice and the address written on it belonged to a small two-story townhouse with a Christmas wreath on the door and Continue reading


isabel by adrian hunter Aprologue: the induction of isabel by adrian hunter First dates always made Isabel nervous, but this one was going to set the record. She tugged nervously on the hem of the micro latex miniskirt that encased her hips like electrical tape. But try as she might, she couldn’t budge it down a millimeter.   She felt cool air circulate around her naked crotch. Continue reading

Creeping Contract – 2

Creeping Contract 2 by John Adams therealjohnadams (at) inbox (dot) com >> prev parts Part 25 The rest of the interviews went similarly to Lauren’s, but she spent much of the time zoned out and thinking about her own problems. For one thing, she still had the uncomfortable feeling of Mr. Lopez’s finger in her ass. It was disgusting, but she couldn’t seem to escape the phantom Continue reading

Creeping Contract – 1

M/f, humiliation, exhib, spanking Creeping Contract 1 by John Adams   therealjohnadams (at) inbox (dot) com >> Creeping Contract overview Synopsis: Lauren starts out looking for someone who will introduce a little discipline and corporal punishment into her life. As time goes on, she cedes increasing levels of control over her life through a succession of contracts. Lauren shifted uncomfortably in her seat and sighed. What had Continue reading


MM/f, consensual, humiliation, D/s, mc, slut Roofeless dian_grrl (at) yahoo (dot) com Roofeless By danielle. >> another story by Danielle >> Lynsey’s Game I had my future all planned out. Sciences, pre-med, I was going to rack up the credits, do the straight and narrow, and be a doctor. Seven figure income, two car garage, vacations in Hawaii. Funny, how I ended up here on my knees Continue reading

Peek to watch


She needs his control

She Needs His Control by Sexysub12© They had met only once before tonight but, she felt like he knew her every thought. He had an air of authority and a coolness when they first locked eyes across the hotel lobby. She was there for a conference with work and it was the last night. At work she was one of the highest paid and well respected experts Continue reading

Jillian’s Naked Mile


M+/f, D/s, cons, nc, bdsm, humil, exhib Jillian’s Naked Mile by LaceAndHumiliation © >> Another story by LaceAndHumiliation Hi, I’m Jillian and I’m an incurable exhibitionist. I love to flirt, tease, flash and anything else I can do to stimulate myself. You see, it’s all for me. It’s what turns me on, drives me crazy. I remember getting off on all the prick teasing in high school. Continue reading

Understories breaking news


Breaking news. It’s the new place for understories online, there will be some testing and the design will most likely be changed ongoing. So have patience, and please send stories in the new submit. And any feedback would be nice. The good old understories will be online for the next year, so don’t worry. These online BDsm stories are pure fiction. They deal with degradation some with Continue reading