FFF/f , nc, humiliation, bondage, pony, training


by Blairbrek

>> another Blair Brek story
>> Ambition
Blair becomes owned

Christine was once again wandering the floor of the casino, still
unable to find either of her friends, Maureen or Lisa. She thought
she might try another change of clothes in the mean time. Gambling
could be so boring sometimes especially when one was winning time
after time after time. Lady luck and a good mind for probability can
indeed give one a slight edge. So a little break in the scheme of
things would be appropriate. In fact she looked forward to a new set
of special clothes since her body was really becoming arousal by the
unique feel of the fetish garb she was wearing. The black velvet cat
suit was really something to purr about. Many times she caught
herself rubbing and stroking herself as well as rubbing up against
people she stood next to. They didn’t mind having such an exotic cat
woman rubbing herself up against them, what man or free spirited
woman would. A few times she even let a little sensuous meow echo
from her lips. But it was all in fun, and it was about time to try
something new. Maybe something in a bright red leather or shiny
latex would do nicely.

She was just about to walk back inside the garment boutique when she
seen something strange catch her eye.

An old man was walking around a corner holding one end of a leash.
The rest of it seem to stretch around a corner. A couple of times
the dark leather leash would go slack and then taught as if he was
half leading and half dragging something, or one. It wasn’t until
that something turned the corner that Christine seen what “it” was.
“It” was a she. And “she” was an immaculately dressed and made-up
French Maid. She was dressed in the stereotype uniform of black
satin. It had a tight bodice and a short skirt which billowed out
with layer upon layer of fluffy white short petticoats. The dress
was all trimmed out in white lace with a very low neck line
displaying her well endowed womanly assets that seem to quiver ever
so inviting with every dragged step she took. She had on the
standard little white apron around her waist and its corresponding
white maid’s cap upon her very blond un swept styled hair. The
reason the man was part dragging her was because she had on a pair
of very high black shinny stiletto heels, over a corresponding black
pair of lovely fishnet stocking. The combination of extreme shoes
and chic nylons made her legs look ever so sleek, curvy and
alluring. It was obvious that she was not use to walking in such
bizarre footwear because she was forced to take quick mincing steps
wherever she was dragged forward. But in her current condition that
was the least of her worries.

Even though her maid-like presents was quite eccentric in and of
itself. What made it all the more eye catching, and for some reason
exciting for Christine to watch, was that she was also in severe
bondage as well. Her arms where held tightly behind her in a black
leather single glove. The leather formed itself tightly around her
entire arms from the tip of her pod like squashed hands to almost
the very depth of her arm pits, with her elbows squeezed tightly
together. The leather was so tight and thin that one could almost
see when her arm muscles made an involuntary twitch of discomfort
beneath it.

Her face was made up very fetchingly with eye makeup that gave her
those big puppy dog eyes. But her lower face, just below her cute
little pixie shaped nose, was wrapped with a tight leather strap
that extended right down to the very tip of her chin. From the drop
of the girl’s jaw Christine could see that her mouth was bountifully
packed with some sort of mouth stretching material. And the strap
that went around her head to hold it all firmly in place was so
tight that the top and bottom edges of the black thick leather etch
deeply into her checks as her soft cherub flesh spilled over it’s
buried edge.

Christine found the girls expression a bit unsettling too. Her eyes
showed she was in extreme discomfort bordering on pain. But at the
same time, embossed on the front of that black leather gag was a set
of big red smiling lips. It’s effect on the casual viewer, and
Christine, was one of mixed emotions. Part of her was sympathetic to
the poor girls condition, but at the same time she found herself
arousal and excited by the comical smiling bound serving wench she
seen expertly displayed before her. The old man pulled the leash
again forcing the maid to move faster behind him. She saw the other
end of the leash was connected to a shiny chrome ring on a wide
leather collar around her neck. The collar forced her head erect and
staring forward. Christine also seen something engraved on that
collar too, a name . . . “Fluffy”.

The old man stopped a few feet in from of Christine and allowed his
distressed domestic to catch up to him and to have a little rest
before continuing. She just stood there, shapely erect and very
still. Her weight firmly planted on her closely held together aching
feet. Her chest and bulging breasts moving up and down from her
rapid shallow breathing. No doubt due in part to her severely bound
arms, but mostly from what looked like an extremely rigid and rib
crushing corset. Christine wondered why any woman would allow
herself to be dressed, bound and dominated like this. But given the
bizarre atmosphere and people she seen so far, this strange scene
before her did not seem to out of character for a place like this.
The old man began taking stock of the girl as she remained stead
fast at attention. He walked around her touching her body, her
clothes and bondage. Then he did something that surprised even
Christine. He reached under the maids frothy skirt and did something
between her legs. Immediately the girl went wide eyed and a heavy
moan of distressed echoed from her over stuff mouth. There was a
brief silence in the casino and Christine heard it, a buzzing sound
coming from under the poor girls frothy petticoats. Christine knew
what the old man did and why the bound maid reacted as she did.
There was something vibrating inside the girl, hidden underneath
that white wavy sea of ruffled lace. And she could only wonder if
the pulsating device was nestled firming inside the maidservant wet
pussy or deeply plugged butt. Or if she was a lucky girl, both!
She overheard the old man talking to his pretty bound serving wench
in a calm tone of voice, “It’s time to go Fluffy. We must hurry else
we’ll be late for the party. And we can not be late for a party that
you will be spending a good deal of time serving hors d’oeuvres and
drinks before being used as the parties sex toy. Now can we Fluffy?”

Christine watched as the old man tugged at the leashed maid and they
both walked away into the casino. She could here the poor bondage
maid moan and groaned as they left. Christine began to wondered if
the poor girl was moaning out of what she expected was going to
happen to her at that party, or to her present severely restrained
and buzzing condition. Such thoughts only made Christine more
aroused as she felt a little dampness between her own legs. It took
a few moments for Christine to regain her composure. As she turned
to look back at where those two people came from. Then she noticed a
sign on a wall. She walked up to it to see what it said. When she
got close enough she saw that it was a commercial sign inviting
people to venture down the hall and see the remarkable make-overs
that the casino’s expert staff was able to accomplish. Being curious
with a lot of time on her hands Christine wandered down the hall and
into a reception room for those make- overs.

The room was nicely decorated but nothing outlandish. In the center
of the room sat a receptionist dressed all in hot pink rubber. Her
name was Bunny and she welcome Christine inside. Bunny looked like
the proverbial big breasted blonde bimbo. She was very pleasant in a
high voice air head kind of way. She had big blonde hair, heavy
make-up, gaudy jewelry, a short very exposing dress with nothing
under it, and a matching pair of shiny pink high heel shoes. She
seem very self absorbed in filing her nails while chewing and
popping her bubble gum, with her mouth open. Christine just grinned
and giggled to herself at a passing thought she had as to whether
Bunny was really this way or somehow forced to act like this due to
some financial debt she incurred in the casino. The casino did have
some strange ways in requiring their patrons to pay their debt.
Bunny then invited Christine to look around at the “before” and
“after” pictures that where all around the room.

Christine found the visual adventure quite enlightening not to
mention arousing too. There where many pictures mostly of women and
some men undergoing some sort of make-over that bordered on a complete
transformation. The men all seem to be transformed into serving
girls like maids and waitresses. Nothing really fantastic just a
bunch of men in drag. Some looked good, and others definitely
didn’t, as once again Christine’s giggle noted.

But Christine was far more interested in the women. For it seem that
the “before” and “after” pictures made a much more “erotic”
impression on her than the men. She was beginning to wonder if she
had some lesbian leaning or just enjoyed seeing good looking women
made into submissive sex objects. The “before” pictures where all
the same type, a woman photograph from the waist up some in fetish
wear most not and all spouting a relaxed warm happy smile. These
women all seem to be quite capable, intelligent and well groomed.
They looked like executives, secretaries, college coed’s, lawyers,
and in general, your basic high caliber role models of today’s
women. Christine could not make out anything that showed a weird or
kinky interest at all. But the “after” pictures seemed to be totally
reverse of that image. In fact, the difference was so striking that
she seriously thought that maybe these beautiful women were tricked
or forced into these so called “makeovers”.

As Christine walked around looking at the pictures there seem to be
a theme related to the “after” photos. They all showed the women in
either submissive roles of servitude or made to look like some
stereotype male fantasy slut. There were the French Maids,
waitresses, harem slave girls, bimbos and dolls. All dressed in
erotic clothing of latex and leather. Some where in bondage and some
where not. She found the pictures of that French Maid Fluffy. The
“after” picture matched her recent in the flesh image to a tee. The
“before” picture however showed a brunette not a blond with her hair
flowing sedately down and around her shoulders. She wore a demure
white cotton sun dress with a high neck line. The dress seem to flow
around her and did nothing to show off her otherwise strained sexy
silhouette as in the “after” photo. She had a warm inviting smile
that echoed class, charm and optimism. She could be anyone’s upper
class young wife, or a youthful socialite with a dedication to
raising money for some worthy charity. She look like she had the
world by the tail, without a care in the world. Quite the opposite
of her distressed, agonizing, expression of helplessness with teary
pleading eyes of mercy as seen in the “after” image.

Christine continued her tour and saw dignified women turned into
chained harem girls. They wore the abbreviated costume of an Arab
slave girl with shear billowy pantaloons and tight multicolored
halter that forced their breast up and out. Their wrists, arms and
legs bound with snug fitting metal cuffs with shiny gold chains that
hobbled and restrained them. Their restraints prevented them from
escaping, but it also made it difficult for them to defray the
curious male hand in heat. Their heads where covered with an opaque
veiled material that only left their eyes visible. Christine knew
that behind those veils of anonymity was a stuff mouth packed to
mind exploding silence and held firm in by miles of cloth wrapped
tightly around their lips and head. But their eyes told it all. They
seem to scream ‘Help Me!’, ‘Please let me go!’, ‘This is wrong, I
made a mistake, I beseech you, I beg you, Please, Let Me Go!’.
Oh yes, their eyes spoke volumes to Christine. Not only for freedom,
for the chance to go back to their old life, to the “before”
pictures, but on how they where betrayed. Betrayed by a close
friend, a relative or a loving soulmate. How they where lied to,
coerced and forced into this sexually perverted world of power,
domination and submission. Christine seen it all in their eyes. And
it made her pussy so excitedly wet!

Christine came across another set of pictures. The “before” showed a
doe eyed young college girl from the University of Michigan, at
least that’s what her sweat shirt said in the picture. She seem the
atypical healthy, athletic coed. She had dark shoulder length hair,
bright brown eyes, an air of accomplished intelligence and a big
energetic smile, ready for whatever life was to throw at her. Except
for possibly what she became in the “after” picture.

The “after” picture showed her dressed as one of those casino
waitresses Christine seen down on the main floor of the casino, or a
slight variation there of. Instead of Caesar’s standard Roman toga
uniform with high heel sandals and tall hair, this girl had on a
kind of white Playboy bunny costume with a serving tray strapped to
and hanging from her body. On her head was the cute fuzzy long bunny
ears with one ear bent over to the side while the other stood
straight up. She had on a collar, but her’s was a wide black leather
one embossed with the name “Flopsy”. Her arms wore shoulder length
white latex gloves that where bound behind her back at wrists and
elbows with thin tight black leather straps. On her feet where not
the standard high heel sandals, but ankle boots that forced her to
stand and walk on her toes like a ballerina. They where made from
shiny white patent leather with a short tether chain connecting
them. Her body was encased in the famous Playboy Bunny suit except
her’s was again slightly modified and made from white leather.
Flopsy’s suit had built-in bra cups like a bustier to lift and
separate her obvious above average breasts. But they where also made
of less material so, in her case, not only were the tops of her soft
malleable tit flesh freely expose, but also both of her nipples and
aureoles too. Her torso was so firmly compressed by the corset like
garb that it not only kept her silhouette firmly displayed and
erect, but shaped it into a comic book type over the top image of a
voluptuous female sex object that young boys, and grown men, drooled

But poor Flopsy’s makeover didn’t stop there. In a mock token of
surreal sadistic pleasure and satire, the bunny theme was carried
out to an even grandeur scale for this “once upon a time” liberated
college coed. What seem to be an image of a bunny girl eating a
carrot was in fact a large carrot gag forced deep into her mouth.
Her thick ruby red lips where stretch wide and taught around the
bright orange carrot as its green garnish dangled out in front. Two
smaller carrot like objects swung burdensomely from her freshly
pierced and ringed nipples. Another carrot similar to her gag but
much, much bigger was grievously forced deep into the bunny girls
pussy. This time however, only the long green stalks where seen on
the outside between her puffy strained pussy lips. And from the back
where her cute white fuzzy bunny tail rest so sedately, one could
only imagine how said tail held it’s firm position on the backside
of the exotic serving bunny girl.

The final object of erotic servitude to Flopsy’s uniform was a
serving tray. With her arms bound behind her the tray had to be
mounted to her waist with a strap that circled and cinched around
her tightly compressed waist and her lower bound arms. Another
strapped shaped like a “Y” held the front of the tray level via
being fastened to a ring hanging from her collar.
Christine began to fantasize having Flopsy follow her around the
casino with her drink and gambling winnings atop the tray. The poor
girl would be in dire torment trying to keep up with her mistress
while maintaining her balance and not spilling her mistress’s drink
or money. At the same time having to bare the physical pain and
humiliation of having three main orifices violently assaulted and
put on public view. Her pierced nipples painfully stretched by the
swinging weights of her “what’s up doc” carrots and the muscle
spasms of having her feet forcefully distorted and made to walk in
foot wear that was beyond normal human endurance. Oh such mind
visions where beginning to make Christine so unbelievably horny. No
longer did she feel sad or empathy for the plight of these
victimized women. All she felt now was lust. Heart pounding, pussy
gushing, orgasmic screaming lust.

Christine slowly moved forward. Her soft velvet hands roaming over
her body, her hips and thighs, between her legs and squeezing her
beckoning breasts. A soft moan of pleasure flowed slowly from her
full pouting lips. She looked off to the side and seen a wide
display of more “before” and “after” pictures called “Dolls”. She
found herself drifting seductively in that direction.
Again, more “before” pictures with different woman, but
never-the-less all these woman were of above average character and
beauty. But again, these women too were unknowingly deceived. The
“after’s” where again sexually surreal. These woman where made up,
dressed and posed on little elevated display stands like children’s

There was Fife the rubber French Maid. She was completely covered in
layer after layer of polished tight rubber, not a single patch of
flesh was exposed, only her eyes. She was posed on her stand,
smiling, leaning a bit forward, a serving tray in her hands with a
bottle of wine and two glasses on it. A sign at the base of the
stand read “For Sale” and then a number to call.
Next to her was a nurse. She had big blonde frizzy hair with a
nurse’s cap pin to the top. She wore a very tight and very short
nurse’s uniform. Her basketball size tits strained the fabric to
almost busting. And the hem of her dress was so short that Christine
could see her pussy lips. Lips that held something opaque, fat and
round strained between them. She had the standard bimbo made up face
that denoted a surprise air head lived inside. Another sign at the
bottom read “Nurse Big Tits For Sale” and again another different
phone number.

Another doll on a stand. She was the epitome of the California beach
girl. Long bleach blonde straight down hair. A big sunshine smiling
face. She wore only a very small bikini that did nothing to hide her
sexy bombshell body. Massive tits and ass with a diminutive waist in
between. Nipples and pussy lips could easily be seen poking through
the electric orange of the fabric which make a strikingly contrast
to her dark brown sun tan skin. She was posed seductively on her
stand with her legs together, one hand on her hip and the other
behind her head as her body formed a very erotic lazy “S”. Again, a
sign at the bottom offered Beach Bunny Barbie for sale, but this
time a single word was written boldly across it, “Sold!” There was a
prostitute doll too called Hooker Kate. Tits and ass poured into a
skin tight black and red accented latex dress. She wore hip high
black and red laced up 6 inch heel boots. Her arms encased in
matching shoulder length latex gloves. Her face and big red hair was
heavily made up to reflect her street tramp lifestyle. She too was
posed on her display stand like she would if she stood on a street
corner waiting for a john. And once more the sign offering to sell
and phone number where there, but again this one had some more
writing on it, “Sale Pending”. More and more “after” pictures of
women dressed and posed as various life size fantasy sex toys was
spread across the “Dolls” display. All for sale and a good number of
them where already sold. Each one was making Christine more and more
aroused. And then she came to a final photo of the series. A photo
that had no “before” picture and the “after” picture was just a
photo of the stand, some sort of clear human shaped plastic shell
with a face painted on it and a plastic rod or pole sticking half
way up from the stand with two what looked like clear dildo shaped
rods attached to it. It took a bit of time for Christine to ponder,
especially as worked up as she was, but then it hit her. Big Time!
And in more ways than one.

She went back to the first “after” picture and looked more intently,
then the second, and the third. There, she pointed her finger at the
right shoulder of the beach bunny girl. And then back to nurse big
tits, there on her chest just above her deep cleavage, and again on
her left labia lip. Christine stood back from the display board and
took it all in. What it really meant. Why they where all called

All of them, all of the women where encased in that clear plastic
rigid shell. A shell with a smiling woman’s face painted on it and
eye hole to see through. She could see it in the pictures. A slight
reflective sheen picked up by the angle of the light and the camera.
One had to look hard for it, but it was there, proof positive. And
then again she seen it in the woman’s eyes. The hopelessness, the
terror, the pleading, the begging, the praying for help. And the
betrayal. All above mouth full gags with painted pouting lips on

Somehow these women where encased in that unyielding plastic cocoon,
dressed in a male fantasy costume, and then put on that deliciously
evil displayed stand. One monstrous dildo forced deeply into their
hopefully wet pussy, the other shoved far up between tightly
clenching ass cheeks. The vast majority of their weigh resting on
those plugs and that narrow crescent shaped short rail that
connected those malevolent probes buried brutally inside them. Their
feet barely touching the floor and acting only as balance.
How long, she thought, where those women forced to remain like
erotic bizarre display dummies. Then another wild though crossed her
sinister mind. She wondered how Maureen would look as a Hooker Kate
doll, she sure had the tits for it. Or Lisa as that Rubber French
Maid, totally encased in taught rubber with a forever passive smile
on her obedient lips. Christine’s hand was busy rubbing her dark
velvet crotch, her panties now damp with her oozing sex juice, as
she further though and starred at those two dolls with Maureen and
Lisa inside of them.

Bunny continued to file her nails and pop her bubble gum oblivious
to the orgasmic moans coming from Christine, a short distance behind
Bunny’s receptionist’s desk.

When Christine regained her composure, a few minutes and a second
orgasm later, she was glad no one else was in the room. Although she
didn’t have a single exhibitionist bone in her body, she knew she
would not have been able to stop the waves of orgasm that hit her if
other people where present with her. For some reason she did not
count Bunny as a viable human being. She moved to another picture
and was startled by what she saw. It was a picture of a girl friend
of hers she met in college. Or once upon a time girl friend. Her
name was Blair. A very attractive and sexy young woman. In fact, it
was her looks that Blair used to steal Christine’s boyfriends away
from her. With her long flowing brunette hair. Her mesmerizing
innocent brown eyes. A drop dead voluptuous womanly figure. Blair
had it all and in Christine’s slanted mind, she could still see
Blair dressed in tight clothes that highlighted her big full perky
breasts, flat stomach and round hips. She could also see her taking
away her boyfriends with her put on sexy trailer trash tramp
personality. Christine really hated Blair and seeing her here, in
Vegas, and in this make-over place made Christine feel all warm
inside. But Christine was looking at a “before” picture of a
smiling, attract woman with long black hair and pouting red lips.
She did not see any “after” picture, just an empty place where a
“after” picture is suppose to go. A vacant place and a name tag
below it. A name that sent a chill of terror and satisfying
revengeful erotic pleasure shooting throughout Christine’s body.
Christine walked to Bunny and asked where the “after” picture was to
that particular displayed woman. Bunny, in her usual bimbo fashion,
told Christine that she, Blair, was in transition in one of the back
rooms and if she wanted to go and watch her transition, it would be
Ok. Then Bunny pointed to another hallway to the far side of the
room. Christine was beaming with excitement in being able to watch
her pseudo friend get what she deserved.

At the same time Christine could not help starring at Bunny’s charm
bracelet hanging around her wrist as she pointed to where the
hallway was. It was very unique, the likes of which Christine never
seen before. Instead of having a variety of small cutesy charms
dangling from it, it only had two different types on it, although
there where many of them there. One was the genetic symbol for
females, with the circle and outward extending cross and the other
was the genetic symbol for males, again a circle with a outward
extending arrow from it.

How odd Christine thought as she started for the hallway. She was
almost there when she then realized with a burst of laughter what it
meant. Some people, privately, put notches on their bed post for
their cardinal conquests. Poor sweet dumb as rain Bunny, bisexual
Bunny, had hers publicly displayed from her wrist. And from what
Christine saw, there where quite a number of them too.

Christine began walking down the hallway and noticed some open
doors. She peeked in to see if her former girl friend was in any of
them. Most of the rooms were vacant with articles of clothing, a
display stand, a column or two and an assortment of leather straps
for what Christine could only satirically imagine where for ascetic
purposes. Again a low giggle was heard from her finger covered lips.

She did see one room occupied by three women. Two was obviously part
of the staff with their long light blue lab coat. The other woman
was being given the make over. The clear shell was already covering
her body up to her chin. She was standing, no, hovering a couple
inches above the stand. Christine wondered how she was able to stay
in mid air and then seen the reason. That center rod with the two
dildos on it was holding the poor woman up. One of the attendants
was balancing the immobile girl on the rod while the other woman was
busy fastening a pair of bright red knee high boots on the girls
legs and feet. Christine looked to the side and see a kind of 60’s
GO Go Girl costume ready to be worn by the inert girl. She causally
glanced up to the poor girls face and their eyes met. At that moment
Christine felt a wave of empathy for the hapless life size doll. Her
eyes looked so furlong and pitiful above a mouth packed full and
wrapped tight with gauss. One of the attendants stood in between
their field of vision for a few minutes and when she stepped away,
there was now a happy smiling woman looking back at Christine. The
attendant had put the plastic face mask over the girl in that time.
Christine looked at the static happy face and smiled back. She no
longer felt sorry for the girl, even though her eyes still showed
all the signs of a helpless damsel in distress as they did a few
moments ago. Christine shrugged her shoulders, smiled and walked on
in search of her nemesis, leaving the poor young woman to her sealed

As she continue her search she heard a little soft moaning coming
from one of the nearby rooms. Christine approached the open doorway
slowly so as not to be obtrusive and maybe do a little spying first.
From the outside she could see fairly deep within. She grasp her
hands over her mouth to suppress a sudden gasp and a loud chuckle.
She could not believe what was happening to her “friend”. In fact,
for a moment, she could hardly believe it was her ex-friend Blair to
begin with. It was all so comical and even a little sad too. ‘Poor
poor Blair’ she thought. But Christine also felt feelings of
vindictiveness, satisfaction and down right horniness too. ‘Serves
the bitch right’ she also though to herself.

She slowly walked into the room. Blair was the only one inside and
unaware to Christine’s presents. Besides, the way Blair was trussed
up she wasn’t going anywhere and Blair was preoccupied with one
important goal, freedom!.

Christine took a few minutes to drink in the surreal aberration
before her. Blair was bent over some kind of pole with a short
padded horizontal bar forced into her belly. Her legs were strapped
to the pole keeping her in place. One end of two small chains was
connected half way up the pole and the other ends were each attached
to Blair’s recently pierced nipple rings. It was the these tethered
nipple chains that kept Blair bent over. Blair was doing allot of
grunting in her urgent need to escape her bound predicament, but
that was because she was gagged and her arms bound uncomfortably
behind her. Christine could see that Blair was almost completely
dressed in her new role. The most striking part of Blair’s new
costume was her shoes. She could not believe how much they looked
like horse’s hooves.

CASINO part 2

Christine walked closer and into Blair’s field of vision. She said
with the biggest grin on her face “My my my, if it isn’t my deal
college chum Blair. I must say GIRLFRIEND you sure can get yourself
into some strange and unusual situations.” Christine empathized the
word girlfriend with a heavy satirical bent in hopes that Blair
would get her meaning as she tried to add insult to her already
injurious situation. But when Blair looked up at Christine with her
big brown puppy dog eyes, full of regret, sorrow and pleading
helplessness, all Christine could think of was that old proverb,
“Revenge is a meal best served cold”.

new stuff
“Aww, poor baby. You look so miserable. But HEY! I love your new
nose ring. And, Oh My GOSH! What happened to all your beautiful
black hair? Oh Blair honey, how you get yourself into these
situations is beyond me. I mean the nose ring is a bit on the edge
even as a fashion statement, but having all your gorgeous long raven
tresses cut off like a shone sheep seems to me to be definitely way
out there.” Christine began rubbing her velvet clad hand over
Blair’s totally bald head as Blair’s eyes began to shed tears of
woe. “But I guess it’s Ok, I mean you are an adult woman and all.
The only thing is, I didn’t know you were so into this kinky stuff.
Not that there’s anything wrong with it you understand, as long as
you consented to it. Like you obviously have done.”

Blair’s eyes went wide when she heard Christine mention that she was
a willing participant to his nightmare. She even tried talking to
her, to explain to her that this was all happening against her will.
But the gag didn’t allow a single understood word through it. It did
however allow her heighten emotions to come through loud and clear.
Surely, she thought, Christine could at least understand that part.
But Christine seem to be preoccupied with other things and
completely ignored Blair’s heighten emotional outburst.

“My goodness Blair that is sure some gag you have there.” Christine
placed her hand under Blair’s chin and raised her head to get a good
look. But in so doing Blair was forced to stretch her head up and
back. Blair really had to strain her neck muscles in order to
compensate for the pull on her freshly pierced and tethered nipples.
She ended up closing her eyes tightly and moaning from the
discomfort and pain radiating from her nipples and breasts as
Christine continue to hold her head upright and stared at her
strange gag.

Her gag was shaped like a pear. The small end forced deep in her
mouth to almost gagging while the big end held her mouth and jaws
stretched wide. A little “T” shaped bar came from it’s center that
allowed the pear to split in half. The idea was for one size fits
all type of gag. A person only had to turn the “T” bar and the gag
would widen inside the recipient’s mouth to whatever degree one
desired, or the victim could stand.
“Oh I see how this thing works. If I were to turn it this way, the
gag would split further apart and spread your jaws even wider, like
this.” Christine turned the bar with her other hand and Blair’s
groans increased in intensity.

“And of course if I turned it the other way the expanded parts would
be brought together so the gag could be removed. How clever”
Christine did not bother turning the bar in the other direction so
the gag could go back to the way it was before she fiendishly
touched it.

She let go of Blair’s chin and decided to really inspect her former
classmates new make over. Blair dropped her head and slumped forward
to relieve the pain in her nipples while experiencing a greater pain
in her now further expanded mouth.
Christine couldn’t believe how much effort and detail went in
Blair’s make over. Who ever wanted this conversion must either had a
lot of money or really wanted to take Blair down a notch. And is
someone Christine just had to get to know.
Blair’s entire body, from neck to legs, was covered in a kind of
form fitting suede material. It had a little stretch to it as it
allowed Blair to bend over at the waist without much wrinkling. It
had an interesting color to it too. The dominant background was pure
white and the foreground had these randomly placed dark red
splotches of different sizes. Blair looked like a chestnut colored
palomino. Christine took off her black velvet gloves and began
touching and rubbing her hands over it. It had an interesting feel
to it, almost animal like.

Christine noticed two areas of Blair’s torso that were left
uncovered, her breasts and butt. Two holes were cut out to allow
Blair’s outstanding C cup breasts to be pulled through. From what
Christine could see, the holes themselves were not that large. It
was hard to see because Blair was also wearing a weird looking
leather bra too. It had a small piece of leather connecting two
larger circles of leather that fit very snugly around the base of
Blair’s breasts. Two more straps directly opposite this little
center one and going behind her back acted as a regular bra strap
except this one buckled firmly without any expansion behind her. And
two more leather strips ran from Blair’s thick wide collar to the
top of each circular breast cinch. All these pieces of leather were
studded with shiny metal that gave it a sort of kinky fashion look.
Even with Blair bent over as she was Christine could see that those
open face circles of leather were tight enough to cause both of
Blair’s full ripen mounds to project out, more prominent and
prideful than would normally have been possible. She knew Blair’s
breasts were her best feature and thought how wonderful they looked
now being displayed so dramatically, strained, naked and nipple

Christine circled Blair’s bent prone body and lingered over her rear
end. There was another opening back there too, except this one was a
large oval. It encompassed her entire derriere exposing her luscious
full butt cheeks to the whole wide world. Christine could not keep
from touching Blair’s exhibit plump fanny. Her hands gliding over
it’s smooth tender flesh. She was surprised how baby soft it was.
For some reason Christine really got into fondling her
ex-girlfriend’s sweet cheeks. Her touch and stroke became stronger
and more grasping and kneading. Soon she was dragging her nails over
Blair’s cheeks leaving long red scratch marks behind. She could hear
Blair moan and make squeak bitchy sounds for her to stop, but that
only egged Christine on more. That is when she slapped Blair’s ass
hard which caused Blair to jump and squeal as the pain in her ass
was accompanied by the sharp pain in her proud thrust out breasts
when the chain from her nipple hitch was unexpectedly jerked in the

Blair’s distress delighted Christine so. She was just about to give
Blair another smack across her other cheek when something caught her
attention. Something was dangling down between Blair’s legs.
Christine’s placed one hand on Blair’s butt as a balancing point to
bend forward and investigate what it was.

It was the unfastened end of a leather strap. A strap that ran up
between Blair’s legs and disappeared in front of her bent over body.
With a closer look she was able to see that Blair had something
inserted into her pussy hole. Whatever it was, it was round and very
large, as her strained stretched labia lips easily showed. And
almost a good two inches was still sticking out of her.
Christine put her gloves back on and began touching and pushing the
part that was sticking out. She even tried pushing the exposed part
further into Blair’s pussy to which Blair’s head flew up and began
shaking wildly NO and yelling something like NO! Pleas STOP! NO! But
again, it fell on deaf ears as Christine began to paw with the fat
dildo that was savagely shoved up poor Blair’s pussy.

After a few more squeals from Blair Christine stopped her cat like
play with her capture mouse. Her attention was now drawn to all the
leather straps that made up Blair’s body harness which she was no
doubt forced to wear. Their new black shiny look contrasted well
with Blair’s red and white palomino skin. There seem to be two major
pieces of leather too, one of which was a heavy wide waist belt and
the other made her arms and hands completely disappear inside it’s
long tube like shape.

The tube one really caught Christine attention. Christine surmised
that Blair’s arms were folded wrist to elbows behind her back, and
then they were thoroughly covered by what looked like a single
leather sleeve. But this sleeve was very different than what Fluffy
the French maid wore to hold her arms together in bondage. This one
was “U” shaped and ran down one arm, from just below the shoulder,
encompassed both of her folded arms, and then back up to just below
the shoulder of the other arm. It was like a U shaped leather tube
was slit open down it’s entire length, then Blair’s arms folded
inside it, and finally they were laced tightly closed within. There
was absolutely no way that Blair could free herself without help.
And Christine marveled at the ingenuity, craftsmanship and the
unexpected excited feeling she was experienced as she began rubbing
her hands over the leather cocoon that bound Blair’s flesh so
helplessly tight within. As Christine velvet hands drifted across
this black bondage glove she noticed a leather strap wrapped around
the horizontal center of the sleeve fastening it securely to the top
of another thick, wide, black leather belt around her waist. She
could see another leather straps leading from this belt as well as a
buckle and a couple of big shiny metal rings fastened directly to it
at Blair’s sides. Christine assume this belt was the center focus,
the anchoring point if you will, for Blair’s entire body harness as
well as the hitching point for shackling said filly to a cart or
buggy. Christine closed her eyes and pictured her college chum in
that very position with her as the holding the reins. The mental
image made her quietly moan with pleasure.

Christine’s hands began their sensuous exploring of the belt and she
could feel how it compressed Blair’s waist almost like an old
fashion corset. Her eyes caught the glimmer of four polished buckles
in back that kept the waist belt constricted around poor Blair’s
diminutive waist. That strap she seen a few moments ago dangling
between Blair’s legs came from the front of this belt. It’s buckle
ended mate waiting contentedly for it on the other side of the same
said hideous sash. Another strap ran from the back center of the
belt up along her spine and buckled to Blair’s leathered posture
collar. About half way up this spine strap Christine could see where
the bra strap crossed it and buckled therein. She also noticed that
is seem to have some slack in it, probably to allow for Blair to
breath and expand her lungs. But she devilishly thought there might
be too much slack in it.

“Oh Blair dear, it seems like your harness is a bit too loose. Here
let me fix it for you. After all, you were always a sharp dressed in
college. So you want to look your best when your out and prancing
about in public, now don’t you DEAR.” She then tighten the bra strap
up a notch, or two. Blair tried to stop her, to tell her that it was
already to tight. But now, with Christine’s lecherous help, it will
be way too tight and very difficult for her to breath normally or
take that full breath when she was made too, oh god no, she didn’t
even want to think about that part. But alas for poor Blair, only
meaningless garble came out of her anguishing mouth. Christine squat
along side of Blair to see what her cruel deed did, if anything, to
Blair’s tortured chest. Blair turned her hanging head and looked so
pathetically at Christine, but Christine’s attention was on more
important things as she totally ignore Blair’s little agonizing
moans of distress and continued eyeing Blair’s pendulously hanging
udders. She started to paw and squeeze Blair’s breasts to see if
there was any change, a change she just could not visually see. But
Christine did notice how firm and somewhat full Blair’s breast were,
but that was of little satisfaction for her. Somehow in the process
of inspecting Blair’s full bosom Christine bumped up against the
taut nipple chain, several times, accidentally. She heard Blair yip
each and every time she did so too. “Oh did I do that sweetie? I am
so sorry. Here let me rub you and make it all better.” She began
stroking and gently rubbing Blair’s sore balloonist breasts and hard
erect pierced nipples. Christine never though of herself as a
lesbian, nor Blair either, but the two did seem to relish the
soothing breast massage, until….

“Excuse me Miss. But what are you doing here?”

Those words shocked Christine into sudden awareness that she was not
alone. She quickly removed her hand from Blair’s breast and in so
doing bumped up against the nipple chain, again. Again Blair’s
temporary pleasantness was ripped from her by an abrupt piercing
pain in her unending suffering existence.

Christine quickly rose from her squat position using Blair’s bent
fixed body as a means to help herself up. She looked at the short
old woman with a look of surprise and said. “Oh, I’m sorry. My name
is Christine and I am a friend of Blair here. I seen the sign of her
make over in progress and wanted to say hello. Bunny out front said
it was Ok. Is there going to be a problem, should I leave Ms?”
“Oh mercy sakes no. Although Bunny should have notified me prior to
you coming in here. She is such an air head now a days. A few months
ago she was smart as a whip and quite a refined gentile young lady
too. But now after her boyfriends make over of her, she seems to be
an entirely different person altogether, like so many of the other
young ladies that get made over here. But were are my manners. My
name is Beatrice Combs, but please Christine, call me Aunt B.
Everyone does.”

Christine smiled back watching the little old lady who could easily
be anyone’s darling grandmother set a covered tray down on a small
desk near by. She was a bit overweight, hair made up exquisite on
top of her head, her makeup nice with lovely sweet lips, she wore a
pair of fancy old ladies glasses and dressed in the standard long
light blue lab coat she seen the other beauty technicians wear.
Christine found herself rapidly liking the old woman.

“I was wondering Beatrice, I mean Aunt B, if you could tell me why
my friend here is getting made over like this?”

The old woman looked up at Christine, the thickness of her glasses
easily seen by Christine, and then looked over at the desk. She
picked up a clip board with some papers on it. She could see the old
woman trying to use the lower part of her bifocals to read the print
on said papers. “Let me see. Oh, here it is. It looks like her make
over was prescribed for by her friend and roommate here at the
casino. Her name is Erin. Oh yes, I cane see why. It appears one of
the ladies, it doesn’t say which one, acquired a large debt in the
casino. In order to pay off that debt one of them was required to
fulfill a contract. Part of that contract stipulated one of them
having to undergo a make over into a pony girl. It seems your friend
here was the lucky one.” Blair let out a long angered moan. “Or
maybe I should have said UNLUCKY one.” And the dark, died haird old
woman smiled and put her hand over her mouth to curtail a laugh.
Christine also smiled, but at the sweet antics of the old lady. She
seem so precious to her. “Now if you don’t mind Miss, I have to
finish up your friend here so she can go to the next part of her
contract.” As she spoke the Beatrice moved to the front were Blair’s
head was hanging down, in pain, shame and self pity.
“Of course Aunt B. I must admit you have done a splendid job on
Blair already. I even think Blair would say so too if she wasn’t
gagged so.” The old woman looked up at Christine with surprised, “Oh
goodness sake no Miss Christine! Your friend here was so extremely
adamant about being turned into a delightful little pony. It took
Mary and Sandy, two much younger and stronger technicians, to get
her to this point. Poor Blair here fought them all the way. But in
all honesty I can not blame her. None of the women we do back here
like being made over. The beginning is always a struggle for the
poor things. But then, it’s all their own fault to come here to the
casino with the people they come here with, or to run up such a big
debt that this is the only way to pay it off. I must admit, the
older I get the more mix feelings I have doing it. But soon I will
retire and not have to think about it any more. So if you wouldn’t
mind standing over there you can watch while I finish up your friend
here without getting in the way.”

Christine stood were Beatrice directed and watched with intense
fascination how she finished up Blair. This was one show she would
never miss. To watch her arch enemy being degraded and forced into
becoming an animal, a pony girl, right before her eyes was a dream
come true.

Beatrice fastened a small clip at the end of a long light weight
chain to Blair’s nose ring. The other end was going into a small box
mounted up in the ceiling next to the wall. She then stepped back to
the wall and flicked on a switch. A low grade hum was hear as the
slack in the hanging chain was slowly taken up. She could see that
the chain was soon going to pull Blair’s head up and out, just like
she did when she inspected Blair’s gag. When the chain began to get
taut and Blair’s head was pulled painfully erect which did the same
to her tethered nipples Beatrice flicked the switch off. Blair was
now totally unable to move any part of her body, and if she tried to
wiggle just a bit her nose and breast would experience the pain of
such a foolish act on her part.

Beatrice went to the tray she set aside and removed the cloth cover
draped over it. Christine eyes almost bugged out of her head by what
she saw. Two items were on that tray. A head piece or cowl that
looked like exactly like a horses head minus the face part and a
horse tail with a large plastic butt plug fastened to it. She
watched mesmerized as Beatrice pick up the hood and moved to Blair’s
secured stationary head.

Christine watched in stun silence as Beatrice worked the open face
horse’s hood over her ex-girlfriends gilded head and around her
gagged mouth and teary eyes. Christine finally the words to
commented on how lifelike the head piece looked to Beatrice.
“Oh yes dear, isn’t it something? We have a wonderful group of
talented people that can make almost anything one desires, very
quickly too. As you can see here, the entire face of the girl is
left unencumbered while the rest of the head and lower jaw is
covered in the same reddish white material as her body is, only
thicker and not as flexible. Her ears are covered by these simulated
horse’s ears that run up along the side of her head just like a real
pony. And this reddish mane on top of her head and running down the
back is just like a real horse but styled so it looks more fuller
and not quite as long. A bit on the Mohawk side I think. And oh,
would you believe that it is made from her own hair? The design
department died it, shaped it and then attached it to her head
piece. They are indeed a very creative and resourceful group.”
Beatrice then put the final touches on the cowl so it fit very
snugly over Blair’s own skinned head. Beatrice stepped off to the
side to a chest of drawers. She pulled one open and took out what
looked like an assortment of straps with some shiny metal parts.
Christine stared on in wonder before coming to the discovery that
what Beatrice had in her hand was a horse’s bridal, but made for a
specific type of horse with only two legs. She smiled from ear to
ear and found herself putting her own hand over her lips to
sequester an audible giggle. She watched Beatrice expertly put the
black leather harness over Blair’s head. A few times she heard Blair
whimper and moan for having no recourse but to accepted being turned
into a domesticated beast of burden. To which Christine relished
every moment of Blair’s despair.

Christine was in awe at the speed and articulation at how Beatrice
was able to know what strap went were and how snug to fasten it. But
then she consider that Beatrice was an old pro at this and it was
all second nature to her now. She watched as Beatrice stepped back
and eyed her work. There was still a few straps left undone as well
as the bit, but she figured they were next after she took out the
pear gag that was still holding Blair’s mouth so broadly open.
The head hardness seem to have straps running all over Blair’s head.
Not enough to dominant her horse’s look, but definitely enough to
make it seem very dramatic as well as very controlling. One strap
circled her forehead and went behind her new horse’s ears. This seem
to be another anchoring point for the other straps to run from. Two
straps ran from it up and along either side of her Mohawk mane. Two
more straps dangled from this brow strap along each side of her
head, just in front of her ears. These two would go under her chin
and fasten there once her bit was in place. Through this whole
ordeal Blair was forced to keep her head still, else feel the
unfading discomfort in her nose and nipples become outright
agonizing pain. Beatrice stepped up to Blair and began unscrewing
the “T” of the gag. “My goodness! I sure don’t remember cracking
this nasty pear gag so wide. Oh it must be awful for you to have
your mouth stretched so wide apart for so long. Aww, poor thing.”
When Beatrice had the pear halves brought back together again it
seem very easy for her to remove it from Blair’s still gaping jaws.
All Blair could do is let out a moan of aching pain as she slowly
tried to close her mouth. Beatrice began to rub Blair’s jaws gently
so as to relieve some of the pain in her sore muscles while at the
same time not jostle her head around to much to cause more pain
where her nose ring was fastened. Beatrice seem to be a very
compassionate person at heart.

Once more as Blair’s torment seem to lessen something else would
always come along to end that moment of subsiding torment. That is
when Beatrice reached in her pocket and took out the bit gag with
it’s own set of straps. She gentle took Blair by her chin, gently
lowered her jaw and before Blair knew what hit her she eased the
shiny steel bit into her mouth. A few almost coherent words passed
Blair’s lips, but Beatrice was a professional and soon had the bit
over her tongue and deep in her mouth. She then quickly strapped it
firmly behind Blair’s head. Blair did her best to try and extricate
that damnable thing use to control animals, but was not even
remotely successful.
The center part of the bit was “U” shaped and this extended part was
resting sedately over the back part of Blair’s tongue. The sides of
her teeth rested on a rubber coated metal sleeve that allowed her to
bite into it without harming her teeth and at the same time still
allowed free movement of the bit and it’s metal “U” part over her
tongue. This sleeve extended out the sides of her mouth and had two
leather strap fastened to it on each side of her head. One set of
straps went around and buckled behind her head. This kept the bit
firmly in place at the back of her mouth. The second strap went
diagonally upwards and was fasten to a buckle at the intersection of
the brow strap and the chin strap on each side of her head. This
kept the bit centered and firmly wedged up against her upper molars.
This way she could be feed and watered by just loosening her chin
strap and not removing her entire bit or harness. Of course it would
not be easy for Blair to take nourishment this way, but with
practice she would learn. What else could she do.

On the other side of this rubber coated sleeve the metal bit
extended a little ways, turned up at ninety degrees and then formed
a loop on each side of her head. This is where the control reins
would be attached. When a person pulled back on the reins it would
pull this metal loop of the bit backwards which in turn cause the
metal bit inside Blair’s mouth to rotate causing the “U” shaped part
to press down against Blair’s tongue. A very uncomfortable situation
for Blair to experience for any length of time. But a very good
technique to control her with, which is exactly the way human being
have been controlling horses throughout the millennium. To which
Blair was now seen as one.
The last strap to be fasten was the chin strap under Blair’s jaw.
Beatrice tugged on it a little before buckling it in place to make
sure Blair was biting down on the rubber coated part of her bit.
Once done Beatrice went over all the straps again to make sure all
was snug as a bug in a rug. She stepped back and motioned for
Christine to stand next to her. They both stood and stared with the
wide happy smiles at their new surreal pony girl. A part of the
bridal that really tickled Christine was how it made Blair look. The
bit part pulled the corners of Blair’s mouth so far back that it
stretched Blair’s luscious full lips across the front of her teeth
and made her look like she was smiling. Christine could not get over
it. Seeing her college friend looking so happy as a pony girl and
knowing at the same time how much pain, shame and humiliation she
was experiencing too. It made Christine’s pussy so wet and
Then she remembered, in the lobby, those pictures, those “before”
and “after” picture. She remembered the “after” pictures and how the
fantasy women’s face looked. They all had that wonderful big smile
while their eyes showing the intense pain of helplessness and
betrayal. And now her worst enemy in college had that same look too.
Oh wasn’t revenge sweet, Christine though to herself.
“Well Aunt B, it looks like the little pony girl is all done and you
have done a first class job of it too. I am sure if Blair could talk
she would thank you, but then who has ever heard of a talking horse,
right pony girl Blair?” Christine put her arm around Beatrice and
hugged her like a member of her family as they both chuckled and
laugh. Poor Blair was to involved with her own plight, at being the
center of a tug of war between her nose ring and nipple rings, at
having some strange head gear forced upon her with it’s accursed
metal tongue depressor that almost makes her gag, and at having her
take one more step in becoming less of a human being and more of a
mindless control beast of burden. Oh yes, Blair’s world was
shrinking with every passing moment and with every added
accouterment to her pony girl facade.
“Thank you dear” said a happy Beatrice. “But there is still one more
part yet to do. I still need to apply the pony tail. There can not
be a pony girl without the girl having a pony tail, now can we?”
Beatrice put her hand to her lips to cover a little chuckle and a
touch of embarrassment at finding her own little pun being funny.
She then excused herself from Christine’s presents as she walked to
the same chest of drawers she took the bridal from.
Christine stepped up to Blair and began stroking her pony mane.
Blair looked into her once upon a time college chum’s gaze with her
own big sad puppy dog eyes. She wonder if she could appeal to
Christine’s sense of humanity, one adult woman to another, maybe get
her to empathize with her current situation, somehow let her know
how sorry she was for all the bad things she might have done in the
past, to show Christine that she had learned her lesson, that the
punishment she was now grievously suffering in recompense more than
fit any and all crimes she might have done, and to please take pity
on her and show her some mercy and let her go, PLEASE! But what
Blair seen in Christine’s eyes as she continued to pet her pony’s
head was nothing more than complete and total satisfaction. And it
would be a cold day in hell before Christine would ever help her
again. Blair then lowered her eyes in defeat. Whatever was going to
happen she would just have to grin and bare it. She had no other
recourse. All her so called friends have betrayed her and now
seeking their own pleasure with her pain. How thoroughly helpless
and hopeless she now felt. That is until she felt something cold
touching her bung hole.
“Time to fit your pony tail my dear.” Beatrice said with much pomp
and ceremony then the situation called for. Upon hearing that
Christine moved to the rear end of the pony girl to watch a master
at work. Again, Blair knew her torture was still not over with as
she quietly moaned to herself and release a single tear of sorrow.
Beatrice had just finished squirting some lubricant on and around
Blair’s butt hole. She then took a pair of rubber gloves and snapped
them on her hands. Given what she heard Blair could easily surmised
what was going to happen to her next. Horror, terror, and pain were
her constant companions now, but at least they kept her from feeling
shame, discuss and humiliation . What a choice, of lesser evils.

CASINO part 3/3

Beatrice began to explain to Christine what was going to happen next
like a sorcerer teaching her apprentice. “As you can see my dear,
the butt plug to which the hair has been fasten is quite large and
tapered. It has to be I’m afraid for two reasons. First her tail is
so large that a smaller plug would cause to much wobble inside the
poor dear and may result in harming her. Thus being so big it will
fit her to the max and be a good anchoring point for her to control
her tail movement. The second part is because it is so big and
shaped as it is there is less chance of it coming or being pulled
out by accident. But then, being so big we need to perform a little
dilation first, so as not to cause any unnecessary physical stress
to the pony girl than she is already experiencing.”
Upon saying that Christine watched Beatrice work one of her slick
rubber clad finger into Blair’s most private and personal body
cavity. Blair’s first reaction was to tighten up and make begging
garbled noises. That control bit did make for a very effective gag
too. Beatrice told Blair to relax her muscles so the process would
go much easier on her. Since she had no choice, Blair did her best.
But having someone diddle her rear entry was something entirely new
her and one she certainly would never want to experience, that is if
she had any choice in the matter. So each time Beatrice added
another finger Blair’s knee jerk reaction was to tighten up. But for
what it was worth, the prequel finger fucking did make the butt plug
go in all that much more easier. Beatrice still had to twist and
push, and twist and push before it went all the way in. But once
there Blair’s sphincter muscles were able to grip around the concave
base and hold it in place.
Beatrice took off her gloves and cleaned up Blair’s butt from any
excess lubricant. She then took hold of that dangling strap between
her legs and pulled it up to Blair’s new tail. The strap had a
strategically place slit through it’s center. The purpose of this
slit was to have the tail appear like it was coming from the top
crack of Blair’s butt, near the base of her spine and to have it
angled upwards so then the full long richness of her reddish brown
tail could be seen in a kind of gentle cascading arch as it flow
behind her. So it took Beatrice some time to get the tail situated
just right before she buckled that strap tightly to Blair’s waist
belt and thus completing Blair’s pony girl costume. Of course Blair
let out another angered groan at the same time the strap was fasten
because in tightly it, it also forced that monstrous dildo deeper in
to her pussy. Now Blair was plugged to the max and felt more like a
stuff turkey than a pony girl. Beatrice went to the wall and flicked
a switch which caused the chain tether to Blair’s nose ring to go
slack. Blair immediately let out a little sigh of relief. Beatrice
walked over to Blair and released her nose ring clip and both of her
nipple ring clips. Blair upper torso was now free, given the rest of
her bondage and bridal that is.

With Beatrice’s help Blair slowly rose from her bent over position
to one of fully erect. “Mercy me!” Beatrice’s alarmed voice caught
Christine’s attention. “Did I tighten your breast harness that
tight? I must be loosing my mind. Here dear, let me loosen that for
you so you can breath a little easier.” Christine watched as
Beatrice loosen the breast harness one notch. One of the two notches
that Christine tighten it to. Christine could not resist another
small giggle.

Before releasing Blair’s legs from the stand Beatrice walked in
front of Blair and said “Now listen very carefully to me dear. This
device, this little remote control I have in my hand can be used to
shock you IF you do not obey my commands. Here I will give you a
small example.” Beatrice turned a knob and pushed a button.
Immediately Blair jerked and yelled through her bit. She had
received an electrical shock to her pussy and butt holes via those
nasty plugs.

“You see my dear. And that was a low setting too. This little device
has the capability of giving you such a shock that it will literally
knock you off your feet and bring you down. I am telling you this
for your own good because no one is going to put up with your
rebellious nature any more. I am certainly not capable of fighting
with you even in your present very limited condition and I will not
call for any help either. You either do as I say or . . .”

Again Blair jerked and yelled from being shocked. This time it felt
twice as bad.

“Now, are you going to follow my orders and be a nice and well tamed
pony girl?”

Blair with the most pitiful look on her face even with her bridal
formed smiling lips, shook her head yes.

“That is well and good my dear, but remember, you are a pony girl
and as such must act like one from now on. So when I want a yes or
no answer from you, you are going to shake your head like you mean
it or else. . .” Another shock rip through Blair’s pelvic area as
she again yelled louder this time.

“Do you understand me pony girl?” Beatrice held the remote shocker
up in front of Blair’s contorted face as if silently warning her if
she didn’t get the answer she was looking for she would press it

Blair eyes went wide open as she momentarily stared at the device in
Beatrice’s hand. Then she shook her head in an exaggerated horse
like style.

“That’s a good GOOD pony girl! Now let me release your legs. When I
do you will just stand as you are and wait for further commands. Do
you understand little pony?” This time Beatrice did not display the
remote. She kept it at her side.

Again Blair shook her head fervently yes like a good obedient pony
girl should.

Beatrice walked behind Blair and with one hand on the button of the
remote she used the other to release Blair’s hoofed legs from the
stand. Blair felt the release, but did not dare move.
Christine was in awe of what just happen. How could a nice little
old lady suddenly become such a tyrant and unfeeling bitch? But as
soon as she thought that she came up with the answer. It was the
only way petite Beatrice was able to control such a big horse like
Blair so efficiently and so effectively in the manner she did.
Watching Beatrice’s domination over Blair left Christine so amazed
and so wet between her legs that she barely noticed Beatrice
attaching the control reins to Blair’s pony girl bridal. Beatrice
pulled back hard on the reins at the same time yelling the words
“BACK pony girl, BACK!”

Blair knees bent when she felt the U shaped bit dig deeply into her
tongue. And then slowly, on her hoof shaped shoes, she back up. As
long as she felt the hard aching depression on her tongue that
almost made her vomit she continued to move backwards. When Beatrice
stopped pulling on the reins and said “Woah” Blair stopped
immediately in her tracks.

Keeping her hands on the reins Beatrice moved to the front side of
Blair. She no longer had the remote in her hand. Instead she had a
riding crop. “Now my dear, whenever you are standing still like you
are now you must stand at pony girl attention. First, keep your head
up!” Beatrice used the crop and began taping it under Blair’s chin.
“A good pony girl always keeps her head up and eyes front.”
Blair raised her head in response to the command at feeling the crop
under her chin. But her eyes were focused on the little old lady
next to her. “I said eyes front pony girl!” and with that she used
the crop to slap Blair hard on her exposed rump.

Blair yelled and buckled from the pain. She even tried to move off
to the side, to get away from any more abuse. But Beatrice took hold
of the reins and pulled back on them hard while saying “Woah pony
girl, WOAH!. . . Easy girl, easy. . . That’s right, calm down girl.
. . Calm down. . . Good girl. That’s a GOOD pony girl!” It was over
as fast as it started. Beatrice’s slap on her ass startled Blair and
she reacted out of instinct to get away. But Beatrice’s quick
thinking and expect control of the reins and soothing voice brought
Blair, the pony girl, back under control. To Blair’s eternal shame
and humiliation and Christine’s delight and itching throbbing wet

“There now pony girl.” Beatrice began rubbing the area of Blair’s
flank that she hit and turning red. “You must learn to obey every
word your betters, your trainer and owners tell you from now on,
else you will be punished for it. The shocker and riding crop are
just two ways to do that. The more you resist and rebel the more and
painful ways you will be punished. You must also learn to accept the
sting of the riding crop as a conditional response to your
misbehavior. Believe me my dear, there are worst things to punish
you with. Do you understand me pony girl?” Again, with tears of hurt
and shame running down her cheeks Blair shook her head up and down
yes as she was trained to do.

“GOOD girl. Now again, head up, eyes front!”
Blair did so quickly.

“Next, you have very beautiful full ripen breasts to be proud of my
dear. In keeping with that pride and of being a pony girl you must
always do your best to keep them in full view by pushing them out as
far as they will go. Your breast harness has helped in that area as
well as having the black leather exhibiting them in sharp dramatic
contrast. You must always see to it that they are proudly displayed
in front of you. In doing this you will suck in your gut, push your
chest out and pull your shoulders back. Do it!” In fear of being
punished Blair followed the little dictators orders. The result of
her actions caused her spine to form a kind of lazy “S” with her
breast push out so far that if she lowered her head she would be
unable to see her feet, or horse shoes.

“Good pony girl. The last part is for you to have your legs straight
and feet, I mean hoofs together.”

This time Beatrice did not have to say ‘Do it’ to Blair for she had
already took that stance upon hearing her now trainer say it.
“Wonderful! Excellent! This is how you will always pose yourself
whenever you are standing still and not alone. Is that clear pretty
pony?” Again Blair nodded her head in horse like fashion.
“Oh, one more point. If anyone ever comes up to you as you are and
begins rubbing you or petting you, you are to wiggle your rear end
so your long beautiful pony tail flows from side to side. So when I
do this. . .” Beatrice began rubbing the side of Blair’s breast with
her ridding crop and Blair correspondingly began wiggling her butt
as her former black tresses, died dark reddish brown and hanging
from her butt instead of her head, began flowing from side to side
as if they were blowing in the wind. “GOOD GIRL! That’s a very good
pony girl.” Beatrice was very proud of Blair in how she was falling
so easily into her role as horsy.

“Christine. . . CHRISTINE!” Beatrice said in a stronger louder voice
to her passive audience of one.

Christine was shocked back into awareness, For a while there, she
was totally immersed into watching Beatrice training Blair as a
pony, not to mentioning rubbing her soaking pussy through her
costume too. “Yes Beatrice, I mean Aunt B?” Christine tried hard to
regain control of aroused self, but was finding it hard to coming
back down from erotic fantasy to functioning reality.

“I was wondering dear if you would be so kind as to watch this pony
girl for a few minutes while I get something from the back room. It
won’t be for long and it would be much better if you hung on to the
reins instead of me tying them to a hitching post. This little filly
is still new to the bit and I do not want her to accidentally hurt
herself if she happened to do something foolish like try to escape.
So please Christine, would you do me the favor?” Beatrice looked
ever so sweet and giving like a grandmother bringing in the prize
turkey for a Thanksgiving feast, instead of the hard task master she
was just portraying with pony girl Blair.

Christine’s mouth dropped open. Once again lady luck was shining
down upon her. Finding her ex-girlfriend here at the Casino and then
watching her being made over into an animal, a humiliating and
degrading pony girl of no less was such a stroke of luck in itself.
But now, to actually hold the reins and be in control of her college
antagonist’s denigration was beyond her wildest dreams. She was so
in shock that all she could do was nod her head yes, in about the
same flamboyant way as Blair was forced to. Beatrice gave Christine
the reins and the ridding crop, but kept the shocking device to
herself. She though that Christine might have cause to use the crop
which did not concern her. After all, Christine wouldn’t be able to
do much damage in the little time she was gone other than some red
marks or raised welts. However, leaving the shocking device with her
was another thing all together. That could be dangerous, if not
fatal very quickly if left in the wrong hands. So after transferring
control of the pony girl to Christine she wandered off to the back

Christine immediately felt a sense of intense power being
transferred to her when she took the reins and crop. Her heart began
beating stronger as her body took on a more erect posture of elitist
pride. The only time she felt a hint of something like this was when
she was promoted to the ranks of assistant district attorney which
was another step up in the ladder of a democratic society. But this
was a hundred, a thousand times more thrilling for her, for it
raised her up a notch in the dark barbaric world of human domination
and submission, the antithesis of democracy. She was the dominant,
the Mistress, the ONE to be obeyed, worshipped and the sole deliver
of pain or pleasure at her whim. And in her hands were the tools and
symbols of her domination, the crop and reins. Together they turned
a woman, an equal of her own sex in normal moral society into her
inferior, a submissive, a slave and now a surreal image of a
domesticated beast of burden–a pony girl. This was a totally new
feeling, a new life experience for Christine. And she loved it!
Christine, Mistress Christine looked at Blair, studied her,
inspected her. She took in Blair’s whole fantasy image made real,
her pony girl attire, her pony girl demoted and devalued humanity,
and her pony girl stand of attention held with forced pride as her
womanly sexuality was on blatant display before her. She loved what
she saw, a slut and tramp who had gotten what she rightfully
deserved. And she loved how it made her feel, like a hot wet
revengeful bitch in heat.

She circled her, the riding crop whipping through the air, the reins
held firm in her grasping hand. Blair held her pose, she knew what
would happen if she didn’t. The punishment of a technician was
nothing compared to the raft of a scorned woman friend.
Why she did it she did not know. Maybe it was out of curiosity.
Maybe because she did not want to go easy into the night, but wanted
to try and prove something, to herself that she was still an
intelligent and cunning human being, and NOT some dumb well obedient
animal. Whatever it was, Blair took her eyes away from staring front
to watching Christine inspect her, that is until there eyes met.
<SWACK!> “You were told pony girl to look forwards at all times.”
demanded an angry Mistress Christine as she used the crop again on
Blair’s exposed rump. Christine held on to the reins with all her
might ready to pull on it hard like Beatrice did when pony girl
Blair tried to buck away. But Blair did not. Oh her knees bent and
her eyes closed tightly as she let out a long scream of searing
pain. But she did not move away, not one single hoof. Somehow she
controlled her instinct to move away from the place of pain. She
held her spot and then held her pony girl pose as required, this
time with a many tears running down her cheek.

Christine was both proud and disappointed. Proud that she took such
fast decisive action with even the slightest of a infraction, almost
as if she was born to be a cruel dominating bitch. And disappointed
because her slave came to heel to quickly. She was expecting more
resistance to her new status over Blair’s forced slavery and she was
still aching to dominate her further, deeper into submission and
when Blair didn’t Mistress Christine felt cheated and unsatisfied
somehow. Christine’s hungry soul was beginning to feel the need to
dominate, to make herself feel superior, powerful, and commanding
over others, over her ex-college nemesis–Blair.

Christine took off one of her gloves and began to rub the area that
she hit. She could see the area turning red and a small raised welt
forming. She could even feel the heat of the redness and the ridge
of Blair’s chastised flesh under her delicate feminine fingers. And
she smiled when Blair began wiggling her ass and tail as she was
told to whenever anyone caressed her so. Now Mistress Christine felt
satisfaction. The need to dominate was quenched by what she felt
under her hand and how responsive Blair was with her authority over
her. God it was making Christine so fucking hot!

At this moment Beatrice came back into the room. “I see the two of
you have been getting along splendidly. Now, I have one last item to
add to our lovely pony girls costume and I can take some “after”
pictures. Then she will be ready to go.” Beatrice walked up to the
front of Blair and began placing a bell on each of her nipple rings.
They weren’t heavy enough to weigh down her nipples but they were
large enough for Blair to be aware of their presents and discomfort.
Beatrice could not help but nudge each one to hear the nice tingle
they made. That same sound brought Christine out of her
preoccupation with Blair’s assaulted red butt to see Beatrice
stepping back and readying a digital camera to take a picture.
“Christine, would you be a dear and stand behind the pony girl. . .
That’s it, now bring up the reins a bit taut if you will. . . Thank
you dear.” Christine did as she was direct, adding a little jerk to
the taut reins to get Blair’s attention. Blair let out a quick
little yelp at having her bit suddenly jerked down on her tongue
like her handler did.

“That’s perfect Christine. Now pony girl, I want you to hold your
head up, chest out, shoulders back. . . Good girl. Now, raise your
left leg as if you are in the middle of a prance. . . That’s it . .
. be careful now . . . good . . . slowly . . . remember you will
have to balance yourself on one hoof sweetie . . . Yes, I know it’s
hard, go on try again. . . That’s better girl . . . a little higher
. . . yes . . . let Christine put a little tension on your bit so
you can help steady yourself better . . . Oh yes that looks good
with your head pulled back like that and those big brown surprised
eyes of yours . . . steady now . . . almost there . . . got it!
That’s was a perfect shot. Umm, Christine, would you be so kind to
keep tabs on our little filly here while I get this picture printed
out on the computer?”

“Oh sure Aunt B. Ah, would it be possible for you to make another
copy for me too?”

“Well, usually the management frowns on things like that, but since
the two of you are friends after all. I don’t see why not. Sure
dear. I’ll just be a moment.” And Beatrice walked into the back room

Christine thought for a moment still holding the reins taut while
Blair went back to her fixed pony girl pose again her head held a
little higher and back to relieve some of the tension put on her
tongue by her bridal bit.

“Pony girl, did anyone say for you to lower your leg?” she then
swacked Blair on her rump again with her crop.

Blair let out a yelp and tried feverishly to quickly raise her left
leg while remaining balanced on the other.

“You seem to be having a little problem holding that position. Maybe
it would be better if you practiced prancing in place. Yes, I think
that will be better. Now prance for me pony girl, PRANCE!” again
Christine swacked Blair on the side of her rump with her crop.

“That’s a good little pony, raise those legs high, HIGHER I said!


Keep your shoulders back and chest out, be proud to be a
pony girl, an animal, a slave. . . Good girl! Now lets go for a
little walk around the room. When I pull on your reins like this,
you will go to the left. When I pull them on this side, you will go
to the right. And of course when I pull both sides together, hard,
you stop. Ok my little horsey, geddie-up.” Blair began her slow
prancing forward like a well trained animal. The bells attacked to
her nipple rings bouncing and ringing for joy even though she felt
the worst in her entire life. However, Christine was having the time
of her life, leading her very own pony girl around the room by the
reins. Blair was simply following orders and the pull of the reins
that control her. She was to scared and already in too much pain to
do otherwise. She forced herself not to think about what was
happening to her. She didn’t care how stupid she looked acting like
a train animal, a prancing horse. She didn’t care how embarrass or
angered she felt being controlled like a puppet on a string by a
woman she loathed with every fiber of her being. For if she did, she
knew she would cry buckets of tears from the utter shame,
humiliation and the obscene perversity of it all. She did not think
of the ramifications of her present situation. She just acted. And
she certainly did not want to think of the future, for that was a
nightmare she could not bare to ponder.

Beatrice entered the room and was joyfully surprised to see what
Christine was doing with the made over horse girl. Christine caught
Beatrice’s surprised look and pulled back on the reins. “Woah pony
girl, WOAH!” Blair instantly stopped when her tongue felt the weight
of Christine’s vindictiveness on the reins. Her breathing was fast
and hard, retarded by the tight bra harness she was forced to wear.
. . . “Position pony girl! Remember. . . . . .

POSITION!” Christine ordered after giving Blair two hard ones on
each side of her rump. To which Blair yelped and quickly moved into
her pony girl stationary pose. Again tormented tears flowing like
faucets down both sides of her cheeks.

“My goodness that looked so delightful. Christine, you are a natural
at being a dominatrix and a pony girl trainer. Just as your friend
here is a natural submissive. It’s too bad the two of you aren’t
Mistress and slave. But, alas, I must take your friend here back to
her rightful owner and to fulfill the last part of her contract.”
Beatrice held out her hand for the reins and well used riding crop.
Christine felt so sad. Here she was having such great fun and now it
was over just before it really began. She reluctantly handed the
reins and crop over to Beatrice. And in return she received both the
“before” and “after” picture of her conquered foe, Blair.
“Excuse me Aunt B, but do you know what the other part of the
contract is and where I can contract this pony girl’s owner?”
Blair closed her eyes with deep embarrassment. Here she was, an
educated, cultured and capable adult woman, and these two women were
talking about her as if she was a simple minded farm animal in need
of looking after. She tried to hold back the tears and sniffles but
it was too hard. “Well Christine, I don’t know for sure, but roomer
has it she is being transported in a horse trailer to a special
private ranch on the outskirts of the city. There she is going to
stay in a hay covered stall of a stables for awhile to be further
her training as a pony girl. Girls usually remain there for no less
than a month, sometimes long, a lot longer if you catch my meaning
dear.” Upon hearing that honorific news Blair began to move, but was
brought up short by the quick jerking of her reins by Beatrice.
“Steady girl, steady or I will use the crop on you. No point
fretting about spilled milk now. Just be a well obedient pony girl
and your lot in life will go as easy as possible, resist and . . .
well, you will soon find out that part quickly enough. Now assume
the pose and be still! Good girl. Now, where was I?”

“You were going to tell me where to contact her room mate and owner
Aunt B.”

“Oh yes. Her name is Erin and you can reach her at the main desk.
Just ask for her there or show them the pony girl’s “before” picture
I gave you and tell them you are looking for her friend. They’ll fix
you up. But now I am sorry to say we must leave. Your friend here
needs to take a little trip and I need to start on another make over
right quickly.”

“Oh is it that Go Go Dancer I seen down the hall Aunt B?” “Oh no,
she should be all finish by now. I have to work on a young woman
named Gloria. It seems she was recently married to a wealthy older
man. Her husband found out that she is nothing more than a gold
digger and a tramp so he has arranged for a special make over for
his new wife, unbeknownst the girl. He figures that since she wants
to act like a disobedient bitch in heat, she might as well look like
one. She is going to be made over into a puppy dog. She will have
the skin, tail, muzzle, the whole nine yards of a furry little
doggie. He has paid a lot of money for this transformation too, even
spending big money on some special electrical devices that keeps her
from speaking and filtering sound going into her ears so she can
only hear a limited number of commands and vocabulary. The rest is
to be all mumbled jumbled. I dare say living like that for a month
and she will come to believe she really is a little doggie. But if
that is what people want, and have the money for it, the casino is
more than willing to bend over backwards to fulfill there every
dream. Good bye dear and thank you for your help. Time to go little
pony, but before we do, how about giving your friend here a little
whinny to say good-bye. Come on pony girl I know you can do it.”
Beatrice began using the crop on Blair’s butt with ever increasing
hardness until Blair finally gave a nice petite horsy nay. “That’s a
good pony girl. Good bye Christine, it was nice meeting you.”
Beatrice jerked on the reins and swacked her on the ass thus telling
Blair to begin prancing, which she did. Beatrice slowly maneuver her
filly out of the room, through the back door and into a new

Christine kept looking at the “before” and “after” pictures in her
hand as she walked out of the room and into the hallway from which
she came. She could not believe what she just witness and played a
part in. The first thing on her list was to contact Erin and see if
she would mine if she could spend some time with her new pony girl,
maybe even rent her out for awhile. Perhaps, if her luck still held
out, she might be able to buy the pony girl from her. Now wouldn’t
that be something. Owning her very own human pony girl who happened
to be the person she hated the most in life. That though made her
already drenched pussy quivered with wanton joy. She could keep her
at that ranch too, a pony girl forever!

Just then she heard someone say “EXCUSE ME!” She looked up and seen
what looked like a table on wheels with an unconscious woman on it,
naked and without any hair on her entire body. Christine jumped to
the side and watch it passed. That must be Gloria she thought, the
soon to be doggie. Pretty girl too. Too bad she screwed up. She
ponder the possibility of Blair being made over into a doggie too,
that is after being a horsy for awhile. At that point she found
herself in the lobby again. Bunny was still at her desk doing her
nails and popping her gum. The ever vigilant bimbo on display.
Christine looked over to where she first seen Blair’s “before”
picture, it was still there. Along side of it was her “after”
picture, her prancing happy pony girl picture, and the name tag
below it. She chuckled to herself when she read it, “Boobsie, the
Pony Girl”. Then she though to herself, Oh yes, she will definitely
see “Boobsie” again. Real soon.

The End