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Collected by Djian



She stepped out of the elevator at exactly 8:55 Monday
morning. The Vice-President of Finance walked through the
hallways, saying the obligatory hello to everyone she passed.
Her secretary already had a steaming cup of coffee and her
appointment book laid out the desk. After opening her closet,
Ann gazed inside. Last Thursday evening, she was in this same
spot, but for a different reason. Ann reflected on her
behavior and the events of that night. Things had changed
since then. She couldn't put a finger on what was different,
but she had this gut feeling that something was not the same.
"Oh well, I better get to work." she said, talking out
loud to herself.
"I know how you feel. It was all I could do to drag myself
out of bed this morning."
"Please don't sneak up on me like that." Ann told her
"Sorry. I'll wait until you've had your coffee, then come
"That's okay Tracy. What do you need?" Ann asked.
"I only wanted to let you know that I scheduled
your appointments for Tuesday and later as best I could. I
figured that if you're anything like me, you wouldn't want
people bothering you the first day after a long weekend.
Today, you only have an 11:30 meeting with Mr. More from
Do-It-Right Janitors. I've already reserved the conference
room. He'll be here to renegotiate the building maintenance
contract. Don't worry about a time limit, you're the only
one on the list for the room all day. Other than him, you're
free to kick back and take it easy."
While stepping to her desk, Ann trembled slightly
when Tracy mentioned the word 'Janitors'.
"Thanks." Ann said and picked up her coffee.
Sitting down, she thought about her weekend. Nothing
went right. Ann got into a fight with her boyfriend and
spent the weekend alone. Within 1 hour after he arrived at
her apartment late Thursday night, they were yelling and
shouting at each other. She gathered that his extensive
business trip wasn't as productive as he would have liked
and it seemed as though he was taking it out on her.
Setting her personal problems aside, Ann began to
work on the reports on her desk, the same reports she was
suppose to complete last Thursday night. Ann looked at her
watch after closing the last folder. It was 11:20. Ann buzzed
Tracy, asked her for a few things, and proceeded next door
to the conference room.
"Here are the files you wanted. There's several
invoices that haven't been paid. Accounting wouldn't
disperse the funds until they have your approval." she told
her boss.
"Thanks Trace." Ann said, opening the files and going
through them.
Mr. More arrived at 11:30 for his appointment.
Tracy was startled by his silent and sudden appearance. He
stood towering over her desk looking for Ann. Eternally the
busy-body and not ever embarrassed, Tracy asked him how tall
he was.
"6 foot 10. And, before you ask, I don't play basketball.
I can think of better ways to work up a sweat." Sam answered
and smiled. Tracy chuckled at his joke then escorted him to
the conference room. Knocking once on the closed door, she
followed Sam inside.
"Mr. More, this is Ann Sutter, our Vice President of
Finance. Can I get you anything before you start your
meeting?" Tracy asked.
"Coffee, black, will be just fine dear." Sam said and
took a seat across from Ann at the large conference table.
Tracy couldn't help but notice the astonished look on
Ann's face when she saw Mr. More. Her boss was also turning
a bright red and suddenly became very nervous. Ann's reaction
to the large man was similar to her own, but Tracy doubted v
the fuck up!" Sam hollered.
Ann ran to the phone on her right and was about to
hit the intercom button, when his massive hands grabbed her
small wrist.
"It'd be a shame to break your arm. Now, sit still and
behave yourself." he said and walked her back to the chair.
"I don't know what you THINK you're going to accomplish,
but you just made the biggest mistake of your life buster! My
secretary will be back, and when she walks through that door,
I'm going to scream my head off."
"Like you did the other night? You'd better look
at those first!"
Sam produced a white envelope from his jacket and threw
it at her, causing Ann to jump. She picked it up from her la
and looked inside. What she saw made her heart stop and her
face turn white with horror. It was a stack of pictures.
Pictures he had somehow taken in her office last Thursday!
She only got a look at the top one when there was a soft knock
on the door and Tracy came in, carrying a tray with two cups
and a pot of coffee on it.
"I'll set this down here and then make sure you're not
"Thank you...Tracy? It is Tracy, right?" Sam asked her.
"Yes sir, Mr. More."
"Well Tracy, as you can see, we have a lot of things
to go over, so I'm glad you brought the whole pot. Thank you."
"You're welcome sir." Tracy said and left.
"What's this all about? How did you get these?" Ann
asked after they were alone.
Sam swung Ann's chair around so she was facing him and
glared at her. Ann cringed in fear at his imposing figure.
When he did speak, Sam's deep voice was evenly pitched and
foreboding .
"Never mind! It's too late for that. Right now, if I
were you, I'd be more concerned about other people seeing
these. Your boyfriend for instance, or the members of the
Board of Directors. What do you think they'd do after seeing
these?" Sam said and paused while she mulled it over.
Ann knew she'd be ruined if anyone ever saw them.
The one picture she did look at, showed her laying on top
of Sam, passionately kissing and making love to him. She
didn't need to see the others.
"Now pay attention, Ann, because I'm not going to repeat
myself. You and I are going to spend a lot of time together.
You will doanything I want, any time I tell you! Do I make
myself clear? If you don't, I'll make sure every member on
the Board of Directors of this company, plus your boyfriend,
get their own personal copy of those pictures."
"Okay, how much do you want?" Ann asked him.
"First, I think you should reconsider the contract."
Sam told her and stood up straight again.
Fishing it out of the folders, Ann quickly read it.
After scribbling some notes on it, she held the contract out
to Sam.
"There! That's double the amount and it's for three
years, not one!"
"That's pretty generous, but I'm more interested in what
you have!"
Ann took off her rings, bracelet, watch, necklace, and
"This isn't strip poker. Keep going!"
Ann looked at him incredulously as it finally dawned on
her what he had in mind. He couldn't possibly expect her to
have sex with him! Last week was a mistake and she certainly
wasn't about to make the same one twice, especially since he
was blackmailing her.
Sam saw what she was thinking about by the look in her
eyes. Still standing in front of her, he slowly and
deliberately undid his pants.
"If you're afraid of someone barging in, I'll settle
for a blow job!"
"Don't piss me off or I swear you'll see copies of
those picture s plastered on every bulletin board in Hell,
I'll even let you pick which one you want."
"WAIT A MINUTE! There's got to be over a dozen
pictures in there!"
"Only nine. I gave you the first three last Thursday,
"You want me to have sex with you nine times!"
"Only eight, if you blow me right now."
"How will I know you gave me all the copies? How do I
know you don't have more? How do I know you're not lying?
"You don't!" Sam said flatly to emphasize she had no
say in the matter.
It was Thursday all over again. Ann couldn't bring
herself to suck him off, but she couldn't refuse either.
The pictures he had would destroy everything she worked for
since graduating from college. She closed her eyes, wishing
she were somewhere else. When she opened them again, Sam's
cock was closer to her face. She saw it twitch and wanted
to turn away, but he already grabbed her head and was
holding still.
Sam looked down and gradually pulled her to his
crotch. Her hair, rubbing against his dick, felt soft and
cool. He moved his hips side to side and watched as his
dick combed through her blonde curls while her forehead was
scraped by the lowest part of his zipper. He then began
pumping his hips and saw his ebony cock bury itself in her
golden mane, growing harder and longer with each stroke.
Sam easily straddled her chair and pinned Ann against the
back cushion.
"Time to play slut. That's what I'm going to say from
now on. When you hear me call you a slut, that means you
do what I tell you to do and you don't stop until I say so!
No questions and no bitching! Just do it!"
Ann meekly shook her head in agreement, but didn't say
"When I ask you a question slut, you better answer me.
What's it going to be?" Sam asked to make sure she was
"Okay. I won't argue." Ann replied.
"Not good enough! I want to hear you say you'll be a
slut when I tell you to be one."
Ann resigned to give him what he wanted to get the
pictures. She had no other choice. Whatever he wanted her
to do, she would have to do it. For the moment, all he
wanted was a blow job. All she had to worry about was not
making him mad. After he left, she could try and figure
out a way of getting the pictures from him, but not right
"I'll be your slut. Whatever you want, I'll do it and
I won't argue with you." Ann told him.
"That's more like it. Now open your mouth and suck my
cock slut!"
Sam bent his knees and shoved his still growing dick
at Ann's face. When it touched her lips, she opened her
mouth. She was cooperating better than he expected. The
bonus of having his contract doubled was a welcome surprise
also. He'd have to make sure she didn't change that.
When Ann felt his prick touch her lips, she didn't stop
it from entering her mouth. Instead, she opened her mouth
as best she could and allowed him to push it in. He was
forcing her to do it, but he couldn't force her to enjoy it
like Ann did last Thursday.
Sam noticed the way she was obediently allowing him
fuck her mouth. This was fine, but it wasn't great. He
wanted her to act like she did last week. It didn't matter
though. His cock was so huge, that the friction alone would
get him off. Sam started to fuck her face, making the chair
rock with each thrust, and soon her lips were sliding back
and forth over his dick. In a short while, the conference
room filled with the sounds of the attractive blonde's mouth
wetly and noisily being fucked by Sam's cock. The slurping
and smacking noise of Ann's lips mingled with the creaking
clamor made by the springs in her chair as Sam relentlessly
plunged his gigantic cock in and out of her mouth.
"If m the added pressure of her lips around his dick,
he began to fuck her mouth more rapidly. Her head was driven
against the chair and her mouth slid farther down his cock
every time he thrust at her. All Ann could see was the blurry
twinkle of his zipper as his cock swiftly penetrated and
withdrew from between her lips. She was getting a headache
from the pounding he gave her, but she wasn't about to
loosen her lips. When the spongy head of his cock bumped
against her tonsils, she heard Sam grunt loudly. He did this
several times and sounded like he was enjoying the discomfort
it caused Ann. When he finally did force his prick beyond her
tonsils, she started choking.
Sam stopped moving when his cock fucked into Ann's
throat. He couldn't believe how tight and warm she was. This
was just as good as fucking her cunt, and that was damn good.
Sam was real glad he decided to use the pictures against her.
When he first thought of it, he wasn't sure if he could do it.
Now, he was absolutely sure he could. Ann was born to be a
slut, she just didn't realize it yet. By the time he was done
with her though, she'd know it and she would never be the same.
Because Sam's cock was 11 inches long, there was still
plenty of his dark shaft protruding from Ann's mouth. Staring
at her contorted face from a bove with a satisfied grin, he
kept her head pinned against the chair with one hand and
masturbated the base of his dick with the other.
"Yeah! In your fucking throat! You hear that! My cock is
Ann was frantically gasping for air. She was gagging,
wiggling, kicking and squirming in the chair beneath him. When
his cum did start shooting, her convulsions got more violent
as her stomach tried to vomit the sperm he was forcing her to
After he finished coming, Sam deliberately took his time
pulling his cock out of her throat and mouth. Finally able to
breath, Ann inhaled and exhaled deeply. Stepping back and
placing his dick back in his pants, Sam noticed a small trail
of cum dripping down the side of her mouth. Ann was beginning
to get her color back, but it was still difficult for her to
swallow. Her throat was irritated from being enlarged by his
dick, but at least her stomach had stopped wrenching.
"Not bad. You were better last week though. Straighten
yourself out. We're going to your office to discuss a couple
of other things."
Ann didn't argue with him. After wiping her mouth and
making herself presentable, she picked up everything from the
conference room table and followed Sam out the door. Relieved
to see that it was noon and everyone was at lunch, Ann marched
into her office, Sam closing the door behind her. She sat down
at her desk and waited for Sam to speak his peace.
"See, that wasn't so bad. Now you get one picture. Which
one will it be?"
Ann couldn't answer him. She didn't want to look
at the photographs, but knew she better.
"Don't worry. Take your time and look them over. I'm
in no hurry. By the way, that envelope is your's to keep. Call
it a memento if you want. You know, you're real sexy when you
dress up. Ever do any modeling? I'll bet you could be good at
it. Maybe not as good as you're doing here, but all the same,
it's nice to have something to fall back on in case the
unexpected comes up." Sam said sarcastically.
While he was talking, Sam idly walked around her office,
looking at all her diplomas and certificates hanging on the
walls. He then opened her closet and saw the familiar flight
bag. Pulling it out and setting it down on the couch, he
examined the clothes inside. They were the same outfits he
saw last week.
Ann was too busy and mortified flipping through hem was
that you could see she clearly enjoyed what the two of them
were doing. It was impossible for her to determine which
picture was the more incriminating. All of them were. She was
going to try and appeal to him to change his mind when she
noticed he had the flight bag out and was rummaging through
all her clothes.
"I know some women that would kill for these things.
Decide which picture you want?"
"Listen, I..." Ann stuttered, lost for words
"Can't pick? I had a hard time too. They all look good.
I didn't think you would be able to make up your mind, so I
took the liberty of bringing one. Here!" Sam said and threw
a large envelope from his suit jacket on her desk.
Inside, were seven thinner envelopes. Five of them
were addressed, one to every member on the Board of
Directors, and two envelopes had no writing. All of them had
an index card stapled on top of a picture. Each picture was
the same and every card had the same typed note. It read;
Ann Sutter
29 year old Single Female
Blond e Hair, Green Eyes, 5' 5", 105 lbs. I am a
business woman during the day and a slut at night. My cunt
gets wet just thinking about going to adult bookstores or XXX
theaters and fucking as many people as I can find. I love
double or triple fucking. I love surprise gang bangs the most.
I love being held down or tied up as group of men or women
violently fuck every hole I have till I pass out. I love
being ordered to kneel in front of a group of people and
forced to suck the cum out of any cock or cunt that is
shoved in my mouth. I always wear nylons, garter belt, and
sexy high heels when I go out. All my skirts and dresses are
short. My tits are firm and easily excitable. I have long
slender legs and a very slim waist. My warm blonde cunt, small
tight ass, and wet hungry mouth are always available after
work. I don't care about age, color, or size. I AM NOT LOOKING
FOR MONEY! I am looking for anyone who seriously wants to use
me. I AM A SLUT! (Address and phone are on the back of the
Ann quickly turned the picture over. Her name, the
company address and phone number, even her extension, were
hand written on the back. It was now imperative for Ann get
every copy Sam made of these. She could not allow him to keep
a single one.
Though she knew the note was totally preposterous and
a bold face lie, the picture below it would prove otherwise
to anybody else. It showed that she was not only able, but
also that Ann was very willing to do precisely everything the
sensational note said. There was no evidence of her being
forced or threatened to perform what she was doing in the
picture. In fact, of the two people in the photograph, Ann
was the only one who was vigorously doing anything. Even her
own eyes could not deny seeing the expression of absolute
sexual pleasure that was on her face when the camera took the
In the polaroid, Ann was kneeling over Sam. His face
could not be seen, but her's was. She was wearing a garter
belt, nylon stockings, and high heels, just like the note said
she always dressed. Nothing else obstructed the view of her
lean and attractive body. Ann was aiming Sam's gigantic cock
right at her face as she fucked her pussy on the toes of his
feet. The excited nipples of both her breasts were poking
against the middle of his thighs while she expanded her
mouth to form a large circle directly above his dick. Her
beautiful face was splattered with fresh blotches of cum. A
large stream of it was overflowing from her filled mouth.
There was one thick strand of sperm vulgarly stretching
from her tongue and Sam's dick. Both her hands and his cock
were covu got any more clothes like these?"
"Every time we meet, I want you in a different outfit
with lots of leg and tit showing. You'll be getting a list
of special things I want you to pick up too. I don't care
where you get them, but you better have them when I call."
"When will that be?"
"I don't know, but you'll only have one hour to get
dressed and meet me when I do."
"What if I'm out of the office?"
"That's your problem, not mine. If you have to go out
of town, you better let me know ahead of time. By the way,
what's your home phone number?"
"I won't let you call me at home! NO! Not at home!"
Sam got off the couch and slowly stepped up to her
desk. Ann, imagining he was going to beat her up or some-
thing like that, leaped out of her chair and ran to the
opposite side of the desk he was standing at. Sam reached
down and grabbed all the envelopes he had just given her.
"You're back up to nine visits! Unless you want me
to mail these, you better give me your home phone number.
It's your last fucking warning."
Ann rattled off her number.
"If you ever, and I mean EVER, say no again, I'll
personally deliver these and tell everybody that you asked
me to talk them into fucking you just like I did! Do you
"Please don't! I do anything! Please!" Ann apologized.
"Here," Sam said, grabbing his contract, "I'll drop
this off on your secretary's desk. Remember, you say no to
me again and I'll be the least of your worries. See you
round slut." Sam said and left.
For the balance of the afternoon, Ann was a nervous
wreck. She had seriously misjudged the man who discovered
her last Thursday and was going to suffer for that mistake.
She discretely inquired about him, trying to find out if
he was honest in business affairs. The responses she got
were vague or of no help. Not many of the people she
talked to even knew who Sam was. By the time 5 o'clock came,
Ann was more than prepared to go home.
Entering her apartment, she heard the phone ringing.
Sam, her boyfriend was calling. They chatted pleasantly
for a few minutes, each disregarding their fight over the
weekend, and made arrangements to meet for dinner on
Wednesday. Ann asked if it was possible for him to come
over tonight, but he was tied up with work. After they
said goodbye, she was locking her front door when the phone
rang again. She heard the caller say "It's Sam", and her
response was to ask if he could come over right away.
"If you really want me to, I will."
"What do you want?" Ann asked harshly when she
realized it wasn't her boyfriend at the other end of the
"I know you don't like me or like what I'm doing, but
who gives a flying fuck? I don't! But, you better quit
talking to me in that tone of voice. Right now, I'm the
last person on earth you want to piss off. I was only
checking to make sure you gave me the right phone number
and not some phony one."
"How long is this going to go on?"
"Well, you owe me nine visits. I figure..."
"No, I mean when will the last call be?" Ann asked,
trying to keep her voice calm.
"If you're that anxious, let's meet day after tomorrow."
"No, I can't make it. I..." Sam cut her off.
"Did you say no?" Sam asked, then suddenly hung up the
When the line went dead, it was as though someone had
shot her. Ann wanted to cry out. She could imagine Sam on
his way to the nearest mail box. By the end of the week,
she'd be fired, loose her boyfriend, and be totally
disgraced. If he mailed the pictures tonight, they'd
probably be delivered by Wednesday. The Board members
would talk among themselves Thursday and on Frida a
prevailing business practice for layoffs, but in the past,
it was used as an appalling scheme to ruin the individual
reputation of someone unfairly fired merely to justify
managements conduct. Ann imagined the same thing would
happen to her and there was nothing she could do about it.
A week from now, everyone at work would think she was
nothing but a cock starved slut willing to spread her legs
for anyone who wanted to fuck her.
Ann's boyfriend might call after he got the pictures.
Then again, he might not. She preferred he come over so
she could explain everything to him face to face, but she
just didn't know how he'd handle seeing her in all those
pictures making passionate love to a black man. She was
certain that he'd terminate their relationship, but she at
least wanted the opportunity to tell him the truth of what
occurred and why he got the pictures in the first place.
She decided to call him at the office now, before he got
the pictures, and reached for the phone.
Almost jumping out of her skin when the phone rang
as she touched it, Ann was hoping it was her blackmailer,
and not her boyfriend.
"You change your mind yet, or do I pay a visit to
some people you know?" Sam said.
"Please! I'll do whatever you want! Honest! Anything
at all!" Ann answered quickly.
"I'll call Wednesday and have the stuff from the list
I sent!"
Ann flopped down in the chair next to the phone.
There was nothing she could do, she had to meet Sam
whenever and wherever he wanted. She also had to come up
with an excuse to break her dinner date with her boyfriend.
He would ask all sorts of questions and she didn't want to
think about that right now. She'd rather have him angry at
her for breaking a date than seeing him go crazy because
of those pictures. Relieved that Sam did call back and
give her another chance, Ann poured herself an unusually
potent drink to calm down. Even though she rarely drank,
she needed something to help her relax. This whole
predicament was causing her to come apart at the seams.
After gulping down three tall glasses of straight whiskey,
she was more dizzy than calm. She had to get her mind off
of her situation. Ann noticed her mail laying by the front
door and decided to go through it. Even thinking about
bills or reading junk mail would be better than sitting
there tormenting herself.
Her mail did contained some bills and a letter.
Opening the letter, she knew right away it was from her
blackmailer. Sam was so sure of himself, that he mailed
it last Friday. This emphasized how naive Ann truly was
and it frightened her more. The letter was a single page
with a list. It was the list of items Sam wanted her to
Dresses or Skirts (10, sexy and show a lot of
leg & tit)
High Heels (10, 4" heels)
Stockings (any color) NO PANTYHOSE!!!
Garter Belts (10, the sexy kind)
Handcuffs (2 wrist & 2 ankle)
Rope (10' long, 1/2" thick)
Dog Collar
Dildo (2, 10" long vibrating kind if they have it)
Vibrating Egg (battery operated & remote control)
K-Y Jelly (2 tubes)
She put the list down. The clothes were no problem.
Dressing up like she did last week, made her feel seductive
and also brought back delightful memories of when she would
dress up as a little girl. Ann was really horrified about the
other things on the list though. She then realized she
wouldn't have much time to go shopping if she was suppose
to have everything by Wednesday. Looking at her watch, she
saw that it was 7 o'clock. She'd have to go to a clothing
store, shoe shop, and pet store. Ann knew she'd also have to
go to a sex shop, and cringed. Downing a fourth glass of
whiskey and grabbing her keys, Ann left her a partment and
drove to the nearest shopping mall.
Once inside, Ann locatedions available. If Sam intended
her to wear one of these, she would pick the most unobtrusive
one she could find. Checking them over, she found one she
liked best. It was thin and black, almost like an elegant
choker, with a silver name plate opposite the buckle. It
didn't look like a dog collar at first glance and that's why
she bought it.
Ann then went to several shoe stores before finding one
that had a large choice of high heels. The only man in the
store waited on her diligently, measuring her foot and
getting all the styles and colors he had to offer. He sat on
the stool in front of her and slipped on every pair as though
her feet were made of glass. She thought the guy was insane
until she saw his bulging pants and a little wet spot near
his zipper. With a devilish grin and feeling the effects of
the whiskey, Ann held her leg out to him and asked what he
thought of the red pair of heels she had on.
The clerk was trying to avoid her eyes, but not her legs.
With Ann's foot almost in his face, he was able to see clear
up her skirt. He asked her to switch so he could check the
other foot. When she held it up, he looked like he was
checking the fit of the straps that went around her ankles.
Ann thought she was depraved for teasing the man, but
it excited her to know that his dick was growing rigid from
just touching and looking at her legs. Pretending that the
shoes didn't feel right, she asked him to check the instep of
each foot and parted her slender legs. The clerk sighed and
placed his hands on her foot. Not once did he look at her
instep. His gaze went between her thighs. Ann got more risque
and opened her legs slightly further. She noticed the wet
spot in the man's pants was getting larger and the bulge was
getting bigger.
Thinking about what she was doing, and before she got
herself into more trouble, Ann said that she had to get
going and told the clerk she'd take 9 pairs of high heels.
Two pairs of black, and one pair of white, blue, red,
brown, gold, silver and a multi-color pair. The man offered
to carry the shoes out to her car for her, but she politely
declined his help.
While slowly walking to her car because of the whiskey,
Ann thought of Sam's list and speculated how mad he would be
if she didn't have all the things when they met.
"After all, you didn't give me much time.", she said
out loud. "He'll understand, won't he?" Then, she recalled
one of his comments, "That's your problem, not mine!", it
echoed through her brain. "No, he'll be furious." Ann said
drunkenly to herself. "We already fucked once and I sucked
you off twice, not to mention I wrote up a new contract.
You have nothing to loose, while my ass is still on the
line. I guess I only have one day to get the rest of the
Buying the clothes would take some time. She couldn't
do it during lunch. She had an appointment tomorrow she had
to keep. She'd have to buy them tomorrow night. But, when
could she get the other things. It would be either after the
clothes tomorrow or right now. Normally, Ann took pride in
the fact that she never procrastinated. She considered hard
and long about doing it now. She knew the only place to buy
the other items on the list was at a sex shop and she didn't
want to go to one in her condition. Thinking again about
what Sam could do to her with those pictures, Ann decided it
was best to get it over with.
Driving cautiously out of the mall parking lot, she
headed toward the part of town where she knew the sex shops
were located. Always feeling uneasy about just looking at
them, Ann never thought she'd have the nerve to walk into
one so she drove around until she spotted a store that looked
empty. Then, being too embarrassed and drunk to park her car
suddenly surrounded by darkness. She couldn't see anything,
but she did hear the voice of a women of wailing noisily.
Trying to get her bearings and feeling more dizzy, Ann walked
toward the only light she could distinguish and stumbled into
another door. Thinking this was the way to the front of the
store, she pushed and opened it.
Ann gasped and stood still with a dumfounded look on
her face. There was a man was masturbating inside of the
small cubicle she just opened and she had hit his arm with
the door knob. His rigid dick was sticking straight out of
his pants and pointed at her when he turned around to see
who barged in on him. He also had a dumfounded look on his
face, but didn't try to hide himself. Both of them stayed
this way for a few seconds, Ann gazing wide eyed at his
dick while he looked her body over. The man then reached
out and pulled Ann into the booth, closing the door behind
her. She couldn't take her eyes off his dick and let him
to tug her closer.
"You like it? Here, rub it a little." he said then
took her hand and wrapped it around his cock.
When she didn't remove her hand, the man started to
lift her skirt. Ann was too astonished to say or do
anything. She just stood there with his cock in her hand
and kept gawking at it. She saw his hands pull her skirt up,
but she didn't move. The man didn't believe his luck. An
attractive blonde walked in on him and was now gripping
his dick. He had dreamed about this, but never thought it
would actually happen. He wasn't going to spoil the
opportunity with small talk so he started doing everything
she'd permit him to do.
He located the button and zipper to her skirt, un-did
them, and let it fall to the floor. She still didn't say
anything. He saw that she wasn't wearing anything under her
skirt but pantyhose and grinned at her. Then, placing one
hand on her ass, he put his other one between her thighs and
began stroking her pussy. Ann knew she should have done
something, but didn't. The man's hand rubbed her for a
while as they stared into each other's eyes and then she
heard him rip a whole in her pantyhose. When his fingers
made direct contact with her damp pussy, her hand gripped
more firmly around his dick and her lips opened in a sigh.
Taking this as a gesture from her that it was okay to keep
on going, he turned her around to face the wall.
"Spread your legs and bend over a little so I can fuck
you." the man whispered into her ear and pushed her feet
The next thing Ann felt was his dick slithering it's
way between her silky legs and pushing against her
vulnerable and exposed pussy. Her mind told her to move,
it told her to cry out at him, it told her to do many
things, but her body disregarded it all. She felt his hands
tightly grip her hips and then his cock suddenly pierce into
her pussy. She moaned loudly and bit her lower lip. Holding
still for a moment, the man behind her then began fucking
her savagely, as though he hadn't had sex in years. Each
vigorous stab of his cock brought another loud moan from
Ann. Her pussy was so surprisingly sopping wet in such a
short period of time that he was fucking her with the full
length of his cock by the third plunge. Her loud moans and
his grunting mixed with the sounds being made by the video
on the screen above her head.
Ann was so excited by this anonymous fuck that she
began to respond almost as quickly as the man behind her.
She thrust and wiggled her ass at him, matching the force
that he used to fuck her. When his hands left her hips and
went under her blouse to pinch her sensitive nipples through
the lacy bra she had on, Ann let out a louder moan. She
could feel his testicles bouncing against the inside of her
upper thighs, and every once in a while hit her clit, as
they continued to fuck each other at a frenzied pace. The
noise his body made, colliding incessantly against her firm
and nylon covered rear, was resounding off the wood panel
walls of the small booth and sounded like someone was
clapping. Abruptly, Ann could feel his dick expand and
discharge. It throbbed into her. His sperm sent a warm
feeling throughout her body as she gripped his dick with her
pussy, trying to keep him inside her, and was about to
climax herself.
"Don't move. Stay just like that." the man said and
pulled out of her.
Ann didn't know they weren't alone. The man's friend
was also there. He saw her go into his buddy's booth and
quietly stood by and watched the two of them fuck. When the
first man finished with her, he stepped aside and let his
friend take over.
"You want to fuck some more?" the new man asked.
In her excited and drunken state, she eagerly shook
her head yes. She was very close to orgasm when the man
behind her stopped and she wanted to keep fucking if he was
able to. Ann had no idea it was a different man that was
going to fuck her.
"Reach down and put my cock in your pussy." the new
man said.
Ann fumbled between her legs and found his dick.
Grabbing it, she pulled him up to her pussy and thrust back
at him.
"I'm going to stand still and let you fuck me." the
man told her.
Ann began fucking herself back at him, his cock going
farther into her pussy this time. She didn't remember his dick
being so fat, but it didn't stop her from enjoying it. She
kept fucking him, getting closer to the orgasm she wanted so
badly. Forgetting where she was, Ann started to cry out.
"PLEASE, don't just stand there! FUCK! Fuck my cunt!
HURRY! Fuck me! I'm almost there! Please! FUCK ME!" she
The new man began pumping violently into her. The
loudest moan yet came from Ann's throat and she clasped
her pussy tighter around his cock. The two of them fucked like
untamed animals while the first man watched. Ann's initial
climax sent her body into a spasm and was quickly followed by
another. She wildly shook her head and screamed at the man to
fill her pussy with his cum and fuck her faster. The second
man did as she reached her third straight orgasm and cried out
about how much she loved his cock.
After pulling his dick out of her and stepping back,
both men looked at Ann. They decided that before she came back
to her senses, they should leave. They zipped up and walked
out, leaving the booth door wide open.
Gaining some of her composure and returning to semi
normal, Ann turned around to look at the stranger who had just
admirably fucked her twice.
"OH GOD!" she screeched when she saw that she was alone
in the booth and the door was open with different man glaring
at her from outside.
She quickly pulled her skirt down. Totally embarrassed,
Ann didn't know what to do. Swiftly composing herself, she
picked up her purse and looked at the man. In a business like
manner, she shrugged off the event like it never happened and
asked if he could point the way to the front of the store. She
saw his eyes gazing at her legs and felt further embarrassed.
The two loads of cum were running out of her pussy and pouring
down the inside of her thighs. Any moment now, the sperm would
rush past her knees to her ankles.
"Fuck me first, then I'll show you how to get up front."
the man said.
"I need to get some things. Okay? When I'm done." Ann
lied as fast as she could.
The man said he'd be waiting when she was ready and
showed her to the front, staying by the booth area as she
walked up the isles of magazines to the counter. The kid behind
the counter saw her come out from the back and was surprised.
Besides being pretty, she was alone. He fell all over himself
trying to wait on her.
"Can I help you with anything?" he asked her.
Ann swallowed her pride and suffered the humiliation she
was going through. She grabbed Sam's list from her purse
"Here's a nice set of metal ones. They're real easy to
lean off when you're done using them. Now, what kind of dildos
you want? We got a big selection." he said.
"The two largest and, if they vibrate, that would be
better." Ann replied without thinking of what she just said.
The clerk walked over to the next counter and pulled
out the largest one in there. It was 36 inches high and
shaped like a man's fist and forearm. He dropped it on the
counter in front of her.
"Think you can fuck this?" he chuckled.
Ann nearly fainted at the sight of the thing he was
talking about.
"My God! Not that! Don't you have something smaller,
say 10 inches?"
"Damn lady! If you can fuck 10 inches, how about
stepping in the office? I'm sure between me and couple of
those guys, we can give you 10 inches of real cock, not this
rubber shit!" the clerk said blatantly so everyone could hear.
Ann got furious. Even in her drunken state, she knew
Sam was blackmailing her and she had to put up with that,
but she didn't have to stand there and be humiliated by a
pimple-faced college kid.
"Listen asshole! You weren't hired to insult me so
shut your f ilthy mouth and just tel l me if you have what I
asked for." she yelled at him.
With a renewed self confidence, she asked if he had any
K-Y Jelly. He pointed out a box at the other end of the
counter without saying a word and went to get the dildos she
Ann grabbed two tubes and walked back to the cash
register, putting them on the counter and looked at the
dildos he put there. They both looked like the real thing,
mushroom head, veins, and all.
"These are 12 inches, but the black one vibrates. That
okay? All we have is a brown and black. We're suppose to get
some more tomorrow if you don't like these." the clerk
politely said.
"I guess they're okay. What do I owe you?"
While he checked the prices, she looked to see if the
other men were looking at her. All of them were gone.
"The total is $120.95 Will that be cash or charge?" he
"Charge." she said and got her card out.
"I'll need to see your drivers license and a home phone
number too please."
"Here's my drivers license and by law, I'm not required
to give you my phone number. You can verify my credit without
it." she told him.
The clerk took her credit card and license over to the
phone and called in for an approval, not arguing with her
about the phone number. He also wrote her name and address on
a separate piece of paper while he was on the telephone.
After he verified her purchase amount and bagged every-
thing, Ann left the same way she came in. This time, she
stayed away from any doors that had red lights on above them.
Just as she put the key in her car door, she felt a hand on
her shoulder and heard a man's voice speaking to her.
"Thought you'd sneak out on me uh?"
Ann turned and saw he was not alone. There were three
men behind him. She started talking as fast as she could as
they all closed in on her.
"Listen, I'm not here for myself. I came here for a
girlfriend of mine. I was only doing her a favor, really! You
can call her if you want! Please, leave me alone." she
"Does your girlfriend always ask you to fuck strangers?"
he asked her.
The men formed a circle around her car door, trapping Ann
in the middle. The look of lust in their eyes told her she had
better hurry if she wanted to get away from these men.
"Honest, I was buying this stuff as a wedding present
for my girlfriend! You know, as a joke!" she said nervously
trying to unlock her car door.
One of them snatched the paper bag from her hands and
pulled out a dildo.
as the one who pulled her into the booth when she first
walked in. The man standing in front of her then shoved her
against the car door and pushed his hand up her skirt,
driving it between her thighs and ramming a finger in her
"Well young lady, you want to fuck out here or in your
Ann didn't believe what was going on. Not just with
these men, but with everything that had been happening to
her since last Thursday. She was beginning to think that
somebody or something was causing all this trouble. But, she
was bound and determined t o work out each problem as they
came along. Like her business decisions, she would examine
the situation and facts, and then take the appropriate action.
She was too late. While she was thinking about her
problems, the men had laid her out on the ground of the
brightly lit parking lot. They had even ripped opened her
blouse, bra, and skirt without her realizing it. Her legs
were being lifted high and held apart by two of the men, as
another held her hands above her head and covered her mouth.
A fourth man dropped his pants and knelt down between her
spread legs. He put his hands on her tits, pressing all his
weight on them, then plunged his cock into her vagina. As the
man proceed to savagely fuck her, the others cheered him on.
She was more embarrassed than she had ever been in her
life. She didn't feel that she was being humiliated or
degraded, but she felt embarrassed. Ann was actually getting
turned on by what the men were doing to her. She was enjoying
the way they held her so she couldn't move. She liked hearing
their remarks about her body. She loved how violently the man
was penetrating and stretching her pussy with his cock.
Shamelessly, Ann didn't try to cry out for help or fight them
off. She even anxiously waited for them to fuck her in ways
she was never fucked before.
After the first man quickly came inside her, he
unceremoniously got up, let one of the other men get between
her legs, and walked away. By now, the other men saw they
didn't need to hold her anymore. She kept her own legs apart
and hands above her head while the second man fucked her.
When he also quickly came, he did the same thing, but first he
wiped his slimy cock off on her legs and then walked away.
The third man told her to get on her hands and knees, then he
fucked her from behind, squeezing and twisting her tits the
whole time. When he came and pulled out, Ann immediately
rolled over on her back and lewdly opened her legs again. Her
pussy was swollen to twice its normal size and matted with
cum. Standing above her and looking down, the last man had
different ideas.
"I'm not sticking my dick in that mess. Suck my cock you
fucking slut!" he yelled.
His words and the tone of voice he used made something
snap inside her. Ann's whole body acted as though it were on
auto-pilot and she suddenly had a deep desire to suck the
man's dick.
She scrambled up to kneel in front of him. Without being
told, she opened his pants and pulled them down. Ann then
leaned forward and sucked his already hard cock into her
mouth, groaning as her lips encompassed it. Her tongue swirled
and licked around the spongy head as she began propelling her
head back and forth. Something told her she had to improve.
She sucked firmer on the cock and gradually took more of it
into her mouth until it was pressing against her tonsils.
Letting it rest there, she licked the shaft and clamped her
lips snugger around it. Ann then felt a pair of hands at the
back of her head. Once again, something told her to try harder.
Inhaling deeply through her nose, she let the man's
hands drag her face forward, the cock deliberately sroat her
first cock. The novelty and excitement of being able to this
filled her with pride. When the man's hands released her
head, she shook it and buffed her nose into the crotch of
the man she was sucking. Feeling the need for more air, Ann
slowly backed away until the cock head was only in her mouth.
When she was set, her face came forward and the dick
penetrated her throat again. She kept doing this until she
was able to breath without a problem and then did it quicker,
all the time using her tongue to lick the underside of the
cock as it pulled out. Ann then started to moan like crazy
over her new found skill. Suddenly and vice-like, hands held
her head in place and the cock went racing into her throat.
It throbbed and then she felt the discharge of cum in her
throat as the man came.
This triggered a different auto-pilot. Her hands
automatically went between her legs. While the fingers of
her right hand rubbed firmly against her clitoris, she
shoved two fingers of her left hand into her pussy. Ann was
having one explosive orgasm after another drinking the cum
from the cock in her throat and frantically finger-fucking
When the man finished coming, he pulled his dick out
of her mouth, wiped it dry with her curly blonde hair and
zipped up. He then noticed that her mouth was still open
and that she was stroking and fucking herself with her
fingers. He looked around and spotted the paper bag on the
ground by her car. Grabbing both the dildos and a pair of
cuffs from it, he first handcuffed Ann's wrists in front
of her. She didn't skip a beat and was rattling the chains
on the cuffs as she continued to fuck herself with her
fingers. Next, he positioned the brown dildo between her
lips and slowly pushed it in her mouth until he saw her
neck swell up. With closed eyes, Ann eagerly sucked on it
like it was a real cock. The man then pushed her so she
was on her hands and knees and he made her hold the dildo
in her mouth. Walking around behind her, he then spread
her pussy open and shoved the black dildo into her as far
as he could. Ann immediately started to fuck the new
dildo. He then noticed a switch at the base.
"Have fun slut." the last man said and walked away,
but not before he turned on the dildo buried deeply in her.
Ann suddenly became a lewd quivering mass of flesh,
thrashing about on the ground. The black dildo was
obscenely protruding from her vagina through the tare in
her pantyhose. She was gyrating her ass wildly as the
oscillating cock worked its magic inside her pussy. Her
handcuffed hands were tightly holding the brown dildo to
the asphalt while she rapidly bobbed her head up and down,
sucking and deepthroat this fake cock. In the center of the
flood lights behind the adult bookstore, the young and
attractive Ann remained on the ground in the vacant
parking lot for a long time. Oblivious to her
surroundings and not caring what she looked like, Ann came
so many times that she lost track, then came over and over
again until her body and mind couldn't take the stimulation
any longer.
Ann's drive home was difficult. Her heavy sobbing had
stopped, but she kept wiping at her eyes. "What is
happening to me?", she wondered out loud, "They raped me
and I enjoyed it. God, what the hell is going on? I'm
fucking every man in sight!" Ann never thought she could
act this way. That was bad enough, but why did she also
have to climax too. This only made things worse. She was
responding to everyone's sexual advances. She could
justify when Sam fucked her in her office and even the
guy in the booth. They both had reasons to believe she
wanted them to fuck her. "I have to do something.", she
said aloud,
"I'm unigning it, Ann put it in her desk. She would
leave it unsigned, to make Sam live up to his end of
their agreement. When 5 o'clock came around, Ann went
shopping for the clothes she still had to get.
She went back to the same store and found more to
choose from because they had restocked. Ann thought
she wouldn't have the clothes on for long once Sam got
her alone, but she choose the seven most costly outfits
anyway. All of them showed off her legs and breasts.
Each outfit could be removed swiftly also. She bought
some more nylons and garter belts too because she
couldn't remember how many she got the first time.
Leaving the store, Ann also realized she still had
to call her boyfriend and cancel their date tomorrow
night. She did this when she got home. Their
conversation ended up with both of them yelling at each
other again. Thinking about it later, Ann decided that
when this ordeal with Sam was behind her she would tell
her boyfriend what had happened so they could patch
their relationship back together. She wouldn't tell
him everything, but most of the truth. Nothing could
be gained by telling him all the details of what she
had to do, and that was only up to now. She couldn't
imagine what was in store for her. The little spats
with her boyfriend was trivial compared to that.
The next morning Ann collected all the items she
bought. She would arrive early at work. She wanted to
make sure nobody saw her come in with the things she was
bringing. Once there, she checked her schedule and
canceled a meeting for 3:30 that afternoon and told
Tracy she had another appointment at 4 o'clock. Her
plan was to get dressed at 3 o'clock and arrive
precisely at 4 o'clock to meet Sam. Though most days
lingered on, this Wednesday went by too quickly.
Tracy always took a coffee break at 3 and today was no
exception. Ann would only have 15 minutes before she
got back.
For some reason, standing in front of her closet
deciding what outfit to wear, Ann was becoming turned
on. She thought it was absurd for her act this way.
After all, she was meeting a man who was blackmailing
her for sex. Not just any sex either. Sam wanted her to
be a slut. She didn't mind wearing the clothes. They did
look good on her and she enjoyed the way they made her
feel. She didn't even mind being ordered around. She had
discovered some time ago this was stimulating as well.
The fact that Sam could alter her life is what annoyed
Ann the most. If she could trust him, maybe it wouldn't
be so bad. But how could she! The consequences were too
great for her to rely on his compassion, if he had any.
She picked the outfit she would wear and the
accessories that she though would compliment them. When
she was about to strip out of her business clothes, her
phone rang.
"Finance, this is Ann. How can I help you?"
"Time to play slut Ann! You only have one hour to
get ready and meet me. I'll have the same envelopes. If
you behave yourself this time and do everything I tell
you to do, you can keep them. If not, they're already
stamped and you know what that means. Also, I want you
to bring all the items from the list I sent you. Every
single one!" Sam said and hangup before she could say
Ann heard the seriousness in his voice. Sam would
mail the pictures if she didn't cooperate. If she
hesitated or said no, her career and personal life would
change forever.
As Ann would refer to them later, she hurriedly
changed into her slut clothes. After stripping out of her
business suit and pantyhose, the first item she put on
was a garter belt. It was Ann's favorite color, Pink. She
rolled a pair of pale tan nylons up each leg, making sure
the bans of the silk stockings were as high as possible
before attaching them to the garters, then strerent.
After putting her arms in the sleeves, the rest of it
wrapped around her and was tied into a knot at her waist
on the left side. With the front loose fitting and nearly
open to her navel, Sam, and everyone else, would see
plenty of her breasts. The last thing she put on was a
pair of white shoes. They had thin 5" heels because that
was all the store carried in her size, at least that's
what the salesman told her. They didn't look like
impressive in the box. It was only after Ann put the
sling-backs on did they turn into sexy high heels.
After she hung her work clothes up, Ann
straightened out her hair and put on fresh make-up.
She then put on an overcoat to hide her outfit and left.


She stepped out of the elevator at exactly 8:55 Monday morning.
The Vice-President of Finance walked through the hallways, saying the
obligatory hello to everyone she passed. Her secretary already had a
steaming cup of coffee and her appointment book laid out the desk. After
opening her closet, Ann gazed inside. Last Thursday evening, she was in
this same spot, but for a different reason. Ann reflected on her
behavior and the events of that night. Things had changed since then.
She couldn't put a finger on what was different, but she had this gut
feeling that something was not the same.
"Oh well, I better get to work." she said, talking out loud to
"I know how you feel. It was all I could do to drag myself out
of bed this morning."
"Please don't sneak up on me like that." Ann told her secretary.
"Sorry. I'll wait until you've had your coffee, then come back."
"That's okay Tracy. What do you need?" Ann asked.
"I only wanted to let you know that I scheduled your
appointments for Tuesday and later as best I could. I figured that if
you're anything like me, you wouldn't want people bothering you the
first day after a long weekend. Today, you only have an 11:30 meeting
with Mr. More from Do-It-Right Janitors. I've already reserved the
conference room. He'll be here to renegotiate the building maintenance
contract. Don't worry about a time limit, you're the only one on the
list for the room all day. Other than him, you're free to kick back and
take it easy."
While stepping to her desk, Ann trembled slightly when Tracy
mentioned the word 'Janitors'.
"Thanks." Ann said and picked up her coffee.
Sitting down, she thought about her weekend. Nothing went right.
Ann got into a fight with her boyfriend and spent the weekend alone.
Within 1 hour after he arrived at her apartment late Thursday night,
they were yelling and shouting at each other. She gathered that his
extensive business trip wasn't as productive as he would have liked and
it seemed as though he was taking it out on her.
Setting her personal problems aside, Ann began to work on the
reports on her desk, the same reports she was suppose to complete last
Thursday night. Ann looked at her watch after closing the last folder.
It was 11:20. Ann buzzed Tracy, asked her for a few things, and
proceeded next door to the conference room.
"Here are the files you wanted. There's several invoices that
haven't been paid. Accounting wouldn't disperse the funds until they
have your approval." she told her boss.
"Thanks Trace." Ann said, opening the files and going through
Mr. More arrived at 11:30 for his appointment. Tracy was
startled by his silent and sudden appearance. He stood towering over her
desk looking for Ann. Eternally the busy-body and not ever embarrassed,
Tracy asked him how tall he was.
"6 foot 10. And, before you ask, I don't play basketball. I can
think of better ways to work up a sweat." Sam answered and smiled.
Tracy chuckled at his joke then escorted him to the conference
room. Knocking once on the closed door, she followed Sam inside.
"Mr. More, this is Ann Sutter, our Vice President of Finance.
Can I get you anything before you start your meeting?" Tracy asked.
"Coffee, black, will be just fine dear." Sam said and took a
seat across from Ann at the large conference table.
Tracy couldn't help but notice the astonished look on Ann's face
when she saw Mr. More. Her boss was also turning a bright red and
suddenly became very nervous. Ann's reaction to the large man was
similar to her own, but Tracy doubted very much that Ann had the same
The silence and hostility between them lasted for 2 seconds
after Tracy left.
"I believe I can close these files for good. Any questions Mr.
"How do you want me to begin?" Sam asked.


Part 3 - THAT'S ALL?

After locking her office door and closing the shades, Ann walked over to her
closet and kicked off her shoes, then quickly slipped out of her pantyhose.
Grabbing a small paper bag from the top shelf, she took out a garter belt and
shortened the straps. The sexy garment was her favorite color, pink. Lifting
the dress she still had on, Ann hooked it around her waist. Next, she took a
package of extra-long nylons from the bag and rolled the sheer stockings up her
legs, making sure their lace tops were as high as possible on her thighs before
attaching them to the garter belt. She then grabbed a white satin mini-skirt
from a hanger and wiggled it up over her hips. It was tight fitting and
expensive, with a row of hand-stitched, pink roses encircling the hem. The
blouse that matched the skirt was different and tricky to get into. Swiftly
pulling her dress over her head and removing her bra, Ann put her arms in the
sleeves of the blouse. The bottom of it wrapped around her stomach and tied
into a knot on her left side. It was loose across her breasts and open to her
navel. The last thing Ann put on was one of the new pairs of shoes. They were
white pumps with very high heels and went with the rest of her outfit.
After hanging up her work clothes in the closet, Ann combed her hair and put
on some fresh makeup. Checking herself once more, she then put on her overcoat,
grabbed her purse and left work for her "4 o'clock appointment".
Ann found an empty parking place close to the spot Sam said to meet and
nervously waited in her car for him to arrive. It was not the type of
neighborhood she wanted to be in and discovered this after she made the mistake
of parking on the wrong side of the street. Her door was next to the sidewalk.
Everyone who passed by looked her over. Most of the people quickly went about
their business but several examined her closely because she stood out like a
sore thumb.
One group of teenagers, obviously a bunch of punks, tried to talk her into
getting out of the car. Even though they looked young, they were very graphic
in describing the things they'd like to do with her if she'd only unlock her
car door. After she ignored their filthy comments, they began trying to break
in, then suddenly started running to the corner. Someone had come to her
rescue. It was the man blackmailing her and the reason she was here to begin
"Unlock the damn door!" he shouted.
Ann opened the door and Sam got in.
"You got everything from the list?"
"Yes" Ann replied angrily.
"You dressed up the way I told you to?"
"Yes. Listen, why..."
"Take the coat off and let me see!" Sam said, cutting her
Quietly, Ann unbuttoned her overcoat.
"Not bad. Let's see it all. Throw the coat in back."
Ann took her overcoat off and threw it on the back seat.
"Spread your legs open." was Sam's next order.
"What! Right here?"
When he started to get out, Ann realized she made a big mistake.
"Wait! I'll do it!"
Sam left the car door open and turned back to face her.
"I'm not going to take any of your shit. You understand?"
"I'm sorry." Ann said fearfully.
"When I say do something, you do it! You got that?"
Ann meekly shook her head.
"Show me what you got on underneath that skirt!"
Ann slowly raised the already short hem of her skirt up her thighs.
Sam grabbed her leg and easily positioned her the way he wanted to. Ann's
right leg was bent, her knee raised and her high heel flat on the seat, while
he held other one to the floor. Because the skirt was so tight fitting, it slid
up her legs. The lace tops of her nylons and neatly trimmed pussy just beyond
them were in plain view now. Ann didn't like wearing panties, but wished she
had as Sam ran his hands up and down her silky legs. He then gripped her left
knee and shoved her legs wider apart.
"Fuck anybody lately?"
Ann blushed, remembering her experience at the adult bookstore. Sam noticed
her reaction.
"How many guys?"
When she did answer, he asked again.
"I don't remember." Ann said without thinking.
"You must be a bigger slut than I thought you were! That's good cause I like
a woman that loves to fuck. Now lift your ass and pull that skirt all the way
up to your waist!"
Ann looked shocked, but only for a second, as she quickly raised her skirt up
to her waist. The cool air from the open door and the fear of what Sam might
want her to do next had Ann trembling all over. Traffic was slowing down now,
too, and horns started blaring as the cars approached, but Sam ignored them and
continued to give Ann orders.
"Open your snatch and look at me."
Nervous and embarrassed, Ann raised her head and dropped a hand between her
legs. She painstakingly spread her pussy-lips open and looked at him.
"Where's the stuff at?"
"In the trunk." Ann almost whispered.
"Stay like that! If you want to play with yourself, go ahead, but keep your
legs and cunt open until I get back." Sam said and reached for the keys in the
Ann jumped, thinking he was going to touch her again. He grinned at her
reflex and got out of the car, leaving the door open.
Ann was terrified that the drivers slowly passing by could see her and
started to close her legs. Sam yelled at her to stay the way she was and walked
to the back of her car.
Sam saw her flight bag, boxes of shoes and a brown paper bag after he opened
the trunk. Starting first with the flight bag, he inspected her clothes. Next,
he opened a few of the shoe boxes. He then went through the brown bag and was
surprised she had gotten almost everything from the list, only the rope was
missing. Grabbing the dog collar from the paper bag, he walked back and threw
the car keys and dog collar at Ann.
"Put this on, then start the car. You know what to do after that."
Ann was grateful she would be able to cover herself and fleetingly thought
about pulling away once the engine was running. She then remembered the anguish
she went through when she made him mad the first time and didn't want to chance
making him that mad again. She looked into the rear view mirror and saw that
Sam was watching her. Ann put the dog collar on and started up the car. Unable
to delay any longer, she reluctantly leaned against the door and assumed the
same embarrassing position she was in before.
Sam watched as she put her leg back up on the front seat and dropped her
hands out of sight. He decided to see just how far she'd let him go before she
said no.
Ann was going through her own private hell. It took every ounce of willpower
she had to keep her legs and pussy spread open on a public street and in broad
daylight. She kept telling herself it didn't matter, that she had to have the
pictures Sam had. With her eyes closed and in a soft whisper, Ann kept
repeating, "I'll do anything... I'll do anything... I'll do anything..."
Sam grabbed the vibrating eggs from the paper bag, closed the trunk and got
back inside the car, but still left the door open. He looked Ann over while he
opened the eggs and noticed a shiny silver name plate on the collar around her
neck. He reminded himself to have it engraved before he made her wear it again.
Ann saw what he was opening and could have died. "He's not going to put those
in me!" her mind screamed "Not here! Oh God, please not here!"
"Open your mouth and get these wet." Sam said as he shoved one of the eggs at
her face.
Ann's eyes turned into huge saucers while she sat in stiff horror as the egg
passed between her clamped lips. The cheeks on both sides of her face puffed
out when the second egg was in. A single wire was running from her mouth to the
control in Sam's hand. Without warning, he turned the eggs on.
Ann was scared out of her wits and shut her eyes tightly when the eggs began
jumping around inside her mouth. Everything the black man was doing to her was
unbelievable. Her teeth were chattering and her eyes were shaking in their
sockets. She tried to stop the eggs from moving with her tongue but it was no
use. When she thought she had them under control, Sam would only turn the speed
up. When he had them at their highest speed, Ann's eyes snapped open. Her
senses were more aware of what was going on than her brain.
Sam was talking to her and Ann shook her head. She didn't know why she did
it, she just did. She only saw his lips move, not really hearing anything he
said, and nodded in agreement to whatever he was talking about. When Sam
finally turned the eggs off and yanked them from her mouth, Ann rubbed her jaw.
"Go on, lay down and do it!" Sam said as he moved off the seat.
Frightened beyond belief, Ann stretched herself out.
"Put one foot on the dashboard and one over the seat!"
Ann whimpered, but raised both her feet and put them where he said to. Her
legs parted, revealing her naked pussy, not only to Sam but to the cars slowing
down in the street. Ann turned her head toward the seat cushion, wishing she
could crawl into a ball and hide. When she felt his hands grab her ankles, Ann
"You got a busy schedule, so get cracking!"
"What?" she asked, turning her head to look at him.
"Shove one in your cunt and the other up your ass. You agreed to do it. Are
you telling me you won't do it now? Are you saying no?" Sam asked menacingly.
Ann thought life was unfair. Because of one minor indiscretion, she had to do
whatever this sick pervert wanted. He could ruin her life or would keep
demanding more from her. She had to make a choice. Let him keep ordering her
around this way and do everything he said, or face the consequences. If there
was only some way of knowing he'd really give her all the pictures, she'd be
able to swallow her pride for a while.
"You got until the count of three. One... two..."
Before Sam said three, Ann grabbed the eggs from him and placed them between
her legs.
"Shove the first one in your ass!"
She flinched the instant the cold, oblong-shaped, metal sphere touched her.
Ann tried relaxing as best she could and tried to get the egg inside her but it
was too difficult, the wet egg was bigger than she thought. She let it go for a
second and placed her hands on the outside of her legs, then picked it up
again. Ann grimaced and pushed harder, the egg finally popping into her tiny
"Now your cunt! Put the other egg in your cunt!" Sam almost yelled at her.
Ann's fingers fumbled around for the other egg. Finding it, she brought it up
to her vagina.
"Damn! You're a fucking water facet down there."
It was true. For reasons she didn't understand and didn't want to, her pussy
was already soaking wet and the second egg easily slid inside. Ann wanted to
die. Her body was responding to the humiliating things Sam was making her do.
She closed her eyes and tried to block out the world.
"Turn them on!" Sam said and handed her the control.
Bracing herself, Ann slowly rotated the dial on the control. Nothing
happened. She turned it some more. Nothing. All the way up. The eggs still
didn't move. Ann was thankful since this allowed the two wired-intruders time
to warm up.
"Shake it!" Sam ordered.
She shook the control and the eggs suddenly began vibrating at full speed.
Her back arched high off the seat and her eyes opened wide in shock. The eggs
were bringing about sensations Ann didn't expect. Her vagina and buttocks began
clashing for attention, crying out for her to concentrate on what was taking
place inside each of them. Ann could only groan in response to the excitement
racing throughout her entire body. Her nipples joined the fight and were
begging to be touched. Ann suddenly dropped the control for the eggs and
grabbed her tits with both hands.
"I never saw anybody get so hot, so fast. You're a natural slut." she heard
Sam say as he let her ankles go and grabbed the control for the eggs from the
Ann couldn't understand why she became this turned on. Her hips were grinding
like crazy and pumping up and down. She tried in vain to remain still, but
"Suck me off, slut!" Sam ordered as he straddled the drive-shaft hump and
moved Ann so her face was in front of his cock.
Ann raised her head up, opened her lips and sucked his dick into her mouth.
She was defeated again. Ann made up her mind to do whatever Sam asked to get
the pictures, but swore she would NOT enjoy anything he did to her. Whatever
else happened, she didn't want Sam to see her act like she did at the adult
bookstore. In less than 15 minutes, though, she was. Not only was she enjoying
everything, especially sucking his dick, but she didn't care who saw her doing
Sam was watching Ann carefully. Leaning over her head, with his arms on the
top of the seat for support, his huge dick was being licked and sucked. Ann's
legs were lewdly spread apart and up high. Her slender thighs and naked pussy
could be seen by anyone who drove by the open car door. Actually, her compact
ass was almost sticking out of the car as she bounced herself up and down on
the seat. Ann dressed the way he told her to, but even then she really didn't
look like a two-bit whore. Sexy, yes, but not sleazy. He had to be overlooking
something. Why was it so easy to get her to do whatever he wanted. The pictures
couldn't be the only reason.
"That's enough for now, slut!" Sam abruptly said while he pulled his dick
from her mouth and turned the eggs off.
With every nerve in her body still tingling, Ann slowed down her undulating
hips as tears began running from her eyes. It wasn't from the disgraceful way
she had just behaved, but from being so close to coming that she cried. Ann
whimpered, not in shame, but because she couldn't obtain the release only a
climax could bring. The spasms deep inside her pussy, the hot flashes that made
her cheeks a bright red, her nipples, ready to burst, were all reminders of how
wanton she had become. Like the other night, she knew it was wrong, and like
the other night, Ann didn't care.
Sam was busy stringing the long wire from the eggs through her skirt and the
right sleeve of her blouse. Done, he told her to sit up
"Leave those in but don't turn them on. I don't know about you, but I could
use a drink. See the stop light up there?"
"Yes." Ann replied weakly.
"At that light, we're going to make a left. A friend of mine runs a bar over
there. We'll park in back, so follow me." Sam said and was gone before Ann had
a chance to say anything.
Ignoring Sam as soon as he got out and closed the door, Ann turned the eggs
on. She felt the marvelous vibrations again, but something was missing. She had
small climaxes, but not the big one she needed and had been so close to a
moment ago. Frustrated, Ann turned the eggs off. Making herself presentable,
she started the engine and put her car in gear as Sam pulled along side her.
When they arrived at the bar, Ann parked her car next to Sam's and got out,
not bothering to shut off the engine. She was going to ask him for the
pictures, then leave. Sam had other plans. He opened his trunk and told Ann to
do the same. She thought he wanted everything, but he didn't. He checked to
make sure the eggs were still inside her and then took the paper bag out of her
"I'll keep this stuff, you keep the clothes handy."
"What about the pictures? I did everything you asked me to do." she asked
"Did I say I was done? No, I didn't! You've been pretty good so far, so don't
fuck it up now. I'll let you know when you're done. You'll get the pictures,
but ONLY if you don't give me any shit. We understand each other?"
Ann shook her head.
"Where's the rope?" Sam asked, grabbing the control for the eggs from her and
turning them on low.
Ann's heart skipped a beat and she turned white when she realized she forgot
to buy the rope.
"Leave those on. I'll tell you when you can shut them off. We'll talk about
the rope inside. Right now, I'm thirsty." Sam said and walked away.
Ann didn't know what to think. What was he up to now? Would he keep the
pictures? With trembling hands and shaky legs, Ann locked her car up as quickly
as she could, the eggs slowly oscillating inside her, and hurried after Sam.
He was talking to someone at the bar when Ann walked in the back door. It was
only quarter to five, so only a few people were there. Sam was waving at her to
come over to the bar, but Ann didn't want to meet anyone in her present
condition and stayed where she was. Sam pulled some envelopes out of his jacket
and Ann almost ran to the bar.
"This is Garcia. He's the friend I was telling you about."
"Don't believe anything this black telephone pole told you about me." Garcia
said with a smile and held out his hand to her.
Ann politely shook his hand, but didn't return his smile or say anything.
"She's shy at first, but gets REAL friendly once she knows you better." Sam
said to his friend.
"Go sit over by the wall. I'll get our drinks and join you in a bit." Sam
told Ann and pointed to a table in the back.
"What a body! How did you two meet? And don't tell me she's a pro. She might
dress like one, but I'll bet the bar she isn't."
"It's a long story, pal. Maybe one of these days I'll tell you. How about my
usual and a Tequila Sunrise for her."
"Coming right up. You want a double?" Garcia asked with a wink.
"No. Not necessary."
"What? You fucked her already? How is she?"
"Why not find out yourself?"
"Really! Come on, no bullshit stories. You wouldn't mind?"
"Like I said, find out yourself. When you get off, join us and get off
again." Sam winked and took the drinks from Garcia's hands.
Ann was sitting with her back to the bar. She didn't want anyone to see her,
especially dressed the way she was, but Sam wanted her to be noticed and that
was why he told her to sit at that table. The bright lights from the jukebox
would show her off to everyone. This was part of his general plan.
Sam was going to have Ann expose herself, and maybe let a couple of men
fondle her. He was going to teach the beautiful executive that she could get
turned on, no matter where she was or who she was with, and feel comfortable
about it. When she was able to show off without being embarrassed, then he'd
move on to the next phase.
Sam told Ann to sit by the wall when got to the table, then grabbed her chair
and moved it to sit on her right. She was now where he wanted and could be seen
by anyone in the front or back of his friend's lounge.
"You're starting to piss me off. First, you didn't bring everything I told
you to get, then you're rude to my friend. How would you like me to mail these
pictures? If that's what you want, just say so. I have nothing to loose. It's
your ass that's on the line! What's it going to be?"
Ann was nervously playing with her drink. From the slow and steady vibrating
eggs in both her ass and pussy, she couldn't think straight. On top of this,
Sam was telling her to make up her mind. The choices were simple. Give in, or
be disgraced and fired from her job.
Sam watched and knew what she was thinking about. He purposely put Ann in a
corner just then. He wanted her to feel she had no alternative. Pick the lesser
of two evils. Which one? What made it worse for her were the eggs. Ann couldn't
possibly concentrate and had to be confused by what her body wanted and what
her conscious was telling her. While she was still weighing the dreaded
options, he'd show her things weren't as bad as she thought they were. Reaching
into his pocket, he pulled out the envelopes and laid them on the table.
"Tell you what, you can have the pictures now, but we're not done yet! Go
ahead, they're yours. Hurry up and finish your drink. I'll get us another one."
Sam said and got up from the table.
What he said and the way he said it was a most welcome surprise. Ann was
hoping he had some compassion. Even if it meant throwing away everything she
had, she couldn't continue if Sam didn't care how he was treating her. As long
as he showed some thought for her, Ann could put up with almost anything he
wanted until she got all the pictures, otherwise, she just couldn't. Ann also
needed to know this would not go on forever and that she could trust him to
keep his word about ending it. By giving her the envelopes now, he was showing
her that his blackmail would end if she did everything he wanted. With a ray of
light at the end of the dark tunnel she was in, Ann grabbed her drink and
downed it.
She then opened each envelope and looked at the picture and note inside. The
note was the same one that lied about her sexual desires, but Sam had put
different pictures in each one and also stated who received copies. The
original polaroid was even different from the ones in the five stamped
envelopes. The people they were addressed to couldn't ignore the pictures and
would certainly talk to each other, removing any doubt they may have had that
it wasn't their darling little Ann. This made her more grateful Sam gave her
the pictures.
Ann carefully looked over each snapshot. She never bothered to look closely
at the copies Sam let her keep Monday, only locked them in her desk as soon as
he left her office. The original polaroid showed a near-naked Ann sitting on
the totally naked Sam. His enormous, ebony cock was sticking straight up
between her
spread thighs and she was jacking him off. His equally huge hands were
squeezing her breasts. The sight of herself like this and the eggs, made Ann
Sam and Garcia were talking at the bar when both of them noticed Ann's legs
separate a little.
"You have to tell me how you met. Is she a secretary at one of the offices
your company cleans?" Garcia wanted to know.
"Listen friend, I never kiss and tell. I will tell you this. If you know how
to treat her, she'll do anything you want. And, I do mean ANYTHING!"
"Well, you poor excuse for a radio tower, at least you can tell me her name."
"Just call her sexy. She'll answer to that."
"So will my wife, you walking dildo! But she looks like she could eat her
weight in nachos, not like THAT!" Garcia joked.
"When are you going to stop calling me names? You've been doing it since we
were in the army."
"Was that when I hauled your ass off to the stockade? I'll start calling you
Sam when you stop bumping into my lights with your forehead. It's costing me a
"If you weren't so short, you wouldn't have to hang the lamps so damn low."
While the two of them joked and laughed, Ann continued looking at all the
pictures. In an unnatural way, they were stimulating her more. She was looking
at proof that she enjoyed fucking Sam last week. Each one showed her face as
that of a woman completely aroused and lost in erotic passion. If these were of
someone else, Ann would swear it was a porno actress, faking it for the camera.
Everything was too sexy and too perfect to be real.
Ann's pussy was beginning to spasm again when she heard the heavy footsteps
of Sam approaching the table. She quickly gathered the envelopes and pictures
stuffed them into her purse. Sam sat down and handed her another drink. The
after-work crowd was just starting to trickle in.
"Well, I gave you time to think about it. Got anything to say?"
Sam was surprised when Ann didn't put on her mute act.
"Just one question. Why are you doing this? You seemed nice enough up there
with your friend, so why are you putting me through this? Why?"
Ann wasn't out of character. A little bolder maybe, but that could be due to
the stress she was going through. Sam had to answer her cautiously. If he was
too stern, she'd think he was just sadistic. If he was too friendly, she might
tell him to go ahead and mail the pictures. Sam wasn't sadistic, and though she
didn't know it, he wouldn't mail the pictures. As usual, Sam was a step ahead
of her. He would bring back her fear, but not scare her so much that she's stop
meeting him when he wanted her. With his best poker face, he stared into her
"When you hand over my copy of the new contract, I'll give you an answer.
Except, I don't want your signature on it now, I want the old man's!"
The effect he wanted was made. Ann looked like he just told her a secret
about herself that she didn't think anyone knew. Changing the topic, before she
dwelled upon it too long, he talked to her some more.
"Garcia wanted to know your name. Of course, I didn't tell him. He also wants
to know how we met. The way I figure it, that's between only you and me, nobody
else. He is my best friend, though, so unless you tell him your name, or make
one up, he's going to call you sexy."
"What do you mean? Why does he have to know my name?" Ann almost screamed.
Getting hysterical, Ann was kicking herself for not bringing the contract
with her. Plus, those damn eggs were making her hornier.
"Hey, calm down! He's only trying to be friendly! Get a grip on yourself!"
Sam yelled.
His shouting at her in front of other people made Ann embarrassed. She
immediately realized that Sam was right. Garcia was suppose to ask questions
and be friendly with people, it was part of his job. She grabbed her glass to
take a drink and calm her nerves, but it was empty.
"Is it okay if I have another drink?" she asked Sam quietly.
"First, go up there and apologize to those people for making such a fuss over
nothing, then get your own damn drink you stupid slut!"
Ann saw how mad she made him and wanted to get away as quickly as possible.
She got up and walked to the bar. Sam wasn't really mad. It was all an act. He
wanted to calm her down and it worked.
"Sorry about the noise. We'll try to keep it down to a low uproar." Ann said,
smiling at everyone as she approached the bar.
The only person who understood her was Garcia.
"Sorry miss. What noise? We were arguing up here when I should have been
checking your drinks. I'll be right over with fresh ones." Garcia politely
"Could you please make it something a little stronger?"
"Sure. You go and sit your pretty self down and I'll bring it over."
In Spanish, he asked his other customers if they knew of a drink stronger
than Tequila, because that's what the lady wanted. The small group consulted
among themselves for a bit, then one of the robust women suggested a Kamikaze.
She said that it always knocked her on her ass and should do the same thing to
the skinny blonde. While Garcia made a pitcher of them, the man at the far end
of the bar said he wouldn't mind seeing the blonde on her ass, or knees, or
stomach, and everyone laughed.
Back at the table, Ann was sitting quietly next to Sam. He reached in his
pocket and pulled out a handful of change.
"Go play some music. Make it soft."
While Ann selected the songs, her mouth-watering figure was silhouetted
against the jukebox. Sam remembered being between those shapely legs,
remembered her mouth sucking on him, remembered how hot and tight her cunt
felt. As Sam's cock started growing and he thought of taking her out back and
fucking her, but he decided not to, at least not yet. He wanted to go with his
original plan and he was going to stick to it. He may need Garcia's help after
all. When his friend came over with fresh drinks, he asked what was in the
small picture.
"Her idea, not mine! She asked for something stronger than Tequila."
"What the fuck do you have that's stronger than that?"
"It's a Kamikaze. Guess why. It's on the house if you remember to let me know
when she starts to feel these. Is it a deal?"
"Just keep checking under the table. You'll know if she's a real blonde as
soon as she's done over there."
When Ann got back and sat down, she was going to pour herself a drink from
the pitcher, but Sam stopped her.
"Pull your skirt up until I tell you to stop. Don't look at me, just do it!"
Nervously looking at the all the people at the bar, Ann pulled her short
skirt higher up her thighs. She was going to stop when the top of her nylons
showed, but Sam told her to keep going. She was finally sitting bare-ass in the
chair before Sam said she could pour herself a drink. Ann gulped down the first
drink in one swallow and shakily poured another.
"With legs like that, you should show them off. Have another drink and quit
being so jumpy. I'm not going to fuck you right here, so settle down."
After she finished her third drink and was pouring a fourth, Sam waited until
Ann had her glass up to her mouth. He then pulled the table away from her.
"Don't move! Keep your chair against the wall and your hands off your lap! I
want to look at you for a while. You don't mind, do you?" he asked
More customers had come in and it was crowded now. Ann was keenly aware that
everyone was looking at her. She only hoped they couldn't see the wire for the
eggs and her wet pussy. When Sam called Garcia over, she downed her drink and
scooted forward to get another. Sam pushed her back until she was against the
wall again.
Garcia's mouth dropped open when he saw where Ann's skirt was. He didn't hear
anything Sam was saying and started talking Spanish while he watched friend's
hand slowly move up her thighs, past the top of her nylons, over her garter
straps and finally stop at her naked pussy.
"Are you deaf?" Sam asked.
"Huh? What? uh..." Garcia babbled as he continued to stare at Sam's hand.
"Put your tongue back in your mouth, pal. I called to ask a favor, not to
have you drool all over our table." Sam laughed and stuck a finger inside Ann's
"HOLY JESUS! I don't... She's letting... In front of me!"
"Look, is there anyone in here you really trust?"
"No, I need a guy, maybe a couple guys, to dance with her. I don't care if
they feel her up or anything like that, but I don't want them trying to take
her out of here. She's hot, but I want her hotter."
"Are you crazy? Take her in the stockroom."
"No, you don't understand. I want her begging for it. You going to help me
out or not?"
"You won't forget me, will you?"
"Don't worry. I'll make sure she thanks you properly." Sam said and probed
Ann's pussy deeper.
The moment Garcia came up to their table, Ann dropped her head. With her eyes
down, she, like Garcia, saw and couldn't believe that Sam was going to fondle
her right there.
Ann jumped when Sam's hand touched her knee, but she didn't back away or try
to cross her legs. He slowly and firmly started to caress her thigh, making her
shiver slightly. The drinks were effecting her, but not so much that Ann didn't
know what was going on. In fact, the combination of Kamikazes and Tequila
seemed to raise the level of excitement she was experiencing. Sam's touch set
off the hot flashes again. His hand, steadily inching its way up her nylons,
was transmitting a heat that spread throughout her body, showing up as a red
glow on her face. When his hand slid off her stockings and touched her bare
flesh, Ann gasped and clenched her hands into fists. She shut out the rest of
the world and shuddered as his roaming fingertips combed through her golden
mound. The instant one of his fingers found her throbbing clitoris, Ann was
seized by a wave of desire. She sighed and began rotating her pelvis against
his hand. When Sam's middle finger slipped between her swollen pussy-lips, Ann
moaned loud enough to cause several people at the bar to turn around.
Sam looked for any sign of resistance to what he was doing. Ann only bit her
lower lip and continued to sigh. He felt and pushed the shaking egg deeper into
her vagina. Her whole pussy suddenly tightened around his finger. Ann was his!
She had surrendered and forgot, or didn't care where she was. The high and
mighty executive was about to have an orgasm in a crowded bar. But, Sam didn't
want Ann to get off yet. Like he told his friend, he wanted to hear her beg.
wanted Ann to be his willing slut, without blackmail. If it meant keeping her
on the verge of coming, then that's what he'd do.
He slowly pulled his finger out of her pussy and placed it, lengthwise,
against her lips. Raising her head with his glistening digit, he and Garcia saw
Ann's chest expand as she inhaled the aroma of her own juices. He then wiggled
it into her mouth. Ann opened up and began licking his finger clean. Her lips
formed a circle around it and her mouth made a popping noise when he pulled it
all the way out.
Garcia ran to the bar like a man who'd seen a ghost and talked to his friends
at the near end. Then he got Sam another drink and told him things were set.
Garcia said he would join them as soon as his relief came, in about an hour.
Sam said they'd wait for him.
"You don't drink very often do you?" Sam asked Ann after Garcia left.
"I like wine once in a while, but you're right. I don't usually drink."
It was the first time Ann had talked to him in a civil and friendly tone of
voice. Sam reminded himself to ask Garcia what was in a Kamikaze.
"Think you can relax and enjoy yourself for a while?"
Ann looked at him quizzically. She didn't know how to answer. Sure, she was
feeling more relaxed than she had in days. And, there was no doubt he had made
her horny, the wet spot on her seat was proof of that. But, Sam was also
shocking and embarrassing her by openly fingering her pussy in such a public
place. Not that she knew anyone here. These people were complete strangers.
"That's fine! Don't say anything! I'll stop trying to be polite."
"You don't have to stop being nice just because I didn't answer."
"What do you consider nice? Is this nice?" Sam asked as his hand rubbed her
thigh again.
"No." Ann replied.
"Tell me, what's so bad about it." he said and rubbed higher.
"You're doing it in front of other people. They can see us."
"Don't you like men looking at you. You are attractive. Especially your legs.
They're even more sexy in nylons and high heels. My cock gets hard just looking
at your legs."
"But we're in a bar! Can't we go somewhere else?"
"How's this feel?" Sam said as he dipped his finger back into her pussy.
"Must feel nice, cause you're all wet down there. Or is it because everybody
can see me playing with your cunt. Is that why you're wet? You secretly like
being watched while somebody fingers your pussy."
Ann didn't know what to think anymore as Sam started to move his finger in
and out of her slick hole while whispering in her ear.
"Some of the men are rubbing their dicks now. You're making them hard.
They're wondering just how hot and wet your pussy gets. They want to finger you
Sam then stopped talking and removed his finger. He saw that Ann had lost
control of herself. He had her willing to do anything without a complaint. Sam
then told Ann to spread her legs apart and remove the eggs. Without a word, she
did and handed them to him when she finished. It not only surprised him that
she did this, but he was more surprised to see that both eggs were clean. He
thought about putting them on the table, but decided not to and shoved them in
his pocket.
"I think you need some exercise. Since I'm too tall for you, ask that guy in
the red shirt at the end of the bar if he'll dance. I don't care what he wants
to do with you on that dance floor, you let him! You understand? You let him do
whatever he wants."
When Ann got up, he was surprised again. Instead of pulling her skirt down
first, she stood straight up. Ann was displaying herself to everyone and
smiling seductively at Sam. She let the satin miniskirt drop on its own while
she stood there and wiggled her hips. There were whistles from every man in the
place as Ann sexily walked to the bar.
Tapping him on the shoulder, she asked the man in the red shirt to dance with
her. Pulling him off the bar stool when he didn't respond, she walked him back
to the jukebox. After they were there, she wrapped her arms around his neck,
rested her head on his chest, snuggled her body tightly against his, and began
swinging her hips to the music.
Garcia came rushing over and told Sam she had gone to the wrong end of the
bar, she was dancing with the wrong guy. The man she was dancing with didn't
even speak English. Sam roared in a fit of laughter.
"Don't worry. She did me one better, that's all."
"Tell me you black lightning rod, what kind of game are you two playing? I'd
like to know before I jump into it."
"It's called FUCK IT! Come on Garcia, don't be shy. She isn't." Sam said and
pointed to the pair dancing.
Ann's hands were roaming all over the guy's ass, not the other way around.
Every time she pulled him closer and grate her pelvis at him, the man would
pull away the minute she loosened her grip. Ann then tried grinding herself
against his leg, but he'd straighten it out as soon as her rear end went down.
She kept placing his hands on her ass, but he kept raising them up to her back.
When she tried kissing him, his head moved around like the statue of dog in the
back of a car window. It was the most hilarious sight Sam had seen in a long
time. This guy had the sexiest woman in the place trying to give herself to him
and he was acting like she had the plague. When the song finally ended,
everybody in the place laughed and applauded.
Sam wanted to see a stranger feel her up and Ann knew better than to say no.
When the guy wouldn't even hold her tight, she became panic stricken. Ann
thought Sam had set her up and was going to tell her to give the pictures back.
"I was trying to get him to feel me up, but he wouldn't! It wasn't my fault,
Sam! Please don't get mad. I really tried. Honest, I really did!" Ann explained
when she got back to the table.
"I suggest you try harder next time." Sam said.
"I will! Thank you, Sam. Thank you." Ann said and leaned down and kissed his
"Whenever you kiss me, or anybody else I tell you to kiss, I want to see some
tongue. None of that pecking shit! Try it again!"
Standing next to him, Ann cupped his cheeks in her hands and lowered her
face. Before placing her mouth to his, she parted her lips, wiggled her tongue
into his mouth, then soulfully kissed him.
With her tongue diving for his throat, Sam pulled the eggs out of his pocket.
Placing a hand between her legs, he put one of them in her pussy. Ann squealed
and flinched when the cold metal first touched her, but didn't stop kissing
him. When he had both of them in her cunt, he turned them on. Ann moaned and
kissed him more passionately. Breaking their kiss, Sam told Ann to remove the
eggs and sit down. Still standing next to him, Ann calmly reached up between
her legs and pulled the two eggs out. Sam knew he definitely would have to ask
Garcia what was in a Kamikaze before the night was over.
"Mind if I join you?" Garcia asked.
"I have to powder my nose anyway. Okay, Sam?" Ann asked.
"Yeah. Just make sure you look sexy before you come out, but don't get off in
Garcia's head swiveled like a radar while he stared at Ann's beautifully
shaped ass and long legs as she walked to the ladies room.
"And you! Get a pencil and paper." Sam said to his friend.
"Why? Forget her name already? Damn! You're all cock and no brains."
"No, I want you to tell me what's in a Kamikaze."
"You can hear me when I write?"
"Just get a damn pencil and paper and write it down!"
Garcia threw a crumpled up note at Sam and refilled Ann's glass.
"The way you two were carrying on, I thought you might want it. You want to
know something? This works better than our infamous Spanish Fly! Don't tell my
wife though. I've been spiking her drinks with that shit for years."
"Maybe that's why she's a lush."
"That was cold! Did I see your hand between her legs again?"
"Am I the only black man sitting at this table?"
"Shame on you! Acting like a high school kid. You're going to corrupt that
nice girl."
"That's the idea. You want a turn?"
"What can I do to the wench?" Garcia jokingly said while rubbing his hands
"Whatever you want. Get me another drink, then meet us in the stockroom?"
"Ouch! Quit twisting my arm. See you in a couple of minutes."
Garcia had been watching his friend and the mysterious blonde since they came
in. He couldn't figure out what was going on between them. Whenever he could
hear Sam talking to her, it seemed as though he was barking orders at her. His
friend was in a serious mood around her, but not when she wasn't by him. And
the young blonde! One minute she was meek and quiet as a mouse, and the next
she was acting like a sex starved nymphomaniac. Sam hadn't been in the bar in
over a week and maybe it was because he was fighting with his new girlfriend.
Before joining them, Garcia decided to liven up their conversation with humor,
maybe this would help them forget whatever problems they were having. Seldom
was Garcia wrong about people, but boy was he wrong this time!
Sam got up and headed for the stockroom. As he got there, Ann came out of the
bathroom. He only pointed to the stockroom and Ann walked into it. After he
turned on the lights, he told Ann to stand in the small open area where there
were no boxes. Just then, Garcia's head poked around the door.
"Come on in, she's about to start." Sam said.
Garcia quickly came into the room and kicked the door closed behind him. He
walked up and stood beside Sam. Ann was a couple of feet away looking at both
of them tentatively.
"What do you say, pal? Think we ought to fuck this slut, or send her home?"
Garcia was staring at Ann. After swallowing hard, he set the drinks down on a
stack of beer cases.
"Ever fuck two guys at once, slut?" Sam asked.
"Do you have to keep calling me that?"
"I'll call you anything I want! Now answer the question. You ever fuck two
guys at once or not?"
"I think it's time you did. Open that blouse and show us your tits."
Without another word, Ann laid her purse on the floor then began to untie the
knot that held her blouse in place. Her hands trembled, but this wasn't because
she was scared, she was excited again. Since meeting Sam tonight, he had kept
her on the brink of coming but wouldn't let her to get off. Now, it looked like
he was finally going to let her climax, big time!
Sam and Garcia watched her. She untied the knot on her side and unwrapped the
blouse from her waist, folding the loose material in back. Her naked tits stood
out on her chest, firm round, mounds of white flesh. Her nipples were already
hard and pointed. Her blouse was barely hanging on her shoulders when she
reached up to pull it down her arms. As she put her arms behind her to pull the
sleeves off, her breasts jutted out further.
"Who told you to take it off?" Sam asked.
"I thought..."
"Nobody told you to think either, slut! Lift your skirt up. All the way!"
Ann lifted her skirt up to her waist without protesting. This reminded her a
little bit of when her boyfriend got excited and told her what to do, but it
different. Sam didn't have the same urgency in his voice that her boyfriend
did. He was more forceful and demanding. He wasn't making a request, he was
commanding her to do it. This turned her on, but Ann wasn't about to tell
either of the two men standing in front of her that.
"Get my friend's dick hard. Take your time and make it good!" Sam ordered.
Ann walked up to Garcia and wrapped her arms around his neck. Through his
shirt, Garcia could feel Ann's nipples and firm tits pressing against his
chest. This alone was making his dick hard, but what she did next made it rock
Ann swung her right arm around his hips, placed her hand on his ass and
pulled him closer to her with a jerk. A little surprised by what she did,
Garcia looked over at Sam. Sam only smiled back and gave him a thumbs-up
signal. Still wanting to make sure the attractive blonde was doing this
willingly, he talked a little before responding to her hand.
"You will be gentle with me won't you? I've never done anything like this."
Garcia said in mock apprehension.
"Please, just kiss me!" she whispered into his ear.
Ann then made sure Sam could see her mouth part and her tongue sticking out
as she kissed Garcia. Running her left hand through his hair, Ann clutched at
his ass and shoved her pussy into his groin. She felt his hardening dick and
moaned into his mouth when it pulsed against the inside of her leg. She was
finally going to get the relief her body was looking for. She wished that Sam
had let her climax earlier. He had more than enough chances, but tonight he was
torturing her. Maybe he'd let Garcia make her come.
Ann placed her left foot behind Garcia's right one, angled her body to the
side of his, and pulled him closer. She then began grinding her pussy hard
against his leg, leaving a wet spot on his cream colored slacks. She brought
her right hand from his ass down to his crotch and massaged the outline of his
bulging dick with her fingers, creating another wet spot on his pants as his
pre-cum began flowing from his cock.
Garcia was reveling in the feel and smell of such a sexy woman pressing so
close to him. Her tongue swirled around his several times before she opened her
mouth wider and sucked on his tongue. Her left hand was forcing him to mash her
lips while she kept moaning into his mouth. Their kiss lasted almost a full
minute before the blonde slowly eased the pressure on his head and pulled away,
licking his lips before separating completely.
Garcia had to gulp for air. From only one kiss, she had him dizzy. Even his
wife had never kissed him with so much passion. And, contrary to what he told
everyone, she was a Latin beauty with an equally fantastic body.
Ann knew she was being shameless, but everything had become so erotic and
exciting that she couldn't stop herself. She needed and wanted somebody to fuck
her. Her inhibitions were dropping away quicker than a payoff from a slot
machine, and Ann didn't care. She wanted to feel a hard cock inside her aching
pussy, and she wanted it now!
"That's enough! Get on your hands and knees, slut!" Sam said and began taking
his pants off, Garcia doing the same.
"Suck or fuck?" Sam asked his friend.
"I want to fuck her first."
"Go ahead! It's your stockroom."
Garcia got on his knees behind Ann and Sam knelt down in front of her.
Ann was already shaking in anticipation of her first double fuck. She saw
Sam's large dick hanging in front of her face. It was getting hard, but wasn't
stiff yet. He brought her head up and began to grind himself against her face.
Ann stuck her tongue out and licked his dick each time it came near her mouth.
She felt it growing firmer and kept licking.
Meanwhile, Garcia was squeezing her small ass and rubbing his dick along her
pussy-lips, teasing her. After having the eggs in her most of the evening, Ann
was too impatient to wait. She reached between her thighs and felt around for
Garcia's prick. Placing his cock-head against her slit, Ann pushed herself
back. When it entered, she let out a long sigh. This is what she needed for the
past couple of hours.
Garcia's hands gripped her hips and he slowly slid his cock into her. He
never felt anyone as wet as the blonde was. His cock was being drowned by her
juices and he had to force himself from not shoving all the way into her while
she kept trying to push herself back at him.
"Did she just get out of convent or something?"
"No, she just can't get enough cock. Isn't that right slut?" Sam asked her as
he grabbed his dick and held it out.
Ann didn't say anything. She just wanted the two men to fuck her. She pushed
harder against Garcia and opened her mouth for Sam's cock.
"Tell him, slut! Tell him how much you love cock!" Sam said as he slapped her
face with his dick.
"YES! I love cock! Please, don't tease me. Fuck me! Tell your friend to shove
his cock all the way in!" Ann almost yelled.
Garcia thrust into her as hard as he could as Sam shoved his dick in her
mouth. Ann was coming immediately. Her pussy and mouth tighten around both
cocks at the same time as her body shook and jerked between the two men. The
climax was good, but only gave her a taste of what Ann was really hoping for.
She was still highly excited and wanted more. Ann was only getting started.
Sam was a little surprised when Ann grabbed his dick and began pumping it.
She raised herself off the floor and knelt up straight, taking more of Sam's
cock between her lips, and began moaning. Her mouth felt tight and warm and Sam
liked the way she was jacking him off. Her grip around his shaft was tight and
her pumping was fast. She really made love to his dick with her mouth and
Garcia was a little frustrated when she raised up and let his dick pop out of
her pussy. Even though Ann was tight, her juices caused him to slide out when
she concentrated on sucking Sam's cock. This was a minor setback though. After
taking his shoes and sock off, Garcia laid on the floor behind Ann.
"Hey, you black chimney broom! What about me?" Garcia yelled at Sam.
Sam saw his friend and pushed Ann, making her scoot backward over Garcia's
legs. When she felt his dick slide through the crack of her rear end, she
stopped. Without being told to, Ann reached down and grabbed Garcia's cock,
placing it against her swollen pussy. She rubbed the head up and down the
length of her wet hole before slowly sitting down on it. When her ass hit his
Garcia began to fuck her. Sam was standing above her now and slapped her hands
away from his cock. He then fucked her mouth. He didn't try forcing his dick
down her throat, but only used short strokes and watched as his dark pole slid
in and out between her stretched lips.
To Ann, this was the most exciting sex she had ever experienced. She was
being fucked by one cock and sucking another. This was the MORE she was looking
for. Her boyfriend would some times use her dildo on her while she sucked him
off, and she always had multiple orgasms when he did. What made this better was
that she was being fucked by a real cock, not a plastic one! This time, she
wouldn't just have her mouth filled with cum, but her pussy would be flooded
too. Ann started a rhythm of raising and lowering herself, able to slide her
pussy down Garcia's cock then slide her mouth over Sam's.
The men saw what she was doing and steadily increased the speed of their
thrusts, forcing her to keep up with them. Soon, Ann wasn't getting fucked, she
got pounded. Garcia kept raising and lowering her on his dick, causing Ann to
moan and groan as Sam kept pumping his cock into her mouth, pushing her back
down. Trying to imagine what they looked like, Ann felt her stomach muscles
begin to cramp up.
A bolt of lightening shot out from somewhere deep in her vagina, overloading
all her senses. Ann's mind was unable to cope with the spasms that she was
going through. Her mouth and pussy began to performing as though they had been
programed since birth, tightly gripping, then reluctantly releasing the two
pulsating cocks as they fucked her faster and faster.
It was difficult to tell who was fucking who. There was just the bumping,
grinding, and slapping of Garcia's stomach against Ann's ass while Sam's cock
popped loudly in and out of her sucking mouth. The noise the trio made sounded
like an old washing machine, swooshing and sloshing wetly each time a dick left
and entered Ann's lips and cunt. She continuously groaned and moaned while the
two of them fucked her. She was pushed, almost up-right, and pulled back down
by Garcia, as he drove his cock deeper and harder into her cunt. Sam bent her
head back and stood directly above her, creating a straight path into her
throat for his huge dick. Ann lost all control of her body as she grabbed her
tits and squeezed them so hard that her flesh bulged between her fingers.
The three of them couldn't keep the frenzied pace without coming, and Ann was
first. Grinding her pussy hard into Garcia's crotch, she started her orgasm.
Sam couldn't hold off either, and yelled just before he came.
Ann kept her lips tightly clenched around Sam's cock and only let it go when
he pushed her head away. She was going through one of her multiple orgasms and
couldn't help herself. While she was grinding her pussy onto Garcia's dick, Sam
jacked-off. With one hand pumping his cock, the other entwined in her hair and
her face steady. Like a firehose, his cum splashed onto her face in long stream
from her chin to her eyebrows. His second blast was thicker and landed mostly
on her upper lip, some dropping inside her open mouth. The rest of Sam's load
didn't shoot out, but flowed richly in huge amounts as every drop rushed from
his balls. He watched as his sperm poured out onto Ann's forehead, over her
nose, then on her lips. Not once did Sam try to get any in her mouth.
When Garcia saw what his friend was doing to her face, he couldn't hold back.
His cock was being squeezed by Ann's pussy and her juices were trickling to his
balls, making them wet and warm. He wrapped his hands around her small waist
and shoved his hips up for one last thrust. When he came inside her, Ann had
another climax and shook her head wildly. Garcia had seen some hot woman in his
life, but none reacted the way this blonde did. With her hair tossing about and
cum flying off her face, she shouted at the top of her lungs.
Even though his cock was loosing its stiffness, Ann continued to fuck Garcia.
When his dick popped out, she still didn't stop. Ann frantically ground her
pussy on him and clenched her thighs tighter around his legs, feeling his soft
cock rub against her clit.
Sam went and got the eggs. He then grabbed and jerked her to her feet. Ann
started pleading with him right away.
"Please, one more time. I'll do anything you want! Anything! Please!"
Garcia had stood up by now and was watching Ann beg Sam.
"Spread your legs!" Sam said.
Ann opened up, barely able to stand in the high heels on her shaking legs.
Garcia saw Sam untangle some sort of long wire, then handed her two round and
shiny metal things.
"They're vibrating eggs and run on batteries inside this control." Sam said
to his friend, and showed him what he was talking about.
"Shove them in your cunt!" Sam told the wobbling Ann.
Thinking they weren't as good as his dick, but better than nothing, Ann put
both the eggs inside her pussy and stood up. Sam turned them on full speed and
laid the control down on a beer case. Ann dove for her pussy with both hands,
stuck her ass out, and started having another orgasm. Sam told Garcia to get
dressed and did the same. When both men were ready, Sam took the control and
turned off the eggs.
"Okay, slut, I'm done. You can go home now."
"What! That's all? Please, Sam! I'll do anything you want!"
"Next time."
"Please, baby! I need it! I'll be your slut! You can do whatever you want!
Just fuck me, Sam! Please!"
"I said next time! Now, let's go!" he told her and asked Garcia to grab her
As they were walking for the door, Ann realized her face was covered with
Sam's cum, her skirt was up past her garter belt, and her blouse was wide open.
She asked Sam to stop so she could clean up and straighten herself out a
"You look fine. Move it!" Sam said and shoved her in front of him.
He kept pushing her and pushing her until they were in hallway.
"If you don't walk out there the way you are, you can kiss your job and
boyfriend good bye." Sam whispered in her ear so Garcia couldn't hear.
Ann quickly headed for the back door, less than fifteen feet away. Her high
heels, clicking loudly on the tile floor, made everyone in the bar turn around.
They couldn't see her because Sam was blocking their view, but everybody knew
who was there. Half way to the exit, Sam turned the eggs up to full speed and
stepped off to her side.
Ann immediately stopped dead in her tracks, moaned out loud, spread her feet
apart, and furiously rubbed her pussy. As she looked at everybody staring at
her, Ann climaxed over and over.
When Sam saw that she wasn't going stop coming, he straightened her up and
forced her to the door. Once there, he made Ann face the stunned crowd in the
bar then told her to take the eggs out and clean them off with her mouth.
Without the slightest hesitation, Ann did exactly what Sam told her to do.
Making a loud humming noise everyone could hear, Ann slowly pulled both eggs
out of her just fucked cunt and popped them into her mouth. After cleaning
Garcia's cum and her own juices off them, she slowly pulled them out of her
mouth individually, and handed them to Sam.
"Give me the dog collar."
With everything else that happened, Ann forgot she was wearing it.
"Please, Sam?" Ann asked before giving him the dog collar.
"What do you want now?"
"I'll be your slut and fuck or suck anyone you want me to, but right now I
really need you to fuck me."
"Friday!" was all Sam said as closed the door in Ann's face.

Part 4 - HOOKED

Sure, she had been drinking, but this was no excuse for what she did. She
should have been embarrassed to tears and shamed beyond words. Instead, the
orgasms Ann experienced were indescribable, and the best she ever had. Ann had
to admit that she was more than just excited. She was as hot as a firecracker
and never felt so horny in her life! Even as she climaxed, her fingers
vigorously rubbing her pussy, she was wondering what else she could do to
arouse the crowd gawking at her.
Though the drinks had loosened her inhibitions, one thing was crystal clear.
Drunk or not, Ann was extremely turned on exposing herself to other people. She
immediately fell in love with being the center of attention. The hunger in the
eyes of everyone watching her masturbate, men and women alike, is what made Ann
feel euphoric. Nothing ever made her feel the way she felt then. She couldn't
have stopped finger-fucking herself in the back of that bar even if the police
walked in! The thrill of seeing the ravenous stares, open mouths, sweaty
foreheads, and the growing bulges of the men watching her masturbate
permanently branded the image into her memory. Ann didn't lack self-confidence,
but the desire in everyone's gaze made her more aware of how sexy she really
was, and her ego soared! Ann felt that she was the most sensual and erotic
female on earth.
The only low point came when Sam said he was done, and told her to go home,
saying he'd meet her again Friday. Even though she practically begged him to
fuck her, right in front of everyone if he wanted to, Sam refused and shut the
door in her face.
Still flying as high as a kite, there was no way Ann could just go home to an
empty apartment. The emptiness and urgent need between her legs was too great
for that. She wasn't going to settle for her fingers again either. Since it was
fairly early, Ann decided to drive by her boyfriend's place. She knew she could
easily talk him into fucking her, hopefully more than once.
Ann could feel Garcia's cum dripping from her pussy and raised her skirt to
her waist when she got in her car. If her boyfriend saw a cum stains on her
clothes, he'd certainly ask questions. Thankfully, traffic wasn't heavy and Ann
was pulling into his apartment building in no time. After parking in the
garage, Ann combed out the dried sperm in her hair, sprayed perfume on herself
and applied some fresh makeup to her face. Before knocking on her boyfriend's
door, Ann struck the sexiest pose she could think of.
Staring in disbelief, not only because he didn't expect to see her, but also
because Ann looked so different, her boyfriend asked her where she had been.
"A couple girls from the office planned a party a week ago. That's why I
couldn't go out with you tonight. Forgive me?" Ann lied and kissed him on the
From the smell of her breath, he knew she had more than wine, but it was her
clothes that startled him the most. He'd never seen Ann wear such a short
skirt, or heels that high before.
"Must have been some party." he said sarcastically.
"Just great! I'm still wound up!" Ann said, hinting at her desire.
"That a new outfit?"
"You like?" she asked and slowly turned around so he could see everything.
While Ann twirled, and the tops of her nylons and garter belt came into view,
all the blood in his brain surged to his crotch.
"Uh... Tom and I were just finishing some last minute details. He's in the
bathroom. Come on in. Can I get you anything?" her boyfriend said as he closed
the door behind her.
"No, but you can do something for me." Ann said with a devilish grin.
Ann took him by the hand and walked him to the living room sofa. After
putting her purse on the coffee table, she began moving it out of the way.
"Here, I'll get that." her boyfriend, Sam, said.
"No, I want you to save your strength. Just stand still."
With the area clear in front of the long couch, Ann dropped to her knees and
pushed Sam onto it. She then looked into his eyes while she started pulling the
zipper on his pants down.
"Hey! Hold on! Tom's still here!" he half gasped and whispered.
"He'll have to wait his turn." Ann said, yanking at the waistband of her
boyfriend's pants.
"Wait until he leaves!"
"I want your cock now!" Ann stated flatly.
"How many drinks did you have?"
"Enough to suck your cock no matter who's here!"
In one swift motion, her boyfriend had his pants down to his ankles and stood
up to take them off. Ann, too excited to wasting any more time, lunged forward.
Taking his soft dick into her mouth, she slowly ran her tongue around the head
while humming in delight.
Sam thrust his hips forward automatically. He didn't know how much Ann drank,
but it must have been quite a bit from the way she was noisily sucking him.
Usually, she avoided making any kind of sound when they had sex, saying it
detracted from her enjoyment. He told her it added to his, and consistently
encouraged Ann to be more vocal.
"Oh baby... Yeah! Suck it! Make it hard! It's been a long time. GOD! Yeah!
Suck... my cock!"
For her boyfriend, it had been a long time since he got his rocks off. As a
matter of fact, over two weeks. He looked down and saw how Ann was taking him
into her mouth. She seemed to be sucking with more enthusiasm than usual as her
cheeks caved in and her head began bobbing swiftly back and forth over his
growing shaft. It wasn't like Ann to be doing this without some kind of
foreplay, but he chalked it up to her drinking. Suddenly, he remembered Tom
again. Drunk or not, he'd be in deep shit if he didn't remind Ann that Tom
would be walking in on them any minute now.
"You sure you want to do this? What about Tom?"
"Buk Tomb! Wewb hem bimb bis mowom cawk! Bis mumbs mimb!" Ann said, her mouth
full. (translation: Fuck Tom! Let him find his own cock! This one's mine!)
Even though he couldn't understand her, it did surprise him that Ann tried
talking at all. He got a bigger surprise when her hands grabbed his ass and
pulled him closer, causing his dick to slip further into her hungrily sucking
mouth. He knew they hadn't made love in a while, and that she'd been drinking,
but it didn't explain all of this. Not that he was complaining. The way her
tongue was licking and her lips were sliding up and down his cock, Sam wasn't
going to bitch about anything she did. He remembered the last time Ann was this
excited and hoped she stayed this way when Tom came out. He often fantasized
about seeing her getting it on with another guy. If she was drunk enough, she
just might do it.
Tom was walking down the hallway to the living room, thinking he should
leave. He and Sam had completed everything for their meeting in the morning,
plus he still had supper waiting for him at home. After a few steps into the
living room, Tom's thoughts changed completely when he saw the look on Sam's
face and the blonde kneeling in front of him.
"Hold on, babe! I need to sit down." Sam told Ann and winked at Tom.
Ann also heard Tom walk into the room and became more excited knowing he was
watching her suck Sam's dick. Before her boyfriend could sit, she brought her
mouth off him. His cock was wet with her saliva and pointing straight at her
face. With a passionate look, and loud enough for Tom to hear, Ann told him
what she wanted.
"Don't sit down, baby. I want you to fuck my mouth! Don't hold back, give me
everything you've got. Shove your cock all the way in as far as you want, okay?
When you're ready, I want you to shoot your cum all over my face! I want it so
bad! Fuck my mouth and shoot your cum on my face!" Ann said while energetically
pumping his dick.
Sam almost had a stroke. Ann never talked this way, no matter how horny or
drunk she was. Ann was asking... no, she was telling him to fuck her mouth and
come on her face. This, plus the way she was dressed, had him wondering what
was going on. Even drunk, he didn't think she'd go through with it, but he
wasn't going to pass up the chance to find out.
"What about Tom?" he asked.
Ann got so excited by his response that she lifted her skirt, exposing the
soft globes of her ass to Tom, then lunged forward to suck Sam's cock again.
Dropping onto the couch, Sam stared in disbelief at his girlfriend. Ann
wasn't wearing any panties! When she raised her skirt, Sam saw only the garter
belt and stockings, but nothing else!
Tom's clothes went flying everywhere. When he was undressed, he got down
behind Ann, grabbed her slim nylon-covered thighs, and separated them. He then
pushed her skirt all the way up, and licked his way down from her small
ass-cheeks to her thighs.
For the second time tonight, Ann was going to have sex with two men at the
same time. If Tom continued the path his wet tongue was marking, he'd discover
it too. This sent a chill of fear up Ann's spine. Then her mind shot off in
another direction as she was jolted by the feeling of Tom's tongue sliding
through the crack of her firm ass, over her tiny rectal opening, and on its way
to her pussy. Ann got a perverse delight knowing that Tom was going to eat her
out after she had fucked another man. As soon as his lower lip brushed against
her swollen pussy-lips, Ann groaned loudly around her boyfriend's cock.
Tom rolled over onto his back and got under Ann. With his hands slowly
running along her stockings and his face wedged under her parted thighs, he
lightly nibbled on her damp pussy, then licked the slit from back to front.
Upon reaching her clitoris, he circled the organ several times with his tongue
until it popped out from beneath the fleshy shield covering it. He then rapidly
flicked the tip of his tongue over the erect bud, causing Ann to go wild. When
she started bucking her hips, Tom stuck his tongue out as far and as straight
as possible, and slid it between her cunt-lips as her full weight came crashing
down onto his mouth.
Tom tasted sperm as soon as she mashed herself on his mouth. He knew she had
arrived only a few minutes before he left the bathroom, so there was no way Sam
could have fucked this blonde in that amount of time. He didn't mind the fact
that she smelled and tasted like she had sex already, she was too good looking
to worry about small distractions like that. Tom was curious though about who
she was and, more importantly, where she had been. He wasn't about to turn down
a chance to fuck this hot little number, but he didn't want to catch a disease
either. Like most married men, Tom was scared to death that his wife would cut
off his nuts, then file for a divorce if he ever came home with something.
"She sure has a juicy cunt!" Tom said after he lifted Ann off his face.
He was trying to be subtle, but wasn't worried about being vulgar.
"She's okay, isn't she?" Tom tried asking again, without being too obvious.
"You okay, baby?" Sam asked Ann, still not following the drift of Tom's
questions, plus bewildered by his girlfriend's actions anyway.
Ann was in her own little world. The tongue on her pussy was driving her
crazy and the cock in her mouth tasted delicious. She was ready to suck and
fuck all night. Ann was in a state past raunchy. Reluctantly pulling her mouth
away from Sam's dick, she told both men what she wanted.
"Don't worry about me. I'm fine. I want both your cocks! I'll suck you while
he fucks me, then you two switch and do it again!"
"What?" Sam asked.
"I want you two to fuck meat the same time! If your cocks get soft, I'll suck
them hard again!"
"Why don't we give this slut what she wants?" Tom chimed in from below.
Ann scrambled away from between them. After throwing off her blouse, she
crawled to a more open area on the floor.
"You sure?" Sam asked her, still unbelieving.
"I'm sure, damn it! Fuck me! Both of you!"
Tom was shocked when he recognized who she was.
"Ann! I had no idea! I mean I... Well, your pussy is..." Tom said trying to
"Sam wants me to be his slut, so I'll be his slut! Now, somebody get down
here and fuck me!" Ann shouted, immediately regretting what she said.
In her aroused and semi-drunken state, she was confusing the two Sams. This
Sam was her boyfriend, not the other Sam!
Seeing his opportunity, her boyfriend jumped at the chance of watching his
biggest fantasy come true.
"As weird as it sounds, she's right! I thought you'd never go along with it
though. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad you changed your mind. Really babe,
thanks." Sam said to Tom and Ann.
"Last chance to back out. Sure you want both of us?" Sam asked her.
"Does this answer your question?" Ann quickly said, laying back and spreading
her legs wide open.
Listening to both of them, Tom knew Sam was genuinely surprised that Ann was
going along with the situation. He also knew Ann already had sex with someone
else tonight. That wasn't his problem though. He'd never seen Ann look so sexy
and he wasn't worried anymore about catching a disease. Ann was a cautious
girl, at least she use to be.
Sam joined Ann on the floor, kneeling above her head. When they were ready,
the two of them looked at Tom.
"Well, what are you waiting for?" Sam asked Tom.
Tom joined them and raised Ann's legs up while scooting closer to her. Sam
grabbed Ann's ankles and brought them up to his chest, lifting Ann's ass off
the floor so her pussy was aimed at Tom. Her pussy-lips were slick, swollen,
and slightly red. Tom saw something he didn't think Sam was prepared for and
quickly put his cock directly on Ann's mound. There was a trail of thick cum
leaking out of Ann's pussy, and Tom didn't want the two of them to start a
fight, at least not until he got his chance to fuck her. After that, they could
do whatever they wanted.
Sam would have missed the trail of cum anyway because of what Ann was doing.
With her face below his scrotum, she was licking and kissing his balls while
stroking his cock with her hands. Sam wouldn't have noticed the cum also
because he was jealous of the size of Tom's dick. Still growing, it was already
as big
as his. Fascinated, he watched as Tom pressed it against Ann's pussy with his
palm and rocked back and forth between her legs until he was completely hard.
"Just out of curiosity, how big are you?" Sam asked.
"Eight and a quarter! Damn wife pulled out a tape one night and measured it.
"Only seven." Sam said, sounding like a cheated kid.
"Cocks are like tits, anything over a mouthful is wasted. Right Ann?" Tom
"No, they're not. I'll prove it." Ann said as she pulled Sam's cock down to
her lips.
"You're really into this, aren't you?" Sam asked her.
"Come on, honey, no more talk. Just fuck me. I want both your cocks! I'll
suck yours and you watch Tom fuck me with his, okay?" Ann said in a pleading
Tom didn't need to be told twice. The warmth and juices from her pussy were
heating up his dick as though it were a marshmallow over a hot camp fire.
Looking down and grabbing his cock, Tom pushed the head of it into Ann.
"OH GOD... Fuck! YES... OH... YES!" Ann cried out and had an orgasm from only
having the head of Tom's dick in her.
Even though Sam's dick was only a little shorter than his, Tom's was thicker,
much thicker! This is what made it appear bigger. Tom didn't want to mention
that it measured six and a quarter inches in circumference. Ann might change
her mind if she heard that. His wife often complained that she wasn't wet
enough to handle his cock being shoved straight into her. He figured Ann might
feel the same way since her cunt looked even smaller. That's was why he was
holding himself steady.
"Fuck me! Don't stop now, DAMN YOU! FUCK ME!" Ann yelled at Tom from beneath
Sam's balls.
Tom thrust half-way into her pussy and waited.
"I love it! God help me, I love it!" Ann moaned and sucked Sam's balls into
her mouth.
Tom loved it too. It had been so long since he could fuck a woman this way.
Kate, Tom's wife, knew how to work her pussy and get him off, but every once in
a while, he just wanted to ram into her. She couldn't take it that way though
and started yelling at him whenever he tried it.
Ann was acting just the way Sam wanted her to act. He knew that once she let
her inhibitions go, Ann would enjoy fucking somebody else. She was trying to
raise her hips and kick her legs free, but he was still holding them up on his
"FUCK! She's tight!" Tom sighed.
Sam could only stare silently in amazement. Tom was roughly slamming his cock
into Ann's pussy, his balls slapping hard against her ass with every stroke.
Sam let Ann's legs go and she wrapped them around Tom's waist, pulling his cock
deeper into her. Sam was more than surprised. Ann wasn't making love to Tom,
she was fucking him. There was nothing tender or gentle about it. She was
lustfully using his cock. He doubted that it made any difference to Ann who was
between her legs, just so long has they had a hard dick. It was also obvious
that Tom could have cared less if Ann was enjoying herself or not. His face was
and all his concentration was on his cock and her pussy. Sam raised up and
scooted back.
As soon as he was out of the way, Tom leaned over Ann on his elbows and began
kissing Ann. She brought her hands up to his face and kissed him back, shoving
her tongue into his mouth. He really started to fuck then, deliberately driving
into her pussy with a force that made both their bodies shake. He'd slowly
raise his hips, until the head of his cock was just inside her, then he'd fall,
grunting loudly as his dick stretched and dove back into Ann's pussy. Tom was
looking at her, waiting for some kind of reaction, perhaps a plea for mercy,
maybe a compliment, more than likely a scream.
Both men could see there was a tension building up inside Ann that had to be
set free, and they waited for it. The only sounds being made were Tom's loud
grunts each time his cock plunged into her and Ann's moans as the air in her
lungs escaped with his thrust.
Slowly it started to happen. Ann locked her ankles tightly together behind
Tom's ass, holding onto him for dear life. Then she suddenly threw her legs out
straight and grabbed Tom's ass with her hands, digging her fingernails in.
Next, she arched her back off the floor and pulled Tom closer to her while
thrusting up at him. Ann's lips were dry and puffy, even though she was licking
constantly. Her face then contorted with a mixture of pain and pleasure. Ann
seemed to be trying to say something, but couldn't quite form the words. Her
mouth would open, then she'd bite her lower lip and groan. She repeated this
several times before she began tossing her head side to side. The look told
both men Ann was coming and wanted to say something.
"Come on, say it. Don't worry, Sam's here!" Tom told her as he continued
Ann opened her eyes and looked up. The cock stretching and filling her pussy
was all she could think about. The wonderful sensations it gave her were
driving her crazy. Only one thought was powerful enough to override her
excitement, and Ann blurted it out.
"I want... your cum!" Ann moaned.
Tom pumped as hard as he could into her and gave Ann what she wanted.
"YES! THERE! Again! DO IT... AH! Yes! MORE! MORE! I'M... OH GOD! I CAN'T
HOLD... Oh! FUCK ME! Don't... HARDER! HARDER!" Ann screamed as she climaxed
when Tom did.
While she was going through her orgasm, Ann raised high off the floor, taking
Tom with her. Every muscle in her body tightened up as she slapped the carpet,
her mouth open but no sound coming from it.
Sam saw his opportunity. With Ann's head leaning way back, he put his dick
back into her mouth.
When her major spasms subsided, Ann began to suck. The cock in her pussy was
still giving her endless pleasure, but now she had another one. Easing herself
back to the floor, it popped out of her mouth.
"Let me suck it! Put it back in my mouth! I want to suck it!" Ann said almost
"Let's get this slut on her hands and knees. That way she can suck your cock
and I can fuck her from behind."
Sam couldn't believe Tom, his boss and friend, was calling Ann a slut, plus
he was going to fuck her again. Not only that, but Ann was acting like a woman
possessed. As soon as Tom made the suggestion, Ann rolled over and got on her
hands and knees. Everything happened so fast Sam still didn't know what to do.
Tom didn't have a problem. With Ann's heart-shaped ass pointed at him, he
shoved a couple fingers in her pussy.
"Go on Sam. What are you waiting for?" Tom asked.
"I just..."
"What's the matter?" Tom asked again.
"Nothing! I just never..."
"Never though Ann could act like a slut? Shit! Listen buddy, my wife's the
same way. Get her motor started, and watch out! She'll fuck your balls dry!
Only difference between Ann and Kate is my wife's not as tight. Other than
that, they both love a stiff dick in their cunts."
Ann was not just idly listening to them talk. Her lips, tongue and mouth were
working on Sam's cock as though it were a lost treasure. She bobbed her head
back and forth and licked all around his shaft. When the head of it approached
the back of her mouth, Ann would hold still, allowing Sam to feel the warmth
and tightness, then pull slowly back.
Since Tom saw no reason to delay any further, he pulled his fingers out of
Ann and coated his cock with the gooey mess. Pointing his dick at Ann's sloppy
cunt, he grabbed her by the waist. Just as she was taking Sam's cock into her
mouth, Tom slammed forward with his hips.
All three of them cried out. Tom's dick was buried all the way into Ann's
still tight hole and rubbing against her cervix. The force of his thrust sent
the head of Sam's cock, for the first time ever, into Ann's throat. The two men
had to hold her still. Ann was bucking and twisting wildly between them. Sam
held the back of her head tightly to his stomach and Tom crawled forward.
Ann had her arms around Sam and was squeezing his ass, trying, though it was
impossible, to get more of his cock in her throat. Her face was mashed against
his crotch as she twisted her mouth in a cork-screw motion. In her eagerness,
she accidentally bit the base of his cock a little.
"Damn it, be careful!" Sam yelled.
"Sorry! Got carried away there." Tom said.
"Not you! She bit me."
Tom leaned over and looked. He was awed because Ann had all of Sam's cock
between her lips and was looking for more.
"Fuck! You never told me Ann could deep-throat!"
Not wanting to be embarrassed again by his girlfriend, Sam looked at his boss
and said, "You never asked.", as though she'd been doing it all along.
Tom saw right through Sam. The surprised look on his face told him that Ann
never swallowed his cock before. Tom had enough of Sam's bullshit. "You want to
play games? I can play anything you want, you dumb shit! Ann's hot and if
you're not going to enjoy her, I sure as hell will!", he thought. Tom leaned
over Ann's back, gabbing both her tits, and began to slowly pump his cock in
and out while talking to her.
"Yeah, that's it! Show us what kind of cock-sucker you are. Use your mouth
like you use your cunt. Suck it all you slut." Tom said as he pinched Ann's
hard nipples with his thumbs and forefingers.
Ann moaned and began rocking to the rhythm of Tom's dick fucking in and out
of her tender, but still stimulated pussy.
"Come on, show me what you can do! You're teasing the poor guy. Are you a
cock-sucker or not? I thought you were a slut. You'll have to do better than
that. You want Sam to come don't you? Suck! Come on, suck!" Tom almost shouted
at Ann, making her hotter.
Ann became dizzy with excitement knowing that Tom was not only watching her
suck Sam's cock, but telling her what to do while he fucked her. Loosing all
self-control, Ann put everything she had into giving her boyfriend head.
Drawing more suction and clamping her lips tightly around his shaft, her cheeks
caved in and her eyes shut. Slowly and deliberately, Ann moved her lips down
Sam's cock, feeling every vein as they passed over her tongue. When the head
reached the entrance to her throat, Ann didn't stop or hesitate, but forced
herself to accept the stretching of her esophagus.
"That's it! Don't stop! Swallow his fucking dick you cock-sucker!" Tom said
as he picked up his tempo and began fucking her a little faster.
Ann was having the time of her life. Sam's dick wasn't so long or thick that
it choked her, while on the other hand, Tom's was long enough and thick enough
to stretch and touch places inside her where only the other Sam had ever
reached. Ann was moaning as Sam knelt in front of her and Tom pumped from
behind. She got her timing synchronized with the two of them and was able to
deep-throat Sam with every thrust she received from Tom. Faster and faster
Tom's cock plunged into her and faster and faster she was fucking Sam's cock
with her mouth. Ann went through another series of orgasms, but was able to
keep her balance on her hands and knees as Tom quickened his pace even more.
"How's it feel, slut? You like having two cocks at the same time? I'll bet
you could fuck the dick off a hundred guys and still look for more. What do you
think? Could you fuck a hundred guys? Bet your cunt wouldn't be so tight after
that." Tom told her.
Sam was there, but he wasn't. His mind was a million miles away, but he was
on his knees and his dick was in Ann's mouth. He couldn't believe the way his
boss was treating Ann. He also couldn't believe that Ann was allowing him to
talk to her that way. He tried figuring it out, but every time he thought he
had an answer, his cock would lurch when Ann's throat opened up and slid over
shaft. Sam forgot about thinking and concentrated on the feelings Ann's mouth
and throat were giving him. Before he knew what hit him, Sam groaned and
started to explode.
Ann felt Sam's balls tightening up and quickly tried to lift her mouth off
his dick, but was stuck one or two seconds because Tom had just plowed into
her. The first squirt of Sam's cum went straight down her throat. Ann pushed
herself back at Tom and pulled her mouth up and off of Sam's dick, just as the
second load of cum came shooting out. Her delirious boyfriend lost his balance
and toppled over like a tree, spinning as he fell to his side, his arms and
legs limp as wet rags and just as useless.
Before he fell, Ann grabbed his cock with both hands and followed him down,
letting the hot jets of his sperm spray into her open mouth and all over her
Sam laid on the floor and his body jerked a few times, shooting the last of
his cum, then he passed out.
Ann paid no attention to him and greedily licked and sucked his gooey semen,
first from his cock, then her hands.
"Way to go Sam! Get ready, slut. I'm gonna fill your cunt again, then show
that boyfriend of yours how to fuck your mouth." Tom said and re-adjusted their
Tom pushed Ann forward so that her cum covered face was stuck between Sam's
legs and her pussy was right over his face. He then brutally shoved his cock in
her again and fucked away like a mad man.
"OH... YES... GOD! Give it to me!" Ann sighed.
"You got it!" Tom said as he flicked hips harder at her.
"Harder! Fuck me... harder!"
"I'm going to fuck your brains out!" Tom said as he reared back.
When his cock sank into her deeper and harder than before, Ann began to
scream and yell.
"YEAH! Go on, do it! Fuck me you son of a bitch! FUCK ME!"
Ann's ass-cheeks hit Tom's belly with loud slaps, as though he were spanking
her with an open hand. Sam had to be dead to the world. Otherwise he would have
seen Tom's cock sloshing in and out of her pussy, forcing Ann's juices out of
her, spraying a sticky mess all over her thighs and nylons. With one last
savage thrust, Tom propelled himself at Ann and came.
"I'm coming! Fuck me you cunt! Fuck me!" Tom roared.
Even though Sam was out cold, Ann couldn't help herself and began to suck on
his balls as Tom filled her pussy with his cum. She felt every hot blast he
shot into her as his cock expanded and jerked around in the warm confines of
her well fucked pussy.
"This is crazy!" Ann said out loud after resting awhile.
"What's that?" Tom asked, his dick still hard, but no longer moving.
"Can you keep it hard and fuck me again? I think Sam's done for the night."
"Sure! Why don't you turn around." Tom replied and pulled his dick out of
"Let me clean up first."
"What for? I'm only going to blow on your face, so why clean up now?"
"Okay, but let's move away from Sam."
"Don't worry about him, he'll be fine. In fact, maybe we can use him."
"What?" Ann asked.
"Yeah! I do it to Kate all the time. She's a heavy sleeper, so if I'm
careful, I can fuck her or have her suck me off and she doesn't know I ever did
it until she wakes up in the morning."
Ann thought this was repulsive and sick, but then she was intrigued by the
idea. How could a man enjoy a woman while she was asleep?
"Tell me, Ann. How many guys fucked you tonight?" Tom suddenly asked her.
"What do you mean?" Ann said blushing.
"How many guys did you fuck tonight?"
Ann still didn't say anything.
"Sam doesn't know you're really a slut, does he? He thinks you're only
Ann remained silent, but became more nervous.
"Hey, I don't care. You want to fuck around behind his back, that's fine with
me! Come on, suck my cock."
"I think maybe we better call it a night." Ann said.
"No, I don't think so. Now either you suck my cock, or I'll tell Sam that you
were already full of cum BEFORE we started!"
Reluctantly, Ann on her knees in front of Tom. He was standing right above
Sam's head.
"Put your cunt on his face!" Tom said.
"But I'll..."
"Do it, slut! Put your sloppy cunt on his face!" Tom ordered.
Slowly dropping down, Ann stopped when she felt Sam's shallow breath blowing
on her pussy. When she looked up at Tom, he was grinning from ear to ear.
"Now, I'm going to find out if your mouth is just as good as your cunt is.
Open wide slut and start sucking!" Tom said as he wrapped both his hands
tightly in her blonde curls and jerked her face to his dick.
The circumstances looked as though she didn't have any choice in the matter,
but Ann knew better. She could have screamed and woke Sam up, but she didn't.
She could have threatened Tom to tell his wife, but she didn't.
For the first time, Ann honestly admitted that she liked what Tom was doing.
If he wanted to call her a slut, so be it. She didn't care. Ann was only doing
what she enjoyed. He could call her whatever he wanted. She liked him ordering
her around too. She liked having people watch her fuck. She liked dressing
sexy. All of this was new and exciting to her. Plain and simply put, Ann found
she liked this type of sex. It that had an element of risk, something that was
dangerous, yet compelling, forceful, but still rewarding. Not that she'd ever
give up the tender and gentle form of love she knew with Sam. No, it was just
that all of this was so different that Ann wanted to fully explore everything
this kind of sex had to offer. Besides, how could she refuse to suck Tom off
when her face was covered with cum already.
Tom noticed a marked change in Ann. She wasn't so stiff in her movements. She
wasn't trying to fight his hands from pulling her head closer. Ann was sliding
her mouth willingly up and down his cock. Her lips stretched thinly as they
went half-way down his shaft and her cheeks bulged out. He let go of her hair,
but was surprised when she reached up and placed them back on her head again.
"Like it rough, huh?" he asked.
Ann shook her head up and down while still sucking his cock.
"I knew you were a fucking slut!" Tom said and grunted as he pushed his cock
further into her mouth.
Ann gagged a little, but held her resolve to take whatever Tom was going to
do to her. She could still feel Sam's warm breath on her pussy and used this as
another way to remain excited. At the same time, she was wondering why her cunt
started to itch again. "For God's sake girl! You're looking for more?", she
mused as her head bobbed back and forth over Tom's dick.
Tom was watching Ann's face. Her cheeks, especially the right one, were
streaked with cum. The sperm was slowly dripping from her chin down to her
neck. One large glob of cum was firmly planted on her upper lip and some of it
was smearing onto his cock as he shoved it into Ann's mouth.
For a while, Tom held onto her head and fucked her mouth. As he became more
aroused, he began roughly pulling Ann's head back and forth over his cock while
standing still. He liked this a lot better, because he was in control, forcing
her to take more of his cock each time he pulled her face to him. He was eager
to see if Ann could take his cock in her throat, but wanted to wait until Sam
came around before he'd try that. Pushing and pulling her mouth over his hard
dick, Tom felt the back of her throat and groaned.
"You slut! This is how Sam should have fucked your face! I'm going to let go
now, but don't stop. Keep sucking!" Tom told her and released her head.
Ann kept the same fast pace, bobbing her head back and forth quickly over
Tom's cock. The second time she felt his dick at the back of her mouth, Ann
relaxed her throat and let it go in as far as she could, then held still.
"AH FUCK... Yeah! Shit! You fucking swallowed the damn thing! Nobody's ever
done that before!" Tom exclaimed.
With a renewed vigor, Ann concentrated and let a little more of his cock slip
into her throat.
"Jesus! That's great! Fucking great! Come on, Sam! Wake up! Your slut's got
my cock in her fucking throat!" Tom yelled and tapped Sam's head with his foot.
Sam was slowly coming around. After Tom nudged his head, he opened his eyes
and laid dead still.
Tom had stepped back so he could look down, not only at Ann, but Sam as well.
The move also afforded him the opportunity to shove more of his dick into Ann's
throat since she had to lean forward a bit, stretching her neck as she did so.
"Well, what do you think? Is Ann a slut, or what!" Tom asked him.
Right above him, Ann was playing with her pussy. There was a huge sloppy mess
between her thighs. The musky odor of her juices and Tom's cum acted like
smelling salts, and he was wide awake now. Still staring, Sam could see Ann's
cunt had been stretched beyond its normal diameter. In the gaping hole above
his face was big wad of white juice getting ready to drop out. Sam wasn't fast
enough to move out of the way as the liquid came out and hit his chin.
Higher up, he saw Ann's tits bounce, her nipples solid and extended. Bending
his head back, Sam then saw Tom's cock was jutting straight out from his groin
and Ann was sucking the entire length of it, her neck swelling every time it
entered her throat.
"Glad you could join us, pal! Can you believe this? I already stretched her
cunt, and now this slut's letting me stretch her throat!" Tom said as he
continued to fuck Ann's mouth.
"Wait just a..." Sam started to say, but Ann stopped him.
She was getting close to orgasm again and Sam's mouth was so warm and so
close to her that she just dropped down on it, grinding her pussy back and
forth over his lips as he tried to talk. His muffled yelling only served to
push her on all the more, causing her clit to vibrate every time he shouted.
Ann was loosing control, but it was different this time, she knew exactly what
she was doing!
"That's it slut! Fuck his face!" Tom hollered.
Tom was right. Ann was literally fucking Sam's face with her cunt, pushing
down hard on his mouth and nose, then wildly doing a bump and grind. The more
Sam moved to get away, the more excited Ann got. His stifled cries kept
bringing her closer and closer to orgasm as his head and mouth vibrated against
her clit. Suddenly, Sam pushed her up and got out from under his gyrating
girlfriend, driving Tom's cock even deeper yet into Ann's throat. That's when
she really went wild.
"What the fuck are you trying to do?" Sam yelled as he jumped to his feet.
"Hold on! You're the one that wanted her to be a slut. Remember?" Tom said
and let Ann's head go.
With Tom's dick shoved partly in her throat, Ann moaned and moved closer to
his crotch, swallowing another inch or so as she wrapped her hands around his
waist and clenched him tightly to her.
"You started this, so back off!" Tom admonished.
Ann, caught up in her own excitement, paid no attention to what the two men
were shouting about. Sam, too embarrassed to really say anything to his boss,
just stood there a moment and watched as Ann sucked away at Tom's cock with
wild abandon. Because Ann was sucking his boss with more enthusiasm than she
ever did with him, Sam was getting angry, excited and confused at the same
time. Watching her lips stretch and slowly slide over Tom's thick shaft, Sam
wondered how Ann learned to suck like that, it certainly wasn't with him. He
thought she'd choke the minute Tom's cock reached her throat, but she didn't.
He saw Ann lean her upper body down a little, then bring her mouth up and take
Tom's cock straight into her throat.
"You just going to watch her give me head. Why not fuck her in the ass? I
don't think she'd let me do it, so you might as well." Tom told Sam when he saw
him standing there with a bewildered look on his face.
Ann heard the suggestion Sam's boss made and didn't know how to react. A
little frightened because she'd never been fucked there before, Ann held still
for a moment, the thick cock between her lips wedged in her throat. On one
hand, she was scared, but on the other, Sam's cock would be better than Tom's.
This was the deciding factor. She knew Tom would insist one of them fuck her in
the ass and she'd rather have her boyfriend do it. Ann took a deep breath,
relaxed her throat muscles and swallowed Tom's dick whole, while at the same
time wiggling her ass, trying to tell Sam it was okay for him to fuck her there
if he wanted to.
"See! She wants it in the ass. Boy Sam, you really know how to keep a secret.
I never would have guessed Ann could be a slut!"
Sam wasn't sure anymore whether or not he liked Ann acting this way, he
certainly didn't like the way his boss was talking about it, but there was
something else that bothered him. He couldn't quite figure it out and was
trying to, but watching his beautiful girlfriend deep-throat someone else had
him hard again. Ann had stopped moving her rear end, but kept sucking and
slurping away at Tom's dick. It was apparent Ann really enjoyed what she was
doing, even
though Sam wondered how she could take all of the cock that was being shoved
into her throat.
"Well, shit! If you're just going to stand there, I'll fuck her in the ass."
Tom said and started pulling his dick out of Ann's mouth.
Ann grabbed Tom's ass with both hands, forced her mouth completely over his
cock and held onto him for dear life. He was the last person on earth she
wanted in her tiny rectum and this was the only way she knew of to stop him.
Sam thought Ann got excited when she heard Tom. Why else would she eagerly
take his entire cock into her throat?
"So you like the idea of a cock in your ass, huh? Tom, hold her still." Sam
said as he dropped to his knees behind Ann.
Ann heard the anger in Sam's voice, but felt it would still be better to let
him fuck her there than Tom. Sam's hands roughly grabbed her, both his thumbs
digging into the tender flesh of her ass-cheeks as he pried open her rear end.
Thankfully his dick was only semi-hard and he didn't enter her right away. Ann
then felt his balls slapping against her pussy as he began to bang at her from
behind, his dick steadily growing with each thrust. During one particularly
hard shove, Sam entered her cunt. The quick rush of cock into her pussy and the
sudden contact with her clit made Ann moan.
Tom lowered himself to kneel on the carpet in front of Ann. With Sam's action
behind her, she had a tendency to drop her head. This meant Ann had stopped
deep-throating him, but he was enjoying that too much to have her quit now.
As her boyfriend and his boss began to fuck Ann's mouth and pussy, she was
rocked on her hands and knees between them. She wasn't sure which way she liked
best. This way, or earlier tonight when she was straddling Garcia while the
other Sam fucked her throat from above. Both ways stimulated her, so it was
hard to decide. When Sam shoved real hard, boring his cock so deep that it
punched her cervix, Ann saw flashes of light before her eyes. This way was
Tom, already devising a plan to fuck Ann again, looked over at Sam and came
up with an idea.
"Say, buddy, since you were able to talk Ann into being a slut, think you
could do the same thing with my wife?"
"You... you serious?" Sam asked in disbelief, opening his eyes real wide.
"Hell yeah, I'm serious! Think you could do it?"
"I don't... I mean, I don't know Kate that well."
"You'll think about it, okay? In the mean time, Ann can be our slut until you
talk Kate into doing it."
"Hold on. Not so fast. What if Kate..."
"Come on, Sam! Shit, if you can talk Ann into doing it, Kate'll be a push
over. I've seen the way she looks at you."
Ann was getting unsettled by their talk. It wasn't what they were talking
about, but the fact the they were talking at all. Here she was, letting them
drive their cocks into her and all they could do was carry on a conversation
about another woman! As Tom pulled his dick out of her throat, she scrapped her
teeth over his shaft as it went by.
"DAMN IT! Pay attention to what you're doing! That hurt!" Tom yelled.
Ann chuckled a little and brought her lips all the way off his dick.
"You deserved that! What am I? Chopped liver? If you want to fuck Kate, then
go home and fuck her! If you want to fuck me, then fuck me! But you can't do
both!" Ann said with a sexy smile.
"You're really getting off on this, aren't you?" Sam asked.
"I'd get off a lot better you'd quit talking!"
"Okay... Okay! Calm down." Sam said trying to soothe his girlfriend.
"Listen, if you want me to be your slut, then treat me like one. You want to
fuck my ass, then pull your cock out of my cunt and shove it in my ass! Come
on, use me! I'm your slut!" Ann said, excited by her own words and suggestions.
Sam and Tom couldn't believe what Ann said, but it didn't stop them from
fucking her the way she asked. Both men started calling her every dirty name in
the book while telling her exactly what to do in the dirtiest way they could
think of.
It made no difference to Ann that it was her boyfriend and his boss, they
could have been total strangers. They were doing what she wanted them to do.
They were using her. Nothing tender or gentle, but they weren't cruel or
hurting her either. Everything they did was for the pure enjoyment of sex, not
love. She was every wet dream come true, a woman who loved to fuck and suck and
made no
bones about it. She was the object of their deepest and darkest lusty desires,
and Ann loved it.
Tom told her how he wanted to see her tongue running around the head of his
cock, how he wanted to hear her suck, how he was going to stretch her lips, and
that he wanted her to beg him to fuck her mouth. Ann did everything he asked
without feeling the least bit prudish about it. Sam only gave her one warning
before shoving his cock into her only remaining virgin hole. She felt the
searing pain of his initial lunge, but after that, she was able to relax a
little. Luckily, Tom wasn't forcing his dick down her throat at the moment and
she could collect herself before Sam began pounding into her rear end. Just as
Sam was about to pull back, though, Tom thrust his prick into her throat and
kept her impaled on Sam. They told her how she looked like a rutting bitch in
heat, and a two-bit whore sucking a cock while another one was shoved in her
ass. They said she could beg all she wanted to, but they weren't going to stop
fucking her until she passed out, or their dicks fell off. True to their word,
and after countless earth shaking orgasms, Ann passed out, each dick still
attached to the man it belonged to.
When Ann finally woke up, her throat was dry and sore, her ass hurt like
hell, her tongue felt like sandpaper, she had a head ache, and it seemed as
though she had slept on a gynecologist's table all night the way her legs were
aching. Slowly rolling over, she reached for Sam, but he wasn't there. She felt
something sticky between her legs and looked down at herself. She still had the
garter belt and high heels on, but her nylons were down around her slim calves
in a rumpled mess. Where she was laying was wet, so she raised up, immediately
regretting moving so fast as her head began to throb.
Ann remembered Sam and Tom carrying her to the bedroom and fucking her again,
but not much after that. The way her ass hurt so much, she knew Tom must have
fucked her there. None of that seemed to matter right now. All Ann wanted to do
was call work and say she wasn't going to be in. She had no idea what time it
was, but knew it was late.
"Are you okay, Ann? I tried calling you, but there was no answer."
"I'm not feeling very well, Tracy. Sorry I didn't call sooner."
"You don't sound so good. Have you seen a doctor?"
"No, don't worry. I think it's only a 24-hour virus. I'll be in tomorrow."
Ann said and hung up before her secretary could ask any more questions.
Very slowly, Ann got up from the bed and went to the bathroom, kicking off
her heels and stockings as she walked. When she felt something oozing down her
legs, Ann quickened her pace. Sitting on the toilet, she noticed all the cum
that had run from her red and swollen pussy.
"Jesus, they must have been saving up for Christmas!" she mused as she looked
at how much sperm was not only on her pussy and legs, but her stomach as well.
After taking a long shower, Ann changed the sheets on Sam's bed and
straightened things out. Looking through his closet, Ann forgot she had taken
the clothes she kept there to the cleaners. Throwing the garter belt and
stockings into her purse, she found her skirt and blouse in the living room and
dressed there. Just as she was about to leave, Sam's phone rang.
"How you feeling?" was all her boyfriend said after Ann answered.
"A little sore and I have a head ache, but otherwise okay."
"Ann, I want to thank you for last night. You were terrific, and I really
appreciate you going along with everything."
"I guess I got pretty wild, huh?"
"No, no! You were fantastic! Honest! It couldn't have been any better."
"God, I was mess when I woke up! How many guys were over?"
"Just Tom, that's all."
"Well, you two better get relief more often. I was covered from head to toe
with... you know."
"That's not our fault. You kept telling us to come all over you. Honest Ann,
I've never seen you act so sexy before. I don't care why you did, all I know is
I loved it!"
"Believe it, babe! Christ, you made me come four times and I know Tom came at
least that many!"
"Trust me, it showed."
"I want... Never mind."
"Come on, Sam, spit it out. You want what?"
"Well, maybe we better talk. You know, face to face."
"Are you mad because of what I did?"
"Are you kidding? No, not at all! It's something else entirely."
"You want me to do it again, right?"
"Only if you want to. I mean, I don't want you to feel that I'll hold it
against you if you don't, but I don't want you to do anything you don't want to
either. Am I making any sense?"
"Let me think about it, okay?"
"Sure, babe! I don't want to pressure you. It's all up to you. Whatever you
decide, I'll go along with, and won't have any regrets either way."
"I really needed to hear that, honey. Thank you. Just give me some time to
think about it, and I'll let you know. How about dinner tonight?"
"Oh gosh, I'm sorry. That's the other reason I called. Tom and I have to go
back on the road for a couple of days. We're leaving in an hour."
"Well, that'll give us both some time to think about what happened last
"Listen, I hate to do this, but I've got to go. You're sure there's nothing
else wrong? I mean besides being sore. You don't feel..."
"I'm fine, Sam. And, yes, I do remember what happened. Don't worry, okay?"
"If you say so. Love you, babe! See you in a couple of days, bye!"
It was such a relief for her to hear he wasn't upset because she had fucked
someone else and acted like a slut. In fact, he wanted her to. Floating on air,
Ann left her boyfriend's apartment, and head home for some much needed rest.

Part 5 - ROWS

"Damn it!" Ann said, completely frustrated with herself.
She wasn't perturb because this was another mistake she made on the computer
terminal. No, Ann was angry because the itching and moisture coming from her
pussy was getting worse. She'd done nothing but squirm and wiggle in her chair
since coming to work this morning. She knew why she was this way, and was
reluctant to admit it, but admit she did. After the other day with her
boyfriend and his boss, Ann decided to go along with Sam's blackmail. It made
her jumpy and uneasy, though. How could she be so turned on by the idea of
becoming a slut? Especially with a man made her do things she never even
dreamed of doing before! Her pussy quivered again, and she felt the wetness
seeping from her.
"Shit! Another pair of pantyhose I have to change!" an exasperated Ann said.
Even if she was a top executive in one of the cities largest firms, Ann was
going to enter a world she knew nothing, or very little about. She was now
constantly thinking about sex, so this might help. Her thoughts weren't of
romantic moments, loving caresses, or tender kisses either. Her mind was filled
with lewd and pornographic visions. Ann knew it was normal to speculate about
these things from time to time, but was it okay to dwell upon them the way she
had been. Ann wasn't just preoccupied with her perverted thoughts, she was
obsessed by something she could only describe as a depraved lust. There wasn't
a single moment, sleeping or awake, when she didn't think about fucking or
wrapping her lips around a cock.
Ann's customary thoughts were usually about work and her other opinions were
very conservative. She usually dressed modestly, always watched her language,
and never flirted with men. These admirable traits were now being tossed away
like yesterday's newspaper. Ann had experienced a sexual ecstasy she never
thought was possible over the last couple of days, and wanted to explore and
know more about it. Still, she had to be careful. Ann wouldn't mind Sam using
her for sex, but she didn't want him to take advantage of her position in the
company. Maybe this is what excited her.
Danger! Risk! Were these the things she was drawn to? Had her life been too
orderly, too well planned and organized? That certainly wasn't the case when
she was with Sam. With him, there was adventure, the unknown. He was always
surprising her, sometimes is a sick way, but still, he was full of surprises.
Ann was suddenly startled from her daydreaming by the phone.
"Finance, Ann speaking."
"Get dressed slut!"
"It's only..."
"I don't want to hear it! Dress up!" Sam cut her off.
"Sam, please! I need to..."
"I'll tell you what you need and when you need it, now pay attention! There's
a theater at the corner of 6th and Main. I want you to buy a ticket and wait
for me in the middle of the last row. You got that?"
"But, I..."
"Knock it off! Just be dressed up, and have your ass parked in the middle of
the last row in one hour!" Sam said and hung up.
She was expecting him to call later in the afternoon, not before lunch.
Still, Ann experienced a thrill listening to his voice over the phone. Sam
seemed to have a knack of judging how to turned her on. She didn't know how he
did it, but he always did. Ann cleaned off her desk, told her secretary she'd
be gone the rest of the day, then prepared herself to meet Sam.
After she locked her office door, and while she removed her work clothes, Ann
was trying to imagine what might happen and almost had an orgasm thinking of
the possibilities. After she was naked, she got some cologne from her purse and
applied a small drop to her already swollen mound. If she was going to act like
a bitch in heat, she didn't want to smell like one. Ann was very excited and
looking forward to showing herself off again. She selected an outfit that would
highlight all her charms from the trusty flight bag. The piece of luggage had
become a regular fixture in her office closet, like her overcoat.
When she picked out the clothes, Ann got dressed. First, she put on a black,
crotchless panties/garter belt combination. The seat of the panties was
transparent, and only veiled her small rear end. She shaved closely that
morning and her pussy, totally exposed and puffy, was outlined by sparkling
rhinestones bordering the cut-out in the crotch of the panties. Looking down,
Ann thought the sexy garment was a blunt statement that she wanted to be
fucked, and loved
the appearance. She then put on a pair of black silk stockings. They were
extra-long and came high on her slender legs. She attached the exquisite lace
bands of the nylons to the garters, then stretched the straps tight, leaving a
scant few inches of luscious creamy thigh between the stockings and her sexily
displayed pussy.
The dress she picked out was a black number that hugged every curve of her
fine figure. It was a stark contrast to her golden hair and soft white flesh.
The front was open wide and plunged to the waist, revealing most of her firm
breasts and flat stomach. The lower portion of the dress embraced her hips
nicely, and came down mid-way on her calves. It had two long slits running down
both sides, showing off her shapely legs in a provocative manner. Ann finished
dressing by putting on a pair of shiny black pumps with thin 5 inch heels. She
then sat at her desk and applied fresh makeup. Paying special attention to her
mouth, Ann used a generous amount of lip-gloss over the deep red lipstick she
on. Finally ready, she put on her overcoat, grabbed the flight bag and her
purse, and headed out of her office.
Sam saw her car coming down the street. For the past fifteen minutes, he kept
other people from parking in the spot Ann was now pulling into. It was only a
little past one in the afternoon. He already bought his ticket and was inside
the theater. There were maybe 10 or 15 people seated all around. 6 or 7 looked
like business men on a lunch break. The others looked just as dirty as the man
selling tickets out front. He counted 5 men in the second from the last row,
but none in the last. When Ann arrived, he quickly went to the men's room down
the hall, and watched what she did from there.
When she shut the engine off, Ann got out of her car, locked it up, walked
around to the sidewalk, and stepped up to the ticket window.
"Just one, please."
"You sure, lady?" the grubby looking man asked.
"Yes, only one!" Ann said.
"That'll be five bucks."
After grabbing her ticket, Ann went inside. From what she could see, it was
an old theater, but a clean one. She walked down the hallway, opened the first
door, and went in. The sudden darkness caused her to be blinded, but she
stepped to her left, and worked her way to the center of the last row.
"Excuse me! I'm sorry." Ann said twice as she hit the heads of two people.
She wasn't trying to make any noise, but couldn't help it as her high heels
clicked on the concrete floor while she kept bumping into people. When she
thought she was in the center, Ann took her coat off, sat down, and placed her
purse and coat on the seat next to her. She then looked around to see where Sam
She noticed several men get up, and move closer to her. One guy even climbed
over the row in front of her and sat down only two seats away, right next to
her things. Ann grabbed her purse and coat defensively. The man calmly got up,
and sat down next to her. He kept his head pointed straight, but Ann could see
his eyes were roving to her. She lightly, but firmly, nudged his elbow, letting
him know he was crowding her. The man took the hint, and moved his arm a
little. Off to her left, she noticed the door open and a huge man entered. It
was Sam. He made his way to her, and sat on her left.
"Put that stuff under the seat." Sam said, pointing to her purse and coat.
Ann placed her things under her seat.
"Turn around." Sam ordered.
"Just do it!"
Ann faced the stranger on her right. He politely smiled, and she politely
smiled back. His eyes traveled down her dress, and his smile got wider. Ann
blushed, and her heart skip a beat, but she did nothing to hide the view she
was giving him. She saw his gaze wander lower, and his eyes opened real wide.
Sam placed something around her neck, and told her to bend her head down. When
she did, Ann saw what the stranger was looking at. Her garter straps and
stocking tops were revealed in the bright glare coming from the movie screen.
"Don't take that off!"
"What is it?" Ann asked and quickly turned around, trying to adjust her
"The dog collar you bought."
Sam had it engraved. Later, she would find out what was engraved on it.
"Now, put these on."
She looked at the shiny metal objects he was holding, then at Sam's face.
"I said put them on!"
"Come on, Sam?" Ann pleaded.
The way she looked, said she was embarrassed, but not shocked.
"Do it!" Sam barked.
Ann turned her back to the stranger on her right, then took a pair of
handcuffs from Sam. She was shaking so much she nearly dropped them. After
getting it locked around her right wrist, she took the other set and put them
on her left wrist. Ann's favorite fantasy was to be held down while her
boyfriend ravished her, and the handcuffs reminded her of it. This, plus
knowing the stranger on her right was watching, had Ann's pussy steaming in
seconds. She was excited, and tried hiding that excitement from Sam.
Grabbing her left arm, Sam secured the open end of the handcuff to the
armrest, then leaned across her and did the same to her right arm. He then
shook the handcuffs, making sure they wouldn't come loose. The men sitting
close by turned their heads when they heard the chains rattling.
Ann's heart was pounding like crazy. She thought of the man next to her, and
turned slightly to look at him. His jaw was open, and he was staring down at
her wrists.
"How's the movie?" Sam asked.
"Uh... I... I don't know." Ann stammered.
"Well, look up and find out!"
"Oh my... I have to get out of here!"
On the large screen, two women were sucking and licking an enormous cock
while they were being fucked from behind by two other men. This was in a porno
theater! Ann's blood pressure shot up, and she began to have a hard time
"I'll be back in a couple of minutes." Sam said and stood up.
Not wanting to be left alone, Ann quickly started to follow him. The chains
on the handcuffs rattled, and she was jerked back into her seat. Hoping nobody
heard the clinging and clanging sound she made, Ann tried to pretend nothing
happened by looking straight ahead, as though she'd been watching the movie the
whole time from her slouched position. This didn't fool the people around her,
and it didn't help Ann.
Up on the screen was a triple close-up of the fuck film. The left image
showed the pussy of one woman getting fucked. The right image showed the other
woman being fucked in the ass. The middle one showed the huge cock being
deep-throated by one of the women while the other one licked and sucked his
hairy testicles.
Ann wasn't embarrassed about watching the movie, she and her boyfriend had
viewed many XXX-Rated tapes. But, that was in the privacy of his apartment, NOT
in a public theater! He tried talking her into going to a place like this, but
she always was able to talk him out it, saying the movies made her horny, and
she didn't want to get that way unless he could do something about it. She
didn't lie about that. Ann was horny and getting hornier by the minute.
Without moving her head, Ann looked around, eyes pivoting like a
ventriloquist dummy's would. Several of the men were stealing glances at her
every now and then, especially the two men sitting to the left and right in the
row in front of her. Her whole body suddenly stiffened when she felt a hand on
her right knee. Ann tried to cross her legs, but the sweaty palm of the man
next to her held her leg down.
"If you don't get your hands off me, I'll call the manager." Ann whispered.
"Go ahead! Then ya gotta explain this!" the man said, shaking the handcuffs
and slowly moving his hand higher up her leg.
Ann wanted to die! There was no way she could explain the handcuffs, and she
certainly didn't want to create a scene that would attract attention to herself
either. She genuinely was frightened now. This wasn't like the other day. At
least then she had a couple of drinks to loosen her up and deaden her senses.
Being stone-cold sober while a complete stranger fondled her was very
terrifying. It put a knot in her stomach the size of a baseball, and made her
blood pressure to a dangerous level.
Ann watched and felt the man next to her rub her leg, his calloused hand
quickly sliding up and down her nylons from the knee to the lace band high on
her thigh. Ann couldn't bear to look as he went higher with each hot caress.
The two men in front of her were no longer watching the movie. Sideways in
their seats, they looked at what the man was doing between her legs. As soon as
she glanced at them, she felt the same excitement as in the bar the other
night. Their lustful gazes made Ann's nipples harden, and her pussy began to
tingle and
churn in its juice. She noticed the one on the left had his dick out, and was
jerking-off. Ann inhaled sharply when she felt the fingers of the man next to
her reach above her stockings, gripping the goose-bump covered flesh close to
her mound.
One last time, Ann tried to put her legs together. The stranger suddenly
pulled her dress up, and spread her legs farther apart. Ann's jewel-outlined
pussy was now visible to everyone, and audible gasps came from all the men in
her vicinity. When some of the other men in the theater heard this, they turned
around, saw what was going on in the back row, and started changing seats. Ann
was soon surrounded by seven men as the stranger on her right continued to
fondle her.
He placed the palm of his hand on her exposed mound, causing her to jump and
sigh from the direct contact on her aroused clit. He then pressed hard against
her pussy, and began to move his hand up and down. An involuntary moan escaped
from Ann as she threw her head back. Seeing that the pretty blonde enjoyed
having him play with her, he leaned over, grabbed her dress, and began raising
it to her waist. Almost in a trance, Ann lifted herself as she stared into the
man's eyes. Suddenly, he covered her legs up with the dress and quickly took
his hands away from her. Sam was making his way to his seat.
"Is the movie any good?" Sam asked, not realizing how loud he was.
Ann didn't reply, but unintentionally, Sam started a wild conversation as
comments were shouted from small crowd around them.
"What movie?"
"The movie's back on?"
"I got a stiff neck."
"Fuck your stiff neck, I got a stiff cock!"
"Hey fella, there's an empty seat next to me."
"Ah, who cares! Who's got the stiff neck?"
"How'd he get it stiff?"
"Will you guys pipe down! I'm beating... I mean, I'm watching the movie!"
"My hands are nice and warm."
"Jesus Christ! Somebody should give HIM a stiff neck!"
"Promises, promises!"
"Let's go! The balcony's empty." Sam said as he got the key out, and unlocked
the handcuffs from around Ann's wrists.
"Can I watch?" a guy asked.
"Fuck that! Hey buddy, you need some help?" another one asked.
"We'd like to be alone. Give us a couple minutes, okay?" Sam said.
"One Mississippi... two Mississippi... three Mississippi..." the man who
fondled Ann started counting.
Led up the stairs by Sam, Ann's yellow hair and white skin shined brightly.
The balcony had been lit because of complaints. The management figured it was
easier to light it up than close it off, then have to hire someone to make sure
nobody went up there. Sam and Ann walked until they reached the center of the
balcony. He then made his way down a row of seats, pulling Ann by the arm. Once
they were in the brightest area, he stopped. Grabbing her coat and purse, Sam
dropped them onto the chair in next row, and told her to sit down.
Ann felt as though she were only along for the ride. She knew Sam had
something in mind, but couldn't figure out what it was yet. Even though the
balcony was lit, she was glad he brought her up here because she was afraid of
what might have happened downstairs.
"I hope that dress wasn't expensive." Sam said as he undid his belt.
Standing right in front of her, Sam pulled his pants completely off, threw
them on her things, then leaned back on the seat in front of her. He was naked
from the waist down, and staring at her.
Ann's mouth was almost watering the minute Sam took off his pants. She was
still amazed by his size. Soft, he was thicker and longer than any man she ever
saw. Totally astonished, Ann watched as his dick grew and throbbed before her
eyes. He was slowly becoming erect, and he wasn't even touching himself! Ann
looked up. She immediately became more excited. Sam had the same hungry look
for her as the men downstairs.
"Put your feet up here." Sam said, patting the seats on either side of him.
Ann raised her legs, placing her high heels on backs of the chairs Sam
pointed to. He grabbed both her ankles and pulled them until her feet were
dangling over the seats. When he did this, her legs parted, and her dress
bunched up to her
waist. Sam stared at the lingerie she had on, momentarily stunned by the erotic
sight she made.
"You're learning." he said and tightly gripped his dick.
Ann, her eyes glazed over, mutely nodded her head as she watched Sam place
both hands around his dick, slowly stroking himself. She was sure it would
stand straight out from his loins if he let go.
"Tell me what you want, Ann."
She couldn't answer him. Not because she didn't want to, but because she
couldn't make up her mind what she wanted first.
"What's the matter? Hell, I can see your cunt is wet. You want to suck my
cock, or just have me stick it in your pussy?"
Ann slowly brought her legs down and spread them wide open.
"So, the slut can't talk, but she wants to fuck. Okay, stand up and bend
Standing and turning, Ann closed her eyes and bent over. She tilted her head
back a little, and let out a sigh when she felt Sam's hands on her shoulders.
He pushed the top of her dress down, baring her breasts to the world.
"Lift your dress up like a good slut."
Without delay, Ann pulled her dress up to her waist, spread her legs, and
stuck her ass high in the air. Sam heard some noise, and looked around. Several
men were coming upstairs. Chuckling to himself, he decided it was time for Ann
to put on another show.
"Put your face in the chair, and stick your ass in the air higher!"
Ann bent over as far as she could and stood on her toes, her dress falling
and covering her head completely. Sam buffed her pussy with the head of his
dick, but didn't put it in. Instead, he turned around and waved at the men in
the balcony, indicating he wanted them to sit closer. All the men got up and
moved to them.
Ann didn't hear the sounds of shuffling feet and wouldn't have cared anyway.
All she thought about and concentrated on was the wonderful feeling of Sam's
huge cock rubbing the full length of her pussy-lips, gently nudging her clit
when the head poked through her thighs. She was already close to having an
orgasm. Sam grabbed his dick and wedged just the head of it into Ann's moist
hole. She moaned and pushed herself back at him. He put his hands around her
narrow waist and held her steady. His hips were far from her, but the head of
his cock was inside her wet opening. Lazily rotating himself in circles, he
teased her with his dick, not letting Ann push back at him and not pushing into
"I'm not going to fuck you until I'm sure you're ready for it." Sam said loud
enough for everyone to hear.
Ann raised her head and turned toward Sam.
"Please! Do me now! I'm ready. God, am I ready!"
"Oh? Well, maybe I'm not."
"Don't tease me. Do it, Sam. Do it!"
"You know what I want to hear. Say it."
"God, Sam! Please! Fuck me!"
"Still not good enough."
"Fuck me with your beautiful cock. Please! I need it!"
"Come on, say it!"
"I'LL BE YOUR SLUT! Okay? Is that good enough for you? I'll do whatever you
want me to do! Just fuck me, Sam! Fuck me now!" Ann screamed.
Sam reached around to the front of Ann's dress, undid the snaps he found, and
took it off her. Throwing it onto the growing pile of clothes, he then leaned
back on the seat behind him. Putting his feet between Ann's legs, Sam pulled
her up. His dick rushed inside her when he pushed Ann down into his lap. Being
suddenly impaled by the full length of his enormous cock, Ann's mouth gaped
opened and her head jerked up in shock.
With Ann's silky legs straddling the outside of his, all the men collectively
groaned when Sam spread his legs wide open, revealing his penetration to
everyone. Their audience was impressed by not only how deeply he had entered
her, but that the blonde wasn't screaming in pain. Sam began to squeeze Ann's
breasts and gently pinch her nipples, causing her to moan with pleasure. The
whole balcony began to reverberate with thunderous applause, whistles, and
The loud uproar made Ann open her eyes in surprise. Feeling like she'd been
caught in the middle of some horrendous criminal act, Ann trembled. She was
caught! Caught with Sam's massive, black cock buried deep inside her pussy
while half a dozen or so men sat within arms reach. She never felt so wicked as
she did then. Her exhibition in the bar was kid's stuff compared to this vulgar
display of her desire to be fucked. Quickly looking around, she saw that every
man had his dick out and was jacking-off.
"Well, you wanted my cock. What now?" Sam said from behind her.
Momentarily, Ann had forgotten about Sam. Slowly bending forward, she placed
the palms of her hands on each of Sam's thighs and gingerly raised her rear
end. Her squeezing vagina felt every millimeter of his huge dick withdraw as
she lifted herself up.
"Look at her cunt!" one of the men groaned.
Ann looked, too. Her pussy was clamped tightly around the dark shaft of Sam's
cock. This was one of the images she had daydreams about. The thrill of
actually seeing it was much better than thinking about it. She lifted higher
and watched the pink inner flesh of her pussy slowly unfolded, clinging to
Sam's thick cock and leaving a glistening trail on it as they slid up his
shaft. There was absolutely no pain. All Ann felt was a marvelous sensation
deep inside her wonderfully stretched pussy.
Sam still couldn't get over the tightness of her pussy. As wet and as hot as
Ann was, he thought she would have expanded, but she didn't. He wanted to start
fucking her, but allowed Ann to set the pace. If she wanted to go slow, that
would be fine. Since she would be fucking him in front of all these men, she
couldn't later deny she was his slut.
"Maybe when I'm done, I'll have you fuck these guys. How would you like
that?" Sam asked.
"Oh my God!" Ann exclaimed as she heard Sam, and felt him shove a couple of
inches of his cock suddenly back into her.
The idea of fucking all these men set off fireworks in her mind, and Ann
started moving faster. She raised herself as high as she could, but there was
still over a quarter of Sam's dick in her. She couldn't go up any further
because her legs were off the floor and she had nothing to push on. Ann lowered
herself and moaned loudly, sensations spreading throughout her entire body like
liquid fire. She quickly raised up again.
"Go for it, baby! Go!" a man said.
"Yeah! Come on, fuck his black cock you slut!" another yelled.
"I can't wait to fuck her!" a man in front of her said.
"You gonna fuck all of us?" one asked.
"I hope she does!"
"I'll settle for a blow-job!"
"Hey buddy, you mind if we fuck her when you're done?"
"You kidding? This slut's so hot! I've never met a woman who loves cock as
much as she does. I'll bet she could fuck and suck all you guys twice, and not
even break a sweat! How about it? All those hard cocks. Makes your mouth water,
doesn't it, slut?" Sam said as shoved hard into Ann.
With all the men and Sam talking about her, Ann became delirious and started
to work herself up to a beautiful climax.
"Just fuck me! Fuck your slut, Sam! Fuck your slut!" Ann muttered as she had
her orgasm.
Sam felt, and everyone saw, Ann's body violently shake when she came.
Grunting like an animal, she ground herself into Sam's lap, brought her head
up, shut her eyes, and let loose with a wail that gradually turned to a sigh,
then finally a long moan as she quickly was building up to another climax.
"Lets really show these guys what kind of slut you are." Sam said, lifting
her from his lap and off his cock.
"Go on, sit down!" he told her.
Ann didn't so much as make a peep. She sat in the chair in front of all the
men. Sam stepped up and leaned over her, jacking-off. Everyone got up and moved
closer to get a good look.
"Tilt you head back and open your mouth. I got a present for you." Sam said.
Fluffing her hair over her shoulders, letting it fall over the back of the
chair, she saw all the men standing around behind her. Three or four of the men
were doing the same thing Sam was, beating off above her face as she leaned her
head way back. One man to her left was first to come, shooting a stream of
thin, milky sperm past her nose, followed by a second that hit her forehead.
Unexpectedly, everyone started to come at once, even Sam. Cum came at flying at
Ann's face from every direction, soaring past her face, landing in her hair,
onto her neck, and in her ears. The last thing she saw before closing her eyes
and having her face drenched was Sam's black cock advancing toward her mouth.
Sam shoved his dick between Ann's lips and emptied the rest of his load
inside her sucking mouth while the other men continued to come all over her
face. He could feel the vibrations of her moans and her tongue on the head of
his dick, licking furiously as his cum came pouring from it.
"Fuck man! Look at her! She loves it! Shit, she's even got her fingers in her
snatch!" one of the men said.
It was true. Ann was stroking her pussy at the same time the men were
jacking-off all over her face. She was shaking and whimpering like crazy as she
continued to suck Sam's cock. All the men waited patiently for Sam to finish
after they came, watching while he kept his huge dick shoved in her mouth and
the beautiful blonde sucked it for all she was worth.
"Well, is this a slut or what?" Sam asked the crowd.
The men were silent, looking at the big man. None of them could speak.
"Let's clean her face off, then you guys can have her." Sam said as he pulled
his dick from Ann's mouth and stepped back.
Several men took handkerchiefs from their pockets, and gave them to Sam.
"Why play with yourself when there's all this cock." Sam said, and slapped
Ann's hands away from between her legs.
"Okay, here's the rules. You can fuck her or have her give you a blow job,
but only two guys at a time. Nobody fucks her in the ass! Got it! Also, if you
have to piss, go to the bathroom! She's not a fucking toilet! She might be a
slut, but she's still a lady, so I don't want any rough stuff either!
Understand?" Sam told the anxious and horny men.
They all shook their heads in agreement while Sam explained everything, and
cleaned Ann up like a mother would her child, rubbing her face and neck as
though he were scouring a pot. Ann was totally astonished by what just
happened. Standing up when Sam was done, she looked at everyone. She didn't
care what they thought of her or what they did to her now. How could she? She
just let them come all over her face and loved it! The lust in their eyes was
all she wanted to see. It started her pussy foaming again. Ann knelt on the
chair and put her arms on the back.
"No, sideways! Get on your hands and knees over two seat so everybody can
see." Sam said and pointed to the men.
Ann turned, put her high heels through the armrest behind her, and leaned on
the other seat. All but two of the men sat down in the row of seats right
behind her, each with a perfect view of what was going to take place.
"Okay, she's all yours! Have fun, and remember what I said." Sam told the men
as he grabbed his pants and walked away.
Someone knelt on the seat in front of Ann, his dick hard and ready for her.
She automatically lunged forward, mouth open and tongue pressed flat. She was
then suddenly hauled in the other direction by the man behind her. She felt the
penetration of his dick into her pussy. The man's cock was nowhere near the
size of Sam's, but it felt great all the same as his balls started pounding
against her pussy. Ann heard him loudly slapping her scantily covered rear end
with his belly as the man fucked her, and she could feel the stones outlining
the crotch of her panties rub back and forth over her clit. At least this was
some consolation for not being able to suck the cock pointed right at her face.
"What the hell are you waiting for?" Sam asked the man kneeling in front of
"She doesn't mind?" he asked.
"Jesus, are you blind? She's pretty and all that, but she's a fucking slut!
Go ahead, fuck her mouth!"
Ann, her mouth still open, licked her lips and sighed as she felt her pussy
clutch at the cock inside her. She responded to the friction of the man swiftly
fucking her, and was amazed her hole could re-adjust so fast, as though the man
had pushed a button to make her pussy shrink around him. In a way, he had.
Because of his constant thrashing and the chafing of her crotchless panties,
her clit was fully extended and throbbing with excitement. This was Ann's
button! This tiny, yet remarkable, piece of flesh was the source of
unbelievable pleasures and the reason she couldn't control her own physical
The man in front grabbed the sides of her head and shoved his dick at her
face. She immediately began sucking. Sam, like the rest of the men, marveled at
how passionate Ann was. She wasn't just putting on a show like the women on the
movie screen. Ann enthusiastically making love to the man's cock with her
Her muffled moans and almost crying whimpers were evidence that she was totally
aroused by what was being done to her. Her lips wetly slid back and forth over
the dick plunging into her mouth while she was vigorously fucked by the man
behind her.
After he got his pants back on, Sam sat down in a chair in front of them and
watched, looking for any sign that Ann might not let all these men have her.
Glancing around, he counted seven men.
"Think you can handle all these guys, slut?" he asked her.
Without skipping a beat, Ann shook her head yes, and grabbed the ass of the
man in front of her, forcing his cock to slide into her throat. The guy
quickened his pace as Ann dug her fingernails into him, urging him to come in
her mouth. He obliged, pumping as fast as he could. Groaning loudly, he shoved
himself at her real hard, shooting his load down her throat. Ann greedily
sucked and licked his cock, all the while holding onto him, even though he was
trying to move back and shoot his cum on her face. Swallowing every drop of
sperm he squirted into her mouth, Ann started to come herself. When the dick
between her lips lost its stiffness, she removed her mouth from it and gulped
for air.
"Oh, yes! Harder! Fuck harder! Come on, harder!" she shouted at the man
behind he.
Before she could enjoy herself and come again, another man jumped from his
seat and took the place of the guy that came in her mouth. Grabbing a handful
of her hair, he pulled her head to his dick and drove his cock between her
"Yeah, that's it! Suck it up! Lick it some more. Okay, slut. Get ready. I'm
gonna shove it down your throat!"
Not that she had a choice in the matter, but Ann really didn't mind the way
the guy was treating her. In fact, she thought it was appropriate, and the type
of punishment she deserved. She was suppose to be at work, not sucking and
fucking a bunch of men in a sleazy theater. She should be treated like this.
"You guys better remember what I said. Nobody fucks her in the ass or treats
her like a toilet! I'm going downstairs for something to drink." Sam said to
everyone and left.
All the men went crazy, and began acting out fantasies their wives or
girlfriends wouldn't let them. When one man finished with Ann, someone else
took his place. This went on and on, cocks exploding in her mouth then in her
pussy. Over and over Ann was fucked. After the last one had her, the men made
Ann lay on the floor in the wide area between two sections, her nylon encased
legs spread wide apart. Several men told Ann lick their cocks clean when they
finished fucking her a second time, laughing and making comments about how much
she loved cum. Some of them just wiped their dicks with her hair, or on her
face. Others squatted down over Ann's mouth, and told her to tongue their ass
while they jacked off on her tits and stomach.
Only once did Ann try to say anything, and was quickly cut off by having a
cock shoved in her mouth. She wasn't going to complain about what the men were
doing to her. Not exactly, anyway. She wanted to tell them to slow down so she
could enjoy the fun! They had her on the brink of a coming so many times that
it was driving her crazy. Just as she was about to orgasm, the guy who was
fucking her would pull out, leaving her frustrated. When another man finally
got began fucking her, then the man she was sucking would thrust his cock into
her throat until she couldn't breathe. Ann wanted and needed to come just as
badly as they did, but the men wouldn't give her enough time to do it. They
fucked her mouth or cunt as fast as they could, blew their wad, and pulled out.
After the two movies ended, Sam went back upstairs. He heard yelling and
shouting. When he got to the balcony, he could see a group of men standing in a
"Yeah! Suck his cock!" a man shouted.
"Look at her throat!" another said.
"She swallowed the whole fucking thing!"
"Come on, John! Fuck her face like you fucked her cunt!"
"Yeah! I wanna hear her yell. She ain't yelled yet. Make the slut yell."
"Come on, slut! I'm gonna keep fucking your face till ya yell!"
Sam, now standing just off to the side, saw what was going on. Ann was
kneeling on the floor while a big, burly guy stood above her. He was roughly
fucking Ann's mouth, both hands full of her golden locks as he kept her head
still. Ann's facial features were hidden as the man mercilessly fucked her
mouth and throat.
"HEY, ASSHOLE! Enough is enough! Get away! And I mean NOW!" Sam yelled.
Everybody turned when they heard Sam's booming voice, and started to trip
over each other to get out of the way, especially the one who had a hold of
"DAMN YOU! I was almost there!" Ann yelled, lunging for the man who had been
viciously fucking her face.
Surprised, Sam could only shrug his shoulders.
"Sorry. I thought you were hurting her." he told the man.
With her eyes completely covered with cum, Ann blindly reached out and pulled
the man back to her. When she found his dick with her groping hands, she spoke.
"Like before, honey. I almost came. Do it again!" Ann pleaded.
The man looked at Sam.
"Go ahead." he told the man.
The guy grabbed Ann's hair again, brought his dick back up to her lips, and
hauled her open mouth over his cock with all his might, penetrating her throat
in one shove and snapping her head back.
Sam looked around. There were eleven men standing in the isles, and only the
guy she was sucking had a hard dick. He didn't believe it! His plan had worked!
It didn't take as long as he thought it would either. Even better than that,
Ann was a lot more eager than he ever thought she would be. The beautiful and
highly successful business executive was now his slut, draining and fucking or
sucking the balls off of anyone he told her to.
It looked as though the man in front of her was trying to pull Ann's hair out
by the roots. She didn't seem to mind, though, because her fingernails were
digging into the flexing muscles of his ass, urging him to keep his cock in her
throat each time he tried to pull it out. The man couldn't take the warm
feeling of her sucking mouth any longer, and began coming. Everyone could see
the ecstatic way Ann acted as the man forced her forehead against his abdomen
while his exploding dick squirted its cum down her contracting esophagus.
Ann swallowed his cum as though it were water and she'd been crawling in the
desert for a week. As his cock jerked one last time, Ann slowly brought her
lips up his shaft when he loosened the grip of her hair. Lovingly running her
tongue along its length as it passed by, Ann moaned in delight and brought her
hands around to squeeze every drop of sperm from his deflating shaft. Still
moaning and groaning with pleasure, she licked the head of his dick then tilted
her head to tenderly kiss and suck his balls.
All the other men could only stare at the blonde on the floor. They had never
seen a woman who was not only as skillful as she was at giving head, but who
was also was the most avid cock-sucker any of them had ever met. On top of
this, she was beautiful and sexy to boot.
Ann wasn't as lovely as when she first entered the theater, though.
Perspiration was dripping from her face, along with a great deal of cum. Her
hair was disarrayed and wet, both her nylons had runs in them, and her back,
knees, and hands were filthy from the dirty floor she had been laying and
kneeling on. Ann's well-fucked and swollen pussy looked red and sore. Most of
it was covered by a thick soupy mess of sperm, grotesquely dripping down her
thighs, or to the floor.
"She needs a rest guys. Somebody help me clean her up." Sam said and grabbed
the still sucking Ann from the floor.
When she was on her feet, Ann looked up and smiled at him.
"Jesus, Sam! That was so unbelievable!" Ann whispered so only Sam could hear
"You earned these." Sam said and pulled an envelope from his pocket.
Ann looked at him, then the envelopes. She was about to make another
decision, and was trying to find the words to express what she felt.
"Can I wash up?" Ann asked, without reaching for the pictures Sam was
"There's a bathroom downstairs."
Without being the least bit embarrassed, a near-naked and cum-saturated Ann
followed Sam to the bathroom, after he gathered her things from the chair.
"You got some other clothes in the car?" Sam asked.
"In the trunk."
"I'll get some clean ones while you wash up." Sam said and went to her car
when she handed him the keys.
Ann couldn't believe the amount of sperm that covered her as she looked at
herself in the bathroom mirror. It was everywhere!
"Wash up? Hell, I needed to be hosed down!"
Ann started laughing to herself when she thought about being hosed down
already. She couldn't find a single inch on her face, neck or chest that didn't
have cum on it. Suddenly, her thoughts veered off into another direction.
Sam had told the men not to hurt her. He even yelled at the last guy because
he thought he was hurting her. He wasn't just somebody who got off on other
people's pain and misfortune. This, in itself, wasn't something to be that
happy about, but at least she didn't have to worry being physically injured
while with him. A warm feeling came over her as she realized Sam, in his own
way, did care for her.
"Here you go!" Sam said as he walked into the bathroom and tossed another
garter belt and package of nylons at her.
"These are a big help!" Ann said sarcastically.
"So shoot me! I forgot to write panties down on the list I gave you."
Ann asked him for a handkerchief. When he handed it to her she ran some water
over it, then began wiping off her face. Sam was only watching her from behind,
still surprised she acted the way she did. While Ann was hand-washing herself,
she caught a glimpse of Sam looking at her.
"Well, how did I do?" she asked him.
"What can I say? There isn't a stiff dick left in the balcony."
"What do you want me to do now?"
"Finish cleaning up and get dressed." he said after a long pause.
Sam's tone changed back to what she liked, sending shivers up and down her
spine. He was more demanding again and his voice was deeper. When she was done
washing, Ann removed her high heels then the torn and cum-soaked stockings and
crotchless panty/garter belt.
"Give me those and put the clean ones on!" Sam told her.
While she was getting dressed again, Sam started talking to her.
"You're full of surprises, aren't you? That boyfriend of yours must really be
a pussy! Well, I got news for you, Ann. You won't wrap me around your finger
the way you do him. You're a slut, and I'm going to treat you like one."
"I meant what I said, Sam. I'll live up to my part of the bargain and be your
slut, just make sure you live up to you end of our deal."
"Come on, I ain't got all day! Hurry up and get dressed!"
Ann looked up at him and winked as she bent over to put the clean nylons on.
"You really got off on all that upstairs, didn't you?"
"God, Sam! All those cocks and all that cum! I could cream myself right now
just thing about it!"
"Well, I've got a few surprises up my sleeves too! That was only a taste of
some of the things you're going to do for me."
Ann put her dress back on and was applying fresh makeup to her face when Sam
stuffed the envelope into her purse on the sink. After she finished, Ann spun
around on her toes.
"Fresh as a daisy!" she exclaimed and looked to Sam for his approval.
He didn't say anything to her, but he did walk over to the bathroom door and
held it open. Ann didn't know what he wanted this time, but started to walk
out. Sam stopped her when she got to the doorway and made her bend over. As he
pulled the back of her dress up and stood behind her, he shoved her wet and
cum-soaked lingerie in her face.
"You forgot to clean these!" Sam said as he shoved his cock into her with a
swift and powerful lunge.
Ann's breath was knocked from her lungs and her head snapped up in a sudden
jerk. Sam quickly pushed the dirty nylons and garter belt into her gaping
mouth, and started fucking her as hard and as fast as he could. Ann's eyes
popped open and she wanted to crawl into a hole. The woman's bathroom was at
the opposite end of the hallway from the glass doors of the entrance to the
theater, and a young couple was just walking in! The couple hesitated going
inside as the woman turned and said something to the man she was with.
"Think she's a slut too?" Sam asked as he kept fucking Ann.
When the young man and woman started walking toward the bathroom, Ann bit
down on the underwear in her mouth, the taste of cum being squeezed from the
garments. While the couple got closer and closer, it was all Ann could do to
keep from screaming out. Suddenly, the bathroom door banged hard and loud
against the tile wall when Sam hit with his ass. Startled, the two people
stopped dead in their tracks. Less than six feet away from them was a huge
black man fucking a bent over blonde.
The young guy looked up at Sam then at her. Ann turned a beet red, but stayed
where she was while Sam kept fucking her. The woman he was with was shocked,
her mouth open in a gasp and her eyes also on Ann.
"Sorry if we're in the way, but she paid me $100 to fuck her. I'll be done in
a minute." Sam calmly lied to the couple.
Outrageous was the only word Ann could think of to describe Sam. Outrageous
and wonderful she thought as her climax began building while his long and thick
cock stretched and poked her heated pussy. She looked up at the couple again
and noticed the man's hands were all over the woman's body. Ann moaned as Sam
picked up the speed of his thrusts and she could feel herself getting close to
coming. Without warning, Sam started spraying his cum inside her. Ann screamed
behind the lingerie still stuffed into her mouth. She didn't want him to stop,
she wasn't there yet! But, after he finished coming, Sam pulled his cock out
and zipped up his pants. With a playful smack on her ass, he walked around in
front of her.
"Well, that should hold you for a while. Listen, your cunt's still tight, but
real sloppy. Now I know I got a big cock and you need to be stretched first,
but maybe you shouldn't fuck so many guys in the balcony before you come down
here and fuck me. Anyway, thanks for the money. You folks can use the bathroom
now. We're done. At least I am. Shit pal, you should try getting some of that.
She's a real fine piece of ass!"
As Sam walked away and out of the theater, Ann started chuckling to herself.
"The man's totally outrageous!", she thought, but Ann still needed to be
fucked, especially after coming so close, yet denied the climax she was about
to have when Sam pulled out. She quickly got the things out of her mouth and
stood up.
"Like he said, it's all yours." Ann said smiling at the couple, waiting to
see if the young man would try to make a move on her.
"She's talking about the bathroom!" the young woman said to her husband.
Ann straightened out her dress and put her used underwear in her purse.
"No I wasn't!" Ann said as she passed by them and walked out of the theater.

Part 6 - CONDUCT

The two of them had been waiting for the last hour. Every time a car pulled
into the parking lot, they'd duck into a closet by the front door and wait for
the driver to come in.
"That's not her!" Bob whispered.
"I don't give a shit! Look at those fucking legs! Let's get her before she
gets in the elevator. A cunt's a cunt as far as I'm concerned! All they want is
cock anyway. We can give her plenty!" Rick replied.
"Just hold on! I'm telling you, she'll be here!" Bob said.
"She better be you fucking moron, or you owe me $25 for this pizza!"
"Don't worry. I told you before, I got her address off her drivers license."
"Well, like I said a half hour ago, this fucking cunt better be worth the
wait!" Rick responded.
Rick had a real problem! His girlfriend of four years left him exactly one
month ago today. She was as pretty as any woman seen in magazines or movies,
and had a body to match her looks. He was deeply in love with her. It was
totally devastating to him, and damn near caused him to commit suicide, to hear
the reason she was leaving. She first said Rick didn't excite her the way he
use to. When he asked her to be more specific, he wished he hadn't.
"Your dick is too small! I get more satisfaction from fucking myself with my
pinky than from that thing you call a cock!" she spit out then turned away.
There was nothing he could think of to say or do as she calmly went to the
bedroom, packed some clothes in a suitcase, and walked out, leaving him
silently crying at the kitchen table.
Rick started to drink heavily after this, and it caused him to get fired a
week later. While caught drinking on the job, his boss called Rick into his
office and asked if there was anything he could do to help the obvious problem
Rick had.
"Mind your own fucking business!" was Rick's response.
Things got worse. Alone most times in a bar, Rick thought about his
girlfriend and women in general. He quickly developed an attitude that all
women were cunts, bitches or whores, and yelled it at the woman who refused his
offer for a drink. After getting thrown out of the third bar within a week, he
met Bob. Both
of them hit it off, and two days later, Rick had a new job at the same place
Bob worked.
Bob was the clerk in the adult bookstore who sold Ann all the things Sam told
her to buy. Bob told Rick about Ann, and the two of them hatched this plan to
get even with her for what she did only four nights ago. Another car pulled up,
and they jumped back in the closet.
"That's her!" Bob almost shouted in their dark hiding place.
Ann walked past the elevators, right in front of the closet, and went to the
side hallway.
"Fucking great! She lives on the first floor! Quick, get the door before it
closes!" Rick said.
Silently running from the closet, Bob caught the door and stepped through,
followed by Rick. Ann, with her back to them, unlocked her apartment and went
"Shit man! Talk about lucky! Didn't we park the car on this side of the
building?" Bob asked.
"Yeah! Right outside her fucking patio!" Rick answered.
The two agreed to wait for a while, Bob checking the bag he brought along and
Rick making sure nobody caught them standing around in the hallway.
Walking into her bedroom, Ann removed and neatly hung up her dress. Standing
before the full-length mirror on her bathroom door, wearing only a garter belt,
nylons and heels, she admired her body. The short blonde wisps of pubic hair
atop her mound were trimmed to a nice V-shape. Her eyes were drawn there first
because a drop of cum was hanging from her swollen pussy-lips. Ann spread her
legs open to get a better look. This small amount of effort forced a thick glob
of cum from her wet slit. Fascinated by the sight, she watched as the gooey
sperm slide down her thigh to her stocking tops.
Ann though about removing her nylons, before they got messed up like ones she
wore in theater, but decided she had enough pairs and didn't bother. She then
went to her bed. After she pulled back the blanket and top sheet, Ann laid
down, closed her eyes and stretched her arms and legs out, letting the cool
bottom sheet soothe her body.
By this time, Bob and Rick were in her apartment, quietly standing outside
her bedroom door. They didn't have to break in. Ann forgot to lock her front
door. The two men didn't forget. They locked it then unlocked the patio door
for their escape when they were done with Ann. Without a word, they looked at
each other and silently moved toward the young blonde so lusciously spread out
on the bed.
With Bob 23 and Rick only 22, they were fast and agile. Bob quickly tied a
blindfold over Ann's eyes, as Rick shoved some kind of gag into her mouth. Rick
then looped two black straps around both her ankles and tied them to the bed
frame at the bottom while Bob was doing the same thing to her wrists at the
headboard. Ann helped the men more than she knew by laying there quietly. Bob
easily took one of her arms and Rick got the other. Stepping back, they looked
at Ann's semi-naked body, securely tied and stretched out on her own bed.
Ann wasn't going to get loose even if she tried, which she didn't. From the
number of hands she felt, Ann knew there were two men, maybe more by the way
they tied her up so quickly. She heard a rustling noise, like newspapers being
crumbled then one of the men began talking.
"On a scale from one to ten, I'd give this cunt a nine!" Rick said.
"Oh yeah? I suppose your hand is a ten." Bob joked.
"You got it!. It's always around when you need it and it'll never leave your
side!" Bob answered.
While the men laughed, Ann breathed a slight sigh of relief. From their
conversation, they weren't here to harm her. One thing was certain, though.
Laid out the way she was, they weren't going to leave her alone either.
"I fuck her first!" Rick said and began talking his clothes off.
"What do you mean, YOU'RE first!" Bob argued as he also undressed.
"We agreed I'D be first!" Rick argued back.
"Only because you were suppose to pick the lock! Since the dumb bitch left
the fucking door open, I should go first!" Bob said.
"Tell you what, whoever makes her come first, fucks her first. We can use
anything except our dicks. Agreed?" Rick asked.
"Okay." Bob said.
Rick walked over to the bed when he was naked, sat down on her right side,
and without warning, roughly shoved a finger into Ann's pussy. The crude and
sudden invasion caused Ann to jump, a muffled cry coming from her throat. As
wiggled his finger around and probed deeper into her pussy, Ann fought with all
her might to keep still. She was hornier than ever, but didn't want to show it
to these men. When Rick shoved a second finger in her, and wiggled it around
with the first, Ann couldn't help herself. She pushed her hips up at the
invading digits. She was going through pure hell. She couldn't move, couldn't
speak, and couldn't see, but she could feel everything and it was driving her
crazy. She felt an added weight on her left side, and realized there were two
men on the bed with her now.
A hand grabbed her left tit and squeezed, causing her nipple to go hard. When
a mouth covered her tit and a wet tongue licked her nipple, Ann tossed her head
to one side, another muffled cry coming from her. Rick shoved a third finger
into her pussy, and Ann thrust herself up again. She felt another hand squeeze
and fondle her right tit, rolling her hard nipple between the thumb and
forefinger. She then felt a fourth hand run down her smooth stomach. She
thought it was going to join the one at her pussy, but it didn't. The hand
stopped, its finger tips at the top of her mound. They sought and found her
clit, rubbing her tiny organ until it almost throbbed in pain. Just then, Ann
felt something slippery and warm on the top of her hip. It had to be the man on
her right. His tongue was sloppily licking its way over her thigh, down to her
nylons, and across to her pussy-lips. Suddenly, the two men stopped everything.
Ann was grateful for the pause, and inhaled deeply through her nose, her chest
rising and fall with each breathe.
"Nod your head if you can hear me." Bob said.
Ann nodded her head.
"If we take the gag out of your mouth, are you going to scream?"
Ann shook her head no.
"You better not! Understand?" Bob warned her.
Ann nodded yes and one of them took the gag out. She moved her jaw around to
work out a cramp, but didn't attempt to say anything.
"If you cooperate, we won't hurt you. Understand?" Bob asked.
"Yes." Ann said softly.
"You know what we want, right?"
"Good! Just lay back and enjoy it then."
After Bob finished talking to her, both of them grabbed their dicks and began
rubbing Ann's tits with them. They were kneeling on each side of her chest,
pressing their cocks into her nipples. Then, while Bob ran his right hand to
her pussy, Rick ran the tip of the forefinger from his right hand slowly over
her lips. As Bob's hand cupped and squeezed her pussy, Ann opened her mouth in
a loud sigh, enabling Rick to poke his finger inside and press against her
Forgetting these men broke in her apartment to rape her, Ann surrendered to
all the sensations her body was feeling. Her reaction was immediate and
automatic. She closed her mouth around the finger between her lips, started
grinding her hips in a circle, and moaned.
Bob and Rick were surprised at her response. Instead of being frightened out
of her wits, the pretty blonde was going along with everything they were doing
to her. Her tongue danced and played with Rick's finger tip, and she was trying
to part her thighs for Bob's hand, moving her pussy around in his palm. Rick
pushed his finger between her lips to the second knuckle, and Ann began sucking
it. Bob rubbed his palm hard on her clit, and Ann groaned.
"Told you this bitch was wild!" Bob said.
"You sure did. Listen, you go ahead and fuck her first. The way this slut's
sucking my finger, I've got to stick my dick in her mouth!" Rick answered.
As they got up and moved into new positions, Ann started to mumble.
"Please! Don't stop! Not now!"
"You fucking whore, just hold on!" Bob yelled.
"Okay cunt, listen up. I'm going to put my dick in your mouth, and you better
not bite it!" Rick said.
"I want to suck your cock! Go ahead, put it in my mouth!"
"I don't believe this fucking slut! She's hot as hell!" Rick said.
"Think we should untie her?" Bob asked.
While the two of them thought about it, looking at her and the way she was
gyrating around on the bed, Ann pleaded with them.
"YES! Untie me, and take this DAMN blindfold off! I don't care who you are
anymore. I don't care about anything! Just fuck me and let me suck your cocks!
Please, I need it!"
Leaning over her head, Rick undid the velcro straps attached to her wrist,
and Bob got up and did the same to her ankles. When Rick untied the blindfold,
Ann squinted a little, his hard dick was right in her face. Without wasting
another moment, Ann scrambled up to her hands and knees, and lunged at Rick's
prick, her lips sliding down his shaft until his cock-head touched the entrance
to her throat. She didn't know her lips were wrapped around a 6" dick, or that
she had most of it in her mouth. Ann was to busy sucking and licking to care
how big his cock was. All that mattered to her was she had a cock that would
eventually explode and fill her mouth with cum. If the other man wanted her to
suck him off, too, that'd be fine. Ann was at a point where her only concern
was to come herself, then get the men to do the same. She started bobbing her
head quickly up and down, taking more of the prick deeper into her mouth. When
the spongy head finally pushed past her tonsils and was wedged in her throat,
Ann started rubbing her pussy.
Neither Bob or Rick could believe it. They came here with every intention of
raping Ann, but she was acting like a cock-starved whore. Her mouth was flying
up and down Rick's dick, loudly slurping and sucking it. One of her hands was
busy squeezing her own tits, and the other one was furiously rubbing her cunt.
Rick, a grin on his face a mile wide, watched as the beautiful blonde sucked
his cock like it was the last one on earth. Bob got up and knelt behind her,
Ann's lovely ass grinding away at her hand. Grabbing her hips and placing his
cock between her thighs, he started pushing his swollen member at her pussy.
Ann's mouth came off Rick's dick the moment Bob's made contact with her burning
"Fuck me! Don't wait! I'm ready! Shove your cock in my cunt and FUCK ME!" Ann
howled over her shoulder.
"Get back here you fucking cunt!" Rick yelled and grabbed Ann's head as he
shoved his dick back into her mouth.
Bob spread Ann's thighs apart so he could get closer and more penetration.
When he was set, he leaned over her back and seized both her tits from behind.
Just as he drove his cock between her slippery cunt-lips, he squeezed her
breasts. The velvet smooth wetness of her pussy was enough to make him blow,
but he held still after his dick was buried in her, not wanting to shoot off so
soon. He was going to say something to Rick about Ann's tight pussy, but saw he
was preoccupied. Rick's hands were tightly gripping the sides of Ann's head,
holding her place while he quickly plunged his cock in and out of her mouth.
She wasn't sucking his dick any longer, Rick was fucking her face! The amazing
thing was Ann helped him do it by grabbing his ass with both hands and pulling
him toward her, moaning whenever his cock slid out of her throat.
The sight and sounds of Rick's dick drilling Ann's mouth was too exciting for
Bob. As he tried to pull his dick back and start fucking her, Ann pushed
herself at him and squeezed her pussy around his cock. This caused Bob to loose
his load right then. While he showered the inside of her cunt with cum, he
reared back his head and grunted, shaking like someone having a seizure. In the
mean time, Rick saw what his friend was going through and decided to come also.
Pulling Ann's head tightly against his stomach, he thrust himself a couple of
times then let his load shoot.
"Drink it you fucking slut! SWALLOW IT ALL!" Rick screamed as his head also
flew back and his cock flooded her mouth and throat with cum.
Ann was going through one intense orgasm after another. The thrill of being
able to deep-throat a cock, however small or large, was still new to her and
she came as soon as he shoved it into her throat. Her next orgasm occurred
seconds later when her pussy was being filled and stretched by the man behind
her. As his cock slowly drove deeper into her pussy, Ann came again and again,
and didn't stop coming till just now. Trying to calm the convulsions she was
having, Ann knelt motionless between the two men. Her nostrils flared as she
inhaled deeply through her nose, and her stomach still twitched every now and
then. Regaining her senses, she was astounded, but very delighted, that the
cocks in her mouth and cunt were still hard!
"You slut!", Ann was thinking, "You let two more men fuck you!"
"That's right!", another part of Ann replied, "and I'm going to let them fuck
me again!"
"Sam's right!", she continued her argument, "you're nothing but a slut!"
"So what! I've got two hard cocks waiting for me, so shut up!"
Ann began showing the men her sexual appetite by running her tongue over the
tip of the dick in her mouth, licking the last thick drop of cum oozing from
tiny slit. She then slowly started rocking herself back and forth, making sure
she didn't let the cock in her pussy slide out, but enough to feel its full
length rub against the walls of her womb as it slid with her movements.
"Fuck! Is she hot or what!" Bob said as he felt Ann fucking herself on his
"She's a fucking nymphomaniac! Look at her! She's still sucking my cock!"
Rick replied.
Bob made some hand gestures, indicating he wanted to switch places.
"Fine." Rick said and they both pulled their wet dicks out of her.
"Don't leave me like this! I need it! I REALLY, REALLY NEED IT! Please! Just
once more! I'll do anything you want! ANYTHING! Just give me your cocks one
more time!" Ann begged while she tightly held onto Rick's ass as he tried
backing away.
"Who said we were done you fucking whore! Let him go and get out of the way
so I can lay down." Bob told her.
Ann quickly moved to the foot of the bed, stripping away the blanket and
Bob got on the bed and laid in the middle. After he propped two pillows under
his head, he stared at Ann. He couldn't get over how lucky they were. She was
truly beautiful, plus she loved to fuck. Kneeling at the foot of the bed, she
looked like she was hypnotized. Her eyes were wide open, but they didn't move
or blink. He let his gaze fall lower, and noticed her tits didn't sag and her
nipples were still hard. Bob thought it was sexy as hell that she wore a garter
belt and stockings instead of the usual Crotch Crushers (pantyhose) most other
woman wore. Looking back at her face, he saw her blonde hair was in disarray,
just like some of the woman in videos he watched at the bookstore. A white line
cum was running from the left side of her mouth and she was playing with it
with her tongue. This was all he could take.
"Well, what are you waiting for? Come on up here and fuck me!" Bob told her.
Ann crawled to him on her hands and knees, not once looking at his face. All
she could focus on was his cock, proudly and wetly standing straight up. She
purposely rubbed her nylons slowly along his feet and calves, hoping this would
keep his cock in its aroused state. She badly wanted to feel it in her pussy
again, and wasn't lying when she told them she would to do anything they wanted
if they'd give her their cocks just once more. Ann continued to slowly work her
way up his body, to straddle his thighs, and take is his dick in her cunt, but
he stopped her when her face was right over his stomach.
"Suck it first! Lick off that pussy juice you got all over it!" Bob demanded.
He swiftly grabbed her by the hair with both hands and shoved her head down.
Ann opened her lips and let him push her face to his cock. The odor of her own
juices and the sight of fresh cum hanging from his balls sent a chill up her
spine. It finally dawned on Ann she was going to suck the dick that just fucked
her, and it was still coated with the liquids from her own pussy. She
fleetingly wondered why she never did this with her boyfriend. When the slick
cock entered her mouth, Ann was pleasantly surprised to find she enjoyed the
taste. The mixture of her cum and his sperm was different, less salty and more
creamy, but not at all revolting like she thought it would be. The next thing
she discovered was the size of his cock. It was bigger than the first one she
sucked. She had to open her mouth a little wider to accommodate the shaft. The
hands behind her head pushed her mouth steadily further down. When his dick hit
her tonsils, Ann gagged a little, but didn't try to pull away. She opened up
wider and let the man push her head down until his cock was in her throat.
"OH FUCK! She's swallowing it!" Bob shouted.
Ann burst with pride when she heard him yell. She was able to excite and
surprise the man by getting his whole dick into her throat. After pulling back
and taking a deep breath, she lunged at his cock again, not waiting for him to
push her head down.
"Shit! Her fucking neck just swelled up like a balloon!" Rick said in awe.
Ann was surprised to hear the other man. She forgot about him. All her
concentration was spent on deep-throating the one laying in front of her. Now
that she had an audience, Ann got more excited and boldly decided to put on
show. She brushed her hair back and held it with both hands, making sure the
men could see every feature of her face. Ann then tightly wrapped her lips
around the base of the cock and slowly raised her mouth up. As the dick
withdrew from her throat, she licked the sides of the shaft so her tongue could
be seen wiggling around it as her cheeks puffed out. Sucking hard on the head,
moaned and groaned loudly before she let the prick slide from her lips with a
loud pop.
"I love cock! I love sucking it. I love fucking it. Your cock is beautiful.
All cocks are beautiful! I'm going to make love to your cock with my mouth and
throat. I'm going to kiss it and lick it and suck it." Ann said just before she
dropped her mouth over his dick again.
As sloppily as she could, Ann bobbed her head quickly up and down his shaft,
wetting it with her saliva so it became noisier. The louder her sucking got,
the hotter she got. Soon, the sounds of her lips smacking and the dick wetly
plunging in and out of her mouth was all that could be heard. Ann was close to
coming again, but she wanted to save her orgasm for something special she had
in mind. Letting his dick slide out of her mouth, she looked up at the man
laying on her bed. With a burning desire in her eyes, she told him what she
wanted to do.
"Don't worry, baby. I'm not done with your cock yet. This time when I go down
on you, I want you to fuck my throat! You hear me? Give me everything you've
got and fuck my throat!" Ann said as seductively as she could.
Rick and Bob couldn't believe what she was saying, and gazed at each other in
shock. With her face and body, she had to be constantly turning men down, but
here she was telling Bob to fuck her throat! Still stunned, they watched as she
grabbed Bob's hands and placed them behind her head. Then she scooted up a
little higher and stretched her neck and face over his dick.
"NOW!" Ann said and suddenly dropped her head, taking Bob's entire cock into
her esophagus.
"HOLY FUCK!" Bob screamed.
Rick immediately jumped up on the bed behind Ann. All this time he was
standing off to the side, pumping away on his dick and watching what Ann was
doing. After he saw how hot she was, he decided to join in. His dick never felt
this hard or ever got this long before. He swore it had to be at least an inch
bigger as he pointed it at her ass.
"Shit! You want it that bad, you can have it!" Bob said.
He began shoving and pulling Ann's head up and down over his dick, grunting
as his cock entered her throat with violently piercing stabs. A couple of times
he kept her face mashed against his crotch for a few seconds, letting his dick
twitch and jump in her throat. He looked down at her. Ann was squeezing both
her tits and pinching her nipples until he thought they'd pop off.
"Shit! Shit! Fuck! NO!" Bob shouted and came again.
"Well," Ann was thinking, "he doesn't last long, but boy can he come!"
Huge amounts of warm sperm were spraying from Bob's dick, the first blast
feeling like hot lava as it went straight down her throat. Ann lifted up,
letting his cock-head spray inside her mouth. She gulped quickly to avoid
choking, he was coming that much. When he finally stopped shooting, Ann looked
him in the eye, only the head of his dick still in her mouth. She then parted
her lips, and let the load of cum in her mouth drool down over his cock. Making
sure he was still watching her, Ann then slowly licked the running cum off his
Rick had never seen anything so hot in his life! He began rubbing his dick
between Ann's ass-cheeks while he held them apart, letting his pre-cum
lubricate her tiny back door hole. The pink wrinkled opening was very small,
but too inviting to pass up.
"She should be able to take it in the ass.", he thought, "And so what if she
can't! She's nothing but a slut!" His mind made up, Rick started shoving his
dick in her ass. When the head of his cock slipped into her tiny asshole, Ann's
head flew off Bob's cock and she turned around.
"MY PUSSY! Oh, God! Please, baby! I'm TOO DRY! I don't care if you want to
fuck my ass, but please get something on your cock! I've got some Vaseline in
the drawer over there." Ann told him.
Rick pulled his dick out of her.
"Honest, if you want to fuck me in the ass, I don't mind. Just coat your cock
with something before you stick it in there again." Ann said over her shoulder.
Instead of getting up from the bed, Rick pushed his right hand between Ann's
thighs and began rubbing her pussy.
"That'll do! Oh, honey, your fingers feel great! Yes, stick them in there.
Stick your cock in there... What's your name?"
"Rick, baby, why don't you fuck my pussy first, then you can fuck me in the
ass all you want."
"Sure thing cunt!" Rick replied.
"Ann. My name is..."
"I don't give a shit what your name is! You're a fucking slut! All you want
is cock! You want cock? Well, take this!" Rick yelled at her as he thrust his
dick into her pussy.
"OH JESUS! YES! Oh damn! I'm slut. I'm nothing but a fucking SLUT! YES! FUCK
ME! Oh God! I'm a... CUNT! FUCK MY CUNT! GOD! Do it! Fuck me! Harder! Fuck me
Ann screamed.
Without realizing it, Ann gave Rick some of his confidence back. By yelling
the way she did and fucking herself back at him, Rick didn't feel his dick was
inadequate anymore.
"The cunt loves it! She's getting her rocks off! Look at her! The fucking
slut is coming like crazy!" Rick said, his attitude problem not resolved just
Bob was stroking his dick hard again and watching Ann go through her orgasm.
He had plans of his own. Because of the way she talked down to him the other
night in the store, he was going to make sure she never did that again before
he was finished with her. Parts one and two of his plans already happened. He
fucked her and he made her beg him to suck his dick. Part three was about to
happen, that's why he asked Rick to come along.
"Rick, bring her up." Bob said.
"Yeah! We'll both fuck her at the same time!" Rick said and began pushing Ann
forward, his dick still in her pussy.
Ann didn't know or care what was going on. She was coming. Her whole body was
one orgasmic mass of writhing flesh. She could feel someone pulling her, but
didn't care. The men could do anything they wanted as long as she came.
When Ann's face was above his, Bob reached for his dick and brought it up to
her mound, pressing it firmly against her clit. Then he reached up and pulled
her face down to him, kissing her hard on the mouth. As Rick pulled his cock
out of her, Bob violently thrust his cock into her. Even after fucking both of
them now, her cunt still fit like a glove around his dick, squeezing and
massaging the shaft as it traveled through her pussy-lips.
Ann moaned into his mouth and her tongue fought with his as she kissed him
back passionately. She was coming again. The full feeling and heat from his
cock sent her to the next higher level of orgasm. Operating on some kind of
auto-pilot, Ann began matching him stroke for stroke as his dick pierced and
withdrew from her super heated pussy. She vigorously bucked and humped herself
hard on his dick, rubbing her erect clit in his hairy crotch.
Rick saw his chance to fuck her ass. Even if his dick weren't as slippery as
it was, he doubted if she would care. In her present state, he could have done
anything and it wouldn't have phased her. It wasn't as easy as he thought it
would be, though. With her rear end flying up and down, it seemed like he was
trying to fuck the proverbial rolling doughnut. The only way he was going to
manage this was to grab her and try to keep her still, at least until he could
get his cock up her ass. He leaned over her, snuggling himself against her ass,
and pried his hands under her chest. Once he got hold of her tits, it was much
easier to slow her down. He lift her up from Bob, breaking their lip lock as he
did so. Every part of her body was hot to the touch. She was sweating so much
he had to grip her tits more firmly to keep them from sliding off as he pulled
her upper torso more toward his.
"You love this, don't you, you fucking cunt!" Rick said more than asked.
"YES! OH GOD! I'M COMING AGAIN!" Ann responded deliriously and came again.
"Come on, Rick! The fucking bitch is hot! Shove your cock up her ass! She's
ready for it. I know she is!" Bob said.
"What... Whatever you want. Oh God! YES! FUCK ME!" Ann stuttered and climaxed
"Yeah, do it! Let's make this bitch scream! Got enough room?" Bob asked.
"More than enough!" Rick replied and pushed her down.
Ann was so weak she didn't even try to catch herself when she was shoved from
behind. Her head fell on the left shoulder of the man below, her arms like wet
rags at her side. Her face was a deep red and she was trying to get her breath.
Ann felt one of the men grab her ass and pry it open. She felt something round
and wet being placed on her tiny anus.
"As long as they don't ask me to do anything, they can do whatever they
want." Ann was thinking.
When Rick was set, he pushed forward, watching as Ann's small asshole spread
open when his cock entered. With a sudden quickness, her ass seemed to suck the
head of his dick inside. Her stretched and seldom-fucked hole was threatening
to break the head of his dick off it was so tight. While he pushed further in,
he watched her asshole disappear as the flesh clenched to his shaft. The only
thing visible was his cock, obscenely sticking from her ass.
"Shit! She's so fucking tight it's unbelievable!" Rick said.
"You just tightened her cunt up a few screws too. Hurry up! I want to knock
me off a piece of that ass before we leave." Bob said.
"What the fuck happened to her? She pass out?" Rick asked.
"Who gives a rat's ass! Come on! Hurry up!"
The two of them began fucking Ann in rhythm. While Rick shoved his cock into
her ass, Bob would pull his cock out of her pussy. Back and forth they went.
Over and over they fucked her, gradually picking up their speed until they knew
when the other was going to push in and out.
Ann didn't pass out. She was aware of what was going on, but was still too
weak to respond. Ann felt every driving plunge of the two cocks. At first, her
asshole hurt, but it was nothing to scream about, more a dull burning sensation
than pain. She gradually adjusted to being stretched and fucked in both holes,
but it took some getting use to. One thing did grab her attention. There was no
sound from their cocks, only the grunts and groans of the men while they fucked
her. Missing was the wet vacuum noise of her pussy sucking on the cock as it
withdrew and the slurping squishy sound as it pushed back in. All she could
hear were the grunts and groans of the men.
Without warning, Ann felt the cock in her ass erupt. Her hips were jerked
savagely backward by hands, then the cock in her ass exploded. Her boyfriend
usually pulled his dick out before he came, the two times she let him fuck her
there, so the feeling of hot cum flooding her anal passage was new. She did
respond to this. Ann turned her face toward the man she was laying on, and told
him what she felt.
"I can feel his cum. There he goes again." she said in an almost dreamy
"Like having your ass fucked?" Bob asked.
"Again! He came again!"
Ann couldn't believe herself. Since late this afternoon, it seemed like all
she did was fuck, suck, fuck again, and suck again. Even after all of that, she
was getting turned on.
"God, I'm a slut!" she said out loud.
"You got that right! Don't you ever get enough cock?" Bob asked.
"I don't know what's come over me."
"I don't either, but I'm not done yet."
Ann couldn't respond to his remark. An exciting tingle shot from her clit to
her nipples at the thought he might also fuck her in the ass. Her brain told
her it was a sickening thing to even consider. Everything Ann thought was the
direct opposite of what her body was feeling. Her mind found it disgusting, but
her body told her it was wonderful. Her body said the sperm in her ass was warm
and nice, while her brain said it was something filthy. Ann's argument with
herself ended when both men pulled their dicks out of her. The sudden emptiness
in her cunt and ass resolved the internal fight she was going through.
Rick slumped to the bed next to Ann, his cock dry as a bone, wiped clean by
her tight asshole when he pulled out. As soon as his cock-head popped out, the
muscles in her anal opening snapped shut, not even allowing a drop of his sperm
to leak out.
Bob was now kneeling behind her, his legs wedged between hers. He looked down
at Ann. Her garters had long since detached themselves from her nylons and her
stockings were now loosely around her knees. There was a large wet spot forming
on the sheet below her pussy. Bob glanced at Rick.
"Hey! Think you can get it up one more time?" he asked.
"You've got to be fucking kidding me, man!"
Bob thought for a minute. He knew her ass would still be tight, but it wasn't
enough. Looking around, he told Rick to get up and bring him the bag they
Inside the bag was an enormous dildo, the type that plugged into a wall
outlet instead of running on batteries. It had three different movements. It
the top twisted around in circles, and it also pumped up and down. The gadget
looked like something the Marquise DeSade might have owned. After Rick plugged
it in, he stood by the side of the bed, waiting for Bob.
Leaning down and grabbing Ann by her hips, Bob pulled her up to a slouched
kneeling position, her head flat on the bed and ass sticking up. He then nudged
her thighs apart and told Rick to give him the contraption.
"Rick, find that gag. I don't want her waking up the neighbors."
After Rick found and shoved the fake cock into Ann's mouth, he stepped back.
"Holy shit! I better get my fucking clothes on." Rick said and began
Pointing the grotesque gadget at her pussy, Bob started talking to Ann.
"You don't remember me, do you bitch?" he spat out.
Ann didn't answer.
"In case you forgot, we met just a couple of days ago."
Still nothing from Ann.
"Well, this should ring a bell." Bob said as he violently rammed the dildo
into her pussy.
Ann screamed behind the gag. It sounded like a high pitch gurgling noise. She
tried escaping from Bob, but he grabbed her slim waist and pulled her back.
Wrapping his arms around her chest, he lifted Ann up and slammed her down,
causing the thing between her legs to cruelly go half-way into her pussy. Bob
then turned it on and held her against him, waiting for the dildo to start. Ann
was furiously shaking her head and screamed again. Her face got redder and
redder from the strain she was putting on herself trying to escape. A pain
worse than any she ever felt before seared through her entire body. It started
at her abused pussy and ended at her throbbing temples. The pain was so
intense. The last thing she remembered before passing out was that the man
behind her was shouting.
"See ya slut!"
Much later, Ann came to. She immediately began screaming again. This time she
was able to move, and started crawling as fast as she could away from the thing
causing so much pain in her pussy. Falling off her bed and rolling around on
the floor, Ann couldn't escape the agony of having her pussy stretched so wide
open. The cock-gag was still tied around her head, so she couldn't even cry out
for help. She continued to roll over and reached between her legs. What she
felt made her hands fly away like they had just touched a piece of red hot
coal. She raised her head in shock and looked at what was separating her legs
and stuck in her vagina. Totally horrified, Ann gawked in disbelief, at first
not recognizing the thing, then suddenly remembering where she saw it last.
It was the unbelievable dildo she saw at the adult bookstore. The base of it
had a huge suction cup attached to the bottom and a cord running from it. The
cord was wrapped around and across both her thighs from her attempted escape.
The thing looked so frightening and intimidating, she was afraid to touch any
part of it, but knew she had to if she was going to stop the pain. Shaking, Ann
again reached between her legs. Grabbing what she considered to be a
flesh-colored log, she tried to pull it slowly out of her. The pain only
increased. Ann then saw a large lump growing in her stomach. It raised higher,
passed along the middle of her tummy, then slowly disappeared. She watched it
twice. After catching her breath, she untied the strap holding the gag in her
mouth and spit it out.
"You bastards! Get that thing out of me!" she shouted.
Frantically groping around, Ann searched for the on/off switch. After what
seemed like an eternity, she gave up, unable to find anything resembling a
switch on the immense forearm-shaped thing she was impaled upon. Ann had to
think of something, and think of it quickly. Looking again at the cord around
her thighs, she followed it to her night table.
"Oh, Christ! Please, at least turn it off!" Ann yelled.
Leaning over to her side, but not putting her legs together, Ann gingerly
grabbed the cord between two fingers and pulled. Nothing! She pulled again.
Still nothing. Gripping it tightly in her hand, Ann yanked. The table shook,
then fell over, but the plug came out and the thing inside her pussy had
finally stopped moving! With a sigh of relief, Ann slumped back to the floor.
"I said you could do anything you wanted, but I didn't mean this!"
Ann's question went unanswered as she was alone now. Bob and Rick fled from
her apartment the minute she let out one last gurgling scream and passed out.
With a lot of difficulty, and not without more pain, Ann was finally able to
extract the huge object buried inside her vagina. She looked at it, still
astonished the men were able to cram it in her. The color of it was slightly
more pink than her own skin, but its size was almost the same as her fist and
forearm, which she held up while comparing the two.
"God Almighty! How did they get that in me?"
Ann weakly unraveled the cord from her legs, then crawled to lean against her
bed. On the floor, was her alarm clock. It was only 11:30! After everything
she'd been through today, she thought it had to be early Saturday morning. She
was sure of one thing, before she did anything tomorrow, Ann was going to see
her gynecologist. Even though the thing, she couldn't refer to it as a dildo,
was no longer in her, Ann felt absolutely certain it had caused some internal
damage. The stabbing pain was easing up a bit, but her womb felt strangely
different. Looking at her pussy, she saw she was a mess. Her cunt-lips, swollen
and red, were wide open, the pink inner lining coated with traces of blood and
cum. Slowly getting up from the floor, she drew herself a hot bath. After
soaking for close to an hour and changing her bedding, Ann went to sleep.
"You're cervix and tubes took a beating and your labia was torn slightly, but
other than that, everything looks okay. You'll be sore yet for a couple of
days, but I imagine you already know that. Don't worry, Ann. There's no
permanent damage. I'll give you an ointment to help relieve the pain."
"I'm glad of that." Ann replied as she finished getting dressed.
"Remember I said if you ever got pregnant, I'd have to do a Caesarean, that
your vaginal opening just isn't large enough to give natural birth?" her doctor
"Yes, I remember."
"Well, it's none of my business, but as your doctor and friend I'm advising
you to leave the exotic toys alone. Really! You could have done some serious
damage to yourself! Or, did someone else do this to you?"
Ann blushed a deep shade of red.
"I see. Well, I'm serious, Ann! If you find it necessary to use a sexual
prosthetic during foreplay..."
"A what?"
"Sorry. A dildo! Is that better? Anyway, if you must use one, at least go out
and buy one that's soft and pliable, one that'll bend. And for God's sake, stop
using whatever it was you used last night!"
"Believe me, I will!" Ann replied.
"One more thing. Since you didn't do, whatever it was you did last night, to
yourself, tell that your boyfriend of yours that's your vagina, not some place
to store his damn power tools!" her doctor said and the two women laughed.

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