Female above female

A Friendly Wager (44kb)
F/f, D/s, bondage - april 2008

A Story for Carin (212kb)
F+/f, cons, D/s - august 2011

A Wife's Submissive Journey (216kb)
FF/f, reluc, humil, slavery,
blackmail -
dec 2012

Alex - from my journal (136kb)
F/f, D/s, bondage, humil, piercing,
tattoes, rough -
mar 2009

Allie and Nicole (370kb)
F+/f, D/s, bd, humil, piercing
- jan 2007

Almost Chance (83kb)
F/f, D/s, bdsm, wax - 2006

Ambition (36kb)
F+/f, D/s, humil, nc, traning - jan 2007

Amy's Shame (128kb)
F/f, D/s, humil, blackmail, tattoo - 2004

Anna's Ordeal (73kb)
FM/f, D/s, humil,bd - 2004

Dangerous Wagers (48kb)
F+/f, D/s, humil, nc, slut,
- jun 2007

Bad Girls (40kb)
F/f, nc, reluc, fight, rough
- feb 2011

Bank Girl (27kb)
F/f, D/s, humil - 2003

Becky and I (20kb)
F/f, D/s, humil - mar 2007

The Beginning (42kb)
F/f, humil, bnd - feb 2004

Becoming Her Maid (36kb)
F/f, D/s, humil, blackmail

Blackmail (45kb)
F/f, nc, blackml, D/s, humil <

by L. Davis (32kb)
F/f, D/s, humil, piercing

Blackmail at Brodie Valley High (204kb)
F/f, Blackml, reluc, BDsm, spank, humil,

Blackmailed into
Slavery (23kb)
F/f, Bnd, humil, heavy

Black and White (32kb)
F/f, D/s, cons, humil,
BDsm, rough
- 2010

The Boss (59kb)
F+/f, D/s, nc, humil - dec 2005 <

The Bra (72kb)
F/f, mc, BDsm, whoring, exhib - 2004

Bred By My Secretary (84kb)
F/f, humil, nc, modification, slavery, bnd, beast, enema, lingerie, pony - 2003

The Business Trip (20kb)
F/f, Bdsm, bnd, heavy
- 2002

Casino (104kb)
F/f, D/s, humil, bnd, training, pony

Casual Acquantances (36kb)
FF/f, D/s, cons, BDsm, humil,

Cat Sand (24kb)
F/f, nc, humil, kitty

Cindy the Waitress (20kb)
FM/f, D/s, nc, humil, video

Choir Director (78kb)
F/f, humil, reluc, student/teacher

Clair's New Toy (-kb)
FM/f, humil, reluc, blackml, D/s, ws, spank - jan 2010

The Flight (30kb)
F/f, bnd, D/s, heavy - 2005

College submission (55kb)
F/f, D/s, selfbnd - 2004

Courtney's Ebony Goddess (64kb)
F/f, cons, D/s, mc, slavery, humil,
exhib, modif, slavery - mai 2010

Degradation in Prison (67kb)
F+/f, D/s, humil, piercing - 2003

Diary of Carolyn (94kb)
+/f, fantasy, humil, bdsm - may 2009

Divertimenti (41kb)
FF/f, D/s, humil, spank, nc?
- aug 2004

Doctored into a Cage (436kb)
F/f, reluc, D/s, bnd, mc, humil
- nov 2010

Dog trainer (34kb)
F/f, humil - jun 2002

Emma is Punished (88 kb)
F/f, reluc,
D/s, blackml, spank,exhib
- aug 2012

Encounter 1 F/f, Blackmail - sep 2003

Encounter 3 F/f, - sep 2003

Encounter 4 MM/f, rape, anal - sep 2003

Encounter 5 F/f, D/s - oct 2003

Encounter 6 M/f,... - oct 2003

Encounter 7 F/f, rape in the Park
- oct 2003

"Fate" (200kb)
F/f, nc, BDsm, humil, interr , blackml
- dec 2008

Fun With Cameras (10kb)
F/f, F-self, rape, voy, anal, kidnap
- 2005

Hanson Center for Unruly Girls; The (28kb)
F/f, nc, humil, reluc, D/s - 2005

Housewife Awakening (764kb)
F/f, reluc, blackmail, D/s - oct 2009

Humilating Porky (16kb)
FF/f, D/s, humil, teens - 2005

Initiation of Sophie (168kb)
FM/f, D/s, humil, modification, slavery
- jan 2003

Janet's Prom (23kb)
F/f, humil - 2001<

The Ladies Club (20kb)
F+/f, D/s, BDsm - 2003

Lez Slave (20kb)
F/f, D/s, spank - april 2007

Lesbian Camp Girls(260 kb)
FFM/f, cons,
exhib, Bdsm, ws
- oct 2011

Lingerie Lounge(32 kb)
FF/f, cons,
- aug 2011

Lisa's Introduction to Becoming a BDsm Whore Slavegirl (48kb)
FM/f, cons, reluc, D/s,modif, humil,
BDsm, beast, blackml - may 2010

Little Fatima (32kb)
F/f, D/s, humil, reluc, interracial
- feb 2006

Loaning Lucy (80kb)
F/f, D/s, humil, interr - dec 2008

Losing Authority (44kb)
FFFMM+/f, D/s, humil, nc, exhib
- jan 2007

Lunchtime Rendezvous With Serendipity
FF/f, nc, blackml,
humil, anal
- 2003

Luxury Suite (88kb)
F/f, cons, D/s, humil, interr, exhib
- jul 2009

Management (78kb)
F/fm, cons,D/s,bnd - feb 2002

Maid Service Requested (28kb)
F/f, con, nc, bondage, self-, discovery
- jul 2008

Michele's Mistake (28kb)
F/f, humil, blackmail, nc, consent
mar 2001

Modern Maid (24kb)
MF+/f+, nc, D/s, bdsm, humil, exh
- april 2000

Monogram (8kb)
FF/f, D/s,Bondage, tattoo - 2001

My Place in Life (28kb)
F/f, BDsm - mai 2007

My Roommate (44kb)
F/f, D/s, humil,
exhib, spank, modif, bnd - nov 2009

My very Own (- kb)
F/f, reluc,
D/s, humil, exhib, BDsm. teen, blackml
- aug 2012

The Offer
F/f, reluc, humil, D/s - mar 2007

Out of The Frying Pan and into the Fire (72kb)
FM/f, bondage, humil, fetish, reluc, D/s, bimbo - april 2008

Owned By A Teenage Goddess (88kb)
F/f, cons, D/s, humil, panties, teen
- april 2009

Perils of Patricia (80kb)
F/f, D/s, cons, BDsm, humil,
exhib, - mai 2009

Pledging Omega (28kb)
FF+/ff, D/s, humil, costume - april 2007

Polish Au Pair Takes Control (24kb)
F/f, Humil, domestic, humil,
spank, nc?
- jan 2009

Power of Attorney (38kb)
F/f, humil, D/s - 2005

Sally's Day (18kb)
/f, selfbondage - sep 2002<

Sandra's fantasy (- kb)
F/f, cons,
D/s, exhib, BDsm. teen, incest
- nov 2012

Sara and Ms Davis (136kb)
FF/f, D/s, bondage, humil,
spank, strapon - jan 2009

Sarah and Allison (56kb)
F/f, teen, romance - jul 2007

Second Place (long...)
FM+/f, nc, blackml, slut, humil, D/s
- 2005

Sex Shop Girl (48kb)
F/f, self, D/s, humiliation - 2001

Sharing Elizabeth (28kb)
F/f, BDsm, bnd, humil,
teen - aug 2007

Sink (72kb)
FM/f, mc, nc, D/s, bnd, humil, oral
mar 2004

Slavegirl's Pain (88kb)
F/f, BDsm, humil, spank, exhib, slavery - 2005

Slave to My Own Employee
(44 kb)
FF/f, cons,
humil, exhib, BDsm
- sep 2011

Slave Training for Kate (64kb)
F+/f, cons, D/s, humil, bnd, chasti,
- jan 2010

Store Clerk (52kb)
F/f, humil, toys, BDsm, chastity, exhib, remote - oct 2010

Susan's New Neighbor (100kb)
F/f, D/s, reluc, slavery, humil, bnd, photo - jul 2009

Surprise (16kb)
FF/f, -self, D/s, cons,
bnd - dec 2009

Ultimate submission (long )
F/f, self, D/s, humiliation - 2001

Submissive Teachers Humiliation (107kb) F/f, humil - feb 2002

Sylvia submits
F/f,cons, bnd, spank - sep 2004

The Bitch Trainer (18kb)
F/f/f, humil, bnd - jul 2002

The Chaperone (64kb)
F/f, reluc, D/s, cons, teen, humil,
- may 2010

The China Connection (36kb)
F/f, reluc, BDsm, bnd, humil,
- sep 2008

The Degradation of Lori (56kb)
F/f, humil, nc, watersport - 2006

The Seminar (35kb)
F/f,nc, humil, D/s, 5 years - 2005

The Theft (36kb)
F/ff, D/s, S/M, humil - 2005

The Weding (80kb)
FM/f, D/s, nc, slavery, humil - dec 2008

True Love (108kb)
F/f, D/s, humil, exhib, slut - aug 2007

Two Lovely Black Eyes (32kb)
F/f/m, humil, cuckold - 2005

The Training of Irene (96kb)
F/f, BDsm, humil, slavery, spank
- mar 2007

Ulltimate submission (_kb)
FM/f, D/s, exhib, humil, self - jan 2005

Undercover Humiliation (64kb)
F/f, humil, reporter - 2005

Using (Janet) (167kb)
FM/f, nc, BDsm, slav,
very BONDAGE < - 2005

White Slaves of Madame Cong: Elevator Humpers (80kb)
F/f, reluc, D/s, bnd, mc, humil, feeding
- mar 2009

You are what you eat (212kb)
F/f, D/s - dec 2007

Young Girl's Plaything (84kb)
F/f, D/s, humil, bnd, pre-teen
- feb 2007



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