Authors index W

W.L. Telford
Worlds Apart Sec.Q
Blanco y Negro
Worlds Apart
meat Sec.S
Night Sounds Sec.Q
MM/f, reluc, cons, oral, anal, humil, slavery, exhib, bnd, BDsm

Enslaved/Bored Housewife Sec.A
M+f/f, nc , humil, blackmail, exhib, cuckkold

Lori's Risky Wager (40kb) Sec.E
M+/f, cons, humil, exhib, D/s

Lara's Abduction Sec.D
M+/f, nc, bnd, humil, spank, abduction, slavery, camera, pose

WF Writer
Housewife Awakening(768kb) Sec.B

Debbie's Dilemma (40kb)
F/f, Bdsm, humil, blackmail

MorganRunner14 Sec.Q
M/f, reluc, voy, teen

Summer's Blackmail (400kb) Sec.A
M+/f, reluc, nc, D/s, humil

Wiley collection
Porterville High Sec.A
M+f/f,nc, Bdsm, humil,Blackmail

Williams Dana
My Berlin Summer (433kb)
My First Day (39kb) Sec.M
MF+/f, D/s, humil

Willliams Heather M.K.
The white Dress (26kb) Sec.O
M+/f,D/s, humil

Woods Reine
Enslaved (128kb) Sec.Q
M+f/f,Bdsm, humil, slavery

Whitmey J
Sandy's dream comes true (128kb) Sec.P
M+/f,interr, humil

Whitewater 2
Trading Spaces (48kb) Sec.U
M/f, bnd, humil, lovedoll

WittySnobbyand Clever
Blackmailing the Cheater-Slut (92kb) Sec.A
M/f, reluc, D/s, blackml, anal, slut

Wolverine collection
M/f, nc, reluc, kidnap, slavery, BDsm, humil

A Good Team Sec.N
M+f/f, mind control, humil, exhib

Word Smith, The
Two Star Hotel Sec.R
M/ff, nc, oral, anal, humil, spank

The Sex Slave Contract Revised (58kb) Sec.E
M+f/f, nc, SM, blackmail, oral

Dr. Wu Collection Sec.M
M+f/f, nc, Bdsm, blackmail