Aubree’s First Apartment 15 – 25

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Aubree’s First Apartment 15 – 25

by Doc Sexaday

Synopsis: Aubree was young and on her own. She had her first apartment and a promising college education ahead of her. The bad news for Aubree was Winston. He had dirt on Aubree and blackmail was in order.

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Chapter 15: Serving Time with the Dean:


Aubree stood looking down at the wood floor. She shut her eyes. Dolphins… momma and daddy…in Reed… She heard Dean Smith walk back around the desk and sit down. She heard him flick a lighter and the smell of cigar smoke filled the air. I have to reason with him… make him understand…


Without looking up, Aubree ventured to speak. “Dean Smith, I don’t know what that man has told you but I can explain…” She sniffled.


Dean Smith exhaled cigar smoke. “Ms. Sidney, please remain silent.” His words were final.


Aubree inhaled deeply. She started to speak but bit her lip instead. She folded her hands in front of herself and twiddled her thumbs, nervously.


Smith looked at the shame faced teenager and smiled. This was money well spent… He drew deeply on the cigar and blew smoke rings into the air. “Ms. Sidney, I have three rules which are tantamount and must be obeyed at all times. First, you speak only in response to me. Second, you will use no phrases of a questioning nature. Third, you will remain in my sight at all times for the next two days. Do I make myself clear?”


Aubree nodded her head almost imperceptibly. “Yes…” Her voice was weak and barely audible. Why is this happening to me? I have class in a few minutes…


Smith pulled on his cigar and placed his feet on the desk. He frowned at the girl’s folded hands. “Please lower your hands to your sides.”


Aubree dropped her hands.


Smith smiled. His eyes roamed over her firm breasts and bare stomach. “You must not attempt to cover yourself in my presence. From the pictures and videos I’ve witnessed, it would seem you are not ashamed of your body. Isn’t that correct, Ms. Sidney? No shame?”


Aubree looked up at Dean Smith through her tearstained lashes. “I was forced to do those things, sir. It wasn’t by choice. Winston is an evil man…”


Smith frowned. “Mr. Winston is a good citizen attempting to help a wayward girl. I am happy for your sake that he has brought your indiscretions to my attention. As Dean of this university, my responsibility is to the student body. As you are a part of the current student body, I will do everything within my power to help you, Ms. Sidney.”


Aubree closed her eyes. She felt cold and weak.


The Dean continued. “We both know you have much at stake here, Ms. Sidney. Your behavior over the next 48 hours will influence the remainder of your adult life… expulsion from this school would condemn you to a life of mediocrity. You understand this?”


Aubree nodded weakly.


Smith sat up in his chair and crushed the cigar out. “This is a very serious situation, Ms. Sidney. Mr. Winston has told me stories about you that frankly, I find hard to believe. The thought of any student at Mercham behaving in such a disgraceful fashion is repulsive to me.”


Aubree chewed her bottom lip. “Sir… please allow me to explain…”


Dean Smith shook his head. “I think not. Mr. Winston has explained quite enough.” He paused. “It would appear you’ve already forgotten rule number one.”


Aubree crossed her arms over her breasts. “I was responding to you, sir. I meant no offense.” She rolled her eyes.


Smith stood up and stretched. He cracked his knuckles. “Unfortunately for you, Ms. Sidney, I am offended. I just gave you my three simple rules not two minutes ago and already you’ve broken rule number one.” He walked around the desk and stood next to Aubree, frowning. “My, my…you are indeed a disobedient girl, aren’t you?”


Aubree took a step back. “Sir, please… I don’t think you have a clear picture of the true circumstances. Please allow me to explain…”


Dean Smith began to walk around Aubree. Circling her. “You are violating rule number one, yet again.” His eyes roamed over her body…


Aubree folded her arms over her stomach and closed her eyes. “Sir, please… please listen to me… Winston is crazy… he’s evil… he’s been forcing me to do things…”


Dean Smith continued to circle the pleading girl. He shoved his hands into his pockets.


Aubree could feel the Dean walking around her through her closed eyelids. He has to listen… She inhaled deeply. “Sir… he made me pose for those pictures. He forced me to do those things. He’s blackmailing me… none of the things he says are true…”


Dean Smith continued to circle the weeping young girl.


Aubree continued, “This all started at the swimming pool at my apartment. I noticed him on a balcony… snapping pictures of me by the pool. He’s a pervert.”


Dean Smith continued circling Aubree.


Aubree felt light headed… sick… “Please, sir… Do you understand?… He’s blackmailing me… He caught me with some pot… told me I would be in trouble… I …”


Dean Smith continued walking around her. He removed his hands from his pockets and folded them across his chest. He stopped in front of her and looked at her closed eyes.


Aubree’s chin quivered. Tears rolled down her cheeks. She opened her eyes and stared directly into the Dean’s face. “You understand. Right? He’s evil…” Her heart pounded as her adorable brown eyes searched his face.


Dean Smith frowned. “No. I’m afraid I don’t understand Ms. Sidney. From the evidence I’ve seen, you willingly submitted to everything. I see no evidence of coercion. In fact, from your behavior this morning, I would say you have no self discipline whatsoever.”


Aubree choked on her sobs. “Sir… I don’t think…” She broke down completely and held her hands over her face.


Dean Smith slowly unfastened his belt. He had waited months for this moment. He pulled the belt from his pants slowly and savored every word of his next pronouncment.


“I had hoped we wouldn’t have to pursue harsh measures, Ms. Sidney. Unfortunately, your behavior warrants attention. Now, unfasten your jeans and lower them to your ankles, Ms. Sidney.”


Aubree sobbed even harder. Why is this happening?? Oh no….oh no…


Smith flexed the belt in his hands. “Ms. Sidney?”


Aubree pressed her hands against her face. “Pl…please…”


Dean Smith smiled. “Unbutton your pants and take down the zipper, Ms. Sidney. Do it now, please.”


Aubree let her hands fall to her sides and stood looking at the floor.


“Ms. Sidney? Are you hard of hearing? Please unfasten your pants and lower the zipper.”


Aubree shivered. “Sir, this isn’t appropriate.” She bit her bottom lip as tears trickled down her cheeks.


“Who are you to say what is and isn’t appropriate?”, Smith snapped. “After the pictures I’ve seen, I would say nothing is inappropriate in your estimation, Ms. Sidney. Shameful little child!” He stretched the belt in his hands. “Now, unfastened your jeans… lower the zipper… and… take… down… your… pants.” He paused. “NOW!”


Aubree felt the blood pounding in her temples as she slowly unsnapped her jeans and lowered the zipper. The sound was loud in the quiet room.


Smith watched as her zipper came down and her red panties came into view. “That’s a good girl. Now, lower your pants to your ankles please.”


Aubree rubbed the tears out of her eyes and slowly pushed the jeans off her hips and down her legs. They fell into a crumpled heap at her feet. Oh gawd!


Smith walked behind the weeping girl and drank in her bare legs and bottom. Stunning. He appraised her crisscross panties and delicate ass crack on full display. “An interesting choice of undergarments for such an innocent girl, Ms. Sidney.” He snapped the belt in his hand.


Aubree bit her bottom lip. “Winston made me wear them, sir.”


Dean Smith chuckled. “A likely story. Everything seems to be Mr. Winston’s fault. How convenient.”


Aubree nodded her head. “Yes, sir. He made me do those things and wear these clothes… I didn’t want…”


Dean Smith stopped her. “That’s enough Ms. Sidney. I’ve had my fill of your lies. Please take your panties down.”


“No! Please, sir!” Aubree took a step forward and almost tripped on her tangled jeans.


Smith laughed. “Not very graceful. Now please… take your panties down, Ms. Sidney. Don’t make me have to pull them down for you.”


Aubree choked back her tears. “Sir, please don’t do this. I’m a decent girl. It’s not what you think!”


Smith was becoming angry. “Ms. Sidney, I am going to count to three. If your panties aren’t on the floor by the time I reach three, this interview will be over and I will proceed with expulsion papers.”


“One… Two…”


Aubree hitched her fingers into the elastic waistband of her panties and pushed them quickly to the floor. She stood up and placed her palms over herself. Tears ran down her cheeks.


Dean Smith took a step back and admired her completely bare ass. He walked around and stood in front of her. He stared at her beautiful face and smiled at her tightly closed eyes. His gaze fell between her legs. He admired her shaved pussy through her fingers.  “Please lower your hands to your sides, Ms. Sidney. I told you once not to attempt to cover yourself.”


Aubree let her hands fall by her sides. She chewed on her bottom lip.


Smith glanced down between her legs. “Completely shaved. Not exactly the sign of a respectable young girl is it?” He walked behind her and glanced down at her bare buttocks. “Now get your shoes off and step completely out of the jeans and panties.”


Aubree bent down and pulled her shoes off. She swallowed hard as she stepped out of her jeans and pulled the panties off her feet.


Dean Smith watched as Aubree bent forward and removed her clothing. What an ass! Oh lord, thank you! He pointed at his desk. “Fold your clothes neatly and place them on my desk.”


Aubree knelt down and folded her jeans and panties. She placed them on his desk with her shoes on top.


Smith watched her. His heart raced with pent up lust. “That’s it, Ms. Sidney. Now bend over and grab your ankles. I’m going to give you ten swats of the belt for your disobedieance.”


I’m not disobedient… you’re a pervert… Aubree leaned forward and grabbed her ankles. Oh no…


Smith raised the belt and came down hard across the girl’s bare backside. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK!


Aubree wept uncontrollably. Dean Smith smiled and continued to apply the belt to her lovely backside. Filthy little whore…


After ten strokes, Dean Smith wiped his forehead with the back of his hand. His hard cock throbbed in his pants. Such a pretty little thing… He admired his handiwork. Large red welts had formed on Aubree’s bare buttocks. You deserve every bit of this… He took a deep breath. “Okay, Ms. Sidney. I think that’s enough for now. You may stand up.”


Aubree slowly stood. She ran her fingers over her aching buttocks. Oh… ouch… oh…


Smith placed the belt on the desk and loosened his tie. “Do you play with yourself, Ms. Sidney?” He unbuttoned his jacket.


Aubree rubbed her sore backside and tried to focus. “No, sir. Of course not. Never.” She watched as the small man walked over and sat down on the edge of the desk.


Smith stared at her. “You are lying, Ms. Sidney… Mr. Winston has told me all about your masturbation habits… in detail. You have very filthy thoughts…”


Aubree inched towards the desk. “May I have my jeans back now, sir?”


Smith shook his head. “No, you may not have your jeans back. In fact, after what I’ve heard from Mr. Winston, I’m curious about your masturbation practices.” He pushed Aubree away from the desk. “Perhaps your dirty thoughts are causing you to behave in such a shameful manner.” He paused and stroked his chin. “There must be some reason you’ve decided to walk down the path of filth and darkness.”


Aubree held her hands over her privates. “Sir… I…”


Smith rolled his eyes. “Again, you disobey my rules… Please lower your hands immediately.”


Aubree dropped her hands to her sides. She breathed deeply and wished her cut off shirt covered more flesh. Stop looking at me… this isn’t right…


Smith’s eyes were fixated between Aubree’s legs. “What do you think about when you play with your little slit, Ms. Sidney?”


“What?”, Aubree stammered.


“When you play with yourself, Ms. Sidney… when you rub your hard little clitoris… what do you fantasize about?” Smith’s focus remained locked on Aubree’s exposed privates.


Aubree shifted her feet. “Nothing…  really don’t play with myself, sir. I just…”


Smith stood up. “Shut up, Ms. Sidney.” He grabbed her panties from the desk and walked over and stood in front of her. He held the crumpled panties under her nose. “Open your mouth.”


Aubree took a step backwards. “Why? What are you doing? I have to get to class, sir…”


Dean Smith stepped towards her. “Open your lying little mouth. NOW!” He grabbed her arm and pulled her towards him.


Aubree closed her eyes and opened her mouth.


Smith smiled. “Wider… wider… open your mouth all the way… like when you’re sucking your little boyfriends.”


Aubree opened her mouth fully. She shook visibly. Her fingers clenched at her sides. Her nails cut into her palms…


Smith shoved the panties between her lips. “There. Isn’t that a nice fit? You can keep these in your lying little mouth until you’re ready to tell the truth.” He took a step back and smiled at the humiliated girl. “As far as classes, you won’t be attending them today or tomorrow. You will stay with me and if you disobey me, you may never be attending classes at Mercham again. Do I make myself clear, Ms. Sidney?”


Aubree stood motionless. The taste of her own panties was disgusting.


Smith gave her a light slap on the thigh. “You may nod your head yes or no. Do I make myself clear? Ms. Sidney?”


Aubree nodded in the affirmative.


Smith crossed his arms. “Classes are out for today and for tomorrow. If you wish to attend this university in the future you must do exactly what I say.” He pointed at the corner. “Go stand over there. Put your nose against the wall and do not turn around unless I tell you to do so…”


Aubree slowly shuffled across the room and stood facing the corner. She felt like gagging.


Smith clapped his hands. “Nose in the corner, Ms. Sidney! Right up against the wall!”


Aubree pressed her nose against the wood paneling and crossed her hands over her bare butt.


Smith shouted at her, “Hands at your sides, Ms. Sidney! If you try to cover yourself again, I’ll beat that little butt of yours black and blue!”


Aubree let her hands fall to her sides and stood weeping in the corner.


Smith walked over to his desk and sat down. He had some paperwork to complete before taking vacation for the next two days. He smiled. Warmth filled his groin as he looked at Aubree’s tight ass on full display. Money well spent…


After several minutes, Smith placed the cap on his pen and looked up at Aubree. “Okay, Ms. Sidney. Please get your pants and shoes back on. Don’t bother with the panties.”


Aubree slowly turned around and walked to his desk. She reached for her panties.


“No, Ms. Sidney. Leave the panties alone.” Smith leaned over and grabbed the panties, shoving them into his jacket pocket. “Just your jeans and shoes.”


Aubree wiped a tear out of her eye as she pulled on her tight jeans. She stepped into her shoes and looked up at Dean Smith. “Sir? May I go to class now? I’m late.”


Smith shook his head. “Not a chance, Ms. Sidney. I told you once, you shall not go to class today and depending on your behavior, maybe never again.” He frowned at her.


Aubree looked down and bit her bottom lip. Dolphins in the ocean…


Smith stood up. “Now, Ms. Sidney. I want you to go out to the front of the building and wait for me on the steps. Do you understand?”


Aubree folded her arms over her bare stomach. “Yes, sir.” She turned and walked out of his office.


Dean Smith watched the girl as she closed the door behind herself. I’m going to have fun with you… He walked over to the liquor cabinet and took out a bottle. Not bothering with a shot glass, Smith took a long pull on the bottle. Life can be good sometimes…


Smith walked out of his office and looked at his assistant. “Beatty, I’m going to be gone on business for the next two days. I plan to return on Friday.” He handed her some documents. “Please see to it that these vacation papers are filed with the HR department.”


Beatty looked up at him. What’s going on here? “Yes, sir.” She smiled. Something isn’t right…


Smith ignored Beatty’s questioning eyes. “I’ll see you on Friday morning, my dear.” He stepped towards the door.


Beatty shook her head and looked back at her computer monitor. Must be nice to take vacation without notice. If I tried to do that… She shrugged her shoulders.




Dean Smith hurried out the front doors of the administration building. Aubree was sitting on the steps, her arms folded over her bare stomach. He rushed over to her. He looked at his watch. Classes will be changing in less than ten minutes… we have to be gone…


Smith snapped his fingers. “On your feet, Ms. Sidney. Get moving.” He grabbed her elbow and guided her down the stairs. He hurried her to the faculty parking lot and pushed her towards his SUV. Opening the door, her motioned her inside. “Get in.”


Aubree allowed him to guide her into the vehicle. She jumped as he slammed the door shut. She watched as he hurried over to the driver’s side. Why the rush? She looked down at her lap. Why is this happening to me?


Smith jumped into the SUV and slammed the door. He started the engine quickly and pulled out of the parking lot. I hope no one sees us… He glanced at the rearview mirror. I’m glad my windows are tinted…


As he pulled onto the main road, Smith began to relax. He turned towards Aubree and exhaled deeply. “Okay, Ms. Sidney. You will be staying with me at my vacation house for the next 48 hours. I will do everything in my power to correct your deplorable behavior.” He watched the girl as she turned away from him, staring out of the window. His face flushed with rage. She’s ignoring me!


Smith reached out and grabbed Aubree’s earlobe. He gave it a hard twist. “Are you listening to me, Ms. Sidney?”


Aubree yelped! “Ouch! Yes! I’m listening, sir!” She winced in pain. “Please stop twisting my ear, sir… it hurts!” She tried to push his hand away, without success.


Smith smiled. “I know it hurts, Ms. Sidney. It’s supposed to hurt. Sometimes little girls need a bit of pain to get their attention.” He twisted her ear again.


“Owww! Please stop!” Aubree grabbed his hand. “Please, Dean Smith. Please stop. I’m paying attention!”


Smith gave her ear a final hard twist before releasing her. “Failure to pay attention will be met with strong disapproval, Ms. Sidney.”


Aubree shrank back against the passenger’s side door and held her hand over her throbbing ear. What did I do? She pulled her legs up and sat with her chin on her knees. I just want to go to class. Why is this happening?


Smith watched the young girl out of the corner of his eye. Delicious. “It’s going to be a long drive, Ms. Sidney. My vacation home is rather remote. Why don’t you get comfortable?”


“I’m okay, sir.” Aubree looked at him nervously. “I feel fine.” She tried to smile.


Smith smiled back. “Nonsense. You don’t look very comfortable to me. You look a little warm. Why don’t you slip your shirt off?” He watched as the girl tensed. She didn’t move. “Are you listening to me, Ms. Sidney?” He reached over and took her earlobe between his thumb and forefinger, giving it a gentle pull.


Aubree bit her bottom lip. Please don’t twist my ear again… She shivered slightly. “I’m not warm, sir. Really.”


Smith squeezed her ear. “Take your shirt off, Aubree.” He cleared his throat. “Please don’t make me have to ask you again.” The threat in his voice was clear.


Aubree looked down at the floorboard and slowly hitched her fingers underneath her shirt. With a sigh, she pulled it over her head and off. She folded it in her lap.


Smith felt his cock stiffening as her looked at her skimpy bra. It was small, fully revealing her ample cleavage. He could see the outline of her nipples against the tight fabric. He drank in her smooth bare stomach.


“There. Now isn’t that better?” He patted her thigh.


Aubree nodded weakly.


Smith motioned to the backseat with his thumb. “You can just toss your shirt back there. It’s only in the way up here.”


Aubree slowly turned and dropped her shirt onto the backseat. As she turned towards him, she could see Smith staring at her breasts. Stop looking at me… She quickly sat back down and folded her arms over her bra.


Smith smiled. “Your jeans look a little tight, Ms. Sidney. Why don’t you unfasten the top button? I think you’ll be more comfortable.” He put his hand on her thigh.


Aubree looked out the window and fought back tears as she unsnapped the button on her jeans. Pervert. Dean Smith is no different than Winston… He wants me to strip…


Smith’s cock was fully erect. He rubbed Aubree’s thigh. “Good girl. Isn’t that much better? In fact, why don’t you go ahead and take the zipper down? I think you need some air down here.” He slipped his hand between her legs.


Aubree closed her eyes. “I’m not wearing panties, sir.”


Smith laughed. “I know. I remember. They’re in my pocket. Now, let’s have this zipper right down.” He grabbed her zipper and pulled it down with a quick motion. He smiled as the girl trembled. With one finger, he pushed the top of her jeans apart. “There. Now you can breath.” He held his hand over her stomach and caressed her smooth skin with his fingertips. “You have very soft skin, Ms. Sidney. Do you use lotion?” He outlined her navel with the tip of his forefinger.


Aubree folded her arms over her bra. She looked away from Dean Smith. “Sometimes…” Stop touching my bellybutton…


Smith continued to caress her belly. His hand got lower and lower. His fingers slipped into her jeans. He touched the top of her bare slit. “Do you use lotion down here, Aubree? When you play with yourself?”


Aubree felt ill. “No…” Stop touching me…


Smith’s probing fingers went lower. He traced her labia gently. “You don’t use oil or lotion down here, Aubree?”


Aubree trembled with humiliation and embarrassment. “No… I don’t…” She closed her eyes tightly.


Smith parted her lips and touched the top of her clitoris with his finger. “Lubricant is helpful during masturbation Aubree and, according to Mr. Winston, you play with yourself frequently. I’m surprised you don’t use lotion or oil.” He rubbed her clitoris gently.


Aubree looked up at the ceiling and fought back tears. “Please, Dean Smith. Please stop touching me this way. It isn’t right.”


Smith continued massaging her clit. “Nonsense, Aubree. I will be touching you in this way and many other ways over the next two days… And, you will be touching me as well… I intend for us to get to know each other quite well.”


Aubree felt a teardrop roll down her cheek. She bit her bottom lip. Don’t cry… stop crying…


Smith continued to rub her clitoris. “I’m very surprised you haven’t used lotion down here. We’ll have to remedy that.” He took his hand out of her pants and patted her stomach.


Aubree squeezed her thighs together and reached for her zipper. This is sick…


Smith pushed her hands away from the zipper. “No, Aubree. Let’s keep your jeans unfastened. In fact, I want you to push them down… all the way… to your ankles.”


Aubree looked out the window. “Sir, I can’t… What about the other cars? Someone will see…”


Smith shook his head. “Don’t be silly, Ms. Sidney. My windows are tinted. Now, pull your jeans down. In fact, take them off completely. Your shoes too.”


“Please, Dean Smith. This is wrong…” Aubree crossed her hands over her lap. “Please don’t make me…”


Smith grabbed her ear and gave it a hard twist. “Jeans and shoes off, Aubree. You can put them in the backseat with your shirt.”


Aubree winced in pain as Smith twisted her ear. “Okay! Please stop!” She pulled at his hand. “Please stop… I’ll take them off…”


Smith released her ear and smiled. “Hurry up, Aubree. Get them right off.”


Aubree sniffed as she removed her shoes. She pushed the jeans down her legs and pulled them off. She turned around and dropped them into the backseat. Turning back around she folded her hands in her lap and looked down.


Smith’s cock was practically exploding as he looked over at Aubree. She was adorable, wearing nothing but her skimpy bra. “There. Much better. Now open the glove compartment, Aubree.”


Aubree hesitatingly leaned forward and opened the glove box. She immediately saw what he was after. A bottle of baby oil sat on top of the maps and other documents in the compartment. Oh no…


Smith smiled. “Please take out the oil, Aubree.” He plucked at her bra strap. “We might as well have this off as well… it’s not like it covers anything anyway.”


Aubree slowly took out the oil and placed it on the seat next to her. “Sir, please let me keep my bra on… I…”


Smith made a motion of reaching for her ear. “Aubree? Are you listening to me? Please remove your bra and put in the backseat with the rest of your clothes.”


Aubree shrank away from his hand and quickly unfastened her bra. She let it fall over her arms. Her breasts sprang into view.


Smith gave a low whistle. She’s perfect. Look at those nipples. All nice and erect… like pencil erasers. “Go ahead and toss the bra in the back, Aubree.”


Aubree placed the bra into the backseat. Now fully nude, she sat shivering in her seat.


Smith was finding it hard to focus on the road. He had a raging erection and his mouth was dry. He adjusted his glasses. “Okay, Aubree. Please open the oil and pour a little on your pussy.  Make it all nice and slick… I want you to masturbate for me…”


With hesitation, Aubree flipped the cap and squeezed a small amount of oil between her legs. As the oil trickled down her pussy lips, she looked up at Dean Smith. She opened her mouth to speak but Smith shushed her. “Quiet, my sexy little student. Don’t speak. Massage that oil all over your tight little pussy. Get it nice and slick.”


Aubree swallowed and closed her eyes. She began to massage the oil over her labia. Her fingers made a squishing sound as she rubbed herself.


Smith licked his lips. “That’s it… nice and slick. Spread your legs… wider… good… get it all wet…” He removed one hand from the steering wheel and unzipped his trousers. Reaching into his underwear, he grabbed his throbbing erection and began to stroke himself. “Spread your lips. I want to see you finger your little clit, Aubree.”


Through her tightly shut eyes, Aubree heard Smith lower his zipper and start to stroke himself. She felt ill. Sick pervert… Following his command, with two fingers she pulled her lips apart and began to gently massage her clitoris.


Smith looked back and forth from the road to the masturbating young girl. He unsnapped his trousers and pulled his cock free. He stroked himself harder. “Good… good… just like that, Aubree… play with yourself… horny little slut…”


Aubree continued to finger herself. She kept her eyes closed. After several minutes, she started to become aroused. Her mouth watered. She felt ashamed. Don’t enjoy it… this is sick… She turned her head away from Dean Smith. She opened her eyes and tried to focus on the passing cars through the tinted window.


Smith felt himself approaching climax as he watched her. Pre cum coated his shaft. He released his cock and placed a hand on Aubree’s thigh. “That’s it, Aubree… now come here…” He grabbed her arm and pulled her towards him. “Come here, my sexy little student. I want to feel your lips on my penis.”


Aubree allowed him to pull her across the seat. She held an arm over her breasts. She shivered as he grabbed the back of her head and guided her towards his lap.


“Alright, Aubree. Lean over here and give Dean Smith a good sucking. I’ve heard how much you like giving blowjobs.” He pushed her face towards his stiff prick. “Make the Dean proud…”


Aubree leaned over and took his cock in her mouth. The taste of his pre cum was salty and made her want to gag. She didn’t. Instead she ran her tongue over the base of his shaft. Just cum fast you pervert… get it over with… She paused. I’m getting better at this… Smith squeezed the back of her neck. She cupped his testicles in her small hand and ran her lips over his penis. I’m becoming a whore… I’m Fuck Toy. She closed her eyes as Dean Smith exploded in her mouth. His cum hit the back of her throat like a torpedo. She sat up in the seat, gagging. I’m Fuck Toy.


George Smith watched Aubree Sidney wipe his semen off her chin. He smiled as he zipped his trousers. I have you for two whole days little tramp… His smile broadened.


Aubree sat back in the seat and pulled her legs up underneath her chin. She glanced at Smith. “Can I get dressed now?” She already knew the answer…


The SUV sped down the road and into the late morning sun.






Chapter 16: An Unwilling Muse:



Amber looked at the digital clock in her car… 6:08… I’m late, as usual… Amber was always late. Her friends joked about her tardiness. They called her ‘Amber Come Lately’. The nickname had multiple meanings and created hilarity at any party.


She slammed the car door shut behind herself and looked down at the business card. This has to be the place… She glanced up at the dilapidated building in front of her. Bad neighborhood…. Why would Mercham do business with this photographer? Weird… Lame… She activated the car alarm and hurried across the parking lot, her heels clicking loudly on the pavement. She brushed her long blonde hair off her shoulders. She was nervous… her eyes blinked rapidly…




Winston looked from the second story window and watched the young girl as she rushed across the parking lot. First session and late already… you’ll pay for that… His eyes roamed over her tight body. Beautiful little girl… She wore a white, spaghetti strap top and tight black jeans. High heels completed her attire. Winston felt his cock stiffening as he watched her hurry towards the building. Blondie…




Amber stepped into the main foyer of the building and glanced around. She looked down at the business card. Second level, Suite “B”… She looked at the stairs. Mmmmm… no elevator… old freaking building… lame…


She hurried up the staircase. I’m late…Winston was waiting for her at the top of the stairs.


“Hello, Amber.” He looked at his watch. “You’re late.” He looked down at the clipboard in his hand and scribbled something.


Amber blinked. “I’m sorry… I got sort of lost…” She hesitated. “I hope my tardiness won’t affect my extra credits?” She looked nervously at the clipboard.


Winston smiled. “We’ll see.” He opened the door and motioned her into the studio. “Come on in.”


Amber stepped into the large studio. She looked around as Winston closed the door. The place was huge. The ceilings were high. The studio had an open, airy feeling. Pictures hung on every available wall space. In the center of the room was a raised platform draped with white sheets. Cameras and lighting equipment surrounded the platform. A large desk sat to the side, covered with books and documents.


Amber looked at the various pictures on the wall. These are wonderful… She smiled. “Are all of these your work?” She looked over her shoulder at Winston.


He nodded. “Of course. Some of my pathetic attempts at art.” He glanced around. Right… they’re all mine… I couldn’t snap a good picture of a turd in the toilet… stupid girl. He looked around the studio. I need to ask Fred about some of the photographer lingo… I don’t have a clue… He winced.


Amber’s face brightened. “You’re a wonderful photographer, sir.” She flashed him a smile revealing flawless white teeth.


Winston smiled back. “Thank you, Amber.” I’ll relay your compliments to Fred… the real artist… Ooops… Oh yeah, Fred is in jail…. Sorry about that. He suppressed an urge to laugh. “Please. Come in, dear.” He motioned her forward with a wave of his hand. His eyes fell to her butt as she walked across the large room. Her tight jeans were practically painted on. Her ass cheeks swayed provocatively. Soon, girl… soon… His mouth watered.


Winston pointed. “Have a seat.” He nodded to a large wicker chair.


Amber sat down and crossed her legs. She continued to look at the photographs displayed throughout the large studio. “You know, I’m studying to be a photographer. I’m envious of your talent.” She smiled at Winston, her white teeth sparkled.


Winston shrugged his shoulders. “What can I say? I try.” Suddenly, Winston remembered Fred’s side room. The private photos… He looked down at the clipboard. “So… Amber. You’re majoring in The Arts?” He looked up at her.


Amber nodded proudly. “Yes, sir. I’m trying. Doing my very best… One day, I hope to be a photographer of your caliber.” Her eyes roamed over the beautiful photographs hanging throughout the studio.


Winston shook his head. “According to Dean Smith, you haven’t been doing so well lately.” He raised an eyebrow.


Amber looked down at the floor. She blinked. “It’s not the photography part that I’m having trouble with. It’s the other stuff…math… history…you know, the dull stuff.” She looked up at him with adorable green eyes…


Winston walked over and stood next to her. He pretended to look at his clipboard as he looked down the top of her shirt, examining her ample cleavage. He could just make out the top of her delicate pink bra. “Oh… Well the other stuff seems to be rather important, Amber.”, Winston said. He glanced down at her adorable toes. She’s beautiful…“In order to get a degree, you have to understand all aspects of the lesson plan.” He stepped behind her and was disappointed to find that her shirt covered the top of her jeans. He couldn’t see down the back of her pants. Shit! Son of a…


Amber laughed. “I know. I just hate all of the other stuff… math, science, literature… who cares? I just want to take pictures and be famous!” Amber stood up. “I’m surprised I haven’t seen your work before. These photos are wonderful.” She walked over and looked at the large framed pictures hanging from the wall.


Winston watched the young girl. Whatever. They’re not my pictures… they’re Fred’s… but Fred’s in jail… And you’re mine… His eyes roamed up the back of her tight jeans. He stepped towards her. “Okay, Amber. Let’s get to work, shall we?”


Amber looked over her shoulder. “Yes, sir. Of course. I’m sorry. I just really love your work…” Her bright green eyes sparkled. She was excited. My first job in a real studio!!! I’m on my way!!


Winston felt annoyed. It’s not my work, stupid girl. “Thank you, Amber.” He forced a smile. “Okay then, let’s get started.” He nodded towards the large raised platform in the center of the studio. “I’d like for you to go sit over there. I’m going to take a few test shots before we begin.”


Amber hesitated. “Test shots, sir?” Her brow creased.


Winston smiled. “Yes. Of course. A few sample photos before we begin the actual shoot.”


Amber played with her bracelets. “You mean you’re taking pictures of me?”


Winston looked down at the clipboard and scribbled some notations. He glanced back up at her. “Yes. What did you think you would be doing here?” He chuckled and looked back down at his clipboard.


Amber shrugged. “I don’t know… I guess I thought I’d be working as an assistant or something. Helping you set up the backgrounds… adjust the lighting… you know…”


Winston shook his head. “I don’t need an assistant, Amber. I need a model. What would make you think you’re qualified to be an assistant to any professional photographer? Your still in school. You have no real skills.” He laughed out loud.


Amber blushed. “I’m sorry. I didn’t really know… I…”


Winston laughed again. “It’s okay, Amber. No worries.” He motioned at the platform. “Please take a seat.”


Amber stood for a moment in silence. A model? I’m a photographer, not a model…


Winston glanced up at her. “Amber? Are you ready to continue?”


Amber looked over at the platform. She glanced back at Winston. “I’m sorry. I’m just a little nervous. I didn’t expect to be photographed.” Her eyes blinked rapidly.


Winston wrote something on his clipboard and frowned. “I understand, Amber. If you would like to go home and forget the extra credits it’s okay. I can find another student model.” He looked at his watch.


Amber rubbed her hands together and adjusted her bracelets. “No. No… it’s okay. I really need the credits.” She walked over to the platform and stepped up.


Winston watched the sexy young girl as she stepped up onto the raised platform. Barrier number one destroyed. He grinned. What an ass… those hips…


Amber turned to face Winston. She adjusted her shirt and brushed the hair off her shoulders. “I‘m sorry, Mr. Winston. I’m really nervous.” Her cheeks were flushed. She blinked rapidly.


Winston nodded reassuringly. “It’s not a problem. Sometimes you must be the muse before you can be the artist, Amber.” He placed the clipboard on the desk and walked over to the camera. This much about photography I know… He glanced up at the corner of the room. The video camera was recording. Excellent. He nodded at Amber. “Okay, please sit down on the stool.”


Amber walked over to the center of the platform and sat on the stool. She crossed her hands in her lap and looked uncomfortably at Winston. Now what? She shifted on the seat.


Winston looked through the camera lens. “Okay, Amber. Just unfold your arms and look towards me.”


Amber looked at the camera and tried to smile.


Winston adjusted the focus. “Good. Now look to your right and up a little.” He snapped a picture. *SNAP* The flash was bright. “Outstanding. Good. Now, hold that pose and put your left foot on the ground.” *SNAP* “Wonderful… good job… put your right hand on your knee…That’s it… hold it…head up…” *SNAP* “Excellent. You’re doing just fine.” He smiled at her. “Now, lean forward a little… rest your chin on your hand… look up… No, Amber… up… not down… Look at the ceiling… give me a pouting look… like you’re upset about something you wanted and didn’t get… give me a sad face…” **SNAP** “Now cross your legs and rest your chin on both hands… keep the pouting look…” **SNAP** **SNAP**


Winston stopped and shook his head. “No… no… this isn’t working.” He threw his hands up in exaggerated disgust. “We’re not connecting. Something isn’t right…”


Amber was nervous and uncomfortable. “I’m sorry. I’ve never modeled before. Just tell me what you want… I can do it. I know I can. Give me a chance. I’m trying.” I need these extra credits…


Winston looked at her and frowned. “This isn’t working. Let’s try something different. Why don’t you slip your shoes off?”


Uncertainty washed over Amber’s face. She hesitated.


Winston adjusted the camera. “Just slip your heels off and get comfortable, Amber.” He nodded at the floor. “You can put them over there.”


Amber looked at the floor.


Winston smiled. “Just try to relax, Amber. I’m the artist. All you need to do is follow my direction. Okay?” He looked over the top of the camera. “Just calm down… slip your heels off and relax… okay?”


Amber blinked rapidly as she unfastened the straps on her heels. This is so lame… She pulled her shoes off and dropped them on the floor. Her bare feet felt cold. Okay… She flexed her toes.


Winston looked through the camera lens. “Okay, Amber. Look this way, at me. Look at the camera… there you go… outstanding… such a pretty girl.” He held his hand out. “Follow my hand… look here… like you’re thinking of something that only you know… a secret… Good… Hold that.”




“Wonderful… outstanding… Now hold that secret thought… Look up at the ceiling… you’re thinking… Good… Bravo, Amber! You’re getting it!” He smiled at her. “You’re very photogenic. You have a natural beauty which you must learn to harness.”


Amber smiled back. I’m getting it… a natural beauty… She blinked. Her heart swelled with pride. A real artist said I’m a natural beauty… She felt her cheeks flushing. I’m pretty…


Winston walked over to her. He circled the stool. “Let’s get this pose just right.” He placed his hand on her back and pushed. “Shoulders back… there you go… Now, put this hand on your knee and keep your other hand under your chin.” He ran his fingers through her hair. “Let’s fluff this up a little… good… excellent.” He walked back over to the camera. “Hold that pose.” He held a finger in the air. “Look here.”


Amber held perfectly still. Her eyes locked on Winston’s raised finger. I’m beautiful… A natural… Her green eyes beamed.


Winston snapped a picture. “Okay. Good…” He snapped another. **SNAP** He stood back away from the camera and looked at her. “You’re doing great, Amber. You’re a very pretty girl with a lovely form. But something still isn’t right.” He looked at her thoughtfully and shook his head.


Amber watched Winston. I’m trying! You said I’m a natural… She frowned. Her eyes fluttered.


Winston walked over and stood in front of her. “No. This isn’t working. Let’s try something new with you.” He stroked his chin as if deep in thought.


Amber looked down at the floor. I’m trying.


Winston’s eyes suddenly widened. He snapped his fingers. “I’ve got an idea. It just might work.” He creased his eyebrows.


Amber’s pulse quickened. Tell me … make me connect… make me beautiful… She looked at him with wide eyes.


Winston stepped back and held his hands up, making two L shapes with his fingers. He looked through his hands as if he were aiming a camera. “Okay.” He walked towards her. “Okay.” He tilted his head.


He walked back over to the camera. He glanced up at Amber. “We’ll try something new…lift your shirt a little….”


Amber stopped. “What? Why?” She was embarrassed. “Why? What do you mean?”


Winston stood up from the camera. He gave her a hard stare. He raised an arm and motioned across the studio. “Are you questioning me, Amber?”


She paused. “No. Not at all… I just don’t understand why you want me to lift my shirt…” She blinked.


Winston extended a finger and pointed at the photographs hanging throughout the studio. “You said that you admired my work and think that I’m a great photographer, correct?”


Amber looked down at her bare toes. “Yes. But, I don’t see…”


Winston cut her off. “If you believe I’m a talented photographer then you must trust me, Amber. I’ve worked with dozens of models and I know what looks good on camera… each model is different. You have a very feminine form and lovely skin tone. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Don’t be nervous.”


Amber continued to look down at her bare feet. She clenched her toes.


Winston motioned at the photographs on the wall. “How many of these models do you think questioned my expertise?” He looked at Amber.


Amber hesitated.


Winston smiled. “None of them, Amber… none of the models on this wall ever questioned me.” Winston glanced over at the nervous teen. “Why would you come to my studio, complement me on my work and then question my judgment?” He frowned.


Amber felt stupid. “I’m sorry. I’m just a little nervous… That’s all.” I’m so stupid…


Winston nodded. “Okay. No worries. I understand that.” He looked down at his watch. “We only have a two hour session tonight. Let’s get back to work. Please roll your shirt up. Lift it to just beneath your breasts.”


Amber felt light headed. This is uncomfortable… She slowly reached under the hem of her shirt and rolled it up. Her bare stomach came into view.


Winston watched the adorable girl lift her shirt. Blondie. He concealed a smile as he leaned forward to the camera. His eyes fixated on her firm stomach. Fucking beautiful… He smiled. “That’s it, Amber. Roll it all the way up. There’s nothing more charming than the female form.” He raised his hand. “All the way, please.”


Amber pulled her top up and tied it in a knot behind her back. She felt her cheeks flushing. He’s an artist… He knows what he’s doing… doesn’t he???


Winston paused. “What’s that in your belly button, Amber?”


Amber looked down. “Oh, it’s my belly ring. My boyfriend, Ross gave it to me for my birthday.” I love Ross… She smiled.


Winston shook his head. “Please remove it.”


Amber unfastened the belly ring and pulled it out. Don’t question him…


Winston motioned. “You can put it over there with your heels.” He watched her as she bent down and dropped the belly ring by her discarded heels. What a body!


“Okay. Sit back on the stool and look towards me. Imagine you’re all alone and remembering something that made you very happy. Don’t think about the camera.”


Amber smiled and closed her eyes. Ross… Ross makes me happy…


**SNAP** **SNAP**


“Good, Amber. Hold that smile. Open your eyes and lean a little to your left. Tilt your head… there… perfect…” **SNAP** **SNAP** “You have beautiful eyes.” Winston took the camera off of the tripod and walked around the girl. He continued snapping pictures as his eyes roamed over her bare back and stomach. “Good, Amber. Excellent. You’re doing fine.” **SNAP**


Winston continued snapping pictures and instructing Amber in different poses for several minutes. Finally, He put the camera down and opened a bottle of water. “Are you thirsty?” He offered a bottle of water to Amber.


Amber took a long swallow of the cool water. She smiled. “Who would have thought modeling could be such hot work?” She laughed.


Winston nodded and smiled. Hot work indeed… “I think you’ll learn a lot about the photography business over the next several weeks, Amber.” More than you might like, in fact…


After they finished their drinks, Winston ran his hand through his hair. “Okay. Let’s get back to work, Amber. Go ahead and slip out of your shirt and jeans.”


Amber blinked rapidly. “My shirt and jeans?” She played with her bracelets.


Winston nodded. “Sure. I want to take some shots of you in lingerie. You are wearing a bra and panties, I assume?” He laughed.


Amber swallowed hard. “Yes. Of course.”


“Well, then go ahead and slip out of your outer clothing and we’ll get going.”, Winston said with a smile.


Amber stood up and unfastened the knot in her shirt and pulled it down. “I don’t know, Mr. Winston. I didn’t know I was going to be modeling for you and certainly not in my underwear.” This is sick… this guy might be a good photographer but he’s not taking pics of me without my clothes. Lame…


Winston shrugged. “I’m sorry the university wasn’t clear about your out of school assignment, Amber. However, I requested student models for a project I’m putting together on the female form. If you want the extra credits, I’m afraid this is the only way… You’re always free to leave…” He glanced over his shoulder at the door.


Amber looked over at her high heels on the floor. She took a step towards them and stopped. I need the extra credits… he’s a professional photographer… It’s not like I’ll be nude… It’s just like wearing a bikini… He’s an artist…


Winston crossed his arms and watched as Amber looked down at her high heels. He watched her eyes. That’s it, stupid little girl. Reason it through. You need the credits… you’re failing out of university…


Finally, Amber turned towards Winston. “Okay. I’ll be nervous. But, I’ll do it.”


Winston nodded. “Fine. Well then, go ahead and pull your shirt and jeans off. You can put them with your shoes.”


Amber slowly pulled her shirt off and dropped it on top of her high heels. She glanced up at Winston. He was adjusting the camera and appeared to be paying her no attention. She unsnapped her jeans and lowered the zipper. Pushing them down her legs she stepped out of them, dropping them onto the floor. She stood back up and folded her arms over her bra.


Winston looked up. Holy god! The girl was stunning in her pink bra and thong panties. He tried not to stare at her as he quickly assessed her body. Her breasts were huge and appeared to be natural. I knew they were big but look at that cleavage… He quickly looked down her slender stomach. Shapely hips… beautiful navel… He looked between her legs. In the thin thong panties, he could tell she was completely shaved. He looked down her luscious legs… She’s perfect…


Winston cleared his throat. “All right, Amber. Please sit back on the stool.”


Amber slowly walked over and sat on the stool. Her cheeks blushed as she looked down at the floor. I’m wearing my underwear in front of a total stranger… he’s going to take pictures… She frowned. I need the credits…


Winston coughed. “Okay. Look to your right, Amber. Please uncross your hands and fold them in your lap. Good. Now, cross your legs and keep a straight face. I want you to appear to be deep in thought. Forget about the camera…”


Amber looked towards her right. No problem with not smiling… this is weird… lame…


Winston smiled. **SNAP** “Good. Good. Hold that pose… now turn towards me but don’t look at the lens… look over my right shoulder… Excellent.” **SNAP** **SNAP** “Good.” *SNAP**


Amber’s cheeks were flushed and her heart pounded. This is weird…


Winston pulled the camera off the tripod and knelt in front of Amber. “That’s it. Keep looking in that direction… excellent… Now, stand up and turn away from me…” He watched as the cute teenager stood up and turned her back towards him. Her bracelets tinkled. Oh dear lord… Her butt was tight and round. Firm. The thong left very little to the imagination. He zoomed in and took a close up shot. “You’re doing fine, Amber. Now, kneel down. I want you to look like you’re reaching for something… excellent!” **SNAP** As the girl knelt down, Winston zoomed in on her butt. The thong rode low. The top part of her ass crack was on full display. Winston adjusted his crotch. “Good, Amber. You’re doing just fine…”


After several more photographs Winston stopped. He wanted to see the young girl fully nude. However, he didn’t want to press his luck and scare her off. This is just the first session… He looked down at his watch. “Well, Amber. It’s almost eight. I think we’ve done enough for today.” He smiled. “You can get dressed and I’ll see you on Friday.”


Amber stood up and walked over to her clothes. Her bare feet padded silently across the floor. “Okay.” She picked up her shirt and pulled it over her shoulders. She looked at Winston out of the corner of her eye. “I hope I did okay?” She blinked.


Winston pretended to work on the camera. “Yep. Just fine, Amber. I’ll see you Friday… Six o’clock sharp. Don’t be late next time.”


Amber blushed as she pulled up her jeans. “I’m sorry I was late, Mr. Winston. I promise I’ll be here early on Friday.”


Winston nodded as he watched the girl pull on her high heels. “I believe you, Amber.” I really do…


He escorted her to the door and watched as she walked down the stairs. “See ya Friday, Amber.”


“Bye!” Amber hurried out the front door. That was weird … Ross is waiting for me… I’m late…




Winston closed the studio door and rushed over to the camera. “I’ve got to get these pictures developed.” He laughed. Stupid fucking girls… stupid, sexy fucking girls… fuck toys… He laughed out loud.





To be continued (maybe)…


























Aubree’s First Apartment



Part 7




Chapter 17: A Country Retreat



The SUV raced down the highway. Bright afternoon sunlight reflected off the dark tinted windows. Passengers in the other cars on the road had no idea of the drama unfolding within the speeding vehicle. Had they been able to see through the tinted glass, a strange sight would have met their eyes. In the driver’s seat of the SUV sat an older man with thinning white hair and thick glasses. In the seat next to him sat a lovely teenaged girl with tearstained cheeks. The girl was totally nude. Her clothing lay in a crumpled heap in the backseat. Her sadness was a stark contrast to the smiling man behind the wheel.


Observers would certainly wonder at the girl’s state of undress and the vast age difference between the two of them. Questions would be asked. However, the tinted windows blocked all outside eyes and the older man and the naked young girl were isolated within the confines of the speeding vehicle. Alone, although surrounded by people on all sides… the SUV sped into the countryside.




George Smith, dean of Mercham Christian University, turned towards the cringing girl in the passenger’s seat. “Hands down, Ms. Sidney. I’ve told you previously that you are not to attempt to cover yourself when in my presence.” He gripped the steering wheel tightly and pursed his thin lips as the beautiful teenager dropped her hands to her lap.


The sight of the fully nude girl made his heart race. She was a work of feminine perfection. Her long dark hair, deep brown eyes, full lips, delicate neck, large natural breasts, smooth stomach, shaved pussy, long tan legs… right down to her adorable bare toes… everything about her made Smith’s heart leap. And she’s all mine for two whole days… He smiled smugly. This freshly squeezed little tart is all mine… No fumbling, groping little boys for you my dear… You’re all mine to enjoy as I see fit… and I will enjoy you… in every way.


Smith reached into the pocket of his tweed jacket and produced a cell phone. As he glanced down at the girl’s smooth legs, he hit the speed dial…“Hello, Juan…I’m on the way to the house now… Yes… Today… I’ll be there in under two hours… Right, indeed… I have a new pet… Yes… Please make the normal preparations… Be sure everything is in order… You know the routine… I expect everything to be in place… Don’t let me down or you’ll be on the way back to your home country… Remember, you’re here illegally…Goodbye.” He placed the phone back into his jacket and looked down at the naked girl. Placing a hand on her thigh, he eased her legs apart. “Let me see this again, my dear. Don’t be shy.” He smiled at the girl’s timid whimpers. Slipping a finger between her pussy lips, he began to stroke her exposed clitoris. “Perhaps, you need to cum again… Yes, I think so…” He laughed as the girl wept.




The afternoon sun was setting as Smith turned off the highway and onto an isolated country road. He drove down the tree shadowed lane and turned into a large driveway. Stopping at the gate, he lowered his window and punched in the pass code. As the gates opened, he pulled the SUV up the drive. Two days of fun ahead…




As they pulled up the long driveway, Aubree looked at the magnificent gabled house perched on the hill. The setting sun cast long shadows across the lush green grass surrounding the estate. This place is huge… She shivered slightly and was aware of her nudity. Her chin rested on her bare knees as she squeezed her big toes. She glanced over at dean Smith and frowned. “Sir, please may I get my clothes? I’m cold.” She thought of dolphins… the thought of the majestic mammals always comforted her in times of distress… Dolphins swimming free…


Smith looked over at the pouting girl. He sighed with exasperation. “Fine, little crybaby… bra, panties and shirt only. Your pants and shoes are to remain in the backseat. You won’t be needing them.” His eyes roamed over her lovely teenaged body. Adorable.


Aubree quickly leaned over the seat and grabbed her panties, bra and shirt. Smith looked down at her bare butt as she leaned over the seat. I’ll bet that’s tight… He gave her ass a pinch, causing her to jump. Little vixen… He pulled the SUV to a stop in the driveway and switched off the ignition. He looked down at Aubree as she pulled on the skimpy panties with the criss-cross backside. Filthy little girl… He smiled as she pulled on the tight bra and fastened the clip. Barely covers your little nipples… bet you thought some little boy would be enjoying those breasts… too bad… He chuckled as she pulled the t-shirt over her head. The garment came to just below her large breasts, leaving her bare tummy on full display. Adorable… beautiful body…perfect little bellybutton… Smith sighed with satisfaction. A work of art… He looked over at her and stretched. “Welcome home for the next two days, my dear.” He caressed her bare stomach, causing her to squirm in the seat. “Sit still, girl!”


Aubree pulled on the bottom of her shirt and tried to push Smith’s hand away. Suddenly, she saw movement from the house. She watched as a tall dark haired man walked out of the front door. He appeared to be Hispanic. He smiled at the SUV revealing bright, white teeth.


Smith nodded in his direction. He turned towards Aubree. “Ah… Juan… my house servant. He manages the property in my absence.”


Aubree looked at the clean shaven man standing on the porch. He wore black pants, a long sleeved white shirt and black vest. His short dark hair was oiled and groomed immaculately. She felt her heart flutter. He’s handsome… muscular… young… She trembled slightly. She shot a glance at Smith. “Please… sir… please… may I have my jeans and shoes? Please…” Her eyes darted back to the porch. He’s cute… I’m not dressed! She swallowed hard. Her face flushed.


Smith chuckled. “Not a chance, Ms. Sidney. You will remain as you are. Any further back talk and you’ll be stripping back out of your shirt and undergarments. Would you like to be nude again?” He smiled.


Aubree shivered. “No.” Dolphins… swimming free… Her eyes were riveted on Juan. I want go home…


Dean Smith pulled the keys out of the ignition and stepped out of the SUV, slamming the door shut. He cracked his knuckles and casually strode across the driveway.


Aubree watched as he walked over to the front porch and said something to Juan. He motioned at the SUV and smiled, looking over his shoulder. Juan nodded and looked through the window at Aubree.


Aubree crossed her arms over her breasts and shivered. What did he say? Why is Juan looking at me?


She watched as Smith walked into the house and closed the door behind himself. Her eyes shot back to Juan. He was still looking at her… He stepped off the porch and approached the SUV.


Aubree watched him walk across the driveway. He’s coming… to get me out of the truck… She looked at his dark eyes. He was staring through the windshield at her as he approached the vehicle. Oh god! I’m not wearing pants! The panties Winston made me wear are open in the back! My butt isn’t covered! I need my jeans! She quickly leaned over the seat, grasping for her jeans. I’m not dressed… As she fumbled for her pants, she heard Juan open the SUV door.


“Ms. Aubree?” His accent was thick… Hispanic…


Aubree dropped her jeans and quickly turned back around, sinking into the seat. Did he see my butt? She couldn’t look up at him. She sat with her hands folded in her lap. Her heart pounded. She stared at her bare toes. Dolphins…


Juan leaned into the vehicle. “Ms. Aubree?” He slowly reached for her arm.


Aubree felt like melting away. She gripped her shirt and looked down at her feet. “What? What do you want?” She felt his hand on her elbow.


“Please come with me, Ms. Aubree. Mr. Smith has asked that I show you to your room.” He tugged on her elbow. “Please step out of the truck.”


Aubree risked a glance at him. His eyes were locked on her bare legs. Don’t look at me … She shook slightly. “I just want to get my jeans… can you hold on a moment?”


Juan shook his head. “No. I’m afraid not, Ms. Aubree.” His eyes traveled over her bare stomach and large breasts. “Mr. Smith was specific in saying that you were not to get your jeans. He said you might try. You must remain as you are. I’m sorry.” He squeezed her elbow.


Aubree felt sick. “Why can’t I get my jeans? I’m cold. Please?” She looked up at him with pleading eyes.


Juan shook his head and looked down at her. “I’m afraid not, Ms. Aubree. Please come with me. I’ll show you to your room.” He eased her from the vehicle.


Aubree slowly stepped out of the SUV. The pavement felt warm on her bare feet. She tried to pull her arm away from Juan but his grasp was firm. He closed the SUV door and stared down at her. “Please don’t resist, Ms. Aubree. I don’t wish to make you more uncomfortable than necessary.” He extended a hand towards the front porch. “Please?”


Aubree felt a mix of emotions. Embarrassment, shame, helplessness… above all, helplessness. Dolphins… in the ocean… free… She tried to pull away from Juan’s grasp but his grip was tight. He’s bruising my arm! She winced.


Juan led her across the driveway. He stared down at her open backed panties, drinking in her exposed ass crack. Ignorant American girls. Spoiled pampered brats. Bueno para nada más que sexo… He admired her firm buttocks. Muy Hermosa… It is good that I work for a man like dean Smith… He smiled as he guided her up the steps and through the front door. Ignorante prostituta… Voy a disfrutar viendo su vergüenza. He suppressed an urge to laugh.




As they entered the house, Aubree glanced nervously around. The main entryway was large and tiled. Statues lined the walls. A spiraling staircase led up to the second level of the mansion. The place was quiet. There was no sign of dean Smith. Juan guided her towards the stairs. “This way, Ms. Aubree.”


Aubree allowed Juan to lead her up the staircase. Her buttocks felt cold and exposed through the criss-cross backed panties. Goosebumps rose over her exposed tummy. I’m practically nude… Juan continued to squeeze her right arm as he pulled her up the stairs. However, her left arm was free and she reached for her shirt, attempting to pull it down. Why did Winston make me wear this shirt? She felt sick. Bastard… Her toes were cold. She looked up at Juan. He was looking down at her ample breasts. He made no attempt to conceal his lustful gaze. Stop looking at me that way! Her cheeks flushed. I want to go home…


As they reached the top of the staircase, Juan led her down a long hallway and to a closed door. Taking out a large set of keys, he unlocked the door and pulled it open. Beyond the door was another flight of narrow stairs leading up to the third level. He pushed her forward. “Up the stairs, Ms. Aubree.” She slowly stepped forward. She jumped as Juan placed a large hand on her butt. His fingers probed her exposed buttocks, revealed by the open backed panties. “Hurry along please, Ms. Aubree.” She tried to push his hand away. “Please don’t touch me.”


Juan laughed and pulled his hand out of her panties. “Many apologies, Ms. Aubree. Please continue…” He motioned her forward.


Aubree slowly walked up the stairs. Suddenly Juan didn’t seem so cute anymore. She was frightened. Momma and Daddy in Reed… Dolphins… At the top of the staircase was a narrow hallway. Juan urged her forward. At the end of the hallway they stopped outside of a large white door which Aubree immediately noticed was bolted from the outside.  Juan unfastened the large bolt and pulled the door open. He glanced down at her. “In here please.”


Aubree stepped into the small room. The wood floor was cold. A single fluorescent ceiling light cast a dim illumination over the small room. Aubree looked around nervously. A small bed sat in the center of the room. The thin mattress was uncovered. Chains hung from the headboard. A toilet sat in the corner. There were no windows. It’s a prison cell!!! Aubree was suddenly terrified. She turned to run but Juan caught her in his strong grasp. “Hold on, Ms. Aubree… Don’t be foolish… where do you intend to run?” He pulled her towards himself and wrapped his arms over her midsection. He leaned down close to her ear. “Ten calma mi putita”, he whispered.


Aubree went limp with fear. Oh god… Oh god…


Juan smiled and eased her across the small room. His fingers slipped under her tight shirt. “That’s better. Come along, Ms. Aubree.” He pushed her down onto the bed. “Don’t be stupid, Ms. Aubree. There is no where to run. You are now the possession of Mr. Smith.” He sat down on the bed next to her. His hands were under her shirt, squeezing her breasts. “You should cooperate, Ms. Aubree. It will be much less painful.” He pinched her nipples through her bra.  Niña Foolish… He continued to massage her ample breasts for several seconds.


Aubree closed her eyes and thought of her parents. Their faces were clear in her mind. Momma and Daddy… Juan’s probing fingers found their way beneath her bra… She squirmed and tried to push him away. ‘Stop it!”


Finally, Juan stood up and looked down at her. He smiled smugly. “Strip.”


His one word command hit her like a ton of bricks. She looked up at him with wide eyes. No!!!


His smile broadened. “Strip down, Ms. Aubree. Hand me each article of clothing as you remove them.” Pronto voy a disfrutar de su cuerpo joven…


Aubree looked up at Juan. She was ashamed. “I don’t want…”


Juan slapped her. “Undress, Ms. Aubree. Please don’t make me have to strip you by force.” He smiled politely. Te veré desnuda…


Aubree held a small hand over her red cheek. He slapped me… She swallowed hard. I’m Fuck Toy… again…


Juan grabbed the bottom of her shirt. “We’ll have this right off, Ms. Aubree.” He lifted the shirt over her head and pulled it completely off. He stared down at the trembling teenager in her red panties and bra. American whore… “Get your underclothes off.” He snapped his fingers. Chica idiota…


Aubree glanced around the small room. She slowly unfastened her bra and let it fall off her arms. She felt Juan’s eyes on her naked breasts. Without looking at him, she hitched her fingers into her panties and lowered them down her legs. Not again…


Juan collected her clothing and stood up. “Thank you. I appreciate your cooperation.” His lustful eyes roamed over her nude body. Filthy little American whore… white girl… I’ll enjoy you later… Her firm breasts made his cock erect. He wanted to throw her across the bed and enjoy her ass. However, he refrained. He knew dean Smith would be watching through the hidden camera. I’ll have you later, white bitch… Not now… He threw her clothes into the hallway and grabbed the back of her neck. “Lay down with your face on the mattress.” He pushed her forward. “Face down.”


Aubree allowed him to push her onto the mattress. She was afraid. Dolphins… free…


Juan admired Aubree’s bare ass. Excellent… a tight fit, I’m sure… American whore… You’ve never had a Columbian cock… He grabbed her wrists and pulled them up. He grabbed the manacles hanging from the headboard and locked her wrists into place. “Stay face down and stop squirming.” Grabbing her ankles, he stretched them out and fastened the ankle irons onto her feet. He stood back and admired the nude girl lying chained, face down on the bed. Stupid little American whore… He had seen these foolish girls come and go. Dean Smith seemed to have a new one every month. Juan had enjoyed them all. Aubree would be no different. It is good that I work for a man like dean Smith… He smiled and looked up at the hidden camera. He gave a thumbs up. It’s your turn now, Smith… I will have her later… when you are sleeping and unaware…


Juan walked out of the room and shut the door. He slammed the bolt in place. I’ll see you soon… American tramp…




Chapter 18: A Voyeur with a Belt


Dean Smith sat in the surveillance room and watched the monitors on the wall. He had watched as Juan led Aubree to the upstairs room. The room where he kept all his young pets. He enjoyed watching Juan strip the helpless teenager and chain her to the bed. He took a long drag on his cigar and sipped his drink. He zoomed the camera in on Aubree as she lay face down, chained to the bed. “Lovely. Simply adorable.” He frowned as Juan fondled the nude girl. I’ll bet that filthy spic has been taking liberties with all my girls… He took a long swallow on his whiskey. He stared hard at the monitor as Juan closed and bolted the door. For the next several minutes, Smith watched the now completely naked Aubree as she strained against her restraints. Ignorant little girl…


The was a quiet tap on the door. He looked over his shoulder. “Come in, Juan.” He looked back up at the monitor as Juan stepped into the room.


Juan stood in the corner and folded his hands. Smith exhaled cigar smoke. Without looking at Juan he said, “I think I’ll have steak for dinner. Medium rare with a baked potato.”


Juan nodded. “Yes, sir.” He left the room and closed the door silently.


Smith leaned back in the chair and stared at the video monitor. He massaged his stiff member through his trousers. Before dinner, I think I’ll give young Aubree a good strapping. Well deserved. Smith broke the ash off his cigar and downed the last of his drink. As he walked out of the surveillance room, he unfastened his belt.




Aubree lay, trembling on the bed. Her hands and feet were secured by large chains. She was helpless. The mattress stank of urine and sweat. She shivered. Suddenly, she heard the bolt being thrown open and dean Smith stepped into the room. She strained to look over her shoulder. He stood in the doorway. A belt hung limply in his hand. “Hello, Ms. Sidney. I trust you are pleased with the accommodations?”


Aubree struggled against the thick chains. “Please let me go!”


Smith smiled. “Not a chance. Lesson number one begins now.” He stepped forward and raised the belt above his head. “This will hurt you more than it does me.” He laughed as he brought the belt down hard across her buttocks. Aubree screamed in pain as Smith savagely beat her bare bottom. After several hard blows across her backside, he paused.


“This is how unruly, undisciplined little girls learn.” Smith bent forward and ran his hand over her reddening buttocks. He stood back up and flexed the belt in his hands. “Are you learning Ms. Sidney?”


Aubree could only whimper as Smith raised the belt again. CRACK!! The belt came down. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK!


Aubree strained against the chains. Her wrists were numb and her butt felt like it was on fire from the harsh beating. Tears ran down her face. “Please stop!”


Finally, Smith threw the belt over his shoulder. He looked down at her bruised backside. “I hope you are learning, Ms. Sidney. Your recent behavior warrants this harsh discipline.” He listened as the teenager cried into the mattress. He reached into his pocket and produced a small suppository. He smiled. “Here’s a little something to loosen you up a little.” He sat down on the bed and pulled her cheeks apart. He shoved the suppository into her rectum. “Enjoy.” He smiled as he left the room, closing the door behind himself.


Aubree lay on the bed. Her buttocks were on fire. The suppository began to dissolve in her rectum causing her to squirm. Suddenly the light went off. She lay in complete blackness, weeping.





Chapter 19: A Change of Plans / Amber Apologizes



Winston sat on his bed staring down at the pictures scattered across the mattress. He picked up one of his favorites. Amber is such a lovely treat… He stared hard at the picture of the cute young girl in lingerie. I bet she has some big nipples… and I’m sure she’s a natural blonde. He stroked his stiff cock and moaned.


He glanced down at his watch. Eight thirty. He looked out the darkened window and briefly thought of Aubree and smiled. I bet dean Smith is having fun with our little Fuck Toy about now… He looked back down at the pictures of Amber. Thursday night is such a long time to wait… He glanced at his watch again. Fuck it… I’m in charge and it’s high time Amber learns it.


Picking up his phone he hit the speed dial. After several rings, the sweet voice of Amber Anderson came through on the other end. “Hello?”


Winston smiled and massaged is erection. “Hello, Amber. This is Mr. Winston. How are you?”


There was a pause. “I’m fine. How are you?” Amber sounded nervous and uncertain.


Winston continued. “I’m afraid something has come up and I won’t be available for our Thursday night lesson.”


“Okay.” Amber paused again. “I guess I’ll just see you next Tuesday then?”


Winston slowly squeezed his penis and fought the urge to moan as pre cum oozed from the head. “Well, I would say so… However, I’m afraid you won’t get full credit for this week’s lessons. You know dean Smith instructed you to work in the studio two nights each week.” He feigned regret. “I would really hate for you to lose credit on account of me.” He continued to stroke his slick cock.


Amber sounded concerned. “Yes. That would suck. I’m really counting on these extra credits. My Dad will kill me if I flunk out of Mercham. Can’t we reschedule for another day?”


Winston hesitated. Suddenly, sounding as if a new idea had just occurred to him, he continued. “Well, you know… I’m free tomorrow evening. Can you be at the studio at 6 PM tomorrow night?”


“I don’t know. I have a date with Ross tomorrow night. I’d hate to break it. He’s already pissed about the whole Tuesday and Thursday thing as it is…” Amber sighed. “This blows…”


“Well, if you can’t make it that’s fine, Amber. No pressure.”, Winston said. His voice was smooth and calm. He continued to massage his penis.


After several seconds, Amber spoke again. “Okay… okay… tomorrow is good. I’ll make it up to Ross.”


Winston repressed the urge to laugh. “Good. 6 PM at the studio tomorrow night. See you then, Amber. Goodbye.”


He smiled broadly as he placed the phone on the matress. Looking back down at the pictures spread in front of him, he stroked himself harder. Tonight a little imagination. Tomorrow the real deal… His hand worked faster as semen sprayed onto the bed.






Amber dropped her phone into her purse and looked up at Ross. “I’m sorry, baby. It’s for school.” She batted her big eyes at him. “Forgive me?”


Ross slammed his fist on the table. “Damn it, Amber! I always come last!” He walked over to the window and stared out into the darkness fuming. “I don’t even know who this photographer is and why do you have to see him twice a week?”


Amber watched as Ross stared out the window. Her heart swelled with love. She stood up and walked over standing directly behind him. She reached around and caressed his chest. “Baby, we talked about this already. Without the extra credit I’ll flunk out of college. You know that will ruin everything.” She squeezed him tightly allowing her breasts to press against his back while resting her cheek on his broad shoulders. “Forgive me?” She dropped a small hand to his crotch and gently massaged his cock through his jeans. “I’ll make it up to you.” She squeezed his penis. “Promise.”


Ross exhaled and leaned forward. “Damn it, Amber… what kind of work are you doing at this studio? He’s not taking pictures of you… Is he?”


Amber blushed. She was happy Ross couldn’t see her face. “No, baby! No! It’s not like I’m modeling for him. I’m working in the studio. You know I’m majoring in art. This is a good opportunity for me and it will allow me to get the extra credits I need. That’s all, baby… nothing else…” Amber felt ashamed. I’m lying to Ross… She squeezed his penis tighter. Her delicate fingers found his zipper and slowly pulled it down. “Please, baby. Don’t be mad.” She slipped a finger into his jeans and traced his stiff penis through his underwear with her long fingernail. “Don’t be mad, baby.”


Ross looked down as Amber knelt in front of him. He watched as she lowered his jeans and underwear down his legs. “Amber, I just worry about you sweetie… I think you should be…” His voice trailed off as Amber took his erect manhood into her warm mouth. His anger slowly melted away.


Amber looked up at Ross through her long lashes. She felt his cock becoming engorged in her mouth. She pressed her lips tightly on his penis and took him fully down her throat. She massaged his testicles in her palm. It’s just a little white lie… no harm will come from it… She continued to suck as Ross moaned.





Chapter 20: A Large Nail in a Small Hole



Aubree awoke suddenly. The room was black. Pitch black. She was cold and her buttocks ached from the hard spanking she had received earlier. She strained against the chains on her wrists and ankles. She looked over her shoulder, squinting into the inky blackness. I can’t even see the door! Where am I? What time is it? I have to go number two! She clenched her buttocks together, repressing the urge to use the bathroom. The suppository dean Smith had placed into her rectum was working. Her stomach churned. I have to go number two! Bad!!!


Aubree screamed. “Help!!!!! Please!!!! Help!!!” She screamed until she was hoarse and her throat ached. She was greeted with only silence. “PLEASE HELP!!!” Her heart raced. Minutes passed. Finally, unable to hold it any longer, Aubree expelled her bowels and bladder. She lay face down on the mattress, unable to move. The smell of her own feces and urine filled her nostrils. She gagged. She fell into a fitful sleep in her own excrement.


After an unknown lapse of time, Aubree awoke again. The sound of the bolt being released on the door was loud in the darkness of the still room. She glanced weakly over her shoulder. Please help me… She watched as the door was pulled open. The dark shape of Juan was outlined against the bright light rushing into the room. She tried to speak but her mouth and throat were dry. Help me…


Aubree strained to look over her shoulder. She watched as Juan stepped into the room. The fluorescent overhead light came on. She closed her eyes against the brightness. Finally, she found her voice again. “Please help me…”, she croaked weakly.


Juan stepped into the room and stood with one hand on his hip and the other over his nose and mouth. “You filthy little American whore.” He shook his head in disgust. “Crapping and pissing on yourself like an animal. Filthy girl. Puta Asqueroso.”


Aubree pressed her face into the mattress and wept. “I tried to call for help. Where were you? I can’t move! What do you want me to do?” She was slobbering and snot ran down her nose.


Juan gagged and spit. “Shut up, American whore.” He stepped forward slowly. Pulling a set of keys from his belt, he bent forward. He paused. “I’m going to unchain you now, filthy whore. Don’t try anything stupid.” He slapped the back of her head. “You hear me, American girl?”


Aubree felt sick. “Yes. I hear you. I promise to behave.”


Juan smiled as he unfastened the manacles from Aubree’s wrists and ankles. “Stand up, filthy American whore.”


He watched as Aubree stood up. She massaged her aching wrists and stared down at the floor. Juan glanced down at the soiled mattress. “You’ll be cleaning that up, filthy American whore.”


Aubree didn’t look up. “Okay….”


Juan grabbed her elbow. “Let’s get you cleaned up first, filthy slut.” He pulled her forward out of the room. Aubree allowed him to pull her into the hallway.


He guided the nude girl down the hall to another doorway. Flipping on the light, he pushed her inside. Aubree glanced around, nervously.  They were in a large shower room. White tiles lined the walls and floors. Several showerheads protruded from the wall. A large drain was in the center of the room. Juan quickly twisted the nozzle on one of the showers. He pushed the naked girl underneath water. “Clean yourself up, whore.”


Aubree shivered beneath the ice cold spray. She quickly jumped out of the water. “It’s cold! Please… I need warm water!”


Juan slapped her. “Shut up, slut. You will wash yourself in cold water like a pig… like the pig you are.” He shoved her back into the shower spray. “Clean yourself now. Whore.” He stepped back, brushing water droplets from his shirt. He looked back at Aubree. “Wash yourself! Now! Little pig!”


Aubree slowly stepped beneath the cold water. She ran her hands over her goosebump covered flesh. Her teeth chattered. I’m freezing… She bent forward, allowing the cold water to run over her exposed buttocks…. Washing away the filth. I’m Fuck Toy… whore…pig…slut…


Juan leaned against the doorway. His eyes roamed over the nude teenager as she scrubbed herself beneath the cold water. Her nipples were hard and protruding. He could see the goosebumps rising over her bare flesh. He watched as she turned away from him. Her buttocks looked firm… tight… as she bent forward, he stared at her tight sphincter which seemed to wink at him. Voy a poner mi pene en allí.


Aubree continued to scrub herself. She gritted her teeth against the bitter cold water. She knew what was coming next and she wanted to delay it as long as possible. She made a show of washing herself thoroughly.


Finally, Juan stepped forward and turned off the water. “That’s enough, American whore.”


Aubree took a step backwards. She crossed her arms over her breasts and stared down at her bare toes. The sound of water dripping was loud in the silent room. Juan stared at her. Aubree’s heart pounded in her chest. She looked up at him and realized her complete helplessness… Taking a shot in the dark, Aubree ventured, “I’m tired. I need sleep.”


Juan smiled. “No. Not yet… filthy whore.”


Aubree suddenly needed to pee. “I’m really tired, Juan. And cold… I think I’m…”


Juan waved his hand in the air. “Shut up, slut.”


Aubree fell silent. Her heart pounded. “Please, Juan… I ….”


Juan smiled. “Get on all fours… Like a dog… bend over…”


Tears started in Aubree’s eyes. “Why… Why?”


Juan grinned. “You know… filthy whore…”


Aubree bit her bottom lip. She looked at Juan with pleading eyes. “Please… don‘t call me those names.” Dolphins…


He shook his head. “Shut up and get on your hands and knees. Stick that tight little ass in the air. I’m going to fuck you like the American whore you are.” Puedo controlar ahora. Prostituta. “In your ass.”


Aubree considered her options. She glanced nervously over Juan’s shoulder. “What about dean Smith? Where is he? Does he know you’re doing this to me?” She thought of screaming for help.


Juan laughed. “He’s drunk and passed out, stupid cunt. He knows nothing.” He stepped towards her. “Now, get on your hands and knees.” He raised his fist and appeared to be about to strike her. “NOW!!!”


Aubree swallowed hard. She slowly sank to her hands and knees. “Please don’t do this, Juan. Let me suck you. Okay?” She looked over her shoulder. Tears ran down her cheeks.


Juan shrugged. “Okay, whore. Let’s see how good that mouth works.” He unzipped his trousers and pulled out his cock.


Aubree gasped as she looked at Juan’s penis. Only beginning to stiffen, it was already at least nine inches. It was huge and growing by the second. He walked around and stood in front of her. She stared up at him.


Juan grabbed his growing erection and thrust it against her mouth. “Open up, slut.” Putita.



Aubree parted her lips and allowed Juan to slip his cock into her mouth. She gagged as he inserted himself fully. The bulbous head of his cock hit the back of her throat. He thrust against her.


“You have one minute to suck me off, bitch. If you fail, I will put it in your filthy little ass. One way or another…” De una forma u otra. Juan grinned.


Aubree started sucking. She pressed her lips tightly on his thick shaft. Her tongue raced across his now fully erect cock. She moved her head up and down. She made exaggerated slurping noises. Please cum… please cum… She cupped his large testicles in her palm, massaging them. Please cum… please!!!


Juan’s eyes rolled back in his head. He closed his eyes and sighed. Grabbing Aubree’s hair, he pushed his cock completely into her mouth. He began to pump. He was face fucking her. I’m fucking your face, American whore… mi esclava sexual…


Aubree pulled his cock out of her mouth and started stroking him vigorously with her hand. Please cum… Please cum!!! She took him back into her lips. Her head bobbed up and down. I have an eyelash in my eye… I’m Fuck Toy… She looked up at Juan. Please cum!!! He was staring down at her. He tapped his wrist watch. “You’re out of time, whore.”


Aubree allowed his cock to slip out of her mouth and down her chin. “No… give me another minute!” She gripped his penis and pulled him towards her mouth.


Juan shook his head. “No. Your mouth isn’t working for me. You American whores don’t know how to suck dick. You’re too pampered and spoiled. I think the only way I can get satisfaction will be with your ass. Your ass can’t complain or beg…” He laughed and backhanded her savagely. “Turn around and spread your cheeks.”


Aubree felt ill as she held her hand over her cheek. “No, Juan. Please… you’re too big. Let me try to make you cum in my mouth. Okay?” She stared at his now fully erect penis. It was at least twelve inches and as hard as a rock.


Juan placed a foot on her forehead. “No. I think not.” He gave her a hard push causing her to collapse onto the floor in a fetal position. He laughed. “That’s right. American whore. You lay there. Flat on your stomach.” Filthy little dog…


Aubree rolled onto her stomach and lay flat on the cold wet floor. She watched Juan out of her peripheral vision as he pulled his trousers off. He stood over her for a moment, stroking his stiff cock. “Spread your butt. Now!!”


Aubree slowly pulled her buttocks apart. “Please, Juan. Don’t make me…” She stopped in mid sentence as Juan knelt down on top of her. He spat into his palm and greased his cock. Aubree shuddered. “Please don’t… you’re too big…”


Juan placed the tip of his engorged penis on her tight little opening. “Stop begging, whore. I will fuck you in the ass. If you knew how to suck cock this wouldn’t have to happen.” He thrust himself fully into her small hole. “Whore.”


Aubree screamed. The pain was intense as Juan pumped her tight anus… “Stop! Please… It’s too big!!!” It hurts… “Ow!!  Stop!! Ow!! It hurts!!! Please stop!!!”


Juan laughed at the helpless girl’s pleading. “Shut up. Stupid little whore.”


Aubree tried to push him away. “Ouch! Stop it!!! Please, Juan!!! It’s too big. Stop!!!” She gritted her teeth. “Please don’t put it all the way in… please!”


Juan continued to thrust. Harder and harder against her jiggling butt. He smiled as she tried to push him away. He slapped her hands away. “Take it, whore. Your ass is mine now!” He pulled her buttocks apart and pushed deeper.


Aubree squealed in pain. “Ouch.. Oh… AAAAH…. Stop it! Please! You’re too big!” Water dripped down her back. “Please!!” She tried again to push him away. “Are you ready to cum? Please take it out. Cum in my mouth. Okay?”


Juan remained silent. He continued to push himself in and out of her butt. Stupid little American tramp… slut…


Aubree was crying like a little child. “Ouch!!! Ohhh!!! Stop!! Please!” Each thrust of his penis felt like a missile in her rectum. “Pleasssse!!!” I need to use the bathroom… His thick cock continued to pump her ass making her feel like crapping.


Juan pushed her face against floor. “I’m going to cum now, bitch. I am going to shoot into your ass.”


Aubree screamed in pain. “Please! Yes! Please cum!” Just stop fucking me!


Juan sucked in air and pressed her buttocks together against his shaft. “I’m cumming now!” He exploded into her rectum. “Uggghhhhhhh….” After several seconds, Juan collapsed on top of her. The final spurts of semen sprayed into her tight opening. He slowly pulled his large cock out of the quivering girl’s ass. His cock was slick with blood and semen… He laughed. “In my country we have a saying… Un clavo grande en un pequeño agujero es siempre un ajuste apretado.” He stood up and looked down at her. “You are a very small hole.”


Aubree continued to lay face down on the floor. She watched as Juan pulled on his trousers. Please go away…


After he buckled his pants, Juan stood with his hands on his hips. He stared down at the nude teenager. “It is my understanding that you will be with us until Thursday. You should be ready for this again… I become lustful often.” He leaned forward and grabbed Aubree’s elbow. “Stand up now, whore. Stop your whimpering. Let’s get you back to your room. I think you have some shit to clean up…”


Aubree cried as Juan led her forcefully down the hallway.





To be continued….




















Aubree’s First Apartment



Part 8




Chapter 21: A Bedtime Story for Aubree



Juan leaned against the door and watched as Aubree cleaned up her soiled bed. His eyes roamed over her naked body, drinking in every detail of her youthful beauty. He smiled as she bent forward, revealing the tight anus he had just enjoyed. Estúpida puta. Ella es muy bonita sin embargo. No puedo esperar para disfrutar de ella de Nuevo. Juan laughed.


He stared at her large breasts as they swayed back and forth, bobbing from side to side as she scrubbed the vinyl mattress. He cracked his knuckles. “That’s good, ignorant girl. The bed is clean enough for your filthy little ass.” He glanced down at his watch. “Wait here.”


Aubree sat on the edge of the bed and crossed her arms over her bare tummy. She watched as Juan vanished down the hallway, leaving her alone momentarily. Pulling her knees up underneath her chin, she grasped her ankles and closed her eyes. She thought of dolphins. Swimming free… I’m free… or… I was free… Opening her eyes, she glanced at the door. She briefly thought of making a break for it but reconsidered as Juan reappeared in the doorway. I hate him… She squeezed her big toes and looked at the floor.


Juan stepped into the room and thrust a bundle of clothing at Aubree. “Get dressed, little whore. Dean Smith will be expecting you in his chambers soon.” He snapped his fingers. “Hurry up.” He looked at his watch.


Aubree picked up the bundle of clothes and shook them out. She held the shirt in front of her. It was blue with pictures of teddy bears and had large buttons. Really? She looked back at Juan. “These are pajamas… for a little girl… I can’t fit into these.” She gave him a hateful look.


Juan nodded and grinned. “Try them, American slut. They will fit or, I will make something of mine fit into you.” He squeezed his crotch and winked at her.


Aubree felt a chill. I hate you. Her eyes narrowed with anger. She stood up slowly, aware that Juan was watching her. His eyes weren’t on her face. She quickly picked up the pajama bottoms and pulled them over her bare feet. They were small and tight, made for a little girl… They have to fit! Aubree pulled the bottoms up over her waist. She struggled to fasten the top button. These are way too small! She picked up the shirt and pulled it over her shoulders. She buttoned up the front as quickly as possible. She looked up at Juan. “ok”, she said meekly. I hate you… I’ll kick you in the balls…


Juan laughed out loud as he looked at Aubree in the ridiculous outfit. The pajama bottoms were so small that her legs were exposed from the knees down. The shirt came to just above her bellybutton and her large breasts appeared to be about to spring free from the flimsy material. “Un ajuste perfecto!”, he laughed. “Come with me, American whore.” He motioned her towards the door. He pinched her firm butt as she walked by, causing her to jump. “Move it!” He pushed her into the hallway. He noticed the quick look of hatred which flashed across her face… A quién le importa? Es posible que me odian, pero yo tengo el poder.



Aubree slowly walked down the staircase. Juan followed her down, ogling her body the entire way. His eyes roamed over her long hair and down her back. He drank in the smooth skin revealed beneath the hem of the tight fitting shirt. He admired her ass as it swayed back and forth with each step. Ever her bare toes aroused him. Niña americanos en su pijama. Tan lindo. “Hurry up.” He pushed her forward. “Dean Smith is waiting.”




Aubree shivered as they approached the large door. Juan laughed. “The dean is waiting, little one.” He knocked quietly on the oaken door. “Mr. Smith?”, Juan spoke timidly.


After a moment, dean Smith’s voice came from the other side of the closed door. “Yes, Juan. Bring my little baby girl in…”


Aubree frowned as Juan opened the large door. Stop calling me a baby! I’m eighteen! I’m not a baby… She pulled up on the small pajama shirt, trying to cover her exposed tummy. I’m not a baby… I’m a grown woman… She allowed Juan to pull her into the dimly lit room. He led her forward several paces and motioned her to stop.


Aubree looked around as her eyes adjusted to the dim light. The room had an arched ceiling. Thick curtains hung over the windows. A large, king sized bed sat in the center of the chamber. A small lamp burned beside the bed, giving off the only light in the cavernous room. Aubree’s eyes came to rest on dean Smith. He lay on the bed amidst large cushions. He wore only a robe which was open in the front. His flaccid penis hung against his pale thigh in plain view. In his hand he held an open book. His spectacles rested on his nose. He curled a finger in Aubree’s direction. “Come here, little baby girl.” He lowered his white eyebrows and pursed his thin lips.


He glanced at Juan. “You may leave. You’ve had your fun and we will discuss your lustful behavior in the morning.” He pointed at the door.


Juan nodded. “Okay, Mr. Smith. I apologize if I did something wrong…”


Smith laughed and pushed his glasses up onto his nose. “Leave us, Juan.”


Aubree listened as Juan closed the door quietly. I hate you… asshole. Her eyes were locked on dean Smith. He looked disgusting as he lay on the bed with his robe apart and his penis hanging limply against his thigh. She watched as he sat up on his elbow and adjusted his glasses. He stared at her in her small pajamas. He licked his lips.


“Hello, Ms. Sidney. I trust that Juan has shown you to your accommodations for the next two days?” Smith ran his fingers through his thinning, white hair. His eyes roamed over her pajamas, lingering on the large buttons on her shirt which appeared to be about to burst. Her ample cleavage pressed against the thin material. He pulled off his glasses and wiped them on his robe before pushing them back onto his nose. Getting steamy in here…


Aubree folded her hands over her stomach. She placed one bare foot over the other and looked down. “Yes. He showed me my room.” She paused for effect. “Then, he raped me.” She shot a glance at dean Smith’s eyes. Her heart raced. “He raped me. How is this okay with you? You.. A teacher… dean of our university… He raped me, dean Smith!” She pulled on the pajama top, embarrassed. This shirt is too small…


Smith’s face reddened as he leapt off the bed like a tiger and slapped Aubree across the face. She collapsed, weeping. He stood over the cringing girl as she lay on the floor. “Raped you? Raped you?” He placed a bare foot on Aubree’s neck. “Raped you?” He pressed her head against the floor with his foot. “Raped you? Come again, Ms. Sidney…”


Aubree held her hands over her face. “Please stop it! I’m sorry…” He’s powerful and fast… how can he be so strong? He’s old…


Smith reached down and slapped her hard across the buttocks. “What were you saying, girl?” He slapped her butt again. “Something about rape?” He pinched her ass through the thin pajama bottoms. “You submitted willingly from what I saw… there was no rape… Why do you insult my domestic help?”


Aubree squealed in pain and fear. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! He didn’t rape me! I was just joking…” Her heart pounded with fear. How did he see anything? There must be cameras…She clenched her bare toes as tears ran down her cheeks. I’m weak… Fuck Toy…


Dean Smith stood up and placed his hands over his hips, pulling his robe apart. His penis was beginning to twitch and enlarge. He took a step back. “There. Now that’s the truth, baby girl. You shouldn’t joke about serious matters.” He prodded her with his toe. “Get up.”


Aubree slowly rose to her feet. Smith pointed at the bed. “Lay on your back. On the bed.”


He watched as the trembling teenager lay on the bed. He was enamored by her youthful beauty. Her long hair cascaded over her shoulders. Her tearstained cheeks looked smooth and delicate. She raised her hands to her face, weeping quietly. The sound of her crying made his cock stiffen. He squeezed his growing penis as his eyes traveled down the front of her tight fitting pajamas. Her large breasts pushed against the thin fabric threatening to burst free from the clinging material. Her smooth tummy was fully exposed down to the top of the pajama bottoms which clung to her hips like a wet towel. She had only managed to fasten one button on the tiny pajama bottoms. As she raised her knees, the bottoms parted in the front, revealing her trim pubic patch. His eyes moved down her legs and past the pajamas to her bare shins and adorable ankles. Her bare feet and perfectly proportioned toes made him fully erect.


Dean Smith squeezed his now stiff cock and smiled. Little baby… little baby girl… Walking over to the bed, he sat down next to her. He stuck a finger through the part in her pajama bottoms, tracing her shaved pubic hair. “Little baby… just a little baby…” His finger traced her slit. “My little baby girl…”, he cooed.


Aubree instinctively pushed his hand away. “Don’t do that…” She crossed her legs. She almost gagged as she looked at his erection. Gross.


Smith sat up and frowned down at the cringing girl. “Are you telling me what to do, little baby?” He inserted a thin finger into the crease in her pajama bottoms.


Aubree closed her eyes. Not again… maybe I really am fuck toy… Just a little girl to be enjoyed by men… I think so… She squeezed her eyelids together tightly. NO!!!! Aubree jumped up, pushing Smith’s probing fingers out of her pajama bottoms. She rolled off the bed and ran into the corner. She crossed her arms over her body like a cornered animal.


Her heart pounded with rage. “GET OFF ME PERVERT!!! YOU’RE A PERVERT!!!”, she screamed. She pulled on the skimpy pajamas and crossed her hands over her chest. “STAY AWAY!!!” Stop looking at me, pervert!!!


Dean Smith was momentarily shocked. He smiled and took his glasses off. “Well… our little baby has a voice… a loud one at that…” He stood up. “Indeed…” He laughed.


Aubree glanced at the closed bedroom door and back at dean Smith. “Stay away from me. I want to go home. I’m leaving.” She took a step towards the door. “You can’t make me stay. That would be kidnapping…”


Smith made a show of wiping his eyes, mocking her. “Oh no! Our little baby girl is leaving… Uh oh!”


Aubree blushed with anger. “You’re a damned freak… a pervert! I won’t tolerate this anymore! I’m going home.” She slowly walked around the bed towards the closed bedroom door. “Just stay away. I don’t like you.” She pointed at dean Smith, extending her finger, threateningly. Freak! “Stay away from me!”


Smith smiled and backed away. “Ok.” He raised his palms, innocently. “Fine. You may go…” He nodded at the door. He suppressed an urge to smile as Aubree stared at him, nervously. He waved his hand in the air. “You may go, girl.”


Aubree hurried over to the door and pulled it opened. She looked back over her shoulder and watched as dean Smith sat back down on the bed. He picked up the book he had been reading and appeared to pay her no attention.


Aubree stood silently for a moment, her mind racing. What’s going on? She quietly stepped into the hallway. She looked back at Smith. He had placed his spectacles on his nose and was focused on the book in his hand. He seemed to be unaware of her presence.


Aubree’s heart pounded in her throat as she stepped quietly into the hallway. Her bare feet whispered across the tiled floor as she walked quickly down the corridor. I’m outta here… perverts!!


She quickened her pace as she rounded the corner. To her right she saw the main entrance to the mansion. The large double doors were closed. The entryway was dark, the only light coming from the porch lights outside. Aubree rushed towards the front door. She grasped the doorknob and released the deadbolt. The door opened easily. Aubree ran onto the front porch. The rich scent of earth and shrubbery filled her nostrils as she stepped outside. I’m in the country… like Reed!


She stopped at the top of the steps leading down to the driveway. The air was cold on her exposed body. She shivered as she looked up at the dark night sky. The stars stood out in high definition. The moon was bright and seemed close. I’m in the country… where are we? What is this place? Where is the highway? She looked down the long driveway. There were no lights. There was no sign of a road in the distance. No cars. No lights… nothing. Just darkness and crickets. All she could see in any direction were deeply shadowed trees and dark undergrowth.


She stood silently for a moment. Her eyes roamed over the dark land surrounding the isolated mansion. Where am I??? What is this place?  Tears of frustration and hopelessness ran down her adorable cheeks. Where can I go? A sound from behind her caught her attention. She looked back over her shoulder.


Dean Smith stepped onto the porch. His robe was open…His penis was still stiff. The head was red and pre cum oozed over his shaft, glistening in the porch light. He smiled at her. “I thought you were leaving, little baby girl.” He pushed his glasses up onto his nose.


Aubree looked away, quickly. “ I was. I mean… I am…” She looked into the dark countryside. “I’m leaving. I’m going home. Stay away from me.” She pointed over her shoulder at him. “Stay the hell away from me!”  She rushed down the steps. She heard Smith’s laughter as she ran down the dark driveway.


“Good luck, little girl. Look out for the wolves!”, Smith laughed as he stepped back into the house and slammed the door. Good luck…




Smith hurried into the security room and activated the outdoor video system. He watched the cute teenager as she ran down the long driveway. What an idiot of a little girl… He smiled and pushed an inhaler against his thin lips. Foolish little baby. He stroked his erect cock, slick with pre cum…


He adjusted the camera angle and zoomed in on Aubree. She looked absolutely ridiculous. The tiny pajamas barely covered her curvaceous body. He laughed as he watched her large tits jiggling in the tight shirt. The buttons looked as if they were about to burst. Smith took a long drag on his inhaler. Well, my little student, let’s see how far you actually get.


He leaned over and pressed the intercom button. “Juan?”





Aubree continued to hurry down the driveway. Screw you! I’m done with this! She broke into a run, leaving the mansion behind her. I’m free. I’m not a baby…


After several minutes, Aubree stopped and looked around. The dark house seemed far away. There were no sounds of pursuit. I’m alone… She strained her eyes to see into the darkness ahead of her. In the distance, she could make out the main gate to the property. The road should be just past the gate… She quickened her pace. Pebbles and rocks cut into her bare feet. By the time she reached the gate, her feet were sore and bruised.


She paused at the gate and looked down at her clothing. The small pajama top had ridden up her tummy during her run and rested just beneath her breasts. The front button on the pajama bottoms had broken and her pants were wide open. Aubree nervously pulled the top down and attempted to pull the front of her pants together. These are way too small! She frowned and bit her bottom lip. I have to get home!


Suddenly, in the distance a coyote howled. Aubree shivered as a twig snapped in the trees nearby. She crouched down and looked in the direction of the sound. For a brief second she thought she saw glowing eyes flash from the undergrowth. She remembered dean Smith’s words… Good luck, little girl. Look out for the wolves…


She knew Smith had only been trying to frighten her. However, she was scared. Oh my gawd!!! What was that noise? She stood up slowly and looked through the bars of the main gate. She could see the road just beyond. There were no lights and no cars. Just cold pavement reflecting the pale light of the moon above.


She looked up at the tall gate. I have to get over this… Just as she was about to put a bare foot on the gate to climb over, the coyote howled again. This time it was closer. Much closer. Aubree shook violently as she stared into the dark tree line. Oh no… A rustling noise in the leaves made her freeze. I’m in the middle of nowhere… The howling came again… closer….


Aubree panicked. She bent forward, holding her arms over her breasts. Daddy!!! Help me!! She turned back towards the mansion in the distance. She made a quick decision. I can’t make it anywhere dressed like this and alone. I have to go back.


She turned quickly and hurried back up the driveway towards the distant house. Behind her, she heard something in the undergrowth. Something… She broke into a run.




Smith watched as Aubree ran back towards the house. Foolish… foolish, little girl. He laughed and dropped his inhaler onto the desk. Turning off the video monitor, he stood up and walked out of the surveillance room. Ignorant baby girl… He hurried towards the front doors. He paused momentarily at the hall closet and removed a riding crop from its hook. Flexing it in his hands, he walked quickly to the front doors.




Juan crouched in the bushes, watching as Aubree ran back up the driveway towards the house. He had followed her the entire length of the driveway, prepared to pounce on her had she attempted to get over the gate. He was somewhat sorry that Smith’s prediction had come true. He recalled the dean’s words… She’ll break down… all little girls are afraid of the dark… Juan frowned. Smith is a smart man.




Aubree stopped at the front porch steps and looked over her shoulder. Why am I going back?? I should leave this place. Suddenly, the front doors were pulled open and dean Smith stood in the porch light.


Aubree was shocked to see a riding crop in his hands. Oh no…


Smith walked to the top of the steps and stared down at her.


“Hello again, Ms. Sidney. I thought you were leaving. Going home.” He tapped the riding crop gently against his thigh.


Aubree tried to pull the top of her pajama bottoms together. It was impossible. The button was gone. She hitched her fingers in the pants and yanked them up. She looked up at dean Smith and chewed on her bottom lip. “Please, dean… please… I want to go home. I don’t want to be here.” She stared up at him with pleading eyes.


Smith remained silent, tapping the crop against his leg.


Aubree spoke slowly. “Please. May I have my clothes? I can’t leave here dressed like this.” She looked down at the tiny pajamas and back up at Smith. “Please?”


Smith shook his head. “I think not.”


“Why?”, Aubree blurted. “Why not? I’m not a child. I want to go home.” She took a step towards the porch. “Give me my clothes.” Her eyes narrowed. She pointed at him. “Now!” I’ll kill you, pervert… She clenched her fists. “Give me my clothes! I’m leaving.”


Smith smiled and slowly walked down the steps. Aubree backed away. “You’re not going anywhere little whore.”, he said.


Aubree turned to run and was shocked to see Juan standing behind her. He grinned and winked. “Hello, little girl.” Tonto niña. Usted está indefenso. He walked towards her.


Aubree gasped in fear. She was surrounded. She pulled on the tiny pajama bottoms and looked down at her bare feet. I want to go home… dolphins swimming free…


Smith walked over and knelt down in front of the trembling girl. He dropped the riding crop on the pavement and placed his large hands on the top of Aubree’s pajama bottoms. “I think we’ll have these right down.” He gave a hard pull, yanking her pants to her ankles.


“There. Much better now.”, Smith said as he stared at her exposed pussy. “What a disobedient little girl you are.” His eyes roamed over her bare legs and shaved pubic hair. “Absolutely deplorable behavior. Unacceptable.” He shook his head and stood up, grabbing the riding crop. He gave her a hard swat on the bare thigh with the crop, causing Aubree to jump. “You are indeed a stupid little girl, aren’t you Aubree?”


Aubree winced in pain. She heard Juan chuckling behind her. He’s looking at my butt… She looked up at dean Smith. “Please may I …”


Smith raised the riding crop and brought it down sharply against Aubree’s bare ass. THAWK! She squealed in pain. He repeated his previous question. “You are indeed a stupid little girl, aren’t you Aubree?”


Aubree hesitated. I hate you…


Smith raised the crop in the air. “Answer me, girl.”


Aubree shivered. “What?” I hate you!


Smith lashed her across the bare thigh with the crop, laughing as she stumbled backwards tripping over the pajama bottoms bunched around her ankles. “Answer me, tramp! You are a stupid little girl, aren’t  you?”


Aubree struggled to regain her balance. She felt welts forming on her bare thigh. “Yes!”, she screamed. “I am!” Stop hitting me…


Smith folded his arms over his chest. “You are what?”


Aubree looked down at the pavement. “I’m stupid.” Fuck Toy…


Smith raised the riding crop threateningly. “A stupid what?”


Juan laughed in the background as Aubree looked up at dean Smith. “I’m a stupid little girl.”, she said quietly. I hate you… I’m Fuck Toy again…


Smith nodded in agreement. “Yes. You are stupid and you are a little girl. Now, come inside. I think we’ve had enough of your rebellious behavior for one night.” He grabbed her by the ear and pulled her forward towards the steps.


Juan watched as dean Smith twisted Aubree’s ear and pulled her up the steps. She tripped over the pajama bottoms which were bunched around her feet. Smith appeared not to notice as he pulled the stumbling girl towards the front door. Aubree struggled to keep up with Smith. The pajama bottoms fell completely off her bare feet and lay in a crumpled heap on the steps. Smith twisted her ear tightly and led her into the house, bent over. Juan admired her sexy bare ass… ¿Qué nalgas sexy. Juan smiled and shook his head. What an idiot this girl is… Smith is a great man. I am fortunate to work for a man such as Smith…




Smith pulled Aubree into the entryway and paused. He squeezed her ear and pulled her down to her knees. “There, there… that’s better. On your knees like the little slave you are….” He stared down at the now bottomless girl. He looked at her bare thighs as she knelt in front of him. You’re all mine, girl. He smirked. “Where are your pajama bottoms, young lady?”


Aubree closed her eyes. “Outside… they fell off.” I’m a stupid girl… I’m Fuck Toy… a baby girl…. “The button broke. I’m sorry…” She sat on her knees and folded her hands over her crotch, attempting to hide her nudity. Tears started in the corners of her eyes. Fuck toy… She stared at the floor. “I can go get them…”, she offered.


Smith waved his hand at her. “Get up on your hands and knees, baby girl.”


Aubree slowly leaned over on her hands and knees. I want to go home…


Smith snapped his fingers in her direction. “Don’t move. Stay just like that. Pants off, ass up. Just as a pretty little girl should be…” He frowned. “Stick that little butt in the air… now!”


Aubree pushed her butt up. She heard Juan come in the door behind her. She felt his eyes on her exposed bottom. She looked nervously over her shoulder at him. Juan winked as he walked down the hallway. Asshole.


Smith admired the prone teenager. “Okay, Ms. Sidney… stay just like that and don’t move… It will be bad for you if you do…” He swung the riding crop through the air. It made a loud whistling noise. He turned and walked away.


Aubree remained on all fours in the entryway. She felt goose bumps rising on her exposed buttocks. She looked down at her shirt. The pajama top had ridden to the bottom of her breasts as she leaned forward on her elbows… her tummy was fully exposed. I may as well be naked… I’m so weak…


After several minutes, dean Smith reappeared. He walked over and stood behind her. “Well… well… well…” He squatted down and stared at her exposed buttocks. “What do we have here?”


Aubree remained silent. She closed her eyes and thought of her hometown… Momma…Daddy… I was going to make them proud… now I’m just Fuck Toy… I’m sorry Daddy… She tried to think of dolphins but couldn’t get the image in her mind. She felt sick.


Dean Smith reached into the pocket of his robe. He pulled out a long string of beads and held them in front of Aubree’s face. He nudged her cheek. “Open your eyes girl. Do you think if you close your eyes I can’t see you?” He laughed. “You are indeed a stupid, pathetic child.”


Aubree swallowed hard and looked over her shoulder at Smith. I’m not a child….


He dangled the string of beads in front of her face. “Do you know what these are?”


Aubree shook her head. “no.” She tried to clear her head and think of something that made her happy. Dolphins… She tried to bring the familiar image into her mind but it was gone. I’m alone… where are the dolphins?


Smith smiled. “These are called anal beads, Ms. Sidney. I assume you are smart enough to know why they’re called anal beads?”


Aubree shivered. “yes.” Dolphins… She struggled to see the dolphins but, they were gone. Only a deep, lifeless ocean appeared in her mind’s eye. I’m alone… Fuck Toy…


Smith held the string of beads in the air. “I’m glad that you understand, little baby. Now… tell me… where do anal beads go?”


Aubree looked down at the floor. She watched a tear drop fall from her cheek and to the floor, as if in slow motion. “in my butt?”


Smith stood up and clapped. “Bravo! Bravo! You may not be as stupid as I thought!”


Aubree closed her eyes and strained to see the dolphins as Smith knelt down behind her. I’m not stupid…Dolphins… swimming free…


Smith grabbed her buttocks and slowly pulled them apart. “Now, little girl. I want you to count as I insert each bead into your little bottom…. Okay?” He raised his white eyebrows.


Aubree nodded weakly. “ok” I’m lost… where are the dolphins?


Smith eased the first bead into her ass. He squeezed her buttocks. “Count, girl.”


Aubree blushed. “one.”


Smith pushed the next bead into her anus.










Aubree felt sick.


Smith laughed.  “You’re doing fine, girl. I’m proud of you! Now… spread those cheeks… five to go….”


Aubree reached behind herself and pulled her cheeks apart. She winced as Smith pushed another bead into her rectum. Dolphins… where are you?


Smith finished inserting the beads into the prone girl’s butt. He stood up and grinned. “There. Now, I would say that’s one full butt!!! Do you feel bloated, baby girl? Does your little rectum feel full?”


Aubree remained silent.


Smith stood with his hands on his hips. “You have ten beads in your little tight hole… if you don’t feel full then we can add a few more.” He made a show of reaching into his pocket.


Aubree shook her head furiously. ‘NO!!! I’m full… no more… please…” Her voice sank to a whisper. Please take them out…


Smith shrugged. “Okay. Fine.” He grabbed her arm, pulling her to her feet. “Let’s go, stupid girl.”


Aubree allowed him to pull her down the hallway. I’m weak… Fuck Toy.. She felt the anal beads moving inside her. I have to poop…


Smith dragged the prone girl down the hallway. “Let’s go Ms. Sidney… Hurry up… you’re wasting my valuable time!” He reached down and started to unbutton her pajama shirt. “I think we should have this off right away…”


Aubree felt his thin fingers on her shirt buttons. She wanted to stand up straight and push him away. However, the sensation of the beads in her rectum made her lean forward and she offered no resistance as he unbuttoned her top and pulled it off her shoulders, casting it aside.


Aubree was now fully nude and a helpless feeling washed over her as Smith led her down the hallway. She struggled to see the dolphins in her mind. Swimming free.. I wish I was a dolphin…


Dean Smith pulled her towards the bedroom. He stared down at her. “Do you know what comes next, stupid girl?”


Aubree looked up at him. “no”


Smith smiled as he opened the bedroom door and shoved Aubree inside. He paused. “Well… now I will remove those anal beads and give you something else in your little butt.” He gripped his erect cock… “Something a little bit bigger.”


Aubree felt ill… leave me alone…She tried to see the dolphins…. swimming free… Suddenly,in her mind’s eye the dolphins reappeared. Majestic and free. She focused on the image… Dolphins … free… in the ocean…leaping. She allowed dean Smith to pull her into the bedroom. I’m freeeeee…


Smith pulled Aubree towards the bed. “Now, I’m going to put my cock in your little butt, baby girl… like you so richly deserve. A pretty butt like yours needs to be penetrated on occasion.”


Aubree closed her eyes and focused on dolphins in her mind as dean Smith pushed her forward. His voice sounded distant. She remained entranced by the jumping dolphins in her mind… They’re free… I’m free… I want to work with dolphins… She felt dean Smith guide her onto the bed. He pushed her down onto her back. She heard his voice from far away… “Such a sexy little tramp…” She heard him chuckle. She closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip. I hate you…


Smith eased the quivering teenager onto the large bed. He stepped back and pulled his robe apart. His penis stood fully erect. He smiled as he took in her nude form. Starting at her bare feet, his eyes moved up her tan legs, over her tight stomach and large breasts, coming to rest on her cute face. All mine… He quickly looked back down, between Aubree’s legs. Her pubic hair was shaved and her slit looked delectable. Yum! He stroked his cock. He stepped forward and knelt beside her on the bed. “Raise your legs, little baby. I want your feet behind your ears.”


Aubree felt disconnected and weak. Fuck Toy… I’m just a fuck toy… She slowly lifted her feet into the air and grabbed her legs behind the knees.


Smith leaned forward and examined Aubree’s fully exposed cunt. His eyes fell to her tight rectum. The little hole was on full display. The top of the anal beads projected from her anus like a beckoning finger, motioning him forward. He gently touched the beads and smiled. Aubree shivered.


Smith grinned. “I think we’ll pull these right out of you.” He slapped her butt. “Okay?”


Aubree nodded, weakly. “ok.” Please take them out…


Smith gripped the beads and slowly eased them from the squirming teenager’s rectum. Slowly… He delighted in her obvious discomfort. He counted each bead… “One… two… three… four” He laughed. “What a little whore! Shameful!”


Aubree continued to focus on the dolphins in her mind. She remained silent. I need to go number two…


Smith frowned. “Five… six…seven…eight…nine… and… ten!” He pulled the last bead from Aubree’s ass. “There! Doesn’t that feel much better?” He grinned down at her.


Aubree swallowed hard and thought of dolphins. Leave me alone.


Smith’s smile widened as he looked down at the young girl’s face. He shook his head. Ignorant girl… ignorant sexy girl… young… helpless… A drop of pre cum oozed down his raging erection.


He rose to his knees and grabbed a tube of Vaseline which sat beside the bed. He stared down at the shivering girl as he greased his shaft. “I’m going to enjoy you, Aubree. Keep those legs behind your head… knees by your ears. Don’t move an inch.” He groaned as he placed his stiff cock against her tight anus. “First the beads and now…” he pushed the bulbous head of his penis into her rectum. “My cock!” He laughed as his cock slipped into her tight rectum. Oh yes… He began to pump the helpless teenager’s butt. Oh yes! Soooo tight… so many times I’ve watched you…


Aubree stared into the darkness behind her closed eyelids. She felt Smith’s penis in her ass. Fuck Toy, reporting for duty… She clenched her toes. Tears rolled down her cheeks… It hurts…


Smith was in heaven. What a tight little ass! He pushed his cock as deep as it would go…. Oh yes… oh yes! He enjoyed the squishing sounds coming from between Aubree’s buttocks. That’s my pre cum… in her ass…my little student’s ass … He pushed his testicles against her firm bottom, inserting his cock fully into her rectum. He enjoyed the feeling of his balls rubbing against her tight ass crack. Take it, bitch! He heard Aubree whimper. That’s it, girl! Cry like a little baby! He increased his powerful thrusts. Take it! Take it! Take it! He groaned, like an animal. Cry you little baby…


Aubree clenched her eyelids tightly and bit her bottom lip. Please stop! Owwww…. Ahhhh… Owwww! That hurts!!!!! It hurts!!!


Smith continued to thrust into her. He stared down at her adorable face. Sweat dripped from his forehead and onto her stomach. He grabbed her bare feet and licked her toes. “Now… I’m going to cum, little girl…” He pushed against her harder. “I’m going to cum… in your mouth.” He slowly pulled his throbbing cock from her tight hole. “Put your legs down and lay flat on your back.”


Aubree eased her legs down and stretched out on the mattress. I want to go home… She felt Smith climb on top of her, sitting on her stomach. She heard him stroking his erection. Yuck…


Smith massaged her large breasts with one hand as he stroked his slick cock with the other. “Open your mouth, girl.”, he instructed her. He watched as Aubree slowly opened her mouth. “All the way… as wide as it will go, little girl.” He squeezed her cheeks, forcing her mouth open. He felt himself approaching climax. “That’s good.” He leaned forward aiming his cock between her lips. “Now, open those big eyes… I want you to watch me cum in your filthy mouth. You little tease.”


Aubree opened her eyes and stared up at the hated man leaning over her. I hate you… bastard.


Smith groaned as the first spurts of semen sprayed across her lips. “Uugghh… that’s it … good…”


Aubree felt the warm, thick fluid on her lips and in her mouth. He seemed to ejaculate forever. By the time he finished and climbed off her, semen coated her lips, tongue and cheeks, dripping down her chin. She lay completely still. Numb.


Smith rolled over on his back and let out a contented sigh. “Maybe you’re a good girl after all, Ms. Sidney.” He laughed. He glanced over at Aubree. “Well… maybe not a good girl but a good girl at some things.” He chuckled as he pulled on his erection.


Aubree looked away from him. She wiped the semen from her chin. She felt like gagging.


Smith suddenly sat up and looked down at her. “Okay, baby girl. Go over to my dresser and clean your face up… you look like a cum drinking tramp. Nasty girl. Filthy.”


Aubree slowly sat up and placed her feet on the floor. A drop of semen dripped from her chin onto her bare thigh. She stood up and walked towards the dresser. She found a box of tissues and wiped her face in the mirror. She looked at Smith’s reflection as he reclined on the bed behind her. I’ll kill you, pervert… I despise you…


Smith watched as Aubree cleaned herself in the mirror. His eyes roamed down her bare back and across her round buttocks. I’ll have that again. He lay down on his stomach and stretched out on the bed. “Okay, Ms. Sidney. I think you’re cleaned enough. On the edge of the dresser you will find a tube of hot oil. Bring the oil and yourself back to my bed.”


Aubree retrieved the tube and walked back to the bed. She stood, staring down at her bare toes. She felt exhausted and ashamed.


Smith picked up a book from the bed stand opened it. Placing his glasses on his nose he looked back up at the adorable girl. “Okay, little one. You’ve had your bedtime story. Now, I’ll have mine. You will massage my back while I read.” He turned back to his book.


Aubree looked at him for a moment. Are you serious?


After several seconds, Smith looked up at her. “Get busy, girl. I want a good massage or I’ll send you to Juan’s room for the remainder of the night.” He chuckled. “Juan is younger and more energetic than I. He can go all night with a sexy little tramp like yourself.”


Aubree knelt on the bed and flipped open the tube of oil. She squeezed a few drops onto his back and closed the top. First you spank me… then you sodomize me and now I give you a massage… Tears rolled down her cheeks. I hate you. I’m Fuck Toy.




Juan stood in the hallway outside Dean Smith’s door. He listened as Smith enjoyed the young American girl. You have your fun now… I’ll have mine later… He looked at his watch, impatiently. Date prisa viejo. He squeezed his stiff cock through his pants.





Chapter 22: Amber Learns Her Place



Wednesday evening…



Winston took a deep drag on his cigarette and stared at the half warm beer in his hand. He glanced at his watch. The stupid bitch is late again! Un-fucking-believable… He appraised the photographs and artwork hanging on the walls throughout the large studio and came to a quick decision. “I fucking hate art… worthless waste of time.”, he spat on the floor. Standing up, he walked to the window and glared impatiently at the parking lot. Bitch… I told you to be on time…


Suddenly, Winston saw a small white car pull off the road and into the parking lot. Finally. He took the last swig of his beer and threw the empty can into the corner. He looked down at the car as it pulled to a stop.


He watched as Amber jumped out of the vehicle and hurried towards the building. She wore a bright pink tunic shirt with tight fitting white leggings. Her gold colored single strap heels complimented the hoop earrings dangling from her cute ears. He shook his head… slut…


Walking towards the door, Winston cleared his throat. You’ll pay for your tardiness… Blondie.




Amber rushed across the parking lot towards the front steps of the dilapidated building. Why am I always late? She was angry at herself. He told me to be here on time… I hope he doesn’t penalize me… I need these extra credits bad! She rushed up the front steps and pulled open the double doors. As she stepped into the lobby she noticed Winston standing at the top of the large staircase looking down at her from the second level. He had a phone to his ear and appeared to be in deep conversation with the person on the other end of the line. He frowned at her. Amber stopped and looked up at him, batting her long lashes nervously.


“Sorry I’m late, Mr. Winston… the traffic on Coolidge Avenue was…”


Winston raised a hand, stopping her in mid-sentence. He continued his phone conversation and concluded with, “That’s fine. See you soon , Barb.” He placed the phone in his pocket and stood with his hands on his hips, staring down at Amber.


“I told you to be here on time. I’m a busy man and my time isn’t to be wasted. I asked dean Smith for an art model to assist me in my study of the female form. I didn’t ask for a little girl who isn’t responsible enough to show up on time.”


Amber blinked rapidly and brushed her blonde hair out of her eyes. “I am really… really sorry, Mr. Winston. Please don’t be mad.” She stared up at him.


Winston repressed the urge to laugh. Stupid girl… they’re all so easy and fall into the same traps over and over… He delighted in her fidgeting discomfort. What beautiful hips! Curvy… He drank in her lovely teenaged body. He paid particular attention to her tight fitting pink shirt. The shirt revealed her ample cleavage and from his angle on the stairs above her, he could see down the front just enough to make out the lacy bra beneath.


He shook his head, feigning irritation. “I am indeed mad, Amber. You waste my time. Perhaps, I’ll send you back to dean Smith. Surely, there is some student in need of extra credits with the foresight to leave early enough to account for traffic.” He turned and walked towards the studio. He listened as Amber shifted her feet in the lobby below. Suddenly, he heard her heels clicking across the lobby as she ran towards the staircase.


“Please, Mr. Winston! Please! I’m sorry! I promise I’ll never be late again!”, Amber pleaded. She rushed up the stairs.


Winston stopped outside the studio door. He listened as Amber ran up behind him.


“Please, sir. I promise… I’ll leave a half hour earlier next time. Please don’t send me back to dean Smith. If I don’t get these extra credits I’ll flunk out of college! My daddy will kill me!” Amber was close to tears.


Winston slowly turned around and stared down and the flustered teen. “I don’t know, Amber. This is only your second session and you have been tardy both times. I really need someone dependable.” He rubbed his grizzled chin.


Amber nodded her head in agreement. “Yes, sir. I know you do and…and… I am dependable. Please give me another chance. Please?” She looked up at him, fluttering her long eyelashes.


Winston exhaled deeply. He looked into the girl’s pleading eyes. He sensed the moment was right. Spring the next trap. He coughed into his hand. “I will consider giving you a second chance, Amber. However,  you’ve already wasted enough of my time. If I agree to allow you to continue with these extra credits, I expect to suffer no more delays. Time is of the essence.” He looked down at his watch.


Amber nodded. “Yes, sir.” She felt relieved and grateful.


Winston opened the studio door and motioned Amber inside. She stepped into the large room and glanced around at the paintings and photographs on the walls. I love art! I’m an artist at heart… She smiled. However, her smile melted away as Winston closed the door behind them and made his next pronouncement.


“Okay Amber, please take your clothes off.” His statement was quick and direct.


Amber felt a chill run down her spine. She started to speak but, her mouth was dry. She blinked rapidly as she watched Winston walk across the floor. He walked over to a large couch and adjusted the cushions. “I think we’ll photograph you here for starters….”


He turned back and stared at her. “What are you waiting for, Amber? Please undress. We’re wasting time.” He shook his head. “Hurry up, tardy girl.”


Amber felt silly and helpless. I need these credits… Blushing, she placed her purse on the floor and looked back at Winston.


He frowned at her and tapped his watch. “Time is wasting.”


Amber bent forward and slowly unfastened her heels, slipping them off her feet. She placed them next to her purse. She was afraid to look back at Winston but could feel him staring in her direction. What in the world is going on?…  I thought I was his assistant not his model… this is weird… She risked a glance at Winston. He stood with his hands on his hips, watching her.


“Come on, girl! We’re bleeding valuable time! Get undressed!”, Winston barked.


Amber batted her eyes, nervously. She slowly hitched her fingers beneath the hem of her tunic shirt and pulled it over her head. She dropped the shirt to the floor next to her purse and heels. This is lame. She pushed her fingers into her leggings and lowered them down her legs. Stepping out of them, she dropped the leggings on the ground next to her shirt and shoes.


Winston stared at the lovely teenager. She looked so adorable standing nervously in front of him wearing nothing but her lace bra and thong panties. Beautiful… beautiful, stupid little girl… He feigned impatience. “Hurry up, Amber. Everything off, please. Jewelry as well. I need you fully nude for this shoot.” He looked down at his watch again…. I’ve been waiting to see you fully nude I mean… His gaze roamed over her body… cute pouting mouth…large breasts… firm adorable tummy… sexy round hips… curvaceous hips… Very nice… He snapped his fingers. “Get on with it, Amber. Everything off.”


He watched as she reluctantly unfastened her bra and allowed it to fall down her arms and to the floor. Her bare breasts were large and firm. The areolas were the size of a half dollar… her nipples were erect and hard in the cool air… he smiled at her blushing cheeks. Natural boobs… nice…


Amber folded her hands over her breasts. Her eyelids fluttered. He’s looking at me… I’m naked… only Ross has ever seen my breasts… Ross would be soooo mad if he knew I was doing this… She blinked rapidly. I need the extra credits… without them I’ll flunk out of school… it would ruin our plans. I’m doing this for Ross and I… both of us…


Amber inhaled deeply and pushed her thong panties to her ankles. She stepped out of them and kicked them aside. She unfastened her earrings and let them drop from her hand onto the pile of clothes at her feet. She stared down at her bare breasts and folded her hands over her legs. I’m nude…


Winston repressed the urge to whistle. He felt his cock hardening is his pants. Amber was stunning. Amber was nude. Fully nude. He had known he would see her nude from the first moment he had laid eyes on her at Green Meadows Apartments. However, the thrill of her nudity was no less exciting… He stepped back and crossed his arms, drinking in her bare body.  Whoa doggies! Lookie, lookie… here comes nookie…


Amber stared down at the studio floor and thought of Ross. I’m doing this for both of us, baby. Without my degree none of our plans will happen. I have no choice. She looked back up at Winston. He stood by the large couch, hands crossed over his chest. His eyes moved up and down over her nude form. Don’t look at me. Amber turned to the side and held one arm over her breasts, the other over her legs. Stop looking at me that way…


Winston shook his head and coughed. He walked over to the camera and adjusted the lens. He shot a quick look back at the nude, blushing girl. “Okay, Amber. Come over here and sit on the couch.”, he motioned.


He watched as Amber walked across the room. Her bottom jiggled enticingly. Sexy little bitch. “Okay, Amber… now please sit down on the couch. Uncross your arms and place them by your side.”


Amber blushed as she lowered her arms and sat on the couch. She heard the camera as Winston began snapping pictures.


He raised a hand in the air. “Look here, at my hand… open your eyes… stop squinting, Amber.”


Amber looked at his hand as the camera continued snapping away. I’m not squinting! I’m just nervous…. Stop looking at me… this is lame… I’m naked… She blinked, nervously.


Winston snapped his fingers. “That’s it, girl. You’re doing fine. Now, get up on your knees and face away from me. Look to your right… I want to get a profile shot… that’s it… good.”


Amber followed each command. She heard Winston snapping away behind her. He’s taking pics of my ass… not my profile. He’s a pervert. The realization sent a chill up her spine. He’s a pervert… I’m naked…


Winston stopped taking photos and walked over to the refrigerator. He opened the door and pulled out a cold beer, cracking the top. Thirsty work.


Amber started to turn around and sit down. She stopped as Winston waved his hand. “No, little missy! Stay exactly as you are! On your knees, backside towards me.” He took a swig of beer.


Amber placed her hands on the back of the couch and listened as Winston took a long gulp of his beer. WTF!!! This is lame…


Suddenly, there was a loud knock at the door. Winston paused and placed his beer on the counter. He walked towards the door.




Amber’s heart raced. Holy crap! Someone is here! At the door!!!! She jumped off the couch and ran towards her clothes.


Winston stopped at the front door and turned back to Amber. “What in the hell are you doing, little lady?”, he asked.


Amber stopped and looked at him wide-eyed, like a deer in headlights. “I was getting my clothes, sir. Someone is at the door. I’m not decent. ” She crossed her arms over her bare breasts.


Winston shook his head. “No ma’am. No ma’am. Get yourself back to the couch and remain as you were.” He gave her a hard look. “NOW!”, he shouted.


Amber jumped at his sharp tone. She turned and practically ran back to the couch.


Winston smiled at her bobbing breasts and jiggling buttocks. I just love these young girls… love em’! He laughed as he opened the studio door.


Amber jumped onto the couch and sat on her knees with her hands on the back of the cushions. She listened as Winston opened the door behind her. Oh my lord… oh my lord… WTF??? I’m nude. This is so lame.


She listened as Winston greeted the new guest. “Hello, Barbara. I’m glad you could make it. Please come in.”, she heard him say.


Amber shot a quick glance over her shoulder. Barbara? She watched as the slender woman entered the studio, shaking hands with Winston. She appeared to be in her late thirties or very early forties. Her blonde hair was shoulder length. She had an attractive face and full lips. She wore gray slacks and a business jacket. The white shirt beneath her jacket was unbuttoned at the top and revealed ample cleavage.


Amber blushed.  She’s got big boobs… bigger than mine… Amber watched as the lady walked into the studio. She wore high heels which clicked loudly on the hard floor as she stepped into the entryway. The woman emitted a powerful presence. In charge… Amber quickly looked away.




Winston welcomed Barbara into the studio with a motion of his hand. “Come in. dear. I’m glad you could make it on such short notice.” He smiled.


Barbara walked into the spacious room and looked around. Her eyes came to rest on the nude teenager kneeling on the couch. “So… This must be Amber. The undisciplined, tardy girl.”


Winston nodded and grinned. “Sure enough. This is the one I told you about.”


Barbara’s heels echoed throughout the studio as she walked towards the couch.


Amber felt like melting away as she heard the lady walk up behind her. I’m naked. This is lame. She looked down at her bare thighs. She blinked, nervously. She noticed her nipples were hard in the cool air of the studio. I need my clothes…


Barbara stopped immediately behind Amber and folded her arms. She appraised the teen’s bare backside. “Nice form. Lovely hips. Well shaped bottom.” She paused and walked around the couch, stopping in front of Amber. “Look up at me, girl. Let me see your face.”


Amber slowly looked up at the strange woman. She felt her heart beating in her chest. I wish Ross were here. He would tell me what to do. She quickly looked down, blinking nervously.


Barbara stared hard at Amber. “Stop blinking, girl. Look at me.” She reached out and tapped Amber’s chin gently. “Raise your head.”


Amber struggled to stop her nervous blinking. Please go away. She noticed Winston out of her peripheral vision. He stood to the side of the couch, beer in hand. Oddball…


Barbara shook her head. “I don’t know, Winston. She has a pretty face and a nice body but that nervous tick with her eyes… the constant blinking… that’s not good.” She looked over at Winston. “Does she always blink like this?”


Winston took a swallow of his beer. “It seems to come and go. I’ve noticed it before.” He reached into his pocket and removed a cigarette.


Barbara shrugged. “Well, we may still be able to work with her.” She walked over to the edge of the couch and leaned forward, inches away from Amber’s blushing face. “Raise your hands, young lady. Put them behind your head. Let me have a look at your little tits.”


Amber felt her face reddening. I don’t have little tits, bitch. She looked over at Winston. “Sir? What’s going on?” She shot a glance back at Barbara. Cunt.


Winston took a swallow of beer. “Oh. Yes… I forgot to introduce you.” He sat his beer on the edge of the couch. “Amber. This is Barbara. She is a friend of mine and a fellow artist. She specializes in potential models with minor defects.”


Amber frowned. I’m not defective. Jerk. She narrowed her eyes.


Winston took a drag of his smoke. “I see by your reaction that you are upset, Amber. Don’t be. Regardless of what you may hear, no girl is a natural born model. It is an acquired skill. Ms. Barbara helps young ladies achieve their full potential.”


Amber crossed her arms over her breasts. “I’m not a model. I don’t want to be a model. I’m an art student.” She looked back at Barbara. “Not a model.”


Winston exhaled smoke into the air. “I understand, Amber. However, you’re working in my studio for extra credits. I explained to dean Smith that I needed a model. He elected to send you. Therefore, at this studio, you’re a model. Otherwise, you can go home and forget about the extra credits.”


Amber frowned. She looked back up at Barbara. Bitch. I don’t have small tits.


Winston blew a smoke ring. “Look, Amber. I know you need the extra credits. However, if you don’t want to play by my rules then you can forget it.” He walked over to the camera and bent forward, snapping another picture of the nude girl.


Amber held her arms over her breasts and looked away from the camera. “Stop taking pictures. There’s been some misunderstanding.” She stood up and hurried towards her clothes. “I don’t need the credits this bad…” She shot a hateful glance at Barbara. I don’t have little tits. You bitch.


Winston looked over at Barbara and winked. He watched as Amber hurried towards her discarded clothing. He shook his head. “Okay, Amber. Have it your way…”


Amber picked up her thong panties and pulled them over her legs. “Listen, I’m sorry. This is just a big mistake. This isn’t my thing. I’ll find some other way to earn the credits.”


Winston nodded. “Okay, Amber. No problem. However…” He paused.


Amber pulled her panties up and glanced at him as she reached for her bra. What?


“However…”, Winston continued. “The pictures I’ve taken of you are my property. This was to be a private exhibition. None the less, since I’ll have to find a new model, I think it’s only fair that I be compensated for my time.” He smiled as Amber hesitated.


Winston motioned towards Barbara. “Barb runs a soft core pornographic website. I think the pictures I’ve taken thus far would be good material for her.” He looked at Barbara. “What are you currently paying for pictures of fresh girls?”


Barbara looked at Amber. “Oh, you know… a few hundred for a girl like this. Never published girls. Fresh girls, like her.”


Amber fastened her bra and looked back at Winston. Her eyelids fluttered. “What?”


Winston stroked his chin. “The pictures I have of you will be turned over to Barb. She’ll compensate me and in turn, your pictures will be published online… it’s only fair.”


Amber gasped. “No… now wait a minute, mister. I don’t want any pictures published online. I never agreed to that.” She walked towards Winston. “I never signed any contract agreeing to that or anything else for that matter.”


Winston watched as the cute teenager walked towards him in her tiny bra and thong panties. His eyes locked on her adorable stomach and hips. “Nope. You didn’t sign any contract whatsoever. You just came in and stripped down.” He laughed. “The pictures will go to Barb and she, in turn, will publish them online. You have no legal recourse at all.” He smiled at her.


Amber crossed her hands over her stomach. Stop staring at me! Can you be any more obvious? She looked at Winston and blinked nervously. “Okay, slow down, mister. No pics online. That isn’t going to happen.” She heard Barbara’s heels on the tiled floor behind her. She shot a glance over her shoulder.


Barbara walked over to Amber’s pile of clothes and picked up her purse. She opened the top and rummaged inside. “What do we have here?” She produced a small phone. “Is this your phone, Amber?”


Amber ran towards Barbara. “Of course it’s my phone! You took it out of my purse! Give it back!” Bitch!


Barbara held the phone just out of reach and pushed Amber backwards. “Don’t give me orders, girl.”


Amber folded her arms over her breasts. She blinked rapidly. She felt warm tears on her eyelids. She looked back at Winston. “She has my phone… please…”


Winston laughed. “Please what, Amber?”


Amber looked from Winston to Barbara and back at Winston. Tears rolled down her cheeks. “Make her give me my phone.” Please.


“Your boyfriend is named Ross, huh?”, Barbara asked as she scrolled through Amber’s contact list. “The heart next to his name kind of gives it away.” She smiled at Amber. “I don’t know what he sees in you. What with your nervous blinking and tiny tits.” She paused. “I’m sure he would like a link to my website. I have some really pretty girls posted.”


Amber closed her eyes. “Stop it! Just stop it! This is stupid!” What’s going on? She clenched her fists. “I don’t have tiny tits! I’m a full C cup! It’s not my fault that you have freakishly big boobs! Now give me my phone, you stupid bitch!” Amber raised her fists and stepped towards Barbara.


Winston folded his hands and smiled at the catfight about to erupt. “The only thing stupid is you, Amber.”


Amber hesitated and looked back at Winston. “Make her give me my phone! I’m leaving. This is silly!”


Barbara held Amber’s phone up. “Maybe we should call Ross?” She shot a look at Winston.


Amber ran towards Barbara. Her face was flushed with anger. “Give me my phone! You bitch!”


Barbara watched as the teen girl rushed towards her. At the last moment she stepped aside and stuck her foot out, tripping Amber and causing her to collapse onto the floor. “Have a seat, little girl.”, Barbara laughed.


Amber lay on the floor, shaking with rage. She quickly sat up and turned towards Barbara. “Give me my phone! This isn’t funny anymore!”, she screamed.


Winston lit a smoke and walked over to Amber. He stood with his hands on his hips, staring down at her. “Look, Amber. Stop being an idiot. Let’s talk facts…”, he said as he exhaled smoke rings into the still air. He enjoyed the sight of the nearly nude teenager sitting on the floor in only her bra and panties.


Amber looked up at him. Her eyelids fluttered.


Winston smirked. “First, I have nude photos of you. Second, Barbara has your phone and therefore, your boyfriend’s number. Third, we can publish your pictures online at anytime we like. Fourth, I have the Mercham campus email. I could send your naked pictures to every student and faculty member at Mercham University with a simple push of a button.” He halted and looked down at Amber. “Do you hear me, young lady?”


Amber looked up at Winston. “Why? Why are you doing this?” She looked back at Barbara. Bitch.


Winston rubbed his chin. “Well… it’s like this, Amber… You’re a sexy little stuck up bitch and I’m a man who likes sexy little bitches. However, I learned a long time ago that sexy little bitches need a little prodding to do the right thing… They never do it willingly.” He rubbed his crotch.


Amber closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She heard Barbara chuckling in the background. Bitch.


Winston stepped forward and exhaled smoke into her face. “Face the facts, girl. You have two choices. Number one… pick up your clothes and get the fuck out of here. At which time, nude photos of you go online and to the entire Mercham campus email. Or, number two… shut your fucking mouth and cooperate with me.” He blew a smoke ring and rubbed his chin. Blondie.


Amber looked at Barbara. “Just give me my phone…”


Barbara shook her head. “Nope. I’m kind of enjoying looking at your picture collection… Is this your boyfriend? He has a big cock.”


Amber blushed. She suddenly remembered the nasty pictures she took of Ross the previous weekend. They were both buzzed and feeling horny after a party and one thing had led to another. I told him I deleted those pictures…


Amber jumped to her feet. “Give me the god damned phone, bitch!” She rushed towards Barbara.


Barbara smirked as the practically naked girl rushed toward her. She stepped forward and punched Amber in the stomach, knocking the wind out of her. She laughed as the girl crumpled to the floor. “It looks like you’re all bark and no bite, Amber.” She glanced down at the gasping girl before turning her attention back to the cell phone. “I’m really enjoying your pics, girl. Ross is a sexy guy. I’d have fun with him. I don’t know what he’s doing with a tiny tit girl like you.”


Amber lay in a fetal position on the floor. She struggled to regain her breath after the hard blow Barbara had delivered to her tummy. She’s looking at my Ross… I’m sorry, baby… She slowly rose to her knees. “Please give me my phone.”, she pleaded.


Barbara shook her head again. “Nope. In fact, I’ve already forwarded the pictures of Ross to my own cell phone. He’s a gorgeous guy. Thank you.”


Amber sank back down to the floor. Tears started in her eyes. Oh no… I’m sorry baby… I’m sorry…. Ross… Lover…


Winston watched the exchange between Amber and Barbara with amusement. He walked over the refrigerator and pulled out another beer. Turning back to the studio floor, he smiled. “Okay, ladies. That’s enough.” He walked over and knelt beside the shaking teenager. “Amber?” He placed a large hand on her shoulder.


Amber jerked at his touch. She looked up, tears rolling down her cheeks. “Please… pl.. please…” She gulped… “Please make her give me my phone.”


Winston shook his head. “Negative. Not going to happen, Amber.” He smiled as the girl collapsed back onto the floor, weeping. Foolish girl… stupid girl…


Winston’s face hardened. “Listen to me, Amber and listen good. You will do what I say, when I say and exactly how I say … there will be no argument. Otherwise, your nude photos are going online tonight and every student and teacher at Mercham will get more than an eye full of your tight little body in the morning. Do you understand?”


Amber felt weak. She slowly sat up and crossed her arms over her bra. She looked at Barbara. You fucking cunt. She felt her anger rising as Barbara smiled at her. Bitch. She looked up at Winston.


“Please. Just make her give me my phone and tell her to delete the pictures of Ross. If you do that, I’ll cooperate. Okay?”, Amber pleaded. Tears ran down her pretty cheeks.


Winston shook his head. “You’re in no position to bargain, stupid girl. You will cooperate or else you know what will happen.” He took a swig of beer. “And… if you’re a real good girl, Barb might just find it in her heart to delete the pictures of Ross and return your phone… maybe.” He looked over at Barbara.


Barbara nodded. “Maybe. But first, I think we need to see just how well Amber can follow commands.” She dropped Amber’s phone into her jacket pocket and rubbed her hands together. “Now, Amber. Come here.” She pointed to the floor. “Come stand in front of me.”


Amber looked over her shoulder at Winston as he walked over and removed the camera from it’s tripod. He turned towards her and snapped a picture. Amber took a deep breath and slowly walked towards Barbara. She heard Winston snapping away behind her. She stopped in front of Barbara and looked down at the floor. Her eyelids fluttered.


Barbara smiled at Amber. “That’s a good girl.” She reached behind Amber’s back and unfastened her bra clasp. “Let’s just have this right off so we can get another good look at your little tits.” She pulled the bra down Amber’s arms and dropped it on the floor. “There. With little tits like yours you don’t need a bra anyway.”


Amber’s cheeks flushed with anger. “I don’t have little tits. I’m a full C cup. You’re a bitch.”


Barbara slapped Amber hard across the face. The sound echoed throughout the studio. “Shut your mouth! Don’t back talk me, young lady!”, Barbara shouted.


Amber stepped back and raised a hand to her burning cheek. She looked at Barbara with hate. She heard the camera snapping away. She started to speak but Barbara raised her hand again, threateningly. Amber remained silent. Stunned. You cunt.


Barbara smiled as she reached for Amber’s panties. She grabbed the waistband and slowly eased the panties over Amber’s hips. “Step out of them, young lady.” She slapped Amber’s ankle.


Amber slowly stepped out of her panties and watched as Barbara tossed them aside. The camera continued to click away. She felt numb and helpless. I need Ross… If he were here he would make them stop…


Barbara brushed Amber’s blonde hair off her forehead with a long fingernail. “You are a pretty little girl. Very nice face… Aside from that constant blinking habit… we’ll  have to correct that.” She grabbed Amber’s nipples and gave them a twist. She smiled as Amber winced in pain. “Sensitive nipples.” She knelt down and examined Amber’s shaved pubes. “Pretty little pussy. Turn around and let me have a better look at your ass, young lady.” She placed her hands on Amber’s hips and eased her around. “Very nice little butt. Yes. I think you would be a good addition to my website.” She pinched Amber’s bare backside. “You still have a little baby fat but I think a good exercise regimen will take care of that.”


Amber stood with her arms over her breasts and her hands under her chin. She closed her eyes and listened as Barbara appraised her appearance. I’m not fat… I’m pretty… I don’t need exercise and you’re a bitch.


Barbara stood up and grabbed Amber’s wrist, pulling her towards the couch. “First things first, young lady. For starters I think you need to be punished for the disrespectful attitude you have demonstrated towards Winston and myself.” Barbara’s heels clicked loudly on the tiled floor as she pulled the nude girl towards the couch. She sat down and looked up at the embarrassed teenager. “Get across my lap, young lady.”


Amber blushed furiously. “What are you talking about?” Bitch. She looked over at Winston but quickly looked away as he continued snapping pictures. This is lame.


Barbara snapped her fingers. “Get across my knee. I want those little tits of yours on my lap.” She grabbed Amber’s arm and pulled her down. “Don’t sass me.”


Amber allowed Barbara to pull her across her lap. I need Ross… he would make this stop… Her eyes fluttered.


Barbara looked down at the pretty teen’s bare backside as she lay across her lap. “Now. You’ll get ten swats over your bare bottom. With each swat I want you to remember whose in charge here, young lady.” She raised her hand and came down hard across Amber’s buttocks. The slapping sound echoed throughout the studio mingling with Amber’s pathetic whimpering.


Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!


Winston could barely contain himself as he looked through the camera at the adorable teenager receiving a fully nude spanking. He had known Barbara for many years but her skill as a trainer never ceased to amaze him. He was glad he had invited her to participate in Amber’s taming. My kind of woman… He continued taking pictures as the spanking concluded.


Barbara eased Amber up onto her knees and looked down at her tearstained face. “Now, young lady. Do you know who is in command here?”


Amber wiped tears from her cheeks and rubbed her burning backside. She felt ashamed and angry. “Okay, you’ve had your fun. You’ve punished me. Can I have my phone now?” Cunt.


Barbara shook her head. “Not yet, young lady.” She grabbed Amber’s elbow and pulled her up. “Sit on my lap. We’re going to have a little talk.” She looked up at Amber’s blushing face. “Sit, girl.” She patted her thigh.


Amber couldn’t believe what was happening. I just want to go home… see Ross… she blinked. She slowly sat down on the hated woman’s lap. She closed her eyes. I don’t have small tits… she spanked me… like a little girl…


Barbara lowered her voice and patted Amber’s thigh with one hand while running her long fingernails over the girl’s bare back. “Sometimes, harsh measures are necessary when training young models such as yourself, Amber.” She eased her hand up Amber’s thigh and onto her bare tummy. She gently stroked her firm abdomen with her finger. Amber jerked and blinked.


Amber kept her eyes shut. “I’m not a model.” You’re a bitch.


Barbara smiled. “We’ve already had this discussion, young lady. You are a indeed a model for Winston and myself. You know what will happen if you resist…” She ran her long fingers over Amber’s tummy, tracing her bellybutton with her fingernail. She moved her hand up to her bare breasts and cupped them gently. “When I said you had tiny tits I didn’t mean they were ugly, girl. You have a very nice bosom.”


Amber shook slightly as the woman cupped her breasts. She felt Barbara’s long fingernails moving down her back. She heard the camera. What’s happening? I don’t have tiny tits… stop taking pictures…


Barbara eased her hand off Amber’s breasts and moved up to her face, tracing her closed eyelids and full lips. “You’re a very sexy girl, Amber. I will teach you…” She moved her finger over Amber’s moist lips, pushing them apart.


Amber felt sick. She could smell the woman’s perfume and felt her breath as she spoke. I just want to leave.


Barbara pulled the girl closer. “Give me a kiss, Amber.”


Amber tensed. “No! What are you talking about?” She opened her eyes and tried to stand up but Barbara’s grip was firm. Let me go!


Barbara squeezed Amber’s arm. “Do you want another spanking, young lady?”


Amber tried to turn away but the woman was incredibly strong. “Please… I don’t want a kiss… I want my phone… I want to go home… you two have had your fun…” She heard Winston taking pictures. I want to leave…


Barbara pinched one of Amber’s exposed nipples. “Give me a kiss, girl.” She pulled Amber’s face towards her. “Don’t be shy. You’ve got a little baby fat but, you’re no baby.”


Amber felt cold and numb. I don’t have baby fat! I don’t want to kiss you… She felt the woman pulling her closer. The next instant, Barbara’s lips were pressed against her mouth. Sickening…


Winston walked forward trying to get a better angle as Barbara locked lips with the squirming girl. Holy shit! She’s a fast operator!! Bravo!!! He’s cock was as hard as a rock. He snapped another close up shot. Holy shit! This is fucking great!!!


Amber felt Barbara’s tongue inside her mouth. She felt her probing hands on her breasts and bare butt. She heard Winston snapping photos. Her mind went blank. Her eyelids fluttered. What’s happening to me???


Barbara kissed Amber fully and explored her tender mouth with her tongue. After several seconds, she pulled back and looked at the girl’s closed eyes. She smiled as Amber shivered slightly. “Now, lay down on the couch, Amber. On your back and spread your legs.”


Amber sat lay back on the couch slowly. She looked up at Barbara. “Please stop. This is weird. I just want my phone. I want to go home.” She shot a look towards Winston. Stop photographing me! Asshole!


Barbara smiled down at the nude teenager. “Relax, Amber. Spread those long legs. That’s good.” She pushed the girl’s thighs apart. She leaned forward and looked down at Amber’s upturned face. “Does Ross go down on you, dear?”


Amber felt ill. “What?” You’re a cunt…


Barbara ran her fingers over Amber’s bare tummy. “Your big dick boyfriend… does he go down on you or does he only satisfy you with his cock?” She moved her hand down between Amber’s legs, tracing her slit with her fingernail. “Speak to me, girl. Does Ross go down on you, sweetie?”


Amber tried to push Barbara’s hand away. “None of your business. I want to go home.” She heard Winston taking pictures. Pervert!


Barbara smiled down at Amber. “No matter. I’m going to taste your little pussy now, girl. You are not permitted to cum. Do you understand?”


Amber tried to sit up but Barbara pushed her back onto the couch. “If you resist, you will be in violation, Amber.”, Barbara said.


Amber sank back onto the couch. “Violation of what?” Bitch…


Barbara smiled. “Winston and I have seen your naked little body. I would imagine that you wouldn’t wish anyone else to see you in this state of undress?”


Amber shivered. They’re blackmailing me…


Barbara shook her head. “Of course you wouldn’t… now spread your legs…” She leaned forward and placed the tip of her tongue on Amber’s slit.


Winston continued to snap pictures as Barbara went down on Amber. Holy mother!!! This is fucking great!!! He massaged his dick through his jeans. He zoomed in on Barbara’s tongue as it played across Amber’s pussy. He watched as Amber closed her eyes and placed her hands over her face, weeping. Don’t be a crybaby, girl!!! He chuckled under his breath and continued photographing the nude girl receiving Barbara’s attentions. I’m in heaven… He slowly eased his zipper down and reached inside his pants, grasping his cock. I’m going to blow my wad!!!


Amber kept her eyes closed and tried not to feel Barbara’s tongue. She resisted the warm sensations as Barbara licked her exposed clitoris. Stop… please stop… She tried to resist but felt herself becoming aroused. She heard Winston snapping photos. This is sooo lame… She heard him lower his zipper. She parted her eyelids slightly and looked over at Winston as he pulled his stiff penis from his pants. He’s masturbating… pervert… he’s big…She closed her eyes. Get off me, bitch…


Barbara pushed her tongue against Amber’s exposed clitoris and tasted her young juices. That’s it… cum for me…


Amber tired to think of something else… Please… stop….


At the last second, Barbara sat up and smiled. “Okay, Amber. That will be enough for today.” She licked her lips. “You have a very tasty pussy, girl. Good flavor. Pure. I think I’ll have to enjoy you again.”, she said as she leaned back against the couch. “I think we’ll hook up again very soon.” She ran her long fingernails over Amber’s bare breasts.


Amber lay on her back, fighting back tears. You’re a bitch… She stood up slowly. Her blonde hair fell across her face. “Okay. You’ve had your fun. Please give me my phone.”, she said as she looked at Barbara. She crossed her arms over her stomach.


Barbara laughed. “Fine, girl.” She reached into her pocket and handed Amber the phone. “Just remember, I still have the pictures of your lovely Ross.”


Amber grabbed the phone. She looked over at Winston. He was in the process of zipping his pants and appeared to be frustrated.


“Sir? I did what you asked. Please make her delete the pictures of my boyfriend.”, Amber pleaded. She blinked rapidly.


Winston coughed. “That’s up to Barbara, young lady.” He shot a look at Barbara. “Well? Did Amber meet your standards?”


Barbara shook her head. “Not even close. She needs a lot of work.” Barbara looked at Amber.  “We’ll talk about the pictures after you work off that baby fat, sweetie.” She laughed.


Amber frowned. “I’m not fat… I think you’re just…”


Barbara cut her off. “Shut up, Ms. Tiny Tits.” She stood up and smoothed her jacket.


Amber stared angrily at Barbara and shot a look at Winston. “Look. You two have you want. Okay? You’ve got naked pics of me… okay? Listen… you can even post them online… whatever… just please delete the pictures of Ross… okay?” She blinked and looked at Barbara.


Winston rubbed his chin. “I don’t know, tardy girl. What do you think, Barb? Shall we delete the pictures of her little boyfriend?” He sounded bored and irritated. His eyes roamed over Amber’s naked body. Blondie… love those hips…


Barbara shook her head. “No. Not yet… since it seems she doesn’t care about much of anything aside from her beloved Ross, I think we should keep his pictures as a guarantee of her future performance.”, she pronounced.


Amber felt sick. “Please delete the pictures… they were supposed to be private… don’t you have a heart?” Cunt…


Barbara walked over to Winston and placed her hand on his shoulder. “Well, Winston. It seems our little Amber is begging. Sad.” She looked up at him.


Winston looked down at Barb. “Yeah… sad…” What are you up to?


Barbara placed her hands on her hips. “Okay, Amber. Get dressed. You will report back to the studio tomorrow evening at seven o’clock sharp. You had best not be late. We will begin your exercise regimen at seven sharp.”


Amber stared at her incredulously.  Exercise regimen? What?


“Do you hear me, sweetie?”, Barbara asked.


Amber frowned. “I don’t know… Ross and I have a date… we’re going to dinner…”


Barbara laughed. “Not anymore. Cancel the date. We’ll see you here at seven o’clock… sharp!”, she said. “Now, get dressed and get out. I think we’ve had enough of your silly little face for one evening, Ms. Tiny Tits…”


Amber felt helpless. She walked over to her clothes and picked them up. What just happened here? What’s going on?? She looked over her shoulder at Winston and Barbara. Who are these people?


As she started to get dressed, Winston spoke. “Leave the panties, tardy girl.”


Amber looked at him. “Wh… what?” Perv…


Winston motioned towards her. “Leave the panties. Throw them on the couch.”


Amber blushed and tossed her panties on the couch. She slowly put on the rest of her clothing. She looked up at Winston. “What do you want from me?” She glanced at Barbara. bitch…


Winston shrugged his shoulders. “Simple… everything, Amber. We want everything.”


Amber shuddered. Freak! She shot a quick look at Barbara before turning and running out the door.




Chapter 23: Frustration


Winston listened as Amber ran down the stairs, weeping. He walked over and closed the studio door. He turned back towards Barbara. Anger flashed across his face.


“Quite the performance, Barb. Bravo…”, he said sarcastically. He walked over to the couch and picked up Amber’s panties. He held them up to his nose and inhaled deeply. “Smells like… young pussy.” He looked at Barbara. “Sure would have been nice to get some of that young pussy.”, he frowned. “Sure would have been nice…”


Barbara smiled. “Awww… is my Winston angry and horny? Poor Winston….” She tapped her fingernails together and smiled.


Winston felt the blood rushing to his face. “Don’t toy with me, woman. I asked for an assist, not a takeover. How dare you try to take control of this project!” He shoved the panties into his pocket and cracked his knuckles. “If you would have just managed to shut your god damned mouth for a single second I would most likely be firing my load in Amber’s sweet young ass about now. But no…. no…. you had to go your own way… and now she’s gone.”, he fumed. “Fucking gone…” He clenched his fists. “I offered you the normal $500.00 assist fee… I didn’t sell her to you!”


Barbara ran her fingers through her blonde hair and unbuttoned her jacket. “So? Do you want to punish me?” She licked her lips.


Winston stared at her. “Maybe.”


Barbara laughed. “Amber’s not gone, Winston. She’ll be here tomorrow night at seven. I haven’t ruined anything aside from your patience.” She slowly unbuttoned her jacket and let it fall from her shoulders. She unsnapped the top button of her pants. “You want a blowjob, Winston?” She winked at him.


Winston curled his lip. “You’re not exactly the age I like…”


Barbara let her pants fall to the floor. “Can you make do tonight, old man?”  She kicked her pants aside and unbuttoned her shirt.


Winston felt his cock jump. “Possibly…” He drank in her lovely body and massive breasts. “You had better suck like an eighteen year old…”


Barbara smiled as she dropped her bra to the floor and eased her panties down her legs. “I give better head than any eighteen year old.” She knelt in front of him.


Winston looked down at her. You’re dangerous… He felt her fingers on his zipper. Dangerous but, beautiful… He looked down as she took his cock into her mouth. Holy shit…





Chapter 24: An Invitation from Black


Winston flipped off the lights and closed the studio door behind himself. He inserted the key into the latch and fastened the bolt. He turned towards the stairs, smiling as he thought of the night’s events. Little Blondie… tamed… sweet. He pulled out a cigarette and lit it as he walked towards the stairs. Barbara can sure suck a dick…Suddenly his cell phone rang. Winston frowned. He looked at his watch. It’s late! What the fuck? He pulled the phone out and looked at the number. He felt a chill. Black. He answered the phone.




“Winston?”, the voice of Mr. Black was almost a whisper.


“Yeah. It’s me.”, Winston said. He looked nervously around the stairwell and the front lobby of the building. “What’s up?”


“We know about your deal with the dean.”, The threatening tone in Black’s voice was evident.


Winston took a drag of his cigarette and looked over his shoulder. The building was silent… too silent. “What the fuck are you talking about? What deal?”, Winston asked innocently.


Black laughed. “Always the con man, Winston… Always the con man. Trying to get away with a fast one.”


Winston hurried down the stairs. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, Black.” He walked quickly across the lobby towards the front doors.


“Don’t play stupid, Winston. We know all about your deal with Smith… Aubree for Amber… In fact, I gave you Smith’s number. Did you not think that I would monitor your contact with him?”, Black asked.


Winston opened the front doors and walked out of the building. He scanned the parking lot. In the distance, her heard the roar of a motorcycle engine. “Look, Black… I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You arrogant fucking prick.


Black laughed. “Relax, my old friend. You may be stupid but I like you. Why don’t you stop by the club and have a drink? We need to talk.”


Winston walked quickly across the pavement towards his truck. “Tonight? I’m a little busy…” His eyes darted across the dark parking lot.


“Yes. Tonight. Certainly you’re not too busy to have a drink with an old friend?”, Black asked.


Winston opened his truck door and jumped into the seat. He opened the glove compartment and pulled out his revolver. Fully loaded. He flipped his ash. “Fine. I could use a drink.” Fucking son of a bitch…


“Excellent. I’ll tell Animal to expect you. See you soon, Winston…” The line went dead.


Winston sank back into the seat and wiped sweat off his forehead. Fucking prick… I ain’t going down without a fight… He pulled the truck onto the road and headed towards the club.




Chapter 25: Noticeable Changes


Amber lay in the bed, looking at the ceiling. Her face was troubled. She felt Ross roll over and place his hand on her stomach. My lover… She looked over at him. “What, babe? Shouldn’t you be asleep?” She caressed his bare thigh. ‘Go to sleep, lover.” Her eyelids fluttered.


Ross brushed her hair aside and kissed her, gently. He sat up on an elbow. “What’s going on, Ambs? You’re not yourself.” He reached under the covers and cupped her breasts.


Amber pushed his hand away. “Don’t… I’m not in the mood.” She rolled away from him.


Ross watched her turn away and frowned. What the heck? He sank back onto the pillows and folded his hands behind his head. He looked over at her. “What’s going on, Ambs? You’re not yourself tonight.”, he asked. “Is something bothering you?”


Amber swallowed hard and blinked. “Nothing, babe. Everything is fine… okay? I’m just a little tired. I need sleep.” She rolled onto her side.


Ross lay in the darkness and stared up at the ceiling. What the heck? He remained motionless, pretending to be asleep. After several minutes, Amber’s deep breathing  confirmed she was asleep.


He slowly stepped out of the bed. Walking over to the dresser, he opened her purse.


What’s this? The studio address? Ross quickly picked up his wallet and placed the card inside. I’m sorry, baby. But, I have to find out what’s happening to you…


He quietly lay back down in the bed. He listened to Amber’s deep breathing and stared out the darkened window at the night sky. Somewhere, in the darkness outside, a motorcycle engine roared.

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