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The Bad Reaction (208kb)
MF+/f, nc, D/s, blackml, drug, exhib, slavery - april 2008

A Good Head For Buisiness (88kb)
F/f, self- , nc, D/s, bnd, blackml, slavery, teen - mar 2007

A Lesson in Social Justice(244kb)
MMM+/f, nc, D/s, blackml,
feb 2009

A Real Life Nightmare (476kb)
MMM+/f, nc, D/s, blackml, porn, humil, drug, beast, piercing
jul 2009

A Sister's Blackmail (52kb)
M/f, reluc, blackml, humil updated
jul 2006

Abyance (148kb)
MF+/f, reluc, D/s, blackml, coerc, exhib, humi
l -- jul 2009

Amanda's Continuing Education (448kb)
MF+/f, nc, D/s, blackml, interr, humil update dec 2007

Anna (360kb)
M+/f, reluc, D/s, blackml, humil, interr, teen, rough feb 2009

An Unwanted Boyfriend (144kb)
M/f, nc, reluc, blackml, coerc, exhib, humil jul - 2009

The Atonement (460kb)
M/f, nc, reluc, blackml, coerc, exhib, humil 2006

At My Brother-in-law's Mercy (156kb)
M+/f, D/s, reluc, humil, prosti, blackml
- aug 2012

Ashley's Torments (37kb)
MF/f, nc, blackml, rape, shave, humil
- 2006

Aubree's First Apartment (665kb)
M+/ff, nc, D/s, reluc, BDsm, spank,
teen, blackml
- jan 2011

Bank Robber's Wife (288kb)
M/f, nc, reluc, incest, rape, D/s, blackml,
gang, interr - june 2008

Blackmail (104kb)
M/f, reluc, D/s, blackml, neighbor
mai 2008

Blackmailing Beth (211kb)
M/f, blackml, nc, D/s, bond, sm, humil

Blackmailing Tina (196kb)
M+/f, nc, blackml, D/s, humil, beast, BDsm, slavery feb - 2009

Blackmailed by Calvin (24kb)
M+/f, D/s, reluc, blackml - 2010

Blackmailed by Evan (204kb)
M+/f, D/s, humil, blackml - 2006

Blackmiled by Fraternity Boys (24kb)
MM/f, D/s, reluc, blackml, oral, humil
sep 2010

Blackmailing Jill (250kb)
M/f, nc, blackml, humil, exhib - 2005

Blackmailing Julie
M/f, D/s, humil, blackml,
oral, anal, toy, slavery
- 2006

Blackmailing younger Sister (208kb)
M/f, D/s, reluc, humil, exhib, blackml, teen
- sep 2011

Blackmailed (271kb)
M+/f, nc, blackml, D/s, exhib - 2006

Blackmailed into perversion
MMM/f, nc, humil, blackml nov - 2012

Blackmailed Housewife (240kb)
M/f, D/S, reluc, blackml, exhib aug - 2008

Blackmailed Neighbors (300kb)
MF/ff, D/s, humil, blackml, blackml - 2006

Blackmailed, The Office
M/f, D/s, humil, blackml,
oral, anal, photo
- 2006

Blackmailed by a Teenager (32kb)
MF+/f, nc, D/s, blackml, drug, exhib, slavery mar - 2008

Blackmailed Saleswoman
M/f, nc, blackml, humil < - 2006

Blackmailed Secretary (272kb)
M+/f, D/s, humil, blackml, oral, anal, beast, ws, exhib... - 2005

Blackmailing the Cheater-Slut (40kb)
M/f, reluc, D/s, humil, anal, blackml - 2006

Blackmailing the Queen (164kb)
MF+/f, D/s, blackml, humil < - 2004

Better than Prison (46kb)
M+/f, blackml, D/s, rape - april 2004

Blackmailed Wife 336kb)
M/f, reluc, D/s, blackml - jun 2008

Bondage Slave Niece (204kb)
MF/ff, reluc, bnd, blackml, D/s, humil, oral, anal, teen - mar 2009

Breaking Mrs. Spencer (128kb)
M+/fm, D/s, reluc, blackml, interr
- dec 2010

Brian is Gone (200kb)
MMM+/f, nc, D/s, humil, IR, blackml
- aug 2007

Brooke Can't drink (1220kb)
M+/f, D/s, nc, interr, humil, blackml
- aug 2010

Callie (174kb)
M+/f, nc, blackml, humil, bondage
- april 2004

Carole's Big Mistake (-kb)
F/f, D/s, humil, blackml - june 2007

Confession of a Blackmailed Widow (52kb)
MF/f, D/s, reluc, humil, blackml, modif
- nov 2012

Cost of a Debt (204kb)
M/f, reluc, D/s, humil, blackml, pierce -jul 2007

Cornered (68kb)
M/ff, D/s, nc, humil, blackml
- mai 2010

Desperate Messures (24kb)
M/f, reluc, humil,
exhib, slut,
strip, blackml, anal
- nov 2009

Diana Blackmailed (-kb)
M+/ff, D/s, cons, reluc, humil, blackml, tort - feb 2011

Dog eat dog (44kb)
M/f, nc, bnd, D/s,
humil, blackml
- jan 2007

Don't make friends with in internet (32kb)
M+/f, reluc,, D/s, blackml, slut, teen,
bnd, piercing - feb 2008

Elizabeth (17kb)
M/ff, nc, humil, blackml - 2008

Email To jennifer; An (292kb)
MF+/f, leluc, D/s, humil, blackml, mc,
exhib..., modif
- dec 2005

Emily becomes a Slut (94kb)
M/f, D/s, humil, blackml, teen/old
- mai 2007

Enslaved (303kb)
MF+/f,nc, blackml, bond, beast,
humil, rape <
- jul 2006

Everyone Has An Achilles Heel
MMM/f, reluc, humil, blackml, oral - feb 2006

Fat Old Bastard (76kb)
M+/f, reluc, coerc, humil,
exhib, slut,
teen, blackml, prost
- jul 2009

Forced to be a Slut (52kb)
MF/f, D/s, reluc, humil, exhib, blackml, teen, incest
- oct 2011

A Friend in Need
MF/ff, reluc, humil, blackml, spank, exhib, SM, rough - 2006

Fulfillment in Humiliation
M/f, reluc, humil, blackml, dog, piss - 2005

Graces Hard Lessons (78kb)
M+/f, nc, humil, blackml, coercion, photo - jul 2007

Helene Blackmailed (32kb)
M/f, D/s, reluc, humil, exhib, blackml
- jan 2012

Helping the Babysitter
become a Model (82kb)
M+/f, nc, D/s, humil, blackml - dec 2006

Her Next Door (80kb)
FM/f, reluc, D/s, humil, exhib, blackml, drug - oct 2008

Holiday Blackmail
M/f, reluc, humil, blackml, oral nov - 2012

Hood Nightmare (93kb)
M+/f, nc, wife, blackml, humil, prostitut - 2005

The humiliation of Jane (200kb)
MF+/f, mc-drug, nc, D/s, blackml, humil, ws < - aug 2005

Humiliation of Linda (142kb)
MM/f, nc, blackml, humil - 2005

I Belong To Blacksnake Now (204kb)
M/f, nc, D/s, humil, blackml, gang,
strip, photo, redhair
- jan 2007

I Sometimes say the Dumbest Things (336kb)
MF+/f, nc, D/s, blackml, drug, exhib, beast, ws, teen, rough - mar 2008

If Jordan Wants To Cheat, ler her (200kb)
MF+/f, reluc, D/s, oral, blackml, exhib - mar 2008

Ivy League Sluts (1580kb)
MF+/f+, nc, BDsm, blackml, exhib, interr, humil, transgender, spank,
beast, rough
- dec 2007

Joan's Year Of Changes (100kb)
M/f, D/s, reluc, blackml, interr
- march 2011 (228kb)
M+/f, reluc, D/s, balckmail, piercing - jul 2007

Linda (48kb)
M/f D/s, humil, exhib, blackml,stripsearch
- july 2011

Lois Learns Submission (48kb)
M+/f, D/s, reluc, humil, blackml, exhib - dec 2010

The Mangini Chronicles (104kb)
MF+/ff, nc, D/s, humil, blackml, oral, anal, teen, high school - mar 2011

Michelle and Akeema's Dark Journey (224kb)
M+/ff, D/s, reluc, exhib, blackml, interr
- july 2011

Milky (136kb)
MMF/f, D/s, humil, blackml, japan - feb 2010

Mob Movies (314kb)
MF+/fm, reluc, D/s, blackml, interr... - dec 2007

Mother's Dilemma (132kb)
M/f, nc, D/s, humil, blackml, teen, interr... sep 2007

My Rapist (204kb)
M+/fm, nc, D/s, blackml, slavery, bnd, piercing - feb 2008

New digital camara (250kb)
M+/f, D/s, humil, blackml, teen - nov 2006

My Boyfriend; and All Those Other Guys(154kb)
MF+/fm, reluc, D/s, blackml, pose - feb 2008

Night Of Games; A (56kb)
M+/f, nc, humil, blackml, shaving,
- dec 2007

Nikki (100kb)
MF/f, D/s, humil, blackml, exhib, slut, rough - mar 2010

Obligation (252kb)
M/f, D/s, humil, blackml, oral, anal, teen/teacher - 2006

Owned Teacher (485 kb)
MF+/f, nc, blackml, humil, bond, D/s
- nov 2006

The Palermo Six (19kb)
M+/f, humil, blackml, strip - may 2005

Paula Blackmailed (47kb)
M+/f, wife, nc,
teen, blackmail
- dec 2006

Petty Cash (80kb)
M/f, D/s, nc, reluc, humil, blackml
- oct 2011

Porterville High (259kb)
M+/f, blackml, D/s, humil, bond - 2005

Probation (116kb)
MF/f, D/s, humil, blackmail - nov 2009

Rachel Lets It Happen (36kb)
M/f, D/s, humil, blackml, tease, exhib
- nov 2010

Regretting theft (88kb)
M/f, nc, spank, blackml, teen, bnd - sep 2008

Rich Boy's Toy (28kb)
M/f, D/s, nc, reluc, blackml, humil, au-pair
- feb 2010

Sex Slave (44kb)
FM/ff, nc, humil, blackml, oral - 2005

Sinful Wife (168kb)
M+/f, nc, D/s, humil, blackml, pornact, beast - 2006

Sitter; The (156kb)
M/f, reluc, D/s, humil, oral, blackml; teen, piss - may 2007

Slave Teacher (147kb)
M+F/ nc, blackml, bond, D/s, humil
- 2005

Sometimes Life is not a Bowl of Cherries (520kb)
M+/f, reluc, D/s, humil,
exhib, slut,
teen, blackml, beast, incest
- dec 2008

The Starlet Slave (128kb)
M+/f, nc, reluc, BDsm, humil,
exhib, slut, teen, blackml, prost, shoplift
- jan 2009

A Summer to Remember (245kb)
M+/f, nc, humil, blackml - 2005

Summer's Blackmail (368kb)
MF+/f, reluc, D/s, BDsm, spank,
teen, blackml
- april 2011

Taken (136kb)
MF/f, D/s, nc, humil, exhib, blackml
- march 2012

Taking Grace Freeman (168kb)
M/f, nc, D/s, blackml, humil, teen
- aug 2008

Teacher's Dilemma (156kb)
M+/f, D/s, humil, blackml, student/teacher, exhib, inter - sep 2007

Teacher next door (83kb)
M+/f, nc, blackml, humil, D/s, teen, video - 2009

Teacher's Past; A (72kb)
M/f, nc, D/s, humil, blackml, mc exhib..., piercing - 2005

Terror in Tererife (180kb)
M+/f, wife, nc, coercion, humil
- jul 2007

Teacher Training (114kb)
M+/f, reluc, teen, gang, blackml, D/s, humil - jun 2009

The Blackmail (36kb)
M/f, D/s, reluc, humil, exhib, blackml
- jan 2012

The Foster Child (152kb)
M+/ff, D/s, nc, reluc, drug, interr, humil, blackml, incest, exhib, prostitution
- oct 2011

The Slave Professor(96kb)
FM/f, D/s, humil, blackml mai - 2010

1. Tiffany Gets Decorated (96kb)
M+/f, D/s, humil, exhib, blackml, BDsm, modif
- aug 2011

2. Tiffany Crosses the Color Line (92kb)
M+/f, D/s, humil, exhib, blackml, BDsm, modif, interr.
- sep 2011

3. Tiffany is Trained and Auctioned (48kb)
MF/f, D/s, humil, exhib, blackml, BDsm, modif
- dec 2011

Things Mothers Do for their Daughters (82kb)
MF/fff, nc, D/s, humil, blackml - 2006

Tortured Teacher (156kb)
MF/f, nc, BDsm, oral, blackml,
prostitute - jan 2009

Turning The Tables on Tammy (232kb)
MF+/f, reluc, D/s, humil, blackml, interr... april 2008

Ultimate Humiliation (48kb)
M+/f, D/s, humil, blackml, oral
- 2008

Victoria's Blackmail (116kb)
M+/f, D/s, reluc, drunk, humil, blackml, teen
- jan 2012

Virtual Master (56kb)
M/f, D/s, humil, control - jan 2009

The Whore next Door (36kb)
MF/f, D/s, humil, blackml, glory, rape, drug, incest - nov 2006

Willies New Bitch (276kb)
M/f, reluc, D/s, humil, oral, slavery
- june 2007

There's no need for the servant
There's no scene, no queen
This must be less then meant
The most pityful ever seen
I guess he misses the sunshine
For Venus he wrote a line:

"I don't mind waiting a lifetime
Even if it's gambling with time
I could dare the waiting elsewhere
Love could be the future we share"