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This story is inspired by two comic books that a friend got me many years ago when he visited Tokyo. According to my limited knowledge of Japanese it's called something like "Miss Keiko's Private Tutorial", about a young teacher at a boys' school being blackmailed into becoming a sex slave by first her students then her colleagues. The plot was kind of surreal but reading it was a big turn-on for me in my younger days...and it made me want to write my own teacher-blackmail story (I know there's a couple of them around already, but please bear with me). The comic books were supposed to belong to an entire series but my friend only got me the first two volumes, and I'd Really like to know what happened in the end! If anyone has read the whole series, could he/she please post and tell me the ending? Thanks!!

The Slave Teacher

(c) 1998 Roadrunner

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