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These online BDsm stories may be pure fiction. They deal with degradation some with a non consenting nature. They are fantasy and not to be confused with reality or construed as an endorsement of the activities depicted. Some Stories contain, Slavery, Abuse, and acts ‘against nature’. Again remember, these are fictional characters; They are NOT real people. So if you can’t distinguish between fantasy and reality – Continue reading

Treasure Chest : 2


F/F, humil, consensual, bdsm, exhib, Treasure Chest By Pizzaman >> Part 1 Illustrations by Lapin De Fer.   Part 2   Instead of her usual flirty and vacuous lunch break looking for some company for the following evening, Nikki was briefed by Mike on her important assignment across town. Still nervous about entrusting such a high potential account to the office prick-tease, Mike tried to keep his Continue reading

Jasmine’s Story

F/f, BDsm, D/s, humiliation, mind control, exhib, slut Jasmine’s story By by OpenlyJas another story by Openlyjas – >> Jasmine’s Secret >> Valerie’s story Jasmine loved her life. She was 21, in law school, was beautiful, and had everything she thought she needed to succeed in life. She never hesitated to use her beauty to get what she wanted and it was just a tool to her Continue reading

The AD

M/f, BDsm, consensual, pregnant The AD By Dino Dave Standard Disclaimer: Playful WF, 23 Y/O, seeking gentle but firm male to dominate me.  I’m 5’8, 115 lb.  Nice figure and long brown hair.  Box 5559 This story is an original work of fiction.  It in no way resembles any persons living or deceased.  It is purely a work of fantasy and is intended for the use of Continue reading

Mrs. Arrogant Tamed

  M/F, non consensual, mind control, humiliation,   MRS. ARROGANT TAMED by Lara V Cataluna Other stories by L.V Cataluna >> Raising the Perfect Slut >> The Palermo Six   * * * * * * * * * * * * Disclaimer : Read No Further If You Are Under The Age Of 18 Or If You Are Offended By Graphic Descriptions Of Sexual Activity. All Continue reading

Sex Slave Lottery 7

MM/fff, D/s, exhib, slavery, bdsm Sex Slave Lottery 7 by Daybreak Robloch731(@) >> story index   Chapter 7 The New Lottery   The flight over was more comfortable traveling with Mr. Anderson as he bought us super deluxe seats on a special plane that seemed to cater to billionaires. He did not get on the bus to the hotel with Crystal and me saying that he’d made Continue reading

Treasure Chest : 1

F/f, humiliation, exhibition, modification Treasure Chest By Pizzaman Illustrations by Lapin De Fer   Part 1   Nikki sat at her desk in the front of house post at Metro Investments pondering her lot. Fast approaching 30, she was quite a looker, with her long lush mane of dirty, almost strawberry blonde hair and corn fed, peaches and cream complexion. She was well aware that she was Continue reading

Asset Stripped :::

ASSET STRIPPED::: by Velvetglove Another story by Velvetglove   MF+/f, bdsm, blackmail, consensual, humiliation, financial d/s, reluctant, slavery, slut   Author’s Note     This story is dedicated to a real woman – named abby   Several months ago, I ‘met’ an American female in a chat room. We never actually met in person but we communicated intensely via email, photo and eventually skype-cam. She was nervous, Continue reading

Lost At Sea – 6

M/f, D/s, ponygirl, slave Lost At Sea 6 By Dirk Dirker >> Previous Lost At Sea VI Scarlett closed her eyes when Chris began adjusting the straps further, tightening here and there, carefully and very deliberately tugging and connecting, cinching and knotting the harness that felt already so tight and cruel to her. She opened her eyes again very quickly when she realized how much clearer the Continue reading

Tammy and Gwynn 4

F/f, reluctant, humiliation, teen, incest, spanking Tammy and Gwynn 4 by Annie the Slick >> Prev chapters ——————- Chapter 4 – Tammy visits a psychologist. ——————- Setting the Scene: Tammy’s loving Aunt is so worried about Tammy’s depraved lesbianism that she takes her niece to her friend Dr. Vokley for a thorough (very thorough) evaluation.  Of course the plan all along is to put our poor young Continue reading

Sex Slave Lottery 6

MM/fff, D/s, exhib, slavery Sex Slave Lottery 6 by Daybreak Robloch731(@) >> story index   Chapter 6 Another sane period?   If you can imagine a look combining deer-in-the-headlights and a sexy smile, that is how Stacy looked as she was photographed 100 times from every possible direction. Some of the pictures were such close close-ups that I think some of the cameramen got their lenses wet. Continue reading

Sex Slave Lottery index

Sex Slave Lottery by Daybreak Robloch731(@) Summary: For big money and strange thrills, beautiful women are persuaded to participate in a lottery held in a central asian country. If they lose, they become sex slaves or worse. >> Chapter 1 >> Chapter 2 >> Chapter 3 >> Chapter 4 >> Chapter 5 >> Chapter 6 >> Chapter 7

Royal Comeuppance – 1

M/f, nc, humiliation Royal Comeuppance 1 by Seezin hai >> Seezin hai index The kingdom of Linnenhurst was an important piece of land. This much, the Baron and his army knew. The valleys of Linnenhurst bore more fruit, than all the other kingdoms in all the countryside, combined. The hills which surrounded it’s perimeter were filled with the finest oak. The coast of Linnenhurst held the Continue reading